Happy Bus Day (2017) - full transcript


Happy Bus Day

A photo?

Honey... I can't send you a photo.

It's not that. It's just...
I have no make-up on.


- Oh, you're home! Where's mother?
- I don't know.

Is she upstairs?

Can you help me? There's
so much to do today.

What is it, honey? I'll help you.

I love learning to cook!

What should I do first?
Oh, these are so ripe!

Don't worry about it. I'll do it.

I want to help.

Oh, you can rest. I'll do it.


Ah-hyeon! Aren't you going to help?

Huh? There's so much to do.

Just help with the fried food, okay?

Hey, hang up.

Hang up!

Just help me with the fries, okay?

Come here.

Look who it is!

You're Mrs. Kim's son! Are
you visiting your mother?

- Ah, yes, but who are...
- I'm the elder at this church.

I know your mother very well.

Back when she ran the ABC
club, I sold her the bar snacks.

Our family is in the
wholesale foods business.

We sell all the peanuts, dried
squid, and such in this area.

Wow, you're so big now!

Your mother and I are
close friends, you see.

Would it be okay to park my car
here? We're leaving tomorrow morning.

Yea? Sure... Sure! I take
care of this place, you see.

I made this parking
lot with my own hands.

Dug up the dirt, laid the
gravel, flattened it out...

I'm praying really hard.

I do all-night prayers
for your household.

I know your family well.
You're the second son, right?

The eldest has that tic,
right? And you run a business?

I'm the eldest.

The second son has the tic.

Of course!

Go ahead, see your family.
Don't worry about the car.


Where are you?

You bought the bag, right?

What do you mean 'what
bag?' Are you joking?

After we...

After it's done, we need to put it
in the bag... I told you not to forget!

Yes, mother... You're upstairs?

I just called, but you
didn't pick up, so...

Yes, I just started.

I started with the marinated
meat, and some vegetables...

Yes, I bought some...
Okay, I'll bring it up.

Mother? I'm here.

Okay, come in.

Seung-hyun, your
favorite chocolate is here...

There there... You'll get
your chocolate. Be patient...

Unwrap these... There
here, here we go...

Here... Chew carefully.

Chew carefully.

Spit it out.

Will you die by choking on
chocolate? How embarrassing.

Here, chew carefully.

What are you doing? Peel the wrappers!

There there... Chew carefully.

- How's the food preparation?
- I was working on it...

Mother, I was going to make pumpkin
pancakes and fried sweet potato...

- Is that okay?
- Why? Did they run out of shrimp?

No, it's not that...

It's Seung-hyun's birthday...

...and it takes so long
to make different dishes...

You think your mother-in-law
is a dog barking?


Don't you know there's a reason
I told you to make fried shrimp!

And if you don't know the reason,
you're no better than a maggot.

Fried shrimp is Sung-il... I mean,
your second son's favorite food.

That's right! It's the only thing
he eats when he comes home.

He doesn't like meat
or fish or anything.

All he likes are the fried
shrimp his mom makes.

When someone comes home,
they want food like good memories.

That's the reason they
come home. Do you get it?

How dare a daughter-in-law
try to play wicked tricks...

...to slack off?

I'll kill them all!

What's going on? Seung-hwan!

I'll kill them all.
I'll kill them all.

Sister! Come out
here! He's got a knife!

I'll kill them all!

Sister! Come out here!

I'll kill them all.

Hey, Sung-il!

Let go!

Hold still! Let go of the knife.

Sister! Come out here!

- Let go of the knife.
- I'll kill them all.

Hey JEE Seung-hwan,
watch your language.

Sang-hoon is your older brother.

I'm his sister, not his brother!

Goddamnit! Let go!

Mom! Mom!

I'll kill them all!

- Where's mom?
- I don't know.

Probably upstairs.

Stay here. I'm going to check on mom.

What are you two doing?

Brother... Seung-hwan has a knife.

Alright, get up, cutie. Just get up.

Get up first.

- I'll kill them all.
- Who... who are you going to kill?

- I'll kill them all.
- Alright, so who?

I'll kill them all.
I'll kill them all.

Hey, look at... Look... Look at me.

Are you sniffing glue?

Hey... this isn't reality now, right?

- I'll kill them all.
- Seung-hwan doesn't sniff glue...

He's been hanging
out with a strange man...

...coming home drunk, late at night.

- Hey, don't talk about Jung-geun...
- Don't shout at your brother!

You're the youngest, so behave.

I'll kill them all.

Alright, stab me. Kill me.

See my neck? Slice it.

Go ahead. This isn't reality anyway.

You said you want to kill me.

Hey, stop it. Let's stop it now.

What are you doing
in front of a guest?

Sung-il, what's wrong?

Stop it, okay?

Why don't you stop them?


I'm not good at that kind of thing.

What? What? Does he tell you...

...not to kill your family?

This isn't reality, so
it's not you killing me.

You're all witnesses, right?

Be witnesses. Kill me if you want.

Kill me! Kill me!

Sung-il - Kill me!

Kill me! Kill me!

Stop it! Sung-il!

Kill me! Kill me!

Sung-il, stop it!

- Kill me!
- Stop it.

Kill me!

You... just...

You... Don't hang out with
that man. I'll kill you if you do.

Jung-geun stabbed his father!

He's killed 3 people.

He always escapes from prison, so
the warden won't even take him in.

So don't criticize him.

Don't criticize him.

He's really good to me,
so don't criticize him.

Don't criticize Jeong-geun!
He's really good to me!

Jeong-geun... I'm so sorry.

Jeong-geun! I'm so sorry!

Chew slowly.

Did you come here to relax?
Can't you see we're busy?


What, mom? Were... were
you talking to Jung-bok?

Who else would I speak
to? Am I talking to ghosts?

How dare you...
Acting like a rotten bitch.

What are you looking at? Am I wrong?


Mom, you just met her... Go help her.

Have you two met?

- How are you?
- Sure.

'Sure'? I ask how you are, and
my sister-in-law just says 'sure'?

Mother, should I call her
sister-in-law? What do I call her?

If she wants to join the
family, she'll be sister-in-law.

What kind of question is that?

You heard, right? Let's
be sisters-in-law now.

Here, start on the fried shrimp. You
know how to batter the shrimp, right?


She... she can't do anything.
Just tell her to do small chores.

Well then, she can
learn. It's not hard.

Fine. I'll do it.

Hey, drain the mushrooms.

Yes, mother.

Sister-in-law, you just need to
drain the water from the mushrooms.

But I'm battering the shrimp now.


Alright, I'll do it.

- How old are you?
- 34.

Oh really? You look younger.

I'm 40 - Huh?

Ah, I see.

What's funny?

Look at the two sisters-in-law
having so much fun.

Stop it now. I'm feeling insulted now.

Why are you angry all of a sudden?

It's nothing, mother.

Hey, sister!

The tea's cold.

Tea should always be hot.

Don't serve tea
at all if it's not hot.

- It's such a hot day, so...
- Will you look at this...

Sister, what shall we do
with her? So ignorant...

Tea... should always be hot.
All four seasons of the year.

Tea is meant to warm the body's chi.

Iced coffee? Iced tea?
That's asking for a quick death.

If a person's chi is
cold, the blood hardens.

I'm speaking from experience.

If you want to drink something
cold, you drink cold water!

Even water, it's best when lukewarm.

Listen to your uncle.
Always remember my words.

And you'll succeed for sure. Okay?

Aren't you going to answer?

- You little...!
- Yes, uncle.


Hey... What kind of pen is this?

Don't you have a fountain pen?

Goddamn... I don't know
what you kids lean at school...


You bring a cheap
ballpoint pen to an adult...

The country's going to shit.

In the old days, we would
commit mass suicide for this.


Do you know what jeuk-sa is?

You don't know Chinese
characters, do you?


Long ago, there was a man
named Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

A famous Japanese hero.

Why was he a hero?

He used to be Nobunaga's servant.

The most despised position
of all, the shoe servant.

One day, Nobunaga
was coming out from a bar.

It was snowing hard that day.

But his shoe was gone!

It's snowing, it's cold, his
shoes are gone. What can he do?

He was furious. So he looked around...

...and saw Toyotomi
Hideyoshi, covered in snow...

...and nodding off to sleep.

How pathetic he seemed!

On such a cold day, when the
other servants are resting inside.

Anyhow, his shoes are missing.

If the shoe servant
loses the master's shoes...

That's instant execution!
Jeuk-sa! Jeuk-sa!

Nobunaga was furious!
He called out 'Son of a bitch!'

'Where are my shoes!?
How dare you sleep!'

Toyotomi Hideyoshi wakes up,
and begs 'Forgive me master!'

'I deserve to die. I
fell asleep at my post.'

He took his master's
shoes from his shirt...

which he had been keeping warm.

He said 'I didn't know when
you would come out, so...

...I kept your shoes inside my shirt.'

'Forgive me for keeping
your shoes in my dirty shirt.'

How impressed was Nobunaga!
He was set for life from then on.

This is real manners! Real
respect! What we should aspire to!

Got it?

Listen to your uncle.

Always have a mind
like Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

...and respect your mother
here, do you understand?

Then you will succeed! For sure! 100%.

Got it? Okay?

I've given up. Forget it.

Alright... Listen to
your uncle carefully.

For certain, some of you will
have second thoughts later on.

That's human nature.

A sudden change of heart,
in a moment of weakness...

...or because you're angry,
you might want to back out.

So then what happens?
If you're not careful...

...it could all go on
your mother here.

So what do we do?

Your mother and I
debated this all night long...

...and decided to get
everyone's signatures.

Documents don't lie.

Even if down the road,
someone changes their mind...

...this memorandum is proof that we
started with the same mind in agreement.

So... any questions so far?

What? Why?

I don't understand any of it.

He doesn't know. We
didn't tell him anything yet.

What? We can't... No, this is...

Hey you, Sung-il's girlfriend.
You understand, right?

If she's just his girlfriend, do
you think I would let her be here?

- They'll be married soon.
- Oh, really?

I haven't received your kneeling
bow yet... Well, later, then.

Hey! What's your question?

Well, I'm not sure yet...

Of course, I'll follow the family
and my husband's decision...

...but he's not here yet, so...

Hey! Now that you mention
it, where's the eldest?

Goddamnit. We need...

This is no good. We need
everyone here to do it all at once.

It becomes confusing.

We can become sentimental!

Was it okay bringing this in from
China? You didn't get caught?

Mother, everytime I get a
shipment, it's at least 10 tons.

If they can't take care of something
like this, I can't work with them.

They know how much
money I make for them...

Don't worry, mother.

Hey, look at this. The eldest
son is the smartest in this family.

Look at his handwriting.

It's a calligraphic font.
That's not easy to do.

Look at this chicken
scratch handwriting...

Try to be at least half as
good as your big brother.

This is everyone,
right? Anyone not sign?

Actually, I have a question...

As you keep all these documents...
What is your role, specifically?

What are you doing? Why do
you need to know the specifics?

He'll take care of it.

- I was just curious...
- No, no, no...

It's a good question.

Going forward, if anything happens
because of this, I am the final witness.

I am your mother's last defence. Why?

We are all accomplices.
No one else knows.

So I am going to oversee
the whole process.


So that later, we can prevent
your mother taking all the blame.

Got it? So of course, I will sign
one too, and keep it all together.

So, I guess your copy, we
will... or mother will keep it?

Yea, I will keep it. Okay?

There, I gave it to your
mother, so everything's fair.

Uncle, what does this say?

This here... This here is...

This is a difficult character... Used
a long time ago, in the Qing dynasty.

This is... Oh look, that
means 'snake' here...

That's 'viper'! They must
have put viper vermon in here.

That's what I heard.
That's probably right.

It says 'Jeuk-sa', actually.

So, take care of it by
tomorrow... Be strong!

I'm proud of you, sister.

Thank you so much, brother.

I feel even more secure
than when father was alive.

- Here, your notary fee.
- What is this?

It had to be paid anyway, so take it.


Alright, I'll take it!
Otherwise, she'll be sad, so...

I wanted to stay with you until the
end, but I have prayer duty tomorrow.

I have to write the prayer tonight.

Sister, I'll be going.
Take care of things.

Call me when it's done. I'll be going.


(speaks Japanese)

If you always remember this,
there's nothing you cannot do. Okay?

- Goodbye, sister.
- Bye, uncle.


- Does he still take money from you?
- I don't know. I'm sick of it.

What time is it?

Look at the time. She
must be here already.

- If there's a call for me, I'm upstairs.
- Yes, mother.

Ah, yes, ma'am. It's me.

Who are you?

The lady I spoke with on the phone...

Is she inside?

Ah, you're here to see
mother. What is it regarding?

I was on the phone with her just now.

Is there perhaps
another family living here?

No, this is our mother's house.

What are you here for?

Ah, I see...

I was just on the phone with her...

Oh, I'll just call her
again. Sorry about that.

Why won't you tell me
what you're here for?

I can't help you if you don't tell me.

It's not that... I'll
just call her again.

She's not picking up...

Is this your mother's phone number?

- Yes, that's her number.
- Ah, so it is!

Hey missus, who are you?

Well, I'm a charity worker.

I wonder where she could be...

Hey, tell her to come up.

Ma'am! Ah, so there's
a path that way...

Excuse me...

Ma'am... I got lost on the way.

Oh, here you are!

- How old are you?
- I'm 38.

Mother, can you check the taste?

Why bring that up here?
Just let your husband taste it.

My eldest daughter-in-law.

- Go ahead, say hello.
- How are you?

Ah, I see. How are you, ma'am?

I was rude before. Sorry about that.

Mother, what does she do?

She told me she's some
kind of charity worker.

You're right. She's a charity worker.

She has sex with people
like our Seung-hyun.

You really are great.
You will be blessed.

Who else would do that
with kids like Seung-hyun?

I'm sure you will go to heaven later.

Not at all. I'm just trying
hard and being thankful is all.

We must all try very hard.

Everyone tries hard, don't they?

My sister was disabled.

Class 1 disability.

About 5 years ago, she
had a severe depression.

She became sick and suddenly died.

We have to try hard, very hard.

I've said too much...

- I apologize.
- No, it's okay.

I understand.

My kid is over 40 now,
but he still wears a diaper.

So how can he have sex?
He can't even meet a woman.

But for some time now, near
his penis, there were scars...

Mother, can you come taste
the vegetables downstairs?

Sure, sure. I'll come later.

Right now, mother. I'm in a hurry.
I need to start the other dishes.

Will you be quiet?

Can't you see adults are talking?

Why don't you go bring
us something to drink.

So anyway...


My son is still a man. How
much would he want to have sex?

But he can't do anything, so
he's tearing at his own body.

But as I look at him...

I just felt so sorry.

So one day, I did
with my hand for him.

- Ah, I see.
- It was really difficult.

It wouldn't come out.
No matter what I did.

I don't know. I think
his stamina is too good.

Mother, we don't
have anything to drink.

What do you mean we
don't have anything to drink?

- Go to the market and buy some.
- No, no, it's okay.

All I need is a glass of water.

We don't have any
water either. We ran out.

Buy some on your way
back. I'll give you some money.

Ah, sure, of course...
I'd like that better.

If I eat before working,
I get indigestion.

Ma'am... Where can I
find your son's room?

- Over...
- Over there, upstairs.

Yes, ma'am.

I'll be about an hour,
give or take 10 minutes...

When I'm done, could you
bring a basin of hot water...

...and two towels, please.

When I call out 'It's finished,
' could you bring them?

I'll see you later, ma'am.

Hello, how are you?

Mother. How can we give her a drink?
Who knows what diseases she has?

It's very dangerous.

You're right.

She's gonna go around
doing it with all sorts of bums.

You did well.

I was seduced by her words...

Okay, are you eager to meet me?

Oh, what a handsome boy!

Let's take a deep breath.

Breathe in...

Let's breathe in.

Let's see if we can open your hands.

I guess it won't.

Let's try touching my face.


Let's be happy now.

Okay, you're happy. You're happy.

Oh, you're so happy, aren't you?


Then I'll take every part
of you, from head to toe...

...every crack and
crevice, and I'll suck it all.


A photo?

Honey, can I be honest with you?

I've only taken hormones so
far, so I look a bit like a man.

Honey... So do you
not want to meet me?

Honey, I can be real good.

You really want to meet?

Where do you want to meet?

I know where that is. It'll take
me 30 minutes to get ready.

See you soon.

You're bored, right?

Do you want to try this?

This guy really likes these.

Fried shrimp.

You didn't know?

How did you two meet?

Game room.

Game room?

Ah, PC room?

I haven't been lately.

Isn't it too claustrophobic
and stuffy to stay a long time?

It's bad for your skin.

Also bad for your health.

I can't live without game rooms.

Before that, I tried to
kill myself... 7 times.

Slashed my wrists here.

Tried eating pesticides twice.

Oh... I see.

I don't smoke, so the
smell really gets me.

I really like that smell.

The smell of paper
cups filled with phlegm.

Hey! Hey! Sang-hoon,
what the hell are you doing?

Sorry, I'm in such a hurry...

Sorry. I have a date with a
man... Please understand.

I have my problems, but
this family is just too much.

Please understand.

Sung-il has nothing going on
now, but he'll soon find something.

Well, I'm done! That's
the problem with fried food.

Stomach gets all queasy.

When I get that way,
I like to suck cock.

Excuse me?



I want to suck cock.

When you suck cock at such
times, my mouth feels so refreshing.

Honey! Come up! Something's
wrong with your brother!

- What? What is it?
- Your brother! Hurry!

- Oh, okay...
- Sung-il! Please come! Hurry!

- He's going to die like that.
- Please, it's nothing.

What the...

What's going on? Who are you?

Ah, I'm a charity worker for disabled
people. This really isn't a big deal.

Lady! What are you doing? Get dressed!

- Go calm him down.
- Ma'am, really, this isn't a big deal.

- Wait, wait...
- Get out of here!

It's okay. It's okay...

This really isn't a big deal.

You can't just go in there like that.

Stay still!

You're going to kill him.

It's okay, it's okay.

You can't be so forceful like that...

He was just happy...

It's okay, it's okay.

Put your clothes on!

Put your clothes on!


Hey, can I use this?

You want to do it with a man?

Of course... I'm a woman,
so I want to be loved by a man.

It's only natural, isn't it?

How do I look? Sexy, right?

Hey, when you go out, meet a
serial killer and get chopped up.

Oh my god!

I... I really want to
play like you one day.



Yes, I'll see you later.



I love you.

I love you.

Hey! What are you doing here?

What do you want? Go on your way!

You're not going out today, right?

I'm meeting someone later. Why?

You can't today.

It's your big brother's birthday.

Uncle even came to
sign the memorandums.

If you go out today, mom
is going to kill you for real.

What's the... the deal...
with the memorandums?

You really don't know what
those memorandums are for?

What is it? Just tell me!

Ah-hyun, are you alone?
Where's Sang-hoon?

He went out, to meet a man.

Went out to meet a man?

What about Seung-hwan?

You don't know?

Hey, where is Ki-tae?

He went to the car to get the dishes.

What about Sung-il?

You told him and
sister-in-law to clean upstairs.

Ah, I remember.

That's right. We have to make
the upstairs a livable home.

You don't have any complaints
about Sung-il coming in to live?

Mother, we still live
in a rented apartment...

It would be nice to live
without worrying about rent.

And we have a daughter, also...

Why do you play
favorites? I feel neglected.

When I die, you two will get the most!

Neglected, my ass...

You'll be happy to see me die...

But I'll be the one doing memorial
ceremony for you every year.

I'll be thankful if you do.

Mom! Mom!

Mom! The memorandum
you made me sign...

...was that to say it's
okay to kill my big brother?

- Seung-hwan, I'll explain...
- Mom!

I only wrote that because you
told me you'll give me 100 dollars.

You want me to kill
my big brother? Why?

When you weren't home, I
always changed his diapers.

Buy why kill him?

Alright, I'll do more. He's
so pitiful. Why kill him?

Don't you pity him?

If big brother dies, Ki-tae
becomes big brother, right?

Ki-tae already does all
the big brother duties!

So why kill him?

I can't understand it...

I don't agree with it,
so keep me out of it.

And I'm going out later.

This is a weird family.
I don't understand it.

Why are you trying to
make me a murderer?

- I'm still a minor...
- Please, try to listen...

Hey! Open the door!

I'll give you 200 dollars. Okay?

Open the door.

Hey! The new shoes you wanted
before... What were they? Nike?

How much are they? I'll
buy you those, too, okay?

Just open the door first.

How about when I buy the
sneakers, I also buy you a tracksuit?

There there, listen
to what I have to say...

- Grab my hair.
- What?

I said grab my hair, you fucker.

What are you doing? Why
are you standing there?

Sung-il, what do you
think you're doing?

Excuse me...

Sister-in-law... Call me
brother-in-law, please.

It's okay. Come out.

Sister-in-law, do you think
what you're doing here...

...makes sense?

What is this? Some motel room?

Is this your bedroom?

How can you be so dense?

What I do in my... my own...

...my mother's house...

What's wrong with two
people in love doing it?

What does my sister-in-law
have... to do with it?

So I guess you've already
discussed it with mother?

About moving in to this house, right?

You must be happy about
getting a house for free.

Your older brother is
upstairs. Your big brother.

Alright, I got it... So... Just...
mind your own... business, okay?

Why is my sister-in-law
monitoring my sex life? Huh?

Why would I monitor my brother-in-law?

Am I some kind of stalker?

We're going to be
having dinner here...

...so I was bringing the dishes here.

Sister-in-law, if you're done
here, could you go downstairs first?

I have some things to
discuss with my brother-in-law.


...knows it all. It doesn't
matter. She can stay.

It matters to me. I don't
want to talk with her here.

I don't mind.

I know you two lived together.

Such a pretty name...

...may I...

...keep it in my heart?

I heard you two lived
together for 6 months right after.

And Ki-tae was
suicidal from that day on.

But why did you go back to Ki-tae?

After living together for 6 months?

That's none of your business.

Are you going to stay here? It will
be uncomfortable for you to hear.

Fine. I'll go downstairs.

I guess I'll have fun with Ki-tae.

Have fun catching up with each other.

Pull down your skirt.

What is it? Why is mother
mentioning Ye-eun?

Huh? Is Ye-eun your daughter?

That's... That's why!
Let's check if she is.

Counting the months, it's
while you were living with me.

Don't... don't lie to me.

I told you. During that time, I
slept with your brother once.

I told you, and apologized,
and we broke up.

Whatever... you
think I don't know you?

You think I would believe that?

You're not like that. Even when
living with me, it took you 2 weeks...

...to sleep with me.

In any case, don't ever
discuss this with mother again.

Don't make this a family problem.

If you do this again, I'm going
to take Ye-eun and disappear.


KO Sun-young...

Did you...

...really sleep with my
brother...while you were drunk?

I told you I'm sorry. I'm sorry, okay?

I'm sorry.

You shouldn't call me by my name here.

Don't call my name. I won't
use your name either, okay?

Okay... sister-in-law.

Okay, thank you, brother-in-law.

I need to prepare
dinner. I have to go.

Please, okay?

We're having dinner now!

Happy birthday... big brother.

Mother.. Is this enough?

Put some more jap-chae
on. He loves that dish.

Anything else?

Don't put too much on.

What if he eats too
much and gets diarrhea?

The drug might not take.

Wait, no...

It's his last birthday meal...
Put on some more meat.

Honey... we have to
put in the drug now...

How much do we put in?

Did you swear at sister-in-law?

Swear...? What are you doing?

I heard you were waiting in front
of the bathroom for the two of them.

Why would you do that?
Making them feel uncomfortable.

Is that what sister-in-law said?

Do you know what
they were doing in there?

Who cares what they
did? It's their privacy!

What are you, the FBI? CSI?

Why would you do such
an embarrassing thing?

Who should be embarrassed?

His big brother's right
upstairs, and they're doing it...

...that's embarrassing!

Hey! I know what happened
even without seeing.

He was a dog ever since he was born.

When he was younger than Seung-hwan...

...he would bring home women
5, 10 years older than him.

I don't know how many
times I've seen him doing it.

He was born that way.

Sister-in-law, I've made
sure she understands...

...so don't feel too bad.

Sung-il, you too!
Why didn't you tell me?

Must I clean up
after you all the time?

I may be the head
of the family, but...

...it's difficult if my
family doesn't talk.

We are all... all of us, one
family, in the same boat.

But what can the captain
do, if no one helps?

How long are you going
to rely on our old mom?

Sister-in-law, please excuse
me... I had to vent a little.

I don't understand what you're
saying... Are you going on a boat?

Don't listen to me with your
ears. Listen to me with your heart!

Will you look at that...

That there is a senior on our
boat. Do you think our boat will float?

Okay, okay! I got it. So stop
talking, and put the drug in here.

Hey, how much should I put in?

Ah well, the bottle's small, so...

...just put a little... there's a
lot of food, so if he eats it all...

...that'll be a lot, so...

Even a little, and you're gone.
The seller told me it's strong.

Really? ...it's scary.

You put it on, here
and there, as you see fit.

Mother... I don't feel comfortable.

I might shake, and just spill it.

Here, just give it. I'll do it.


If you just pour it on...

...what if he eats
only the other dishes?

It doesn't matter. Have you ever
seen him leave food on the table?

Buy why must it be you who...

Why not... just use...
chopsticks? It's easy...

You think I haven't thought of that?

It becomes dangerous for the
next person to use that chopstick.

We can throw the chopstick out!

Good. So I'll do it with
a chopstick. Here...

Is that okay? Can we
throw the chopstick out?

Well, then. Of course
we'll do it that way.

Go ahead, do it. Do
I have to do this, too?

Fine. Here... I'll do it.

He's my son, so I'll kill him.

- Did you send photos to him?
- Yes.

Why did you send it?

He asked for it in a text.

While you were
washing... So I just sent it.

'Hey, you ugly homo pervert fucker.'

'I can't look at your
face without throwing up.'

'Don't show your face anywhere.'

'If you ground your face into
tofu, and made dumplings...'

'...and put that on top of your neck,
it'd be better than your face now.'

That's awesome.


You're never gonna meet anyone.
You have to live here with me...

...until the day you die.

It's mine! It's mine! It's mine!

Don't touch my things!

Is he eating it?

Yea... He's eating, just like usual.


Shouldn't you go in?

Forget it. He's eating well.


It's his last meal...

That's... that's right...
You should go... go in.

That sounds like he wants you.

That bastard... Why
can't he eat on his own?


Mommy's here.

Drink this water!

Eat slowly, will you?

Eat slowly, you bastard...

Here, Ki-tae...

Here, Sung-il...

You have a drink, too.

- I'm okay, mother.
- It's okay. I know you can drink.

You did the most work today.

It's nothing.

You have a drink, too.

- Can I have a drink, too?
- Me, too.

What are you... Aren't
you kids underage?

- I'm not.
- You're not?

- Yea.
- Then you drink.

No. Today, everyone have a drink.

I'll pour for everyone.

Drink as much as you want today.

Ah-hyeon, you have a drink, too.

Now, listen to me well...

After you finish eating...

...after Seung-hyun is done eating...

It'll take some time for him to die...

...for the poison to spread...

Each of you go in
there for 10 minutes.

Have any of you spent more
than 10 minutes in his room?

This is my last command today.

I'll never tell you what to do again.

You never listen anyway.

I can't do that.


I have to go now. I
have a Line-on raid.

What? What is she saying?

She has to go to a
Line-on raid. It's a game.

Game? What game?

It's a game you play at a PC room.

You fight with swords,
and steal from others...

It's that kind of
game. A raid is when...

...a lot of people get together
to invade another castle...

- ...at a promised time.
- What are you talking about?

Hey! Are you going
around fighting people?

Why are you going to invade
someone in the middle of a meal?

What kind of people are you?

Mom... I for... forgot
to tell you... but...

I thought we... we would
just... eat dinner and finish early.

In Line-on, there's a Chinese
server... But this is a new... new one.

So if we take it, the profit is
enormous. This is very important...

That's it! Shut up! No one leaves!

When the deed is done...

When Seung-hyun is dead
for sure, then you can leave.

- No one leaves before.
- Mom, I told you I have to go...

Mom says to throw this all out.

Put every thing in,
including the dishes.

Wash your hands now.

Make sure they're clean!


Scrub harder, and use the soap, too.

Sister... I'm clean.

It's not that...

Do as you wish, brother-in-law...

Sister... don't call me that.

I'm your sister-in-law. Even
mom recognizes me as a woman.

So why do you call me that?

It's just... not easy for me.

Hey, wipe this with
a rag one more time.

Yes, mother...

What are you doing?!
What are you doing?!

Fuck! I need to go! I'm going!

I have to stop those
Chinese alliance fuckers!

Why can't I go?

- Why can't...
- Hey, don't... don't...

Shut up, you fuckhead! Shut
up! Shut up, you son of a bitch!

You know why I need to go. You know...

Those fucking Chinese hackers
used bots to steal all our stuff!

They stole all our items!

Do we need to take revenge or not?

Do we need to take revenge or not?!

Fuck! All those items...

...we earned them by fighting.

But those fuckheads
just take them with cheats!

They can't raid without
me! I'm the raid leader!

Fuck! Kirin castle!

I have to take it today.

So... I think the problem is...

The situation with
China is quite serious...

It's not like I don't
understand the Chinese...

See, if sister-in-law doesn't go...

The Chinese are going to
use a mass attack strategy.

Then Korea will suffer a
great loss. Is that right?

They don't even have
many over level 50.

They're all tanks.

So let's see here...

I think it's right that you go...

...and seeing as now I'm in
charge of Chinese affairs here...

...I'll contact you later...

Honey, what are you doing?
Mother's not saying anything.

Alright, fine, let her go.
It seems she's desperate.

As for the memorandum you
signed, no one forced you, so...

I'm okay with that.
If I die, I die, so...

- I'm kind of late, so...
- Oh, of course! Go, go!

I'll get in touch with you
later. Say good-bye to mother...

Hey, tell me earlier if you
have important appointments.

You can talk to me, okay?

I'll... just... just take
her to the... taxi.

Good-bye, sister-in-law!
Good luck with the raid!

I also need to go out for a bit.

- You're meeting that stranger?
- Shut up! You don't know...

Just do whatever you want!

If you come home past 12, you're dead!

Come before Seung-hyun goes,
and spend 10 minutes with him, okay?

Yeah, okay... I'll be back...

Hey! Clean up here
if everyone's done...

...and get the liquor table ready.

Anything fun?

I don't know.

Go say something to your brother.

I don't know. Maybe later.


You know...

I really...

...want to be good to a man.

So that... he will love me too.

I want that.

But I can't find a chance.

Why is it you and I...

...can't be loved?

Now you won't ever
have a chance... I'm sorry.


Do you want me to do you?


...do it with my mouth.

But... You have to be quiet.

Because... No one understands us.

You know Chang-geun, right?
The best fighter in Don-am.

Ah, Chang-geun...
No, I don't know him.

He brought her around all the time.

I'm sick of them, those
bitches, those fucking whores.

- You wanna fuck them, too?
- Me?

Of course I do. I really like Ay-me.

This fucker already has an erection.

Just wait a bit. I'll let you do it.

Really? Wow, I really like Ay-me.

So do you have her number right now?

You little fucker... You
want me to call her now?

You want me to call her?

I told you to believe me when I talk.

- You misunderstand...
- You fucker, am I funny to you?

No, it's a misunderstanding.
I believe everything you say.

You know Myung-gyun, right?
Used to be the best fighter here.

No, I don't know him.

I killed him.

Because he doubted me.

I fucking stabbed him in the eye
with a chopstick and killed him.

You son of a bitch, you fuckhead.

It's really a misunderstanding.
I really believe you.

- It's a misunderstanding.
- This little fucker...

You know Doo-shik, right?

No, I don't know him.

He's the best fighter in Yong-san.

We couldn't stand devious
little fuckers like you.

It's just not forgivable, fuckhead.

We used to beat up 50
asswipes like you in a day.

I'm sorry. I won't talk back
at you anymore. I apologize.

This fucker... After all I've
done for you, you son of a bitch.

Fuck, these bitches are noisy as fuck.

I'll rip your pussies open
and pour this soup inside.

What are you looking at, you
fuckers? Just eat your fucking meal.

Hey, sit down and have a
drink. You work too hard.

That's enough. Come
sit and have a drink.

Hey, what are you doing?

She says to sit... Sit.

Why are you two always so serious?

What are you doing? Pour her a drink.

I let you live together,
after all that mess...

I'd expect you to live well
out of gratitude at least...

You two don't have the
basics of human beings.

Hey, what did you do in the room?

What do you mean? You told
me to spend 10 minutes in there.

Your brother... Is he okay?

I think so... for now.


What did you do for 10 minutes?

I just... talked about old times...

We had a good time.

Stick together! Stick
together! Good! Good!

1 o'clock direction! Everyone!

Stick together! They
don't know we have barrier!

Barrier! Barrier! 1
o'clock! 1 o'clock!

Line up! Line up! Go in! Go in!

Stick together! Go in! Go in!

Come in! Come in! Stick together!

Where the fuck are you going?

Hey, stick to the right! You're
getting killed, you son of a bitch!

Fuck! Stick together! It's alright!

Stay still! Stay still!
You fucking bitch!

- Hey, stand guard.
- Yea, okay.

What... what are you doing here?

Brother! How did you come here?

I saw you on the way
home, so I came over.

Is that him? The guy
you follow around?


What the fuck? You fucker...

Get dressed!

Get dressed.

Do you know Chang-soo?

He's the best knife fighter
in the country, you fucker.

Hey! Who the fuck...

Do you know me? Why are you swearing?

Wait! Wait! Wait, please!

Let me... Let me tell you one thing...

Sir, I...

Long time ago, my knees...

I had a growth spurt...

I damaged my knees.

So the one thing I
can't do is kneel down.

But I will stay kneeling...
Because I'm sorry.


Can we just kill this fucker?

We're the only ones who'll know.

Hey! I look at your eyes...

...and I see that bastard
of your father's eyes.

I could take this
chopstick to your eye...

...and stab it out, and
I'll still not be satisfied.

You should never have been born!

You're right...

I was cursed like
trash from the start...


Because I'm the result of my
mother being raped by a thug.

Oh, I know it.

But you know...

The husband you loved so much...

...gave you your eldest
son, LEE Seung-hyun...

Why is it you want to
drug him, and kill him?

If I don't kill him?
If I don't kill him...

...then you guys will kill him, right?

When I'm old, and have no
money, and have no strength...

...you're just gonna
throw him out like trash.

You fiends of hell!

How did you know? That was a secret.

Hey, our mom knows a lot...

Honey, stop it. You're drunk.

You thought I wouldn't know?

You would even throw me out.

After you've sucked me dry.

I will never be done in like that.

You little devils!

Mother, we would never do that.

Mother, don't be like that.

Oh, really? Is that so?

Thank you so much for
coming into this family.

My daughter-in-law has
slept with both brothers.

How happy I must be!

This is very difficult, mother.

Our beloved second brother is here!

The brother I love
so much... so much...

...whom I respect so much, and
who is so much better than me...

You are a true champion!

Ah-hyeon! Ah-hyeon!

Our little Ah-hyeon. Did
you have a good talk?

Isn't Ah-hyeon... Isn't
she... so very good?

He's not even her brother by blood...

He's nothing to her...

Yet she goes in to talk to him...

Shows him her cell phone...

Ah-hyeon isn't even a daughter here...

She's nothing here!

She's just my sister...

From now on, I'll
take her to our home...

Ah-hyeon, pack your bags! Let's go!

- There he goes again.
- Go... go in and sleep.

Sister-in-law, you too. Take him in...

Ah-hyeon, you too. Go in.

Don't call her name, you bastard!

You raped my sister!

What? It's true.

You sniffed glue and
did it with your friends!

So my bastard of a father
took the settlement money.

That's why mom is raising her.

Because you pity her! Isn't that true?

Brother... don't cry.

Don't cry.

Don't cry!

I'll... go in now, mother...

All of you!

Just go back into my hole.

I hope you all die.


You're really...

Mom's killing you
because she loves you.

She really...

Because otherwise,
I would kill you later.

That's really funny.



I some... sometimes...

...think... that...

...liv... living...

...might be death.

...and dying...

...might actually...

...be life.

What shall I do?

Seung-hyun's father...

Seung-hyun's father...

What shall I do?

Seung-hyun's father...

Seung-hyun's father...


Uncle is on the phone.

Okay, I'm going out now.

Alright, alright. I'll call you
later if anything happens.

Mother, should I tell Ki-tae
to put in a call to China?

Should we?

Let's wait a little more.

It's just taking so long...

Are the kids asleep?


I think Ki-tae and Sung-il
are sleeping upstairs.

Did you go to Seung-hyun's room, too?



Thank you for accepting
a daughter-in-law like me.

I'll do better from now on.


You're already doing well.

Why say such things?

Who's as good as you?

Such a thing to say...

Brother! Brother!

Second brother! Brother!


Big brother is... He's not
breathing... He's dead.

He's not breathing.


That's... that's good.


He went well.

Should I tell mom?

Yea, do that.

Brother, there was no time
before, so I couldn't tell you...

But you were...

You were really big-brother-like.

Alright... Thank you.

How did you do it? Did you do it well?

Yes... We fixed him,
and put him in the bag.

Early morning, I think
we can just get in the car.

Get some sleep for now.

What did uncle say?

It's over in Yeo-ju... He'll
send you the address.

If you go to the construction site...

...and give them the
bag, they'll take care of it.

He's the foreman there.

I heard he works on that
'Four Major Rivers Project.'

That's an enormous project.

Uncle says it's 100% certainty safe.

Hey... What about the car?

It's in the church parking lot, right?

Yes, there's no problem there.


Our oldest son...

Our second son...

I don't know what I'd do without you.

Easy, easy.

- Gum?
- It's okay.

That's why I...

That's why I bought one with wheels.

Take a break. I'll do it.

Mrs. Kim!

It's been a while.

It's me, elder Kim.

It's been a while! Are
you going on a family trip?

What a pleasant sight!

I met your eldest son yesterday!

Ah, so you're the second son.


Such a pleasant sight!

I am praying very hard for you.

I'm just coming out from
early morning prayer.

If I don't get an answer to my
prayer for Mrs. Kim even once...

...then I don't leave the chapel.

Very good...

Well then! Have a good trip!

Excuse me, elder...

Lord, we are your chosen
children, weak and young...

...hold them steadfast, and let them
cooperate in love to perform good...

Especially, we have a business man, the
second son... No, wait! The eldest son...

May you give him
wisdom like Solomon's...

And may his business prosper, so
that it may be used for your kingdom...

And our dear loving father...

There is also a son with a
deep illness who is bedridden.

May your salvation give him a new lie.

May you work through
him, the miracle of Lazarus.

So that this family here will be
even more peaceful and blessed.

May they lean on you,
and depend on you more.

As well, please protect
Mrs. Kim's health.

I pray all this in the name
of our Lord Jesus Christ.


So! Let us clap to our Lord!


Have a good trip,
then! Mrs. Kim, may I...

Mrs. Kim, I was meaning
to give you a call...

- You know the bar food I sell to King Club...
- Sure, sure.

They keep sending it back,
who is it, that manager...

Okay, I'll put in a call...
Don't worry about it.

Oh, I'm not worried!
Thank you so much.

- Hallelujah!
- Thank you.

Okay, let's go.

Brother-in-law, I...

I'm worried about something...

Why did I...

...live with Sung-il, then...

...live with Ki-tae?

If you were a normal person...

You would have told Ki-tae
and Sung-il not to live with me.

Brother-in-law, I was really
happy living with Sung-il.

I wanted to have a
kid, and get married...

...but Ki-tae...

...was so stubborn.

I just wanted to convince him...

That's why I met him that one time.

I really didn't want to...

Somehow I kept drinking...

I just wanted to get his blessing...

And Ki-tae kept
pouring me drinks, so...

I just went along and kept drinking.

And then Ki-tae said 'Let's
have a drink with Sung-il.'

So I took a taxi, and
then... I have no memory.


...put a drug in the drinks, so...

Ki-tae got some kind
of... stimulant from China.

...he gave it to me, and
forced himself on me...

That's how it happened...

But now... brother-in-law, I...

My worry now is...

I'm afraid it'll be revealed
who my kid's father is.


I don't know either.

Even still... brother-in-law...

Even still, I'm going to try hard.

I'm going to be good to my kid, and...

I'm going to be good to Ki-tae...

I'm going to try hard.

Brother-in-law, thank
you for listening to me.

♪ Just as everyone does I ♪
♪ remember as I walk along ♪

♪ Faces from the whispering past ♪
♪ Bloom like flowers in front of me ♪

♪ All those precious days ♪
♪ Pass like drops of rain ♪

♪ I look back with wistful eyes ♪
♪ Through a mist of tears ♪

♪ Just as everyone does I ♪
♪ remember as I look in the mirror ♪

♪ The alleyways from my youth ♪
♪ Form circles in my mind ♪

♪ The innocent white dreams ♪
♪ I've lost sometime in the past ♪

♪ I return to fountains of regret ♪
♪ Filled inside with tears ♪

♪ Just as everyone does I ♪
♪ remember as I close my eyes ♪

♪ The joy overcomes the pain ♪
♪ Forming ripples in my mind ♪

♪ On that snowy day I ♪
♪ buried my first love ♪

♪ I return wet with loneliness ♪
♪ Through a mist of tears ♪

♪ Just as everyone does I watch ♪
♪ the sky from the windowsill ♪

♪ Like the clouds, like the birds ♪
♪ My heart floats away ♪

♪ A beautiful song of love ♪
♪ Calls to me from afar ♪

♪ Watching the faroff horizon ♪
♪ I'll return to the bright blue sky ♪