Happy Birthday to Me (1981) - full transcript

Virginia Wainwright is a spirited young woman who has returned to a private school having survived a deadly accident and regenerative brain surgery. She is proud that she belongs to the Top Ten - the school's inner circle with the best students - and attempts to resume a normal life. But her friends are falling prey to a grueling series of murders, and soon there will be no one left to attend her 18th birthday party. Could it be her? Striving to rekindle the memory of her nightmarish accident, Virginia suffers from memory loss and traumatic blackouts. We soon learn the horrible truth behind her accident and what is going on before her birthday party...



Winston, just stop it!
Bad boy!

Sit down!
Now, sit!

Oh, Mrs. Patterson.

Bernadette O'Hara, do you
have any idea what time it is?

Where are you going?

Well, I-I was just going up
to the village to meet some of

the kids at the inn.

You mean the second
home for the Crawford top 10?

Isn't that what the elite of
the senior class like to call


Well, I guess so.

I beg your pardon?

Yes, Mrs. Patterson.

Do you know, Bernadette,
if you and the other so-called

members of the top 10 would
spend half the time on your

books that you do down at
that inn, you could all be in

Harvard tomorrow.

Yes, Mrs. Patterson.

Just be sure you're
back before midnight.

Come along, Winston.
Take mommy home.

Come on.

Come along, Winston.

Give mommy head.


Oh! Oh!

Aaah! Aaah!

Help me!


Help me.

Aaah! Aaah!
Leave me alone!

Aaah! Aaah! Aaah!

Help me.


Oh! Oh, it's you.

Oh, thank god.
Thank god.

Oh, please help me.

Please, somebody's trying...

♪ ...if one of those bottles
should happen to fall ♪

♪ There'd be 53 bottles
of beer on the wall ♪

♪ 53 bottles of
beer on the wall ♪

♪ 53 bottles of beer ♪

♪ If one of those bottles
should happen to fall ♪

♪ There'd be 52 bottles
of beer on the wall ♪

♪ 52 bottles of
beer on the wall ♪

♪ 52 bottles of beer ♪

♪ If one of those bottles
should happen to fall ♪

♪ There'd be 51 bottles
of beer on the wall ♪

Oh, god, please, no more!

No class, these Americans.

Thanks a lot.

Amelia, I'm
really getting mad.

These guys are
really pissin' me off!

Greg, just
settle down, okay?

Etienne, you know
Bernadette's gonna

be here any minute.

♪ 49 bottles of beer... ♪


You finally made it.

Hi, Virginia.


What is this, a convention?

Where's Bernadette?

I don't know.

I can't fend
him off much longer.

♪ ...bottles of
beer on the wall ♪

From out of the fog it comes!

♪ ...bottles of
beer on the wall... ♪

Come on, guys,
grow up, okay?!

Alfred, come sit by me.

How's the
midnight taxidermist tonight?

Hey, Alfred,
Alfred, get stuffed.

Hey, Alfred,
did you bring George?

Sure, I brought George.

Here, come on, George.

Come on, come on.

Say hi to George, everybody.

Hi, George.

Let's start the whole
thing all over again!

♪ 100 bottles of
beer on the wall... ♪

That's it; I've had it!


5 bucks says he beats 'em.

You're really
askin' for it, man!

Settle down!

What's with you, kid?

Thank you.

Can I buy you a drink?

Come on, Alfred,
you know the rule.

We all buy our own.

Yeah, I know...
I know the rule.

But, um, I'd like... I'd
like to buy you a drink.

Let me hold him.


He jumped.

Hi, cutie.

Mr. grand pooh-bah, sir...

My, uh, apologies for
the gross misbehavior

of my colleague.

Uh, Ingrid, a steiner
for the grand impotate.

That's damn big of you, kid.

Thanks a bunch.

Where's... where's George?

What happened to George?!

I'm sorry,
I dropped him.


I dropped George.

Oh, no!




A special for his eminence.

As a token of our
friendship and esteem...

Your wizardship.

That's damn big of you.

Your next round's on me.

Jesus Christ, it's a rat!

Time to go, kiddies.

Get 'em!

Get 'em!


Get 'em!

You'll pay for this,
you freaks!


Go, go, go!

Let's play the game!

You're on.


Get in.

I thought I was with you.

Just get in!

I'm gonna call your
headmistress about this!

Don't forget your numbers.

I go first.

I'm second!



And you're last, Greg!

And 20 bucks says
you got no balls.

Just watch me, asshole.


Remember, you scumbag,
that's 20 bucks... cash!



Fuck it!


No, Greg, no!

Stop the car!

It's too high!


He made it!

Let go of me, Virginia!

For Christ's sake,
we made it!

No, stop!

Stop it!

You'll kill yourself!

Hold on to her!


Come back!

Ginnie, come back!


Greg, unbelievable
jump, man!

What's wrong with Virginia?

You dumb shit, you
could've killed her!

You're the one that
shoved her in my car!

I'd like to break your neck.


Just ease up a little, okay?

She's new!

She never played before!

Maybe we should
go after her.

She's okay.

She just lives over there.

Okay, let's go.

What happened to Steve?

He chickened out.

He's on the other
side of the bridge.

Yeah, hey, that
nimrod owes me 20 bucks.

Mother, I miss you so much.

You'd be proud
of me now, mother.

All the kids like me.

I'm even one of the top 10.

We go everywhere together.

W-who's out there?



I'll walk you home.

No, Etienne,
it's just over there.

I-I'll be f-fine.

I know where it is.

Etienne, I said
I'll be fine!


Yes, daddy.

I was worried.

Where were you?

I was just out with
Ann and the other kids.

Honey... this is not the kind
of night for running around.


Yes, daddy?

Honey... have you
been over there again?

I don't know why it
bothers you so much.

Ginnie, I thought
we agreed to...

No, we didn't agree!
You told me what to do!

I don't even have
the right to go visit

my own mother's grave!

Ginnie, Ginnie,
Ginnie, please.

I'm so sorry.

Daddy, please
don't be angry with me.

You can't live
in the past, honey.

Daddy, I have to remember.

David says until I stop
repressing what happened,

I-I won't be completely cured.

He says I'm progressing
very quickly.

Ginnie, we've
been happy together.

I don't want any of
those memories to change that.

Oh, god.

Sometimes I wish we'd
never moved back here.

I love this house.

I like living here.

I like my school.

I like my friends.

Please don't take
that away from me.

If this is where you want to
live, this is where we'll live.

This is where I want to be.

Case closed.

All right, then, come on.
Off you go.



I love you, daddy.

I love you too.


This sort of
behavior simply must stop.

As students of Crawford
academy, you have

a responsibility to uphold the
traditions established by your

predecessors, which include
being on time, miss Wainwright,

miss Thomerson.

Now, a full apology will
be made to the owners

of the silent woman.

And if I hear of any more of
these outrageous incidents,

I will be forced to declare
the inn out of bounds.

It's all your fault.

Is that perfectly clear?

I take it that
Bernadette O'Hara is late also?

Has anyone seen
her this morning?

I know she was
with you last night.


Miss Wainwright?

Uh, that's true,
Mrs. Patterson.

We waited for her at the
inn, but she never showed up.

Hmm, well, I will
get to the bottom of it.

Good morning, professor.

So, finally comes peace.

Now, class,
enough time wasted.

Gather over, please.

This morning, a treat...
The galvanic response

of the nervous system.

You recall the
electrostatic generator...

...the galvanic probe,
and finally, frogs' legs.

Ew! Yuck!

Wonderful fried,
a la francais.

By applying the electrical
charge of the galvanic probe,

to the nerve in the frog's
leg... galvani induced muscle

contraction, as though
the leg were alive.

What's so funny?

Yes, Mr. Van Der pall,
quite the comedian.

But the really funny thing
about static electricity

is that it can be discharged.


Now, let's get serious.

Power, please.

I apply the probe to
the nerve of the frog's leg.


Doctor, why is
she doing that?

A random discharge,
Mr. Wainwright.

The brain tissue
is rebuilding itself.

There's no way of
knowing whether new tissue

will function normally or not.

Within the past year, we've
had some marvelous results

with a new technique.

The principle is sound,
and I think we'll succeed

with Virginia.

In fact, we are succeeding.

Then whey the hell
isn't she conscious?!

She's been like
this for months.

She only moves when
you turn on that machine!

Dr. Feinblum, her
alphas are up again.

I'll switch off.

What's happening?

Virginia, can you hear me?

M... m-m... m-m-my...

B-b-bir... birthday.

I was an experiment, David,
just like that frog in the lab.

The principle
is very simple.

When a, uh, salamander loses
its tail, it grows a new one.

And, uh, Dr. Feinblum found
that when this happens, the

salamander's nervous system
creates a kind of electric

field around the
site of the wound.

So what he did was he
developed this apparatus which

reproduced this
field in human beings.

And this field brought about
a regeneration and a healing

of, uh, broken bones, damaged
tissue, internal organs.

And brain cells.

You were the first.

A Guinea pig.

Yes, but a very
successful Guinea pig.

What you remembered
today proves it.

You see, Virginia, Dr. Feinblum
was convinced

that you... your brain
tissue had been restored

by his treatment.

And today I remembered.


And tomorrow you
will remember more.

- Even the...
- Even the accident.

I-I'm not saying
it's gonna be easy.

Some of the memories
may be very painful.

That's why you've
repressed them.

But you will remember,
Virginia, and you

will be complete.



I won't let anything
or anybody hurt you.

No, I won't.

See ya.

Goodnight, Ginnie.

Come on, Etienne!

Come on, Etienne!

Come on, baby!

This is your match!
Do it, baby!

You can do it!

Take it home!
Take it home!

Take it home!

Come on, you bastard!

We've got 50 bucks on you!

Come on!


Boogie down, baby!

Boogie down!

You did it!



Did you wipe
that mother out?!


Hot damn!

4 to 1... we made 200 bucks!

200 bucks?!

We are rich!

This calls
for a celebration!

The silent woman!

You got it!

But first I have
to clean up my bike.

We'll all just
meet there tonight.

What time?

Seven o'clock.

Okay, see you then.


Too bad Bernadette
wasn't here to see you win.

I had to win.

I was carrying this
next to my heart.

God, you've got
a lot of nerve.

That's not all I've got.

Want to see?

What the hell
are you looking at?

God, that Etienne.

What a mover.

No wonder
Bernadette took off.

Are you kidding?

She loves it.

Don't you know that they've
taken a room in some

seedy motel and are
doin' it every night?

Oh, come on, they are not.

How do you know?

Ah, my sweet,
innocent Virginia.

I've got a lot to teach you.



Hey, you
guys, no answer at Etienne's.

You think he'd come to
his own celebration party.

And where the
hell is Alfred anyways?

He's on a new biology
project... stuffed students.

Oh, come on, you guys.

He's your regular,
all-American boy.

Ghoul... all-American ghoul.

Come on, Steve,
he's not that bad.

I think these
girls like Alfred.

I think they would like
to be stuffed by Alfred.

Why don't you
get stuffed, Rudi?

God, you're gross.

Just piss right
off, Maggie, okay?

Rudi, Maggie, look...

You got to quit this
bickering back and forth,

all right?

Now, come on,
kiss and make up.

Well, there's
no problem there.

Okay, come on, let's party.

The night's young.

For god's sake,
what's this all about, Ann?

I don't want to see Alfred.

Anyway, he's probably still
in the lab stuffing something.

Stuffing what, I wonder.

He has been acting
very odd lately.

Just go around the
back and keep watch, okay?



Fooled ya.

Jesus Christ, you just
scared the shit out of me.

Is he in?

No, and the door's locked.

But there is a
window that's open.


So why don't we go in there
and see what evil deeds

little Alfred's been up to?


Do you need a hand?






God, this place is
almost as weird as he is.

Think he really
stuffs all these things?

Who knows?

Ann, let's just get
the hell out of here.

Ah, courage, my dear.


What is it?

I don't know.

There's only
one way to find out.



Oh, god.

Oh, Jesus!


What are you doing here?

We were worried because
you didn't show up at the inn.

You were worried about me?


About me?

Maybe you were worried
about Bernadette.

What about poor,
little Bernadette?

How do you like her?

My latest masterpiece.

She is a masterpiece,
isn't she?

I'm... I'm very proud of her.

And I'll tell you something.

If you're both very good,
you can be my next models.

I think you'd
be good models.

Oh, Jesus, Alfred.

You might think this is
a joke, but I think it's sick.

Sick, sick, sick.

Watch it.

She's on the warpath.

Virginia, you're next.

Hey, wait for me.

Just a moment, please.

Come in.

No, no, of course not,
Mr. O'Hara.

I don't want to alarm you
unduly, but there's still

no word of Bernadette.

Are you sure you
have no inkling where

she could possibly be?

Yes, Mr. O'Hara, of
course I realize she is my

responsibility also.


I will call you tomorrow.


Well, miss Wainwright, I
have to tell you that I do not

for one moment believe that two
of the top ten could disappear

without the rest of you
being in on the joke.

But, Mrs. Patterson, really,
I have no idea where they are.

Virginia, I know that
in some ways you are

a special case.

It must have been hard for
you to come back to Crawford.

I knew your
mother, you know.

Well, after all,
she was a local girl.

Virginia, your father
is a very wealthy man,

and I'm afraid that is the
beginning of the trouble.

You and all your gang... you
think that because you are rich

you can sneer at people who
have had to work hard, people

who have had to fight to get a
decent education, that you can

do just as you please.

Well, I'm afraid it doesn't
work like that... at least not

at Crawford academy.

For now, I'm going to assign
you to after-school duties.

Please report to
Mr. MUNCIE at 3:00.

We'll see if a little
detention doesn't

jar your memory.

Yes, Millie, what is it?

Ambassador Vercours
on line 1.

It's about Etienne.

monsieur I'ambassadeur!

So, did she give
you the same horse shit?

What a bitch.

How are we supposed to
know where everybody is?

And what they're up to.

Well, I already
know what they're up to.

It's just where
that has me stumped.

I just hope
they're all right.

It is kind of weird
vanishing like that.

Yeah, I know.

You want to go to
the movies tonight?

The film society's
showing "high noon."

Sounds great.

I love Gary Cooper.

Ah, I agree.

But Zinneman...
Zinneman is so fabulous!

Every time I go see
a western, they put grease

in their hair.

Hi, Rudi.

Hey, you missed
a great movie.


Seems like someone didn't
bother to ask me to come along.

Come on, Steve, let's go.

Maggie, I want to have a
word with you for a minute,


Steve, get out
of the way, okay?

I said get out of the way!

Rudi, come on!

Come on, lighten up!

You touch me again,
I'm gonna fuckin' kill you!

Hey, come on.

Let's all go
have a drink, okay?

Look, why don't you
guys just go to fuckin' hell?

Let's go, Maggie.

We're all falling apart.

Come on, I'll take you home.

Now, Alfred, you
can by me that drink.

Come on, Ann.


Oh, it's you.

Amelia's coming
over with some stuff.

She should be
here any second.

Hey, do me a favor.

Slap on 10 more, huh?

I guess I should have minded
my own business tonight, huh?

Amelia says we're fallin'
apart, and I'm startin'

to agree with her.

That was kind of easy.

How about two more 25s?

I just don't understand it.

We've been together for such
a long time, and all of the

sudden we're at
each other's throats.

Make sure you
tighten it, huh?

Okay, that's it.

What are you doin'?!

Come on, put 'em back.

Come on, quit
screwin' around!

Come on,
please put 'em back!

For god's fuckin'
sake, put 'em back!

God, please.

I-I c-c-can't...
Can't hold it.

It's not a joke anymore.


I can't... I can't hold it.


Hey, Greg!

Pizza delivery girl.

I've got one all
dressed with anchovies.




Kill 'em!

Kill 'em!

Kill, kill, kill 'em!

Kill 'em!

Go, Rudi, Rudi!

Crawford could... for Rudi!

Two to ten says
we'll never make it.

You got it.

Come on, guys,
we're running out of time.

This way!

I got it!

Oh, god.

Oh, god.

Oh, give me a break.

Hey, don't worry.

Greg wouldn't take off
in the middle of the night

without telling me.

We sure could use him now.

All right!

...and roll the dice...

Aces high, deuces low,
come on, Crawford, let's go!

Give me one more!

Come on, baby!

Come on, Rudi, come on!

No, no, no, no, not now!

That's five... one more.

Come on.

Thank you.

Oh, Rudi,
you were great!

That goal was just terrific!

Yeah, sorry I was, uh,
such a jerk last night.

Aw, that's okay.

Hey, are you, uh, doing
anything later on?


Well, I'll meet
you at the chapel.


You cannot refuse.

You must follow
me into the tower.

Ah, that smell... the
putrescence of decay.

But fear not, my little
darling, for although we are

doomed to die, we shall
live forever in the ranks

of the undead.

Rudi, you stop that
right now or I'm not gonna

go another step.

I'm sorry.

I can't resist in
a place like this.

Yeah, it's... it's
creepy all right.

You've, uh, never been
up here before, have you?

You know, I-I keep on
forgetting that you're

new here at Crawford.

No, I'm not.

I was here before you.

Oh, yeah?


Four years ago.

That's funny.

How come, uh,
nobody ever mentioned it?

Well, it was just
for a few weeks, but...

They've all forgotten me.

I will never forget you,
my darling.



I-I just love this place!

I swear!

I feel just like quasimodo...
Quasimodo in a bell tower!

Thank god you
don't look like him.

Give me a little kiss,
Esmeralda... a little peck

on the cheek.

Rudi, stop it.

Stop it!

Next thing I know, you'll
be swinging from the bell rope.

Hey, that's not a bad idea!

Rudi, are you crazy?!


You know, I... if I cut
this bell rope almost

all the way through...


Rudi, no.


I've got a knife.


don't go away.

Come over here, Virginia.




Is Dr. Faraday
in his office?


Let me check for you.

Roll for the flap.

Fish hook.

Drill is next.

Irrigation, please.

Free bone flap.

Her vital signs stable?

Yes, she's breathing well,
and her blood pressure

is stable.

Brain is swelling.

I'll hyperventilate her.

Cerebral edema...
She's finished.

Close her up.

Now, close her!

She's dead!

Oh, Jesus, no!
Somebody stop him!

God, don't let him do it!
Somebody help me!

He killed part of my brain.
He killed part of me!

Virginia, you've remembered
the operation.

It's coming back
piece by piece.

The knife...

The... t-the blood...

The operation, Virginia.

It was today!

It was today!
Don't you see?!

I was with Rudi!

We were in the bell
tower, and he had a knife!

I was so scared!

And then what happened?

I don't know!
I-I panicked!

I-I came here.

God, I thought
you'd help me!

Come here.
Come with me.

Come on.
You need some rest.

I'm gonna take you home.
All right?

Listen, I'll, uh, I'll check
out the bell tower.

Don't you worry
about a thing.

Right now I'm
taking you home.

Come on.
Come on.

It's all right.
It's all right.

...that two more
students have disappeared.

Lieutenant Reese refuses
to confirm or deny that police

believe the incidents
are related.

Also missing is
Etienne Vercours,

a French citizen on
an exchange program

at the Crawford academy.

He is the son of ambassador
Adrienne Vercours.

The third missing student is
Gregory hellman, the son

of Nathaniel hellman,
chairman of the trans-allied

finance corporation.

In other news, police are
investigating a mysterious

incident at Crawford
chapel yesterday.

Vandals severed
the bell-tower rope.

But with the discovery of
a bloodied knife, police are

looking further into the
matter, believing foul play

may be involved as well.

In sports, the 5-game
unbeaten streak of the hous...

Yes, sir,
they're in the library.

When did you
last see Greg hellman?

I saw him
the night before last.

We went to
the show together.

Just give me a name,
rank, and serial number.

It was an anonymous
phone call.

That's why they're digging.

Christ, every day
someone else is missing.

Where the hell is Rudi?

Why are you worried?

The other night,
you wanted to kill him.

They think that
Greg may be dead.

Okay, that's all.


Virginia, come here.

I want to talk to you.

David, I'm so scared.

Rudi is missing.

Now, listen, it's very
important that you tell me

exactly what happened in
the bell chapel yesterday.

Well, I went with Rudi.

We went up to the church.

Dr. Faraday, is anything
the matter?

You'd better come outside.

Hey, everybody, I think
they found something outside!

Please, let me through!


Let's move it on back.


Hi, there.


Where have you been?!

Where have I been?
Where have you been?

What happened
to you yesterday?


In the bell tower!

I nearly cut my hand
off with that lousy rope!

15 stitches!

You... you creep!

You had me believing... it was all a joke.

Y-you didn't tell
anybody, did you?

Tell anybody?!

They've been turning the
school upside-down looking for

you and the others!

They're even out there right
now digging in the garden!

I was afraid
to say anything.

Oh, dear god.

Uh, lieutenant, do you
mind if I take a look at that?

Go right ahead, Dr. Faraday.

Thank you.

Now, I think you should
have another look at this.

Uh, property of Crawford
academy science department.




Rudi, I thought
that was you.

I'm prettier than that.

You're still a bastard.

Listen, David, please don't
say anything about this

to anybody.

I don't want to
get Rudi in trouble.

No, I'm not gonna
say anything to anybody.

But I-I must admit, some
of your friends have

a macabre sense of humor.

I just hope these
kids aren't having

an adverse effect on you.

They're not.

Listen, uh... my birthday's
Sunday, and, uh, I'd like

to invite you to dinner.

Why, I'd be delighted.


Oh, I got to run.

Thanks, David.

Come on, let's go.

And Maggie... I thought she
was gonna tear your balls off

after she got over
that joyous reunion.

Well, it all worked out
for the best.

Now I can take Virginia to
the dance, can't I, sweetheart?

By the way, where's Alfred?

God, not Alfred too.

Maybe we should all
put in 20 bucks and the last

one left takes all.

No, you see, Alfred is
not a disappearer,

he's a disappearee.

A disappearee?

I can just see him walking
through the woods

stalking out his latest victim.

Ah, get serious, you guys!

I haven't seen him
since this morning.

Yeah, nor have I.

How 'bout you, Ginnie?

Have you seen the
phantom taxidermist?




Yeah, I'm watching
it right now.

Look, red and his crew are
on their way up from Houston.

I expect you to give them all
the cooperation you can,

is that clear?

All right.

I'll be in calgary in
approximately four hours.

A jet's standing by.

I want a chopper
at the other end.

Thank you.

How long will
you be gone, daddy?

It's hard to say, honey.

As long as it takes to
get the damn thing out.

What about Sunday?


Your birthday.

Hey, glummy face,
look... I'll be back, Ginnie.

I'll be back by
Sunday afternoon.

I promise.

You really promise?

I promise, honey.

I'll tell you what, if
you can find time in your busy

social schedule to put on some
fancy duds, we'll go out

on the town and celebrate... just
the two of us.

And you know something?

Your old dad will show you
some of his most incredible,

astonishing, fancy footwork.

What do you say?

- Okay.
- Okay.

I got to go.

You'll be all right
here on your own.

Why don't you call a friend,
invite them over?

Or I can... I can
always call David.


See you Sunday.

Happy birthday.

Have you seen Alfred?


Four down, six to go.

Come on, Rudi,
it's not funny.

Who's laughing?

You know the cops are
out there dragging the canal

looking for bodies?

Rudi, you got
to do me a favor.


Go dance with Maggie.

Whose idea is this?

She's driving me nuts.

Well, uh...

Oh, it's fine with me, Rudi.

I don't care who knows it.

I'm scared.

Don't worry about it.

I'll take you home.

Let's get out of here.

Aren't you havin'
a good time?

Well, sure, but, uh,
we could be having

an even better time.

Oh, really?


We could, uh, go for
a drive, have a toke.

Just the two of us?

Just the two of us.

Shame on you, Steve.

What would my father say?

Luckily, he's away
for the weekend.

I make real good
midnight snacks.

You hungry?

Am I hungry!

Meet you outside.

Uh, Ann, what time are
you coming over tomorrow?

Uh, about noon, okay?

See ya.


Where are you going?

My place.

With Steve?!


Smells good.

What's that?

I'm making yours
nice and spicy.

Oh, I like it spicy.


Thank you.


Don't you like hot things?

Some hot things.

God, am I ripped.

My ass is burning.


Well, have some more.

What time is it?

Past noon!

Come on, it's
time to get up!

I want to hear all the
gory details about you

and Steve last night.

Last night?

What the hell
was last night?

I don't remember anything.

Oh, bullshit.

Just a minute.

I'll be right back.

Here are the keys.
Come on up.

I'm gonna take a shower.


Mommy, I-it doesn't matter.

Never... I'll never
forget this!

They don't know
how it hurts...

But they'll learn!

But... but daddy says... never
mind what daddy says!

Where is he
when we need him?!

Be careful!

Crazy son of a bitch!

Mommy, the bridge!

Mommy, watch out!
Watch out!


Oh, my god!

Oh, my god!

Back up!


Mommy, we have to get out!

The water's rising!

W-we have to get out!

We can still get out.

You can swim.

Take a deep breath,
and I'll open the window.

Mommy, I can't!

I'm afraid!

I-I can't!

Virginia, do
what mommy says!

Go on, now, take a deep
breath and swim to the surface.

Do it!





David, help me!

Help me!

God, help me!


David, help me!


David, I killed her.
I killed her!

She's upstairs.
She's in the bathroom.

I killed her.

All right, come on!
Come on!


You come on!
You show me!

She's upstairs?

You show me, you hear?!
Come on!


I don't want to see her!




All right, look at this.


This should warm you up.




You know, w-we're
coming very close, Virginia.

You see, tonight you
remembered the accident

at the bridge, and that's
where it all started.

But David, I
don't understand.

Why would I
think I killed Ann?

L-listen, it may be very
painful, but you see,

we've got to find the link
between your trauma...

And your friends.


The kids... they play chicken
on the bridge as it goes up.

They... they call it a game.

And they took
you over the bridge?

Is this... is
this all a game?

Is it?

I think I better stay here
until your father gets home.


It's my birthday.

Mmm, it's after 12:00.

So it is.

Happy birthday, Virginia.

Happy birthday.

Oh, hi, doc.

Is Virginia Wainwright
at home?

Oh, well, she hasn't
been feeling very well.

She's sleeping.

We're investigating
the disappearance

of miss Ann Thomerson.

We found her car abandoned
just across the road.

She hasn't been
seen since yesterday.

Her parents are away, and the
only information we have

is that she was on
her way over here.

Yes, uh... well, uh, I-I've
been here all weekend, and I

know that miss Wainwright
has not had any visitors.

I would like to ask miss
Wainwright some questions.

Well, suppose I have
her give you a ring

when she wakes up.

Is that all right?

Okay, fine.

Here's my card.

Oh, doc, almost
stole your paper.

Oh, yes, thank you.

Thank you.


Virginia, the police were
just here, and they found, uh,

they found Ann's car.

She's missing.

Oh, my god!

Then I did kill her!
I killed Ann!

Listen! Wait! Wait!
Just a minute!

She's missing...
That's all.

They're all just missing.

David, I-I don't understand.

What... what
does it all mean?

I think, uh, it means that
it's locked up in your past,

and you've got to
try to go back.

What do these people have
to do with the whole thing...

Alfred, Steve, Greg,
Bernadette, Etienne?

What happened
before the accident?

You've got to
try to remember.

Was my birthday.

Mother decided to have
my party in the cottage.

Bernadette O'Hara,
Etienne Vercours,

Steve Maxwell, Alfred Morris,
Greg hellman,

and Ann Thomerson...
Six of the richest.

Nothing but the
best for my little girl.

It's almost 5:00.

Did you tell
them to come at 4:00?

Yes, mommy.

I suppose this is what
they call "fashionably late."



I've been
trying to call you all day.

I can't get home
until the weekend.

Would you tell Ginnie
I'll make it up to her?

Tell her yourself,
you bastard!

It's your loving father.


Happy birthday, sweetheart.

Daddy, where are you?

I'm still in Caracas, honey.

Oh, but, daddy, I-I
wanted you here so much.

I know.

I tried, sweetheart.

I just can't get away.

Now, look, tell
me... how's the party?

Are your friends
from school there?


Yes, they're all here.

I-I wanted you to meet them.

And I will, Ginnie.

Believe me.

When I get back,
we'll have another party.


I promise.

Goodbye, sweetheart.

Goodbye, daddy.

Why did you say that,
Virginia... that your friends

were here?

I-I didn't want
him to feel bad.

Your father's never
kept a promise in his life.

Well, where are they... your
little friends from

the Crawford academy?!

They're not coming!


There's a party at
Ann Thomerson's house.

I-I heard them talking.

Why didn't they invite you?

Mom, they
don't even know me!

Those goddamn little snots!

We'll show them.

If they won't
come to our party...

We'll go to theirs.

Open this gate!

Open this fucking gate!

Is that you, estelle?

What's the trouble here?

My daughter's
going to that party!

Has she been invited?

She doesn't
need an invitation!

Hell, Pete,
it's her birthday!

All those kids are
her friends from school.

Estelle, you can send your
little girl to the Crawford

academy, but that ain't
gonna change who you are.

You get will Thomerson
down here!

Let him tell me
that to my face!

Those things are
over and done with.

Don't bring them up now.

Just take your
little girl and go home.

God damn you!

I'm a rich woman now,
and I plan to shove it

in their faces!

You hear me,
will Thomerson?!

I can't be bought
off ever again!


Mommy, please don't cry.

I-it doesn't matter.

Please don't cry.

L-look, let's go home.

You don't understand.

Those stuck-up assholes...
They think they own the world!

Well, they're
gonna pay for this!

I'm gonna make them pay!

No, mother, no!

- No!
- No!

- No!
- No!

No! Virginia!




I'm home!

Where's my birthday girl?


Ginnie, where are you?




The plane was late.


Jesus, god!

Jesus, god!

Not my baby!

Please, god, not my baby!







My god... estelle.

♪ Happy birthday
to me ♪

♪ Happy birthday to me ♪

♪ Happy birthday, dear Ginnie ♪

♪ Happy birthday to me ♪

Oh, god.

Oh, god.




Oh, baby.

Oh, baby.

Oh, god.


You kept your promise to me.

You came to my
birthday party.

Oh, Ginnie.


That's better.


Would daddy
like a big piece...

Or a little piece?


Oh, Ginnie, baby.

What have I done to you?

I had no choice.

The doctors were so sure...

So sure.


And now for you...


Oh, my poor,
dear little sister.

We can't have you
looking all dirty...

Not for your
own birthday party.


Take a look!

Take a good, long look!

I've done it all
for you, sister, dear!

Since I ruined your
last party, I've made certain

nothing's gonna go
wrong this time.

With everyone's help,
they're all here,

just as you always wanted...

All seated around the table,
waiting to celebrate your

birthday... your
precious birthday.

And as a special treat...

They all get
to watch you die.


Then suicide.

Now they'll all know just
how crazy little Ginnie

really was!


I hope you are.

I planned it so you'd
never suspect a thing.

None of them did.

I dressed like
you, walked like you...

I even talked like you.

You made it
all so easy for me.

I was your best friend.

You trusted me.

I could come
and go as I pleased.

You woke up
remembering nothing.

It worked every time.

That night in
the cemetery...

With poor, little Alfred...
Genius mask-maker.

Remember how he fooled us
with Bernadette?

You didn't know it, but he
had followed you there,

and so had I.

I did it again after
the dance with Steve.

He was so stoned he
didn't even notice for

a moment it wasn't you.

And tonight with David.

Hey, that nimrod
owes me 20 bucks.

At 4 to 1,
we made 200 bucks.

200 bucks?!

We are rich!

This calls
for a celebration!

The silent woman!

All right!

Say hi to George.

Hi, George.

And now it's your turn.

You deserve to die.

You're just like her!

A fucking whore!

My father's mistress.

And you're his daughter...

My sister.

Something she never
let my father forget.

That's why my
mother left us.

She could never
forgive him for having you.

It's all your fault.

You've ruined our lives.

You should've died
that night at the canal.

You never should've
been born!



Dear god.

What have you done?

♪ Happy birthday
to me ♪

♪ Happy birthday to me ♪

♪ Happy birthday,
dear Ginnie ♪

♪ Happy birthday to me ♪♪

♪ I'll have my party
alone today ♪

♪ Who cares anyway? ♪

♪ I don't need 'em now ♪

♪ I don't need 'em now ♪

♪ Who wants presents
with pretty bows? ♪

♪ Who wants party clothes? ♪

♪ I don't need 'em now ♪

♪ Can't I dim the lights? ♪

♪ Can't I cut the cake? ♪

♪ A wish is just a wish ♪

♪ What difference
does it make? ♪

♪ Now that everyone's
gathered here ♪

♪ Sing out loud and clear ♪

♪ Cheerful as can be ♪

♪ Happy birthday to me ♪

♪ Ah ah ah ahhhhh ♪

♪ Ahhhhh ahhhhh ♪

♪ Ahhhhh ahhhhh ♪

♪ Ahhhhh ahhhhh ♪

♪ Ahhhhh ♪

♪ Can't I dim the lights? ♪

♪ Can't I cut the cake? ♪

♪ A wish is just a wish ♪

♪ What difference
does it make? ♪

♪ Now that everyone's
gathered here ♪

♪ Sing out loud and clear ♪

♪ Cheerful as can be ♪

♪ Happy birthday to me ♪♪