Happy Birthday Hannah (2018) - full transcript

Rachel has lived for years with the guilt of accidentally let her younger sister Hannah drown when they were children. But sometimes guilt is not enough. Now, on Hannah's birthday, the ...

(water splashing)

- [Rachel] Alrighty guys we are about

to head out for the night.

We're going to the bar.

Just checking in on Brody
who's fixing a lightbulb.

What's good?

- Hey babe.

- [Rachel] What you doing?

- Just fixing that light bulb
that you said was flickering.

- [Rachel] Okay, but why's it red?

- Sorry, it's the only one we had.

- [Rachel] You checked in the garage?

- I checked everywhere, trust em.

- [Rachel] You really checked the garage?

- I checked everywhere.

- [Rachel] Okay, well Brody,

I don't want the neighbors thinking

that we live in a porn house.

- Oh, what's wrong with that?

- [Rachel] Ha, ha, ha, ha, I'm recording.

- You serious?

- [Rachel] Yes.

- Oh fuck.

- [Rachel] (sighs) Okay, well
we need to get another one,

tomorrow morning, promise.

- I won't, well I can't
promise tomorrow morning

because we're gonna have a late night.

- [Rachel] Oh my god.

- A fun late night.

- [Rachel] You're so embarrassing.

- Especially when we come home.

- [Rachel] Again I'm recording.

- You love it.

- [Rachel] Yeah, uh huh,
I'm such a lucky lady.

Alright, well fix that tomorrow

because like I said it's not Christmas

and we're not porn stars so.

And get your jacket on

'cause it's cold outside, I'm ready to go.

- Got you babe.
- Alright.

- I'll be a minute.

- Okay, thank you.

Now I've just gotta check my hair

and see how that's looking.

Let's see.

Oh, I just curled it are you kidding me?

Alright, well you know what,

we've gotta leave anyway.

We're meeting them in like
less than half an hour,

so we gotta head out.

Alrighty guys we are good to go

and I will keep you updated in the future.

Alright we're here.

The Irish Pub.

- [Brody] I can't wait.

- [Rachel] I know it's freezing.

Let's get inside I'm cold.

- [Brody] Absolutely.

- [Rachel] (shivers) It's
so windy out here, my god.

- [Brody] I think they
have a jukebox in here.

- [Rachel] That means
you're picking music?

- [Brody] Absolutely.

- [Rachel] Oh.

Alrighty, we're about to meet everybody.

They should be all here.

And there they are, hi guys.

- Hey, hi.

- How are you?
- How are you?

- [Rachel] I'm good.

- How are you?

- Nothing much, hi Neil.

- [Neil] Hey what's up guys.

- [Rachel] I missed you guys.

- [Friend] Yo, what up?

- [Rachel] Nothing much.

- [Brody] Laura, how are you?

- Good to see you.
- Good seeing you.

Matt what's up buddy, you alright?

- [Friend] Guys sit down,
drink time let's go.

- Do we need to say hi?

- Alright you two get in here, say hello.

- Hi.
- Hello.

- Hi guys, it's a video wave.


Oh my god, perfect.

Look at my beautiful friend Maria.

Look how pretty.

Ready guys, look at the beauty
and the grumpy old beast.

Ready, look at the contrast.






- These guys can't fucking
score to save their life.

- [Rachel] It figures
he's talking about sports.

What else is new?

What you doing?

- I'm just trying to
get some tunes playing.

- [Rachel] You're picking the music now?

- Absolutely.

- [Rachel] Alright, is
that really a good idea?

- Come on, you don't
wanna hear some disco?

- [Rachel] No Brody, no one does.

- Stop.

- [Rachel] Can you actually
like play something

maybe within the last 50 years or?

- What all boy band stuff?

- [Rachel] Alright shut the fuck up.

I'm not a boy band fan.
- Listen.

Just because you have a
boy band looking boyfriend.

- [Rachel] Right, oh my god I forgot.

You're so right.

Look at what a stud we've got here.

Alright, you know what,
you pick your music

just make sure it's decent this time.


- You'll like it, you'll like it.

- [Rachel] Alright.


- [Brody] Baby, is everything okay?

- She's alright.

She's just having a moment.


- Are we ready guys?

Everybody squish in.

Alright and cheers to Hannah, ready.

Happy birthday Hannah.

- [All Together] Happy birthday Hannah.

- Yeah we need to do that more often.

- [Rachel] Yeah, it's always nice

hanging out with everyone.

I love all of them.

- Yeah we need to do
that like every month.

- [Rachel] (laughs) Right.

- Or every week.

- [Rachel] (laughs) I
don't know about that.

- No, I'm down for that.

- [Rachel] (laughs) We'll be alcoholics.

- (laughs) Listen, next
time you're driving though.

- [Rachel] I don't think so.

Listen, I needed this tonight okay.

Need to get my mind off, drink a little,

spend some time with friends.

It's better to be happy than
to be just sad, you know.

- I thought you were gonna say

"I need to drive because
I'm the better driver."

- [Rachel] Shut your mouth.

You just want to win.

- You're actually good.
- Thank you.

- You're actually a good driver.

- [Rachel] And um, I wanted
to apologize for earlier.

I'm sorry.

- Sorry for what?

- [Rachel] For my breakdown at the bar.

I started crying and everything.

- Sweetie that wasn't a breakdown.

You were just a little upset.

- [Rachel] I know, but
Brody I do that every year

and I just feel like,
maybe I'm overthinking,

but I don't want our friends to hate us

because I'm the girl that always cries

and breaks down about her little sister.

And I just don't wanna be a burden.

- Oh stop, you're definitely not a burden.


You're definitely not a burden to me.

- [Rachel] Thank you.

I love you.

- I love you sweetie.

- [Rachel] You're always so good to me.

And we are home.

- [Brody] Home sweet home.

Let's shut some of these lights off.

- [Rachel] Yeah, god I'm so tired.

Locked in!


It's chilly Jesus.

- [Brody] Well we did get back home.

- [Rachel] I know.

You got the door?

- [Brody] Yeah I got it.

- No the key, okay.

(static hissing)

(wind howling)

Did you have fun last night?

- I did, how about you?

- Yeah, I had fun.

It was nice getting to see everyone again.

- It was.

- Hmm-mm.

- I'm just really feeling it today.

- I know.

I'm regretting half the
shots I took last night.

- Oh god, me too.

Well I did all my shots.

Mike said I shouldn't tell ya.

- I have to go running
later, Jesus Christ.

It's gonna hurt like a bitch.

- Yeah, you might wanna
avoid running today.

- You're right.

I'm gonna go later so
I'll be fine by then.

- That's good.

- Hmm-mm.

- What else you gonna do today?


- Um, yeah, I'm gonna go to
the dock and visit Hannah.

The usual yearly routine.

And then I'm gonna go to the mall

and I'm gonna meet Maria and
we're just gonna go shopping.

- Okay that should be fun on her birthday.

- Yeah, I figured I'd call her
and see what she was doing.

Just so I could hang out with her

and get my mind off of
things, cheer me up a little.


- I do not wanna go to work today.


I just wanna keep sleeping.

- I know.

At least you slept though.

I couldn't sleep at all.

Did you hear any weird
noises at all last night?

- Noises?

- Yeah.

- No.

Why, what'd you hear?

- I don't know.

It sounded like someone was like

walking up and down the stairs.

- I don't know.

Was it windy out?

- No.

When I heard it at first, it woke me up.

And I thought maybe you'd got out of bed

and you went downstairs
to get a drink of water.

But then I looked over and
you were still sleeping.

- Yeah, yeah, those shots put me out.

I was done.
- Yeah.

It's really weird.

It wasn't like a normal house noise

or pipes or anything like that.

I'm trying to think of
what it could have been.

- You know what it could have been?

Your imagination.

- Yeah.

- Especially with Hannah's
birthday and everything.

- Hmm.

- That's probably what it is.

- Yeah, you're probably right.

- It's just that time of year, so.

- I'm a little high strung.

I just need to relax.

- Oh man.

I can't believe how late it is.

Listen, I've gotta get ready for work.

- Okay.

- Love you sweetie.

- Love you too, have fun.

Be careful.

- [Brody] Yeah, will do.

(wind rattling)

- Hi Hannah.

I'm here again, of
course, for your birthday.

But this time, I actually
brought you a gift.

It's Sam.

Your stuffed bunny.

I hope you remember him

'cause you used to take
him around everywhere.

You guys were best friends.

He held up well, look at him.



I know, I'm sure you're
probably sick and tired of me

coming here every year
and pestering you, but,

it really helps give me closure.

Hannah, I just wanna let you know

that not a day goes by
when I don't think about

what happened here.

And that no one is to
blame for it, but me.


I always, I always think
about what could've happened,

or what I could've changed
or done differently.

And I know just,

that if I could go back,

I would've been braver for you.

And I wouldn't have froze.

I would've gotten help,

or I would've helped you or something.

Or even if it was me.

But you were so little.

I miss you more and more.


I love you.

I love you so much.

And even if you don't forgive me,

I want you to know that

you're always gonna be my little sister.

And nothing's gonna change that.

Happy birthday Hannah.


- Oh, hi.

- [Rachel] How are you?

- [Maria] I'm good.

I know it's nice to
see you, let's go shop.

- [Rachel] Here we are, Eleganza.

I'm so excited.


- Look at this color.
- Oh my god,

that looks so good on you.

Yes, do a twirl for me.

Do it.

Do a twirl, yes.

(laughs) You look amazing.

- Thank you.

- [Rachel] Get it.

- [Maria] Wow, look at you so beautiful.

- Thank you, do you like it really?

- [Maria] I love it, I wish I--

- I love the sleeves.
- It fits so good.

- Oh my god,

you can see why you can't
take me clothing shopping,

'cause I'm gonna wanna buy everything.

Okay, it's your turn.

- I love the dress.

- [Rachel] I love it on you.

- Little black dress.
- I know.

- So far so good.
- Look at like

all the studs and everything.

(gasps) That's so pretty.

Buy it.
- Gonna get it.

- [Rachel] I know, we're gonna
buy the whole store today.

- [Maria] Whole store.


Wow, so beautiful.

Starfish print.

- I know right.

(laughs) I like it.

Very aquatic on me, that's my thing.

- [Maria] Perfect for summer.

- I know yeah, like the beach.

Like overthrow it on
the beach or something.

I like it.

Okay, another one to add on the list.

My bills gonna be pretty, pretty high.


- This dress fits so good.

- [Rachel] I know, I was just gonna say.

Oh my god.
- I look so hot.

- It looks so good.

It shows like, oh my
god, your figure so well.

That is amazing.
- Gonna get it.

- [Rachel] A print.

Yeah, you need to get it.

Obviously, I'm gonna tell you
you should buy everything.


- [Maria] This dress is killing.

- (gasps) It's so soft.

- So beautiful.
- Oh my gosh, I love it.

Do you think my boyfriend will kill me

if I buy like three dresses today?

- [Maria] He, he would love you.

- Yeah honestly, I think it's worth it.

Okay, good, gonna buy another one.



I just finished my five miles.

So, today being Hannah's birthday

I went shopping, I went
to the dock earlier.

So, I just wanted to clear
my head up a little bit.

You know, go for a run,
get some fresh air.

Okay, sorry.

I'm out of breath.

Okay, so now, I'm gonna go home.

I'm gonna shower because as you can tell

I'm a sticky mess.

So, I'm gonna go ahead and do that

and then I will keep you guys updated.

(static hissing)

(chair clatters)

(phone ringing)




I'm okay mom.

Yeah, I, I went to the dock
earlier and I visited her.

Just what I do every year.

Yeah, I decided to leave Sam.



I know, I know I'm okay.

(static hissing)

(wind howling)

(stairs rumbling)

(girl laughing)


Brody, wake up.

- What?
- Please wake up,

please wake up.

- [Brody] What is it?

- I swear to god, I
just heard a little girl

outside our door.

- [Brody] What?

- Please just go up and check and then,

and then if nothing's there
I'll go back to sleep.

- [Brody] It's nothing, go back to sleep.

- You don't believe me.

- [Brody] You're just having a bad dream.

Go back to sleep, I'm tired.

- You're incredible.

Can I ask you a question?

- Yeah, what's up?

- Do you think I'm
making up this whole act

that I've been talking about
with you for the last few days?

The whole giggling, the running
up the stairs and things.

Because every time it happens
I'm the only who hears it

and you refuse to get out
of bed and check it for me,

because you're too tired.

- Sweetie, I'm not hearing anything.

Obviously I would go and check
it out if I heard something.

- No, I think you'd be too lazy honestly,

even if you did hear something.

- Really?
- Yeah, really.

- No, I'd absolutely check on it.

It's your imagination like I told you.

- No, I just.

Ooh, it's weird how you just
keep blaming me for this,

when you're not even the one
who's gonna take initiative

and be a man and actually
look down the stairs

and see what's going on.

- No one's blaming anybody.

I didn't hear it.

I didn't get up.

- You don't trust me though.

You think that I would
lie and make this up.

- I'm not saying you're lying.

Maybe you heard something,
but it's your imagination.

Think about it.

- If you say that one
more time, I swear to god.

- It's nighttime.
- All I'm asking is.

- You're gonna hear everything.

- Brody, it sounded like

someone was shuffling
up and down the stairs

and I heard a giggle.

Unless there's a random
child in our house,

I don't know what's going on,

but with it all falling
around Hannah's birthday

something weird is happening

and I would appreciate it if
my boyfriend would listen to me

and actually believe me for once.

- I don't know what to tell you.

- You don't know what to tell me,

that's because you're
too busy on your phone.

- Jesus, what is your problem?

- Don't Jesus me.

I really need you to listen.

- I am listening, I'm telling
you I didn't hear anything.

What do you want me to do?

Say I did hear something?
- Yes.

- I didn't hear.

Okay, I heard something then, how's that?

- Because I feel like
you're lying about it.

I feel like you've heard it

and you just don't wanna believe me.

- You really believe that?

- Yes I do.

Because there is no way in hell

that you hear laughing and shuffling

and you would not be able to hear it all.

- Listen.
- It was loud.

- Obviously if I heard
that I would be scared

and get up and check it out.

- I, I don't know, I don't
know what to do anymore.

I'm so sick and tired
of this being all on me

and it all being my fault.

And me being the crazy one.

- No one's saying it's your fault.

- And it's all in my head.

- I'm just saying it's a bad time of year.

- Hmm.

It's different if it's one day.

This has been happening for a few nights

and I just, I don't know what to do.

I can't even talk to you about it

and I just, I don't know where to go.

I don't know where to turn,

I don't know who to talk to.

- I'm here if you need me.

- Hmm-mm, thanks.

Brody and I, don't fight that much.

And if we do it's over
something small and stupid

and it gets resolved the
day after and we're fine.

But then something big and serious happens

and I try to tell him about it

and I try to explain to him

what I think is going on

and I'm crazy.

And he doesn't wanna listen.

And it's my imagination,
and it's all in my head.

I'm, I'm running out
of ideas on what to do.

I can't really talk to
family or friends about this.

I, I don't think anyone would
believe me if I told them

and of course my
boyfriend, who I live with,

doesn't believe me.

So that's good.

That's always nice.

I don't understand.

I'm sick of being called crazy.

I'm sick of being called a psycho

for believing that all of this stuff

that's happening together is some part--


I know that that door was shut
when I started filming this.

I don't even want to go
out and look right now.


This is what I'm talking about.

I don't even feel safe
in my own house anymore.

And no one, no one fucking believes me.

I'm gonna go try and
figure out what that was.

And I'll keep you guys updated.

(static hissing)

(bottle clatters)

(bottle clatters)

- Hannah, stop it!

(chairs clatter)




- Jesus.

Honey what's wrong?

- [Rachel] When did you get home?

- I just walked in a second ago.

Are you okay?

- [Rachel] No.

All of these chairs here moved,

completely by themselves.

- What?

- [Rachel] I was just sitting
here and they just moved.

I know it's Hannah, I know it's her

and I screamed and all of them just moved,

completely by themselves.

I'm not making this up Brody,

I'm not making this up.

I'm not crazy, it's Hannah.

And, please just go check the tapes.

- Okay.
- That way you'll see

that I'm not making this up.
- Okay, okay, okay.

- [Rachel] Please just go check the tapes.

- Okay, I'll check the tapes.


- [Rachel] Oh my god.

(static hissing)

- Honey, I just got
done reviewing the tape.

- Well?

- Well I see you sitting
there reading a book.

And then it just goes fuzzy.

- What do you mean it goes fuzzy?

- It goes fuzzy, I saw nothing.

- The last thing you saw was me sitting?

What, what happened when I stood
up and I went to the table?

- It doesn't have that.

It just has you, just
sitting there reading a book.

- So it completely cut
out right when I got up?

When I was still sitting on the couch?

Right before I got up it stopped.

- It just has you sitting their reading.

After that it's just all fuzz.

- Don't you understand that
something doesn't want us to see

what I'm seeing.
- Come on.

- It doesn't want you to
believe me or something.

Brody I'm not crazy,
I'm not making this up.

It happened.

You don't think that
it's a weird coincidence

that it cut out right before
I'm saying that this happened?

- Honey, do you hear yourself right now?

It's a technical problem,
it happens all the time.

- There's nothing wrong with that camera.

- It's a crap system!
- Why would it just cut out?

Right then, when I need you to see it?

- I don't know.

Like I said it's a crap system.

- Unbelievable, it is not a crap system.

It's not a bad, it's a good camera

and it would not just crap out like that.

- Well.
- Especially when I'm saying.

Right when something weird happened.

- Well it did.
- So you don't--

- Do you wanna go watch it?

What do you want me to tell you?

I saw something after it?

It all got fuzzy, you can't see shit.

- So you don't believe me?

I'm not crazy Brody,
I'm not making this up.

This is happening and you can't believe me

because you're not seeing anything.

- I mean, where's the proof?

I mean, really?

I mean, I don't mean to
say it like that but,

I'm not--
- Get out, get out.

- Now I'm the bad guy.



(static hissing)

(stairs rumbling)

(girl laughing)

- Brody, Brody.

Brody I need you.
- What?

- Wake up right now.
- What?

- I heard the laugh,

you need to get up and check it out.

Please, please wake up.
- Stop it.

- Wake up please.
- Let me sleep.


- Brody please, I'm begging you.

- [Brody] You're just hearing something.

- I'm not hearing anything,
you need to get up.

Get up please, now.

- [Brody] Alright, Jesus.

- Go.

- [Brody] Turn on the light.

- [Rachel] I know, I'm trying, trying.

It's not upstairs.

Whatever it came from, it was downstairs.

- [Brody] I'm gonna check anyway.

- [Rachel] Nothings up here.

Please go down the stairs and check.

Go first.

Please be careful.



What the fuck was that?

- I don't know, stay close.

- I'm here.
- Stay close.

- [Rachel] I'm right here.


We just have to go, we just have to go.

We can't stay upstairs.

Check, check that room first.

Check in there.

- [Brody] Alright, keep it down.

- Okay, okay, I'm sorry.


- Turn on the light.
- I can't see anything.

- [Brody] Turn on the light.

(switch flipping)

- [Rachel] I am turning
it on, it's not working.

- [Brody] Shit, this one's out.

- [Rachel] What the fuck?

What the fuck?

What the fuck?

- [Brody] Let's go this way.

- [Rachel] Okay.

Try to see if that one works.

Is the door locked?

- [Brody] The doors locked.

- [Rachel] That one works.

What the hell?

Why would that one be off.

- [Brody] What the fuck?

Watch out, I just stepped in something.

It was wet.

- [Rachel] What?



Brody, that's a human footprint.


Oh my god.


- [Brody] What is it?

- [Rachel] It's footprints.

- [Brody] Stop yelling.

- [Rachel] Hannah drowned,

why else would there be a
trail of fucking footprints

in the kitchen?

- [Brody] Let me check the back door.

- [Rachel] Okay, okay.

Everything was locked when we went to bed.

It's locked.

Oh my god.

- [Brody] Yeah, I dunno.

All the doors are locked,
the windows are locked.

Everything's secure.

- [Rachel] Do you have
any other explanation

for this but Hannah?

It makes sense.

- [Brody] What are you talking about?

- [Rachel] It's fucking water footprints,

what else would cause that?

What do you think that noise was?

You don't think that those two
things are linked together?

The footprints and whatever
that fucking noise was?

- [Brody] No, there's a leak obviously.

- [Rachel] You're ridiculous,
you are fucking ridiculous.

- [Brody] How am I ridiculous?

It's a couple of fucking
puddles of water on the floor.

- [Rachel] It's not puddles,
it's in the shape of,

if you open your fucking eyes!

- I am, I'm looking at it right now.

Look puddle!



Where do you see footprint?


What the fuck is wrong with you?


It's a fucking leak.

- [Rachel] Oh god.


I can't believe you don't believe me.

- [Brody] Listen honey,
I'm sorry for yelling.


We'll fix this tomorrow.

- [Rachel] Tomorrow?

You're gonna sleep knowing
that that happened?

- [Brody] Honey, it's a
leak, I'll fix it tomorrow.

Okay, I'm very confident it's a leak.


If you believe it's footprints

then I don't know what to tell you.

- [Rachel] You're fucking ridiculous.

- [Brody] I'm going to bed.

- Thanks for the help.


I know it's Hannah.

That's Hannah.

I would just really like to know

how someone can fall asleep at night

after hearing a noise that
loud in their own kitchen.

Going to sleep any pretending
that none of it ever happened,

even though your girlfriend
physically got on video

footprints, water footprints,
all over the kitchen.

Little child footprint.

What more of an explanation does he need?

I don't know.

I do not know and,

I don't know what I have
to do to convince him.

How do you sleep after hearing that?


It just doesn't make sense.

I don't know if he's doing
this on purpose to piss,

I don't, I don't know.

I am so stressed.

And during shitty times
like these, someone,

if, if they're going
through something like this,

your significant other's
supposed to help you.

And supposed to be there and support you

and try to figure out
what the fuck is going on.

And he's not, he's brushing everything,

everything under the rug.

And just saying that I'm crazy

and I'm making all of this up.

I did not fucking walk downstairs

and make those footprints by myself.

I walked downstairs and they were there.

They were there and I got
it physically on film.

And if he doesn't believe that

that's in the shape of
a little girls foot,

I don't know what the fuck to do anymore.


Maybe it would be different if,

if he's been all,

through all this shit
that I've been through

and if he watched his
little fucking sister die.

Die right in front of
him, when he was a kid.

Then maybe he'd believe what was going on.

But my patience is really
wearing thin with him.

I don't know what to do anymore.

I don't know.

I need help.

(static hissing)

(stairs rumbling)

(footsteps thudding)

(girl screams)


- [Brody] What the fuck?

- I know you heard it that time.

- What was that?

- That was a scream.

We need to check this out.

Is this on, okay.

Come on, come on, come on.

Brody will you stand in front of me.

Get the light.


Whatever that noise was, was
from, was from downstairs.

- I know it came right below us right?

- [Rachel] Yes.

- [Brody] I think it
came from the kitchen.

- [Rachel] I don't know,

just check the other room to be safe.

I need the light again.


- [Brody] Holy shit.

- [Rachel] What the fuck?

Oh my god.

- [Brody] There's someone
in the fucking house.

- [Rachel] Oh my god, it's Hannah.

It's, it's Hannah.


Check that back window.


Is it locked?

- It's locked.

- [Rachel] It's locked?

How the fuck did that
thing roll by itself?

Oh my god.

What the fuck?

Don't do it again.

Check behind the couch.


- Nothing, did you check the back door?

- [Rachel] No.


It's locked.
- It's locked.

- [Rachel] How the fuck
do you think that thing

rolled by itself?

Brody, it's Hannah.

- [Brody] You make no fucking sense.


- [Rachel] Just one more room,
we have to check that room.


- [Brody] I can't see shit.

- [Rachel] I can't see anything.


- [Brody] Rach, what's wrong?

- [Rachel] Brody, that
is the stuffed animal

I left on the dock for Hannah's birthday.

- [Brody] Are you sure?

- [Rachel] Yes, I'm fucking sure.

It's Sam.

It's her stuffed animal that
we had when she was little.

And it was with her when she drowned.

And, I know that's it.

And I have a video of me leaving it behind

when I left the fucking
dock on her birthday.

I'm not crazy and making this up.

I have proof.

- [Brody] Are you 100% sure?

- Yes I'm 100% fucking sure.

I know what that is.

Oh my god.


Don't touch it!


It's wet.

It's wet.

- [Brody] What?

- It's wet from when drowned.

Just like the footsteps last night.

It, it all makes sense.

It's linking together.

Hannah drowned, that was
her footprints last night

and now this is hers,

and she's, she's in here.

She's in the fucking house.

Oh my god.


- It's fucking soaked.

- [Rachel] What do we do?

I'm not sleeping with
that thing in the house.

You have to get it out.

- [Brody] I'll take it outside.

- [Rachel] I want that thing
burned tomorrow morning.


- Come on, I'll throw it out back.


Get the fuck out of here.


Honey, it's okay.

(static hissing)

Baby I wanna help.

I can't stand seeing you like this.

What can I do?

- It's Hannah, Brody.

It's Hannah.

- Why do you think it's her?

- All this started
happening on her birthday.

I don't know what other
convincing you need to hear.

- Okay, look, let's say it is Hannah.

She's your sister.

Why would she be doing
something like this to you?

- Because I watched her drown.

When we were children.

I'm the one that let my sister
die right in front of me.

I could've called out or,

or tried to help her or something,

but I just watched it happen.

I froze and my sister
is dead because of me.

Brody don't you understand
that I'm a murderer.

- Don't say that.

- I killed my little sister
and now she wants vengeance,

and she's trying to, to do
something to make me see

that I'm reason she's dead.

I let this all happen.

I didn't do anything to help her.

Every year we go out and I
celebrate my sisters death

and try to make it feel
better about myself.

And I try to have closure but,

I don't understand how I've never realized

that this is all my fault.

- It's not your fault.

Honey, it's not your fault.


Don't say that, don't think that.

We gotta figure something out.

The both of us.

- I should've helped her.

- It's okay honey.

We'll figure this out.

- I don't know what to do.

- Do you wanna get a priest?

Do you think maybe
getting a priest over here

to bless the house will help?

- I don't know.

We have to start somewhere.

- I think that's a good start.

- But will that help?

What do they do?

I don't, I don't understand
what a priest does.

She's my little sister,
I don't wanna hurt her.

I just want this to all stop.

- She won't get hurt.

She won't get hurt honey.

The priest will come
over, bless the house.

Get rid of any type of spirits,

or any type of evil that's going on here.

- I don't know, I guess
we could look into it.

- Yeah, lets definitely look into that.


That'll be our first step, let's do that.

- I'm sorry Brody.

- Don't be sorry honey.

Don't be sorry.

(footsteps thudding)

I hate leaving you, but
I gotta get to work.

You gonna be okay by yourself tonight?

- Hmm-mm.

- Listen, I promise you,
I'm gonna get that priest.

- I'm gonna be okay.

- Alright good.

Alright, listen I love you.

- I love you too.

- And if you need
anything just let me know.

Give me a call, anytime.

- Hmm-mm.


So, tonight is my first night home alone

since everything started happening.

Brody had to go to work,

so tonight I'm just
gonna have to be brave.



I know you're listening.

It's just me and you tonight.

So, I just wanted to, to ask if tonight.

Don't do anything that's gonna bother me,

or scare me.

Where's the light?

Where's the light?

Or anything that's gonna
harm me in any way.


And I just wanna let you know

that you're my little sister

and even though you're mad at me,

and even though you're trying to scare me.


I want you to know that I love you.


Nothing in here.



I'm okay.


I'm okay.

I'm okay.

I'm okay, okay.


I'm okay.

I'm okay.

I'm gonna be okay.

I'm gonna be okay tonight.

Everything's gonna be okay.

Hannah, I feel like tonight,

after apologizing and talking to you,

I think you finally get it.

That I'm so sorry

and everything was an accident.

And I know that you really
didn't mean to scare me,

'cause let me tell you,

you scared the shit out of me.

But I'm confident that tonight
everything's gonna be fine.

And I know you love me.

You know we cleared the air and,

I just know that
everything's gonna be okay.

I know Brody's gonna be home

and tonight I just have
to make it through,

but I'm not worried anymore.

I'm not worried because

I know that you're my little sister

and you wouldn't do anything to hurt me.

You were just angry and I get it, I do.

I get it.

Everything's gonna go
completely back to normal.

Everything's fine.

And I also wanted to let
you know, that I love you.

I love you so much.

I really do.

I'm just gonna try and get some sleep.

(static hissing)

(girl laughing)

What the?

(footsteps thudding)

(footsteps thudding)



Ha, Hannah?

Oh god, oh god.



Oh god, oh god, oh god.


Okay, it's fine.

You're okay, its okay,
it's okay, it's okay.

It's not real.



Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.


Oh god, oh god, oh god.

Oh my god.



I'm sorry.






(static hissing)


(engines revving)

(door clicking)

- Hey Rach.

Rach, I'm home sweetie.

Is everything okay?

I checked my phone all
day, you never called.

Anything happen?

- No.

- Nothing happened?

- No, nothing.

- Alright, so everything's alright.

Alright, you go back to bed.

I'm gonna go downstairs
and get some ice cream.

Do you want any?

I can bring you back some.

- No thanks.

- Alright go back to sleep sweetie.

I'll turn the light off for you.

(static hissing)

Hey babe.

Listen, I know you've been upset.

Do you still want that
priest to come over?

- No.

- What do you mean no?

- No, means no.

- The priest can come over,
he can investigate stuff.

He can solve what's going on.

- What did I just say?

- That doesn't make any sense.

It's so easy, he'll come
over, he'll watch the house.

- You didn't even think
any of this happening

when I first mentioned it,

so why are you so concerned now?

- Well, that's what I'm saying.

He can come over and check it out.

There's no harm in it.

He can only help us.

Especially with what's been going on.

- I said no.

No is the final answer.

I'm done talking about this.

- I just, I don't understand.

- Okay.

- It's just so simple.

He can come over, he'll be
here for what, half an hour?

- I don't want a priest in this house.

- What do you mean you don't
want a priest in this house?

- I said no.

Just leave it be, okay.

- It's not a problem.

- Stop arguing with me.

- I'm not arguing with
you, I'm just saying,

it just makes sense that he
can come over, investigate.

- You're nauseating.

- How is it nauseating,
I'm trying to talk to you.

- I'm just talking to you

and if I say no, then that means no.

I don't know why you keep
bringing up the topic.

- What?
- I said no Brody.

Leave it be.

- What do you mean leave it be?

It's so simple.

He'll come over and bless the house.

How can that hurt?

- Are you done?

- No are you done?

Will you care if Pat comes over?

- [Rachel] I really don't give a shit.

- Say, what's up with that porn light?

- What?

- That outside light.

- Oh, yeah, I know.

Look it was the only light I could find.

Rachel was giving me shit about that too.

- Yeah, I would too, it's a little weird.

Where's she at anyway?

- Ah, she went to bed early.

She's been having trouble sleeping lately.

- Oh, what is she sick or something?

- Yeah, sort of.

- Well what's she coming down with?

- Alright, I mean, it's
kind of something else.

It's no big deal.

I don't, I don't wanna talk about it.

It's really nothing.

- It's alright.

What's the big secret?

You can tell me.

- Yeah, I mean it's not a secret.

It's just, something I don't
think you'd really understand.

- Dude it's alright.

- Alright look.

What I'm about to tell you,
you can't tell anybody.

Do you understand me?

- I swear it, yeah, I won't tell anybody.

- I've been kind of wanting
to get this off my chest but,

this is something strictly
between me and you.

This cannot leave the room.

- Sure dude, it's fine.

- Alright.

Do you remember when we all got together

and went out that night
for Hannah's party?

- Yeah it was fun.

- Yeah well.

Ever since then,

really strange things have been
happening around this house.

- Strange like uh, like what?

- Well, I mean at first I
didn't really believe it.

But, Rachel would tell me

that she'd get woken up late at night

with like really loud bangs.

Then during the day when she's by herself

she said she would hear
like creepy noises.

Then she even went as far as saying

she saw something move
by itself for no reason.

- Oh.

- I thought it was her imagination,

or maybe she's hallucinating.

- Yeah.

- I mean, she's barely had any sleep.

I mean, what other possible
reasons were there?

But then I started to have
some of these experiences.

- You're having 'em too?

- Yeah.

And every time I check
the cameras, there's,

nothing shows up.

- But they're working fine?

They're not working?

- I know they're working,

it's just when I review
it there's either like

sections missing or, you
know, the screen goes fuzzy.

You can't see shit.

It's pretty much useless.

- That's insane.

- Yeah.

And now, Rachel's been
really acting strangely.

We talked about, you know,

having a priest come over to the house.

You know to bless it,

if there's any evil spirits,

you know, it would help
get rid of 'em right?

- You going that far with it?

- Yeah, this is, this is
where I'm at at this point.

This is.

I'm serious dude.

- Wow.

- So, at first she goes

"ah, this is great idea", you know.

"This is something that will work."

You know, she was excited about it.

Now all of sudden she does a 180.

She doesn't want the
priest to come over at all.

In fact you can't even
mention the word priest

in front of her.

She doesn't want this priest

to even step foot in this house.

- Well, something like this,
you gotta do something.

- Yeah, I know.

And then something really scary happened.

- Really?

- Fuck, I got the chills just
even thinking about this.

Rachel said she left a stuffed
animal down at the docks

for Hannah's birthday.

- Okay.

- Well, that same stuffed animal showed up

in the middle of night, soaking
wet on my fucking couch.

- You're kidding me?

- No dude, I'm serious.

The next morning, I went
to bury it out back.

I said "fuck this, I'm burning it."

I set it on fire,

apparently if you set it on fire,

it gets rid of the evil spirits.

So, I wasn't fucking around.

It's burnt to a crisp.

- That's insane.

- Yeah I know.

- That's crazy.

Well, well fuck that.

- Dude what you doing?

- I gotta, I gotta check it out.

- Dude you're kidding me?

- I was yeah, dude with a story like that.

I've gotta--
- No, no.

- I've gotta check it out.

- No, absolutely not.

Sit the fuck down, drink the beer.

Just relax.

- Dude you need like a friend,

you need a third party just
to see what's going on.

- No I don't.

- I'll try and capture
something on my phone.

- Listen.

You're making me regret
what I just told you.

- Dude, I've gotta check.

I've gotta.

Give me a shot, let me try.

- Listen, I'll tell you
what's gonna happen.

You're gonna end up waking her up.

She's gonna flip the fuck out,

you're not gonna be allowed over.

I'm telling you.

- Dude, I got it.

This is an insane story,
I gotta check this out.

Let me at least try.

- Dude, you don't stop do you?

- No, no, no, not with a story like this.

Let me try and find something.

- Fine.

Look, just do it quick and be extra quiet.

- Dude, I'll be really quiet.

Just, I got to.

- Alright, make it quick.



- [Pat] Hello, hello.

Any ghost?

- [Rachel] Stop please.

- [Pat] What's going on?

- [Rachel] Please stop.


Please, you're hurting me.

You're hurting everyone, please stop.

Please stop.

Stop Hannah.

- [Pat] Hey Rach.

- [Rachel] Stop please.

- [Pat] You okay?

- [Rachel] Please stop, I'm sorry

I'm sorry.
- You okay?

- Please, you're hurting us.
- Hey, hey, hey, it's fine.

Rach, you're okay.


Hey, you're okay.

Hey you're fine.

Hey, you're okay.



Oh my god.



(static hissing)

- Hey what's going on Pat?

- I'm out of here.

- You serious?

What's going on?

Rach, Rach, is everything okay?


Rach wake up, wake up.


Rach is everything okay?

Rach, wake up.

- What?

- I heard all the screaming.

Pat just ran out of the
house, what happened?

- What screaming?

- I was downstairs, I
heard a really loud yell

and then Pat ran out of the house.

What happened?

- Brody I've been asleep
for the last three hours.

What the fuck are you talking about?

- What are you talking about?

- I've been asleep, why did you wake me?

- Because I--
- As you know,

I haven't been able to sleep.

- I heard somebody yell.

- I didn't yell.

Are you making this up now?

- Well why did Pat run out of the house?

- I don't know why Pat
ran out of the house,

I'm trying to get some sleep.
- Jesus Christ.

I'm trying to check on you.
- Get the fuck out.

- I'm trying to check on you.

- I don't give a fuck, let me sleep.

- Jesus Christ, what the
hell is your problem?

I'm trying to check on you
and that's how you act?

- Get out.

- Whatever.

(static hissing)

There you are.

Listen, I don't know what to do anymore.

I'm going fucking insane.

I wanted the priest to come over,

you didn't want the priest to come over.

I'm just confused,

why didn't you want the
priest to come over?


Okay, now you don't wanna talk.

Okay, well that makes a lot of sense.

I guess we're not gonna get
any solutions now are we?

Keep standing there, not talking.

That's really gonna help the matter.

This is ridiculous.

I don't get it.

Can you tell me why didn't
want the priest to come over?

Do you have any other solutions maybe?


Can you at least fucking say a word?

What is wrong with you?

Jesus Christ, what the
fuck is going on with you?

I'm trying to fix this,

you're obviously not.

Go ahead, just fucking quit then.

Go quit!

This is, this is unbelievable.

Shut me off.

Go ahead, shut me off.

That's really gonna fucking work isn't it?

Shut me off.

That makes no fucking sense.


(static hissing)

(curtain shuffling)

(stairs thudding)

Who's that?



(child laughing)