Happy Birthday (2019) - full transcript

A mother's birthday party is interrupted by her most unpredictable daughter.


Hey! Can we help?

Be careful...

- Hello!
- Careful! Get down, it's dangerous.

Let's head to the cabin.

Climb to the top
to see if any enemies are coming.

- Hello.
- I was expecting you earlier.

We had to turn back around.
Vincent forgot the pastry.

- It wasn't packed.
- Always my fault.

- Where do I put this?
- Wherever you can.

It's a mess.
He thinks he's Robuchon.

- Put it there.
- Thanks.

So, Marie has more room...
- It will rain.

- It won't rain!
- I'm telling you, it will.

You shouldn't have,
we've got everything.

I wanted to make something.

Apièce montée.
I'm not feeling confident.

People say you should
never follow recipes.

- I'm lost without them.
- Pastry requires precision.

What are you making?

Salt-crust chicken,
but I forgot to get ginger.

Then use coriander.
That'll add some flavour.

That's a good idea.

Vincent, can you check on your brother?
He was to get the extension cable.

- What's he doing?
- He's here?

He got here on the first train.

- Not alone.
- Have we met her?

- No, she's new.
- Another one?

- Yes... Argentinian.
- What's her name?

- I don't remember.
- Anita?

Rosita! I've told you three times!
It's easy enough to remember, no?

- Hey.
- All right?

I don't know if you've seen her.
Pretty, blue eyes, brunette...

She was in the front room,
then she vanished.

- I hope she isn't snooping.
- Did we scare her?

Did you remember
to pick up my prescription?

- Oh, the methadone!
- Very funny.

- Wasn't that funny?
- No, it wasn't.

- And the camera?
- What?

Nobody knows.

He's been filming us all morning.

I'm taking archive footage
for a project with a "family" theme.

I thought I may as well
use my own family.

If you do it now,
it's not archive footage.

- Why not?
- Isn't archive footage from the past?

Once a photo is taken,
as I see it, it's part of the past.

You're a real crook.

Go get the extension cable.

"Upon a raging sea,
a boat bravely clings to the waves.

Onboard, a family defies
the winds and the icy rain.

At the helm stands Jean,
silent and brave.

On the rigging, two boys,
Vincent and Romain..."

- Is this our family?
- No, it's not.

"They operate the rigging.
On the lookout, Andrea..."

- This is our family!
- It's just a play!

- Why are they named after us?
- That's how it is.

"She's the true captain."

Then they're shipwrecked
on a cursed island.

- They meet an evil siren...
- Aunt Claire?

It's not Aunt Claire.
It's all made up.

You're not listening at all!

We are listening.

One of you will need
to be sacrificed so that...

- Off the table.
- We're rehearsing the play.

- What play?
- It's for Granny's birthday.

So we have a film, we have a play...

Why not make it a musical too?

Then you say:
"What's so funny, Romain?"

- "What's so funny?"
- I need the script to wedge the table.

- But this is my play.
- Play? What play?

The kids are doing a play
for Mom's birthday.

- Great! What's it about?
- Family.

- A play about us?
- There'll be no secrets.

- Sounds interesting.
- This includes all your screw-ups.

- Talk about them all you like.
- Out the way.

- Did you do dumb stuff?
- Lots and lots.

- Let's go to the tree.
- Why?

We're going to rehearse.


You maniac!

This is Rosita.

Hello, Rosita.

- Vincent. Romain's brother.
- Nice to meet you.

- He's brave, bringing you here.
- Oh? Why's that?

No reason.

Rosita! Take a look at this.

Why so far from the table?

It's a static shot.
A little wide, like Ozu does it.

A unique perspective on the family...

Like a play.

No dominant figures.

Everyone has space.

- The shot needs to be lower.
- Yeah?

Ozu films close to the floor.

But then we'll only see feet.
- Ozu didn't just show feet.

But the Japanese eat on the floor.

Are you going to film us during lunch?

Yeah, why? Do you mind?

I thought you wanted archive footage.

Archive footage with a story
is more life-like, right?

- Archive footage doesn't tell a story.
- Nowadays, it does.

No, no, no... Wait!

Lay down a tablecloth. It'll look nicer.

Emma, come help me.

Hey, boys!

Hey, take it all off.

- Is that a tablecloth?
- No, a curtain.

Is it as bad as that?


Mom, did you know
Romain will film the lunch?

Good idea! It'll be a souvenir.

It's not a souvenir.
It's a film, a proper film, for me.

Another one?
What film is this?

I've told you already!
A film I was asked to make.

- Why do we never see your films?
- Listen...

Only interested parties watch my films.

But I'm interested.
Very interested!

- Jean, can you get that?
- I've just started the sauce.



- Hello?
- Mom? It's Claire.

Oh, where are you?

On the road to Bordeaux.
I've just arrived. I'll walk there...

No, stay where you are.
We'll come pick you up right away.

Jean! Emma!

Claire's here!
Alone on the motorway.

Vincent, go pick her up.
Right now, we need to go.

Forget the umbrellas.
Bring everything inside.

- Shitty weather!
- Help us.

- Vincent, go get Claire.
- All right! I'll go!

Come on, bring it all inside.

Bring in the plates.

Be careful with the knives.

It's stuck! I can't get it undone.

- What are you doing?
- I'm coming.

- The tablecloth!
- Let me...

It's not coming undone!

- It's soaked!
- Calm down, let me do it.

- Piece of shit!
- It's just bunting. We'll remake it.

What are you doing?

Come here.

It'll be all right.

Who's going to help with the onions?

What's wrong, my love?

What's the matter?

It'll be all right...

Come on! Get in!

- Shit!
- Get inside, I'll get it.

Everything is fucked.

- What? What's fucked?
- Everything...

It'll dry out. Don't worry.

Your things will dry out...

- Hello.
- Hello.

Why did you bring so much stuff?

I brought everything I have.

I left California in under an hour.
I got on the first plane.

That's good.

- That's really good.
- Sorry for crying like this.

It's OK. Cry all you want.

- I'm so tired.
- It'll be all right.

We're happy to see you.

I thought I'd never get here.

I didn't have enough money for a train,
so I was car-sharing.

The guy was crazy.
He tried to jump on me.

When he realised it wasn't happening,
he just left me on the road.

I walked for as far as I could.

I wanted to turn up on my own.

Like a flower, as a surprise.

I didn't want to be a bother.

And then this damn rain...

That put an end to it.

Why does it always rain
in this fucking shithole country?

Not always.
The afternoon's going to be sunny.

So what are we doing?
Shall we go? Are you ready?

- I don't have a present for Mom.
- So? You're the present.

Love, love, love

Of which we always speak

Remember when we used to sing this?

It is a timid spring

A soft light

Or often a ruin



It is the spice of time

A gust of wind

A moonlight canopy

Love, love, love

Of which we always speak

Love, at night it wears a bonnet

And during the day it wears a mask

For us to pout behind



And even sometimes

It is the face of another

Who is neither one nor the other

Love, love, love...

This is great! It's been too long!

Look how big you've gotten!
Hello, Milan.

- No, I'm Solal.
- I'm Milan.

I know!


Is Emma here?

Yes, in the kitchen.

Oh, my sweet girl...

Look how pretty you are.

Show me how pretty you are.

Mom, this is Julien.
Julien, this is my mother.

Hello, Julien.
- Hello.

- I'm Claire. And you?
- I just said! It's Julien!

What a lovely surprise!

- You look wonderful.
- Thanks.

You too.

I'll go get changed.

Mom, who's the boy with Emma?

That's Julien. Her boyfriend.

He's black, isn't he?

Yes, a little.

A little?
He couldn't be any more black!

Yes, yes...

Does he live here?

No, but he's often here.

His mother died from cancer last year.

I think he feels happier here.

And he's a very gifted musician.

You should see him, at night,
he plays the piano for us.

We just listen to him playing.
It's wonderful.

But... Does he sleep here?


Sometimes? Or all the time?

My daughter seems too young
to have a boyfriend.

I can't believe you're here.

I've missed you so much.

I've been so worried about you.


I often imagined you on your own...

So unhappy, so lost.

To have you so close to me...

So alive, so radiant, on my birthday...

It's like a miracle.

It was a real nightmare with Paul.

He seemed so nice at the start.

He turned out to be a bastard.

He made me think
I was the one ruining his life.

I had become his plaything, I...

I was unable to fight back.

Until a light in my head flicked on
and said, "Get out!"

And that day, believe me,

I ran as fast as I could.

Like an escapee.

And here you are.


- Granny! We're starving!
- Oh, I totally forgot!

Everyone's waiting
for the pissaladière !

All right, I'll be right down!

I open a bottle
It's my last day of work

And now you know what I want
We're not going to play cards

You know very well what I want
What are you talking about?

I don't know any Noémie
Stop digging into my pasta

And why don't you check out

You know how much I love you
Fidelity in my genes

It bothers me a bit
How much we love each other

We hurt each other badly
It doesn't end well

The fable of the female and the male
We're celebrating

We make war, we make love
We're having a hard time

- Get out of here!
- Then lock the door!



All right, you're dead.

Dinner's ready!

Who wants wine?

I do, I do...

Here we are. Help yourselves.

Will you have some?
I'll hold it.

Aren't we waiting for Claire?

She's getting changed.
She'll be right out.

Is she well?

Yes, very.

I want to go round the table
to check everyone's OK with the film.

Of course we are.
Give it a rest. We're hungry.

Well, I'm not.

- Why not?
- I don't want a camera in my face.

- Got something to hide?
- I just don't like it.

- Emma?
- What?

- Can Romain film you?
- I don't care.

Who's doing a film?

- His name's Julien.
- Julien?

No, I don't mind.

- Marie?
- Sure, if he's filming my back.

Rosita, I expect you're fine with it.
Mom, you seem to be enjoying this.


I want more details.
What's the film about?

- No big deal.
- It doesn't matter. Can they film you?

OK, but is it for TV? Movies?

- Is it a documentary?
- It's nothing.

Apparently, it's a documentary about us.

It's not!
You're not the centre of the world.

- Why film us then?
- Mom, I told you already.

I've been asked
to shoot a film about "family",

I do some footage
to illustrate this idea, all right?

- So it's a documentary?
- Sort of! Are you happy now?

- No need to get angry.
- Do I look angry?

Why don't you make proper films?

All right, what's a "proper" film?

No, hold on. Explain this to me.

I mean, with a story and actors.

Oh, right... With a "story".

Well, films don't need stories.
That's just an excuse. A story is...

- The important thing is...
- He's babbling!

Oh, you're loving this!
You raised them to mock me!

I don't know if Romain makes
proper films or not, but he has talent.

Really? What do you base this on?

I saw an art installation
he did last winter.

And it was quite simply phenomenal.

I didn't know him,
so I wanted to tell him my thoughts.

- And he asked me for my number.
- Of course he did!

Dad, did you do that with Mom?

Well, not like that.

- He put out an ad.
- No exposition.

You're lucky. We weren't invited.

You wouldn't have understood.
It was totally abstract.

but we're not completely stupid.

I showed them my first film,
the one that you loved...

See? She loved it.
When they saw it...

- It was great.
- You cried, if I remember.

- It was very moving.
- And what did they do?

They laughed from start to end.
It wasn't a comedy.

- No, tell them...
- But it was so funny. What was it?

Jean, help me. You know, we...

The film he did?
- What was it called?

- About the anthropologist?
- Yes!

No, it wasn't an anthropologist.

It was an anthropophagous.
It's totally different.

The guy ate his fiancée
to bring the experience to a climax.

- I can see why she cried!
- But it's not meant to be funny!

It wasn't funny.

Did you laugh too?

- I cried!
- Then tell them!

Sorry, I hope
you all weren't waiting for me.

- You're leaving?
- We have to do something.

No, stay till the end of the meal.

- There are dining rules here?
- There are now.

Everyone stays for lunch.

- It's true!
- That's strict.

- Are you OK with being filmed?
- By who?

- Romain's doing a film on us.
- It's not about you! Stop saying that!

- Are you OK with that?
- Sure, sounds good.

- But I'm the main character.
- The camera's behind you.

Claire, I don't mind switching places.


Sorry, we haven't met.
I'm Claire. You?

Rosita. I came with Romain.

- You're very pretty.
- Thank you.

She's pretty, isn't she, Vincent?


Well, Jean?

Very pretty.
- You're an actress?

No, why?

I thought directors
always dated their actresses.

- Isn't that a massive cliché?
- But it's a true cliché.

No, I mean, it's not a true cliché.

- What do you do?
- I've just done my doctorate.

You're an intellectual then!

Yes, well... Not really.

Romain doesn't date intellectuals.

Come on, you're talking rubbish.

You always bring home
loads of airheads.

- No...
- You missed out on lots of them.

You're selling your business, Vincent?

No? Why?

Marie said you found
an investor for a project.

Why did you tell him?

I didn't say anything.

But you did though.

- Are you making a fortune?
- No, not really.

It'd be good if somebody could earn
some money in this family for once.

Why? We're fine.
What more do we need?

I need an investor too.

I met this great Swiss girl
in San Francisco.

We soon became friends.
She wants us to start

a vegan hostel in Portugal,
a place where the guests

only eat produce
from the hostel garden.

And I'll move out there
and manage the place myself.

What do you think, Mom?

It's a very good idea.
Everyone travels nowadays.

I don't know how they do it,
since it seems that

nobody has money,
but flights are always full.

The problem is,
I need 200,000 euros to start.

No kidding.

- Have you got that much?
- In theory, yes.

- I'll sell my share of the house.
- It's not worth 200,000 euros.

Please, don't start this again.

No, let's. I think my share
is worth more than 200,000 euros.

How do you figure that?

I went to see a specialist lawyer
to calculate my share of the house,

plus the capital gains, so
my share is worth over 200,000 euros.

I've got papers. Want to see?

- No, it's fine.
- Thisis the right time.

The estimate depends
on the sale of the house.

Nobody knows its value.

Then let's get the house valued
and we'll all know.

There's no point.
Nobody has 200,000 euros to give you.

You do.

No, not even me.

- Then we need to sell.
- No!

You want to make us homeless?

I'm not throwing anyone out.
I just want what's owed to me.

I don't see why you're all able
to live comfortably off my money...

while I suffer.

Is that why you came back?

- To get your money?
- It'll be your money as well.

I don't care. Don't use me.

Hey... Claire's right.
We can't be too conservative.

Sell this shack, buy a camper van.
You'll be free, and there you go.

You shouldn't worry.
You'll be able to own your tombstones.

With all the cash you've been lent,
you probably owe Dad and Mom...

That's nonsense.
Nobody's given me anything.

- Emma's been here since she was born.
- Enough. Vincent, stop.

Don't involve Emma.
Leave Emma out of this.

We do owe Claire money.
As for the amount, we'll see.

No, no, no!
There's no discussion to be had!

It's 200,000 euros, full stop!
My lawyer told me so!

Just stop.
Where did you find this lawyer?

He's an American lawyer
who specialises in inheritance.

He could bring you all
to your knees!

How are you paying for him?
You can't even afford a train ticket.

- It's a favour from a friend.
- Tell him to stop deluding you.

It's not a delusion! It's the truth!

It's your truth!

No, it's the naked truth
and you know it!

Stop! That's enough now.

Today's my birthday,
so let's just talk about...

- Happy things.
- Like Vegan holidays in Portugal?

- Isn't it nice here?
- There's no pool.

- He's not wrong.
- That's going too far.

- A beaver?
- A pig?

- A boar?
- Yeah, a pig's super easy!

He said it! He said it right away!

But that's not a pig. A pig goes...

- It's good they have imagination.
- That's why I said a boar.


"He asked me for my number..."


Concentrate, lads!
Don't be fighting now!

- What else can we do?
- Let us defy fate!

Dad, do you remember
what Claire's share of the house is?

I don't know. Check with Andrea.

Is it more or less than half?


- All of it?
- No, don't exaggerate.

Aren't there any records of this?

Andrea was meant to sign
an acknowledgement, but never did it.

Do you remember
what her share of the house is?

Around two-thirds.

- Including renovations?
- Renovations?

You've done renovations here, right?

Sure, here and there,
but we never kept track.

If you don't count them, you're screwed.




Without renovations,
Claire can claim a third.

With renovations, it'll be less...

Shit! No, leave it...

- Hands off!
- Hey, hey... What's the matter?

What are you even talking about?
Do you hear yourselves? It's appalling.

Instead of asking what you owe,
it might be better to ask

what can you do for her?

She's not doing well.

It's a cry for help.
You need to help her.

You two are incredible.

She vanishes overnight, for three years,

she shows up out of the blue,
and nobody says anything.

- So what do we do? Lock her up?
- I didn't say that.

You did say that.

We need to find out
what happened in the US with Paul.

- You could start by calling him.
- How will I do that?

Do you have his number, Dad?

Paul's number is in Andrea's notebook.

Can you do it? I don't understand.

- Keep stirring.
- All right, there...

What are you doing?

- Preparing a bed for Claire.
- What about her room?

- Emma and Julien are in there.
- Oh, great...

How was I to know
she'd be coming today?

Is Claire staying a good idea?

Where else can she go?

- To the hospital.
- I'm sick of discussing this.

It's always the same.

It always starts and ends the same.

No, we're done.
I know what she needs.

She needs peace and quiet.
She can find that here.

If she stays here,
it'll get worse, as per usual.

Don't say that.

Take some of your father's paintings
down to the cellar.

They're everywhere.
I've had enough.

Marie spoke with Paul
over the phone just now.

When Claire left the US,
she wasn't doing well.

Two psychotic episodes.
He got her to the hospital...

- Move.
- But she left after a fortnight.

She ransacked their home
and took his mother's jewellery.

He won't press charges if it's returned.

- Are we sure he's telling the truth?
- Of course he is!

Then send it back.
Don't make a big deal out of it.

Marie thinks we should have
her psychiatrist here

get in touch with
her psychiatrist in the States.

Excellent idea. She should do it...

Stop answering like that!
Can you try to see the situation for once?

What situation?
Don't speak to me like this.

I'm her mother. I know what she needs.
For now, she's well.

- She's not well.
- Leave her alone!

She left five months ago!
Nobody's heard from her.

Something might have happened
and we have no idea.

Don't say such nonsense.

Shouldn't we know
what she was doing?

Ask her! No need for drama.

- OK, so where is she?
- She's resting in my room.

Oh really?

No, just let her sleep!




What's going on?

I didn't know you played drums.

I did it for six months.
Like with everything else I do.

Except cinema.

Because I haven't started properly yet.

I want weed.

You smoked it all yesterday.
None left.

Why does Claire say the house is hers?

My parents paid for it
with her inheritance.

Her inheritance?

From her father, when he died.
She was 11 or 12 years old.

Jean isn't her father?

No. Can't you tell?
- No, I can't.

You know, I really want
to make love to you again.

Why did they take her money?

My parents wanted to keep this house
but they didn't have enough cash.

So they borrowed her inheritance.
The problem is...

They never paid back the money.

- That's awful.
- That's just the way it is.

It's better that Claire's money
stays out of her pocket.

Give her 200,000 euros,
it'll be gone in a week.

She has a special
relationship with money.

It's convenient,
making her out to be crazy.

- She doesn't seem crazy.
- Look, she's 100% nuts.

She vandalised her father's grave,
smashing it, covering it in graffiti.

And the entire family
had to make public apologies,

and we had to pay the town hall.

That's horrible.

Imagine how distressed she was.

How did her father die?

He hung himself.

In this very room. From this ceiling.


You're kidding.

Yeah, it's not true. It's a joke.

I don't know how.
I never even knew him.

Stop! You're crazy!


Stop it! It's not just us here.

- What are you doing?
- Leaving.


It's suffocating.

- What is?
- Everything.

This house, this party, this family...

It's all just anxiety. Really, it is.

I think you're all crazy!

And you with your fucking film!

- What's wrong?
- Why don't you tell the truth?

The truth about what?

How long have you known me?
A month?

Why do I have to put up with all this?


Marie, can I talk to you?

- Come in here.
- Can you come here, please?

What's wrong?

Can I borrow Vincent's car?
I won't be long.

What for?

Rosita wants to see some hotels.

She wants to stay at a hotel?

- Isn't she comfortable here?
- You know...

She's reserved.
It's her Spanish side.

- I thought she was Argentinian.
- It's all the same! It's...

Get the keys out of my bag, there.

- There's a spare key.
- Thank you.

Have you seen Claire?

Claire's gone.
Did you see her leave?

- No, but good riddance.
- That's not nice.



And my friend, the rose

She told me this morning

At dawn I was born

Baptised by dewdrops

I blossomed

Happy and in love

The sun shone through

I closed by night time

And awoke an old lady

I was beautiful,
the most beautiful

In the flowers of your garden

A life time comes and goes

And my friend the rose

Told me this morning

See the God who made me

Bow my head

I feel I'm falling now

Yes, I'm falling now

My heart is almost bare

My foot is in the grave

Already I'm no longer there

You admired me yesterday

And I'll be gone just as dust

Tomorrow forever

A life time comes and goes

And so my friend the rose

Died this morning

The moon watched
over my friend tonight

And I dreamed
dazzling and naked

His soul dancing

Far beyond the clouds

And smiled at me

May believe those who can
Me, I need to hope

Otherwise I'm nothing

A life time comes and goes

That's what my friend the rose

Said only yesterday...

I'll check if we have
the right size in stock.

Hello. How can I help you?


Didn't you used to play rugby?

You've got me mixed up
with my brother, Sebastien.

I'm Fabien.

Your colleague
doesn't seem like much fun.

She's my wife.


You remember my parents' place?

- Do you know its value?
- Do they want to sell?

Some days, yes, other days, no...

But I think they should
seriously consider it.

As time goes on,
that old shack will swallow them whole.

I won't be able to give an estimate
without seeing it first.

I'll need to visit.

I could do Tuesday...

No, Tuesday...
I'll be long gone by then.

Rosita! Rosita!

Stay, Rosita, please.

I need you.

- These parties make me anxious too.
- But it's your family.

But if we get married,
it'll be yours too.

Let's buy some weed and get fucked up.

Don't leave, I need you.

I need you to be with me.

- Wait...
- I'm leaving.


I love you.

Please, don't leave me alone here.

- I'll go mad if you leave.
- You're always the same.

Who the fuck left his car here?
- What? Just wait...

Can't we just discuss this?

- You're blocking the street!
- Shut up! It's fine!

Ah, it's all coming back.

It's nice being able
to show you my home town.

But I didn't remember it being so small.

When we were kids, this was our Bronx.

We'd go to the playground,
we'd chat and smoke.

We'd come up with crazy ideas,
like robbing banks.

The guys robbed the post office,
were caught the next day

cos everyone recognised them.

Excuse me, guys.

I'm looking for Malik.

Which Malik?

- A guy who used to deal way back.
- Back when you had hair?

You know who's here now?
It's not Malik.

- Who's here now?
- Momo.

Does Momo deal?

- What's your problem, Fatso?
- I don't have a problem.

Aren't you ashamed? How old are you?

- You got any gear?
- What kind of gear?

Can you help me out?

Love, love, love

Of which we always speak


It is a timid spring

A soft light

Or often a ruin...

Stop! Stop!



It is the pepper of time

A gust of wind

A moonlight canopy

Love, love, love

Of which we always speak

Love, at night it wears a bonnet

And during the day it wears a mask

For us to pout behind



And even sometimes

It is the face of another

Who is neither one nor the other

Love, love, love...

Are you serious, man?

I didn't see you coming there...

I had right of way. Too bad, right?

You're totally in the wrong.
Got accident papers?

I don't have papers.
It's not my car, it's my brother's...

I don't want your life story.
I want a declaration.

Are you thick? I don't have papers.

- Just give it to him.
- I don't know what he wants!

What's a "declaration"?

Look, my brother will want
to settle this amicably.

Don't worry, he's loaded.
I'll give you his phone number...

- Call him.
- I don't care about your brother.

Stop showing me your phone!

Don't leave until we've settled this.


Here, fill this out...
Just fucking fill it out!

Are you deaf?
I'm not filling out your fucking form!

This isn't my car!
I don't have papers! Got it?

What's the point of all this?

You'd never know
if I was writing bullshit!

- What now?
- He's calling the police.

- To get a declaration!

No, wait! We've been smoking.
The police will come down on us...

He hit me on my left side...
- Sir? Excuse me...

Shut it! Shut it, you!

He won't give a declaration...
- He's an idiot. Let's go.

Come on, we're going.
Don't be a fucking junkie, move!

Come on!

- Move! Come on!
- Hey, where are you going? No!

Stay right there!
- Here's my brother's number!

You fucking bastard!

- You could've asked first!
- Marie said it was OK...

- Did you have an accident?
- It's just a little bump.

Are you kidding? It's smashed.

Is this how you treat
other people's belongings?

I asked Romain
to take me to the station.

- He didn't need to wreck the car.
- But he came from the left...

He came from the right!
You're in the wrong!

I didn't sign anything.
I gave him your number.

- You did what?
- I'm out of points on my license.

In Paris,
you lose your license just like that...

You know what?
This time, you're paying.

- I'm 5000 euros overdrawn.
- Don't care. Pay up.

What the hell's your problem?

You could buy three cars like this!
You pay!

- Be a bit generous!
- Have you been smoking weed?

- You've always got money for drugs!
- What is it? What happened?

Why lend him the car?
He's wrecked it.

He said he'd be careful.

How can you trust him?
He took it to go out and buy weed.

I'd give you some
if it'd make you a bit more zen.

- Hey, shut up!
- Shut up?

- Shut up?
- Shut up!

- Say that again!
- What's going on?

- Shut up!
- What's all this?

- He wrecked my car!
- Oh, what a disaster!

I thought he cut
your arm off or something!

There was nothing I could do.
Mom, he came from the left...

- Liar! It was from the right!
- So what?

- So he has to pay this time!
- I can't fucking pay!

Are you fucking deaf?
I don't have any money! All right?

Sell your camera!

- I borrowed it!
- Then do something! I don't care!

Please, boys. That's enough.

I'll pay for the repairs.

Then how will he ever learn
to be responsible?

Or will you always protect him?

But since he can't pay...

Neither can you!
Nobody can pay in this family!

Hey, calm down.
Why are you shouting?

Romain wrecked my car
and Mom wants to pay for him.

- So what's the problem?
- She'll never pay!

You owe me 5000 for the septic tank!

What's this all about?

- Do you know about this?
- No.

Do you want to see the invoice?

This is Sebastien,
an old school friend.

We used to go out,
but now he's a married estate agent.

- I'm Fabien, Sebastien's brother.
- He's valuing the house.

Shall we do the play
before or after dinner?

Haven't the theatrics already started?

- Very funny.
- Seriously, what do we do?

- We'd rather you didn't do it.
- Very funny.

- Voilà.
- Right, I'll be heading off now.

- Something to drink?
- Sorry, I need to go.

Can you give us an idea
of how much the house is worth?

- I need to do my calculations.
- Just a rough idea.

I'd say 600 or 700,000 euros.

- That much?

- Are you sure?
- Yes, this house has great potential.

Then we'll sell.

- Don't you want more time?
- No, we'll sell.

- Are you serious?
- Don't I look serious?

You can't decide so suddenly.

It's not sudden.
I've thought it through.

We'll give Claire her money
then we'll put an end to this story

that has plagued us...

Where will we go?

sForget it.
Mom never does what she says.

No, I'm doing this.
I'll sign the papers now.

Mom, please. Stop this.

Can't we discuss this?
- I'll do what I please.

Dad, say something.
It's unbearable.

If Andrea wants to sell, fine by me.

Try standing up to her for once.

- Why?
- What's going on? Why so miserable?

- Granny is selling the house.
- No way!

- Yes, absolutely.
- Nobody tells me anything here.

- This was hard to predict.
- Well...

We're re-doing this for my film.

- For God's sake...
- We need to!

Back to your original positions.

Claire and the agent will re-enter.

- I'll get the camera.
- I need to go.

- We need everyone...
- Julien can play his part.

- All right, get out of the shot.
- I don't know how to act.

- What are you doing?
- Making a call.

- No, stay put.
- I didn't say anything.

Liar! You said lots of things.
- Rubbish!

- All right, hurry up.
- OK... Dad?

Dad, what were you doing?

I was decanting wine.
I won't be re-bottling it.

Then just pretend. Take this.

- It'll look silly.
- Actors pretend. You'll be fine.

- There, just do it.
- All right...

I thought this was a documentary.

People re-do scenes in documentaries!
You'll be fine.

You're all like actors, all right?

Mom, where were you standing?

- I was here.
- And what were you doing?

- I don't remember.
- Look, I don't know...

- Try and think. Setting the table...
- I don't remember.

- What was I doing?
- Dithering about as usual.

Mom, please, make an effort.

Sorry, I don't remember.
What if I just stand like this?

That won't work, Mom.
Standing there doesn't look natural.

- What should I do then?
- I don't know, think for yourself.

Having to tell the actors everything
gets really annoying, you know? So...

You two, you're not in the scene!

Stay in the corridor,
you haven't come in yet!

Don't stand there,
you're not in the scene!

- Julien, come help me.
- No! Stay in the corridor, Julien!

You're the estate agent! Focus!

- Fuck!
- What difference does it make?

Everything! Otherwise, it's fake!

- It's all fake! Even the sale!
- That's not fake.

- Yes, it is!
- Stop! Do exactly as I tell you!

- You're going to shout at us?
- Because you won't co-operate!

You know why?
Because you're a pain.

He's right. You're a real pain.

- We're not actors.
- We don't even want to do this.

Upon a raging sea,
a boat bravely clings to the waves.

At the helm stands Jean,
silent and brave.

On the rigging, two boys,
Vincent and Romain.

Who's Vincent? Who's Romain?

On the lookout, Andrea, the mother.
She's the true captain.

What, Romain?
Why are you laughing?

Your face! It's as pale as the moon.

- I'm tougher than you!
- I don't care if I throw up!

Concentrate, lads!
Don't be fighting now!

- What else can we do?
- Let us defy fate!

Land! Land! Land!

Woe! The boat is sinking.

The family clings to a raft,
bringing them to the safety of a coast.

During the night,
there is an explosion of laughter.

Yes, I know about the accident...

Yes, we'll make a declaration...

I can't talk right now, sorry.

I'll call you back, I promise.

Jean, something is haunting
the shore of this cursed island.

- Nonsense! It's the heat.
- I know what I saw.

- She knows what she saw.
- Out of my way!

I shall pierce the heart
of this evil whale!

- Go ahead, hero!
- You don't deserve to be my brother!

Perhaps, but we're still brothers.

- I'll run you through after!
- Nobody move!

I'll protect you from everything!

- Mom!
- Mom, what are you doing?

Mom! Mom!

Oh! That's wonderful.

Show yourself, vile creature!

So you finally deign to speak to me!

- What is it?
- I hate you!

- Speak, now!
- Curse not the one who can kill you!

I was once like you.
Now I desire but one thing.

To again stand upon the shore.

You must sacrifice the legs of one
of your sons. In exchange,

I'll send you on a boat to civilisation.

- We'll never do such a thing.
- What?

But I need the legs.
Refuse not! You'll lose everything!

Give me my legs! Give me my legs!

- The siren is a great idea.
- Mom, shut up!

For days,
Andrea and Jean kept this secret.

And a heavy sadness
hung over the castaways.

Would they sacrifice a son?

No! Andrea would not.
As the brave captain,

during the high tide,
she threw herself into the ocean.

In the morning,
Jean found this note:

"Do not cry. See the boat?
It was I who sent for it.

I love you.
And I will always be with you."

Sails! It's a boat!

We're saved!

Thank you, Mother!
Thank you, Captain! We'll live!

She did not hesitate
To protect us all

She threw herself into the sea
Beneath the thundering skies

Her immense courage
Shall guide us for a long time

Standing on this beach
We are her proud children

Carried by kind winds
The waves shall bring us home

We cherish our Mom
With one final prayer

We shall love her forever
She is in Heaven now

Such is our fate
We are her proud children

That was adorable.

That was so good.
Thank you, sweethearts.

Thank you.

It was really, really good.

You're all really good actors.
Don't you think so?

- Bravo.
- Good job. Bravo.

What did you think?

- About what?
- The play.

As a professional.

The opening and ending
were a little weak, but then...

The middle was really good.
I mean, honestly...

One of the best
kid's plays I've ever seen.

Thank you.

- Will you keep it up?
- No way.

Good, because I can tell you,
the theatre business isn't easy...

- What?
- You're really encouraging.

- Rosita, more hummus?
- Thanks.

- Romain, tzatziki?
- No, thanks.

What are the red bits
in the chickpeas?

- It's onion.
- I thought it was ham.

Aren't there any speeches?

Let's do it.

- I'll do it!
- You'll do it?

- Go on. You're so eager.
- I want to!

I'd like to wish Granny
a happy birthday...

on the day of her birthday.

- Me now.
- It was short.

- Go on.
- It was weird.

I want to wish Granny
a happy birthday.

She's the world's best Granny, and...

And she's the nicest one too.

And I love her.

Thank you, sweetheart.

He's got a favour to ask.

- Shall I go?
- Go on.

I wrote it down.
I'm not too used to this.

- Mr. President.
- So...

Mom, I know you're thrilled
we're having this party...

- Sorry.
- Romain, listen.

And seeing you so happy
on your birthday is important to us.

Marie, the kids, and I want to tell you
that as a mother and grandmother,

you are "almost" perfect.

And whatever happens,

know that we're happy
to be here with you and Dad.

- Mom, Happy Birthday.
- Thank you.

Good thing you wrote it down.
Are you done?

Can I speak?
Is the awkwardness over?

Mom, I wanted
to tell you how happy I was

to wish you Happy Birthday
before you pass on...

With each passing moment,
your hopes for eternity vanish.

Even though you're still so beautiful,
thanks to Dad...

And it's true that
I know I won't be able to live

to reach your age given how much
I drink and smoke and the way I drive.

- This is really long!
- It's all right, I'm wrapping up.

So, this is the part where I cry.
I just wanted to say,

it was really, really moving
for us to be here around this table.

We can say what we like,
but it's still something

to see us all come together for you.

With Claire, who's here.

And, well...

You owe her a lot, not just money.

We have her humanity.
Of all of us, she's the most...

No, it's true.
She's the most human of us all.

And Rosita...

I wanted to tell you all,
we have one more family member.

- We're getting a cousin!
- No, we're not expecting a kid.

She's not expecting a kid.
I don't see myself as a father.

I mean, let's just say that marriage

- is the first step to parenthood.
- Really?

- You're getting married?
- No.

He's talking nonsense.

Yes, we are. Mom...

- I love you. Happy Birthday.
- Thank you, sweetheart.

- Go on, Claire. Your turn.
- No.

Come on, say something.
You have to.

- I didn't prepare.
- You have to.

- I didn't prepare anything.
- Just a little something.

Be brave.
Give her some encouragement.

I'll just say that...

I'm just so happy
to be here with you...

So are we.

I had no idea how much...

I missed you
while I was so far away.

And you're my family.
The only family I've got.

And I love you all.

And also...

And I'd also like
to stay here for a while.

To get over some things.

To get myself together.

And also...

And also to spend time with Emma.

My daughter,
who I love most in the world...


I'd like to make up
for lost time with you.

I want you to forgive me
for my silly mistakes,

for not being there,
and to see me as a mother...

An "almost normal" mother.

I swear to you, I can do it.

I promise to... Look at me.

I promise to do everything I can.

Is that all right with all of you?

Of course it is.

Are you all right with this, Jean?

Stay as long as you like.
It's your home.

What about you, Emma?

If Mom moves in...

What did you say?
We can't hear. Speak up.

If Mom moves in, I'm leaving.

Where will you go? May we know?

To Julien's, until exams are over.

Then we'll go on holiday.

Then we'll move to Bordeaux.

We'll discuss this tomorrow.
We're all a little overwhelmed now.

- We don't know what we're saying.
- I mean it.

If Mom moves in, I'm leaving.

I can understand Emma's reaction.

It's my fault she doesn't see me
as a real mother.

I need to prove it.

Happy Birthday, Mom.

Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday, Andrea...

All right, let's eat.

All right, finish this off for me.

- I haven't got mushrooms.
- Down in one!

- Who wants more wine?
- I do!

- To marriage!
- Finish the bottle then.

It's not from finishing a glass!

- Can you down it, Uncle?
- Crap...

- There's no way.
- Do it!

- Take it easy.
- Go on, just a little.

- Don't worry.
- It's just a drop.

- Me too! Me too!
- Jean, can you add some water?


- Did you drink it?
- Good going.

- You added water!
- Go on, down in one.

Down it! Down it!

Go on, go on...

Go on, Rosita! Go on!

Oh no, Romain. Stop it.

Married in a year!

- You just need a fiancée.
- She's there!

- Yes!
- She hasn't really said "yes".

- She hasn't said "no" either.
- I'm not so sure.

- I didn't hear "no".
- You shouldn't be the judges.

I didn't hear her,
but I think she said "yes".

One, two, three, four...

Oh, crap...

You've almost got it.

- That'll do...
- It looks wonderful.

It's been worth the effort.

There we go.

One, two, three, four...

- Take your belt off...
- Granny, no!

Everyone to the table! It's ready!

No, no. Come here. Look.

Oh, I'm dizzy.

Come eat, it's getting cold.

It'll get cold.
Jean made everything...

- What's the matter?
- The chicken's getting cold.

- Isn't Claire with you?
- Oh, where is she?

- Gone again.
- Did anyone see her?

She's a real magician.

Milan, Solal, can you see
if she's in her room?

First one upstairs wins!

You've got good rhythm.

You've really good rhythm.
Mom, you too.

- What's that?
- You've got good rhythm.

- We barely danced twice...
- Granny! Granny!

Granny! She's locked the door.
She's crying.

Emma, please, can you...

- Can you apologise to your mother?
- What for?

- Jean, can you help me?
- What is it?

Emma won't talk to her mother.

Emma, go talk to your mother.

Help us out.
It's Andrea's birthday.

Come on.

- Why are you so cruel?
- I'm not.

You are.
You're always looking to hurt her.

She left for three years,
now we have to do whatever she wants!

- I refuse.
- You refuse what?

I don't want her moving in here.

How can you say that?
She has every right to live here.

- You can't chase her out.
- I'm not.

You are! This blackmail is horrible.

It's just the truth.
If she stays, I'm leaving.

- This is...
- My jewellery!

Someone stole my jewellery!

Who took my jewellery?

- Who took it?
- What?

The jewellery in the library.
It's not there.

- Paul's mother's jewellery?
- Vincent, shut up.

It was Julien.

- It was him!
- Don't say that!

- I didn't...
- It's him!

There's no proof!
You can't accuse me.

- He's right...
- I see it in his eyes!

He never says anything!
But he's plotting...

She's totally insane.

Stop, that's enough.
Nobody stole anything.

It must be where you last left it.

- It's not there!
- It must be!

- Who'll help me find it?
- I will!

Me too!

I'm sorry.

Calm down. We'll find it.

- Are you sure you left it here?
- Yes, I'm sure. Stop asking.

- We've searched here...
- Then one of you stole it all!

There are no thieves in this house.

Yeah, right!
This house is filled with thieves!

Is this it?

- Where did you find it?
- Here.


He told you he found it there!

- Mom, I swear I found it there.
- I know, sweetheart...

Come down for dinner.

- I'm not hungry.
- It'll get cold.

Stop! Stop harassing me! Stop!

OK, back to dinner.

Is that enough? Here.


Have some vegetables too.

- What are you doing?
- I'm leaving.

- Where to?
- Can you take me to the station?

- No, no...
- Romain, you drive me.

I'm not allowed to be driving.

Then call me a taxi!

I'll come too. I'll get my things.

This is ridiculous!
You said that you'd stay.

I need to leave too.
My dad called...

That's enough!
Nobody's leaving on my birthday. Sit!

You too, Claire. Sit down.

I'm not sitting. I'm leaving.

But it's my birthday.

I don't give a damn.
I want to leave.

Well, I forbid you!

Come on, take off your coat...

When will you stop deciding
everything for everyone?

What? What are you talking about?

- What have I done?
- Do you really want to know?

You stole my money!
You distanced me from my father!

You wouldn't let Jean adopt me!
Just like my daughter!

You stole my life! That's what you did!

You're a monster! I hate you!

I wish I was at your funeral!

- Hey! Stop!
- Stop this!

- Stop it!
- Get off me, mummy's lapdog!

Get off me!

Sit down. Calm down.

- I want to leave!
- Will you calm down?

I'm very calm!

You're the jittery ones!
Look at yourselves! You're pathetic!


Shall I get you something
from the pharmacy?

- What are you going to get me?
- Some medicine.

What do you know about medicine?
Do you think you're a shrink, Mrs. GP?

Fuck you! I don't need anything.

You should take something.
You seem so depressed.

I understand why.
Your husband's so stupid!

Do you have a prescription?
Are you sure?

A prescription for what?

Paul said you were being treated
when you left the US.

It's bullshit! He's lying!

- Why did you call him?
- To find out what happened.

He really made me suffer.

And you go and call him?

You're really not my family at all!

You know, it's his mother's jewellery.

He wants it back. I can handle it.

That's a lie! It's my jewellery!

His mother gave it to me!
He wants to pay off his gambling debts!

I'll never give it to him!

Why did you call him?

Why did you do that? You're traitors!

We wanted to know what happened.

- We wanted to let him know you're here.
- He doesn't care!

No, he does care.
He's actually really worried about you.

He should worry about himself!
His life is going down the drain.

Did you leave five months ago?

- Five months, five days... So what?
- What have you been doing?

Why do you care?
I don't answer to you!

Is this a trial? Are you a prosecutor?

Where were you during that time?

Tell us.

We need to know if you were in hospital.
Tell us, please.

I wasn't...

I wasn't in hospital.

Where were you then?
Please, we need to know.

Please, tell us.

Were you in France? Or the US?

Stop attacking her!
Leave her alone.

Romain! Please, say something.

It's gone on long enough!
Say something!

Honestly, I don't know
what she's talking about.

What are you saying?
I don't understand.

If you know something, tell us.

He's got nothing to say anyway...

Nothing to say? She was with me.

In Paris. Are you happy now?

How's that possible?
And you didn't tell us?

- How long has she been there?
- One month.

Liar! It's been four months!
In your druggy slum, on the floor!

You threw my mattress out the window!

- There were lice!
- It was brand new!

She wrecked it!
She threw my stuff out the window!

The police came and took her
to the emergency room.

She was back the next day.
They didn't want to keep her.

I mean... Mom.

It was hell.
Crazy people drive you crazy.

They kicked me out
because I had nothing.

Nothing at all.

I'm not crazy.
I know it's inconvenient, but I'm not!

How could you let your sister
stay with you without telling us?

- This is unbelievable!
- She made me swear not to tell.

She didn't want you to know.
Tell them, Claire.

You just wanted to finish your film!

- What film?
- A film about me!

It's a film about me!

His big idea, for a guy with no ideas!

A film about his mad sister!

He kept it a secret
so he could have ahappening !

- A what?
- A happening! A dumb artist thing!

The grand return! Live!
Are you done? What more do you want?

- All right...
- A breakdown? A murder? A striptease?

I'm doing what you want.
It's just a question of money!

- How much will you pay?
- Honestly, this is too much!

You've got no distance
from the character!

That's your film?
The one you've been plotting all day?

- You're the nutcase here!
- She wanted me to film her!

Lies! He filmed me everywhere,
even in the bath!

Honestly, that'd be the best part!

He didn't want us to take the train.
He didn't even pay for a taxi.

That's not true! I gave her money,
but she kept it for herself...

What are you doing? My camera!

- Vincent!
- This fucking camera!

- No! My rushes!
- Stop it!

Stop! Mom, please stop!

Stop! Claire!

Go get some ice!

Go on, film this!
You wanted to be edgy! There you go!

Film it, you asshole!

- It's open. It needs stitches.
- Let me leave...

I treated the cut
and gave her a sedative.

She'll stay the night
and see the psychiatrist tomorrow.

What will he do?

I don't know. Check with him.

Do you want to say goodbye?

Yes, of course.

They're here.

You bastard!

Go away! Get out of my life!

Don't leave me alone here...

So? Will we sign?

Sign what?

If the doctor hospitalises Claire,
will we sign?

We can't force her. That's awful.

I think we'll need to force her.

- Dad?
- What?

- What do you think?
- I'm not her father.

- You can have an opinion.
- There's nothing I can do.

Mom, what do we do?

- I'll do what you want. You decide.
- No, we all decide together.

Jean, decide for me.

Marie, do we need to go that far?

This is the best solution.

For her, for you, for everyone.

It's just for a while, not forever.

If not for Claire, do it for Emma.
Hasn't enough damage been done?

Romain, can you help us, please?


- It's nothing to do with me.
- No?

- With the mess you've made?
- I did nothing.

The film was her idea.
I just wanted to make her happy...

Nobody cares about the film.
That's not the subject at hand.

She'll be out in two days anyway.
She'll be too much for them, as usual.

Unless we band together.
As soon as someone backs out...

All right, all right.

- We need to be united.
- What do you want exactly?

What's the problem?
You all seem petrified of her.

- Like she's manipulating you.
- You're the manipulator.

- How so?
- You're making us collude with you.

With me?

It's like you want to get rid of her.

If someone isn't like you,
they have no right to exist.

So I'm the problem?
It's my fault Claire is mad?

- That's not what I said.
- But it is!

- I didn't say that.
- You did.

- Didn't she?
- It wasn't exactly that.

- You, shut up.
- Me, shut up?

Nobody said that. Stop it.

- Do something! Stop backing down!
- Enough, Vincent.

You're always blaming us.
That's how we are. We won't change.

In life, you need some delusions.
You need to be happy.

Otherwise, what's the point?

- I'm sick of this. We're leaving.
- Vincent!

- The kids?
- They're upstairs.

Solal? Milan?

Dad, come here.

Don't spoil it...

- Calm down.
- That's fine.

Wait... There.

Go to the piano.

Turn off the lights.

- Ready?
- Yeah.

Easy now...

That's great.

- That's wonderful.
- Thank you.

- Blow them out.
- I will.

One, two, three...

Come on, boys. Help me.