Happy Anniversary (1962) - full transcript

A woman is preparing a romantic dinner for two for her and her husband to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Her husband is out running a series of errands, most of his stops to pick up anniversary gifts for his wife. But the anti-anniversary Gods seem to be working against him as Paris traffic and other problems at each stop seem to be holding him up from getting in and out and to home on time for dinner. Meanwhile, his wife has no idea what has happened to her husband. Will it still be a happy anniversary by the time he makes it home?


Happy Anniversary

Excuse me, gentlemen.

I think you have to...

Just a moment. I'm coming.


Hey! That's mine!

I'll go around the block.
I'll be back.

I can't go any faster.

Try this. It's good.

Come on!

"We remain yours sincerely..."

To Gare du Nord station.
-Yes, sir.

-What do you want me to do?

Hey, you've go to pay.

And for the suitcase.

Look at that. What a bastard.

Can you believe that? Look at him.

Never mind. Come.
-People are crazy.

I'll drive around.

I'll go around the block and I'll
come back.

Careful with this.

The china's in the back.

Take it.
-Give it to me.

-He's pushing.

-Just wonderful!

He's in our car.

Excuse me, ladies. Allow me...

Look at what you did.

It's not my car.
-It's not my china either.

What? Where?


Alright, thanks.

Good, that's solved.


Yes, yes.


Bad luck. There? No, of course.

Gare du Nord station. Fast!

What does he want?

Get out of my car.
-Are you a taxi or what?

Look at the sign.
-Your suitcase.

My things... What do I say
at home?

Look at what you did.

That's not my fault.

Look at that.

Excuse me.

This one?
-No, no.

That one.
-Very well.

Do you like it?
-Yes, it's perfect.

Happy anni...