Happiness Runs (2010) - full transcript

A young man named Victor (Mark L. Young) realizes the shortcomings of the Utopian ideals on the hippie commune where he was raised. Victor's mother (Andie MacDowell) is funding the commune where the guru Insley (Rutger Hauer) hypnotizes and seduces women with a technique he calls "running". Insley manipulates the minds of these women so that they give him their bodies and all of their worldly possessions. Victor's childhood love, Becky (Hanna Hall), returns to take care of her deathly ill father. Victor, haunted by visions of Becky's death, is desperate to save her and himself by escaping from the cult. Preoccupied with Insley's free love philosophy, the adults of the community overlook the painful reality that the self destructive behavior of their children is most certainly due to early exposure to sex and drugs. To afford an escape, Victor tries to sell marijuana, but is cut out by rivals competing for Becky's affection. Finally, Victor is torn between getting money from his mother, who is entirely under Insley's influence, dealing with the violent drama of his drug-addled friends, and staying to save Becky as she spins out of control.




RADIO): Those of us

who first started living
together, instead of having

our own small,
old-style family units,

were surprised how well it went.

We thought we'd
have many problems.

We didn't.

Now, we would never have
wanted any other way.

Talking's actually
a hobby for me.

It's not really what I do.

Talking is just something that
I also do, but what I really do

is I vibe.

I'd be telepathic.

we're watching something now

that's really a historical
phenomenon, something

like Christianity
in ancient Rome--

that's something
starting very, very small

and building a whole cultural
context around it, which I

think, ultimately, will become
the predominant culture,

maybe in 50 or 100
years, maybe sooner.


INSLEY: We are capable of
sensing everlasting pleasure.

That's what tantric
yoga is about.

We are gods, and everything
we do is wonderful.

You're afraid of the table.

The table's afraid of you.

BECKY: They never
planned for the future.

They weren't
supposed to get old.

And we were never
supposed to grow up.

The lost, the unwanted,
and the abused

came here with the
purest of intentions--

to build a place where there
would be no rules other

than a peaceful existence.

There are no couples for them.

For them, there was
only the moment.

They tried to raise
us to be perfect

in their perfect new world.

And for a moment
maybe it worked.

But I think they finally saw
their own shortsightedness

and failure in us.

We always saw it in them.

They attempted to unlearn
jealousy, want, and hate,

to not possess anything,
including each other.

They tried to free
themselves from materialism,

but soon they were
drowning in it.

Finally, we all saw
failure in each other,

and everyone was
looking for a way out.




BECKY: This is where
our story begins.


MALE SPEAKER: Hey, come on.

Oh, come on, now.

for the community fund.

And this little one is
for replacing Jenny's roof.

Um, it's leaking again,
and she has asthma.

Hi, mom.

Are you gonna sleep forever?

I thought you were
gonna sleep forever.

VICTOR'S DAD: My boy, my boy.

My son.

My own flesh and blood.

Wither comest thee?

Are you going wake up?

Or are you gonna sleep forever?

What do you mean forever?

I don't know.

It's just-- I was just
worried about you.

VICTOR'S DAD: My boy, my boy.

Wither comest thee?

Stop it, dad


Hey, Vic.

Take your shot.
Come on.




VICTOR: What's going on?


So I guess Becky failed
all her classes in school.


She couldn't focus
after her dad got sick.

But she's back
taking care of him.

Wait, she's here?


I think she's
hooking up with Chad.

No, she's not.

Yeah, she is.

No, she's not.

Yeah, she is.

She's acting really weird.

I'm worried about her.


Hey, Fishman.

Come on.

Good man.


It's such good weed.

Did you guys see Becky?

She's walking down
to Chad's house.

She's only back 'cause
her dad has cancer.

CHAD: Naproxen?

I don't know what that-- I have
never heard of Naproxen before.

What the hell is that shit?

No, no.

I never of it before.

-What's up, man?

Hey, Victor.

It's good to see you.

Haven't seen you
since I've been back.

Uh, I know.

I've just-- I've
been just staying

in my-- in my room a lot.


CHAD: You know
what we need to do?

We need to get some oxys.


I can-- I can get--
I can get Naproxen.

Have you ever heard
of Naproxen before?


CHAD: Well, we really-- we
really need to get some oxys.

I'm gonna go look it up.

I'm gonna look it up.

Is there anything
I can do to help?

With what?

CHAD: --this little
pill identifier thing.

What'd I say it was called?

CHAD: Yeah, well,
that says it's a

non-narcotic anti-inflammatory.

Yeah, Timmy.

I just looked it up.

It says it's a non-narcotic.

No, I-- I need something.

I need something real.

OK, what would I
want with ecstasy?

So I-- So I can hug people?

I hug people already, Timmy.

Why would I-- why
would I want it ?

So I-- so I can get all--
get all touchy-feely?

Well, no, no.

I-- I'm touchy-feely already.

See-- see, people get ecstasy
so they can get like me, OK?

That's-- yeah, OK.

Well, just see what
you can do, all right?

Yeah, I'll call you tomorrow.

You OK, buddy?


Yeah, well we're
gonna need to get

some more Vics from your dad.

Gave me a lecture
this morning about not

taking his drugs anymore.

He's afraid we'll
be, like, addicts.

No, baby.

These-- I'm selling it.


INSLEY: There are so
many ways to get high.

For example, you could crawl
onto the roof of your garage.


Or climb a big tree.

What else was I going to say?

When I was little, Insley
drew a square on my butt

with magic marker.

He said that section was his.

Then he came up to
me the other day

an he said he was ready to
collect his piece of ass.

Holy shit.

That's like a
fucking time capsule.

BECKY: God, he is so creepy.

Course, I'd be the last one to
condone drugs for getting high.


Did you leave his weed?


Those little fuckers
get right on top of me.

I didn't think you guys
were coming home tonight.

Yeah, I can see that.

I'm confiscating this.

No, you're not.

Gotta go help make
dinner for my dad.

CHAD: Look at you.
You're wasted!

CHAD'S MOM: You know
you are not supposed

to smoke in this house.
BECKY: I'm out of here.

CHAD: Yeah, right, mom.
Mom, mom.

Look at you.
You're fucking wasted.

I'm 18 years old.

I can do whatever
the fuck f want.

I can't take this anymore.
CHAD'S DAD: Chad--

CHAD'S DAD: --when you smoke--

Go on.
Go after her.

CHAD'S DAD: --it's like
you're saying you don't care--

Shut up.

CHAD'S DAD: --what we think.

When you do it
right in our face,

it's like saying fuck you.




Yeah, hi.

Um, yeah.
Here she is.

It's your mom.


Mom, I'm doing
something right now.

I'm not hungry.

I have not been eating
junk food all day.


I'll see you soon.


My mom keep nagging me about
getting home for dinner.

Let's go.


RACHEL: Night.
VICTOR: See you.




Did you guys have
fun after I left?

You can do anything
you want to me.

I'm going to move away.

I'm gonna get my
own place somewhere.

You know, maybe in a big city.

Maybe, you think-- you
should come with me.

Maybe when my dad gets better.

But he really needs me.

you are drifting down,

down, down like a feather.

More and more and gently
down, like a feather

over a beautiful ravine.

Now, let's put
daddy in the room.


Mom, um, I'm going to move
away, and I need some money.

You gave all your money
to Insley and all of them,

why won't you give any to me?

Look, you-- you
don't understand.

It's too-- it's j just too
early in the morning to be

talking about this, anyway.

But it's always too
early or too late.

When am I going to get my
money, and exactly how much

is it going to be?

You don't have to
worry about that.

You're going to be a
very wealthy young man.

I won't let you go.

You don't get any
money until you're 21.


I'm your prisoner?

That doesn't even sound legal.

Don't talk to me about the law.

Look, I know you and your
friends are doing drugs.

What does a druggie
need money for, anyway?

You know, you're funding a
whole bunch of drug addicts

right now.

Half the people in this
place are drug addicts.

And I hear that Insley gives
Rachel's mom $20,000 year just

so she'll fuck him once a week.

That is not true.

Yes, it is.

It's so true.

Insley's a hypnotist.

He's controlling your brain.

Everything he does is just a
manipulation to get your money.

Even my existence-- do you
think it's a coincidence

that a psychic is my dad?

That's not true.

It's-- it's not true.

you're just a kid.

You don't know anything.

You don't know anything.

Shouldn't even be allowed
to have your own money.

You're wrong.

No, I'm not.

You're not just-- you know,
I have a really hard time

being around you.

Just leave.


That's what I'm trying to do.

Insley's running me tonight.


He's running me on Wednesday.

Uh, is Tao here?

Yeah. he's in the basement.


Stop messing with the light.

Hey, do you have Jake's number?


I just want to talk
to him about something.

You wanna be the one selling
for Jake when he gets back.

Huh, Vic?

I thought you were
supposed to be rich.

Why don't you just get
the money from your mom?

Because my mom gives all my
money to everybody but me, OK?

Just give me the damn number.

Now, put father in the room.

Give him a red hat.

And then make it purple.

Have him round,
like a beach ball.

Have him as small as a pea.

Have him as big as the universe.

Have him as tiny as a dot.

Every hour--

--of every day you grow
more and more attracted to me.

Dad, I really need
to talk to you.

I need to take a short
break, but I'll be right back.

And while I'm gone, mull
these thoughts and game

over and over in your brain.

What does thou seest there?

A tangled foot and
religious snare?

Dad, I'm gonna move away and
I'm gonna get my own place.

Move from our great house?

And get your own place?

I don't even have a
place of my own now.

Where are you staying?

I have a couple
of boxes of things

here and there,
like-- you know, I

have a couple of drawers
full of clothes and, I mean,

that's about it.

That all I need.

I sleep with a different
woman every night,

and so what do I need
a bed of my own for?

And when you grow up, you will
sleep with a different woman

every night.

Doesn't that's sound nice?

I am grown up, dad.

Well, then you don't
need a place, either.

And I'll swap for you here.

And then-- uh, and then
you'll sell in Tao.

Well, as soon as
you can get here.

Well, the party's
coming up, so it'll be--

I'll be like the perfect time.

All right.

I'll see you then.

Thanks, Jake.

Is he into it?


He's, uh, bringing me
pounds of good weed, so.

And after I sell it, then
we can get out of here.

-Hey, let's get out of here.
-No, no.

Just wait.

INSLEY: Now put your
daddy in the room.

Make him as small
as a grain of sand.

Make him as big as the universe.

Make him an hourglass.

Make him timeless.

Every hour of every day,
you feel more confident.


What's he doing to her?

He's fucking running her.

INSLEY: Your body
runs like a river.

Your nerves become
the eyes of strength.

You feel warm.

You feel safe.

And as you touch,
you become happiness.


BECKY'S DAD: I'm taking
so many different vitamins

and experimental cancer
cures I sometimes

wonder if I'm going to have
room in my stomach for food.

But I can't stop taking
one because it might

be the one that's helping me.

I'm sorry you came back to
this place because of me.

I'll go back to school
as soon as you're better.

Taking all this medication
makes me feel so dark.

Promise me, even if I don't
get better, that-- that you'll

leave this place.

I promise.

CHAD: Look, I am so fucked up.

Vicky, I swear I just saw
you holding a stand-up vacuum

cleaner right now.



I think he's out.

Yeah, I'm sure he is.


Becky, are you all right?

You just made out with Chad, now
you want to make out with me?

I can't handle sharing you.

Come on, Victor.

I thought you guys
were cool with that.

I mean, that's what
our parents are like.

Our parents are fucking insane.


Hey, boys.
Look at this.

-Jake, when did you get back?
-Right now.

It's good to see you.

BECKY: You, too.

Sit down. have some whiskey.


So how's it been,
living off the place?

Yeah, I love it.


I don't know.

I mean, I have all these
really cool new friends

and, I don't know.

It's just awesome.


JAKE: You wanna do this?

BECKY: Yeah.
JAKE: Yeah?

BECKY: Yeah.


TAO: Oh, my god.

What's up buddy?
-I've got it.

It's the bomb.

It's the best.

TAO: Oh, my god!

Oh, dude.

What's going on, man?

Dude, did anyone see you yet?

I've been laying low.
Yeah, man.

The only person I saw
was Becky, and she

was really drunk and coming
onto me really, really hard.


JAKE: So I started
fucking her, right--

Wait, wait.

You fucked Becky?

Come here, man.
Listen to this, man.

The best part.

So I'm fucking her, right?

And she keeps telling me to go
harder and harder and harder,

so I keep going
fucking harder, right?

BECKY: Harder, Jake.

JAKE: And all the sudden we
hear this really loud fucking--

JAKE: --pop.

JAKE: Yeah.

She's just wobbling
around like--

Are you hearing
what he's saying?

CHAD: Come on, dog.

I told you she's
everybody's girlfriend.

JAKE: I guess I fucking
threw out her fucking hip.

You know, Becky's mom said she
had to go to the chiropractor.

That must be why.

JAKE: Are you kidding me?

TAO: No, I'm not
fucking kidding you.

That's why!

JAKE: Holy shit.

That's so fucked up.

TAO: Oh, dude.

SAM: That's crazy shit, man.

JAKE: Yo, grab me a beer.
TAO: Fuck.

Here you go.

See, Chad, that's why
we're different, man.

Every one of your
friends comes up to me

and tells me that you
fucking ripped them off.

You see, me and Vic,
we're gonna sell fucking

better weed than you at cost.

You're a total dick, man,
ripping off all your friends.

Dude, I'm-- I'm just--
I'm trying to relax.


I can't even just sit here
and hang out with you around.

You know what, man?

I'm going to put your
ass out of businessman,

as a matter of fact.

Dude, dude, how long until--
until-- until you leave.

You're not even-- you're not
even allowed on the place.

JAKE: That's true.

You know what?

I can't wait until I
just-- I wake up one day

and you're just-- you're
just fucking gone.


Well, you better get
used to me being here,

man, because I'm gonna
be here all summer.

CHAD: Well, maybe my
operation isn't that

easy to fucking shut down, OK?

Yes, man, actually it is.

CHAD: All right, no, it isn't.

Yeah, it is.

Look, why-- why you gotta
do this in front of everyone?


Yeah, man.

I'm sorry.

It's just because you're such
a fucking dick, making so much

fucking money off your friends.

Fuck you, all right?

Fucking dick.


Tao, you gotta try this.


Do you hear that?


Do you hear that?

I don't hear it.


I think I heard something.

VICTOR: No, you didn't.

I guess I'll go check.

You know, um-- you
know, um, Becky sleeps

over at Victor's all the time.


No, she doesn't, man.

Yeah, she does, dude.

No one was there, dude

VICTOR: Frogboy.

PETE: Vic.

Your mother told me you
wanted to move away.

I'm going to.

You know, I was here
when you were born.

In fact, I was at your birth.

In fact, I was the
one who grabbed

your head when it was coming
out of your mother's vagina.

And my advice to you-- stay put.

Stay put.

Stay put, because no
matter where you go,

you will never be as
understood, accepted,

and loved as you are here.

I know, man.

I saw you come out of
your mother's vagina.

Look, I'm really sorry, Vic.

I hate to go back
on my word, man.

But Tao's my new
favorite person.

See, I only like to hang out
with people I can learn from.

I only like to learn
very specific things.

Tao's gonna be
selling for me now.

What the fuck are
you talking about?

You know what I'm
talking about, man.

No, I don't.

Well, maybe you
should think about it.

Fuck you, man.

Fuck you, man.

Fuck you!

Go fuck yourself.

What's going on down there?




You have a little
temple in here.

Oh, my god.

Did you hear about how
Jake threw Becky's hip out?

It's probably because
that double-crossing

bastard is so used to fucking
prostitutes and shit--

Oh, my god.
Jake fucked a prostitute?

VICTOR: A prostitute?

He's fucked lots of them.

He's a sick one.

When I went to visit him up
north, whenever he would get

like an extra hundred
bucks, he would just

go straight to the brothel.

Are you serious?

Oh, my god.

Jake is such a pig.
I knew it.


CHAD: You know what?

Fucking nobody cares about
Jake and Tao, all right?

Fuck them.

They can sell all the
weed that they want.

I'd rather be selling
pills, anyway.



These are really fucking
good, and they're

like generic Percocet.

But Percs have the
hydrocodone and these little--

these little fuckers have, uh,
the poxyprophene or something

like that.

I don't feel it, dude.

Give me another one.

No, no, no.

You give me some
money first, and then

I'll give you another pill.

Well, I don't feel
anything, either.


Well, that's bullshit
because these are good.

OK, these are god.

I'll give you each-- I'll
give you each one more,

but you gotta give me-- but
you gotta give me some money.

I'm not gonna pay for a pill
that doesn't do anything.

-All right.
-Did you see Jake's new bike?

It's so nice.

And it's the nicest
mountain bike in the world.

And when Jake's not
riding his bike--

- --he had sex.

Do you feel bad
knowing that Jake

is the one fucking
Becky now when

she used to be your girlfriend?

You know what?

No girl has ever been
my friend, all right?

Love goes in and out.

I heard that when
Becky was four,

she put slugs in her pussy.

And once, when someone
asked her whether she liked

salamanders or frogs
better, she said frogs

because they were crunchier.

Oh, and once, she bit
the head off a toad.

VICTOR: Kids do weird shit, man.

You know what?

Honestly, I could care
less who fucks what.

I think I'm just gonna
fucking hold up a pharmacy.


Ever you aren't dumb
enough to do that.

I would do anything
for some oxys.

And what happens when the
cashier pulls out a gun

and points it at your face?

What then?

I don't know.

I think maybe in that
moment you become a man.

VICTOR: Don't point that--

CHAD: You become a man, right?

Are you a man?

Don't point that--
get away from me.

Oh, come on, Vic.
Come on.

Come on, bitch.
It's not fucking loaded.

VICTOR: Why Jake?

Like, out of everybody?


BECKY: I just don't want
to be controlled by anyone.

VICTOR: You gonna run
away with me or not?

Where to, Vic?

Away from here.

It's really fucking
crazy out there, Vic.

VICTOR: It's crazy in here.

We could just run
away, live like hobos

till I inherit my fortune.

Then we'll live like kings.

I'll take care of you for
the rest of our lives.

Want me to read
you some poetry?


"By a route obscure and lonely,
haunted by ill angels, only,

where an Eidolon,
named NIGHT, on a black

thrown reigns upright.

I have reached these lands
but newly from an ultimate dim

Thule-- from a wild clime
that lieth, sublime,

out of SPACE-- out of TIME.

By the lakes that thus
outspread their lone waters,

lone and dead,-- their sad
waters, sad and chilly,

with the snows of
the longing lily,--

there the traveler
meets, aghast,

sheeted Memories of the Past--
shrouded forms that start

and sigh as they pass the
wanderer by-- white-robed

forms of friends long given, in
agony, to Earth-- and Heaven.






You have to go away with me.

All right, Vic.

Let's do it.

BECKY'S DAD: I know.

Actually, it's
already in my lungs.

And actually, I think there's
a tiny bit of it in my brain.

You know, what I was wondering
is if I would still be

eligible for those treatments.

I see.

Yes, I'm-- I'm very sorry, too.
Thank you.

-Where's my drink?


RACHEL: Victor said Jake
fucked a lot of whores.

What do you mean whores?

I mean he fucked a
lot of prostitutes.

They're all sickos.

Yeah, especially Jake.

You look good as a man.

Maybe you I should just fuck.

CHAD: Thank you.

Chad, you know what
your problem really is?

You don't live life.

I live life.

You live "Alice in Wonderland."

CHAD: OK, mother fucker, OK.

That's right.

I am a mother fucker.

I fucked all your mothers.

That's why Becky and Rachel
look so much like me.

RACHEL: Victor said
that's why Jake threw

your hip out is because
he's used to fucking

horrible fucking prostitutes.

How do you know that
he threw my hip out?

Because he's a fucking
asshole and he told everyone,

just like he told everyone
that you threw up on his dick.

I didn't really
throw up on his dick.

I just kind of gagged
myself with it.

It was the first
time and I threw up

like a cup of clear
liquid right into his lap.

Aren't you pissed off
that he threw your hip out?

Everybody's pissed.

Well, aren't you at least
gonna yell at the sicko?

I think I will.

But later.

You fucking sicko.

Why did you fucking tell
everybody about that?

JAKE: Whoa, take
it easy, baby, OK?

BECKY: Don't touch me.

Hey, hey, shh.

Everybody just took this
really good ecstasy, OK?

I happen to have two
of them right here.

Do you want to do it with me?

Sounds fucking great.

All right.

Calm down, OK?


Should we snort it or swallow?

I think I'm gonna snort
mine if that's OK with you.


So you fuck prostitutes
and you snort drugs

off the toilet seat?

That's really fucking classy.


Becky, come on, baby.

I just did a fucking
rainbow real of ecstasy

around the toilet seat.

Come on.

Then why didn't you fucking do
it off the back of the toilet

or the counter or something?

You don't even know
that's disgusting

because you fuck prostitutes.

Becky, baby, could we just talk
about this in a half an hour,

-Oh, in half an hour?

-In half a fucking hour?

That's just great.

That's-- that's just
fucking beautiful.

That's fucking beautiful.

(DREAMY) That's beautiful, Jake.

That's fucking beautiful.

It's fucking beautiful.

It's fucking beautiful.


(DREAMY) Please tell me what the
hell you're saying right now.

really fucking beautiful.

JAKE (DREAMY): Please.

Tell me.

It's fucking beautiful.

JAKE: Becky, what the
fuck are you saying?

You OK?

You know what, Jake?

JAKE: What?

Do you know that I'm at
my sexual peak right now?

JAKE: Yeah?

You sure?


JAKE: You positive?

You gonna show me?
BECKY: Uh-huh.

CHAD: Look at this place.

Just light one.

CHAD: No, this is nice.


BECKY: Sorry if I was
freaking you out earlier

when I was touching you.

When I was little I
liked to be touched.

Let's go cow tipping.

Let's go cow tipping.

TAO: I mean, can we?

CHAD: Yeah, of course.

I mean, if we go-- the
cows will still be asleep,

so if we go right now we
can get them before dawn.

BECKY: I've never
been cow tipping.

I wanna go.

Doesn't that hurt them?

It usually breaks
some of their ribs.

OK, no.

The cows have a lot of ribs, OK?

So if you push them
down it doesn't matter.

You can push me down and
I wouldn't even care.

But I mean, if we're going to
do this, we need to do this now,

so come on.
Let's go.

TAO: Yeah, yeah.

CHAD: Come on.
It'll be cool.

Come on.


TAO: Shh.
Birds are waking up.

You'll wake up the cows.


You're gonna wake up the cows.

BECKY: I think
they're already awake.


JAKE: I guess we're not
gonna tip them over, though.

TAO: You guys heard
what Harris did, right?


TAO: He fucked a cow.
BECKY: Oh, my god.

No, didn't.

TAO: Yeah, he did.

He fucking fucked a cow.

Took her down to a
pond so, you know,

she'd be at the right level,
and then he just gave it to her.


TAO: I was there.

[INAUDIBLE] and insert
his penis into it.

It's not one of my prouder
moments, but yes, I did.

JAKE: You're nasty.

TAO: I'm not nasty.

I just-- I just happened
to be in the wrong place

at the wrong time.

JAKE: Did you like it?
TAO: Like it?

Oh, yes.

I-- I really get off on watching
cows do it to each other.


What's happening?



Chad, are you really
gonna do this?

CHAD: Everybody knows
that the whole world's

gonna burn one day, right?

But for this old lady,
that day is tonight.


RACHEL: I can't believe
that you killed the cow.

You were just supposed
to push it over.

You weren't supposed to burn it!

That is fucked up, man.

It was fucked up.

CHAD: It was fucked up?

I'm the fucked up one?

I'm fucked up?

Did you do anything to stop me?

You're all so fucking
great, aren't you?

What about the cow?
Did you do anything to stop me?

No, you just fucking watched.

You watched me.

You're full of shit.

What are you going to do, huh?

You're gonna fucking hit me?
Do something.

What are you gonna do?

You're fucking full of shit.

CHAD: What are you
going to do, huh?

What are you going to do, Jake?

What are you gonna do?

You both fucking watched
the fucking cow, didn't you?

Come on.
Hit me.

Come on.
Hit me.

Come on, you're gonna--

-Fucking bitch.

You fucking hit me.

Come on.

I couldn't even feel that one.

Fucking hit me again.

JAKE: That's what I'm gonna do.

CHAD: Why don't you
do it again, huh?

Come on.
Hit me.

Come on.
Do it--

JAKE: Go the fuck home, man.

You fucking go home.

No, you go home.

-No, you fucking go home.
-Mother fucker.

CHAD: No, go home.
Go home.

Come on.

JAKE: Chad, get the fuck out
of here, and go the fuck home.

Go home?

CHAD: Fine.

Go home.

Fucking all of you
fucking go home.


I wanna sleep with you tonight.

It's already the next day.

I just wanna lay down
for a little while.

I really don't feel good.

I don't feel good, either.

I think I need to be left alone.

Don't touch me.


Can't handle you anymore.

Can't take the pressure
of you all anymore.

Weren't you gonna
take me away somewhere?


When I'm a rich man I'm
gonna buy this place

and I'm gonna burn
it to the ground.

I'm going to pour
salt on the ashes

so nothing can grow here
for hundreds of years.

Don't touch me.

What happened this time?

You burned a cow, fucker.

That's what happened this time.
-You know what?

You can shut up.

Why don't you just
go fuck somebody else

and leave me alone, huh?

That was so fucked up.

You know what?

Innocent murderers go free
every day of the fucking week.

Everybody-- everybody
eats tortured, cooked cows

every day.
So what?

I fucking-- I burned a cow.

So what?

That was so fucking
evil, you sicko.

It made me so hot
when you did it.

I knew it.

INSLEY: Repression,
especially sexual repression,

is the route of violence
and child abuse.

I believe that.

Married men who sleep
with prostitutes

bring home diseases
to their wives

simply because they
can't be polygamous.

They die of diseases
that less repressed

people would never get.

If you are truly
happy, you'll only

leave your body when you want.


All right.

All right.


Do not stand at
my grave and weep.

I am not here.

I do not sleep.

I'm a thousand winds that blow.

I am the diamond glint on snow.

I am the sun on ripened grain.

I am the gentle autumn rain.

When you awake in
the morning's hush,

I am the swift uplifting rush of
quiet birds in circled flight.

I am the soft stars
that shine at night.

Do not stand at
my grave and cry.

I'm not here.

I didn't die.

RACHEL: Victor!

I don't know what to do.

Jake gave Becky
a bag of shrooms.

Now she tripping really hard.

She keeps giving me these
blank stares and wandering off.

Now I can't find her anywhere.

Where did you see her last?

She was over near my house,
but she's not there anymore.

All right.
Let's split up and find her.


VICTOR: There she is.





Becky, I'm sorry.

Just give us the-- give
us the mushrooms, baby.

Fucking go get her, man.

Fucking don't
fucking let her go.

VICTOR: Becky!


CHAD: Becky!

VICTOR: Becky!

CHAD: Becky, wait!

VICTOR: Becky!


CHAD: Ah, shit.


VICTOR: Becky!

We'll take you where it's safe.

Becky, stop!

VICTOR: Becky!


BECKY: They didn't plan for
a future, and some of us

didn't need one.


Ho, ho, ho, give me
your fucking oxys, huh?

Ho, ho, ho, bitch.

Give me your fucking oxys.

Give me your fucking oxy!


TAO: Did you shoot yourself?
CHAD: No, no, no, no.

I'm fine.
-Um, are you OK?

You OK?
-I'm fine!

I'm fine!

No, you shot yourself!

You shot yourself, man!

OK, I shot myself.

You're gonna be OK, man.
You're gonna be OK!

You're gonna be OK.

Why did you shoot yourself?

Why did you shoot yourself?

CHAD: I didn't mean to.

BECKY: Well, in the end,
we all found our way out.

For some of us, it
was out of our bodies.

For some of us, it
was out of our minds.


BECKY: And in conclusion.







Bye, mom.

Hold on.

I'm sick.

I know, mom.
I'm going.

And whither whilst thou go?

BECKY: They came here
on emotional crutches.

Then Insley took the crutches
away and they couldn't leave.


James, get in here now!


FEMALE SPEAKER: We need help!

Oh, god.


Hold him I'll call for help.



I hear the angels trumpeting.

-Tell the angels to fuck off.
-It's OK.

-It's OK.

It's OK.

Oh, hey, Fishman!

Well, there he goes.

He's coming right back.