Hanussen (1988) - full transcript

A man's story parallels Hitler's rise. Austrian Klaus Schneider, wounded in World War I, recovers in the care of Dr. Emil Bettleheim. Bettleheim discovers that Schneider possesses powers of empathy and of clairvoyance, such that could aid suicidal patients. After the war, with one friend as his manager and another as his lover, Schneider changes his name to Eric Jan Hanussen and goes to Berlin, as a hypnotist and clairvoyant performing in halls and theaters. He always speaks the truth, which brings him to the attention of powerful Nazis. He predicts their rise (good propaganda for them) and their violence (not so good). He's in pain and at risk. What is Hanussen's future?


Our Father, who art in Heaven.

Hallowed be thy name,
Thy kingdom come.

Thy will be done, on earth.

As it is in heaven. Give us this
day our daily bread

And forgive us our sins,

as we forgive those who sin
against us.

And lead us not into temptation,

But deliver us from evil. Amen.




Forward! Come on!

Forward to the Chapel!

Help me.

Help me!

Read me those letters.

Sit down, please.




Are you dizzy?

- No.
- What do you feel then?



A deep, dark void.

I'm scared of falling into it.

Where is this deep, dark void?

In me.

And this void is always present?

- I wish I could sleep.
- Give me your hand.

I'll give you some pills.
You need a lot of sleep now.

What are you thinking about

I'm afraid they will stand me
against a wall and shoot me.

Were you afraid of this, before?

- Yes often.
- Yes, I know this feeling.

- Do you ever dream?
- Yes.

What about?

About the burning house...

and I must flee.

- What sort of a house?
- I don't know.

A pharmacy. And I must run.

And then I miss the train.
Or the ship.

I have a similar dream.

Just as I get there, the ship
casts out.

He has peculiar way of looking
into my eyes. - Oh?

- I feel he's always watching me.
- And that he is in love with you.

And if you fall for him, I
shall kill you both.

- He is very sensitive.
- Like you?

Yes like me.

Schneider's case is very

He could be cured by hypnotism.

I may even finish my book, by
analyzing his case.

Major please. I can't take

I'm afraid I'm losing my mind.

The monarchy is finished!

- Is that what you think?
- Can't you see everything falling apart?

Quite a few other people think
that, Schneider.

Believe me, I also have my fears.

Images appear to me.

As a child, my father was a
doctor in a small town.

One day, the people were
aroused by someone.

They set the synagogue on fire.

They terrorized the Jews into
the river.

Somehow a child escaped.

He climbed up on a tree.

They set fire to the tree and
waited until the boy fell.

This image often appears to me.

And other too, about people
and events.

Sometimes I can see myself
on that tree.

Or in the water.

For you, it's a burning pharmacy.

Please lay down over there.


Whose pharmacy?

The Toth family. They lived
across the street.

- Why did the pharmacy burn down?
- I don't know, I was six.

Just before the fire, I ran
across to them.

and brought their little girl
to our house.

Do you remember this?

May I ask you a question?

Have you ever had the feeling
that you can see the future?

I am no clairvoyant,

but sometimes I also have


Can you cure me?


That's it, there.

Lie down.

Slacken your arms and shoulders.

That's it, yes.

One has to train one's will power.

One's will power is one's most
important weapon.

Especially when one is a second
class citizen.

What do you mean by that?

An artist, for example.

Try to breath very calmly now.

Very calmly.

Don't be afraid of falling

You are very exhausted.

You want to sleep.


Have a good rest.

Doctor, you are wanted.

I am Captain Trantow-Waldbach.

Captain Tibor Nowotny.

Major, we have orders concerning
your territory.

His Majesty is going to inspect
this section of the front

and will probably visit the

The Emperor will probably
doctorate some of the wounded

and the ladies in attendance,
will give out presents.

We have to establish a hero's
cemetery, inaugurated by the Emperor.

I need a few men for the job.
Fresh air is good for convalescents.

Why a cemetery, here?

Battle victims here are buried
in common graves.

We will exhume them and bury
them in the hero's cemetery.

Left turn.

Right turn.

About turn.

About turn.

Oh God, all these cripples.

Most are in such bad shape,

they won't be able to stand
attention for ten minutes.

It's not their fault.

They lost an arm or a leg for
the monarchy.

- They are symbols of loyalty.
- But there are too many. Remove some.

You two, go back to your ward.
You too, and you.

And you.

- I am good enough to perish, eh?
- But you can't look in the Emperor's eyes

Stop arguing and go back to
your bed.

Do you want to fall on your face
in front of the Emperor?

- I shall not fall.
- Go back to bed.

- I want him to see what I've become.
- Shut up.

Follow your orders.

I have given enough for the

I have the right to say what
I will.



Don't be afraid.

It won't last much longer.
I promise!

The closer the better.

We put an end to it together!



He's crazy!

A second to end it all!


Wait for me!

Not so quick!

Let me come to you.

You are right.

This world is not ours any longer.

It's full of wickedness.


Betrayal, fear.


This world is sentenced to death,

but it goes on killing and
destroying, trying to save itself.

You are a victim.

And so am I.

Do you understand?

It's difficult to do what you've
undertaken to do.

Think about it.

Think about every detail.

Take a deep breath.

As I do. Look slowly.

Let's think it over together.

Let's do it together.















Give me your hand.

Give me your hand.

Give me your hand.

You are exhausted.

Can you feel it?


Don't be afraid of being tired.

Give into it...

There is no...

resistance left in you.

Lie down.

Have a good rest.





I couldn't have done what
you did.

This ability of yours. Must be
used for curing people.

This is a very special talent.

You could save a lot of lives.
You will come to my clinic?

Do you still have a headache?

I'll send you for a medical
examination. Betty will go with you.

What I did...

with that Hungarian,

- Is that will-transference?
- Yes.

Could I learn more about it?

The chief physician can't see
you before tomorrow.

We'll find you a room in the

We have no free beds.

How do you feel?

Is everything alright?


I'd like to see your bandage.

Sit down, Major.

- Will you please sit down.
- Oh, yes?

I knew this would happen on
this trip.

- One has premonitions, you know.
- I'm afraid of what will happen.

What were you afraid of?

If you loved me too much and

- I can't ask?
- I must be careful.

Personal contact with soldiers
is forbidden.

- I was afraid of you, too.
- Why?

Because of Dr. Bettelheim, we
have become friends.

- I know, he told me.
- What if he finds out?

But he mustn't find out.



- What's so funny?
- I am in good spirits, sir.

- Why, may I ask?
- Because of the crosses.

- Do you find them so funny?
- Yes.

Haven't you read?


Damn it!

Where is the idiot who did this!

I'll be court marshalled for this.

Sargent Kovacs!

Why can't you take care of this?

Do you all take me for an idiot?

You said they can write whatever
they can think of.

I'll shoot you. Then we'll have
at least one cadaver here.

I want proper names: Wajda, Menczel, Jancso.

- Do you understand?
- Yes, captain.

Major, I know these people.

The names you've mentioned, they
are magicians, illusionists

- How do you know?
- I used to work variety shows.

Another proof of my theory:

An artist always has his eyes

Imagine his Majesty saluting me
in front of his own grave.

The Hungarians did it, I bet.

Traveling circuses and variety
shows. I know them as well.

Cabaret Nowotny, Prague, Brno.

I am planning to stage a variety
show. Participate?

I wouldn't mind a roll with her.

Come here to me!

We shall listen to the lady once
more tonight!

Let's welcome now a friend of

someone you have all known for
some time as a clairvoyant.

It is Schneider!


Comrades, hide an object
somewhere in the hall.

And the Sargent will find it
with the help of a medium.

Yes, that's it. Over there.

Now our clairvoyant will choose
a medium.

He goes down to you. And the
1st man he touches

Will take you to the hidden

Give me your hand...

and think hard of the object.

Why are you so uncertain?

Concentrate on the object.

I want to see it in front of me.

It's form.

It's bulk.

It's weight.

What are you afraid of?

The object won't explode,
will it?

Lead me to the object.

Go on.



Come back.

The war is over!
They signed an armistice.

Charles the IV, Emperor of Austria
and the King of Hungry

have issued orders to every unit.

Negotiations of the enemy powers
have ended today, satisfactory.

Military actions of every unit
should cease immediately.

Along with the divisions.


Sargent Schneider!

Major, at your service.

Good morning, Klaus.

- Welcome.
- Thanks.

- Have you found a place to stay?
- No I've just arrived.

I've brought Betty here with me.

Please send Sister Betty to me.

- The three of us, together again.
- Yes, Major.

You mustn't call me Major again.

Those times are over Thank God.
There is a revolution, here.

I've seen a demonstration.

Most important thing is we can
work in peace at the clinic.

We've created a ward for the

You will be able to work
wonders here.

Just believe in yourself.

Do you have any complaints?

I've even forgotten I was wounded.

- Proof of our successful methods.
- I'm very grateful to you doc.

Don't be:

God thought
"This man knows something".

"Let me see what he can do with it".


Civil clothes suit you.

You are prettier than ever, Sister.

I thought we agreed you'd
call me Betty.

- Where?
- At the front.

You talk like so many
Cassandras, gentlemen.

I've never had more respect for
Jeremiah, then the last year of the war.

But this is your world now,
the way you wanted it. Your wish.

The problem is that people who
aspire to power

don't inspire trust.

They don't want our trust,

They want the following of the

I'm sure they'll eventually
convert them.

Then they might become our enemies.

Just like the Monarchy used to
be our enemy.

Yes, you can count on that

Why do you say that?

Suddenly I saw of picture of
you standing there

and you are the enemy.

- And you?
- I?

Yes, maybe I am also with you.

- Standing where?
- Against the wall maybe?

- Waiting to be executed?
- No.

I don't really know.

Actually, the Riverside promenade
or Danube bank.

Middle class intellectuals wearing
dark suits, overcoats and hats.

And they are the enemy.

An interesting vision.

And where shall I be?

You won't be there.

You'll live in America by then.

In America?

How do you know?

You have thought of emigrating
there several times tonight.

Am I correct?

Is he right?

Well? Tell us the truth.

Yes it crossed my mind.

- But how did you know?
- I looked at you.

And that was what you were
thinking about.

Then you must know what I was
thinking about.

Sorry, I wasn't looking at you

And what do I think of now?

About the future and you're

You think about Therese and

You are afraid for them.

Tell me, please...

Shall I ever be a mother?

Let's go to the drawing room
for coffee and cigars.

After you.



Do you feel the forces of

flowing through your hands?

Do you feel it?

Do you feel it?

- This is Mr. Klaus Schneider.
- How do you do?

Would you care to say
something to him?

No, I don't want to say anything
to you.

Never let anyone see your hands.

Your palm is naked.

One can see everything in it.

Go away from here.

Go away and do what you want
to do, so you can shine.

- Where is your suitcase?
- Klaus.

I thought it over last night.

- I can't leave him.
- What do you want?

He is married.

I'll wait.

Don't go, stay with us.

Take care of yourself.

Train is about to leave for
Gyor, Vienna!

I don't want to hurt your

but I've been thinking about your

Klaus Schneider.

- No ring to it.
- It's my name.

It's too bourgeois.

You need a well-sounding name
in the future.

Nero? Wolfgang Amadeus?

I am serious.

You need a special name.

A name people hear once and
never forget.

- A unique name.
- A stage name?

- Baldini?
- No.

- Rastelli?
- It should be original, not phony.

A European name sounds more

Yet sometimes there is something
different about it.

Something magic!

The gentlemen represent the New
Free Press and the Kronenzeitung.

Capitan Nowotny is Mr Hanussen's

Sit down, please.

Mr. Hanussen is resting.

He may join us later.

His appearances demand such
extended periods of rest.

His name makes it difficult
to tell where he's from.

He is from the north and his
father's roots are also there.

His mother is from the south.

His mother tongue is German,

but he also speaks, Czech,
Hungarian, Italian, French, English.

I asked him, "How did you learn
so many"?

He said: "I have a passion.
I want to understand people".

The most important thing

is he can understand the
message of the future.

- Where was Mr. Hanussen born?
- A small village in Styria.

- Can you also see the future?
- No, but I believe in him.

How did you find out about his

Tell you a secret, don't
publish this.

We severed together at the front

when he foretold exactly the
outcome of the war.

Fantastic absolutely!

Ladies and Gentlemen.

The gentlemen I'm about to ask

is a gift that is beyond

He is is capable of knowing,

our thoughts and wishes.

Hears the sounds of our spirit.

He can penetrate our will by
the gift of the mind.

He makes us do what he wants
us to do.

Directed by forces with hypnotic

the transfer of thought and
the will.

He that knows what lies ahead.

Erik Jan Hanussen!

Write your questions on the

And make sure to seal them in
the envelopes.

I will guess who has asked the

A young lady.


A young lady.

Members of my family left for
America last week.

Will they become millionaires?

Should I follow them?

Is that the question...

that you want me to answer?


The ship...

The ship...

What about the ship?

I can't see it anymore.

The ship will sink?

You are not going to America.

- What is it?
- Look at the papers.

Death in the Waves.

Ship disaster. Hundreds dead.

You knew it last night.

I saw it.

I saw it!

To see what this woman says,
in response.

Mr. Hanussen?


It's a pleasure to congratulate
you in person.

I saw your performance last night

and must say I was very impressed.

When I heard this morning about
the ship... Incredible.

I admire you.

If we politicians could see the

many tragedies could be avoided
in this world.

If you come to Berlin, you
must come and see me.

Here's my card.

- Dr. Rattinger.
- How do you do.

My pleasure.


- Sorry for being late.
- No, I came to early.

Is it convenient if we stay here?




Do you have any doubts or
concerns over your predictions?

Yes, but I burden the public
with my doubts,

my fears, my mistakes,
my difficulties, my complexes

my pessimism, these are all
parts of my gift.

Did you know you'd have an effect
on the public, beforehand?

If I say yes, you'll call me

- Are you interested in politics?
- No.

No I'm not interested in politics.

I don't belong to any party,
nor will I ever.

I am interested in life itself,

the secret of life.

Who are your friends, those
you are fond of.

Bettelheim, Emil.

Doctor, professor.


Nowotny Tibor.


All of them, men?

What about women?

What sort of medium would I be?

Martha, not a suitable name
for a medium.

- Another name then?
- Wally.

Erik Jan Hanussen...

and Wally, right?

What do you really want from me?

Now you can do with me, what
you will.

Get up.

Get up.

Open the window.

Stand on the sill.

And now, jump.

Why don't you jump?

I'm not crazy.

See, I'm not really a hypnotist.
You'd have jumped.

You don't really want me to
jump do you?

I do.

You'd be arrested and sentenced
for it.

"Lady lady throws herself to
death for Erik Jan Hanussen,

the man with the telepathic gift,
she jumps off the 5th floor".

I can read it in the newspapers.

What a story for the papers!



I have the newspapers.

They all talk about you.

This is Martha, a journalist.
You know each other of course.

- Wally.
- Wally?

You have to be the best if you
want to remain here.

With your present fans, however,
you could do anything in Karlsbad.

You would be a star amongst them.

Fire eaters, sword swallowers.

And you, the master. Telepathy
and clairvoyance!

I tell you the future.

I tell you the future.

Don't live in insecurity.

I can see the future, don't
live in insecurity.

Go on, he won't mind.

Excuse me, could I have your

- Thanks.
- You're welcome.

- I must speak with you privately.
- Sit down, Rudi.

- Please, somewhere else
- Sit down.


The police are upset over the
newspaper articles.

The police? Who exactly?

Everybody. They are calling you
a charlatan.

I didn't break into a bank.

I think it would be wise, if
you got out of Karlsbad.

Before they find and arrest you.

You better be careful.

Please move away, you smell!

If they charge charlatanism,
you should take it seriously.

Go away, where?

Berlin would be the best place
for you.



- Eric Jan Hanussen?
- Yes.

I am arresting you

under the law of Czech Republic.

This is the warrant for your

You received another name at
birth. What is it?

Klaus Schneider.

And your name changed overnight?

Isn't that fraudulent?

- No.
- What do you mean, no?

Who gave you this unique name?
The ex-Emperor?

I chose it myself.

Like so many well known historic

I had a feeling this name could

expresses me and my aims better.

Does it express your objectives?

I think it hides your true self!

Prosecutor, please refrain from
your comments.

Yes, your honor.

You have visited all the spas

throughout the German-Czech

I'm interested in people,

who turn to me with their

- What is your citizenship?
- Austrian.

Do you love your country?


Then why don't you appear on
stage at home?

The people have no questions
for you there?

They do not want to know the

Don't want to have problems?

- Where do you really belong?
- To middle Europe.

Where we have been sharing the
same destiny for a long time.

May I know the charges against

Charlatanism and deceiving people
of good faith.

We'll see what else comes to

what's your occupation?

I'm a clairvoyant.

- You can read other's thought?
- Yes.

And can control them?

To a certain extent.

- And tell them their future?
- Yes.

- And my own future?
- You'll lose this case.

May I remind you are the accused,
and in court.

Refrain from jokes.

The prosecutor called me a

because I maintain I know people's
longings and fears.

I do because I am one of them,
since I live in Middle Europe,

what use to be the Austro-Hungarain
Monarchy, I live in one of the

countries destroyed by war, where
we have no security of ourselves,

because we are afflicted by

I do know the fears and longings
of those present as well.

I can feel the unsolvable and
suppressed problems of the soul

flowing towards me.

These issues bring people to
the churches and fortune-tellers.

I just express what they didn't dare

In order to have a vision of
the unknown, the future...

The Future of war widows and

the abused and abandoned of this
mad world of ours.

Is this what we are all longing
for? No.

In everyone's eyes, the same
question: What will happen to us?

I now ask this question, and
on their behalf. Stand up.

Stand up with me?
Very talented.

The masses...

"You are talented".

The masses behave like
frustrated women.

Take me, lay me, rape me.

If you are acquitted,

I'll go to a church with you
so you can render thanks.

- Who shall I thank?
- Doesn't matter.

Just express your gratitude.

What are your plans?

First, rest and then we are off
to Berlin.

Do you have faith and optimism
in the future?

I live.


It's alright.

I'm Valery of the Sea.

So familiar to me. Do we know
each other?

Vali Toth from Eisenstadt!

Klaus Schneider.


Do you still remember the smoke?


Yes of course. When our
pharmacy burned down.

Vali Toth of Eisenstadt!

- Really so happy to see me again?
- I could dance.

I see 100.000 marks in the canal,
a beggar has thrown them away.

A paper that costs 100.000
costs 500.000 in the afternoon.

Those who have saved all their
lives become beggars.

Those who understand bribery, swindle
and cheat to move up in the world.

I see many jobless men in front
of smart restaurants.

Faint with hunger, they stare
through the windows.

And those sitting inside,
couldn't care less.

Not that shop windows are empty
No they are full!

Disparities are growing day
by day.

Corruption sweeps aside common

In place there is a void.

and people are gathering in
this void.

Those that are sick and have
no chances.

They need bread, work, security
and order.

What they have is hate.

Hate towards this Republic.

I see the hatred in their eyes.

This hatred might be misused
by a demagogue.

These are dreadful times.

Times of waiting and the time
of maneuvering for position.

It's like rope-walking over
the abyss.



after this vision,

Do you have any questions?

Unlike previous generations,
the youth of today

would never agree to be forced
to do something.

- What about weapons?
- They're free and wouldn't take up arms.

- Thank you
- Excuse me, gentlemen.

I have a personal question.

My name is Baron Stadler.

could you please tell me what the
price of cotton will be tomorrow?

- Sorry, I have no idea.
- You must be joking.

- I really don't know.
- The price is now 93.

- Just say a number.
- Can it be a house number?

Feuerwehr Strasse #25. It was
my grandmother's address.

- 25... that's impossible.
- I know where she used to live.

Thanks, sir.

Thank you very much.

Your welcome.

- Some coffee and warm milk, please.
- In a minute.

Unexpected plunge.
Cotton prices down to 25.

Price of cotton falls to 25.

Your coffee, sir.

- Has something happened, sir?
- No.

Here you are.

Would you like a lottery

No, thanks.

Lottery ticket, perhaps?

Give me ten.

Here you are.

Thank you.

Lottery ticket?

Lottery ticket?

Mr. Hanussen.

I'm Fabian, a journalist for
several evening papers

Yesterday you said the price
of cotton would fall to 25.

How did you know?

- I have great contacts.
- In the coat room?

Even there. Is it true?


Yes, and?

- The price did fall to 25.
- Yes, I said it would.

How did you know?

Did no one tell you I can see
into the future?

- Can we talk about it?
- I'm sorry, not right now.

- Maybe tomorrow at 3 at the cafe.
- No. right now, please.

Tomorrow you won't still be

I'm not sure.

You might give an interview
before then and I won't be.

Ten minutes, all right.

- Shall we sit down?
- Yes, alright.

So you are a prophet?

I won't say that.

I have certain premonitions.

I can glimpse into the human soul,
I know little telepathy.

And I always know what the
person I'm talking to thinks.

- What am I thinking about now?
- That you'd like to smoke a cigar.

Have you had any training?

I was born this way.

Why speak at the bourgeois democrats
club? Are you a member of the party?

I don't belong to any party, nor
have any interest in politics.

I tell the truth to all I see,
even if it's unpleasant.

What you said at the club, suits
their policy.

Why did you come to Berlin?

- To conquerer it!
- Only the best succeed at that.

If you're not well known, you're
nobody in Berlin.

Think of your countrymen, Adolf
Hitler. No one knew him.

He is leading a revolution in

although he didn't know it would
led to failure.

Yet he tried it and the case
became a sensation.

Give me your address and
telephone number.

If you're article is good,

I'll let you know in advance.

I agree.

Well, are you having a good time?

- Berlin is a good idea.
- I knew it was the place for you.

- Your favorite has made a good start.
- Yes, thank God.

And thanks to the circumstances.

Is that what you think?

Don't misunderstand me.
You have a special gift.

Someone would have been
necessary yesterday.

And who knows what people will
need tomorrow.

Embrace the opportunity.

Your secret is that you awaken fear.
And that is what is needed now.

No one should fear me. It's
enough I fear myself.

Don't be so conceited.

The Gods don't like it, not
even yours.

Thank you.

Thank you.

- What did you think?
- You were fantastic.

And you?

You have bewitched me again,
like before.

- But we should talk about our childhood.
- Good idea.

- We were friends growing up.
- Have you meet?

Tibor Nowotny.



- "Wally"?
- Yes.

Valery, you are enchanting.

Pardon my interruption,

but this young man has turn
into a rival.

He's been raving about Valery
all night.

- Do I know you?
- We met at the Italian front.

At your service, Capitan Nowotny.

Is the whole Piave army
posted here?

- You all know each other?
- Middle Europe is a village.

What are you doing in Berlin?

Haven't you heard of EJ Hanussen?

You're him?

Would you like to work for the

You could foresee murders
or bank robberies.

We go there, arrest criminals
and lock them up.

- No, I'm not interested.
- You can read people's thoughts?

If I want to.

What sort of miracles can we
expect from you in the future?


Who's going to dance with me?

You, Klaus?


I might be wrong, but did you
cry for help a while ago?

What do you mean?

I can't explain it here, it is
a private matter.

Is it true you saved suicidals
in Budapest?

If that's what they say.

- A dance?
- No, maybe later.

I've been in this business for
40 years.

You see our posters all over

We'll place a sticker on them
reading: "Hanussen".

If Mr. Hanussen appears in your

you'll have to print new

His name should be three times
as large and in a different color.

The poster will read:
"Prof. G?dor's 50th anniversary".

- And I'll slip across, "Hanussen".
- Erik Jan.

Do you know much artist like
you have cost me?

These types appear everywhere
now, creating disorder.

When shall we have order again?

Changes in the government!

Rattinger, is the new under
secretary of foreign affairs!

Unfortunately, those who demand
unlimited power for themselves

in the name of democracy keeps
growing. As well as their influence.

But they abuse democracy

in the search of such power.

Since the assassination of

we must realize the same thing
could happen to any one of us.

What did you say? No one would
have attempted this before me.

Ladies and gentlemen,

I'll save any unnecessary words,
just say his name.




He will first demonstrate to you
the force of the human spirit.

We shall blindfold him. Wally

- What a cheap trick!
- You can examine the item yourself.

- Another one of the phoneys
- Get you ticket.

- The artist cannot see
- Sure!

Anyone want to come up here?

To make sure the artist is blind.

You're the one who makes people

- Does that mean that you are tired?
- You heard what I said.

- Why?
- This place makes one feel tired.

Then you must sleep. You can
hardly open your mouth.

I paid for my ticket.

Yes, so you can say what you

Also, if it's so important,
then why not say it on stage?

Come up here.

Wally, grab a chair for our
guest, please.

Think about what you want to
say to the audience.

You must concentrate. We don't
want you stammering.

- All I want to say...
- Hold on...

You're tired, aren't you?

Sit down please.

He would like to say something
to us.

Something important.

But he is tired.

Maybe after a rest, he will
say it.

Have a rest, nobody will
bother you.


No one will disturb you.


Your arms feel heavy.
Let them fall.


Sleep, now.

You are falling asleep.

You are fast asleep.

You sleep.

You are fast asleep...


He is content now.

Is he asleep?

He will wake up when he is
rested tomorrow morning.

But he can't wake up, until
a cock crows three times.

But, where shall we find a cock

He, himself will be the cock.

When this watch chimes,

you will climb on the chair
and crow three times.

This will wake you up.

After this refreshing sleep

you'll tell us who paid you to
disturb our show.

You may stand.

Thank you!

And now tell our audience.

Why did you interrupt the show?

I just carried out orders.

Get your cronies and leave
the theater.

Tell the person who gave you
the orders,

that Erik Jan Hanussen would
like to meet him.

So many fortune-tellers.
What do you think of them?

Most are charlatans.

There's always been and always
will be people like that.

Especially in times when people
need extra help.

And live in difficult times
and can't get help.

How can you predict the future?

As a composer can hear notes,

so can I sense forces composed
of thoughts. Wishes. Fears.

They flow towards me.

You must know who will be
German's chancellor in January.

Do you know or not?

- I don't wanna play this game.
- Which means you don't know.

I've declared several time,
party struggles, no comment.

You don't say anything out of
fear you'll be proved wrong.

You all know I am never wrong.

- Then tell us!
- I can't.

- I'm a guest in this country.
- Not the only one.

- You have no idea, admit it.
- I won't, because I know.

If you knew you'd have told us
long ago.

Adolf Hitler will be chancellor.

Haven't we agreed you wouldn't
get mixed up in politics?

How can you support a

You do realize the consequences
of this?

I know what I say and whatever
I say I see.

The future belongs to Hitler.
Even you can see it.

- Why say it in public?
- The truth can be unpleasant.

But it must be told.

Who organized this press
conference? You did.

Whose idea was to "conquerer

I did not praise or support

No you didn't, just that he
would be chancellor.

Realize the people listen to you,
"The clairvoyant said so".

Are you a member of the party?
Show me your membership card.

I've never seen a membership
card in my life.

I do not belong to any party,
nor will I ever.

I am myself and will remain

If it doesn't suit you, leave.

If your announcement appears in
the papers, I will.

- I'd be a Hitler propogandist.
- What I see isn't always what I want.

But I always tell what I see.

They can take it as a warning.

Who do you think you are?

A biblical prophet or Christ

Do you know who you are?

Just another 2nd class magician
with a few clever tricks.

Thanks to Dr. Bettelheim you
can sell yourself better.


Let me tell you something.

Germany needs order right now.

More rights and freedoms.

Whoever brings this, wins.

- And it's Hitler.
- Why mix with politics?

You might be right,

but do you realize the
propaganda you just created?

With him, we know what
will happen.

Are you a prophet?

Of course not.

- Then leave it to me.
- As you wish.

Coming, Wally?

I better say goodbye.

We may meet again in the next

If it breaks out soon, we can
have a variety show at the front.

And you?

Why do you stay?

Since I don't want that to
happen again.

The Prophet Says: Hitler
will be chancellor.

You did right naming Hitler.

Frightened those who hesitate.

Now they realize what will happen
if they don't stand up to him.

Hitler has no mass support.

His rough, uneducated storm
troopers only scare people away.

Hitler's position can only be

You really think so?

The infiltration has filled
people with hatred.

It's brought forth humiliation
and stirred up filth.

We both knows what that leads

A hatred of democracy and a
new racism

and the wish for a strong hand.

And now?

We are losing, but won't admit
it yet.

Everyone knows the future,
various forces hungry for power.

A variety show manager wants to be
Minister of Culture, demanding censorship.

And we? We die?

Do you have a bodyguard?

No, I haven't.

You'll need one soon.
I'll provide it.

Hitler asked me if you belong
to the party.

I said no, since it was against
your principles.

How did you know that?

One sometimes reads what is
put on one's desk.

The head of propaganda of the
party wants to meet you.

I'll lead you to him.

Hitler congratulates you, you
see the future of German, clearly.

Hitler is the future and you
should stake on him.

Have children?

- No.
- Why not?

You see the future, why not
have children?

- Make the effort. I have five.
- Congratulations.

We need children, the future
of Germany demands this.

May I have a few words?

It's good you don't belong to
any party or faction.

You can't be accused of being

This is very good for Hitler.

In this country social standing
and education are everything.

People can't imagine that a
simple soldier can lead as well.

We will put Hitler's mystical

against the arrogance of the
aristocracy and the upper class.

- Where did you meet the count?
- At the Italian front.

Was he a good soldier? And you,

I was a Sargent.

So was I.

Everything here is on the brink
of collapse.

Predict a new future of Germany,
you won't be sorry.

- Things look hopeless.
- Better for us.

It means our time is getting

I'm sure you know everybody:

the penniless, the unemployed,
the soldiers...

but really everybody is ready
to swear on any cause,

if it means a return to order.

For our people, order to more
important than anything.

They don't know what to do with
their freedoms for the future.

When we take power,

we shall organize an institute
for the research of the future.

Henni Stahl.

I am a film director and
photographer. Heard of me?

- Yes, I've heard of you.
- Can I offer you some advice?

Make sure you are never lit
from above.

- As a magician, you understand.
- Of course.

Would your radiance be effective
on film, I wonder.

Hitler is very forceful, even
if only his voice on the radio.

It's not easy, however, to
take a good picture of him.

I'd like to find your most
effective faces.

Will you call me, Mr. Hanussen?

Who was she?

Henni Stahl, wants to take
pictures of me.

He's there!

Autograph for me.

Me too.



They say they care for the
wounded of the revolution.

But I have laid my roots.

Hugarians are far away from

My success doesn't exist.

I was not patient.

People avoid me.

- Could I practice here?
- You should leave here.

Berlin is now the center of
the word.

They have the best institute
of Psychiatry.

Betty knows
Count Trantow-Waldbach.

He might be able to help us.

I brought all my histories
of patients.

- Even me as well?
- Yes.

Maybe we can buy a small house.

How many people invest here?
In gold, silver, tapestries, art?

- What is stable?
- Diamonds.

If you go, goodbye.

- But if you do not?
- Leave.

- But to where?
- To America.

To America, me?

Budapest is my home.

- They'll be looking for culprits.
- Scapegoats? Nothing new.

- Someone you can kick out?
- The Jews.

Or the intellectuals.

Or artists tempted to sin.

Writers, journalist, actors,
dancers of easy virtue.

What about nurses?

The lady...

sings in Hungarian.

What it would be like, living
in peace.

"Not afraid of the future".

Rattinger assassinated!

Rattinger assassinated!

Rattinger Secretary of State


What is he doing here?

The morning is the best time
to meet your requirements.

But not the afternoon.

Do not plan at noon.

Watch what he says outside of
his house.

- What can I expect this year?
- The new year will bring success.

You will rise to great heights.

Anymore questions?

No, thank you.

- Whose turn?
- Mr. Hanussen.

Why not, very interesting.

Are you afraid?

- You don't believe horoscopes?
- I don't want to partake.

No, why not?

- Your date of birth?
- He was born April 20th.

The same birthday as Hitler?

Your husband is also Austrian?


You only care for yourself.

And you have no idea of love.

True, I haven't.

That feeling all of you talk
so much about...

I felt it once for a day.

I can hardly remember.

But the count knows about love.
Doesn't he?


In depth.

Who can it be?


They'll leave.

Good morning.

The nightclub I work was
smashed up last night.

Guest were beaten up.

I packed my things.

Will you come with me, Valery?

- Right now? Where?
- Paris.

What's the hurry?

No, I haven't had enough
wandering about.

I know the Count will protect

You're lucky. It could have
been him waiting all night.

I'm sorry.

- Why didn't you come up?
- Didn't want to disturb you.

- We know that.
- How long are you staying, here?

As long as possible.

Let me say goodbye to you as

Let me look at you for a moment.

For the last time.
I'll never return.

Women need tenderness, Mr.

Much tenderness.

Ladies and gentlemen, pass this part
of the house, you leave Berlin.

Forget yourselves.

Feel free and open.

Let yourselves go.

What will the new year bring?

There will be great changes.

A bright new star will rise.

Man is the pawn of fate.

Do we live in chaos and

We are on the threshold of a
new age.

What brings this new age?


Thank you and now the girls.

Excuse me, the gentleman has

Please sit down, I won't be a

Up there on top, stretch your

That's it!

Fine. Thank you.

And now one more pyramid.

Stretch your arms as if
holding a torch.

You two on top.

As if you carried a torch!

Thank you we have finished.

Can you feel how their bodies
radiate a cosmic natural force?

I'm fed up with decadence.

This is the new way
of photography.

How to show a demonic state

On stage or on screen.

This is the important problem.

Please go to the mirror,
will you?

What is the secret of charisma?

Here, read this. Look at them!

Henni Stahl.


Fantastic, isn't it?

We shall have them published.

Mr. Fabian, please.

Come and see me right now.

Get into a cab.

Photos, that's all I'll say.

Right now.


You are crazy!

- I know what I'm doing.
- I'm going.


We have to see about your money.

- I don't want your money.
- Please!

- Please!
- Let me go!


I'm fond of you.

Very fond.

Shall we have another drink?

It's so particular.

That we are still
on formal terms.

You were my patient.
But if you like.


You have a greater effect on
people, because of your gift.

On the other hand, I know what
one can achieve with it.

I'm not a genius.

Since Freud, there is nothing
left to discover.

Everything depends on your approach.

Your moral approach.

We should stay together.

Maybe we...

can appear together again.

If we survive this, why not.

Maybe I could join a circus.

Fortune telling Rabbi with
miraculous powers.

I could learn a few tricks and
forget about Hippocrates.

Do you want to come with me?

They think you know the future,
but if you say

something disagreeable,
they'll call you a false prophet.

They will try to destroy you.

Why don't you believe us?

We have known for a long time
unspeakable things

that happen in the natural way.

And I...

I am sitting with you here in

Drinking and waiting instead
of fleeing!

And I sweat with fear.

We've drunk to much.

We should sleep a little.

Don't ever sell yourself.

It can happen so quickly.

Rank and title are such

To be a head physician or
university professor...

But it's not worth it.

A Charlatan wants
to conquer Berlin.

A fraud that wants to resemble

Call the count, immediately.

Tell him you want to speak
to him.

The count, I don't think he is
fond of me, is he?

That's true.

- Call the chief of propaganda.
- The whole thing originates with them!

Can't you read it properly?

Don't upset yourself.

Shall we disappear somewhere
for the weekend?

To the Harz Hills or Austria?

What are you afraid of?

- Time is on your side, yes?
- No.

Time is not on my side.

Ladies and gentlemen.

Erik Jan Hanussen!

I will examine a question
today that interest us all.

Is it possible to transfer
one's will power over another?

Can we manipulate someone
else's will?

A difficult problem.
Will someone come up to help me?

Maybe you?


Or you?

Yes, you madame.

Come up on stage, please.

Thank you.

Yes, please come.

Come up here.

Thanks for your willingness
to help in the experiment.

May I ask you a question.

If I asked you now to set fire to
the theater, what would you say?

- I'd laugh at you.
- Thanks.

Did you like to gaze into the
fire as a child?

Yes, I did.

Please look into the flames of
this torch.

A pretty flame.

Isn't it?

Do you remember your childhood?



But heat as well.

And glow.

You like fires.

Look at me.

You'd like to set fire to
everything now.

That's what you'd like best.

Set fire to the curtain.


Thank you, have fun for the
rest of the show.

Ridiculous Tomfoolery.

Is that what you think?

Order is there!

The purifying fire that we
have set aflame.

Now we must...

all of us, lift a torch...

A torch that lights the way
for our people,

one that sets fire to everything
that is pulling back our nation

into the world of traitors!

This common meal...

should be the symbol of our
common struggle.

Mr. Hanussen, can you explain
hypnosis to them?

Let's pack and leave here.

You still want to go away
with me?

Leave the burning building and
watch the others burn?

- Have you gone crazy?
- I always foresaw everything.

You say it was a mistake.
Maybe it was.

Would it be better if I said:

I warned you. I told you you
were going to crash?

Would that give you

I have no influence, whatsoever.

Why am I here?

He was nervous and upset when
he came home.

His hands were shaking...

He said later:

- "They want some kind of a fire".
- A fire?

Yes, word by word.

The great magician has become
fond of you.

You're mistaken.

He loves Valery.

Try to stay close to him. Be
his mistress. Thank you.

Call Capitan Becker.

Stay alert. Soon you'll join
your friend in Switzerland.

Be careful though.

Good bye.

Get a hold of the gentlemen that
were at my house two nights ago.

Also a list of the most important
buildings in the city.

We may have to move the Count
from Berlin.

He's having visions of fires.

He thinks that an opera house
or the Reichstag will burn.

He organizes the Aristocrats
among the officers

to uncover a possible arson.

He says it's an opportunity,

to remove those petite bourgeois
from around Hitler.

It concerns us.

You know the saying:

Beat your own, so that
strangers will fear you.

Shall I stay where I am?

Or shall I go away forever?

I am so alone.

Can no one help me?

Is there no hope?

Shall I be a member of

A member of Parliament?


In the Reichstag?

But, sir...

The Reichstag?

There is no Reichstag anymore.

It will soon be burning.

I can see flames rising from
it's dome.

The sky is fire-red over Berlin.

The whole building is ablaze!

The flames keep rising!

The question is:

Who set it on fire?

The Reichstag...

Will burn.

The Reichstag in flames?
Prophecy of Hanussen.

Withdrawal every newspaper

Intercept those being
delivered by train.

About the afternoon edition,

censor everything about
Hanussen. Fires, prophecy, all.

Count Trantow-Waldbach
Victim of a Motorcycle accident!

Heer. Hanussen.

You must come with us.


My superior wants to talk to

- Show starts in five minutes.
- Sorry, I have my orders.

Cancel the show.

I don't understand.

This problem doesn't concern

Come, we must go.

Where? I must know.

Don't cause problems, madame.

- You stay here.
- I don't want to leave you.

- Who are you?
- His life partner.

You may also come.

Well, Hanussen.

Can you predict your future?
Blindfold him, it may help.

Why do you sweat?

Are you afraid?

I've heard a person who knows
about his future,

wets himself or shits his pants.

- Is your friend often afraid?
- Yes.

How come?

Someone as conceited as he...

- It that not presumptuous.
- Has this impostor deceived you?

I am not an impostor.

Maybe not, then we made a mistake.

Posterity will decide that.

- You can't just make me disappear.
- Can't I?

I'd just like you to sleep.

You'll wake up when the cock
crows three times.

And you will be the cock.

There is a tree behind you.
Climb it.

Go on.


And now crouch on that branch,
little cock.

Now do you want to crow?


Please don't make him crow.

Our father,

who art in heaven, hollowed
by the name,

thy kingdom come.

they will be done,
in earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily

And forgive us our trespasses,

as we forgive those who trespass
against us.

And lead us not into

But deliver us from evil. Amen.

Once more!


You don't exist anymore.

You are finished.

You'll never be a prophet

You don't exist anymore.

Never again.

Are you trying to hypnotize

Try harder.

Struggle a little longer,

Have you lost your power?

You will all perish.