Hanbando (2006) - full transcript

A Korean reunification plan is upset by a Japanese invasion plot, revealing a century-old secret between the countries.

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Since it was once China's colony.
Chinese characters as a colony of China...

Historical documents prove this.

North and South join hands for counter measures
against (Japan's) distortion of history

North Korea Accelerates
Nuclear Development...

Bush Refers to North Korea
as an 'Axis of Evil'

Humanitarian Aid to
North Korea continue...

Six-party Talks takes
a Dramatic Turn...

Roads Between North
and South Korea Open...

Two Koreas Agree to Hold Sports
and Cultural Festivals...

North and South
Exchange Manpower...

North and South Plan United
Team for Olympics...

Separated Families
to Travel Freely...

Kyungui Railroad Fully
Open for Operation...

List of Donors of Kyungui
Railroad Sleepers...



The absence of
foreign delegations

should not interfere with
the opening ceremony

of the Korean railroad.

You're right.
Let's start the ceremony.

Mr. President!

The Foreign Minister
of Japan forbids

the opening of the
Kyungui Railway.


How can Japan forbid
the opening?

Japan argues that
they possess

all the rights to the
Kyungui Railway.



We, Japan, will not allow the
opening of the Kyungui Railway.

A political document
from 1907

proves that all rights of
operations of the Kyungui Railway

should be permanently
handed over to Japan.

Japan, still holds
all the rights

related to the Kyungui Railway.

Therefore, we have
every justification to

forbid the opening of the
Kyungui Railway.

Are you pressing us to
implement a treaty

signed under coercion
a hundred years ago?

Mr. President, it is a treaty
that both governments

officially signed
a century ago,

and it is of importance to
claim succession.

What if we can't accept it?

What if we cannot accept your
presumptuous demands?

Korea and Japan are
adjacent countries,

not only geographically,
but also trading partners

politically, culturally
and economically.

In addition...

Many of your
multinational companies

have licensed important
technologies from us.

Many Japanese companies and investors
are very fond of your country.

However, they can't
be more fond

of your country than
their own government.

Are you trying to
threaten us with

your economic power?

Oh, certainly not.

If your country doesn't

implement the treaty,

then we simply won't
Keep our promise.

What promise?

Next month, the Japanese
government promised

to lend 157 billion dollars
to your country.

The loan will not be
transferred until

the terms in the treaty signed
a century ago are met.

The United States government
announced that

the two Koreas should not have

carried out the
railroad project

without carefully reviewing

the ownership of
the Kyungui Railway.

They're blatantly supporting

the Japanese and condemning us.

The international
community has expressed

their negative attitude towards

the rapidly improving relationship

between the two Koreas.

Russia's standpoint
can't be much different

from those of the
U.S. and China.

Why don't Russia

and China consider
the benefits

that the Kyungui Railway will
bring to their economy?

Because this is not simply
an economic issue.

As you know, China has
never been on good

terms with Japan.


Without the consent
of the U.S.,

Japan could have
never threatened us

and China and Russia are
indirectly expressing

their reluctance to go against
Japan and the U.S.

Just because the U.S. agreed,

are we doomed to acknowledge
that 100-year-old document?

We all know the consequences if

Japan refuses to loan us
the 157 billion dollars.

Also, the core technologies and

investment capital
will be appropriated.

Our own major businesses
will be outraged

and possibly jeopardized!

So just because of that...

I'm just saying,
at the very least,

we should avoid the worst.

What is today's date?


17th, Mr. President.

I shall evaluate Japan's
argument with regards to

the authenticity
of the document.

For that purpose,

I shall organize the
Presidential Truth Commission.

Mr. President!

Accepting Japan's
request and then

gradually expressing our needs

shall be the integral
solution for us.

It will not be the
integral solution,

but a cowardly compromise
if we disguise the truth.

Gentlemen, about a century ago
to the day, November 17th,

Japan illegally violated
our sovereignty.

We shall not let history
repeat itself again.

The Prime Minister shall assemble
the Presidential Truth Commission.

Yes, sir.

Yesterday was November 17th
Does anyone know what day that is?

Wow sir, you're such a romantic.

What day was it?

It's Diary Day!

When couples exchange
their love diaries.

That's January 14th.

Was it double 11 day then?

That's November 11th!

Well then, does anyone know
what the "fox hunt" is?

Here, the fox refers
to our last Empress.

The Japanese officials
and military

deliberately killed
our Empress.

Even more unbearable...

Oh! I know that!

I watched the music video
of the last empress.

It was so sad.

I remember too! The actress
who played it was so good!

She was like, "I am the mother
of the Korean Empire."

Do you remember the actor who
played the assassin?

Oh my god! The actor who
played the role of the

body guard was so hot!

I know!!

I even saw the musical!

Are you done chatting?

Then shut up and go home!

If your kids ask you who
the last Empress is,

tell them to watch more movies.

And tell them that
the Treaty of Eulsa is

just a new medicine
for stomach aches.

Listen here!

What kind of attitude is that?

My attitude?

What kind of attitude is it to know
all the silly days for couples

and not know the day
when the Empress

was assassinated by the Japanese?

Leave now!!

Get out of here!

Are you out of your mind?

Who the hell recruited
someone crazy like him?

What Kind of
nutty professor is he?

Well, I heard he was fired.

We don't need any more
of your crazy lectures.

Hey! Sang-hyun!

Long time no see, Min-jae.

Gosh, it's been ages!

You haven't changed.

I heard you're working for
the National Intelligence Service.

You must have changed.

You think so?

It would be nice for
you to change a little bit.

You must be very busy.

So, what are you doing here?

Eradicating groundless
rumors that aggravates

our relationship to Japan
is what I do.

I understand your inability to

distinguish fantasy
from reality,

because you've been talking
nonsense for 20 years.

But next time, before you go around
spreading this kind of garbage,

think twice.

Because it could be
your life at stake.

You think...

I spread rumors? Garbage?

I'm just warning you not to

cause trouble
at a time like this.

Listen up! LEE Sang-hyun!

We studied the history

of the Korean Empire together!

100 years ago,

Japan played the bad guy.

However today,
Japan is a crucial

economic partner we cannot
afford to lose!

Don't forget that!

Cheers to those who sacrificed
their lives for the Empress!

More cheers to LEE Kyung-jik
who was mutilated

for protecting the empress!

January 1895, Japan tried to

take over our
electricity plants.

Then, they killed our Empress.

Our majesty fled to
the Russian Embassy.

All the foreign powers

wanted a piece of Korea.

You forgot something!


You forgot to bitch about the
assholes who betrayed our country.

Oh, you mean, the five officials
who pawned our sovereignty?

Yeah, those assholes.

One betrays the country and
another kills the Empress.

Ha. You do it!
I suck at memorizing.

I don't want to think about
the bad guys today.

I'm in the mood
for a shot too.

Hey, cheers!

Why? Is there anything wrong?

You seriously don't
know what's wrong?

The whole country's
talking about

canceling the opening
of the Kyungui line.

Man, you should stop talking
about the past

and know what's
going on right now.

- Yesterday,
- There it goes again!

It was proven that
Japan interfered...

with the opening of the
Kyungui line.

The world media, including CNN,

has reported the news..

Yesterday afternoon,
there was an official statement

from the Blue House spokesperson

that the delay was caused by
safety issues of the railroad.

However, yesterday...

Don't cause trouble during a time like this.

It was rather because of the absence of
delegations from more than 40 countries.

Japan is a crucial economic
partner we cannot lose!

There is even verbal evidence
of the Prime Minister

talking with Japan.

Today is a very important day.

Of course.

I hear that the North Korean
Orchestra is very talented.

Oh, how wonderful.


Nice to meet you.

The Japanese are lying!
They are lying!

I can prove that
the Japanese are lying!

If we find the authentic national
seal we can prove their fraudulence!

The national seal on that
document is a fake!

The Japanese have written that
document themselves,

and we can prove their lies

Let go!

If we find the true
national seal!

Trust me!
The state seal is fake!

- We should find the real one!
- Just ignore him.

We should find it!

CHOI Min-jae.

Has a PhD in Korean History from
Seoul National University.

Previously worked as
a professor for 5 years.

Contract was
not renewed because

he only taught history of
the Korean Empire and

only requested papers which
criticized the officials

who betrayed the country.

And after that?

It seems as though he has been
publishing his own research

about the invalidity of the
Treaty of Japanese Annexation.

However, academics have
rejected his research and

he doesn't seem to
have any supporters.

Hm.. interesting fellow.

What's more, he got
divorced last year

and worked at five
different institutions,

but he got fired within
two weeks from each job.

Anything to add, Prof. CHOI?

I don't think so.

I just realized today that
I moved around to

five different institutions.

Can you explain what exactly

the Japanese are lying about?

The document of the Treaty
of Japanese Annexation

which includes the clause about
the right of construction

of the Kyungui Railway

is inauthentic.

Do you mean the
document is forged?


The document itself is
probably authentic.

But, it was the Japanese who
illegally confiscated the seal

to obtain sovereignty
from the Emperor.

Can you prove that?


All diplomatic documents
after the assassination

are sealed with an
inauthentic national seal.

So, who made the inauthentic one?

Our own Emperor did.

Surprisingly, our Emperor
was wise enough to create

an inauthentic seal
for the Japanese.

We shall kill
the Empress tonight!

Never let her crawl
out of the palace!

Your Highness.

A menacing gang has
breached the palace

and Your Highness must
seek a safer shelter.

I would need to
visit the Emperor.

Your Highness.

Please we must evacuate
and get you to safety.

Where can I go?!

Are you not aware that

there isn't a single place
where I can hide?

But, Your Highness...

I shall not deny my fate

nor die in anonymity.

Prepare my visit to the Emperor.

We need to get rid of her
within the palace.

Yes, sir.

History will record that

she was Killed by
the Korean military.

What impudence brings your
swords to the Emperor?

We are here to protect you,

Your Highness.

You think I'm unaware of
your intentions, you rascals?

Your safety shall be guaranteed.


Get her!

Where is the Empress?

Where is the bitch hiding?

Ah! Playing hide and seek?

Who should I be hiding from

in my own palace,
in my country?


Your Highness!

Forgive me for my early
leave of my duty

to assist the throne of which

Your Highness was
divinely assigned.

However, Your Highness!

Protecting the imperial
lineage cannot be

the only duty of the Emperor.

The more important duty

must be to foresee who
shall be living

in this land after centuries.

And remembering that the fate

of the land shall not forever

be in the hands of the scoundrels
who have plundered our land.

As an irresponsible
mother of the country,

I shall leave my duty behind.


that my blood will be remembered.

Your Highness!!

And that my death will
not be fruitless...

Your...Your... Highness...

I should have gotten
rid of her earlier!

What should I do with
the corpse?

Burn it and don't leave
a single trace!


Yes, Your Majesty.

The reason why I renewed

the official name and
the national seal

is to demonstrate
our legitimate

independence from
China and Japan.

I shall let the national
seal be used

exclusively for
Korea's own volition.

Inscrutable are
the King's favors.

Yet, I have reached
a situation where

I can protect neither
my country nor even myself.

Your Highness.

I'm worried not of dying,

but of how my young
Crown Prince shall endure

the threats of our own betrayers,
and the Japanese.

I am not certain of what purpose
this seal shall be used for...

Thus, I shall seal the document.

Your Majesty,

how will you endure the
treachery of the Japanese?

There will be a time
when their treachery

shall be revealed to the world.

This is a picture of

the design of the
authentic seal.

The authentic seal
has been preserved

secretly by his
closest subordinate.

And these are the designs of
the inauthentic seals that

were used after his death.

The inauthentic seals were
mostly on the documents

that handed over our
rights and assets.

There is a subtle difference
between the two.

Obviously, the difference
isn't obvious

but very subtle so that

it is only perceptible

upon close examination.

Have a close look at
the bottom left quadrant.

The authentic seals are
accurate and lucid.

While the inauthentic ones

are consistently worn out,

and unclear at the edges.

This proves that
the two seals

were carved differently.

The edges can abrade
easily with time,

and the seals were
on traditional papers

which could have absorbed
the ink more or less...

Prof. CHOI Min-jae

I'm afraid that sort of difference

could be of importance

in the academy,
but not in politics.

For example, a fly with mutated legs
can be a great discovery for biologists

but for everyone else,
it is still justa fly.

I agree.

And the Emperor must have
had the exact same dilemma.

Only a difference as subtle
as of a leg of a fly

could trick the Japanese.

But if too subtle,
his own descendants may

treat it as nothing
more than just that.

So, he did just one more thing.

If you analyze every single

symmetry, density, pressure,
and engraving of the seal,

there is just one more quadrant

with a difference

It is the upper right quadrant.

The quadrants of
the authentic seals

are exactly symmetrical:

All the other authentic documents
are exactly symmetrical as well.

However, all later
diplomatic documents

show a discrepancy,
an asymmetry of 48:52.

This discrepancy
cannot be caused

by neither time nor any
kind of external influence,

and is perfectly intended to
be asymmetrical.

Without doubt,
the document Japan

has presented must be
asymmetrical as well.

If we find the authentic seal...

It will rewrite the
modern history

of Korea and Japan.

Well... this is on the premise that
the authentic seal will be discovered.

The authentic seal exists.

And I think I know where it is.

With all that assurance
and possibility,

what were you doing until now?

As a lousy historian expelled
from the academy,

I didn't have enough
power to do that.

What does that mean?

It is buried at a place where
you cannot excavate

without a special permission
from the President.

Bye baby!


You want some coffee?

Who is it?

Just a young history student
who wants to learn

from an imperial descendant.

So may I come in?


Learning requires
a lot of patience.

Come back tomorrow morning.

Who the hell?

Sh! Be quiet!

It's a bit of an urgent matter...

The Empire has fallen since
a century and few decades...

One more night's discussion
won't a make a difference.

Who the hell is it?

I'll see you tomorrow.

You sure you don't
want to see me?

As an imperial descendant,
I don't retract my words.

I came here for an opportunity to
make use of that treasure of yours.

Well, if you insist...

Good evening.

What are you doing?!

As a royal descendent,
I may sacrifice my personal feelings

for a noble cause.

What the fuck?

Good night, darling.


Living in imperial style?

My ass!

Damn, I spent three and
a half months getting that girl.

Why, of all of the days!

Is she a widow?

So, what how?

I better see that book again.

Which one?

The diary of Sir KIM Hong-sun.

Oh, I was about to tell you
that I got rid of that already.

A few days ago,
I sold it to a rich dude

who collects antique documents.

So, you sold it to him?

I told you that we should have
found gold with that book!

Yeah right, I know you didn't!

I warned you.

If there were hints of
places with staggering

relics in that diary,
they're not just

worth a million dollars!

Did you really sell it?

1 did!

I don't believe you.

With your academics
and my mining...

um... skills,

we could have found several
lumps of gold by now.

You didn't really sell it,
did you?

I said for the hundredth time!

You're the descendant of the
closest subordinate of the Emperor.

You can't do that.

Why can't I?

You're the one who
told me it's

worth at least a hundred grand.

You're crazy if
you don't sell that!

Imperial descendants don't
exchange treasures for money!

Are you going to deny
your imperial lineage?!

Being an imperial descendant
doesn't pay for my living.

Either you find me the seal,

or find me a good buyer to sell the thing.

Don't you think
I've waited long enough?

Well, if you can't
do anything about it,

I'm going to sell it or
you'll see it on TV tonight.

Yes, sir!

Did you find the place?

What are all these?

One of the 78 ways of concealing
the imperial treasures.

Mix the real thing
with the imitations

to hide it from the thieves!

Let's see...

You must take good care of it.

Of course...

The Emperor's last wishes
must be upheld.

Must have truckloads
of gold in it.

Your great grandfather
would be very happy.

Have you ever seen a
real lump of gold?

Sir KIM!

Sir CHOl!

Sir KIM!

Sir CHOl!

Sir KIM!

The President.

Let's start without
an introduction.

Time is of essence
at times like this,

so we shall omit introductions.

In front of you,
there is research data

in the form of copies
of computer files.

If you need the original,

I shall provide it for
you within 24 hours.

Other materials may also be
requested and they will be

provided to you shortly.

All research findings
shall be combined

by Dr. LEE Sang-hyun,
the Chairman of the Committee,

who shall report
to the President.

I'm LEE Sang-hyun, Secretary of
National Intelligence Service.

He was appointed by the Prime Minister
for his PhD in History,

and he is in charge of highly
confidential information about Japan.

I never knew there were history PhDs
in the National Intelligence Service.

The purpose of the Presidential
Truth Commission

is to examine the authenticity of
the document that Japan has presented...

The purpose is to prove that
the document is fake.

In order to do that,

all of you shall concentrate in

finding the authentic state seal.

But Mr. President,

are you aware that the authentic
national seal has disappeared?

Oh, yes of course. But...

Finding it is our only solution.

Am I correct?

Yes, sir.

As a historian,
as a Korean citizen,

use whatever sense of
duty you've got

to find the authentic national seal,
the symbol of Korean sovereignty.

I shall show the world

what Japan has done
to our country.

I am willing to sacrifice
my life for this.

It is your responsibility to give
me the ammunition to fight with.

Thank you very much.

This place is where my great
grandfather's mother used to live.

Well, it's a traditional
village now

with five national treasures,

where you're not allowed to
excavate anything.

So, what brings us here?

You'll see.

What's wrong with you?

Why are you spending
money excavating?

You won't find anyone

better at this in the
entire country than me.

All I need is just a shovel.

Don't need to show
the whole world

that we're digging gold!

There ain't no gold here anyway.

What? No gold?

We're not here to dig gold.

Then what?

The National Seal.

Hey Sir. KIM! C'mon,
Sir. KIM!

Leave me alone!

Only "Sir" when you need me, huh?

Frankly, I don't care about
my imperial lineage!

All I care about is gold!

You know how long I've spent
trying to find gold.

What do you want to do with
the state seal?

That's not going to make
you any money.

So, you're not interested?

Not interested.

Up to you then.

I memorized the contents and
I already took a picture of the diary.

So, I don't think we need you
that much here.

Well, take care.

I was just sorry to leave

an imperial descendant
at a motel.

See you around.

What are you doing there?

Just watching.

Don't just watch!
Start working!



Where do you think
you're going?

The crane might
damage the gold!

Who the hell is that dude?

I don't Know.
Maybe, some Kind of circus master?

Maybe he thought it was a circus
because of the tent.

Hey, hey, hey.
Don't you realize that

every single piece of the tiles
are national treasures?

Hey you!

Don't set the post down
in the middle

but on the edges,
and tie them with a rope.

I'm sick and tired of
those assholes who

brag about everything.

I wonder why they always
have the loudest voices.

Sh! He might hear you!

There's no use digging here

because I think they're
underneath the buildings.

Well, I'm positive that
it is buried here,

so we should dig up the
entire place to find it!

The entire place?!

This is Lee Sang-Hyun speaking.

Wow! What an amazing dinner!

You know that we're both busy

Let's just get on with it.

Well, we're both working
on the same project.

Ooh! This is the finest
taste of Korean cuisine!

He's just a colleague of mine.

I guess a man with a
criminal record

for grave robbery must be
quite useful

Oh well, I think there's
a misunderstanding.

But, all I wanted was to

protect the royal assets...

Do you think you can find the seal
from the subordinate's mother's house?

Well, do you think a bunch of

famous professors can
find the seal then?


All we getis a
truckload of evidence

that there is no authentic seal.

Then, I'm glad that

we're working towards
different goals,

because I didn't want to work
with an asshole like you.

Good luck then. Hope you can
prove that there is no seal.

There is no national seal.

A genius from the university
turns into a fool

within 10 years.

Again, there is no seal

and even if there is,
there shouldn't be one.


If you wish, I can guarantee you
a job at a school of your choice.

Or, if you wish to go
Canada to your family

we can provide you the means...

I must find the national seal

to prove it to you rascals
who betrayed our country

and our people to fill up
your bellies!

I'll find it no matter what.

Why? What for?

Don't you know?

For pride?

For the pride of Koreans?

Is there anything
wrong with that?

Of course there is.

If you exchange pride
for material stuff...

you would lose everything,

you mean?

Are you afraid of Japan?

I'm afraid of anything that
threatens our economy.

And I'm right.
We must be afraid of them.

Well, I'm different.

If 1 had the energy to
runaway from something,

I would use it to fight it.

We shouldn't see each other
until I find the seal.

I didn't finish dinner...

Pride! Hubris!
They're all nothing!

If politicians don't realize

that all they get from defending
the pride of the country

is simply a tedious
repetition of

threats from the
powerful countries,

you and the President

and, thanks to you, the people

shall all pay a
miserable price.

Only villains pay a miserable
price in history

That's how the story goes.

Sir CHOl!

Sir CHOl!


Most people at my age

should be the head of
a construction site,

but all I do here is labor!

I'm so unlucky.

I thought it would be some national
project, and all I do is digging!

Digging for nothing!

Let's work harder, guys!

Even if we don't know what it's for,
it is all for our country

so work hard as citizens
of your country.

My country?

My ass!

What does a national seal have
to do with our patriotism?

A national seal?

What is a national seal?

You dumb ass, it's the seal

used by the emperors.

Do you know what
it looks like?

We should at least know what
it looks like.

Should be in a fancy box
'cause it's the Emperor's.

Hey KIM, am I wrong?

Sir CHOl!

But, why do they call it a
national seal, not a jade seal?

A jade seal?
What is that?

Is that also
a...um... seal?

Man, you're so ignorant!

I knew you looked quite dumb,

but never knew you
were this retarded.

You retarded dumb ass!

Hey, what did you call me?
A retarded dumb ass?!

You...you... should apologize!!

Just joking, you dumb ass!

As a royal descendant,
it should be my responsibility

to enlighten the illiterate.

So, I shall explain about the national
seal that we're looking for.

But, hey... um...
l heard your...

grandfather was a eunuch?

How can you be his descendant?

There's always a way...

In order to maintain
the lineage

eunuchs customarily adopt sons.

So, if the adopted
son is castrated

and you adopt another son
and castrate him too,

then you can't be related
in blood to the eunuch

called KIM Hong-shin
or Hong-sun or...

So you aren't really
related to him

but, why do you
speak like that?

Like a real member of
the royal family?

Ah... what ignorance!

Hey, hey, guys!

Does anyone here know about
the national seal?

No one, right?

Just teach us about it,

Well, if you insist...

Well, the national seal is the
seal used in the government.

Just the way we use our
very own legal seals.

There were eight
different seals

and they were all
national seals.

Some people call
it the jade seal,

because it was
made out of jade.

However, at the start of the
Korean Empire, national seals

were made out of gold.

So, educated people would say
"national seal," instead of "jade seal."

So you mean all eight
are buried here?


Out of the eight, the seal
used for diplomacy,

which is the most important one
at this time, is buried here.

Then, why would something important like
that be buried at a place like this?

Did you ever steal it
and bury it here?

Hey, hey, hey!

Let's work now,
if you're done eating.

Min-jae! Where were
you all this time?

The Presidential Truth
Commission has reviewed

six possible whereabouts
of the missing seal.

Remaining within our borders.

Extrusion to Japan.

Extrusion to the U.S. or
North Korea.



Above all, these are
only possibilities

on the premise

that the national seal
actually exists.

A few historians allege
that the Emperor

handed over the inauthentic
seal to the Crown Prince,

but again, it is merely
an allegation.

In other words, the inauthentic
seal could merely

be a figment of
one's imagination.

If I remember correctly,
I thought you agreed to

my idea that if
we find the missing seal,

everything would be settled.

Well, yes.

What I meant was that

if we find the seal and prove
that the document is authentic,

we could only acknowledge
Japan's demands.

There is also a record that
after liberation,

Gen. McArthur confiscated
it from the Japanese...

But after the Korean War,
no one knows what happened to it?

Yes, that's right.

It was most likely destroyed
during the war.

So the destroyed seal is
the one and only national seal?

Yes, sir.

The inauthentic seal never
existed in the first place

and it is purported that the seal
for diplomacy has been destroyed.

If it hasn't been destroyed,
can you find it in three weeks?

We concluded that it is impossible
to find it in three weeks.

I believe it is your duty to turn
the impossible into possible.

It is not your responsibility
to conclude how

we shall confront the Japanese.

Instead, if it is damaged,

it is your responsibility
to find when, where,

and how it was damaged.

Rain in early winter?
What a day!

Shouldn't we be paid extra
for rainy days?

I agree. I guess you're not as
dumb as I thought you were!

Don't underestimate me!

And who are those
men in black?

Hmm... the one in front
looks quite familiar...

Yeah, same here...

Shit! It's the p... p... p...

p...p... what?

P... President!

Sir CHOIL...

Sir CHOl!

Are you still confident?

Yes, sir.

Can you find it in two weeks?

Sir, if the Emperor felt the
same way you feel right now,

it should definitely
be buried here.

That's what I told the

Although I made up my mind
in two days,

you spent 20 years over this.

It's taking 20 years of
my persistence

to reveal the truth
to the world.

Remember that the history
of the Korean Peninsula

for the past 100 years is
in your hands.

I'm actually quite ashamed
of myself as the President

that I can only give
two weeks to

a man who has fought
for 20 years.

Mr. President!

It's a call from the
Minister of Defense.


Approach within 1 km from
the military demarcation line.

There is no movement of the
Korean Navy within 10 km.

They should be here soon.
What about the Air Force?

Two reconnaissance planes

are in flight...
heading 245...263.

Request for ljisuham fighter
flight formation.

I think they're approaching,
check the enemy's expected direction!

The Maritime Self-Defense Forces
are moving towards the East Sea.

How are we planning to respond?

To provide for contingencies,

the combat air forces are
preparing for assault.

And the Navy has mobilized
all their fleets

in open waters.

Although they are
moving aggressively,

they haven't yet
trespassed our borders.

So if we move first,
we may be blamed.

So we haven't yet analyzed
Japan's intentions...

Aren't their intentions obvious?

They're trying to pressure us
with their military power.

For the time being, I believe we
should accept their demands...

Did you say the
Foreign Minister of Japan?

Yes, sir.

The reason why we,
Japan, have

placed our Navy near
the border is

for the protection of
our eternal ally.

Protection from what?

From North Korea and
China of course...

There were many times when
N. Korea and China

changed their minds
at the last minute,

which resulted in
a lot of trouble.

Last minute before what?

The process of correcting the

justified ownership of
the Kyungui Railway.

Your Highness,
exiled Korean politicians

are compromising your safety.

Japan can only protect
Your Highness from them.

So... your intentions
are to re-vote

on the rejected bill
from a decade ago?

The right of construction of

the Kyungui Railway was promised
by your predecessors.

As a result, Your Highness
must fulfill the promises.

Your Highness!
We shouldn't worry about Russia.

Two hours from now, the Japanese
fleets shall arrive in Incheon.

They would not dare to threaten

Your Highness,
when we are protecting you.

So, Korea and I

should succumb to your
ruthless demands

and you shall prevent intervention
by North Korea and China

through your military force...

Am I correct?

Mr. President!

If you think these are
ruthless demands,

you are denying the history
of the Korean Empire.

If that document is fake...


Is Japan ready to pay for
the consequences of authenticity?

Are you about to
show to the world

how a president of a country

can be swayed by
a silly academic?

How dare you mobilize an army
to your neighbor's front door

even though it hasn't been
properly established

after you instigated
World War Il

Mr. President, please!

He is the Foreign Minister
of Japan.

Please, control yourself...

Is it your style of diplomacy

to sneak in and to threaten
the President?

Now, answer me.
Mr. Gurozawa.

You could not have
come here on your own.

So is Japan ready to pay
for the consequences

when the truth is revealed?

Why should we pay
the consequences,

if it is really the two Koreas

who are desperate for
the 157 billion dollars?

Japan will not be able to
co-exist with the other nations

if it keeps believing that
history will repeat itself.

We'll see about that.

Sir, the national seal
has been discovered!

It was reported by
Prof. CHOI's team

that they excavated it
just a while ago.

As of now, it seems inevitable

to verify the authenticity
of the document.

Mr. Gurozawa,
once we verify it,

we shall inform you
of the results.

I shall use the
National Intelligence Service

to securely transport the seal.

Certainly, Prime Minister

Yes, sir.

It's fortunate that
we found the seal.

Right, Prime Minister?

Of course. Mr. President!

He must be a genius!

All the effort we put

into this was not
fruitless after all!

I told you there was

something about that area over there.

That's what I said!

That area could be
the only place!

Shut up, you fool!

You never said that!

Hey, don't you
underestimate me!

Well, you deserve it...

Who... the hell?

Who are those men in black
over there?

Well, the man in front
doesn't seem familiar.

Well, you see... as the manager
of the excavation,

I shall remark this is
a historical moment,

unveiling the hidden history
of the Korean Empire...

Should you entrust it to us
or take it personally?

Would you entrust it
to a guy like you?

Follow me then!

Hey, I can't entrust
it to you!

You can't just donate
it without a penny!

That's not fair!

We all worked hard
together for it!

- I agree!
- What a thief! That ass!

Wait here!

Can't do that!

That yellow dot should be...

the homing device attached to
the box of the national seal.

A homing device?

It could be the key to the
political future of Far East Asia.

We should protect it well.

Don't move!

The yellow dot went off track.
The yellow dot went off track.

I report, the yellow
dot went off track.

I repeat, the yellow
dot went off track.

The yellow dot suddenly went off
track and is moving at full speed.

Answer me, SP101!

What is your position, SP1027?

Report your position, SP102!

Don't lose track of them.

I think a special metal
was used to block

the homing device's
electric waves.

It must be perfectly plotted.

I order the Emergency Mobilization
Order No. 3 as a Presidential decree.

Defense Headquarters must

besiege the Japanese Embassy

and inspect all cars
entering the Embassy.

Yes, sir.

Inspection without
cause could lead

to a serious
diplomatic censure.

The only countries
who are aware of

the discovery of the national
seal are Korea and Japan.

We couldn't have
stolen it ourselves,

so who else could it be
except for the Japanese?

I think they are determined
to move forward.

They must be all out of
their minds.

Get out!

The homing device
has been eliminated.

You son of a bitch,
LEE Sang-hyun!

I mean...

What are you going to
do with it?

Hey, LEE Sang-hyun...

LEE Sang-hyun!

It's just a seal...

It's only a stamp from a country
that was destroyed a century ago...

Why on earth did you spend 20 years
of your life on this crap?

Don't you realize what
the appearance of

the national seal means
to our politics?

And that it is certainly not time
for playing hide and seek

with these antiques!


Leave me alone!

Hey, you son of a bitch!

You studied all that crap
in school for this?

You just betrayed the spirit
of our country!

You asshole!

All national seals
should be made

in an alloy of five
different metals,

but you could probably
make it with

mostly tin 'cause you only had
a week or two to fake it!

So, how, what are
your intentions?

That...that is fake?!

What do you wish to achieve
through faking the national seal

that is detrimental
to our politics?!

You know you don't
spend 20 years

on any old antique.

Then what?

It is the key to
unlocking the truth!

What truth?

Who do you think created
this crisis?

A country cannot be at stake

with just that piece of
paper from Japan.

You know very well that in history
the internal enemy is the real enemy.

Internal enemy?

The national seal will
be discovered...

There's no point looking for...

I know where it is!!

Now, we will find the
real national seal!

Just tell me,
if you are willing

to fight against the real enemy
for the truth.

Check the radar!

Prepare missile launch!

Cannons ready.

Ready for naval bombardment.

Ready for torpedo launch.

U.S. Forces Line 5
cannot be operated.


Mr. President.

I think the crisis
will be aggravated.


Are they ready for war?

Who is our Navy

Admiral LEE Dong-jae.

It's a call from the President.

Yes, sir. Commander-in-chief

It's been a long time,
Admiral LEE.

Yes, sir.

It seems like we're
in a predicament.

Their Maritime Self-Defense
Forces are

directly positioned
against our fleets.

What does that actually mean?

It means they are
ready for war.

If there is one,
what is the possibility of...

defending ourselves?

Our naval military strength
is only about 30% of that

of the Japanese Maritime forces.

Objectively, we cannot
win the war.


if war is inevitable,
we can defend ourselves.

I've always learned
that war is about

neither the strength
nor the number.

I shall defend my country.

I am authorizing you with
the right to attack.

From now on, the sea of Korea is
in your hands and our Navy.

No one shall enter our sea
without our permission.

Thank you, Mr. President!

All fleets must be mobilized!

All fleets ready for action!

Gunwales head to the stem!

Gunwales head to the stem!

One Japanese destroyer.

Direction 350,

Distance 5200,

It is breaking away
from battle array.

Another destroyer.

Heading 348.

Distance 5.6 miles.

It is changing directions
to its original position.

Proclaim anti-air weapons
free in all fleets

and prepare for attack.

Japan is responding against

a state of national emergency.

What does it mean?

Their Maritime Self-Defense forces
have started their offensive radars.

There are rumors that
there will be a war.

There is no country that
does nothing

when its embassy is seized.

We must withdraw our troops
from the embassy

and apologize immediately.

Only Japan can protect us,
Your Highness.

Offending Japan will lead to
political suicide.

He's right, Your Majesty.

In order to oust
the barbarians,

we should borrow the military
strength of Japan.

Please be understanding,
Your Highness.

If Japan not only
repulses our enemies

but also protects our land,

who shall this land belong to
and who is the sovereign?

And those who speak
highly of Japan,

which country and
who are you loyal to?

Please don't repeat
the mistakes our

Emperor has made,
Mr. President.

The fate of our people
depends on this case.

We should not be
hostile to them.

I believe a nation is not
a company, Prime Minister.

As the leader of our people,

I intend to defend the pride
of our people.

Our people will pay the
consequences for

the President's
personal decision.

We should hear from our people.

Their position can't be
much different from ours.

We have a long way to go
for a national vote.

The meeting is adjourned.

Would he have felt
the same way?

He must have felt worse...

Mr. President.

Could you get me a glass
of cold water?



Mr. President!

Will he be okay?

Yes, hopefully...

When will he
regain consciousness?

Is it impossible?

It's hard to say
since it happened

because of fatigue and stress.

We only have a week until
the joint ceremony with Japan.

What is the possibility of
his regaining consciousness?

It could be impossible...

The Prime Minister.

I shall do my very best for
the President's recovery.

As the Chief of Medical
Affairs has mentioned,

The President will not be able to
execute his duties

nor be able to appoint
an acting president.

Therefore, I,
the Prime Minister,

shall take over his duties,
as written in our constitution.

We should quickly discuss
the essential matters.

Minister of Defense?

Yes, sir.

Have you withdrawn our troops
from the Japanese Embassy?

Yes, sir.

Good job.


Suspend all orders
from the President and

withdraw all dispatched staff.

Should I also suspend the
search for the national seal?

After careful review,
we have concluded that

we don't have an option

other than to accept
their demands.

Shouldn't we find the national seal
before we conclude anything?

Have you actually
found the seal yet?

What do you mean, sir?

Was the discovered
seal real then?

Of course, sir.

Then, it means that

you have failed to transport an
object of national importance

and identify its whereabouts
for more than 40 hours.

From now on, the Director of
National Intelligence Service

will need my final approval before
any decision is made.


You should be aware of
the consequences of

leaving this room without
permission during

a national emergency meeting.

Yes, indeed, as much as I am
aware of your intentions.

Good then.

A week from now in the joint
ceremony with Japan,

we will sign an agreement that

we will turn over all rights
of the Kyungui Railway.

In addition, I will launch
an organization that

reviews all contracts signed

with Japan during the
Korean Empire.

Are your intentions to ...

Serve the Japanese a
huge banquet?

All I'm saying is that we should
always prepare for emergencies.

I agree.
We should always prepare...

Prepare for what?!

Are you going to acknowledge

other illegal contracts as well?

We will temporarily
suspend all plans

for unification until

we're no longer in
a state of emergency.

You wish to run counter to the one wish
of the people and beg for mercy?

Let's move on to discuss
preparations for the joint ceremony.

Thank you for inviting me,
Prime Minister.

It is my honor to invite you.

It wouldn't be easy to
reverse everything.

It can't be easy to put things
back on the right track.

Have you noticed that our
Chairman treats you like a son?

More than a son,
I should say!

He is working for
the benefit of our country!

Of course he is.

One loses everything

if one forgets his patron.

What do you think will

remain in this country,

if we take out our patrons?
Japan and the U.S.?

The Olympics?

The World Cup?

That is absolute impudence!

It is difficult to convince

our people with
utilitarianism though.

No, don't worry

there are plenty of people
who will support you.

It only seems difficult
'cause of those crazy people

who speak about unification
and liquidating Japanophiles.


It is also the duty of
a leader to beat

his people to come to
their senses.

Don't worry too much.

This competent and
young fellow

right here has
come to help me.

We shall all witness

how well the Prime Minister
will lead our country.

It would be more difficult
in the future

'cause there will be more crazy
and ignorant

people who will
demand unification.

Am I wrong, Prime Minister?

No, sir.

Correct, indeed.

It is indeed
a very delightful dinner!

You done?

Yes, sir.

Kyungui Railway, Kyungbu Railway,
electricity, harbors, ...

The Emperor has handed over a lot
more things than I thought.

They weren't signed
by the Emperor.

If the national seal
had not disappeared,

and if we haven't destroyed
the excavated seal,

Japan wouldn't be able to present
these illegal documents.

Didn't you say you destroyed the
seal with your own hands?

Yes, sir.

So what now?

Can I... ask you a question?

Go ahead.

I wish to hear from you
about the unification.

My opinion about
the unification?

Yes, sir. What you think
about the unification.

We should...

only if the U.S. and
Japan agrees..

Even better if Russia and
China agree as well.

When do you think those countries
will start supporting us?

Well... I'm not sure...

But someday they will...

even if it takes them
a century or two.

What if they don't agree with us,
after a century or two?

Then, we shouldn't.

Those who talk about
the conditions

of unification ...

are essentially against
the unification.

You've withessed it yourself!

Seclusion from Japan or
the U.S. will

not be welcomed by any sector?
political, economic, cultural...

Because they don't
want to lose what

Japan and the U.S. has provided.

Do you think we have overcome
poverty through our own endeavors?

If we lose our allies

it doesn't even take us a decade
to become like North Korea.

The two Koreas will hug each
other and starve to death,

if we unify without
their support.

I was also against the
President's rush for unification.

However, unification is the desire
and destiny of our people.

The Korean People.
The Korean Peninsula.

What is the pride of Korea?

Firty centuries of history?

A homogeneous country?

The morality of not attacking
other countries?

It is our exclusion
for defeatism!

Is that why you drugged
the President?

Because you thought
a president with

unrealistic ideals wasn't
ideal for the country?

What makes you think that?

I would never do anything
extreme like that!

Because it was perfect timing

It was a perfect scheme to
eliminate the seal

while the Japanese Navy was
in our borders

and at the same moment,
the President collapses...

I agree it was perfect
timing that

the U.S. and Japan and even
myself were all perplexed...

No matter what, Japan has demanded
their infinite rights to

this country and we had
to accept it.

Although defeated in the war,

Japan became powerful enough
to claim their rights

and we have to accept it.

Have you ever thought that

if we were annexed to
Japan a century ago,

we could be enjoying
the same rights?

Even if your name was
Yamamoto or Gurozawa,

it doesn't mean you're
a different person.

Even if your name was
Yamamoto or Gurozawa,

it doesn't mean you're
a different person

Can you find the
authentic national seal?

If my interpretation is correct,
the seal is somewhere very close.

Can you excavate it on time?

I believe in myself.

You keep it.

'Cause it might be safer with you.

He is no different
from yesterday.

Were you the first person
to see him collapse?

Yes, sir.

Was he conscious then?

No, he had already passed out.

Is there anything wrong?

Just thinking what perfect
timing it was...

Tomorrow is the
signing ceremony...

Is there any possibility of
a miraculous recovery?

Before the ceremony tomorrow?

As of now,
that would be impossible.

As you can see he's as good as
brain-dead so unless

there's a miracle, there's
no possibility he'll recover.

Please do your best.

Yes, sir


It's me, CHOI Min-jae.

The seal was worth

20 years of my research.

Don't you think you were
a bit too harsh?

I will compensate you
enough to make you

feel proud about
what you've done.

Where are you now?

Your question should be

what will happen
in a few hours

because firemen will be
at the ceremony.

By the way, the Director of
National Intelligence Service

and the Defense Minister send
their regards to you.

Call for the chief executives
and LEE Sang-hyun.

Yes, sir.

Did you know that
CHOI Min-jae was alive?

Yes, sir.


Why did you try to Kill
CHOI Min-jae?


I thought he was wrong and

he would put the country
in jeopardy.

So, I said,
I'd Kill him if I had to.

What are you talking about?!

Didn't you order me to Kill
him because he was right.

LEE Sang-hyun!!

I wanted to give him the
opportunity in case he was right.

What about the seal?

I eliminated it as I told you.

You should cross your
fingers that

CHOI doesn't cause any trouble.

Because you will pay for
your consequences

whether it was out of
sympathy or not.


The best thing to do is to
distract the Prime Minister.

Foal Eagle, the hawk is
on the move.

It's been reported that there is
a bomb in the building.

Everyone must exit
the building immediately!

What was that?

I'll find out, sir.


The Integrated Government
Building exploded?

Report to me again when you
find out the details.

What a disaster!

The explosion seems to be

more severe than I thought,

but the Blue House is safe.

Did you find out
who's behind this?

We've dispatched our men
to all the streets

and subway stations in Seoul.

Double security assigned
to the ceremony.

Yes, sir.

Arrest CHOI Min-jae along

with the Director of
National Intelligence Service.

Yes, sir.

The Emperor has ordered

to set the palace on fire so
that the emissary to Russia

can safely leave without
Japanese inspection.

He sacrificed the palace with
a history of 500 years.

For the ultimate fate of
his people and country.

People called it
an ominous fire that

foretold the downfall
of the dynasty.

The Japanese failed to inspect
the emissary to Russia, thus,

it was the heaven's
that understood

the intentions of
our sage Emperor.

Although the soul of the dynasty
has been shadowed by the clouds,

Chosun is the name that
suggests a new sunrise

from the East.

As the 26th Emperor sent
from the sun.

25, 26.

He establishes the Korean
Empire at the age of 47.

Although I bury his soul here,

it should be resurrected in the
future as a new guiding light for our people

and, as his subordinate, it is an
honor to be given his final duty.

It can't be buried too deep.

Please restrain from using
your hoes after a while.

It's no use! Prof. CHOI!

Prof. CHOI.

If it was here,

it would have been
recovered by now.

It is here!
It is here for sure!

Mr. President.

Can you hear me?

Mr. President.

It's time to withdraw from here.

C'mon, it's no use!

I'm not going anywhere

until I find the seal.

Time's up!

We have to go now!

The Emperor buried it.

No, Sir. KIM Hong-sun

by the order of the
Emperor buried it here.

The seal is here.

Stop it!

It's the seal!

It's the national seal!

I found it!!

I found the national seal!!

Don't you think they're
acting strange?

Ladies and gentlemen,

we shall start the
signing ceremony of...


Before we start the ceremony,
Mr. Gurozawa, the Foreign Minister of Japan,

will speak briefly.

As a representative of Japan,
I should say

it's an honor for me to
speak about

the future of the
two Koreas and Japan.

I believe that the right
thing to do is to

forget the contract of
the Kyungui Railway,

and to promote peace and

development of Far East Asia.

I am not here to give
Japan a moral lesson.

It is good to hear that
you are much better now.

It would be terrible

if you weren't there for
such a wonderful ceremony.

But, we're rather puzzled about

what you're doing here...

We almost feel as though
you don't remember

what has happened before
you collapsed.

I think I was dreaming
the whole time.

I don't remember
everything but...

it must have been a
very long time ago.

While I was out by
a small pond,

a kind-looking man was
looking at me.

He asked me,
"Are you here for a walk?"

And I said, "Yes. The sky is
beautiful today."

He said,

Because the Japanese took away our sky,
I could not dare to see it.

All I could see was the sky

through the pond,

but the Japanese even
took that away.

What are you trying to say now?

A while ago, you said that
this is a wonderful ceremony.

In this land a century ago,

the Emperor must have felt

the same anger when the
Japanese said it was wonderful

and he could only hope for
the best in the future.

I thought this was merely
a silly incident!

Yes, indeed,
it was a silly incident...

We made a fake seal
to buy some time

to discover the real one,

but a few internal enemies
were foolish to steal it.

Without any introduction,

we have here the best
historians from Japan

for relic inspection.

They are Dr. Guroda
and Ganeyama.

We invited them

in advance so that you can
trust their inspection.

Even though they're Japanese,
we trust their conscience

and pride as academics.

We shall review all the
contracts and treaties

that were signed with
the inauthentic seal.

And we will proclaim the
results to the world,

and Japan will have to
compensate us accordingly.

What do you want from us? ...

What is the whole idea
of calling me

a few hours before
the joint ceremony?

As an ally,
Japan shall carefully

review the compensation issue

and will be active in rectifying
the history of the Far East.

Tell us the exact amount.

How much do you want?

The sovereignty of

the Korean Peninsula has always
been the people of Korea.

All we want is a sincere apology
of your illegal aggression

by the Japanese government
and it's people.

We have less than 3 hours
until the ceremony.

The foreign press
shall be here

an hour before the ceremony.

We never intended to
violate your sovereignty.

Are you saying that the ships are
out there at sea on a fishing trip?

I, on behalf of the Japanese
government and people,

sincerely apologize
for our mistake

in the past and shall promise

you to be a fair
neighboring country.

All fleets return!


It is the order from above.

Return immediately!

Yes, sir!

All fleets must return.

Yes, sir.

All fleets must return!

The Japanese fleets
are returning.



I rushed a little bit

'cause I thought I would undergo
cumbersome procedures...

Is this the only way?

Yes, sir.

No, I don't think so.

Our relationship to Japan is
agreed upon only in theory.

It would take several years

to work out the
practical affairs.

I believe that you are the only one
who can do that, Prime Minister.

Do you think I'm defeated?

I did not fight to defeat
the Prime Minister.

I am resigning because
I believe that

in the near future
we will fall back

more than 30 years due to
hopeless politicians.

Does my political outlook
still look dangerous to you?

Just the way you had
adhered to yours,

I had and will adhere
to my faith.

Is it really that wrong for
a country and her people

to stand by themselves?

Don't try to convince me.

I'm merely one out of an
infinite number of people

with the same opinion.

There will be a second and
third me in the future.

They shall take my place to
teach your big mistake...

I mean, your misjudgment.

I believe that
for those fellows,

the 2nd me and

Prof. CHOI, and Sang-hyun

will prove them wrong.

History is about reality!

We are creatures that
need to eat and

we have 48 million of
those in this half

of the peninsula.

I didn't care to be stigmatized
as a dirty politician

if I could sacrifice
my face in exchange

for the life of 48 million.

I guess, for you, protecting
your political ideals and

faith was more important.

Prime Minister!

Prime Minister!