Hana wa sakuka (2018) - full transcript

This house is really elegant

Over here please

The weather is very good

Youi-chan is time to eat

Everything is painting

Take a little air

Are you drawing a cat

or a cup?

Sorry, I was wrong?

I guess the fans don't fully understand

Wait, I'm coming, you eat first

I'm going to find the owner and greet him
- It's ok

Who are you?


Are you a member of the photography staff?

Yes, I'm

Sorry to make so much
noise early in the morning

The administrator introduced me
to this place to take pictures

Do you know where the
owner Minagawa Youichi is?

This is a great house

The Japanese style of this
House is really beautiful

Are you renting here?

I want to tell you something

I don't care where and
how you take the photos

But please, don't walk around

It will affect the house

I'm sorry

How long are you planning on staying here?

Are you... drawing a flower?


I'm sorry, sorry

I don't know why I want to
see your painting so much

Does the flower bloom?


Please put the dishes on the table

It's ok - Thank you

Youichi, did you see Sakurai?

Yoshitomi-san mentioned
something about a such Sakurai.

It's from the company that
came to take photos today

He went to see you to greet you

I'm going to start - I'll start

I'm sorry I didn't tell you
anything about the filming.

I want to make this house a perfect gesture

It's not bad to keep it in a video

It's ok

After all, you're administering the house


I don't get along with
that guy named Sakurai

This is very rare

This is unusual in Youi-chan

I don't even want to talk
about people who hate


Curse, redo

There is no progress

Did you drink?

I was all night planning business.

Have you taken your work home again?

You know I have to transfer

I think it is irresponsible
to get rid of the job with you

That's true

When you finish the job, take a vacation

Yasuda-san - Yes

You do too much, your body will collapse

In fact, I'm not comfortable lately.

You should get out early

Your face looks really bad

Yesterday was a day off
and you were filming

I can't do that

This is the pain of
intermediate administration

Don't worry Inoue

This position will be
delivered to you one day

Better forget it

Oh, hell

Again I want to vomit

You smell of sweat

That's not true

If you're sweating,
better go home to eat something

Take-San really want to eat out


I'm sorry

Are you ok?



Are you ok?

Just... a little uncomfortable



Used to be

abandoned by the world

How did you know I was drawing flowers?

Alright, hold on.


It's burning, I found it at the station

I'm surprised

Youi-chan going to take care of the patient

Can you take care of him?

I'll wait for you

I'm sorry,
I have to go to work early tomorrow

Youi-chan see you

Are you... drawing a flower?


do your words have been
detained in my ears?

Your hand

is cold

It's ok


You are?

I'm Youichi

Minagawa Youichi


I'm sorry, I'll take the day
off, I hope I don't disturb

It`s ok

I haven't seen the sky for a long time

Thanks for yesterday

You were a great help

It's ok

Did I scare you? I was looking
for a sudden break around here.

There are plenty of empty rooms anyway

The way you talk really irritates people

You look a lot better

Very well

It's true

I thank you very much

You're always drawing flowers

Do you like to paint?


You're stepping on the flower bed

That was close

I didn't stepped on the flowers, did I?

What happened?


I'm sorry to let you take care of me

I thank you again


What happens?


This is the first time
I see Youi-chan smile

Look at this guy

It's in Minagawa's house
that we took pictures before

Should I say that he owns the
house or the young master?

Did not you go to say hello
to some guy Sakurai-san?

He was painting in his room

Why would a student be their former owner?

When was this taken?

The photographer said
that the boy was very cute

I took one


What flower was that?

When you can't draw
something you want to paint

Just start painting like that

After that the color overlap,

The image will emerge slowly.

That is your technique, right?

Yosuke, please tell us

What do you do?

I want to know about your childhood

My father was like a king

He was loved by all

I've never seen my father
without anyone around

I want to tell you that

Yosuke and Ayako

Due to an accident...

Have you ever heard of that?

Yosuke-san died a few days ago

It's not possible

Police suspect he left
everything to Youichi

and then he committed suicide


Ayako-san's condition is out of control

Maybe the two wanted to
commit suicide together

What are you painting?

I feel like you always do the same painting

I can't decipher the abstract paintings

What are you painting?

This time it's a chore?

I'm a painter too, you know that?

You must be Fujimoto

You know it

We are in the same class

What occurs?

It's nothing

I'm in the middle,
aren't you going to keep drawing?

Is it stupid to stay with someone like me?

If it's annoying, so you better go

You like to paint a lot, right?

Do you like to paint?

I want to see when you paint

Your hand

It's cold

You're always drawing flowers


Did you forget that I'm here?

Forget it

You are really funny

Brother! Brother!

Do you live here?


Is this the house

where you live Minagawa Youichi?

The guy, that guy that
you speak of... Is he?


Your house is really big

Sakurai-san, what are you doing here?

Before I give you this, I want to thank you

Yoshitomi-san also thanked me

It's not that

What is that?

Thank you for taking care of my

Go eat with everyone

I'm going

Please don't go

Rest and sit with us, will you?

It's difficult to come here

But someone else gave it to you

The one who brought you
back here was Yoshitomi-san

So better to share it between the two


I also plan to live by this area

Is there any available room for rent?

There are 5 pieces, all are different

For you

What is this? What kind of cake is this?

I'm going to start

I hate sweet,
but this once I will eat just a piece

Minaga, do you hate sweet?

Takes, this piece isn't sweet

You change by this

Are you trying to give me
some of your leftovers?

Only took a bite, don't worry about that

Here is, Sakurai-san


Who are you?

Lord, who is it you, a relative?

I am a student at the university of Minaga

My name is Fujimoto, Fujimoto Kouki

I want to ask you Minaga, can I stay here?

There were many students
who have lived here

I can live here

There is space available,
the place is very large

are you a friend of Youi-chan?

Soon I will be a good friend

This guy does not speak

Oh, then am I... I'm sorry

I have to go back

Are you going to return?

Good bye

See you later

Work hard

I'm going to eat this

I will accompany it

This is also delicious


I mentioned to you on chat

It is so strange that Youichi
can speak with other people

That's what I thought

But it seems that you have friends

That kind of makes a moment...

Youichi has always been so with the people

Make deaf ears

Is not interested in anyone

I've never seen him smile

But he...

it seems that you are special to him

Just come with me up to here

Good bye, thank you

I felt Youichi likes you, Sakurai-San.

Sakurai-san, I feel that he is willing
to take the initiative to approach you

What do you mean?


What happened Youichi?

I will accompany him

I will accompany Sakurai-san

It's ok


I said,

where is Minagawa?

I think that,
Youi-chan is not interested in you

Youi-chan, did he tell you?

He's a guy who does not open
his heart to people so easily

Still, I'm interested
enough to hear you say that

He said that you were careful

Did he tell you

that I like the kind of guys
that are on the bad track?

I want to know everything about him

What do you do when I do
not know where you are?

I want to know in what kind of
place he lives and with whom.

Leaves have fallen on your head.

Where are they?

Here and here

and here also

I have removed it


can I go to your house?

I can't go to your house?

The place is small

I guess it's not bigger
than your house, right?


This is the first time I
go to someone else's house

First time?

There's a lot to talk about

This is terrible

I can't keep her alive.

Although I like flowers

Interest is momentary

Enthusiasm fades very quickly

You're so irresponsible

It's ok, sit down.
I'm getting something to drink.

Should I have said something better?

Smells good

You scared me

Sit there

Sakurai-san, does your coffee
start with the ground grains?

What about your house?

Take-san is going to go drink

Can't you have some coffee?

Not that I can't, I just don't drink it

What happens?


I think it's good to start from scratch

Besides I'm used

I don't hate it

Can I try?

No, it's in the clockwise direction

It's ok

For you

Thank you

I didn't expect it to be so tasty

"I didn't expect ", you have nothing to say

Sakurai-san, you usually...

what do you do after work?

I drink beer while watching TV

I'm late for house, but very often

I don't usually sleep, and I work at home


Are you happy talking about this?

I'm happy

Because I can get to know you better

By the way, are you going to rent a room?

It's called Fujimoto

Who knows, he's just an
acquaintance of the university

I don't know so much to he

You still don't know him,
he just looks at you... Sakurai-san; you,

do you have a good
relationship with Take-san?

What happens with he?

He said he was going to take you


when I realize that you were going to go,

I want to stay with you longer?

You're going to dinner, Youichi?

It's the first time you call me by my name

It's because everyone
calls you Minagawa Youichi

You don't like?

I'm very happy

Something like this feeling

It's ok, thank you

Do you have any special talents?

Well... although it is
not related to cosmetics

I'm good at wrestling

Can I ask someone to practice?

Egawa, come on

Minister, please go

Me, me?

Could please

Really? I'll go

Well, what am I supposed to do?

Please step forward - Here?

It's ok - Good, so

Don't be offended by this

What's going on?

The key is quite powerful

It's very powerful, right?

That's awesome

The lord is not doing well

Inoue, how old are they?

19 years, the right 17 years

Is almost like Youichi



How old are you?

28 years

Would you be with a 19 year old?

For example, someone of that age

I think that it would not last much

Yes, it's true

I can't control my feelings more




do I always think about him?


Hello Sakurai-san, I'm Shouta

For here please

Suddenly you called me, what happened?

I think Youi-chan has
a clear feeling to you

This is incredible

Do you know Minagawa Yosuke?

A very famous painter

I know

By the way, Minagawa

Yes, the father of Youi-chan

When we were small,
her parents died in an accident

Yosuke-san was a very good man

He had many friends

Probably that's why

Youi-chan has a terrible
and invisible pressure

Like Yoshitomi-san

Our brothers are concerned about he

I only heard the words of my
parents, that's why I live here.


Come to our house more often please

I would be very happy if you're
there, Sakurai-san

Youi-chan would think the same

What can I say?

I'm going to remove this

It's time to return

Isn't you Sakurai-san?

Long time no see ^.^


To Shouta forgot this, I came to deliver it


I also wanted to talk to you

I heard that Youichi went to your house


What did you say to him?

I didn't say anything


why are you upset?

I'm not upset

Speaking of Youichi

Have you ever heard of the Minagawa family?


Do you know that there are very
wealthy people who are landowners?

This is the Minagawa house

I'm here because of Yosuke

I just manage the property and Lands here

I was wondering if you are
the manager who lives here


That's my affair,
so let's not talk about this

Youichi, the guy

Many things happened after
the death of their parents

Suddenly he inherited a family and a house

As the saying goes,
rich in mountains have distant relatives

And I know that there
have been many problems

With this type of things are with
which it should not deal with Youichi


he came to me and said: Rent
this house like my father did

Honestly, I'm happy

I went to college with his father

It was a very good relationship

I am happy to see you again


I have never seen the
emergence of the true Youichi

It is only a 19 years old boy

Without friends

and without girlfriend

Some people in my
environment I was told once

that he imitates the father's paintings

Sometimes I wonder if it has
something else that really want to do

I think that

to Youichi really likes paint

He is always happy when he paints

He likes to paint

Youichi is a very nice guy


Can you take a look at the room of Youichi?

I'll take care of giving this to Shouta

In the paintings of my father

I saw a picture that shook my heart

A well acclaimed image,
that reflects the world

Even if there is a relationship,

no matter how much I look like my father,

I can not paint like him


What are you doing here?

I wanted to talk with you

I'm very happy

Because I wanted to talk to you too

You are still painting that flower

Is it a project?


It is just an elegant painting

That's all

Let me see it, please

I was very happy to see how you painted

It's ok




I planted flowers with my mother

How was your mother?

I do not remember very clearly

I only planted flowers once

Probably wasn't interested in my

I don't think so

My mother also died early

I don't know much about my mother either

just like you

Always one thing has bothered
me since I was a child

So far, it has only been in my heart

Although I heard that my
parents died in a car accident


they left me to be able to kill myself

The seeds in the meter of my mother

Where I left it?

They are in the drawer of my father

Not do they bloom?


But, there are still seeds

It has been a long time,
they should not bloom again

Now we are going to see him

They could bloom


The soil is very hard

It will not germinate

Don't say that

It's the season of flowers


You will not be able to take care of
him, even if it arises

This time I will do it

Although unreliable,
anything related to Sakurai-san,

any that sean details, facial
expressions, remember everything

They never made me feel or think about this



What's wrong, Youichi?



Hey, Minagawa

It's cold!

It's cold!

Stop now!

I told you not to do that!

Don't do that!

That guy really dislike me

Happiness is the most important

Do I look happy?

But Youichi appears very calm

Use this towel - Thank you

Sakurai-san, you're really infant

You'll be serious again

It's not true

Today the sky is very bright

I want, better not...

What happened? So suddenly...

I just thought you were
very cute and direct


This sort of thing

Can you do what you want?

As you can see, there is no one here

Can no one do it?

I don't know

It's ok, it's ok. Let's go back

It hurts

Close your eyes

Yasuda, can you get the customer number?

No problem

This was the best location for the scene

Sakurai, let me tell you something

The President of the Osaka Branch is here

You'll have to take care
of you for the coming year


(AD-NATION Co.Ltd Branch of Osaka of the new Department of
Business of Division's Innovation of the Proposal for Business)


You haven't been to University
lately, so I've come to collect you

You must deliver the project,
so everything will be alright

Put that here

Let's go


Go, go


What happens?

Sakurai-san has been in your house lately?


He has not been there since the
last time he got wet in the yard?

No, he didn't return

It seems that it is not serious

Because it's really a heterosexual type


When I talk of Sakurai-san

your eyes get bigger

I also want you to look
at me with the same eyes


Always care about you

You don't seem to put anyone in your eyes

I also know that women don't interest you

But it seems that you are
different with Sakurai-san


Do you know that you
watching Sakurai-San with a

very special look?

If I were Sakurai-san,

for the way you look at him,
I'd be forced to have you around

How does Sakurai-san

to turn your back?

Insurance is too busy to see you

That is a lot, don't you think?

But if you out with me,

don't you think it would be better?

What way would be best?

Let me think

In the first place,

I can pick you up every day as I did today

and wait to go home together

We can always be together

You know, you want to be
different from Sakurai-san

We are of the same age

There will be no generation gap

That is important


And also

Hey, Minaga

Can you really take me seriously?

I like you


can accept men

You are not surprised

Me too

If it's you, I can

always bear it



I'm sorry

Get out of here

Oh, I'm sorry Minagawa, I... I

I'm not angry

I know

It's not good

That is strange,
why you are drinking coffee?

You're not feeling well?

You're a little weird

Would you like another cup?

No necessary

I want to eat cake

No problem

I will make one for you

But in exchange, you should cheer up

No, it's not so

The cake that refers to
Youi-chan is for Sakurai-san


I'd like to ask you something

Okay, I'll make sure they do it

It's ok, please

Good bye


Is there something you want to forget?

I say this

because when you work,
you usually do not think of anything else


please check this

Sorry to bother you at work.
Do you have time to find us?
Iwasaki Takeo

Sorry to bother you at work.

Never mind

You haven't been home lately...

In fact, I'm going to transfer me

Well, to be accurate,

everything is already fixed

When I was in that house I forgot it

The working pressure

it made me remember and feel happy

Does Youichi know about this?

I think I should tell him

You arrive just in time


yesterday Youichi asked Yoshitomi-san
for his contact information, Sakurai-san

I feel not having your consent

After consulting with
Yoshitomi-san, I said to Youichi


also I want to give you
the number of Youichi

I'm sick of this continue

Can you accept it?

This is the first time that Youichi...

Can you tell me really
what you want from Youichi?


I'm Youichi

I want to see you

You spoke with Yoshitomi-san?

I sent him an email

He said you had to prepare my dinner

Not said anything else?


Yoshitomi-san also said "it's ok"

Yoshitomi-san is a good man

He has always been good

I always trust him

All people told me to see my world around,

since only I am interested in the painting

Until I met you, Sakurai-san

Until I met you, Sakurai-san

I don't even recognize me

Why now don't you come to my house?

Only plants the flowers,

and then you do not care?

You said it before

You're not good at gardening

Always try to keep them alive

But the enthusiasm fades very quickly

You know you well

Also because I'm an adult

You're so astute

At this moment, I am an adult

Are you an adult?

I'm twice as old as you

What's wrong with that?


You still don'tt have your
own way to go in the future

and I can't return

- I can't come to your house, Sakurai-san?

Can't I be with you?

In compared to Fujimoto

He can look at things from
the same perspective that you


you and me... - Sakurai-san




I'm sorry

Why do you ask me for forgiveness?

You're a child

You're 19 years old, he is uncomfortable

Didn't you understand

what it meant to be with me?

Even if this is not well,

you have seen that I am
beginning to draw a flower

You're always on my mind


I have been avoiding your
reasons for doing this,

but now there are reasons to do it

You know what mean me, right?

I get it

Very clearly


Work hard - Work hard

Your plan is ending, isn't it?

Yes, all that remains is to visit clients

That's all


I would like to know how long
is going to take the transfer

According to the case,

about three years

Three years?



Have you heard?


I heard that Sakurai-San
will be transferred to Osaka

Part-time work as a model

I heard from one of Sakurai-san's clients


You haven't said it yet.

Can I stay here?

I have no problem with that

If Yoshitomi-San agrees


How should I tell him?

Now I live here

They take care of me

That's a good thing

Tell me Sakurai-san,

are you going to transfer to Osaka?

That news is very good

I was going to say it myself


Sakurai-san is telling the truth

I also found out

Sakurai-san himself was going to tell you

I've eaten well

I also ate well


Why are you chasing him now?

Are you the only one?

Why are you chasing Youichi?

Because I'm honest with Minagawa

And you?

How did you look at Minagawa?

You know how he feels about you, right?

You know these emotions are
more complicated, right?


tell him, leave him and go

I know

I know what I have to do.

I know what's going on
between Minagawa and you

Even so, I didn't give up

It's the first time I've
had this kind of feeling

What's that feeling?

Fujimoto, I always thought you
were interested in Youi-chan

I didn't know you were
interested in Sakurai-san

Wait, wait, wait, wait

You have misunderstood

You're bothering this white-eyed wolf

Sakurai-san, and you?
You're an adult after all

Fix the Fujimoto disaster

And then get him out of here

I told you...

Listen to me!

Because I'm an adult,

I want to give you the perfect explanation

For Youichi...



What are you thinking?

Do you have any ideas?

I'm asking you if you really
want to be with me or not!

I'm here to talk about that

But if you've already
decided to go to Osaka

Yes, it's fixed

Things are done and we can
not do anything about it.

I'm only going to Osaka for three years

Three years

When were you going to be ready to tell me
you were going to leave me for three years?


What would you do if I had a complaint?

- Hey, understand me - Understand you?

I'm in a critical period of my career

Of course, you're also important.

Even though?

Youichi, if you were a girl,

I probably wouldn't be
so tangled up about this

I would not hesitate to
ask you to wait for me

I could even marry you

I would also ask you to please come with me

But you're a boy

So I can't do this

What are you saying?

What are you asking?

You knew this was going to
happen, It's not true?

It's not true?

Do what you want until the end

After all, I'm new to this, right Sakurai?

Though now I can understand it all

So, can you come with me?

I'm not going

Of course I'm not going to go

What we're looking for is different

I'm not going with someone you can't trust.

You're just thinking about the job.

Or the perfect couple.

I know

I'm not done yet

Where are you going?

I'll give you time to think

You're so cunning

Sakurai-san you're a shameless

What day is it?

I can't draw anything

Clearly, there's something I want to draw

But it can't take shape


You're very closed

We are all very concerned

Youi-chan you should think of yourself

And you really like painting?

Didn't you draw because
Yosuke-san was a painter?

The house is destined to inherit
also the mantle of the father


It's like you live in
the place of Yosuke-san

Sometimes I regret to paint


dad has always been in my heart

But I

I've always hated my father's paintings

When I met Sakurai-san

I knew I was painting flowers

He said I looked very
happy when I was painting

I realized that

Gracias a Sakurai-San

I became the real me


Hey, Minagawa!

Sakurai-san is going to Osaka

You can try me again


Are you out of my reach?

Even if I'm serious?

Clearly you're more important
to me than for Sakurai-san...

I'm sincere with you

Isn't that enough?

It has nothing to do with Sakurai-san

I don't want to

That's all

I feel like I've changed a lot
since you started liking me

You know, I have no boring idea...

Ya que me gustas

Estoy muy feliz todos los dias

That feeling, it's ok

I don't hate you

Maybe I like you

But this kind of like

It's not the same as love for Sakurai-san

I really like Sakurai-san


I know

Because I'm so stupid

I hope you have a good
relationship with Sakurai-san

I'm so idiot

Let me see it well, please

Sakurai-san has always
waited patiently for me

They have a good price

the moments where I'm angry and confused

Because every time that I touched me

I felt restless and undecided

And then my brain was left blank

If I'm the same as before,
I will not recognize myself

I will be surprised

I have to see Youichi


Even though you said you gave
me time to think about it

I still don't know what to do

I'm sorry

I'm sorry, I...

I ran away

I left you all decisions and choices

I'm so sorry

You really are very cunning, Sakurai-san

I was going to apologize first.

Why will you would apologize first?

Because I wanted to do it

No matter what happens, I like you so much

Even if you always say hurtful things

Youichi, I like you

Even though you're too much for
me, we'll be the perfect couple

Have you finished painting?

Still no

I'm trying to paint the flowers
I planted with my mother

You can't draw it, right?

After all, it is a flower that cannot bloom


About your parents

I heard Yoshitomi say it

Both died in an accident

Your parents love you very much

It's not enough?

What kind of seed is this?


My favorite flower

Because it's equal to your name

Make sure it blooms with you this time

Weren't you going to Osaka?

I'll be back often

Flowers should be watered every day

I'll call you every day

So, please take, care of her

You're so capricious, really.

But, wow

Youichi, are you crying?

I'm not crying


This flower is about to bloom

Definitely this time it's going to blossom

We must make it flourish