Hana to hebi: hakui nawa dorei (1986) - full transcript

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It seems not good at all,
you need an injection.

Naoe, come on.


Doctor, please be quick.

Why? Isn't it the last patient today?

No, we still have an appointment
at 7pm with Mrs. Ito.

Mrs. Ito? Why didn't you refuse?

Because that is Mrs. Ito.



Hang on a while.

Doctor Oba, let me introduce her.

This is my student, Miki.

Nice to meet you.

How do you do?

This morning she felt painful
in her mouth.

She seems in pain.


Please sit here.

It is so painful that
she won't let others see it.

We are sorry to bother you so late.

Please be gentle when you
do the checking.

Please open your mouth.


Here, right?


The situation is bad.

Now we need to clean the wound.
It'll be a bit uncomfortable.

Please endure it.

Please rinse your mouth.

Thank you.

Master, I have cleaned up everything.
I have to go now.

You have to go now?

I have an appointment with the dentist.

This late?


He said it will be used for the
anniversary of the clinic.

So beautiful. I'm leaving.

Be careful.

Give me the mirror.


Stop it.

Master, are you tired?
Let me give you a massage.

So comfortable.

You worked too hard today.

Do you have to finish it all today?

Yes, Doctor Oba has ordered 100 pcs,
he'll pick them up in 2 days.

I have to finish it by tonight.
Tomorrow I will need to pack them up.

It was so nice to have your help.
Thank you.


Touch here.

Take off the Kimono.

But we still have work to do.

Please, I just want to relax.
Take off the Obi.


Miki, quick.


Miki, what happened to you?


You have got a love scar here.

Love scar?

Yes, love scar.

My husband was 30 years older than me.

He couldn't make love to me
in his last few years.

All he could do was lick me around.

He loved to give me a love scar
when he finished everything.

You have got a lover?


Didn't you promise, you will tell me
if you had a lover?

I really don't have a lover,
please believe me, Master.

I really don't. It is best to stay
with Master.

Really? I don't want to leave you too.
I want to be with you forever.

They are so beautiful, good job.

I hope you will like it.

Of course.

Yesterday Miki helped me.

We packed up all the boxes.

Oh yeah? I thought Miki was a
fashionable woman.

I didn't know she also liked
this traditional stuff.

Yes, she doesn't like rock music.

She loves Baroque

Baroque? What kind of person is Miki?

She studied in the university in town.

And is now working in an ordinary company.

Her family?

Her parents are in her hometown.
She lives alone in an apartment.


Doctor, it seems that you are
quite interested in Miki.

No, just because she is beautiful.

Don't try to approach her.
She is important to me.

Not painful anymore?

Thank you very much.

Miki, you like listening to Baroque?


I heard it from Mrs. Ito.

I like it Too.
I have a lot of those records.

Oh, really?

You want to listen to them?

Yes, sure.

Come on.

Thank you, shall we listen to them here?

You can enjoy an absolute silence
in this place.

You are so beautiful.

Be my woman.


Be quiet.

No matter how much you scream,
no-one can hear you from outside.

Please, help!

You don't need to be shy.

I have looked over your whole body

Back to the room.

What a good job, Mrs. Ito.

I heard that you have made them yourself.

Which one do you like?
This one seems quite fit for you.

Is this why you asked Master
to make these?

If she knew the rope she made
is used for tying up her student,

I believe Mrs. Ito would be happy too.

No, stop it!



Doctor, what have you done?

I was listening to music with her.


You told me to go shopping
so you could be with her, right?

Answer me, doctor.

I will leave for a while.

Doctor made love to you, right?


Say it, you lousy woman.


Don't be so harsh.

Give me a hand.

Tie her on the chair.

Doctor, when did you buy that?

When I saw this woman the first time,
I wanted to torture her badly.

Seems that you will fall in love with me.

Don't tell anybody what happened

We will wait for you
the night after tomorrow. Be punctual.

Answer me.


Now get out of the car.


Where have you been?

I'm sorry.

Tell me, where have you been?

Who drove you back just now?

Why don't you say anything?
You know how worried I am?

I've been looking for you since yesterday.
I couldn't even sleep last night.

It took the whole day to find you,
now tell me what happened.

So you have a lover now,
you've got a boyfriend?

Right? You betrayed me.

If you don't tell me anything,
I will ask your body.

Why? Who did this?

Poor girl. It must be something horrible.

Alright, be quick and go.

No, you go and pick her up
if you want to.

You don't want to go, huh?

Then I will pick her up myself.

But I will never ask you for anything

Wait, let me do it.

Miki, what are you waiting for?

I don't want to go tonight.

You dare to break the promise?

I have to practice later,
please forgive me.

No, doctor is waiting.

Be quick, ok?

We punish you because you have
broke your promise.

All because you're not listening to us.

You have tolerated it very well.


I'll let you drink something good.

Alright, drink more.

Is it nice? Drink more.

You feel uncomfortable because you
drank too much? Just piss it out.

Naoe, use the ejector, pick it up.

Alright, now you can piss it quickly.

Who is it?

I am Ito, please open the door.

It's Mrs. Ito?

Wha happened? Are your teeth
suddenly painful?

Miki is here, right?

Oh, welcome.

Mrs. Ito is looking for Miki.


Don't you try to fool me.
I'm sure she is here.

Please, you may look inside as well.

Give up, huh?

Why would Mrs. Ito think Miki is here?

May be she thought I have approached

Right, Mrs. Ito?

It's funny, doctor.

Something I heard about
Mrs. Ito and Miki.

What is that?

They love each other, they're lesbians.

So rude.

Naoe, don't be so rude.

How could Mrs. Ito do that?

Right, a widow with a good background,

will not play lesbian with her student.

But if it is true,

I believe everyone will be interested.
What a big scandal.

Naoe, you are going too far.


I'm leaving.

What are you doing?

So it's really you who hid Miki.

Poor Miki, you suffer so much.

Is this the reason why you asked me
to work on all the ropes?

Yeah, I'm using the ropes you made
to tie up your student.

How's do you feel about it?

You are sick.

So are you. Show me lesbian love.

Miki, let's go home.

Go away! Open the door!


You have to obey our orders here.

Please, let us go home.

We won't let you go until you give us
the lesbian show.


Make love to her.

No, no.

If you don't obey, you'll suffer.

Master! Please, stop it.

Miki, just show us what you always
do with her.

I can't do it.

No, stop it!

Miki, you'd better listen to me.

Be quick.

Master, forgive me.


Miki, no.

How long do you want to enjoy yourself?

Now it's your turn.

Leave me alone.

Ok, suck it.


Open your mouth.

Let me give you the forgotten taste
of men.


How is the taste of men?

Doctor, I don't want to do this anymore.

The more I torture her,
I can feel that doctor loves her more.

Miki will soon become my woman.

If you want to quit, just quit.

Comfortable in here?

What happened to Miki?

Miki has gone far away.

Where is she?

You want to find her?

Please let her down.

Come close to her.

You have to obey orders, understand?

Please leave Miki alone.

You surely love your student.

Stop it, stop torturing Master.

Then you shall replace her.

Naoe, open her legs.

Give her some stamina drink.


Master, let me do it.

Please, don't release it.

Will Miki come today?

Yes, I have told her to come earlier.


What are you doing?