Hana to hebi: Jigoku-hen (1985) - full transcript

Kaori Aso lives in the wealthy family. She cheated her stepmother that she has been kidnapped by somebody. Unfortunately, Aso's accomplice really does kidnap her and her stepmother.


The plane will not wait for you.
Kawada, be quick!


This is a deal of USD800,000.
We can't be late.

Dear, don't do it.

Shizuko, although Kyoko is
hard to get along with.

You have to stay harmony with her
when I am not at home.


I go then.


Welcome home, wish master good luck.

Did Kyoko...

No contact from her. Please scold her
when she's back tonight.

Chiyo, you should scold her.

Madam, you are her mother.

It is your responsibility to govern her.


I thought you have forgot your home.

No, we don't have much money.

Is it Kyoko?

Request us to take 3 millions.

So that she will not suffer from the lynch.

The lynch?

Ms. Kyoko is
the head of Hazakura gang.

Never heard that the head of the gang
is punished by the gangster.

And she said she will be saved
if you have money.

Kyoko, I am mom, where are you?

South gate of Century Hyatt
in Shijyuku at 4 PM


Madam, you don't have to do this.

But master is not here,
I can't let anything happen to Kyoko.


It is Kyoko's.

Someone throw it
inside the door just now.

Why didn't you get him?

I have tried, but he has gone.

We have to draw money from the bank.

Mr. Kawada.


Why so late?

Oh, yes.

Can I go to buy cigarette?


Excuse me.

You are?

Principal wants to meet her mother.

You don't take off your shoes
when you visit other's home?

That's why I hate rich people.


Kyoko, what's happen?

Don't be so mean,
it's only 3 million.

Our home is an old beauty centre,
and my mom got sick.

We need money!

Kyoko, I tried hard to get along with you.

But I have to told your father this time.

I will report to police
for what you have done.

Kyoko, what are you doing?

Just do it.

Please don't.

Don't move.

Keep crying, no one will hear you.


To be frank, I owe someone 2 millions
and they helped me.

I won't let you turn them to the police?

No, no.

Nice body.

You always have luxury food. Damn it!


Stand up!


So beautiful, the pink body.

It's so shameful.

You don't feel shameful
when you make love with husband?

This is the body that took away father.

Mom is now crying in the grave.

It's all your fault,
we have to take these photos.

If you don't do what I tell you,
I will give it to father.

Let's take a photo inside.


What do you want? No!

Don't you want it?

Let's sit down.

No, don't look at me.

Open your legs.

Let's open, little Lily.


It is harsh to bring me home.

It won't open if you don't lick it.

Great, salmon pink.

Kyoko, you lose.

Nice scenery.

Mr. Tsuyama.

Right, it is our honour
that you visit our club.

Why you come here?

I come to settle the 3 million loan
from you and Kawada.

Not 2 million?

Interest included.
The loan is long overdue.

Right? Come out.

Don't look.

This is Mrs. Touyama.
I saw her in the magazine before.

Don't want to be saw
by the little driver in nuke.

I understand your feeling.

Leave her alone.

Mitsuo, why didn't you tell me earlier?

I have just heard about it.

You should have money, right?
Settle the loan.

No kidding.

Please give him the 3 millions.

Shut up! Don't think you can have a say
just because you fucked Kyoko.

Say it once more!

Let your member shameful...

Is it the behaviour of a leader?

Alright, I will just pay you back.

That is!

This worth 5 million, give me the changes.

What a headache.

There is a good solution, isn't it?

That is using the body of your mother.

Kyoko, if you can sell your mother.

We will still treat you as our leader.

Save me! Kyoko, Mr. Kawada!

You are welcome.

I must kill you.

You bastard.

Stupid! Forget how horrible I am?

Mitsuo, be quick!

Hey buddy, you will be fired by madam.

You are helpless,
what you have done with that girl...

And your loan from gambling
will be disclosed.

Just turn madam to your wife.

Kyoko, thank you very much.

I'm not that stupid
to sell my father's lover.

Tsuyama is a loan shark of the gang.

We have to get out of here quick
before he change his mind.


No, stop it!

Hey, give me a hand.

Get her.

No, no.

Drive to leader's home.
Open the back case of the car.

If you want money, my husband has a lot.


Who come and save me!

Hey, you should know her body well.

Lick her wet.

Look, you used to do it.

Damn it!

I will kill Kyoko!

Hey, there is SM show
in the club of Matsuoka gang.

We sell the mother and daughter there.

The quality of the girl is not bad.

It will be good if we sell them together.

We still need your help.

You will give me the madam, right?

This is the promise between men.


Don't want to pay the fee
for keeping silent?

Go back home and sleep, kids.

She is Mari Onizuka,
the only daughter of Onigen.


If you want to train them,
she is the best.

Onigen the demon of trainer?

How is it? The crying is special, right?

This madam is during period?

She is crying for wearing the clothes.

Finally get this for her.
It was difficult to find.

This is heavy.

Very heavy, my legs has paralysis.

Hey, say hi to the leader.

Tsuyama, it's ok.

What a group of trainer.

Mitsuo! How dare you betray me,
you'll pay for it.

Hey, say something.

Say, you have nothing to say.

Say something!

When I first met madam.

Madam, I will never forget every moment.

And then? Say quickly!

I just want to make love
and kiss madam.

If I can make love with madam,
I can exchange it with my life.

Shut up! Every night yell on father's bed.

Lascivious woman!
You even lured the driver!

Miss, if you want to back home,
no problem.

But everyone is suffer because of you.

You should say sorry, right?

What do you want?

We want to shave it.

What do you want?

You are sick. No, no.


So our miss doesn't want the shave.
The madam should be shaved then.

How come? Forgive me.

You are helpless, You mother refused.

Of course, why she will do
such shameful things for me.

She is my enemy
since she came to our home.

Kawada, shave madam's.

I can't.

How come?
It should be a dream job for men.

Shave it.

We all can see the shave.

This is the first time I see this, very funny.

No, don't do it.

I'd rather die if I shaved by this guy.

Let me shave.


Let me go after I shaved her.

Let me shave.

Let she shave.

Madam, no problem, right?


If not, Kawada will do it.

It will be better to let Kyoko do it, right?

It hurts.

Don't try to escape.

Kyoko, forgive me.

Shut up and open your legs.

Hey, open it.

If you move, I will cut your clitoris.

You've shaved it very well.

It's over, Let me go.

I'm afraid I can't.

What did you say?

Because you are so bad
to shave your mother.

How comes?

You should apologize by shave yourself.

You dare to?

We can't do it like this.

Hey, stop it.


Compensate with another show.

You do the enema with your mother,
and you won't have to be shaved.

No, I don't want it.

Don't cry, it is good for the beauty.

Be quick, I need to go.

She become obey,
give her some rewards.


Take that here.

Give me a hand.

Fasten her legs.


Fasten her hands also.

Open wide.

Madam, did you fell happy?

Just like the crying sound at that time?

Come in.

Choose the colour you like.

Which one is better?

choose one for your lovely madam.

Dirty old man.

Don't move.

Don't do such horrible things, forgive me.

How come?
Suddenly become a good girl?

No, let me go to the toilet.

Please, please let me go now.

No, need to do the enema first.

Kyoko, no.

OK now?

No, fasten her on to the pillar.

Why need to do so?

You want to pee, your mom want to shit,
and we will see who will lose.

If you win, I will let you go to the toilet.

It's all Mari's idea, she's a genius.

Let it go.



This time Miss lose.

Kyoko, how is the taste?

Madam, beg the leader.

Please clean my dirty butt.

If you don't say it,
you will be here forever.

Madam, say it quickly?
Why don't you say it quickly?


Please clean my dirty butt.

You have to be more specific
on where you want us to clean up.

Sorry, please let me clean for madam.

How is it?

Please, she will be mine anyway?

Ok, let you clean.

Good job.
We will keep the promise...

and let you marry with the madam.

Thank you very much.

No, please forgive me.

If you don't want it,
we will cut your labium.

Stop it. Don't do such horrible things.

So now you are Kawada's woman.

Leader, let's have a drink...

for these two's happiness.

Let's celebrate for them.

Hey, you drinks too.


Miss. I will take care of you tonight.

if it is not those woman just get fucked...

I can't be erected. I am getting old.


Unfasten the strings.

I can't.

I will not escape and obey you.

I can't.

Madam, I can't get excited
if I don't tie you up.

I have no feeling if I don't do it.

I know it,
when we were going to the airport.

You are scared and helpless.

Say something!

Lick my foot.

Damn sadist.

Madam, I won't leave you anymore.

We will be together forever.

What's the matter?

This is your rewards.

Take it.

We have two good stuff because of you.

After we trained them,
we can beat Matsuoka gang.

You are welcome.

Back home,
there's none of your business now.

Come again tonight,
let's see the result of training.

Tsuyama, my brother.

Don't brother me.

You should feel lucky for last night.



Lie down.

Lick her.

Want to get whipped?

Be quick.

Hey, lick her, quick.

Kiss her, quick.

These two has to be trained
and become our star quick.

Just like lovers.

Stuck your tongue in and turn it.

This is what we call homosexual.

Not yet, I'll kill you if you dare to leave.

I know the wine is out of stock.

Get away.

The madam is mine!

You bastard.

We will sell them to Matsuoka gang.

How can we give them to you?

Mom, be quick.

Mom, want some candies?

Open the mouth, is it good?

Mom, Kyoko love Mom.