Hana no asuka gumi! (1988) - full transcript

In this flower of the bird group action film, according to the high mouth pure title for the comic book "Flower of the bird group" adaptation, and violent flooding of the 199X Shinjuku Kabukicho, there is a girl like the wind, her name Called birds. With the streets of rogue and bad police officers filled the city together, but in front of her is the Hibari Corps.





Get out of the way, old hag!

What the hell!?

You're the one
who should watch out!

Red Nose Gods!

Bringing some red
beads nose medicine!

Red beads nose medicine!

Well, well...

What do we have here?

You punks.

You're all under arrest.

Right on.

Come and get us.

You're through.

Or can't you hear well, huh?


Why don't you
give it a spin?


It takes a lot of time and effort
for us to call for backup.

No kidding?

Take this!

Come and get some, bitch.

Let's roll!

Hurry up!

Hey, you!

I didn't take no insulin!

Get your weapons out!

You bitch!

Get her!

Hurry and get her!

Don't let her run away!


What's the meaning of this!?

Are you good with all this?

You reek.

Have you been inhaling
too much of that red shit?

You're the one who reeks here.

You've been supplying them
to us, and on such short time...

We can't let this stand.

You're weeping.

Go back to mommy.

You're the one
really weeping here.

Look at all this mess.

Maybe Lady Hibari ought to
know about this.

Just who do you think
you're talking to!?

The proprietor girl
of Hibari Pharmacy,

who produces and
wholesales the goods.

That's who
I'm talking to, Yoko.

You mocking me?

Don't get cocky.

Was that little bitch
one of yours?

What little bitch?

Don't bullshit me.

I'm talking about Asuka.


You bitch!

Eat this!

Hurry and kill her!

Kill her!

Kill her!

Fuck off!

Kill her!

Finish her off!

Let's move, Asuka!

You were slow!

What took you
so damn long!?

Asuka, stop it already!

Why do you keep insisting!?

Toki Masamune.

How many generations
have you been here?

Toki, times are changing.

Things have been
going well until now.

For you, me,
and Lady Hibari too.

What are you trying to say?

It's simple, really.

I'm ready for the real deal.

I'm not opposed
to taking a little of it now.

Listen, old timer!

Don't be getting any ideas.

The way it is now should be
sufficient for you.


You still
don't seem to get it.

Just who do you think's
letting you

deal business out
on the streets, huh!?

If only the PB-4
would be willing to...

That seems to be
your problem,

not ours.

Lady Hibari believes

that no one benefits
from infighting.

Listen, your highness.

This ain't the time for your
high-minded proverbs.

I ought to remind you.

This whole mess was started
thanks to your Asuka!

Asuka has left our group.

She dumped you, huh.

Lady Hibari.

My brother's territory
got trashed,

seven honorable officers
also got beaten up.

And yet, we're suppose
to take this sitting down, huh!?

Who's gonna take
responsibility for this!?

Good grief, you really
moved me to tears.

I'm gonna kill you, Toki.

Once Asuka's out,
it'll be your turn.

I'd like to see you try!

If you can.

Men and women
just can't seem get along.

Or in this instance,
women and women?

We will provide the PB-04
with compensation.

As for you, Toki,

we'll provide you
with additional red beads.

-That's all?

We'll also be handling
the troublesome abscesses.

-Works for me.
-I don't quite like it!

I suggest you refrain from
complicating this any further.

Lady Hibari!

Consequently, all the street
partitions will remain the same.



How you doing?

Thank you, thank you.

Thank you.


No problem.

Asuka, let's blow town.

-You're asking why?

Because we hit Toki's red beads
and the K-Officer's cash.

We can't waste
any more time.

This is a peaceful world.

Only the kids are at war.

Peace only exists
in that thick skull of yours.

Miko, what about your sister?

-Like I care about her.
-But she's your sister!

She's not even
my blood sister.

The only thing connecting us
is my stupid old man's White Calpis.



You used to be Lady Hibari's
kitty cat, right?

That's gross!

I bet that must've been nice.

Zip it, or I'll kill you!


Why did Asuka set this up?

I have no idea.

No clue at all?

After she left us, Asuka
elected to work by herself.

Is that right, Yoko?

I believe so.

Was it not you who
introduced Asuka to us?

That's right.


Who is Miko to you?

She's my sister.

Asuka and Miko

robbed the red beads
and the K-Officer's cash.

Asuka is your friend.

Miko is your sister.

What say you, Yoko?

I swear...
I don't know anything!

Very well.


We'll allow you to continue
dealing with the red beads.


Asuka and Miko will pay
for what they've done.

Are we clear?

They'll pay for everything.

You'll do the deed.

You'll be the one
to kill Asuka.

As you wish.


You're Asuka, right?

Sell me some
of that red stuff.

You're the person
to go for them, right?

The hell are you on about?

Arthur and the rest
told us so.

Sell them to me!

Asuka, sell me the stuff.

I want the red stuff, Asuka!

I want them!

Give them to me!



You were dumb enough
to fall for our trap.

Consider yourself history.


I suggest you
throw away that bottle.

After her!

Kill her!


Hurry up and kill her!



Kill her!

You bitch!

Little girl!

Get the fuck out of my way!

I said, move it!

You bitch!

Run for it, Asuka!

Just trust me!

You fucking bitch!

Get ready, Asuka!


You're dead meat!

You're dead!

Get back here!


How come you haven't
been indulging me lately?

Am I still not enough?

Be quiet!


Was that a threat against me?

Did you forget about
your place in the world?

What do you mean
my place?


You're a bright girl yourself.

Can't you see the times
we're living in?

You think this is
the time to get all clingy!?

Spare me
your tales of past time.

I never brought up the past!

You sure you wanna get
all high and mighty with me?

Just leave.

You're through here,
aren't you?

Well, Yoko?


I'll leave.

You do that.

Get better, okay?

And don't forget, you gotta
settle the score with Asuka.



These red beads
of yours are far out.


Where did Asuka run off to?

How should I know!?


Does Hibari know?

That you and Toki
have a thing going.

Maybe I oughta
inform Hibari.


Where the fuck
is Asuka, huh!?

Where did you stash her at!?

I said I don't know!


What is it about Asuka
that made you yield?

Doesn't it piss you off?

She took from our men,

and just as we almost had her,
she managed to flee.

Not even the Hibari 2nd
in command went unscathed.

Are you through?

Don't get impatient, Yoko.

I'm willing to handle
Asuka for you.

Once she's disposed of,
all will be put back into place.

Just take us to where
she's hiding out.


Why did you go
by yourself yesterday?

It was part of my plan
with Yoko.

A plan?

By seizing their red beads
and starving them,

they'll start to squabble, giving us
a chance to take down Hibari.

That's the gist of it.

And you trust Yoko?

I do.

She just has her unique way
of handling business.

Still, those guys were
there waiting for you.


I'm not keen on going along
with Yoko's pipe dream.

But I enjoy working with you.

So there.

That's probably why I agreed
to infiltrate the K-Officer's shop.

I was sold on your whole plan
from the start.

I hate to break it to you,

but I've been rolling with Yoko
for longer than you.

You just don't get
her true ways.

Even in the worst of times,

she always managed
to remain cool and collected.

Back when I was little,

she was already a big player
in Hibari's gang, and a grown lady.

You got one hell of a sister!

Perhaps because
I admired her...

I also joined Hibari's gang.

And you know the rest.

Hibari's true nature
became apparent.

That fool Toki stirred me
and Yoko up, and I got out.

Men and women
are so dirty together.

It's dirty because
it's men and women, right?

Can I help you, Yoko?

Tell them I'm here.


I'm sorry for hitting you
last night.

Last night?

Miko, the hell's
your issue with me?

Lay off her.


What you just said is just
hilarious, with an air of danger.

Hibari deities disappear
from the streets,

while you pussy foot
your way neatly.

It'll be freedom and equality
if we all do away

with dirty red beads
and cash!?

The upside's that everyone
works for one person,

and one person
dies for everyone!

Are you making fun of me!?

Who's making fun of who!?


You wave the flag,
take to the streets,

and what happens
after that red wind?

It'll be because of you!

Take it easy--

I can't do that!

Whether it's a sweet wind
or harsh wind,

someone has to blow them,
otherwise the wind will never blow!

You always
had a way with words.

They're hard for kids to get.

There's no kids here!
This dream of yours is insane!

A sweet taste
that quickly dissolves.

That perfectly
describes you, sister!

-You can call it quits if you want.
-I'm not the one quitting!

Stop all this nonsense
and take down Hibari yourself!

Yoko, I'll hear you out.

Asuka! She needs to leave!

Shut up!

Both Hibari and the K-Officer
still have my trust.

I'll try to keep
things under control.

-But, what?

-What about Toki!?

He threatened me.

Said he'll kill me if I don't deliver
the red beads and cash.


Jeong Jang!

Jeong Jang!

Arthur, where do you
think we are!?

-I'm sorry!
- Huh!? We're in Japan!

So speak Japanese!

I'm sorry, sir!

It's just that...

Asuka's coming!


It's been a while, Toki.

You finally
surrendering, Asuka?

Listen, Toki...

You'll get a puncture
if you keep puffing yourself up.

What are you on about?

I hear you're trying
to take the streets.

Well, that's interesting.

Now, who gave you
that brilliant idea?

Your reputation precedes you.


are you gonna kill me?

I see it now.

That K-Officer's
started running his mouth.




Quit the games
and just join my squad.

Your time's almost up.

I came here to talk
about the red beads.


What's on your mind?

Are we gonna talk
business or not?

You snatched
the red beads from us.

You and Miko managed to snatch
that dummy K-Officer's money.

It's been nothing
but a mess for us.

If the link between me,
the officer, and Hibari collapses,

who stands to benefit?

Hey, Asuka.

I thought you said
you wanted to roll solo?

I do roll solo.


You can't take
control the street

all by yourself.

Still, you managed
to cause quite the stir.


If you were to drop dead,
it'd greatly please

only the K-Officer
and Hibari.


That'd be except me.

By the way, Asuka.

You and Yoko
are best buds, right?

What are you trying to say?

Well, it's just...

One of your friends

will be delighted
to see you go.

Just something
that I recalled.

Is that right?

Yeah, that's right.

I'll be back.


Come join me.

I wouldn't join you,
even in your wildest dreams.

Then, I guess
you'll have to die.

That Asuka and Toki
are teaming up!

Are you certain of this?

They were on Cafe 419,
I checked it out for myself.

From whom?

Is it from Toki?

Or perhaps from Asuka?

Don't you trust my word?

That fucking Toki.

I can't believe he and Asuka
were in it together from the start!

Do you intend
to take action?

Listen, Lady Hibari.

How can you be
so unwinded?

If we get rid of Toki,
our profit split goes up!

Let's get this over
with and enjoy ourselves.

You should chase away
the flies on your head first.

You punk.

Watch your tongue!

Excuse us.


Somebody help!


Move in!

We took down
those Chinese guys!

Don't shoot!

Glad to have you
with us, Toki.

I'm happy to have you
as a friend. Wanna drink?

No need to hold back.

What's this all about?


Times have changed.

Your group's time
on the street's just about up!

You can't pull a fast one
on the Red Nose Gods!

Screw your filthy tricks!


Lucky for you...

I happen to be
in a cherry mood today.

Stay in your lane!

If you value your life, that is.

I understand.

What do you want from us?

It's simple, Toki.

Die like a good dog.

Keep down the door!

No guns!

Keep them out
till I okay it!



Miko isn't coming back.

Hibari's gang
got a hold of her.

The young ones say
Yoko set it up,

but I don't know
how true that is.

Yoko did?

In addition,
the K-Officer killed Toki.

Red Nose has been
totally wiped out.

But here is here,
and you are you, Asuka.

Do what you need to do.


I need you to take care
of something for me.

The red beads, right?
It'll cost you.

Leave it to me.

I'll take care of them,
don't you worry.

The gun.

Take this with you,
I'll give you a discount for it.

We're taking to the streets.


We have orders not to answer,
so please stay put!

On who's orders?

Who gave those orders!?

It was just now!

Lady Hibari told us
to stay put, by all means!


Who's this "Lady Hibari?"

Who is this person
you speak of!?

Tell me who the hell is she!?

Tell me.

Who the hell is Lady Hibari?

Please no more
of this, Yoko!

You can't do that here!


Please, enough is enough!

What if Lady Hibari
finds out--

What was that!?

-Stop it!

Please stop!

Yoko, please...

We're begging you, stop!





Some good red nose

So you're awake, Yoko.


You're gonna
kill me, aren't you?

Just get it over with.

So that means
you did it.

You gave Miko to them,
didn't you?

How did this place
get ransacked?

You led that
K-Officer straight here.

You're the only other person
who knew about this hideout.

You expected me
to fly up in the air!?

Damn straight!

I thought we weren't
suppose to cave in to pigs.

Will you be
satisfied if I had

dragged myself down
from the air

with your wounds
on my back!?

with your metaphors!


You were always
the best bullshitter.


Just what was your dream?

I wanna hear it!

What was your dream!?


I thought you wanted
to take Hibari down

and ride the wind
all by yourself.

The only wind
you're blowing

is that stench from the red beads
you keep inhaling!

Say something!

Only the small fry

are allowed to do
anything freely.

You're sick, Yoko.

You don't even know what
you're really after anymore.

Move it!

You assholes...

I kept my end of the deal!

Now bring me Miko.


The beads and cash go first!

The girl goes first!

The merchandise first!

The girl first!

If you won't agree,
I'll be on my way!

What will it be!?

I'm ready when you are!

Very well.

You'll get your stuff
once I get back.

Safe and sound.


That wasn't part of the deal!

I wouldn't risk
putting Yoko

or the red beads
in danger with you guys.

Are you certain about this?

Decide, now!



If you want Miko,

bring me the red beads
and money you stole!


Stop it, Yoko!

You'll never be able to escape
Lady Hibari's grasp!

Give my regards
to Toki, in hell.


Your one-woman
show ends now.

The flow of Toki's red beads,
and the ones that Asuka stole combined

will not make up
for the hole that you created!


What do you have
to say for yourself?

Lady Hibari's
hypothesis is as follows.

Your dream has always been
to dominate the streets.

That's why you want
to own this place.

You wish to overtake
her entire organization.

To achieve this, you'll need
the red beads and money.

And that's where
you bring in Asuka.

She beats our men and Toki,

and waits for an opening
to seize the K-Officer.

Yet, the outcome
is still just as you see.

Lady Hibari hoped

that you'd come
to your senses eventually.

Because without you,

we're unable to produce
the amount of red beads we need!

You're left with just
two options.

You can either join Toki to hell,

or you can spend the rest of your days
decaying in an orchid factory.

Lady Hibari!

I'll do anything
if you'd forgive me!

I'm even willing to kill
Asuka if you ask me to!

Let me do it, I beg of you!

That's precisely what
Lady Hibari detests about you.


Why do you insist
on killing Asuka so badly?

But we won't let
your offer go on deaf ears.

You can show us proof of your
self-proclaimed loyalty,

by killing Miko.

How about it?

She's your sister.

Are you willing
to kill family!?

Red beads nose medicine!

Red beads nose medicine!

I want some red beads!

Gimme some!

Red beads nose medicine!

Red beads

nose medicine...

You bitch!

No matter how much
you try, it won't work.

I don't want any of this!

I've had enough of your
cheap affectionate tricks.


Do you like Miko?

What are you up to?

You better not lay
a finger on her!


You still have no idea
of what I'm capable of.

Yoko came back to me.

And guess what she did.


Miko's dead.

Do you understand, Asuka?

Yoko did it to make
herself stronger.

She killed her for that.

How could she kill her?

How could she kill Miko!?

Don't misunderstand,


killed Miko
for her own benefit.

And for that reason...

I've forgiven Yoko.

I'm gonna kill Yoko.

That little lackey of yours
is as good as dead!

Ladies and gentlemen.

Today, we must bid a sad farewell
to Mr. Toki Masamune.

We can't help but shed tears
for this man when we reminisce of him,

he left us too soon,
a talented and wise man he was.

In addition to our
prayers for him,

those who came
to the farewell ceremony

let's swear our best
to fight against drugs,

in order for his death
to not be in vain.

We swear!

In hindsight,

his honesty and sense of
responsibility he had for this town,

as well as his dedication
to integrity and purity,

reflected the kind
of warm man he was.

His heart and soul
helped keep these streets safe

and its citizens prosperous...



Hey you!

Come on buddy, off you go.

Let's move it.

I said get off!


Hold it!


And I try, and I try

I can't get no

I can't get no

When I'm watchin' my TV

And a man
comes on to tell me

How white my shirts can be

But, he can't be a man
'cause he doesn't smoke

The same cigarettes as me

I can't get no

No, no, no

Hey, hey, hey

That's what I say

And I try, and I try

I can't get no


Show yourself!




You little worm!

I'll be sure to make it quick,
so show yourself!


What are you so afraid of!?

Get your ass out here!


I'll kill you...


I'll kill you if you come
any closer...


I won't make this
easy for you.

It's my turn to kill.


Subtitles by GEO9875