Hana chirinu (1938) - full transcript

FALLEN BLOSSOMS follows the inhabitants of a Kyoto geisha house as the civil war of the Meiji Restoration rages just outside their walls. Set completely inside the house, only female characters are seen on screen. AKA: FLOWERS HAV...

Touhou Films

The Flowers have Fallen
A Tamizo Ishida Film

Written by Kaoru Morimoto,
Directed by Tamizo Ishida
Photographed by Harumi Machii

Music composed by Senji Ito

Assistant Director Kon Ichikawa

(hair, costume, props...)
Assistant Director Kon Ichikawa

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Reiko Minakami as Tanehachi,
Rikie Sanjou as Tomi,
Rumi Ejima as Harue

Fumiko Naruse as o-Shige,
Chieko Ishii as Shimekawa,
Ryoko Satmi as Michiyo...

Setsuko Horigoshi as Kichiya,
Suyako Ichinose as Matsuba,
Kimiko Hayashi as Miyako

Ranko Hanai as Akira

Time: the evening of 17th July 1864 -
through to the evening of the 18th July.

The place: the Gion district of Kyoto

Good evening.

Come in.


Get home safely!

Thank you o-nee-san
(big sister = senior colleague).

Thank you o-kaa-san
(mother = Madam Employer) = MAMA

Thank you.
It's hot.

Yes, very hot.

- What's going on?
- What do you mean?

- The customers upstairs...
- I see. Thank you.

It seems to be a very loud party!

Even though they say fighting
will break out here in Kyoto.

Who says? Itoh and
all those weavers from Nishijin?

Yes, they say business is going badly.
They're getting drunk in desperation!

Stop that! If you make
too much noise Mama will be angry!

I know but o-nee-chan
is always misbehaving!


What an uproar!

You're keeping me waiting!

Your patron looks
very satisfied with you!

Let's go up to the fire-watch platform.
It's unbearably hot here!

Let's go!

They say a ghost appears up there!

No way! That's not true!

They say it's someone
killed by the shinsengumi.

He bears a grudge!

If he does appear
I'll strangle him!

Excellent idea!

Looking back on my life
as I look at the beautiful moon

and seeing even it's shadow

Why should I have any regret
for the life I've led!

You need to reconsider. The situation
is very different to 3 years ago

Even if I went back as a geisha
I don't think I'd be as good as before.

and what's more...
I would never have even dreamed that...

Even if you tried to come back
it's likely to be difficult,

With the same attitude as here in the Kuruwa
it must be tricky in the outside world.

You'll soon get used to it.

It's two and a half years! You should
come see how hard I've been working!

Just look at the state of my hands!

I looked so haggard in front of the mirror.
My make-up won't stick any more!

I told you so.

I warned you you're indecisive!

If you want him
to get you a place, do it.

If you want to be his wife,
make him marry you. Decide!

Stop complaining!
Nothing will come of it.

Even though I'm from the Kuruwa
I didn't get welcomed with fancy clothes!

I and the baby and a nappy,
it's beneath my dignity.

And what are you?
Are you the wife? No!

I wonder too!
I'm with the servants all day!

You say so. But it was you
who wanted to go to that man!

How could you love someone
who looks as ugly as a pumpkin?

Look, that's OK. You always complain
but I know you love him deep down.

When a woman says "I hate him"
she doesn't always mean that!

Don't say that Mama! I'm in serious
trouble. I left home and I'm desperate!

Help me, I beg you.

You did as you wanted. Now you're in trouble
you're back here begging. Some success!

Don't pray to me like
I'm some god at a shrine in Gion!

People say never
get involved in domestic quarrels!

I've made up my mind completely.

Although I may well
be a fool to have done so.

(mimics a Samurai)

"Strike down the foreigners!
Down with the government!"

"We shall do our duty to the emperor
even if our corpses must lie in the sun!"

a good impression isn't it?
(of an anti-Tokugawa rallying cry)

What does she think she's doing?

You said we'd go up
to the watchtower! Let's go!

You mustn't leave a customer alone!!

Then if your majesty will be
so good as to step this way...

- Aren't you taking them too much sake!
- Sorry.

Give me a flask.

You've over-heated it too!

You've grown, haven't you?

- Thank you.
- On the outside at least!

You should stop being just a server
and actually come and help at parties!

You can swap with o-Kiyo.

I prefer this actually!

What a peculiar girl!

How about a cup?
It's early for alcohol but...

Fair enough.
Oh, go on then. I will.

So you will, eh?
Don't pretend you don't want to then!


What's going on?
Are you messing around again?

Your client is up in the tower,
hurry on up there!

Good evening. Can we get Tanehachi
to come back to our place?

- If she comes by here I'll tell her.
- Yes please.

No teahouses have classy clients. Ours think
having a watchtower is a strange novelty.

There's no sign of
such rich customers coming!

But if there are no customers
places like ours can't keep on going.

Rumour says we're not doing well!

Things are pretty bad for us.

I hear the Yoshihana Teahouse
is doing OK, but frankly that's surprising.

And Miss Akira's marriage
needs to be arranged.

Nobody can expand their business
in such difficult times.

With all this disorder going on
we can't all pick up local customers.

- So you think there'll be war?
- I hope not but...

Many people have fled here from western
Japan, camping along the river near Shijou.

And they're building huts.
Kichiya went to have a look.

There are said to be 30,000
Choshu troops around the bridges.

They came by ship up the river.

But it's o-Bon.

The Daimonji seemed
somehow ominous last night.

Hmm, I wonder why I hadn't noticed.

What is it?

It looks like they've come
to check on us and search the place!

We've done nothing
to be investigated for!

These are strange days. With
unfamiliar soldiers roaming the streets.

Yes, and because people see
the armed men they won't go outside!

What will you do if this business
becomes impossible, Miyako?

Pretty women like you don't care
what happens to ugly women like me!

I'll not be able
to get a decent patron.

A girl's only got
a certain window of time!

It's only Akira who's happy
to see the Choshu troops here!



Come here.


Why are you dressed like that?

I can't tie the obi (sash).
Bloody thing!

It's not the obi's fault, is it?

- That's not nice!
- Turn around!

Were would you be going in a black obi?

My dance lesson.

Are you doing Kiyomasa?

Yes, this obi is not the right choice
if you're dancing that.

Something more vibrant
and showy would be much better.

What'll you do about Teshihana's proposal?
Aren't you even going to reply?

It doesn't have to be today though.

No I suppose not. But this is a bit
different from the other matters.

- I can't tie it either!
- Let me!

Your arms are too short,
And the hem needs...

There's clearly something
on your mind, isn't there?

No. Why?

You're not listening
to what I say. I'm your mother.


Look, I'm not trying to force you
to do something you don't want to.

But however you think about it
it's a sensible proposition!

Of course, if mother wishes me
to go I will go, anywhere you say.

It's your marriage, not mine.
There's no point me trying to force you.

Anything would be better
than the unhappiness I feel now.

I'll just do what mummy says!

You're so cheeky!

I don't recall saying
anything so ridiculous.

You're just odd!

But you should think
about your mother's position.

No matter how rich you are
you can't control your kids, can you?

You think I'm rich!?
You must be joking!

- You don't know what you're talking about.
- Come off it!

Even with all this talk of war
you're getting good customers.

The only teahouses with customers left
are us, Yoshihana, Izutsu and Manten.

Thanks for reminding me!

I'll just go and thank some of those
customers we are so grateful for!

This is no good, Akira.
It looks odd!

Can you tie this obi for her?

It's not like you
not to be able to tie it, Matsuba!

I'll go and take over as greeter.

This is just stupid!

Aoba? What's the matter?

Ah! Miyako! We were up
in Hashimoto and had to escape!

That was scary!


They say 30,000 Choshu troops are pressing
towards Kyoto. This is serious trouble!

- I can't tie it if you don't keep still!
- Where's Mama-san?

- Yes, she's here.
- You'd better tell her.

- Everywhere is...
- Why is my sash...

All the teahouses
are making preparations to flee.

Is it really so pressing?

It's big trouble.

It certainly is!

If Choshu troops come then
the Shinsengumi will cut them to pieces.

See Akira, I know
everything about everything!

What do I care for your opinion?

- Goodbye!
- Goodbye!

How beautiful you look, Akira.
You cheer me up!

Are you drunk again?
It's bad for you.

I do feel pretty woozy!

That's why you look so beautiful!

Look at me!

It's as if some fragrant
flower has bloomed!

Let me touch you!

You're creepy!

Are you finished for the day?

There's a party at Yoshihana.
Want to come with me?

Somebody I rather like will be there.

But don't worry,
it's not your special man!

There are a couple of them...

He'll get me to spoon him full
of booze and we'll get intimate.

Thank you, but I don't want anything
to do with you. I'm not like you.

Well it's tough for me
when I'm with the young master

and he always asks about you
and how you are!

He has this look in his eye...

Well next time you tell him that
Akira is not the only girl in the world.

I'm sorry. I'm not like you.
I prefer to be sexy.

But what about you?
Do you hate him so much?

I've never even thought about it.

I wonder...
You really are lucky!

How so?

You wouldn't understand.

It's not an everyday matter...

He's asked you to marry him!

That's the key point.
Don't you get that?

You sound just like mother!
You'll start to look like her soon!

Don't say that! I still feel
just like a Maiko (trainee)!

Come off it!

Miyako! Come here.

What did she mean: "come off it"!


Did you want something?

Are you on your way somewhere?

I don't like you!

I'm just going home,
have a bite to eat and sleep.

I'll not be rushing round tonight!

Nice, you can afford to.
Come on: where are you going?

You seem very concerned.
What will you do if I tell you?

Don't be so bitchy!
Why not just tell me? In any case I...

And what will you say if I tell you
I'm going to Yoshihana? Eh?

You may like the guy but you're ruining
your reputation as a geisha.

You should control yourself!

Do you think I don't know
who you're meeting at Yoshihana?

Perhaps you know. But I'll meet whoever
I like! I don't need your permission!

I don't care who you see!
I don't care at all.

He's my client. You've got
somebody special of your own.

Don't be such a bitch.

You're acting pretty puffed up!

You're forgetting your place, Harue!
I'm a geisha.

Whoever I'm with is a customer.

If I'm summoned I'll go anywhere,
even to the magistrates.

How dare you!

I don't need you
to explain the role of a geisha!

I've been here in the Kuruwa
since I was 7 years old.

Sorry I'm an outsider.

I'm also someone
who drifted and ended up here!

Then let me ask you
how come your patron 'escaped' you?

I expect you weren't fulfilling
your womanly duties adequately!

It's possible he's been
tempted by a bad woman.

I'm not just some mouthy little girl.

So you think you're a real woman,
as good as me? You must be joking!

Come back here!


I said come back here!

Get off me!

You damn well pushed me over!

What's all this? You're making
so much noise I can't drink!

I'm sorry but
I can't bear what she says.

What did I say? What gives you
some divine right to push me?

How dare she!
The cheap little bitch!

Damn you!

Stop it! Stop it! Let go of me.

- Push me would you? Bitch!
- This will teach you!


Mama! Mama!

- Oh leave them!
- Stop them!

- Don't stop me!
- Oh come on and have a drink!

Akira, they say the
Choshu army is 30,000-strong.

Your guy will
definitely be among them.

If he's at Hashimoto
that's just a few streets away!

It would be nice to have had
a message from him...

- He must be busy.
- He could still write a letter.

It's no time for that.
We're on the brink of war.

Aren't you worried?

After they went back
to Kyuushuu in August

all you have had is a single poem.
Not even a letter...

I don't doubt him.
He said he would come again so he will.

All the men
say that though, don't they?

But he's not like them.

"What a glorious sight"
(are the roofs of Kyoto)!

You gave me a fright,
you bellow just like a cow!

"How is the view?"

"Worth 10,000 gold pieces".

The cherry blossom last year
was so beautiful.

Yes, let's do it again when the time
comes round!! Please invite me again!

But you're ready to formally sleep with
your patron aren't you? I know it all!

- Congratulations!
- You're mean!

Oooh, you're sensitive!

Michiyo, are you going to leave
and be an independent geisha?

Nice! Nice!

Have you prepared your clothes?
I want to see them.

It's not true. I hate you, Yoshiya.

Are we all invited for free?

So where will you do it next?

You're just jealous!

There's no need to worry about her
settling down yet, or is there Michiyo?

I'm saying nothing!

Aren't we all rather sad...

Hey! There's fighting!


Harue has just stormed off
in a great rage?

- About Tanehachi?
- Shall we go and look?

No, that's really not a good idea.

Right then...

Where are you going, Kichiya?

- To take a look.
- Really?

(imitates male actor hero)
"I am indeed!"

What are you doing?
Leaving your clients alone!

Get back to them.

I will. For now!

I told you!

Akira, if he does come
what will you do?

Leave the Kuruwa.
Together with him.

Leave the Kuruwa?

There are many people outside the Kuruwa,
so many different lives and ways of living.

I want to go
and live amongst them.

So will you become his wife?

Probably. But I don't know.
And I don't care.

Why not?

You know I've wanted
to leave for a long time.

And then he appeared, showing me
a way of life not like here in the Kuruwa.

He said he'd help me leave.

I was born outside the Kuruwa but I was
sold to here because of family poverty.

So when I think about that I don't think
the world outside the Kuruwa is so great!

Maybe not. But I need to see it
with my own eyes before I can agree.

My mother was born here in Kuruwa,
became a maiko and then a geisha...

Then took a patron
and became Madam of the teahouse.

Just as her mother did before her.

If I stay here then
that's all I'll be able to do too.

I want to do something different.

I may be making a bad mistake.
But when I die

I want to look back and remember
I did lots of things.

That's just a dream!

Maybe it is a dream. But surely it's OK
for a girl to dream, even in the Kuruwa!

You only have that dream because of your
beautiful looks and everyone spoiling you!

Perhaps you're right.

But you don't look that bad,
at least not worthy of contempt anyway.

Thank you!

Strange girl!

Are you feeling sick?

You're not healthy enough
to drink as heavily as you do.

I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm f...

Are you really sure?
Hmmm... do you want a drink of water?

No, give me a flask of hot sake!

But what about the party at Yoshihana?

It's too late.
I don't care what happens.

Are you really sure?

Tanehachi isn't doing it
because she wants to!

You understand her situation well.

She's tangled up
with one bad guy after another!

And she has to work
despite being ill.

When you think about it
she deserves pity.

Now stop crying.

OK I do know. But...

But she has
such a nasty way of doing things.

She didn't have
to let me know that.

Come on. Stop crying
and get back to the party.

I can't bear leaving it like this!
I'll go and tell her to...

Don't be ridiculous!
What would you say?

It will inflame the situation
and bring shame on you!

Come and sit down.

You should just rise above it!

Pretend you don't know.
Men may be horrible but....

I'm so angry that he doesn't care.

If I pretend I haven't noticed
he doesn't think I've noticed at all.

Mama, can you give me
the evening off?

- It's OK by me...
- Sorry to be so selfish.

Do what you think is best.
Take care of yourself.

Sorry for speaking
so frankly and selfishly.

Shall I accompany you?

I'll be fine on my own. Bye!

How nice to be so young!

There's no point being jealous!

- And what are YOU doing?
- Will you lecture me again?

What are you like!

You should act like the woman
of the Teahouse that you are!

I'll bear that in mind!

I'll soon find a new patron,
to restore my trust in men.


You're either really clever
or utterly stupid.

Well, I'm you child, aren't I?

Shall I come with you
to help at Yoshihana?

I'd hate to burden you
with too much of my gratitude.

It's no skin off my nose!

You say that but I know you're planning
to borrow to help Matsuyoshi financially.

Keep out of it!

See you later.

Get him!

Kiyo! Tou! lock the door!


- What shall we do?
- Shall we go? Yes.

All of you stay away!

I'm trembling!

Shall we go to the party room?

They cut him down!


Let go of me! Let go of me!

What a horrid little spot!

- Serves you right, it's a love spot!
- Shut up and mind your own business!

She may be right!
Have you fallen for anyone?

Shall I guess? I think it's...

This is stupid.
Who'd be in love with you?

- Greedy pig!
- Tight-fisted cow!

Stop rushing around like that.
I can't concentrate on my lessons.

Yes, yes! At least
one person is studying hard...

You misbehave too much!

Being told I couldn't drink for a long time
sent a chill of fear right through me!

You really do drink heavily though!

I usually drink
one isshou bottle of sake.

- Well, how about stopping as of now!
- OK.

Tanehachi drinks a lot too!

She drinks heavily and all the time!

When did she come here?
She seems to be from Eastern Japan.

Yes, she came from Edo.
Maybe six months ago.

She's got some pimp and no matter how hard
she works the money all disappears.

I see.

I don't know much,
but she's one hell of a tough woman!

- Good morning!
- Morning!

Well, is anything wrong?

You don't look well.

Thanks for last night.

Thank you.

- Are you hungover?
- I just need some oil!

- I need to rewash this!
- You mean you need hot water?

Good morning!

How's business?

Thanks for asking but business
has been awful for a while.

Can I have a smoke?

Shall I give you a hand?

Just keep quiet! If I asked you for help
you'd just make things worse!

You really don't like me!


What's the fuss?

I said sorry but I don't really
understand this piece.

Would you mind going over
this Kurama piece with me?


The part when the voice joins in...

I don't want to be embarrassed.

You think there'll be lessons
as usual with the whole city in uproar?

To be honest, even if I go too,
I won't be able to focus on my lessons!

True enough!

But maybe you could help me?

I've probably forgotten most of it.

Don't be silly!
You will help, won't you?

It's the first time
in a long time.

Please do! And quickly!

You don't play to me at all!

To be quite honest...

I'd rather catch rats
in the store house!

It would have been
a good opportunity.

I sometimes think I should have accepted
the offer to inherit the business.

Maybe then I'd be OK now!

Maybe! Anyway,
are you sure you should be here?

It's fine. I certainly
can't go back home!

Sorry I'm so late

That was quite quick!
It's very hot outside!

It's fine. I'm not bothered by the heat.
But it was a wasted journey!

I half-expected that.

The front entrance was locked
and there was nobody there.

It was really strange
so I asked the neighbors.

They told me the pawnbrokers
were in 2-3 days ago!

- They took all their belongings?
- Yes, a real moonlight flit!

I felt so foolish!

They kept saying
'come tomorrow, tomorrow'.

Now they're probably saying 'next week',
laughing their heads off!

It's so annoying!

Business is hard work!

It would be best
not be in business at all!

You're right about that!

Business always
has these ups and downs.

So you think they've fled the city?

Yes, there are more and more doing it.
The bridges at Gojou are crowded.


- It's this next bit I can't do!
- OK let's go over it again.

That's wrong!


Shall I do the drum part?

No, no! It just makes me
even more confused!

OK, OK. Sorry!


Give it back to me!
Give it back!

"I want to meet you"

Give it back!
You're always being horrible!...

You little...

Michiyo, what's wrong?

Is Kichiya here?

Kichiya! Your favourite person is here!

Good morning! Are you
off to practice? It's still early!

What's up?
Has something happened?

It's a disaster.
It seems we are all to flee the city!

You're leaving?

We're going to the Shinjuuji temple
in Kawachi to take refuge there.

They just told us this morning.
What shall I do?

The official said East of the river
would still be OK. I went to ask.

The older girls are worried.

What are you all going to do?

I don't know. I've heard nothing.

I can't stand it! I couldn't bear
to be parted from my Kichiya!

Welcome back! Were you able
to get a good look around?

There were Yakuin (civil servants)
with swords. I couldn't see.

- Was it just one person who was killed?
- They said two.

They seem to have been older men.
I heard.


- No.
- Well then!

But I can't bear it.
Even if he wasn't killed here...

What if he were lying dead
somewhere and...

But if you worry
like that it's endless!

There may well be many dead in the ponds
and around the temples by tomorrow morning!

You're so cold-hearted.

Has something happened?

I don't know.

Are you still looking at that old letter
from last year? What's the point?

And where are you off to,
dressed up like that, so early?

What is it?

Are you in a foul mood?

I went to see the city officials.


To see the corpses from last night.

There was a swordfight outside
our entrance last night. Did you know?

No, but I was aware
there was a lot of fuss!

it's just men on men.

I knew nothing. You forced
so much booze down me!

So it's probably
not such a hassle then!

Keeping up with you? If I drank
like that it would be the death of me.


Why wouldn't you let me
open the door last night?

With what was going on,

what might have happened
if you'd opened the doors?

We might have been able to hide them.
You could have left me there.

Idiot! What if you'd been hurt?

Someone was in fear of their life
and knocked on our doors.

And we inside were scared and said it was
nothing to do with us. And didn't open up.

Well it really was
absolutely nothing to do with us.

But they waited and waited,
believing that we'd come!

Look Akira...

He may be lying dead.

If he is alive I would never be able
to look him in the eye my entire life!

I'm so ashamed.
I will never be able to look at him!

But we have no idea
whether it was him, do we?

Do you think that will
put my mind at rest?

Are you saying nobody
would come for somebody like me?

If I said that
you'd just get worked up.

- Don't mock me, mother!
- You're mocking yourself.

Have you exchanged
any formal promises with him?

No, nothing like that.

You're a girl from a Teahouse.
If Saki is a high-ranking samurai then...

You mean to say it could never happen?
All this about "promises",

do you think that's all there
can be between men and women?

I hate that.

If people have life
they will eat and sleep.

And weep and smile. Become the playthings
of others, deceive and be deceived.

And that's all there is...

- But there's no point me in me
saying this to you. - Akira I...

Just leave me on my own for a while.

It's none of my business maybe but...

you work hard and spend
your savings to buy a day off work...

in the end you just end up
strangled by debt.

Do you know about me?

It's no secret that
there's not much good to know.

Girls like me are born to suffer.

Living today but never sure
what may happen tomorrow,

I just drifted here from Edo.

And as to where
I'll drift off to next...

There's no knowing, eh?

Women have only a brief time
of popularity and success.

We age and get chucked over
by our men and then...

I've fled from him twice already.

I ended up found,
within a month.

I am afraid.

My only escape route...

May be my death.
Or his?

One or the other.

Michiyo, Kichiya is here.

Kichiya's here?
Can you wash this for me?

She's very relaxed
in the midst of all this fuss.

Tanehachi! Tanehachi!

He may be a samurai,
but he's filthy!

Hello! Thanks again for last night...

Look out!

Look out! Tanehachi's here.

Best to get back inside.

So when are you leaving?

I don't know.
Perhaps today.

I wonder if we'll have to flee too.

Have you been told to?

Well yes, we have but...

The magistrates' are saying nothing.

Just that they're still investigating
but they're short of man power.

I think I'll go and ask
the officials in Nenji-machi.

Has anyone already
evacuated from the Kuruwa?

There's been a flurry
of anxiety since this morning.

Mama, there are two samurai
here from the magistrate.

- They seem to be members of
the Shinsengumi. - The Shinsengumi?

- What's this about?
- No idea!

There's trouble.
The Shinsengumi want Mama...

Eh? What do they want with mother?

There are two samurai
from the magistrate.

They want to take
your mother with them. Hurry!

- Mother!
- Calm down. Don't shout.

- Get me my coat and shoes.
- OK.

There's no way that you're going.

I'm coming with you.

- Unless I go I can't sort it out.
- You'll go alone?

Yes, there's no need for anyone else.

- I'm going with you!
- Stay here.

No, let me go with you.

Don't go! What shall we do...
we can run out the back entrance...

Don't fuss. Calm down and keep quiet.

- What do these Shinsengumi people want?
- It makes no sense to me.

It's me they want.
Not mother.

They want to question me
about what happened last night.

I don't know about that.

They've called for the owner
of the business, so I'll go.

What can some little girl like you
do surrounded by all those rough soldiers?

They won't harm me
just because I'm alone.

I'm going too. I will go.

Idiot! Do what I say!

I'm going!

They're all gathering
to drive out the Kyuushuu people.

- Don't say that!
- What's that?

What do you know.

Choshu clans have driven off the Europeans
many times to show respect for the emperor!

And they were summoned here
to serve the emperor himself.

They were so delighted
at the imperial order.

Akira, enough!

But everything has been undermined
by traitors around the throne!

And many of the aristocrats...

Stop this.
Give me my tabi.

You should worry less about
what Aizu or Kyuushuu clans may do

and more about what happens
to us in the Kuruwa.

It's inappropriate for a slip of
a girl to speak about these things.

We just need to think
about our own business.

If we go bust there'll be no Kuruwa!
Forget politics!

Don't go outside!
Look after the place! Understood?

Let's leave that discussion
about Yoshihana until later.

You know I can be
very persuasive when I talk...

But listen, if it does get really dangerous
I want you all to escape. OK?

If it's too dangerous you must flee.
That goes for all of you.

- I'm counting on you!
- OK.



God damn it!
We're human too!

Could somebody tell me what to do!

Don't you need those tabi?
Can I have them?

Do you have enough space for them?

Thank you.

Kiyo is still not back.

I wonder what's happened.

I wonder if they'll let
Mama-san come back at all...

With that size of mesh
the rice will spill through!

It'll be fine.

- Idiot!
- OK, I'll repack it.

Those who can get away already seem to have
gone. The street outside is silent and empty.

If one business closes
all the others will follow.

They're all anxious
and starting to panic.

Hadn't you better get going too?
Otherwise you'll get left behind.

My place isn't very far.
I can go alone, a bit later.

If everyone who flees stays too close
it may not help them.

They'd be better off in the mountains.
Shall I go with you?

Let's go together.

We have to go somewhere.

We're not going to be able
to get very far in the dark.

It would be good to be together
but not nice to be together day and night!

Well there's no value to your patron
any more in the situation we're in!

Too true!

Kiyo's really late.
I wonder what happened.

Can we leave?

I suppose so...

Aren't you going back to your place?

No, it was utter chaos,
so I fled!


You live in such a big place:
would you leave it?

If the only positive thing
is the size, things are pretty bad!


There's no point having
a lot of money if you can't use it.

They're stingy. fussing over even a tiny
bit of food that you'd give to a child.

They're not like us,
they've got enough to cover the situation.

I always kept a tiny bit
of emergency money with me,

but that's all gone now.

So I've no idea how that happened.

I get how you feel.


Come here.

Oh, it's you, Shige.

Long time no see, Matsuba!
Are you alone?

Did anything happen afterwards?
Is Mama and everybody else OK?

Yes, everyone's fine, thank you.

Hasn't everyone
from your place left yet?

We just started and then realised
that Tanehachi wasn't with us.

She wasn't here, was she?

She came back from here, she was
muttering to herself while she packed.

Something about your Mama.

She was definitely with us until just
before we set out, but she just disappeared

and we don't know what to do.

How odd.

- Did she come here?
- No.

She was always concerned about
your Mama-san and so I just wondered...

I thought your Mama
might try to hide her here!

Has she taken advantage
of the confusion to run off?

Our Mama should
have been nicer to her.

No point in having her run off after
6 months and losing all that investment.

So is anybody left now?

Well us and...
how about your place?

They've already gone.
Apart from me!

I guess that's all. The people
from Yoshihana have left already.

Yes, they asked me
to go with them as they left.

Well I'm giving up and leaving.

We've searched and
this is no time for delay.

Shige, I'll go along with you
as far as your place.

- Will you stay with me forever?
- Sorry, I'm too ugly

Well if you're ugly
what does that make me?

So, goodbye! Give my best
to everyone! Goodbye!

Tanehachi has run away!

Run away? She'll just end up sold again.
There'll be no happiness for her.

Lucky you! It seems
you think we're any better off!

What's become of your place?

I wonder... well,
East of the river it's still...

- Yesterday there was no talk of flight.
- Nobody thought of it here either.

I suppose not.

If they did
what would that mean for me?

You sometimes talk pretty big Matsuba,
but when there's trouble you're helpless.

Wasn't that the sound
of cannon fire?

No need to worry.
It's a long way off.

What's that?

I was told to bring rice.

It's a good big sack!

It's as if you're going off to war!

Yes, I know what you mean!

Kichiya, have you packed?

There's nothing to pack!

Maybe the shamisen?

Are you going to play the shamisen
after being burned out?

The cannon again!

I wonder where!
Maybe near Yodogura?

Mama's really taking a long time.

I wonder what's happened to her?

I don't like it! Kichiya!

You look scared!

She's thinking about Michio!

Michio... who is
probably right at this moment...

- What's so funny?
- Nothing's funny.

If there's nothing funny then
do me a favour and don't laugh.

Being laughed at
by you makes me angry.

I don't want someone like you
to even speak Michio's name!

I'm back.
Sorry I've been so long!

She's back!

Welcome back!

You're late!
What's happened?

- What took you so long?
- Mama's not back!

Look, about Mama...

It's ridiculous but it doesn't seem
she could get them to release her.

Careful, here comes Akira.

Thank you for coming.

It's so late. I have been
trying to get back for ages,

but the streets around
Karasumaru are full of soldiers!

There were endless
samurai on horseback.

Traffic can't get through.

Kurasuma street?

There are Choshu troops pushing in
from Fushimi, Yamazaki and Saga...

People in the street say
fighting has started in Fushimi!

So what's happened to Mama?

I asked at the barracks at Mibu.

A soldier said that Mama
was required by the person in charge

of the killing of
the anti-imperial rebels.

Whatever that means!

- Choshu are "anti-imperial rebels"?
- That's what he said.


That's all. He wouldn't let me see her.
He was a really cold, arrogant bastard.

Well, we can't
all stay here like this.

Please all leave.

I suppose we've no choice.

- Have you all packed?
- Yes, all ready.

You must only take
the important things.

Anything you don't really need
will be a burden on the road.

Aren't you going to get ready?

I've got nothing to prepare.

You are coming with us,
aren't you?

I suppose so...
I'm worried about my place but...

I wouldn't stay here!

I suppose not...

but I want to go take a look.
By the way, where will you go?


Mother has some sort of
a cousin in Yamashina so...

I suppose that's the place for now.

Oh you mean o-Hina!
I know her.

Matsu! If you don't hurry
we'll leave. If we dawdle...

You're right. Now's the moment. I don't
know if I'll be able to later! Goodbye!

- Where are you going?
- I just want to look in at my place.

Last night you said
it was just a run-down dump!

- You're at it with the Teahouse master!
Dirty girl! - Idiot more like!


I'm worried about Tanehachi.

And Matsuba is
all lovey-dovey at the moment.

But she's done that so many times
and always comes back.

She can't make up
her mind where to go.

If you follow somebody like her
you never know where you'll end up!

That's a lot of baggage!

This is everything I own.

With this much you'll be fine.
Even if this place burns down.

If this place is finished
what will you do?

I wonder...

This is everything I've got.

I'd like to go into service in some
town house, save up some money...

So that's your dream?

If I didn't need to worry about my geisha
debut or finding a Patron it'd be simple.

Michio used to talk a lot about my debut...
he looked forward to it so much.

Akira! What about your baggage?

- I'm staying here a bit longer.
- You can't do that!

Let us stay with you!
Akira! Please Akira!

Don't worry about me.
If it's dangerous I'll flee.

I want to stay longer. When Mother returns
she won't know where we've gone.

All you have to do is write a note
and stick it on the door!

No, I'm sorry but I'm not coming.
You all please do what I said.

When I think of her
I can't bring myself to leave.

But Mama asked us to look after you.

Mother is mother,
but I'm me!

Let me do what I feel is right. OK?

And please stop bothering about me.

Then I'm staying here too!

- And me!
- Us too!

Definitely not.
It's nothing to do with you.

Don't go!

Don't go.


Come on, stop saying that.

I'm sure Akira has good reasons.

So we'll do as Akira said.

Yes, please do that.

Let's get going.

Come quickly.
We'll be waiting

Be careful.


Kichiya! You should escape with them.

Who is it?
Who's there?

Who's that?

Is anybody there?

Oh, it's you Akira.

Apparently there are people going
around the town setting fire to buildings.

The Choshu-clan mansion
in Kawaramachi is also on fire.

And it seems the prisoners from Rokkaku jail
have broken out and are running amuck!

Have you heard anything
about how the fighting is going?

Who's winning? Who's losing?
Do you know anything?

Choshu are losing heavily.

Whatever happens, Kyoto is finished.

Whoever loses it will
make no difference.

Everything's ruined.

What about Mama?
Not here?

It's fine. That's good.

It's all the same
when it things comes to this!

Why don't you flee?

If you stay you'll die.
You'll burn together with me.

What about you?
Why haven't you fled?

Why come back here
to such a place?


Here's where I've run off to!

This time...

I've finally fled... to here.

Whatever may have happened
I'll never be taken!


Because I'm going to die here.

The bastard will be frantic by now,
searching for me.

It serves him right.
Now I'm gone

he's lost his magic money tree. He'll be
worrying where his next meal's coming from!

So you mean...?

Yes, that's right!

My only possible escape was death.

Either his or mine.
It had to be one or the other.

I'm utterly, utterly worn out.

My father was cut down
in front of me,

for walking across
the path of a Samurai.

His head severed in an instant.

And now...
everything ends.

It serves them all right!


The End