Hana Torikago (2013) - full transcript

Kaisu, an office employee, who was raped-by-mother's-boyfriend many times and "S" a boy, who is sexually abused by his young mother meet in a chat room on the internet. It starts with some ...

"How's there?"

"All wet."

"Want to penetrate?”


"Feel like violated by man not know of?"


"Yes, it becomes weird."


"Use more vulgar words to make me wetter."

"Like violated by me? A perverted woman."

"Yes, I feel orgasm is coming,
make me wetter."

"My cock fully attacks you."

"We meet now."

I meet guys on the Internet
without knowing how they look like.

We use text dialogues to
conduct virtual love sessions.

I hate contact with real man.




- You've grown up.
- Don't.

"Nice to meet you, I'm a cat."

"Cat, how you want to be violated?"

"Hands tied, blindfolded."

"So far what's the most impressed
love session?"

Don't come near!

You're so cute.

"I'm pushed to the ground,”

"and then?"

"I couldn't escape.”

"What's your feeling?"

"Love being raped?"

I'm entering now!

"Who raped you?"

"Who raped you?"

"Cat is off line."

"Wei is on line."

"The men are going to rape you!"

"Master, has mercy on me."

- I've returned.
- Thanks for the hard work.


Yes, I'll do it right away.

Really? I also want to do it.

Isn't it good?

"I'm cat."

"Hello, cat, we meet again."

"I don't expect to meet again.”

"You're looking for me?"

"Actually, maybe I do."

"You have to respect me."


"You find pleasure thru' obedience, right?"


"Good girl."


"Last time you have orgasm
without permission?"

"Yes, please forgive me."

"I'll fix you, what's your real name?"

"Real name?"

"I've said that I'll fix you."



"29 a


"Company worker."

"So, don't wear panties
in the next three days."


"Continue to fix you, tell me
your feelings after three days."

"If you lie, I'll not chat with you."

Give the man back to me.

Give back to me.

Give back to me.

My dear.

My dear.

My dear.

My dear.

My dear.

My dear.

"Good evening, I'm cat.”

"How does it feel without panties?"

"So embarrassed that I want to die."

"Be honest, feel excited?"


"Well, spread your legs,"

"Insert the middle finger."

"How's inside?"

"Feels like burning, flooding inside."

"Stir with your fingers..."

"Are you happy?"

"Seems like coming."

"Lustful body, do not come to climax."

"Tell me what kind of room you live in."


"Are you married?"


"Have a boyfriend?"

"Not even once."

"The next command: Photograph
yourself outside without underwear."

"And send it to this email, goodbye."

"S is off line."


"Yes, master."

"Good girl."

"I am your slave, please
feel free to give me orders."

"What is your dress?"

"According to master's instructions."

"Know what to do?"


"Tell mel”

"I'll give a man I don't know a blow job."

"Well, don't forget to
take photo as evidence."

What are you doing?


"Picture without panties.”


"And then?"

"Very satisfied, lustful mood."


"Then a bit scared, with happiness.”


"I'll show you a good picture.”

"What do you think?"

"Like the feeling of penetration."

"You come 100."


"Pee outside and take pictures.”


"If you defy, then I won't chat with you."

"No, I'll go."

"Good girl."

Wait! Wait!

Aren't you hurt?

Can I have this?


You don't want this?

Wait, tell me your name.

I'm kaisu.

"A photograph of pee."

"Too dark to see clearly.”


"Next time shoot in a brighter place."


"Well, this is the reward."

"How's that?"

"The world you have expected."

"Can stop here if you don't like it."

"No, I don't hate it."

"Then you undress."



"Try to imagine:
Dominated by men who you do not know."

"I have phobia of men."

"Lie, you're obviously a slut.”

"It's true, in reality I'll retreat
and not even want to speak to a man."


"Maybe alright with man
much younger than me."

"Why with men much younger than you?"

"That's all for today, no need to take pee
pictures, next time send me masturbate pictures."

"S is off line."

What are you doing?

Give me oral sex again, come on.

I can't forget, I love you.

And you gave me a blow job
because you love me.

I know you want money,
I'll give it to you first.

I just give you an oral sex once,
don't get carried away, pervert!


Don't feel embarrassed.

Are you ok?

I'm ok.

What happened?

That's mine?

It's okay, don't worry.


- Give back to me.
- Is this your own shot?

Sit down, I'll shoot you.

- What are you talking about?
- Undress.

You don't wear panties?

Spread your legs.

Great, it's soaked.

I'll watch as you finger yourself.

Insert the middle finger.

Do you understand,
suck the finger like other creatures.

Don't say that.

How's inside?

Feels like burning, flooding inside.

Is that so?

Open your legs, feeling good?

So I can see inside more clearly.

So I can see inside more
clearly, that's right.

I took it.

Feeling good?

Very good!

Really lustful, you know
what you are doing?


What are you doing?

I insert my finger in my pussy.

And then?

I've been taken many photos.

Feeling good being photographed
while masturbating, pervert.

Do not arbitrarily come to orgasm.

Let me come to orgasm.

Let me come to orgasm, pervert.

Well, go climax.

Take more pictures...

Continue to shoot my
embarrassment while I climax.

Very lustful face.

You do not go to school?

I'll suck your cock, but you cannot insert.


You are not excited?

No, because I'm impotent.

Never can get hard, it's useless!

You do not ask anything.

Say what you want to say.

It's good to be an adult.


- Can go anywhere.
- Eh!

I want to go somewhere.

Go, sing karaoke?
Family restaurant?

No, I want to go somewhere far away.

How about here?

Very beautiful, is it far away?

It was my hometown, I took a commemorative
photo before coming to Tokyo.

No one lives in the house.

We go together?

I'll go.


"Tell me in details what happened before."

"The thing we had said?"

"The feeling of being raped.”

"When I was in middle school, the man who wanted to marry my
mother took my virginity. I had pleasure during the session."

"So obviously it was the first time?"

"The nipples and clitoris
were stimulated, so cool.”

My mouth was held down,
it was uncomfortable.

But the more uncomfortable,
the more sensitive was my body.

Then the man suddenly inserted me deeply.

The man asked me if I was feeling cool.

Feeling cool?

I was shocked, I didn't had a single thought
of that, but my body could feel it.

Then I came to climax.

My whole body shook,

and reached a very intense orgasm.

The man suddenly pulled
his penis out of my body,

barely inserted into my
mouth and ejaculated.

After the man left, I no longer
like man and do not date any man.

I don't want to make love,

I only have pleasure through virtual sex.

Am I weird?

"No, not weird, just..."

"Just what?"

"Being abused produces pleasure.”

"I've sent you your order, please look."

"Nice photos!”

Feeling good being photographed
while masturbating, pervert.

You are not excited?


May I come again?

You can come at any time.

"How do you like my body?"

"Make people shy of fornication."


"Do not ask silly questions!”


"Spread your legs."


"Get the rope and the sex toy,
facing the back,

tie your legs to the back of the chair
and insert the sex toy."


"That's all for today."

"Please wait!"


"I can't be in love with man in reality."

"I've heard of that."

"But I want to see you,
seeing you might change my mind."


"You're a strange woman."

"I also think so."

"I don't care what kind of woman you are."

"It does not matter, no
matter how I'm treated."

"Get deep?”

"Want to get deeper."

"It ends here."

"I do not like that."

"Stay calm and you'll
understand, that's it."

"S is off line."


What is it, you're like a walking dead?

Please make 15 copies.

"S wants to chat with cat."

"Please help me to find cat."

"Forget that woman."

"Well, get me another woman."

"Give me this woman."

Slowly embrace me tightly.

She's mine only.

According to the police's investigation.

Juvenile a was suspected of
being abused by his mother.

He tried to kill his mother

because of hatred.

Fortunately, the mother
is not life-threatening.

From this investigation,

we know that juvenile a
runs a social network.

That so-called social network,

is obscene and brutal.

Female members, after giving their personal
details, are force to expose their private parts,

and are forced to have sexual
intercourse with male members.

Male members have to pay high membership
fees and for sexual intercourse.

And because of the killing
of a site member,

the police is tracking juvenile a.

That's great!

I think I can see you if I come here.

You can find this just by
looking at the picture?

When did you know it was me?

Ever since you told me your name is kaisu.

It's better if you had told me.

I'm glad you're safe.

Do you need money?

I have enough money.

By the way, can I stay here?

Can you be with me?

You are here to save me!

You don't want to turn yourself in?


You come here just because
you know what happened to me.


I don't really want to kill my mother.

Mom has become weird since dad died,

and she seeks emotional venting on me,

stress and libido.

I think she's poor,

and I tried to please her,

and I also have to seek
emotional venting too.

The chat room?

I will not cause you the trouble.

Your photos and information
have been deleted.

Why did you "ends here"?

Would you like to be a slave other than me?

Cause my job is to find
slave woman for man.

Also, perhaps I don't want you
to be taken away by another man.


I'd told you I was raped
when I was in middle school.

Not once, but many times.

This video is?

I secretly set up and recorded it.


At that time I felt I might be raped,

so I might as well went to the police,

and this is the evidence.

You want to show this to them?

I am silly, but in the end
I did not go to the police,

and had been raped many times after that.

Every time I recorded a video.

Do you know why I took it?

Masturbating while watching the video.



Call me a masochist.

I'll do good to a masochist.

From now on you are my slave.

Please feel free to abuse me.

Lick it!

I have to shave it off.


It's so wet!

Please, because...

Because what?

Embarrassed, I am afraid...


Isn't it cool?

So wet!

In fact, you want me to suck it.

Don't you want me to suck it?

Isn't it?

So much overflow.

I'll insert this razor.

You like the pain.

Hope it can cause you pain.


No matter what you do is useless,

because you are my slave.

I have inserted it.

It's useless!

You are not excited?

No, because I'm impotent.

It's hard!

Don't move!

Kaisu, I want to insert...


I want to insert in kaisu's body.


Insert your penis into my body.

Can I insert it?





Wait, kaisu.

A quick report on the
attempted murder incident.

Women claiming to be
the juvenile's chat site's victims

want to sue juvenile a.

In the monitor of a cafe network,

forced obscene images of
the victims were found.

Photograph of juvenile a was also found.

I had tightened my mother's neck like this.

But in any case I wouldn't kill her.

I don't want to die without
knowing the precious things.

So you want to destroy yourself?

Why didn't you resist?

Because I'm your slave.

Kaisu, staying with you
will cause you trouble,

I'll temporarily hideaway.

One day I'll send you a message
that only you understand.

Since then, I do not know
the whereabouts of siu.

I'm sure siu will show up someday.

I've been looking for s.

"Cat, we meet again.”