Hana-kago no uta (1937) - full transcript

Shûji Sano is a college student. Kinuyo Tanaka is the hotess at her father's restaurant, where the pork cutlets are outstanding. They want to get married, and everyone is agreeable, except for the cook, who loves Miss Tanaka.It's a pleasant romantic little movie about love among the struggling classes in pre-war Japan. There's quite a cast, including Hideko Takamine as Miss Tanaka's kid sister, and Chishû Ryû. The youngsters are very cute together, with her henpecking him a little. It's decent, if not amazing work. And for some reason, the director, Heinosuke Gosho took three years to make his next movie after this; in fact, he directed only four movies until the end of World War Two, which makes me think he had annoyed someone at the censor's office. This programmer could have offended almost no one, so I think some of his sharper works earlier in the decade got him on a list. Still, he came back in the 1950s, and by the end of his career in the 1960s, he had directed a hundred features, including some very fine ones.

Shochiku Eiga

Hanakago no uta
Song of the Flower Basket

Original story: Pig and Poster Girl
by Iwasaki Fumitaka

Director: Gosho Heinosuke

English subtitles: Maya Grohn


Tanaka Kinuyo: Yoko (Oyo)
Sano Shuji: Ono
Tokudaiji Shin: Lee-san

Kawamura Reikichi: Mori Keizo
Takamine Hideko: Hamako

Okamura Fumiko: Okiiku (aunt)
Tani Reiko: Tomitaro (husband)

Izumo Yaeko: Oteru (maid)
Ryu Chishu: Hotta Nenkai

Konoe Toshiaki: Okamoto (student)
Ooyama Kenji: Yaa-san

Yoshikawa Mitsuko: geisha
Asami Eiko: geisha

Sinobu Setsuko: Woman at apartment
Saito Tatsuo: detective

Shibuya Shokudo Restaurant

It's heavy.

Thank you.


Lee-san, the laundryman's here.

Do you have anything?

Yes, a shirt.


Is that all?

Lee-san, you're taking great care
with your appearance lately.

I want to show myself
well to somebody.


Oteru-san, do you know what I mean?

I know, I know, very well.

Did you buy this for me?
You are so kind.

No, no, I bought it for myself.

- Ojo-san is in it.
- Let me see.

Painting a Japanese girl!

I'm writing a song for ojo-san.

- A song?
- A song to record.

If the moon is a mirror

my beloved girl...

What are you doing?

You'll keep the
laundry man waiting.

What have you been doing?
You forgot the laundry man.

I'm sorry.


- Ojo-san, look at this.
- What?

You look great.

So nice.
I'm proud of you.

Don't flatter me.
I won't treat you.

But the reputation
of this shop is so high.

Because Lee-san's pork cutlet
is so good, isn't it so, Oteru-san?

No, it's because
ojo-san is so pretty.

Don't you think so, Oteru-san?

But Lee-san is
also a Shanghai expert.

Yes, Lee-san won this game.

If the magazine comes here, they can
take a photo of you and Oteru-san.

- I don't want to.
- Lee san.

Lee-san, ask them
to photograph us.

Now, to work,
or we can't eat.

- Thank you.
- Bye.


It's me.
Has Ono come?

Ono-san will be coming?

Seems that he left his home town this
morning. I got a telegram at my lodgings.

Arrive 7. Come Ginza.

He must have arrived by now.

Where is he?

Maybe he dropped by the school.

- Never. He's not such a good student.
- Then just wait.

He must come here,
that's for sure.

- Isn't it so, Oyo-san?
- Silly. I don't know.

I'll take a nap upstairs.

Sleepy in the morning?

- Funeral visits last night.
- That's a lie.

Give me some water.

True. He could earn
money by reciting sutras.

- Isn't that so, Nenkai san?
- No kidding.

Then, you must treat us.
See, Lee-san?

I'll borrow the upper room.

You must pay for the room.
Daytime rates are double.

Wake me when Ono comes.


I must go to the hairdressers.

- Listen, I...
- Oteru-san,

if Ono-san comes,
tell him to wait for me.

Of course, Miss.

Don't forget mori-shio
(pile of salt).



Wake up.

Wake up, wake up.

I slept well.

You sleepy boy.
Your eyes will be melted.

Ono-san is waiting.

Oh, you've come.

Sorry, it was seven in the evening.

Talk about saving characters
on the telegram.

How is your situation?

That's it.
I've had a quarrel.

- With your brother?
- Yeah.

Don't push too hard.
You'll lose your brother's support.

But I can't be
a rural office clerk.

How about the offer of adoption.

I refused, that's the cause
of the dispute.

Your mother must be worried.

Mother told me to help
brother's inn for a while.

What did your brother say?

He said, "do as you like."

If he doesn't help me
I'll work and study.

Work and study?
That's easy to say.

Oteru san, come down.

Why not give up the temple and
start a tonkatsu shop or something?

A university graduate and starting
a tonkatsu shop? Sounds shabby.

I envy you. You have a way to be
a priest at your home temple.

I'm no good at studying.
Even after graduation,

I can't earn for several years.

Don't complain.

By the way, aren't you hungry?


Hey, pork cutlet and rice.

- I want a drink too.
- OK.

And a bottle of sake.

I feel good in Ginza.

Tokyo, where I want to live.

Then you must find an offer of yoshi
(adopted husband) in Tokyo.

I'll try to find one for you.

Hotta-san, we are too busy to carry it.
Come down please.

This shop is very popular.

Why don't you become
a yoshi of this shop?

The owner will be mad
if he hears it.

- No problem, if Oyo-san is OK.
- No, she never would be.

I knew it.

Fry one, cutlet one.



Here you are.

Ojo-san, the cutlet
is done for 2-ban-san.

Here you are.

Hotta-san, it's rare
to see you drinking.

Liquor enters the temple gate.

Every now and then
Buddha returns to the snobbish world.

Tonight, this is a toast for Ono.


I declined the offer of yoshi.
He is pleased with that.

You're silly, Hotta-san.

Silly? That's your phrase.
But, no.

Why did you decline?


Welcome, sir.


Cutlet and sake.

7-san. Cutlet and sake for two.


Oteru-san, take the order
of Okamoto-san.

What's your order?

Why did you decline?

Don't ask.

He can't leave Tokyo.

Why not?

Because he likes someone.

Stop it, Nenkai.
You're too talkative for a monk.

Who is she?

Buddhist teaching is like a body,
this world's teachings are like shadows.

If the body bends,
it's shadow bends also.

A woman is also like a shadow.

Silly. No woman is like that.

True. That's why
he is as you see now.

Who is she, really?

Tell me.

- Ojo-san, fried oyster is done.
- What number, dad?


Here you are.

You chatted well
with the students.

Don't be silly, Okamoto-san.

So you know my name?

Sure. Your coat tells.

I see. You are clever, Yoko-san.

Don't be silly.

Ne-san, billing.

Oteru-san, 3-ban-san, billing.

Ono-san, do you really
have someone you like?

No. If I had,
I wouldn't come here.

If he has
I won't toast him.

Silly, Oyo-san,

I'll give you another bottle.

You don't have, really?

No, no, we have no sake.

You're in a good mood,

Listen, old man,

Han-ya means "wisdom"

"han-nya-to (sake)"
means "wisdom water".

Take a cup.

Long may you favour us.
Our port cutlet is good, isn't it?

Very good.

Your career as steward of
the European line was not nothing.

Yes, this cutlet is very unique.
See, Oyo-chan?

Toothpaste means Club,
tonkatsu means Minato-ya.

You're a sweet talker.
That's why I worry.

Good, very good.
This tonkatsu is very rich,

the best in Japan.


Don't forget my skill.

Of course.

Left your own country to fry
tonkatsu in a foreign land far away.

You are a successful man.

Yes, Lee-san is great.
He also wrote a song.

Is he a poet?

I admire Saijo (Yaso) sensei.

Oyaji, you must take care of him.

We will support him too.

Dad, oba-san (aunt)
of Nishi-Kanda is calling.

What, at this hour?

dad is busy now.

Oh, is that so?

I'm sorry.

Dad, she said tomorrow is the 11th,
the anniversary of mother's death.

Oh, yes. I forgot.

Aunt said "Are you ready?".
She's really mad.

Tell her, we are ready.

Oteru, here's
the hot sake.

Hello, we're perfectly ready.

Don't forget the tea rice.
Do you understand?


You are grown up already.

You must take care of everything.
So you are ready, aren't you?

Yes, yes.

Excuse me.

Dad, what will
we do tomorrow?

What will be will be.

But we have to ask
about a temple service.

Oh, yes.

We need a priest.


Will you do it tomorrow?

No, I can't. My sutra
will end up losing the dead.

You can.
See? Ono-San?

Do it. It's the same Shingon sect.

We'll pay well for the service.

No. I'm going home.

Do it.

You'll get all the money.

I'm not a priest yet.
I'm a student.

University student.

You must do it.

Thank you very much, sir.

Please, this way, please.

Brother, offer the incense stick.

Oyo-chan, serve tea to the priest.

You have a good voice, sir.

Otera-san, how about a smoke?

must have done some hard training.


The deceased died abroad

when this daughter
was in elementary school.

Did she? Where?

Singapore, wasn't it, brother?

Yes, it was Singapore.

Poor soul.

Because he was still
working as the ship's cook.

No aunt, not cook but steward.

Oh, yes, the stew-something.

He didn't keep her ashes.

Don't tell such
a depressing story.

So you know, otera-sama,

I've been taking care of Oyo
and Hamako like my own daughters.

That's a very noble act.

The daughters' names,

he simply named Yoko because she was
born in yoko (travelling abroad),

Hamako because she was born
when they arrived in Yokohama.

Stop it. Otera-sama
doesn't want to hear this.

Listen all, what
would you like for lunch?

Chinese cuisine or western?

I want beef rice.

You like tempura, don't you?

Tomitaro-san, please manage this.

- Alright.
- Oyo,

prepare the orders
with the help of uncle.

OK. Tell me what you want.

- What do you want to eat?
- We can treat you today.

- You?
- Is this Mori Keizo-san's?

Yes, it is.

Dear, get the door.

- What is it?
- Delivery, sir.

I see.

Thank you.

From someone called Okamoto-san.



I don't know.

Who is this, Oyo?

I don't know.

One of our customers
is called Okamoto.

This is it.

I see. I know.

Brother, I see.

Who is it?
We know nothing.

That's OK. We can accept.

There is a reason for them.

- Is it alright?
- Darling!




Show the children Odaiba.

We have something to talk about.

Come on, you all.

- Can I see a military ship?
- Yes.

Listen, be careful.

This is all.

I'll go with them.
The roof is dangerous.

No, you stay.

Then, excuse me.

Sorry, sir.
Dinner will be ready soon.

Please, don't mind.

Brother, you know,
for otera-sama.

Please join our dinner later, sir.

Well, no, I...

Thank you very much.

Excuse me.

Wait for me, OK?

I want to talk to you.

Thank you very much, sir.


What is it
you want to talk about?

I told you a little,
days ago, brother.

About the doctor.

Bachelor of medicine.

Oh, yes, what was his name?

That is Okamoto-san.

You're quite forgetful.

Oyo-chan, did you hear?


I heard nothing.
What is it?

Oh, brother. These flowers
came from that gentleman.

Is that so?
He's quick to act.

No, quick to notice.

That's why
I recommend this man.

For Oyo-chan.

He visits your restaurant.


Which customer, I wonder.

Oyo, do you know?

Round face, with glasses
and a short beard.

Do you know him, Oyo-chan?

How about him
for her husband?

Does he come to us
as an adopted husband?

That depends on negotiations.

If they marry, his parents say,
they will built a hospital for him.

He has a reputation at the hospital
where he currently works.

We can't imagine a better offer.

Don't you think so, dear?

Well, yes,
it certainly seems excellent.

Oyo, have you decided?

Time to think, Oyo-chan.

Your father has to think
of retirement soon.

I will earn even more.

Don't treat me as an old man.

You say such things,
that's why Oyo-chan can't decide.

Make your mind up, Oyo.

Yes or no?



Or, do you have
someone else you like?

Tell me, Oyo-chan.

What's the matter, Oyo?

I am 23 years old.

I'll be 24 in four months.

I think she has something.


This marriage offer seems hopeless.

Dear customers,
we are closed today
for a memorial service

All gentle town girls
if you cry

Someone will console you

No, no good.


Lee san,
the master is calling you.

Sensei came?
How about ojo-san?

That's it.

What about ojo-san?

He asked me if I know
someone whom ojo-san likes.

Someone ojo-san likes?

I don't know.

I know.

Do you know?

- I do.
- Who?

I know, I know.

Lee-san, I...


Are you going to allow ojo-san
to marry anyone she likes?

If they both like each other,
I can't oppose it.

Is it true?

Do you know someone?

Yes, I do.
I know.


I, I can't tell.

I can't tell for ojo-san's sake.

But you must tell.

Please tell.

This is an important matter.

I'm embarrassed.

Why are you embarrassed?

Is it someone
among the customers?

No, sir.

Well, what shall I do?

Ask Hotta-san.


Nenkai-san knows well enough.


Hotta-kun knows?

He's an odd one.

Do you think ojo-san
likes someone really?

How old are you?


Do you like someone?

You do.

Twenty three.

I'm twenty, master.

24 years in 4 months.

21, master.

I see.

Even a demon
is marriageable at 18.

Not yet?

A little more.

Too long a story.

1 hour 26 minutes.

A little more.
Eat something.

- How about mitsumame sweets?
- Very good.

No more.
My stomach can't stand it.

Five more minutes. Please.

Well, well.

You must do something.

I do as much as I can.

That's not enough.

You know, I have to
decline aunt's choice.

- You must be strong-minded.
- You're right.

Then you must be.


But your father is
a little bit tough with me.

Don't worry.
He will listen if you tell him.

I doubt it.


Where have you been?

Were you sick?
Long time no see.

Do they visit your place as usual?

Only you don't come.

Give me one.

What's really the matter?

- Come once in a while.
- Yeah.

Then, see you soon. Bye.

Who is she?

A barmaid at Escargot.

Do you visit often?

Before I knew of your place.

Beautiful woman.

Many men in
the literary circle visit her.

How about you?

- I'm nothing.
- Don't lie!

Are you jealous already?

Don't be silly.



You'll graduate
next year, won't you?

Yes, if it works well.

And if it doesn't?

- I'll quit school and work.
- And if you can't get a job?

Don't you have a tonkatsu shop?

Tonkatsu-ya shop?

You can earn some.

I think my decision to start
tonkatsu-ya was a very good one.

But I need capital for that.

You can work at my shop.


You like Oyo, don't you?


You don't like her?

- What can I say...
- You don't need to hide it.

I've just heard from Hotta-kun.

Did you?

You have no other woman,
that's what I want to make sure.

No, never.

Don't lie.

It's true. Never.

Women never leave
a man like you alone.

You know, when I was on ship, women
gathered around me at every port.

Oh, did they?

This isn't your story.

Sorry, sir.

Anyway, tell me
your decision before evening.


Will you be a master of
a tonkatsu-ya shop or not.

And Yoko-san?

You know well what Yoko thinks.

Excuse me.

Hey, Ono.

But, brother...

This is simply not logical.

I know Oyo is your daughter.

But I have taken care
of her with full attention.

I have some responsibility.

If you decide the matter by yourself,
it quite bothers me.

It's not only my decision.

If they both like each other...

"Like" is what the problem is
for young people nowadays.

But they like each other and I accept,
what's wrong with that?

Then what will
become of my offer?

Yesterday was like that and
today like this. You ignored me.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

Thank you, sir.

- Here you are.
- Thank you.

- Take a cup.
- Sorry, I can't.


- Give me a fry.
- Fry for one person.


Alright. I'll do nothing. You say
you can manage as you like, brother.

If you say so, we won't go anywhere.
See, Keizo-san?

Dear, keep your mouth shut
in this important issue.

Because this is an important matter
I want it settled as soon as possible.

Naturally. That's why I do too.

I know.

If I leave it alone
a bad bug (lover) might appear,

a most regrettable thing.

A mothball or naphthalene
wouldn't work.

Don't say
such a stupid thing.

But for the business

you have to think carefully
about the time of marriage.

She is ready right now.

But Oyo-chan
attracts the customers.

Yes. You must think about it,
of course, brother?

Don't be silly.
This shop won't sell Oyo.

Anyway, I met him once.
A good man.

I don't like modern students.

I think he'll answer by now.

I don't think he'll reject.

Who would reject?

Students these days
are good at calculations.

Here you are, uncle.

The sake is good, the cutlet is good,
and oyo-chan is pretty.

Don't be silly.

He is a good man,
I mean your boyfriend.

Of course.

I see.

But, good.

You found a good husband.

Aunt must be mad.

Well, she'll be mad
for anything at least once.

It's a kind of disease.

- I'll tell her.
- No, no, no.

But you must be
grateful to your parent.

Your dad is so eager.

Lee-san, prepare a cutlet.


Tomitaro-san, will ojo-san's
marriage really be settled?


It's nice to wait.

Don't say that.
It's not settled yet.

Not settled, ojo-san?

Don't be silly.

Lee-san is very smart actually.

Wow, who likes you?

No, it's not true, ojo-san.

- I'm not...
- Don't play innocent.

Uncle, he has her.


A good girl.

She's better than my wife.

Speaking ill again.

It's true.

But it's wonderful.
Double happiness.

Lee-han, take a cup.


I feel lonely.

Oteru-han, he feels lonely.

So, I'll console him.

Well, well, waste no time.

Maybe I'll change my wife too.

I got a call for something
but it was cut off.

Oyo-chan, dad's calling you.

Lee-san, isn't the cutlet done yet?

You must come too, dear.


- Give me an oyster fry.
- Fry for one.

The fry's done.




give me some cabbage.


Oden, please.

Radish and suji meat.

Sorry I can't drink.

No. 3-san osake.

Do it.

The bill for three.

Tonkatsu for two.

Take it.

Oden and bottle of sake
for 5-ban-san.

Hey, you do it well.

Bill for No. 6, please.

Father, look at this, please.

This is 1-yen 80-sen.
You must learn the price tabs.

I'm sorry.

- How much, young master?
- 1-yen 80-sen, charged.

Hey, you're doing well.

Is he his son-in-law?

Yes. But the wedding's
not taken place yet.

So he's being trained.

How about your regular cook?

He's a little bit sick
and in bed.

How are you? Coughing?


This is good.
Asada-ame candy.

It'll soon cure your coughing.

Thank you.


I'll leave it here.

Take care.


You have a visitor.


Still sleeping?

Good morning.

You're a long sleeper.
Wake up!

I'll open this.

Wait a moment.

- What's with the early morning?
- What a messy room.

That's just like a man.

Anything urgent?


You could have
given me a phone call.

You're moving from here.

Why so sudden?

- You'll move to our shop.
- Why?

- Are you confident?
- Confident of what?

Confident of managing
the restaurant shop?

- Has anything happened
to your father? - No.

You are confident, aren't you?

Well, yes.

If necessary, I'll quit school.

No, you shouldn't.

You must graduate
from university at any rate.

But, what's the matter?

Lee-san is leaving the shop.

Is there a problem?

I don't know,
but he's quarrelled with dad.

Such a quiet person quarrelling?

But he's behaved strangely
these last few days.

Yes, he seemed irritated.

Maybe he was dumped by Oteru-san.

No. Oteru is crazy about him.

But no one knows
this kind of thing.



Give this to your sister.

Thank you very much.

I'm sorry for everything.

My little sister will be pleased.

I liked you,

but we were not fated, perhaps.

Perhaps so.

You will find something good.

The master would never
want you to leave.

I know sensei's mind very well.

But I can't help it.

But why leave so suddenly?

Is it because you've not seen
a shop guest recently?

No. I'm not insensitive.

But this shop depends on
ojo-san's charm and your skill.

I know.

But, please don't mention it.

I feel quite sad.

Maybe I'll leave too.

No, that's terrible.

Be patient.

But if the shop reputation declines,
my wage might be in danger.

It'll never happens.
Sensei won't let it happen.

Thank you.


Why did you quit?
You really shouldn't.

Please reconsider.

Any way, I can persuade dad.

Listen, thanks to you, Ono is now
in the process of gaining a skill.

Please, Lee-san.

Ono-san is very skilful.

He will be alright without me.

We need you, Lee-san.

See? Oteru-san?

We beg you, please.

I'll miss my train.


Lee-san, you wouldn't
change your mind, would you?


I blame you.


You're a liar.

- Liar? What do you mean?
- You are a liar.

You knew my feelings
but you ignored them.

- Hey, don't make a false accusation.
- I didn't.

You are a bad man.
You cheated me.

I regret it.

I blame you.

What's the matter, Lee-San?

Why are you crying?

I... I...

Tell me clearly if you blame me.

It's not fair if you
won't tell me the reason.

- You are the cheater.
- Why am I?

You cheated me.
You arranged the match...

of Ono-san and ojo-san.


I... I... regret it.



do you know what he's saying?

Now, I remember.

Forgive me.

I was thoughtless.

I understand
you are mad at me.

But, I never thought,
you were...

don't blame Hotta-san.



I like you.

I won't forget.

Thank you.

I won't forget either.

Forgive me.

a toast to your health.

Oteru-san, join us.

Yes, sorry.



Thank you.

Ojo-san, can you drink?

No problem. Today is special.

Oh, it's still only three o'clock.

You know, dad,
Oteru is working at Little Ginza.

She didn't go back
to her home village?

Little Ginza?

She's not a barmaid type.

No, she's not.


Evening, sir.

A part of Toribe-yama shinju
by lchikawa...

A cold night, mister.

You must check the visitors.
There are all kinds coming in.

Why not go to the public baths now?

Yes, go.
The shop will close soon.

Don't catch a cold
after your bath.


Welcome, sir.

Is there an Ono Susumu here?
Oh, it's you.

I am he.

What is this?

Don't make a fuss, please.

I'm from the police.

What is it, sir?

Come with us.

What for?

You'll see.

He'll be back soon.

What have you done?

I don't know.

Don't worry.

Let's go.

Use this.

Let's go.


What's wrong?


What is this?

Tell Hotta-kun, anyway.

Hello, Bangai-kan?
Will you call Hotta-san

Hotta Nenkai-san.

He's not back?

Do you know where he is?

Can't you find him?

Apartment mystery
Beautiful cafe maid killed violently

This is it.

It is related to this.

How could Ono-kun
be involved in such a thing?

We can see from
his attitude last night.

But Ono-san knew this woman.
I met her too.

But think it might
be a different person.

The photo isn't reliable.

No, I'm sure. He told me
she was a barmaid at Escargot.

If you start doubting
there's no end to it.

Dad, you don't need
to defend him because of me.

This is obvious.

But, even Ono-kun...

a woman or two.

Ono-kun's name
wasn't mentioned here.

Dad, you knew he was such a man
and still you made him my husband?

He told me he had
no relationship with any woman.

I was cheated.

By my father too.

You told me you loved him,
that's why I allowed you to marry him.

So you are saying that anyone
is alright as my husband?

You don't care
what happens to me?

You don't care for me?


Divorce then!

Alright, alright.

Calm down.

If you doubt too much,
you'll regret it.

When Hotta-kun returns
from the police, then we'll see.

I don't know.

I'm back.

I'm exhausted.

The training was overnight again.

Sis, telephone.
From Hotta-san.


What's going on?

I see. That's it.

Where are you?

At the shop?
With Ono-kun?

No, better not.

About this matter...


It's nothing serious.
I was soon released.

Sorry to worry you.

Stupid thing.
He sent a postcard when travelling.

Due to that, he was called
as a witness in this case.

Ono-san, tell me the truth.


About what?

Tell me the truth.
I want to trust you.

I want dad to trust you too.

Are you talking about
the woman in the paper?

Trust me.
She was just an acquaintance.

Not only her.

Well, I don't deny
I had someone I liked.

But it's all in the past.

- Now...
- You cheated me.

- I did not.
- You did.

I like you.

I love you.
That's the truth.

No, it's a lie.

It's not.

I don't believe you.

You don't?

Now, this is up to you.

Whether you forgive
Ono's past or not.

My attitude to life
was a problem, I'll admit.


But it can be corrected.

See? Oyo-san?

Father won't come here.

Why not?

He said, he has something
to discuss so come to the apartment.

Was father angry?

No, not at all.

He wasn't?

Let's go.

And sis, he said,
bring five or six beers.

What's wrong?

Why are you crying?

Now, go.


Help me.


I'm going now.

Don't waste the money.

When can I be a star?

Train hard.

Sis, you got a letter.

Who's it from?

From Lee-san.

What did he say?

He wrote a song.

All gentle town girls
are consoled by someone if they cry

Will the dream ever return?
It was such a wonderful time

The day ended
with a song behind the flowers

He's an odd fellow.

Welcome back.

How about this, sir?

I'm not sure
about buying it yet.

- Good.
- Really?

So small a portion to buy.

No problem.

Wait. Within four years.

Within four years?

- Sukiyaki.
- Sukiyaki?

We'll profit with sukiyaki.
See, Ono-kun?



Yes, let's, father.

Oh, I forgot the laundry.

Father, 300,000 people
will visit from abroad.

Within four years...

We can earn money
with sukiyaki, I am sure.

It was such a wonderful time

The flower basket of dream maidens
flowers fallen apart from west to east

Will the dream ever return?

It was such a wonderful time

Now I shed many tears

Subtitles: Maya Grohn
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