Hana (2006) - full transcript

In a poor district of Edo lives a young samurai named Soza. He has been sent by his clan to avenge the death of his father. He isn't an accomplished swordsman however, and he prefers sharing the life of the residents, teaching the kids how to write etc. When he finally finds the man he is looking for, he will have to decide whether he follows the way of the samurai or chooses peace and reconciliation.

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In the year 1701, in a royal
hallway of Edo castle,

Lord Akou assaulted Kira,
a nobleman, with his sword!

Lord Akou was made to commit hara-kiri

as his vassals scattered as ronin,
disguised as merchants and doctors...

Our story begins one year later
in a poor neighborhood in Edo

By this winter morning,

swordfighting has blown
out of fashion with the wind

For Rent

Wake up!

Morning time... Wake up!

Quick, wash your face and
get down to the fish market

Let me sleep a little longer, Onobu...

You took the day off yesterday

The sun's already up!

Hurry up!
I'll leave you behind

All this noise
every damned morning

Please let me escape this dump

Is master Soza up and about?

What's your business with him?
I'm sure you're up to no good

Do you have to put it like that?
He needs my advice, that's all

Hurry, Pa, or they'll close
the fish market

I'm taking the day off

You took the day off yesterday

What are you still doing in bed?

Good morning, Osae san

Already off?

The weather's so fine, I'll deliver
the sewing I've finished

Good for you
Off you go

Did you hear that?!

Who cares

What the hell

Can't be helped
in such close quarters...

Watch yourself

How's things?

You know they're never good


At this rate,
I'll never get Onobu to marry me

Fool, you know Onobu's
going to marry me

There you go again



I envy you

If your revenge plan goes well,

you'll be a rich and respected man

You can leave this seedy life behind

Lucky your father left you
a score to settle

My father died peacefully
that's no use at all

Hirano san, where to, today?

To the castle

Oh, to see your friend, the retainer?

Enough of that ingrate

I've got a relative who's
assigned to the study in Edo castle

I am off to petition him
for an official post

A good position
in contact with the Shogun

I once did this man a favor...

Off already?

I must be on my way

Hey, ronin
If you want the castle, it's this-a-way

Excuse me

You heard? He knows
one of the government retainers

And has a relative in the castle study

Oh, no, the tale keeps
getting taller and taller

I found him, your enemy

Not, again...

This time, I swear it's him

The water's perfect

I know another guy...

"Height 175cm,
fair skin with regular teeth


"His fox-like face bears a red mark
from his right eye down his cheek"

Ah, the marked cheek is on his face,
not his backside...





Much older looking
since I last saw him...

Don't lose heart, Soza

Finding a man in Edo's sprawl
is like winning the lottery

It could take 10 years, no, 20...

Hey, sis, another sake


But he's the right height, right?

I'll go over it once more
so listen well

Our shit fertilizes
the rice paddies and fields

That's why the farmer pays money
to buy it from the rich landlord,

who owns this tenement

And that money pays for New Year's
rice cakes for all of us

You mean, rice cakes
come from shit?

Well, not quite,
but you're not far off, either

Useless, it's damp!

That's a fine sum
Don't be stingy with those rice cakes

Save that line for when
you've paid your rent

And I don't recall letting a room
to that prancing idiot beside you

I'll work hard for lots of
rice cakes next year

Yeah, let's do that

Despite the passage of time you've
yet to avenge your father

Our entire family struggles
to sustain itself

My frugal housekeeping permits me
to forward this sum,

but alas, there is no more...

The samurai goes to the
bath house daily,

thanks to money made off
peasants' backs...

I bet...
You've never killed a soul

Just like you've never used
that sword against anyone

How the hell are you ever
going to avenge your father?

"How the hell..."

I'll strike him with all my might
and if that's not sufficient,

I'll take my life gracefully
just like the cherry blossoms

That's the warrior's way of death

This, my father taught me

One rainy night last spring,

the man who lived here, was
ruined and decided to end it all

He got as far as slashing
his wife's throat,

but then his only kid

turned on him and stabbed him

Hearing the noise I rushed over,
this place was a sea of blood

Right about where you're sitting now...

The old man was bleeding to death,
guts spurting

I wouldn't call that graceful...

I'd call it a massacre

That's what a man's death means

Don't talk about living and dying,

without being ready for the worst

Good morning, Soza san

Good morning

Are you going out?

Just to the toilet
You, Osae san?

We're going to pray at the shrine
You should come, Soza san

No, Shinnosuke

He's a busy man


Good day

Good day

What did you pray for?

That I may find my enemy soon


That you may stay a sweet-natured boy

And you?

That Father will return safely

How can one god answer
so many prayers?

Come here, come here and buy

Take a look at these toys,
very popular!

I've got every kind

We go this-a-way,
we go that-a-way

My husband died of
a lung disease

when our boy was only two

Today is his monthly anniversary

I see...

Time keeps passing by and
I haven't yet told him the truth

What does that say?

No tabs

What's a tab?

A tab? A tab means...

You want to eat now but pay later

Sada san's always asking for that

Actually, he never,
ever pays his tabs, so we call

someone like him "a deadbeat"

How do you write
"run out on debts?"


The way you write it...

You write "step out"...

with "on your debts"

means "run out"

Let's try that again

Abacus and Writing Lessons
Clear the abacus
for the next calculation...

Abacus and Writing

Abacus and Writing
That's 7 pence

That's 7 pence

Eight pence

Five pence

Two pence

Three pence

If you're going to teach,
why not teach swordfighting?

What's the point in a world
with no more war? Idiot

But a samurai teaching the abacus?

Got nothing to do with avenging...

As they say,
"Hunger is a terrible master..."

"Hunger's the master"

The point is, a man

doesn't need to read if he's
got the guts to fight

As they say here,
"Only the countrymen keep their money"

We spend our money as soon as
we make it. Who needs calculations?

You're not even from around here

You're in the way, move

What do you want in there?

Soza san to teach me how to write

You, too?

At least I'll learn how
to write my own name

You have no guts
You should learn, too

Damn it

"My own name" my ass!

I'll never write a single word,
until the day I die

Everyone finished?

Can you believe Kenbo's
learning to write?

He's smart

and good looking

Good bye

See you tomorrow


Isn't he going to inherit
the martial arts academy?

Yes, his father was a grand
fencing master

A samurai teaching kids to write...

It's not right

You... should investigate

He may be have ties to Kira

I warned you about this

Even scattered, it's risk y
with too many of us in town

All right
Not to worry, it's nothing

Though I can't heal
much more than this

Soza san, is this the first time
you've met Kichiemon?


I'm Kichiemon

I'm Aoki Soza-emon

Soza san has come from up north,
to avenge his father

I see

Revenge, huh...

It's been over two and a half years now,
with no leads...

Two and a half years, I'm sorry

But why here?
Any special reason?

These places often shelter strangers

A good place
to seek my enemy...


Master Aoki,
what do you do for fun?


My pleasures are...
Bathing and...

I also keep birds
And I like to play Go

Kichiemon also enjoys Go
Why not challenge each other?

Yes, an excellent plan

Over a game of Go...

It was at a Go tournament

"You've called halt four times"
"No, it's only three," that's how it began

"You're just an idiot,
how dare you call me a liar! Draw!"

I'm so sorry

He always longed to die at war

Dying over a silly dispute

Must have been a shame

At least...

If he had died in a manner
more worthy of a warrior...

One moment

I've always been...

handy this way

That's all for today, Soza san

So I stand at 7 wins, 3 losses
Do come back


Don't stare

Done yet?

Not yet

Tell me when you're done

I hope it's a lot

A lot, a lot

A lot, a lot


That's right
It's just a play

A play?

This'll be your first

Every spring festival, Shigehachi writes
a script and we stage a revenge play

Despite his looks,
this guy's smart

Despite my looks...

I've got more confidence in
my brains than my guts

Same goes for me

The crowd paid us well
last year

Osae san looked so pretty
in her costume

Osae san, too?

They only love our show so much,

half aware it's a farce,

because real fights are so scarce

We make money...

Thanks to those cowardly
Akou ronin who can't avenge their Lord

Did they beat you up, Shinbo?


What then?

They made fun of me


They said I live like a pig
in a rubbish heap

What the hell?

And that everyone
who lives here is trash

Who the hell said that?

Don't get so upset,
they're just kids

Besides, they're right

They said "why bother buying trash,
just sell your own"

That'd be me

Got that right

What's wrong with my work?

Bring the brat here
I'll beat the shit outta him

Hurry up, bring the brat

Soza san

Teach me to use a sword
I really want to beat them

Sounds great
Teach him, Soza

Act like a samurai for once

My father made me promise
no fighting outside the academy

That's pretty useless

I'll teach you

Come here

Hold this

Grab this tight
Hold it in front of your belly

Hold it really straight

Lift it straight up and...
Bring it down

What's going on here?

Shinbo's practicing vengeance

For the play?

No, the genuine article

Swing it down hard
And shout

Oto san
What would you do in his place?

I'd learn how to take a punch
without getting hurt

How's that?

Let 'em hit you where it doesn't hurt
and call it quits

Who taught you that pathetic trick?

My dad, before he died

What a legacy!

Your mom's a real terror...

Yup, it's come in real handy.
Thanks, Dad

Don't force it

Give it here
Hold this, straight, straight

When you're ready to strike...

That's it

Shinbo, come on,
hit me like you mean it

Hey, that's dangerous

Come and get me, crybaby

You want to win, right?


It's no good swinging
like that useless Lord Akou

Swords are made for thrusting

Got it? Try it

That's right, that's good

Aim at their knees and ankles,

where it's hard and it'll hurt

That's cheating...

Say, noble samurai

Why don't you come after me?

I think not

It's childish to take on an amateur

No need to worry

I want to show Shinbo, fencing
learned in a dojo, is useless in reality

Find any fish?

Watch out!


He's useless...


Listen up, Shinbo

This way, they'll never bother you again

If that's not your style,

get that guy to show you how
to take a punch without getting hurt

Look after Soza san

Hey, there's a sudden chill in the air

Taking a few days off

Daddy, you're home!

It's spinning

It's caught

You're right

Other way

This time the other way

- Welcome home
- Thanks

What's that?

It was just lying there

Someone was in a hurry

I'm home, baby

Can you hear?

Hirano san...

Are you all right?

Do you have a stomach ache?

Hirano san...

Hey, Sada san!

Look what a mess you made of the floor
The landlord won't like this

Get a doctor, quick!

He'll be fine, it's the third time
And the sword's bamboo

He tries to commit hara-kiri
every spring

- Pathetic
- Ouch

Listen, if you do this on the floor,
it's a pain in the neck to clean up

If you must,
do it on the dirt floor

Answer me

Oh, no!

Soza san, please get Dr. Onodera

Soza san

What a bunch of hopeless losers...


Osae san...

Thank you

I could've sworn he was taller

Enough of your stories

Give me the money


Oh, hello

Pick it up

Sada san
I'm grateful

What for?
I was in the mood for something sweet

Actually, Sada san

Why so serious, suddenly?

I've already found him...
Kanazawa Jubei

Changed his name

Heisuke, right?

He's a laborer in Kawaracho

That widow he's living with is a beauty

- You knew!
- Yeah, I knew

- Since when?
- For a while

- But you...
- Listen

Have you told anyone else yet?

Then let's keep it secret

In this day and age, this samurai
revenge thing's out of style

Besides, with your skills,
you're doomed

Think I can have another?

Another, please

So, sell any?

Not this crap

Welcome home, Soza san

Another day

Off to the bath with Sada?
Treat me, sometime

Wish I'd get a good job

Tried buying scraps?

No way!




What do you see, Mago?

I see night

Say, Soza san

What will happen to your bird?

I wonder...

Is he stuck underground forever?

It's dark and it's cold
and he won't like it

I wonder if my father's
underground somewhere


Don't tell my mother

She still thinks
he's going to come home


Let's pray again,
that your father's some place warm

On his deathbed,
my father held my hand and begged,

"Soza, please avenge me"

But I'm a hopeless swordsman,
and haven't fulfilled this task

His one dying wish

That is my inheritance



It's why I have to pay back
his enemy with my own hands

Is that true?

I can understand your feelings,
but this is how I see it

If, after living his whole life,

your father left you nothing
but hate,

it would be unbearably sad

Mother, come

"Owing to my imminent starvation,

"I pray you will send funds

"upon receipt of this letter

"May I inquire, Father,

"whether you are happy and healthy?

"Hope you will take

"the very best care of yourself

"Yours, Sakutaro"

That's what it says

So, how will you reply?


I have no reply

What, a samurai?

So spoiled

You have no skills

I wouldn't be so proud if I were you

What's the big deal over
those two swords you have?

The village dumpling-maker
serves them three at a time

Whenever he gets that drunk,

he brings old letters in
for me to read

He never once sent a reply,

so he's bad for business...

Soza san,

why do you think samurai exist?


Peasants grow rice

Merchants sell things

Just as that drunk said,

samurai alone make nothing,
and sell nothing

The samurai were meant

to live, giving and
taking life at war

Time has passed and war is over

But the samurai remain

I'd say that's the root
of their troubles

Say, that gives me an idea

Will that lazy Oishi
ever come to Edo?

That's why I keep saying

We should've attacked the Kira mansion
when they forced our lord into hara-kiri

But that chief retainer...

He's hopeless
He and his son are both sex maniacs

The father chases female ass,
the son chases male ass

Old man Kira's retired now...

At this rate, he'll die of old age
before we can kill him

Onodera san, it's hardly the time
for poetry

Oh, sorry

But there's nothing gained
by panicking

"A prayer for
a despised enemy's


Revenge, revenge!

"Art thou Akiyama Gengobei?"

They're making a racket
Are they trying to rub it in?

"My son and I...

"rain drenched and windswept...

"The trials and...

"The trials and tribulations
of such times..."

Mocking the warrior's
sacred vengeance

They won't get away with this

"Now, fight and fight fair"

"I cut my enemy down in warrior's
vengeance, not petty motives

"Now you deserve revenge"

Listen, Soza
This isn't the Kabuki

No need to overdo it

And now, "Not so fast,
just a little wait, please"

That's my cue to step in and mediate

Hey, can I say the
"Not so fast" line?

The part's way too much
for you

Do the best with your "Revenge!" part

For once, I want a big part

You're luck y to even get any lines

"It is a day for admiring blossoms

"Can you face the gods if your swords
draw blood among the temple-goers?

"Out of respect for me,
won't you postpone this fight?"

And if the enemy also does
a little dance, the crowd will applaud

Soza san, excuse me

I'd like to discuss something

What is it?

Not here
May I come to your place?

Oh, don't bother
I won't stay long

Please don't make a fuss

Ouch, ouch...

He's just sipping tea quietly

Hurry up and jump her, man

Despite his looks...


I don't know if I should be
asking you this...

But it's too late
to ask Shigehachi san...


What do "Drifting log mokki" and
"Udonge flower" mean?

Mokki... you mean?

It's one of my lines in the play,

but I've never been able to figure out
what it means


I wonder how you write it...

A mouki is...

The characters are "blind" and "turtle"

A turtle, worn out with swimming,
finally rests refuge on a floating log

The "udonge flower" blooms once
every 3 thousand years

Because the rare "udonge" flower
resemble a spider web,

"udonge" has slowly come to mean

the spider's web as well...


All done

Soza, don't be so nervous
It's just acting

How will you manage
a real revenge?

"Cherry blossoms are blessed
only when they have all fallen"

When it's time for a samurai to die,
one hopes to fall gracefully,

like these cherry blossoms

Make sure you do,
on your fourth try

"Only the countrymen..."

You're not from here, right?

I bet cherry blossoms fall gracefully
'cause they know

they'll bloom next year

Otherwise, they'd never give up

A point for Mago

"Not exactly,
but not far off, neither"

Right, "neither"

"Hunger is a terrible..."

You don't really understand any of it

A revenge! A revenge!

A revenge! A revenge!

How was I?

Just fine


- What?
- Some guys I'd rather not see

- What? A big tab?
- Enormous

I know, will you take my
"Not so fast" line, too?


Don't worry, you can do it

"All to avenge this grudge,
my son and I,

"rain drenched, windswept,

"by the trials and tribulations
of such times..."

"Meeting you like a mokki
reaching driftwood

"the flowering of the udonge..."

"Now fight, and fight fair"

"I cut my enemy down in warrior's
vengeance, not petty motives

"Now you deserve revenge"

It's your moment!

What's the hold up?

Hurry up

Kill him

Not so fast!

We've heard she avenges
her dead husband

In these peaceful times, a fine
example of a warrior's wife

To ignore her plight
would disgrace any samurai

An excellent chance to showcase
our samurai training

Though we may be inadequate,
we offer our assistance

A gracious offer, but my son and I,

must do this with our own hands...

Listen, I'll strike both his arms

- You, his legs...
- Strike

Once he's disabled,
you deliver the deathblow

"Not so fast!"

So fast

Coward - Lessons Available

How about taking his wife
or child hostage?

I can't do that

Set his house on fire and
get him as he escapes...

Attack him in bed?

Sada san

Retribution must befit a samurai...

But if by some miracle you succeed,

you'll win vast lands

There's got to be a way to avenge him
without risking your life

Are you taking this seriously?

I am

You sure?
I don't think it's just that you're weak,

you've got some other real hesitation
about seeking revenge

Oh, I know

You've fallen in love
with that beautiful widow

Quite the stud, you widow-killer!


How about a mask?

Oh, you had your baby!



His eyes are just like yours

Cut it out, you're wrong

What? He's not your child?

Uncle! Think about it
I only left home 3 years ago

This boy is at least 8 years old

Is that so?

What's your name?


Your age?


Children these days grow up so fast...

I've kept you waiting

Why, thank you

Shinnosuke, come with me
Soza san has important business

It's not so important

I feared his spirits might be low

Thought I'd take him to a brothel
to distract him

But I'm relieved at what I see

There's absolutely no need
for my concerns

I worry because he's
always been a little immature,

but how's "it" going?


What "it?"

I mean... with his pen

Oh... he's very skillful


Onobu across the street says she's
really improved because of him

That's amazing

My boy's getting better at it every day

Your boy!

Isn't he on the young side?

I was at least 12...

What will you do

for your father's anniversary
next month?

Ah, yes...

When they find out "Shy Soza"

has quite a set-up here in Edo,

it won't just be relatives talking,
it'll be the entire clan

Watch it, Ma!

Shut up!

You useless ass!

This place is full of life
Wouldn't mind moving in myself

I swear I'll go
to the fish market tomorrow

Please open up, Onobu

Where's Onobu?

Uncle, let's go

But what about Onobu...

Take care

What on earth,
have you been up to,

these 3 past years?

I am deeply sorry

You think apologies are enough,
you idiot

I sent you off to avenge your father,

as if you had succeeded,

you might have slightly improved

your pathetic reputation

But not even a single lead...

The monthly allowance

the clan provides you

is not inconsiderable


Brother, there's another reason
why he hasn't located

his enemy...


Our Shy little Soza

has made a child
with a beautiful woman

The child is already 8 years old

The sword is not merely intended

to inflict wounds and claim lives

When swords clash,
life encounters life,

death encounters death,
in a tempestuous conflict,

giving birth to a genuine dialogue

That is the samurai's joy and sorrow

That is the only path
of the samurai

In these peaceful times
which know no war,

the samurai must reveal this beauty

to the peasantry...

There are less of them...
than 3 years ago

With war unlikely,

they know that fencing is useless
in advancing their career

Look, here

Our enemy Kanazawa's,
ancestral home

He'd been living alone
with his invalid mother

Soon after he killed Father, his mother,
unable to face the world,

and passed away...

I never knew

How sad for her

How sad?

How can you feel pity, brother?

He got what he deserved

But what did his mother
have to do with it?

How can you be so soft?

Have you forgotten
Father's dying wish?

I'm sorry

You're "sorry..."

You've changed these past 3 years

What sort of life have
you been leading in Edo?

You have no right to pray
at Father's grave

Observe my belated vengeance!


I avenge my father!

Take care of yourself

I've got a lady friend to visit here


Your father was a prude, with no

enjoyment of life's subtle pleasures,

but now that he's gone,
he's left a nice setup for you

The gods will punish you
if you waste her

Revenge isn't the only way
to demonstrate your devotion



Don't you think,
that's overdoing it?

I'm a living creature, too

I deserve a better life

They say a dog's curse
obstructs the birth of the shogun's heir

Maybe he ate one...

Fans, fans for sale

Sode san

Why would you be picking flowers?

What about you?

They're for my dead mother
I don't have money to buy any

You look after your folks

Say, you're hurt

Another fight with gangsters?

You're hopeless. Why do you
always get yourself beat up?

A mystery

Don't you have anyone special?

If I did, would it fill my stomach?

It wouldn't fill your stomach,

but if you had someone special,

maybe you'd be a little less reckless

You're such a baby, Onobu

You know, having someone special

would only make me more reckless

I'm just worried about you

Well cleaning, well cleaning

All right pull up

Slowly, slowly

All right, release

Release it more

Release it more

A little more

All right, lift it

Let's go help


Making New Year's cakes and cleaning
wells are work for a samurai's servant

Never heard of a samurai pulling a rope

Look, the landlord's new wife

He sure managed to
get himself a beauty

He spent good money buying
her out of a brothel

Not even been 3 years
since the last one died

Money does make the world go round

He knows her?

The man gets around

"Why Sode san,
you're as handsome as ever"

"You're looking pretty yourself"

"You mustn't, I'm a wife, now"

You sure married well

A landlord's wife is a long way up
from a humble village

It wasn't my choice

You didn't choose
the brothels, either?

No woman chooses the brothels

Women have it good
Always got a job waiting

You really want to hear,
all about how I survived,

these last 15 years?

I'll pass

Why won't you build us
a decent outhouse?

Don't be foolish

I'm destroying these tenements
to build new ones

Unfortunately, you'll be ringing in

the new year somewhere else


These days, it seems like
my shit's been runny

I'll be with you soon

Cut it out, Dad

Can't you see, I'm eating

Shut up! It's none of your business
what I say to my wife

Talking about your shit, at this hour!
You're not Mago san

If you're going to fuss,
fuss over the back rent you owe

Listen, Onobu, about Kenbo...

No matter how you look at him,
Kenbo's your child

In 10 years, I won't even be able
to tell you apart

I've got my hands full now

I'm in no mood to discuss your shit
with you, Dad! Just shut up!

Here goes!

Sode san's out

Please, don't come here

Why not?

whatever happened in the past,

I don't think Sode san
can find happiness with you

You get right to the point,
don't you

And you think he'll find
happiness with you?

I just don't want to spend
my whole life in this dump

Remember this

When you leave, it'll be because
you're worse off than you are now

They say there's a place over
in Nakano where they feed strays

If we get thrown out of here,
we can go

Fool. They only feed dogs,
not humans

I was born in the Year of the Dog
Still no good?

We're less than dogs
to the Shogun anyway

Pisses me off

With so many of us, how come

we can't figure out how many men
guard their mansion!

There has to be a way to figure it out

Don't you have an idea?

The volume of crap in the outhouse
should give us a good idea


Spoken like a true ex-peasant

Excuse me

Who are you?

What do you mean by that?
I'm here to collect your rent

The question is, who are you?

We're ill... ill...

You're ill...?

No, no,
we have no ill intentions

And nothing to do with Kira...

We're just wounded is all

There are quite a few of you...

Chief retainer arrived from Kyoto!

Oishi-sama's here!

All right, let's go


Hey, wait, that's my umbrella!

Let's have a look

Oh, no

Your business is really doing well

No charge

But can you wait for the rent?

No extra charge

I'm begging you

If you take that knife, Dad can't
work at the fish market anymore

You owe 6 months' back rent!

Besides, he never works anyway

Hey there

If all my tenants were prospective
avengers, I'd actually collect rent

You're welcome to move in
to my new tenement


Can't you hold off...

Let us all live here a while longer

"Let us all live here?"

A fine phrase,
but you're dreaming

No wonder they all
take advantage of you

Don't talk to me like that, when you've
never worked a day in your life

Or are you willing to cover
everyone's back rent?

If you live here, you pay

My, my, the landlord making
the rounds himself in this rain

My tenants are more likely to stay
home in this weather. Easier to collect

Besides, I can't risk sending
my gorgeous wife here

Who knows what might happen

What do you mean, "Risk?"

I heard
You're childhood friends

You were engaged

What's that got to do with you?

Oh, how scary

Time to be going

Too bad, but she's my wife

I won't let you touch her

This fatty meat...

from that other white one was
better than this black one...

Four of you eating from one pot?

You're all wet

Have a bowl and warm up

Don't mind if I do

By the way, that German or
English doctor, Kaempfer,

who visited the Shogun,

sold him an elixir for immortality
for 20,000 ryo

20,000 ryo!

I hear it's made of mermaid flesh

Wonder if it works

20,000 ryo is fantastic...

He's got no children so
he's got to live as long as he can

Sure is greedy
Just like a landlord I know

20,000 ryo, is like...

20,000 ryo is...

Hey... this...

Mind your manners
Sit when you eat

What kind of meat is this?

This? What was it?

This is... you know...

You see it riding on that platform...

It's dog

Tastes pretty good

Today, it's a little
tougher than usual

Than usual?

You know what'll happen
if the Shogun finds out!

He won't,
if you keep your mouth shut

Besides, you ate some, too

Hey, you can't eat and run
Leave the knife in payment

I'll drive you out!
Every last one of you!

Thanks for your patronage

Come back soon!

It's been 5 days now

Can't even go to work

You hardly work
even when the sun's shining

But when it keeps pouring this way,

it even makes you feel poorly


I haven't been able to shit at all

How long?

It's 4 days now

It's 5 days for me

Look how bloated I am...


You're right

What is it?

I've got no business with you


Are you going to disappear again?

I hate the rain

When it rains,
I always remember that night

I see your face against
that bloody ceiling

I should've died, too, back then

If I had...

Is that how you've always felt?
How sad

Cut it out

You're not the only one
whose folks nearly killed you


What do you want me to do?

Come with me...

Somewhere far away...

Of course not...

It's too late for that

I've got his baby,
inside my belly

Is that so?

You're having a baby

You'll have a new family

That's good

Forget it

You have your baby,

become a mother,

get old,

and go all wrinkly

Can I watch you the whole time?

You live in a filthy dump,
dressed up like a samurai

You'll never amount
to anything, anyway

What's so great about
being a samurai?

We were born better than you

Who says so?
Bring him here


Get 'em!


What's with them?


Let's go


Before you said, "What's
so great about being a samurai?"

That's what Daddy says,
when he drinks

I see... your father does

Daddy tells me to run from fights

But I hate running,
so I had a different idea

People who are truly strong,
don't fight without a reason

Your father must be
a man of great character


Excuse me

Oh, it's Mom


I live across the way

I'm sorry
they've caused you trouble

Hey, Yoshi!

Were you fighting again?

What did you promise your father?

I wasn't in a fight, right?

Hi, Shinbo

Your mother said
she has a few more customers to visit

Please wait for her a little longer

It's all right
I'll wait until she returns

I'll be going then

Come play with my son again


I wonder if Daddy will
come home early

I wonder

He said he'd make me a wheel

Won't that be nice

There's a portrait of my father

Would you like to see it?

Of your father?

I know she looks at it
secretly at night

Here it is


Doesn't he look strong?

Don't tell Mother

What's wrong, Soza san?

I fell into the crap...

I... may be dressed up
as a simple drug seller,

but in fact I'm a samurai

I say samurai, but I'm just
a foot soldier, a former peasant

I see

So all I think about is wanting
to die a samurai's death

Then I'll finally be a real samurai

That way, my son can truly
live as a samurai's son

I can't leave him any land or money...

So it's the least I can do

Kichiemon san,

who taught you how to play Go?

After I began carrying swords,
however badly

Everyone told me it would
make me more like a samurai

I learned by watching

My father taught me

When I was a child

I'd forgotten that...

I learned more from my father
than fencing...

You're very lucky

I'm grateful

Truly grateful

I'll pass on the basics of Go
to Shinbo, soon

A revenge, a revenge...
After a 3 year search for my enemy,

I, Aoki Sozaemon of the Matsumoto clan,
have finally avenged my father

When cut down, a man...

The single, mortal blow ran
from the right side to his back

What incredible swordplay...

My vengeance was a warrior's revenge
Bear no grudge

Do you hate the man
who killed your father?

I hate...

I hate him

The other day, your son
stopped a fight...

He saved Shinbo,
who lives in our neighborhood

Our Yoshi...

Is that so?

How old is he?


He's not mine by birth...

Why don't you

start sending him to my private
school next year

It would make Shinbo happy

A repeat performance of
our spring revenge play

Very cool

It's so like Soza san

But, isn't it risk y?

We screw up, we'll be in big trouble

But if we pull it off,
we'll get at least 100 ryo

100 ryo!

With 100 ryo we can pay off all
our back rent

and have some left
That's 14 ryo each

I'm in!

I'm in, too!

Me, too

I want you all to play
the excited passersby

Tomekichi san,
I need you to find a pig

Can I please say that line
"Now you deserve revenge"?

May I?

A samurai holds Justice
dearer than life itself

Composed of Self and Beauty

He defends Justice
and defending...

Enough of your crap
Eat shit!


even I won't eat shit
until it's become rice cakes

Listen, "Eat shit" doesn't actually mean...

If you really want money,
it has to be real

Turning it into a pantomime...

The whole point is, it's fake

I wouldn't dare kill someone

"Tall tales make flowers bloom
but bear no fruit"

That's what they used to say

Well, I say, let's make
a field of flowers bloom

Down to 9 ryo...

Don't you hate him!
Don't you despise your father's killer!


you're all wrong

Each of us has our own
method of hating

Soza san is...
Making that hatred...

It's larger than...

You see...

That's it!

Soza san has turned shit
into rice cakes

Taken the shit inside him
and made it rice cakes...

Osae san

"Shit this and shit that,"
is Mago's line

Turning shit into rice cakes
inside you...


No, Mago, it's not like that

There's no way you can fake a corpse?

Leave it all to me

I've got enough bones

No, any fool can see
they're dog bones

You can't fool a temple priest

Leave it to me
I'll take it to my family's temple

Your father's a priest?

A priest?

Yeah, didn't I tell you?

The Jodo sect

All right

If you insist,
I will help you with this plan

Should we succeed,

recommend me to your clan

- Your real motive!
- What a nerve...

Can't I at least say "Not so fast!"
I'll get it right

You always mix things up
Shut up

Yeah, we don't need you to mess it up

Mago san, I'd like you to
play the lead in this revenge

A revenge!

Took him 3 years
but he avenged his father

What incredible swordplay!


A revenge!
A revenge!

I, Aoki Sozaemon have avenged
my father's murderer,

I, Hirano Jirozaemon,
did duly witness this revenge

Deadly combat

Well done!

It was deadly combat

The notices have been posted

In these peaceful times...

a truly commendable spirit

Now for the autopsy...

The mortal blow ran from his
right side to his back

Felled by a single blow

When cut down,

a man bleeds so tremendously...
I was shocked

Oto! Intestines!

You're right

How awful...

What will you do?

Do you still want to see it?

My beloved!




He's got a red mark that
matches this likeness

This avenging was
a warrior's revenge

Bear no grudge

Shinbo, do you hate the man
who killed your father?

I hate him

Do you want revenge?


Your mother feels exactly as you do

So I can't tell you not to hate him

But you see...

If all your father left us...

was hatred,

how would he feel?

It might make him feel sad

So, now,

let's take what he left behind

and gradually make it
into something better

I'll help you, Shinbo

Will you help me, too?

Yeah, I'll help you
I'll play Daddy's part, too

That's right,

It worked, it worked

I can't believe we pulled it off

That idiot said,
"Bury him with respect"

Otokichi, why are you crying?

Because Osae san and Shinbo...

Idiot, they were acting

But still...

Hey, Mago, you can stop now

Somebody pull off the matting

He's asleep

Seven ryo and 2 pence...

No guts spurting out

It was a single mortal blow

Too much noise to
get any sleep tonight

Well, all that rain,
I couldn't go out

I was stuck inside for so long...

That's how it is

What do you mean?
You call that an answer?

Don't ruin the celebrations

If we live together,
we halve the rent

Live together!

Of course, we're getting married

I'm moving in with Oto san, too?

Sure, why not, Onobu
You and Otokichi will be siblings

No, not siblings...

In any event, let's have a toast


Not for me


Suzuta ran off?

What's going on?
That's news to me

"My mother, long bed-ridden
in illness,

"has fallen into a bad condition
and truly needs..."

A sick mother, huh

News to me

"If you commanded me to leave
my mother,

"it would be like abandoning
a part of myself..."

Says his mother's more important
than revenge

On the eve of avenging,
he loses nerve

He disgraces all samurai!

Hey, Terasaka

How many remain?

This month, Yano san,
Seo san, Mori san,

and Suzuta san have left our company

We now number some 50...

This is why I told you...

We must strike now. Who knows
how many will stay into the new year

Now, your dojo back home will flourish

All's well in the neighborhood and
I can head off to your clan as well

The wedding within
this neighborhood count to...

One, two, three...

Eight marriages

- How was I as the lead?
- Oh, excellent


Now with Otokichi and Onobu
under the same roof

You fool, we're only siblings

Which means, if I can stand
having you as my brother,

I can take Onobu as my wife?

What an idea...

As her brother, I can't allow that

You're a mere trash collector

If only it hadn't rained so much...


So we end up
attacking them in their sleep

How pathetic

News! News!

A revenge!

A revenge!

This chief Oishi's amazing

Acted the lady's man
to fool the enemy

They say news of Aoki Sozaemon's
revenge made him tougher

Says they figured out the number of
guards by the privy. Sure original

That noodle shop owner
is the chicken samurai who took off,

three months before it happened

No wonder his noodle broth
tasted like chicken stock!

Chicken samurai

Sweet revenge buns here!

Don't miss out!

Listen up!

Here's the place where
Dr. Onodera, the 6th most important

of the 46 avengers,
lived in hiding

Preparing for death, he wrote
many letters to his wife in Kyoto

He sent her this poem
the day before the revenge

Listen up

"Thoughts once conveyed,

"in parting,
seem yet unspoken"

He thought he had told her
everything he had to say,

at this final parting,
he fears much remains unsaid

Enough to make a grown man cry

I always knew there was
something noble about him,

and I always refused his money

Buy some sweet revenge buns

Pay to see his house

Look, there he is

Mentor to the 46 avengers

Welcome home

What a result!

There's no result,
we've done no harm

It's those 46 samurai who did harm

That's what I think, too

What they did was bad?

Of course it was,
a sneak attack in the night

The whole swarm of them killing
a poor old man,

that's cheating

But the landlord's getting rich

Those sweet buns marked "Loyalty"
are selling like hot cakes

Mom's all excited about
opening a street front shop

Where on earth can
that coward be hiding?

Maybe he's hiding in the shit pile

Just a foot soldier after all...

I don't see what's funny

What's a shit pile got to do
with a foot soldier?

I was putting on my attack robes,

when I remembered that Soza san
had learned to play Go from his father

Yeah, both are black and white

Sada san!

I realized I'd never taught
my son to make straw sandals...

And that thought...

See, Soza san saved
Terasaka san


What! What do you want?

A word with master Terasaka

You ask him

No, you do it

What the hell is it?

You can't keep hiding
like this forever, right?

Why not say that chief Oishi
commanded you

to spread word
of the avengers' exploits?

So, reluctantly,
you had to leave the others

Assuming you'd agree to that,

we came up with these

I think we'll call them,
"Kichi Buns"

We made them black and white,
like those Go pieces you so enjoy

And naturally you can keep
a tenth of the profits

Not bad, for a couple of bums

That's enough!

Revenge... is good for business

That's right Onobu

It's important to cash in,
even on misfortune

That's right!

Me... It was only at
the chief's command

that I report the revenge,
that reluctantly, I...

No, it's true

I hadn't told anyone,

but I did not flee in fear,
but for the good of the clan...

That's right, I've no time to waste

I must go home to give a full account
to the families of the 46 samurai...

The flowers bloomed all right,
but they bore some very strange fruit

Now what about those sweet buns?

What about them!

Hey, hear the latest? All 46 samurai
committed hara-kiri!

Such noble men


maybe now, he'll be able
to teach his son to make sandals

Back at home

Hey, Shinbo. Come ask Hirano san
to teach you fencing

After all this, boys won't
need teaching, they'll need swords

Now, listen up. For samurai,
the moment of death is all

As they say, "Cherry blossoms are blessed
only when they have all fallen"

Just as Mago san said,

cherry blossoms only fall

to return again next spring

In even greater beauty


Is there a private school around here?

OKADA Junichi



KAGAWA Teruyuki









ENDO Kenichi

TANAKA Tetsushi


Tommys' Masa

ASANO Tadanobu


Executive Producer:

Development Producer:
YASUDA Masahiro

SATO Shiho, ENOKI Nozomu


Lighting: ISHIDA Kenji

Production Designer:
ISOMI Toshihiro, BANBA Masao

Costume Designer:

Music: Tablatura

Presented by
HANA Film Partners

edited and directed by
KORE-EDA Hirokazu