Han, Hun, Dirch og Dario (1962) - full transcript

Poul Borg neglects his young, beautiful wife Marianne. He even forget their wedding day, in favor of a new fast sports car, a beautiful silver-gray Jaguar. During his drive, he runs out of gas. A young lady Laura Lublinski helps him.

(music from the radio)

8.22.50, beep.

They heard the melodies from
the film "He, She, Dirch and Dario."

(she sighs)

- Do not do that. That is mine.
- Everything that is yours is mine.

You said that 3 years ago when
you carried me over the threshold.

- What date is it today?
- The fourth... Why that?

- Nothing.
- Listen to this.

Among the danish contestants in
the Grand Prix' at Roskilde Ring -

- we now also find
the Borg Factories represented.

Director Alfred Borg have
announced participation -

- with his new Flying Sport, driven
by his son, the well-known...

... beautiful, elegant,
charming, well-groomed...

... sports driver Poul Borg.

Won't it amuse the others
to see my rear wheels from far away?

Or your wife to hear
what you think of her on short distance.

- What's the matter now?
- I just feel a little unmarried.

- Nonsense.
- Yes, nose down in the newspaper.

And then thanks for coffee and out to
cranks and odometers.

- It's my work.
- Other men also have work, still got time to privacy.

Weren't we together
most of the sunday?

At a car show, yes.
From 13-18.

- I have to see what the others are doing.
- There are theaters...

Or a nice evening at home...

- Beloved!
- What?!

- What is it now?
- Say it again.

"Beloved" It's been
so long since I heard that.

(the phone is ringing)

I'm always nervous
when you race.

- Nothing has happened.
- It will in time.

Hey Marianne, it's Henry.
Has Poul left?

No, he's right here.
... It's Henry.

- Hello there.
- They have called from the factory.

- The Jaguar has arrived.
- Nah! The Jaguar has arrived.

- (the doorbell rings)
- I'll be back in a quarter of an hour.

I'm going down to test it
at the Ring this afternoon.

- Morning, little Frederik.
- Congratulations on the anniversary.

- Shhh.
- Has he forgotten?

- It's too wrong.
- Nonsense.

He'll probably think about it.
Now I have my whole day.

I got pheasants, beans and fruit.
I think I have it all.

I'll set a festive table with
three lights. One for each year.

The flowers can stand in the middle.

- The Jaguar has arrived.
- Where should it be?

- It's a car... I'm running away.
- Take me to Baptiste.

I'll be back in a few hours.
Farewell for now.

It's the worst about them,
the speed, they have on.

- Come home a little early tonight.
- Yes. Yes.

Madame... hello, Madame Borg.

- How astonishing you look.
- Oh, monsieur.

Et votre robe...

Monsieur Baptiste a russi
a une creation sensationelle.

Mademoiselle? La robe de
madame Borg, s'il vous plait.

Good morning.

Bring it on, Soerensen.

Model of all time, huh?

C"est manifique.

What would I do without you?

Madame, you are complete.

- Now you are exaggerating.
- Exaggerate?

- Think if you were mine.
- Is it a proposal?

Yes, madam.
Determine your salary yourself.

None of my mannequins can
measure with your measurement.

(the push)





(engine stops)

- Don't you want more?
- It's not me who doesn't want to.

- Did you remember petrol?
- Yes, of course.

I have to notify
the nearest tank.

Have you seen,
what's coming there?

- Good morning, can we have coffee here?
- Yes.

- What do you need?
- 3 pieces sugar and 1 danish bread.

- Hello.
- Good day.

- Good day. What are you doing here?
- I want to try the track.

- Did he bring the can?
- Yes, thanks.

- Here you go.
- Thanks.

- Whoa, we saw her first.
- But I'm the most beautiful.

That such a lovely
girl can drive that well.

- My cart has its advantages.
- It doesn't like strangers.

But you can't get up to the
right speed here at home, the distance are too short.

- Have you tried other places?
- Yes, Monte Carlo. I lived there a few years.

I was a part of some races, but didn't
win. I came home the day before yesterday.

- What does "L" mean?
- Laura.

"P" means Poul, if
that's of any interest.

"Poul," nice.
Shall we go for a few laps?

- Yes. What at stake?
- A dinner.


Now they come!


They were lucky, huh?

(the phone is ringing)


- Just give my wife a message.
- Don't you want to speak to the lady herself?

Nah... I won't come for dinner.
I have to eat with a co-worker.

An old friend, a cool guy.
What do they say?

I will let the message pass.
Goodbye... Seawide explanation.

- Who was it?
- It was your husband.

- Nah... What did he want?
- He's not coming to dinner.

- Oh, no!
- He eats with a colleague.

Nah... Bring it on.

- With what?
- With what presses you.

- What would it be?
- I didn't know, why I ask.

- There is something I haven't told.
- There is a lot.

You didn't say where
you went to school...

- I'm married.
- Well, and what then?

Here we sit, the two of us... all alone.

My wife thinks I'm
with one of the guys.

- Have you told her that?
- Yes.

- Why?
- I couldn't really say...

To what?
Do you think I'm in love with you?

Not at all. Of course not.

But I think you're a
very, very sweet guy.

Do you know what I think too?
... That we should dance.

- We're going somewhere else.
- Poor Marianne!

We haven't seen anything.
You do not say anything!

- Hi!
- Hi.

- Are you mad?
- Disappointed that I'm alone tonight.

Why? Was there
anything special tonight?

- It's our wedding day.
- No!

- Yes...
- Oh, dammit.

Think I could forget it.

I've made a nice dinner
for you... your favourite.

It's almost too bad for me.

- Were they good?
- Don't know. I didn't eat anything.

Then there must
be something left...

Shouldn't we have
a little gnawing leg?

- Do you love me?
- No.

I thought so.

(the phone is ringing)

- Hello?
- Marianne? It's Lilly.

- Good night. What will you?
- Listen to this...

- Where is the toothpaste?
- At the shelf, right in front of you.

- Are you there?
- Yes, I am here.

We wanted to go out
to eat tonight and...

- Let it be, Poul, it tickles.
- Is Poul at home?

It does not matter. ...
Now leave it, you teasing stick.

- See you at the hairdresser's tomorrow?
- We can do that. Goodbye.

- Goodbye.
- Who did you talk to?

I was just asking
what time it was.

- Who was it?
- Lilly.

- What did she want?
- I don't know that, wasn't anything special.

- You shouldn't be around Lilly.
- Why not?

- She's a crap-intriguer.
- I have never noticed that.

- Does it fit there?
- Yes, please.

- What is it, you wanted?
- I can't get it said...

- What do you say?
- I can't get it said...

- Her there...
- Lovely girl.

- It is her!
- Who?

- Your husband's friend.
- What do you say?

Do you understand...

Please stay under
the dryer helmet.

(a key is put in the door)



Has something happened?
You look so strange.

No, what should have
happened... for example?

So much can happen.

- On what occasion?
- No special reason.

You do that so often...
present your loved one with flowers.

Now you have to
see what I bought.


Are you staying home tonight
... or are you going out again?

You can believe that I won't.
Look here, oysters.

You love oysters, right? Tonight we will
have a cozy evening, just the two of us.

(soft music)

(the music stops)

- Play it again.
- Well, love, it's so sad.

Yes, but it fits fittingly.
I'm also sad in my mood.

- I love that record.
- You got too much to drink.

- So did you.
- Not as much as you.

- Shall we Dance?
- I can't dance with you.

- Yes, you can.
- You have to promise to dance properly.

Darling, how boring you are.

No... don't.

No, we have to dance as if
we don't know each other at all.

- We know each other well.
- Yes...

Aah... aah...

I can't stand it at all.

The music, the champagne and...

No, I'm so unhappy.

- I am so unhappy, Poul.
- Yes, you are.

You know what...
deep down I love you.

Then I really love you.
I can't help it at all.

- Then let's go to bed.
- Yes... No!

- Poul, if you knew...
- I will.

Isn't it terrible? Tomorrow
you'll get a big surprise...

- What do you mean by that?
- With what?

Tomorrow... what
surprise will I get?

"What's dead is dead.
No bells can revive it."

Now you must not talk
about death and burial.

You are always startled by
death, and that is the only certainty.

Don't think about that now.
Let's go to bed.

Aah, you don't care. "What's
dead is dead. None..."

- "Bells."
- "Bells can bring it to life."

A great poet has said that.

Why do I have to go up there?
I'd rather stay down there.

- No.
- Yeah...

What is it? What are you doing?

- I'm just looking at you.
- You're a crazy. Now we have to sleep.

- I have asked myself for advice.
- We have to sleep now.

- Aah, aah, aah...
- Shut up! Shhh.

(the phone is ringing)

Marianne, the phone...


Marianne, the phone!


What?... Who?

It's a wrong number.

Marianne? Marianne?


(a car door close)

- What does this mean?
- The lady has left us.

- What does it mean?
- It's terrible, the lady has left.

The lady called for a taxi, and
then I helped her with the suitcases.

- Did she leave no address?
- No.

The chauffeur... didn't you
hear what she said to him?

- No...
- Well done, Frederik. Well done!

It's ridiculous.
Completely ridiculous.

Didn't she say why she left?

No, but there is a letter for you upstairs.

(he whistles)

- (rings)
- It might be the missus.

- Hello, hello...
- Frederik!

The lady said she would call.

Yes, she wants to
know how I took it.

I took it completely calm.
You saw me opening the letter.

I smiled a little and went
downstairs and got ready.

And you heard me
sing in the bathroom.

- Are you there? I sang!
- (he smacks the door)

Aah, please wait a moment.

Is there anything I
can be of service with?

- They have a studio for rent.
- Yes, it is this way.

It's the lady who needs to
see the room... It's my daughter.

22 at most 23, wealthy, sad.

Sorry, she's started
studying psychology at school.

Shall we rise to the top?

- Pretty staircase.
- From the 17th century.

Griffenfeldt visited a lady here.
Yeah, it wasn't me.

Yes, then we're here.
It's the bathroom... jointly.

- Down there, the kitchen is... shared.
- You, Jenny!

- What do you say then?
- Brilliant.

... in a festive,
sweeping swirling chorus

No one sits, stands or stops
where the Naplitians live...

Can't you two take a break?

(song continues)

- They should have been thrown out.
- You do not mean that.

It's Mario and Eigil.
Mario sings.

She is completely silly with him.
Now you must see the room.

Aah, it's cozy here.

She was also sad that she had to
leave here, the one who lived here.

She just moved. Do you like it?

- Yes. I want to live here.
- It was nice. Welcome.

- What about the rent?
- That's what we're talking about.

- When will you move in?
- Now. I have the suitcases down there.

We have so many young people.
They give a hand.

... they accept invitations
from whoever offers them up

the whole of Naples is trolling and
floundering with humor at fast and...

each street abounds with
tones, even with fat wives

they accept invitations
from whoever invites them

the whole of Naples is trolling and
frolicking in the humor of aunts and uncles

goes up in heavenly heights
right where the Neapolitans live

signorinas with rustling shoe peas
spring out like alpine violets in bloom

get red cheeks and flirts there where napo...

- What do you want now?!
- Have help with Latin words.

- Get your mom to do it.
- She doesn't know Latin.

Find someone else. You arrive at crazy times.
Yesterday it was the clock.

My watch had stopped.

- Look at it in the restaurant.
- I didn't think of that.

You only think of coming
and disturbing. We are busy.


You could have helped her now.

She always runs
and glares at me.

- She is lukewarm on you.
- I could be her father!

Then you would have been a precocious
diaper child. Shall we grab it again?

Why is he like
that, the one I like

always get thrown out
and the door is smacked in

No nice words which
get the pulse to strike

Nothing of that each girl awaits

why does he never
say he likes me

him i like

Not even a smile does
he have to give me

him i like

if he only knew I
could "explain" it

how I walk and how I feel inside

there is not one on this earth

like him i like

No one is as divine and as grand

like him i like

the knees shake the heart beats

everything is poetry

and cling-clang when he passes

him i like

but what am I

the smallest and
poorest disheveled

little gray-sparrow on his way

so what about me

why live at all

when he doesn't
even see that I exist

all day long I try to
forget him, I like

but even at night I hear
his voice, the one I like

I never get sleep
in my eyes because

I think of him I like.

- Is there something wrong?
- Marianne has run away.

She is gone. I woke up this
morning, then she was gone.

- Where?
- Have no idea. There was a letter.

- She must have heard something.
- Really... think so?

The other day I saw you,
when I was at this restaurant...

... with a lady I know.

- You don't think I've been gossiping, do you?
- No, but Lilly.

- I told her to shut up.
- Lilly... shut up?! Hah.

It's your own fault. An honest
married man doesn't do that.

There is no more
between Laura and me, -

- than between you and...
the ledger keeper.

Miss Thomsen?!
What the hell do you mean, Poul?

- There is no more!
- The bookkeeper?!

(there is a knock on the door)

(it knocks again)

- Enter!
- Excuse me, Monsieur Baptiste.

(he barks out in French)

- Impossible a craer! Qui est-ce?

Bon, faites la entrer.

Go ahead.

Bonjour, Madame Borg.
Prenez place.

Your dress?
They are not satisfied?

Yes, it is wonderful.
It's not that at all.

VoilĂ .

The last time I was with you, you
said some nice words about my figure.

They suggested I model for
you and be employed here.

- That was probably your joke.
- Yes, I would never dare to...

- Madame, you mean...
- Yes, if the offer stands.

- Madame... say it again.
- I have to make money.

Madame, this is the
happiest day of my life.

- When, madam?
- Now... now right away.

Mademoiselle! Quickly.

Lycoenian me. Madame Borg has
allowed herself to be attached to my shop.

Madame Borg
mannequin chez Baptiste.

Le beige! Tournez-vous.
Encore un peu.

A qui.

No. Alors... duchesse.

(The town hall clock strikes 12)

- Well... it's not you.
- Me?

- Where is Lisa?
- The previous tenant has left.

- Without telling me?
- Yes, apparently.

Nah... yes, yes.

You, Eigil... Lisa has left.

Lisa has left.
A new one has arrived.

Good day, welcome.
Mario got together with Lisa a bit.

When he had time... if he
didn't have an appointment with...

I just moved in and
I want to unpack.

- Now we have to help you.
- No...

It was just missing.

- Where are the hangars?
- Inside the closet.

- No... how gorgeous it is.
- Now I'll fix it myself.

- Isn't there more we can do?
- No thanks.

- Dust off, polish a boot...
- I want to go to bed.

- Now we will arrange it for you.
- No...

Yes, yes, yes!

When Mario has set his mind on
something, there is nothing to do.

It was about the bed.

Yes, why not!

Making a bed is a bit of an art

it requires manual labor

prove two lads the favor

to make yours today

a bed must be puzzled
with imagination

for us it's a game

we know the art for sure

We are not novices

for a thousand beds
with quilts in them

has crossed our path

mark how easily and gallantly

a sheet is put on

you spread it from edge to edge

in the hope that it can reach

a lovely head needs rest

when the day's toil is over

why we place pillows two

with grace and talent

here you can doze off happily

with the nose facing upwards

in the end there is
only the quilt again

to adjust carefully

There is nothing
easier than that

like that and like that

now we hope to rest the sheep

when we have left you

for even a virgin
in rough living

must sleep well tonight

as said, we glide
like the clock strike

and the thieves take hold.

- Good night.
- Good night...

(The town hall clock strikes)


All Naples sings and dances in a
celebratory sweeping swirling chorus

No one sits, stands or stops
where the Neapolitans live

there is the kiss
with beating hearts

with sparkling eyes
and glowing words

because in that, they're experts
where the Neapolitans live

In Naples, Naples, Naples where
there is mood and celebration

for Naples, Naples, Naples
knows what pays best

all Naples sings and dances in
a celebratory sweeping chorus

I dance with you and
you dance with me

where the Neapolitans live

everything is singing and
cheering, the atmosphere is top notch

the city forms a chain and
dances around at a gallop

each street abounds with
tones, even small fat wives

they accept invitations
from whomever invites them

the whole of Naples trolls and flirts
and humors aunt, aunt and mother

goes up in heavenly heights
where the Neapolitans live

signorinas with rustling skirts
spring out like alpine violets in bloom

and get red cheeks and flirts
where the Neapolitans live

In Naples, Naples, Naples
there is mood and celebrations

for Naples, Naples, Naples
knows what pays best

all Naples sings and dances
in a festive, sweeping chorus

I dance with you and
you dance with me

where the Napolitans
live la-la-la-la-la-la

all Naples swings and sways

bass and tenor sing and hum

the carroussel turns and turns
there where the Naspolitians live

the musicians go through the town
and the music closes shops and offices

the whole town is in the street
there where the Napolitans live

In Naples, Naples, Naples
there is mood and celebration

for Naples, Naples, Naples
knows what pays best

all Naples sings and dances
in a festive, sweeping chorus

I dance with you and
you dance with me

where the Napolitans live.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

- Did you sleep well?
- Yes, thank you, excellent.

- What did you dream?
- Nothing, I think.

It was a shame. It is important
what you dream on the first night.

It portends the future.
If you for example dreams that...

Good morning.
Did you sleep well?

Yes, thank you... and I
haven't dreamed anything.

I have.
I have dreamed about you.

- They are beautiful, even in the morning.
- They are quick in the turnaround.

I got that from my father. After knowing for
20 minutes he said to my mother:

"Sei la piu bella
signorina di Napoli."

- Then they got married and had me.
- They're Italian, huh?

My father fell out with Mussolini
in '38. Then we moved up here.

Then my parents bought a shop...
Don't you like me?

- Yeah.
- Do you care about spumante?

- What is that.
- Italian champagne.

I have some bottles.
Should we let them smoke tonight?

- Where was it supposed to take place?
- Up at your place.

There is the best room.
There we also used to party.

- They say yes, right?
- I have to think about it.

Sei la piu bella
signorina di Copenhagen.

I hate him... Mario.
He sits with the new one.

He looks at her, like
a cat on a mouse.

- Don't worry. He looks at all girls like that.
- Not that me.

You're no girl either... I
mean in that sense.

- I am 16 years old.
- Yes, but you're in school.

- And Mario is an old man.
- He's an idiot.

Listen, it's stupid of you

what is wrong with me?

you walk around sad and
angry like a rabbit in a cage

little Miss Heavenblue

put your crooked hat on tilt

and jump out with flowers on


flowers on my cocked hat

- so, sorry
- all abandoned

it's the pure nonsensical nonsense,

no, what I mean is:
smile and be happy

it makes one so pretty, you walk
and look like, I don't know what

and that's a shame

little miss heavenblue look to
the sky where the lark sounds

if you went out, do the

Hats tilted, lark song

while we're so well
at it how about love?

I will let you know there

little miss Heavenblue
when you feel the heart beat

you need to go to the doctor
immediately, skadubidadudam

- what should he do?
- cure you

- and who is that doctor?
- I

if it's crazy, then come to me

doctor, what would you advise
me to do, now be sweet and nice

- I will do exactly as you want
- the recipe is ready

put your crooked hat
tilted little miss Heavenblue

and jump out with flowers
on, skadubidadudam

- okay, I'll get the hat
- we'll remove the ribbon from it

- and puts flowers in it
- and flies like the mouse

- then we will have peace at night
- as the mouse said to the cat


(the phone is ringing)

- The phone rank.
- Then get it.

Hello? ... Good day, madam.

- Are you alone? Has my husband gone?
- Have you gone?

- Hello?
- Yes, the director has gone.

I will ask you to see to it that
there is some in the fridge for him.

- I will, madam.
- The address?

- What is the lady's address?
- Why? Are they alone?

Yes, yes, yes.
an accident has happened.

- What is it?
- If an accident were to happen.

If the gentleman goes astray. It
would be nice with the address.

- Yes. Do you have something to write with?
- Yes.

I live in Christianshavn.
Over street, above the water 52.

Over street, above the Water 52...

- Yes, do you have it?
- Yes, thank you, ma'am.

- How is it, by the way?
- It's going... fine, my lady.

The Lord read the letter
and took it completely calmly.

He smiled...
and sang in the bathtub.

Oh, but it was good.
Goodbye, Frederik.

Goodbye, madam.

Excellent, Frederik.
Thank you very much.

(playing and talking)

You drink too much.


shall we turn on the ignition?

- (Mario laughs)
- Yes, I think so.

Hush... hush, everyone.

I know a song

about two who met
for the very first time

one night somewhere

where no one else was with

a song about love

sung today, sung yesterday

a melody, fluttering free

pretty and young
as spring itself

a song, a song about love

the song that is only about two

a tune known to everyone

sung in the distant,
sung in the near

someday when you least expect it

the tones are on their way

close your eyes and just listen

then a song will
be heard for you

a song about love

sung yesterday, sung today

sung by the one
who cares about you

and you care of.

(step on the stairs)

- (she knocks)
- Come in.


It's not because anyone
has complained... yet.

Go ahead and sit down.
A bit of a downer for grandma.

No further than up to the edge.

- Cheers.
- Cheers, cheers.

- I just found out he has skills.
- Because he has.

Exactly what Lisa
said, and Karen and…

- It was the voice.
- Well, his bass tenor.

- He inherited that from his father.
- Him with the store?

Store? Call Napoli and ask if they
remember Alexandro Carusi.

- The opera was full when he sang.
- And his son just thrashes around.

What do you want?

- Shall I stand on the King's New Square?
- Not bad.

He could easily become
a chamber singer.

I said: "Get your act
together, give someone a test."

Try Lublinski...
Carlo Lublinski, the best we have, deliverer of singers.

- Do you know him?
- I went to sing with him.

Nice man.
We got a little engaged.

Isn't there a lot of smoke here?
Shouldn't we get some air?

Play up, boys.
We're going to dance.

The first time I was in love

was now today, was
now last night in you

and no one else has

fell in love now last night

as high as me

every smile on your lips
and the scent of your hair

will follow me as long as
God's green Earth stands

because never
before was I that in love

like now last
night in you, in you

the first time I fell in love

is it in one that
does not look at me

perhaps others have been in love

but not as high as me

for deep in my heart
his image, tenderly I bear

but all my great
longing is of no value

because he is probably in love

but no trace in me...

Do you know where I
meet Marianne Borg?

... the first time I was in love

was now today, was
now last night in you

and no one else has

fell in love now last night

as high as me

every smile on your lips...

... because never
was I so in love

like now last
night in you, in you.

Good morning.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

- What's wrong?
- Nothing.

Yes, there is.
Have I done anything to you?

They're after the only
man I've ever loved.

I saw you well last night
through the keyhole.

Shall I let you in on a secret?

You mustn't tell anyone,
no one here knows.

I am married...
and I love my husband.

How nice it is.
Now I'm going to get your tea.

- What are you looking for?
- I need a new dress.

It's very pretty that
one on the backside.

Yes, for sports use. I'm looking for
an evening thing. What about that?

- That lady, is she employed there?
- I presume so.

If you want to buy it, can
you get the lady to put it on?

You can get her to put it on.
It's her job.

I think it's beautiful.
It will suit you.

- It's Jenny.
- Do you remember her?

Yes of course. As
if I could forget her.

She sang so terribly.
Like a flea door.

But she was a sweet little girl.

I think we were a bit
taken with each other.

- Yes, I got that.
- Well, did you?

Well, hang her up again and
say hello from me. Yes, goodbye.

It wasn't about her.

- Who was that then?
- A young man we know.

We will ask you to listen to him.

Why I? Why do I have to
get involved in all this stuff?

- Jenny says, You are the best.
- What... is she saying that?

Yes, I am too.
Then let's hear him.

- Thank you very much. When?
- Yes... what is it today?

- It's thursday.
- Then it's Friday tomorrow.

Let him come up to me
tomorrow Friday at 3 pm.

Excuse me, how long does
Monsieur Baptiste think that...

- When we're done.
- Yes, for the lordship...

Je m"en fous de lordship.

Commega. Parfait.

Voici la robe. Madame Marianne.

A dream, right?
I call it "Rave a rose."

Not bad, not bad.
Can I see a twist to port side?

- I think it's dripping a little?
- Dripping?

It may look like this.
What do you think, baby?

Yes, it is delightful.
I'm just afraid of the pattern.

Yes... it's terrifying.

- Monsieur!
- To my little friend, I mean.

- What else do you have for evening snacks?
- Evening meals?

- Monsieur wants to see another creation.
- Yes, or more.

A bee. Madame Marianne...

- Why do you say honey to me?
- Did I say that?

I'm not your
little friend either.

Otherwise, I liked that dress.

- You said that the pattern...
- I was afraid of it.

Don't walk around in something
you're afraid of... We have plenty of time.

- No!!
- Hurry up now.

- I'm not going there!
- Stop with that nonsense.

You should be ecstatic.

If you one more time say "I
don't want," you'll get smacked.

- Can I see your nails.
- Oh, shut up.

He says this to an old friend
who wants to accompany him.

- So. Is he pretty?
- Wonderful.

- Shut up!
- He said only shut up to you, worse to me.

- I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.
- I'm not going there at all.

- Then we left.
- Me?! For singers teacher?

I repeat: "Then we went."

Luck, luck, Mario.

- Good luck.
- Thanks.

"La rose noir."

Monsieur, you have seen everything.

I can no more.

- You...
- One moment.

- We would like to see the first one again.
- Over again?

- Yes, thanks.
- Nah, I'll take it as it is.

Mademoiselle... merci.

As I recall, there
was only talk of one.

- Yes, my friend..
- Let him sit down as long.

Come here, let me look at you.
Yes, you are too tall.

- Give me an A.
- An A?

- But Mr. Professor...
- Can I have that A. My time is precious.


chicken feet and carrots
and the neck of a swan...

- Will you please stop!
- You asked...

Such a fog horn.
Are you making fun at me?

No, you misunderstand.
I'm just joining.

With him there. Stand up
and let the professor hear you.

All Naples sings and dances in a
festive sweeping swirling chorus

No one sits, stands or stops
there where the Napolitans live

there is a kiss with
beating hearts...

What kind of terrifying
manners do you have?

Well, I'm not done.
How high can you go?

- An A, an H.
- Good... Move.

- Do you sing from the magazine?
- Yes.

Then try it here.
Never mind the words.

You cannot pronounce them.
It's your height I want to hear.

Che bella cosa na jurnata a sole

n"aria se...

- That's Italian.
- It's my mother's tongue.

Call Naples and ask what
they think of his father.

It was sold out
every time he sang.

There is only one who
has been able to do that -

- my old friend
Alexandro Carussi.

Sir. professor, that's
him I'm talking about.

- Who?
- That's him I'm talking about.

Is... is it...

No... are you the son
of Alexandro and Tina, -

- my old friends! How are they?

- Where are they?
- Here in Copenhagen.

And I have no idea?
I want to go to them now.

They are not at home.
They are in Italy.

- You?
- My parents. They're on vacation.

Well, in Italy? Well, then...
No, I don't have time for that.

Then we have to wait.

We'll go here one more time. I
think you inherited your father's voice.

Che bella cosa na jurnata a sole

ma n"ata sun

chiu bello, oje ne

o sole mio

(Italian song)

o sun o sun mio


(Italian song)

Good day...
Now I have to accept it.

- But...
- Sshh, you mustn't disturb.

- If that's the bill, I can...
- DKK 800, please.

It's going to be tough...
Check back tomorrow.

Dearest little lady,
what do you want?

In. I live here.

- They live here?
- Yes.

... venite all"agile

barchetta mia...

- Eigil Hansen. Pardon.
- Laura Lublinski. What?

- That I stand here, a wild stranger.
- Doesn't matter. I like men.

- I like girls best.
- Especially tall men.

Little girls are not for me.

When Mario is around, you
don't get a foot to the ground.

- Who is Mario?
- The one who sings.

- The little one?
- Yeah, nice guy, right?

- His friend is nicer.
- Whose friend?

Your friend's... friend.


Do you think you like me
better after seeing Mario?


venite all'agile

barchetta mia

Santa Lucia

Santa Lucia

venite all"agile

barchetta mia

Santa Lucia

Santa Lucia.

- (knocking)
- Come in.

- It went well.
- With what?

- At Lublinski's.
- Oh yeah. It was good.

- Aren't you happy at all?
- Yes, I am. Congratulations to you.

- What is it? Are you upset about something?
- Yes.

- Tell me what it is.
- No.

Ma si, bella bambina.
Raccontami tutto.

Aren't you going down to the others?

You... I'm reaching
down after a bottle.

- Now you let me in again.
- Yes.

- (he knocks)
- Come in.

- Is it you?
- Yes.

- Were you expecting someone else?
- Yes, I did.

(Mario sings in the hallway)

never been so in love...


- Who is it?
- You said I could come in again.

A young man in the hallway.

It was good you came. I
was falling in love with him.

Amore mio. Apri la porta.

Let us in. Ti voglio bene, sai.

Let us enter...

The first time I was

in love

was now today, was
now last night in you

and no one else
has fallen in love

now last night, so loud...


- Who was it?
- It was... my husband.

(the orchestra plays "Carmen")

- Where is he?
- He'll come.

Petersen, come here.

- Hasn't Giovanni come?
- No.

- Have you called the hotel?
- He left 2 hours ago.

- Where is he then?
- Well... There he is. Giovanni!

I consider it a breach of
contract if it happens again.

- Ma dove a stato?
- My voice...

He has lost his voice.
He can't sing.

- Che successo now?
- Ha perso la voce.

Che facciamo adeso?

(sings scales)

No, I've said it 17 times.
Do not. Again.

Stop looking up in the heavens,
you won't get there anyway! Again.

No, no, no!

Here it is.

Sit over here, you will see.

- Look, I've only been 3 months.
- You're beautiful.

Do you think?

- It's from my first prom.
- Who is he?

- Leif. He was smithened for me.
- Ugly.

There I am out for
a ride in Dyrehaven.

- Who is he?
- It's also Leif.

Do you know what he did?
He fell off the horse.

Laura... now it's like I've
known you since you were little.

Then there's something I want to ask.
But you have to take it calmly.


Uh... Won't you
please turn around?


Laura, I'm not a
good-looking guy like that Leif.

And I don't have a horse,
but I have my guitar.

I just got an offer to be
permanently on the radio.

And I... just got new clothes...

... so the future
should be at home.

And then it was... that...

... if it's not too much that I
wanted to ask you about...

- (the doorbell rings)
- Oh!

Would you ask me
if I would marry you?

- Yes.
- (the doorbell rings)

I have to talk to your dad immediately.

- It is director Thomsen.
- Giovanni has fallen ill.

I would like to.


- What about him Robin?
- He is singing in Vienna at the moment.

- Bjorling...
- He flew to New York yesterday.

What should I do?

(you hear Mario sing)

It is sold out for the whole week.

- Who is it?
- It's a young man.

By the way, it is a son of...

(you hear Mario sing)

No, then we'll do it like they
do in the terrifying music movies.

Well, but let's try.

(Mario sings)

- Well?
- We try.


It was magnificent. You can
neither stand, walk or play comedy.

But you can sing.

I'll teach you the rest before
the general exam tomorrow.

"Entrada del toreador."

- Can I go over now?
- Yes, you can.


- What do you want?
- I wanted to greet you before...

Drive carefully, you hear.

Here, there is no access
for unauthorized persons.

The next race is Formula Junior.
We're going to see the brand new wagon, -

- Flying Sport and it
is driven by Poul Borg.

He meets several
of our best drivers.

Fritz Moeller, Conradsen
and several others.

Who will get under
Lukas hill first?

I think it was Conradsen.

He is still driving.

It's going well. Let's
hope it lasts like that.

They take the next turn.
Still Conradsen in the lead.

But Poul Borg is approaching.
He's in third place.

In 2nd place.
They are inside the Pirelli turn now.

Now Poul Borg has taken the lead.
There are three cars on row.

But still Poul
Borg, who is ahead.

Then comes the
rest of the field.

Still leads Poul Borg.
Conradsen after and Fritz Moeller.

Still Poul Borg.

He has increased the lead.

Now another car is gaining on him.
It's Conradsen.

Back into the swing.
Poul Borg takes the lead.

Can he really...
Now a carriage passed by!

Now they entered the turn.

The red flag is coming out.
Something must have happened.

Now we get the
ambulance on the field.

We are waiting to hear from over there.
It will be announced now.

Conradsen had taken the lead.
To avoid smashing him -

- Poul Borg is crashed.
We await further notice.

Dear Our Lord. Won't you make it
so that Mario will be a success tonight.

- What time is it?
- 10 minutes in half.

Are you done?
Move a little, baby.

- How do I look?
- Magnificent.

Tell Eigil I'm calling
for a carriage now.

- It will probably be interesting.
- Yes, it does.

(Mario sings)

So what?

Yes, it's true.

(Mario continues)

- Good luck.
- Thanks.

- What do you want now?!
- It doesn't say that.

Mother calls for a carriage.

You have to go.

The clothes... the clothes...
Good luck.

Mario, you can borrow this one.

- It's my lucky animal.
- Nonsense.

Don't worry about him.
There's nerves on the boy.

- It suits you.
- Do you think?

Yes, but it makes
you look youthful.

At your age, you don't want
to look younger, do you?

If I were you and
Mario were to like me, -

- then I would go to Marianne and borrow a dress.

- Marianne has left.
- Yes, she is...

Then I'll go, if there's nothing
more I need to help with.

Now I have to turn
off the television.

Remember to take alternating baths.
Alternately hot and cold, right?

It's good for the feet.
Bye for now.

Get well soon.

We are moving to the Falkoner
Centre, where we will observe -

- the Italian guest ensemble's
performance of "Carmen."

Here is your ticket. I go
up and give Mario the last oil.

(audience claps)

(the orchestra plays)

(female squeal)

- Mario Carrussi's wardrobe?
- It's just around the corner.

Then we'll get to it.
It's going to be interesting, isn't it?

Stop talking to him!

Don't you want some
music to warm up to?

Don't worry, it's only in the
2nd act that you have to enter.

Come here.

Good luck, kid.

Are you nuts! That's the worst thing
you can say to an artist.

- It means bad luck.
- Accident?! Ha!

What can happen to him now?

(Giovanni enters singing loudly)

- Who is that?
- Giovanni has regained his voice.

What about Mario? Father-in-law,
promise me you haven't seen him.

Giovanni, you have changed your wardrobe.
Yes, wardrobe...

Well, shall we sit and watch the show?

No, I want to follow
this one from the stage.

(Eigil tries Italian)


(Giovanni yells in Italian)

(the performance begins)

- Where is he?
- He is neutralized.

In the basement.
I have put a wardrobe in front.

(Giovanni cries for help)

Dead and agony. Laura sits
and waits for me. I'll go to the hall.

- Bye, bye!
- I kill you, ciao, ciao.

Do not! They may not!

(the doer is smacked in)

Yes, it was a boring one.

(audience claps)

Sweetest Marianne...
how I feel sorry for you.

- What happened?
- Poul, a little accident.

He knocked over with the wagon,
and people yelled and screamed.

- Where is he?
- At home.

I have to go home. Goodbye.

(calling in for the 2nd act)

(the orchestra begins to play)

(dancing and singing)

Yes, then it is you.

- I dare not!
- Stop making a scene.

So, in!
Show them what you're good at.

(Mario sings)

(everyone claps)

Bravo, excellent. Yes, listen...

(television blares)


I do not want this anymore.

- Salute.
- Salute.

- May I also congratulate you?
- Thanks.

Just a moment.

Think we should meet
again, the two of us, eh?

You are still just as
young and just as adorable.

Aren't you going to get
new glasses soon, huh?


- Father, have you seen Eigil?
- Nah.

Since it is impossible to
get his autograph, I withdraw.

No, I withdraw.
And they drag you along.

We all end up at my house.

Mario, you take off your
make-up and come quickly.

Shall I come too?
I didn't sing tonight.

No, heaven be graced...



Well, you are...

Wait for me while
I change, okay?

He must be somewhere.

- He'll probably show up.
- Eigil!

- Hi!
- Giovanni! Where do they come from?

Venice. He cheats, so
the water leaks from him.

(everyone laughs)

- Petersen, You switch off everywhere.
- Yes.

- How dark it is. Where are we?
- On the stage. Come.

Give me your hand.

Only here was a little light.

(it sounds like the
orchestra is rehearsing)

Prego, maestro.

(heavy classical music)

No, no, no, no...

(lighter classical music)

(cuts into dance music)

The first time I was in love

was now last
night in you, in you

I'm a little girl
at 16 and a half

but what does age matter
when you mean everything

pretty night be
merciful against two

and bestow upon
us your starry sky

let your moon...

because never was I so in love

like now last
night in you, in you

like now last
night in you, in you

I went and was in
love, I went like a drunk

now I know it will be
reciprocated now I give you a hug

the sky is great
and victory is ours

for no one else
has fallen in love

- tell me now tonight
- as high as I

every smile on your lips
and the scent of your hair

will follow me as long as
God's green Earth stands

I was never so in love with you

as now last night in you

never was I so in love

like now last
night in you, in you.

--- Subtitles by Essery. ---