Hamon: Yakuza Boogie (2017) - full transcript

Am I flying through the air?

Or am l falling?

Somebody! Help me!


Help me!


Yakuza Boogie



Being a go-between for yakuza and
building contractors is a dead end.

Yeah, but brokering is all I can do.

There you go again.

"My dad was a yakuza, so I
can't go straight even if I wanna."

Under the new anti-mob law,
I'm a gang associate.

I only made 550 grand this year.

So please, wait a little longer
for me to pay you.

Kei, the way you're going,
you'll never get married.

I got no candidates anyway.

Too bad you're my cousin, Yuki.

Yeah. If I wasn't your cousin...

...I never would've met you.

No reason to.

Oh, I better get going.

Got a lesson?

No, a matchmaking meeting.

Huh? With who?

What do you care?

Oh yeah. Some movie producer guy
came yesterday. Wanted to talk to you.

A movie producer?

He wants to interview you,
and ask if you'd invest too.

Sounds pretty shady.

Less than that yakuza Kuwahara.

If you turn down work,
you'll end up with him again.

Hell no. Just hearing his name
makes me wanna retch.

You don't mean that.
Deep down, you actually like him.

Huh? Yeah right. I don't wanna
see that jinx's face.

Who's a jinx now?

Who do you think
pays your bills, Ninomiya?

Yeah yeah,
I'm in your debt.

One "yeah" is more than enough.

What's that? Trying to make money
behind my back?

No, there's no money in it...

Then why hide it?

I'm not.

Hey. If you hurt Kei,
you'll regret it.

You got guts, sweetheart.
But don't get me wrong.

I just came to talk businesslike
about the brokering money he owes me.

Kei, I've got to go now.

Really? Take care then.

She your girl?

No, I hired her part-time.

Introduce me next time.
I like strong-willed women.

Oh yeah? A movie?

Give it back.
It's none of your business.

"Kawanishi Buiiding"

What a dump.

Don't movie companies
have swanky digs?

Japanese movies only made money
till the late 1960s.

Quit acting clever.

I like movies. "Seven Samurai,"
"Ikiru," and "High and Low."

Only Akira Kurosawa?

Huh? I'm surprised you know.

All Japanese should.

Excuse me.

Sugar or milk?

I take mine black.

Milk please.

Is cream okay?

Yeah, I'm up for anything.

Mr. Koshimizu, after talking to you,
it's like a fog's been lifted.

I can make it work now.

Write first and worry later.
You can do it.

I'll try.

Okay, see you.

See you.


Thank you. Goodbye.

I'm awfully sorry.
I've kept you waiting.

Not at all.

That guy who just left
is my scriptwriter.

They always worry about little things.

It's important for a producer
to give them a chance to vent.

You don't say.

Oh, how do you do,
I'm Ninomiya of Ninomiya Ventures.

This is...

Nicho Enterprises.

Oh, excuse me!

Excuse me. I got sidetracked
before introducing myself.

Once again, I'm Koshimizu.

Nice to meet you.

Your secretary is quite lovely.

No, you must be joking.
She's my daughter.

From my wife's previous marriage.

Is she an actress?

Hardly. Good looks aren't enough
to be an actress.

See the acting school downstairs?
Sbe does clerical work there too.

So, you want to know about brokering?

Oh, that's right.
My next movie deals with it.

Wait a sec.

This is the source novel.
It's hard-boiled but not manga-esque.

I want to it to be realistic.

"Frozen Moon"?

But you know, nowadays...

If word were to get out
that I spoke with the yakuza,

it'd cause a ruckus.

I was at my wit's end,
until I heard about you.

I guess I should go then.

So Mr. Kuwabara,
you're of that persuasion...?

All Osaka yakuza know
Kuwahara of the Nichokai.

Oh, it's Kuwahara,
not Kuwabara!

Well, rather than keep up appearances,
I'd prefer to talk to a genuine yakuza.

I had a feeling you might be one!

Mr. Kuwahara,
you're a real man's man.


Forget the coffee,
bring beer! Beer!


Mr. Kuwahara, you've got that charisma
that other men crave.

I'd love to cast you in my movie.

I wouldn't mind a sex scene.

I'd even go commando.

So, what do you want to know?

Huh? Oh, we can chat over beers.

Come sit.


He asked if you're an actress.

Me? Oh, of course not!

Can he gather 200 mil?

'Course he can't. Who'd waste money
on that old windbag in this economy?

Still, it sounds promising.
And his daughter's sexy.

You believe she's his daughter?

She isn't?

Gotta be his mistress.

That's not what he said.

Your judgment really does suck.

Anyway, it beats using yakuza
to fix building site disputes.

Hey. Mister Ninomiya.

You think you use us gangsters
like some kind of puppet master?

If that's your attitude,
I got something to say about it.

Sorry, the truth just...

No, I don't think that at all.

I'm well aware that Ninomiya Ventures
is nothing without you.

Come on, let's go.
Come on. Okay?

Hi Mom.

Hey, you came?
Mr. Shimada's here.


Kei m'boy.
Long time no see.

It sure is.
Sorry for everything.

Oh come on.
Don't sweat it.

Your dad did a lot for me.

Mr. Shimada brought this fancy meat.
For you too.

Marbled beef from Hariju!

There you go.

This is awesome.

Here goes.

Go for it.

You can't beat fancy beef.

Yes, it's delicious.

How's things, Kei?

No good at all.

Butt out.
Mr. Shimada asked me.

We got interviewed for a movie today.


For a magazine? TV?

For a movie, I said!
Be quiet.

What'd I say?

It's a movie about brokering,
so we got asked all about it.

Hmm. A movie, huh?

I invested in two in the bubble years.

For real?


I even got carried away
and acted a little.

What movie was that?

I'll go rent it.

Don't do that!

Oh, by the way, the producer
said he's looking for investors.

If I find one, he's gonna credit me
as an associate producer.

Sounds like a good deal.

Kei, you can't work with
guys like me all your life.

Who knows how much longer
we can do brokering for?

Okay. Count me in. Tell me
how to contact that producer.

You shouldn't...

Why not?

It's too much.

It's fine.

What, you're serious?

Let's eat.

Thank you.

Forget it.

Hey. Gonna get up anytime soon,
you lazy bum?

Oh man. I can't function
without 10 hours sleep.

Not with your mushy brain.

So, guess where I just came from.

Your car?

Want a beating?

But you always come by car.

The Kawanishi building.

Oh, the Film & Wave office?

It's empty. The door's locked
and nobody's in.

Maybe it's their day off.

It ain't a noodle joint.
Indie producers don't get days off.

Then what for?

You told Mr. Shimada about
that crusty old bastard.

Yeah. I went to see Mom,
and he was there, so I told him.

The 30 million he invested
has vanished.

He put in that much?

Half up front,
and the rest when shooting starts.

I lost 1.5 mil too.

That's lucky.

Why the hell was that lucky?

It's your damn fault.

It's lucky you lost half
instead of all of it.

You're as useless as tits on a bull.

He also put in
a million in your name.

He told me not to tell you.

You just sit there
stuffing your face!

And you got the nerve
to say "That's lucky"?

Get your shit together.

Koshimizu lives in Kori,
Ibaraki City.

A shareholder in his company
called Kanemoto told me.

Got a problem?

Nope. You've just got
great taste in music for a yakuza.

Not me. My wife.

You're married?

So what if I am?

I didn't mean that's bad.
Is it official?

Dumbass. Why should I register with
those tax parasites? Quit being so...

Hey, it's me.

Huh? Yeah, I'm working.
I'll call you later.

Come on,
you always say that.

I said I'd call later.

How would I know?

Yeah yeah, alright.

I'll call when I get a chance. Yeah.

Your wife?

She wouidn't caii me at work.



Just drive, dammit.

He's not home.

The meter's stopped.

Ask next door.

Oh, what should I ask?

Is that a cabbage?
Use your brain.


Excuse me. Does Mr. Koshimizu
live next door?

Yes, he does...

Actually, he hired us
to renovate his home,

but his nameplate's gone.

It's gone?

So it is.
I wonder when he removed it?

Recently maybe?

I'd say so, but he was
never home much anyway.

I see, I see.
He's clearly a busy man.

I only run into him
two or three times a month.

Are you two really renovators?

Huh? Why's that?

Oh, I'm sorry. You seem more iike
money lenders. Don't mind me!

Did I leave that pot on the stove?
I must've forgotten...

What a rude old bag,
leaving while we're talking...

She got scared.

Of what?

Your face, of course.

She thinks you're a loan shark.

Hey. Do I look like
a loan shark to you?

Not to me. It's her
who thinks so.

Tell that old bag. Real loan sharks
ain't as classy as me.

Classy, huh...

What's this?

We can't get out.

Is that on purpose?


Did they follow us?

See eyes in the back of my bead?

Use your rear mirror.

I'm not a TV cop.

Quit yapping.
Lug wrench under your seat.

Grab it and follow me.

Hey buddy,
mind moving your car?

Got shit in your ears?

What crew you with?

Who cares? We're better off
not knowing each other.

You work for Shimada?

I thought so.
You find Koshimizu?

Watch your mouth,
Little Honda.

What do you punks want?


That's just impolite.


Oh dear!

Hello? Is this the police?

Thanks for the wrench.

- I brought it.
- Fat use it was.

I did what you told me!

I can't stand scumbags like that.

They're yakuza too, right?
Wasn't beating them up risky?

They made the first move.

They'll think I'm one of your crew.

Serves you right.
You only think of yourself.

You've got the Nichokai.
I'm just a consultant.

I've got no security.

Yap yap yap.
Only your mouth does any work.

Drive already.

"Ninomiya Ventures"


Kei m'boy,
know where Kuwahara is?

No, I don't.
Is something wrong?

Yeah, he hasn't come in.
lsn't answering his phone either.

Because of yesterday maybe?

You went to Koshimizu's home?

Did the police come?

No. Yakuza.

Kuwahara picked a fight
with a big outfit.

The Takizawa-gumi's
an arm of the Isei-gumi,

an affiliate of the Kawasaka-kai.

But isn't Nichokai too?

We are, but their boss is an aide to
the Kawasaka sub-boss, with 600 men.

We've only got 60 soldiers.

So you've gotta pay up?

In a nutshell, yeah.

Takizawa had drafts.

Drawn by Koshimizu
for "Frozen Moon."

If we settle it, he'll let
Kuwahara's error slide.

The Takizawa-gumi invested too?

Not invested.
They loaned him the money.

Fifteen 10 million yen drafts
as collateral.

But that old fart Koshimizu
did a runner.

So the other investors
gotta take over his drafts.

If I heard you correct just now,

you think this is
some other chump's problem,

but your name's right here
on this document.

What you gonna do?

Now now.

I'd prefer to settle this
like gentlemen,

but my young employees are hotheads.

I can't do anything until
I speak with the man himself.

I'Il be in touch.

No you really have to pay?
They've got no legal basis.

Since when did yakuza
give a shit about legal basis?

Anyway, they've got the drafts.
They'll use them to pressure us.

That sounds bad.

I'll find Kuwahara
and get him to call.

You do that.

By the way...

oh, forget it.

Catch you later.

Thanks for investing for me.

Sorry to always trouble you.

Mr. Shimada wants you.

I know. Come with me.


Why'd you go blabbing to Mr. Shimada?

I can't lie to him.

Has he made up his mind?

About what?

Going to war with Takizawa.

Shimada's hardcore.
He won't back down.

But they're Kawasaka-kai big shots.

And what are you?
A gangster?

- A civilian.
- Then stay out of it.


Master, the remote.

Oh, it's over on that table.

He's gonna sing?

Master! Play the Hanshin Tigers song!

Hey! Shut up and listen
when I'm singing, pig!

This is the best part!

Master, do you let yakuza yell
at customers? Know the law?

I'm sorry, sir.

Can't I sing? Do I need
poiice permission to breathe too?

Well, ain't you clever?
Damn right you do.

You make me sick.
Last time I come here.

Hey, pay up!

That cop acts like a yakuza.

The bill's 5,000.

I'll pay later.
He's gang squad.

And an asshole.

What cop isn't?
Anyway, out of all of them,

he's the worst in Osaka,
selling info to gangsters.

So he's the worst in the world.

Well, you might find worse cops
in Mexico or Nigeria.

First, let's go thank Kanemoto.


The real estate guy who told me
Koshimizu's address. He knows more.

Okay okay okay!

That broad is definitely
Koshimizu's mistress.

She calls herself Remi,
but her name's Emi Manabe.

Are you in on it?

Don't lump me in with them.

Koshimizu's last movie was a big flop,

but he got by thanks to
a loan company called Minerva.

Hold up. Minerva's a front
for the Takizawa-gumi.

Yeah. But by the time he found out,
it was too late.

I lent him cash out of sympathy,
but it wasn't nearly enough.

So that's it.

He used the movie money
to pay off his debt.

I knew this'd happen one day.
Koshimizu's an old dirty bastard.


Huh? Er, isn't this
Emi Manabe's place?

Is Mr. Koshimizu in?

I know you.

Kuwahara of the Nichokai.

How do you know?

What's it to you?!

That'll do.

Let's not stand around.
Come on in.

I'll leave you to it...

Sorry! Sorry.

I'm Makiuchi of the
Takizawa-gumi. He's Murai.

I'm Ninomiya,
a building consultant.

How long you been here?

A whole week, more or less.

Koshimizu's got our money.

150 million.
That's a hell of a lot.

So, how you gonna make this right?

Beats me. We gotta
catch Koshimizu first.

That ain't what I meant.

You roughed up my boys in Ibaraki.

I couldn't help it.
Their owner didn't teach 'em manners.

That's some mouth you got on ya.
Do you Nichokai bitches

wanna take on the Isei-gumi?

We're done here.

That's all for today.

Oh, just one more thing.

Why have you got
the key to this place?

It's obvious.

The Takizawa-gumi's
pulling the strings.

Quit talking shit!

That's more like it.

Stab me!

Don't fuck with us!

Get outta here!

Hey! Get out, I said!


Where? Where can I go?

The police? No way!

Oh yeah. Mr. Shimada
will help me.


Dipshit. Where are you?

You're alive?

Of course I am.
Come get me!




Why'd you run?

You said "Get out."

That means "Wait nearby
so we can go anytime."

Then why not say that?
I did what anybody would've done.

Now I know for sure
what kind of man you are.

Hey, Kuwahara!

Are you okay?

Drive to Shimanouchi.
I know a hospital there.


Sorry for this again.

It's first aid for now.

Listen up, you better go to a
bigger hospital and get operated on.

Just stitch me up, Doc.

Regular doctors
ask too many questions.

What, I'm not regular?
You know,

you might have a punctured lung.
Ain't you got family?

He's got a wife.
Common law though.

Call her.

Tell her to say she stabbed him,
if she's asked.

Excuse me,
are you Mr. Ninomiya?

I'm Tada. We spoke
on the phone.

You're Kuwahara's...

You're really his wife?

Kuwahara as in...
that Kuwahara?


Is that strange?

Er, no. Please follow me.

Then the Takizawa-gumi thug
stabbed him.

It could've been me.

Huh. So, where did this
Koshimizu guy run off to?

Don't know.

What about his stepdaughter,
Remi? Where's she?

Don't know. But I bet she
ran off with him.

You don't know anything.
Kuwahara got stabbed for nothing.

Well, better him than you.

Yeah. But why does be have
such a pretty and classy wife?

Is that jinx biackmaiiing ber?

Maybe she likes dangerous guys.
A lot of women do.

You too?

Not on your life.

Oh, by the way, how did
that matchmaking meeting go?

I'm not telling.

What the hell?

He's taking me out for French.

Hey. What do you mean, French?

French cuisine.

I know that.
I wanna know why.

He'll treat me.

Who is he?

A young entrepreneur.

His video game company,
makes 100 million yen a year.

How old is he?

33, I think.

Forget it, forget it.
He ain't young. He's a gamer geek.

He's the same age as you.

I ain't young.
I'm a mature dude.

If you're mature, back out.

Yeah, I know...

I owe Mr. Shimada.
This'll be the last time.

Whatever! Suit yourself!

Excuse me,
know a girl called Remi?

Worked at a bar here till
two years ago. Real name's Emi Manabe.

That doesn't help...

If you remember anything,
could you call me?

Yeah, okay.

Thank you.

What's the damage?

Just a punctured lung.

That dipshit snitch...


Don't search anymore.
I'll take care of it myself.

No, I can't do that. I'll get
your money back no matter what.

Excuse me. It's Ninomiya.


How much do I get for Koshimizu?

Are you outta your feeble mind?
You got us into this.

Well, that's true...

But you got carried away
and made it worse.

I almost lost a lung.
Ain't you gonna bring me flowers?

Hey you! Kei's taking responsibility
by asking around bars for Hemi.

So what? Don't call me
till you find Koshimizu.

We already have.

I'm sorry.

Hey, go sit over there.

Go! Move your ass!

I'm sorry.

Where is he?

Well, how much do I get...

Alright, alright.
I'll pay. Tell me.

He's in Macao.
Probably with Remi.


She often goes gambling with...

Cut to the chase.

She mentioned Macao last week
to a bar lady.

Where? What hotel?

Oh. I didn't ask.

Why not?!

If I'd asked too much,
she might've told them.

That cabbage of yours works sometimes?

Can I get a million?

A million?! You're
one greedy son of a bitch!

Knowing you, you won't just give
Mr. Shimada his money back, will you?

Damn right. If I did,
I'd be a laughing stock.

Even 20 million is just 5%.
Sales tax is more than that.

Please. I'm late on my office rent.

Alright. I'll pay ya.

For real?

Hey. Have I ever made
a promise I couldn't keep?

No, you haven't.
I respect that about you, at least.

At least? Hey...

Do you hate my guts?

Do you care what I think?

Whatever. Book one
business seat, one economy.

And the money?

I'll pay you back later.

I can't even pay it now...

Hi Mom.

Hey, is something up?

You come a lot lately.

It's hard for me to ask,
but I need a favor.


Oh...yeah. That's it.

Just sit down.

How much?

Well, it's not that much...

200,000 will do.

What? Is that all?

That look of yours
made me think 2 million.


Why apologize?

Once a mom,
always a mom.

Want dinner?

Oh, I ate already.


But I'll have some.

You will?

Thanks. It tasted great.

If I'd known,
I would've made croquettes.

Want to stay?

Gotta go.


So, how's your work going?

Not good. Especially with
the anti-mob law.

You paying your rent?

Yeah, just barely.

Say if you need help.

That's why I came.

Oh yeah.

Wait right there.

Will cash do?


Press "bad son" on a 3D printer,
and I come out.

Huh? Did you say something?

No, nothing.

Over here! Here!

Hey. Macao's not far, so why
do you have to fly first class too?

Only first class was available.
I just...

You just what?

Er, I just wanna thank you
for taking me overseas.


Is that an aloha shirt?

Re-tailored from a formal kimono.

Great for funerals.

Dumbass. They're for weddings.

Men don't wear them.

Ninomiya, forget the fashion lesson.
Did you find their hotel?

Of course.

I will.

Next please.

Coming! Thanks.

I see.

I see. Are you sure?
Mr. Takao Koshimizu?

How can I thank you?

My grandmotber's overjoyed.

She's desperate to see
Uncle Takao before she dies!

Thank you so much!

I will! I will!

Found 'em. They checked in
four days ago.

That was impressive.

Koshimizu's loaded.
Remi gambles.

I hit big hotels with casinos.

You're more useful than you look.

Thanks for this.

Keep it.
Don't get lost.

- You need me?
- You need me.

If a broad calls,
don't answer it.

I'll take Koshimizu.
You tackle the girl.

I don't like that.
It's not in my nature.

But demanding money is?

Greed's in my nature.

Lock the door.

Stay quiet. You do that,
I do nothing.

Hitting women ain't my style.

You know the whole story.

Takizawa made me draw
blank drafts for my debt.

150 million.

So it looked like
they invested in my movie.

That was their plan all along.

To make the other investors
take on the shortfall.

Why were Takizawa's men at her place?

They done with you?

They told me to withdraw 75 million,

and lay low in their safe house
in Manila till things calm down.

They wanted to buy my silence.
I figured that out.

So I seized an opening
to snatch five million,

and took off to here with her.

Where's the money?

In that black trunk.

Get it.

How much?

About 4.2 or 4.3 million,
I guess.

Take it.

What the hell's going on?
You used hardly any.

I paid for the hotel and food
by credit card.

Shithead. You're on the run.
Cards can be tracked.


You promised me a million, right?

Where's the rest?

Like I told you,
they've got it.


Stay quiet, I said.

I'm not lying!
I've only got 5 million!

You go on the run with her for months
with only 5 million? It don't add up!

It's cheap to live here!

If you're thrifty!

That's rich coming from
a gambler staying in a casino hotel!

I'm not lying!
I'm not lying!

When things calm down,
we'll go to Myanmar, and...


Time's up.

Let's go tunneling.

Don't! Don't!

Don't! Don't!

Stop it! He'll die!

This gasbag's a waste of air.

Takizawa wants him too.
He'll be our ace in the hole.

We could do a deal
to get Mr. Shimada out of this.

Wait a minute.

Gimme that.

How much is left?

I don't keep track.

Probably about 200,000.

Well I'll be.

A casino card's a smart idea.

A casino card?

It's risky to walk around
with gambling money.

So he left it with the hotel casino.

I'll withdraw it.

Dumbass. It ain't like a bank card.

You only get cash by cashing chips.

You'd either gamble and lose,
or win and run off with the money.

Watch them.

How much?

We'll know soon enough.

10 million.

Kuwahara, don't lose.

Never say that to a pro.

Oh, over there, sir.


Listen, something's up.

He's taking way too long.

I'm pretty sure it wouldn't
take so much time.



I'm truly sorry,
for what I did to you.

Like hell you are.

I did a terrible thing
to Mr. Shimada too.

Don't lie!

For a yakuza,
he's an upstanding gent.

When he signed the contract,
he told me what your father said.

"When my son finds
his true path in life,

help him all you can."

He asked that of Mr. Shimada
before he died.

Mr. Shimada thought investing for you
would repay his debt to your father.

Listen, I didn't tell
Mr. Kuwahara this.

In a Daido Bank safe deposit box,

I have a passbook with 25 million

hidden away.

Would you get that money with me,

and take it to Mr. Shimada?

Like I'd believe that.

I want to return the money
and apologize!

To help get his
investment contract back,

I'll tell you everything
about Takizawa's scheme.

Of course, I'm prepared
to do whatever it takes.

This ain't even half of it yet.

Gimme that.



Hey Remi!
Where are you going?

Well? Where?

Daddy, we talked about this.

I've gotta care for my elderly mother.

My aunty in Hiyoshi
has done it till now,

but I can't rely on her forever.

See ya.

Out of pocket,
out of mind, huh?

That's women for you.

Where's the safe key?
You promised to tell me.

Yeah yeah. At Remi's place.
Taped bebind the cupboard.

But you know, Takizawa's men
might still be there.

Ain't you got better things to do?
This is bullshit.

Hey. Get a move on.

Way to go, gang squad.

Just shut up and pay me.

Yeah yeah.

Come on, hurry it up!

Where's your partner?

We're not partners.

Who gives a shit?

He would've paid me 300,000.

This is a kid's allowance!


Like they say,
if you walk on a prison wall

and fall in, you're yakuza.
You fall out, you're poiice.

Come in.

Alright. When you're done,
let me know. Excuse me.

Thank you.

See? Aren't you glad you believed me?

Customer number 108.

That's us.

The pain!
I can't take it!

My wound's festering!
I never disinfected it!

Sir, what's wrong?

He's fine, reaily.

I'm sorry, I can't walk.
Could my son withdraw the money?

- Of course.
- Thank you.

Please take a seat.

Can you sit?
Take it easy.

Sorry about this.

Keisuke, please take care of it.

You okay?
Don't overdo it.

What's your PIN?


Your license too.


Thank you for waiting, sir.

I'm getting old.
I can barely move.

I'm fine now, thanks.

Mr. Koshimizu?

No, I'm his son.

Excuse me.

Please enter your PIN number.

You'll withdraw the entire balance?

Yes please.

Please wait there.
I'll be right back.


I'm sorry, but this passbook
has been reported lost.

It can't be used.

Huh? Has Dad gone senile?
Why would he forget that? Sorry.

Step on the gas!

Huh? Why? Why?

He's with me.
You can go.

This can't be happening!

Why, dammit?!

- Ninomiya...
- It wasn't my fauit!

You can't just leave with my phone.

I used GPS to track it.

You got some nerve messing with me.

Please have mercy.

Ninomiya and I gave in to temptation.

Don't blame me!
You never stop lying, old man...

You don't either!

Hey, I'm driving.

Well, my account's been frozen,
but I'll get the money out soon.

I'll have them reissue my passbook.

Reissuing a passbook
takes a week or 10 days.

Think I don't know?

I figured out your plan.

You applied for a reissue
before flying to Macao.

When do you get it?

In five days.

Three days! Three days!
In three days,

I'll give you the whole 25 million.

Three days, huh?

No time to dick around.

What are you gonna do with me?

Don't worry. Until we
hand you over to Takizawa...

...I'll take care of you.

Hey. Do you know what it means
to feud with the head family?

I don't want a feud.

Takizawa's using Isei-gumi backing
to cash blank drafts.

I can't just bow down to them.

Takizawa made a demand.

"Do something about Kuwahara."

Forgive me Boss, but isn't he
out of line for asking you?

Son, you're out of line
to try and lecture me.

I didn't mean to.

You're just as bad.
He's outta control,

and you allow it.
Are you outta your mind?

I'm sorry, sir.

But he was stabbed in the lung,
and operated on.

I either exile him, or expel him.
I can't do nothing.

If you exile him, Takizawa's men
will kill him. Spare him that.

I'll settle with Takizawa.

If you don't, then what?

If I don't, you're welcome to
exile me, or expel me.

Wednesday next week.
Settle things with Takizawa by then.

If you don't, you're out.


The head family meets Wednesday.

The boss's scared to meet them
if there's still beef with Takizawa.

He's way too fainthearted.

You shoulda taken over.

Hey! Don't say shit like that.

He's working hard to keep us afloat.

So, what are you gonna do?

I'll try persuading him
with my casino winnings.

If he asks you anything,
just play dumb.

Hey Setsuo. Let's go.

"Takizawa Enterprises"

Sure they won't throw us
in the sea with concrete shoes?

Drowning scares me to death!

Don't worry about drowning.

They'd kill you first.

You're a victim of fraud.
A civilian.

You want me to be your shield?!

You catch on quick.

It'll cost you.

I'll pay for your funeral.

Guests, sir!

I'll get right to the point.

Will this 7.5 million settle it?

Don't jerk us around.

Shimada promised 15 million.

He lost 15 miiiion.

Paying another 15 on top
ain't something I can swallow.

So what if you don't swallow?

Shimada signed a contract to
invest 30 million in "Frozen Moon."

And what about you attacking our men?

If this ain't enough...

I'll have to bring out this relic.

We'll gather the "Frozen Moon"
investors, and Koshimizu'll explain

everything in minute detail.

How about it?

Shall we put an end to this here?

Naturally, I'll give Koshimizu to you.

All I want is the investment contract.

Then you can continue squeezing cash
out of the other investors.

Don't you know
the kind of shit you're in?

Bring Shimada here...

If that's your offer...

...you got a deal.

Dynamic. Just like an
Isei-gumi deputy chief should be.

When will you hand Koshimizu
over to us?

3pm tomorrow, at Abeno Harukas.
The 58th floor observatory.

What, the open air one?

How about near the north window
with a "N" on it?

Sounds okay. Right?

He'll be in the trunk of
a rental car, in the carpark.

I'll give you the key
and the plate number on paper.

Yeah, fine.

You guys can return the rental car.


I'm back.

Hey there.

Mr. Ninomiya,
please use this.

It beats the floor.

You're way smarter than Setsuo.

This is really soft.

Ken trained with the Kawasaka-kai.
He's elite, not a grunt like me.

A prospect like you
shouldn't work for Kuwabara.

Well, I like him.

You know where you stand with him,
and he's his own man.

Just like Ken Takakura.

Yeah. He'd risk his iife,
to help Mr. Shimada.

Interesting perspective.

What a pile of horse crap.
This isn't a yakuza movie.

Kuwahara risking his life
for somebody else?

That prick only thinks of himself.

What the hell would you know?!

Hey Ken. Bring me that.


Setsuo, you can't kill him!

I know.

It's a toy.

Yakuza are all...

...human garbage.

You use them,
so what does that make you?

You're scum too!

That's rich coming from you.

You're right.

I'm a coward who runs away,
on my own.

I always get him to bail me out,
but honestly, I think he's scum.

I'm the worst kind of scum.

Well, anyway, today's our last day,
so let's get shitfaced. okay?

You too, Pops.

Leave me out.


Let me take a whiz.

You just took one before!

Is your cousin still
a trainee tattooist?


He's gone solo,
and has a studio in Kuromon.

He did this one.

Huh? For real?

I want one too.
He do discounts?

Discounts? Er, sure...

Man, I'm screwed!
I'm screwed! I'm screwed!

I'm screwed! I'm screwed!

Who screwed you?

Ken was hungry, I fell asleep,
and he got breakfast...

Calm down, dammit.

Where's Ken?

In Ibaraki,
looking for Koshimizu!

Ken went out for food,
and I fell asleep!

I'm screwed! What now?!

What now?
The handover's at 3.

Shit, all we can do
is look where we can.

I'll check Remi's.
You check his office.

Will he be there?
Of course he won't.

You ain't got time to whine.

Come on. Let's move.

We're sorry!
We really are!

What were you doing?

Down quilts are amazing.

I rarely sleep that soundly.

Want to sleep eternally?

Half a day's enough...

I'm sorry!

Hey. Told Mr. Shimada?

No, not yet.

Then don't.

He'll be madder than me.

What do we do?!


We'll gamble.

But if we don't have Koshimizu...

Shut your mouth.

Do what I say.

Turn around.

That's enough.

Is this witchcraft?

Dumbass. Can't you see?
Koshimizu untied himself and got away.

They'd fall for something so dumb?

Are you crazy?!
This is rented in my name!

Take it up with Koshimizu.
He pried this open and escaped.

Cool plan, dude.


Who cares? You'll never
find a wife anyway.

How would you know?

You're poor, stingy, and, ugly.
Three strikes.

I'm not ugly.
I'm borderline idol-handsome.

I wish I had your self-esteem.

Right on time.

Nice to see you again.
You nearly killed me.

I'll twist the knife next time.

You ain't got the balls,

You're dead!


Where's the car?

The carpark.
Second basement level.

A white Carolla.
Parked in C-290.

Take us.

Whatever. But first,

the investment contract.

Not till I see Koshimizu.

You mouth-breather.

Know why I chose here?

If we go there with you,
we get shot.

I ain't packing.

I'm unarmed.

Hey. I told Takizawa.

I'd hand over the rental car key
and the plate number here.

He agreed to that.

You can't have the contract
till I see Koshimizu.

Hey. Think it over.

When I get the contract,
Koshimizu's trash to me.

I want to dump that trash
and wipe my slate clean.

Spare him or kill him,
it's all the same to me.

Come on.

Give me the contract.

You got no say in this.
This is where we do the deal.



Just in case you forgot,
you return the rental.

Man, that was nerve-wracking.

What if Hatsumi hadn't backed down?

I'd have taken it by force. Easy.

It'd draw attention.

Fighting usually does.

What about the empty trunk?

He'll be pissed, of course.
But we got the contract.

They'll leave Shimada alone now.
If not, they're dead.

You shitstains!
You ain't got Koshimizu?

And you lost the contract?!

My promise with Kuwahara?

Fuck that shit!

Here you are, sirs.

It's got chewy skin,
but blowfish sashimi's the best.

Your skin's worse.
you need collagen.

Well, you need collagen
for your stab wound.

It's me.


Imabari? In Ehime?

Nah, the other Imabari.

I want 500,000.

Get outta here!
What if he ain't there?

Ah, I gotcha.
I'll tell Takizawa then.

He'll pay better.

Alright, alright,

Hey honey,
can I borrow a pen?


Okay. Give it to me.

Yeah, I got it. Yeah.

Was that Nakagawa?

That creep looked up
Koshimizu's bank account.

Where his new card and passbook went.

Imabari? How come?
His house is in Ibaraki...

It's Remi's hometown.

He's trying to go underground there.
That slippery old fossil.

So...that whole routine
at the airport was for show?

Never underestimate a woman.

Okay. Let's eat up
and go get the 25 million.

Where's Koshimizu?

"Manabe Guestbouse"

Hey. You think you can
out-scam a gangster?

What's the PIN?


"Ko-shi-mi-ju," huh?

Oh, well spotted.

You fooled me many times.

If you try it again,
I'll strangle you.

You feel me?

I'm telling the truth!
It's 5430!

Where's the woman?

At her sister's,
since yesterday.

To help with her new baby.

Once we withdraw the money,
get the hell outta here.

At least try not to let
Takizawa's lowlifes find you.


Stuff him in the closet.

Let's go.

Ninomiya, you go to the bank.

Ken, you're lookout.

The bank?
I could get arrested!

Dipshit. We're stuck together.
You get arrested, you'll rat on me.

Then why don't you go?

My face scares people, right?
They'd suspect me.

Thank you sir.

Please enter your PIN number.

Please take a seat.

Mr. Koshimizu?

Mr. Takao Koshimizu?

Please come to the
second floor. Follow me.


This way, sir.

How'd it go?


Don't jerk me around!

Did I scare you?

Like hell you did!

What's so funny?!


Drive, dammit!


Don't drop your
stupid rucksack, stuPid.

Rucksack? You mean day pack.

What's a day pack?

Quit grinning.

You're grinning too.

No I ain't, you bum.

Money can't buy happiness,
but it can buy off unhappiness.

Those are heavy words.

From a Hitchcock film.

You bummed them too?

Now I'll bum a light.


Mr. Kuwahara...

I know.

Trouble behind us.

Don't turn around.
Keep walking.

Takizawa's men?

Hatsumi's with tbem.

Ken and me will stall 'em.

Take the money and run.

Guard it with your life.

Hey Ken.

Let me have it.

Here we go.

You okay?!

Where's Koshimizu?

I put him in there, but...

He's done it again?
Hang on.

Can you stand?

When you gotta go...

I hate heights.

You okay?

That spot's perfect.
Play house in there.

I'll come get you.

Stay quiet!
They'll hear you!




Ken and me will stall 'em.

Guard it with your life.

Why'd you run?

You said "Get out."

Now l know for sure
what kind of man you are.

You only think of yourself.

Where's your partner?

We're not partners.

Dipshit. We're stuck together.

Kuwahara risking his life
for somebody else?

That prick only thinks of himself.

If you're mature, back out.

And what are you?
A gangster?

A civilian.

Then stay out of it.

I always get him to bail me out,
but honestly, l think he's scum.

I'm the worst kind of scum.

What the hell?


Kuwahara, get in!

Come on, Ken!

I never asked you to help!

Guard the money with
your life, I said!

Oh please. Your ass
was getting kicked.

Now we go get Setsuo.

Gangsters handle shit alone.
Leave him.

No, I promised I'd go back for him.

I can't go back on my word.

Suit yourself.

20 jumped us.


I only saw about 5.

'Cause I killed 15 or 16.

We retrieved your investment contract.

As well as 25 million from Koshimizu.

Shall we split it?

12.5 million times two.

It's 4 million short.

500,000 for Ken and Setsuo,
and 3 miiiion for Ninomiya.

Good. That's fine.
Well done.

10 million will do me.
you keep the rest.

Thank you.

It was a hell of a job,
but now it's settled.

Not yet.

Three million for the boss.

What for?

He talked with Takizawa.

Takizawa expelled Hatsumi.

That's great news!

What's great about it?

Takizawa warned the boss about
the scales being tipped.


So I'm...

All I did was get a little payback.

Takizawa can expel Hatsumi,
but I don't deserve it.

I said that to the boss.

"Don't expel Kuwahara.
Exile is more than enough."


That's bullshit! Why the hell
do I gotta take the fall?

I won't accept it!

Takizawa's backed by the Isei-gumi.

You messed with the head family.

You know what that means.

This is a temporary exile.

I'll find a way to bring you
back in. Go see the boss.

Lay down 3 million before him
and apologize.

I can't stomach this.

I came from the sticks 20 years ago.

This gang is my whole life.

You shoulda taken over...


The days of winning through force
are over.

I understand.

I'll take 3 million,
and apologize to the boss.

Kei? Kei, wake up!


Wake up. I've got to
go to my lesson.

I haven't had a nap for a while.

Kei, you're drooling.

You were tossing and turning.
Bad dream?

I don't remember.

Kei, what'll you do from now on?

Go back to sleep.

No, about your work.

Oh. I'll think it over a little more.

Sure you don't miss him?

Why would I? I'm glad
I got rid of that jinx.

Kuwahara got what was coming to him.
You were just lucky.


I'm off. If you just drink
and sleep, you'll embalm yourself.

Hang on, how did
your matchmaking meeting go?

Did you get on with gamer geezer?

No. He took me out for sushi,

but he drenched his tuna in soy sauce.
That turned me rigbt off.

Aren't you being a bit too picky?

He was a nice guy though.
Introduced me to a doctor,

and he'll take me out
to a fancy fish place.

See ya.

See ya.

Is it time to buy a new one?

- Hey, I fixed it!
- You did?


Take care.

See you soon.



Oh, hello.

Good to see you.

I forgot to give this back
to Kuwahara.

Thank you.

No, thank you.

What's he up to?

He's back there.

Doing solo karaoke.

If I was a hitman,
you'd be dead.

Why are you here?

To see what you're iike
as a civilian. Here.

I ain't no sideshow.

Good to see you're well.

The civilian life's not easy,
but I'll be rooting for you from afar.

See ya.

Hey. Hold up.

What is it?

I found Koshimizu.

Huh? He didn't drop dead somewhere?

Check this out.

Oh, my English sucks.

It's a Hong Kong action movie.

Look at the producer's name.

Shao K-King...

Shao Qing Shui.
Koshimizu in Chinese.

Er, while I was on
the ferry to Hong Kong...

That old fox still has
some money hidden somewhere.

What is he, immortal?

Let's go, Ninomiya.

Where to?

Ain't it obvious?
Hong Kong.

But weren't you exiled?

So what?

Mr. Shimada said it's temporary.
Why not lay low?

Exile's exile.
It ain't temporary.

Then why not go straight?

And do what?
Manage a karaoke joint?

Imagine me bringing snacks on a tray.

That's unimaginabie.

I'm a natural-born gangster.
I do what I gotta do.

Then why not go by yourseif?

Don't tell me...

...you hate me now?

There's no "now."

I always hated you, dammit!

We're made for each other.

I hate you too.


Am I flying?

Or am l falling?

Well, they're pretty much
the same thing.

Kuwahara: Kuranosuke Sasaki

Ninomiya: You Yokoyama

Yuki: Keiko Kitagawa

Takizawa: Ryudo Uzaki
Hatsumi: Houka Kinoshita

Ken: Takahiro Hamada
Setsuo: Yuma Yamoto

Remi: Manami Hashimoto
Kuwahara's wife: Yuri Nakamura
Ninomiya's mother: Midoriko Kimura

Shimada: Jun Kunimura

Koshimizu: Isao Hashizume

Based on a novel by
Hiroyuki Kurokawa

Screenplay: Katsuhiko Manabe
Kensaku Kojima
Kobayasi Syoutarou

Directed by
Kobayasi Syoutarou

English subtitles by Don Brown