Hammer Down (1992) - full transcript

A sleazy rock video producer is suspected of murder when one of his video dancers is found dead. When young detective Johnny Marks and his veteran partner Eddie Van Owen investigate, they expose a video scandal.

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JOHNNY: Come on, Eddie,
they're right there!
Call back-up.

We'll take 'em
and put the hammer down.

Not yet,
I wanna see where they go.
Just stay right there.

Then they're gonna
see us and then
they're gonna take off,

and then we're gonna
have to chase 'em,

and we both know how you
like car chases, Eddie.

Look, just shut up
and keep your eye
on the road, okay?

Come on,
we're gonna lose 'em!

Move! Come on,
get in the other lane![HONKS]

They're getting away,
move it!

If we would've busted them
when I said...

Look, shut up,
you talk too much.

If you just keep your eyes
on the road instead
of sounding off so much,

we'd be fine.
Come on, man!

All right, look, Eddie,
I know a shortcut.

There's no shortcut
through here!

There is a shortcut
right here,
I bet you my life on it.

Watch it! Come on, man!

Look out,
there's one right here.


Jesus Christ, kid.

Everyone's entitled
to one mistake.

You did that
the day you joined
the police department.

Come on.

Get stuffed, Eddie.

All right, my man,
I hope you left the door open.

Tommy!Come on, homeboys.

My guns are in there,
let's go!

Shanna's starting to show,

Dumb bitch wants
to get married.

To you? [LAUGHING]

Did you talk to her yet,

Later today.

Yeah, well, I want it back.
Make sure
she understands that.

But no rough stuff
like last time, okay?

Who, me?

You're standing around?
You're getting paid
to stand around? Move!

All right, give me a butt shot
of these babes

right here, just like that
in full...

Smile, I'm paying you!

All right, come on, come on!
Come on, yeah, yeah.

Okay. All right.
Come on over here.
Stay right there.

All right, come on, come on!
Come on. Yeah, yeah.

All right,
come on over here.

That's great, that's great.

Hey, hey, get the...


Go, go, go!


Come on, Johnny.We got em, Eddie.
We got the bastards.

Watch it, watch it,
watch it!

Were we rolling?
Did we get that on film?

Is the camera...
Tell me the camera is safe.




Come on, Johnny.We got 'em, Eddie.
We got the bastards.

Watch it, watch it, watch it!
Jesus Christ!
Next time, I drive.

Eddie, if you drove,
we'd never get there.

Hold it steady,
I'm gonna shoot his tires out.


Stop it! Stop the damn car!
Stop it!




Oh, no,
I don't wanna see this.

Harry! Harry Itus!
Where are you?
This is costing me money!


Okay, Agnes, okay!

I couldn't find Shanna,
so I came back here
to look for her

and she was
just lying there.

Get out, Agnes.
Get out, get out.

It's that damn gang.
She looks like Swiss cheese.

I'm Detective Sergeant
Van Owen, and this is
my partner, Detective Marks.

I'm glad you guys
could make it.

Hey, I come here to make
a tasteful music video

and end up in the middle
of World War III!

JOHNNY: Yeah, well,
up until yesterday
this used to be home

to a gang called
the Central Avenue Blades.

They've been having a turf war
with a rival gang.

Yeah, well, those gang guys
are terrorists and you guys
should be out stopping them!

Is there anything
you can tell us
about the victim?

CHESTER: Shanna?Mmm.

No, I just met her last week.
I don't even know
her last name.

JOHNNY: Is there any reason
you can think of

as to why someone
would want to kill her?

CHESTER: Are you kidding?
Those gang guys did.

They're trying to
shake me down!
They should be locked up!

You called, Chet?Yeah.

Well, excuse me.

Harry Itus, the yo-yo.

How's it going, Har?Hey.

Good. Good to see you, Eddie.

Still doing a little dope,
are you, Har?

No, no.

I don't do that no more.EDDIE: Mmm-hmm.

What you doing then, Har?

I'm working with Chet
on the video.Yeah.

Yeah, sure.

Seen anything
suspicious lately, Har?

No. No, no. Uh, I'll keep
my eyes open for you.

All right,
and don't leave town.

I think I'm gonna
wanna talk to you
a little more later.

I'm gonna need a list
of everybody involved
in the production.

Huh? What?
Are you out of your mind?

This is Hollywood.
These people have
unlisted numbers.

Does this look
like a joke to you?

This is
a murder investigation,
where's the list?

I got... I got a...

I got a list right here.

All right.


And don't touch the body.
This is a murder
investigation, thank you.


Harry, are you
out of your mind?

I told you to scare her,
nothing more.

I swear to God,
I... I...

It wasn't me.
I didn't even talk to her!

That's the very same thing
you said last time,
which is bullshit!


Don't mess with me!

I'm telling the truth.

I swear to God.

Oh, you are a giant sack
of horse shit!

Now, you get over
to her apartment,

and you find it
before the cops do,


Who's Harry?

Harry Itus,
AKA Harryitis.

Sounds like a disease.He is a disease.

He's a juicehead,
a dope addict,
a general bum.

Used to go around to
high schools, wowing kids
with his yo-yo tricks

and selling 'em dope
on the side.
He's a nice guy.

Then he became
a soft-core film star.

Listen to this,
they say he got his limp

doing it on a trapeze
with some broad,
but who knows what, you know?

Sounds like
a major stud to me.

No, I don't know about that,
but, anyway, uh...

There's something about this
reminds me of a case
I worked two years ago.

Remind me to call Vice.

That producer guy
was awful anxious
to blame those gangs.

One of the prime suspects.

The girl probably got hit
by a stray bullet.

We gotta go pick up
Tommy Chow.

By the way, did you see
that hook in there,
near the wall?

Yeah, what about it?

Well, there was blood on it,
that's all.

So what?

Well, it's just strange.
It reminds me of that case.

Here we go.
Gina Angelo, 3414 Central.

Who's Gina Angelo?

It's Tommy Chow's girl
and I'll bet you that's
where he is right now.

Time to put the hammer down.
Let's go, kid!






I think I love you.

Come on, let's do it
one more time.

You sex maniac!

What did you do,
kill somebody?


Come on, let's do it.

Come on, give me a break.

It's all you ever wanna do.


That's 'cause I'm nothing
but a sex toy to you.

And I've got the key
to your ignition right here.

[LAUGHING]So let me turn you on...



It was an accident.

Why'd you have to hit me?

Come on.

Hit me.

Come on, hit me.

Don't do it, Thomas.
I swear I'm gonna...





You're mine.

You belong to me.

[WHISPERS] Say it.

Thomas, you're hurting me.

Say it![GASPS]

I belong to you.



See? What did I tell you?

I'll take this door,
you go around the back, okay?

Don't take any chances.
This guy's a killer.

Me? Take chances? No way.

And how come I'm always
the back door man?

'Cause I'm too old
for that crap.


[GINA SCREAMS]Police! Freeze!

Don't move!
Don't move, motherfucker!

Get down, down, down!


All right?

Don't move, man.

All right?

You got him?JOHNNY: Yeah, yes.

Don't move, man.

Let's see what we got here.

Hey, you got a search warrant?

Looks like a key.
You're going down, pal.
You are going down!


Down, man.[ALL GRUNTING]

Get him!

JOHNNY: He's gone.

Way to go, Detective.
We almost had him.

Lousy cops,
you'll never catch him.

I'm taking you
down to the station
and booking you.

And you're coming down
nice and quietly, okay?

Take it easy, Eddie.
[CHUCKLING] She can't go
down there like that.

Why not?

Tommy got away
because of her.

And what were you doing?
What were you thinking?

Just let her put
her clothes on, Eddie.


So she can pull a gun on us
like her killer boyfriend?

He's not a killer.
No, when someone shoots,
he shoots back!

And you love him, huh?
You hear this?

What? Do you turn tricks
for him, so he can buy
his crack?

Go to hell!

It's not like that.
I have a job.
I'm a real dancer.

What do you do?
Dance in the crack house?



Here, come here,
let me take your cuffs off.

Put this on.
Put this on your shoulders.

[MEEKLY] Thanks.

You really wanna book her?

Absolutely not.
She's much more valuable
to us on the street.

We use her as bait.
You see? Huh?

Huh?Huh? What?

The guy, he likes her,
he's coming back.

I don't know,
it sounded to me
like he was raping her.

She loved
every minute of it,
that's how it sounded to me.

Look, just forget it, kid,
all right?



You're not her
type at all.

You're much too sensitive.
She's into cave men.

If you want her,
you've gotta beat her,
trash her.

That's bull!No, that's...
Oh, Jesus, kid.

You're gonna have to
learn this the hard way,
all right?

We stage a little argument.

Then you persuade me
to let her go.

Then you go in,
you turn on the charm.

Get the information.

Who knows?
Maybe in the middle
of the night...

One thing comes out,

You find out where
Tommy's hiding out,
you get it?

All right.

[LOUDLY] No, I'm not letting
her go, we're booking her.

It was my fault, Eddie.

You really got a job?

Honest to God.

Okay, I'll be personally
responsible for her.

I'll put her
on probation.

That means you gotta call me
every day, so that I know
you're not messing up.

For how long?

Until I say
you don't have to.

We can go to jail.That's okay,
that's okay. I'll...

I'll call you.

Okay, Eddie?

You're gonna keep her
out of trouble?

All right.
I think you're crazy,
but all right.

And, you...

Stay away from Tommy,
he's bad news.
Just stay away.

I'll be in the car.

Okay, here's my card.
My number's on the back.

I want you to
call me every day,

and leave a message
on my machine.

And if I'm not there,
I want you to leave a number
where I can reach you.

'Cause I might wanna
talk to you.


Capisce,Gina Angelo?



You Italian or Mex?

It's none of your business.


A little of both.


Thanks.Stay good.



Those yo-yos down there...

So what's going on?
You and her going on a date?

I think she likes you, kid.

You wanna book her?
We can go back in.

It's okay, Eddie.

I think you got
the hots for her, huh?

If you ask me, you just wave
some cash in front of her face
and you got her.

I'm not asking you, Eddie.

You'll learn the hard way.

Look, as soon as we get
to the station, I want you
to run down those names.

Start with the men,
all right?

What names?

The names we got
from that jerk-off producer.




You guys clear out of here.
I got business.

Where'd you get it?

Heard the Diablos got
ripped off the other night,

lost a couple of pounds.

Is this it?

No. This stuff's dope.

It's from a new connection.

Somebody from the Westside,
you know.

He's a new man in town.

'Cause if this is it,

then I'm buying
my own stuff back.

The Diablos ripped me off
before they got hit.

You believe that?

People going around,
ripping each other off,

and then selling it
back to each other?

All them junkies out there?

They're going crazy.

Let me have a look.


Is this all?

There's more.

I just wanna make a deal first
and then I'll get the rest.

Just need a place
to hang for a while.

Chill out.

You know what I mean.

Okay, Tommy.

You can chill out here
for a while.

I'll cut you a deal.



Tommy ain't gonna
believe this.

[EXCLAIMS]Excuse me.


Well, come on.

I'm Gina,
the new dancer.

Cory told me about you.

You need to find Agnes Price.

She's in charge of our
make-up and wardrobe.

She'll show you
where to change,
and give you a costume.

Okay, thanks.Sure.


You know, Erica was lying.

She and Shanna were like that.

You sure you didn't miss it
at Shanna's?

Wasn't in the liquor cabinet,
was it, Harry?
She knows where it is.

I tore the place apart.

You want me to
talk to Erica?

Oh, you gotta be kidding,

I didn't do Shanna.

Chet, I swear.[SCOFFS]

Yeah, sure.
Well, I'll talk
to Erica, okay?



Who is it, please?
I'm still changing.

Sorry, honey,
can I come in?

Agnes Price,
wardrobe and make-up.

Oh, yeah, sure.

First off,
see this changing room?

Change your clothes
behind here.

You got that sleazoid
Harry Itus up on the catwalk,
spying on the girls.

Terrific. You're about
the same size as Shanna.

Poor baby.Who's Shanna?

She's the girl who was killed
in that gang fight yesterday.

May she rest in peace.

What happened to your neck?

An accident.

What's that?

Oh, this?

My grandmother gave it to me.

It's pretty, let me see.

I don't know what it is,
but it's old.

And it brings me good luck.

That's Saint Agnes.

Patron saint of youth.

My namesake.

That makes us sisters
in the eyes of God.

I don't know about God
and I don't want to, okay?

All I know is this brings me
good luck, that's all.

I bet your grandmother thought
it was more than a good luck
charm when she gave it to you.

God is strong and He can
help you if you ask him to.

I'm sorry if I offended you.

That's okay, honey,
I love the Lord.

He's helped me,
and I just like to
help everybody else.

You'd wanna get out there,
they're waiting for you.

And I'll touch you up
on stage.


So excited!



All right, that's good.

Stay good, go on.

Stay good.

Okay, what do you got?Oh, that's Khalif.

He used to run with
the Diablos till I got him
for possession,

now he talks to me.

Word is that the Diablos were
hit for a couple of pounds,

most likely by
our friend Tommy.

All right.
Well, what I've got here

is that Shanna Robbins
moved in here
about eight months ago.

No trouble paying rent,

had visitors, mostly men,

but one guy was here a lot,
Chester Cummings.

The neighbor says that
she identified him,

and says that they had been
arguing a lot lately.

Shanna wanted to get married.

And the report was right,

someone ripped her place apart
last night,
looking for something.

And he said
he didn't know her.

Must've been
awful hard to

want to marry
a creep like that.

According to
the coroner's report,
she was three months pregnant.

Chet was the father,
or at least
she thought he was.

She was trying
to stick him
for child support.

And you think he'd kill her
over something like that?

I mean,
what about the apartment?

I don't for sure,
but I got a hunch.

Let's get something to eat
and I'll call my buddy
at Vice.

Okay, good.
All right, let's go.


♪ Like when the lights go down

♪ You feel the crowd

♪ All you wanna do
is jump and shout

♪ Dance down

♪ Everybody's moving
Get your body grooving

♪ Dance down

♪ Tell you a little more
about Aussie girls

♪ Feel like
a runaway freight train

♪ Keep on driving you insane

♪ Well, they're just too hard
to tame

♪ You'll get the thrill, man,
of your life

♪ Sleep with her tonight


♪ 'Cause when the lights
go down

♪ And you hear that sound

♪ All you wanna do
is jump and shout

♪ Dance down

♪ Everybody's moving
Get your body grooving ♪

Okay, cut!
That was great, just great.[MUSIC STOPS]

What's your name, again?
I am so bad with names.

Uh, Gina.

Gina! So talented.

Gina, you just keep this up,

and I'm gonna have
something else for you
that's really fabulous.

So let's do it again.


♪ I know a little secret
about Suzie... ♪

Gina must have made
a deal with the cops, homes,

so she doesn't have
to go to the joint.

No way.
She's no snitch.

She saved my ass.
I told you.

She saved your ass, homes?
How come she's
not in the joint?

Maybe the cops like her.


I got it.

Yeah?GINA: Yeah, hi.

Uh, can I speak to
Tommy, please?

It's for you.

Look, when I say you can
chill out here for a while,
it means you stay cool.

It doesn't mean you give out
my number to some bitch that
wants to keep tabs on you.

All right?[GUN COCKS]

You got that?

Yeah.GINA: Hi.

Hi. It's me.

Oh, hi.

Where you been?

I'm the warehouse.
You know.

The one you guys use
to call home? Yeah.

They're using it to
shoot this rock video.

I'm dancing in it.
Ain't that a kick?


Hey, listen, Tommy...

Why didn't you tell
me about that girl
that got killed yesterday?

[SCOFFS] What are
you talking about?

What dancer?

All I know is
what I told you yesterday.

I can't believe you're
working over there.
You belong to me.

And you're working
over there for them?

No way.

You get out of there,
Gina. You get out of
there right now.

Tommy, I can't!

This producer...

If I do a good job,
he's going to
get me more work!

Tommy, this could
be my big break.

Big break?

Maybe this producer
likes you, huh?

Well, maybe I should
go over there and blow
his fucking head off.

You know, the cops
should have busted
you for what you did.

So why aren't you
in the joint?

You drop a dime or what?

Tommy, I swear
it's not like that.

Tommy, please don't...
Don't do anything...

Do you believe this?

I believe the lady
was murdered and that
we have a suspect.

That's what I believe.

Well, it says here
that she died of
multiple stab wounds,

and that's not Tommy.

Read on.
The report also says

there was a set of
prints on that knife
belonging to Tommy Chow.

Yeah, but, the Blades
kept their stuff
in that warehouse.

Anyone could have
picked up that knife.

But they didn't.

Any other prints
in the room?

Just the people that were
supposed to be there.

Uh, Agnes Price,
the make-up girl.

Cummings, and of course,
our main man, Harry Itus.

Go check him out.

Listen to this.
I talked to my buddy at Vice,

and a couple of years ago,

Chester Cummings
produced some
soft-core porn films,

starring Shanna,
that other dancer Erica
and Harry Itus.

It was some bondage thing,
they were all chained up,
there were flaming torches.

Everything burned down,
they left the girl for dead.

Chester Cummings skipped out.
That's the story.

What do you mean?

This is what we heard
on the street.

There was no evidence,
no body and no film,

so what do we have?

We have a pregnant
murder victim

who was making a snuff film
with her producer boyfriend

who now claims
he hardly knew her.
That's what we have.

The place was torn apart.

Somebody was looking
for something important.

A film maybe? I don't know.

Look, let's go talk to that
other dancer broad, Erica.
Maybe she knows something.

And remember we still
have to pick up Tommy.

You hungry?Mmm.



♪ Ooh, yeah

♪ I know a little secret
about Suzie

♪ She's not like
other girls I know

♪ The best one at the show

♪ She goes way down below

♪ She'll be there
keeping you in line ♪

Jesus, stay on the roof
and cover us.

Where the hell
have you been?

I've been waiting
here an hour.

How did things settle
with Trip?

We're gonna make
the deal tonight.


Selling back
his own stuff.

Listen, I, uh...
I've been thinking...

I've taken all the risk
by storing the stuff here.

I should get
a bigger cut.

Forget it!

You talk to
the big producer
about protection money?

You talk to him.
I don't wanna be
stuck in the middle.

I don't get
nothing out of it.

You don't talk
to us like that,
fat boy! Aah!

Okay, Harry. Hey!This cord is very strong.

It will cut right
through your neck,

my friend.

Okay, Harry.
We get the point.

Now let him go
and we'll talk later.

You'll get what's coming
to you, fair and square.


♪ Everybody's moving
Get your body grooving

♪ Dance down under

♪ Feel my heart racing
Girl, you got me aching

♪ Dance down under

♪ She's on the floor
Honey, give me some more

♪ Dance down under

♪ Oh, she know what we got,

♪ Dance down under

She danced like that for me.

Just me.

And if she doesn't
dance for me, she doesn't
dance for anybody.

♪ Everybody's moving
Get your body grooving

♪ Dance down under

♪ Feel my heart racing
Girl, you got me aching

♪ Dance down under

♪ She's on the floor
Honey, give me some more

♪ Dance down

♪ Girl, you got me
dancing down under ♪

Okay, cut.
That was great, just great.[MUSIC STOPS]

Let's circle
and print that.

All right.
Everybody, take five.

Uh, Gina, right?
Come here for a minute.

I'm freezing.I think I'm sick.

Can I borrow your robe?

Uh, yeah, sure.
It's in my dressing room.

Uh, here. You want to
take these back for me?

Sit down.

You know,
you're sensational.

And I've got a lot of
other stuff coming up.

She's one sweet babe,

Look at her.

She's making me look bad.

She's making me
look really bad.


Ah, God!

It's up there!
It's that gang
on the catwalk.

I'd rather have this
in the bottom of
a Bloody Mary glass.

They're here,
those gang guys...

Get that light out of my eye,

They're here,
those gang guys.
They're up on the catwalk.

What are you doing here?This is my job.

I'm dancing in the
rock video, remember?

I forgot something,
I got to go. Oops, sorry!

[GRUNTS] God! Jeez!

She a friend of yours
or something?

She think she's
the Queen of England?

Look, forget about that.
What happened?

What happened?
The lights just went off.

I'm looking for Harry
right now.
He's got the power room keys.

We'll go find him. But first
call 911 and get some back-up.
That's what we need. Go on.

Okay, okay.

Johnny, take the other side,
where the garbage is,
all right?

Use your flashlight.
Be careful.

I'll take this side.


Answer the phone!





Erica, is that you?



[GASPS] Tommy!


So the only one that's
missing is Erica.



Why do you do this to me?


Put that down.Out of the way.

I'll pop her.


Just put the gun down, Tommy.

What do you think
you're gonna do here?

If I can't have her,
nobody does.

[SOFTLY] Right?

[YELLS] Right?






EDDIE: Damn it!

Let's go get him.

You ruined your glasses.

You go.
I'll be right here,
all right? Thank you.

It's multiple stab wounds.

Just like the last one.
Thank you. Where's Gina?


Hey, you guys.
You really screwed up,
didn't you?

Don't you think Tommy's
out there ready to slash
some other girl?

You think he did it?


I mean, Tommy wanted to
teach me a lesson, but he
wouldn't have done that.


Erica borrowed my robe,
and I just went back to the
dressing room to get my medal.

And then
this guy scared me.

So you saw the killer?

I saw a guy with a black hat
and a long, dark robe, and...

And he was holding these
chains, and his face was
kind of messed up.

Messed up?

Yeah, like it was
burnt or something.

He was walking funny.Like with a limp, maybe?

A limp? I don't know.
I don't know.

You guys still looking
for Harry Itus?

He's the only one
with the keys
to the power room.

I had to bust the damn lock
to get the power back on.

Now, he...
I think he's up
in his office.

But, I mean,
the door's locked
and he won't answer it.

He's probably drunk.
I'll go talk to him.

Maybe we can get
to the bottom of this.

Look, she sounds like
she didn't see much at all,

but get a full
report anyway, will you?

Thank you.


Detective Van Owen.
Open up, Harry.

don't you hear me knocking?

All right, Harry.
Have it your way,
we're coming in.

Didn't you hear me knock?Wait a second. Hold on.

Don't touch anything.
Don't move.

Harry's dead.

Tell the coroner to hold on,
we got another body.

A big one.

Damn, that thing
was his life.

Yeah, looks like
it was his death, too.

Any idea who might
have done this?

Oh, come on.
He's a lying scumbag.
It could have been anybody.

Did he ever lie to you?

Oh, no, come on.
What are you getting at?

Well, you were seeing
Shanna Robbins for the
last year, weren't you?

So what?

So you told us
you didn't even know
her last name.

Did you know she was
pregnant when she died?

What is this?
60 Minutesor something?

Hey, listen, man,
I wanna talk
to my lawyer.

You can talk to your lawyer
downtown, I'm taking
you in for questioning.

Come on.Yeah? On what charge?

On suspicion of
murdering Harry Itus.

What? You think
I did those girls, too?

Come on.Hey, seriously, man,

you're crazy.
You got nothing on me.

Where you going?

Home, okay?

You're crazy.
You think Tommy's
going to leave you alone?

Damn it. He had a gun
pointed at your head.

Listen, you don't know
anything about Tommy
and me, okay?

All you guys, you all
want exactly the same
thing as he does,

except he's more
honest about it.

I'll be fine, okay?


Let her go, kid.
Let her go.
Did you get a statement?

Yeah.Isn't she something else, man?

[CHUCKLES]You lay one...

[GAGS]Come on, let him go.

Hey, Dick Tracy, huh?
How much you wanna bet

that I make it with her
before you do?


A limp?

Cummings doesn't have a limp.
He walks fine, I saw him.

No, Lieutenant,
the other guy, Harry Itus.

He had a limp.
Our witness said
the killer had a limp.

We think Itus
killed the girls,
and Cummings killed Itus.


Because, sir, Cummings
just wanted Itus
to scare the girls.

He didn't want them dead.

See, we have proof he
knocked one of them up,

and we believe she was
trying to blackmail him
with a sex film he made.

He wanted it back.

Wait a minute.

This is the same
hardcore film report

that was going around Vice
a couple of years ago.

It's the same damn crapola.

Well, I don't think
it's crapola, sir.

I'll decide that.

In the meantime,
think about this.

Cummings' attorney is
downstairs, screaming his
head off about false arrest.

And unless we come up
with something else,

I'm going to have to
release Mr. Cummings.

And I'm going to
have to apologize.

And you both know
how I love to do that.

Now, is Cummings the
only suspect you have?

There's Tommy Chow.

Tommy Chow?

What the hell have you guys
been doing out there?
Snorting or what?

Twice you had this
Tommy Chow character
and twice he got away.

His prints were on
both murder weapons.

Yeah. Yeah, it's here.

Well, that's good enough
for me. Bring him in.

But it doesn't
make any sense.

Those girls were all cut up.

Tommy is a gangbanger,
not a psycho.

There's no motive.

Look, you're saying
you got a suspect,
but no motive.

Now, I'm saying
bring the man in.

And we'll damn well
find a motive.

Now, get out there
and shake tail,

while I go over the rest
of this stuff.[SIGHS LOUDLY]

Yes, sir.





You got it? Got it right here, Trip.

Yeah. I'm gonna
come by for a visit, okay?

No, not here.

I'll meet you in the alley,
behind the factory
at 51st and Vernon.

In about an hour. Factory at 51st.

Yeah.You got it.

So how do you know
he's gonna show up here?

Trust me, he ain't
through with her yet.

You think he did it?

Sure. He murdered
an innocent dancer.


I don't believe it, but the
Lieutenant says it's Tommy,
so it's Tommy, you know?

Look, the story on
the street is that
the other night,

a couple of pounds
got ripped off from
one Julius J. Jackson.

You heard of him?Yeah.

Known on the street as
Triple "J" or just plain
Trip to his friends.

And you think
Tommy did it?

No, the Diablos did it.

And then Tommy
hit the Diablos.

Exactly. And that brings us
to that gym bag
he's always carrying around.

Right. I was wondering
about that. That's good.


Maybe he and Harry
were working together.

After today,
he's gonna wanna
get scarce for a while,

get out of town
and that takes cash.

I put all my money on him
trying to unload
that stuff tonight,

and with his balls,
he's probably trying to
do it right back to Trip.

So when he shows up later,
we're gonna follow him
for a while, okay?

If we can get him and Trip,
we'll be famous,

pictures in the newspapers,
11:00 news,
everything we want.

Think Gina's involved?

What's with you, kid?
You falling for her?

You're in big trouble.
She's just looking for
a way out of the barrio.

I heard you, okay?
Forget it.

Look, you got to find yourself
a nice woman who can put
up with a lot of crap.

Duck, duck, duck.
Here they are.

Stay with the car, homes.

You see anyone coming,
you don't worry. Got it?

You got it, dude.
Let's do it.

Well, look at that.
He even has his own key.
Oh, sorry.

Up yours.
You want to take him?

Keep down.
He's got a lookout
in the car.


You scared me.

What do you want?


Look, I got to
get out of town.

And I want you
to come with me.

I don't think I wanna
go with you.

You'll never have
to work again.

I'm gonna take care of you.

I like what I do!

I'll buy you a studio.

Tonight... Tonight I'm gonna
make more money than
you've ever seen before.

You can dance all the time.

I wanna dance for me.

I wanna dance for me!

I don't wanna have to
go to you for money.

I want my own.


You want your own money?

Mine isn't good
enough for you?

What's wrong with mine, huh?

Or maybe that producer,
he's gonna make
you a big star.

I told him exactly
the same thing I told you.
I just want to dance.

"Oh, I just want to dance."

"I just want to dance."[SCREAMS]

He's hurting her!


Not yet.

Not ready.

Tommy, please.

You're gonna dance
for just one guy, Gina.

And that's me.

Get it?

Just for me.

Just for me!

No, Tommy.




Go! Go! Go!


Let's go! Let's go!

Hey, they've got Gina.
Cover me!

Oh, fuck...

Come on, let's go!


That car wasn't in too
good shape to begin with,
and now it's even worse,

and it won't go far.

What the hell?

Down there. See it?

An empty street, so what?

Put your glasses on.

Big cloud of exhaust.
I know they're in
there somewhere. Let's go.

My glasses are on,
I don't see anything.
What is it?

He's around here somewhere.

If I'm not back
in five minutes,

get the hell out of here.

I know Tommy hid it
in here somewhere
when I wasn't looking.

You don't know either, huh?

Maybe he don't
like you no more.

I like you.

You like me?

Stay away from me.

Stay away from me.

My man, Trip,
how's it going?

[GRUNTS]All right, Tommy.

Where is it?

I got it... [GRUNTS]
I got it stashed.

What do you think?
I'm stupid?

No, you're not stupid.

But are you smart like me?

Turn around and take a look.

Friend of mine.
Used to be in Special Forces.

He knows all kinds of tricks.

Get out.

Now put your hands on
your head and move it.

Let's move, Eddie.

No, not yet, not yet.

Wait, until he's
holding the stuff.

If he's not holding it,
doesn't stick.

TRIP: Got it?

Think you're real smart, huh?

Maybe your girlfriend
can help.

You like my friend here?

Maybe help him out, huh?


Get up on the roof?

Come on, I can get him
if we get a little closer.


All right, I got
the guy on the roof.


Okay, okay, okay.

Where is it?

It's in the backseat.

So pull it out.

You throw it out.[GRUNTS]

There it is, bro.

Let me make sure.


He's getting away!

Get this guy!
Let's get this guy.

Okay. Okay.


Which way did they go?

He's down there.
He could be in any one
of those buildings.

We'll have to check 'em
one by one. Let's go.



You've lost a lot of blood.

Face it, girl.

He ain't gonna make it.


He always said he wanted
to go out like this.

He didn't wanna die
in no jail or nothing.

GINA: Tommy, Tommy, Tommy.

Tommy, please.

One thing he said,

he said, "Ramon,

"take care of Gina for me."

And that's what
I'm gonna do, girl.

I'm gonna
take care of you.

He ain't dead yet!

He might as well be.

Come on.
Got to get out of here.

Forget it.
I'm not going without him.

You listen to me now.
And I say we go,
so we go.

...feel good.



You're not going to
be nice to me, either?




Look who's here.


Throw your guns
where I can see 'em.

Come on out with your
hands up or she dies.

Just lead.
He's gotta shoot that thing
with both hands.


Now come on out
where I can see you.

I don't want to miss.

I don't want to miss.



Damn it!

Come on.Mmm.

Let's go.
There's nothing more
you can do here.

Come on.

Let's go.

Come on, kid,
let's go talk
to the Lieutenant.


Gina, I'll be
right back, okay?Here.

She dropped this inside.


I told you guys to shake
tail, not blow up the town.
What the hell happened?

Back there, you'll find
well-known drug dealer
Julius Jackson

and two of his friends.

When the deal went bad,
we stepped in, broke it up,
and the rest is history.

Tommy, the girl
and Ramon Vasquez
hid in there.

Where are they now?

The girl's over there.

Tommy and Ramon are dead.

Well, bring her in
and book her.

He abducted her
against her will, sir.

You got that right, now?
You're sure?

Well, we staked the place
out. We watched it go down.
How sure can we be?

Okay, okay.
Give me a full report
in the morning.

What do you got there, Eddie?

It's just a scratch,

Well, I'll drive you
to the hospital. Come on.

Oh, and uh...

Two cases in one day.

JOHNNY: Two cases, sir?Yeah, those dancers.

that case is not closed.

Look, you got Tommy Chow.

You got Tommy Chow.
The case is closed.
You know what I mean? Closed.

But, Lieutenant,
there is no proof.

Why don't you go home
Mr. Marks?
Lose a couple of days.

Come on, Eddie.
Let's take care of
that scratch of yours.

My medal.

Oh, yeah.

Eddie found it.

He meant to give it to you.

[SIGHS] Thanks.

Couldn't stand to lose it.

You wanna...

Maybe come up
for a beer or something?

Sure. I'd love to.

I never knew my parents.

My grandmother's the one
that raised me.

She gave me this.

It's all I've got left
to remember her by.


just appeared one day.

Started sleeping
on the porch.

And Grandma used to
chase him away every
morning with a broom.

And then this

bum attacked me.

And he was there
to fight him off.

After that he could sleep
pretty much anywhere.

And when my grandmother died,
well, I felt protected.

It was my family.

I wanna get out
of this place.

I do it through dancing.

He did it through violence.

He saved your life tonight.

Listen, Johnny.

Tommy didn't shoot Ramon
to save me.

He did it because
I was his property.

He never let me forget
that he owned me.


Can you hold me, please?

Of course.

[WHISPERS] Of course.


You smell good.

My shirt's two days old.


You smell safe.

I have to get ready.

Okay. I'll be watching.

Um, I do want to go out
with you again, though.

Sounds good.Okay.


All right.

Make sure you wear
the same shirt.

Uh, yeah.
All right, yeah.

Good. I will.
Your wish is my command.

That's, uh, good.

Okay, good, good, good.
All right, bag it.

All right, get that two 2K
in there and flood that thing
out completely. All right.

All right.
Check the gate camera.

A and B, reload.
Hey, Gina!

Gina. Hey. Come here.
Hey, you look terrific.
I heard the bad news.

Sorry about Tommy.
It couldn't have happened
to a nicer guy.

I bet you're feeling better,

Yeah, just great.

Hey, come on.
Where's that smile?
Show some enthusiasm.

We got a lot of work
to do today.

And tonight
we're gonna celebrate.

I can't tonight.
I have plans.

Hey, Gina. Gina, listen.

Tonight I'm meeting this
choreographer. He's really big
and you should meet him.

He works everywhere.
Las Vegas and
Atlantic City and Tokyo.



You should
meet this guy.

You could really be somebody
in this business.Okay.

And he could
really help you.Okay.

All right?Yeah, thanks, Chet.



All right. Reload!

AGNES: It's only me, honey.


This is your big day.

Just a little.

What happened
to your costume?

Looks like someone took
a razor to it.

It was a knife.
It slit.

Good thing you
weren't wearing it.
I can take care of it.

I'm gonna need
some extra strong thread
for that.

Hold on a second.
I have to get a bag down.

Are you okay?

Give me that.

"Mary Ann Vincent.

"Producer, Chester Cummings."

Well, it's probably one
of Chester's screen tests,
not important.

Here. Hold still
while I take care of this.

CHESTER: Hey, Gina!
Anybody seen Gina?

We are ready to go.
Somebody find her.

AGNES: Two minutes, Chet.

Heard about those gangbangers.
Bet you're relieved.

I'd rather not think
about it right now.

I'd rather focus
on my dancing.

Hmm, that's a good idea.
There. All done.
They're waiting for you.


My eyes are leaking.

Let me fix that.



So it was a great day
and I saved some money,

but you gotta find me
two guys that'll work
for half that much.

Okay? So do it.

Hey, Gina, baby.
Okay, now this is
your moment to shine.

Like a star. Like gold.
Like me.

And the camera's going to be
on you, and only you.

On the best
and only the best.

So give it all you got.
Go bonsai, baby.

Thanks, Chet.


Let's just rehearse this
and shoot it, okay?

MAN: Okay.
This is a rehearsal.
Everyone, quiet, please.



♪ Ooh, yeah

Cut! Cut it! Cut it.[MUSIC STOPS]

Gina, baby.
Are you all right?

Yesterday you were great.

Today you look like you're
walking on egg shells.

I just got scared.

Well, come on.
There's nothing
to worry about.


I feel better now.

What? Because Dick Tracy's
here to protect you?

Come on. Let's do this again.
Stand by, tail slate.
Roll sound.


♪ Ooh, yeah

♪ I know a little secret
about Suzie

♪ She's not like
other girls I know

♪ The best one at the show

♪ She goes way down below

♪ She'll be there
keeping you in line

♪ And you do it all the time

♪ This girl will
blow your mind

♪ Like when the lights go down

♪ And you feel the crowd

♪ All you wanna do
is jump and shout

♪ Dance down under

♪ Everybody's moving
Get your body grooving

♪ Dance down

♪ Ooh, yeah

♪ Tell you a little more
about Aussie girls

♪ Feel like
a runaway freight train

♪ Keep on driving you insane

♪ Well, they're just too hard
to tame

♪ You'll get the thrill, man,
of your life

♪ Sleep with her tonight


♪ 'Cause when
the lights go down

♪ And you'll hear that sound

♪ All you wanna do
is jump and shout

♪ Dance down under

♪ Everybody's moving
Get your body grooving

♪ Dance down under

♪ Feel my heart racing
Girl, you got me aching

♪ Dance down under

♪ She's on the floor
Honey, give me some more

♪ Dance down

♪ Girl, you got me
dancing down under

♪ Ooh, sing it like a lead,

♪ Good God, girl


♪ Dance down under

♪ Everybody's moving
Get your body grooving

♪ Dance down under

♪ Feel my heart racing
Girl, you got me aching

♪ Dance down

♪ She's on the floor
Honey, give me some more

♪ Dance down under

♪ Oh, she know what we got,

♪ Dance down under

♪ Dance down under

♪ Dance down under

♪ Baby

♪ Dance down

♪ Oh, baby




That's fantastic!
Just fantastic! Incredible!

Okay, now, go get freshened
up and, uh, we'll, uh...

I'm gonna take you out.

Go and have some fun,
big fun.

Come on. Let's go, Gina.
Come on, let's go.

Eddie, I'm glad
you're feeling okay.

Gina? Yeah,
we're doing great.

She says I smell safe.

Yes, me.

Eat it and die, Eddie.

Oh, here she comes.
Okay, I gotta go. Bye.

Wow, you were great!
Listen, I got a friend
to cover my shift.

We can stay out all night
long. Come on.

Johnny, I can't.

Can I see you another night?

I'm sorry,
but something's come up.

Well, no. I had made
all these plans. I...

I know, but I have
a chance to meet this
really great choreographer.

He can help me
with my dancing.




Knock 'em dead.


Okay, so do it.

Hey, Gina.Hi, Chet.

Listen, I'd like to go
back to my place and put
something else on.

Don't worry, you look great.
This guy's real low-key.


But let's get outta here.
This place gives me
the creeps.

Well, all right.
It's party time.

Let's go.

Come on, baby.
Let's get outta here.


Whoa, all right!

Chet, I forgot something.Whoo-hoo!

What? In the dressing room?
Don't worry about it.

Come on. Agnes will get it.
We'll get it tomorrow.

No, no, no.
This is important to me.

I have to have it back.

All right. But, look,
I'm not waiting around.

We've gotta go.
It's party time.



Well, I don't see it.
Do you?

Look, I'll bet
Agnes picked it up.

Don't worry about it.
Just get it tomorrow morning.

Please, Chet,
try to understand.
This is important to me.

Oh, here.
Agnes found it.

Where'd you get this?Ow!

Where's the film
that was inside?

Chet, you're hurting me.

Where's my film?

I don't know
where your film is.
We found it this morning

when Agnes pulled
her bag off the shelf.



Are you still here?

Come on.

Come on.[WHIMPERS]


Shut up!You're hurting me.


Where are you?



There it is.

I've been looking
all over for...


GINA: Chet! Chet! Open...


Agnes, are you okay?




[SHAKILY] Agnes...




Who are you?


Gina. Gina...

Johnny, that was...
That was him.

I know, I know.
I know.

That's okay.
Let's get you out of here
right now, okay?


I've got no light,
so we have to
go through the dark.

Johnny, I'm scared.

He could still be out here

Don't worry about a thing.

I'm right here.
Nothing's gonna
happen to you.

All right? Just in case,
I want you to hang on
to this, okay?




They got a match
on Agnes's prints.

Before she was Agnes,
she was Mary Ann Vincent,
aspiring actress.

She made a sex film
with Chet and Harry.

Shanna and Erica
were in it, too.

There was a fire.

Chet just let
the camera keep running.
He thought she was dead.

He killed them?Yeah.

Plastic surgery
gave her a new face.

She found religion.
But she could never forget
what they had done to her.

Somehow she got a print of
Chet's film and was driving
him nuts with it.

She framed Tommy
by using his knives
to kill Shanna and Erica.

Poor Agnes.



Why don't you
get out of here?

I'll get one of the guys
to take you home.

I gotta stay here a while
and clean things up.

I don't want anyone else
to take me home.

Just you, okay?

I just lost a big part
of my family, too.