Hammer (1972) - full transcript

A dock worker becomes a prizefighter, but gets mixed up with a crooked manager. A sympathetic L.A. detective tries to set him straight, but he won't listen. His manager, who is also a drug dealer, tells him that he has to take a dive during an important fight, and to ensure his cooperation, his girlfriend is kidnapped.

Our operation
is expanding, Sidney.

We're moving into other sports.

It can mean big money,

better positions
for the men we pick.

Yes, sir.

Sidney, as you know,

we have a large shipment
coming in today.

This one comes off
without a hitch.

- Follow, Sidney?
- Yes, sir.

We know you're having trouble
on the docks, Sidney.

Clean it up.

Clean it up now.

Yes, sir.


that crate contains over
a million dollars' worth of heroin.


Look, you don't
have to go over there.

Everything's all right.
Here, baby.

Enjoy yourself.

Here, everything's all right. Yeah.

Hey, Riley.
Wrong truck, man.

Fuck off, buster.

Those crates go on that truck.

Isn't that right, BJ?

Hey, Rough.


I'm getting tired of this shit.

That's enough, Riley.

Fuck off. He ain't
your soul brother, nigger.

Hey, BJ!

What's his name?

They call him The Hammer.

Fire him.

Go do your job, flunky,
before | cream your ass.

Say, baby!

You handled yourself
like a real pro.

| am. 150 bouts, all KOs.
I just do this crap for kicks.

I'm not shuckin' you.
You're good.

| know this dude
that handles fighters.

The two of you might be able
to do each other some good.

- And what's your action?
- I do a little sparring for him.

You just want to help
another brother.

Right on.

Jive snake.

You can't lose nothing
but a little time.

From the looks of things around here,
you gonna have a lot of that.

Besides, the dude lays out
a few coins for tips on good fighters.

We could split it
if nothing doesn't happen.

I'm going over there.

Could take you by.

Come on.

Come on!

Yeah, Lois?

Mr. Brenner's here.

Just a minute.

- Yeah, Lois?
- Mr. Roughhouse to see you.

Tell him to wait a minute.

| think you've got some trouble
you'd better take care of.

Send in Mr. Roughhouse.

I'm getting out.
I'm getting out, man.

You cats
are coming down too hard.

Calm yourself, Rough, baby.

You're gonna work yourself up
to an ulcer, old man.

Just tell old Sid
what's got your jaws uptight.

Look, | paid you back
ten times over on them IOUs.

Now | wanna make a clean break.

All right. Takes a lot of money
to live the good life on your pay.

Man, you still got
champagne and caviar

running through your veins
from the old days.


Get yourself a new boy.

I don't mind turning my head
every now and then on a rip-off,

but busting up people
just ain't my bag, man.

Whatever you decide, my man.

I'm a reasonable cat.

But why don't you
think it over tonight?

I'll do the same.
We'll talk about it tomorrow.

But | ain't gonna
change my mind.

Well, if it comes down to that,
I'll understand,

'cause I'm your partner,

come hell or high water.

Dig, homes?

Henry's here with a Mr. Hammer.

Send them in in a minute.

We'll talk tomorrow.

Sid, this here is BJ.
BJ Hammer.

Mr. Sidney.

BJ, this here is Mr. Sidney.

Mr. Hammer.

BJ! My man!

Your world.
I'm just passing through.

Pretty heavy dude upstairs.

Let's see how you
work out on canvas.

Henry, take BJ over to Tiny.

- Pick up on you later, baby.
- All right.

You dump more shit
than the law allows.

Baby, it's plain old streetology.

But only us niggers knows it.

Get on the other dude's case
before he gets on yours.

Lay out shit he wants to hear.
Blow the sucker's mind with it.

Then come down with your hustle
while he's tripping all this up.

It'll put a chump on the money front
humble every time,

and he'll say yes for anything
you want for days.

But that's exclusively
for poor black folks

raised on pot liquor, hog moss,
sowbelly, and juba.

Hang around, baby.

Some of this soul's
gonna rub off on you yet.

Now come here and give me
a big old sloppy kiss.

Lookin' good, Chuck.

Yeah, you got dynamite
in those hands.

Must be, 'cause the fuzz don't lie.

Look out, sucker.

You're supposed to be
a prizefighter.

God damn it.
Mix it up, mix it up.

You gotta take the chump down.

All right, break.

Don't hug him to death, chump.

You're supposed to be
a prizefighter.

Move on him.

Hey, why don't you
give the taxpayers

some action for their money,
Mr. Policeman,

instead of talking
out the side of your neck?

What do you care?
You never paid taxes in your life.

You move like white on rice.
How'd you know about Sid's new boy?

Let's just say
I'm making his business mine.

So that's his new boy, huh?

Hey, Professor,
come on over here.

BJ Hammer, national glove champ
about five years ago.

Hey, yeah. Right on.

What you think?

I think he's got a lot of gas.

| think he can go.

If he trains right.

They tell me you're
one of Sid's boys now.

| don't know yet.

A clean-cut kid like you will get yourself
in a funky situation with a dude like that.


Anybody that doesn't
drive a Ford is suspect.

BJ, see you around.

Professor, bring him along right.

Nothing but the best, you hear?

Lois, take BJ
and pick up his things.

Move him in
next to the Professor.

Get his agreements and management
contracts squared away.

Take care, baby.
Come on, mama.

He's a gold mine.

They move pretty fast around here.
Don't the dude ever ask?


What's he mean by
"move in with the Professor"?

The Professor lives
in the guest house in back of him,

and you'll be staying there.

Hey, wanna go a few rounds?

What? What?

Hey, cool it, Bruiser.
Cool it.

- | can take him.
- | know, | know.

Now, he's not up to your class yet.

Give him a break.

You'll get a shot.
Let him work up to your class.

You get your stuff together,
you be in bed by ten.

We start early.

How many bosses
you got around here?

Just one.

Busy night.

This is your turf, huh?


Say, mama, why don't you
pull my coattail and hip me to Sid,

the patron of black athletes
and dockworkers?

Well, let's just say
he's got his things going.

- You follow?
- No.

I'll simplify it for you.

Whitey's got Robin Hood,

and we've got Big Sid.

Hang tight.
I'll be right back.

Sure you don't want me
to help you pack?

I'll find something
for you to do later.

Yeah, yeah.

Give me a dime.
I need some BBs.

A dime?

Every night,
you and the landlord.

You gonna have to find
yourself another source.

- Thanks, BJ.
- Later, slugger.

Hey, BJ.

Oh, yeah. Hey.

Hey, look, man,

I'll have to give you half the rent now
and catch you later for the other half.

That's cool.

| collected it from Mary.

You did what?

It's cool, man.
It's cool.

What kind of bullshit you think
you coming down with?

You don't be running no jive
head games on me, nigger.

You don't be driving
up to my place with no ho.

This is my place
and | pay the rent,

which means you don't be
driving up here with no ho,

which means | don't have to
take that bullshit.

If you think you that bad,
you need to be getting your ass out.

And I'm gonna see that the door
gonna hit you in your funky ass.

Now, if | did
something to insult you

or hurt your feelings,
you come to me.

We could work it out.

Don't be insulting me like that.

You don't drive up here,
putting some bitch in my face.

First thing they'll be saying is,

"Girl, you let that nigger
drive up there with that bitch?

You must be crazy."

I'm gonna show you, though.
I'm gonna show you.

Bitch, you can't hold him!

See what you missin’, sucker?

Just like a bus, mama--
miss one, catch another.

That bitch can't
do for you like | can.

And you ain't that good nowadays!

Forget something?


The whole scene.

Press on, mama.
We got business to take care of.

Say, baby, got something for me?

- Hey, baby.
- How you doing?

- Fine.
- [ ain't got time.

| gotta make money.
You hip to it?

- I'm hip to it.
- All right.

Rough, how about
a game of Eight?

- Goin' to Pearl's.
- Who, Cool's cat?

- Yeah.
- Them niggers will smoke you.

Like the man said, baby,

some coons can
and some coons can't,

and | know one that can't.

Man, you so dumb,
you figure two and two is five.

Now, how you gonna play cards?
Counting on your toes?

Later, jive ass.

Shut up.

Come on.
Come on, come on.

Come on.
Let me have it.

You wanna be a fighter?
Let's be a fighter.

Get to work, chump.
Come on, let me have it.

Double up.
Come on, double up.

Now bring it up.
Bring it on up.

Come on, bring it up.
Come on.

Al right.

Now, when you can do that
for six rounds

without being winded,

then you'll be ready, chump.

Well, we got a nice little group here.

Everybody hear about Roughhouse?

You look like you're
all tore down, Sid.

| don't know how well
you knew him, BJ.

One of Sid's ex-fighters
was killed last night.

Yeah, terrible thing.

The police say it was an accident.

Sure it was.

That's the way the report read.

Hit-and-run accident
in a dead-end alley.

Strange thing about
all his ex-fighters--

they all have accidents.

Take care of yourself, BJ.

I hope you have a long career.

All right, let's get back to work.

It's not a side show.
That means everybody.

All right, let's go.
Come on.

Under. Let's go under.

Pick 'em up. Come on.

Hook! Hook!

Shit, no.

Al right.

Come on over here.


Looks like you
won your independence.

Go celebrate...


Excuse me.

Now, ladies and gentlemen,
the act you've all been waiting for,

the naughty but nice
Miss Tracy-Ann King,

the hip with a whip.

I think it's time
for you to be in bed.

Yeah, | can dig it.

I'm sure you can.

| thought we'd go
someplace quiet.

And get better acquainted?

Yeah, that's sort of
what | had in mind.

| hate to disillusion you,

but | don't get it on by watching,

and I'm not some quick lay.

Well, that's cool, mama.

And don't "cool, mama" me.

| could dig you,

if you were
a little more together.

But you ain't ready,
not for me.

And don't get it twisted.
I'm not looking for a husband.

And | can pick and choose.

And right now
I'm not choosing.

Well, | heard the best
was worth waiting for.


Come on now, smile.

See ya.

That was James Brown
for all you night lovers,

and here’s Sullivan Worth
coming to work,

on the scene for some of you
that want to groove.

Room service.

| don't remember
calling for any.

It's on the house.

Do all white chicks
have cold hands?

Ah, fuck it.

Come on, let's pull the plug.

- Hello?
- This is Lois.

I'm sorry about tonight.

Hey, look, | know
| come on rank sometimes,

but how about a rematch?

You name the time and place.


Hey, thanks for calling.

- Bye.
- Later.

What are you doing?
Let me go.

- Are you crazy?
- Not me, baby.

I'm not Sid's stud.

Go ahead, scream.

Scream. You can
blubber good down here.

Please. Please.

Don't touch me,
you nigger-loving bitch.

Come on, come on.

You should be able
to do five more laps.

What? Hell, man,
| done 20 already.

I'm beat.

Right, chump.

Juggin' and joggin' don't mix.

Now pick 'em up
and set 'em down.

You've had a whirlwind rise.

Do you attribute it
to the fact that your style--

My style ain't like nobody's.

Well, what round
are you gonna take him in?

Well, like all the rest,

he'll fall
when The Hammer nails him.

Come on, BJ!




I've seen Girl Scouts
punch harder than that.

I'm telling you,
with a guy like Sid,

today it's the fight world,
next it's gonna be all sports.

Look, | can nail this guy,
but | need your help.

Wise up, BJ. You're being carried.
This guy's setting you up.

Nobody carries me.

Now get off my back, Davis,
and stay off.

Be cool, baby.

I think he's picked up on me.

Suspect definitely aware.

He's hanging a right on Alameda Street.
Notify Smith and Adamson.

Well, he got away,
but he left his stuff.

Looks like about two keys here.

| don't need but two ounces.
Give me a hole, Adamson.

Yeah, okay.

That's good. That's good.

That's boy.

Sid is really
getting into the big time.

Take five, sugar.

| told you never to come here.

The heat's got the shit.
They were waiting for me.

You got a problem, ain't you?

1 work for you,
and you gonna help me.

You lowlife--

I'm gonna help you.

I'm gonna get you
out of the country.

Lois, call Matty in Quebec.

Tell him I'm sending them a dude

who's a good sparring partner
for his training camp up there.

You go back to your pad and pack.

I'll send somebody with a plane ticket
and a couple of grand.

You can split tonight.

| gotta move now, man.

That pig Davis saw me.

Go home and pack.

We'll take care of it.

Gotta get that sucker some bread.


Scared money don't win.

He gets caught,
he blabs his guts out.

Just let me take care of it.



- Hey, what's up, man?
- How are you?

What are you doing
over here, man?

Damn, baby.

Still begging,
aren't you, soul brother?

Say, look, man, we--

The money gets you up
off your humble ass.

I'm gonna send you on a trip.

Get out of here!
Get out!

Don't do this to me!

Freedom trip, brother.

Please, man!

Don't do it to me, please.

Soar to the moon,
son of a bitch.

It's a lovely party, champ.

Well, thank you.

All right, ladies and gentlemen,
all bets down.

Lady's point is ten.

All right, here we go.

That's it.

- I'm having a ball.
- Good, good.

Come on, give me
a little more than that.

He acts like
he's paying for it.

Thank you.

You're the man, champ.

Thanks a lot, champ.

Watch where you going,
bourgeois nigger.

Excuse me, my man.

You ain't got no time
to talk to a soul brother?

Hey, champ,
Professor and Davis are leaving.

"Champ"? Champ of what?

You ain't got no identity.

What you gonna be champ of?

Champ of the people?

Who are your people?

Now, that's enough.

Now, we can talk about this
some other time and place.

Right now | got some partying
to take care of.

So anything else you
got to say is superfluous.

Now, press on.

Jive ass.

Hey, the party's just starting.

Henry went to the south side
to pick up a group.

- They should be here in about--
- A few minutes?

No, he ain't. God's throwing
a party for him at the morgue.

They found him dead today.
OD'd on some heavy stuff.

Word is he's been moonlighting
as a bagman

for some Orange nigger
who's trying to hit the big time.

You got any idea
who I'm talking about, BJ?

Get off my case, Davis.

Can't you lighten up
and drop the pig scene?

When it comes time
for you to stop winning,

you're gonna be glad
to have a pig in your poke.

- Good night, Professor.
- Good night.

This party's a little
too heavy for my tired old blood.

I'll see you later.

Let's get out of here and go
get some ribs up on the avenue.


This whole scene is just
getting very uptight.

Come on.
Let's go, okay?


- I'll get your coat.
- Okay.

You've been avoiding me.

BJ, | love you.

I'll be your nigger
if you let me.

I'm sorry, baby,
but you ain't in my class.


I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Don't make a fool out of me,
not in front of my people.

I'm sorry.

Really, I'm sorry.

You know, some of the things
Davis hinted at make sense.

When Henry crashed into
Big Sid's office, he was really shaken up.

And then later he was found dead.

Come on, don't you
get on my back, too.

What comes down
with Henry and Sid ain't my action.

I'm gonna get fat off the dude,
and my thing is straight.

Baby, that's the game.

Big Sid ain't out to help the brothers.
He's out for what he can get.

That makes two of us.
Every man for himself.

You don't get nothing
by laying back, praying, or marching.

You gotta get
where the happenin's is.

Do you go
for those happenin's back there?

No, but I'm riding
with the tide right now.

Hey, look, | know
a scam is coming down,

but that action runs both ways.

Don't get got while trying to get,
and I'm gonna get mine

'cause | owe it to myself.

BJ, | just don't
wanna see you get hurt.

Mama, | been taking care
of myself in the streets

since | was ten years old.

A lot of shucks
been shot at me.

| cut my teeth
tripping through places

like South Philly, Woodlawn,
the Black Bottom,

playing big-time city games

like Smack the Fag,
Hump the Whore, Dodge the Needle.

So ain't no jive-time jelly-belly cat
gonna rip me off.

- Watch where you're going.
- I'm trying.

"One year ago,
nobody knew of BJ Hammer.

"Tonight he steps into
the inner circle of top contenders

"for the main heavyweight title.

Will his mighty hammer
drop Reb Foster?"

Sure it will.

Reb will fall to pick up
Sid's mighty buck.

Come on, Hammer!

Come on!

Come on, BJ!

Get him!

Come on, BJ!

BJ, come on!


Get him!

Come on, BJ!

You know, | feel like everything
is coming down on me.

Everybody wants a piece of me,
and old Sid's got it all.

I didn't hit that Reb
with nothing.

| know I took 'em,
all of 'em.

Maybe it's time to get out.

Baby, | took those clowns.
| knowv it!

You could do something else.

No. | can't leave it like this.

Hey, look, | gotta take a walk.

| gotta get my head straight.

I'll be home if you need me.

I'll call you later.



God damn it.

I'm good!

Yeah? You ain't shit!

You're a good fighter, boy.

Not as good as you think.

Now, a lot of them fights you won,
you was helped.

You wouldn't go five minutes
with the greats.

You gotta take it and stand up.

You ain't got the heart.

They ain't just
throwing punches.


I met 'em all and took it.


Jersey Joe...


Whipped Roughhouse.

Garden, '55.

Dropped his ass.

Left and right.

I met 'em all.
Left, right.

Took 'em all.

Met 'em all.

Left, right!
Met 'em all!

Left! Right!

Left! Right!
Left, right!

Say, baby.


Let me give you some bread.

Get something to eat.

No, you keep your money.

| don't want your money,
black boy.

You sold out, nigger.

You can't buy
no soul down here.

They made you dance,

and now you trying
to give their money away.

Well, | don't want it.
You keep it.

Jive sucker.

Turkey shooter,
that's what he is.

Hey, man.

Hey, wait a minute.
Bring the ball back down here.

Hey, fellas, man,

look what the north wind
just blew in.

Hey, fellas, what's happenin'?

Yeah, what's happenin'?

Hey, Sonny, how about
a game of Eight?

Well, baby, | gotta
check into my book,

and we'll see what is happenin'.

Hold on, man.

I might be able to fit you in.

Hey, man, my book's all filled up.

Tuesday | got a cocktail party
to go to up in the hills,

and Wednesday | got a luncheon
with the commissioner.

You know, the UAA.

And Thursday | gotta
get the keys to the city.

You know, down at City Hall.

What is this jive
you guys running down on me?

So | got more bread to spend.
So what's the big deal?

Man, the only difference now
is | do the ass-kicking in the ring.

Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Don't forget to buy
your $100 suits

and wear your fur coat and fur cap
and your alligator shoes to the fight.

Peace, my brothers.


Don't | know you?

- Yeah.
- See, | told you guys.

You gonna win that fight, BJ?

If that's what you want me to do.


You got it.

For you, champ,
I'm gonna knock his head clean off.

You better, 'cause
I'm gonna be watching.

Okay. Hey, here's some money.

Go buy yourself
a whole bunch of BBs.

Wow! Thanks a lot, BJ!

Boy, you really know BJ?!

We can take him all the way.

BJ's ready.

He's as good as they come
and then some.

He'll take that chump with one hand
tied behind his back.

No, Sidney.

You and | know
that this will never be.

Yes, sir.

You've done a good job, Sidney.

You've brought him along well.

Now it's time for him to sit down.

- Follow?
- Yes, sir.

We'll clean up, then rematch,
make him a champ.

We can get
a good five years out of him.

He's a good-looking clean boy.

Your people will go for him.

We've got
a black martyr here, Sidney.


Yes, sir.

Thank you for coming, Sidney.

And you will make certain that
my instructions will be followed...

to the letter.

Yes, sir.

Look, | ran out of gas
a long time ago.

So fuck you.

We go back a long way, hoss,

but don't push.

He swans this time.

When we bring him back next time,

straight to the top.

That way he's got more grease.

People wanna pull
for the underdog.

You can't live it again through BJ.

You had your chance.

You had your shot, chump.

Yeah. Booze, freaky broads,

and a bad manager named Sidney
who sold me down the tubes.

And I'll flush you away
for good this time.

Do me a favor, Sid.
Do everybody a favor.


With some people,

you gotta get their attention
before you can reason with them.

Twill. Twill.

Just let me get him alone.

Now, Sidney...

you and | both know
that will never happen.

He's not gonna listen to you.

Maybe, but you
ain't coming down on him.

Look, all | wanna do
is talk to him.

Okay, but don't lean too hard.

Whatever you say, Sid.

Put the goddamn
8-ball back on the table.

You didn't see me
put no ball in there.

Put the ball back on the table.
You wanna go to jail?

| don't have nothing
to do with this.

Your ass is going to jail.

Okay, let's have it.

You've been uptight all week long.

| wanna know
what's coming down with my fights.

You sound like you're getting
the fear-of-fame jitters.

Bruiser said | was helped.

Well, Bruiser's living in the past.

He was carried, he got the big head,
and he crossed the syndicate.

| told Bruiser I'd help him
square away the equipment.

I'll be back.
We'll talk then, okay?

Evening, Professor.

Sit down.

What do you want?

We can have ourselves a good
old-fashioned come-to-Jesus talk

or the goddamnedest
nigger ass-kicking you ever saw.

It's up to you.

I said it all this morning.

Hey, old man.

You're either with us
or against us.

Now, he's gonna lose that fight

with or without you.

All you gotta do
is make him take a dive.

Waste him.

Look, oink, get off of my back.

1 got nothing
to rap to you about.

I'm gonna bust Sid and everyone
that's involved with him.

I'm clean.

| told you you were gonna get yourself
in a funky situation with this man.

They're working the Professor over.

- Who?
- Sid's boys.

- Where are they?
- Down at the gym.

Who did it?



You hang in there, champ.
I'll take care of you.

Where's Brenner?

He got Lois.

She's gonna die
if you don't go along with it, man.

Don't fight it.

The same bunch of cats
that control you control me.

Everything and everybody
is controlled by something.

Nothing better happen to Lois,

or no amount of controlling
is gonna save your ass.

So those bastards
got Lois, huh?

Yeah, man.

We've got to find her.

-Who is it?
- | don't wanna talk to nobody.

That last lead was a blank,
but we're gonna keep trying.

Find her, man.

Find her.

Cannonball got the word.

I'm supposed to take it
clear to the end

and swan when
that clown tells me.

You find Lois, man,

and I'll kill that punk.

I'm gonna stay on my toes.

But you stay on your feet.

Just a reminder
about tonight's main event,

the fight between BJ Hammer
and Irish Joe Brady...

Where's Lois?

It will go 12 rounds
following tonight's preliminary event.

Where is she?

Cochran throws
a very quick left hook...

Looks like somebody gave you
a good nigger-whipping.

Tell me who did it.


Where's Lois?

No knockdowns yet
midway into Round 2...

I don't knowv.
They move to many different places.

You tell me where she is.

Check with Tiny.

He came in here with Brenner.

Knock yourself out, sweetheart.

... 12-round heavyweight
elimination contest

between BJ Hammer
and Irish Joe Brady.

All right, this is the main event.

Where's Lois?


...Tor top heavyweight honors.

- Where is she?
- I don't know.

The officials supported by
the State Athletic Commission...

She's at the back with whitey.

In front of me, I ou Sandier.

On my right, Al Conterro.

Ringside physician in attendance,
Dr. Bernhard Schwarz.

Your referee, the man in charge
in the ring, will be Gene Le Bell.

Here we go.
Presenting to you on my right,

fighting out of the blue corner
and wearing red trunks,

tonight weighing in
at an even 214 pounds,

from the great city of Los Angeles,
here he is,

known in boxing as The Hammer,

BJ Hammer!

And his opponent on my left,

fighting out of the red corner
with white trunks,

weighing in at an even 211 pounds,

boxing out of Gilman Springs
in Massacre Canyon,

the present state champion,

Irish Joe Brady!

Come on, BJ!
Come on!

Sixth round.
It's just short of a miracle

that BJ Hammer was even able
to answer the bell,

but he seems to have found
new strength.

He's landed four solid punches
to Brady's head and midsection,

and for almost the first time...


...not the BJ Hammer of old.
Brady's back on his feet...

You all right?

He landed three very quick jabs...

I think so.

- | wanna go see BJ.
- I'm gonna take you to him.

Now Hammer moves in
on the offensive once more.

Next round you go.

Are you crazy?

No. | wanna see what you
can take in this one first.

BJ. BJ, man,
everything's all right.

Lois is all right.
You can win it now.

- You sure, man?
- I'm sure.

Davis just called.
He found Lois.

All right. The crap's
gonna hit the fan.

Brady will get him this next round.
| said to go the whole distance.

Gotta put on a good show,
give people something for their green.

- You dudes with me?
- Right.

All right. Mouthpiece.

Good showman.

Good showman.

Goddamn, that's a tough white boy.

| gotta nail him this round.
| ain't got much left.

You're working wrong.
Like the Professor say, positioning.

- What?
- Position.

Yeah, right.

You The Hammer. Hit him
with the hammer and he'll go.

Keep pushing.





Ladies and gentlemen,
26 seconds into Round 9,

scoring a knockout,

the winner and leading
heavyweight contender,

BJ Hammer!

Ladies and gentlemen,
your attention, please.

Next Thursday night
here at the arena,

Joe Murano,
with 12 wins to his credit,

a fellow who's improving
with every fight--

11 of those 12 wins
were by knockout--

against a Japanese fighter who's
pleased fans in this arena before,

the very popular
Marishimo Tanaka.

Get him outta here.

Get him outta here!

All right, damn it, hold it!

My man, BJ!

- Hey, all right.

Okay, I'll take it from here, champ.

You arrived
just in the nick of time.

It's all over.

Hey, mama!
How are you?

Okay. You're the one
I'm worried about.

How are you?

Nothing that a little
TLC couldn't fix up.

Mama, it's a messy business

and | don't want it
coming down on you.

Baby, whatever you decide
to do, I'm with you.

- But it ain't over.
- But it doesn't matter...

as long as we're together.


If you're with me,

| can whup the whole world.

I'd like to see someone
try to move me.

Okay, then | suggest
we press on.