Hamlet & Hutch (2014) - full transcript

A former Broadway star, who is now a great-grandfather suffering from Alzheimer's, relocates to the South to live with his granddaughter Tatum and her 10-year-old daughter, Liv. Along with his great-granddaughter, they put on a small town production of Shakespeare's Classic "Hamlet".

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-You like it?


-What's wrong?

-No, no, it's perfect!

I love it.

I am going to be so pretty!

-Yes, you are!


How do I look?

-Like a woman in love!

-Like a woman in love.


I mean, should I hold it
down here, which is classic?

Or up here, which is sweet?

-There's a mirror.

-Oh, honey!

The mirror!

Let's go look.

-Excuse me, sweetie.

Could we get in here?

Excuse us.

-When I get married, I'm
not carrying flowers.

I don't think anything should
get in the way of my dress.

Liv, get over here.

You look beautiful!

And who are you today?

-Who, me?



Mariah Carey.


-Michael Jackson?




I'm Audrey Hepburn.

-Of course you are.

Weren't you Miss
Hepburn yesterday?

And the day before that?

And the day before that?


But why be anyone else
when I can be the best?

-Mrs. Deelings.

-Tatum, we really need to
talk about the theater.

-I already talked about
it with Mr. Nelson.

-Now, now, now, now!

I have a plan to make
the theater thrive.

I told you both.

Our theater's going
to rise again!

I just need some time.

-We don't have any
more time, Mr. Nelson.

If the theater doesn't
become profitable,

then I don't know what
we're going to do.


What a novel idea.

-It's a nonprofit theater.

-Nonprofit doesn't
mean no profit.

-Liv, can you excuse
us for a second?

-But why?

I know everything
about the theater.

-Just go.

Mr. Nelson.

I know that you've been
the theater's manager

since my mom died, and that
it's really dear to your heart.

But right now, it's a liability.

-Evelyn designed that theater.

She hand-crafted the curtains.

It's her heart and soul.

-It was her heart and soul.

-She'd have wanted you
to be more involved.

It's been in our community
for over 40 years.

I know it's going to come back.


You haven't paid rent
in over six months.

-I blame the internet.

People just don't have
time for real art.

-Mr. Nelson, I don't
want to sell the theater.

Figure out a way to
make it profitable.

-And let's do something quickly.

-And take it outside.

-Face the facts.

-Facts are the enemy of truth!


Have a seat.

-It's really a
pleasure to meet you

after all these years, Tatum.

-This is my daughter
lives Liv, this

is Papa Hutch's
friend, Mr. Victor.

-Nice to meet you.

Is Papa Hutch here?

-He's right outside.

-Can I take him to the theater?


-Please, mom?


-Just to the theater and back.

But don't....

Just go easy on him.

-But of course.

-She certainly is a bundle
of energy, isn't she?

-Liv is quite the character.

She loves the
theater and acting.

-Well, she comes by it honestly.

I mean, it's in
her genes, right?

I guess sometimes it skips
a generation, though.

This is really some
place you have here.


I put everything I have into it.

I can't believe you
brought Papa Hutch here

without discussing it.

-I want to shoot
it to you straight.

Hutch needs a caretaker.


New York City is not
safe for him any longer.

-Can't you get him a nurse?

-He has some savings.

He has Social Security.

So that's an option.

But what he really
needs now is family.

-Look, I know you've been his
friend and manager for a really

long time, and I appreciate
you coming down here to see me.


-Don't you owe this
to your mother?

-I barely have time
for the shop and Liv.

-He talks about you
and Liv all the time.

-He barely knows us.

-Then this can be your time
to get acquainted with him.

-Don't you just love this place?

It just smells like

I come here after school.

I take classes sometimes.

But most times I just
hang out and read.

Did you ever perform here?

Well, you should.

Mr. Nelson says it
has great acoustics!

My grandma used to
perform here all the time.

But I'm sure you know that.


Mr. Nelson said that they put
this up the night my grandma

did her 100th performance here.

Did you ever see
her perform here?

-Hutch can help you.

I mean, who takes care of
Liv when you're at the shop?

-When she's not here she's
with my friend Kendall.


-You just he couldn't
watch himself.

How is he supposed to
watch a 10-year-old?

A 10-year-old that thinks
she's a 1950s film star.

-Hutch is capable of
taking care of himself

and looking after Liv.

He just... he just
gets forgetful.

And that's perfectly
natural for a man his age.

-I don't know.

-Right now, what he need
more than anything is family.

Or I can go look into
assisted living facility.

-I just... I can't believe
that you brought him here

without discussing it with me.

-I don't want to put any
pressure on you, Tatum.

But you're all he has.

-You know, he never
came to visit us.

Not even when I was younger.

-All families have their issues.

Right now, he needs you.

And I need you to tell
me what you want to do.

Papa Hutch, you'll
love the mountains.

And the house.

Won't he just love
the house, mom?

You're gonna love it!

-Come on, Papa Hutch.

I wanna show you around.

You're gonna love it.

-You know... It ain't
no Central Park.

It ain't no Central Park.

-Come on!

Come on!

Hurry up!

This is our living room.

Although we don't do
that much living in here.

Let me show you
my favorite part.

What do you think?

-It's no Central Park.

-Let me show you around.

This is your room.

You like your bed?

My grandpa built it
with his own bare hands.

Didn't he, mom?


Grandpa was quite the handyman.

-My old bed was fine.

-He doesn't like it.

This could be a disaster.

-Look, I know this is going
to take some getting used to.

But whatever you need,
just let me know.

-That mattress is too soft.

I like a firm mattress.

-Liv, let's leave
Papa Hutch to himself.

-But I'm not done
showing him his room.

-I know.

He needs time to adjust.

-She can stay.


Just don't talk too much.

I'm going to go cook something.

-Mom said you used to act.

What movies were you in?

Did you know Audrey Hepburn?

-I wasn't in movies.

I was a real actor.

-Audrey Hepburn
was a real actress.

And she was in lots of movies.

-Real actors perform
on the stage.

-I went to see The
Lion King once.

That was on a stage.

Were you in that?

-I was King Lear for
eight seasons on Broadway.

Theseus for six
And Brutus for 10.

-I don't know any of those.

-Well, every night the audience
tossed dozens of flowers

at my feet.


You have to come to mom's shop.

We have lots of flowers.

I bet we have some you've
never even heard of.

-What do you know about
Shakespeare, anyway?

You've not seen theater until
you've seen Shakespeare.

-I can watch it on the internet.

-You can't see anything on that.

"Rumble thy bellyful!

Spit, fire!

Spout, rain!

Nor rain, wind, thunder,
fire are not my daughters.

I tax not you, you
elements, with unkindness.

I never gave you your kingdom,
or called you children."

-I have no idea
what you just said.

Now, Audrey Hepburn.

-What is your obsession
with Miss Hepburn?

-My mom said my
grandma played her

when they did Breakfast at
Tiffany's at the theater.

But that was before I was born.

So I watched that movie
and more of her movies,

and now I just adore
Audrey Hepburn.

And she can sing and dance.

Not just act.

-Ohhhhh, god.

-"I have to leave you now.

I'm going to that
corner there and turn..."

-"The art of our
necessities is strange

and can make vile
things precious."

-"You must stay in the
car and drive away.

Promise not to watch me
go beyond the corner."

-"I am a man more sinned
against than sinning."

-"Each in its own way
was unforgettable."

-"Our basest beggars are in
the poorest thing superfluous."


By all means, Rome.

I will cherish my visit here
in memory as long as I live."

-"Man's life is cheap."

-"At midnight, I will
turn into a pumpkin."

-"Allow no nature more
than nature needs."

-"And that will be the
end of the fairy tale!"

-Well, maybe Miss
Hepburn isn't so bad.

She's not Shakespeare.


I bet she's much, much prettier.

-He's not happy
about being here.

And I can't say I'm
thrilled either.

You should've seen the way
he looked at the cabin,

like it was nothing.

He always thought he
was better than us.

Yes, I know that's just one
side of the story, but still.

Yes, I know she'll be
very happy about... OK.

I'll call you back.

-You have to be careful now.

We have an old
person living with us

and he won't be able to run
if the house catches on fire.

-It's just a little smoke.

-That one's yours.


I like the burnt ones.

-Whatever you say.

-Just go set the table.


Is Papa Hutch OK?

He didn't want dinner.

-Yeah, he's fine.

He's just tired.

-Why is he so grumpy?

-Well, he is very
independent and he doesn't

like the fact that
he needs a caretaker.

Transitions are never easy.


Was Papa Hutch famous?

-In the theater world, yes.

-Don't say anything, but
his acting's kinda weird.

He has this one expression.

"The art!

The beggars!

The city and nature.

Nature is cheap.


He looks like he's chewing
a big old piece of lettuce.

-Well, he was very
good at one time.

One of the best.

He taught your
grandma everything

she knew, and she came here
and started the theater

and taught Mr. Nelson,
who teaches you.

So we have to respect that.

No matter how hard it is.

-What'd you say?


He'll come around.

-I know what will cheer him up.

Papa Hutch can do a
play at the theater.

Maybe he can do King Lear.

-Honey, I think Papa
Hutch is retired.

-"An actor never retires.

He simply dies."

-Did Papa Hutch tell you that?


Right after I asked
him to do the play.

-You asked him to do the play?

Of course you did.

-I sure did.

And guess what Mr. Nelson
will say when I tell him?


"I was
born a bad man.

Yes, I was born a bad man."




-You're quiet.

-I was thinking.

I want to go by the library and
get some books by Shakespeare.

Can we go today?

I know you're excited about
seeing Papa Hutch perform,

but I wouldn't get my hopes up.

-I didn't say
anything about that.

I just want to read Shakespeare.

- You're up to something.
- I can smell it.

-I don't smell anything.

How come you don't fix
your hair any more?


-Are you stressed
about the theater?


Sit back.

-Mason says when
his mom's stressed

she doesn't fix her hair either.

-It's not stress.

I like ponytails.



So are you going to
sell the theater?

-I told you about eavesdropping.

And sit back!


-I don't know about the theater.

I hope not.

I really hope not.

Too stressed
to do my hair.

That's funny.

I like ponytails.

-So Papa Hutch wants donuts.

Chocolate ones.

-Funny, isn't that the same
kind of donut that you like?

-Well, he is my great-grandpa.

Come on, mom!

Let's go over here!

-Liv, come here.

We cannot get a dog.

-I see you found a friend.

He's so cute.

-Do you know anything
about greyhound adoption?

-No, I don't.

-Well, these are retired
racing greyhounds

that are looking for
their forever home.

-We don't have room for a dog.

And who's going to
take care of him?

-Me and Papa Hutch will.

It'll be so much fun.


-Right, loving on adorable
children like yourself!

They're sharing their love
with people at nursing homes,

children's hospitals, and
especially new families.

Greyhounds make
excellent therapy dogs.

You know, it's interesting.

It's not until after
their retirement

that we really appreciate
how talented they are.

-We can't.

We can't get a dog.


-We have errands.

We have to run.

-But after, can we come
back to see the dogs?

"Please take me home!


Woof woof!"

-Not today.


-We can't.

Liv, come on.

-Bye, doggie.

-His name is Hamlet.


Bye, Hamlet.

-What happened here?

-You have all of those books,
but they're not in any order.

How do you expect
to find anything?

-Look at this mess!

-Look what I got from
the library today.

Shakespeare has lots of books.

-Plays, darling.

They're called plays.

I have a system.

I had a system.

-I think we should
read this one first.


-And I was thinking we
could also do a play.

You, me, and Mason.

He's my best friend that
lives across the street.

-A Midsummer Night's Dream.

I was the best
Theseus that theater ever saw.


I can't believe this.

-Just let me do it.

You're doing it wrong.

I'll fix it, like I
fixed everything...

No, don't get up.

You've done enough!

What else did you fix?

-Well, the entire
kitchen was a mess.

Everybody knows that the spices
don't go next to the plates.

They go next to the glasses.

-Where are my... and
my... What did you do?

-I believe you owe
me a big thank you.

-What'd he do?

-I don' know where anything is.

I mean... pots and
pans over here.

My glasses are over here.

And what is this?

What is this?

-That is what you call order.

The plates are by the stove.

The glasses are by the sink.

And the food is somewhere.

-I just need a moment.

-I think it's a smart idea.

-Liv, put the books away.


-Papa Hutch, did you see this?

-No, what is it?

-It's got all your stuff in it.




Where'd this come from?

-I've never seen it before.

Hey, mom!

Where'd this come from?

-It was Evelyn's.

Victor sent her a playbill
from every play you performed.

She was even subscribed
to the New York Times

just to get your reviews.

-Oh, wow.

I'm old, you know.

I've been in a lot
of plays, but I

didn't think anyone
collected them like this.

-She called it
your bragging book.


Now, I performed in that
show with a sprained arm.

It was the only show my
friend Magnus was in.

He was a terrible actor.

But a wonderful friend.

And they didn't give him a very
good review, but they liked me.

-It would really mean a lot if
you did a play at our theater.


-I don't know, honey.

Might not be such a
bad idea, I guess.

-Mr. Nelson can direct.

And, um... Kendall.

She sews.

Maybe she can make the costumes.


-If I get a hug.


We'll do it.


Well, don't sound so excited.


Are you going to introduce
me to your grandpa?

-Papa Hutch, this
is Miss Kendall.

My mom's best friend.

-Hi, it's nice to meet you.

-She lives across the street.

Where's Mason?

-Oh, he's at home.

Uh... I made this for you.

It's just a welcome gift.

-For me?



Thank you.

It's beautiful.

-Let's rehearse!

-All right.

I hope I can remember
a line or two.

-Oh, he's so sweet!

-That sweet man
decided to reorganize

my entire kitchen
while I was gone.



He took every dish, pot, pan,
and spice from these cabinets

and rearranged them.

I don't know where anything is.

What is this?

Yeah, it's funny to you.

Because you don't have
to go on a scavenger

hunt just to fix dinner.

-Oh, well obviously, you
haven't seen my refrigerator.

-He's just been here a few days
and things are already crazy.

Now he's promising Liv that
he'll do a play at the theater

and teach classes.

-That'll be nice.

-Oh, I just don't want
her getting her hopes up.

Victor said he can
barely perform anymore.

-Still be nice.


And a little scary.

-"Lord, what fools
these mortals be!"

Mama doesn't like me
to say the word fool.

It's not a nice word.

-You're not saying fool.

Puck is.

-Oh, yeah.

I'm playing Puck.

"Lord, what fools
these mortals be!"

What's this play about, again?

-It's about love.

Unrequited love.

-What kind of love?


It's when you love somebody
and they don't love you back.

-My mom and dad had that.

They're not together because
he didn't love her any more.

-Don't say that.

-It's true.

I heard her say it.

-Well, shame on him.

Now, some people are so
stubborn that they just

don't appreciate a good thing.

-And who did Puck love?

-No one.

He thinks that
they are all acting

silly, which is why
he says that line.


I get it.

So why doesn't he
just say, "Look here,

you guys are acting crazy!"

So this dust that Puck has.

Is it really magical?

-Anything is magical if you
believe in it strong enough.

Come on, let's keep reading.

-You'll give me acting lessons?


Of course I will.

The key to acting is listening.



You have to listen so that
you know how to respond.


So let's start here.

You read a line, and
then I'll read a line.

-I don't... I don't need that.

I know this like
the back of my hand.

"Now, Hippolyta, our
nuptial hour draws on apace.

Four happy days bring
in another moon.

But, oh, methinks, how
slow this old moon wanes!

This old moon wanes.

Long withered."


It says, "She
lingers my desires."

-I know what it says.

"She lingers my
desires stir up."

-No, that's wrong.

It says...

I know know what it says.

I know this play like
the back of my hand.

"Now, fair Hippolyta, our
nuptial hour draws on apace."

I have a headache.

I can't do this right now.

-I can go get you some medicine.

-I don't need any medicine.

-Are you sure?

I don't
need any medicine!

Now go!

-I don't know how much
longer I can do this.

It's like I'm living
with two children.

-Well, if anyone
can do it, you can.

And Liv had the nerve
to ask me for a dog.

-Mason asked me for one too!

-Why didn't you get him one?

-Because I don't need to.

You get one, and he'll
just come over here.

Plus, women get
asked out on dates,

just from walking their dogs.

-I don't need a date.

-Yes, you do.

Plus, having a dog
around will give

your grandfather
something to do.

Then he won't have time
to rearrange your kitchen.

-That's a good point.

But no.

I barely have time for
myself, much less a dog.

-Papa Hutch is upset.

-What happened?

-We were rehearsing
for our play and he

forgot some of his lines.

Got mad and yelled.

-Two children.

I'll be back.



-I was thinking...


-You can make the costumes
for the Shakespeare play

we're doing at the theater.

-Oh, the costumes, huh?

-Community theater means
the whole community

must get involved.

-Oh, whole community
must get involved, huh?


-"Mm-hm, mm-hmm, mm-hmm."

Get outta here.

So adorable.

I think we might have a
little star on our hands.

-You OK, Papa Hutch?

Liv said you were upset.

-I was fine in New York.

I'm ready to go home.

-Well, this is your home.

Look, I know we don't
really know each other.

But let's just start over.

You being here is what's
best for everyone.

-You left.

You were only 20 and it
broke your mother's heart.

We invested in your talent.

We sent you to
the best teachers.

And you just left.

You left when you met him.

-I don't know you're
talking about.

-Threw it all away.

Oh, you'd come visit but
you didn't have time for us

any more.

-Papa Hutch.

-What, Evelyn?


I'm Tatum.

You just need some rest.

-I don't understand.

-What are you doing?

-I'm burning calories.

Ate a piece of peach cobbler
before I got over here.

-The weirdest thing
just happened to me.

I was talking to
Papa Hutch and he

was talking to me
like I was my mother.

He even called me Evelyn.

-Well, you do look like her.

-It was more than that.

He thought I was her.

-Like, you think
something's wrong with him?

-I don't know.

But it was weird.

-I'm sure he'll be okay.


I hope so.

So I was thinking
about the theater.

-Oh, yeah?

-And I just... I know
that if I have to sell it

everyone's going to be upset.

Mr. Nelson, Liv, the community.


She was just telling me about
the play she wants to do.

So anything we can do?

-I just shouldn't have taken
the loan out for the shop.

-Would you stop!

Stop beating yourself up.

You wanted a flower shop.

You don't want a theater.

-Yeah, but still.


We could do a fundraiser.

We could do a talent show!

Remember, like we
did in high school?

-High school.


We were Salt-n-Pepa?

Come on!

Let's do it! do it!

Push it good!


-Oh, never mind.

Sit down, girl.

Well, we can practice.

-I have to figure something out.

-Hi, mom.

Can Mason and I take
Papa Hutch hiking?

-And then there's that.

-Hey Liv, why don't you and Papa
Hutch come over to my house.

Give your mom a break.

It's taco night.

I'll make you some tacos.

See you later.


Have fun.

Hi, Victor.

It's Tatum.

I need to talk about Papa Hutch.

And I need you to be honest.

I just need to know if there's
something wrong with him.

So call me back, OK?




Broadway veteran
Hutchison Byrne,

starring here in our theater!

This is phenomenal news.

I can't wait to meet him.

-He'll be here any minute.

OK, so you remember
everything we practiced?

-I don't know why you think
it'll work, but I'll do it.


He's been acting so weird
for the past few days.

But I really think this
will make him laugh.

It has to.

-I hope you're right.

-Here he comes.

-May I sit down?

-Oh, please.

Take my chair.

-Oh, thank you.


Your mother said you
wanted to see me.

-"Oh, Romeo, Romeo!

Where are you, dude?

Ignore your father.

Tell him that ain't your name.

And if you won't,
just say I'm your boo.

And I'll no longer
be called a Capulet."

-"You got something else to say?

Or can I talk now?"

-"They just don't
like your name.

What's a Montague anyway?

Why can't your name
be something else?

If I call a rose a tulip, it
would still smell like a rose.

You know what I'm saying?"

-I see you laughing.

-What is it you two are doing?

-Romeo and Juliet.

Hip-hop style!

-You think Shakespeare
would like it?

-I think he'd... I
think he's spinning

in his grave right now.

I think he'd love it.

-Come on, Papa Hutch.

Try it.

-I should try it?

-"You know what I'm saying?"

-"You know what I'm saying?"

-It is such an illustrious
honor to have you here.

Evelyn just raved about you.

I even flew in to
New York to see you

in opening night of King Lear.



-What year was that?


19... 8... I can't
believe I forgot.

I may have the program in back.

I was there.

-It's OK, Mr. Nelson.

Papa Hutch, he's
excited about the show.

We just don't know what
play we're going to do.


Come here!


You got the dog!


-I can't believe
you got the dog!

-Yeah, well.

With a name like Hamlet,
how could I resist?

-Did you give him that name?

-No, his previous owners did.


-It's a sign!

We'll do Hamlet.

The stars are aligning!

-What kind of dog is he?

-It's a greyhound.


Very fast.

-Can I walk him sometime?

-Of course, Mason.

What do you think of Hamlet?

-Well, I'm just
glad he's not a cat.

-So, about the play.

When should we start rehearsals?

-We can start tomorrow.


-April 23rd.

Shakespeare's birth
and death date!

That should be our opening.

This is marvelous.

-Have you ever directed
Shakespeare before?

-Oh, yes.

I attended the London
Shakespeare Center.

Some people might say I'm
a Shakespeare aficionado.

-Well, we'll just have
to see about that.

-Mom, can we take
Hamlet outside?


You going, Papa Hutch?

-You going?

-Well, someone has to
watch out for them.

Thank you.


-Your grandfather is going to
bring this theater back to life


-Mr. Nelson, I hate
to burst your bubble,

but I don't think that the
play is going to happen.

-Oh, don't be a
sour grapes Sally.

-We should talk.

cast thy nighted color off,

and let thine eye look
like a friend on Denmark."

Well, why are you
looking at me like that?

I played your friend.

I played your uncle
Claudius twice.

I'm haven't played you.

Never liked Hamlet, though.

I think he's weak.

I do.

I think he's weak.

If you decide to strike
revenge, you don't hesitate.

You do it.

You do it.

What's the matter,
did I offend you?

Oh, you look like my
old friend Magnus.

Magnus always had a
certain pep in his step,

especially on his
way to an audition.

He never got the part.

He was a horrible actor.

He was.

A good friend.

A terrible actor.

He never missed one
of my opening nights.

You're just like him.

You'll be at my opening
nights too, won't you, pal?

Sure you will.

It's quite spectacular out here.

It truly is spectacular.

Oh, don't... don't
tell Tatum I told you.

I don't want her thinking I'm
getting used to this place.

You get it?

-He's doing better.

Hasn't had an episode
since last week.


You know Papa Hutch.

He's not going to
go to the doctor.

I hate saying it, but Victor,
I feel like you tricked me.

You never said Alzheimer's.


On a good note, Liv adores him.

I'm getting to know him.

Understanding his
frustration a little better.


I just wish he could
remember my name.

I'll be right with you, ma'am

I have to go, Victor.




-So, sit yourselves.

-What's going on?

-Well, we're eating in one of
those fancy Italian places.

-How was your day, Papa Hutch?

-I had a splendid
day, my beloved.

-I like the way you talk.

You sound like a king.

-I am a king.

-Hamlet eats spaghetti?

Like an old Italian.

-Why don't you go
get us some napkins.

-I'll take one more
meatball, please.

-Thank you for this.

-I enjoyed it.

My pleasure.

-Maybe if you warm
something up, you

can use the microwave
and not the stove.

I'm back.

Where's my meatball?

-I didn't know you wanted one.

-I just told you.

You need to get your
hearing checked.

-I hear like an owl.

-You need to eat quickly.

So we can have
rehearsal tonight.

-Maybe you should take a break.

Papa Hutch is tired.

-But he doesn't know
all of the words yet.

-He can use the book.

-I hear you talking about me.

-He hears like an owl.

-Besides, I don't need the book.

Maybe you can take a rest.

-You know, when your
mama was a little girl,

she'd eat cereal all day long.

In the morning.

Cereal at lunchtime.

Cereal at suppertime.

You couldn't plan anything
except breakfast all day long.

Made Martha so mad.

Truth is, though, I liked
cereal just as much.

Didn't dare cross
your grandmother.

She had a temper
like a steam engine.


-I don't get it.

-It means don't
cross your elders.

-I'm sure you miss her.

-You know, she only came
to see me two times.

I After you were born.

-I was talking about
Martha, not mom.

Liv, eat.


-Well, your father
took her away from me.

-She didn't like New York.

And she hated the pressure.

-Well, how did New
York pressure her?

-Not New York.


-If you're not going to use the
candles, then blow them out.


He should stick to acting.

-I'll be back.

-We only wanted to protect her.

-I'm sure you had
good intentions.

-You know, your mother
had real talent.

She could've been a star.

-She was a star.

Just not in New York.

-Sweetheart, you're not a
star... you're not a star

until you're a star in New York.

We don't always get it right.

As parents, I mean.

-As children either.

But... never too late, right?

-The theater....

The theater is real nice.

-It is.

-We're gonna miss the bus!


-Papa Hutch.

We are going back to the doctor.

I'd appreciate it if you got
out of the car next time.

healthy as a horse.

-Yes, well, you know
insurance requires an annual.


You'll know I'm sick
when I fall over dead.

-I left numbers on the counter.

I made sandwiches.

Don't cook anything.

I'll be back.


gate-keeper is leaving.

-Hi, does Dr. Odom
have any openings?

Yes, Hutchison Byrne.

I know.

I'm sorry.

We'll make it this time.


Sounds good.


Hi, Carol.

It's Tatum.

I know.

I need an appointment .


Just something that
says stress-free.


I will see you then.


-You want some eggs?

You've come to the right house.

OK, Hamlet.

I'm going for a walk.

Well, they think
I can't keep up.

We'll show them.

We'll show them.

Come on.

We're going to go
to Central Park,

and we're going
to run like hell.


Wait up!

I'm looking for Central Park.

Can you help me?

-This is Georgia.

Are you OK, sir?

Central Park is in New York.

-I'm fine.

Get outta here.

-Hey, Papa Hutch?

We're home.

Where are you?

-Maybe he's walking Hamlet.

-It smells funny.



It does.

-We should light a candle.

-Your mom lets
you light candles?

-No, but whatever this smell
is, Papa Hutch probably did it.

And I don't want mom
to get mad at him.

-I see what you're saying.


I saw matches over here.

That's weird.

They're not there.

Look under the sink.

-I don't see anything.

-Let me check one more spot.


That's probably my mom.

Can you put the
eggs away, please?



Oh, hi mom.

It's kind of weird.

Papa Hutch isn't here.

-What do you mean,
he's not there?

Did you check outside?

The door's open.

OK, I need you to get
over to Kendall's.

I'm on my way.


Papa Hutch?

What is that?

Oh, god.

Papa Hutch!


You still do them dog
races up there in Alabama?

Well, good.

You'll never believe
what I see sitting

here right here before my eyes.

That's right.


Pure, too.


I'll hold him for you.

Yes, I will.

-It's going to be OK, I promise.

-But it's getting dark.

He won't know how to
get back if it's dark.



Hamlet will watch out for him.

Don't cry.

The police are going
to look for him too.

We'll find him.

-We are singing for God,
not background for Beyonce.

-Well, the Lord speaks
to me when I sing.

Is He speaking to
any of you in here?

I don't...


Next time you get
him on line, ask Him

what key you should be in.

-Jenice, you're on solo.


You... you...

-I'm humbled.

Take notes, Vicki.

-All right.

From the top.



-Who is that?

-I don't know.


-Somebody should
go say something.

-You are the director.

-Yeah, but you have the most
experience with the elderly.

-Well, what if he's crazy?

-Like you?

-Well, we can't all
just stand here.

Now we look foolish.

-We got your back, girl.

-Shut up.

-You shut up.

-If I'm not back in five
minutes... we got married!


What's your name?

-You know, I like your singing.


-I do.

I used to sing.

At a theater right
off 42nd Street.


I bet you were a tenor.

-How'd you know that?

-You look like a tenor.


My name's Hutch.

What's your name?

-I'm Jenice Holmes.

-Yes, you are.

-Pleasure to meet
you, Mr. Hutch.

-My pleasure, ma'am.

-Thank you so much
for stopping by.

-I told you not to come over.

-Well, you're my friend.

And I can hear it in your voice.

-He's going to be OK.

They're going to find him.

I mean, you hear about
these stories all the time.


-So I shouldn't be worried,
because the police are going

to call and he's going to be OK.

-Yes, he is.

-This is all my fault.

I just... I left him here.

It was irresponsible.

I should've known.

Am I a bad mother?


-I don't do enough for Liv.

I mean, the other
day I overslept

and she had to get
herself ready for school.

And she spends all
that time at the shop.

-Stop it.

Just stop it.

You are a great mom.

This is not about Liv.

-I just feel like
I keep failing.

The divorce?

-Oh, he was a jerk.

-The theater.

-That's not your fault.

-And now Papa Hutch is missing.

-OK, well, that's
kind of your fault.

I'm just joking, honey!

I'm just joking!

-He could have burned
down the house.

-So what, you've had a
couple of rough patches.

So what?

Liv is perfect.

She should be the
least of your worries.

-My nerves are a wreck.

Liv asked me the other day if I
was too stressed to do my hair.

-Yeah, I've been meaning
to talk to you about that.

-I made an appointment.


-Maybe I should go out and
drive around a little bit.

I already took the night off.


Go ahead.

I'll watch Liv.

-You're sure?


Go, go go, go.

-It's good news.

Go answer answer it.

I can feel it.






Hold on one second.

It's 2365 Pine Street.

Oakwood Baptist.

Got it.

I'm on my way.

Thank you.

He walked into church.

A lady called the police.

He's OK.

-Of course he is!

So go get him!

-I have to go.

-You do.

-I have to go.

-Get outta here.

-Thank you!

Papa Hutch?

-You missed the show.

-I'm Jenice Holmes.


Tatum Walsh.

This is my grandfather,
Hutchison Byrne.

I just... I wanted to thank
you for calling the police

and not just putting him out.

-Oh, I would neer. never!

-Well, you never know.

And I would give you money,
but I don't have any cash.

-No, no, no.

No, no, no.

You don't owe me anything.


Thank you.

-You're welcome.

I would hope someone would
do the same for my family.

has Alzheimer's.

-You don't have to whisper.

It's OK.

He stays with you?

-Um, yeah.

Well, at least for now.

-I manage West Village Center.

It's an assisted living...

-I couldn't.

-I understand.

I understand.

But sometimes you just
don't have a choice.

-You're telling me?

I was at work today and I
came home and he had left,

and my daughter was
there, and the gas was on,

and the door was open, and
just... I'm just rambling.

I'm just glad he's OK.

-Come visit us.

And I'm not saying...
I'm not trying

to push you into doing anything.

But you're lucky.

Next time, you never know.

-Well, you've had a
very eventful day today.

-You remember my friend Kendall?

-Yeah, hi.

Where's Hamlet?

-He's over at Kendall's house.

-Sure he's not up here?



-You need me to stay?

-No, I'm good.




Now, look.

You are not a failure.

You are a warrior.


-Call me.


-Bye, Papa Hutch.

-Bye, darling.


Come here, boy!

You upstairs?




-I don't want you to get upset.

But we might have to put
Papa Hutch in this place

where he can be safe.

-He's safe with us.

-Liv, you're at school all day.

It's too much for us.

There'll be nurses there that
can help him if he needs it.

-It's not fair!

-We don't have a choice.

You could have burned
down the house.

Gotten run over.

-But he didn't.

You can't just throw him out.

-That's not what I'm doing.

-And we still
haven't found Hamlet.

Papa Hutch says he won't do
the show without his co-star.

-There's not going to be a show.


-Papa Hutch is
losing his memory.

He can't perform
like he used to.

-You just don't care.

This is the worst day ever.

-Where's Hutch?

He should be here by now.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no!

Don't you say it!

I'm sorry.

I just don't think
this is gonna happen.

-But the article.

The interview.

People are actually
buying tickets!

The show's next week.

We can't do this
without the star!

-I'm here!


He kept talking about rehearsal.


On with the show.

-Pretty dog.

Want some people food?

Too bad.

You can't have any.

Money dog.

That's what makes
the world go 'round.

Gonna be a great day.

Gonna be a great life.

That's what they say.


-Thanks again for taking
the time to see me.

-No problem.

-This is hard.

-I know, baby.

But you can take as
much time as you need.

-I'm not trying to abandon him.

-I know that.

-It's just... I never know when
he's going to have an episode,

and I have a small child.

It's just scary.

It's really scary.

-Tatum, it's OK.

It's OK.

Just breathe in.

Breathe out.

-My fellow thespians!

Today is the big day.

Is everyone ready?

-We are sold out!

Hutch, you're a star!

Boy, we've never
been so excited!

-Where is Hamlet?

-Uh, he's right here.

-No, no, no.

The dog.

You idiot.

-Nobody told me
anything about a dog.

-It's OK.

Papa Hutch, we'll talk
about in a minute.

-We are all very excited.

We've been wanting to
bring Shakespeare back

to the theater, and what better
way to kick it off than this?

-What have you done with Hamlet?

What did you do?

Take him outside and
hide him someplace?

-I don't want you to get upset,
but he's not at the house.

-You got rid of him.

You got rid of him.

You got rid of him!

-You lost him!

I'm sorry, but you left
him and the door was open

and he got out.

We've been looking
for him ever since.

Well, we can
just add him to the...

-Mr. Nelson!


Who's Hamlet?

-I can't do the show
without... without Hamlet.

Without my co-star.

are we going to do?

-I don't know, Mr. Nelson.

-All the seats are are sold.

And Mr. Byrne is a critical
piece of this puzzle.

-I told you not to put all
of your eggs in one basket.

I knew something like
this would happen.

-But Liv said that he...

-You banked all of this on
the dreams of a 10-year-old.

Find someone else
to play the part.

-We've only got four hours.

-I'm sorry.

Liv, come here.

Liv, I need you to
talk to Papa Hutch

-He's very upset.

We should have told
him the truth...

-Now is not the time.

I need you to convince
him to do the show.

-He won't do the show
without me and Hamlet.

-I told you that
things like this

can happen when you're
dealing with... dealing

with someone older.

Look, we really haven't talked
about Alzheimer's, but maybe we


Papa Hutch is going
through a sickness,

and he's not always
aware of what he's doing.

It's probably just
too much for him.

-I'm still here.

I'm still here.

-Mom, he can still do it.

I know he can.

I'm still here!

I'm still here.


I can't win this
race without you.

-Hey, look.

-Looks good.

-Well, I thought you needed some
help today, so I hired myself.

I think I need a raise.

Look, we've been getting
orders like crazy today.

Everybody's buying flowers
for the performance.

Isn't that great?

-Am I making a mistake?

-Girl, do you not
see this bouquet?

Hiring me was the best thing
that you've done in years!

-Not you.

It's Papa Hutch.

I mean, am I making a mistake
putting him in a home?

Some days he's fine.

And other days....

He's not doing the performance.



I told him about Hamlet,
and he just lost it.


-And Mr. Nelson's freaking out.

His Broadway star is a no-show.

It was a really big deal.

-Yeah, it's a big deal.

Do you remember the
last time we had

a big Broadway star
perform in our town?


Because it never happened.

-You said we'd find him.

-Liv, what you want me to do?

We looked.

You never really believed.

Papa Hutch says if you
believe in something

hard enough it can happen.

You never really
wanted Hamlet anyway.

-Liv, sometimes things don't...
work out like you want them to.

-I know that dog.

-You don't know nothing.

-Yeah, I seen him on a flyer.


You don't know nothing.

You ain't seen nothing.

-What you doing with
that dog, Rusty?

-If you must know, I
got myself a buyer.


Be here in about,
what, 30 minutes?

Pick him up.

-I'm gonna call the police.

Daddy, watch that dog.

-He looks so sad.

-I know.

I've never seen
him work so hard.

I almost went to go find a
dog that looked like him.

Try and pass him off.

I knew we'd never find him.

-So you didn't believe.


You too?

You're gonna blame me.

-Look, I believe that
all things are possible.

And I remember when
you used to, too.

-This is different.


You're different.

Everybody thought you
were crazy when you wanted

to quit your job and
open this flower shop.

I thought you were
crazy when you mortgaged

the theater to open this place.

Everyone doubted that you
can have an online store

with delivery service, but
you worked your butt off,

and you made it happen.

You believed that
there was nothing

you couldn't do if you
wanted it bad enough.

And anybody that
got in your way,

you would give them a piece
a piece of your your mind.

You even told me
off a couple times.

Remember when Mrs.
Hart came in here?

And she was like, "This
place is too large.

You need to start off small."


Well, I still believe in you.

And these flowers are hot.

I think they're cute.

-I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I've been so consumed with life,
I've forgotten how to live.

I know what it's
like to live life.

What it was like to dream,
and to chase your dreams.

Thank you for reminding me.

And I know you're still here.

And as long as you're
here, I'm here with you.

Good and bad.

Every step of the way.

-Thank you.

-I've got to call Jenice.


-He's my Papa Hutch.

And he's staying with me.

It'll mean more
time at home, but...

-But that's why you hired me.

-Six missed calls.

That's weird.


-Sorry it took me so long
to get over here, but uh,

been busy at the track.

-Yeah, well.

They don't bring me
through Alabama often.

They changed my route.

-Yeah, that happens...
what's this?


Yeah, well.

Next time you come on
down, first bet's on me.

He looks to be in good shape.

-Yeah, I didn't get a chance
to look at him too much.

But he looks like a good one.

He's got muscles.

- Ah, I'll take
care of all that.


Mom, we found him!

Thank you so much
for finding him.

-Hold on, now.

I just bought this dog from him.

-This is our dog.

He ran away.

We came to pick him up.

Hey, wait.

How do you know
the dog is yours?

-Because somebody
called us from here.


-I'm gonna need to see
some real paperwork.

-The paperwork's at home.

If you would just wait.

-No, no.

We ain't waiting.

We gotta head on
back to Alabama.


You can't take him with you.

-Why not?

I told you, we just bought him.

-But he's mine!



My receipt says
different, little one.

-Would you please
stop talking to her?

-OK, well, I'll tell you what.

You give me my money
and you can have him.

For $500.


-I just paid $500
for this So I ain't

handing him over for free.

-Would you give him back the
money, so we can take our dog?

-Have you ever heard the
phrase, "Finders keepers?"





What's going on here?

-Oh, for god's sakes.

Hannah, go back inside.

This is your fault.

-I'll smack the fault
right off your face.

What's going on?

-He's taking my dog and he wants
us to pay $500 to get him back.

-She claims the dog is hers.

-It is our dog.

If you would just let us go get
the paperwork, we can prove it.

-Yeah, well, when you
get that paperwork,

come on down to Alabama.

'Cause that's where he'll be.


-All right, all right.

Everybody calm down.

Now you're saying that you
bought this dog from Rusty?


For $500.

-Rusty, give him his money back.

-Hannah, you stay out of this.

This is a square deal.


-"Curse the heart that
had the heart to do it!"

I wish a plague on
both your houses!

-Did your daughter
just put a spell on us?

-Go get in the car.

-But mom...


-Ladies and gentlemen, I know
that you are all expecting

a wonderful play this afternoon.

But I'm afraid I
have some bad news.

Mr. Byrne is not going
to be able to perform.

-On a lighter
note, we still have

a spectacular show for you.

Our very own man of wonder.

A magician like no other.

Mr. Voila!

Mr. Voila!

Get out here.

-I told you, Terry, I
didn't want to do this.

-Well, you said you
wanted to be a star.

Now shine!

-Anybody like card tricks?

-Sir, can't you see how
much this means to her?

Just give him the $500.

And don't you have children?

This is going to
break her heart.

-Now, losing $500 breaks
my heart, darlin'.

-What is this?

-It's a bill of sale.


-I'm calling the police.

-Yeah, well, when they
get here we'll be gone.

-Hang on, sweetheart.

-Hannah, get outta here!

I told you to mind
your business.

-Boy, this is my property.

So anything that happens
here is my business.

And y'all are causing
a bit of a ruckus.


I pay my rent.

-And speaking of which...
here's your $500.

Ma'am, you can take your dog.

-What was that?

Was that my rent?

-That was your rent.

You owe me $500.

And you better pay up
by the end of this week,

or the Sheriff's gonna
come knocking at your door.

-Now what'd you do that for?

-That's payback for Paws Newman!

-Paws Newman?

That cat was a
hundred years old!

-I loved that cat!

You're gonna tell me that
cat was just in a tandem bag?

-It died naturally.

-Not naturally.

Boy, your eyes are the
deepest blue I have ever seen.

-And your lips are so...

-Pick a card.

Any card.

-Get off the stage!

-Let's give Mr.
Voila some applause.

Get off.

-I told you I didn't
want to do this, Terry.

-Ron, you could have rehearsed.

-You know I'm a dancer.

-I'm afraid that's
our show for today.

But please, pick up
a flyer on the way

out about our next show.

A wonderful musical
comedy version,

a 1950s version of
Aristophanes' The Birds.


Everyone, stop!

The show must go on.

-Is he here?

-Get off the stage.

-It's wonderful!

-Greetings, everyone,
and welcome to Byrne

Theater Troupe and its
production of Hamlet.

We will be performing Act One.

We wanted to do the whole thing,
but there's too many words.

But you lucky folks
will be blown away

by Broadway's own
Hutchison Byrne.

That's my great-grandpa.

Let's start the show.

I need you to turn off
all your cell phones.


-"So art thou to revenge
when thou shalt hear."


-"I am thy father's
spirit, doomed

for a certain term
to walk the night."

-This is nice.


The theater's made
him young again.

-Passion will do that to you.

Oh, speaking of... there are
a lot of cute and single guys

out there.

We should go sit down.


-"Murder most foul,
as in the best it is.

But the most foul,
strange, and unnatural."


I didn't know you
were going to be here.

-I never miss an opening night.

-Well, he's doing really good.

-"And begins to pale
his uneffectual fire."

-I might have to
sell the theater.


-It's a long story.

-Well, what can I do to help?

-It's just not making money.

I mean, we need more
programs like this.

-Wow, I would sure hate
to see this place close.

-Yeah, you and me both.

-Have you considered
an investor?


-Maybe you're talking to him.



I'm rich because of
your grandfather.

He's made me a lot of money
over the last several years.

And I owe him big-time.

How many more years do
you think he can go?

-Who knows?

Who cares.

Right now he is
performing in front

of a sold-out audience
on 42nd Street.

And honestly, that's
all that matters.

-He sure is at home out there.

-He certainly is, Victor.




Remember me."