Hamilton: I nationens intresse (2012) - full transcript

Special agent Hamilton goes undercover and joins a Russian mafia organization that smuggles swedish weapons to terrorists. Suddenly they are attacked by unknown group of heavily armed men who kill everybody except Hamilton and take the weapons. But who are they? And who are they working for? Hamilton starts chasing them across the world...

The Swedish intelligence service has
no agents who are licensed to kill.

It must not happen under any

Except in self-defense
or if it is in the Nation's interest.

You had a bad dream again.

Did I wake you?


Why can't you tell me
where you're going?

Because I won't lie to you.

Don't then ...

tell me the truth.

I'm coming back.

Four months later.

Uzbekistan, on the border
of Afghanistan.

Denisov, Denisov...

I know when someone is bluffing.

It's just what you think.

I see it in your eyes.

As my mom used to say,

"If you trust women,"

"you die poor."

"If you trust men,"

"you die young."

Your mother was a wise woman.

You bastard ...
What a hell of luck you have!

Mr. Green has taught me
everything I know.

Mr. Green, Mr. Dollar.

Mr. Green is a good man.

We're set.
We go tomorrow.

That's good ... This fucking place
is starting to get on my nerves.


Krutov, take out the goods.

Follow me.

How many do you have?

As agreed. 200 pieces.

If you have the correct coordinates,

you can hit an American
in the head 80-kilometers away.

Take them away.

Come on.


- Denisov, is that your real name?
- Yes.

Yeah? You know what this is?

Face against the truck!



There is one guy who's missing,
the driver Sergei.

So where is my money?

The driver's missing.
Find him!

After him!

Military Intelligence and

So an unknown group,

turns out to be Europe's most
wanted weapons smuggling organization.

And 200 Sky Shadow mortars go missing.

Is that what I'm supposed to think?

That's what happened.

Your mission was...

to watch over the Swedish-made

GPS guided shells,

so they would not fall
into the wrong hands.

And yet they have disappeared
and you don't know where.

That's not really what happened is it?

Hamilton's mission was

to map the networks
dealing with weapons.

Tthat was
the mission you gave him,

but for the last 3 months
I have been the operational commander.

And still I have not been
informed of these networks.

Dimitri and the one who was to buy them
were killed in the attack.

Then, perhaps your
mapping was not so good.


He's new ... and has to show off.

Between us ...
What is your take on this group?

Well-organized. Professionals.

The man I had taken
out had a watch on...

a Luminox.

They seemed to be U.S.

Special soldiers, most
likely Navy Seals.

- Americans!
- Maybe.

Awubere, Ethiopia.

See, it comes up like that.

Press F... Send, OK?

Right now I'm going to
get the coordinates

from my buddy, ok?
You hang on to that.

You got the coordinates?

- Are these the correct
GPS coordinates?

- Uh huh.

- It's densely populated.
- We're set to go.

That's his home. The hit was
supposed to happen with Sidalman.

Change in plans.

Come on man...
Samata Rahim has two children ...

No way ...
I do not murder children ...

- They'll take all the blame.
You're not doing anything.

- I just instructed him how
to use the coordinates.And? ...

Lee, This is no
time to question orders.

Abdullah whatever your fuckin' name is.
Here are the coordinates.

Wait here.

- Hey!
- Hey Benjamin,

- Everything ok?
- Yeah.

Oh, it shall be so
nice to get home.

I have to fix some
presents to the kids.

- Remind me to pick up
something at the airport.

- No problem.

Jesus ...

Get out of the car!

- You're not gonna warn him.
- Get out of the goddam car!

Now what?

You going to hide? We'll find you!

You know you can't disappear.

Now give me the gun.

- Back off!
- Jesus!

Or the next shot goes
right between the eyes.

- Lagerback, get over here.

Come on, now!

- Ok.
- Drive!

I said drive!

I'm sorry.

But it was not my intention
to drag you into this.

Drag me into what?

We worked together for a month,

all of a sudden you pull a gun like
a maniac. What's going on?

Lagerback ...

You've been technical
advisor for Sectragon,

who in turn have been
training terrorists.

What are you talking about?

Sectragon will come after me
with everything they got.

So that's what you need me
for, I'm, I'm your hostage?


But for your own safety, I
can't tell you any more.

Now I'm going to Djibouti.

From there you can get a safe
way back home to Sweden.

We can work something out.

You can take my money ...
You can have the money!

What did he say? What's happening?

Sweden ... I am a Swedish citizen

You are on the wrong side of
the border, this is Somalia!

Soder Hospital. Stockholm.

I hope you won't have
to come in tonight.

Bye, see you!

Is it him?

- Mmm.
- Good luck.

What do you want?

To see you.

After four months?

Forget it.

You're right.

I haven't told you who I am.

What I'm doing.

Why I disappear.

But I never told you lies.

No, but ...

for four months.

I'll try to explain,

if you're willing to listen.

You have lived as Russian

with weapons smugglers?

You're a spy.

I'm an intelligence officer.


I thought you were cheating on
your wife or something like that.

I've thought about you
every day since I left.

I understand if you can't
handle it anymore.

If you don't want to see me.

But I wanted to see you.

When I was over there,

this time, it ...

it made me think.

About what?

That I want to change my life.

What would you change it to?

I want to live my life with you.

That's what I want to do.

I've done the other.

Let's go home.

We have a problem in Somalia.

We are waiting for the go-ahead
from the government,

about how it should be handled.

I will arrange it so that
you get all the info.

It might be a link to Afghanistan.

Get ready to go again.

Are you having me followed?


- It's not someone I recognize.
- I'll check it out.

And I'll check out Mary as well.

She was the last one you
were with before you left Sweden.

How the hell do you know about that?

- Do you think that she's involved?
- What do you think?

I think you're wrong.

I'm coming.

Be careful.


I'm on call.

I have an emergency surgery,
so I have to go into ...


You stay here!

I'm going to make breakfast later.

Prime Minister's Office. Stockholm.

So we don't know where Lagerback is?

Or whether he's alive?

Have you gotten any
new information?

Yes. Lagerback is in Somalia.


- Imprisoned?


Clas Olofsson.

What was Lagerback
doing in Ethiopia?

Lagerback was there
on a personal trip.

He disappeared on the
border with Somalia.

Isn't that an extremely
dangerous region

to choose as a
private destination?

We have no further details about
his captivity at the moment.

Do you think that his work with you on

advanced high-tech weapons
may have something

- to do with his disappearance?
- No. I don't think so.

But that's a suspicion that's
just hard to ignore.

You as deputy director at the
North Fors, should really know

what he was doing there.

Martin Lagerback worked with education.

All of us at the North Fors Industries
hope that the government

do their utmost so that he may soon
be reunited with his family.

Do you think, Prime Minister, that this

can get in the way of the
coming peace conference?

This, among other things, Ethiopia's
prime minister, Josef Bekele

- will be there?
- Fire!

The conference is an
opportunity for Josef Bekele

and the other parties to create stability in the region.

Will you, as Minister, now take a
closer look at your appointments

since North Fors
Industries is involved,

in order to see if
there are links

- to the countries in the region?
- Hmm, uh, no.

Since Lagerback's disappearance has
nothing to do with business.

- So ...
- That's not what I asked.

Will the government not investigate
North Fors' denial that Lagerback

was there in Ethiopia on business
at their expense?

The idea that Sweden would be involved

in the handling of weapons
in the region is ridiculous.

Sweden has never

and will never approve weapons
to warring countries.

So you think we should
employ a security company?

A private army to rescue Lagerback?

Mmm. Well no, not us, but
North Fors Industries.

Clas Olofsson contacted me
and suggested this idea.

How would it really take place?

Sara ...

let Sectragon take care of this.
They are pros.

Two years ago,

Sectragon saved

six Dutch aid workers in Colombia,

and last year there were two
French doctors in Mogadishu.

I want a Swedish person.

Someone with experience
in situations like this.


The killer has taken some photographs.

Probably someone from
Poland who contacted her.

I believe that the killer is
trying to lead us astray.

Maria had awakened.

She was called to come in,

at 23:45.

Why would she make her
bed before she left?

Yes, perhaps she had not gone.

- No no.

The doctor on duty sleeps when she can.

How did she afford this apartment?

The doctor on duty,

You know ... "Go to work, get a life."

Your plane leaves in about two hours.

Read, then we'll go over the details.

What do the police think?

You made it look like the
killer has links to Poland.

The apartment is clean,
the murder weapon is gone

there is no incriminating evidence.

Mary was innocent.

You can't do this, unless
you can get past this.

Samata Rahim.

Somalian exiled politician.

He was killed in a
bomb attack yesterday.

No one has accepted the blame.

Take a look.

Martin Lagerback.

Employed by North Fors Industries.

He specializes in GPS and
laser-guided weapons.

He was taken by Somali militia.

North Fors has appointed

Sectragon to free him.

I am convinced

that these Sky Shadow weapons
that disappeared in Afghanistan

are now located in Somalia.

You should be with Lagerback when he's released,

and make sure he comes home to Sweden.

You fly to Djibouti.

I need a few hours in Beirut.

If I do this, then I do it my way.

Get home Lagerback, no detours.

It was Mansfield's
security requirements.

Keep him away from me.

He's not going to be happy
with that, landing in Beirut.

Beirut. Lebanon.

- Mona, looking great!
- You look tired.

I need a back door.

I have a contact in Somalia.
His name is Chad.

- Tareq you're still hanging around.
- Mr. Hamilton.

Carl ...

Is this about the terror attack in
Ethiopia, using Swedish weapons?

We might be small, but
we are not blind.

Terrorists with high-tech
weapons is not a good sign.


Well, everything about this
points to Al-Shabab in Somalia.

Apparently you know more than I do.

That's not good.

Don't worry.

You're here as an observer and
asking me for a back door.

Is there anything else I
shouldn't worry about?

I'll get in contact if necessary.

I have a plane to catch.


- Hamilton?
- Rob Hart?

Okay, three things.
Firstly, you're under my command.

Secondly, you're here
just as an observer.

And thirdly ... hey!

Thirdly, we will do our job ...
whatever happens.

And that is?
- Complete the mission

- You understand?
- Absolutely.

Miller, make sure he's
dressed for the occasion.

Follow me.

In case things get serious.

Make sure he stays up front boss.

- What do you have?
- The usual.

- Nothing unusual?

Go ahead.

- Go.
- Close the door.

With me. Keys. Ok, keep focused!

Let's go!

Hurry up!

Come on!


Put it down!

Come on, come on!


Drop the gun!

Where is he?

It's him.

Who are you?

Where's the American?


Hey, we're done here!

You say nothing! You understand?


- Drop the gun.
- Gun Down!

Put down your weapon.

What? You thought we wouldn't find you?

Let me make something perfectly clear.

You're a fucking traitor!

What are you going to do to me now?

Who are you?

- Drink!
- You're Swedish ...

Drink! You're dehydrated.

There's going to be many questions
asked when you return to Sweden.

You have not been in Ethiopia to work,
do you understand what I'm saying?

- I know, I know ...
- Listen!

It looks like you're involved
with stolen weapons for North Fors.

- I didn't know. I just trained them.
- Who's "them?"


Two days ago Sky Shadow shell
struck a target in Ethiopia,

it was fired from Somalia.

Oh fuck ...

Then it's true, what he said.


Benjamin Lee.

- The man who sat in
the cell next to you?

- Yes.

He worked for Sectragon,

He ran off to tell
the authorities that

they have trained
terrorists in Somalia.


What's going to happen now?

We're going home.

Where are we taking them?

You go with Miller, Miller
take him to the hotel.

Come on we're moving out!

What about Lagerback?

You've done your bit.
Lagerback will be home in a few days.

- Ok.
- Hey!

You forgetting something?

Sectragon Headquarters. Dallas.



Smith? It's Hart here sir ...

Hold on sir ...


The prison extraction is complete.

The Swede and Lee are out.

- Has anyone else talked to him?
- No sir!

The helo's coming in now.

Yes sir!

- Well, do you know what to do?
- Yes sir!

Take care of it.

- Take care of him.

Sectragon Headquarters, Dallas.

We require freedom of movement.

There is an individual
we need to retrieve.

Without creating any problems.

Can that be arranged?

What did you have in mind?

I would like to see
his name on the list.

What did you do for Sectragon?

Trust me.

Or I leave you out here, your choice.

My field was information.

Intelligence service.

Black operations. Who the hell are you?

I'm a Commander in the Swedish
Intelligence Service.

What do you know about the
missing shells in Afghanistan?

Take me to Sweden with you,

and I'll tell you all I know.

One was used to take out an exiled

Somalian politician in Ethiopia.

Samata Rahim.

I tried to stop that.

That's why I'm here.

Why is Sectragon supplying
terrorists in Somalia?

They are prepared to go all the way.

By any means necessary if they have to.

I'm not saying another word.

Either you take me to
Sweden with you ...

Or you leave me here. Your choice.

We'll protect you.

You stay put.

Mr. Hamilton? I'm Chad.

Mona sends her regards.

So walk with me.

Lee, this is Chad.

You go with him.

We'll meet later in Amman.


The Government has been able to get
kidnapped Martin Lagerback home.

He was been imprisoned in Somalia.

And the militant
Islamist group Al-Shabab

took credit today for the
murder of the exiled Somali

politician Samata Rahim and his family.

The Ethiopian intelligence service
thinks the strike took place

with a Swedish GPS guided
shell known as a Sky Shadow.

U.S. military leaders think the
development in the area is disturbing.

Both Al Qaeda and Al-Shabab
have strong roots in Somalia.

And they now have high-tech weapons

and knowledge of how to use them.

This implies a changing power
shift, according to the

African Foreign Ministry
expert, Jan Erik Ramfors.

I want you to get to
the bottom of this.

I want you to investigate

all business that North Fors Industries
has been involved in in recent years.

I want to know exactly
how this happened.

Do you think Clas Olofsson
knows something we don't?

He was very relaxed about
getting home Lagerback.

If it turns out that there
have been any illegalities

I don't want to find
out about it on TV.





Hey, I'm Anna Rune from the police.

I wonder if you ...

recognize this woman?

Yes, she was here, with some man...
They sat there.

Okay, this man had ...

Amman, Jordan.

- Aren't we supposed to meet tomorrow?
- Yes.

But Tareq has some questions.

- Tareq?
- Who is Benjamin Lee?

He worked for Sectragon.

He has information regarding
Swedish security.

He works for them?

So how come he's listed as
a terrorist in the U.S.?

Anyone that helps Benjamin Lee
will be tagged as a terrorist.

Sectragon has contacts,
that's why he's on that list.

The purpose of that list is
to scare people like you.

Do you remember Chad?


The guy who helped you in Somalia.

He's missing.

If Chad talks, Mr. Hamilton,

it's not going to be about you.

The PLO must be out of this.

We will trade Lee for Chad.

Tareq, please.

Can I have a moment alone with Mona?

Don't discuss it any further.

This is none of our business.

Ok, Tareq. I will handle this.

I hope we finish this
soon, Mr. Hamilton.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Are you aware that you have provoked
the largest private army in the world?

Well, it crossed my mind.

I could not find any information
to link him to Sectragon, so

Tareq is right.

This is none of our
business and the PLO

must not be associated
with terrorists.

He is not a terrorist.

Do you think I'd be here if
I didn't believe in him?

They're not going to
leave you, you know?

They're going to come after
you when this is over.

You know I've been in this
business for over 20 years now,

Statistically, my time is up.

I need your contacts to get
Lee out of the country.

I need you to trust me.

I do.


Gonzalez ... Up!

You've got a sister,

talk or she'll be here next.

In Amman ...

With who?

With who?

Think about your sister ...
Here with me.

Who's your contact in Amman?

Mona ...

Mona Al-Fatha. And a man.

Amman, Jordan.

Salam Aleikum.

Where is Lee. You take me to him.

- Another time.
- You failed before.

The border between
Uzbekistan and Afghanistan.

It was you.

When I'm finished with Lee,

I'm coming for you.

As God wants.


You got him?

I can take out Hamilton, repeat,
I can take out Hamilton.

No, he'll lead us to Lee.
We'll take him out later.


Call me Tareq.

Sniper to the right on the roof. Go!

Tareq hurry to the car! Quick!

The car Tareq!


What about Lee?

Did you get him?

Did you get him?


I'm sorry.

If people are going to sacrifice
their lives for you...

I want to know why.

Why is my friend dead?

I said, answer me! What do you know?

Don't do it.

Don't do it.

I hope he's worth it.

Wait here.


May God have mercy on his soul.

Keep an eye on them.
I'll be right back.

I really appreciate all
the help you've given me.

I used my friendship with
Mona to save your life.

So now, I want you

tell me everything you know.

War is extremely profitable for
an organization like Sectragon.

Pentagon has fed over $10 billion
to private contractors in Iraq.

The world is waiting for
Al-Shabab to strike again.

And I know when and
where that'll happen.

Hart's team will carry out the operation.

But Al-Shabab will get the blame.

What will they do?

I'll give you more information
when I'm in safety.

You are on the CIA's terrorist list.

Sectragon has contacts in the CIA.

- What can I do?

- Demand to speak to our
extra trial Prime Minister.

That's your only chance to get
through to the right people.


The airport is under surveillance.

So we take you to Damascus.
You fly from there.

Abu Omar, give me
something to cover him.

Stockholm's archipelago.

Mr. Lee ... Welcome.

Your business is
finished now, Hamilton.

This way please.

I've already told you sir,

Only if I can speak directly
with the prime minister

will I speak about any information
concerning Sectragon.

I don't think your negotiation
tactics serves you well,

beacause it's only a
matter of time before the

CIA finds out that you
in Swedish custody.

You remember that!

There was one thing, she
called me later in the night.

She had forgotten her computer
and wanted me to look after it.

- Do you have it here?
- Yes, come here.

Ehm, this is the man who
was there with Mary.

We have two witnesses
who can verify it.

I want to know if I can publish
this picture in the press?

- Wait for a bit.
- Why?

Ehh ... There's something
I have to check.

Check what?

Was I unclear? Was there anything
I said you don't understand?

- You know who it is don't you?
- Back off for now, back off.

North Fors Industries, Stockholm.

The Foreign Ministry
has not approved any

end-user certificates that
have not been correct.

There are no "hidden appointments"

no bribes ... No smuggling that
can be connected to North Fors.

There's just one small detail that
will show up during an investigation.


That it was you who
pushed through the Sky

Shadow agreement with
Hungary a year ago.

Yes, but it was completely by the book.

- Yes.
- Yes.

And now they are gone.

And you have not been paid.

And now they are being used
by Al-Shabab in Somalia.

But, but wait a minute, what
the hell are you saying now?

What? Clas, what the hell?

Swedish intelligence has
a man in their custody.

He knows all about this.

- Yes, and, and who is it?
- His name is Benjamin Lee.

And he's going to tell
everything he knows.

So Benjamin Lee will need guarantees
from the Swedish government.

- He wants a new
identity and protection.
- Mmmm.

And he will only talk directly
with you, personally.

Well that's not a problem.

Well unfortunately,

the U.S. has listed him as a terrorist.

Benjamin Lee knows,

how step by step they are setting
the stage for a war in Horn of Africa.

But these claims come from a terrorist.

Is there any evidence?


- Benjamin Lee is credible.
- So, he's credible?

Are we suppossed to ignore
information that comes from the CIA?

Sectragon is planning an assassination

where the blame is
placed on terrorists.

When it happens, a war in
the region is inevitable.

Get him to talk.

On Tuesday, Joseph Bekele will
be at the peace conference.

I want to know everything
that Benjamin Lee knows.

According to sources in
American military leadership

there is a planned a series of
military exercises in Somalia.

Ethiopia's prime minister, Josef Bekele

who has worked for a
peaceful development

between countries in
the Horn of Africa,

is worried about the
future of the region,

and fears new violence
between countries.

And we continue now
with new information

about the murder of
Dr. Maria Solska.

According to a police spokesman,
certain evidence has been found

that shows there's a link to Poland

where Maria Solska had
visited 11 times in recent years.


I want you to talk to Lee.

My new boss says I'm finished with it.

You're the only one who
can get him to talk.

You are the only one Benjamin trusts.

There was another person who
trusted me, but she's dead now.

Let Maria Solska go.

It was an accident.

That was no fucking
accident, it was a reflex.

You know that as well.

I've been training to
master it for 20 years.

It has saved my life many times.

It only took a split second ...
I killed Mary.

You're wrong.

Tomorrow ...

I'm turning myself in.

You stand outside the system,
and there's a good reason for it.

You should protect the nation's
interests, when necessary.

I am trained to kill in
the nation's interest.

But I can't.

I can't anymore.

I loved her.

Do you understand?

Mary's death was perhaps ...
a reflex as you say.

But the same reflex saved
Benjamin Lee's life.

So I ask you talk to Lee.

Do it before going to the police.

You're too late.

I already told them
everything about the attack.

Who have you told?


Benjamin Lee is gone.

Here's what we'll do, I
will meet you and Vernman

We have a leak ... Otherwise Sectragon
would never have found him.

We must get him back.

No. I'll handle this.

I do this my way now.

Carl, you work for me.

You'll hear from me.

You can't do this alone.

I'm not alone.

Can you explain to me how the hell

Sectragon could find him here?

How do you know it was them?

Who else could it be?

The monitoring files are gone.



Thomas, can I have a word with you?

Benjamin Lee is gone. He may be dead.

Three Swedish soldiers responsible
for his safety were killed.

Someone leaked where he was.


No, but what ...

It was only you and I
who knew where he was.

But my god Sara, are you accusing me?

Benjamin Lee is a wanted
terrorist, that's all we know.

How do we know for sure that someone from
our own Intelligence Service didn't do it?

Or, or if it was Benjamin Lee who
killed our men and then ran ...

We don't know this.


But I'll figure it out now.

Thank you for helping me.

I'm doing this for Tareq.

- So, this is where you hide out?
- Yea.

See that?


That's Hart.

Yea, but how did he find Lee?

Is there a leak?

Yea, apparently.

But I never heard a
word about an attack.

- Yea, but he's lying.
- He had to survive.

And as soon as Hart realizes
this, he will kill him.

So we go for Hart.

He will lead the way to Lee.

Did you know her?

Yea ... she was murdered.

Who did it?

So what happened?

Maria Solska?

Is she involved with this?

Did she work for Sectragon?


Was it your fault?

I slit her throat.

Can I trust you?


If we meet Hart and it
comes to combat ...

Can I trust you?

"I've been doing this for
almost 20 years now."

"Statistically, my time is up,"

- You said that to me back
in Amman, didn't you?

- Yes, I did.

So, is that what you prefer?

A bullet from Hart?

But this doesn't work for me, Carl.

You know ...

I started to imagine
a life with her ...

A life?

You mean like just an ordinary life?

- Like, a life.
- Carl!

You are who you are, why
can't you just accept it?

She was innocent.

Well she was not the only one.

And right now Carl, the only
thing I want to know is

I can trust you or not.

- Do you understand?

You can trust me.

I'm at home, we need
to know what you know.

So call me.

Hello! I am looking for Carl Hamilton.

What is it?

That's a very vague
answer to my question

Johanna ... Yes, come in..

- Is Carl at home?
- No.

You can speak with me, I'm his father.

What has the boy done now?

You are not his dad.

How did you track him?

Through you.

I talked with your boss,

and then came to visit him
when we met yesterday.

The reason for the meeting
was initiated by you.

I saw you.

I was just waiting for you to show up.

Carl has killed a woman, do you
think it's right to protect him?

If this did happen,

Hamilton is one of our most valuable assets.

So now I ask you, and I ask only once

forget about this little crusade ...

So you think I should just drop it?

One time I said, not two!

Shall we go?

Sectragon Headquarters, Dallas.

Lee has been talking.

And the damage?

- Relatively small.
- Do what you have to.

And if it involves the
Swedish Prime Minister?

Josef Bekele will die ...
Just not how we planned it.

But his death will have
exactly the same impact.

You see, flexibility is the
cornerstone of our profession.

If we remain flexible,
we maintain control.

- Control?
- Al-Shabab will take the blame.

And the new Ethiopian
government will join us

in the war against terror.


- Good morning.

- I called earlier and
made a reservation.
- Yes.

Is this a room with a
view of the bridge?

Absolutely sir, we
arranged that for you.

It's room 5083.

Welcome Mr. Lee.

Let's check the timings.

All set and clear.

Blue Lexus.


We're good to go.

- Saliva and DNA on this?
- Yea.



It's too big, it'll take
out half the hotel.

No, there's a construction
flaw in the belt.

Parts of his head and
torso will remain intact.

The belt sir.

Hart. Hart, wuts you doing?

- Hart, please, listen to me.
- We are at war.

You remember that?

- Please ...

- Josef Bekele will die,
for the greater good.

For the world to see what happens
when terrorism takes a foothold.

You brought this on yourself.

You'll take out two heads of state,
before you blow up yourself up.

You didn't see that coming, did you?

When you turned yourself against us.

Who the hell are you?

Wait ...

Have you ever used weapons?

Have you killed anyone?

Sixteen people died on the border
between Uzbekistan and Afghanistan.

A family was wiped out
by a Sky Shadow mortar

in Somalia.

You murdered them.

You didn't press the button

but you murdered them.

Benjamin Lee explained everything to me
before Hart kidnapped him.

If you do not turn yourself in...
And tell everything

I'll come back. I promise!

Do you understand what I'm saying?

- Hart! We have to meet.
- What happened?

A man came into my office
and threatened to kill me.

- He knew everything.

- Listen, you keep your
shit together, you hear me?

- Meet me at the lay by in the woods.
- Ok.

They took the bait.

Thank you Mr. Bekele
for coming to Sweden.

It is my pleasure.

I'm sorry.

- What did he know?
- He knew about you kidnapping Lee.

- When did it happen?
- About 30 minutes ago ...

- Miller.
- Yes sir.

- Are we alone?
- No, Hamilton is following.

The package is on time for delivery.

Get back to the hotel Clarion now!

Sure. He's a dead man.


Problem solved ... Let's go!


I go for sniper

you take the other one.

Son of a bitch!

Ten minutes.

Get up! Get up!

Drop it, or I'll cut her throat.

- Shoot him ...
- Shut the fuck up!

- Shoot him!
- Drop it, or she's dead.

It's good,

I'm ok.

It went right through, right through.

You will be fine.

We gotta go! Gotta go!

We know that Swedish weapons were used.

North Fors Industries are involved ...

and Sectragon carried
the operation out.



you know where he is and
he thinks you're dead.

You must see a doctor.

You know what to do.

Miller, come in.


Miller, come in.

Wait ...

Carl, please come back.

- Heard anything?


How long?

Four minutes.

This number will blow the bridge

then you've got one hour to
get to the assembly point.

- Let's do this!Yes sir.
- Good luck!

Let's Rock!

I blow up Lee ...

we both die.

Is that what you want?

Mona Al-Fatha,

she was in a car outside.

We have her.

I make a call ...

you have her, I walk ...
Problem solved.

I mean what I say.

Now I need my telephone ...

Do it.

Make the call.

Careful ...

Room 5083.

Everything is there.

- What are you doing here?
- I wanted to talk to you.

I'll talk with you when
you are sentenced ...

It's not going to happen.

Maria died ... because I am who I am.

I'm not going to be judged.

But I will live with this ...
the rest of my life.

It is in the national interest

that it is a well-kept secret.


It is fact in the nation's interest.

I'm here to ask you to let it go.

Wait ...


It's yours.