Hamid (2018) - full transcript

Eight year-old Hamid learns that 786 is God's number and decides to try and reach out to God, by dialing this number. He wants to talk to his father, who his mother tells him has gone to Allah. One fine day the phone call is answered.

-Are you okay?
-It's nothing. I am fine.

Clashing with the waves is inevitable
for those who depend on the river.

What color have you
planned the boat to be?

The usual.


It suits the Jhelum River.

Go home.

When will Father come home?

Come here.


Rehmat Ali.

What's that?

My tools, sir.
I build boats.

Open it.

What's that?

Hand it over.

I write poetry as well.

Read it.

-Go ahead, read it!

"A silent haze
Engulfs my lonely night

Keeps me awake,
Tossing and turning

I struggle, I fight,
I try to write

No end to this torment,
I cry into the night"

What's troubling you?

Are you talking about starting a riot?

Where are you going to start it?

Sir, it’s my heart that is troubled.

Feeling troubled, are you?

Sir, what are you doing?

Mother, the match is about to start.

Your father’s on his way.

People live in hiding
in Mubarak Mandi. Why?

What's nine times six?



Focus on your studies.

Don't waste your time on such nonsense.

It's not nonsense.
Father said so.

Greetings, Father!

-Did you get the cell for me?
-Did you get the calendar?

Father, I want a cell.

-Father, my cell...

I forgot.

Are you okay?


But my cell...

You don't even remember
your multiplication tables...

and your exams are
right around the corner.

Come on, let your father hear them.

Nine ones are nine.
Nine twos are eighteen.

Nine threes are twenty-seven.

-Nine fours are--

My cell!

I bought one.
But I forgot it at the workshop.

The match is on...
I mean, it is about to start.

I know.

So, my cell?

I'll get it. Okay?

-Go on now.

Hold on.

It's late.

If I don't go...

the ghost of Mubarak Mandi
will haunt us all night.

This looks good on you.

Get the cell from Basheer.

Don't go to the workshop at this hour.

Okay. I'll be back.

You're such a brat.

What is nine times five?




I am working.

At school...

pay attention on
learning the language.

Your language reflects your character.

-I'll be back.
-The bus will leave!

Give me five minutes.

The bus left?

Why did you go there?

Son, those who go to Allah...

have to be buried.


So that...


So that we can forget them.

Shall we...

take another route to school today?

Shall we?

Sure, right?
Let's go.

What does "Hamid" mean?

-The meaning of "Hamid"?

They say, Hamid is the one
who praises Allah.

But I have never done that
and I don't even know Him.

That's not true in His case.

Allah knows everybody.

He cares about everybody.

Then He might know everybody's
name as well, right?


Who is He? Who am I?
Tell me, who are you?

I’ll cook a duck in one big pot

Veggies cut in tasty bites

Then pour water on their florets

A drop at a time

A drop at a time

A drop at a time

Dad, get the butter for the hookah

Get the butter for the hookah

See the crow dance

See the crow dance

Take a rod!
Hit the tail!

Then my father wins the treasure

Who is He?
And who are we?

He stays within us, quietly

It is He who bonds us

He teaches us to love

And shelters us

And shelters us

A drop at a time

A drop at a time

Who is that in the photo?
Show it to me.

-I'll tell on you.
-What's going on?

Sir, Hamid is hiding a photo.

Let me see it.

It's my father.
He is missing.

He's not missing.
He has gone to Allah.

May Allah bless his soul.

Hamid, my boy,
keep this photo at home.

How do you know
my father is with Allah?

My granny says that
Allah takes those He loves.

But he should have told us
before leaving, right?

Only your father or Allah
can answer this question.



Look at our young revolutionary
pissing his pants.

You're crazy! He's just a kid.
Let him go.

If anything happens to him,
we'll be in trouble.

I don't give a damn.

Abhay! Listen to me, man.

Stop it! Abhay!

Listen to me!

Abhay, don't repeat the earlier mistake.

Don't remind me of it every time.

Wait outside.

This file...

Please wait outside.

The commissioner has to go for a meeting.

So, he cannot see any of you.

How can he not?
We have been waiting here for so long.

How is it going to help?

Let me tell you what he will say.

"We're doing our best to find everyone.

And if we find someone,
we'll let you know."

That's what you hear every day, right?

Done? Now leave.

This is your file.
That’s mine.

What difference does it make?

The termites will eat them anyway.

Please honk.

Run him over.


-What are you waiting for?
-Are you crazy?

-Let me--
-Have you lost it?

Get up!

Let me do it!

What are you doing?
Let go!

You guys want freedom?

I'll show you what freedom is!

Let go!

-We want...


-We want...

-We have the right to...

-We want...

-We have the right to...

-We want...

-We want...

-We want...


-We have the right to...

What does "7-8-6" mean, Mother?

It is Allah's number.

He has a number as well?


why did Father go to Allah?

Who said so?


We have to go
to an engagement ceremony.

Get ready.

But I don't have any new clothes.
And my shoes...

Hurry up.


I'll be right there.

Why are you here?

I am here for my son.

We are here for our son as well.

We've been here since morning.

I'll be right back.

I am really worried.

It's getting dark.

And my wife's not keeping well.

I just hope he's alright.

Thank you, Allah!
Thank you!

He's my son.

For heaven's sake,
don't call him your son.

Please let me bury him.

Please don't do this to me.

Have mercy on me.

I ask you for the same.

Please have mercy on me.

Why are you doing this to me?

Silly girl!

It's her engagement
and she's glued to the TV.

Tell me. How's Hamid?

Fine, I guess.

He asked me why his father
went to Allah.


Did you tell him that it's not true?

I didn't want to raise false hopes
of his father's return.

Basheer says you should
send Hamid to the workshop.

But his father wanted him to study.


I think his father would be very happy...

if Hamid follows in his footsteps
and learns his craft.

Is that your father in the photograph?

"My fingers work magic
Giving shape to dreams

It is of help even in heaven
Allah says me so"

Your father recited this poem,
sitting on this sofa.

He used to speak to Allah?

That's why he's busy helping Him.

Sir, let's go. It’s time.

Basheer, bring the boy
to the mosque for namaz.

Of course.

Spare some change in the name of Allah.

Hamid, did you offer prayers this morning?

He goes to school in the morning.
There's no time to spare.

School is important.
But so is going to heaven.

When will he get done with his work?

-My father.

You said he's gone to heaven
to help Allah.

That is up to Allah to decide, son.


Get his trousers altered.

Yes, sir.

They should be above his ankles...

for his prayers to be heard.

Please excuse me.
I have some urgent work.



Uncle, is "7-8-6" Allah's number?

"Bismillah ir Rahman ir Rahim."

Those letters in Urdu add up to 786.

What do you mean?

I mean... you're right.
It is Allah's number.

Do you talk to Allah as well?
Like my father?

Not everyone can.

He spoke to your father
because he was a good craftsman.

You should come to the workshop.

If you learn the art,
you'll become a good craftsman as well.


Yes, I am bringing your order.

Could you pay a little...

You can pay the pending amount.

All right.

I'll be there.

Mother, I want Father's box.


To go to the workshop
and learn how to build a boat.

Focus on your studies.

But Father is helping Allah
all by himself.

That's why he is taking so long
to come back.

Who told you this?


That's nonsense.

Clean it before you take
it to the workshop.

Yes, Mother.


Can you check if it is working?

Will I be able to make calls?

You have exhausted your credit.

You'll have to add in some
credits to make calls.


You need a minimum of ten rupees.

Ten rupees?

Mother, Allah is really nice.

He's beautiful as well.


I'm saying that Allah is good.
He is beautiful.

And He plays the guitar really well.

Stop blabbering.
Finish your homework.

Mother, I need ten rupees.


My pen's not working.
I need a new one.


Hey, get up!

Look at him!
Come on, dance!

Don't be shy!


Three teenagers were traveling
to Srinagar by car.

When they took the bypass,
bullets were fired at them--

What are you doing?

-Change the channel.
-I won't.

Are you out of your mind?
Give me the remote.

I don't want to watch it!

I won't give it back!

-Give me the remote!
-Hold on, one second.

You have lost it, you fool!

Abhay, what's wrong with you?

-Let go--
-Give me the remote.

I won't give you the remote!

That's enough, Abhay!
Let go of him!

Calm down, man!
Let go!

Leave him alone!

-Here's the remote.
-Let's get out of here!

Let go!


What are you doing?
Are you crazy?

Frustrated fucker!

Why can't he just quit?

Can't you hear them?

I know what those bastards
say behind my back.

Sit down!

What did I do?

-It wasn't my fault.
-Enough, Abhay!

Shut your mouth!

I didn't know there was a kid in the van.

Those bastards!
They use children to protect themselves!

They ruined everything for me!

That day, I pulled the trigger.

But I didn't kill that child.

Those terrorists killed him!

If you know this,
then why do you keep getting so angry?

Because I am sick of it!

I wish I could put it behind me!

Then... leave it to God.

He got you into this mess and
He will get you out of it.

Just try to calm down.

Calm down.

Easy now.


Spare some change in the name of Allah.

Spare some change in the name of Allah.

Spare some change in the name of Allah.

Why beg in the name of Allah?

I’ll get nothing
if I ask the money for myself.

So can you give me
nine rupees in Allah's name?

Nine rupees?

I need ten.
But I already have a rupee.

Asking a beggar for alms?

What will you do with it?

I need some money to talk to Allah.

You're crazy.

Here, keep this.

If you get through to Allah...

-seek His blessings for me as well.

What’s the number?



-That's it.

What kind of a number is this?

"Bismillah ir Rahman ir Rahim,"
adds up to this number.

But it’s not a phone number.

"Shah Jahan" adds up to 356.

-But that's not his phone number.

Because mobile numbers require ten digits.

Ten digits?
But this is the only number I have.

First go and get the right number.

Where were you?

Do you expect me to look for you as well?

Mother, I was--

You had asked me
why your father left, right?

He left because of you!

Stop crying!

Hamid, where are you going?

Bilaal, Allah is beautiful!

He is powerful!

And a fine singer, too.



Who is it?

My fiancée.

My folks sent me her photo yesterday.

And as soon as I saw her, I said yes.

You did the right thing.

Your daughter?
She looks lovely.

-What's her name?

She's eight months old.

And almost two feet tall.

You should go home.

Or are you waiting
for her to become a bride?

The government must approve my leaves.

It's been a year and a half
since I saw my family.

I'm dying to hold my daughter.

Looks like someone's missing you.

It rang earlier as well.


Who's speaking?

I praise you a lot.


I don't know you well,
but I still praise you a lot.

Who are you?

It's me. Hamid.

Who is it?

Some kid.
He says he praises me.

What for?

What do you praise me for?

For how wonderful and nice you are

and how you sing so beautifully.

But I'm a terrible singer.

Okay, I won't praise you for that.

Who is it?

-Whom do you want to talk to, kid?

-Hang up.

Who was it?

Some silly kid playing a prank.

Prank call, huh?

-Will the bus go to Buddarkote?

But I don't have money.

Then use your feet, Your Highness.

Have you no shame?

He's just a kid.
From where will he get the money?

Don't you fear Allah?

Son, I'll pay your fare.


Come, Hamid.

Uncle Rasool, look who's here.


You have grown taller.

He wants to learn how to build a boat.

You have come to the right person.
I taught your father as well.

I want to become
a really good craftsman.

Maybe then Allah will speak to me.

If only He listened to children...

the world would be a beautiful place.


Your father built this boat.

Will it sail on water?

No, it's not ready yet.

What do you mean?

A boat's weight should be
absolutely precise for it to float.

Not the slightest of difference will do.

But the boat is so big.
How do we weigh it?

That's what craftsmanship is about.

First, we must choose
the right kind of wood.

It's the most important step.

If you use the wrong kind,
the boat will sink.

Do you understand?

Okay, I'll quit my job.

Then I'll be home
to gaze at my daughter all day.


You don't have to tell me
over and over again.

I know Father is unwell.

Are you done? Bye.


Who is it now?

Please don't hang up.

I need to speak to Allah.

I told you--

I know you’re very busy
but I just need two minutes.

Fine, tell me.

Are you Allah?

You have called Allah, haven't you?


So, yes, I am Allah.

But you don't sound like us.

Never mind. You can speak the way you want
and I will follow.

Are you coughing?

It sounds bad.
Seems like you have caught a cold.

Don't you have any warm clothes?

I don't have anything!

Okay, I'll do something about it.

How many times should I...

My father said one should not
talk too much with a bad throat.

It makes it worse.

I have kept a shawl for you
outside the mosque.

It's my father’s
but you can keep it.

You'll feel better.

I should go now.

My mother doesn't know that I am out.

Spare some change in the name of Allah.

Spare some change in the name of Allah.

Where did you find this shawl?

Allah gave it to me.

Wow! He can't even take care of Himself.

No wonder He needs help!

Who needs help?


If He knew how to take care of Himself,
my father would still be here.

Good morning, Allah.

You again?

How are you feeling?

I am... feeling better.

Why did you give
my shawl to that beggar?


I know you did.
He said so.

What's your name?

Hamid Ali.
Bal Vihar Public School.

Mother's name: Ishrat Ali.
Father's name: Rehmat Ali.

Oh, my! All I asked for was your name.

There are two other Hamids in my school.
You should know the right one.

How did you get my number?

Every calendar, poster,
and mosque has your number.


But nobody knows how
to convert it into ten digits.

I am intelligent so I figured it out.


-How old are you?
-Not too old.

-What’s your age?
-Don't you know?

You're supposed to know everything.

Yeah, but I can't remember right now.

Of course.
It must be too much to handle

with the whole world
praying to you, right?

I am seven.

You are young.

Tell me. What's your problem?

I have told you so many times.

Didn't you listen to me at the mosque?

What do I do?
The whole world brings its problems to me.

It's difficult to remember.

Never mind. Tell me again.

Everyone says that
my father is with you.

I have written a letter to him.

Once he knows what's in it...

I am sure he will come back.
Will you please convey the message?


I will.

"Dear Father, I am doing fine.

I have been studying hard and..."

Wait, that’s a lie.
I got carried away.

"Dear Father, I am doing fine.

Although, I do get yelled at by Mother
for not studying.

I know why you left me.

I shouldn't have been
so stubborn about the cell.

I am sorry, Father.
I will never disobey you again.

I won't watch TV as well.

Mother is acting a bit strange.

She doesn't even look at me.

Perhaps she doesn't love me anymore.

Please come back, Father.

Mother has knitted a sweater for you.

And I am building a boat for you.

Please, come back soon.
Your son, Hamid."

You will convey this message, won't you?

Yes... I will.

I have to go now.
We'll talk later.

What happened, Abhay?

I felt like my daughter
was calling out to me.

You'll see her soon.

Uncle Rasool.

Why is he distributing money?

He is just paying their salaries.

I see.

I also want a salary.


Yes, I have been working.
I should be paid.

But you are still learning.

But it involves working as well, right?

If you say so.


Thank you.

Work diligently
and I'll pay you 100 rupees a week.

If not,
I'll pay you 100 rupees a month.

And if I work extremely well,
will I get 100 rupees a day?

Get back to your work.

Where did you get this money from?

It's my salary.

Your salary?

Uncle Basheer paid me 100 rupees
for helping him at the workshop.

But it's just 70 rupees.
Where's the rest?

I spent it on getting Father back.

What do you mean?

I need to convince Allah
to send him back.

You gave it away as alms?

Yes, I gave it to the beggar
who sits outside the mosque...

chanting Allah's name.

Next time, bring it all to me.


I need to tell you something.

I lied to my mother.

Father always said that lying isn't good.

Yet, I lied.

What did you say to her?

Uncle gave me 100 rupees as salary,
but I gave her only 70.

What about the rest?

I told her that the rest is with you.

How so?

I spent 20 rupees
so that I could talk to you.

And I hid the remaining ten.


I need to paint my father's boat.

I have been asking Uncle
to get the red paint.

But he says it costs too much.

That's why I have decided
to save ten rupees every week

to buy the paint.

I must paint the boat
before Father comes back.

But don't tell him about it.

Your father used to build boats?

Yes, and he also wrote poems.

Did you give him my message?

I will... do it soon.

Please hurry up.

My exams are near and
Father always helped me with my studies.


Well, can you recite one of his poems?

Give me a minute.

"Here, one fights with a gun in his hand

To gain access to the heavens above

While the heaven on earth
Lies in shambles"

How was that?


Do you write as well?

I don't know how to.

But my father wanted me
to work on my language.

He used to say that our language
reflects our character.

Do you write poetry as well?

Even I don't know how to.

But I do remember one.

Which one?

Let me recite it.

"The Himalayan mountain peaks
Speak for our glorious land

They motivate us to take a stand
To be a nation, proud and free

As its immortal son,

Stay steadfast

To the path you have chosen

March on, march on!

Thunderbolts may strike you

Son of our motherland,
Do not waver, be brave

Like a raging fire
Conquer what is in your way

There will be triumph over all,
Brave hero

March on, march on!

March on, march on!

-March on, march on!
-March on, march on!

-March on, march on!
-March on, march on!

-March on, march on!
-March on, march--

March on, march on!

March on, march on!

March on, march on!

March on, march on!

-March on, march on!
-March on, march on!

-March on, march on!
-March on, march on!"

"March on, march on!

March on, march on!

March on, march on!

March on, march on!

-March on, march--"
-Hey, kid!


It will make you stronger.

I have never seen a kid pick almonds
instead of dates or raisins.

Come here.

Your uncle told me that
you donated some money

from your first salary to Allah.

But mere alms won't do.

Allah wants freedom for Kashmir.

And for that, you'll have to go
to the other side of the mountains.

Not now.
We'll send you when you are older.

Do me a favor.

Distribute these pamphlets
amongst everyone.

Can you repeat the name?

Ali. Rehmat Ali.

He filed the complaint?

No, Rehmat Ali is missing.

His wife filed the complaint.
Ishrat Ali.

Here it is.

What did he do for a living?

He used to build boats.

I see.

Yes. He's the one.

What's the progress on his case?

We are still investigating.

Did you find anything?

Why should I tell you about it?
Has the Chief Minister sent you?

No, he hasn't.

But I can surely file
a complaint with him.

Be my guest.

Everyone who comes here
has lost someone.

Yesterday a man was here.

His son had vanished
from his wife's womb.

Mind your language.

It reflects your character.

Yes, Hamid?

Did you speak to my father?

Mother's gone to the
police station again.

Why don't you send him back quickly?

Which police station did she go to?

I don't know.
She never takes me there.

I'll call you back in a while.

Are you Ishrat?

Looks like our duties are changing.

There is no end to our Fridays,
and the Sundays never come.

I have applied for a leave.
Let's see if it gets approved.

For now, let's get done with the Friday.

Hello, Hamid.

-Where are you?
-Near the mosque.

-We have the right to...

-We want...

-We want...

-We have the right to...

I hope you're not with the rioters.

Stay away from them.
They destroy everything in sight.

Go home!

Do you understand?
Go home, right now!

-We want...

-We want...

Go home. Now!

I was warning someone.
A kid I know.


-We have the right to...

-We want...

You owe me 5,000 rupees.
You haven't paid me a single penny!

For how long should I wait?

Everyone has problems.
I have a child to--

Allah, Mother's always scolding me.

And today, you scolded me as well.

I wasn't scolding you.

I wanted you to understand that it’s not
good to throw stones at anybody.

I would never do that.

Father said that if you throw stones,
you'll be shot at in return.

And stones are no match for bullets.

Your father was right.

He also said that only Allah
has the right to take lives.

Allah, have you ever taken someone's life?


Your father was absolutely right.

He really cared about you.
I mean, he still does.

If he cared, he would have been here.

I want him back, now!

It's not that easy.

I'm doing exactly what Father wanted.

But if he doesn't come back,
I'll join the agitators.

I'll go to the other side
of the mountains.


To the other side.

Uncle Abbas wants to send me there.

Father was against it, but I’ll go.

He was right. You cannot go!

Send my father back and I won’t go.

But if you don't, I will go.

Hamid... listen to me.

We don't have money.

Someone is not paying Mother for her work.

That's why she's angry.

Can you help?

Tell me who it is.

Give me his number.

Just a minute. I'll find it.

Here's your money.

And sorry for the delay.

-Is it the entire amount?


Thank you, Allah.
Now please send my father.

Long live India, sir.

Long live India.

At ease.

You wanted to see me?

Why are you inquiring about
Rehmat Ali’s disappearance?

It's a small town.

Information spreads like wildfire.

Sir, there is a kid...

who is looking for his father.

And you think you can find him?

I just want to help him.

Help the kid... or his mother?

You're a soldier, stick to your job.
Do not interfere in politics.

Your actions have glorified
the force already.

Sir, I had applied for a leave.
Can you please approve it?

The CM will be here in a few days.
Get back to work.

Once he goes back,
I'll think about your leave.

What makes a boat float on water?

The water.

But objects sink in water, right?

That's the trick, my boy.

The water makes the boat float
and sink as well.

You know what's special
about living on boats?


Those who live on boats
have vast open skies to look up to.


It makes them realize
how small their problems really are.

Hence, they can never be arrogant.

You know what arrogance is?

It's when someone brags about themselves.
"I have this, I have that...

I know the minister,
I know the governor."

I am not arrogant.

Good. Very good.

I never boast about the people I know.

Very good.

So far...

-I have taught you a lot about religion.
-Yes, sir.

-We have covered many topics.
-Yes, sir.

And today we're going to
watch a film about it.



Hamid, we're going to watch a film.

Join us.

No, I must rush.
Otherwise Mother will get upset.

You'll upset Allah if you don’t.

Khurram, come here.

Take him upstairs.


-Allahu Akbar!
-Allahu Akbar!

Allah has ordered us
to raise our voice for freedom.

Our blood will pave the way
for a Kashmir that is free.

They are wrong.

How do you know?

Allah doesn't speak that way.

Have you ever talked to him?

We were in the neighborhood,
so we came to see you.

-This is Nabeela.


Come in.

-Would you like some tea?
-No, thank you.

This is my son, Hamid.

-Oh, really?



Go inside.

The Chief Minister
will be in town tomorrow.

Our committee is going
to protest against him.

It will be a silent march.

We want you to join us...

for Rehmat.

I'm doing everything I can.

I don't want to get into politics.

It's about our rights.
It's a fight for survival.

Do you really think that...

going to different
police stations and morgues,

identifying dead bodies
and filing complaints

will bring your husband back?

And you think your protest
will bring him back?

No, but it may stop
others from disappearing.

If not for Rehmat, do it for Hamid.

Do you have a photo of Rehmat?




You wanted Father’s photo, right?


If I give it to you,
will he come back?

I don't know, my child.

But I know for sure that he will.


I'll make a copy of it
and return it to you.

Now go home, to your mother.

Hopefully they will approve
my leave once the CM leaves.

Yes, he'll be here tomorrow.

The phone lines may not work
for a while tomorrow.

So don't worry
if you don't get through to me.

Don't you remember?
Last time you had created a ruckus.

I need to go.
Bye. Goodnight.

Allah, something's wrong with Mother!

What happened?

She refuses to speak.

And she's undoing Father’s sweater.

Please do something.

Send Father back. Now.

I tried but...

I want to talk to my father right now.

Your father is not a kid.
He's not my responsibility.

He came to me on his own and
he will return when he wants to.

I can't help you.

But you can do anything.

There’s nothing I can do.
Go to sleep!

Why are you scolding me?

Why don't you understand?

Abhay, come out.

-What happened?
-Just come with me.

Abhay, they killed Rajinder too.



Get me a glass of water.




I came here to return this.

Will you join us?


I need to go, Hamid.

Mother, you forgot Father's file.

I don't need it today.

Mother, have faith in Allah.
He will--

He is there, my dear.

But He simply doesn't care.


Where's my father?

Hamid, I'll talk to you later.

But you promised to send him back.

I tried my best.

Liar! Why are you not helping me?

I’ll tell you why.

-Hamid, your father--
-He is not your responsibility, right?

I get it now.
You don't care about anyone!

I care but I can't do anything.

Then what's the point of your existence?

I am not Allah.

I'm a soldier in the Indian Army.

Do you know what that means?

That you are my enemy?


And you're my enemy.

What about my father?

He is never coming back.

No one can bring him back.

Someone, either from our side...

or yours...

has killed him.


your father is dead.

Show me your ID!

Move back!

Show me your ID!

Jagdish, don't!

Let go of him! Now!

Let go!



I won't spare him.

What are you doing, Jagdish?

He's just a kid.

One of them must have killed Rajinder.

No, Jagdish.
Rajinder would not have wanted this.

Not here, Ishrat.



You can't cry here.

None of us, present here, do.

If others see you,
they'll break down as well.

Allah, why did you take my father?

Allah, why did you take him?

Send him back!

Why did you take my father?


Why did you take him?

Mother, I have finished
building Father's boat.

Will you come see it tomorrow?



Hope you're doing well.





There's a parcel for you, Hamid.

-Hamid built this?


You finally bought the red paint?

I didn't.
Allah sent it.