Hama no asahi no usotsukidomo to (2021) - full transcript

Movie theater Asahi-za has existed for almost a 100 years in Minamisoma, Fukushima Prefecture. Unlike other theaters, Asahiza plays old films and doesn't get a lot of customers. The manger of Asahi-za, Yasuzo Morita, finally decid...

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(TV Drama Commemorating the
50th Anniversary of Fukushima Central Television)

Teacher, how have you been?

The weather here has gotten hot.

How about over there?
Are you living comfortably?

I've been doing well.

It's just that... I've been unable to find my way.

【Cinematic Liars of Asahi-za】

Ah, that was close.

Hey, Yasuzo!

Oh, Sadao, are you taking it for a walk?

"Wild Horse Chase" has been canceled.
It'll decline if it doesn't go for walks.

Oh, I see. Will you be going to the festival?

No, I won't go.

Okay then, take care.

Good horse.

"Asahi Theater"... Finally found it.

Hey, wait...

Hold on, hold on.

-Water, water...
-What's wrong? What happened?

What's going on?

Little girl, what are you doing?

What's going on?

I'm about to burn it all.

Isn't this film reels?
Why burn them?


Film reels are valuable
assets of the cinema, right?

This place is about to close down.

It's going to be demolished next month.
Keeping the film reels is pointless.

I don't understand what you're saying.

What's there not to understand?

Isn't this cinema nearly a hundred years old?

Oh, is it going to be renovated?

Is that so? That's great.
Nobody watches movies anymore these days.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Ah, this is "Raihun" (title of a movie).

Do you know it if you watch it?

Anna, a country girl, was deceived
by a man and had a miscarriage.

She hides the truth and
works as a maid for a living.

But she gets exposed and
gets kicked out in the heavy snow.

Lilian Gish, who plays Anna,
is so beautiful, so I remember.

What the... I've made up
my mind to burn the film reels.

This theater was built by my grandfather,
probably in the Taisho era.

"Raihun" was released in Tokyo in 1922.

The following year, this theater was established.

My grandfather watched that film in Tokyo

and decided to screen it as
the first film at Asahi Theater.

How can we burn such an important film?

If we don't burn this important film,
how can we make up our minds?

They say a grocery store
can survive for three generations.

There's no choice.
Times change, you know?

Times change?

If this place disappears,
where will the locals watch movies?

Who should I ask if you ask me?

It has survived many disasters
over the past century, even earthquakes.

That means this theater
shouldn't disappear even more.

In the end, it was defeated
by the COVID-19 pandemic.

It will take another year or
two to return to normal life.

It can't hold on for that long.

Relying on donations... and such?

We don't accept donations.
They should go to other theaters, right?

It would be meaningful if other
theaters could be saved.

That's how I convinced myself and
made up my mind to burn the film reels.

Alright? If you understood, just leave.

What are you doing?

-I'm telling you...
-What are you doing?

What's going on?

I stepped on something.

I'll have a headache if this place is gone.

I don't care what you do.
I've already decided.

I don't know your reasons,
but it will give me a headache.

Okay, fine. Go sightseeing then.

I'm not here for sightseeing.

Then why are you here?

I'm here... to rebuild this theater.


Someone asked me to find an
old man with a beer belly...

Um... that is... to find the person in charge here.

They said the venue is good, but the film
lineup is lousy, and they asked me to rebuild it.

You're really stubborn, old man.

What's with the "old man" attitude?

Well, you're an old man.
What's wrong with calling you that?

Shut up, kid. I'm not playing around.

I'm not playing around... ah!

By the way, who are you?

It doesn't matter who I am.

It does matter.
Being pointed at by a stranger...

You better give me your name,
or I'll call the police.



Mogi Riko
(sounds like "ticket collector" in Japanese).

Right, Mogi Riko.

I'm Mogi Riko.

My real name is Asahi Hamano.

Hamano as in "seaside" and "field."

During my first year of high school,
the Great East Japan Earthquake happened.

My dad used to work at
a taxi company in Koriyama.

But all transportation companies
were afraid of radiation

and didn't send cars for decontamination workers.

So, he decided to go to Minamisoma
alone to be in charge of transportation.

Gasoline was scarce,
and natural gas taxis were in high demand.

At first, he received praise,

but when it was known that he made a lot of money,

people's attitudes changed, and they accused him
of profiting from the national disaster.

His company was called
"Hamano Asahi Transportation."

And my name, including both my first
and last names, was associated with it.

As a result, my family faced harassment.

My mother and younger brother,
who stayed in Koriyama, were also ostracized.

Our family was on the verge of falling apart.

Because of those rumors,

I lost all my friends.
They all left me like the receding tide.


How did you get the key to the rooftop?

You can't go up there without
permission from the teachers.


So... how did you get the key?

I... made a spare.


I also have a spare key.

This place is nice for some alone time.

But... it's not good if you jump from here.

What's with that expression?


I've seen you before.

And you're kind of famous at our school too.

Every time, you look like you want to die.

Today, seeing you like that,
I had to stop you.

It's like I'm the monitor for
the cliffs of Toshinbo or something.

It's up to you how you want to do it;
it's your freedom.

But now is also my precious time to relax.

If someone jumps off a building in front of me,
it will be traumatizing for my soul.

I heard you're transferring to another school?

Where are you transferring to?


Tokyo is great.
I used to live there.

It has everything and is very convenient.

But I don't want to go.

Maybe it's better than living
here with no friends.

I've been here for years,
and I still have two more to go.

I feel really sorry about it.

But... the world is not just this place,
you know?

Come with me.

This place is perfect for secretly watching movies.

Here we are.

Hey, Tanaka-sensei.
Are you using this room?

Sorry, Principal. I'm tutoring a student.

Okay, I just saw the door was unlocked.


Take care.

That was close. Thankfully,
it hadn't started playing yet.

Dad, it's because he doesn't truly love
someone that he acts like this.

If you love Mom,
why did you abandon her?

If you don't want to leave Mom,
why don't you love her?

Dad is just full of lies

Dad, please use your true heart to love Mom

(The end of the play)

You can't tell on DVDs, but with film,

say half the time is pitch black.

Do you have a notebook?

I need a pen too.

Film is made up of frames,
24 frames per second.

When you connect them,
it becomes a film strip.

To project it onto a screen,
you need a projector.

The projector allows light to pass
through the film and onto the screen.

But there are lines between each frame of the film.

If you directly project it continuously,
you'll see those lines.

So the projector uses a
shutter to block those lines.

The shutter has notches that look like a fan.

Between the fan blades,
a brief ray of light emerges.

The shutter only allows light
to pass through the fan blades.

It relies on the lingering afterimage
of that moment to carry over to the next frame.

Have you heard of the phenomenon
of visual persistence in human eyes?

It means that half the time,
you're looking at a dark screen.

Sounds quite interesting, doesn't it?

Half the time, watching darkness,
yet still moved and laughing.

That's why movie enthusiasts tend
to have a gloomy personality, right?

But that's not a bad thing, right?

Tokyo has many movie theaters, you know.

Mostly multiplexes, I guess.

Let me tell you something.

Imagine what it will be like 100 years from now.

Anyway, you won't be in this world by then.

How about it?

I thought you were going
to say something inspiring.

Can adults who say such things be trusted?

Anyway, it's okay not to hurry and die today.

"It's okay"... It sounds strange to say "it's okay."

Riko Mogi?

Yes, Mogi... Riko Mogi.

I'm Riko Mogi.

Mogi... the ticket collector...

Are you messing with me,
you little brat?

I'm serious, that's my real name.
I won't change it.

You can't even speak clearly.

I was born for movies,
and I can operate projectors too.

Once you teach me, I'll be able to do it.

I told you, we're closing.

There's no need to hire anyone.

And even before the pandemic,
nobody came anymore.

Although I'm the owner,
my real profession is electrical work.

Otherwise, how could I make a living?

There was a time when movie theaters
were busier than electrical work.

But that was a long time ago.

But... we don't need to demolish it, right?

I've already talked to the real estate company.

A company wants to buy this place,
saying they'll build a large public bath.

They'll set up a small stage and invite singers.

They'll also create a rehabilitation center
on the second floor.

Benefiting the community,
benefiting the people.

Which real estate company
are you talking about?

Why do you want to know?

Never mind. Which one?

Sorry, I wanted to ask about Asahi Theater.

Oh, what about Asahi Theater?

I want to know which company wants to buy it.

And if it can be prevented from
being demolished.

Uh... something like that...


Oh, Who is this young lady?

I don't know either...

He's my relative. My grandmother asked
me not to let it be demolished...

What's going on...?

-I don't know...
-That theater was built by my ancestors.

-My grandfather
-Yes, so we are... relatives.

His grandfather's cousin's
grandniece is my grandmother.

My grandfather didn't have any brothers...

My family moved away,
but we never forgot this theater.

Not only my grandmother, but our
relatives in Koriyama also want to preserve it.

I don't have any relatives in Koriyama...

Movies... It won't do if the movie theater is gone, right?

I've been going there since
I was a child to watch movies...

Yes, spending two hours in the darkness

and entering another world.

Escaping the pain of real life.

After watching, we return to reality,
but with added motivation.

Movies can't fill our stomachs, but... but...

Life feels a bit lonely without movies.

Right, so...

I'm in debt.

I couldn't make a profit anyway,
and air conditioning costs a lot.

I've held on until now,
but I've reached my limit.

- If you understand, go home.
- How much money?

How much money do you owe?

- Why should I tell you...
- How much exactly?

4.5 million yen.


What's there to be afraid of? It's not money
owed for food, drink, gambling, or prostitution.

It's to save the theater.
There's nothing shameful about it.

Running a theater is not that different from gambling.

Although they say distant relatives
are not as good as close neighbors,

But isn't it a good thing that
distant relatives are so proactive in helping?

By the way, you actually have such
a young relative?


She said she's a relative,
but I've never seen her..

Um... when is the deadline for repaying the debt?

Well, it was bought by the owner of "I Enterprise."

The handover date is on the 25th of next month.

I'll contact them and see.

- Please.
- I Enterprise... I Enterprise...

Such a good company. They really
rest on Saturdays and Sundays.

- They're closed today.
- I see.

Anyway, I'll figure out a solution
myself. Thank you.

What a shame.

what are you doing?

I want to try Crowdfunding.

Oh, like fundraising?

There are fundraising options, but
it's easier to succeed with rewards.

What do you mean by rewards?

Tickets to this cinema or
souvenirs, for example.

Excuse me, sir. Can I film the
audience seats?

Miss Riko Mogi, that's enough.

No, we can't give up.

It's already enough that you, an outsider,
an outsider, have such goodwill.

(Closure Notice)

When I was talking to the real
estate agent earlier,

I lied, but you didn't expose it.

You actually want to keep running
the theater, don't you?

I used to work at a film distribution
company in Tokyo

But it went bankrupt due to the pandemic.

Of course, it's not just the film
industry that's struggling.

People in all industries are having
a tough time.

But I had finally gotten the hang of
my job,

and I wanted to introduce
interesting movies to theaters.

But one theater after another closed down.

Without theaters, there's no way
to screen movies.

That's true...

These days, the most important
thing is having food on the table.

Those who produce rice and
vegetables are truly remarkable.

I'm grateful for them.


The people who work hard
every day in the fields

probably have a part of them that
relies on movies,

art, music, things that don't fill the stomach,

to soothe their souls.

My younger brother is a rice farmer,
and he loves watching movies.

He must want the theater to keep running...

He took his own life.

The year after the earthquake.

After enduring great tribulations,
he still worked hard to grow good rice.

He came here to watch
a movie before he died.

Movies can't save people...
It's not the movie's fault either.

But there's nothing we can do.
A movie can't save the life of a rice farmer.

That's a more accurate
way to put it.

We've reached the limit. No one
wants to come watch movies anymore.

The theater doesn't fit the trends
of the times, especially in the countryside.

I've done enough already.

I appreciate your kindness.
Thank you.

But, it's already over.

Do you understand?
If you do, go home.


Idiot. It hasn't even started yet.

Why are you quoting "Bravest Number One"
at an old man like me?

- I want to live in this town.
- Ah?

Nothing has started here yet.

I transferred to Tokyo, but I still
couldn't fit in with the new class.

I had no place to stay
at home either.

I dropped out of school in the first semester
of my third year of high school.

Sorry, teacher...

Well, then I'll go.


I wrote a letter saying I would come.

Sorry for the bad timing...

Hamano Asahi,
from Hamano Asahi Transportation.

Don't bring that up.
What about your boyfriend?

He's not my boyfriend.
Who was he again?

Long time no see. Why do you still
have that "I want to die" look?

i ran away from home.



What about school?

I... I quit.

A serious child like you chose a difficult path.

What did you do in Tokyo?

I just kept watching movies.

Come in. Hmm.

- Find a place to sit anywhere.
- Okay.

- Sit on the chair.
- Ah.

Thank you.

- Phone number.
- Ah?

What's with the "Ah"? Your home
phone number. I'll dial it for you.


There's no "but." Sorry,
you're still a minor.

I'm a teacher at Anami High School.
I'm Mariko Tanaka.

Your daughter came to my side.

Can I keep her with me for a while?

Sorry for the trouble, teacher.
I don't know how to apologize.

No, luckily it's summer vacation now.

Please ask her not to cause
trouble for her little brother.

Ah... Okay. Goodbye.

Sorry for the trouble, teacher.

No, it's perfect timing.
I was feeling down too.

Let's go watch a movie.


So, I started a brief
cohabitation with the teacher.

Oh? Is this kid your former student?

I'm not her mentor.
We're just companions on the rooftop.

What's that?

Is she really a good teacher?
Is there no problem?

There's absolutely no problem.
The students really like her.

The students like me, right?

What do they like about her?

What do they like... Ah,
she makes the students carry condoms.

Is that true?

The parents would be shocked, right?

It caused a commotion. I even
bought them out of my own pocket.

But it's all because the adults
didn't teach them properly.

I told them to carry them
for their own protection.

But then the parents had the school
dismiss me. It was a big hassle.

But the students started a petition,
and the whole school signed it.

That's impressive.

You're just realizing it now.

Luckily, the weather cleared up today.

Really, this place is amazing.
So comfortable.

Oh? Wasn't the teacher going
to stay at his place for a date today?

What happened?

I got dumped.


I got dumped.

What's wrong with the teacher?

I'm sorry. Are you staying at the
hotel in front of the train station today?

You found a new boyfriend so quickly?

What are you laughing at?

- Let's make it more lasting
this time. Take it. - Okay.

I'll do my best.

I've already watched
"When a Woman Cries" twice.

I know. There won't be
any problems this time.

But every time a man comes,
I'll kick you out.

You're like a mother who abuses her child.


Teacher Moriko is excellent,
just unlucky in choosing boyfriends.

She falls in love as soon as
she hears sweet words,

and then she gets dumped quickly.

This movie isn't particularly tear-jerking,

but the scene where the two dancers
are abandoned by the same man,

she cries every time she sees it.
I really like that about her.

Oh? Did the teacher work
in the film industry in Tokyo?

Yes, distribution. It means buying
movies to screen in theaters.

Oh, no wonder there are so
many movie DVDs in her room.

Yes, but that company
went bankrupt in five years.

And then my father,
whom I cut ties with...

Cut ties?

He was an abusive alcoholic, a lousy dad
who forced his kids to give him money.

He found my address,

came to my door demanding money,
and it infuriated me.

I wanted to cut him off completely,
so I gave him all my savings.

At that time, my boyfriend said he wanted
to go back to his hometown in Minamisoma,

so I followed him, hoping
to force him to marry me.

You already had
a teaching certificate back then?

Yes, I wanted to teach in the countryside,
and I actually got hired.

My boyfriend and I broke up quickly,

and unexpectedly,
I found joy in being a teacher.

Then I got transferred to Koriyama.

What happened between
you and your father after that?

I haven't seen him in 10 years, I think.

My hometown is in rural Kyushu,

and I'm sure all the relatives and
neighbors are cursing me for being unfilial.

Why is it like that?

Many people believe blood is thicker than
water and that father and daughter can reconcile.

But that's just an illusion.

Come on,

hit me too. If you don't, let's end it.


Hmm, she's is doing well. Don't worry.


Oh? Yes.

I understand how you feel,
but please understand your daughter...

She has her own life too...


I see. I understand. I disagree.

Yes, use the cosine formula over there.

After all, summer vacation is ending,
and you don't have any homework.

I had a part-time job to
experience the real world...

Don't talk back.
Solve the problem quickly.


That was fast.

But why are you telling me to study now?

I think education isn't that important.

But what do you want to do in the future?

In the future...

You see, you have no idea, right?

That's when you need this.
The High School Equivalency Exam.

Have you heard of it?

Go take the exam.
People like you should go to university.


Too bad.
This society isn't so forgiving.

If you have survival skills
or a specific talent,

then it's okay not to study.

But do you have any specific talent?

No... I don't.

But why suddenly care about this?

I received a call.

From my mom?

She said the neighbors
found out you ran away from home,

and it wouldn't look good
for your brother's school.

So she wants you to come back home.

I refused.

She used to be... normal before.

We have a good relationship.

But...after the earthquake...

She's constantly afraid of radiation and
her temper has become increasingly strange.

I've always been healthy.

But my younger brother, Yuto,
is weak and prone to illness

So my mom has become worried all the time.

My dad hasn't come home either.

I see.

Nothing I say matters.

Only my brother, Yuto, can make her smile.


That was fast.
No wonder you went to our school.


Are you... who are you?

Huh? I thought you were Mariko. It's not her?

- Ah.
- Ah, bao!

Welcome back!

Mariko, who is this person?

I told you before, this is my former student,
Asahi Hamano.

I know, the one who works in transportation, right?

She doesn't like it when people mention that.

I'm sorry, I'm Yubao Chen.

I'm Hamano.

Hamano, nice to meet you.

Since bao is here,
let's go out for a meal today, okay?

Agreed. I want to go to a family restaurant.

We don't have to be so frugal.
We can have sushi or yakiniku.

They have everything there.
I like family restaurants.

Family restaurant,
family restaurant...

Wait, let me change clothes...

You scared me. My heart almost stopped.
I wondered why the door wasn't locked.

Sorry, the natural gas inspector
was supposed to come.

But I have to go to work,
and you have a part-time job.

So I asked Xiaobao.

You gave him the key too quickly.

I didn't give it to him.
I just left it in the mailbox.

You're too trusting.

My home has never been robbed before.

Bao, have you made your choice?

I want... this one.

(Corn Chowder, 150 yuan)

No, no, no.
Why choose this? This soup...

Because it's still expensive.

I've only been here once.

I don't know the prices.
I'm sorry.

It's okay, let's order some meat.

Bao, does it taste good?

Bao is an intern.


I don't want to be an intern anymore.

I want to ruin this shop.

Ruin it?

Yes, ruin it.

"Burn it" actually.

Burn it! ?

Mariko stopped me.

I've been bullied by my boss.

My internship ended,
and they didn't pay me.

I wandered the streets with no money.

Nowhere to go, and I started
to hate Japanese people.

I thought they were mean and loved to lie.

So I wanted to do something bad to them.

At that time, my mind wasn't right.

Today, this shop is closed.

What happened?

Are you hungry?

The ramen Bao wants to burn
is a restaurant I often visit.

It's a big deal when a place
you often go to gets burned.

So, I treated him to ramen
and listened to his explanation.

And then we started dating.

The last step seems a bit sudden.

- Never mind, it's fine.
- Yeah, it's good.

I didn't become a criminal,

and I don't have to hate
Japanese people anymore.

Mariko found a new place for me to intern.

She helped me a lot.

I really like her.

No wonder you've been
busy on weekends lately.


Bao is cute, right?

Mariko is cute.

Really? Bao is cuter.

Mariko is cuter, you know.

Bao is cuter.

Hamano is okay.

He's annoying.

Hello, I'm Inspector Jitsusen from
the Minami Police Station in Koriyama.

- You're Miss Mariko Tanaka, right?
- Yes.

You're suspected of kidnapping a minor.
Can you come with me?

And this person next to you
is Asahi Hamano, right?

- We received a report from Asahi's mother.
- Yes.

She said you refused to let Asahi go home.

That's correct.

Miss Tanaka,
you're a school staff member.

Haven't you considered the consequences?

I have.

Do you feel sorry for the child's situation?

No, it's not about feeling sorry.

It's just... I can't betray my friend.

It's not the teacher's fault at all.

But we received a report
saying you were kidnapped...

That was just a
misunderstanding by my mother.

It's true that you ran away from home, right?

But I had nowhere to go.
The teacher took me in.

If it weren't for the teacher,
I would have been on the streets.

It's not the teacher's fault at all.

Your mother said that
if you come back home,

she will withdraw the report and reconcile.

I know you all have your reasons,

but since we received a report,
since we have to arrest her.

Mariko... she still hasn't come out.


- Teacher!
- Mariko!

I'm sorry, it's all my fault.

- It's okay, but...
- It does matter.

If I come out,
it means you've accepted it, right?

Of course.

It's the evening showtime.

I'll go this way.

I'm going to the station.

And... this is for you.

This is the living allowance
you were supposed to give me.

No, I let you spend money on meals...

How can I accept it?

I'm a teacher with a stable income.

- But...
- Stop with the "buts."

Teacher, it's too much.

- It's okay.
- It's not okay.

It's okay,
take it and pay your tuition fee.

You can keep 30,000 yen
for watching movies and relaxing.



Ah... um... please give my regards to Bao.

And please try your best to flirt with Bao.

Okay, understood.



Take it easy.

Give me the money!

Uncle, are you kidding me?

I can't talk in front of the camera.
I'm not an actor.

Ask me to express my feelings
for the theater. I can't do it.

You should have some enthusiasm.
Don't directly ask for money.

Isn't it just fundraising?
It's like a... mass movement.

We need to give back to the people.

But we can't give back much.

Just do our best.

Not everyone's crowdfunding
application gets approved.

We propose the content,
and the platform determines its value.

So if it doesn't pass the review,
it's over. I've said it several times.

Why are you so naggy?

Do you find me nagging?
Let's shoot it again, okay?


Not cute enough.
Come here.

-I'll shoot it.
-Okay, okay.


Come on, please speak.

-Is it okay?
-Yes, please speak.

A movie theater,
in the darkness,

where a group of strangers gather,

laughing in the same scene,
crying in different scenes.

The screen constantly displays
stories crafted by others.

Although the stories are fictional,

everyone watches the same images
but thinks different thoughts.

I can't think of any other place
that provides such an experience.

For a hundred years, enthusiasts
have come in and out of theaters like this.

My younger brother and I have been
watching movies here since we were kids.

We really love this theater.


I don't want to lose it!

("Aozora Musume" "When Women Cry")

Good morning.

Oh, Riko.

The Asahi Theater will be showing
a movie soon. Welcome to watch.

miss it so much.

-Good morning.
-Good morning, hello.

-The Asahi Theater will screen a movie soon.
-Oh, really?

-Feel free to come and watch.
-Got it.

-This guest is also welcome to watch.
-Thank you.

-Sorry for the interruption.

It's you, the person from the movie theater.

Here's a flyer for you.

A flyer?
Let me help you put it at the entrance.

-Give me some more.

Thank you.
Give me a few more.



Are you there?

Get out of here, you old fart!

You brat, what did you say?

The crowdfunding has been approved!

Really? I gave such a good speech, didn't I?

No, it's not about that.
The fundraising page is open now.

These days, anything is possible.

It's different from before the war.

Do you think I'm that old?

Abe, you're here.

Oh, what's up?

-I contacted Company I.

What did they say?

Oh, they're really angry.

I thought so.

But the formal contract hasn't
been signed yet, so there's still hope.

The prerequisite is that
we need to raise the money.

It would be best to achieve it sooner.

Do you know anyone from
TV stations or newspapers?

This Asahi Cinema is facing a business crisis..."

"Today is the release day
after a month of absence..."

Oh, you made it!

"- Not bad, huh?"
- Yeah, feels good.

"This is the person in charge,
Mr. Morita Yasuzo."

What are you doing?

Huh? You're 57? Are you kidding me?
I thought you were 70.

We're from the same year!


You're so sarcastic and rude,
there's no hope for you.

He used to be cute.

He's still cute, you know.

He has an adorable physique.

Looks like Paddington.

What's that?

Have you seen it?
It's a bear plush that walks on all fours.

- A bear?
-Yes, a bear.


No way!

Why the doomsday expression on your face?

"Suddenly came and
said they wanted to work..."

I must be relatively thin, right?

No, that's not true.

"The one in charge of ticket clipping
is Ms. Mogi Riko, a part-time worker."

"Ms. Mogi claims that's her real name."

I also feel like I'm relatively thin.

No, that's not true.

"I don't want the theater to be demolished.
I made a promise with my mentor."

"To rescue this movie theater."

"Can you introduce this mentor of yours?"

"She passed away last year."

"So I want to keep my promise with her."

"Asahi Cinema is currently
conducting crowdfunding...

Your bronchial tubes are
as weak as an old person's.

Come on, drink some water.

No, it's not that.

Amazing! The funds we've raised keep increasing.

Wow, that's impressive!

At this rate,
we might reach our goal in no time.

If we exceed the goal,
I really want to take a vacation.

I'll punch you, old man.

(Today's screening schedule)

-Thank you for coming.
-I've seen you on TV.

Thank you.

-We'll come again.
-Welcome back.

-I'll make a donation.
-Thank you.

-Oh, Aiko, you're still alive...

Uh, how have you been?

You're still as sharp-tongued as ever.

Sorry, I've been too busy
to come to the cinema.

Stop saying that.

These two movies today are really good.

I like stories about
independent and strong women.

Thank you.

And this is for you.

A small token. I don't understand
all this crowdfunding stuff.

No, no, I can't accept it.

Don't misunderstand, it's not for you.
It's for the sake of Hiroshi.

He loved watching movies
when he was alive, right?

Thank you.

I'll come again, okay?

Take care.

"The Great Abduction,"
which film should we pair it with?

"Big Monster Gabo"?

The only monster movie from Nikkatsu.
It's been a while since I've seen it.

I'm sorry.

Oh, sorry, there are no more screenings today.

You must be Mr. Morita Yasuzo, right?


Here's my business card.

We've been in touch through
Okamoto Real Estate before.

But I think it's faster to talk face to face.

I'm Ichikawa from I Corporation.

Hello, I'm Morita. Sorry,
I don't have a business card...

No, it's okay.

Please have a seat.

- Excuse me.
- I'm going to make tea.

No need.

They reported about this place on TV.

After that, we received
a lot of protest calls at our company.

I helped you because
I heard you didn't have money.

Boss, about this matter...

I apologize for making unilateral changes.

I will repay the money you lent me.

Can we just forget
about demolishing this place?


I know it's unreasonable
to say such things at this point.

But I don't want to lose this place.

Even the locals have
started coming to watch movies.

Asahi Theater has become their gathering place.

Is that so, a gathering place...

Movies can provide some
nourishment to the soul after all.

It's something you can't
experience without a movie theater.

So, I still want to persist.

Uncle, the next movie...

Mr. Morita.

Forgive me for being blunt,
but this is purely emotional.

An increase in customers is only
a temporary effect after the media coverage.

Besides, now people can watch
movies online instead of going to the theater.

Young people only watch YouTube these days.

A large bathhouse that caters
to all ages is more popular

than a theater that only shows movies.

And with the maintenance facilities,
people of all ages can use them.

Isn't that right?

Maybe so.

But a movie theater has its own merits...

Mr. Morita, please face reality.

A large bathhouse and maintenance facilities

can create employment
opportunities in these tough times.

Can this theater afford it?

Dreams are good,
but dreams can't fill your stomach.

What's the right thing to do
for this town and its residents?

You might think I'm being heartless.

I myself am from Banquets Village
in Fukushima Prefecture.

Banquets Village...

So I have thought carefully...

about what's best for this place.

To be honest...

I don't know if this is the right thing to do.

But I'm certain I'm not wrong.

And even if you repay the 4.5 million yen,

we have already signed
a contract with the demolition company.

The demolition fee is 10 million yen.
Can you compensate for that?

A total of 14.5 million yen within the next month.

Demolition fee?

The company also needs to hire
workers and coordinate equipment.

You have to bear the cost of
the demolition as well.

Someone has to make a living from this.

Depend on it for their livelihood.


You heard that, right?


Demolition fee.

Come to think of it,
I was too naive.

The demolition date has been set,
indicating that we've already signed a contract with the company.

14.5 million yen.

I haven't even raised 10% of it.

What's the right thing to do
for this town and its residents...

Something's not right.

It's strange no one is coming all of a sudden.

The movie schedule has changed too.

People are just curious about
the current topic, right?

Crowdfunding won't make it.

I'll go out and distribute flyers.



Oh, the movie theater, right?

Thank you for helping with
the flyer distribution last time.

The new movie schedule is out,
and I'll need your help this time too.

Sorry, but we have
reserved posters to put up this time.

We can't put up anything else.
Sorry about that.

-Good morning.

-Is the shirt ready?
-Yes, it is.

Sorry about that.

No problem.

Hello, everyone.

Asahi Theater will be showing new movies.

"The Great Abduction"
and "Grand Torino."

The second one is the one that Klinshu is in, right?

Clint Eastwood.

I like that actor.

You know this Eastwood Actor?

Yes, I do.
Have you seen that car movie?

"Grand Torino."
I haven't seen it.

Then welcome to Asahi Theater to watch it.

Sorry, we're a bit busy.

Thanks for your hard work.

- I still have to take care of that...
- Go when you have time.

She's back.

Oh, welcome back.

It didn't go smoothly, did it?

Can we get a refund
for the audience or something?

You can get a refund
by going through the procedure.

I see.

I understand.
Let's get a refund then.


I did my best and have no regrets.

Wait a moment.

I feel deeply regretful.

After all, it was too strange.
Everyone suddenly didn't show up.

They ran away as soon as they saw me.
There must be a reason.

Don't blame the neighborhood residents too much.

I heard that employees from
Company I visited every household.

Lobbying them?


They said it would be more beneficial to the
local area to keep the cinema and renovate it

into a large public bathhouse
with maintenance facilities.

They also emphasized
the job opportunities it would create.

With the current economic downturn,
many people have no way to continue.

Sons and daughters who went to work in other cities

said they would come back
if there were jobs here.

"Blood is thicker than water.
Family is the most important."

Everyone was convinced by such words.

Many households here
are single occupants or elderly couples..


It can't really guarantee anything.

That's right.

Perhaps family is just an illusion.

I think so too.

And for the local people,
this theater is important.

If possible, I hope it can continue to operate.

So, what's your point?

Perhaps family is just an illusion.

You're not wrong.


This illusion... is everyone's solace.

Take care.

How long have you not seen each other?

It's been about 10 years... or so.


The company is much bigger than I imagined.

I worked hard in Minamisoma for six years.

Later, they relocated the headquarters here.

I see.

So, what are you here for, Miss Riko Mogi?

I saw you on TV.

I never thought you would use a pseudonym.

Because you randomly picked a company name,

I was criticized and exposed in Tokyo.

Do you hate me?

It's a job that someone has to do, right?

Is it worth destroying a family?

It was Dad's fault that Mom turned out like that.

Not only Mom,
but Yuto was only 6 years old at the time.

Everyone was very anxious,
but Dad... wasn't around.

Not just not around, but you left us.

That's why you can live in Tokyo.


Well, that's why I could go to college.

Mom wanted to go to Tokyo.

Do you understand? The feeling of
not being understood by your family.

Even so...

It's not right to make decisions
on your own without telling your family.

Even if I told them,
they would just oppose it.

Is that why you came here to say all this?

You need money, right?

How much do you need?

No, it's fine.

I... won't come again.

Thank you for taking the time to see me.

Yuto is in high school now.

Mom's medication hasn't decreased,
but she's stable.

I'm sorry, teacher.


Mariko doesn't have much time left to live.

The doctor said two weeks.

Mariko has been talking about you, Hinano

If it's convenient for work,
I hope you can come.


Thank you, Hinano.

Why didn't you inform me earlier?

Mariko told me not to. I'm sorry.

What illness is it?

Breast cancer.
It was discovered too late.

Does the teacher know?
About your health condition?

She heard the doctor
tell me how much time I have left.

It's okay if the teacher knows, right?

I fainted.

Be stronger, okay?

She said the same thing.

Take me to see her.


Long time no see!

You've become mature and beautiful.

-How old are you?

-Sorry for the trouble.
-No worries. Koriyama is very close.

Is your health condition still okay?

It varies from day to day,
but today is a very good day.

That's good then.

I want you to witness
the moment of someone's death.

Bao can't handle that kind of blow.

Stop crying.

Why would you say something like that?

Don't talk about death.

Everyone dies eventually.

Your face looks ugly when you cry.
Go to the rooftop and dry your tears.


You're so obedient.

You're still in a relationship with Bao, right?

For... 8... 8 years?
It's a record-breaking relationship with a teacher.

And recently,
we got married.

-What?! Married?
-Hold on...

Your reaction is too amazing.
You should have told me!

I wanted Bao to have permanent residency.

Uh... huh?

Permanent residency is useful in many ways, right?

Uh, a fake marriage?

I almost got arrested before for kidnapping a minor.

This time, I might actually get sentenced.

Is it true?

It's true, really.

But strictly speaking,
even if it's fake, it's not entirely fake.

Huh? What do you mean?

I... really like Bao.

He's gentle and cute.

But it's just my one-sided crush on him.

At least there's some interest from one side,
so it's not entirely fake.

Hmm... Is that so?

And he says every day...

- "Mariko I love you."
- He's good at pretending.

But saying those things

For the sake of permanent residency,
he's willing to say those things.

it's a scumbag move.

But even if it's a lie,
it still brings me comfort.

After all, no one has
ever said that to me before.

Are you worried about me?

Uh... if the teacher thinks
it's okay, then it's okay.

It's okay. I really like Bao.

So... I haven't slept with Bao.


I haven't had sex with Bao,
not even once.

-Not even once?
-Not even once.

There were several opportunities, actually.

But when I see his innocent and bright smile,

I can't go through with it.
If it was just for fun,

maybe, but he's so sincere.

I feel like it's not something I can do.

I feel like I need to protect his smile.

What are your feelings from that standpoint?

But does Bao know
about your feelings, teacher?

Well, I think he knows.

What are you doing, Bao?
Sleeping with the teacher.

-Yeah, we slept together.
-Slept together.

Is Bao having a cold?

-It's nothing.
-Take care of yourself.

By the way,
there's something I want to ask you.

In Minamisoma...

- Minamisoma?
-A place you have a deep connection with.

There's a movie theater called Asahi Cinema.

- Asahi Theater?
- Do you know about it?

It's an old movie theater
that's about to collapse.

When I was transferred to Minamisoma,
I used to go there all the time.

One day, I watched a film called
"Toto the Hero," you know?

Ah, directed by "The Eighth Day"?

Yes, it's a gloomy film,
but it has a fantastic ending.

It's really good.

But the double feature that was
shown with it was "The Mysterious Ghost Inn."

It was the debut film by director Sugizuo Jitaro.

It was good in its own way,

but the two films didn't match at all,
so I argued with that old man.

old man?

He was the beer-bellied manager.

His selection of movies was a mess.

That theater is a good one.
When you have a long vacation,

I hope you go help them rebuild it.

I was actually saving money

to buy the theater after I retired.

I don't want that cinema to disappear

because back then, when I watched movies there,

it gave me the motivation to keep striving.

People can live without movies,

but there are many
who were saved by those images.

It would be too sad if such a place disappeared,
don't you think?

Later, the teacher seemed to improve a bit.

I visit her when I have time
and stay in Koriyama on weekends.

I thought she might recover like that.

When people are too close to each other,
things turn out like this...

Great movie.

Last month, I went to Taiwan
for the first time to buy the rights to a film.

I just confirmed that
it will be shown in a small theater in Tokyo.

Can Bao understand it?

He can't read many Chinese characters,

but he can grasp the meaning.

That's what makes a good movie.

Hmm? What's the matter?

You're very diligent.

No, I just managed to buy this one.

The first film Hamano managed to buy.
I really want to watch it in a theater.

Please come and watch it.
It must be watched in a movie theater.


Distribute all kinds of films

and show them to people all over Japan.
That's my dream.

Although that dream didn't come true,

I succeeded in turning
a lost girl into a movie lover.


Hamano, don't you have to work?

You're asking the same question as the teacher.
I took a special day off.

I already got it all set up yesterday,
with a bunch of pipes.

I really like Mariko.

- But Mariko... hates me.
- Ah?

I said I liked her, loved her.

Every time I say it,
she just smiles and brushes it off.

But she actually hates me.

That's not true.
What are you talking about?

The teacher really likes Bao.

Maybe it's like... how should I put it...

She likes me as if I were her son.

Or maybe like a little dog or cat.

Just say it's not true.

Huh? So Bao married
the teacher because he likes her?

Of course. Why would
he get married if he didn't like her?

That's right. You're right.

Actually, it doesn't matter to me.

As long as Masako is with me,
it doesn't matter if I don't have residency rights.

But Mariko probably wants to...

She wants to leave an inheritance for me.

She's afraid that after she's gone,

her father will take the money.

Did you contact her father?

She said it's not possible.
She's very angry.

She never used to get angry before.

But Hamano, when you visit her,

she's very happy.

Mariko is gone.

If I stay in Japan... it's meaningless.

Marriage... is also meaningless.

I don't want money.


Please say something to her at the end.


Teacher, can you hear me?

- Mariko.
- Teacher!

Teacher, Bao says he really likes you.

Did you hear that?
So, teacher, it's not unrequited love.

Teacher, your marriage isn't fake either.

Bao truly loves you,
that's why he married you.

Bao always says he likes you.

But you never respond to him,
which makes him very sad.

So, teacher,

Bao really likes you.



Really, really.


Mariko, I like you.
I like you the most.


Also likes me...

It's mutual...

We both like each other...

Yes, yes, it's mutual, teacher.

What the...?

What the...?

So that's how it is...

If I had known earlier...


At 8:24 in the evening, she left.



Her last words...

Last words...?

She said, "If I had known earlier,

I would have done it," right?

Isn't that what she said?

Well, it could be expressed differently...
not like "done it"...

What kind of final words are those?

What kind of Last words!

Say something nicer!

It's rare to hear...
such final words.

Very unique.


In the end, I accomplished nothing,
just caused trouble.

But I'm still happy about it.

- Old man.
- Oh.

Forget it.

What's the matter? Say it.

Do you still think that in the end,
blood ties are the most important?

I don't know. My wife left me,
and I don't have any children.

My younger brother also went ahead.
Sooner or later, I'll die alone.

I guess there's no way around it.

In the past, my family had good relationships.

A typical middle-class family,
you could say.

If it weren't for the disaster,
we would probably still get along well.

I would have lived carefree.

Then, I might have thought
that family is the most important.

In the end, family blood is thicker than water

But the disaster happened,
it just had to happen.

There's no going back to
how things were before it happened.

So... since the earthquake.

I stopped believing in family bonds.

Aunt Hideko said at that time,

"Even if locals know that family is an illusion,

they still find solace in it."

Although I felt that might be true,

if it's an illusion,

the despair of seeing through
the illusion is immeasurable.


Rather than finding solace in an illusion,

I want to build a community
that doesn't require illusions.

I think that ideal has more hope.

I completely agree with that statement.

So, I initially thought of using
the cinema to achieve it.

But my approach was wrong.

Instead of desperately trying to preserve
the cinema for dignity's sake,

I should have thought about
how to incorporate the cinema into a new building.

That way it wouldn't be so boring.
Without a cinema like this,

people would think that cinemas always exist,
so they don't cherish them.

It's the same everywhere. People only feel
regret when something is about to be demolished

It's better than nobody feeling regret, right?

That's true.

It's the same with people.
You can't always see the person you love.

You never know when they'll disappear.
Nobody can predict it.

It's hard to understand this kind of thing,
no matter how many failures you have.

"Write it down as a reflection on life!"

Sigh. Can the construction
suddenly stop miraculously?

Just like in the movies.

We say things like that,
and then it actually happens...

Let's go grab a meal.


what's wrong? Why are you in such a hurry?
It'll shorten your lifespan, you know.

No, I can't die yet!

Hey! Hey!

The construction has been canceled!

-Halted! It's been halted!

What's going on?

Here's what happened...

It's just... you see...

It didn't convey the meaning properly.

Did you manage to raise the money?

I can't believe you... Oh!?

And what about this place...?

No problem anymore.

That's great.

Sadao has been negotiating
with the other party persistently.

-Ah sada!
-No, no, no...

I came up with an idea.

Even if we don't demolish this place,
there are still other lands.

So I introduced them to some cheap vacant lots.

But if they couldn't come up with the money,
it wouldn't work.

But the townspeople donated money to us.

Hideko donated a large sum,
and together with the public, it's 4.5 million.

The rest... Oh? Ah, over there! Come on!

Bao! ?

- Long time no see.
- Why are you here?

I saw the news and
recognized your face on Instagram.

But the name wasn't quite right...

But the last two characters were
the same as Mariko's.

So I immediately understood.

"Mariko" was the first Chinese character I learned.

This person donated 5 million.

Mariko's gift to me.

I'm going back to Vietnam to open a cinema.

That will require money.

It's okay, there's still some left.
I'll work hard.

I'll probably only be able to build a small cinema.

That's amazing.

And also,

I need to ask you a favor.

I've placed Mariko's ashes in a temple.
Mariko said she wanted them scattered in the sea.

When I return after opening the cinema
in my country, I'll come back again.

Please protect her remains for me.

I understand. I promise you.

Bao, thank you.

Bao, may I borrow her photo to see?

Of course.

Oh? Who is this person...?

Teacher Mariko Tanaka.

Bao's wife and my mentor.

She taught in Minamisoma,
so she also came here.

Ah I see!

The one who complained about our
double feature being awful!

Old man, this combination just doesn't work.

A good movie is a good combination.

Emotions will cancel each other out,
like mixing seafood with hamburgers.

It'll upset your stomach.
You just don't get it.

It's called a dream match, like a wrestling match
between Antonio Inoki and Muhammad Ali.

It only feels like a dream
when it doesn't happen.

Didn't we learn a lesson from
the mess between Inoki and Ali?

Last month, we had "Eternal Day"
paired with "Peking Man."

What mood do you expect me to go home with?

I liked both of them.
Why don't you pair them?

Fine, old man, listen carefully.

If it were me, I'd do it like this.

I'd try out her combination and see how
it plays out. And the audience lined up for miles.

I wanted to ask her again,
but she never came back.

That was probably when
she was transferred to Koriyama.

The expressions of the audience leaving were
completely different—filled with satisfaction.

Everyone looked confused
when I finished setting it up.

How did you manage to set it up?

Oh, so it was her...

Bao, thank you.

But what about the remaining amount?

The other party told me not to reveal
their identity under any circumstances.

It's Hinano Asahi Transportation Company.

Thank you so much...


Anyway, it's a cause for celebration.

That's great!

Thank you, everyone.

- That's great!
- Yes!

- That's great, isn't it?
- Thank you, everyone...

Are you leaving tomorrow?



Oh, what's up?


Thank you for the money.

I'll repay you in the future.

No need to repay.
I didn't do it as a father.

You can't do that.

My mom and I went to that theater
when we were traveling before.


We drove by there.

Mom said it's rare to pass by,
so let's watch a movie.

The ticket usher was a man.

So I have a vivid impression.

He said it was a horror movie,
perfect for a couple on a date.

- General Manager
- I'll be right there.

Goodbye, Asahi. Take care.

Is it really okay? The general manager
is driving himself.

The situation is critical now.

If there are no passengers,
we have to do everything from cargo to errands.

- After the storm comes the calm.
Let's go! - Okay.

Thank you all so much.

- Keep up the good work.
- Thanks, boss.

Thank you, Chairman.
You helped me a lot.

The real test has just begun.


thank you so much.


- See you another day.
- Thank you.

- Keep up the good work.
- Thank you.

Let's go eat.

Old man.

I've decided to stay here.

Aren't you going back to Tokyo?

Preserving the Asahi Theater
doesn't mean a perfect ending.


And if I leave, won't you feel lonely?
Stop pretending!

Who would feel lonely? I have full control
over the movie lineup. It's paradise.

In the end, that's why you failed.


not everything can be judged as right or wrong.

- About the large bathhouse?
- Yes.

That person from Company I

was also trying to do the right thing
for the town and its residents


I don't know if this result
is really considered good.

All we can do is work hard from
now on so as not to let this day down.


We can only manage
the theater like growing good rice.

We'll definitely encounter failures as well.

Sometimes you say something sensible.

Old man, your days are numbered,
but I still have a bright future.

You should really change
your habit of being sarcastic.

What do you want to eat?

What should we eat?

Teacher, how are you doing over there?

We went through some hardships here,
and this is the result.

- What are you doing? Take a look over there.
- What?

Even without psychic abilities, I can tell.

He's filled with an ominous aura
as if he's about to die.

Seems suspicious.

Do you want to play a scene?

- A scene?
- To stop him from committing suicide.

The plot is that you stole money from a guest.

- What a rotten person.
- Don't you want to act?

Of course I do.
It sounds interesting.

If I'm just overthinking, that's fine too.
I'll go to the projection room.

What about the character setting?

Just play yourself.

Play myself?

Play yourself, huh...

Maybe one day, someone
will be saved here by a phantom image.

Even if it's just one person,
I want to hold on until that day comes.

A brooding yet kind-hearted film enthusiast,

moved to tears despite the darkness.