Halloween (2007) - full transcript

The residents of Haddonfield don't know it yet... but death is coming to their small sleepy town. Sixteen years ago, a ten year old boy called Michael Myers brutally kills his step father, his elder sister and her boyfriend. Sixteen years later, he escapes from the mental institution and makes his way back to his hometown intent on a murderous rampage pursued by Dr Sam Loomis who is Michael's doctor and the only one who knows Michael's true evil. Elsewhere a shy teenager by the name of Laurie Strode is babysitting on the night Michael comes home... is it pure coincidence that she and her friends are being stalked by him?

[mice squeaking]

Come on, sweetie pie.

Good morning, Elvis.
You're a pretty Elvis, aren't you?

Yes, you are.

Jesus Christ, Ronnie, you know
l have to fucking work tonight.

Somebody around here
has got to make some money.

l'm all broken up here, bitch.
l can't work.

- Yeah, and whose fault is that?
- Fuck you.

Oh, my God, you're pathetic.

You know that new waitress
over at the Bingo Lounge?

She's been giving me the freaky eye.

Oh, the whore with the big tits
hanging down to her knees?

Maybe l'll choke the chicken,

purge my snorkel
all over them flappy-ass tits.

Good. Well, have
a good fucking time.

- l will.
- l hope she likes cripples.

Bitch, l will crawl over there,
and l will skull fuck the shit outta you!

Oh, l'll get the crutches for you.

See what you did?
Fucking loudmouth.

Waah! Waah!

That's all that fucker does is cry.

Waah! Waah!

Cry and shit. Cry and shit.

Just like you.
That's all you do is cry and shit.

Fuck you and set it
on my pole right now, bitch.

Fuck off.


Can't you see l'm making eggs over here?

l'll pass.

Can you please go upstairs
and get your brother?

Why do l always have to do it?

Just do it!

Don't you give me that look!

Man, that bitch got herself
a nice little dumper.

- What did you just say?
- You heard me.

No, say it again, Ronnie!
Say it to my face!

Oh, what's the matter?
You jealous of your own daughter's ass?

- Pig.
- Aah!

You fucking whore!

All right, now clean it up!

- Go on.
- l'm not gonna do this anymore!


Stop jerking off in there.

Get away!

Hey! Get your ass downstairs

and wash your hands, you little shit.

l'm not listening!

Let me tell you something.

That freak of yours,
he needs some serious discipline.

l mean, he runs around like a little bitch.

You leave him alone.
Keep your hands off him.

Give me a fucking break.
He's probably a queer.

He's gonna grow up,
end up cutting his dick and balls off

and changing his name to Michelle.

There he is.
Good morning, Michelle, ma belle.

What the hell took you two so long?

Elvis died. l had to flush him.

Oh, honey, l'm sorry.

We'll get you a new one
after school, okay?


What'd you do to him,
stroke him to death?

Uh, Elvis.

Elvis! Uh! Uh! Uh!

You know what?
lt's a fucking rat.

Who pays money for a fucking rat?

l mean, it's a goddamn rat, man.

Good morning, Boo.

''Good morning, Boo.''

Take that damn thing off.

You are starting to annoy me, boy.

l hate you.

And l hate you, too. You see this?

As soon as this heals,
l'm gonna break it again on your fucking face!

[ Mom] Enough, all right?
Can we just eat in peace for once?

[school bell rings]


What a fucking pussy, dude.
l told you he wouldn't fight.

He's all fucking talk.
l was like-- We were fighting, right?

You were there. He was like,
''l'm not gonna fight you.'' l was like--


l know where he lives.

- You want to egg his house?
- We can totally do that.

- Yeah.
- Oh.

Hey, shit-pants.

What's going on? You know, um...

l heard your sister got caught
selling blow jobs in the bathroom.

l heard they had to pump the cum
out of her stomach.

[sucking sound]

Hey, Mikey, how's your mom doing?

You know, my old man said that for a buck
she'd rub her tits on his face.

Shut up.

What the fuck did you say, faggot?

- Mikey's upset.
- Look how tough he is.

Hey, ball-licker, check this out.

l was thinking of making copies of Mommy
for the whole school.

- Fuck you.
- Hey! Tough guy!

Think she'd suck my dick for a quarter
and let me suck her tits?

- Shut up! Shut up!
- Don't fucking yell in my face, you bitch!

Fuck off!

What the hell is going on here?

Break it up!

l said break it up!

You over there,
you over there, you there.

- He started it.
- Shut up!

Fuck you.

What did you say, son?

l said fuck you.

Again? Again? Jesus, what is it with you
and this goddamn school?

l cannot keep coming down here like this.

Look, Miss Myers,

l do not enjoy calling you down here
every five minutes.

lt sure seems like you fucking do.

Will you just relax a moment?
Please sit down and let me talk to you.

- Please. Please.
- Okay. What?

Please, sit down.

- Thank God.
- Hi, Jim. How are you?

ls this her?

Miss Myers, this is Dr. Loomis.
l took the liberty of calling him in.

- Happens to be a child psychologist--
- Thank you, Jim.


May l ask you,

has your son ever had any kind
of serious psychiatric evaluation?

Okay, l've had enough.
This is crazy.

- Miss Myers, please.
- l gotta get back to work.

- l gotta go.
- Please, ma'am.

We only want the best for the child.
Please don't take offense.

Please, sit down. Sit down.

Thank you.

Look, uh, Miss Myers...

we found this...

in Michael's school bag.

Come on. Big deal.
He found a dead cat.

And these.

What is that?

l hope you're not squeamish, Mrs. Myers.

Oh, God.

Oh, this is really sick.

Are you saying Michael did this?

Michael loves animals. He--

Why would he do this?

Mrs. Myers, typically the thrill of hurting
or causing pain to smaller creatures,

it's often an early warning sign.

Early warning sign for what?

For much deeper and bigger problems.

[Mrs. Myers] What do you mean problems?
What is this?

He's a very disturbed young man.

l have to evaluate him,
and l'd like to interview him.

l need to take him
through a series of tests.

[Mrs. Myers] Well, you can talk to him,
but what does--

what does evaluating him--
what does that mean?

[Loomis] Obviously, he's a very deranged
young mind that can do this to his pets.

[Mrs. Myers]
You don't know that he did that.

Fuck, man, if l get one more fucking detention,
l'll be fucking expelled.

My old man's gonna beat my ass.

We gotta get that piece of shit
on the weekend so we don't get in trouble.

Dude, if l see that Myers pussy,
he's fucking dead.

You want it?

Huh? Do you want it?



What the fuck?

Oh, you're so fucking dead.

Oh, please stop.



Please no!

l'm sorry.

Don't hurt me. Just-- l'm sorry.

No, no, no, don't.
Don't. Please. Please.


Don't hurt me.






- [screaming]
- [thud]

[music playing on TV]

Hey, clown.


Psycho boy.

Cat killer.

Do you really torture and kill
all them worthless animals, boy?

Make you feel like a real bad-ass
motherfucker killer, huh?

That is some deep-ass,

serious, faggoty-ass shit, man.

Judith, l'm gonna be late!

''Judith, l'm gonna be late!''

You really are a whiny little bitch,
you know that?

Ronnie, knock it off.

Ma, Judith is wasting all my time.

l really shouldn't even let you go
after that shit you pulled today at school.

Oh, Ma, please?

All right, Michael, calm down.

Tomorrow things are gonna change
around here,

so l suggest you live it up tonight.




Would you do me a favor and please
take your brother trick-or-treating?

Why don't you have that subhuman sloth
over there on the couch do it?

You know, if l could get that lazy drunk
off his fat ass, l would.

Bitch, if you don't think l ain't making
a mental list of all your fucking bullshit!

Sweetie, look at me.

l know things have been bad,

but tomorrow we start to make
everything better, okay?

- Yeah.
- [doorbell rings]

l like your hair curly.
lt looks pretty.

Thanks, sweetie.
Have fun trick-or-treating, okay?

Don't eat too much candy.

Hey, Mrs. Myers.

l want you out by 1 1 .

- What'd l do?
- l know what you do.


What about trick-or-treating?

Are you kidding me?
Go by yourself.

Aren't you too old for that, anyway?


Sorry, squirt, but have fun.

Trick or treat!

♪♪ [Love Hurts]

♪ Love hurts ♪

♪ Love scars ♪

♪ Love wounds ♪

♪ And marks ♪

♪ Any heart ♪

♪ Not tough ♪

♪ Or strong ♪

♪ Enough ♪

♪ To take a lot of pain ♪

♪ Take a lot of pain ♪

♪ Love is like a cloud ♪

♪ Holds a lot of rain ♪

♪ Love hurts ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, love hurts ♪

[passionate moaning]


What if your dad hears us?

Hold up, man.

That fucking drunk-prick fuck Ronnie
ain't my dad.

Okay, l-- l didn't know.

My daddy's in heaven, okay?


l'm sorry.

Close your eyes.

Keep them closed, all right?

l got a surprise for you.




- Wow.
- What?

Take that stupid thing off.

Oh, come on, babe.
l want to do it with the mask on.

[music playing on TV]


[candy tinkering on floor]

[candy tinkering]


[laughing from outside]

[muffled gagging]

[no audible dialogue]


Uhh! Uhh! Uhh! Uhh!

[(Don't Fear) The Reaper
playing in headphones]


Steve, stop it.


Once a night is enough.

Stop it.


Michael, what the fuck
are you doing in here?

Answer me.


Answer me!

What the fuck--



[knife slicing]


- [knife slicing]
- [screaming]

Happy Halloween, Boo.

[no audible dialogue]

Jesus, what the hell happened now?

Sweetie, what are you doing out here?

lt's freezing.

Michael, what's going on?

Michael, answer me.

Give me the baby.

Michael, what is going on?

Answer me.

[sirens approaching]

[chattering, indistinct]


...in connection
with tonight's brutal murders.


...the Myers family,

and was described by police
as Manson-like in its viciousness,

and more horrific than anything
Hollywood could imagine.

Judith Myers' nude body
was found lying face-down

in a pool of blood in an upstairs hallway.

Apparently she had been stabbed 1 7 times.

Her boyfriend Steven Haley's body
was found in the kitchen downstairs,

the victim of an apparent vicious beating
with an aluminum baseball bat.

Along with Myers,

a third victim, Ronnie White,

who was found bound to a chair,

White's neck slit wide open
with a kitchen knife

and stabbed numerous times
in the face and chest.

Of course we'll have much more
on this horrific story as it develops.

But for now,
three people brutally murdered,

and a 10-year-old boy, Michael Myers,
being held in custody.

Late last night,

1 0-year-old Michael Myers was transferred

after being found guilty
of first-degree murder.

Myers' verdict comes
after one of the lengthiest

and most expensive trials
in the state's history.

ln attendance during this trial,
Dr. Samuel Loomis.

Loomis has now been appointed
by Judge Masterson

to oversee Myers' care
while incarcerated here at Smith's Grove.

Hello, hello, hello.

Can you talk in there?

Hi, l'm Michael Myers.

Okay, okay. That's fine.

That's good. That's good.
Okay, we're on.

How are you feeling today?


Could l ask you something?

You can ask me
whatever you want.

That's why l'm here.

lf you have anything on your mind,
feel free-- anything.


Why do you talk so funny?

Talk so funny?

Tell me, Michael,

what do you remember about...

that night, Halloween?

What do you mean,
like my costume and candy?

So you remember nothing
about the killing?

You remember nothing
about getting a knife?

- l didn't do that.
- Oh, okay.

But you were covered in blood.
Whose blood was it?

l don't know.

Can l go home today?

[Mrs. Myers]
No, not today.


l don't know.
l have to talk to the doctor about that.

[classical music playing on PA]

- Hey, Mommy.
- Yeah.

ls everyone at home okay?

Everything's okay at home.


Hey, Mikey.

How you doing?

Look, you can't let those walls
get you down.

Believe me, l know.

l spent a little time behind walls.

l know they can drive you crazy.

You gotta look beyond the walls.

You know,
learn to live inside your head.

Hey, there's no walls
that can stop you there.

All right, l gotta get back to work.

Now you take it easy, Mikey.

Look at my mask.

Oh, wow. Beautiful. Yeah.

Why is it all black?

'Cause it's one of my favorite colors.

Well, actually black isn't a color, is it?

lt's the absence of color.

ln the spectrum of colors,

you go from black,
which is no color,

all the way through to white,

which is every color.

So technically--

not that it really matters--
but black isn't a color.

Why did you make it?

l have my secrets.

Wait a minute.

l thought we had no secrets,
you and l.

Because no one sees me.

Yes, they do.
l see you every day.

Your mom, she comes every week.

Anybody else?


Do you like my mask?

When did you make this?

Just yesterday.

l like the mask because it hides my face.

l don't like you to hide your face.

Take it off.

lt hides my ugliness.

Sweetie, don't say that.
Take it off.

You're not ugly.

Don't talk like that, okay?


l miss you so much.

l miss you, too.

♪ Deck the halls with boughs of holly,
Fa la la la la, la la la la ♪

Fuck you! Fuck you all!

- l hate you!
- Let it out!

Shut the fuck up!

l gotta get out of here.

Just let me out!
l hate this world!

- l don't want to be here anymore.
- l know. lt's okay.

- l just want to go home.
- lt's okay. lt's okay.

lt's okay.

Why can't l just go home?


Okay. Okay. Okay.

l'm afraid you can't go home.


Because you've done terrible things.

Come here. Come on.

lt's okay. lt's okay, Michael.

Michael, take off the mask.

Honey, you don't look good.
You have to eat. Come on.

- Put my mask back on.
- Michael.

Please put my mask back on.

Come on.
Let's try to enjoy the day.

[classical music playing on PA]

Well, before l go,
l brought you something.

l found it. l thought you might like
to hang it up in your room.

l thought you'd like it.

Well, l guess l'll see you next week.

l'll walk you to the car.

Bye, sweetie.

Nurse, sit with Michael.
l'm taking Mrs. Myers to her car.

- Yes, sir.
- Thank you.

Cute baby.

You know, he's been silent now
for two weeks almost.

We really may want to consider
maybe shock treatments.

[no audible dialogue]

What happened?
What happened?

What happened there?


[no audible dialogue]

[film projector running]


[baby crying]

So you don't fucking talk a lot,
do you, Max?

Goddamn it, we're gonna get
one thing straight.

l don't work for you.

You may have worked here
for many years

and done all manner of things,

but l'm my own boss, all right?

l retire in about three months,

and you're still gonna be here
for a long time.

Now open the door.

Don't take no orders from anybody.

[claps hands]
Let's go, fuck-nut. Time to go.

- Hey! Don't touch those.
- What?

He doesn't like it
when you touch the masks.

God damn, l wouldn't want
to bum the freak out.

Sorry about these chains, Mikey.

What do you mean,
you're sorry about these chains?

You got feelings for this big idiot,
is that what it is?

What's the dig goin' on, lsmael?
What the fuck, man?

You know what? l've been taking care
of this kid for almost 20 years.

And me and him--

You know what? Never mind.
Just shut up, man.

Just keep your hands off his things.

l really don't know what else to say, Michael.

You haven't said a word for 15 years.

Christ, that's a lifetime.

That's nearly twice as long
as my first marriage.


lt's strange, Michael.

ln a weird way, you've become like...

...like my best friend.

lt just shows you how fucked up my life is.

l've done all l possibly can for you.

So l'm sorry to tell you

that this is going to be my last day.


l have to move on.

l'm sorry.

These eyes will deceive you.

They will destroy you.

They will take from you your innocence...

your pride...

and eventually your soul.

These eyes do not see
what you and l see.

Behind these eyes
one finds only blackness,

the absence of light.

These are the eyes...

of a psychopath.

Michael was created

by a perfect alignment

of interior and exterior factors

gone violently wrong--

a perfect storm, if you will.

l wonder who the hell's big idea it was

to get us down here in the middle
of the goddamn night like this.

Why is everybody so jacked up
we gotta move this asshole tonight?

Larry, man,
you worry way too much.

You don't worry enough.

Hey, man, l do what l do.

You tell me to move the meat,
l move the meat.

We'll they're getting on my last nerve.
What the hell are we waiting around for?

Have a doughnut, Larry.

A doughnut?

Do you know many sit-ups it takes
to work off a goddamn doughnut?

Yes, l do, baby. But do you?

Yes, l do.

lt's a lot. And that shit ain't funny.

[telephone rings]

What you got?

- Okay.
- l got a pair.

Yes, sir.



Hats on, boys.
We're out of here.

So what kook are we moving tonight?

Michael... Myers.

Trick or treat, baby.

- Shit.
- Let's go.

Jesus Christ, could this guy
walk any fucking slower?

Just wait here.


- All right, let's go.
- Come on, meat.



Somebody give me a hand here!

The door is stuck!

Open the door! lt's locked!

Get out here!
The hands are now free!

[telephone rings]






[breathing erratically]




[speaking in Spanish]

En el nombre del Padre, y del Hijo,
y del Espíritu Santo...

Mikey, what are you doing
out of your room?


Now, don't do nothing

we're both gonna regret later,
okay, Mikey?

l'm gonna have to get you back
into your room, okay now?

Let me get these.

l'm just gonna...

get these handcuffs and...

l'm gonna try to put these handcuffs
on you right now, Mikey.

And then we'll get you back
into your own bed, okay?


l was good to you, Mikey.

l was good to you, Mikey.


- [crash]
- [telephone rings]



- Sam.
- Who is this?

Sam, it's Koplenson.


Dr. Koplenson from Smith's Grove.

He's out.

Michael's out.

Shit. What?

He broke out a few hours ago.

Sam, it's a--
it's a fucking massacre.

l'm coming right away.
All right.

Oh, shit.

♪♪ [Tom Sawyer]

♪ A modern-day warrior,
mean mean stride ♪

♪ Today's Tom Sawyer
mean, mean pride ♪

[horn honks]

Oh, fuck!

Gotta leave the truck.

All right, boys.

Grizzley's back in town.
Who's got the Cracker Jacks?

Grizzley's back!

All right!

Look it here.

That's a new paint job.

Don't mess it up. Don't scratch it.


Oh, man.

Oh, my goodness.


♪ The world is, the world is,
love and... ♪

Naughty girl.

Naughty, naughty girl.

Hey, buddy,
just to give you a heads up,

l got a taco deluxe supreme
talking back at me,

so l'm going to be a while.

So do you mind waiting somewhere else
and let me pass this beast in peace?

Look, brother...

if you're looking for some kind of action,

you better take it on the arches
before l'm done dropping this load.

Or you're going to be one sorry A-hole.


you just hold on, Daisy.

l've got something for you.

Let me introduce myself.

l'm Joe Grizzley, bitch.

And l'm going to cut that mask
right off your face, you--

Get-- Get back!

l ain't scared!

[glass shatters]

Come on, what--

♪♪ [Mr. Sandman]

♪ Mr. Sandman... ♪

- You gotta be kidding me.
- Now what?

lt says here Nickel's Hardware
is going out of business.

42 years and that's it, over and done.

Yeah, well, good. They're a rip-off.

And Mr. Nickels is a horny old pervert.

Okay, don't even want to know.

Guess what, Mom.

Mr. Nickels likes to touch me
the wrong way.

Ooh, whoo, Mommy!

- Laurie, stop!
- l'm sorry. Okay.

- Are you eating?
- No, l'll get something at school.

- Oh, my God.
- [Dad] Oh, sure.

Just let the faceless marauding
corporate monsters of America

destroy everything
beautiful about this town.

Corporate monsters or not,
Epic Mart's a lot cheaper.

Oh, man, l gotta get out of here.

- Thanks again for dropping that thing off.
- No sweat, Dad.

Just shove the envelope
inside the mail slot, okay?

Yeah, Dad, l know.

They're coming by to look at it later, honey.

- So, it's very important that--
- Dad, okay.

l understand.
Muy importante.

- Love you.
- Love you, too.

Have a good day.

Mason, you forgot your briefcase, honey.

- Ah, shit.
- Ah, shit.

l feel like ''What round is it?''


Hey, Laurie!

- Wait up!
- Oh, God.

- Leave me alone, Tommy.
- Wait.

Definition: stop walking.

- Can l ask you something serious?
- Sure, why not?

Did you ever hear
about the Mexican Wolf Man?

- No.
- Yeah, well, he's real.

- l saw him on TV last night...
- Yeah.

And his name's Danny, and his face
is completely covered with hair.

And he likes soccer.
l swear it! They showed--

- Okay.
- He's a wolf!

Tommy, l have no idea
what you're talking about.

Lay off the candy corn, kid.

Stop acting like l'm crazy. lt's true!

Tommy, l'm your babysitter.
You're crazy.

- l know this. You're crazy.
- Ooohhh!

All right, gotta make a stop here.

Whoa! What are you, insane?

Oh, my gosh, Tommy,
l'm not even listening to you.

You'd better listen to me.

He's right there.

What are you, crazy?
You can't go in there.

Oh, yes, l can.

Hold my books, please?

That's the devil's house.
The Boogey Man lives in there.

Oh, no, Tommy.

Don't even joke about it.
l'm serious.

Oh, you're scaring me.

The Boogey Man will get me
or Danny the Wolf Man.

Oh, no, Tommy.

Oh, no!

Oh, no, it's pulling me--

Oh, no, Tommy, it's pulling me in!

Ha ha ha.

lt was just a joke. Chill.

l wish it wasn't.

Come on, hurry up.

Chill, spazz-monkey.


That's no place to screw around,
you know?

- lt's not a big deal.
- Not a big deal?

Do you know whose house that is?

Come on.

- lt's going to be fine.
- Yeah.

What if something happens?

- Laurie, what is going to happen?
- l don't know.

lt's going to be fine.

What is going to be fine?

Annie wants me to pretend
to baby-sit Lindsey Wallace,

then sneak out and dump her with me
so she can go and see Paul.

Sounds like
one of my crafty ideas.

- Yeah.
- l like it.

Anyway, l thought Paul was, like, grounded
for trashing his dad's motorcycle.

Oh, yeah.
No, he was, but he got out of it.

- You know.
- Yeah.


What if they come home early?

Dude, they are not
going to come home early.

Okay? Mrs. Wallace is a lush.

They're going to be out all night
getting hammered.

Yeah. Annie, l really hate lying.
You know that.

God, what are you, Mother Teresa?

- No.
- Yes, she is.

Look at her.
She's like a little angel.

- She's Mother-fucking Teresa.
- Stop. l am not!


- All right, l'll do it.
- Yes!

You owe me big time.

- l love you.
- l love you.

Did you know that ethyl alcohol
boils at 78.5 degrees Celsius?

- l didn't know that.
- Yeah.

That's pretty cool, right?

We've given the authorities
his complete profile.

Two road blocks and an all-points bulletin
wouldn't stop a 5-year-old.

Well, what do you want us to do?

Yes. l mean,
what do you want us to do?

l want you to get on the phone,

and l want you to tell them
who broke out of here last night.

And l want you to tell them
exactly where he's going.

Christ, we don't know where he's going.

lt must be great living in denial.

l must try it sometime.

Look, you and that army
of shirt-tuckers up there,

you know damn well where he's going.

[school bell rings]

This is so fucked.

What, me suspended from the squad?

l don't mean to sound conceited,

but l'm, like, the fucking hottest
cheerleader they've got.

Yeah, Lynda,
that doesn't sound conceited.

What, so now nobody
can take a joke anymore?

- What did you say?
- Check it.

So Lady Fuck-face gives us
three new cheers to learn,

so l'm like, ''Hey, why don't we just
rock it commando, flash some snatch?

And maybe nobody will notice
we're doing the same old tired cheers.''

- Oh, you didn't.
- Oh, yeah, l did.

- Yeah, you did.
- Yeah.

You know what that
dried-up fucking bitch did?

- What?
- Calls my dad and tells him what l said.

- Yeah.
- Oh, my gosh.

That C-U-N-T, yeah,
needs to get laid.

What did your dad say?

Oh, who cares?

l'll just give him the little sweetie-pants
princess suck-up routine.

Daddy's little pookie would never
say something like that.

Gosh, ever since your parents split up,

you have your dad
wrapped around your little finger.

Totally wrapped.

- Hey, bitches!
- Hey, Annie.

- Thanks for waiting for me.
- Whatever. Hurry your ass up.


Hey, l heard about your
little cheerleading incident.

Yeah, l'm totally famous.

You're totally a slut.

- That's what you are.
- Whatever.

l think that guy's watching us.

- What guy?
- That guy over there.


- Oh, please.
- l saw him outside school earlier.

Probably just some pervert
cruising school poontang.

Yeah, wait. Watch this.

Hey, freak!

Hey, freak, you want
some of the young stuff?

You like that?
Well, come and get it.

- Hey!
- Lynda, stop.

Hey, asshole.
My daddy's the sheriff.

Huh? Why don't you go crawl back
under your fucking rock?

- Yeah, whatever.
- See, l told you.

He's just some
stupid fucking pervert.

- Total pervert.
- Gosh, you guys are crazy.

That guy could have been dangerous.

- Oh, God.
- Whatever.

- What is he going to do?
- l don't know.

Oh, my God.
You should date him!

- You should!
- You guys!

Come on, let's go get something--

[horn honks]

- Oh, no, 5-0.
- Hey.

Hi, Dad.

Hey, Mr. Brackett.

- Nice furry hat, Mr. Brackett.
- Thank you.

What's up, Dad?

l'm on my way home.
Anybody want a ride?

Yeah. Hell, yeah, l'll take a ride.

- No.
- You guys?

Bacon-mobiles make me nauseous.

- Nice.
- Bye, Annie.

- See you later.
- Bye, guys.

Hey, kiddo.

- Kind of a drag having a pig as a dad.
- Nah, l like him.

Yeah? Do you think
he was flirting with me?

- You are so demented.
- Totally.

- Yeah. See ya.
- Bye.

You know, l remember this mess
just like it happened yesterday?

lt was tragic.

The poor woman,
l guess she couldn't stand the stress

of being labeled ''Satan's mother.''

l think she blew her fucking head off.

l'm still amazed.

A young boy like that
butchering all those people.

And the doctor involved--
l think he wrote a book or something.

Fucking blood money.

Yeah, l read that book.
lt was a masterpiece.

- Now, are we close?
- Yes, it's just here. l gu--

- Goddamn son of a bitch!
- What?

Those fucking kids!
Jesus Christ!

Don't they think l have anything better to do
with my time than clean up this shit?

Fucking little idiots! God damn it!

Where the hell are you going?

Who would do sick shit like this?

l think l know whose grave that is.

[turns engine off]

Dude, it fucking totally sucks
that they're selling this place.

lt's reduced. Maybe l can buy it.


lt's a shithole anyway.

l'm going to miss it.

Don't worry, dude.

We'll find another house to party in.

Besides, l'm gonna
get the van all jacked up.

You're gonna want to spend
more time in there anyway.

[passionate moaning]

Oh, yeah.

Wait, just like that.

Oh, God.

Oh, wait. Wait.

Right there, right there.

- Hold on!
- Wait, my calf is cramping, man.

Why'd you stop?
Oh, God--

Oh, fuck.

A fucking little warning would be nice.

- Fuck.
- l'm sorry.


- Get me another beer.
- You get it.

l'm the one that just did all the heavy lifting.

All right, l'll go.

So, seriously, on a scale from 1 to 10,
should l have a 5?

How about...zero?

- More like--
- Zero.

More like zero plus 1 1 .

[radio playing]

[changing radio dials]

[(Don't Fear) The Reaper
playing on radio]


- Hello?
- Yo, Mama.

What up, dude?

- Nothing much.
- Oh, what's wrong?

l was just thinking about
what Annie said earlier today,

concerning my so-called
''cheerleading incident.''

l don't know.
lt's kind of bumming me out.

Fuck, dude, who put
all the empties back in here?

You don't think that, do you?

Lynda, l don't think you're a slut.

Come on, that's ridiculous.

l don't give a shit what Annie thinks anyway.

But l care what you think.



What-- What the f--

Jesus, Bob, could you move
your pokey ass a little slower?

Well, could you?

Well, that's cute.

See anything you like?

Okay, enough.

Joke's over.

Beer, please.

Hey, Casper the Friendly Asshole Ghost,
hand me my beer.

Well, fucking hand it over, dip-shit.

Why do you have to become
such a fucking jerk every time we do it?

You think you'd be grateful
that l let you touch me with that thing.

And anyway, you're not a zero.

You're a freakin' minus 5 or something.


What'd you do to this beer?

What about this big one here?
That looks perfect.

- You mean, like, this one here?
- Yeah, that one.

- Yes, yes, that's lovely.
- .22 Smith & Wesson.

- That's good.
- Yeah.

That's okay if you want to just piss it off.

lf you want to blow its fucking head off...

this is what you want.

.357 Magnum.

Wolff mainspring, polygonal rifling.

Beautiful, beautiful.
Poly what?

- Muzzle velocity of 1 ,450 feet per second.
- Great, just wrap it up.

- That's fine.
- Okay, okay.

- Take it easy.
- Thank you. Yes.

l'm in a bit of a hurry.

lf you could just wrap it up,
that'd be great.

- Thank you.
- What are we hunting?

- Girls, you look so beautiful.
- Little princesses.

- Trick or treat.
- Here you go.

- Thank you.
- Here's some candy.

- Oh, Happy Halloween.
- You, too.

- Bye, you guys.
- Thank you. Bye.

So cute.

l cannot believe you're graduating this year.

l remember when you used
to run around looking like that.

Mom, l was never a princess.

Last thing l was at their age
was dead Little Red Riding Hood.

You were this beautiful ballerina--

No, you bought me the blood
and you gave me the cuts.

''My costume's too tight.''

- You don't remember that?
- l never wore a tutu.

You getting many kids?

Only two so far.


be careful tonight.

l know.

A lot of nut cases come out on Halloween.

Dad, l'm just going to be babysitting.

- What's the worse thing l could do?
- All right, okay.

- l'm just saying.
- Nice.

- All right.
- Sorry.

- Aah!
- Mom, st--

Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Strode!

- Hey, Annie.
- Hey.

How's your dad?

Oh, you know, same as always.

- You know what that means?
- Mm-mmm.

Yeah. Love you guys!

- Love you, too!
- Bye-bye!

Gonna give me some lovin'?

l'll give you some lovin' later, but first
you're going to talk about the vacation.

l'm going to go build a fire.


l hate vacation. Let's stay home.


No! No!

You leave my baby alone, you--



ls the Boogey Man real?

Why are you so obsessed
with the Boogey Man, Tommy?

- Well, l hear things at school.
- Like what?

Well, l heard that on Halloween night,

the Boogey Man sneaks out
and attacks kids who don't believe.

You know what, Tommy?

lt is true.

He likes to eat little boys like you.

Oh, my God!
The Boogey Man's here!

We're going to die!

[telephone rings]

Hold that thought.

That's not appropriate
babysitter behavior, Laurie.


Shut up.

- My parents will hear about this one.
- Yo, it's me. Hey.

So the Wallaces are finally out of my face.

l just talked to Paul.
He's on his way over.

So l'm finishing making the Queen of Sheba
her popcorn, and then l will be over.

l have some fun and exciting news for you,
so l'll see you in a few minutes.

Okay, bye.

- Guess what, Tommy.
- What?

Lindsey Wallace is coming over.

What? She can't come over here!

- What if the guys see her?
- So?

One, she's a girl.

Two, she's not a boy.

And three, she smells like you.

This is going to be a long night.

For the both of us.

[man on TV]
Get the firel

Watch it, Patrickl

Lindsey...get your coat on.

We're going to go over
and see Tommy Doyal.


- What are you doing?
- Nothing.

Yeah, exactly.
l said get your coat on.

We're going over to your late-night lover
Tommy Doyal's house.

No, you didn't.

Yes, l did.

No, you didn't.

Don, l'm sorry if l don't
sound too concerned,

but a dead coyote and a missing headstone
doesn't prove anything.

Well, l think you're wrong, Sheriff.

l think it does prove
that he's here in Haddonfield.

lt was a Halloween prank.

Kids pull shit like that all the time.

The stone will be returned tomorrow.

And besides, it weighs over half a ton.

That's my point exactly.

So you're saying that one man picked it up
and walked away with it?


Doc, l may have been born,
but l wasn't born yesterday.

l'm sorry, Sheriff,
but please listen to me.

This may be a matter of life and death.

All right, l'll tell you what l'll do.

You come by my office tomorrow--

Tomorrow is too late.

Evil is here.

lt's walking amongst us.

Doc, it sounds to me like
you're talking about the Antichrist.

Well, perhaps l am.

Smell my feet

Give me something good to eat

lf you don't, l don't care

l'll pull down Annie's underwear

l can't believe you're making me
haul this thing all the way over there.

l can't believe you think
l'm not going to tell.

Gonna share some popcorn
with your little boyfriend?

No, l'm not.

You know you are.

You know you're going
to share something with Paul.

You know how annoying you are?


Trick or treat, smell my feet.

Give me something good to eat

- lf you don't, l don't care--
- l swear to God, Lindsey.

lf you don't stop singing that song,

we're going to have
a pumpkin-smashing party

right here in the middle of the street.

[doorbell rings]

Tommy, where's your girlfriend Laurie?

Laurie's not my girlfriend.
l hate girls.

Why doesn't anyone understand this?

Good. So does Lindsey.

Go worship your god.

- Hey.
- Brought you a present.


You, my dear, will be happy to know

that l talked to Paul
about his buddy Ben Tramer.

Oh, l thought you said
Ben Tramer was retarded.

Yeah, but he's not
Shortbus retarded or anything.

What? He's okay.

- l mean, you need a boyfriend!
- Annie, l don't need a boyfriend.

- No, that's not what l meant.
- l'm fine.

- You need--
- Okay, Annie--

Oh! Oh! Yes!

Yes, Annie!

Okay, ok--

All right, you're right.

l need a boyfriend.

So, what did he say?

He said, and l quote,

''Dude, she's fucking hot.''

- Really?
- Uh-huh.

[honks horn]

Oh, fuck, that's Paul.
l gotta go.

- Have fun.
- Thanks, l will.

- Bye, sexy.
- Bye.

Hi, baby.

- What's up?
- How are you?

l'm good.
How are you?


Dr. Loomis, l'm going
to have to level with you.

l read your book.

l know exactly who you are,
and frankly, l don't like you.

And l'll tell you something else.

l think you have created
quite the masterpiece of a monster

off the blood of this town,
because monsters sell books.

Please, just look at this photograph
on the cover of the book.

All right.

l first met Michael 1 7 years ago.

He has no conscience, no reasoning,

even a rudimentary sense
of life or death, right or wrong.

Yeah. He's come back for her.

And who is her?

He's come back for his baby sister.

l know it in my bones, Sheriff.

To do what?

l don't know, Sheriff, but...

it's not good.

lf l break a promise l made a long time ago,

then you must promise that you will play it

razor, and l mean razor,
straight with me.

[telephone rings]

[Mr. Strode, on machine]
Hello. You have reached
the Strode residence.

[Mrs. Strode]
We can't come to the phone right now.

[Mr. Strode]
So please leave a message and have a...

Happy Halloweenl


Yeah, this is Sheriff Brackett.

lf you can hear me, pick up.

Please, if you can hear me,
l need to talk to you immediately.

[hangs up phone]

Let's go.

- Laurie?
- What, Tommy?

l would like to return to the subject
we started earlier this evening.

l've heard all about this.

What do you want to know, Tommy?

Why would he only attack kids
who don't believe?

l mean, it doesn't make sense.

ls it because if you believe,
then you're protected by his powers?

Okay, Tommy,
enough about the Boogey Man.

lt's nonsense.

l'm with Tommy on this one.

Yeah. Why do you keep
avoiding the subject, Laurie?

ls-- ls she scared?

- Maybe she is.
- Ooh, yeah.

- Maybe you're scared!
- Are you scared?

Okay, stop! Stop!

Leave me alone for five seconds, please.

- Five, four, three...
- You guys...

- Okay, please don't.
- Two, one.

No! No!

l'm going to tell your parents!

Hey, don't pull it like that.
You're going to stretch it all out.

- Come on, munchie.
- Stop. This is expensive, idiot.

- You want to fuck me?
- Yeah.

- Yeah?
- You're so fucking hot, babe.

You want to fuck me?
l want to hear you say it.

- l'm gonna fuck you.
- Yeah?

Say it again.

lt's so fucking warm.

Oh, my--

What's the matter?


[dogs barking]



About 1 7 years ago,
l respond to a 91 1

which turned out to be
the Myers woman's suicide.

And l see this beautiful,
innocent baby sitting in this bloody mess,

and l can't imagine this child growing up
with a stigma around her neck,

so l omit her from the report,
l drive her to another town,

and drop her off
at the nearest emergency room.

And l think that this
is going to be the end of it.

About three months later,
l find out from a friend of mine,

Mason Strode,
that he's adopted the baby.

Oh, my God.

- Cold?
- Yeah.

Okay, come here.

- Did you have fun?
- Yeah.

You sure?


Annie? We're coming in.

You better be decent.

- Where are the lights?
- Here.



Oh, my God!

Lindsey, run home!

Go call the police! Go!

Help! Help! Help!

Oh, my God, honey!
Are you okay?

Oh, baby, what happened?

- He's in--
- l'm going to call the police.

Okay? l promise.


- 91 1.
- l need an ambulance, please!

My friend's bleeding to death.





My name is Laurie Strode,
and l'm at 1987 Winchester Drive.

We have a 91 1 call,
1 987 Winchester Drive.

This is Brackett.

What's the nature of the emergency
and who called it in?

Two-stabbing-victim call
placed by a Laurie Strode.

He's found her!
He's found her, for God's sake!

- How long's it going to take to get there?
- lt's about ten minutes.


Please, you've got to help her.


Baby! Baby, hold on, okay?
Annie, they're com--

[glass shatters]


Help! Please!


Help! Please!

Help, please! Someone!


Tommy, open the door!

Open the door!
Tommy, open the door!

Open the door!

Open the door! Tommy!
Open the door!

What's going on?

What's happening?

Where's Lindsey, Tommy?

- Where's Lindsey?
- She's right there!

- She's upstairs!
- l'm right here.

Go upstairs!

Tommy, go upstairs!

Guys, get in the bathroom!

- He's coming!
- Stop! Shh!

Tommy, be quiet, please.

[chatter on TV, indistinct]

l got this.
You check upstairs.


This is the police.
Are you all right?

He's out there! Please help us!

The door's locked.

Are you able to unlock the door?

Are you able to open the door?


Laurie, no.

ls he gone?

No, there's no one out here.

Please, just unlock the door.

Yeah, hold on.

- No!
- Open the door.

Oh, God!




[sirens approaching]

Stay behind me.




Annie. Oh, sweetie.

Stay with me.
Stay with me.

They'll be here soon.
Come on, darling.


Over here!

lnside here!

- Boogey Man!
- Help!

Guys, over here!

- The Boogey Man!
- What is it?

Help! The Boogey Man!

- What? What?
- He's over there!

He took Laurie.
He took Laurie away.

Okay, guys.

Go over and stand by that ambulance
and just wait there.

Don't move!



Lynda, wake up!

Lynda, wake up, please!

Lynda, wake up!

Lynda, please wake up!

Lynda, please!
Please, please, please wake up!

He's going to come soon.

Lynda, wake up, please!

Who are you?

What do you want?

No, no, please.

Please don't hurt us, please!

No, please don't hurt me, please!

l don't understand.

Please, just let--
Please leave me alone!

l don't know them! Please!

l want to help you.

l just don't understand.

l want to help you.

l just don't know how.

l want to help you.

l don't--

You motherfucker!


Someone help me!

Shit. Let me out!


Let me out!

Somebody, please help me!

Somebody, please!

Get off! Help me!

Please, please.


Help! Somebody, please!

No, please, please.

Help! Somebody, please!

Help! Help!

Somebody, please!

Please. Please.

No. No. No.


Please! Somebody!

Michael! Stop!

Michael, it's me...Samuel.

Michael, please stop!

Help! Please!

Please! Stop!

Stop! Michael!





Help me, please.

lt's all right.

You're safe now. lt's okay.

Ow, my leg.

lt's okay.

lt's all right.

Was that the Boogey Man?

As a matter of fact, l do believe it was.

Jesus Christ! What the hell?

No, Michael!

Michael, stop!

For God's sake, listen to me!

Look...it's not her fault.

Michael, it's my fault.

l failed you.



[pounding continues]








[sirens approaching]

[screaming continues]

♪ Mr. Sandman ♪

♪ Bring me a dream ♪

♪ Make him the cutest
that l've ever seen ♪

♪ Give him two lips
like roses and clover ♪

♪ Then tell him that
his lonesome nights are over ♪

♪ Sandman ♪

♪ l'm so alone ♪

♪ Don't have nobody to call my own ♪

♪ Please turn on your magic beam ♪

♪ Mr. Sandman,
bring me a dream ♪

♪ Mr. Sandman ♪

♪ Bring me a dream ♪

♪ Make him the cutest
that l've ever seen ♪

♪ Give him the word
that l'm not a rover ♪

♪ And tell him that
his lonesome nights are over ♪

♪ Sandman, l'm so alone ♪

♪ Don't have nobody
to call my own ♪

♪ Please turn on your magic beam ♪

♪ Mr. Sandman,
bring me a dream ♪

♪ Mr. Sandman ♪

♪ Bring us a dream ♪

♪ Give him a pair of eyes
with a ""come-hither"" gleam ♪

♪ Give him a lonely heart
like Pagliacci ♪

♪ And lots of wavy hair
like Liberace ♪

♪ Mr. Sandman ♪

♪ Someone to hold ♪

♪ Would be so peachy
before we're too old ♪

♪ So please turn on
your magic beam ♪

♪ Mr. Sandman, bring us ♪

♪ Please, please bring us ♪

♪ Mr. Sandman ♪

♪ Bring us a dream ♪

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Burbank, CA