Hallowed Ground (2019) - full transcript

A married couple, trying to rebuild their relationship after an affair, travels to a secluded cabin and stumbles into a blood feud between the Native American owners of the property and the...

- What the hell have
you done, savage?

- My daughter will see her
child with one eye only.

Your son will not
see his with two.

We could not protect our
children from violence.

We must do better.

- Shit.

- You have
arrived at your destination.

- Babe, we're here.

♪ Well, it's lucky
I've seen it ♪

- This looks like
your kinda place.

- Welcome, Alice, Vera.

- Thank you, thank you so much.

This place, it's so beautiful.

- You're kind.

This land has been in my
family for generations.

It's been a blessing.

- And I understand there's a
burial mound somewhere nearby?

- Yes, you have
entered a sacred space.

- It's so quiet.

- We say, listen to the silence.

Let it speak to you.

It can bring you peace.

- I'm gonna go get our bags.

- Then I'll give
you the grand tour.

We encourage our guests
to fish the pond.

It's fully stocked.

We only ask that you
eat what you catch

or return it to the pond.

These fish are not for mounting.

- She said these fish
are not for mounting.

- My wife, she has
the sense of humor

of an eight-year-old boy.

- Mounting, like sex.

Having sex with a fish.

Well, taxidermy is
such a clinical term.

- Mm-hmm.

Who's that?

- Oh, that's Sandy.

He's the custodian
of the property.

You'll see him around.

He's a little eccentric,

but he's been with
me for some time.

He's, well, he's family.

- And he lives here?

- Yes, it's always
good to have someone

keeping a watchful eye.

I encourage you to
explore these woods,

but digging is not allowed,
even for archeologists.

- Of course.

- The bones of our dead still
mingle with the soil here,

and about that fact,
we are deadly serious.

- Oh.

- You got us.

- May I?

Obsidian, it's a truth enhancer.

It's said to bring
to the surface

the purest incarnation
of oneself.

It's beautiful.

- Thank you.

- Well, I'll leave you to enjoy.

You have my cell if
you need anything.

- Thank you.

- I'm sorry, I almost forgot,
and this is very important.

Please be mindful of
the property line.

Our neighbors are
vehemently possessive

of their land, as they call it.

- I assume the line
is clearly marked.

- With barbed wire.

- None of the reviews

mentioned the creep
factor around here.

Well, she wasn't that
weird on the phone.

And what was all that,

the bones of our dead are still
mingling with the soil crap?

I mean, come on.

- Well, it is her belief system,

so I don't know why you have
to be so judge-y about it.

- You mean, observant.

- No, no, I mean judgmental.

I mean, I study these
people for a living,

and you're judging them.

- She had a weird energy.

Okay, that's what
I'm trying to say,

but that's all
I'm trying to say.

You don't have to go all
PC police on me, okay?

Hey, I don't want to
fight about stupid shit.

It's not why we're here.

- No, it's not.

- To not fighting
about stupid shit.

And to some more of that.

- I hope so.

- What time is it?

- Late-ish?

- Hey, do you
know what time it is?

- Ally.
- Hey!

- Ally!
- What?

- The man works
here, give him a break.

- Well, I'm just
trying to listen to silence, V.

- I'm not disturbing
you pretty ladies, am I?

- A little bit, yeah.

- Well, I am so sorry.

See, I got a lotta
property I gotta work on.

Much cooler at night, you know?

Man my age gotta be mindful

of his health in
this thick heat.

That heat'll wear you out.

Yes, ma'am.

Oh, I shoulda been mindful
of y'all's privacy too.

Dang me to hell.

- It's okay.

- So, y'all girlfriends, huh?

I mean, uh, you know, you're uh,

y'all are romantically entwined.

- That's really none
of your business.

- Um, we're married.

- No, I ain't got no
problem with it, nope.

I'm a, what'd they call it?


I have smoked
marijuana, I enjoyed it.

I believe folks
love who they love.

Y'all born with
it, I believe that.

Yeah, I believe that.

Well, I reckon I'll go

put the tractor back
up under the shed

and mosey on over to
my old trailer there.

Yes, ma'am.

Y'all holler if
you need anything.

I just wanted to say hidee-doo.

All right, then.

- Thank you.

- Yes, ma'am, my pleasure.

Nighty, night.

- Breathe, breathe,
just breathe.

- Yeah, one big creeptastic

- Shh.

You could be on the next cover.

Take this off.

I told you, you weren't
getting rid of me.

We are not fucking done.

- Stop it, stop it, stop it.

- Oh, I am so bad at this.

- No, you're not.

- Yeah, you know I am.

- Let go, just let go.

- Trying.

- Try harder.

♪ You love me and feel me

♪ The whole night, yeah

♪ I wanna kiss you

- Just be with me tonight.

- I, I, I'm sorry, I, I just
don't think I'm ready, Ally.

Look, maybe soon, okay, I hope,

but just, let's
just talk tonight.

- But we can talk
while we're dancing.

We don't have to be
10 feet apart to talk.

We can be touching and talking.

- Ally, come on, you
know what I mean.

You're, you're trying
to have sex with me,

and you don't really wanna
just talk while we're dancing.

I mean, come on.

- So, is that
what this trip is about?

♪ I don't wanna hate you

- Talk?

♪ All over

- Well, it's about
communication, yes.

♪ Don't want you to hate me
- Well, I'm of the opinion

that you don't have to
talk to communicate.

I wanna fuck you.

That is communication.

♪ I want to embrace you

- In, in a way, yes, you're--

- V, get out of your head!

Please, just be the
emotionally dialed in woman

that I fell in love with

and leave the neurotic
analytical intellectual

at the university.

- But that's me too.

Don't you get that?

And, and emotional?

I don't know what's more
emotional than betrayal.

And with a man.

Do you know how fucked
up that is for--

- For what, for a lesbian?

But I'm not,

I have always been bi,

every day since
the day you met me,

when, by the way,
I was dating a man.

I am bi, whether your community

chooses to accept
such things or not.

- It is not about that.

- It's fucking part of
it, and you know it.

- Look, after,


I became a ghost, emotionally.

- You were a ghost for a
long time before that, V.

- I thought I didn't
have to pretend with you,

to be some kind of cookie
cutter version of a romantic.

I thought we were
beyond this, Ally.

You now, I had my
tenure, I had my--

- Oh, here we
fucking go, tenure.

Do we have to
- Yeah!

- keep talking
- Yeah, me too.

- about the university?
- Just shut up

♪ To feel alone by myself

- Just shut up.

You know what, just,

I wish for like just a minute

that I could make you
understand what it was like

to grow up gay in
the Bible Belt.

You wanna talk
about bi-antagonism,

try homophobia in the South.

You know, to be made to feel

like you've got some
sort of disease,

like, like your cells are
twisted up on the inside

and that's what makes me
like girls instead of boys.

You know, I never,
ever got over that,

just this nagging feeling

that something was wrong
with me physically,

that, that my body
was sick in some way,

and you know, every time
I actually allowed myself

to be with a woman,
I felt dirty,

deep down, I felt dirty.

But then I met you.

And the connection was
more than physical,

and for the first time, I
fell in love with a woman

for more than just her body.

I fell in love with her mind.

And it wasn't dirty anymore.

And then that beautiful,
brilliant woman

chose a man over me.

- Because he studied,
he craved my body,

and I think, I know
that you used to do that

because I felt it.

I'm a carnal person,
V, that's who I am.

And no amount of
talking can change that.

- You gonna answer that?

- Why me?

- 'Cause I'm a photographer,

and you are
incredibly photogenic.

- That's not an answer.

- Sure it is.

I could ask you the same thing.

Why are you doing this?

- It's something different.

My wife won't have sex
with me, and you will.

- Where'd you go?


- Fuck, no where,
I'm, I'm right here.

- You wanna talk now?

- I'm--

- I know, I am too.

Let's go for a walk.

- Here, fishy, fishy, fishy.

Here, fishy, fishy, fishy.


Feedin' the fish.

How was y'all's
evenin' last night?

- Not quite what we'd hoped.

- It was great, this
is a lovely place.

- Yup.

Y'all headed out to the mound?

- Yes.

- I've always been

- Uh-huh.

- Now, be mindful of
that property line now.

- Will do.

Come on.

- Mm-hmm, all right then.

Here, fishy, fishy, fishy.

- Oh, wow.

Hey baby, what are all
these painted rocks?

- Oh, well, this is
still a very active shrine.

- How many people are
buried out here, do you think?

- Could be hundreds.

- Really?

- Mm-hmm.

See, when a member
of the tribe died,

they would place them

up on an elevated
platform above the mound,

and then family and
friends would leave food,

clothing, sometimes kill
a dog or something--

- What?

- Oh, um, the deceased's dog,

if the deceased had
a companion or a pet,

anything that they believed
would help usher them

on their journey to
the spirit world.

And then, the body would
literally lay above the mound

until the flesh began to rot.

- Gross.

- Yeah.

Well, it gets better.

So, the Choctaw had
what they called

, bone pickers.

See, they would grow the
fingernails really long

because it was their
job to scrape and clean

the decomposing
flesh from the bones,

and then burn it while
friends and family

sang songs of celebration.

- Celebration?

- Well, yes.

You see, with the
flesh destroyed,

the deceased's last
remaining tether

to the material world
would be broken,

and the spirit
could truly be free.

- Hmm.

- So then, they
would take the bones,

and they would place
them inside the mound

and have a great feast with
the bone picker presiding.

- I hope he washed
his hands first.

- Yeah.

- Oh.

You know, I just
don't understand

why anyone would
celebrate death.

I mean, someone is dead,
what's to celebrate?

- Well, I guess that depends
on what you think death is.

You know,

if you just close your eyes

and breathe,

you can really feel
something in this place,

something beyond all this



- Oh.

- What's funny?

- Oh, come--
- What's funny?

- Oh, come on, V,

like you can really feel
something in this place.

- All right, yeah, okay, well,

please don't be
disrespectful, but--

- I'm not being disrespectful.

- Okay, are we done?

Okay, come one.

Ah, you're hopeless.

- Can I have
one of the rocks?

- No.

- The dreaded property line.

Wonder who lives on
the other side of this.

Probably some redneck asshole.

All this beauty grinding
to a screeching halt

with a barbed wire fence
and a cheap Keep Out sign.

- Hey.

- What?

- Kiss me.

Oh my god.


- What the fuck?

- You came onto our property,
and your friend's hurt.

- Baby, that looks bad.

- Yeah, it's probably fine,

but I guess I need a
tetanus shot or something.

- Didn't you see the signs?

- Is that a cat?

- Mm-hmm, came
onto our property,

killed one of our chickens.

- Lonny
Barham, where you at?

Lonny Barham!

- At the property line.

We got trespassers.

- Lonny Barham, what did you do?

- I ain't done nothin', Daddy.

- You cut yourself?

- Um, just on the fence, yeah.

- On the fence, on this fence?

- Yeah, that fence.

Do you, your kid killed a cat.

- That the one that
ate our Dominicker hen?

- Mm-hmm.

- That's my boy.

That cat's been wreaking
havoc like a son of a bitch

on our property killin'
all our chickens.

You know, you might
wanna wrap that up.

- I'll be fine.

- You mighty confident.

You best go ahead and
wrap it up, there you go.

Come on, now.

Don't want it to get infected.

My name's Bill
Barham, this is Lonny.

Pleased to meet y'all.

Y'all be safe now.

Come on, kiddo.

- I think we should go.

This place is off.

- Is it any more off
than anywhere else?

Just please remember why we
came here in the first place.

- I mean, yeah, okay,
it's fucked up everywhere,

but at least at home,
we know the score.

- Right.

I guess call blocking
doesn't work on your phone.

- Did you cross
the property line?

- Nita, I--

- Alice, I thought
you might like to see

the results of our latest shoot.

- I'm calling 9-1-1.

- Wait, just give
me a minute, okay?

I just wanted to talk
about what happened.

I feel we had a

- You've gotta be kidding.

- I was just stopping by to
see how your stay was going,

and I found him here.

- Thatcher, what the
fuck are you doing?

- I called, quite a few times.

I don't know why I had the
tracker put on the car.

I'm troubled, obviously.

- Look, I don't know what
this is, but whatever it is,

it's not worth you
destroying your life over,

which is what you're
going to do here.

- You must be Vera, the
cold fish professor.

I have long waited to meet you.

- Did you hear what I said?

- I think so.

Why would I be destroying
my life?

I'm, I'm here to make amends
with the woman I love.

That is a noble thing.

Isn't that what you're doing?

Let me ask you a question.

Have you ever had
sex with a camera?

Answer the question.

Have you ever fucked a camera?

See, you can take all the
pictures in the world,

people, places, and
capture emotion,

a perspective, a mood,

bottle it up into celluloid,

or nowadays, into thousands
and thousands of digital pixels

and put 'em in this little
device called a camera.

And be celebrated and paid
handsomely for your work.

Some might even call you
the Great Thatcher Vance,

which of course is empowering.

But the device itself,

the instrument of your success,

it doesn't love you.

It's cold to the touch.

It doesn't satisfy your
basic biological needs.

Of course, you'd know something
about that, wouldn't you?

'Cause you sure weren't
satisfying Ally's.

- Damn you, Thatcher.

- I am really tired of
being beat up by women.

Now, I'd like us to just
sit down and converse

while Alice tells me what she
thinks of our latest shoot.

- You're insane.

- You're still wearing
the necklace I gave you.

- You said you got
that at an artisan's market.

- Mm, really, Ally.

These are better
than the first time.

You remember the first time.

- I remember the last time.

- What are you doing?

I said, I love you.

- Don't you ever put
your hands on me again.

- You crazy bitch.

It's gonna take more than
that to get rid of me though.

So do I.

- What is going on here?

- Bill.

- Now, Nita, don't
go overreacting.

We're simply responding
to a complaint.

- We just saw you.

- Did ya?

We're here in a formal capacity,
just so everyone's clear,

you were caught trespassing
on Barham property,

and you were seen by a child
doing some unsavory things,

which, perhaps ought best
be left behind closed doors,

if done at all.

- You mean the psycho
kid with the dead cat.

- Alice.

- You got spirit.

I like that.

But if you wanna get
off with a warning,

your better keep
your mouth shut.

- A warning for what?

- Sir, we would like to
report an unwanted person.

- An unwanted person?

Is that like a trespasser?

Like what y'all are?

- Sir, look, this is
my ex-girlfriend--

- You have got a lot
of fucking nerve.

- I'm here just trying to
figure some things out.

- You are not wanted here.

- I didn't ask you.

- Hey!

- Did you fucking grab me?

- I'll do whatever
the hell I want.

I'm gonna do a
hell of a lot worse

if you don't calm your ass down.

You understand me?

- Yes, sir.

- Now, I don't know
what kinda weird

ungodly sexual proclivities
your degenerates

have goin' on here, but
I'm gonna tell you this--

- Bill!

- Uncle Sandy.

- I got a bone to pick with you.

- That right?

- What you say we walk over here

and have us a little talky talk.


What the hell's goin' on here?

- You know they crossed
the property line,

you know what that gives
me the right to do.

- You gon'
leave these girls alone.

- I'm gonna do what I'm want
to do.

- Well, that's real
nice of you, Bill, Jerry.

- Y'all have a nice one.

- What was that about?

- Nita, you all right?

- What did you tell him?

- Well, I told him the
truth, that he's an asshole.



- We're leaving.

- I'm afraid that's
not possible.

For any of you.

At least not for now.

We made deals with
devils, heinous men.

- The Barhams?

- They'd encroached on our land.

Our little sliver of the world

seemed to recede
further each season.

We had survived
the Trail of Tears,

but my people had no delusions
about their security.

The mounds themselves
were threatened,

the very soul of our people.

After the war, their
Dark Dragon cult grew,

fueled by fear and blood.

Fear that they would lose the
choke hold they had on power.

- The war?

- Between the States.

- There's a cult?

- My great-great-grandmother,
Coahoma Anoche,

was walking with her dog
in the woods one night

when she stumbled onto their
land, or so they claimed.

The line was muddy then.

One of them saw
her, used some slur.

She didn't back down.

She was a very powerful woman.

Coahoma means red
panther in our language,

and she was worthy of
that name, so strong,

but her strength cost
her dearly that night.

Three of them, sons of Curtwell
Barham, beat her horribly.

She lost an eye.

One of them raped
her, impregnated her.

They left her for dead
at the foot of the mound,

killed her dog,

hung him from a
tree by his tail.

- That's awful.

- Her father, my

was a bone picker, Nashoba
Nawa, the walking wolf.

He was a deeply spiritual man,

but he lost his mind at what
they did to his daughter.

He took his revenge on
Coahoma's attackers.

With his great long fingernails

he ripped their throats
from their bodies

so they couldn't scream

as he peeled their
flesh from their bones

and burned it in the
field behind their barn.

But a baby with Barham
blood was to be born,

the only thing preventing
immediate retaliation.

When the child was born,
Old Man Curtwell Barham

approached Nashoba
with a proposition.

If Nashoba would offer his
life freely to the Barhams,

they would make no claim on
the child and do no violence

to any other members
of our family or tribe.

The slate would be wiped clean,

provided no Choctaw
or guest thereof

ever trespassed on
Barham property again,

for to him, that most
innocent act of Coahoma

resulted in the
deaths of three sons.

Nashoba agreed.

They hung him on a
cross, set fire to it,

and a pact was forged in blood.

- Why have we never
heard any of this before?

- The slate was indeed wiped
clean, just as Curtwell Barham,

then Judge Curtwell
Barham, had promised.

The story exists
now only in memory.

- And we can't leave because?

- The Barhams have
a claim on you now.

You and your guest.

According to the
rules of the pact,

they have 48 hours to decide
whether or not assert it.

But if you leave our land,
I assure you, they will.

- What the actual fuck are
we talking about right now?

- We're talkin' about the
spillin' of your blood,

possibly in a
particularly painful way,

but I mighta warded
off that possibility

if you stay where ya are

and don't trouble the
waters any further.

- Okay, I'm outta here.

Look, get outta my way, old man.

- Name's Sandy, but you right,

I am old, even got a little
bit of sense for all my years.

- So, you're saying we can't
leave for at least 48 hours,

but we may not
even be safe here?

- That's correct.

But I believe this
place will protect you.

It has protected others.

There are many
powerful spirits here.

- I'll take my
chances on the road.

- Thatcher, let's just have
drink and think this over.

- You have done well, my son.

To spill the blood to still
the heart of this invader,

this murderer who has
trespassed our land

and taken what was ours.

We protect our sacred soil

and every living thing
that inhabits it.

Those who defile our land
become an offering in blood.

Give me your hand.

Life is suffering, life is pain,

but there is also glory on
the other side of that pain.

May your blood co-mingle
with this offering,

may it become an
offering in and of itself

acceptable to our Master,
our Lord, the Great Dragon

whose blood has given us life.

Before the staff of our
enemy say what must be said.

- Amen.

- Say it like you mean it.

- Amen.

- Take this vile creature

and hang it by its
tail from a tree

so that every
passerby will know,

so that every passerby
will understand.

Gentlemen, tonight we
have the opportunity

for sacrifice far
greater than a cat,

and we shall not allow
some Injun burial mound

to stand in the way of that.

- Can
I smoke in here?

- No.

- Who's gonna
fuckin' know or care?

- I care.

It stinks and it's offensive.

You cheated on me with a smoker?

- I used to smoke,
did you know that?

- No.

- Maybe you don't know
me as well as you think you.

♪ Many a wild smile

♪ That made us lost

- So, what's the
plan here, ladies?

Maybe a hot threesome
before we die?

- Oh, fuck off.

- Look, I want to
leave, I really do, but

I'm just so fucking intrigued
to see how this turns out.

- My romantic getaway.

- Why are you lyin'
to yourself, Ally?

You're a city girl.

What are you doin' out
here in bumblefuck?

♪ I found a path
to our salvation ♪

- Don't call her that

♪ May be blind,
but you're still ♪

- What?

♪ The blush found in your eyes

♪ The candle on the wind

- Stop calling her that.

♪ Recognize

- What?

- Ally, you can't call her that.

♪ In the space between

♪ It's too far to go

- I can do whatever
I damn well please.

And now, I'm gonna
have a cigarette.

♪ That I bring forth

♪ Oh oh

♪ Oh oh

- I, seriously, I mean, really,

what did you see in that guy?

- You don't wanna know.

♪ Oh oh

- Look, if you still have
feelings for him, just tell me.

Just be honest with me.

- I don't, V, he's not
what I thought he was.

I, I don't know what
I thought he was,

but he is not that
thing, that person.

He isn't anything to me.

- Then why do you still
wear his necklace?

- It's not his
necklace, it's mine.

When something is given
to you, it's yours.

It's mine, and I like it.

And like Nita was saying,

it makes me feel, I
don't know, something.

- So, suddenly you found
you inner spirituality?

♪ Oh oh

♪ Oh oh oh

- Leave with me, right now.

I mean, most of this stuff
has to be bullshit anyway,

so let's just go right now.

- What about Thatcher?

- What about him?

I mean, he can do whatever
he damn well pleases, right?

And he doesn't mean
anything to you.

That's what you said, isn't it?

Look, you want me
to be spontaneous.

This is me being
spontaneous, so let's go.


Alice, what are you doing?


- Get in the car, now!


- What?

- I forgot my phone.

- Well, you
can get another phone.

- What the fuck?

- Oh my god.

- The Dragon desires blood!


- They're not
gonna let us leave,

and they took Thatcher,
V, they fucking took him.

- Oh, okay, I'm gonna,

I'm gonna call somebody.

- V.

- I don't have my phone either.

- What the fuck, Alice?

Come on, take this thing off.

What is this?

- This is the beginning of
your purification, my friend,

so that you may become
a living sacrifice

acceptable to our
mighty Dragon Lord

whose death gives
life to his chosen.

- You can't, you can't do this.

You, you can't, somebody,
somebody'll find out.

- Everyone who matters in
this place stands at my side,

and the rest cower in fear.

- Why me, though?

- As opposed to your
dyke friends, you mean?

Well, the short answer is,

they're better
people than you are.

You are and always have been

a self-serving manipulative
lascivious prick

bent and driven only
by your own lusts,

by your insatiable
carnal predilections.

I am right about that, am I not?

- You don't know me.

- I know many things,
but don't worry.

Your girlfriend and her


are not out of the
woods just yet.

- What do you mean by that?

- You did get those bitches'
phones, did you not, Jerry?

- Mm-hmm.

- Good deal.

Good deal.

- Ooh, whoa, ooh, okay.

Okay, ooh.

- Do you like my saber?

It's a family heirloom.

My great-great-great-granddaddy,
Judson Barham

wore and wielded this sword

in the War of
Northern Aggression

as lieutenant in Perrin's
Regiment, 11th cavalry.

And with this sword,
he spilled the blood

of vile Yankee
trespassers and usurpers,

and now, all these years later,

it will spill yours.

Isn't that glorious?

Shall we get started?

- Can we talk about this?

You are blessed, my child.

For blood is life and
blood must have blood.

Tonight, you will
know the truth,

and the truth will set you free.

X marks the spot.

- Glorious night.

- Yeah.

- Husband.

- Wife.

- I brought your wine.

- Two glasses?

- I, I thought I
might have a little,

that we might celebrate together
what is to come tonight.

- That's mighty
presumptuous of you.

- Then the shame is mine.

- But tonight

our son will see his
first human sacrifice,

and that indeed is
worthy of celebration,

so by all means,
pour two glasses.

To you, Mother.

- They must have been
inside the house.

They were inside
the house with us.

- What are they gonna do to him?

What have they done?

So much for this place
protecting us, right?

I mean, isn't that
what she said?

- I said this place would
protect you, not him.

The ancestors know the
character of souls.

Tonight, your friend will die.

Their thirst for blood
will be satiated.

This will be over,
and you'll be safe.

It is what has to be now.

- We can't let that happen.

I don't care who he is

or was to you,

he's still a human being.

- Do you know where
they took him?

- I feared you might
respond this way.


- What is this?

- This is your only hope.

- Y'all ever shot a gun before?

- Yeah.

- These are the shells here.

I can tell y'all where
you goin' and what to do,

but I can't help you
once you get there.

- So, if he's one of them,
why would he help us?

- Sandy's only one
of them by blood,

and that tie is strong,
impenetrable at times,

but his heart is good.

- They kill people and
he allows that to happen.

How do you call that good?

- You don't know what
Bill Barham is capable of.

His father, Sandy's brother,
died a relatively young man.

Bill inherited
his position at 18

and was drunk on power and
blood from the beginning.

These last years would
have been far worse

without Sandy to
mitigate the damage.

He's more capable of doing
that from the inside.

This is as far as I go.

I'll pray the ancestors
watch over you.

- Come with us,
don't you want this to end?

- Of course, I do,

but my birthright was an
oath, sealed with blood,

and I cannot betray that.

If you get the chance
to kill Bill Barham,

whatever the cost,
you must take it.

He does not know the
meaning of mercy.

Do you understand?

- Yeah.

Holy shit.

- Behold, my husband,
my priest, my lord.

- No, no, no, no.

- You are blessed, you
are a living sacrifice.

Your blood is food
for the Dragon,

the dying and
rising Lord of all.

Come, my son.

- Don't come after me.

- What are you gonna do?

- I did this, do
not come after me.

I love you.

- It's okay.

Try again.

- Let him go, take me instead.

- And here I was gonna
let you off scot-free.

- Do whatever you want
to me, just let him go,

and let my wife go.

- Whatever I want?

That's tempting, it truly is,

but you are standing on my
land, and for that reason alone,

I can do whatever the hell
I want to you regardless.

You're not a killer.

A moral reprobate maybe,
a doer of unnatural deeds,

but not a killer, I know.

You wanna take his
place, I can accept that.

Give me the gun,
or you can shoot me

and ensure that you, he,
and your pretty girlfriend

end up strung up on a cross!


Saved by a woman, disgusting.

Untie him.

Get off my land.

Friends, we have
new blood, take her.

I hope you fully appreciate
what you've done.

If not, you will soon.

- No!

- No, damn it, Vera!

Run, run!

- You missed!

Go get her.

- No, no, that wasn't the
deal, please, leave her, no.


- Wait.
- Damn it.


- We'll just take
this hero here.

Take her to the stall.

- Come on, get up.



Okay, let's just.


You're too heavy,
I don't know if I.

- She, she never loved me.

She never stopped lovin' you

and that got to me.

- Why me?

- Because I'm a photographer,

and you're incredibly

- That's not an answer.

- Sure it is.

I could ask you the
same thing, why me?

You're not even into dudes.

- I used to be into guys, but
I needed something different.

My wife won't have sex with me,

but that doesn't mean
I don't love her.

She's the only person

I could ever really see
myself loving in that way.

But this is about one thing.

- Okay, we gotta go.

We gotta go, come on.

Come on.

- It's a big deal to
postpone the ritual,

but for you, I'm
making an exception.

But how to purify for the
glorious death that is to come?

With a blade?

A whip?

A cane.

There are so many options.


Go see about my wife and child.

You too, Winslow.

Now that I think about it,
there is another option.


it might even fix you,

purge you of your aberrant
desire for the same sex.

You have, of course,
been with men,

but you have never
been with one like me.

- You have a wife, a child.

- King Solomon had 700
wives and 300 concubines.

You, of course, would fall
into the latter category,

if I were to let you live,

if I were to let her live.

What would you say if I
offered you such a proposition?

- If you let her live.

- Deal.

- Untie me.

- I am man, superior
in every way to woman.

Inside me lives a dragon,

and now, I shall show you
the meaning of suffering.

Get up.

- Nita, Nita!


He's lost a lot of
blood, he needs a doctor.

- He's lost too much
blood, I'm afraid.

- Do something, damn it!

How are you gonna just let these
monsters do this to people?

- Let me make a call.

- I'm sorry.

- It doesn't take much of a man

to torture a helpless victim.

- Oh, you're
helpless now, are ya?

You mean, you're to my equal.

Isn't that what you
feminists think?

That a woman is somehow
the same as a man?

I would imagine that belief
is prevalent among your kind.

You're gonna like this
better from behind.

You know, in certain
Asian countries,

caning is a punishment
reserved for men only.

Since you wanna be one so badly,

I figured it was a
good place to start.

- Bill.

- What?

Can't you see I'm in
the middle of somethin'?

- I can see that.

You need to go see to your son.

He's all shook up about
what he's seen earlier.

I don't think he's ready for it.

- You presume to educate
me about my own son?

He's got a stronger
stomach than that.

Anyway, Jerry's
seein' about him.

- He ain't never seen a man's
flesh fallin' from his bones.

He ain't never been asked

to nail a human being
to a board before.

That's a long way from
a 'possum or a cat.

He needs his father to
help him understand better

what it all means.

- Can you take over here?

Can ya?

- Yup.

- All right, then.

I'm gonna stick around
for the first lick

just to make sure you're
not holding somethin' back.

Get on with it, I'm tryin'
to go see about my son.

Good, carry on.

- This is gonna
cost me, you know?

Nita's my daughter.

Her mama died havin' her.

I insisted she keep her mama's
name, good Choctaw name,

so she wouldn't be polluted
by the Barham name.

Take her away from here.

She's got a.

- A what?

- Well, you best
better be goin'.

Go on!

- Your technique
needs a little work.

- Bill!

- I always wondered what it
felt like to wear this thing.

- Bill's gonna get
his saber back.

- Ally!

Oh my god, are you,
how did you even?

Baby, are you okay?

- I don't know, no, yes,
we don't have much time.

Her, she's his daughter.

- What?

- Sandy, motherfucking
Sandy, she's his daughter, V.

- Oh, okay, we need
to get you inside.

- What is going on
with this fucked up

incestuous family?
- Ally, Ally.

- What?

- This is Nita's family,

and um, Thatcher didn't make it.

And um, I tried, I'm sorry.

- May I tend to your wound?

- I don't know.

- Minco's a nurse.

- Thank you.

They're coming.

- Get your traitorous

ass down.
- Oh, goddamn.

- Tonight has been unexpected.

We have traveled from the
verge of glorious sacrifice

to the loss of two of our own.

For this, I shoulder
my share of the blame.

But a society that has
normalized debauchery,

women and men embracing unnatural
desires and inclinations,

this too must be
taken into account.

But more importantly,

betrayal, deep, disgraceful,

and familial has branded
our tribe tonight.


I only kept you close, hell,
perhaps even kept you alive

out of respect for my father.

I see now that was a mistake.

But maybe,

maybe you might help me
achieve my end tonight

before you receive
your just desserts.

Won't be long now, Uncle.

- Go to hell, Bill.

- Daddy, Daddy!

- He, he was goin' crazy,
wanted to be with his daddy.

- I wanna come with you!

I wanna see you purify them.

- Thought you was
all shook up earlier.

- I'm better now.

- What you think, Mama?

- The decision is yours,
my husband and my lord.

- You need to learn
to control your son.

He ain't a man yet.

You understand me?

- Yes.

- You wanna come, boy?

See your legacy up
close and personal?

Come on.

You go home, prepare.

I truly do not know what
is to come of tonight.

May the Dragon purify this
world with fire and blood

and may we be his instruments.

Give me that.

Get up, get your ass up.

- Drive as far and as fast as
you can, and don't look back.

- What will you do?

- Trust the ancestors.

- I admire your faith.

- What else is there now?

- I'm afraid you can't leave.

- What?

- They're here.

- Minco, take our
daughter away from here.

- I won't leave you.

- You must and you will.

I'll handle my family,
you protect ours.

Go out the back.

- Get the shotgun and the sword.

- You gonna regret this, nephew.

- How in the hell you
think that's gonna happen?


You send those depraved
murderous dykes out here

right now with my saber

or I'm gonna put a bullet in
your daddy's traitorous brain!

You hear me?

- Don't you worry about me,.

Don't you worry about me.

- You shut your
treacherous mouth!

Fox King, bring my pistol.

- I'm gonna go talk to him.

- You're not the one he wants.

I should go.

- If you go, I'm going with you.

I just got you back, I'm
not leaving your side again.

- I want you to pay close
attention now, Nita.

- Son of a bitch.

- Please, don't do anything

until I've exhausted
all options.

- What options?

- I shall not ask again, Nita.

- No.



We can solve this.

- I told you how we solve it.

- This has to end, Bill.

So many of our own have
suffered, and for what end?

- How can you say that to
me after what Nashoba did?

To take our precious Barham boys

from their own beds on
their own sacred soil

and to massacre them like
hogs to the slaughter.

- They were not innocent,

and Nashoba gave
his life as surety.

Cousin, our blood
is co-mingled now.

We are the same.

And the soil, whether
here or there,

never belonged to
either of us anyway.

We have the power
to lay this to rest.

- I have the power!

The Dragon gave it to me.

Goodbye, Nita.

- No!


You son of a bitch.

You son of a bitch.

- Shut up.

I wanted you to
see your daughter

bathed in her own
blood before you died.

How does it feel?

You take the Dragon's
prize, he takes from you.

Now, maybe you understand,
actions have consequences.

- Wait.

You were right.

Actions do have consequences.

I'm to blame.

I manipulated Sandy because
I couldn't manipulate you.

I'm the one you want.

I'm the vile thing that
set this all in motion.

- Yes, you are,

but so what?

You belong to me, and so
does your pretty wife.

- Please.

We made a mistake.

We never meant you or
your family any harm.

We didn't even know that
we crossed the line.

We only came to this place

because we just wanted
to find some peace and.

- There is no peace here,
only fire and blood.

- I can't breathe.

- That's the idea.

- Stop!

- Bring me my saber.


Kneel and place
it on the ground.

I see now it should have
been you from the beginning,

but that's all behind
us, isn't it, Alice?

Know this, your wife will
suffer horribly for your sins,

and we shall rejoice
in her suffering.

Watch closely, son, do
not avert your eyes.

- I am woman, you
son of a bitch,

and a fuckin' dragon
lives inside me too.

- Come.

I told you about this place.

- But they didn't protect
you, the ancestors.

- Protected you.

It is said

our , Nanishta

gave hearts to women
closer to its own

than those that it gave to men.

I see that in the two of you.

- This is over right now.

Y'all hear me?

I'm next in line, I'm
callin' a halt to it.

- Traitor, Lonny is the heir!

- When he's of age, he is,
but he ain't there yet.

I'm the only Barham
standing here right now,

and I'm tellin' you, it's done.

I made my decision, I made it.

Bill didn't agree, but
he ain't around no more.

Barham blood must hold the
priesthood of the Dragon.

Ain't that the way it goes?

Y'all gonna leave these ladies
alone to go their own way,

and y'all gonna help me
clean up this god-awful mess.

And I know you
know a thing or two

about cleanin' up messes, Judge.

You too, Mayor.

Or y'all can try to kill me.

You can sure try.

But you gonna go ahead and
make a decision right now.

Go on.

- Everyone.

- It'll be dawn soon.

- Longest night of my life.

- Look, let's just get a motel,

something so we
can sleep, regroup.

- Yeah.

- Once we're far, far
away from here, obviously.

You okay?

- I'll live.

- I love you.

- I love you.

- We're gonna make this work.

Let's go home.

- Yeah.

I'm sorry about Nita.

We slept late.

- Guess we were worn out.

- Coffee?

- Yeah.

- Yeah.

- I fixed that busted
pipe underneath the house.

Shouldn't have no
more problem with it.

I gotta go to the
other property.

Stella, you know it was
the right thing, don't ya?

Whatcha drawin' there, Lonny?

- You won't be around forever.

♪ Here the soil runs
thick with memory ♪

♪ Of folks long dead and gone

♪ Here a wolf howls
at a blood red moon ♪

♪ And a night bird
screams a song ♪

♪ There's a glory
in recollection ♪

♪ And a wound that lingers on

♪ And the earth shall
hold the story ♪

♪ Here and yon

♪ Well, we packed our
bags and hit road ♪

♪ On the trail to the redeemed

♪ But blistered feet
and hardened hearts ♪

♪ Are harder to heal
than they seem ♪

♪ There's a poverty
of forgiveness ♪

♪ In a world that's
cruel and mean ♪

♪ But there's somethin'
in the water here ♪

♪ That might wash it clean

♪ Well, we searched
for sanctuary ♪

♪ Past trailer parks
and power lines ♪

♪ But beauty stained
with danger here ♪

♪ In these woods
time left behind ♪

♪ Still history
spins a tale of ♪

♪ A belief that was sublime

♪ Of a place where the dead
and the living intertwine ♪

♪ When the cicadas
sing their dusky hymn ♪

♪ And the night falls
black and long ♪

♪ We steel ourselves
against the dark ♪

♪ We need each other
to keep us strong ♪

♪ When fire and blood
rain down on us ♪

♪ We'll hold each
other all alone ♪

♪ 'Cause love is
like a shotgun ♪

♪ In a world gone wrong

♪ 'Cause love is
like a shotgun ♪

♪ In a world gone wrong

♪ Walkin' wolves
howl in this place ♪

♪ A warning or a battle cry

♪ There are souls
harbored in this place ♪

♪ Where the good
just had to die ♪

♪ But here we find
our fighting song ♪

♪ Hold each other
through the night ♪

♪ In the morning, the
sun will beat down ♪

♪ Through a magnum sky

♪ Well, we packed our
bags and hit the road ♪

♪ Back up the trail
of the redeemed ♪

♪ Knowing blistered feet
and hardened hearts ♪

♪ Are harder to heal
than they seem ♪

♪ There's a poverty
of forgiveness ♪

♪ In a world that's
cruel and mean ♪

♪ But there's somethin'
in the water here ♪

♪ That might wash it clean

♪ Well, we packed our
bags and hit the road ♪

♪ Back up the trail
of the redeemed ♪

♪ With calloused feet
and altered hearts ♪

♪ Not near as hard
as they may seem ♪