Hallowed Be Thy Name (2020) - full transcript

Superstition, magic, and bad decisions drive us down a road into a small town in rural Louisiana with Devin, a 17-year-old boy, being dragged to his mother's hometown after his parent's' ugly divorce. After arriving to his grandmother and settling into his unwanted new life, Devin meets two locals who swept him out of his comfort zone. Like most teens they are curious and ignoring all warning they venture deep into a forsaken Cave, thought to be haunted by local town people. Together they meet, CAUCHEMAR, a legendary demon that wreaks havoc on all those it encounters. They learn quickly that sometimes in life we have to allow nature to take its course, because there are some things that just aren't meant to be. Ever hear the saying "When man plans, God Laughs?" That statement has never been more true than in this story.

Are you sure you know
where we're going?

Yes, will you quit being a baby?

How am I being a baby?

Because you keep asking me
the same thing over and over,

and I've already told you,
we're almost there.

I just didn't know
it would be this far.

Shut up and trust me,
it'll be worth it.


How did you even
find out about this place?

You know Jeremy and Ricky
from down the street?


I overheard them talkin' about it and
I wanted to come see if it was true.

Oh, okay.

Whoa, what was that?

Can you relax?

Come on.

What is that?

It's the cave.

I told you so, they were right.

Now, come on.

Wait a minute,
where are you going?

I'm going in.

But you said we were just
coming to see if it was real.

I actually meant I wanted to see
it from the inside. Now, come on.


Stop yelling before
someone hears us.

Oh, is mommy's baby afraid?


You're a jerk.

What is that?

I don't know.


Hey. I don't think you
should read that.

It's private.

Who are you now,
the privacy police?

I'm reading it.

I'm leaving.

It was just the wind.

I don't care.
I'm still leaving.

You said we were coming to see and we saw.
Now, let's go.

Alright, just don't leave me.






Do you hear me talkin' to you?

What's up?

Nothing's up.

I'm bored.

You've been listenin' to those
headphones for the last two hours.

You can at least
keep me company.

- What do you wanna talk about?
- Anything.


How about we talk
about how stupid this move is?

Honey, we've been through this.
It's done.

Mom, this is so unfair, alright?

You're taking me halfway across the country
to go live with someone I barely know.

It's my mother, so I think
I know her quite well.

You know what I mean.


This is happening,
I need for you to accept this.

We had to move.

And your dad and I,

- it's time to give us some space.
- Space.

You've said that.

Yes, I have, and you keep
sulking about it!

Then just let me live with dad! Like at
least then I could be near my friends.

Goddammit, son, I'm not letting you live
with your father and his fucking whore!


I'm sorry.

I crossed the line.

I promised you I wouldn't say
nasty things about your dad.

Hey, I'm sorry, okay?

Mom, look out!

- Oh my God, are you okay? Are you alright?
- Yeah, yeah, I'm... I'm okay.

What was that?

I don't know, I couldn't tell.



Sorry I brought
all that stuff up.


I know you're doin' what you
feel you have to do, alright?

Look, I'm here.

I'm here.

It's gonna be alright.

- I'm sorry. I'm just... I'm trying.
- Hey, stop.

It's cool.
We're just stressed, you know?

Let's just get where we gotta go
and everything will be alright.

Stressed, you know?

- I will, I will.
- We know.

- Look at you!
- Hey, grandma.

Oh, you've gotten so big. You
could get off the top of my head.

I bet you've been sittin' lookin' out
that window for the last six hours.

Oh, you're so handsome. You know,
you look just like grandfather.

- Really?
- Hi, mom.

How are you, sweetheart?

I'm okay.

- That son of a bitch better not show...
- Mom.

I'm sorry.

So how do you kids say it?
My bad?



Let's go inside, I...

- Sure.
- -I know you're hungry after that ride.

- I've got to put in...
- Can you get the bags out of the car?

Yeah. Yeah, I got you.

Jesus Christ.


- You have to start knocking.
- I'm sorry.

I just want to make sure you're getting
settled in and ready for bed in case...

I remember when we took this.

Yeah, me too.

I miss him so much.

You know as I was saying,
school tomorrow.

What? Already?

We just got here.

I know, but school's
already started.

Gotta get you registered as soon as I
can, I don't want you to fall behind.

Oh, come on. I thought I was at
least gonna get like a couple days.

Honey, we're not on vacation.

- Mom.
- Mom, nothing.

School tomorrow.


- Good night.
- Yeah, goodnight.

- Get some rest.
- Yeah.

Well, that's all you need.

Glad you made it safely.

It's really good
to see you again, Jo.

It's really good to see
you too again, Charles.

This must be Devin.

Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you too, Charles.

I am Principal Davenport.

And this is yours.

You can find your locker, assignment,
and class schedule inside.

The school starts promptly
at 7:15 a.m. every day,

and tardiness isn't celebrated
here, so be on time.

Oh yes, we're always on time.

Well, I have to get back to it.

Welcome, Devin.

Hey, Jo, me and you,
dinner later.

Let's catch up.

Sure, why not?

I'll text you.


He's just an old friend.

- Mom.
- Look, I have to go.

Grandma got me an interview.

Wish me luck.


You know, we're gonna talk
about this later, right?




Oh, goddammit, this is
about to get on my nerves.

It's frustrating.

These locks um, always
cause drama.

Yeah, I think so.

- Let me help you with that.
- Sure.

You know these locks can be
a little pain in the ass.

What have you got?

Uh, yeah, 29.

Uh, 31.

Then 17.

- Thanks, man.
- Yep.

I'm Mick, by the way.

- Oh, hi.
- Um...

- You live across the street, right?
- Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Um, yeah, dude I saw...
Saw you, too. I uh...

- I was in the middle of some sort of...
- It's alright.

You're saying it now,
so we're good.

Jude, don't do this!

I'm done with this stupid
relation shit!

I'm done.


What the fuck are
you lookin' at?


Um, this is Skylar,
our resident mean girl.

- That is so not true, I'm a d...
- You okay?

What? You just saw a
dude breaking up with me?

- Yeah, I'm great.
- What happened?


So who's your new friend?

I'm Devin.


- You ready for lunch?
- Yeah.

Um, let's go under the oak tree.

Would you like to have
lunch with us maybe?

Um, you know, I uh...

We don't have herpes, you know?

- You can eat some grub with us.
- No, it's not that. I just, um...

I'm not feeling hungry yet so...

Say yes.



Alright, let's... let's go.

Please, would you
take one of these?

Please, take one.

Maybe you've seen them.

What happened to them?

They haven't come home yet.

And I can't find them.

They went to the woods.

The thing is they
loved those woods.

Evan's always trying to get his brother
Aiden to go on these crazy adventures.

They do this kind of stuff
all the time, but...

This time they
haven't come back.

And the police can't find them.
They... they've stopped looking.

Uh, I was just hoping maybe
you've seen them.

I'm sorry, I... I haven't.


So where you from?

Uh, I'm from Chicago.

How about you?

From around here.

- Oh, yeah.
- Yeah, you know?

Girl, are you okay?

Come on, you guys
break up like once every week.

I've never really seen you like this.
What's goin' on?


I'm... I'm good. I'm just...

I'm just thinking, have you guys
heard of the cave at the end of town

where people go
to get their wishes granted?

Well, I know you haven't,
but Mick, have you?


Okay, well, I have something I wanna
do and I need you to come with me.

What now?


It's always something that I
end up regretting.

No, this isn't that. I just have
some stuff I need to deal with.

In a cave?

It's not just a cave,
this cave grants wishes.

Go on.

Okay, well, my uncle told me
about it and he said, basically,

if you go in with an offering you
come out with your wish granted.

Yeah. No.

Come on, you always say no,
and then you bargain,

and we end up doing what I want anyway,
so what's it gonna be this time?

Fine, I... I'll go if Devin
comes along with us.

- My God.
- Nuh-uh.

- Well.
- Yo, new guy, you can't just turn down a new idea

even considering it first.

I'm not turning down your idea.

- I'm just not participating.
- You know what? Okay.

I don't do caves.

You guys are makin' it way more
difficult than it needs to be, okay?

You couldn't just... you could have at
least considered it before saying no.

Skylar, come on.

- Sky!
- No, ju...

- I'm sorry.
- Just whatever. No, no, it's cool.

- I'm sorry.
- I get it. I get it.

I'm sorry.

- Is she always like this?
- Yeah, mm.


Somebody in there?

Hey, you kids,
come out of there.

Stop playin'.

Who's in there? Come out!

Who's there?

You kids, stop playin'.

- Yo, Sky.
- Skylar.

- Yo, wait up.
- Sky.

What do you guys want?

You don't give up, do you?

What? You're gonna hold
a grudge on us now?

Of course not.

But I am serious
about going to this place.

Well, I'm still not going.

This is a bad idea.

Really? And what makes it
such a bad idea?

Alright, let's see, off the top of my
head, I can name like a 101 things.

Mick, you're not seriously
gonna bail on me.

Listen, I told you the only
way I'd go is if he...

Yeah, I know, if he come with us,
which I think is absolutely ridiculous,

because you always come with me!

Okay, why do you wanna go
to this place so bad?

I want to leave a wish!

What kind of wish?


My mom just found out
that she has cancer

and I wanna see
if I can wish it away, okay?

At this point, I would
do anything to help.

I'm sorry, I... I didn't know.

Is she gonna be okay?

I... I don't know, okay? There's a lot of
big words that I don't even understand.

Hey, I'm really sorry
about your mom.

Sorry enough to go
to a cave and make a wish?

Come on, that's not fair.

No, what I think isn't fair is the fact
that my best friend won't come with me

when I need him!



Hey man, look,

I feel like this was my fault.

Why don't you just
go check up on her?

- Dude, she seems like she needs you, so...
- She always needs me, yeah.

You know what?

She's my best friend.
I... I have to go check on her.

- I'll catch up with you later.
- Alright, I'll catch you later.

Mom, you know, I have to say, you
haven't lost your touch one bit.

Well, thank you.

Yeah, grandma, this is
actually really good.

This boy says actually like he's
never had a home-cooked meal before.

I never claimed to be a chef.

I fed him, though.


So have you made
any new friends?


I don't know if I can call
'em friends, but...

I met a guy in our neighborhood
who's actually pretty cool

and um,

I met this girl
and she's just kinda weird.

Why is she weird?

I don't know, she's just like...

Needy, I guess.

She um, she got mad today, 'cause I
didn't wanna go to some cave with her.


Yeah, I'm like...

Not interested in that, though.


Don't be interested.

What do you mean?

What she means is just don't go.

You don't even need to worry
about what I mean,

you just need
to remain uninterested.


What the fuck?

Fuckin' shit! What?

- Oh God, I'm so sorry.
- Oh shit.

I didn't mean to scare you.

What are you doin'
outside of my window?

You could have gotten
your head blown off.

You have a gun?

No, but if I did, I probably
would have shot you.

No, you wouldn't.

What do you want?

It's Skylar.

- What about her?
- Well, she needs our help.

- Dude, our... our? No, man.
- Yeah.

She doesn't know me.
Matter of fact neither do you.

- Well, I just met the two of you.
- Okay, I... I know, I...

I know,
you're like a friend now, so...

I just... I wanna help her, and I
would really like it if you came.

Whatever the hell you want,
man, just get out of my window.

That was easier than I thought.

Yeah, well, I guess I'm
too scared to say no,

cause next time you might sneak
into my room and stand over my bed

or just something weirder
than this.

I'm not going
to stand over your bed.

I'm tired, man,
I'm gonna go to bed.

- Alright. Um, bring a flashlight tomorrow.
- Yeah.

- We're gonna go after school.
- Yeah.


- I got it. Go.
- You got it?

- Yeah, I got it.
- Sure?

Yeah, I... I got it.

- Goodnight.
- Yeah.

We've been walking
for over an hour

and we still have yet to find
this frickin' cave.

Oh my God, do you really think
I'd bring you all the way out here

if there really wasn't a cave?

I don't know what you
would do, but what I do know

is you need to whip up that phone of
yours and ask Siri to find this cave.

You can just stop, okay?

You're co-signing him
with his bad jokes.

Look at this. So beautiful.

See? I told you.

Told me? No.
This is not a cave.

No, but I told you
you'd like it.

- Whatever.
- -Alright, we just need to keep moving.




Mick, I didn't come all the way
out here just to give up.

Well, honestly, if I would have known
that you did not know where we were going,

I'd be at home at this point.

Oh my God, you're so fucking
annoying sometimes!

Yeah, try all the times.

Fuck you, okay? I just wanted
you out here to help me.

You know what? That's it. I'm
gonna make an executive decision.

If we don't find this place in the
next 15 minutes, we're going home.

Oh my God, you're getting
on my last damn nerves!

- You are such a diva!
- Yeah, just find this cave.

- Obviously, what do you think we're trying to do?
- Guys.

- We're trying!
- Guys!


Oh my God.

That's the cave.


You said find it in 15,
we found it in two.

What's up?

How's it goin'?

You're a cutie.

This place is huge.

Yeah, I don't see
a place for wishes.

That's cause it's inside.

Wait. What was that?

- I don't...
- Shh.

You're just being paranoid.

Come on.

Whoa, this place is
fuckin' amazing.

Not really.

Look, I've been meaning to ask you, why
did you guys move here out of all places?

My parents are
gettin' a divorce.

Uh, right, I figured
there had to be a reason.

Guys, this is it.

This is pretty cool-looking.

Yeah, it is.

You okay?

My brother had the same bear.

Slept with it, carried it
with him everywhere until...

This is my favorite necklace.

I think it'll be the best chance
for me to get my wish granted.

Show me. Is it somethin'
of your mom's?

Um, why would I do that?

Well, you said she's sick, so I think you're
better off using something that's hers, right?


Yeah. You said she's sick.
I mean you said she has cancer.


Right, uh, about that...

Listen, that day I was
in a hard place and...

I might have not been
as honest as I should have.

Are you kidding?

I'm... I'm sorry, okay?

No, my mom, she doesn't
have cancer.

Why would you lie like that?

'Cause I needed to come here and
I needed you to come with me.

- Why?
- Because of Jude!

What about him?

Look, we weren't being safe,
and I got pregnant.

He wanted to keep the baby,
I didn't, so I went ahead,

and had an abortion,
and he got mad, he dumped me,

and now, I'm here
to wish for him to forgive me.

I'm sorry.

Alright. Okay, well, you
should've told us the truth.

Tellin' us that your mom
had cancer was...

- A really rough way to just get us to come over here with you.
- I know, I'm sorry.

And you were pregnant?

Skylar, come here.

Wait, look.

- What?
- Is that what I think it is?

Oh my God, Jude would love this!

I don't think we
should be taking stuff.

I don't think you
should take anything.

I'm just borrowing it.


I'll take this.


That... that sounded like a bear.

- A bear?
- Oh my God, stop. There's not any bears in here.

Okay, that was
definitely not a bear!

Okay, alright, let's get out.

Hurry! Guys, come on!

Come on, let's go! Go.

- Come on.
- Hurry!

What? That wasn't cool!

What do you mean?

You said we'd be safe in there.

From the sound of it, it sounded like
something could have ripped my face off.

I'm starting
to think my grandma was right.

- Dude, chill out! I haven't done anything.
- No!

I don't care.

Besides, what does your grandma
have anything to do with it?

She said never go
in there, ever!

- Alright? She said it was bad news!
- Hey, we made it out.


You know what?

You guys have a good night.

Come on!
Are you seriously that upset?

Oh my God, I'm telling you, that
dude is wound up way too tight.


He's okay, he's just adjusting
to this new area.


He's a little bitch.


Just leave him alone.

It was a little defensive
of the new guy.

I'm just saying just try
not to pick a fight with him.

He's a good guy.


You have a crush on him.

- What?
- Mick!

No, I don't and I don't
even know him.

Yeah, but I know you, and you
do this every time.

He is not gay!

And how do you know?

You do like him?

- Goodnight, Sky.
- No, no, no, no! Do not "Good night, Sky" me.

Admit it.

Okay, fine.

He is a nice guy.

Babe, please be careful.

You know what happened last time you
got infatuated with one of the locals.

Yeah, yeah, I remember.

And he isn't a local.

You know what I mean.

Thank you.

Thank you.

The highest good we can strive for is
to live with happiness and contentment.

- Seriously, son?
- What?

I've been calling your cellphone all
evening! Where the hell have you been?

- I was out with some friends.
- What friends? We just moved here!

The girl next door and the guy
from across the street.

- Can you calm down?
- You will not tell me to calm down.

Will you two hush all that noise?
I'm tryin' to watch TV.

- I said, what friends.
- I just told you.

Look, you tell me to get settled
in, that's exactly what I'm doin'.

And apparently, so are you.

Excuse me?

Yeah, mom, you're
all dressed up.

- Where are you goin' tonight?
- I'm minding my own business as you should be.

Oh, exactly. You can tell me what to
do, but I can't ask you any questions.

Devin, where you going?

- Devin, how are you?
- Oh, I'm just great.



I'm sorry about earlier.

I know goin' to the cave was
important to you and...

I shouldn't have
blown up like that.

It's okay.

- I get it.
- But...

I don't think we should go back.

Yeah, you're right.

And I'm sorry for the way
I pestered you guys.

Sorry, say that again?

Say... say what?

Uh, your sorry part.

I don't think a tough girl
like you apologize.

Whatever. You think
you're so cute, don't you?

Maybe you think I'm cute.

Yeah, right.

Gee, thanks.

Well, I'm gonna head back
to the house, but um,

I just wanted to go for a little
walk, but I'm glad I ran into you.

Glad, too.

Night, Skylar.

Goodnight, sucker.

- Ooh!
- -Aren't you supposed to be sleeping?

And why are you so happy?

What do you mean?

Well, you just look like you're
on top of the world right now.

Maybe I am.

Tell me.

Okay, well, I think I might have
found someone for real this time.

I just hope it's not that boy you've
been spendin' all your time with.

What's wrong with him?

Nothing's wrong
with him, I just...

don't think he's on your team.

Girl, come on,
every boy is on my team.

They just need
a little coaching.


Oh my gosh, Mick.

You see, that's the thinkin'
that gets you caught up so much.

You're not even interested
in this boy.

You just identify something in
him that you think needs fixing.

Excuse you?

Come on, I would never date
a boy as a project.


What's the story?

His parents are
getting a divorce,

and him and his mom moved back into town,
but wait, before you say anything...

- Hmm.
- He's a good guy.



I have nothing to say.

I just don't think
this boy is gay.

- Ugh!
- And...

I hope this time doesn't turn out
to be as disastrous as the last.

I hope you find
what you're looking for.

Get your head out of the clouds.

- Yeah.
- Okay.

- Get out of my room.
- No.

- Get out.
- Stop!

Thanks, sis.

You're welcome.

- Good night.
- Good night.

Give it back.

Lea, please wake up.
Lea, wake up!

Lea, please wake up.

- So I've texted him a ton of times since today.
- Yeah.

- No answer.
- Hmm.

Weird, but I know he'll turn up.

Hmm, yeah, but his mom and his dad
get into these really bad arguments

and he just doesn't
wanna be social.


I hope that's not happening.

- Yeah, me too.
- Yeah.

Not that I would have
guessed that.

He seems so well-adjusted,
you know?

You mean compared to us?

Yeah, the divorced kids.


But you know, I think he almost
has it a little worse than us.

What do you mean?

I mean think about it. Our parents are
already split up, so no more drama.

Yeah, and he's just gotta
like keep dealing with it.


You know, at least we can just pick up the
broken pieces and move on with our lives.

Yeah, you're right.

What the fuck?

That's him!


Acting like he didn't just
rip my damn heart out!

Wait just for a sec.

Uh-oh, wait, wait. What
are you gonna say?

I don't know,
I'll say something.


What the fuck is your problem?

- You... you are my problem!
- I am the problem?

- I didn't even do anything to you!
- -Really?

- Yeah.
- You didn't do anything to me!

- No, it's my decision.
- -Okay, but you didn't ask me first.

I didn't have to!

- You know what? Walk away.
- No, you... fuck you!

Seriously, fuck you!

How'd it go?

Well, he loves the sword,

he just doesn't love me anymore.

You know, fuck him!

So how long have
your parents been divorced?

Well, they aren't technically divorced
yet, they're getting divorced.

What about you?

It's been a few years.

I got you.

So why are they divorcing?

It's complicated.

I can do complicated.

- Well, my little brother...
- You have a brother?

Had... Had a little brother.

He was 11.

I'm sorry to hear that.

Yeah, hey, listen, um,
can we change the subject?

It just kinda got heavy.


You know, I remember this part uh, my
grandma took me in when I was younger.

Like way back before
we moved to Chicago.


What was your life like
back in Chicago?

Uh, it was cool.

You know, I like the city life.

Did you have a girlfriend
back in Chicago?

- Not really.
- Oh, come on. It's a yes or no answer, buddy.

Uh, no.

Um, I had somebody I liked
spendin' time with,

but I just never really got the
timing figured out, you know?

I see.

What do you see?

I see a couple of freaks
sitting on a playground.

This is the new guy
you fuckin' now?

Dude, leave me alone, alright? You're
the one who dumped me, remember?

Yeah, I did. You know why? Did
you tell your new boyfriend, huh?

- Huh?
- Guys.

- Mick!
- Oh.

- Mick, where have you been?
- We fucked up. We fucked up.

- What's goin' on?
- We fucked up.

- What is going on?
- The cave.

- What about it?
- What?

- This is all your fault!
- Hey!

- You need to chill out!
- Dude, you're wigging out.

What is going on? You need
to shut the hell up or leave.

Alright, Mick, just take a deep
breath and tell us what's goin' on.

- What?
- Someone came into my room last night.

It said that... it said
that it wants it back.

Wants it back?

I couldn't move.
I couldn't... I couldn't speak.

And Lea's...

She's dead.

Oh my God!

- Mick.
- Mick!

Mick, are you...

No, I have to go back to the cave.
I have to give it back.

- Mick!
- Mick.


Try to understand, okay?

No, you don't get it.
It did this to me.


- You just don't get it.
- Mickey!


You okay?

I don't know. I mean, first, it
was those kids that went missing,

and then the noise in the cave,
and now Mick's sister.

Missing kids?

Yeah, there were some kids
that went missing

in the woods'
upper end the other day.

Oh my God, don't
start this, too.

No, it's not that.
I'm just saying look... I mean...

I think we should consider it.
His sister just died.

Alright, I tell you what.

Since you're
so worried about us,

would you walk me home?

Are you gonna come in?

Yeah, sure. Just um...

Would you like somethin'
to drink?

Um, yeah, sure.
Do you guys have water?

I was thinking of something
a little more grown than water.

Bad girl.


Mom's at work.

She won't be home
until tomorrow morning.

Oh, what does your mom do?

She's an ER nurse, so she's
hardly ever at home.


So do you get lonely?

Mm, I mean sometimes.

But I've learned
to self-medicate.

Come on.

Damn, bro, you are somethin',
you know that?

No, I didn't.

Why am I something?

I don't know, I just kind
of thought you were...

A bitch?

Something like that.

It's okay.

A lot of people think
that about me.

Well, I don't.

Wait, wait, uh... are
you sure you want to?

Yes, okay.

I don't wanna to talk
about it, just...

I need it.

Shit. Mick.

Wha... what are you doing here?

Apparently, interrupting.

No, we were... we were just...

Mick, I'm sorry.

No, you're not.
You always do this.

He's not gay!


Mick, how are things
with your family?

Oh, no. You don't get to be
concerned about me or my family.

We're fine.

He thought you could have been
gay or he likes you or something.

He likes me?

- Wow, you're awesome.
- Mick.

He likes me.

That isn't... he has
a thing for you, okay?

But it's not like he's gonna
disrespect you or anything like that.

A heads-up would have been nice.

Heads up?

Are you interested in him?

No, I'm not gay,
but I am his friend.

I would like to have known
what was goin' on.

Look, okay, I'm sorry I just...

I didn't know how to approach
the situation.

Yo, Mick.


Dude, you okay?

No, but I will be.

- What does that mean?
- You don't talk to me.

Dude, listen.

Skylar was just being
Skylar, alright?

God, this is not happening
right now.

Dude, look,
I'm not gay, alright?

But I am your friend.

If I was gay,

you'd be my first choice.

Oh, is that right?

Yeah, girl.

Okay, rule number one,
don't call me that.


Thanks for snaggin'
the bear for me.


So sweet.

You shut up.

Okay, explain to me exactly
what happened.

I don't know how
to tell you, grandma.

We don't know what happened.

I know.

You do.

Mick came and got us earlier,

and told us that something
came for him and his family,

and we're pretty sure it's the same thing
that got those kids that went missing.

You see, we went
to the cave the other...


Yeah, the one
on the edge of town.

After I told you not
to go, you went anyway?

- God dammit, boy!
- Mom, just calm down.

- So what did you do in the cave, boy?
- I didn't do anything.

I just went with Skylar. She
wanted to make a wish or something.


You. You brought the devil
down on all of us.

You need to get
your ass out of my house!

Stop it, she can't go anywhere
right now with all of this goin' on.

Well, she can't stay here.
It's too dangerous.

Well, he took something!

You can't get something
without giving something.

So what'd you take?

I took a sword

and a teddy bear.

You guys have gone too far.

Mom, please don't.

It's gonna come for you
until it feels vindicated.

Grandma, there's more.

It already came for you.

It held me down.

I couldn't breathe,
I couldn't... I couldn't speak.

It killed Lea
right in front of me.

Sorry about your sister.

I told you not to do this.

I told you not to go
to that damn cave.

This is just the beginning.

You don't have much time.

Jo, it's really not gonna help.

Tell her what you did
and she'll tell you, hopefully,

how to undo all this
before it's too late.

Go see her now.

What have they done to us?

Seriously, what is
this? Miss Cleo?

I don't know,

but she sounded like she wanted
to help on the phone, so...

Here goes nothin'.

We'll be alright.

Who this?

I'm Devin, I called you
earlier to talk about a thing.

Oh, hush now.
Get inside.

Grab a seat.

Yeah, sure.

You, sit here.


Um, alright, so can you tell me
what's goin' on with my friends?

Why don't we see what's
goin' on with you?

- Uh, we're really just...
- Hands.


Hands, I said.

Y'all need to leave.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Wait, but you haven't even
helped me, though.

I told you this was a complete
waste of time.


No, Devin, can we please go?

Okay, this quack can't do
anything to help us.

Oh, you'd be wise to tell
this little bitch right here

to mind her manners in my house.

Sky, really?

Can you tell me why you
snatched your hands away?

I only let you come over here
'cause I know your mama,

but this, what you got on you,
is too powerful.

What's powerful?

You stole somethin' from it

and now it's coming back for it.

What's powerful?


Well, what's... what's Cauchemar?

Not what, who.

Over the years, he's been called
a lot of things...

A witch,

a demon,

some even call him
a wild animal,

but one thing remains
to be certain,

is that he is
and always shall be.

Be what?

The Devil.

Oh my God, you've got
to be kidding me.

Can we please go?

You don't seriously believe
that the Devil is after us.

Then explain to me
how I got these cuts.

And you, you got us
into this mess.

So if you're not gonna help us,
I mean shut the fuck up.

Hey, hey, Sky.

Don't be slammin' my door,
you little skinny heifer.

I don't get her.

Ma'am, what do I need
to do to fix this?

Don't you get it, boy?

He's got his hooks into you, it's
too dark and powerful to fix.

Oh, he's comin'.

Now, all you can do is be ready
to go when he come for you.

I can't accept that.

Thank you for your time.

But there's one thing.

Some folk around here say Cauchemar
is the soul of an old blacksmith

who worked in a caddy
of a parish in the late 1800s.

Now, he was a nice man, for the
most part or so, everybody thought.


he was wrappin' up
women late at night,

snatch 'em up, and murder 'em,

and then some of the local
townspeople chased him out

to this old abandoned cave

where this powerful witch bound him
to the cave, so he couldn't leave.

If he couldn't leave, then
how did he get to me?

Shut up and listen.

See, the problem was, when he
died, his soul couldn't move on,

so he found the dead magic,

and firmed it in his soul
into pure evil.

Now, they tried to take
his bones and bury him

in this old slave graveyard
for witches called "Baton Bla."

But nothin' worked.

So what do we do?


uh, yeah, if you can get your hands
on some of his own blacksmith tools,

you can link
to the soul and send it to hell.


How do we get these
blacksmith tools?

Where... where?

Yeah, what... um,
what was his name?

John Paul Freeman.

Oh, it's time for y'all to go.

- No, uh, we...
- I said too much.

- Yeah, well, um...
- Go!


I don't even know
what to look for.

How do you spell Cauchemar?

I have no idea.

What can you tell
me about Cauchemar?

Well, my friend,
he and his brothers,

they'd stole some bikes
from the blacksmith shop.

He returned it.

His brothers, umm, they didn't.

It was bad that day, alright?

But um, he...
He uh, later he woke up,

and he saw this red light, and he thought
it was coming from the... building

and... and then he looked
by his brother's bed,

that light was comin' from his...
Underneath the bed.

And... and he... he looked again,
and the bed was standin' up,

and then it wasn't.

Right? And then all of a sudden,
he just realized...

He looked at his brother again,
his brother's doin' this.

And then that...

Well, and then
the Cauchemar had him,

he knew it,
and then all of a sudden,

he looked back
at his brother again,

and the Cauchemar was
on top of him,

and he was just laughin' at him.

You... no, you can't,
he sounds crazy.

I'll just try another one.

I was sleeping on the couch
in the living room and um,

I woke up to the sound
of the screen door.

I was fairly certain that someone
was comin' into the house.

I tried to get up,
but I couldn't.

I tried to say somethin',
but I couldn't.

I could hear that someone was on
the other side of the room, um,

and it sounded like they
had gone into the kitchen

and had come through
into the bedroom.

Um, I didn't...

I didn't see any person.

I just had this... this sense

that it was standing right there
at the door,

lookin' at me,

and it was there to hurt me.

You can't believe these people.

Look, that's exactly
what happened to Mick.

Like at least, part of it.

I got it.

- Come.
- Got what?

This article says
that a local man ran out of town

because of his relationship
to the Freeman murder

aka Cauchemar relative.

This can't be the same
family, right?

It has to be.

I mean, his name is
Robert Freeman.

Well, yeah, I looked up his address while
you guys were over there making jokes.

We're not making jokes.


Listen, wait, where
are you goin'?

I'm gonna go to this place
to see if I can at least

put my hands on his
blacksmithing tools or something.

I... I have to do something.

Alright, we're comin' with you.

- We?
- Yeah, me, you, and Mick. Come on.

Come on.

Is that it?


Okay, just... just...
Just stop. Just stop.

Here we go.

He's coming up.

What, are you lost?

Are you Robert Freeman?

If you kids are here lookin' for trouble,
I'll tell you what, you're gonna find it.

Wait, sir, we're not looking
for trouble, I swear, I promise.

What the hell do you want?

We're here to ask you
some questions.

Are you Robert Freeman?


What kinds of questions?

Alright, we just wanna know if
you're related to John Paul Freeman.

Wait. Sir, wait, just...

We're looking for his
blacksmith tools, alright?

We need them.
We're... we're in trouble.

Let me tell you kids somethin'.

Get your asses off my property!

I don't know nothin' about
what the fuck you talkin' about

and I ain't got no goddamn
blacksmith tools!


Go on now. Get out.


- He has 'em.
- How... how do you know?

- I swear.
- How do you know?

- I just know he has 'em.
- Yeah?

What are we gonna do?

You know,
I don't know, man. I...

- What?
- -He teaches shit in school.

Yeah, it looks like it.

A barn as in a place that may
or may not have tools in it.

What are you guys thinkin'?

- Okay, okay.
- It's worth a shot.

Alright, let's be quick.
Come on.

- It's not fucking right.
- I know, right?

Alright, let's hurry the hell
up so we can get out of here.

Guys! Look, look.
Come here, come here!


Are they blacksmith tools?

Yeah, I think so.
That lying old fuck.

- Okay.
- Yeah.

Let's go.

Oh shit!

Didn't I tell you to get
your asses off my property?

- Oh my God.
- Sir, just... just hold on one second.

I don't give a damn! You're
trespassin' on my property.

I'mma count to five.

We about to have a domestic
occurrence over here.





Well, that was interesting.

Huh, you think?

We almost had a tool.

Who said we didn't?

That was almost worth
getting shot.

Yeah, right.

Guys, this is almost over.

Let's get these back to Endora
and see if she can help, alright?

Okay, let's go.

We're closed!

I said, we're closed, goddammit!


Who's there?

You better get the hell out of
my house before I fuck you up!

What do you want?

Hey boy, come here.

Come here.


Heck is wrong with him?

Knock again.



I don't think we should
be in here.

Oh, now you think we shouldn't
be doing something illegal.

What is that?

It's her scarf.

Something's not right.

We should go.

I need a minute to wrap
my head around this.

You think he came for her?


How do you know?

My guess is someone came back
because she ripped them off.

Alright, look.

I'm gonna go inside
and get my grandma.

I'm gonna see if she can do
anything to help, alright?

- Okay.
- Alright.

Look, I left the teddy
bear at your place.

Okay, yeah, um, I'll...
I'll go get it.

Oh, and uh, the sword,
you have it, right?

You have the sword, right?

No, no, I gave it to Jude.


Mom, are you home?

Of course not, you're
at work like always.


Oh my God.

Oh my God.

Oh my God!

Oh my God.


Give it back.

- Oh!
- Hey, what's goin' on?

Come on.

And that's all we know, um,

but we're supposed to be
able to beat him

if we can burn his tools
or unbind him from them.

And um, we think we've got
something, so you know...

Can I see 'em?

Don't we need to call the cops?

Endora may be dead.

I suppose you're right, but um, they can't help
us with this, so I've called someone that can.


Never mind, he's on his way.

Hate to hurt your feelings,

but um, these aren't blacksmith
tools, they are cropping tools.

- Wait, what?
- They don't help you with what you need,

but uh, but don't worry.

Jo, will you get that for me?

I'm sure that's him.

It's Skylar.

Th... th... this is Jude.

- What the hell is he doin' here?
- No, Devin, please, let me explain.

It came for me,
it was in my house.

It came for me, too, and...
And all I could remember

was him talking about that day
in the park.

- It was something sitting on my chest.
- Yes.

I couldn't breathe.

As soon as I could,
I ran over to Sky's.

Wait, did you bring the sword?

Did you bring the fucking sword?

- Sword?
- Yes!

I brought the bear.

The sword! I knew you had something
to do with this, you bitch!

- Who are you calling bitch?
- Hey!

Thanks for the update, asshole.
Now, get the fuck out.

- Oh my God.
- Where did you get this?

I told you, I fucking told you.

Calm down, it's just
my friend Father Dupuis.

He's... he's here to help us.

Oh, really? What is he gonna do?
Perform an exorcism?

Little girl, I've had just
about enough of you.

You brought the hellions
down on this house!

Now, you're gonna sit still
and be quiet while we fix it.

Everyone's gonna be still.

Father Dupuis,
thank you for coming.


My grandson,
as I told you on the phone,

he's gotten himself
into this trouble.

Yes, ma'am, you said he's
bein' followed by a demon.



We can handle this.

Let's... let's all form a circle
and join hands, alright.

Let's form a circle
and what we can do, we'll...

We'll start
this blessing off with a prayer.

Lord Jesus,

fill me with compassion
and charity, trust and truth.

Help me walk in Thy light, in Thy
truth, illuminated by your Holy Spirit.


Cauchemar's a rather
interesting demon.

It's riddled in witchcraft, so
what I can do is bless this house

and it'll expel all
demons from it.

No, you can't just
bless this house.

You have to rid us
of this demon!

Now, you're the priest, help us.

Uh, Miss Jess, you know
that I can't exorcise demons.

- I don't even have a... I don't even have a...
- Try anyway.



Let's... let's begin
with a word of prayer.

Well, didn't you just do that?

It's for the demon.

In the name of the Father,
the Son, and the Holy Ghost.



Our most gracious Prince of our heavenly
armies, Saint Michael Archangel,

defend us against the battle of
principalities and power, against...

Against the rulers of darkness,
against wickedness in the...

In the most high places.

Hell what?


Uh, come to the assistance of men
whom you create in your likeness

and whom we redeem at a great price
against the tyranny of the Devil.

Therefore, we pray to the God of
peace to crush Satan beneath Thy feet

so that he may no longer retain men
captive and... and do injury to the Church.

- Oh.
- -Don't break hands, don't break hands.

We keep going.
We keep goin', okay?

Okay, okay.

Um, we offer our prayers to the Most
High, so that... so that without delay,

He will be sending mercies upon us
and take hold of the... the dragon,

the old serpent, that is
the Devil and Satan.

And... and bind him, and cast him,
and throw him into a bottomless pit,

so that he may
no longer seduce the nations.


I think we got it.

Are you sure?

Yeah, uh.


- I think that clears us...
- Dra... Drake.

Cleans the house of
all evil spirits.

- Drake!
- Jo.

- Drake!
- Jo.




Where were you, mommy?

It was so dark.

Mom, where you goin'?



- Mom.
- Drake!

- Drake!
- Mom!

Drake! Devin!
Devin, it was him.

- Who?
- Drake.


Mom! Mom!


Shit. Mom!


- Give me a flashlight!
- Where is Jo?

Give me a fuckin' flashlight!

- What happened?
- What's wrong?

- Where's Jo?
- She's gone.

- What do you mean she's gone?
- Grandma, she's gone.

You have to finish this now.

- No.
- It's got my mom!

- Grand...
- No!

It'll get you, too.

- It's got my fucking mom.
- No.

I don't know what else
to do. I mean what?

Finish it now.


Bless the Apostles Peter
and Paul, and all the saints,

power in holy authority
in our ministry,

we confidently undertake to repulse the
attacks and the deceits of the Devil.

God has arised,
His enemies are scattered,

and those who hate Him
shall flee before Him as...

As smoke is driven away,
so are they driven,

as the wax
is melted from the flame,

the wicked will perish
in the presence of God!

- Sky! Skylar!
- Skylar!

- What happened to her?
- Skylar!




- Do something.
- Oh my God!


Oh my God!

Tie her up!



Get her up.

- Alright.
- Here, use this.

Use this, use this.

You're... you're only
makin' this worse.

Excuse me?

You're only makin' this worse!

- No, you asked my damn help! I didn't wanna do it.
- Father!

I don't even have a crucifix.

- I have... I have one.
- Where's that?

It's on the counter.

In the bathroom.




Skylar, listen.

- Skylar.
- Skylar.


Oh shit.

- Oh my God!
- Jude!

- Jude!
- Come on.

Oh my God.
Where'd she go?

- Alright, yeah, let's just stay together now.
- Where is she?



Come on, let's finish this!

I'm getting the fuck
out of here.


Alright. Come on, buddy.
Come on. Come on. Hey.

- What the fuck was that?
- We're gonna finish this.

I don't know.
Okay. Alright. We got it.

Okay. Okay. Alright.

- What do you want from us?
- Hey, give me this!

Get behind me. Get behind me.


Behold the cross of the Lord!

Flee bands of enemies!

The lion in the tribe of Judah, the
offspring of David hath conquered.

As great as... as great as...

Please, Lord,
raise Your mercies upon us.

- Leave us alone!
- As great as our hope in Thee,

we drive you away,
whoever you may be.

Uncleanly spirits, all satanic
powers, all wicked assemblies,

all wicked assemblies,
assemblies and sects.

Die, Satan, in the name of the
Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost!

Oh, guys.






Devin, where are you?

It's so dark.


Baby, I need you.



I'm here, baby, I need you.


No, it's just me.