Hallali (2019) - full transcript

What is that?

Some settlement. Don't worry, man,
you won't be there for long.

But, Hans, that isn't a solution, is it?

- Gerben...
- Is there no other way?

As if you have a choice.

You want to stay
in the party, I suppose?

Well, very good.

And Gerben?

Bye bye.

I saw two bears making sandwiches

Oh, that was a miracle

Lo and behold, it was a miracle

That those bears could make

I stood there and I watched...


- Twenty, you said?
- Yeah, twenty euros.

If you take out those stupid earbuds
And we play my music in the car.

- OK, no earbuds, but my music.
- No option.

OK, your music, but no bullshit.

How about you stop being mouthy
and my music in the car?

Don't worry, Jel.

It's only for six months, tops.
It'll be over before you know it.

Look at it as father-son bonding.
It'll be fun.

- Yesterday you said three months.
- Tops, I said.

Hey, Jel, it's understandable
that you miss your mom.

It's still fresh.

Trust me, she'll come back to me.

She just has to blow off steam.

A month in Brazil will do her good.
She can find her roots.

What does Brazil have
to do with Suriname?

They're close together.

Jesus, you're always so precise.
You're just like your mom.

Loosen up a bit.



I'll go and see if they have
something to eat over there.

So that we can continue
this connection in peace.

The beauty of being together on this 13th
of the 13th warms my heart.

Herewith I declare...

the Carnagé season to be open.

Hey, what does it mean,
the 13th of the 13th?

That there's only beer.
Go to the Chinese restaurant for food.

Sorry, what did you say?

That there's only beer.
Go to the Chinese restaurant for food.

Are you getting cheeky?

What's going on?

- Is that your car?
- No, that isn't my car.

It's his car.

Is this ethnic profiling?

Mr. Kooistra, I apologize.
Lucas is a bit enthusiastic late at night.

Karel van Dongen,
I'm the Chief of Police.

This is our new interim mayor.

- Can I be of service?
- Yes, please.

We'd appreciate it if you'd escort us
to the local Chinese.

You're looking for a Chinese escort?

No, a Chinese.

A Chinese? I don't get it.

We're hungry. A Chinese restaurant.

To have a bite to eat.

Then say so. There's a good Chinese
in the village. Right, Lucas?

But where? Jesus Christ, man.

Well, follow us.

Come on, get in.



I'm Marieke van Leeuwen,
your personal assistant.

- Gerben Kooistra. Nice to meet you.
- Do you want coffee?


Do you want coffee?

Sure. Black, please.

Please call me Gerben.

Where can I charge my car
around here?

Right. I saw it outside.

Posh car.

I have to disappoint you.
We don't have a charging station yet.

But no worries...

I'll make sure you don't
have to ride a bike.

I need a rowing machine.

- Pardon?
- A rowing machine.

In order to recharge mentally.

To get me out of my head.

Oh, for exercise.


Your wife...

Is she happy with the house?

- My wife?
- Yes.

My wife is...

we have...

we're having a time-out.

I'm so sorry.

No, it's fine.

We just agreed to leave each other
completely free for a while.

It's... just...

completely free.


Meeting the group. How many meetings
are there? I hope it won't take hours.

That's up to you.


But coffee first, Mr. Kooistra.

Certainly. And please call me Gerben.

When the heart contracts...

I wasn't able to find the classroom.

Weren't able to find it.
Sit down quickly.

The heart contracts and the oxygen-rich
blood goes via the aorta to the arteries

the veins and the vessels.

Slick, are you here to pimp us?

Demi van Wanrooij, eyes to the front.

OK, guys, we're going to dissect
the mouse. Take your scalpel...



Michael, weren't you...



- Weren't you...
- Get lost.

That's in the desert, isn't it?


We'll bring you a sausage, OK?
Good. We'll eat a sausage together.

Have fun, OK? I'll be right back.


Here we go.

We won't rest until we get
to the bottom of this case...

and the perpetrators are in jail.

- Marieke?
- This is my first day.

- But I want...
- What?

that everyone knows that I...

absolutely don't tolerate this
in my community.

Is the investigation into the death
of our previous mayor still ongoing?

Mr. van der Broeke died in a
traffic accident. That's tragic enough.

Any other questions about the death
of Michael de Goeije?

What happened last night is horrible.

We are saddened by the death
of an innocent 16-year old boy.

Even though it's being investigated,
the police has strong suspicions...

about who's behind
this cowardly murder.

The police is looking into
the drugs milieu in Tilburg.

Campsite de Goeije remains closed until
further notice to maintain public order.

Well, we've made a start, right?

So how about a sausage roll?

I understand you want
to solve it quickly...

but you're going at it
like a bull in a china shop.

You didn't just give an insight
into the investigation...

but you threw suspicion on people
without evidence. What are you doing?

This isn't really handy...

Mr. Kooistra.

Call me Gerben, OK?

It's about heavy criminals...


Criminals who riddle a house with bullets.
You can't finger-point in the media.

- Those people are ruthless.
- Do you get that, son?

Good afternoon.
Sorry we're a bit late.

Mother. How's it going?

We were on our way and there were
a lot of people by the side of the road.

But isn't it too early?

I was completely confused.

Van Gorp acted difficult,
but he paid up in the end.


Joery, you're such a retard.

You screwed up again, son.

Goddammit, dad. I didn't know
that boy was in that trailer.

Are you deaf:
I said: Put fear into them.

How difficult is that?
The second time.

Didn't learn anything from the mistake
with the previous mayor.

You guys carried on
like a bunch of Moroccans again.

And now the campsite is closed.

We'll have to cheer Frankske up.

You're giving that boy
a beautiful funeral. Is that clear?

The cookies.


And make sure you behave.

It depends on your qualities.


Whether I'll be your pimp.

Will you come and chill later?

Will you come and chill later.

Stop bawling.
You're just making it worse.

Want something stronger?

It's those Turks, right Joery?

They deal weed.
It's those Turks.

It's those Turks.

You have to get me a gun.

- Then I can...
- Get real, Frankske.

We'll take care of it.
Don't do it yourself.

I shouldn't do it myself.

Look around. You don't want to live
in this mess anymore, do you?

- I have to leave this place.
- Come on, drink up.

And drink lots.

Drink up, Frankske.

Good job.

You're done now.

- Frankie, you're done now.
- I'm done. I'm done.

We found bullet shells here.
Footsteps in the mud.

And weed plantation,
but that's not too bad.

It might have been xtc-labs...

Know what? E-mail it to me. OK?

Mr. de Goeije.

I can't emphasize enough
that I feel sorry for your loss.

I have a 17-year old son myself...

It's the worst thing
that can happen to you is...

My condolences.

Frank, this shouldn't have happened.

It shouldn't have happened, Karel.

Such a sweet boy, my Michael.
It shouldn't have happened.

I want to leave this place.
Mother is going crazy here.

Toontje wants to help me.


It's terrible. Right?

I have a 17-year old daughter.

It shouldn't have happened.

And you are?


I came to cheer Frankie up.
Come on, let's go and get a beer.

I want you to know
that my door is always open. You can...

I can tell that someone worked on it
with a lot of love.


- Are you or aren't you married?
- Excuse me?

You're wearing a wedding ring,
but I don't see photos on the desk.

Or are you one of those modern types?

Who has it all on his computer.

Why are you here?

Let me introduce myself.

Toon van Wanrooij.

I washed it, you know.

With this one I help other people
and with the other one I help myself.

Gerben Kooistra.

All the way from The Hague.

I heard you want to buy
Campsite De Goeije.

That's right.

It's more to help Frankske out of trouble
than that it's of use to me.

It has a liquor license. So who knows,
I might build a nice pub there.

It's horrible what's happened.
Just horrible.

That campsite isn't opening up
for the time being.

A lot of weed has been found there.

Yeah, but that's not Frankske's fault.

It's criminals.
You said so yourself.

No smoking in here.

I know, I know.

It would be nice for Frankske if the
campsite can be open before Christmas.

We'll see.

We're not going to rush the investigation.

Have one.

Or, know what?

Keep them.

Come and have dinner
with us sometime. Stew.

Shall we first have the funeral?

No rush, no rush.
It can wait.

But Frankske and his mother
need help soon.

- Did you talk to your mom?
- Yes.

Yes? So?

- What did she say?
- That she still thinks you're a prick.

Oh. Well, if your mom said that,
she's thawing out a bit already.

Just kidding.
She didn't talk about you at all.

- Not at all?
- No. Nothing.

But tomorrow's that Michel's funeral,

Do you know who shot him yet?

Didn't she say anything about
when she's coming back?


Sitting ducks

Flesh, blood, skin, bone...

- Who's that?
- From my class.

Ask her if she knows what's going
to happen to that campsite.

Why? Ask her yourself.

Come on, don't be difficult.

Your dad is a prick, isn't he?

For intel.

From my grandpa.

If you will be my boyfriend.

In the name of the Father and of the Son
and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

- What is it about? Tell me.
- Take it easy, Ronnie.

You should do it, Toon.
All sorts of things.

But you're not doing anything.
Nothing at all, Toon.

I'm done with it.

Who's that?

A friend.

Toontje wants to buy the campsite
for that motorcycle gang.

How do you know that?

And Toon van Wanrooij is behind
the attack on the campsite. He has to be.

- Toontje?
- Yes.

Isn't that a bit far-fetched?

Take me to the site
where the previous mayor died.

- Is that your only omen?
- Our what?

Our what?

Omen. Dead animal.

Yeah, I think so.

There's nothing here.

'There's nothing here.'

It's such a hellhole.

We keep the campsite close
until further notice...

on the basis of Article 127.

- The Van Wanrooijs won't like that.
- Nor the motorcycle crew.


I'm here for a month.

And a motorcycle gang's club house
would be established?

- In my community.
- It'll just be a pub.

Is that right? Just a pub?

But one where only leather vests
are welcome, I'm sure.

Yes, but it is a pub.

It's political suicide, Karel.

And why is there nothing
about bullet shells...

in the report of Van der Broeke's death?

- That site is covered with them.
- They're from the hunters.

There's a lot of hunting.

Anyway, this is how we do it.

I want nothing to do with
the Van Wanrooijs,

nor with that motorcycle scum.

I'm interim, goddammit.
Let someone else take care of it.


So? So nothing.

Christmas recess. Everyone home
and into the kitchen.

If I were you,
I'd let them open the campsite.

Nothing ever happened there.

I didn't come here to sink even lower.
That club house...

Even lower?

It's also a bit for your own safety.

I don't know. It might not be so bad.

My safety?

We sometimes receive threats when
we don't do what the gentlemen want.

What kind of threats?

Don't let it get to you.

It's more like intimidation.

- So should I be afraid, or not?
- No, you don't have to be afraid.

Then why should I cave in to that scum
for my own safety?

I didn't say that, did I?

You just have to decide for yourself
how far you want to go.

How far?

I won't let a village of illiterate
paupers get me by the balls.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

Flesh, blood, skin, bone...

Here you go. Your cigars.

I don't want them.


Are you OK?

Yeah. Fine.

Look at that.

So where are those stupid Turks?

Joery said that you guys
would blow their heads off.

Sorry, Toontje.

Doesn't matter, Frankske.
Know what?

I'll give you some money
to tide you over Christmas.

Arrange it with the mayor.

Mr. de Goeije, is Toontje a good friend?

He's kind of hungry for your campsite,
isn't he?

If you hadn't been so obstructive,
I would have gotten rid of it by now.

He helps me, at least.

Can I give you some advice? Don't
do business with the Van Wanrooijs.

It will get you nothing but trouble.

Trouble? For me or for you?

Do you realize what I've gone through?
What it does to me?

Huh? With your stupid chain.

Yes, I realize that quite well.

You have to know that the council
wants to buy that site as well.

Without trouble and for a fairer sum
than Van Wanrooij will give you.

But it takes time.

- Yeah, I was... I am... Sorry.
- It's OK. I understand.

Come on, go home.

- Know what? I'm going home.
- Yes.

What are you doing? The council
doesn't have that kind of money.

Flesh, blood, skin, bone...

What is this?

Jel, it's me. Where are you?

We still have to trim the tree.

Call me to say what time you'll be home.



- What the fuck?
- Goddammit.



Merry Christmas.

Jel, the food is on the table.
I waited for you.

- I don't want your shit.
- Why do you act this way to me?

I bought you a present.

We should bond during this time.

Geez, you act as if I hit your mom.

I just think I don't deserve this.

Don't be so pathetic.

Come on.

We'll trim the tree.

- I'm not a little child.
- No, neither am I.

- But we'll do it anyway. Together.
- There is no 'together' anymore.

You're a dirty old sex freak.

- Did Simone say that?
- Yes, mom said that.

She could have been
your daughter. It's just filthy.

- You're just a child fucker.
- Goddammit, Jelmer, she wasn't a child.

- So you did fuck her.
- Jesus Christ, Jelmer.

Maybe I'll inform the press
about your MeToo story.

- Goddammit. Fucking adolescent.
- Whoa, easy.

Don't you understand I'm not here
for fun?

I heard you.

- I'm doing this for you too.
- Mind your heart.

A bit of respect would be in order.


Hey, Hans, old chap.

I'm now hiding in some pauper hut.
You have no idea.

It's awful. I didn't sign up for this.

Knowing you, it won't be that bad.

- Hans, are you coming?
- In a minute.

- But, Hans...
- Yes?

You know people within the party,
don't you?

- Yeah, so?
- Can't they get me a different job?

A different job?
Man, you made a mess of it here.

Make sure you get your business
in order there and then we'll see.

Hans, come on.

Yeah, yeah, I'm coming.

Jel, let's go. Pack your stuff.
We're going back to The Hague.

Why's that door locked? Jel...
Open that door.


- Tom, do you have the key to this room?
- Jesus Christ, man. Step aside.


What is this? Where is he?

No worries, sir.
We'll go and look for him.

What kind of losers are you?
He's just a kid.

Goddammit, man.



Thank you, ma.

Good morning.

- Merry Christmas.
- Same to you, Joery. Coffee?

It's unbelievable that they're
boarding everything up around here.

- You'd expect them to help.
- The mayor was of good will yesterday.

Listen, Frankske.

I don't trust him. If he wants to help
you, he'd open everything up.

But he doesn't. And now he suddenly
wants to buy the campsite.

We were just talking back-and-forth.
It was a bit vague.

- Negotiating.
- Negotiating?


Geez, he's funny.

We help you, don't we?
No one else.

- Those Turks won't be caught anymore.
- Those Turks.

It'll be fine, man.

Let that mayor go to hell.

That's a lot of money, isn't it?

You've never seen so much money
in your life.

Cut meat

My prettiest animal.


You were going to arrange
that club house,

but that stupid campsite
is still locked up.

- Take it easy, take it easy.
- I won't take it easy.

Aren't you supposed to be the big boss?

Does your wife know you owe us?

I don't owe you anything.
You made that deal with Joery.

Fine, then we'll go and see Joery.
Punch him around a bit...

and then your wife.

Take it easy, take it easy.

Let's discuss it.

Scaring my wife
in my house with your filthy hands.

I'll pluck your eyes out
and I'll piss in your skull.

I'll take care of it, I said.
My word is my word.

If you threaten me one more time,
I'll bury the fucking lot of you.

They found the girl's moped
in the village. Securely locked up.

OK, we'll continue from there.
Is there CCTV footage?

Good. I'm on my way.

I'm still married. Remember?

Not for much longer, probably.

But, still...



What about you?

Aren't you in a relationship?


Single girl.

Jel. Jelmer, where are you?


Where are you?

This is such bullshit.

Why do you always make deals
with the wrong types?

Nothing but problems from the moment
you crapped in your cradle.

Hey, what are you doing?

You can't buy anything
from a dead guy.


We need to have a serious talk, son.



Damn, he's out cold
with his head in the oven.

Goddammit, what the hell are you doing?

Get him out.

Frankske, you can't be serious.
What are you doing?

You want to kick the bucket?
What about us? Come on.

Hey, little man.
Goddammit, dad.

- He's got pills in his mouth.
- Goddammit.

Give me that thing.

Frank, stand up.


- Good job. Well done.
- I thought we had a deal.

You're not going anywhere
until that campsite is ours. Got that?

- I'm not going anywhere.
- Goddammit.


What were you thinking?

You're not going anywhere,

Break his hands,
before he tries to hang himself.

- Beer?
- Yeah.

Shut up, leave me alone.

I don't need to hear
your bullshit anymore.

I don't want to see your face anymore.


Hi, this is Simone's voicemail.
Say something nice after the beep.

I really hate him.

I'll never live
with that fucking loser again.

- He's still your dad.
- Yeah, so?

He's a liar and he doesn't care about me.
I'm not going back anyway.

You just got here. I mean,
you must have friends in The Hague.

Maybe it's better over there
than here.


I want to stay with you.

If you aren't careful,
you might become related to Toontje.

If you say so...

it might just happen.

You're so silly.

Hey, Simie.

Like what?


No, of course not.

I knew it was his birthday. Huh?

Hip hip hurray.

Dear people...

most of you know already,
but I'm pleased to be able to say...

that in about nine months I'll be the
great-grandfather of a beautiful baby boy.

Baby girl.

Since when do we allow a black guy
into our family?

When will you shut up
and let your monkey brain do the work?

Think about the future, retard.

If the sale doesn't come through
this week, we can expect war.

- War?
- Yes, war. What do you think?

That those leather faggots
will just disappear over the horizon?

That baby is a gift from fucking heaven.
You'll be very happy with it. Got that?

What's going on with you?

Try to think before you say something.

It's fate, Joery.
It's beautiful.

It's my son's birthday today.


It's insane.

It's my son they want to conscript.

And I'm the mayor around here,

We do have a small problem.

- Those problems can wait.
- Gerben...

- I'm going to get my son.
- He's in the hospital.


You have to cancel that closure.

But who did this to you?

I slipped. Fell from the roof.

How much?


- How much does Toontje want to pay?
- No. No, Mr. Mayor...

- Mayor...
- 800 grand?

- 600?
- No.



400 grand?

A lousy 400 grand.

For the entire site with a license.

That's a pittance.

And he calls that helping.

My mother...

is the only one I still have.

What if something were to happen
to her?


Get well soon.


- I'm taking him with me.
- How come?

Leave him be.
He finally has a good time.

Brabant conviviality.

How are you going to stop me?
By throwing another bomb in my house?

A bomb? I actually just want
to get to know you better.

- Yeah, right.
- Your wife in Brazil...

Yeah, pal, I already know you quite well.

If you get it in your stupid yokel mind
to threaten me any further...

I'll get the whole legal machinery to come
to this inbred village of yours.

Consider who you're playing with.

That teenage girl you messed
around with...

came to you for work experience.

Nice girl. She just doesn't know
whether she can shut up.

Let's be kind to each other.

We're not very keen on abortion here,
Gerben, but have it your way.

So listen carefully.

Before Carnagé bursts loose,
the campsite is mine.

Otherwise I'll see you
at the baby shower.


- You have a visitor, Mr. Kooistra.
- I don't want that.

Go away.

Why did you come here?


Do you think I felt like being
among these whining inbreeds?

You were nearly Minister
of Foreign Affairs.



You did something.

- Banishment.
- It's just for a few months.

For a few months?

They dumped you, Gerben.
They want to be rid of you.

They sent you her, because you were
bound to fail. They knew that.

Received messages...

Is he dead?

Voicemail Marieke van Leeuwen.
Leave a message.

Don't run away, moron.

Hey, Ronnie.

- Ronnie, lazybones. Come here.
- What is this mess, man?

He's dead.

There you go.
Was that so difficult?

Mayor, you know what it's like:
If you can't join them, beat them.

Those security guards...

have to go.


My name is Gerben.

Also known as your mayor.

I'm all the way from The Hague.

I came here to call the shots.

There's only one thing I want
and that's to become Prime Minister.

Speak of the devil...

The club house...

can't come here.

I can't have that on my CV.

It isn't going to happen.

Hey, Ronnie.

He's dead.

Mr. Mayor.

You see? Who doesn't want to listen...

has to feel the consequences.

We will put your son behind bars
for years for this.

When he gets released...

you'll have been suffering from dementia
for years.

Part and parcel, right?

You could prevent it.

You hate that motorcycle club too,
don't you?


At some point, those guys
will run the show here.


We could help each other.

I won't release that campsite.

That will drive those guys crazy
and they'll ask for a meeting.

And undoubtedly they'll threaten you.

But Karel will make sure
all of you are wired.

That way we can listen in.

And that, in addition to their records,

will ensure they'll be locked up
for years.

That way we'll be rid
of them.

But no shenanigans anymore.

This village stays out of the news.

How do they put that here again?

'One hand for yourself
and one hand for other people.'

Nice piece of culture
you have here.

Little, horny Glemjert planted his seed
near the girl's egg.


Are we getting boobs?


- What the hell do you want?
- I want to talk to you.

So, say it.

Come on, tell me. I haven't got all day.
What is it?

I don't know if that baby is a good idea.

- Maybe it isn't wise...
- Of course it's a good idea.

It's a very good idea.

It's about our future.
You aren't backing out now.

It's your future as well.

- But are you going to help me?
- Of course I am. Don't nag all the time.

It'll be fine. Here, go and buy a cradle
for my grandson.


Nature never deceives us.

We do that ourselves already.

I can't wait.

Jesus. This is so pathetic.

Anyway... here we go.

May I worship Wotan tonight?

It gives me great honor
and satisfaction...

to appoint you, Tonius the First,
for the coming four days...

to Wotan, the patron saint of the forest.

We welcome you this period
as the noble animal...

the stag.


The stag...

is connected to the cycle of nature.

With the fall and resurrection.

And therefore I present to you firstly...

the mayoral chain of this shire.

It's going to happen tonight.

We know.

Karel is ready.

Hereby I declare...

that from this moment onwards...

the resurrection of Wotan has begun.

To achieve the good...

it's sometimes necessary
to do the bad.

Hey, Ronnie. He's dead.


can ensure that you can't ride
your moped for years.

Then the party is over.

Unless you help me get rid of a problem.

But you're able to do that.

Hey, what's your name?

I feel more and more at home here.

Well, why don't you stay here...

Mr. Mayor.

Didn't you drink too much, son?
You think you should come?

Of course I'm coming, dad.

Dad, I know.

I fucked up.

I'll clean up the mess myself.

OK, son.

Sorry I'm always so tough on you.

I am a retard sometimes.

Let's go and get those wires
from Karel.

Having fun?

You think they're on to us?

Leave it up to me.

If they act suspiciously...

blow them to pieces.

Hey, Ronnie.

- Filthy leather faggot.
- What's up, caveman?

Your time is over.


Your head...

will go on my wall.

You fucking...

retarded inbred asshole.

Want to start praying, pal?

A bit late, right?

Look, we won't be difficult
about you wiping out Toontje.

But now I'm the boss. Got that?

You're one of us now,
Mr. Mayor.

Are you hungry?

- Yeah, I could eat.
- What do you want to eat?

- What are the choices?
- We can get some Chinese.