Hall Pass Nightmare (2022) - full transcript

Carrie and Justin Palmer are the perfect couple to everyone around them. Or so it seems. They recently celebrated ten years of marriage and are talking about starting a family. After a wine filled evening, Carrie's girlfriends pre...

Well, what time
do you think you'll be home?

Yeah. Drive safe.
I love you, too.


[hollow thud]



Dispatch: 9-1-1.
What's your emergency?

Yeah, there's a man
who has been stalking me

And he's come back.

He's inside!

[metal clanking]




Dispatch: Are you there?
Ma'am? Are you there?


[eerie instrumental plays]

[crickets chirping]

Lexi: I can't believe
it's already been ten years.

I remember.

Justin had just graduated.

We could barely afford
our first apartment.

Ten years.
So what is that? Silk?

No, no. Silk is 12.

Ah, and lace is 13.

It's tin.

Ew. You're kidding.

It's supposed
to symbolize durability.

I'm almost afraid to ask
what he gave you.

He got me a beautiful,
vintage tin jewelry box.

And inside...


That's actually very sweet.

I know, isn't it?
I was impressed.

So what'd you get him?

I got him a vintage
engraved watch

So that our love would
always be timeless.

At least that's what
the salesperson said.

-well, I'm sold.

That's adorable.

You know, abby just got
a gorgeous

Crystal set for her 15th.

No way.

They have not been married
for 15 years.

I feel like they just
got married.

That's what I said.

I, of course,
had to ask them

What was their secret
to a happy marriage.

And? What did she say?

You really want to know?

-Yes, please. Spill.


But you didn't
hear this from me.

-Our lips are sealed.


She gave him...

A hall pass.

-What-- no.

What? What do you mean?

Like a-- like a hall pass,
hall pass?

Oh, you know what I mean.


Wait a minute.
Wait a minute. So she--

She lets nick
sleep with other women?

One other woman, one time.

-She said

It does wonders
for her marriage.

Oh, come on. [laughs]

Is it so hard to believe?

Look, if you're
in a committed relationship

And you trust them...

I don't know.

It doesn't sound like
a very committed relationship.


Oh. My. God.

You got one.

Beth, you didn't. No.


How am I just
now hearing about this?

I didn't think
it was that big of a deal.

It is a huge deal. What?

How could that have
just slipped your mind?

Wait, wait, wait.
So, so have you--

You know, used it?

-ah! She has!

Wait. Okay.

So, as long as we're playing,

who would you pick?


I don't know.

Could it be,
like, anyone?

A celebrity hall pass.

-Lexi: Mm!
-Justin: Hey, ladies.

-and, that's my cue.

Oh, you don't
have to leave on my account.

Oh, it's not because of you.
You're out of wine.

That's too bad.
You're going to miss dessert.

I made my famous
tres leches cake.

-No, you didn't.
-I thought you love that cake.

I do.

But I'm still
on this sugar cleanse.

What? Wine doesn't count.
We've discussed this.

More for us, then.

I'll be right back.

A sugar cleanse, really?

Could you be
less fun, carrie?

Give my compliments
to justin on the tres leches.

Oh, I will.
He's very proud of that.

-He should be.

-That's me.
-Oh, thanks for coming.

Lexi: Thanks for having me.

I will see you two on Monday.

All right.
Bye, girl.

Lexi: Bye.

I have a confession.

It's been months
since justin and I--

You know.


I mean, have you tried?

Not really.

Well, you know
how busy we both are

And we're both wiped by the time
we get home from work.

Well, maybe you need
to skip the tin

And get straight
to the lace.

-Very funny.

That's me.

Um, we'll talk more about this.


Good night.

I was going to do those.

-It's okay, I got it.
-Hmm, thanks, babe.

Well, in that case,
I think I'm gonna go

and take a bath.

I think
that's a good idea.

Why don't you come up
when you're finished?

I'll be there in a bit.
I was going to watch the game.


-I'll see ya in a bit.

[acoustic guitar strums]


? I believe that destiny
was calling out your name ?

? long before you
wandered to my door ?

? the stars aligned
and got us to ?

? the places of our dreams

[door bell rings]

Who's ready
for a girls trip?

-You mean work trip.
-Brenda: Yeah, yeah.

-I'm just finishing up.

Hey, don't take too long.

Registration's at noon

And who knows
what traffic will be like.


-You going to be okay?
-Of course.

Luckily, I'm super busy.

I got back-to-back
sales pitches all day.

And you are going to close
each and every one of them.

Don't worry about me.

-You ladies have a nice time.
-Ha, oh, yeah.

The symposium on single payer
is going to be off the hook.

You know...

You really
nailed it with this gift.

I'm so glad.

And the inscription, it's...

It's perfect.


-Love you.
-Love you.

Have a great time.

And good luck
sticking to your cleanse

-While you're gone.

Very funny.


When I say "girls',"
you say "trip."



Oh, are you kidding me?

I hope I'm not
going to have to

Remind you two
how to have fun.

All right, ladies.


-"hall pass."
-hall pass!

[camera shutter clicks]

-Stop it.
-[camera shutter clicks]

[edm plays]

? hoo-hoo-yeah


? ooh-ooh

? there's nothing
like the feeling ?

? what you want, babe?

? what you want, babe?

? what you want, babe?


Both: Oh.

-I have yours.

[women chuckling]

We're off to a great start.

-thank you.


-We're here.
-You want to sit in the front?

Woman: Digital health care
is more important now

Than ever before.

Soon medical professionals

Will only accept ethereum

And netflix stock as payment.

This is just one part
of an industry wide effort

To curb inflation
and begin the transition

To virtual health care.

[groovy music plays]

Beth: What are we drinking to?

-Lexi: Freedom.

Fair enough.
How about you?

I'm just happy to be
out of that dreadful room.

I needed toothpicks
to keep my eyes open.

I thought that guy
would never stop talking.

-Another round?
-Yes. And I'm buying.

I-- I'll just
take a soda water.

Soda water?

Need I remind you
that you are away from home,

Out with your
two very best friends

In the whole
entire world?

Yes. May I remind you
that our day starts

At 6:30 a.M. Tomorrow.

Yeah, but, like,
no one goes

To those morning sessions.

Actually, make that two.


Okay. Yeah.

This is the last time

I go out
with you two grandmas.

-I said what I said.


Oh, he's a big boy.

I just want to make sure
everything went okay.

Look, justin is great
at what he does, okay?

I'm sure
everything was fine.

put the phone away, will ya?

Fine. Fine.

Okay, you guys,
I don't want you to freak out.

Look over there.

[low chatting]

Hey, isn't that that guy
from the band, icarus?

-No way.
-Lexi: Oh, yeah.

What's his name?

Dante. Dante jones.


Both: Dante. Dante jones.

I had all of their albums
when I was in high school.

You know, icarus was actually
my very first concert.

I snuck out
with bobby silver and we went

To see them
play at the pier.

Oh. Bobby silver.

So scandalous.

He should be your hall pass.
Oh, not this again.

Oh, hell yes,
he absolutely should be.

What are you doing?

Got to take a picture
or else it didn't happen.

Oh, come on.

"I got my hall pass
and I am ready

To mingle."

I hope you're kidding.

[lexi chuckling]


-You better not post that.
-Too late.

Lexi, take it down now.

-It's kind of a cute photo.
-I'm not kidding.

What if justin sees that?

Okay, fine. Fine.

Carrie: Stop making jokes
about a hall pass, lexi.

Times are tough.

No one's filling arenas
on their own these days.

Double, triple headers.

That's where the money is.

I'm paying you
good money to manage me.

Maybe if we had
the whole band.

-Not happening.
-Just think about it.

This brooding
acoustic vibe is--

It's kind of a downer.

Yeah, I'm not
inspired by that, man.

You're not
supposed to be inspired.

You're supposed to be a--
a misbehaving,

Unhinged rock star.

Speaking of, could you
at least have ordered a beer?

You might as well be
drinking mineral water.


Where are you going?

To get something
other than mineral water.

Justin and I would never
have an arrangement like that.

Well, maybe you should.

Could be
the inspiration you need.

I don't even
want to be with someone else.

It's not about
being with someone else.

It's the idea of it all.

Maybe even help you
out of that slump.

And this hall pass
really helped you?

As a matter of fact, it did.

You know, you still never
told us who you picked.

-Lexi: Never.
-And I'm never going to.

[all laughing]

Are people
still doing that?

-Doing what?
-Like hall passes.

That's still a thing?

Um, apparently.

my friend, here,

Was just going to tell us

Which celebrities
she might be interested in.

Ooh, a celebrity, huh?

No. No, no, no.
Absolutely not.

-I'm dante, by the way.
-Oh, she knows.

You should, uh, join us.

Sure. As--

As long as
it's all right with--


-Carrie's good.



Which celebrity
we goin' with?

It's funny
you should mention that.

-dante: Well, I mean...

Beautiful woman
like yourself,

You could choose
anyone you want.

[beth laughing]
oh, right.

You know what,
on second thought,

I think
I will have that drink.

Lexi: Oh, great. Let's go.

-Where are you guys going?

To grab a drink.

We might go walk around.

No, no, no.
Please don't leave me.

Beth: If you need a rescue,
just call or text me.

We'll be close by, okay?

All right, you guys.

-Dante: All right.
-Lexi: Have fun.

So, what are you drinking?

Oh, uh,
just some soda water.

I have an early morning.

-Uh. Waitress.
-Waitress: Uh-huh?

Can we get a couple
of dirty martinis, please?

-Waitress: Right away.
-Thank you.

Okay. Twist my arm.


You're just not
what I would have expected.

Ah, what were you expecting?

I don't know. Um...

I've listened
to all your music

And I guess you're just...

Completely different
than how I always imagined.

So you've
always imagined me?

-[both chuckling]
-in what way?

I guess I thought
you'd be more like

Some bad boy rock star.

Just really unapproachable.

But, uh, you actually seem
really easy to talk to.

Waitress: Here you go.

Thank you.


To getting
to know each other.

Our real selves.

[bright instrumental plays]


Oh, I should probably
switch back to soda water.

These martinis have gone
straight to my head.

Yeah, my boy, barry,
makes 'em strong.


This been really great

But I should
probably go up to bed.

No. No, no, no.
You can't leave now.

-[carrie laughing]
-come on.

Our night's just
getting started.

You want to, um--

You want to head back there?
It looks comfortable.


After you.

Barry, can we get two more?
Thanks, man.

[bar din]


Doesn't it get tiring?


Pretending to be
something you're not.


"I celebrate myself...

And sing myself.

And whatever I assume...

You shall assume."

"for every atom
belonging to me

As good belongs to you."

You know walt whitman?

The father of free verse?

He wrote with...

No restrictions,

Exploring the importance
of the everyman.

He found beauty
in the ordinary world.

I don't know, it seems like
most people today's idea

Of poetry begins
and ends with tiktok.


[bright instrumental plays]

This-- this has
all been really great.

But really,
I should have been in bed,

Like, two hours ago.

You can't leave me now.

No, you need to regale me

With more stories
about the benefits

Of electronic
insurance claims.



Come see my suite.

I'll call in
some champagne.

Just one drink.

You know, most women...

They see
the celebrity and...

They see the money.

But you...

It's been a long time
since I've connected

With someone like you.


I'm flattered, but--

But you can trust me.

What if I said I didn't know
if I could trust me?

I do.

One drink?

I promise.



As much as
I would love to, I can't.

-Ah, come on.
-Thank you...

Dante, for...

A wonderful evening.

My 15 year old self

Would never have
believed any of this.

Good night.

[pensive instrumental plays]




[elevator bell dings]

[elevator buttons click]

[dante panting]


[elevator bell dings]

You are relentless,
aren't you?

I can't help it.

You're not like
anyone else I've ever met.

I'm sure you say that
to all the girls.

You're not like
all the other girls, carrie.

You're different.

You really
want me to believe that?

Do anything...

But let it produce joy.



-[kiss smacks]


[carrie panting]


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Wait. Stop.

-We just started.
-Please, stop.

-I said, stop.
-Come to my suite.

Dante, I'm married.

Well, obviously not happily.

-I thought I was your hall pass.

That was--
that was just a joke.

-Was it?

Thank you for--
for the drinks and...

For tonight, but...

It stops there.

So, you really
want to go back

To your sad life
and your house

In the middle of nowhere
and your boring job.

-Excuse me?
-And being that you

Even considered a hall pass,

I'm going to guess
your boring husband.

I'm right, aren't I?


Oh, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, I shouldn't have
said any of that.

That's not me. I promise.

-Please forgive me.



[tense music plays]


Go back to your stupid,
pathetic life!

-[objects clattering]


Home, sweet home.

So, I'll see you
at the office tomorrow?




Uh, yeah. Sorry.

-I'll see you tomorrow.
-All right.

[engine revs]

[door clicks open]


[water trickling]


[tense music playing]



[cutlery clanking]

-So, did you cheat?

[pensive instrumental plays]

Did you cheat?

On your sugar cleanse.

Oh. You know me.

I am a sucker for glucose spike
and peer pressure.

I figured.
You'll get 'em next time.

Where's your locket?

Uh, you know.

I was getting ready

And I sat it
on the sink and...

It-- I knocked it
off and it broke.

All good, I'll take it
to the jeweler this week.


You haven't even
touched your food.

I'm not that hungry.

I have a lot of paperwork

I still need to finish,
so I'll see you upstairs?

Sure. See you in a bit.


So what'd I miss?

What do you mean?

You know the bar.
Those women.

If you must know, I...

Actually connected
with one of them.

You don't waste any time.

What can I say?
I know what I like.

Come on.
How serious could it be?

Well, it's too soon
to tell, of course, but...

You never know.

Could be.

Well, she must have
been something.

She was.

Something special.

Beth: Are you sure
nothing happened with duncan?

-Carrie: Nothing happened.
-Well, in that case,

I'm very proud of you.

A lot of women wouldn't have
had your self-control.


You can't tell me
you didn't think about it.


You want some advice?

If I said "no," would that
really make a difference?


Take all those thoughts

And everything
that didn't happen...

And bring it
back to justin.

It's time to spice
things up between you two.

He'll think
I've lost my mind.

It's better than
losing your marriage.


? happy birthday to you!

? happy birthday to you!

? happy birthday,
dear carrie ?

? happy birthday to you!

[all cheering]


Beth: Yeah!


if I could please

Have your attention
for just a moment.

I'd like to give
my special wishes

To the birthday girl,

Someone who I consider
to not only be a horrible,

Hellacious boss,

But a very kind

And genuine person,

Someone I am very proud
to call my best friend.

Happy birthday, friend.


-Woman: Salud!
-Man: Salud!


Well, I can't top that...

So I will just
add to it by saying

How much I love

And appreciate
our birthday girl...

More and more
with each passing day.

[crowd exclaims]

So to mark the occasion,
I've got you a little something.

After all,
you only turn 21 once, right?


Thank you.

-What is it!
-You've got to tell us!

-Justin: It's tickets

And vip backstage passes

To see dante
tomorrow night at the stanley!


You excited?

This is amazing! Thank you.

Both: Yes! [cheering]

Happy birthday!


[gentle strumming]


? I believe that destiny
was calling out your name ?

? long before
you wandered to my door ?

? the stars aligned
and got us to ?

? the places of my dreams

? I believe,
yes, I believe ?

? once I was blind

? but now I see

? my future before me

? don't it feel
like we're in heaven? ?

? waking up every day

? 24/7

? I never let this
feeling fade away ?

[eerie instrumental fades in]


[rock instrumental plays]

I'm getting a drink.

-You want one?

[bar din]

Justin: Two--

Oh, that was fast.

I was hopin'
I might see you tonight.

Vip pass, huh?
How'd you swing that?

how did you like the show?

Dante, I--

Now remember, I say,

"only that woman
who passionately clung to me.

I see her close beside me.

Silent lips,
sad and tremulous."

Oh, who's your friend?

-You must be the lucky husband.

-I am.
-Dante: Yeah.

I was just asking your wife
how she enjoyed the show.

It was amazing.
You haven't changed a bit, man.

I swear, I saw you
play uofa in 2000.

And you sound
the exact same.

It was incredible,
right, carrie?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Amazing.

But carrie tells me
that you're in medicine?

Wow, you guys covered a lot
while I was gone, huh?

Uh, yeah. Medical sales.

-That's impressive.
-Yeah, well,

I like to say that everybody
has their own skill sets.

It's not like I can do
what you do, either.

Well, thanks.

It's a pleasure to meet you.

You too.
Please, make yourself at home.

Help yourself to the food.

I hear the, uh,

Lobster nachos are fantastic.

And I do hope that our paths
might cross again some time.


Maybe I should've
gone into music, huh?

But those lobster nachos,
they do sound amazing.

Come on.

I think I should.
I think it was--

-Didn't I give you one for--
-you did.

I don't know why
I don't wear it.

I mean, how-- just--

That was amazing. And I actually
talked to dante. Come on.

[eerie instrumental plays]

-Justin: Anyway, happy birthday.
-Carrie: Thanks.


[city din]


You okay?

Yeah, yeah.

Just a little dante'd out.




I found you.

Carrie palmer.


Beth: Knock-knock.

-Earth to carrie.

I just didn't get
much sleep last night.

Oh, the show
was that exciting, huh?

-Justin had a good time.
-Mm, what about you?

Yeah, it was interesting.

Did you see him?

I did.

-He was fine.

What about justin?

Everyone was very polite.

Anyway, he should be well
on his way to his next show now.

So he's gone.

-[intercom beeps]
-oh. Yeah?

Assistant: There's a delivery
for you upfront.

Oh, okay.
I'll be right there.

-Lunch later?
-Sure. Okay.

[office din]

[elevator bell dings]

All right.

"do you think
the friendship of me

Would be
unalloyed satisfaction?"

I'm not interrupting
anything important, am I?

I came to apologize.

Um, why don't we
talk in my office?

Hold my calls.

I can't tell you how good
it was to see you last night.

You can't just
show up at my work.

I know. I know.
I should have called, but...

I needed
to say I'm sorry.

I shouldn't have
acted the way I did.

-It was so immature.
-Don't you have

Some other city
that you need to be in?

I have a fan event up north.

But it isn't
until the weekend.

So I thought I'd stay

For a couple of days,
see the sights.

Sights? Here?

Relax, okay?
Nobody knows anything.

That's not the point.

You don't think
I can keep a secret?

I told you before,

What happened between us
never should have happened.

Okay, just give me a chance
to make it up to you.

Just let's start over.

I'm married.

This is inappropriate.

I haven't been able
to stop thinking about you.

Tell me
that you don't feel the same.

I don't understand.

Why me?

-What do you mean?
-There were dozens of other

-Women there last night.

-Younger and prettier than me.
-Shallow groupies.

I don't understand
what you need me for.

Do you really think
that little of yourself?

That's not what I meant.

What you need is someone

Who actually
appreciates you.

You can't tell me that we didn't
share a connection, carrie.

What are you
so afraid of?

-I'm not afraid.
-You know, I'd never do

Anything to jeopardize
you or your marriage.

Nothing is going to
happen between us, okay?

I need you
to understand that.

Something already
did happen, carrie.

You can't just
make that go away.

I think it would be best
if you took back your flowers

And you gave them to someone

Who could
actually appreciate them.



I'm sorry
to have bothered you.


[screams in anger]

[engine revs]


Quinn: You got
to let it go, man.

I've been to enough
of your shows to know

There are women
lining up for you by the dozen.

You don't need this one.

She chose me.

Are you sure
that's what this is about?

-What do you mean?
-I mean,

Are you sure
you're not just

Substituting her
for someone else you can't have?

Is this about brenda again?

Forget her.
She-- she used me.

She was married.

And this new one isn't?

No, you know, you--

You weren't there,
quinn, okay?

You didn't-- you didn't see
the way that we connected.

Quinn: Uh-huh.

She could be
my soul mate.

-Just like last time.
-No, this is different.

You wanna know
what your problem is?

Yeah. I'm a romantic?

You always go
for the women you can't have.

It's like a self-destructive
pattern with you.

You know
you're not hearing me, quinn.

This-- this girl gets me.

She's not even available.

It doesn't matter.

She said
I was her hall pass.

Oh, my god.
Her hall pass?

You're delusional
is what you are.

And I really hate
seeing you do this to yourself.

I promise...

That this time
will be different.

This-- this woman is different.
She's special.

Just-- just
come back here, will you?

-When I'm done.
-Quinn: Dante.

-I gotta go.
-Quinn: Dante.


Um, hi, yeah, I just wanted
to make sure that he will,

In fact,
be attending your show.

Yes, that's correct.
This Saturday.

You know,
he attends every year.

Big fan, huh?

Oh, um, yeah.

My friend would be
super disappointed

If-- if she missed it.

Okay, well,
I can't make any promises,

But I do have him down
as a confirmed guest.

Okay, so he will be
in seattle this weekend.

That is good to hear.
Thank you.

You know,
while I have you, uh,

Perhaps you
and your friend

Might wanna upgrade

To one of our vip packages?

-[phone beeps]

I guess that's a no.

[keys jiggle]

Justin: Hon, is that you?

There she is.

-here I am.

How was your day?
Anything exciting happen?

Well, if by exciting you mean

Interviewing new pharmacists
for next week's board meeting,

Then yeah,
it was a blast.

Something smells good.

And it's gonna
taste even better.

Come here.

-I wanna give my wife a kiss.


So summer's coming up
and I thought maybe we could

Take some time off of work,

Go somewhere special?

-Maybe work on

Starting a family?

Really? You mean it?

There's that smile, ugh.
I miss that smile.


Hold that thought.
I'll be right back.

-[fire crackling]
-[ominous instrumental plays]

There is just
lots of options

For this
[indistinct] that you married.

I'm so excited about it.

I've given it as gifts.
I love it.

I love it.
And it's kinda like...

[indistinct chatter]


[loud rock music playing]

Leave it.


Hi, there.


Oh. You're that guy.

Oh, from that band.

Icarus, right?

Indeed I am.
Can I buy a drink?

I'm waiting for someone.


Excuse me.

Can we get her
a cocktail, please?

No, no, really, I-- I am.

Why don't we just
go get a table in the back?

-I told you. He's--
-"passing stranger!

You do not know
how longingly I look upon you.

You must be
she I was seeking."

Hey. What's going on?

Hey, um,

Remember that band icarus?

-This guy was in it.

Oh, cool, man.

She's not interested.

I say
we let her decide.

I say you piss off.


You could do
so much better than this loser.

Who are you
calling a loser?

[clears throat]


Was not talking to you.

Oh, she's not
talking to you.

Let's not start something.

-Come on.
-He started.

No, no. Come on.

We're leaving.

Nice meeting you.
Let's go.

-Woman: No.

You know,
you've got a serious problem.

Woman: Enough!


[metal music playing]


Woman: No!

Stop it!

Oh, my god.

Where are you going?

[ominous instrumental playing]


[siren wailing]

[breathing heavily]

[sighs] he's gone.


You scared me. [chuckles]

I was just
thinking about a meeting

I have to
lead this morning.

Oh, I hate those meetings.

"with great power,
comes great responsibility."

You know,
we could always trade.

How familiar are you
with the intricacies

Of biometric printing?

[chuckles] might
have to take the master class

-To brush up on that.
-Leave yourself plenty of time.

This morning I heard
there's an accident on the 17.

Well, do.

You know, I am working
downtown this afternoon,

Thought I could pick us up
dinner from the avenue?

Oh, that'd great.

I better leave,
I'll be late.

Have a good day.

See you tonight.


[phone chimes]

instrumental music playing]

[phone chimes]


-[phone chimes]

[music continues]


-It's just me.

I got
your favorite vanilla latte.

However, you seem
a little jumpy this morning.

Not sure if you need
any more caffeine.

Sadly, I do.

Thank you.
You know me so well.

I saw justin
down at the coffee shop.

-Carrie: Oh, yeah?
-Beth: Mm-hmm.

He was just
asking about you.

Wanted to make sure
if you're okay.

Said you seemed
a little off lately.

I'm fine. [chuckles]
just one of those mornings.

The flowers
were a nice gesture, though.

How did you
know about that?

You'd be surprised.
People talk.

[phone ringing]

Those weren't from justin.
They were from dante.

He was here?

It's almost
like he's stalking me.

Stalking you?

Why am I
getting the feeling

-You don't believe me?
-I mean, but come on,

Stalking you, that's
a bit much, don't you think?

Why else would he be here?

Well, you said you spent time
with him at the bar, right?

-And then you saw him

-Again backstage?

What's your point here?

Well, it's probably
just part of his act,

Is what he does.

I mean, come on.

He's a famous
and rich rock star.

He's smooth.

His only job
is to make his fans think

That they're important.

So what are you saying?
I'm not good enough for him?

No, come on, you know
I didn't mean it like that.

Because why
would he send me this?


-Let me see that.

Is there something
you're not telling me?

Of course not.

Just be happy,
you get to be friends

With someone famous.

I mean, it's kinda cool
if you think about it.

I'll be in my office
if you need anything.

[ominous instrumental playing]

[door clicks closed]

[ominous instrumental


[water splashing]

[door creaks open]

[ominous instrumental


[door creaks closed]

[music continues]


[dante coughs]

Before you say anything,

I didn't know
what else to do.

You weren't responding.

Let's just start over.

You're in my home.

But tell me,
would you have agreed

To meet me for a drink?

Not even a cup of coffee?

Not even a vanilla latte?

-[car beep]
-please, you have to go.

Not until
you agree to meet me.

Nope, dante
I am not gonna meet you!

9:00 a.M.,
I can come to you.

We can meet at the coffee shop
outside your office.

-Justin: I'm home!
-[carrie gasps]

[door slams]

Or we could
explain to your husband

Why I'm in your house.

The kings coffee roasters.

It's a block
away from my office.

I'll meet you there.

Justin: Hon?

Yeah, I'll be right there.
I'm just getting dressed.

I'll see you at nine.

[ominous instrumental playing]


-Don't let it get cold.
-I'll be right there.


-[footsteps thumping]
-[breathes heavily]

-[ominous instrumental playing]
-[helicopter blades whirring]

Woman: Dante? Hi.

Sorry to bother you.

Do you mind
if I take a selfie with you?

Is that okay?

Oh! Thank you. [chuckles]

[camera shutter clicking]

-Thank you.

instrumental playing]

Yes, I understand.

I don't know
where the hell he is.

He was supposed to--

Yeah, I realize that.

I'm trying
to figure out what happened.

Listen, let me
call you right back, okay?

Okay. Bye.

-[receiver clatters]
-where the hell is he?

instrumental music playing]

-[phone voice mail beep]
-it's me again.

Dude, did you stiff
the autograph show?

You know
how those people are,

You can't afford
to piss them off!

Just call me back, okay?



[phone chimes]

if you need to get that--

Oh, I'll call them back
after the show.

[phone chimes]

[justin sighs]

[phone chimes]

-[laughs nervously]

-[carrie sighs]
-[phone chimes]

[justin sighs]

[ominous instrumental playing]

I'll be right back.

[footsteps thumping]

Dante: We had a date.

I-- I couldn't get away.

Dante: You could have called.

You're right.
I guess, time got away from me.

Dante: Right.

Aren't you supposed to be
having an appearance somewhere?

Dante: You're right,
so come with me.

-What are you doing?
-Dante: I'm trying

To figure out
what I have to do

-To get you to listen to me.
-I am listening.

Dante: No,
you're hiding, brenda.

-Dante: Carrie.

You're hiding
in your backyard

While your husband
thinks you belong to him.

[ominous instrumental playing]

-I will go to the police.
-Dante: No, you won't.

-And why is that?
-Dante: Because you're married

And you don't want people
asking questions,

Questions that'll get you
in a lot of trouble, carrie.

And you wouldn't want me to do
anything drastic, would you?

What-- what do you mean?

[phone chimes]

Carrie: Lexi!


What are you doing?

Dante: It's only 8:30,
and she's already home.

The date
must not have gone very well.

Oh, have I got
your attention now?


Justin: Babe,
you missed the best part.

-[door slams]
-everything okay?

Yeah. That was lexi.

her date was a total disaster.

I mean,
are you surprised?

No. [laughs nervously]

But I'm gonna go over there,
and just check on her.

Yeah, don't wait up.


-[banging loudly on door]
-lexi: Okay!

what are you doing here?

It's kind of a long story,
you're alone?

Unfortunately, yes.

The date
was a total bust.

Did you come
to check up on me?

[sighs] no-- yes, kind of.

Okay, 'cause you
never do that.

[sighs] I know.
I-- I just, I had a feeling.

All right, carrie,
I have to tell you

About this date.

This guy was so boring!

All he wanted to do
was talk about his ex,

And yada, yada, yada, and--

What are you looking for?

I'm just making sure.

I promise
there's no one in here.

Okay, seriously, carrie,

You're really
starting to scare me.

What's going on?

Carrie, what's going on?

I'm sorry, I just--
I just had a bad feeling,

And I-- I never
would have forgiven myself

If something happened,
and I ignored it.


We're okay!
We're both okay, right?

-It's fine.

You want some wine?

-Let's go inside.

[ominous instrumental playing]

-[sirens wailing]
-[tires screeching]

You say you met him
while you on a work trip?

-Carrie: Yes.
-Were you traveling alone?

I was with my girlfriends.

We all work together.

I got very fortunate
in the colleagues department.

And you told my officers,
while you were on the trip

That you had an interaction
with him in the hotel?

-When you say interaction...

I told him I was a fan,
that I loved his music.

Did anything sexual
happen between the two of you?


[pen scratching paper]

Okay, we-- we kissed
and fooled around a bit,

But that was it,
nothing more than that.

He repeatedly asked me

To come back
to his suite and I refused.

And how did he react
when you told him

-You weren't interested?

-More verbal.

Things got heated
very quickly.

So after that night,
you had no further contact

With mr. Murphy?

Thomas murphy,
dante's real name.

Oh, I know
what you meant, but no.

And then,
a month later,

You attended
one of his shows.

Yes, my husband
surprised me

With concert tickets
for my birthday.

He knew I was a fan.

At some point,
during the evening,

Did you
actively tell him no?

Yes, I absolutely did.

[knocking on door]

Thank you.
Excuse me.

[ominous instrumental playing]

[siren wailing]

We've been able to
obtain some footage

From the hotel's
security cameras

As well
as your social media profiles.

Oh, okay.

Did you meet up
for a drink in the bar?

Well, I wasn't
exactly meeting him,

I was there having
a drink with my two friends.

As I mentioned,
we were traveling together.

Did you know
he was gonna be there?

No, of course not!

"whenever I perform
in santa barbara,

I always like to stop in
at jeff & barry's,

My favorite wine bar,"
it's on his socials.

How would I know that?

You've tagged "like"
on several of his posts.

Yeah, I was a fan,
but that doesn't mean

That I read
every article on his page.

What about your hall pass?

-My what?
-Officer: Oh, come on, carrie!

You know exactly
what I'm talking about.

"I got my hall pass,
I'm ready to mingle"?

Okay, look,
I can explain that.

That was just a dumb joke.

My friend
was goofing off.

You should know,
this department takes

False allegations
very seriously.

False allegations?

[ominous instrumental]

You-- you brought him in?

Actually, mr. Murphy
came in on his own.

-I don't understand.
-I need you to wait for me

-In the other room.
-Why would he come in

On his own?

If you would just
wait for me-- mrs. Palmer.


[ominous instrumental playing]

[tapping on table]

Do you mind
telling me what's going on?

I have a tro.

What is a tro?

A temporary
restraining order?

I'll need you
to sign at the bottom.

[sighs] thank you.

I was starting to worry
you didn't believe me.

Mrs. Palmer, this is

A temporary
restraining order against you.

I'm sorry, what?

By signing you're agreeing

Not to go
within 100 yards of mr. Murphy.

I agree not to--

What-- what
about my protection?

The agreement
is valid for 14 days

After which time
mr. Murphy may file a petition

With the court
for an extension.

He's filing
a restraining order against me?

But he's been
stalking me!

We now have
an open investigation

To gather more information.

And in the meantime,
if you have an attorney,

It might be a good idea
to have a chat with them.


[ominous instrumental playing]


instrumental music playing]

? I used to dream
about it every day ?

? hope you're
not afraid to look, yeah ?

? I still
think about it to this day ?

Get you anything?

-Just soda water.
-Coming right up.

You're brenda, right?


I'm-- I'm carrie palmer.

I'm here
to talk about dante.

[chuckles] you people

Just don't know
when to give up, do you?

What is it this time?
A magazine? Podcast?

I just need
a minute of your time.

I need this job, okay?

And every time
one of you shows up,

My boss gets pissed.

I'm not a journalist
or a crazy fan.

I promise.

I'll get your soda water.


You have one minute.

I just need to know.
Is he dangerous?

[brenda sighs]

We met at a bar
in santa barbara,

One thing led to another,

I broke it off,
and now he's--



We met at a party
a couple of years ago.

He's nothing
like his image.

He's sweet,
sensitive, cultured.

Very convincing.

Sounds about right.

But he's--
he's also possessive.

Very possessive.

And if--
if you're not careful,

He has a temper.

Did he ever
try and hurt you?

I-- I just need to know
how scared I should be.

Steer clear of him
at all costs.

Would you believe

That he put out
a restraining order against me?

He-- he told the cops
that I was stalking him.

He did
the same thing to me.

Good luck
getting anyone to believe you.

is a master manipulator

Who-- who can
charm the police.

And-- and they
fall for it every time.

[johnny clears throat]

I need
to get back to work.

Be careful. Please.

[ominous instrumental playing]


Dante: What did you tell her?

instrumental playing]

What did you tell her?

You mean, did I tell her
how you broke into my house?

How you chased me
across the country?


How you
broke my arm in a rage.


Johnny: It's closing time, bud.
My man, it's time to go.

We're closed.


Wasn't that that guy
from that band?

[doorbell jiggles]


[tires screeching]

[phone chimes]

pizza sounds great.

-[keyboard clatters]
-[phone chimes]

[phone chimes]

[ominous instrumental playing]


Somebody here?

-[footsteps thumping]

[car beeps]

-[engine starts]
-[alarm beeping]

-[car door slams closed]

[justin grunts, struggles]

[doorbell rings]

Pizza time.



[sirens wailing]

Justin: I-- I
didn't get a good look.

What about his voice?

Did he say anything?

No. Just the text.

[footsteps approaching]

I'll be right back.

[machine beeping]

We have people
checking his phone

And the cloud backups,

But so far, we haven't been
able to find anything.

-I'm telling you, it's him.
-Don't worry.

We've already
sent someone to talk to him.

So you believe me?

I go where the evidence
takes me, that's all.

[sighs] thank you.

I'll be back tomorrow morning
to see how he's doing.

But in the meantime,
I think there's some things

You and your husband
need to discuss.

instrumental music playing]


What-- what was that?


There's something
that I need to tell you.

Something that I should have
told you a month ago.

-You're scaring me.

Just listen.

So, when I went
on that work trip...

Something happened.

That night was the one--

[justin sighs]

[machine beeping]

instrumental playing]

[car screeches distantly]

[justin struggles, grunts]


[car beeps]

Beth: You know, you
could have told me the truth.

I tried.

I know.

I'm sorry.

Did you not think
I would understand?

I mean, sure, things
got a little out of hand.

Out of hand?

Look, the most important thing
is you didn't do anything.

Don't forget that.


How's justin doing?

He's a little better.

He was
discharged this morning.

You talk to him?

Not since last night.

He won't speak to me.

Can't say I blame him.

You told him?


How did he take it?

Let's just say

I don't think he'll be
rushing home any time soon.

Just give him some time.


In the meantime,
what about you?


-Just processing it all.
-You staying at the house?

-Is it safe?

Well, I'm not allowed

Within 100 yards
of him, so...

He could be anywhere.

Look, if you need
anything, anything,

You let me know.

Okay. Thank you.

Of course.



Who-- who left this here?

I didn't see anyone.

instrumental playing]





[ominous instrumental playing]

[breathing heavily]

[birds chirping]

[music intensifying]

[music stops]

-[bird chirping]
-[wings flapping]



instrumental playing]

[lock clicks]

[outgoing call tone]

Hey, it's me.

Actually, there is
something you can help me with.

instrumental playing]

[camera shutter clicking]

[car door clicks open]

I hope
you're right about this.

Don't worry.

No, no.
I have plans of my own.

-Oh, yeah.

First you're
gonna go upstairs,

Take a nice, long bath,
I have candles lit

And a glass
of champagne waiting.

Wow! Really?

You are gonna love
my famous salmon.

show you to your room.

Our presidential suite!

[carrie chuckles]

Yeah, so,
bathroom's in there.

-Take a load off.
-[carrie sighs]

You don't have to
take care of me. Really.

Hey, remember,
you're not alone.

We're in this together.


Carrie: Hey.

Thank you.

[carrie chuckles]

instrumental music playing]



[ominous instrumental]


Whatever it is
you're making down there,

Smells delicious.



[ominous instrumental playing]

[steps approaching]

It's about time
you showed up.

I see you saw my post.

-[electricity buzzing]

instrumental music playing]


[dante groans]


Carrie: Go! Go! Go! Go!

-Dante: Carrie?

Where's lexi?

She was supposed be waiting
at the bottom of the stairs.

We need the light.
Look in the drawer.

All right.

instrumental playing]

[dante singing] oh, ladies.

[carrie gasping]
shh. It's me, it's me, it's me.

Beth: Lexi?

Come here.

[dramatic music intensifying]

[carrie panting heavily]

[ominous instrumental playing]

Dante: Carrie!

[singing] oh, ladies.


-This way.

Come on!

[door clicking]

Justin: Come on!

-Justin: Come on!
-Carrie: Justin, justin!

You guys,
lexi's still in there.

We can't just leave her.

You two,
get in a car, stay there.

-Beth: Come on, no!

Come on!

-Carrie: Justin.
-Beth: Just come!

-I'll be right back.
-Carrie: No!

Justin: I'll be right back.


[justin grunting]

[carrie and beth
screaming, sobbing]

-Beth: Lock the door!

No, no, no, no, no, no.
You can come out now.

Come out!

[beth screams indistinctly]

-[both panting]
-[dramatic music playing]

Beth: Carrie,
lock the door! [screams]


[carrie panting]


[glass shattering]

[panting heavily]


I don't think you understand.
I came here to be with you.

I know that we were
meant to be together.


[breathes heavily]
oh, god! Come on!

Come-- come on, one bar.

[whispering] one bar!


-[footsteps approaching]

Where are you?

[ominous instrumental playing]

Do you have any idea
what it's like to be famous

And yet so alone?

-[outgoing call tone]


[door slams]



I know
that you understand me.

You in here?

[door creaks open]

He-- he's not gonna be
a problem for us any more,

So just-- just come out!

[dante screams, groans]

[dramatic instrumental playing]

Just leave me alone!

[both panting]

-You don't need to do this!
-No, I do need to do this.

I'm not gonna
lose you again, you're mine.

-[electricity buzzing]
-[dante screams]

-[electricity buzzing]
-[dante screams]

[dante groans]


[indistinct talk over radio]

[siren wailing]

Carrie: Beth,
thank you so much.

-[indistinct talk over radio]
-[dramatic music playing]

-I'm so sorry.
-It's okay. You're safe.

That's all that matters.

If you hadn't shown up--

Thank you.

instrumental playing]

[car engine roaring]


The car
will be here any minute.

[sighs] a whole
week to ourselves.

will we do to keep busy?

Oh, I'm sure
we'll think of something.


We should have
done this a year ago.

Well, luckily for us,
we have the rest of our lives

To look forward to.

You know
what I'm looking forward to?


[chuckles] funny.

It's just
two years away.

Well, I'm still
working on the tin.

-[car honk]
-oh, come on.

We've got a family
to get working on.

I'm just saying,
there's been a scarf

I've got my eye on,
I don't know

What you thought I meant
by the silk, I'm just saying.

[carrie chuckling]

instrumental music playing]

[ominous instrumental playing]

[music ends]