Halj már meg! (2016) - full transcript

Drop dead please! Following the sudden death of a mysterious engine driver in his sixties, the Wife, the Lover, her illegitimate Daughter and an increasing number of shady characters from his spurious past want to know the true identity of the man they loved. They are dying to know which of them was really loved by him, and where he has hidden the fantastic fruit of his double life. In their deadly struggle, our heroes find themselves in the center of a satirical crime comedy, the sinful roots of which stretch back to the eighties, the closing decade of the socialist era.


I'm Mrs. Pócs.

My husband came here every
other weekend...

to see you.

Is that right?

He won't be coming this weekend.

He died two days ago.

You want to come in?

- Sugar or sweetener?
- No, thank you.

It's calorie-free.

What do you do?

I was a kindergarten nurse.

And now, well...

I'm between jobs.

How did it happen?

Heart attack.

Where will the funeral be?

At the Municipal Cemetery.


I think we've discussed everything.

How long have you known?

Twenty years.

I'm older than you,
so feel free to be formal!

I love you, I love you, I love you.

I look for you, I long for you.

You look so pale, my boy.

Are you eating properly?

You drove my son to his grave!

- Leave me be, Ma!
- Don't you "Ma" me!

Sorry, Comrade Pócs!

Where are the grandkids?! Nowhere!

Even a cow can give birth!



Are you okay?

My asthma.

I'm sorry. Do we know each other?

I virtually know you.

I've heard a lot about you.

Dr. Lajos Kövér, at your service.

Mrs. Pócs.
Where do you know each other from?

From your deceased husband,
good old Gábor.

We were very close.

What a man! Wow!

I was very close to my husband too,
but I've never heard of Lajos Kövér.

Well, I'm...

the shy type.

First you get rid of my son
and now me?

- What are you doing here?
- Am I disturbing you?

Well, I was just...

Come in!

I'll just finish off.
Feel free to look around.

Like that.

Didn't you say you're unemployed?

I said I'm "between jobs".

- How long for?
- A few years.

So Gábor paid for all of this
from his wages as an train driver!

And what will you do without him?

Now that you're on your own.

We're both on our own.

But I'll survive.

I think you should leave!

"Both"? "On our own"?

- Completely on your own?
- What are you saying?

Don't you happen to have a kid?


This kid to be precise!

- You're insane!
- Mum!

Gimme money!

Can you hear me, Mum?

- So she's the non-existent daughter.
- What's it to do with you?

- I need 40 or 50.
- I haven't got that much!

Then how much have you fucking got?!

- Go to your room, please.
- What?!

Take my jacket off now!

Mum, don't be like this,
you know it's for medicine!

Wow! Thanks!

That's what I call financial backing!

Vali Pócs.

Mrs. Pócs.

Wouldn't you like to visit me?

What for?

Gábor's last gift.

It's gonna be tough without him...

You shouldn't play the widow, sis!

Concentrate on surviving financially!

There might be a bit of spare cash.

I wouldn't think so.
You knew how to spend money.

The buyer's furious.

The last delivery didn't arrive.

I'm sure Gábor collected it.

But he never handed it over to Herbert.

And? Was it valuable stuff?

Don't scream!
My ears are sensitive to sharp sounds.

- What are you doing here?!
- My blood sugar dropped.

Did you break in?!

That's my key!

It's my key.

No! Don't scream!

Is that so hard to understand?

I understand now!

I could say it belongs to both of us,

as Gábor gave it to me.

My key?!

His key?

Our key.

If anything should happen to him.

If anything unfortunate should happen,
he said, so that I could help you.

That's why he copied it for me.

Does that help?!

I scared the burglar away!

What's the number for the police?

Oh, no! Don't think that I did this!

- It was a burglar!
- You didn't trash my flat?

Check my pockets!

My mum always told me
that stealing is a sin!

- Where's the key?
- Keys.


Everything's gonna be fine.

See, here's one of the keys.

Here's the other one, and...

here's the phone.

Get out!

- Go or I'll scream!
- We'll talk tomorrow.

I'll introduce you to Mum.

See you tomorrow.

Fuck it!

Russian dolls!

I felt so alone at home.

And, anyway, you invited me.

I didn't know what you like.

I bought some chocolate liqueur.

My Gábor never let me near the kitchen

You convinced him to do housework?

Convince him?

I could hardly pull him
away from the stove.

He loved pottering around in the kitch

He was a wiz with a wooden spoon.

Good God, so many books!

My husband read a lot.

Well, we didn't read.

My Gábor would have knocked
that wall down to let more light in.

He'd have put the TV there
so we could watch it from bed.

Don't be angry with me
for dropping in like this...

The Soviet Union isn't a card,
you can't play it.

It's ready to negotiate,
but never do anything irresponsible.

- What are you watching?
- A film.

And what's it about?

Do you know what's really good?

Two women in love with one man.

And that we're not angry with each other.
Why be angry?

No need for the TV.

I know what you're thinking,
what you want.

We normally get in the jacuzzi
at this point.

I know how to massage.

I know how to love, to climax,

to party, to drink, to dance,
I know how to do it all!

You should really marry me!

You're my true love,

my life, my all, my only love.

But I won't be a bastard to her.

I've gotta go.

I didn't want to have a baby.

Did Gábor?

He was always saying
how he longed to be a dad.

But you didn't give him that pleasure.


That went along with my womb!

I was his lover, but...

I always felt like his wife.

I hated you so much.

Now we're even.

Here's to jealousy!

Be careful with the wine!

That's where he died.


Was my son at least happy with her?

I think so.

Women always went crazy for Gábor,
even after prison.

I can understand that.

There's nothing more attractive
than a ragged, ex-con communist

who still has the stink of jail on him.

I always thought adultery
was a bourgeois habit.

And it is!

Gábor's father and I
were both dedicated to the cause.

We did everything together
and would have used weapons if needed!

If the regime comes under attack,
who'll take up arms? You?

Look at how I hold
that fucking machine gun!

The regime collapsed, Ma!

No! No! Not those!

Sorry, my dear, is there a free seat?

They're all taken!

Who the shit are you?

A good friend of Gábor's.

- I've never seen you before.
- But I've seen you.

Did you get on well with the widow?

What do you want?

There's something very important
you can help me with.

- The last delivery?
- You got it?

What do you think?

- Has the widow?
- Maybe.

- Does she know anything?
- Who knows?

Listen, if you find anything out,
contact me at once,

because you'll get into trouble and
it'll end in tears, and I won't be crying.

Do you know Herbert?

- Herbert...
- Herbert from Munich.

The buyer.

- Because I have to talk to him.
- You don't have to.

No one needs to talk to Herbert.

Hauszmann's proportions are better!

Do some sketches for next week.

You wanted to knock it down, too!

- That was last week.
- I was at a funeral!

Have a rest, my dear.
I suggest you take a couple of days off.

No, thanks, I'm fine.
And I want to work.

Okay. The west side...
What do you want to do with it?

I think the west side...

Dear Mrs. Pócs!

Bloody hell!

Who are they?

I'm a very old family friend.
The husband's close friend,

and I need to speak to his widow.

- Of course, talk away.
- Then perhaps we...

I'd be happy if you got the hell
out of here now!

You're right. Who's he?

Your son, I suppose.

Oh, God! Really?

- What's wrong with your mum?
- Alzheimer's.

She has better moments, but mainly...

I'm really sorry.

What a pretty toy town!

You plan it, you build it.

You get paid for it.

Did you know that Gábor and I
had a business?

- My husband was a train driver.
- Of course he was. That was the point

- What do you mean?
- Gábor was a train driver.

On international trains.

Do you know what you can do on trains?

My people load the boxes on,
because my back hurts.

- Mine, too.
- Nothing hurts you!

I just get on and drive the train.

Mama! This is Tata!

This place looks very grey today,
but the West is soon on its way.

The Austrian border!

Paperwork! Thanks!

Now the trustworthy neighbour!


- Everything is okay.
- Very good.

I don't understand.

- And?
- Everything is okay.

Trustworthy neighbour!

He'll drive to Munich,

where Herbert's men take the boxes off...

and replace them with small boxes.

It's as...

simple as that!

- What was in the boxes?
- The same as before!

That was just the once!

How do you think he paid for two women,
two flats, two households?!

I need those boxes and so does Mum!

And for Herbert to go to hell!

Here's my address and my number!
If anything happens, contact me!

If you hear anything
and you don't tell me, then I'll find you!

But I don't give a shit about your boxes!
Only for my husband!

Blood will be spilled, a lot!

And not mine and not Mum's either!

And don't forget: I'll be watching you.

- You broke in!
- Congratulations!

Perhaps you should have bought
better locks.

- And if I call the police?
- You'd report me?

Because I wanted to see
who my father was? Go on!

Fucking brilliant! This is another life
that I don't exist in.

I soon won't exist in my own either.

Did you know I've got
a really rare disease?

My cells age as quickly
as a Ferrari in a motorway.

A couple of years and I've had it!

So? You're not gonna call the cops?

What's this? Did my dad play basketball?


At university.

And was he good at it?

Yeah, pretty good.

Then why did he stop?

He went to prison.

My dad?

- Don't fuck with my head!
- I don't like it when you swear.

And I don't like that he came
to this strange flat!

Who are you?

Who are you?

What can you do that my mum can't?

Just who the fuck are you?!

I was by his side
when he got sent to prison

and I stood by him!

That's where we fell in love
and where he proposed!

A relationship that's formed
behind bars...

is hard to break apart.

I understand if you
want to leave right away.

This was my dad's flat,
so it's mine too.

Good God.

What did you do to me, you asshole?!

Who's the skinny slut?

What you always wanted, your grandchild.

Siberia 1943. This was the camp
where we loaded bombs onto trains.

Come off it, Ma!

If you didn't work fast enough,
you got shot.

I worked fastest and got bread.
That saved me.

Feel at home!

I volunteered for the Red Army
and parachuted into Hungary.

War was a holiday camp
compared to the work camp!

The fascists caught me.
I thought I was done for.

Your grandfather was a local partisan

and I'd been in love with him
for eight, no, nine years.

Do you know what love is?

I thought he read a lot.
He had such clever eyes.

He went to university.

But after prison, the only work he got
was on the railways.

He would have read at home too,
but Mum never gave him the time.

This was the soundtrack to my childhood.

I don't think I'm really interested.

Sure, okay!

Will you tell me why he was in prison?

Don't tell her, it's not her business!

Your father was a talented
handball player.

He was one of the best passers.

But the Olympics boycott
in '84 destroyed his career.

I've got no idea.

What do you reckon we should do?

Should we defect?

You and me?

I've got an important game
in Munich next week.

We could slip away.

The local team will give me a place.

And who knows?

A couple of years and I could be playing
for West Germany.

I'm going with you.


There was only one problem.
Your Grandmother!

Anyone who leaves their homeland
is a traitor!

Anyone who betrays the cause
should go to prison!

The last moments of our old life.

How we argued!


The girls were mad for him!
He only had to whistle.

Then he'd turn up with a bunch
of flowers and be all apologetic.

Are you still not married to him
at this point?

I'm just a girlfriend.

So why go with him?

Because he asked me to.

Because I didn't want to
let him go without me.

Because I loved him!

Relax, relax.

It's just routine.
They never mess with us.

Good evening!

This is where it happened.

Gábor Pócs?

He's sitting at the back.

Passports for inspection!

Come with me!

It's a misunderstanding!

Gábor. Gábor!

- Here it is. Now what?
- Come with me!

Unpack your bag!

You move out of the way!

Everything will be fine!

One minute...

What's that?!

- You see!
- What the shit is this?

Mind your language, please.

I suppose you've never seen this before?

I swear, someone put it in my bag.

No one ever puts rare antiques
in my bag!

- So funny!
- Come with me!

- I love you!
- Me, too! I'll be home by morning.


It'll all be fine!

Honey, plum brandy, garlic. Lots!

Why did he do that if he
had a sure place in the Munich team?

He always swore
that the Roman dish wasn't his.

- Perhaps he was lying even then.
- My dad never lied.


Whatever, it's nonsense.

They wanted to make
an example of him.

They kicked him out of uni,
banned him from sport and locked him up.

The other girls fell away.

I was the only one
to stick by him all through it.

Go home!

Fuck that!

My dad's not here and not there!
Does it matter?

Your mum must be worried.

I love her, but she's impossible!

- I'll take you home anyway.
- No you won't!

I'd rather die!

What happened to the old bag,
to my grandmother?

You should know...

I loved taking photos.

I'm off, Ma!

I took my last photo
on 23rd October 1989.

The name of our country will now be:

the Republic of Hungary.

Hurray! Hurray!

Fuck it!

- Smoking's not allowed!
- Right. And life's not allowed!

That's a pretty big tattoo.

And it's not finished yet.

The dragon is going to come
all the way to here.

And I'm gonna have two fucking
enormous skulls on my arse!

What the hell for?

I want the pathologist to faint
when he sees me.

You always talk about death.

Why can't you make friends with life?

This way!

Vali, is that you?

Oh, I was worried sick about you!

I found things about Dad
that you never told me!

He was a superstar and sports icon!

It looks like a fancy-dress party.

Fuck off!
Mrs. Pócs told me everything.


- Now you go out, please.
- As if I'd go out now.

Who was my husband?

Now, let's see. A wonderful father...

- a fantastic lover...
- And an underworld smuggler?

- Smuggler?
- Not here!

Enough of the lies!
Do you know Kövér?

- A big fat bloke!
- Sounds familiar.

- And Herbert from Munich?
- Maybe.

- What do you know about the lost delivery?
- That it's still around.

- This is killing me!
- No, it's killing me!

Vali, get me down!

Pretty please.

Gábor's life was a success
until it caught up with him.

It didn't happen here.

He was a sensitive and vulnerable man.

He brought me breakfast in bed.

You're both such stupid cows!

Only I understood him. And he me.

A drink?

Kiss? Hug? World peace?

Do you know what I was thinking?

Let's carry on with the business.
The three of us.

What business? Gábor's business?

Sure! I know he'd want this.

I'll explain, it's dead simple.

First, you have the art treasure,
that the local "buyer" gets hold of.

Let's say that's Kövér.

Then there's the "delivery boy," Tibi.

- Tibi?
- Tibi's my brother, Gábor's chum.

He'll deliver anywhere
as long as there are rails under him.

And at the end,
there is the foreign "buyer",

like Herbert from Munich.

- Ich bin Herbert!
- Ja!

I'll be the president
and you the directors.

You've got a whole wardrobe for the job.

That's fucking brill!
We'll be Bonnie and Bonnie.

And Bonnie.

You're both mad!

There's no way I want to get
into international crime.

I could get shot.

This is the art market,
not drug smuggling.

It's a refined profession.
There's no shooting.

Sorry, sorry, sorry!
I didn't know it was loaded!

Are you mad, insane?
If you'd hit one of us?

We don't want to hurt anyone!

Are you the new boss?

That's me.

Great. Look, we...

We don't want anything,
we just want out!

Leave us alone and go!

Or not.

But pretend that we don't exist.

- Who are you?
- It wasn't our stunt.

Do you know Herbert?

Gábor did it all, we didn't know anything.

- What stunt?
- There's big fucking trouble!

And it's getting closer!

Gábor gave us this for the last job.
We don't know where the delivery is!

We're off the job. Okay?

No one's to look for us! It wasn't us!

- What stunt?!
- It wasn't us! Okay?!

What stunt? Wait!

Who are you? What do you know?!

Wait! What stunt?!

Do you hear?!


Tell me what you know!


Why are you doing this to me, Gábor?
What's this all about?

Who were you?

It's all in my diary.

You caught me writing it once, remember?

And where is it now?

In a safe place.

Because you didn't trust me.

Because you didn't trust me.

No shooting in the art business, hey?

Holy fuck! This is serious cash!

Bad language!

Why do you care? I'll be dead soon.

If you touch that money,
you can be sure of that.

Do you girls fancy ice cream?

Business is thriving.
The money's rolling in.

Half for me and half for you two.

- Don't you mean we'll split threeways?
- I'm the boss.

It's my dad's farewell gift,
for fuck's sake!

- And mine, too!
- Where's the washroom?

That way. Quickly!

Vali, what's the final amount?

3,750 euros, some dollars
and a few roubles.

We need to get to the bottom of this.

We sure do! Mum, you coming?

If it's okay, I'd rather take care
of operations from home..

You stay, too.

Mum, don't shit yourself.
Worse case is we die!

- Where are you going?
- Where would I go, mum?

What are you grinning at?

So? Where do we start?

There's one fixed point.

Next to your Mum,
he only had one confidante.

- This is Mrs. Pócs.
- I can't talk now.

I'm working. I'll call you back later.


- Where's the gear?!
- How should I know?

Go on, pick up the phone!

I don't think anyone's home.

- We'll come back later.
- Someone can, who's got two mums!

Vali, won't we get into trouble?

We already are.

Hotel Charlie, how can I help you?!

Yes, of course.

Okay. Okay.


- A guest?
- Herbert!

He's coming here.

Herbert? Here?

Better if you shoot me now
and then shoot yourself.

Listen here! I've got to hurry home.

But don't think we're done!

- Hey!
- I don't believe it!

- You wanted to get to the bottom of this.
- Right.


Do we have to kill her?

Alzheimer's. She's out of it.

Fab! And now what?

Shall we dig through this shit?

- Let's split up.
- But what are we looking for?

Some sort of clue,
something suspicious.


Haven't you seen a bunny keyring?
It looks like a real one,

but it's got a little key on it.
A tiny key.

And it's got a bunny on it.
Haven't you seen it?

Has the caviar arrived?

It will, it will.

The Weekly Art Show.

Seven Missing Pieces of Art.

Our prime minister's visit
ended at the sports hall...

On November 5the, 1983,
Budapest Art Museum was robbed

by the infamous criminal, Lajos Kövér.

The paintings have been stolen to order.

We established
that this well-known criminal...

God, that's why he looked so familiar!

The well-known Hungarian criminal
continues to deny...

Nothing here.

- You?
- Same.

- Let's get out of here!
- Let's go!

- Could this be it? The one in the photo?
- I don't think so.

I want to go swimming!

- Run!
- Run!

I want to go swimming.


It really was Dad's!

That's where we met.
At the final in '83.


- Have you got it?
- Not yet!

- What not yet?
- That's the question!

What didn't you tell me?!

No! What didn't you tell me?!

- What should I say?
- What you're hiding!

A guy broke in last night with a gun!

- Was it Herbert?
- He spoke Hungarian.

He was one of Gábor's boys.

He said there's trouble
because Gábor pulled a stunt.

- I know, he called me, too.
- What?!

Herbert. Herbert called.
Herbert's coming here!


The thing is that Gábor took
the delivery from Kövér

and said he'd pay Kövér later.

At the same time he asked Herbert
to pay for the delivery in advance.

And Herbert did.
Why wouldn't he have paid it?

They'd worked together for years.

But Gábor didn't give the cash to Kövér.
Either he couldn't, or he didn't want to.

And he didn't give the delivery
to Herbert either.


On purpose or not,

Gábor stole from the most dangerous
criminal in the business.

That's the way it is.

I told the women we had nothing to do
with Gábor's stunt.

I made threats, too. I was tough.

Sure you were.

We have to bring them here!

The women? Here? What for?

Don't scratch yourself
with that fucking gun!

- I was so scared...
- What next?


I was so scared at home.

At least I found this.

Who's that?

Baron Leopold Poller,
your great-grandfather.

He denied your grandfather,
when he went to fight in Granada in '36.

That's where he met your grandmother.

Ma was a big commie!
She even reported her own son.


- That's a lie!
- I heard that.

She sat at that desk.

He wants to leave.

He wants to wash his arse
with scented soap in the West!

His father would never
even speak to such a spineless traitor.

He'll cross the border with his
handball team and his slut on Saturday.

Stop him, but don't hurt him!

She set it up!

That's what you say!
But I never said such a thing!

She's denying it again!

I'll tell you something now,
so you'll really understand!

- The Halász story again!
- Yes, Pista Halász!

And you'll listen to the end this time


Pista Halász got mixed up
in the Pinkóczi affair in 1957.

He got six years.

The way his wife, Nusi,
behaved amazed us all.

Listen to this!
She arranged with Comrade Dobi

for her husband to get a hearing aid.

Because Pista went deaf
in his right ear during an interrogation.

Why is this important?

Because their marriage was very bad
before that.

Pista drank and played around.
Nusi was suicidal.

You can imagine.

But when Pista ended up in jail,

that's when they fell in love!

Then they let Pista out
in the '63 amnesty,

and they continued to live like lovebirds.

Until '72. Because Nusi died in '72.

After the funeral, he went through her
and do you know what he found out?

That Nusi was the one
who'd reported him in '57.

Nothing brings two people together
like betrayal.

What's that got to do with this?

Only you know that.

I only exist in your head.

What you know, I know, too.

And all that I know, you know, too.

Do you remember the petrol
station at the border?

You'll find it there.

I'm going to call home!

At the border...

Why do you want to call home?

I'm gonna call Dad and say goodbye.

Do you remember the red phone box?

Hello. Hi, Dad!

This is fucking shit!

We're at the border. And Gábor...


Dad, Gábor doesn't want to come back.

And maybe the border guards know,
and they're waiting for us.


Couldn't you help?

Ma, I...

You're still doing it.


It's because I heard you reporting Gábor!

Did you want your father to help,
or did you want to chain my son to you?

This is fucking shit!

You ask what I want?

I want to protect him!


Your dad was an influential man.
He could have even helped!

This is incredible fucking shit!

I don't know what I want.

I don't know what I want.

- So the commie cow didn't report Dad!
- No, no!

- It was!
- It was her and you!

Did I miss something?

I wanted everything back!

I wanted to go to university and getting
at the border would have ruined it all!

Yes, yes! I called my father,

but I thought he'd sort it out
without any trouble!

- I don't understand.
- I don't believe you!

You play the friggin' virgin
and you're really a whore!

- It's not that simple!
- It is!

Everyone born before me was fucked up
and that's why I am, too!

- No, no!
- Vali!

- Where are you going?
- Away!

- Don't go home, it's not safe!
- Home?! That's a joke!



You're to blame!

You reported him first!

The chicken and the egg! Whatever.

- Whatever.
- On 23rd October 1989, I realised

that it had been a wasted effort!

My son would have been able to...

be able to wash his arse
with scented soap in the West...

because Hungary was turning
towards the capitalist West!

I drew the necessary conclusions.

And I got out of the whole thing.

The end!

I've only just understood.

- You are playing the bloody martyr...
- What?

But at the same time
you put Gábor in prison.

- Me?
- Yes. Well, fuck you!

I didn't want him to go,
I wanted him to stay.

I thought my father
would smooth everything over,

and Gábor would stay at home
and it'd be fine!

I wanted that, too!

What a filthy story!

It's no wonder he ran to me!

To you?

He went to you to switch off.

For a holiday!

A pretty long holiday.

I gave him security! Stability!

- Yeah?!
- I stuck by him! I cared for him!

But we were his family.

Family?! What family?!
You don't even know what family means!

Where's your daughter now?!


I'm coming, Vali!

Sorry for butting in like this.

- I knew nothing about the Roman dish!
- Sure, you knew nothing!

I thought I'd faint!

- That's what he was charged with.
- Yeah, sure...

It was a trap,
because it was 1984 under communism!

The regime was going mad
about the Olympics boycott!

- You're just making excuses!
- No!

- Yes!
- No!

- His going to prison was your fault!
- Mine?!

His career was ruined because of you!

- That's not true!
- It is!

The women are here.

When will you arrive?

I see. I'll keep them talking till then.


You cannot imagine
what an honour this is for me.

Oh, Karcsi!
Why did you put tape on their mouths?

And why are their hands tied?
Oh, dear Karcsi!

They argued!
You know how I hate interpersonal stress!

Go and make the fucking supper!

Excuse his rudeness.

- We'll give the money back!
- There's no need for that, ladies.

Would you like a little wine perhaps?
A light supper?

We don't get too many guests now.

Please, come this way!

I'm so happy we got to meet at last!

Poor departed Gábor told me
so much about you both.

How did you know my husband?

We were the best of friends!

Not another one!

But we asked how you met?

In prison.

I swear I don't remember you.
Inmate or guard?

Prison guard.

In English: "snout".

I was a level supervisor.

How come you made friends with Gábor?

He had such radiance in his eyes,

that it touched my heart.

I've learnt so much
about my husband lately,

that I need to know...
- Yes?

Were there relations
between the two of you?

I mean... You know what I mean.

We were all deeply into Gábor.

But he was way out of our reach.

The Hungarian Olympic Committee
shares the concern

of the Soviet Union Committee
and committees from fellow Soviet states,

and has decided to show solidarity
with their cause.

The Hungarian Olympic Committee is sorry
that the situation forces us to consider

not allowing our athletes
to attend the games.

It is the position of the athletes
and those who follow sports...

Was there a buyer in Germany?
Or somebody in Austria?

No! No!

Is this the time he became a criminal?

He said that...

Henrik, for the better part of my life
I believed in justice as a noble goal.

But I was mistaken so many times
that I started to doubt myself.

Isn't it a great word, this word, justice?

I realise now
that we spell this word "just is".

That's Hungary for you!

Those who get knocked off the legal path

sooner or later find...

an alternative path for themselves.

If you forgive me, I've got work to do.

It's Mr. Henrik's phone ringing!

It's Vali calling!

Vali, is that you?

Karcsi, he's here!

How come you've got Henrik's phone?

- Where are you?
- At the tattoo salon.

What is it?

God dammit, he really is here.

No rough stuff, hey, mon cheri?

You're saying that to me? You're always
waving that fucking gun around!

And stop the French puff stuff!
It drives me mad!

- Where did you get this number?
- Henrik's number?

He was a great friend of Dad's.
I've seen him a lot.

Hello, Herr Herbert!

A friend, you say?
Well, he's kidnapped us.

Isn't he such a laugh?


Where are the whores?

My daughter called your phone!

Why are we here?!

These are the women?


Herr Herbert. Yes.

I'm Mária.

I was the big love

of Gábor's life.

I'm company president.

I'm the new president.

Catch the other one, too!

If you're robbing a bank, take me!

I'll take you, Mum, I'll take you!

Herbert wants to know where the gear is.

How should I know?
I didn't know Gábor was a smuggler.

His lover didn't know either.

I wasn't his lover,
but the love of his life!

And I was an astronaut!

- What did she say?
- She said she was an astronaut.


Leave me alone, fag!

You said you were my husband's friend!

The best!

- You can't do this, we're not like that.
- Shut up!

- Please talk!
- I don't know anything!

The other one!

Come on!

- Let her go, she's drowning!
- No, not yet!

Let go!

Let's start cutting her fingers off!
Have you got any shears?

- What?!
- He said he'll cut your fingers off!

I can't keep torturing these women!
Don't you have a heart?

Don't you have a heart, you bastard?

How can you treat
these poor women like this?!

- Go to hell!
- Oh no!

Good bye, Herr Herbert!

- Cock the trigger!
- You need to cock it!

Help! Help!

Ladies. I suggest we leave.

Too many bodies here.

Hello there!

- What happened to that nice railway boy?
- Him? He died.

Heart attack. But he stole from me first.

That sort give me a stomach ulcer.

But they'll talk now.

Right! Tell me, little birdies!

What makes you think we will now?

We don't know a thing!

You're the last clue.

If you don't tell me,
then everything's lost.

So I'm going to make sure you tell me.

You do understand?

It's all your fault!

That a fat pig kidnapped me
with my husband's mistress?

Because I called my dad 30 years ago?

Give me a break!

It was you. At the petrol station.


It was you, and your car was
the same goose-shit green!

What can I say? It's my favourite colour.

What are you doing?
You can't be here!

You were arrested in '84
for the Art Museum theft

before we left for the match in Germany.

I was in custody when the cops realised
I was at university with Gábor.

They offered me a deal and all I had
to do was put the dish in his bag.

- Was everyone always a shit here?
- You got him sent to prison!

I told you Gábor had me
to thank for everything!

You see? You see?!

The cops wanted to
intimidate the athletes,

so they wouldn't protest
the Olympics boycott.

I, on the other hand,
freed Gábor of any sense of morality.

I'm patient. I can wait.

Metabolism is a great thing.

Mama! Will Caruso do?

We drink port with Verdi!

Right you are, Mum!

Here's your caviar.

Sweet little doggie, open this.
Otherwise I can't get out!

Come quickly!

I won't save you.
You betrayed Dad. Stupid cow!

If I hadn't, you wouldn't have been born,
and wouldn't be dying so quickly!

Okay, you might be right.

Vali! What are you doing?!

You lost this one!

Come on!

Gate! Open the gate!

- Get in!
- How long have you had a driver's license?

Sluts! Sluts!

Who said I have a license?

Sluts! Stop, you sluts!


Mum, why didn't you say anything?

How did you know we were here?

After the tattoo salon,
I went to the hotel,

and saw Kövér taking you.

So I followed him.

What are you doing?
Are you crazy?

That's enough!

Hey! Wait for me!


- Where are we going now?
- To a safe place.

Tibi! Get here now
and get me out of this shit!

The shit you and Gábor created!

Is Tibi your brother?

Has it run out of petrol?

It's diesel. But yeah, it's run out.

He turned gay because of you.

They were friends.
They enjoyed themselves.

We would have, too,
if you'd left us alone.

I'll never forgive you!

That's okay.

-Because I don't need your forgivenes
-Stop this!

You ruined everything!

The "lover" is saying that?

Did you just call me a whore?

My life was a big shit because of you!

Well, if I think about it...

so was mine!

- The car went that way!
- Thanks!

Thank you! Here!

Is this what you were looking for?

Dad said he'd give it to me,
but then he died.

It fell out of his shirt.

I didn't know what it was for,
so I kept it.

It would have been
so much simpler if you hadn't.

A new secret chapter.

I thought Gábor hated the smell of fish.

It wasn't the fish he liked,
it was the peace and quiet.

He came here to get away,

when he'd had enough of mum and you.

And of everything and everybody.

- Amsterdam?
- Put that back, please!

He brought me here on my 18th birthday

What's in there?

Diaries. He wrote them for me.
They're my inheritance!

I want to know my husband!

You knew your husband.
But who was Gábor Pócs?

- They're mine, too!
- No!



Don't read that here!

Get out of this country
as quickly as you can,

and don't stop until Amsterdam!

If I remember well,
we were happy there once,

and you'll be happy there again.

There's something else in that bag...

That's what I was looking for!

Exploiting my mother's helplessness?!

That was a dirty trick!

Shoot me or do what you want,
but do something!

I've got a better idea!

He must have loved you both very much!


If he loved me so much,
why did Gábor do this to me?

Did he hate me so much
that he wanted to take revenge on me?

Let me tell you,
that if Gábor hated anyone, it was me.

After all,
I'm the one who ruined his life.

If he loved anyone, it was you. Only you.

Anyone else, man or woman,
he measured against you.

You were his measure for love.

How will the two of us fit in here?

Two of us? We won't!

Don't worry, mum,
everything's going to be fine!

What do you say to this, mum?

I thought so.

- Hi!
- Hello!


- I like the hair!
- Yes?

It's my natural colour.

- You know, you were right.
- About what?

If it hadn't been for you,

if you hadn't ruined Gábor's life...

I wouldn't have met him,

and I wouldn't have known love.

- I got a letter from Vali.
- Me too.

- No news about your brother?
- No. The little shit ran off!

I've been left all on my own.

I've always got a free room if you want.

A change of scenery might be a good idea.

Gábor, please just drop dead!