Halfway to Hell (2013) - full transcript

It was a neighborhood just like any other...until one day...seven desperate men on the edge move in...and nothing will ever be the same! A halfway house for men just out of prison opens in a safe middle class neighborhood. The occupants are a repentant child molester, a beautiful transvestite, a heroin addicted ex-high school football hero, an obsessed gangbanger, the dying house manager, a released prison lifer who will do anything to return, and a brutal killer...all caught halfway between freedom and hell! As the neighborhood's protest intensifies outside the house, the heat and tension escalates inside...until finally culminating in one last unexpected explosion of emotional torment...violence...and rage!

(fire crackling)

(kids chattering)

(tense music)

- One, two, buckle my shoe.

Three, four, knock on the door.

Five, six, pick up sticks.

Seven, eight, lay them straight.

Nine, ten, big and fat.

11, 12, dig it down.

13, 14, made for court.

15, 16, made for kitchen.

(intense music)

- Sweetheart why are we
having this conversation?

Nobody's gonna care if it's

or yellow squash or cantaloupe.

Yeah that's fine, I don't care.

(loud thudding)


(ominous music)

- Can I see your resume?

Look I appreciate your interest

but most of our employees here
are kids.

- I understand that.

- And our pay's minimum wage.

- Somethin' better than nothin'.

- Then there's the matter of

There's a 25 year gap on your

What've you been doing
for the lat 25 years?

Thanks for coming in, okay.

- How's that sound?

- [Man] Sounds okay, thank you.

- Good.

Do me a favor, fill this out,
take this back to the office.

- [Man] Thank you.

- Thank you.

Ah shit, Roach.

I heard you were out.

How in the hell are you buddy?

- I'm alright I guess.

- Good.

It's good to see you man,
you fuckin' look good.

Come on back.

Look who I found.

- Roach.

- Nowadays a guy like that comes
in here

and pawns off a precision
sports car his daddy

gave to him lying on his

and hoping he'll use the
money to turn his life around.

A guy likes you gets in the

Shit you just yank the keys
out of his motherfuckin' hand.

Am I right Roach?

- Cut it out guys.

I've been a pretty good
friend to you guys.

- Sure you have Roach.

- When I went away, I
didn't take anyone with me.

- Ah we know, we know,
nobody's disputing that.

Did you not believe us when
we said thank you Roach?

- No I did.

It's just that um.

- What?

- I was hoping to get a little
bit of product, you know,

'cause of everything that's


- Alright why didn't
you just say so Roach.

Think we can afford you

a little bit of personal

Give me a bag of that stuff.

Now this stuff is pretty
high grade unlike that

stepped on filth we were
circulating before you went in.

- This is it?

This is all I get?

- Excuse me?

- Look I mean no disrespect
Bobby, but I'm looking

to deal a little bit of
product on my own, you know.

Help get me back on my feet.

- Aw come on Roach, if I
give you anymore than that

you're seriously cutting
into my profit margin.

- I can pay.


- $300 doesn't go very far
when you're talking about

bricks for distro Roach.

Ah fuck, I'll tell you what I'm
gonna do.

I'm gonna give you something
less than top shelf

for the $300, okay?

It's good weight too.

Give him some of that product
we got from Lopez's men.

Now this shit, this shit's
gonna pucker your asshole.

- Pucker your asshole.

- Thanks for this.

- Hey no problem.

Hey man this um, this squares us
up right?

- Of course.

- Yeah, 'cause I don't
wanna hear anymore bullshit

about how I owe you for whatever
happened to us in the past.

You understand me?

I didn't get you caught.

You got you caught.

- I got you, fair enough.

- Good.

It's good to see you Roach.

One way or another that'll get

motherfuckin' asshole out of our

- Yes sir.

- Well it ain't like
prison, that's for sure.

In prison I worked the library
for awhile.

- I know Dad.

- Mailroom some.

- [Daughter] Yeah I know Dad.

- Even for the Warden once.

Wasn't nobody questioning my

or calling up references.

It was easy.

Life was good.

Not a lot of struggling
at a job and making sure

I could cover the cost of
keeping a roof

over my head or three square
meals a day.

It was all just there.

- Without freedom.

And you know I saw your
halfway house on the news.

- Ah it's a new one.

New stuff always draws the

- Well they said they put a
pedophile in the house with you.

Is that true?

Is there a child molester

living in the house with you

- Well I seriously doubt he's

to make a move on me at my age.

- Yeah but Daddy this is not a

That's residential area.

There's a ton of children out

- Calm down baby girl, he's

- Seriously Daddy, we've
gotta get you out of there.

We want you to come stay with

Look I know one of your goals
is to find suitable residence,

but we have that here for you.

- I'm not gonna be a burden.

Not on you.

- You're not a burden, you're my

- There are other

- We want you here with us.

We love you Dad.

- I know baby girl, I know.

- [Radio Preacher] He has
uncovered his father's

both of them shall surely be put
to death.

- You are spurned.

You will be damned in hell.

The blasphemous beast rises
and the evil shall be cast out.

- Good morning to you too Miss

You doddering piece of shit.

(ominous music)

Eh it is what it fuckin' is.


- Damn burnout, you look
like you're jonesing hard.

- Fuck you Emilio.

- What'd you say to me.

- Leave me alone.

- Hey, hi Cliff.

- Micheal, hi.

Got your message but uh.

- Yeah Cliff I'd like to
introduce you to Marilyn LaRue.

- Marilyn, my pleasure.

Why don't you two just
join me in my office.

- Damn that's a nice
piece of ass right there.

- Okay.

So what's going on?

- You got my message.

- Well your message was brief

and clearly didn't reveal the
whole story.

- Marilyn is your newest guest

- I do hope you're shitting me.

(car horn honking)

- Hey Emilio, where's Cliff?

- He's in the office bro
with some sweet ass bitch.

- Good.

What's the matter with you

- Oh he's just jonesing man.

- How many days has it been?

How many?

- Why, are you gonna
call me a burnout again?

- Ah give it up Jake.

Look I got something for
you that'll help you out.

Come with me.

- Fuck it, right?

- Yeah.

- Come on don't give me that

about how you and I have a

I can make the same damn noise.

Plus there's a ladies halfway

not even a 40 minute drive from

- We've been through
that entire rigamarole.

From the chaperone up to
the state and back down.

That was all day yesterday for

Now they're here with you.

- To a men's house?

- Marilyn is preoperative.

- Oh nice work so far.

- Diet, exercise, and hormones.

Lots of hormones.

- Even so, why would her being
up there

be disruptive to other women?

- The ladies house doesn't
allow anyone with a cock.

- Oh they haven't seen one up

- The state is pretty
rigid mixing the sexes

in their correctional
facilities, you know that Cliff.

- It was the same during my

- Oh men's prison?

That must've been rough.

- Sometimes the state
has very little give.

- Oh Michael this isn't right.

I mean I know Marilyn needs
this little place to live,

but this is a new house.

I'm still trying to get
these guys to step right.

They still function under prison

No cell phones, no
contrabands, no conjugals.

This ain't gonna do a
goddamn thing to help.

Besides I'm just not up to it.

- Cliff, I'm not asking your


- I gotta go somewhere.

Today's your lucky day.

(ominous music)

- Holy shit.

- Right?

- But you know I'm giving it up.

- No, no, sure, I understand.

But maybe just a little bit you

help you get through that rough

- A little.

- Yeah just a little bit.

Going cold turkey sucks.

Plus it's not proven
very effective, you know.

You gotta step it down a bit.

- Well um,

how much will you give me?

- Give you, shit I'm not giving
this away.

I'll let a pinch go for a C

- $100?

- That's my wholesale price.

- I haven't got it.

- Well how much have you got?

- Nothin'.

- Nothin'?

You got no money?

Shit what happened?

Lemme guess, you went
through your prison stash

and you blew it already, huh.

Is that what happened?

- Wait, wait, wait, wait, just.

I'm good for it.

- Yeah I don't give credit.

But I'll tell you what.

I'm sure we could work something


- Oh hey Clarence.

I want you to meet Marilyn.

- How you doing?

- She's gonna be staying
with us for awhile.

- Everybody calls me the

- Then I will too.

- Got the first day jitters.

- A little.

- Cliff's a good man, he'll
keep you pointed right.

Excuse me.

- Alright Clarence.

Make yourself at home Marilyn.

- Call me if you need anything,

- Mm hmm.

- Sup legs?


- Thanks.

- God damn suck that
cock you fucking bitch.

Oh god you're a fucking bitch,

Suck that cock.

(mellow music)

Suck that shit bitch.

God damn.

(heavy breathing)

Oh shit.

Suck that cock you fucking

Swallow that shit.

God suck it all bitch.

You must've been the bell
of the ball in prison.

- Come on man, don't use.

- What'd you say?

- Can I have my stuff now?


- I will say this, if you
ever wanna do business again,

you just let me know.

- Fuck you.


- [Radio Preacher] You shall
consecrate yourselves therefore

and be holy for I am the lord
your God.

You shall keep my statutes
and practice them.

I am the lord who sanctifies

If there is anyone who curses
his father or his mother

he shall surely be put to death.

He has cursed his father or his

- You pedophile.

Burn in hell pedophile, die.

God will punish you.

You pedophile, God will punish

- Frank.

- [Frank] Cliff.

- Hey guys, get down here.

- I'll be right down.

(ominous music)

- Gentlemen, this is Marilyn.

She's gonna stay with us for
awhile like the rest of you

until she secures permissible

and suitable living

You know Clarence.

And you've met Emilio.

That's Frank standing
right beside you there.

- Hi.

I'm Frank the pedophile.

Does that make you nervous.

- No, I'll survive.

- And this is Jake.

- Burnout.

- And there's Rodney.

- Call me Roach and may I just
say damn.

- True that.

- Roach no reason to sit down.

Get up, go with Emilio up to
your room,

get the shit out of you room,
put it in his and Jake's.

- What?

- Look Marilyn gets a
single room to herself.

Do I have to explain this to you

- Yeah but why do I gotta
have his stink ass in my room?

- Hey fuck you hombre.

- It's not up for debate,
it's been decided.

Let's go.

- God dammit Cliff.

- Wouldn't be a bad idea just
to let her move into my room.

You know I'd make room for her,

I would even more over just a
little bit.

- [Radio Preacher] Our
homes are our sanctuary.

Our neighborhoods are our
sanctuary and our sanctuary

has been encumbered by
the presence of evil.

And that is something that the
lord does not want for you.

- Amen to that reverend.


- Can you believe we got that

hot fucking piece of ass in the

- Ain't you married?

- What's that gotta do with

Oh shit.

New wallets?

- Sorta.

- Hey do you still have the

credit cards and IDs in them

- I do.

- Dude you gotta take the
scissors from downstairs

and cut them shits up.

- I was gonna do that.

- Uh huh, but?

- But I wanted to talk to you
about that.

- Oh yeah?

- You got any wetback

Maybe we can give some of these
to your

spic friends who might need 'em,
you know?

Cut out some of the photos,

got yourself a whole new batch
of gringos.

- Um maybe I'll look into that.

- Any action that comes from
you we split 50/50, cool?

- Alright.

- Alright.

- Put them shits away though.

- [Roach] Yep.

- What?

What's up Chuck E Cheese?

- Answer the man.

- Hey what's up little kiddie

- Look man, I'm getting therapy.

- Shut the fuck up.


Think I want you in this house?

- [Frank] Just let me go, just
let me go.

- [Roach] Fuck you, I
ain't letting shit go.

Fucking piece of shit.

(men mumbling)

- I got a daughter bitch,

we should cut your fucking dick

- Hey!

Who messed up my stuff?

- What?

- Who messed up my stuff?

- What the fuck you
talking about, Mailman?

- My stuff is all messy.

- So maybe you're just
an old sloppy geezer.

- [Roach] Fuck off old man.


- Hey Cliff, there's
something going down up there.

Jesus Cliff are you okay?


- Motherfucker don't eyeball me

like we're in the motherfucking

- Somebody's gonna tidy up the

that was made in my room.

- Oh we look like a fuckin'
maid service to you?

- I don't think I'm talking to
both of ya.

So let me ask you this,
did you go in my room?

- Fuck no.

What business I got in that room
with you

and that fuckin' child molester.

- I didn't think so.

Then you.

- Fuck off old man, I was moving
my shit

with the spic the whole time.

- Full of that.

Right afterwards you did it in

- Fuck off.

- Let me tell you somethin' son.

I've been in prison on and
off for the last 25 years

and in all that time ain't
nobody ever punked me out.

Can you say the same?

- And that means what?

That you think you could
stand up against me?

- Just you?

- Oh don't look at me, my name's

this is between y'all and shit.

- And you.

I think I could hold my ground

- Go fuck yourself you old

I ain't about slapping down the

but you watch your goddamn words
with me.

Come on Emilio.

- So you like to keep it neat.

Like prison.

- Only way to do it.

- Hey princess.

Your room's almost ready for

but it just needs one more

- What's that?

- Me baby.

- Get back.

I'm not your toy.

Excuse me.

- You're excused.

(ominous music)

- Okay everybody, meeting time.

- [Emilio] Woohoo.

- Frank, Clarence, kid, let's

- Well it must be time for

Let's go Mailman.

- [Cliff] Very good Frank.

- Oh how nice.

The pedophile has a heart.

- Okay guys.

So Marilyn, one of the things

we do here is we counsel each

We're um, for lack of a
better word, a family.

Now I know most of you haven't
been in that family scenario

for quite a while and if
and when you ever were

it pry wasn't quite ideal.

But families support each other

and that's what I want for us

Look getting back into the
world, it's pretty easy

to regress back to old patterns.

Especially if you're stepping
back into the same environment

which creates the same old

You are halfway.

You are not on one side,
you are not on the other.

You're halfway between
prison and the free world.

But you get the choice
which way you go and when.

So remember, people, places,

Step right.


- Alright I'll go first.

You know I generally agree
with Cliff but he's mostly

interested in how do we adapt
to the world without too much

noticing that the world
don't want us in it.

I'll admit I don't always

how things work out here, how to

But I do know how to exist in

Got that much down.

- Come off it old man, I mean is
it tough?

Is it a grind?


But we got it over your
average citizen easy.

Shit we get a bus pass, we
can move around like anybody,

do anything we want.

But none of them understand at

how to survive where we fucking

I think that makes us better
than them.

- It's easy enough to be
swallowed up in either place.

- Swallowed up huh?

Swallow it up good huh?


- Shut the fuck up Rodney.

Rodney shut the fuck up, leave
him alone.

You okay?

You look like you might be
comin' down off something.

- Burnout.


- Burnout.


- Shut the fuck up.

Are you working the program man?

- No, I uh.

I haven't found a convenient
meeting yet.

- I think prison's all around

I felt an isolation long
before I was even sentenced.

- Yeah but you didn't stay
isolated enough did you?

- It's 'cause he's a fucking

- You're right Roach.

You're right Emilio.

But we're all prisoners inside.

Whatever hand life has dealt
us, it's led us to this point.

I mean we still carry around

All that baggage that made us
who we are and what we are.

And we just can't Gatsby
our way out of it.

I mean we still carry everything

that made you do what you do.

Made you deal drugs.

- Allegedly fucker.

- Gatsby, what the fuck is a

- The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald.

It's a novel about a man who
wanted to change his identity

so he could have a new

- Anyway fuck that, I wanna
know about our newcomer.

- Seems like I'm the
object of some curiosity.

- Oh you know that.

- Tell us about you.

- Well just like you mentioned,

Frank I'm looking for a new

Prison was pretty hard for me.

Real hard time.

As I'm sure it was for some of

And the reality of that I
don't wanna carry around

but I have to.

I can never put it behind me.

I don't ever wanna go back,
not even for a single day.

My worst days on the outside
were still far better

than any given day on the

No contest.

I'm not the same person I was.

Now I'm ready for a fresh start.

- Great first session Marilyn.

We're gonna get you well down
the path

of the straight and narrow.

- Like I say, I don't wanna go

- That's right.


We have got to get this
NA meeting schedule down.

It's gotta become routine, okay?

- Yeah.

- You tell me yeah?

I see what's going on in your

Do you wanna get on the other
side of these urges or not?

- More than anything I know.

- Start taking the steps.

Hey don't give me that bullshit

about the meetings being

I gave you a shit load of
meetings on this bus line.

Damn man I'm not saying it's not

I know for a goddamn fact that
it is.

Look at me.

You dig in and you do this and
pretty soon

you're gonna be on the
other side of these urges.


- Okay Cliff, I will.

I really will, I promise.

- Okay kid.

* On the day of the rapture

* I was sitting on the couch

* Just strumming a song, I
couldn't resist

* Being so simplistic, simple

* And the chorus

* And this was the mix

* When this hits

* So I play up the board

* On the day of the rapture

* And I'm a human

* Just having fun

* Got a heart beating like a
steady drum

* You ah was always on time

* We shared rocking arrested

* And you were missed

* When this hits

* So I say it before to you

* On the day of the rapture


- Hey let me help you with


Prison was rough huh?

What'd you do to go in?

- What'd you do?

- Ah there was a dispute who
run the small drug shipment.

Somebody died, state
called it manslaughter.

- Oh I didn't kill anyone.

- Hey it was a turf issue.

Got outta hand plus, I
was defending myself.

- Really?

- That's the way my lawyer put

but I wanna know about you.

- Well I didn't get in the
system by hurting anyone,

I used to make people feel good.

- Wait a minute, shit, you were
a pro?

In that case you think maybe you

- I'm outta that life.

- Sure, but not to get back in
the life,

I meant, you know, just for me.

- I got it from here.


- Got it?

Yeah I'll hold that for you.

I got you.

Slow down.

Well if there's anything you

- I'll let you know.

- Alright, anything at all baby.


- Boom, not interested,
rejected by a whore.

- Hey, watch your fucking mouth,

- Alright come on.

- Mark my words homie,
I'm gonna tap that ass.

One way or another, I'm
gonna hit that shit.


What the fuck?

- Oh god.

God dammit.

- [Radio Preacher] If there
is a man who commits adultery

with another man's wife,
one who commits adultery

with his friend's wife,

the adulterer and the
adulteress shall surely.

- Mother fuck.

Mother fuck.

Motherfucker, god dammit.

- Find anything good?

- Nothing worth taking.

Kept his old clippings.

Looks like the painkillers
got him started.

- Fucking burnout.

- Alright, let's go tell Cliff.

- It is the guiding hand of the

that has struck down the one.

And I see six more who
should prepare for damnation.

God will smite thee.

Thou sodomites.

Thou acronites.

- Nosy Rosie claims that Jake

was smitten down by the lord our

I think I wanna offer another

- [Rosie] No mercy, no mercy!

Judgement from the lord.

- Anybody see anything?

- [Rosie] The halfway house is
from hell!

God will smite it down!

You will be lost forever!

Sinners, sinners, sinners.

- Yeah, I thought as much.

- The halfway house is from

God will smite it down.

- We haven't even been
open for a fucking month

and already we have a probable


- Judgement from the lord.

- He was just a kid.

(drills revving)

- Well if it isn't Roach.

- What's up Bobby.

- Shit, you tell me.

- Well that batch of product
you sold me wasn't so good.

Did you not hear me?

- What are you gonna do about it

- I don't know.

Just give me my money back.

- There ain't no customer
service window

for what you're talking about

- A guy died.

Come on man.

When I went to prison I
didn't squawk on you guys.

I didn't take any of you fuckers
with me.

- And you got this ass
backwards motherfucker.

What you think you owed

because you didn't roll
over and turn us in?


The truth is, the only
reason why you're still

fucking alive is 'cause
you didn't fucking squawk.

These books are balanced my

Any annoyance that you
cause us now motherfucker

requires an entirely new

Do you understand me?

Do you understand me?

Get the fuck out of here.

- Get the fuck off me.

This is bullshit.

This is fucking bullshit.

Get the fuck off me.

- Get the fuck outta here.


- [Theresa] Emilio.

- Hi baby.

- [Theresa] Baby.

- Como estas.

- It's so good to see you.

- Good to see you too baby.

- I missed you.

- I missed you too.

- I heard about the house.

Are you okay?

What happened?

- Yeah just an overdoes I think.

The cops came and took the
guys shit for evidence.

- Watch your language.

- Oh hey mija.

- Ayana.

(speaking in foreign language)

- Come give your Daddy a hug.

- Ayana.

- [Emilio] Come give your Daddy
a hug.

- Say hi to your daddy.

- Hey.

(speaking in foreign language)

- Give her a break.

She's gotta get to know you,

You want some breakfast?

- Yeah.

That's one of the two
reasons I came over here.


So, you got school huh?

What's your best subject mama?

- Math.

- Alright that's good mama.

Hey Victoria's uncle's gonna let

work on the landscaping crew.

- That's great news baby.

Uh a job, thank god.

- Yeah as soon as I get my first

they should let me move back

- Well God's been hearing my
prayers babe.

- Hey uh, we should celebrate.

- Ayana, finish up your eggs
baby okay?

But don't be late for the bus.

I love you.

- Hey, I love you too okay?

- Santiago got shot.

- What?

- [Theresa] Yeah.

- What was he doing?

- He was at his corner again.

- Shit I was hoping things
had cooled down by now.

- If anything it's heating up

- Well you know what, I
don't wanna talk about it.

(heavy breathing)

- Emilio.

- What baby?

- I wanna make another baby.

- What?

- Yeah I wanna make another

I waited for you for so long,

I just wanna make another baby.

Having you back in my life is
like starting all over again.

And having another baby's
like making it real, babe.


- Okay.

(heavy breathing)


- Mommy, mommy.

- Hey.

What's wrong?

Are you lost?

- I can't find my Mommy.

- Oh, what's your name?

- Allison.

- I'm Frankie.

Would you like me to
help you find your mommy?


Let me take your hand.

Let's go this way, okay?


One, two, buckle my shoe.

Three, four, knock on the door.

Five, six, pick up the sticks.


Seven, eight, lay them straight.

Nine, ten, big and fat.

11, 12, dig and delve.

Allison's mommy!

Allison's mommy!

Allison's mommy!

Allison's mommy!

Oh she was lost, I was
just trying to help her.

Alright, give me a big smile
now, okay?

(heavy breathing and grunting)

(intense music)

- Oh sorry.

- It's okay, it's okay.

Get away, get away.

- [Doctor] Have you been
keeping the schedule

with your hormone therapy Mr.

- Religiously doctor.

- [Doctor] Good.

But um, as for the procedure we

- Uh huh.

- [Doctor] I'm very sorry.

As a result of your other

it will not be possible
to proceed any further

with your reassignment surgery.

- Oh.

But I've been feeling really

and my medications are really

- [Doctor] I'm sorry.

Mr. Evans it will never be

(somber music)


(people shouting)

- Oh thank you, thank you, thank


- Get out.

- Oh it's very nice, very nice.

- You convict.

- Go the fuck home.

- The wages of sin are death.

- Fuck you, you dried up cunt.

Yeah, what?

(protestors shouting)

And just what the fuck
are you doing out here?

- I'm just relaxing.

- Oh just relaxing.

I should stomp you in the
grass and feed you to them.

Oh don't mad dog me bitch.

If you were in the joint with

I woulda shanked you in the
colo, fucking kiddie rapist.

- That's exactly what I told
them to do.

I don't know why they didn't do

- Yeah, me neither.

But since it seems to
be what everybody wants,

maybe I'll finish the job.

Sleep tight.

- I try.

I try.

- Hello sweet thang.

- Get out of here.

- I'm just saying hi.

- You need to respect my space

and not get all up in my

- I do, I do.

- Get out.

- Damn baby, thems a lot of

We just lost one for taking too

I'd hate to see you go that way

- Get out.

- I've been meaning to ask you.

How much did you used to charge?

- Emilio get out.

- How much?

'Cause I think we could
come to an arrangement.

- I'm outta that life.

- Oh I know, I know, but
you might need a little

something extra in your
purse every now and again.

And I's sure as shit like to
fuck your ass or your mouth.

Or both.

It's a win, win.

- I'm sure your wife would love

Go away.

- So what?

You're saying I ain't
good enough for a whore.

- Asshole.

I'm not a whore.

- Oh, don't get all
stuck up and shit on me,

'cause we both know you ain't

- You don't want what I have.

- Oh I sure as shit do.

Even if it's just a blow job.

And I'd pay for it too, that is

you keep teasing me with that
sweet pussy.

Then I just might have to
take what's mine to have.

- Get the fuck out!

- I'm going, I'm going.

Fucking whore.

- Mother fuck, I almost shit my

- What are you a bitch now.

- Yeah blow me.

It's that crowd outside.

- [Protestors] Burn in hell,
burn in hell.

- They got nothing better to do

than just come here and fuck
with us.

We gotta move these IDs
and credit cards asap.

You got anyone we can sell to

- No man, but I'll get
right on that though.

- Yeah don't drag your feet.

(protestors shouting)

They're like roaches, more and

- Yeah but they're all
talk and no action, right.

- Yeah so far.

But I swear it's like
they keep just gathering.

Like they got nothing better to

than come here and fuck with us.

(protestors shouting)

- Just go away.

Just go.

- The blasphemous beast rises

and the evil shall be cast out.

- I thought you were Christians?

You know turn the other cheek?

All I asked was for another

A chance, that's it.

Stop yelling, stop screaming at

I can't take it no more.

All I want is a chance,

all I want is a chance
to be one of you guys.

Hey, hey.

(loud thudding)

- Hey what the hell are you

Leave him alone!

Get away from him!

Get away from him, what's wrong
with you, get away from him!

Come on, let's get, what are you

Get up, get up, get up.


What are you doing out here?

- You should be ashamed of

- Alright get inside Frank, get

- You will be written
out of the book of life.

- Okay we get it Miss Rosie,

it's very clear you don't want
us here.

Please but you people are

the only ones committing a crime

- You don't belong around
our children, get out!

- Go back to your homes,
write your congressman,

bitch about it among yourselves.

- Yeah fuck you.

Fuck you man, get outta here.

- Look see, just leave us alone.

You're criminals.

(protestors shouting)

- You alright Cliff?

- Get the fuck away from me

- Look I never meant
anything to happen to you.

Please stop already!

Just stop!

- Alright, it's right over here.

Alright so this one right here?

- No that's the power.

Here try this one, I think
this is the phone line.

- Why not power too?

- Because we wanna be able to
see 'em,

but we don't want any
of 'em calling the cops.

- What about their emails or
cell phones?

- It's a halfway house,

they can't have emails or
internet here.

Cut it.

- Alright, alright.

Here it goes.

- Hey.

Son of a bitch this damn phone.

Hey, hello?

- God they're driving me crazy
out there.

- Get the hell away from the

From this point forward I don't
want anybody going outside.

- That's bullshit Cliff.

- Come again?

- We didn't all just get out of

to be on lockdown in here and

- Alright okay, so just
consider this your new curfew.

From now it's at the time that
any crowd

shows up outside during the day

- And what if we got a job
prospect huh?

- Cut the bullshit Roach, you
know I'm gonna work with you.

But can you not wrap that
numbskull brain of yours

around the fact that some
unwanted shit's gonna go down

if you go out there fucking

- I say we send the
kiddie fucker out there.

He's the one that they
really want, listen to 'em.

- Yeah they probably
wouldn't pay us any attention

if the state didn't stick a

child molester in the

- Shut the fuck up, both of you.

- When in doubt, send in the
sacrificial lamb, right boys.

- I thought so.

(loud thudding)

- Motherfucker.

I'll fix it Mailman, I'll fix

- Motherfucker.

If I wanted to, I could
make you my bitch right now.

You had that boy killed, didn't

- That asshole got himself

- You a goddamn liar.

I know you did it, and I outta
kill you for it right now.

- You do that, they put you
inside forever and you know it.

- You think that sounds
threatening to me?

Motherfucker I'm way better

for prison life than street

As a matter fact I'm rushing
to return to the stir.

Now fix it.

Fix it, fix it, fix it, fix it.

- Fix it yourself nigger.

I'll fucking kill you bitch.

Fuck you.

- I know you did it

(protestors shouting)

- [Radio Preacher] For it is
sinners who face retribution.

Retribution at the hands of the


- You need anything Cliff?

I like to help out, really.

- There's nothing that can be

But Frank, thanks.

- So what is it in your past?

- Excuse me?

- You mentioned at the
orientation counseling session

that we all have things
in our past that have

helped trigger us into who we've

What's in your past?

- It was all baseball and apple

- You know what?

I wanna show you something.

- Okay.

- And that's me.

- Cute kid.

Is he yours?

- That's me.

That's me before.

And this is me now.

- Wow.

Talk about making a change in
your life.

- It's not the complete change.

That's never gonna happen for

So I'm just sorta stuck in the

halfway between being
either a man or a woman.

- So you like men, women, or?

- I went to the prom.

- Prom.

- I tried sex with
girls 'cause that's what

boys from the Midwest are
supposed to do.

But none of that seemed right.

And several times along the
way I thought the best way to

deal with my personal
would be to kill myself.

- Look, I don't know
what you think you saw.

- But I pushed through.

And I know you can too.

- I've tried killing myself.

But I just haven't been able
to go through with it yet.

- Just like me.

We have similarities.

- What's hiding inside
you is a beautiful woman.

What's hiding inside me is a

And monsters must be slayed.

Big difference.

- You're not a monster
through and through.

I see your kindness, you
just expressed it to Cliff.

You express it a lot.

- Anybody can help a
sick, injured old man.

But not everybody carries
the evil I carry inside.

It's better to lose both
than to live with both.

- I agree.

But that can't be our only

And like you said there's
something in our past

that triggered us to become who
we are.

For me it was my father.

He was supposed to protect me
from things

like what he would do to me.

At night when my mother
was asleep he would

come to my bed and wake me up.

He'd ask me questions about

like he was trying to be a good

Then after the first time,
I knew why he was there.

He'd have me take off my own

tell me how pretty I was.

And he'd play with my
penis until it became hard.

Then he'd take out his
cock and rub it on me.

And then he'd start.

The bastard.

- Did you report it?

I mean did he go to jail for it?

- You know I never,

I never told anyone.

I never even told my mom.

- For me it was my mother.

I was her little man after my
father died.

I was nine years old.

It started out with me
sleeping in her bed,

'cause she said the bed
was just to big for her.

Nine years old.

The same age as my victims.

She took away my innocence.

She'd sing nursery rhymes
to me while she did it

so she wouldn't have to hear me

One, two, buckle your shoe.

Three, four, knock on the door.

Five, six, pick up the sticks.

It's what exactly I do to little

The little girls that I touch.

She used me, she terrified me.

But I forgive her, but I forgive


(protestors yelling)

- Look we gotta get that
outta here anyway we can.

- You know it, come on.


- Hey I'm gonna go downstairs
and check out the scenery.

- You gonna go check on Cliff?

- Yeah.

- Frank, you keep being the good

Keep that monster deep down.

- Okay.

- [Roach] I'm telling you

that fine ass bitch needs to be

- [Emilio] Hey I even
offered to pay for it,

she wouldn't take it man.

- [Roach] Fuck that, let's
jump on that shit asap.

- [Emilio] I'm down bro, I'm

(protestors yelling)

- Yes, yes.

Burn them alive.

- Hey sexy.

- What are you guys doing?

Hey could you leave the door

- It's time for us to stop
playing games.

- Okay you guys don't know
the whole story with me.

- About how you need a hard
Mexican cock

to teach you a lesson?

I think I do.

- I'm not what you want.

- Alright maybe you're not

to take home to mama, but uh.

- I just wanna be left alone.

- Oh you're too beautiful for

Oh you wanna go?

Sure, soon.

Soon enough.


- What?

- She's got a dick man.


- What?


- Just get off me.

Fucking A.

- Fuck it, prison rules, it's


(loud thudding)

- Hold the bitch down,
hold the bitch down.


- Fuck that shit, shut the
fuck up, shut the fuck up.

Come on fucking bitch,
take it, hurry that shit.





- Hurry up, I want my turn


(protestors shouting)

(loud banging)

- [Cliff] Oh hey, Theresa.

- Hey.

- Hey it's good to see you.

- How are you?

- Good, I wish you wouldn't
have come today though.

- God it's crazy out there.

- Yeah.

- I tried calling but the phone
is down.

- Yeah they would turn the power
off too

if they didn't wanna see
what we're doing in here.

Remind me your name again.

- Ayana.

- Ayana.

Hi Ayana.

You get prettier everyday.

Hey you guys wanna grab a seat
over here,

make yourself comfortable?

- Where's Emilio?

- He's upstairs, I'll get him.

- Okay, let's go.

- Okay.

- Hey Emilio.


Hey Emilio, Theresa's here.

- Shit, shut up.

Shit Theresa's here man.


- [Roach] Wait, what?

- Shut up.

Theresa's here man, keep her

- Bullshit, it's my turn.

- Fuck!


Keep her quiet.


Shut up!

- Shut up, stop fucking moving.

Stop fucking moving bitch.

It's my turn now, huh.

Stop fucking moving,
this shit's gonna happen.

- How old are you?

- I'm eight.

- Eight huh?

I gotta granddaughter, but
she's not quite eight yet.

A little younger than you.

- Theresa?

- Hey baby.

- You got through the crowd?

- Yeah but we didn't know
that they were there.

Are they violent?

- I dunno.

They're just making
noise, but you never know.

- Give me a hug.

- Okay.

- How are you?

- I'm good, I'm good,
I was just working out.

(speaking in foreign language)

- Well Ayana was doing her
homework at her friends house

and I picked her up after
work and we got a bite to eat

and I decided to swing
by and say hi to you.

- Oh cool.

- I hope that's okay?

- Naw it's great, it's just that
you know,

intense because, you know,
all the noise outside.


- Shut the fuck up!


- Shut up!

- Well the place is looking

It's been taking nice shape
since Emilio's moved in.

You think I could see Emilio's

- Sure.

- Do you think I could see it
for awhile?

- A conjugal?

- I don't think that's
a good idea, I mean,

there's something in the rule
book right?

- I think there's something
in the rules somewhere but,

eh, today's an unusual day.

Go for it.

- I'm ovulating.

Ayana baby, you think
you'll be okay there?

- Yeah she'll be alright.

We'll watch some TV, I'll
get some refreshments.

I'll be right back Clarence.

- Theresa.

(speaking in foreign language)

- Bitch, shut the.

Stop, stop fighting it
bitch, this is happening.



- [Theresa] Oh you're all ready
for me?

- Oh yeah baby.

- That's right, it's my turn


(loud thudding)


(loud thudding)


- One, two, three.

Pay out!

- Wait, wait, this is my
favorite part.

- Oh yeah.


You alright Cliff, you okay?

You okay Cliff?

Hey sit down here, sit down

- There you go baby.

Put a baby in me.

Put a baby in me.

There you go.

(ominous music)


- Damn Cliff, you okay?

Hey I'm sorry the phones are

I can't call a doctor for you.

- Doesn't matter, just check
that drawer over there.

- Self medicating, huh?

Here you go.

Take it easy, take it easy,
take it easy, I'm here.

- Hi.

- Hi.

- It's okay, he's gonna be

He always bounces back.

I'm Frankie.

- I'm Ayana.

- That's a beautiful name.

- Thanks.

- Are Emilio's daughter?


I seen pictures of you.

You're much prettier in person.

- Thanks.

(speaking in foreign language)


- Don't fight it, this
is gonna happen bitch.

(intense music)


- You fucking bitch.


- You know I'm a fortune teller.


Would you like me to read your


Can I see your hand?

You see this line right here?

This says you're gonna marry a

This line here says you're
gonna be an awesome mommy.

Oh this line says you're
gonna be a movie star.


What's in your backpack?

- My books and pencils and
my homework from school.

- Oh yeah?

What's your favorite book?

- This one.

- Oh, Pinocchio.

I love Pinocchio.

- I do too.

- He's got a big nose.

Do I have a bit nose?


How about this.

I'm gonna go up to my room,

would you come up and read
some of Pinocchio to me?

I really would love to hear
the story of Pinocchio again.

It's okay.

- Okay.

- Would you do that?

Okay, let me have your hand.

I'll take this.

Come on.


(gasping for breath)

- Five, six, pick up the sticks.

Seven, eight, lay them straight.

Nine, ten, shh.


Please sit down.

One, two, buckle your shoe.

Three, four.

(heavy breathing)

- I don't know how much
time I have left but,

whatever happens this is
my last halfway house.

- Has it been a good run?

- Oh yeah.

Ever since I got out I've been

halfway houses one way or

Chaperone, counselors.

I like to think the work has

It does help those guys from
going back in, I've seen that.

- Is it always that bad?

- Health?

No, no.

No I get these coughing
fits every so often

and then my strength, you
know, it comes and goes.

- Well how are you feeling now?

- A little better.

- Better is good.

- I'll take it.

You know what Clarence?

You really are a force
for the good around here.

You could do this.

Keep ex-cons stepping right.

Help 'em to stay out
here, not go back inside.

Give 'em a chance.

Eh that's all I do.

Will you consider that for me?

* You're the one who said

* You're the one who
said let's give it a try

- [Roach] Help me.

* You're the one who said we're


* You're the one who said
I'm the only one for you

* But why am I here
singing alone without you

* And why is hole picking
with no place to go

(gasping and gagging)

- Okay go.

- Is anybody around?

- No, no, no.

- Okay.

Let's go.

(protestors shouting)

- Come on buddy, let's light
this candle.

- Hold your horses.

Did you not see that
little girl go in there?

What are you gonna do, burn
up some innocent little girl?

She didn't do anything.

- No, that's why we gotta
empty the house, come on.

- Look at you, you're like one

militant motherfucker now,
aren't you?

- Yeah buddy.

(protestors shouting)

- During evening they reached
the end of the red crawfish.

Let's stop here for a meal, said
the fox,

and rest for an hour or two.

* I can't sing my song baby

* I can't sing my song

* No I can't sing my song
without you

- The sherman was named fire

He was a dreadful looking man.

But on the whole he had not a
bad heart.

- Oh there they are, the
honeymoon couple.

- Thanks Cliff.

Babe but I think it's time
Theresa and Ayana got going.

- Yeah it's getting kinda late.

- Will I see you tomorrow.

(speaking in foreign language)

(dramatic music)

- Well I'll be damned.

Now I understand why she had to
stay here

instead of the women's halfway

But I must say I did wonder.

- You must be Emilio's wife.

- That's right.


- Hey Theresa, I'm Mark.

I'm a friend of your husband.

- Nice to meet you, Mark.

- Come on baby, you should go.

- Oh don't go.

Not yet.

- Come on.

- Hold up, I need to talk to
Cliff first.

- Oh yeah, yeah, come on in my

gotta get those papers.

- She's cute.

- Hey, what the fuck is up with

- Is that a question?

You gonna force me into sex

until you get an answer you

- Keep your fucking voice down.

- Oh what you're not proud?

- Listen I know things got
rough, okay.

- Rough.

You raped me.

- Oh don't fucking say that.

Things got away from us okay?

You understand?

And you can't rape a guy.

- Fuck.

You love your wife Emilio?

- Shut your fucking mouth.

- You protect her?

- I will kill to protect
what I have with my wife.

- You don't want to
face her disappointment.

- Listen to my fucking words,

I will kill to protect
what I have with my wife.

- Then you're gonna have
to think good and hard

about what you'll tell her.

- Nobody's gonna tell her

- You will.

You have to tell her
why you can't fuck her

after being behind bars for so

because you can't fuck
her after you fucked me.

- What's this can't bullshit?

What you think I'm gonna
get fucking hung up on you?

A chick with a dick?

Shit I have fucked her, in fact
I just fucked her upstairs.

And I ain't gotta explain
nothing to you about that shit.

And you will keep your fucking
mouth shut

because this is my last fucking
warning, I will kill you.

Do you understand me?

- You fucked her?

After you had your dick up my

- That's right.


- Well then you just killed her.

You just killed her and
you killed yourself too.

Only it's gonna go real slow

and you're gonna have to explain

That's right, four syllables, H
I V, Aids.

Oh yeah, you didn't think all

medicine I took was hormones,
did ya?

Well it's not.

I have two different strains of

and a very nasty case of HIV.

In case that goes
unnoticed, my herpes sores

show up three times a
year, just say hello.

- You don't have AIDS.

- I do.

And hepatitis.

And while none of that has to
be a death sentence anymore

but, it takes some consideration
to keep

that away from the people
you love which you didn't do.

You fucked me in the ass

and then you slid your
nasty cock into your wife.

You're gonna have to get that

And your darling little wife
is gonna need treatment too.

Or else the road ahead is
not gonna be pretty for her.

Have fun explaining that one,

- These forms are filled out

- Good because he should be
getting his first paycheck

from the landscaping services.

- Oh okay.

- When do you think he'll
get back home to us?

- Well I just got a couple
standard things I gotta check

The job, bring that check
back in to show to me,

and he's got you, he's on track.

- Did you hear that?

- Can you take these in the

and just sign wherever she

- [Emilio] Oh yeah, yeah sure,

Thanks okay.

- Three places.

Geez Marilyn, I can't help
but notice the difference.

- Call me Mark.

- Mark?

- I'm going back to my given

- Okay Mark.

What are you doing, what's going
on here?

- I'm not a docile woman anymore

I'm a man.

- Okay then.

- Alright you guys gotta get

it's getting crazy out there.

- Okay.

Where's Ayana?

Where's Ayana?

- Ayana?

- Where's Ayana?

- Where's Frank?

- Ayana?

- Frank!

- Ayana!

- [Frank] 11, 12.

- Easy, easy, easy.

(all yelling)

- I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

- No!

Clarence no, Clarence no!



- [Cliff] Frank, Frank.


- Ayana, Ayana baby.

(somber music)

- Jesus Clarence, what the fuck?

- Think I can get a cell
to myself this time?

(protestors shouting)

- You cut off the phones, I
need somebody to make a call.

Call the ambulance, the police,
one of my residents is dead.

One of my residents is dead.

- Is it the child molester?

- Is it the pedophile?

- What difference does it make
who it is,

just call the police.

- A dead kiddie fucker,
that's a good thing.

A dead kiddie fucker.

(all shouting)

- Dead kiddie fucker, dead
kiddie fucker, dead kiddie

fucker, dead kiddie
fucker, dead kiddie fucker.

- Okay, okay, okay.

Okay I get it, you're happy
about it.

Now can someone please
call the cops please?

(all shouting)

- Yeah good luck with that pal.

- You put your phones away?

No, don't go.

Hey you gotta help me,
don't put your phones away.

You bastards, don't put your
phones away.

- What about burning down this

After all, I've fucking been

- Hey forget about it alright?

We got what we came for.

Let's get the fuck outta here.

- [Cliff] You gotta call, please
help me.

I need your help.

- Wait!

- I need your help.

We need your help, we need your

- Wait.

There's sinners in our

- We need your help, we need
your help!

- Wait, don't go, it's not over.

It's not done, they're still

There are sinners in our midst.

This house must be shut down.

They'll put another pedophile in

Another curse will descend on

- [Radio Preacher] One
who commits adultery

with his friends wife, the
adulterer and the adulteress

shall surely be put to death.

If there is a man who lies
with his father's wife.

- Don't you care?

They are a scourge.

- [Radio Preacher] The
redemption of hell

shall not warrant a lifetime of

- Well Miss Rosie,
looks like we both lose.


- [Radio Preacher] Take
his hand and let him

lead you to the lights heaven,
far from the flames of hell.

- Hey Cliff.

He didn't do anything to her,

(speaking in foreign language)

- My daughter told me the truth.

Ayana always tells me the truth.

Right baby?

(melancholy music)

- Way to go Frank.

Well consider yourself under
house arrest

until I can get the cops here
for you.

- Okay.

- You impress me Mailman.

- Why is that Mark?

- It's what you really wanted.

Isn't it?

To control your own destiny.

- And you?

- Now I'm in control too.

(somber music)


- I love you, I love you, I'm so

I'm so sorry.

(ominous music)

(match scratching)

- Burn in hell sinners.

(sirens blaring)

* Oh when the saints

* Come marching in

* When the saints come marching

* Oh lord I want to be in that

* When the saints come marching

* Oh when the sun refuse to

* Oh when the sun refuse to

* Oh how I want to be in that

* When the saints come marching

* Oh when the trumpet starts to

* Oh when the trumpet starts to

* Oh how I want to be in that

* Oh when the saints come
marching in

* Yeah

(scat singing)

* When the saints come marching

(scat singing)

* When the saints come marching