Half the World (2018) - full transcript

Hiroshi Takamura makes makes high-grade charcoals at a charcoal kiln that he inherited from his father. He has a wife, Hatsuno, and a son Akira, who is going through a rebellious phase. ...

Wasn't it on the other side of the shrine?

No, it was this way.

Here it is.

Look, this is the tree, Eisuke.

You remember it so well.

Look at the roots.

Kind of sexy.

That's why we chose it.


We were fools, all three of us.

I hit something.


Three Months Earlier


Oh, it's you, Koh.

Back from Hokkaido?


What a jerk! You should have told me
you were coming back.


- How many years has it been?
- Eight.

Right? You used to come home
more often.

What a wreck.

It's your fault for abandoning it
after your mom passed away.

I'll move back in.

Oh, yeah?

No questions?


- What happened to...
- I'm divorced.

Your daughter, she's still young, right?

She's 9 years old.
Yours is in Jr. high school.

You should come over tonight.
I'll invite Mitsuhiko, too.

After I clean this up.

Let it wait 'til tomorrow.
I say, let it wait until tomorrow.

Takamura Charcoal Makers

Takamura Charcoal Makers
I dropped my chopstick.

I dropped my chopstick.

Sure, I'm glad you're back,
but you threw away a great job.

You quit your secure job
as a government employee.

- Don't you agree?
- I do.

Join us, Hatsuno-Chan.

Stop calling me "Chan" like a baby.

I can't treat a married woman
like a baby.

- Can I ignore him?
- Yup.

No, don't ignore me! Don't!

Why don't you sit down?

It's your reunion.

I'll bathe first.

Enjoy yourself!

What are your plans?

None yet...

You have to fix up your house.

I'll help you.

I'll do it myself.

- Don't be dependent.
- You mean the opposite.

If you need help, her dad can help.
He's still a carpenter.

Hey, Akira.

This is Eisuke.
You met him when you were little.

Self-Defense Force.
Now, former Self-Defense Force.

You're home late again!

What's that got to do with you?

Mitsuhiko's worried about you!
Cut the crap!

He is out of control.

They've got a lot to deal with at that age.
I know, I'm a probation officer.

Maybe I'll enlist him in
the Self-Defense Forces, right, Eisuke?

It's not a joke.

Hatsuno's too strict with him.

He can't stay with me.

I've got Grandpa, Grandma, Dad, Mom,
my sister

and even a doddering old dog...

I know that.

He used to stay over here a lot.

Maybe he liked my strange father...

He's changed, hasn't he.

He's tired, is all.

Give my best to Hatsuno.

Hurry up and get married.

Get out of here.


Isn't Dad home?

What? He's at a meeting?

That's a lie.
He's at a Karaoke party.

Oh, all right.
I'll be right home.

Sorry, collecting.
My mom's freaking out.

Are you in debt?

The opposite. They bought two trucks,
but they refuse to pay up,

so I notified them by certified mail
and now they're threatening her.

Best to leave guys like that alone.

They're probably using the trucks
to illegally dump waste.

The rest is small stuff,
the two of us can manage.

I'll be right back.

- Don't be dependent.
- You mean the opposite.

Sorry, Eisuke!

That's from your Judo Championship...

Second Place: Okiyama Eisuke

Second Place: Okiyama Eisuke
Your mother...

Second Place: Okiyama Eisuke

He doesn't need to stay over tonight?

We got his place cleaned up.

I see.

Say, I'd like you to ask your dad.

His outside sliding doors are rotten
and it's too cold for him to sleep.

I don't mind asking, but...

But, what?

Did Eisuke ask for them?

No... I'll pay for them.

What, you don't like that?

I didn't ask you about the payment.

That's how it sounded to me.

Please include me in these decisions.

But it's Eisuke.

I know that.
I'm thinking the same thing.

Then don't ask strange questions.

Please make Akira go to high school.

I will.

Jinbo closed his grilled meat restaurant.

Losing his business was tough.
I'll do something.

What will you do?

Meaning, my current clients
aren't enough to make it?

When did I say that?
You inherited it from your father.

I'm asking you to think about this
with me.

I've lost my appetite...

Wait, I heard a strange rumor about Akira.


Everyone assemble!
Let's start!

Grandpa, your hips hurt you.
You should stop.

- I'm fine, fine.
- You're fine?

I've had enough of this "Everyone
assembling" business! Hey!

What was that!

Hurry it up!

One, two, three, four, five, six...

Arm and leg exercises.

Iwai Car Sales

Iwai Car Sales
Arm exercises.

Arm exercises.

Takamura Charcoal Makers

I repeat.

This is a message for the community.

This evening, from 7:30PM,

at the Public Auditorium...

Excuse me, please carry this.

Oh, please wait, I made a mistake.
Can you please return that one?

- Yes, certainly.
- I'm so sorry.

We have a warm day, today.

Here he is again.

Are you looking after Hatsuno-Chan?

You ask me that every time.

Can you loan me your kiln?

The crematory's so far away.

At 1,000 degrees it'll burn
the bones to ashes!

- I'm joking.
- I hope so.

Grandma Toyono passed away.

She was 102 years old.
What a long life.

Just like a village festival.
See you!


I'm sorry, Father.
Asking you so suddenly.

His dad was ahead of me in school.

Oh, I see.

He used to bully me.

Was he always so quiet?

He was deployed abroad until recently,
so I'm sure he's tired.

Check out his roof.

And so, you're going to pay for this?

So, Hatsuno told you?

Forget about the money, really.

I'll pay you.

You will? OK, then pay for
my assistant's day rate.

How much?

10,000 yen OK?

The materials cost money, too.
I'll pay 40,000 yen.

Not 4, that brings misfortune.

I'll pay 50,000 yen.

I meant to bring you down to 30,000...

I got decent retirement pay.

Shall I fix that broken bicycle,
for free?

I can fix that.

Right, he can even fix a tank.

No, he can't.

Yes, I can.

Oh, I see.


I'm closing the door.
Thank you very much.

His friends came over?

A whole bunch of them.

Coming in.

Enjoy yourselves.

Cook them fried rice.

- What?
- His friends are here.

- What's this?
- A bamboo dragonfly.

I don't want it.

Hey, that's...

What the...

You got him.

- Thank you for the food.
- Thank you.


They're good kids.


I'm washing your dishes.

I'm going to get you
into a good high school.

Were you serious?
About them being good kids.

You shouldn't believe those rumors.

They look tough, but all young boys
are like that.

I'm going to bed.
I'm tired.

Tomorrow's his memorial.

You're already out of breath?

You go on ahead.

I've gotten old.

You're only 39 years old.

School is out in 15 minutes.

- What?
- Nothing.

Hey! Smile!

Hey, don't tell me, he's crying.

I'm not crying.

So sorry.

Wait, look over here.

I'll do it myself, leave me alone.

I'm tired.

This is how they treat you
and you still call them friends?

Don't make such a big deal about it.
They're just playing around.

They smear your face with charcoal ink
and ridicule your family's business.

That's not just playing around!

- There are no bullies in this provincial town.
- How can you say that!

- They have good sides, too.
- Don't make excuses for them!

They're a gang of worthless insects!

Do you know what you just did!

Yeah, that's why I'm leaving.

If you know, apologize to your mother!

You're the one who doesn't know.


Hey, are you OK?

He's gotten...

When he came close to me...

He's gotten so big.

Great, Kato! Sounding great!

Please don't throw Karaoke parties
in the afternoon. My dad won't work.

I don't like it either.
He's always grabbing my ass.

Oh, he does?

Drink up!

What's that about?

What do you mean,
I just don't get it?

Akira has stuff to say to you,
not to his mom.

What stuff?

You don't give a damn about Akira.
And he's figured that out.

I figured it out the night
we drank with Eisuke.

If you had my job,
you'd understand.

But your dad cared about you,
and took an interest in you.

Enough, shut up.


You don't even have kids...

Oh, I see.
You're the one that asked to meet.

Eisuke only goes out to buy food.
Otherwise, he's staying in that house.

You should know that.

Mitsu, you forgot...

Oh, thanks.
Look after him...

It's proof you're good friends.

Hey, Akira!

Wear your shoes right!

Don't squash your heels!

That's all you have to say!

I took an interest in you...

The wrong kind...

Change into your pajamas.
Your clothes are dirty.

You haven't changed, either.

You always talk back to me.

I looked in the mirror, earlier,
and I found Grey hairs.

I'm only 38 years old...

It'll all work out, right?

Yes, it will.
I'm going to take a bath.

I emptied the bath.


Turn out the altar lights.


I got the invitation to
my high school reunion, today.

Do you mind if I go next month?

Sure, it's good to go wild
once in a while.

You didn't go to
your high school reunion.

I only had fun through Jr. high.

I'm going to sleep like this.

I want to change into my pajamas.

But I feel so heavy...
Take my clothes off for me.

Here we go.

You abandoned me and went out,
you fool.

You stink of booze.

Oh, no, what's that?

Hey! Open up! It's me!

What the hell?

I got so pissed off,
I got drunk all over again.

You have something to say to me!

I'm sorry.

All right, then.
Good night.

That's it?!

You've forgotten something important!


Second class in First grade.

Fourth class in Second grade.

First class in Third grade.

We were always classmates,
so I can tell you stuff nobody else can.

And with Eisuke, we're a triangle.

Nobody's more important
than the other.

Which is why...

Not a triangle with two equal sides,
no, not that.

A real triangle, with three equal sides.

I got sick of hearing that in Jr. high.

I was pretty good at math.

You done?


We're going to have...
Sex now.

Got it.

Excuse me.

Why doesn't this town have
a movie theater or any prostitutes!




I know you're in there!

What a jerk.



How long have you been
holed up inside?

I'm fine.

Just because you have money...

It's not about money.

Help me with my work.
I helped you clean up this place.

Don't worry about me.

That's not it. It's a tough job,
I could really use your help.

You don't need
to worry about me.

Then, what did you
come back here for?

Would you have come back here
if we weren't here?

You crawled back here
because of us.

"I can see them back in my hometown.
I'd like to see them, see their faces."

You're a fool.

I got you to smile.
You smiled calling me a fool.

I did not smile.

I told you I'd ask you later.
Tell me what happened.

Mitsuhiko and I are both busy.
We're worried about you.

Oh, fine, I get it.
Suit yourself.

Second class in First grade, Fourth class
in Second grade, First class in Third grade.

And in elementary school,
First grade was with me.

Second grade with Mitsuhiko, Third grade with me,
we kept trading places, always classmates.

Fifth grade was me, Sixth grade, Mitsuhiko.

Including Mitsuhiko, the three of us are
a real triangle, not with two equal sides!

That's Mitsuhiko's metaphor.

You're just mouthing
his worn out ideas.

What if I am?

Tell me,

your charcoal business doesn't make
enough money to hire me, does it?

Don't be dependent!

I'm asking you to volunteer.

You've been doing all this
by yourself?

When my dad ran it,
he had two kilns

and several apprentices.

And the economy was booming.

Will you make Akira take it over?


Open it.

Your mother...

Every New Years, she cooked and delivered
black beans to Mitsuhiko and my families.

We'd ask her to come inside,

but she'd stay in the foyer,
telling us how you were doing,

where you were stationed,

or that you'd become a Ranger.

I bet she really came over
to share that news with us.

The black beans were just an excuse.

That's how Mitsuhiko and I always knew
you were doing all right.

I lost my mother so young.

I was envious of you.

The three of us should
get together tonight.

This is mine.

Dad! When I'm out drinking,
stay home and take care of your folks!

He is so clueless!

Hey! Don't grab her ass!

What about the bear!
The bear!

Oh, my underling
who was as big as a bear.

This guy was built like a bear,
but his wimpy name was Saotome Homare.

And this Homare, his patriotism was
first class,

but he was a coward.

On the road, when he spotted a slightly
suspicious oncoming vehicle,

"Captain Okiyama! Captain Okiyama!

"Isn't that dangerous, isn't it dangerous,"
is what he'd say.

I'd yell, "Shut up!"

He'd say, "I'm sorry, can I please
go to the bathroom?"

Why the bathroom?

He'd been constipated
ever since he enlisted,

and he'd need to go
right at those moments.

Which is why,

"You fool! You get out here
and you'll get shot at!" is what I said.

But he had to go, right?

Right, so I said, sing a song
to distract yourself.

What did he sing?

He sang "If I go by Sea,"
at the top of his lungs.

That military song?

Guys like that usually sing off key.


Homare had an angelic voice.

Enough to make a grown man cry.

"If I go by sea..."

It's not a military song,
it's from an ancient poem...

You can't barge in on us.
We're having a reunion, go away.

I never had the time
to go to my own reunions...

See you later.

You weren't in our class.

Did you build bridges?

No, the guard unit.

That's right, we saw you on the news!

I told my wife, "Hey, that's Eisuke!"
she said, "Why didn't you tape him?"

You're making no sense, go away.


Yes, sir!

Welcome home!

And on behalf of a grateful nation...

Thank you!

You're spoiling our fun, Dad!

I'm not spoiling your fun!

Who taught you how to drive
when you were all in Jr. high?!

This is a table for four!
That means four people should sit here!

Isn't that so?
This is a table for four.

Oh, so sorry.

You have to go home to watch
that Korean soap opera.

My bag.

Sorry about my dad.

That hurt.

That jerk.

Let's go to the sea.

The sea?

The three of us used to drink there, together.

Sure did.

Drank on the sly, smoked cigarettes.

OK! I'll go home and get blankets.

Let's go.

What were those cigarettes
we used to smoke?

Peace cigarettes that used to
come in a can.

Everybody quit smoking.

Damn, it's cold.
Turn this way.

Not towards the sea, this way

That's right, Hatsuno...

She sneaks cigarettes on the sly.
I smell it on her breath, sometimes.

- Oh, yeah?
- Oh, yeah?

I can't tell her to quit.

- Oh, yeah?
- Oh, yeah?

If I tell her...

She'll divorce you.

Divorce over cigarettes.

Speaking of divorce, my older sister
might get married.

She'd never married?

What's her name, Mari...

One month ago,

my sister says she's finally
getting married.

My dad and mom were thrilled.

But when she brought the guy home,

my mother fainted from shock.


The guy's two years older
than my dad!

For real?

He's not a guy, he's a geezer.

His name's Tokichiro.


Sounds like a shogun's name.

Hey, wait, wait.


Oh, sorry, sorry.

The waves?
We're by the sea.

Give it to me.


He's been complaining.

About what?
About how

in the middle of "that,"
you were snoring.

He thought you were moaning,
but you were snoring in your sleep.

- Give it back!
- We said that's pathetic.

Both Eisuke and me...


What are you doing?

We used to play
"Push the Bodies" here.


Let's not play
"Push the Bodies" now.

Not giving in, giving up
Not giving in, giving up

and not running away
keep on believing in myself

baby, when you don't feel like trying to climb

that's the most precious thing you can do

Hey, why me?

You pushed me out.

You pushed me with your hand.


That's Mitsuhiko's sister.

Hey, Mari, congratulations
on your engagement!

- Congratulations!
- Thank you!

Want to see his picture?

No, I might choke.

Hey, why!

Hey, wait!
Hey, look here!

The two of us!

Cut it out!

"I might choke,"

is no way to congratulate someone.

Takamura Charcoal Makers

Hey, Koh.


Didn't we bury stuff
up on the mountain?

I don't remember where.

Is that what you were looking for?

When I saw you with a shovel...

What, you were watching?

I could see you from our hut.

But why dig it up now?

I wanted to remember how I felt
when I left my hometown behind.

I made sure never to imagine
a different future.

One week after graduating high school,
I was already on the base in Yokosuka.

But I couldn't find the place.

I see.

Mitsuhiko might remember
where we buried it.

Oh, yeah?

Roasted over White Charcoal

This is the invoice.

See you next month.

Wait a minute.
This is for a couple of coffees.

- Thank you.
- Not at all, thank you.

Hello, is this a good time?


You smoke this brand, right?


I'll wait for next month's order.


My boss asked me to tell you...


Starting next month,
just ship us our order.

But he's been a loyal customer
since my dad's time.

He's going to start ordering less.

A problem with our charcoal?

No, I don't think so.

Then, why?
If you don't tell me...

I'm not involved, but...
He had another offer.

And my boss wants to compare
their price and quality.

Please have him call me.
He's been a customer for over 30 years.

Yes, thank you for the cigarettes.

Our prices can't get any lower.

Let's go.
You've got a sales meeting.


Please come again.

This is it.

Welcome, thank you.

Is Tsuyama, the manager, here?

I'm from Takamura Charcoal Makers.
I contacted him earlier.

We have a large group arriving
for a sukiyaki dinner

and we're preparing their tables now.

As you can see, we've always used
"black coal" made from oak.

White charcoal is slow to light but
the "far infrared" effect makes it superior.

But "white coal" can pop and spark.

The coal is placed right in front
of our customers.

Oh, I...

Will you excuse me?


I'll come pick you up tomorrow.

Are you feeling down?

No, I'm doing all I can.

I'll check on the kiln.


Were you still awake?



How can I explain it...

I'm burning charcoal.

No, not at a yakitori grill.

No, not at a grilled meat shop either.

My medicine?

I take my medicine.

I'm sorry.
I was a bad father.

Police Station

We'll be heading home.

Thank you so much.

Why did you come to get me?

I wanted to see the look
on your face.

It's no big deal.


You didn't do this alone.

Why didn't you tell
the police about them?

They'll stop making fun of me.

I kept them out of this.

Then, use this chance to cut them loose.
You can do that.

No, I can't.

You're the one that said,
there are no bullies here.

If you won't listen to me,
I'll talk to your teacher.

You do that and I'll kill you!

How dare you talk to me like that!

What are you doing!

I'm going somewhere by bus.

Stop! I'm getting on.

I can't win...

I have food for you.
Have a seat.

No, thanks, I don't want to see Dad
when he wakes up.

He went to the kiln with Eisuke.
It's time to unload it, soon.

Just, sit down.

Your "getting out of jail" celebration.

I'm their equal now.

So now, you're a real idiot.
That's just great.

I don't need high school.

That's not for you to decide.

Isn't it usually the opposite?

It's my will.
Which you will obey.

I won't go and I won't cram for it.

Oh, I see.

The Kobayashis keep pigs.
I'll feed it to their pigs.

Pigs don't eat pork.

They do if they have guts.

You gutless brat!

One more hour.

I talked to that restaurant owner,

and he cut me off.

He cut you off for good?


He called me after I picked up Akira

and I was in a foul mood.

I refused to back down
and that made him angry.

They always compare my coal
to my dad's coal.

My dad had assistants.

I guess that's just an excuse.


Don't worry about it.

I mean...

I'll work hard, too.

Why are you laughing?

Because you're so motivated.

It's good to have

a job where I'm needed.

About Akira...

Would you take him out to eat, someday?


What does he like to eat?

Udon noodles, I think.

Your turn.

When you rake out the back,

you shift the angle,

and hold it this way.

There's a technique.

Bet you never did this
in the Self-Defense Force.

My arms are getting sore.

Let me have it.

If you're getting those delivered, can you
also ship these tangerines to this address?

Saotome Taeko

Saotome... the constipated one.

Yeah, it's to Homare's mother.

Sure, I'll get it shipped.

Oh, right, it's not much,
but Hatsuno wants you to have it.

She went to the store.

It's all right, you can pay me a real salary
if I ever really need it.


And about her bento lunches.
Tell her I'll make my own, from now on.


Suck it up.

After I took the blame for you guys...

Acting like you're so great.
That's why.

You suck that up,
you're one of us, we'll let you in.

Who told you to hit his face...

You ever shot a real gun?

I said, ever shot a gun!

Answer me!


OK, here we go.

You want to beat them up, right?

Not really.

If you get rid of that big guy,
the rest of them are no big deal.

He's Katada, nobody
can stand up to him.

Since he transferred in last year,
he's bullied everyone.

But you shouldn't put up with him.

Get him.

It's impossible.

Akira, who do you think I am?

Dad's stupid friend.

Grab me.

Grab me!

Listen, in this situation
where he's grabbed you,

if you fall on your knees,

you take him down, too.
OK, get up.

When you've been grabbed, the center
of gravity is in your legs and his.

So, if you fall,
OK, fall!

Right, you take your opponent
down with you.

OK, get up!
Next, here goes!

Lift your thumb.

Shove your thumb
into his neck, here.

If you jam their vital spot, here
anyone will instantly faint, got it?

OK, I'll try it.

Hit me!

Don't run away, idiot!
You fucking brat!

OK, grab me, c'mon!

When they try to drag you off,

quickly spin to your right
and get him in a headlock.

If you choke him, he'll fall.

If I just learn these tricks halfway,
maybe I'll just get beat up worse?

Then, I lose.

That's not what...

Time to eat, udon noodles OK?

Udon noodles?

Bring that, too.

Hurry up!

Tamayama Diner

Want a drink?

I'm underage.

We were already drinking
at your age.

But our parents never knew.

Your grandpa used to
beat up your dad, all the time.

"You're home late, you're out drinking,
your grades are bad.

"Don't hang out with those idiots,
Eisuke and Mitsuhiko."

Sometimes he'd hit him with charcoal.

I hear charcoal is really hard.

He hit him?

Your grandpa didn't want him
to take on the family business.

Better a public clerk.

Then, why?

He took it on out of pride.

He rebelled against his father.

That's a lie, it was easier
to just take it over.

Then, you try it!
It's rough up there,

on that mountain.


so focused on not regretting
his life decision

that he can't spare energy for you.

But he's not a bad father.

Go ahead, have a drink.

You'll forget all about your pain.

Look, I made bento lunch.

It's huge.

I'll drive today.

Oh, yeah?

What is all this, Kitami-San?

You guys won't shut up,
so we're returning them.

Wait a minute.
You bought them.

Pay for them.

Just took 'em for a test drive.

Bad engine, this is a clunker.

We may be a small town dealership,

but I know you guys dump waste illegally.

You've ruined the truck bed.

I bet you drove them with fake plates.

Just say you take 'em back!

What the hell, of course not!

Not you guys again!
I'll call the cops!

I took Akira out to eat.

I see.

You didn't tell him any secrets.

I told him all your secrets.


I'll handle this.

Get up!

Get up!

Who the hell are you!

His classmate.

What's that got to do with...

Hey, let go!


I said, let go!

Let go!

Damn you!

Who the hell are you!

Wait! You!

Cut it out!

Stop, Eisuke!
He'll die!

Stop! He'll die!


What the hell do you know!

What the hell do you know!

Eisuke, stop!

Get off him!

Eisuke, move!

Next time, I kill you!

I was like this in Hokkaido, too.

I'll turn myself in tomorrow.

Please leave me alone for now.

Mitsuhiko's covering for you
with the police now...

There were surveillance cameras.

I can't understand...


I know you,

better than you know yourself.

That was a long time ago...

You guys only know your little world.

You don't know the real world.

Don't get so complicated.

Can I ask you what happened?

There's no place to call home anymore...

That's all.

Your gang stopped by.

Didn't even say hello,
just "Tell him when he gets home."

Don't worry about them.

Where's Dad?



Akira, why...

Mom told me to bring this.


Eisuke took you out to eat?


Eisuke said,

"The other guy was a kid your age."

A kid?

A kid with a gun shot at him
so he had to shoot back.

And that was scary.

I see...

That's what he...

One time, Eisuke and I didn't speak
to each other for six months.

In 9th grade.


"What kind of parent makes their son
sign up with the Self-Defense Forces now?"

That's what I said to him.

I insulted his mother.

Even though Eisuke had chosen
to sign up.

But I didn't apologize,

and we didn't speak. The night after
graduation, Mitsuhiko came over and said,

"The three of us should go drink at
the beach to celebrate graduating."

Mitsuhiko didn't want to graduate
with us not speaking to each other.

Can I ask you something?


When I turned around at the bus stop
by the police station,

you weren't even looking at me.

You didn't even care.

What kind of parent are you?

I didn't think you'd turn around.

And that scared me.

To watch your back turned to me.

I see.

Is that a good enough answer?

I'll forgive you.

I see.

Gimme that.

It's so cold!

I'm wearing my shoes right.

Yes, you are.

You're boring now.

What's that mean?

Hey, Eisuke!
I brought you deer meat!

Isn't he home?

Why'd he lock up the doors again?

You jerk.

What kind of a baby are you!

Akira will laugh at you!

Don't be so dependent!

That enough?

Thank you.

He's going to be away for a month,
so better safe than sorry.

His cell phone is "No longer in use"

and he had his electricity and gas
turned off.

Hatsuno told me your business
was down.

I asked around folks I know
to see if they'd buy your coal.

Hatsuno told you...

Don't pay attention to Hatsuno's nagging.


If something comes up, I'll talk to her.


But of course I'll be gentle.
She's scary when she's mad.

She starts throwing stuff.

Right! She once threw a pike fish at me
so straight, I thought it would stab my face.

She hasn't changed, so I don't
fight with her during pike season.

Call me if you change your mind
and come home - Koh

Call me if you change your mind
and come home - Koh
I do worry about him...

I do worry about him...

He'll get in touch, eventually.

He knows our address.

Oh, I've got to get going.


Oh, this one, this one.

It's now, with included, included,
you know...

Please advisement, under take it...

Under take it...

Excuse me, are you drunk?

I mostly certainly am.
Which is why,

I won't drive anymore today,
so don't worry.

Of course not!

And so, will you purchasing this?

No, no, no, I want a subcompact,
a subcompact!

Not this luxury car.

A subcompact!

A subcompact is so compact...

Compact, compact, compact.

Sorry, I'll take over.

Dad, Koh wants to ask you
about Eisuke.

Yeah, I met him yesterday.

Not so much met him,
I saw him.

Where, exactly?


On my way home after drinking,
walking on the street...

Which street?

Kuni's widow walked me home,

so it was a super faraway place.

So... Are you sleepy?

I'm fine, I just woke up.

So, where was it?

I said...

a super faraway place,

you know the fishing port?

You go ahead and sleep.

He seamed perfectly fine.

Isn't that good enough?

I think it is...

He seemed perfectly fine,
so I think it is...


I figured out

why you poured that whisky
out over the sea, that time.

You've been

sending Saotome's mother gifts
for a long time now.

She told me she's always been grateful.

"He's been so kind,
even after my son died,"

she cried as she told me.

Why did you contact her!

I thought she might know
where you were.

If you think it's your fault,

I think you're wrong.

What do you know!


died after he returned from his posting.

Not your fault.

He will...

Always be on my team!

Homare walked into the sea

because of "combat stress".

Isn't that what it's called
in your business.

It's not your fault.

It is my fault!


It's also your fault!


Because we don't know the real world.

Go home!

It's all over.

I get it.

But let me tell you,

we have our world, too.

There's all kinds of worlds...



When I'm out at sea,

I feel calm.

It's not a diversion.

I feel relieved.

It's not a lie.

Shall I take a turn?

No, I'm fine.

Want to be alone?

No, I don't.


by the end, Eisuke was smiling,
telling me not to worry.

I guess Eisuke found
his own way back.

He told me,

"I'll work hard, too."

When I was feeling discouraged.

When he said that,
I burst out laughing...

I wish I hadn't...

Too late to regret it now.

I couldn't sympathize with him.

I guess Akira's figured out
that part of me, too.

You know...


You can stare into a fire forever.



Your father was your father,
you are you.

Otherwise, we can't
live our own lives.

Akira's late again.

He's at cram school.

Cram school!

Cram school?

Yup, cram school.

But you know...

He says that gang waits for him
outside cram school.

I'll pick him up.


I could talk to his teacher, but...

Tomorrow's your reunion.

What? You remembered?

You left a note on the refrigerator.

Your old boyfriend will attend,
too, right?

His name was Kiryu?

You're jealous?

It happens a lot at reunions,

seeing someone after a long time...

You're an idiot.

Don't write "Idiot" on
my bento lunch again.

Of course not, it takes
way too much effort.

I'll leave there before noon,
but I should be home by 6:30,

so please wait and let's have
dinner together.

- What's for dinner?
- Pike fish.


Haven't had pike in a while.


I'll miss my bus!

"Dear Idiot" doesn't
make it any nicer.

Dear Idiot

Connecting to Voicemail.



Tangerines from our hometown.

Don't call me "Father"!

You creep me out, go away!

What kind of idiot are you!
Tangerines are our local speciality!

Who brings tangerines
to tangerine-land! Idiot!

Run, run!

What are you doing!
That's enough!

Stop it!

Stay away!


You can go, now.


I enjoyed your show.


That charcoal's hard, huh?

I used to be like you,
before I transferred here.

I said, you can go now.

Thank you.

I'm not a customer.

I'd like to see your manager.

Do you have an appointment?

No, I don't...

Should I have?

I've kept you waiting.
I'm Tsuyama, the manager.

It's nice to meet you, we showed you
coals from Takamura Charcoal Makers.

My husband called on you before.

Thank you so very much...

But I can't accept this,
as I informed your husband...

Well, you see...

I saw on your website,

that in addition to your Sukiyaki Course,
your Steak Course is also very popular.

Yes, we grill our steaks over
"black coal" made from oak.

But in the kitchen.


In the hands of a professional chef,
our coal won't pop or spark.

Won't you please try our coals?

The "far infrared" effect,
combined with easy heat control...

I'm sure you'll agree that white coals
and steak

are a match made in heaven.

They are deeply in love.

Deeply in love?

It's just...

Changing our cooking methods
passed down for generations, is not...

They burn like forbidden love.


I'm losing the flow of your logic.

Don't worry, I know the flow.


What is it, Father?

I'm on the train, now.

Anyone with the Inoue family.

- Are you Inoue-San?
- Yes, I am.

This way, please.


He's in here.

He's been waiting for you.

Wake up tomorrow, please.

I have good news for you.

I didn't go to that reunion.

Let me make you more lunches.


You heard her, Koh...




Koh didn't make it!

He fought hard all night!


If only I'd kept helping him...

Spare me your crap!

Let me get in, too!

Let me get in with you,
take me with you!


We will begin the wake now,
so the coffin...




May I?

Please do.

The coffin lid.

We need the men to help us.



Please lower it gently.

Forgive me.

Thank you.

"Oh, fire of spring.

"In the mountains, a fox bride rain."

Koh, please.

Look after Hatsuno and Akira.

You did a great job here.

Have your father pour you sake
on the other side...

Will this rain let up?

I hit something.

I see it.

A can of Peace cigarettes.

My student passbook.

This is the picture we took by the sea.

The sea?

The night after graduation,
I got us all together.

Because you two wouldn't talk.


That time...

I brought my Polaroid camera.

I took it as a joke.

But looking at it now...

We were just stupid brats.

We haven't changed.

Shall we put it back?

Life will go on...


Life will go on...

It feels like a movie.

Let's meet again.


This sort of thing happens.

I figured it out.


Something you already know.

See you.

This world is real, too...

Why a triangle with two equal sides?

I figured I'd let you two
play the leads.

Oh, I see.

What will you do with this kiln?

You figure it out.

For real?

Totally for real.

I thought maybe I could be boxer.

A boxer!

Because you called me "gutless".

You could never be a boxer.

Oh, I see.

You have one new message.

Your first message.

Are you on your way home now?

If you're buying the pike fish
on your way home,

instead of pike,

I'd like mackerel.

Enjoy your reunion.

By the way,
I know you sneak cigarettes.






ONO Takehiko


Chief Executive Producer: KINOSHITA Naoya

Executive Producer: TAKEBE Yumiko

Producer: SHII Yukiko

Composer: YASUKAWA Goro

Music Supervisor: TSUSHIMA Genichi

Cinematography: GIMA Shingo

Lighting: SO Kenjiro

Sound: FUJIMOTO Kenichi

Production Designer: HARADA Mitsuo

Editor: FUSHIMA Shinichi

Script Supervisor: IMAMURA Haruko

Costume: IWASAKI Fumio

Hair & Make-up Artist: MIYAZAKI Tomoko

Set Decorator: ISHIGAMI Junichi

Stunt Coordinator: NIKAMOTO Tatsumi

Assistant Director: ONODERA Akihiro

Production Manager: MATSUDA Kenichiro

Produced and Distributed by Kino Films

Written and Directed by SAKAMOTO Junji

English subtitles:
Linda Hoaglund