Half a Dozen Babies (1999) - full transcript

Keith and Becki Dilley fail to get pregnant naturally. Just when they despair at the last fertility treatment they can afford, quintuplets are diagnosed. At the birth, a sickly sixth son is found. Raising them proves even harder, juggling domestic matters, financial and practical help, especially from the grandparents, which leads to tensions. Keith gives up his job and blood proves thicker then water.

The following film is a dramatization

based on events in the life
of the Dilly family.

Have you seen Linda?

Have you seen Dr.

Prepping Dr.

She's pregnant, Doctor.

Pull the trigger.

I need her on steroids by tonight.
She's on the way in.

So what happened?

Doctor Darwin says there's no
room for my cameraman in the or.

I'll catch up with you.

It's important, you know, to record it.
I'll see what I can do.

Not just for PR.
I know.

To protect the hospital.
Don't worry.

Thanks, Doctor.

Nina, everything is happening so fast.

You're not holding anything back.
Hang on a second.

Nobody's holding anything back.

Doris well, she'll have to put us on it.
We need it right away.

Yeah, I'll hold.

Look, I just can't talk right now.

But nobody will tell me.

I'm sorry, but I thought half a dozen

people left to cat down best
right before I called back.

You don't change over there
and somebody will tell you when to go.

Excuse me.
You're with the hospital, aren't you?

The owner solid.

Immediate relations.
You're Becky's mother, right?

You haven't heard anything new, have you?

About my daughter's condition?

I'm sure they tell you what they tell me.

I suppose you're right.

You don't need a spokesperson
or anything, do you?

Because I have kind of a knack.

I'll keep that in mind.

You're not supposed to be on this floor.

Why don't we just get out of their way
up here and we can talk downstairs?

My biggest concern is hemorrhage.

A pulmonary embolism could
kill her in seconds.

That's why I'm counting on you to stay

on top of her vital while
I do the procedure.

No problem, Mr.

Shut up.
Well, time.

Everything's going
exactly as we planned it.

Planning is one thing.

I've never done anything
that's complicated before.

There are 30 doctors and nurses there.

Supporting you in a video clue shooting.

The entire thing will be
all over the news tonight.

You're going to be fine.

Just fine.

How about brilliant?

Brilliant is better starting now.

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She's in surgical prep.

We're going ahead.

What happened?
Is she okay?

Yeah, she's okay, but she needs you.

I'll bring you up to speed in a minute.

She's right in here.

Everything's going to be all right.

Guess what I'm going for.

It's just hard to believe after
anything we've been through.

It's not going to happen.

Yeah, hard to believe.


A little.

You're going to be there, right?

Oh, I don't faint.



The manager told me that you
could do some help.


I'm Becky Keith.

You know, I started today.

Well, party rooms are happening in duty,
especially for a trainee.

Well, no offense, but I don't think
I can do any worse than you are.

All right, we are going to play
Pin the Town on the donkey.

How's that sound?

I don't see why you can't
just wear your nursing shoes?

Because mine, they're pretty dorky
outside of a nursing school.

You think anybody at nashville is
going to notice what's on your feet?

Oh, daddy, look at those black flats.

Wouldn't they look cute on me?

Hey, you look cute no
matter what you wear.

Honey, men don't know
anything about shoes.

Why ask your you met someone, didn't you?

Maybe not at Nashes, I hope.
Yes, mother.

At Nashville's.
So what?

What kind of husband material can
you meet at a fast food place?

For your information, he was studying
computer science at the youth.


His mother has ms needed to take
time off to help her out?

Well, is he the manager, at least?

No, but I was bumping
gas when we first met.

Besides the point.

The point is he's a great guy.

He's bright, he's sweet, thoughtful.

He likes kids.

But don't worry, we are
a long way from the altar.

The honeymoon was supposed
to be after the wedding, mom.

Yeah, that was one of them where you were.

Everything else is still in the chapel.

We thought we'd get a head start
and want to keep folks waiting.

Well, that's very thoughtful of you,
baby, but you don't have to worry.

Well, dear, you need to worry
about fixing your lipstick.


Oh, good, you're all here.

Now, Michael,

should we start with the groove and then
do each family with a bride and groom?

Sounds good.

Yeah, we could get the dillies
on the left, the bride and groom.

And you can stay in your chair,
Lee, if it's easier.

Oh, thanks for the thought, Doris,

but I think I'd prefer to be standing for
the wedding picture, if you don't mind.

No, thank you, dear.

Now, straight in the camera.

Say bliss.


Mina, come on over here.
Come in the picture.

You the maid of honor.
Move back.

Okay, if you don't mind, let me take
the individual families first, please.

But we're all lined up.

Couldn't we just finish the group first?

Oh, no, go on, just shoot away.

Now, everybody smile.

Okay, that ought to do it.

Let's get the dilly plan.



That's right.
All right.

Yeah, just a little bit closer.

Oh, I love a cookie with just keith and I,
if that's all right with you.

Yeah, that would be a great idea.

I mean, who knows when we'll get
to see them in a text again, right?

Okay, we just made a baby.

I'm sure.

It doesn't mean we have stopped it.

I swear back.
This has been the best christmas ever.

Oh, well, it's not over yet.
What's this?

Open it's.


I thought that we'd make it a tradition.

One special ornament each year.

Kind of like a gift
in advance for our kids.

Assuming we ever managed to have any.

Hasn't been that long.


What if something's wrong?

It looks like you've both got
some problems with your plumbing.

You'd each have about a 20% chance of
getting pregnant with a normal partner.

I'm afraid together your
chances are less than 10%.

There must be something that we can do.

I could put you on Clomid.

It's a fertility drug.

It stimulates production of the
hormone involved in ovulation.

It would bring your chances
up closer to normal.

Then let's do it.

Well, it's not cheap.

The treatment cycle
runs about 250 a month.

Fertility jokes aren't
covered by her insurance.

There's no way we can do it.

We're maxed out on six
different credit cards.

Why don't we talk about it in the morning?

I can't get another bank loan.

I mean, we can't even make
our payments as it is.

Okay, well, just forget about it for now.
Forget about it?

How can I forget about it?

You're desperate to have a kid,
and I can't get you pregnant.

The hell?
I can't even pay to get you pregnant.

I'm desperate.
What about you?

You don't care about having
a family all of a sudden.

I care.

I don't know how we're going to do it.

And without kids,
I'm afraid you'll never be happy.

And if you're not happy, I'm afraid.

Ray, you might just pick up you.

Keith, I would never leave you.

No matter what the future holds for us,
I promise you we will face it together.

Good morning.


You know, I could probably make manager
this year if I really put my mind to it.

What about going back to school?

I'll be time for that eventually.

If we cash in our life insurance and so

one of the cars, we should be able to get
you on this drug without going bankrupt.


Don't do this because you
think this is what I want.

It's what I want too.

Are you sure?


I think we did it.
There's no blue.

There back here.

There's a blue spot.

Look at it in light.

Come back to bed.

I hate seeing you go through
this month after month.

What is it that really bothers you, Keith?
Is it the money?



We can't keep this up, Becky.
We just can't.

It's killing us.


I'll stop taking that clumage.

You don't want to hear this,

but maybe we should
start looking into adoption.

Yeah, maybe we should.

I have to go off the clone
and we're going broke.

But back to my venture.

She hasn't done us any favors so far.

No reason to believe she'll start now.

You never know that the drug pressure,
thermometer in one hand,

the ovulation time in the other hand,
you might actually get pregnant.

Well, I believe sex might be fun again.
That'd be nice.

I don't know.

She's not we don't even talk anymore,

though when we do,
we always end up fighting.

She's going to baby so much,

but with the money and the disappointment
is just torn apart.

Do you have a few minutes after lunch?

I see.

It was a woman in postnadels,
just had twins.

I think I should meet her kids.

You are not going to believe
what happened this morning.

Nina introduced me to this couple.

They were trying to have kids for six
years and then they went

to the Indianapolis Fertility Clinic
and they had twins.

So what did she do?
In vitro implantation.

You know we can't afford no, I know that.

It isn't anything like that.

There's this great doctor there and he put
her on a new drug called Corpanage Works

where it stimulates this is a synthetic
version of the hormone itself and they're

getting incredible results
and they say it works really fast.

How much?

This woman got pregnant
the first month she took it.

We were going to apply for adoption.

Do you remember that conversation?

We would be on a waiting list
for years without any guarantees.

Does this new drug come with a guarantee?

No, of course not.

But shouldn't we at least check it out?

Something tells me we're
not in Kansas anymore.

there's a common misconception

that fertility treatments usually
result in multiple births.

However, the fact is that three out

of four women who are successful
with Perganol end up with only one baby.

And of the 25% that result in multiple
births, almost all of them are twins.

Higher, multiples, even triplets,
are really very rare.

We would have no problem with twins.

Well, that's good.

But despite what I just said, you still
have to be prepared for any outcome.

We want a family doctor with laughlin,
instant or otherwise.

Well, then I'd say that pergnol
is your best option.

And how much does this drug cost exactly?

It's about 1000 per cycle.

So how's that holding up?

He's angry.
So am I.

Well, I can't blame you.

What kind of university just up
and closes its food service department?

And what is your dad supposed to do now?

Who's going to hire a man his age?

Well, you have savings.

Yeah, it won't last forever.

Your father wants to move
back upstate to Burn.

Your Uncle Albert offered him a job.

Frankly, I'd rather starve.

Hey, what are you doing out there?

Oh, we're building the birdhouse.

The third one this week.

Supposed to be a rough winter.

Your mother said you wanted
to talk to us about something.

Oh, yeah.

There was this new treatment nevermind.

It's not important.

Except I made too much.

But I could always freeze
and take it over to your mom.

She wouldn't need it because I made it.

Well, I can't get her to say
two words to me, Keith.

She's like that with everyone.
I'm not everyone.

I'm her daughter in law.

But you know what?

I'm not going to let your
mother ruin this dinner.

More wine?

You try to apply me with alcohol?

Drunk can take advantage.

He bet.

I'm a little surprised for you.

Did I forget our anniversary or something?

No, you didn't forget anything.

This is one cycle's worth of curbinol,
one last roll of the dice keys.

If it doesn't work, it's over.
I swear.

How'd you pay for that?

I pawn my wedding ring.

You pawned your wedding ring
without telling me?

Would you let me if I had?

No, I don't know.

That's not the point.
What is?

That ring was a symbol of our commitment.

I know that, Keith.

But you were willing to sell it.

Having a child is part
of my commitment to you.

To us.

Keith, it is what I have always dreamed
of, and I can't just give it up.

Not without a fight.

Come on, you can understand
that, can't you?

I guess so, yeah.

But don't you ever
Dorisk me like that, okay?

I promise you, I will never,
ever Doris you like that again.

So where were we?



Your HCG levels are above 7000.

Normal is 100.

I'm pregnant.


And with hormone levels that high, I'd
say we're talking about more than one.

Oh, did you hear that?

Care for a little more
of my onion pie, Larry?

Thank you, Doris.
It was delicious.

But I could eat another bite.

I'd like another piece to you.

You haven't touched yours.

Lee Can I fix you something else?
Oh, no.

Everything looks really delicious to us.

I'm not very hungry.

You're not allergic to anything, are you?

Key should have told me.

It has nothing to do
with your cooking, mom.

Of course it doesn't have
anything to do with my cooking.

He hasn't been feeling very well.

No, I feel just fine.
I really do.

I think I'll go out
in the porch and have a smoke.

Mom, can you wait just a minute?


Becky has something to tell you
to tell everybody.

Oh my God.
Oh my God.

You're pregnant.

We wanted to wait for Thanksgiving because

we do have news that we
are truly thankful for.

Yes, mother, I'm pregnant.

And it's probably twins.

Becky, do you recall the conversation
we had about multiple births?

How one and four women on pergnolized.

Yeah, don't worry,
we have no problem with twins.

I mean, we have been trying for so long.

Twins will be just fine.

Heck, we want twins.

Triplets would be great too.

I'm really glad to hear
you say that, Vicky.

Let me give her sit down.
Oh God.

You're not pregnant.

Oh no, I'm pregnant.

There's something wrong with the baby?

No, the baby's fine.

All the babies are fine.

All eyes.

As you know, I thought that three
of your five eggs weren't even viable.

But all five are fertilized.

Yes, it's a miracle.

Well, I've never seen anything like it,
but in all my years of practice.

But there is a downside.

The human body simply isn't designed
to carry that many children.

Now, an ideal outcome in a high multiple
pregnancy like yours would be twins.

Triplets at most.

What are you saying?

That there are health risks involved

in carrying multiples health risks
to back here, the babies both.

Now it's my responsibility to make sure
that you make an informed decision.

Are you suggesting the procedure
is called a selective reduction?

It has to be done by the 9th week so

that the nonviable fetuses will be
reabsorbed abortion of the babies?

Yes, and there are serious risks
to that procedure as well.

In many cases, a selective reduction
becomes a full termination.

Forget about a factor.
We have heard enough about termination.


We have waited almost five
years to get to this day.

We have done everything within our means,

including risking our
marriage to get this far.

I have heard all of their hearts beating.

They are all my children.

Selective reduction is not an option.


In that case, it becomes my job to see
that this pregnancy is safely managed.

No more movies, tapes,
books, magazines, music, computer stuff.

You are serious?

No more eating out.
Start shopping, bulk.

No new clothes ever more
gifts to each other.

Except maybe this last one.

You are such romantic.

We're going to make it work somehow.

I know we will.

If I have to, I can go back to work.

Well, let's hope you don't have to,
because I ain't facing that mountain.

Oh, Lauren, did you tell Keith yet?

Lauren has already asked his brother

Albert, and there is a job
waiting for both of you and Burn.

I have a job.

And with the money,
we'd say by living together

in the country, becky and I will be
able to stay home with the babies.

We appreciate your concern, Doris,

but we were sort of planning
on raising our children on our own.

Five babies, Keith.


You just don't have any idea.

When's the last time you had five babies?

Oh, no.
Don't be so touchy, Keith.

I'm just worried about my grandchildren.

He knows, Mum.
We've worked it out.

So the last penny won't manage.

Oh, when you finally come to your senses,
there'll be a big house waiting for you.

What is it?

Stretch mark.

Geez, just get the hell out of me.

How long has it been?

Ten weeks?
Eleven weeks?

Two days.


You look like you can deliver any minute.

At this rate, you're
going to be full term.

In two weeks time?

Is that a problem?

It could be.

The uterus will try to deliver,
so we're going to have to do a surplus if

we're going to have any hope
of gaining a viable birth weight.

A what?

We put a stitch around
the cervix like a belt.

It helps to prevent premature labor

because once a cervix dilates,
it's too late for drugs.

I could hurt my babies.

There's always an element of risk

with surgery, especially when
you're carrying five fetuses.

And without it, they'd be
too premature to survive.

That's a good probability.

Then let's do it.

Hello, dad.

What's up?

I leave.
Diligent, please.

Just up the stairs.

You get the results of your tests?

Oh, no.

You know those doctors.

They never tell you anything.

At least, did they say it was definitely
cancer or is there a chance the Ms?

They always tell you something different.

I had a real nice dream last night.


I dreamt that I saw all my grandchildren.

I dreamt that I held them all.

I dreamt that I held all five of them.

I'll tell you something.

I'm going to make that dream come true.

I really am.

I promise you that.

I don't believe this.

Mom might have lung cancer
and he starts smoking again.

Keith, not might.

She has lung cancer.

She sleep.


You can get through this.

Don't worry about me.

You're going to combine
somewhere before you go.

Yeah, I'll be coming by.

You want to grab a cup
of coffee or something?

No, I better get up there.

McLaughlin said you're doing great, sir.

Clause is working the way
it's supposed to.

Your mom will worry about.

She says she will.

You're about to enter your second

trimester, and that's where I take
over for Doctor Mclaughlawson.

You're holding up well,

and all indications are good,
despite the weight gain.

Well, she's just going to go
on gaining five or £6 a day.

Try seven.
She looks like a blue spot ready to pop.

Well, we can stabilize food retention,
but you have to work with me.

We're a team.

Now, I'll give you simple, direct orders,
which I expect you to follow.

Keith, your job is to help Becky any way
that you can, and here's my first order.

You have to stop working immediately.

We really need the money.

We plan on working for at least
the next three months.

I'm sorry, but from now on,
you're on modified home address.

You can go out briefly.

No more than 20 minutes.

On your feet, Spencer.

Sounds like a soap actor.


Hippie dippy.

Dakota Dilly.


Over my dead body.


Something's not right.

Keith, you okay?


Becky's uterus is so stretched
that it can't make contractions.

What felt like cramps to her was
the beginning of premature labor.

Is she going to be okay?

We're trying to bring the labor under

control with high doses
of magnesium sulfate.

I need you to sign a consent

for an emergency cesarean
in case we can't stop the labor.

What would happen to the
babies if you did that?

Well, we're not quite 24 weeks.

They weigh about a pound each.

They have no lung function right now.

They have no chance.

How far does she have to go?

How long is she lung
function begins at 26 weeks.

That point, they would have a 60% to 70%
chance of survival,

but they would still likely face
severe long term disabilities.

I'm going to make you,
Keith, and so our children.

I'm going to get these babies to 26 weeks.

I'm going to get them past 26 weeks.

You just don't sign any forms.

Do you hear me?

Don't sign any forms.

And if you don't do the cesarean.

If we can't stop labor,
we have to do the cesarean.

We lose Becky.

When they say you've got a bun in the
oven, they're certainly not kidding.

I have never been so hot in my whole life.

Well, at least the uterus is quiet down.

Try and get some rest, okay, Becky?

I'll do my best.


Hi, Becky.

Becky, it's Lee.
Lee, hi.

How are you doing?

They tell me the worst is over,
but I sent Keith home.

Are you okay?
Oh, yeah, I'm fine.

I thought you might still be awake.

Yeah, well, you thought right.

I feel like I'm about
to spontaneously combust.

Oh, man.

I remember there was a lot of stuff that I
didn't want to talk to Larry about,

and I really couldn't talk
to my mother about it or anybody.

So if you feel that way and you never want
to talk to me, you just pick up the phone

and you call me anytime
you want to, all right?

Day or night.

You may be sorry you offered.

No, I won't know.

And, Becky, I just wanted
to tell you something.

Know what you want and really stick to it.

Everything's going to turn out all right.

You just know it.

That's what God wants to see.


Becky, you cry.

I'm so glad you called.

Well, I wish I'd done it sooner.

I love you, you know.

Like a daughter.

I love you, too, baby.

I just talked to Dr.

It's official.
You're stabilized.

Oh, thank God.
That's the good news.

The bad news is she wants to keep
you in the hospital until delivery.

That could be a couple of months.

Let's hope so.

Longer the better, right?

I won't be able to visit your mom.

Oh, sure you will.

With her babies.

I don't know when I'll be getting back,

Lauren, but it would be awful nice
to see the nursery painted when I do.

I want to start moving
things in on the weekend.

Heaven said they're moving out here.

Oh, they will.

Too colds.

And here I thought you were going

in for something routine,
maybe staying overnight.

And it turns out you're going to be
in here until you give birth.

I'll have to be driving back and forth
between Burn and Indianapolis for weeks.

You know how I hate driving.

This is really going to take a toll on me.

I've already started smoking again.

I'm sorry to be such
an inconvenience mother.

Oh, honey, that's not what I meant.

I'm just scared about what could happen.

It gives me the heebie jeebies
just thinking about it.

Have a little courage.

Firefighter cure for the Heebe jaybees.

Interesting clone case.
What's it called?

Odor rose pork with noodles is my guess.

Pardon me.

I live for your vicinity.

I hear the heartbeats.

What do you think of the name Brenna?


I like it.

I'm going to put on the draws list.

I'm kiss it's hard.
It's a rock.

I know.

Oh, my God.

What is it, Keith?
Right there.

Right there.
She's developed some kind of mess.

Honey, that's no mess.

That's a butt.

No more for you.

Hi, Becky.
It's Lee.

Hi, Lee.
How are you doing tonight?

He's just here.

I'm using the nurses.
Hold on 1 second.

He wants to talk to you.

Mom, do you want to hear him?

The babies?

They're little hearts.

I can hear them.

Starting tomorrow, we'll do procedural run
throughs twice daily until everyone

on the team is able to handle
any possible contingency.

I want any surprises on DDay,
or should I say B for birthday?

Anyway, we all know what Becky has gone
through to get here,

and I'm determined that she's going
to hold five healthy babies in her arms.

Now, from this time forward,
no one on the team is to leave town.

You'll all be in 24 hours.

Deeper contact, no more than
30 minutes from the hospital.

And with any luck, that's how we all
live for at least a couple more weeks.

Every day, every hour buys us better
intestines, better brain, better lungs.

Now that you safely made it to 28 weeks,
we're going into red alert mode.


I'm delivering those babies.

What's the record for Queen?
32 weeks.

Five days.
I can do that.

Just do me a favor and make
it to Indy Day, okay?

I never missed the five.
You're doing it right.

Don't worry.
I got a medical test.

Take my bike into the stadium,
my beaver goes off, and I'm out of there.

I can make it to my Corvette
in three and a half minutes.

Once I'm in my car, I can make it
to the hospital in 14 minutes flat.

18 minutes total.
That's amazing.

Have you actually timed it twice?

Listen, once damn breaks,
things are going to get pretty hectic.

Is there anything that isn't clear to you

about what to expect or anything
that you're worried about?

There is just one thing.

I don't know if this makes any sense
to you, but they're already my children.

I'm their mother, and I love them all.

And I have to protect
them any way that I can.

So as far as I'm concerned,
my babies come first.

We will let you down, Becky.

You're in good hands.

But we're all in God's hands now.

Despite our best preparations,
we can't guarantee the outcome.

In the event of an emergency,
you come first.

That's my duty as your doctor.

But I promise you, we will do everything
humanly possible for your babies.

Hi, Mrs.


I had to come to town to do some shopping.

Oh, my God.

Somebody helped my daughter
having a stroke.


Your motherinlaw thought that Becky had
had a stroke, but I've explained to her

and Becky that she's developed
a condition called Bell's palsy.

Sheer mass of babies and fluids
is pinched off a facial nerve.

Now, we can usually reverse
that with a high dose of steroids,

but I can't give them to Becky until she's
safely delivered and been stabilized.

And that's why beepers went
off all over Indianapolis.

This one Keith needs is waiting outside.

She's going to help you get down,
and we'll see in the ready?

Become a daddy never more.


I love you.

All right, getting ready for the uterine.

Everybody ready?


It looks clear.

Clean sponges, please.

Here comes baby.

Here we go.

Congratulations, people.

We just delivered five beautiful babies.

I think we got a problem.

Everything was going fine.
What went wrong?

What have you got?
I don't know.

I can't tell what I'm feeling.
Oh, my God.

I think there's another baby.

In here.
Linda, don't get around.

I'm not kidding around.
I got to put my breach baby.

I've been with her.

How's that?

Well, how about the baby?

Only there are five.

One was hiding.

We have six healthy babies.

Four boys and two girls.

Yeah, it was nice.

And Dr.
Smurs to include me.

You think I let Becky help?

As much fun alone are the muskets.

Well, they need a little help with their

breathing, but that's pretty
much the norm is 31 weeks.

BBG is having a little more trouble

with lung function, but we're hopeful
he'll catch up to the other soon.


Good evening.
I'm Dr.

SMRs, and this is Dr.

And we delivered the sex tablets
in a span of three minutes at 05:00 p.m..

This afternoon.

At this time, they are in good
health and in stable conditions.

Who are the parents?

They're being kept anonymous for now.

They have enough to deal
with at this moment.

How do you feel about having delivered
America's first surviving sex public?

What was your reaction to finding
there was a Stowaway baby?


How'd you miss it?

Was there at least two dozen ultrasounds
during the course of the pregnancy?

Let me see.

You have to understand what sort
of information you get from ultrasound.

It's a two dimensional view
of a three dimensional situation.

Now, at the beginning,
we didn't see a six egg.

From then on, we simply
stopped counting after five.

If you knew there were five eggs,
why did you go ahead?

Did you want her to have quintuplix?

Three of the eggs didn't
appear to be viable.

We were expecting two
fertilizations at the most.

For all five eggs to be fertilized six,

as it turned out,
is an extremely rare occurrence.

It almost never happens.

Doesn't the AMA advise
reducing multiple pregnancies?

How come you didn't?

Were you thinking of your own
reputation rather than your patient?

Every patient is unique.

We were guided in this particular case

by the parents long and difficult
struggle to have a family.

That's all the time we have for questions.

Doctor McLaughlin and Dr.

Submers need to get back
to their patients now.

Thank you.
Just one moment.

Okay, turn them over.


Adrian, julian.

What do you think?


Every one of them.

Six babies.


How are we going to do this?

As well as we possibly can.

We stretched every penny like it was
wherever that was for five minutes.

The incremental cost per unit
doesn't go up that much.

We could always move
in with my folks, I suppose.

Let's don't worry about that now, okay?

Let's just concentrate on getting you
and the babies out of the hospital.

Why can't we tell them
that your mom could see the babies?

You know what?

Why don't you take these
over to her right now?

Oh, I should stay with you.

No, you shouldn't.
You should get out of here.

You're keeping me alike

oh, they are magnets.

Is it in good shape?

Except for Julian.

He's drilling a low.
Oh, he's going to be.

Just fine.

He reminds me of you, you know.

He looks a little bit like you.

I can't wait to see him.

I can't wait to see all of them.

It might be a while
before they're released.

What do you mean, a while?

A couple of months.

Julie Maybe longer.

Well, I'm going to hold all of you.

Especially you, little guy.

How are you doing?
Are you okay?

Yeah, I guess.

I'm a little worried about how
I'm going to cope with all this.

You're going to cope fine.

Just relax.

You know what I used to do with you
when you were a little what?

Well, to calm you down and to make you

breathe easier, I used to sit by your crib
and I used to massage it with my finger.

Just a finger.

It was bigger than your arm.

Just hour after hour, day after day.

What these babies need more
than anything else's love.

When you and Becky have
plenty of that to give them.

So as long as they're fats, they're.

Going to be just fine.

Thank you.

Thank you so much for watching over me.

I'm Arlene.
I'm Brennan.

I'm Jackie.
I'm looking after quit.

Thank you.

I'm Tony.
I'm Ian.

I'm sorry, I can't open
Julian vice for you.

Grab a car.

Look, we figured out what's stressing

Julian he's developed in hernia,
which is adding.

To his breathing problem.

So I've rigged up a little trust for him,
which should help to eat his pain.

So what do you do about the hernia?

We repair it surgically,
which is fairly routine.

The problem with Julian is that we.

Can'T do it until he's stronger.

In the meantime, because of his stress
breathing, we've got to keep him on.

Oxygen, and that presents a serious risk
of long term neurological complications.

I'm afraid it's a race against time.

I knew you two would come
to your senses eventually.

How did you pay for all those stores?

People have been so kind, dropping off
blankets, diapers and sleepers and toys.

I don't know what all.
I've lost track.

And Lauren's cousin is
at the furniture factory.

He got us the deal on these cribs.

Oh, mom, this is so incredible.

But what about Julian's crib
and his little name plate?

The name plate is right here,
but the crib is in the garage.

I thought you wouldn't want
to set it up yet, just in case.

No, I do want to set it up.

We have six children,
and they'll all be coming home.

Here, honey, put this with it.

Brother Albert bought this place from a
food service outfit that went belly up.

Bought cabbage direct from his neighbor,
planted an acre of carrot.

Now he supplyed coleslaw for nearer
damn restaurant in Lancaster county.

So what am I going to be doing?

Well, I'll be out making sales
calls and deliveries mainly.

And you'll be hearing headquarters
mostly hacking cabbage.

Well, look on the bright side.

At least that's 10 hours a day.

You won't be taking orders from Doris.

I think I found the perfect job.

How do you feel about going home
with five of your babies and not the six?

Well, it's wonderful to be going
home with five of our children.

It's a miracle and I'm grateful.

But our family won't be complete
until Julian is home too.

Can you afford to raise six kids?

Well, maybe they won't have every material

advantage, but they will have
five siblings and lots of love.

Are you expecting assistance
from the government?

And do you think that's fair
just because you had six babies?

That never even occurred to us.

We want to be a family just like any other

family and look after
our children ourselves.

Julian very ill.

Do you still think you
did the right thing?

We left it in God's hands.

But you did take fertility drugs.

I don't want to get political.

I don't think that everybody should just
have sex tablets because it's so much fun.

This is how it happened for us.

We're just ordinary people with a big job.

Actually, we did want six babies,
just not all at once.

Keith, what is it that you're
worried about most?

An IRS audit.

Last year we had two deductions.

Next year we'll have eight.

Can we get a picture of you.

Both with the babies?

No, I'm sorry.

No pictures.
Not yet.

Not without Julian.

It's okay.
It's not much longer.

We'll all be together at last.

All right?
You are looking so much better than me.

Oh, I can't remember
the last time I was happy.

Don't be afraid, Larry.

You're not going to break.

I was never around kids much.

I was always on the road
when Keith was going up.

I think I can change his diaper.

I think I remember how.

You are behaving.

He's going to be a real lady killer.
Thank you, we're.

You're so demanding.

Yes, you are.

And you're just so lovable.

You're just so low.

Look at that.


Oh, really?

And you, Adrian, you are
going to be an athlete.

How do you know all that?

I'm your grandma.

I wasn't sleeping.

I was just resting my eyes.

I'll take over for a while.

Oh, I've got this under control.

It'd be a much better help if you went
down and made some breakfast bottles.

I like to be with the babies.

Before I go to work.

Oh, but the bottles.

I'll get to them.


Julian Pernia is nearly as big as

a baseball now, but they
still can't operate.

They managed to keep a trust on him,

but he doesn't like it and it
makes them fucking okay.

It's getting stronger.

Braxton is hoping to take them
off the ventilator fairly soon.

Then you can hold them
until your heart is content.

A baby could be picked up when he tried.

Hi, Sheri.

Would you like some coffee or something?

Tea would be nice.

I'll make up a pun.

Oh, thank you, Larry.

I appreciate you coming by.

Like you said, it was important.

Those babies are running
off your feet, huh?

Oh, Lord.
They're making me a nervous wreck.

Well, they're running us all racket.

Well, I know you're pretty busy,

so I guess I better get
right to the point, dear.

Doris, it's okay, don't.

There's nothing to be scared about.

I just want to ask you do me a favor.

Of course I will if I can.

I want you to love those babies for me.

Well, Lee, you know I will.

I'm making you uncomfortable, aren't I?

Look, I know that we haven't
been particularly close.

Of course we have.

We're family.

Those children are never
really going to know me.

You're going to be
the only grandma I know.

No, there's no need to talk that way, Lee.

You're going to be fine.

Just fine.


I'm going to die.

I want to ask for your honest

understanding because you
can give me peace of mind.

I know you're going to be a fine
grandmother to those kids,

but I wonder if you could remind him once
in a while that he had another grandpa.

And maybe you could hug him for me.

Do you think you could do that to us?

I will.
That promise?

I will.

I'll love them for both of us.
So help me.



Okay, go ahead.

We'll be there as soon as we can.
I was Dr.

Everything is worse.

They have to operate right away.

Julian is fine.

Oh, thank God.

His relief was immediate.

He's breathing on his own.

He's calm, feeding very well.

You can probably take him home tomorrow.

Thank you so much, Dr.

Thank you.
You're welcome.

Oh, our family is finally
going to be together.

Oh, Julian.

I promise you might hold you
in my arms and here you are.

I didn't think I could
prime away from Becky.

She has my golden.
Since we're at the hospital this morning.

There'S no one else on earth
I'd hand him over to today.

I knew you were going to pull through.

A sweet little one.

You turned out to be
the strongest one of all.

Yes, you're going to be
a musician, little Julian.

This is for you.

Look, everyone, julie is home with us.

That is about the coldest thing
you could say to a professional.


Hey, Debt, what's up?

She's taking a turn for the worse.

I thought she should know
I'll come right down.

She ain't on the line for Julian.

Otherwise she would have died weeks ago.

She said to say goodbye to you
and that she loves you

and not to worry because you're
going to be a real good dad.

I heard you moving around.

I made coffee.

Thank you.

When Keith's getting back?

He is helping his dad
make the arrangements.

Later today, I think.

Mind if I stay with you, princess?

You haven't called me that in years.

I know you're feeling terrible, Becky.

Please don't try and hide it around me.

I know you had something special with her.

I respect that.

Say the keys when he gets home.

Just be normal.

Just give him a break.

Maybe forget about the chores for a while.

It's a big house.

Your father can't keep it up alone.

We only moved here for God's sake.

He is up on him.


I'm only thinking about the babies.

Oh, I'm so sorry about your mother, Keith.

Thank you.

Where's Becky?

Oh, she's upstairs
with poor little Brenna.

Is she okay?

She's been kind of colicky.

She's been like this all day?


Keith does something really wrong.
She's all sunset.

She'll stop crying.
She's getting worse.

It's okay.

I can't make a definitive diagnosis yet,

but I want you and Kate to begin a regimen
of very gentle motion exercises.

I know that's easier said than done

with five other babies,
but it's important that the movements be

repeated for as long and as
often as she will tolerate them.

We'll manage.

I know it's preliminary, but what do.

You think it might be?

The curled up, rigidity refusal to be
comforted, the avoidance of eye contact

could be early signs
of a neurological depth.

Cerebral palsy.

There was something I could do for her.

That's hopeless.

I think I should take some time off work.

Just be with her.

She needs around the clock attention,

honey, and you have your hands
full with the other five.

You know what Doris is going to say?

She's going to say that she could take
care of all the others and then I could

work with Brenna and then you wouldn't
have to take time off from work.

She's going to say that you're flaky.

I don't care what she thinks.

Brennan needs me.

For God's sake.

You should carry Brenna
while you're vacuuming.

She likes it.

Well, you have to put her down sometime.


Her symptoms are completely gone.

We just did what you told us to.

Basically, I carried
her around and worked.

Her arms and legs for twelve days,
16 hours a day.

Well, given that all her tests are

negative, I have to conclude
that Brenda was just frightened.


Not at all uncommon
in high multiple families.

Nice work, Keith.
You know what?

The first time I really feel like a dad.

Albert called me into his
office this morning.

Seems the Chamber of Commerce wants

to have a sex Tuplet
stay at Fairy Tale Farm.

Give folks here about
the chance to see the babies.

Now they're doing so well at all.

As I recall, uncle Albert owns
Fairytale Farm, doesn't he?

He's one of the owners and our boss.

I think it's a wonderful idea.

Everybody wants to see the baby.

I don't think so.

All those people crowding around
and we can't expose them to all.

Come on.
We won't have to stay long.

We'll just hold the babies and shake
some hands and then go home.

I don't know, Mother.

Oh, my friends at the Hairdressers
are after me constantly.

I don't know what to tell them anymore.

I think it's a bad idea.

I think we owe it to people.


Is this thing working?

It is so nice being here.

It's gorgeous.

Summer day.

Can you introduce you to Adrian,
Claire, Brenna, Quinn, Ian and Julian?

Keith and Becky have been thrilled
with your generous donations.

And as you can imagine, caring for six
little ones is quite a challenge.

And your support has made it
so much easier for all of us.

Honey, you wouldn't want the baby
to catch a cold, would you?

Thank you.

Can you look them up so
I can get their face?

I don't think so.

Hey, I promised my daughter that she.
Could hold one of them.

You wouldn't mind?

I'm sorry, but we're going
to take a break right now.

Let us through, please.

Thank you.

Excuse me.

What is going on?

The Mary is going to come by any minute.

Is there a marriage or something?

I am taking them out of this freak show.

Let's go now.

No, we can't go yet.
They're selling tickets.

People are coming from all over to see

the baby, and we should put them at risk
so people will get their money's worth.

Oh, I give up.

Please, let us move.


Thank you.
I'm sorry.

We are never, ever doing that again.

I hate living here.
I have no control.

I don't like it anymore than you do,
but what else can you I don't know.

But if we keep on living here.

We might as well just sign custody over.

Doris, we need to be practical.

I'm sick of being tragical.
He's going to hear you.

I don't give a damn.

I don't understand what good it does for
you to stand here and throw this tantrum.

You know what?

You are actually beginning
to sound like her.

We need to go.

We need to start over.

Let's take the kids and let's go.

You mean it?

You are the most important
thing in the world to me.

If you're not happy, we're out
of here right now, tonight.

You're serious?

If we don't go, we'll never get out.

Where are you going
in the middle of the night?

That's all we know.

You can't take the baby.

Why would you do this?

Because if I don't,
I'm going to lose my husband.

That's why.
Do you understand that?

Do you have any idea what
you are doing to us?

You are not their parents.

We are.

What am I supposed to say to people?

Oh, is that what matters here?

What people think?

This is your doing.

After all the help we've given you,
you turned my own daughter again?

You know what?
You are wrong.

You are wrong.

This has got nothing to do with Keith.

This is about you and me.

Lauren, say something.

Drive carefully.

Oh, are we crazy?

We haven't got a pot to warm milk in.

Keith, what are you grinning about?

Damage myself.

Why are you grinning?

Because I love you.

Well, that's a good thing,

because right now, love is
about all we got going for us.

I can look for a job managing a lunch

shift change, usually
looking for good managers.

Or I could go out and get a radiology or
oncology job tomorrow for three times what

you would make, not to mention
a better health plan.

Sounds like you want to go back to work.

Okay, if you know I don't.

Just the thought of leaving these
babies every day tears me up inside.

So why does it keep coming up?

Oh, convince me there's another way.

I'll work two jobs.

I'll do whatever it takes.
No way.

We'd never see you.

Trust me to look after them?

Of course.

And I would still be
here 15 hours every day.

They will be the cleanest, most well fed,

most carefully changed,
thoroughly burped babies in the world.

The references are first rate,
and I made a few calls.

You've got an excellent reputation.

Thank you.

My only concern is dependability.

I mean, with six babies at home,
won't you constantly be late or absent?

My husband's going to be a full time dad.

Oh, really?

So does that make you a part time mom?

We're doing what we consider
best for our children.

And how we decide to do
that is none of your business.

Becky, wait.

I'm sorry.

I needed to know where
you were coming from.

I have high risk patience on this, Ward.

If you were going to be running home

to your babies every day,
I couldn't use you here.

So when can you start?


Mommy can miss you so much.

We're going to be late.
We'll be fine.

In fact, we will be exceptional.

Are you sure?

You are talking to a
professional manager here.

It just takes assistance.

But, Keith, if you can't handle this,
just page me immediately.


I love you all.

Everything's fine, honey.

How did you know it's me?

Because it's been just long enough for.

Me to get to the hospital.

Good luck on your first day.

You, too, honey.

Hang on, Twitter.
You're next in line.

Yes, you are.

Honey, what's going on here?

What have you done with my husband?

Why don't you go shower and get

comfortable, and I'll have
dinner ready when you come out?

You did all this and you cook?

I'm good, but I'm not that good.

Bothers to do this stuff in my day.

Meaning you don't think I
should be staying home?

No, I'm sorry.

I'm all fine.

Don't worry about it.

I'm just glad to have your company.

It's okay.

Hey, dad, can you hear me?

Music bar.


There you go, Jim.

That's Grandma lease song just for you.

Your mom would be very proud.

Of you.


What are you doing here?

You're not mad I came?

Well, it depends on what you came for.

I couldn't stand it anymore.

So are the babies.

They're thriving.

Keith is amazing with them.

I only want what's best for all of you.

It doesn't seem that way, Mother.

I just get a little too bossy, I guess.

I'm sorry.

I won't go back to the way it was.
You won't have to.

I promise.
I'm telling you, you are going to have

to change the way that you treat me
and the way that you deal with Keith.

I know.

Do you think Keith is
ever going to forgive me?

Yeah, I think so.

He's gotten a lot of practice with me.

Since I was in Indianapolis.

Anyway, I thought you would mind if.

I dropped in to stay.

Well, I'm glad you did.

I could look after them this afternoon
if you want to take a break with me.

It's nice to you, but there's nowhere I'd

rather be than right here
changing the diapers.

I could never rate six babies.

As good as you and Becky are.

I barely got through one.

These children are truly blessed.

Thank you, Doris.

I'm sorry.

He didn't do it to hurt you.

I just want to be a grandma.

If you'll let me.

Adrian here.

Looks like he's about ready for a bottle.

Thank you.

Do you remember me?

I'm your grandmother.

That's right.

Are you hungry?

You had another grandma?

Grandma leave.

You know what she told me?

She told me to tell you
that she loved you very much.

Yeah, that's right.


Hi, Quinn.

Hi, Quinnie.

Boy, you funny.


You better get going.

So, what do you think?


I wish I could be here when
the rest of them wake up to see it.

You won't do anything fun until you
get home from work, right?

You're so good with them.

They probably don't even miss me.

Of course they do.

You're just saying that.

Hey, I got this year's special moment.
You did?

Which one?

That's my wedding ring.

Oh, my goodness.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

Well, this certainly isn't the life
that we imagined we were going to have.

Sometimes things don't work
out the way we imagined.

Sometimes they work out better.

And we just feel like every day
is a brand new miracle.

An answer, prayer.

And we are so grateful.

we have faith in ourselves and in our

children and in our families
and in our wonderful hospital family.

And I just want everyone to know that we
are all going to make it just fine.

The glory of my tears the glory
of I'll have to go out with guys.

The answer is no.
My whole life.