Half Ticket (2016) - full transcript

A story of the 'Have Nots' struggling to survive in a world of 'Haves'.

What did the lawyer say?

He is asking for
another thirty thousand.

But we have already
paid his fees.

He said he spent it on our case.
I am not sure how true that is.

Don't drop your
food on the floor.

Why don't you come with me?

He missed you
on my last visit.


You carry on.

Do you have enough
money for the bus?

Sarsu's husband is going
that way; I'll go in his rickshaw.

What a mess!

Wash your hands properly.

And don't roam
around in the sun.

Come back soon.

Don't pick a
fight with anyone.

Are you even listening to me?

Did you hear me?

You leaking tank!

You pee in your bed every
night and hide your dirty pants!

Where will you go?

Hey, wait for me.

I'll deal with you when you're
back home, you leaking tank.

I'll make you sleep
on the roof tonight.

Pee all you want up there.

Your idea was a total flop.

You should have hidden
your pants on the roof.

She would have
never found it there. -Shut up.

You sneak rice
from home everyday.

Should I tell Mummy?

Sure, go tell her.
Leaking tank.

All grown up but you
still wet your pants.

Shut up and hurry up.

Run... run.

Two more runs.

Hey, 'Crow Eggs'.
Come play with us.


Any eggs in there?


How many?


Get them all.

No. Let's divide them equally.

One for you, one for
me and one for the crow.


Bhai... I don't think Nana
will come now. Let's leave.

Are you going on a 'hot date'?


Then shut up and stay put.

Nana is here!

Hurry up.

Good morning.
Hello Nana … How are you?

Namaste Nana

Hey Pokya, how is it going?

Fine Sir.


Sir these boys are
from our neighbourhood.

Hello Nana ...

They run the cable network.

If you want to run an advertisement
for your store, just tell them.

They will get it done.

They are useless Nana.
Good for nothing.

Keep quiet.
- Sir,

this hardly looks like
ten thousand square feet.

Yes it is… you can
check the documents sir.

Documents can
be easily forged.

Look at our Vashi plot
documents, Sir got it forged.

Sorry Sir.

Come on kids ... Let's go.

Hurry up!

Sir, our documents are clear.

It's very hard to find such
an open, clear plot in Mumbai.

You are quite lucky
to have found this one.

Ask Papa for a mobile.

Why should I?
Ask him yourself.

Why are you telling
me to ask him?

Don't you want one?

Oh yeah! As if you would
let me play games on it.

Of course I will. Trust me.
But you ask Papa for it.

You ate a crow's egg,
didn't you?


Wait here. He will come.

How are you?

Are you taking your
medication on time?

You don't seem
too well yourself.

I am fine.

How is mother?

She is fine.

She wanted to come along,
but I asked her not to.

Are the kids here?

Yes, downstairs.

They aren't letting
the kids in.

It's them isn't it?


Hey, Boys!

That is Papa's voice.

What are you doing there?

We are playing with a cat.

They are playing...

Hey! What do you
think you are doing?

This is a police station.

Sir ... They are my kids.

So, What's the big deal?

Don't shout out
to them from here.

Papa, when will you
get us a mobile phone?

Bloody brats... Bhandare
tell them to shut up.

Shinde, shut those kids up!

Do they go to school?

How did your father
land up in jail?

I don't know.

Why do they call
you 'tutti frutti'?

As a child I used to
work at a paan stall.

I used to eat all the 'tutti frutti'
instead of putting it in the paan.

One day the owner thrashed me.

Since then everyone
calls me 'tutti frutti'.

Have you got 'tutti
frutti' for lunch too?

No, bread and vegetables.

Want to eat some?

No. Yuck.

My name is 'Crow Egg'.


'Crow Egg'... 'Tutti Frutti'.

I'm "Little Crow Egg".
He's "Big Crow Egg".

Just shut up or
else I'll tell mummy.


What is in it?



Train coal... we pick
it from the tracks everyday.

Oh, coal!

But what do you do with it?

We sell it.

Three rupees a kilo.


Whom are you talking to?
Time up! Let's go!

Ok. Bye.


Five kilos.

It is right.


Go get cake from Aunty.

Kesha Darling!
... How are you dude?

You buggers. Where
did you get this from?

None of your business.

Just weigh it and
give us the money.

This will bring the
municipality to my door.

Kesha don't worry,
we'll take care of it.

Idiot, will you be
here if they come for me?

Of course! Tell him.

We have a lot of
clout with the cops.

You know the cops?


Did they invite him to
inaugurate the new lock up?

Don't bring
such stuff to me anymore.

Kesha Darling ... give
us the money and just chill.

Come in the evening...
let's have 'little-little'.

Have some cake.

Aunty, can I have this watch?

Yes, take it.

Mummy when will we buy a TV?

We'll get one only when
you stop peeing in your pants.

Why do you keep
nagging him about it?

He'll stop when he grows up.

How much did you get today?

Fifteen rupees.

Mummy tell Papa
to give us a mobile.

Once Papa is free, he'll
get you one, sweetheart.

Ever since your visit to the
jail you look quite upset.

What is the matter?

He has lost so much
weight. I am worried.

Oh you're worried about him!

Shouldn't you be mad at him?

He landed himself in jail.

What is the point
in getting mad?

I must get him out of jail.

Tell me if you know a
way to get him out.

Go meet Chamdi. He is
Nana's man but what a lech!

Nana is a busy man.

You think he'll see you just
because you are here?


Is that your brother?

Hey! Nana is calling you.
Can't you hear him?

Yes Ma'am.

Wait here, I'll be back.

Careful you idiot.

I have to manage the
entire neighbourhood.

All thanks to me, or else they'll bring
your shop down in a single night.

Give it to him.

Keep it inside.

Is that all of it?

These are four bundles.

Mr. Mujumdar, the boys tell me that your
shop has many branches across Mumbai?

Not just Mumbai, we have
branches in Pune, Satara, Navi Mumbai, Thane...

I guess you must be making at least
twenty million every month!

Twenty... huh... It's forty just
in Mumbai... and in Thane...

This is our man.

Get the tea.

What are they doing?


It's coming down.


Grandma... you know the
whole tree fell down!

In a minute!

Never mind that tree. Remember there
is another one near the temple!

It is huge. The crow
will go to that tree.

They chopped
that one long ago.

They have put up Nana's
statue over there.

The crow doesn't lay
eggs over there.....

... and when the crow
lays eggs, you steal them!

They eat crow eggs; I can't hear
enough of it from Sarsu.

The whole neighbourhood talks about
it, but these brats are shameless.

Let them have it.

Can we afford to give
them chicken eggs?

Let them have it ...
It'll help them grow.

Doesn't matter if the crow is
black... after all it's a bird.

It'll give the children
strength to fly!

Don't defend them.

If I ever catch you eating crow eggs
again, I am going to thrash both of you.

And you ... are you done?

No, not yet.

I slogged so hard for this deal...
but Nana doesn't care.

Why does this always
happen to you Bhai?

Why Bhai why?

(Reciting poetry)

Bloody poet!

Mummy... what is that?

You wanted a TV didn't you?

TV! Awesome!

Mummy, you said you'll get a TV
only if he stops peeing in his pants.

I got it in a lucky draw.

You should've got
a mobile instead.

During the elections they will
distribute mobile phones and sim cards.

You'll get one then.

Till then watch TV.

It's mine, I won't let him.
- Shut up.

- Go get the cable guy.

mummy has brought a TV.


Didn't I tell you about
the lucky draw?

Sarsu got a mixer.


Let it loose.

Mummy do you know why
everyone has a belly button?


The baby comes out
of the belly button.

Who tells you all this?

Tutti frutti!

Tutti frutti?

He is my friend.

He is tutti frutti and
I am Crow Egg.

Crow Egg?

Yes. My name is Crow Egg.

He is Big Crow Egg and
I'm Little Crow Egg.

Useless... don't run away.

Look. I have a watch.
Just like yours.

This is a toy watch.

Look this one is an original.

You think wearing a watch
will make you a big shot!

Yes it will. Wait and watch.

Mummy... There he goes again.

Tell me ... What is your name?

Crow Egg.

Dad bought him.

For how much?

Twenty five thousand!

Mummy you know our
friend Sarang?

He bought a dog for
twenty five thousand!

Its face is like this...

Shall we buy one?

Hey Crow Eggs!

How did Papa land up in jail?

Sir, these film actors
never show up on time.

I have heard that this particular actor
always arrives late to the shooting as well.

Shilwant, will you shut up?


I have just spoken to Nikhil.

The car will be
here in 5 minutes.

But Sir, the auspicious time will be
gone in 5 minutes. It is a bad omen.

Sorry sir.

Where did you find this one?

He is from my wife's town.








The pizza comes in a parcel
by plane everyday!

From abroad!

What is it called?



Look pizza!

It looks so tasty!

Must be sweet.

Mummy I want the pizza.

You keep asking for stuff.
Every new thing that you see.

Do you think money
grows on trees?

Don't scold them.
They are just kids.

Please stay out of this.

They have turned
into spoilt brats.

Their mother tries to
save every penny...

...knocks on every door to get
their father out of jail ...

... but do they care?

I want pizza... not Papa.

Did you hear that?

If you say that again... I'll
burn your tongue, mind you!

What is your name?

'Little Crow Egg'

My name is 'Big Crow Egg'.


Come here.

Isn't there a shorter route
here to get to the main road?

Is that a pizza?


Is there a way to
get to the main road?

Go straight, then turn left, then
right, you'll come to a signal...

Turn left at the signal.


Not left...
turn right at the signal.

Turn left.

Your hand is signaling
a right turn.

But there used to
be a shorter route right here.

Show us the pizza and we'll
show you the shorter route.

Just once ... please.



Now show me the shorter route.

Is that a pizza?

This is what Ankush
Chaudhari eats?

His wife doesn't cook for him?

Have you ever had pizza?


299! ... 300 rupees!
For such a small pizza?

Yes, but we are still
going to eat this pizza.

Mr. Little Crow Egg...
to buy this pizza...

See that wagon ... you will have
to collect a wagon full of coal.

We will do it!


This is from the new shop.

You must have had pizza.

Yes. Several times.

Look at this... If you call this number,
the pizza gets delivered directly to your house.

At home?

Yes. Home delivery.

Even in our neighbourhood?

Yes why not?

But you have to pay for it.
Once the pizza is delivered.

You have money don't you?

We are going to collect a
wagon full of coal for the pizza.

A full wagon? How much
do you make in a day?

10 rupees.

10 rupees... So for
300 rupees ... 30 days!

That is only one month!

Whom are you calling?

The Pizza Shop.

Pizza shop!

How will you pay him?

Remember the pizza
guy who came here?

We'll ask him to deliver
the pizza to our house.

Once he does, we'll ask him to note
it down; we'll pay him in a month.

Hello, good afternoon.
Pizza Café.

We want to have a pizza.

Yes Sir.
Please tell me your address.

Hello are you on the line sir?

Near the Kartik temple.

"Ok ... Go on."

Your building name sir?

Your flat number sir?

Any landmark sir?

Yeah! You can ask anyone, "Which
one is Little Crow Egg's house?"

They'll tell you.
Are you crazy?

What is our address?

Lane next to Kartik
temple, Bhimnagar.

Yes that is what we told him.

But he wanted to know more.


The pizza fellow.

How much is it for?

300 rupees!

Huh! 300 rupees!

So expensive!

We are still going to have it.

Yeah. And you can have some
of your mother's thrashing as well.

If we save money for a month,
we shall have 300 rupees.

Why do you want to
give them the money?

Give it to me.

Take this and get
the things that I tell you.

Onions, tomatoes, chillies.

Uncle... Onions,
tomatoes and chillies please.

And some bell peppers too.

Bell peppers! Hurry up please!

Grandma... is it done?

Not yet.

Your pizza is ready!

But this doesn't
smell like pizza.

Don't smell your food.
Dogs smell their food not men.

There are no strings in it.

Strings! Rotten food
has strings in it.

You said it would be sweet!

Bread isn't sweet.

Bread! ... yuck.

Do you think we are fools?

We don't want your pizza.

We'll buy our own pizza.
The ‘real' pizza.

Are you sure about this?

Homemade pizza won't do?

This is what you want?

Come, I'll take
you to a treasure.

But you can't tell anyone.


Promise me.



Why didn't you
bring us here before?

You didn't tell me before.

Did you find a
treasure chest of coal?

Hey Eggs!

See you tomorrow ...
we're busy today.

Come on ... hurry up!

Shh. Not so loud.

Are we stealing this coal?

We are just taking our share.

Bonnie and Clyde!
What is with all this coal?

They are making money...
why are you so jealous?

All you do is drink all day.

Here come the Crow Eggs.

Hey Crow Eggs!
Look at my mobile!

You can click photos
and shoot videos!

You said your father is
going to give you a mobile.

Where is your mobile?

We don't want a mobile.

We are going to have pizza.


You think you're
some kind of a big shot?

Come on.

They are going to have pizza!

140 ... 150 ... 225 ...
230 ... 240 ... 300 ... 310.

How much?


What will you do
with all that money?

We're going to eat pizza.


Does your mother know?

Yes she knows.

Come on.


Where are you going?

To eat pizza.


There is no pizza here.

Get lost.

Yes there is.

We saw Ankush Chaudhari
eating pizza here.

Hey... 'Ankush Chaudhari!'

Go home.


What is going on?

Nothing Sir. These kids
are from the slums.

They were barging in.

Don't worry. I'll handle this.

Go back. Go home.

He called us 'beggars'.

How did he know we
are from the slums?

Your clothes.


Oh yes.

Your clothes give away
that you live in the slum.

How do you know everything?

Once I gate crashed a wedding.

I thought no one would
notice me in the crowd.

But one look at my clothes and
they knew. I was kicked out.

That is when I realized. A man
is known by the clothes he wears.

I ignore the children's needs to
give all the money to the lawyer.

Now he says it's not enough.

Bloody ********

They are nothing
but scavengers.

Never mind.

Why don't you go
to another lawyer?

If we do that then this
lawyer's fees are wasted.

The new lawyer will
ask for more money.

When I go visit their father,
his eyes constantly question me.

"When will I be free?"

And this rascal of a lawyer
can't even get him out on bail.

You are doing this
all by yourself.

I am sorry that I cannot
help you in your hardship.

I am of no use
to anyone anymore.

Mother, that is not true.

I am able to do everything only because
I know you'll take care of the children.

What would happen to
our home if not for you?

Grandma, we had been
to the pizza shop today.

But they didn't let us in.

Tutti frutti said it's because
of our clothes... Is it true?

Yes my dear. It is true.

Those who wear dazzling
clothes are rich...

And the ones in dirty
clothes are paupers.

But we had money
for the pizza.


He won't come today. Let's go.

Hey Eggs! Wait up!

Sorry I am late.

But look what
I have got for you!



Have it.

Didn't you want to have pizza?

I have brought this
specially for you.

No thanks.
We'll buy our own pizza.

But... have it!
I have got it for you.

Where did you get
these clothes from?

From the mall.

Which mall?

City Centre Mall. M.G. Road.

City Centre Mall. M.G. Road.

Come on.

City Centre, M.G.
Road… City Centre, M.G. Road.

Why didn't you
let me eat the pizza?

We'll buy it with
our own money.

Where is Tutti frutti?


The fat guy who
used to work here.

He used to steal coal. He is fired.
I don't know where he is now.

What is his name?

Tutti frutti

What a weird name!

Poor Tutti frutti, I
wonder where he is.

He was fired thanks to us.

Now we can't
get any coal here.

Now we can't even
buy the pizza.

Don't you want to have
the pizza like Ankush Chaudhari?

Let's go.

Have you seen my
husband anywhere?


For the past whole week you haven't
been bringing home any money.

Don't you pick
the coal anymore?

No. We play all day.

We are going to see your
father in a couple of days.

I'll tell him
what you are up to.

We don't want to visit Papa.

Why do you say that?

She works so hard.

You must try to help her.

You shut up.

All you do
is sit at home and eat.

Mind your tongue or
you'll get it from me.

You should have taken
Sarang's pizza.

He had already
eaten half of it.

You want his leftover pizza?

Singing to himself.


What is it?

He is drunk.

Let's go.


He is going to die drinking.

Here. Both of
you have some cake.

Is that how you talk
to a customer?

What about 'customer care'?

Get lost you drunk.

Uncle, where is your home?


Give us 10 rupees
we'll take you home.

How many rounds was it?


Don't touch the car.


Two days makes it 20 rupees.

410. Another 100 and we
shall buy us some new clothes.


Ok ok.

Let's sell Tommy!

Dog for sale!

Sir, would you
like to buy a puppy?

You guys have begun selling
dogs at signals now!

How much?

25 thousand.

How much?

25 thousand.

What a scam... get lost!

Brother, this one won't work.

Why not?

It is torn.

Never mind, it's fine.

Hey fatty... hurry up.

Shut up skinny freak.

Tonya look at them.

Hey Crow Eggs!

Did you have the pizza?

430 … 440 … 450 … 460 …
470 … 480... 490 … 500 … 510.

How much is it?


We have enough money now!


Where are you going?

To shop for new clothes!

Sir of course you are!

But where exactly
are you going?

City Centre... M.G. Road.

2 'half tickets'.

City Centre!

Sir, City Centre Mall?

Here it is.


They are never going
to let us in there.

Do you like your new clothes?


Dad… panipuri!

Dad... panipuri!

No my dear. It's not hygienic.

It'll make you sick.

You never give us
what we really want.

Don't say that. Look we bought
such lovely clothes for you.

We have spent 4 thousand
rupees on them.

But we never asked
for new clothes.

Let's go home. I'll ask mummy to
make some instant noodles for you.

No. I want to have paanipuri.

No you won't get it.

Let me call your mother, we
are leaving immediately...

My mobile!

Stay here. I'll be right back.

Do you want to have paanipuri?

Do you like them?

They are awesome!

Did you just throw them out?


"I'll have a word
with him... yes"

Didn't I tell you not to
have this paanipuri!

Where are your bags?

We sold them.

Sold them?


Hey! Where do you
think you're going?

Didn't I tell you
not to come here?

Get lost!

But look ...
We have new clothes.

So you think new clothes
will let you in?

Don't get ahead of yourselves.


What is the matter?

What do they want?

Sir these kids are from the
slum ... they keep coming back.

What is your problem?

We haven't done anything.


We are here to have pizza.

But this bugger ...
he is abusing us.

How dare you abuse? Next time I
see you here I'll break your bones.

Bloody beggars.

Go beg on the streets.

I better not see
you here again.

Get lost.

You dare not come back.

Pizza is not for you.

Get lost.

Brother, let's leave.

She is no more!

This won't even buy the wood.

This is all I have.

You don't even have enough
money for the funeral?

Ok. This will do.

Come on.

Tell me the truth.

Where did you
get so much money?

We were'nt playing all these
days. We were selling coal.

We found a whole lot of coal.

We sold it and
bought these clothes.


Hey Crow Eggs!

Want some more pizza?

What was that about?

Both of them went
to have pizza yesterday.

They got beaten up instead.


At the new pizza shop.

They were beaten?

Yeah! It was so funny!

Who beat them?

The pizza guy.


Of course they'll get thrashed
if they ask for free pizza.

No. They had money.
They even wore new clothes.

But still that guy hit them.


What is it?

Just take a look at this.

Fine. Go home.

Come back tomorrow
for your mobile.

It's my father's mobile.
He'll yell at me.

Oh Daddy's darling. Get lost.

Let's go fatty.

Chillar ... This mobile... it's
going to make us rich ... very rich.

Bhai it's an outdated model.
You won't get anything for this.

Forget about the model ...
watch this.



How will that make us rich?

Idiot ...

But... Bhai...


I'll finish this.

What is this?

The kids are from our slum.

If this is exposed ... if
the media gets hold of this clip...

We have already discussed
this over the phone.

What do you want?

Well ...
I'll take what you can offer.

I'll let you know.



Ok sir.

Here. Once you decide,
just give me a call.

Keep it.

Ok sir. Bye.

Bhai he has
such a hawk like nose.

Don't worry, this hawk is
going to sing like a canary.

Instead of getting involved in it why
don't we just sell the video to Ashok?

To Ashok?

Yeah, we can easily
make money out of it.

If we sell it to him,
he'll sell it to the media.

We won't get much out of it.

Instead if we cut a deal with the
owner, he'll give us five thousand.

Five thousand!

We'll get 2500 each!

Five thousand is too much,
let's ask for two thousand.

Just two thousand?

You fool!
That is way too less.

Just two thousand?

Think big ... don't get
stuck in trivial deals.

Sir don't waste any time.
Call him.

Call them!
I am not calling those fools.

Sir they are no fools.
In fact they are quite smart.

They have only given
us a copy of that video.

If the media gets
hold of this clip...

... the human rights activists will cry
ill treatment of slum children..

..atrocity even child abuse...

... and force us to shut shop.

In my opinion we should
call Nana Jagdale.

He is their leader.

Nana Jagdale! He is a con man.

He'll take our money and still have
the people in the slum at our throats.

Hello who is this?

Shilwant here.




Who is it?

Yes sir.

This is a small matter.

Let us not blow it out of
proportion. Name your price.

Sure, I have already said I'll
take what you offer.

In that case we'll give you
fifty thousand rupees at the most.

Bhai don't ask for 3 thousand.
Just settle for 2.

Ok. It's not much
but I'll accept it.

Ok. Bring the original
clip and take your money.

Ok sir.

Sir you are a very lucky man!

What did he say?

Idiot. You wanted to ask for just 2
thousand. 3 would be too much huh?

Do you know what
I have settled for?

How much?

4 thousand!

4 thousand!

You are the best!

These kids are
our lottery ticket!

Mummy! No wet pants today!

Little Crow Egg
is all grown up!

Sorry sir I am late.

Original video?

Sir give me the money
and take your video.

You may be smart enough to make money...
but to spend it you need to stay alive.

I better not see
you here again.

Of course sir.
This matter is over forever.

Ok sir.

Just a minute.

Are you sure there is
no other copy of this video?

No sir.
I swear. This is all I had.

Well known pizza chain - Pizza Café
have recently inaugurated a new branch.

A manager from this pizza shop has been caught
on video brutally assaulting two young children.

The reason behind it being
they wanted to have pizza.

In fact the children had enough
money to buy their own pizza.

The children are from
the neighbourhood slum.

This incident has once again
brought to the fore the rift in society.

Our news correspondent has captured
this incident on his camera.

Let us take a look at it.


Bhai you have no
idea what I have done!

Forget the pizza shop owner.
How much was he offerring us?

4 thousand?

You want to know how much Ashok
gave me for that video? 5 thousand!

I am sure it is already on TV.

I got us a much better deal!

Bhai drinks on me tonight!

I am waiting.

Why is he late?

Bloody fool!

What is it?
Why are you beating me?

You think you are a smart ass?

You can have your 50%

Shove those 50% ....

Do you have any idea
how much they were offering?

How much?

How much?

He was ready to
shell out 50 thousand.

50 thousand!

What a waste ... they
beat me up instead.

Bhai you were going
to double cross me?

Does it hurt?

Yeah. They really went for it.

But wait and watch ...
I'll make them pay for it.

Yes of course.

Call for it.

One soft drink
for my friend here!

Soft drink?

Well, get a beer.

Two young children
living in a slum.

They were barred from entering Pizza
Café in spite of having enough money.

In fact the boys were even brutally
thrashed by a Pizza Café manager.

Our correspondent tried to speak
to the owner of the pizza café ...

...but he seemed reluctant
to comment on this issue.

The identity of both the
kids still remains unknown.

What do you think? Will such kinds
of incidents keep happening in our society?

I condemn this government.

We need to look at this incident
with a specific political point of view.

Just a minute Ma'am.
I must interrupt you.

We are taking a break here. But don't go
anywhere and keep watching News 21.

Our topic of discussion
is Pizza vs. Bhakri.

Send in your views
at #pizzavsbhakri

let us earn a lot of money.

We'll give it all to mummy.

It'll help Papa
come out of jail.

Thousands of families live in these slums
that are completely ignored by our society.

Hundreds of children from these families
work on daily wages to help run their houses.

The two innocent children
are from one such family.

Their only crime is their desire to eat a
pizza which is a symbol of a lavish lifestyle.

The dreams of many such children are crushed
before they blossom. When will this end?

With Cameraman Rakesh, I am
Gayatri Bapat for ABP Majha.

We must do something.

They have attacked these
children from our community.

I raised my voice
to get justice.

But they beat me up.

You went asking for justice?

Yes he went by himself.

But look what they did to him.

Do as I say.

Gather all the women from
the neighbourhood. Right now.

We'll march to their doors.

You are right Nana.

We'll do as you say.

I'll call the news channels.

Let's make it huge!

Ok Nana. We need your support.

Never mind.

What have you done?

Pokya has
been looking for you.


It seems the pizza
shop owner beat you up?

They said they
are showing it on TV.

Don't scare the kids.

These tiny little rug rats...
but they are so brave! Bravo!

How did we turn up on TV?

I don't know.

Hand me my mobile.

I'll tell Pokya
the kids are here.

They are leaving!

Hey, take your money.

Sarsu, are you coming
to the protest march tomorrow?

They are giving us
one meal and 100 rupees.

What is this march for?

Apparently some one thrashed
some kids from the slum.

Our slum?

I am sure they must
have done something.

Will you be there?


Yes Mr. Mujumdar.

I am sure you have heard
about the whole incident.

Yes I saw it on TV.

But sir, you should have called me
before this whole episode blew up.

The kids are from my slum,
from my community.

What if you get charged
under ‘atrocity'?

I want to put an
end to this immediately.

Please help me.


Please help me.


Of course I'll help you.

In a country where the poor struggle
to have two square meals a day...

... two poor children
dreamt of having a pizza.

But they had to pay a
heavy price for their dream.

Let us take a look at what the
people have to say about it.

Who shot our video?

Have they turned on the water?

I'll be right there.

Why are you staring
at a blank screen?



No... nothing.

I know you are
up to something.

Amma hurry up or
you won't get any water.

The pizza shop
owner has it coming.

He has no clue what
is going to happen.

He'll see what I am all about!

There she is!

I have been looking
for you all over.

I even went to your factory.


Yes you!

Never mind.

I want you right at
the front of the march.

- Yeah.


Why? We are doing this for your children
and you want to just sit at home?

Don't you watch TV?

Your children
are all over on TV.

The pizza guy beat them
and the matter has heated up.

Hit them?

They hit my children?

Where are the kids?

There were right here.


Where are they now?

Oh my god.


They have kidnapped the kids.

- Yes.

They kidnapped my children?
Who are they?

Don't worry. The news
channels are supporting us.

Nana is standing by us.

You don't worry.
We'll find the children.

Let's go look for them.

Have you seen my children?

They just went this way.

Have you seen my boys?

They must have
gone to have pizza.


Little Crow Egg!

I know everything...
about your boys, your husband.

It'll be alright.

Don't you worry.

I have spoken to a lawyer.

Nana is standing by you.

They are just children.
How far could they go?

They'll be somewhere
around here.

Will you have
something to drink?

I have looked everywhere
for the children.

Everyone has
a different story.

Your children are
like my children.

Rest assured... Nana will make sure that the
men who are behind this will pay for it.

They cannot get away with
treating our children like this.

You go home.

When the children come home,
bring them here to me.

This incident took place outside a branch
of the famous pizza chain - Pizza Café.

This video has gone
viral across social media.

When will such brutality
come to an end?

We are getting reactions
to this incident from far and wide.

This incident of brutality against children
has enraged the people from all over.

It has created a stir
even in the government.

Let us take another
look at this video.

Don't worry sir.

Give me some time. I'll
bring the children to you.

Sister, this is for you
and the rest of the ladies.

Create such a ruckus that
the pizza shop falls apart.

Don't you worry.

The cops are already here?

Shut up.

Hello Sir.

Are you the mother
of those children?

Yes sir.
You are right on time.

She is the mother and
this is ‘the Eggs' nest.'

Where are your children?

I don't know sir.

They have been missing
since yesterday.

Do you know where the
frogs hide after the rains?


In the clouds.

When the sun is
out they evaporate.

When it rains they
come down again.

No way! Liar.

I'm not lying. I swear.


Have you seen the
kids from the pizza shop?

The kids from the TV news.

They are right here.

Sir. They are getting away.

Don't run away!



Where were you
the whole night?

They showed our clip on TV.

Everyone was looking for us.

We got scared.

Come with me.

Pokya... when is your march?

Bhai! You're a fool.

Good morning sir.

We have found the children.


I am bringing them
to you right now.

Yes sir.

Thank you sir.

Look! I guess Ankush
Chaudhari is back.


It is cold in here.

Do you like our shop?

Get the pizza.

But we don't have any money.

Doesn't matter my dear.

It is free for you today.

Sir why don't you
feed them yourself?

I apologize to everyone
for the unfortunate incident.

Are you sure this wasn't just another
marketing ploy to promote your business?

No, not at all.

What happened
is indeed very sad.

I do not discriminate
between rich and poor.

Sir, tell them about
the 49 rupees' pizza.

Soon we are going to introduce a
pizza for just rupees 49 at this branch.

Do you like the pizza?

Not at all. You?


It's disgusting.
So dry and flaky.

And sticky too.

The pizza that grandma made
was so much better than this one.

How do we finish
the rest of this pizza?