Half Nelson (2006) - full transcript

Young Caucasian Dan Dunne teaches history and coaches the girls basketball team at a Brooklyn high school populated primarily by black and Hispanic students. To the chagrin of his superiors, Dan bucks the outlined curriculum of historical facts in favor of the philosophy of historical events, generally discussing the concept of dialectics. As such, he captures the imagination of his students, at least in the classroom. Outside of the classroom, Dan's life is in shambles. He has a distant but cordial relationship with his family. He uses illicit drugs rampantly. Although his former girlfriend Rachel was able to clean up her drug habit, Dan believes that rehab will not work for him. Due to a combination of these issues, he treats women poorly. Thirteen year old Drey is a student in his class and a player on his basketball team. Drey has her own problems. Her parents are divorced, with her father a virtually non-existent figure in her life and her EMT mother generally absent as she is always working to provide for Drey. Her older brother Mike is incarcerated for selling drugs for a local dealer named Frank. Mike took the fall for Frank, who in turn protects Drey whether she wants to be associated with him or not. Dan and Drey's relationship changes when Drey catches Dan, believing he is alone, smoking crack in the girl's locker room bathroom. He is totally stoned. Their resulting friendship, which is seen as inappropriate by the few who know, is based on each being unable to deal with their own life, but feeling like they can be at least a minor salvation in the other's life.


[Alarm sounding]

One, two, three,
four, five, six

Seven, eight, nine,
ten, eleven, twelve


[Alarm sounding]

- Auditions for Miss Jackson
step rehearsals.

Step rehearsals will meet
in room 326 after school today.


What is history?


You can read the board.


I'm so happy to hear that.

No, what is it?

What does it mean?


Thank you, Stacey.

I'm glad to hear
someone's paying attention.

History is the study
of change over time.

And what's change?

It's this.
It's opposites.

It's two things that
push against each other
in opposite directions.

So the civil rights movement,
okay, it's essentially,

it's two opposing mentalities.

In the south,
the majority believes

all men are not created equal,
and there's a minority

who believes that they are,
so that minority struggles

and it fights and it pushes
till eventually

it becomes the majority.

Am I boring you?

Let's give you some examples,
okay, of opposing forces,

like I'm going to go
night and day.

What else?

Big and little.

Anything else?

Left and right.

You and I.

You and I.

Teacher, student.
Anything else?


Just wondering if you could count me
and Gina's baldheaded sister as opposites.

Oh, insult.

[Kids shouting "insult"]

Gina come on, tell me you're not
going to take that?

You got a bald sister?
Is your sister bald?

Give me something.

May 17, 1954.


[Kids yelling]

And I expect some thought
from you.

I don't want
just dates and facts.

I want to know why.
I want to know consequences.

I want to know what it means.
All right.

Now, back to the bald sister.


What's going on with that?



I'm shooting.

You got your girl open
over here.

She's sending out smoke signals
over here.

She's got the fire.

She's going I got it over here
and you're like...

Come on, get open.
Oh, yeah.


You going to put that down
and come play or what?

I ain't done yet, Coach.

All right, top of the key,
three passes, here we go.


Thursday, 11:16 a.m.

Hello, this is Taylor calling
from Consolidated Credit.

This is an urgent message
For Mr. Daniel Dunn

regarding your
outstanding balance.

Thursday, 5:25 p.m.

Hey, Dan, it's Rachel.
I'm in town for a while.

You know, my Mom, anyway,
I know it's been forever,

but i'd really like to see you.

I don't know.

I'll be at my parents
so give me a call, okay?


Thursday, 5:25 p.m.

Hey, Dan, it's Rachel.


I like Oprah.

I love Oprah.

But the thing is I was just
fucking things up just to fuck them up.

Right, right.



Right, because everything
that is worth...

Right, just forget it.
So you're a teacher?

I'm a teacher.

And what am I supposed to teach them,
you know what I mean?


That's the point,
you know what I mean?



If you can change one person...

then you can change them all.

I want to dance.

I want to dance.

Let's dance.

What's going on, bro?

What's the word?

What's that?

What, this right here?

Some new street shit.

Go ahead, man, check it out.

You got to feel that shit.

Yeah, it's not bad.

That's the street shit.

So what you need, teach,
another eighth?

I only got 30.


It's been a long week.

You want that other thing?

On may 17, 1954,
The supreme court ruled

on the case of Brown
Versus Board of Education,

making it illegal for states
to segregate public schools.

This was a major step forward
in the struggle

for racial justice
and helped begin

a flurry of bold
and heroic actions

known as
the Civil Rights Movement.

Get on her.
Sally, get on her.

It's all right, Sally.
Come on.

Come on.

Ballgame, ladies.

Good job.

I like our chances
Against Saint Joseph.

The thing is if we could just
Figure out a way to put the ball

in the hoop it would be fine.

Stace, good job tonight.

Thank you.

You did a greatjob.
Is there anyone else in there?

No, that's it.

Thanks for tonight.

All right.
Bye, Mr. Dunn.

What are you doing here?

I heard this was the place.

We need a little work,
But we're having fun so, yeah.

How are you?

Same old, same old.

I'm happy to see you.

It's good to see you too.
You look good.

Come on, I got fat.

Oh, I know, but it looks great.
You look healthy.

Do you want to go get some...

I can't.
I got to...

To get some coffee?


I can't tonight.

Do you want to do it
Another night?



Hey, how's your Mom?

Did you get my messages?

I'm coming in.



[Toilet flushing]

Somebody in there?

Oh, sorry.

That's okay.

It's okay.
I'm fine.

I'm sorry.

Are you okay?

Can you help me up?

Are you okay?


Okay, good.

It's gonna be fine.

Some water?

I'm sorry, but I'm fine.

Just don't go, okay,
Just for a minute?

Just for a minute?


See you tomorrow?

[Tv in the background]

[Background conversations]


Hey, kiddo.

How's darrel's leg healing?

I don't know.

You didn't go to the hospital?


Did your father pick you up
from practice last night, Drey?


Fucking shit.
How did you get home?


I'm tired of this.
Something has got to change.

I don't know what.

You don't got to worry about me.

Oh, look at you, Miss 12.

Thirteen, I'm 13 now.

Oh, so you grown, huh?

Going to take care of yourself,
Is that it?

Pretty much.

Well, that's a relief.

I guess I ain't got to cook up
these burgers then, huh?

Hey, Mom, you know this dude
Cesar Chavez on Spanish Six?

Cesar who?

Cesar Chavez.
He once fasted for 35 days.

That means he didn't eat
For 35 days,


Think you could do that?

[Phone ringing]

Hi, honey, it's Mom.


Hi, um, is Rachel there?

[Background conversations]

[Bell rings]

Well, I feel good today.

Anyone else feel good?

I need a volunteer, and I need
somebody who feels strong.

So what we've got here
Is two opposing forces,

Terrence and myself, and we're
pushing against each other.

And as long as one is stronger...
and it looks like it's t...

The change is slow
and consistent.

But once the other side
becomes stronger,

yhere's a turning point.

Thank you, T.
Make sense?


Now, turning points
can happen like that.

They can be physical, or they
can happen on a greater scale,

like a war or something.

So why don't you do me
a favor and write

three examples
of historical turning points

that we've talked about
in class, okay?

What's up?

Have you even opened the
Civil Rights binder I gave you?

The Civil Rights binder
I have opened,

and it's got some great stuff
in it.

I think it's great.

I'm just providing
a little general content...

I need you on the civil rights
Section by next week.

Nice seeing you.

Is that gum in your mouth?

He was a Gemini.
He was so cocky.

Every day I saw him he used
to go like, oh, you happy you got me.

You happy you got me,
and I be like,

Please you the one that's got
me, so y'all like Geminis?

Oh, what's his name?

Mr. Easton and Mrs. Wright
In the movie theater.

I'm pretty sure
they're married.

I don't, they can't.

You don't know what you're
talking about, so don't talk.

No, but they look
weird together.

Y'all think Mr. Dunn is married?

Would you want to marry him?

Come in the room,
swirling his finger around,

Telling us to move the desk.

Why can't he move the desk?

I'm getting tired of that
every morning.

Don't forget about his glasses.

And he...
- bifocals.

- He start
Throwing them around,
throwing the chalk

Like he all cool and fly
and everything, but...



Would you marry your father?

"A man who was curious to know
If a knife could penetrate

"his bulletproof vest
Was killed yesterday

"by a stab wound to the chest.

"Witnesses say the man,
Jeff Turner, 32,

"urged his brother,
Scott Turner, 35, to stab him

"as hard as he could, believing
The vest would stop the knife.

It didn't."

So how's
Your opposite somethings?

Pretty good.

Where'd you come up
with that stuff?

It's just a little something
I picked up in college.

A little thick
for the eighth grade, no?

Yeah, yeah, well, you'd think,
but I don't know.

I think they're getting it.

You know,
Drey is so textbook.

How's your book?

Don't ask.

There's always the summer.

Do you want to go?

[Bell ringing]

You want to have dinner
with me again?


Did you guys hear
that they found

A crack vial in the locker room?



Whose it is?
Oh, I don't know.

Hey, you know what?
That's a good idea.

We can put it in the lost
and found to see
if anybody claims it.

Better yet, why don't we put up
flyers with a picture?


What's new?

I don't know.

I can't hear you.
Come over here.

That's a nice cap.

It's Mike's.

Yeah, I know.
Talk to him lately?

He writes sometimes.

How's he doing in there?

All right, I guess.

Well, if he needs something,
Let me know, all right?

I mean, I know people in there.




All right then.

What, you thirsty, huh?
You want something to drink?

My bike.

Ain't nobody going
to fuck with that bike.

Yo Harvey, this is Drey.
Hey, Tina?

You remember Mike's
little sister, Drey, right?

Oh, hey, sweetie.

Come and sit down.
Let me get that juice for you.

Help yourself.
Come on and sit.

I'll be right back.

Yo, pick a hand.

Ha, you lose.

Come on.
What's up with that juice?

I'm not thirsty.

Well, don't be a stranger, kid.

You could stop through
and say hello.


You saw Frank today?

Just ran into him.

On September 13, 1971,
1200 Attica state prison inmates

Seized control of the prison
and took hostages

To negotiate changes
to their inhumane conditions.

Governor Nelson Rockefeller
ordered a military assault

On the prison which killed
29 inmates and 10 hostages,

Every one caused
from police gunshots.

An official commission later
Stated, with the exception

of indian massacres
In the late 19th century,

The police assault was
the bloodiest one-day encounter

between Americans
Since the civil war.

[Alarm sounding]

What are you doing?

Go sit in the desk.
Ten points off.

Second chances are rare, man.

You ought to take
better advantage of them.

Don't let go.
Grab the t-shirt if you need to.

You know, a little elbow here
and there never killed anybody,

You know what I mean?

As long as the ref
isn't looking.

Not in my house.


It's a nice surprise.
Where's Mom?


Darrel's uncle came to visit
so I came along with him.

How's Darrel's leg?

It's all right.

It's nice to see you.

Those for me?

Frank's for sending me
some of them nasty peppermints

He always eating.

What is that?

I threw them shits out.

So how's the team?

We suck.

And Ma,
still working too hard?


But she all right
for money though.

Frank still looking out?


He owes us.

So how come
you never told on him?

For what?

Would've made shit
more complicated.

And shit was already fucked up
as it is, you know?

That's all in the past, though.

I'm going to get out of here.
You'll see.

I mean, you got Russell Simmons
On the case.

Russell Simmons?

Look, we'll be all right.


I have to write
an essay about growing up.

I'm going to fail the course.

Well, that's your problem,

My problem is making sure
that you keep an eye on things

While I'm gone.

Actually that's also
your problem.

You've got a lot
of problems, Charles.

Don't let them get
in the way of your work.

There's a time when
the operation of the machine

Becomes so odious,
makes you so sick at heart

That you can't take part.

You can't even passively
take part, and you've got

To put your bodies upon
the gears and upon the wheels,

Upon the levers,
upon all the apparatus

and you've got to make it stop,
and you've got to indicate

to the people who run it,
to the people who own it

that unless you're free,
the machine will be prevented

from working at all.

What is this machine
that he's talking about?

It's keeping us down.
What is it?

Like robots and stuff, right?

It could be robots.

It could be robots,
but let's say it's a metaphor.

He's saying this machine
is keeping me down.

Now, what is that?
What keeps us from being free?

Ms. Drey?


Absolutely, absolutely.
Prisons, okay?

Prisons are definitely
a part of it.


The man.

The school, exactly.

The whole education system
is part of the machine.

What else?

Aren't you the machine then?

Oh, no, you didn't.
What'd you say?

Aren't you the machine?

You're saying I'm the machine?

Yeah, you're white.
You're part of the school.

Oh, yeah,
I guess you got a point.

All right,
so I'm part of the machine,

But if I'm part of it
so are you.

You are, too.
We all are.

Everything is made
with opposing force.

We may be opposed
to the machine,

But we're still very much
a part of it, right?

I work for the government,
the school, but I'm also

Very much opposed
to a lot of its policies.



Sometimes, exactly.


Where you headed?

You look like
you're in a rush.

I'm starving.

Come on.
Burger's on me.

So how's school?

It's hard.

I got a game tomorrow.


Want to come?



Fuck it.
I'll come through.

Somebody got to represent.

Tina packed some sweets
For Mike last night.

Your brother was a good friend,
still is.

That dude was funny.

I mean, he ever showed you
the chicken walk?

The what?

I mean, I can't do it,
But it's like...

[chicken boks]


- Shit was bananas.

You know, we used
to work together, right?

You ever think about working?

I used to work here.

For real?

$150 a week.
Hey, Keesha?

What's up, hon?

We need two milkshakes, baby.

I know I don't sound sincere,
but I mean it.

Thank you.

I think l...

Why can't I say that sincerely?

Oh, you can.
I went back to school.


Environmental Policy.

No, I know, but I think
you're really going to be great.

I believed you
the first time.

I'm just nervous that's all.

How are you?

I don't know.

You still rocking out?

When the occasion calls.


Who's the lucky guy?

I met him in the program.

I don't know, Dan.

Some people change.
Some people actually change.

I know.

No way.
I'm still an asshole.

You're not an asshole.
You're just a big baby.

I'm a big asshole baby.


Let's go, rebels.

Pass it in.

All right, there you go.

Blue ball.

What is that?
You're killing us.

You need to watch yourself.
Another bad call, hear?

Blue ball.

Walk it off, baby,
Walk it off.
Come on, shake it off.

Hustle back.

That was a bad call, man.

You okay?


You want a ride home tonight
after the game?

All right.

Foul, foul, call the foul.

Coach, go back to your bench.

Go back to your bench.

Call the foul.
Call it.

Call the foul.

This is fucking bullshit
and you know it.

You're gone, coach.

I won't tolerate that language
on my court.

Oh, it's the language
you don't tolerate,

Fucking language, excuse me.

I didn't know it was
the language.

All right.
Good luck, girls.

I think your hand is changing
colors get more ice on it.

You should've seen the wall.

I'm telling you, Dunn,
you should've knocked
that nigga out.

You can't go around
knocking people out, you know,

Or throwing balls at them
just because you're upset.

It would've felt good,
though, right,

Felt good to just get it out.

There's other ways
of getting it out.

Like you do?

Look, just because you know
that one thing about me,

One thing doesn't make a man.


One thing doesn't make a man?

You know I was just talking
about your hand right?


Yeah, I knew that.

Hey, who was that guy
that was cheering for you?

Do you know him?

Not really.
Do you?


So we can just keep the whole
punching the wall thing

A secret, right?

You don't have to tell anybody,

What's up, Santa Claus?
Where you going?


I had a good day.

Even after the dolphin report,

Even after it says
there are no weapons.

There are no WMD programs.
There is nothing.

They do that,
The Pippa study,

That University
of Maryland thing,

and turns out 72 percent
of his supporters

Still believe there's WMDs.

Seventy-five percent
still believe they're supporting

Al Qaeda and so what
the fuck do we do you know?

What do you do?

What does one, I'm one man,
what I do, you know?

I used to be so fucked up.

I used to be so fucked up
I was just out there, you know,

but I fucking cleaned up.

I cleaned up...

For the most part.

I do it now to get by,
but I can handle it.

You know what I mean?

I tried the rehab thing.
I tried it.

It didn't work.
It didn't work.

You know,
it works for some people.

My ex-girlfriend
is getting married.

So it works for some people,

it didn't work for me.

The kids keep me focused,
and l...


Number three:
Change moves in spirals,
not circles.

For example, the sun goes up
and then it comes down,

but every time that happens
what do you get?

You get a new day.
You get a new one.

When you breathe, you inhale
and then you exhale,

but every single time
that you do that

you're a little bit different
than the one before.

We're always changing,
and it's important to know

that there are some changes
you can't control

but that there are others
you can.

[Bell rings]

[PA system]
Any students who did not turn
in their Hall of Science

Field trip permission slips
must do so by the end of the week.

Hall of Science Permission slips are due
in the main office

by friday afternoon.
Thank you.


How come you're not eating
with the teachers?


I felt like being alone.

I know what you mean.

You do?


All right, Mr. Dunn,
I'll see you later.

Enjoy your lunch.

Thank you.

Oh, yeah, do you think
I could get a ride home later?




All right.

Thanks for the ride.

Have a good weekend.




I lost my key.

What do we do?

I don't know.

She's an E.M.T.

I could page her,
but I don't know.

All right, get in.

[Music from car]

What's up, y'all?
You want some candy?

That's all you got?

Oh, shit, I'm sorry.
So where your bike at?

They stole it.

They who?

I don't know.
I'm going to find out though.

So what, man.
Y'all just chilling?

She lost my key... her key.

So what, Drey, what?

No, man, we're cool.

Are you cool, Drey?


All right.

[Music from car]

What, you don't know him, huh?

Who, Frank?


I thought you said
you didn't know him.

Just a guy from
the neighborhood.

You know what he does?

Look, I know that I'm
the last person

That should be saying this.

You don't have
to worry about me.

Okay, let me...
Just give me a sec.



Have a seat.

You can watch tv if you want.

Make yourself at home.

You got them old things?



Yeah, little Miss mp3,
I got records.

You should check them out.
You might learn something.

Who's this?

My parents and my brother.

Do they still live together?


Why you got so many books
about black people?

I got books
about all kinds of people.

Can I borrow one?


Who's she?

Just an old friend.

What happened to her?

Oh, well, you should
mind your business.

You put it up there.

I've seen her before.

She was at the game
that night, right?


You need help in here?

Do you like to cook?

Yeah, sometimes, mostly just
for special occasions.

You got a lady
coming over tonight or what?


You must like her a lot.

Yeah, she's all right.

She like you?

I don't know.
I'm hard to like sometimes.

That's true.


Oh, yeah, you just got to,
you mash those up.

You mash them up
with your hands.

Get in there and squeeze them.

See, what you need
is some jokes.
Women love jokes.

You got any?

What do you call cheese
that's not yours?

Nacho cheese.

Absolutely not.

That's a funny joke.
Thank you.


Can I ask you something?


What's it like
when you smoke that stuff?


No, don't be.
It's all right.

Mash them up.

Hope you have
a nice date, Mr. Dunn.

Hey, thanks for the joke.

So my buddy gets in the car
and the cab driver's like,

I'm so sorry I'm late, sir.

I had to kill somebody
On the way here, you know.

And he's like, what?

He's like, oh, yeah
I kill him, I kill him.

And he's like, what do you,
You, you killed him?

I'm killing people,
you know, anybody

Who really kind of mouth off
to me, I fucking kill them, man.

Turns out he thinks "kill" is
the word for "punch," right?

My friend thinks
that he's killing them.

He's terrified and he thinks
that the word for "cement"
is "semen."

So he's like well, basically

stepping on semen.

There's semen everywhere.
There's semen buildings.

It's lot of people, you know,
so everything is made of semen,
you know.

I didn't say every day.
You're her father.

Today she got locked out
the house.


Are you a communist?


"Che in Africa"?


"The Communist Manifesto?"

If I had a copy of "Mein Kampf"
Would that make me a Nazi?

You know, this is really good,
very tasty.

You should try it warm.

Well, you don't have
a copy of of "Mein Kampf"

But if you did, then yes,
I'd ask you if you were a Nazi.

Maybe I'm hiding it.

Why would you hide it?

'Cause it's just not cool
To be a Nazi anymore, baby.

So what are you doing today?

Oh, I got to...

It's great you're writing.

Yeah, we'll see.

I should let you get to it then.

Yeah, thanks though.
I had a good time.

Yeah, me too.

On November 1, 1977,
Harvey Milk was elected

To the San Francisco
City Council.

He was the first
openly gay person

To ever be elected
To public office.

A year later he was
assassinated by another member

of the City Council
called Dan White.

- Reports that Harvey Milk
have been shot and killed.

Dan White claimed he shot Milk
because he ate

too much junk food that day.

This would later be known
As the twinkie defense.

Is that for real?


Drey, Drey, come here.
Where are you going?


I'll give you a ride home.

That's cool.
I got a ride.

I don't really think
you should be riding with him,
do you think?

Drey, is everything cool?

Everything's okay.
I'm going to take her home.

Is that right?


Is that right, D, huh,
you getting a ride with teach?

No, man.

Drey, Drey, Drey, come here.
Everything's fine.

Have a nice night.

I'm going to take her home,

Hey, look, man, you know what,
let me introduce myself, huh?

I'm Frank.

Come here now, okay?

Come here.
Come here.

Come on.

Did I hurt you?

We'll see you later, Teach.
Come on.


Dunn, right?
Lloyd Dixon.

My daughter Paula went
To Jefferson, Paula Dixon.

You taught history, right?

Paula Dixon?

She's in her first semester
At Georgetown, history major.

Paula Dixon.

You have a good night.



In asia the idea that things
are made of opposites,

Ying and Yang,
dates back 3,000 years.

That was them saying change
is the only constant,

But that just died in the west.

It just couldn't be both,
couldn't be black and white.

It would be right and wrong.
It had to be one or the other.

Who am I to say
that aristotle is wrong, right,

but that doesn't make any sense.

These things need each other.

The idea that all
God's creations are "perfect"...

So just to suggest that a tree,
it's crooked and it's straight,

It's strong
and it's weak, is to suggest

That god created
something imperfect.

They do however
acknowledge it in people.

We are sinners, but we can
strive to be good,

Just not in nature itself,
I guess.

Oh, i've got to go.

You guys write down
what's on the board.

"Broward County Florida
Middle schools mistakenly

"failed over 6500 students
In June due to what

"later called a computer error.

"A school official called the
total count of students affected

An insignificant sum."

What goes, Danny boy?
How's history?

I can't do it anymore.

Oh, I know the feeling.

Hang in there.
Things will get better.

And if not,
There's always summer.

Don't you have class right now?

Look, look, look,
that's him over there.

That ain't even
your bike, though.

That's my bike.

There he go right there.

He a little round one too.

This my bike, nigger.

What the fuck you doing
on my bike?

You ain't know it was mines?

What you mean
you ain't know it was mines?

You always see me on this bike.


I just didn't know
it was your bike.

You hella sorry, nigger.
I should fuck you up.

Get off my bike.

I thought you
Was going fuck him up?

Didn't have to.

Oh, shit, okay,
you didn't have to.





It's back.


Did you know my brother?

I knew of him, but I didn't,
you know.

He wasn't in any of my classes
or anything.

You think I could end up
like him?

Do you?

He's got a 7-Up in his
Mother fucking...

Hey, what's up, teach?
How's the Dianetics going?

It's Dialectics.
Can I talk to you?

What's up?

Okay, look, I hate to be this
guy right now, right?


Excuse me?

You heard me, okay,
so just do me this solid.

All right, man, please?

Do you a solid?

You know what I'm saying.
You understand me.

She's too precious kind of shit?

I'm not kidding.

Oh, I know.

So you understand?

Look, man, Drey is my family.
She's my friend, man.

All these cats,
these are my friends.

And would you like
to be my friend, man?

What the fuck is this,
fucking romper room?

What the fuck is a romper room?

Are you fucking
listening to me?

Why are you
so fucking angry, man?

Tell me
what you're talking about.

Are you capable of that?

So now we back to the point of
what is white is right, right?


Fuck, this has nothing to do
with that and you know it.

- No, no, it's good for Drey
to have somebody

Like you looking out for her
Mr. Model A1 fucking citizen.

I don't know, I don't know.


Because I'm supposed
to do something, right?

But what am I supposed to do?

Look, man, you want a drink?


do you want a drink?

I mean, are you thirsty?
How that sound?


You want some candy?

Man, don't touch that cat.

Hey, y'all this
is teach Dan, man.

These are my boys.

That's Mike's
little sister Drey,
that's her teach.

What's happening?

You ain't bringing
that shit in my house, man.

Put that cat down.
Get your ass out here.


Dunn, what's going on?

I am not now nor have
I ever been a communist.

What's happening?

Just in the neighborhood,
thought maybe i'd surprise you.

Yeah, it's a surprise.
That's true.

You okay?

Yeah, I'm good.

How about you?
How are you?

I'm good, a little tired,
but I'm good.

Oh, is it late?

Well, you know, what time is it?
2:30, yeah.



Well, you know,
we got class tomorrow.

Oh, I forgot about class.
I'm sorry about last time.

It's okay.

Dunn, not right now, okay?

Okay, you're drunk.

What are you doing?
Stop it.

Well, that was weird.

What the fuck was that?

I don't know.

Listen, feel free
To whatever, you know?

No hard feelings.

I completely understand, okay?

Maybe i'll see you tomorrow?

Or not, I don't know.

I'm so fucked up right now.

I hope you know
I really liked you.

I had fun.

Not tonight I didn't have fun,
but other nights I had...

We had fun, right?

Look, I'm bleeding a bit so I'm
using your couch arm thing.

I'm gonna wash it, okay?



How's things.

Well, how's it look?

What do you want?


Look, you know,
you don't really see other kids

Coming up to my car, Drey,
to talk to me.

It's, you know,
I'm your teacher.

I'm not your friend.

Why don't you go play
with other kids your own age?

I'm just trying to be alone.

Then be alone then, asshole.


Hey, I think Henderson
was looking for you.

Must be about
the new curriculum, huh?

Yeah, no, I'm sure that's it,
but, hey, Dan,

If there's anything else
going on, you know,

If you need any help,
you know, anything,

You know
we're here for you, pal.

Close the door.

Is there something going on
that I should know about?

On September 11, 1973,
The CIA helped overthrow

and murder democratically-
Elected Chilean president
Salvador Allende.

The military coup led
To mass disappearances,

assassinations and tortures
of thousands

of Chilean civilians
under the leadership

of U.S. Backed dictator
Augusto Pinochet.

Secretary of State
Henry Kissinger

Said of Allende's 1970
Election, "these issues
are much

Too important for
the Chilean voters
to decide for themselves."


What happened to your lip?

That's plenty, thanks.

That's good.

That's good.

You're writing a novel?

It's a kids book
that I haven't started yet.

I love children's books.
What's it about?


What is that?

It's a theory that attempts
to explain how change works.

How does change work, Dan?

Let's save it for dessert, Dad.

Yeah, it was really great.

There were like
400,000 people there.

Oh, that's fantastic.

What did they report it
in the press, 200,000?

Danny Glover was there.

Danny Glover,
oh, I like him.


What was that...

Hey, what was his name?


Charles, get your fat ass
off my bike,

That's what she said,
before I fuck your fat ass up.

You said that?

You know she did,
then my man started stressing.

He start apologizing.
"I'm sorry.

I didn't know it was yours.
I'm sorry."

Tell her.

Didn't have to.

Ah, didn't have to.

That's my girl right there,
poking people on the street.


Oh, Danny, you won't believe
what I found this week.

You guys really live it up
around here.

You hear that, the rock star
approved, Cindy Lou Who.

Come on, Jeff,
didn't you tell her

Around here we always party
like it's 1999.

Oh, my god, can you be
any more embarrassing.

Check out this scar?

["It's alright to cry"]

Remember this one?


Why you got these scary things?

Got them off the internet,
Some dude in Texas.

I wouldn't want these things
in my house.

Well, they in my house
and my house is your house.

So deal with it.

You ever sell to Coach?


Just wondering.

Look, don't you think
you and Teach's relationship

Is a little...


He your teacher, Drey.

He's my friend.

Look, he's a basehead,
all right, and baseheads
don't have friends.

I mean, this motherfucker
was outside my house yesterday

Telling me that we shouldn't
be associated with each other.

[Marshal Tucker Band's
"Can't You See" plays]

I'm gonna take
a freight train,

Down at the station, Lord

I don't care
where it goes

Gonna climb me a mountain,
the highest mountain, Lord

Gonna jump off,
nobody gonna know

Hey, teach me something, Dan.

Teach me some ebonics.

Is that what they got
you teaching in that zoo?

Hey, tell me something.

How do you say asshole
In ebonics?

Hey, hey, hey, I'm sorry
I'm an asshole.

I love you.
You know that, right?

Yeah, I know.

All right.
Good, good.

241, apartment three.

What's up?

I bet you are so good
with those kids, Daniel Dunn.

Thanks, Mom.

Sometimes I think
we're the only thing
keeping them sane.

It's a good thing,
you know, to teach.

Your father and I thought
we were going

To change the world
when we were young, you know.

What did we know?

Well, you stopped a war so...

You think so?


That's nice, honey.

Than anything we did, you know?

One man alone means nothing.

I guess not.
Do you hear from Rachel anymore?

Not really.

I saw her at the pharmacy
the other day,

Maybe it's her Mom.

You know, she looked great.

You should give her a call,
but, you know, clean up
a little first.

You're killing me
with the tie, okay.

Stop, I'm fine.

You happy?

I'm so happy.

That's so great, sweetie.
You're happy, I'm happy.

Watch the basketballs,
Okay, honey?

Hey, Mom.


How was it?
Easy, right?

I saw you shaking all across
the street and shit.

It sure beats the hell
out of flipping burgers.

Thank you.


Your Mom said there's
more wine out here.

I found it.

Do you like my brother?



He's nice.
He's funny.


Like what?

Like knock, knock.

Who's there?

The interrupting cow.

The interrupting...



Where you going?
Come inside, sweetie.

Ain't nobody going to bite you.


Everything cool?

I guess we should
get you home then.


[Tv in background]

I don't think
It's a good idea

You falling asleep in front
of the tv every night.

What's up, Drey?
You in a funk today?

Want to tell me why?

Just thinking about Mike,
I guess.

I miss your brother, too.

We'll go see him as soon
As I get some time off.

I can't believe they hit me
with another double tomorrow.

Can you believe that?
I can't get a goddamn break.

So what else is happening?

I heard something about
a civil rights thing

With Oprah or something.


Hi, honey, just calling
to let you know

How much fun
it was for us last night,

and we should do it more often.

I love you, sweetie.
Call us soon, okay?

Hello, everyone.
I'm Mr. Light.

I really don't know.

When's he coming back?

They're not really telling me
Too much in the office.

Why don't you guys tell me
What you've been learning?

I don't know.

What's good with you?

Need a ride?

No, I got my bike.

Well, throw it in the back.

I got to get home.

Well, I'll take you.


Look, I'll see you around, huh?

What happened to your friends?

They're gone.

You missed a hell of a party.

Looks like it.

Thank you.


You ready to go?

You missed a spot.

Knock knock.

Who's there?

The interrupting cow.

The interrupting cow who?


That was horrible.



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