Half Brothers (2020) - full transcript

Renato, a Mexican aviation exec, is shocked to learn he has an American half-brother he never knew about, the free-spirited Asher. They are forced on a road trip together, tracing the path their father took from Mexico to the US.

Subtitles by explosiveskull

♪ ♪

(motor buzzing)

(wind whistling)

Of all my childhood memories,

there is one sound
I remember the most.

- (man whistling)
- ¡Papá!


(speaks Spanish)

(bell tolling)

(bells chiming)

But if you think
we were the typical

father and son... think again.


("El Fugitivo" by Sexy Zebras

(frantic chatter, screaming)



(motor sputters, stops)

- Oh!
- Ooh.

(hurried chatter)

Dad and I were never
bored together

because, to my dad,
life was a big game.

(both exclaiming, grunting)

(Renato grunts, laughs)

And our favorite game
was solving Dad's riddles.

(both laughing)

♪ ♪

And then it happened.

(newscast continues in Spanish)


- (growls, chatters playfully)
- (Renato laughing)

♪ ♪

(bell dinging)

- (woman sobbing)
- (quiet chatter)

(engine starts, revs)

(chatter in Spanish)



(horn honks)

Oh, Renato.



(engines starting)

♪ ♪

REPORTER: First of all,
I want to thank you

for doing this interview.

Mr. Murguia, you have built

one of the most successful
aviation companies

here in your hometown
of San Miguel.

How did you do it? What was
the key to your success?

I learned early in life
that no one's gonna help you.

You got to work your ass off.

And, of course,
having a brilliant CEO

by my side doesn't hurt.

Ay, he's saying that because
you are here. (chuckles)

- Yes, I am. I'm kidding.
- (laughs) Thank you.

She's great. She's the best.

I was speaking with Perla
earlier, and she mentioned

you'll be expanding
into the U.S. soon.

Oh, no, I think
you misunderstood her.

We have no plans of doing
business in the United States.

Well, why wouldn't you want
to do business with the U.S.?

Uh, so h-here's the thing.

Wh-Why do you guys always think

the United States is
the symbol of success? Hmm?

(laughs) Maybe now is
a good time to take

- a tour of the facility.
- No, it's a good time

- to discuss this.
- PERLA: Yes.

Let's talk about this,
because I think there's

a big problem there, you know?

You want to know what the real
problem with Americans is?

They're entitled.
They're ignorant.

They think Mexico is just

a bunch of drug cartels
and Cancún.

(chuckles) Why don't we talk
about the planes?

They're idiots.
And you know what else?

- They're fat.
- Now we're all fat?

- No, he means full of life.
- No, I mean full of fat.

Like, supersized, okay?

- A-And you know what really annoys me?
- What?

When you guys see
we are from another country,

you just speak louder
and slower to us.

Maybe you guys should learn
another language.

(mimicking American accent):
You know what I mean, partner?

(Perla chuckles)


- Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm.

(both groan)



(Renato sighs)

(chain saw buzzing,
woman screaming on TV)

Okay, um...

(Renato sighs)

(camera clicks)

(sighs) Okay.

♪ ♪

- Hey.
- Hola.


Hi. This is Renato Murguia.

- Hi.

Uh, this is Katherine.

Hi, Katherine.
How can I help you?

I'm your father's wife.

I'm calling because...

well, I know your relationship
with him is complicated,

but you should know
your father's very ill.

Are you still there?


It would mean so much
to your dad

if you could come see him
here in Chicago.

Um... listen, not to be rude,

but I haven't heard
from him in years,

and to be honest with you, um,

I don't even see your husband
as my father anymore, so...

Renato, he really needs
to see you.

♪ ♪

- ¿Mamá?
- (sobbing)

No. No...

♪ ♪




(jet engine whirring)

- ♪ ♪
- (electronic chime)

the United States of America.


- (horn honks)
- "Ree-nae-doe"?

It's pronounced "Re-naht-o."

Oh, your accent is adorable.

Welcome to America, friend.

Where you from?

Uh, from Mexico.

- Oh, Mexico.
- Yes.

I love that Cancún.

The zip-lining down there,
it's amazing.

If I lived in Mexico,
I'd zip-line every day.

- Oh, yeah?
- You do a lot of zip-lining down there?

I-I... No, I don't zip-line.

- What?
- Yeah.

Why do you live in Mexico, then?

♪ ♪

(pop music playing
over speakers)

Mmm. (chuckles)


Hold on, hold on. Boomerang!


I can do this.

There we go. Hey.

What's up, guys?
Asher is back.

I'm live here
at the Boiler Monkey,

and we're checking out
all these delish treats.

But who is this?

(Texan accent):
What's your name, partner?

Please just don't film me.

Oh, that's a cool accent, man.
Where you from?

- From Mexico.
- Mexico?

- Yes.
- Oh, that's dangerous. Is that why you fled here?

I didn't flee here.

Could you please take
that thing out my face?

(chuckling): Yeah, okay,
you don't... Be calm, man.

- I am calm.
- You don't need to be tense anymore.

You're safe now.
You're in America.

Next customer.

(chuckles) All right.

Hey there, "Beat-rice."

It's Beatrice.

Sure. (chuckles)

I checked in on Yelp, so that
means that if I buy a coffee

I can get anything else
for free, right?

You can get another coffee
for free.

Damn. (groans)

Those doughnuts
look good, though.

- What do you think?
- Just order.

Okay. You know what?
I'll just have the two coffees,

- and make one of them with almond milk.
- Okay.

- That comes to $1.87.
- Great.

Amigo, spot me two bucks?

- What?
- Spot me two bucks?

- No.
- You don't have two bucks?

I do have two bucks, but I'm
not giving you any money.

Ooh, what's your deal, man?
You know I'm good for it.

- What's my deal? You don't carry any money on you?
- Yeah.

Not even a-a credit card?

No, all my liquid's tied up
in investments.

Listen, if you can't afford
something, you can't buy it,

so please move.

Hi. I'm gonna have
a large coffee, please.

Man, I-I didn't even
want the wall.

You know what? I'm gonna buy

all of these doughnuts,
and then I want you

to throw them in the trash.

You're-you're a monster.

You can keep the change.

Excuse me.

(traffic rumbling, horn honking)

(indistinct announcement
over P.A.)


I'm here to see Flavio Murguia.


Hi. I'm Katherine.

Thank you so much for coming.

It's gonna mean so much
to your dad.

He's been waiting for you.

(medical equipment whirring,

- I'll leave the two of you alone.
- Yes.

♪ ♪

(sighs) Renato.

- Hola.
- (grunts)



Okay. Okay. Um...

I want you to remember
this name,

because it's gonna clear
a lot of things in your life.


It's all about Eloise.

So, I was at the coffee shop,

but they were all out
of coffee, so...

- Are-are you following me?
- What are you doing here?

- No. Why would I...
- What is wrong with you?

- Are you following me?
- Dad, is-is this guy bothering you?


Renato, meet your brother Asher.

What? What do you...

Wh-What do you mean, "brother"?

This-this guy's a bully.
He is not nice.

Please just-just...
just leave us for a second.

No, no, why do I have to...
I'm not going.

- Please just leave us. Leave.
- Dad, do I have to go?

Please, I need you both
to hear this.


Look in my robe, my son.

Ay, Renato.

I wish I could just sit here
and explain everything to you,

but they would just be words.

You wouldn't understand.

Certain things have to be seen
from a different perspective.

Ah, I don't care about
your perspective at all.

I just want to know
what happened.

And you will.

I promise you.

All you need to do
is deliver this envelope.


I'm not playing any of your...
of your games.

If you don't want to tell me

what happened,
I-I'm gonna leave.

No. No, no, Renato.

I know you hate me,
a-and I don't blame you,

but I promise you
it will all make sense.

I just need both of you
to promise me

that you will deliver this.

Why would I promise you

I promise you, Dad.

(exhales sharply)

Renato, please.

Please, there is so much
I want to tell you.


I-I think...
I think I know enough.

No. No, mijo.

Goodbye, Flavio.

Por favor.

Renato, mijo.

(Flavio whistling)


- (panting)
- (phone ringing)


Oh. Hi.

♪ ♪

(birds chirping)

(quiet chatter)

Did you know Frank?

- Sorry. Who?
- Frank.

Katherine's husband.
Did you know him?

No, I guess I didn't.

Oh, he was a great man.

So generous and caring, and...

and he loved his family so much.


Uh, I'm sorry. I need to go.


You know, I've been thinking
a lot about it,

and I just want to let you know
I'm not mad at you anymore

and I'm gonna give you
a second chance.

Are you freaking kidding me
right now?

- What? I'm apologizing here.
- Oh, yeah?

Look, I guess it's kind of cool
I have a brother.

Maybe I'll come down
to Mexico sometime

and we can check out
these zip lines

you guys keep bragging about.

Shut up.

I don't like you, okay?

I don't want to be close to you.

You're not my brother, so
please just stay away from me.

- What are you doing, man?
- Oh, my God.

We got to do this thing for Dad.

Don't you even want to know
what the letter says?

- No, I don't.
- I do.

- "My dear sons...
- (Renato stammers)

"I know you have
many unanswered questions,

"so you must go see
my friend Evaristo.

"He will provide you with
the answers you are seeking.

He will lead you to Eloise."

Eloise. Holy shit, dude.
Do you think we have a sister?

I really don't care.

Hey, there's another envelope
in here. It's like a...

It's like a clue.
I don't know if you know this,

but Dad loved riddles.

- (vehicle approaching)
- Yeah. - Hey!

- ASHER: Wait. Come on, man.
- "Ren-a-doo"?

We're supposed to do this
together as brothers.

You promised Dad
that we would do this.

- No, I didn't promise him anything, okay?
- Yes.

And do you really think
I want to go on a road trip

with some stupid,
entitled shithead like you?

Is this a trick question?

Come on!

(in distance):
What's your problem, man?

- (cell phone ringing)
- (sighs)




Come back to apologize?

Pick me up tomorrow,
7:00 a.m., my hotel.

Hell yeah. Road trip.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
No road trip.

Day trip, okay?

7:00 a.m., my hotel, sharp.
You got it?

- I got it.
- You got it?

I got it. 7:00 a.m.

- Jesus.
- Let's go.


("Don't Wanna Dance"
by Boston Bun playing)

♪ Pretty baby... ♪


♪ Please don't try ♪

♪ To take me by the hand... ♪

Hey, hey.
What's up, mi amigo?

- We said 7:00.
- I-I thought we said 8:00.

No, I said 7:00.

It must be the language barrier.

I don't know.

♪ ♪

All right,
let's cut to the chase.

You're wondering what those

huge jugs of fuel are
back there, huh?

They're carbon-based
alternative fuel.

Okay. I'm assuming ethanol?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Hey, man, are you, like, smart?

- I'm an engineer.
- Dude!

Dad was an engineer.

Did you know that?

Yeah, man.

Dad wanted me to be
an engineer, but I was like,

"Yeah, no, thanks.
I'm not a loser."

- Oh.
- I'm-I'm an ideas guy.

- Oh, yeah? Yeah.
- You know what I mean? Yeah.

- (chuckles)
- I see.

You're one of these
lazy Americans, right?

No, I'm not... I'm not lazy.
I'm a... I'm a thoughts guy.

Yeah, I can see. I can see.

- Yeah.
- Yeah. (chuckles)

- Do you have a job?
- What do you mean?

I mean, do you have a job?
What do you do?

I'm a brand ambassador.

That's bullshit.

Have you ever had a real job

where someone actually paid you
for something?

- Yeah, I've had a real job.
- Yeah? What?

Yeah. I was a product
distribution specialist.

What the hell is that?
What did you distribute?


Lots of stuff, man.

Trip Dips, Awesome Blossoms,

baby backs, ranch.
Lot of ranch.

Are you talking about Chili's?


- You were a waiter at Chili's?
- Yeah.

- Cool, huh?
- And what happened to that job?

They had no vision.

Oh, Chili's had no vision? Wow.

- Yeah, they couldn't keep up, man.
- Yeah, that's great. Okay.

It wasn't the right environment
for someone like me,

with my talent and my ideas.
You know what I'm saying.

- Can I ask you a huge favor?
- Yeah.

Shut up! Okay?

I don't want to
get to know you at all.

I don't care about
your likes or dislikes

- or your favorite Netflix show.
- Umbrella Academy.

I don't care!

I really enjoy the silence,
so please just shut up.

I'm gonna close my eyes now.

Do not wake me up
until we get there.

(over stereo):
♪ Give me the sunshine ♪

- ♪ Sunshine, sunshine ♪
- ♪ I... ♪

♪ I need my sunshine... ♪

(insects trilling,
birds chirping)

- (gunshot, Asher screams)
- (gasps)

- (panting)
- (goats bleating)

- Start the car, dude!
- (gun cocks)

Start the car! Start the car!

Get that boy!

- Get back here!
- Yeah, shoot! Shoot!

- What the... (speaks Spanish)
- (gunshot)

- (panting, whimpering)
- Get back here with that goat!

(speaks Spanish)

Get him! Get him!

- What the hell?!
- Pick it up. Pick it up.

- (engine sputtering)
- (screams)

- What are you doing? Start the car, man!
- (shouts)

- We got to get out of here!
- Oh, my God!

- (engine starts, revs)
- (Asher whoops)

- (laughs) It's okay.
- Oh, my God!

Holy shit!


- (tires squeal)
- (gunshot)

Son of a bitch!

- What the hell was that?!
- I know.

I saved you, man. I've never
saved someone's life before.

What the hell
were you doing there?!

- I was taking the tour.
- What?!

I saw this little guy,
and he was looking at me like,

"Asher, you got to get me
out of here, man."

You were taking a tour?

- Why were you taking a tour?
- I saw the sign.

"World-famous goat farm."

(tires squeal)

Get it out of the car.

What are you talking about?

- Get it out of the car!
- What? No.

Get it out of the car now!


Oh, no? Okay.

Hey! Hey!

What are you doing, man?

What are you doing?
You're-you're scaring him.

- Get it out of the car.
- No, I'm not...

- Get it out of the car now!
- What's your problem, man?

- Out! Get it out!
- You get out.

Get it out! (grunts)

(both grunting)

- ASHER: What the hell, man?
- RENATO: Bitch!

Get off me!

(grunting and groaning)

Who are you?!

What do you mean, man?

I'm your brother.



Wait a minute.

300 miles?

When we left, it was 240 miles.

Yeah, so?

So, how are we
even farther away?!

- I told you, I saw the sign.
- Oh, my God!

Where else are you gonna see
goats roaming around freely?

I don't know. All of Mexico!

Hey. Stop bragging
about Mexico, okay?

I get it...
it's a super cool place.

Now, get in the car!

(goat bleats)


Come here, baby.
Come here, baby.

It's okay. Brothers fight.
Brothers fight.

It's okay.
Brothers fight. I know.

(Renato shouts in Spanish)

(engine starts)

You coming or what, Bubba?


- (slams door)
- (goat bleats)

- Maybe you shouldn't take any more naps.
- Just drive.

("Deleter" by Grouplove playing)

♪ It's the future,
and I'm brain-dead ♪

♪ Yeah, I'm destitute,
yeah, I feel no roots anymore ♪

♪ Anymore ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ We know it's coming ♪

♪ None of this can last ♪

♪ The world will recover ♪

♪ Once you put us
in the past, yeah ♪

♪ All this time
I thought you were a leader ♪

♪ It turns out
you're only a deleter ♪

♪ No, no, no, no ♪

♪ Na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na,
na-na-na-na, na-na-na-no... ♪

So, who is this Evaristo guy?

Uh, I don't know.

Where are we?
What is this place?

I think this is
my dad's factory.

Oh, you think it is?

Yeah, I think
he used to run this place.

I'm glad you know him so well.

Hey, no, dude,
that's for Evaristo.

Shut up.

- What the hell is this?
- Huh.

Maybe it's the key to his heart.


(machinery clanking)

Señor Renato, come on.

Come on, Señor Renato.
Come on.


I named him after you
so you guys would bond.

Do not call him that, okay?

Renatito. Renatito.

Yes, that a boy. (chuckles)

So, what are you planning
on doing with Bambi here, huh?

What are you talking about?

He's family now, man, and he
needs to feel close to you.

You need to show him
that you care about him.

I do not care about him.


He can hear you, man.

- Just put him in the car.
- No.

Put him in the car now!

WOMAN (over P.A.):
Engineering, line two.

What does this factory make,

- High-end remote controls.
- Oh, of course.

God forbid you guys get off
your couch to turn on the TV.

And then you wonder why
you're all fat-asses.

- I'm not a fat-ass.
- You will be.

I don't think those are
the remotes they make.

Oh, well, what kind, then?

MAN (over speaker):
Testing. Two, three, five.

♪ ♪

How do you not know about this?

Dad tried to get me down here.
It's just...

- It's not my jam.
- Not your jam?

What kid doesn't love
remote-control airplanes?

I don't know.

But Dad was huge into airplanes.

He loved them, man.

He bought me a remote-control
plane once, you know?

And he tried to make it
our thing, but I wasn't...

It was our thing. I would have
killed to have this.

- Okay, well, go buy one.
- You entitled little...

I'm not entitled, dick. Ow!

- Stupid...
- I'm not entitled.

You guys okay?

- Yes, we're-we're fine.
- Yeah, we're-we're cool.

You must be here for Evaristo.

He's been waiting for you.

He's across the street.

(indistinct announcement
over P.A.)



It's "Ha-lease-co."

It's "Ja-lis-co."
There's no "H."

("Puñalada al Corazon"
by Xocoyotzin Herrera playing)

- (laughter, chatter in Spanish)
- How you doing?

ASHER (chuckling):
Oh, dude.

I could smoke those guys.

Just try to behave, okay?

Hey. Got any citrusy brews?


- (laughs)
- That son of a gun.

Sit down. (laughs)

To Flavio Murguia.

A great man.

Listen, Flavio sent us
all the way here

to get some answers, so...

You were always a fiery kid.

Do... do I know you?

No, but I know you.

That was us in San Miguel.

When the economy collapsed,

my cousin called us
about jobs here.

So, you were the one
who convinced him to come here.

No. Look, your dad tried

to stay with you
as long as he could,

but when there were
no jobs left,

Flavio no longer had a choice.

And saying goodbye to you was

the hardest thing
he ever had to do.

♪ ♪

- (baby crying)
- (vehicle thumping)

(quiet chatter)

See, coming to America,

we didn't have many choices:

picking fruit
or working in the factories.

Back home, your dad was
a skilled engineer,

but that didn't matter here.

Let's go! Let's go!

They just wanted
cheap foreign labor.

People willing to work
longer hours for half the pay.

And to work in conditions

that no one else would.

(machinery clanking)

(workers coughing)

(phone ringing)

- ¿Papá?
- Mijo.


EVARISTO: Because he knew
he would have to

work many years to earn enough
to be able to come back home.

He knew he had to find
a faster way.

A faster way to earn money.

He knew what the factory was
making would soon be obsolete.

(men speaking Spanish)

So he took a chance.

It was a big risk
if he got caught.

But she was different
than the others.

She believed great ideas
could come from anyone.

Hey, where are you going?

I got to... I got to go
to the bathroom.


So, what happened next?

EVARISTO: Your father
finally found an ally,

and soon, they found an ally
in each other.

Together, they created

a whole new product
for the company.

(excited murmuring)

After years of struggling,

Flavio would soon be able
to come back home.

And to celebrate their success,

he took her to the one place
where he felt safe and welcome.

♪ ♪

(laughter, indistinct chatter)

(indistinct conversation)

(both laughing)

EVARISTO: But he knew
he made a grave mistake.

If he had stayed here
a little bit longer,

he could have saved
all the money he needed.

But that didn't matter
to him anymore.

(thunder crashes)

The only thing
that mattered to him

was getting back to you.

Then what happened?
He never came back.

That's all I can tell you.

Oh, come on, please.
I-I-I came all the way here.

- Please.
- But your father did say...

...that you would figure it out.

(Asher whoops)

All right, my brothers,
$500 I sink this shot...

- (taps table)
- ...right now.

(laughter, murmuring)

Come on, please.
Evaristo, por favor,

just-just tell me,
who is this Eloise?

Eloise is everything
you're looking for.

- (man shouts in Spanish)
- (glass breaking)

(frantic chatter)

Hey, dude.
Help me. Help me.

- (angry chatter)
- ASHER: Aah! Ah, shit!

- (angry chatter continues)
- Hey!

- Hey, what happened?
- I was hot. I couldn't miss.

- Yeah, well, you did, right?
- No, they're just overreacting.

Just spot me $500.
Double or nothing.

I'll win it back right now.

- What? Give me the keys.
- For what?

I left the wallet in...
Give me the keys.

See ya.

(angry chatter in Spanish)

- (loud smack)
- (chatter stops)

- MAN: Oh...
- (growls softly)

(Asher whimpers)

(men shouting in Spanish)

("(Baby) Hold On"
by The James Hunter Six plays)

- (screaming)
- (angry chatter)

♪ I may be gone
but not for long ♪

- ♪ Baby, try to hold on ♪
- (screaming, panicked shouting)

♪ I'll be round
before your tears come down ♪

♪ Baby, try to hold on... ♪

- ASHER: Go! Go!
- (engine starts)

Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

(Asher laughs, whoops)

You're welcome.

- Are you kidding me right now?
- Dude, I saved you 500 bucks.

I should kill you!
You're so...

- s-stupid!
- Hey! Easy!


What is wrong with you?

What-what do you mean?

What is wrong with you?!
You're a nutcase!

No, I'm not.


There's nothing wrong with me.

Yeah, okay. Whatever.

♪ ♪

Well, did you find out
who Eloise is?

Don't talk to me.

Look, I'm sorry, man.

I just get excited, you know?

Yo! They got Animal Planet!

Renatito's loving this shit!

- (bleating)
- (Asher whooping)

(chain saw buzzes, stops)

Hey. It's gonna be okay.

It'll be okay.


What's up?

Um... listen, um...

you're a good guy, okay?

You have some issues,
of course, but...

I already know
what you're gonna say.

Oh. Really?

What am I gonna say?

Listen, I...
I didn't mean what I said.

Don't give up on me, man.

What do you mean?

Everybody always gives up on me.

It's exactly what Dad did,
and now you're doing it, too?

Come on, man, we're brothers.

No, we're not brothers, okay?

I... That's what
I'm trying to tell you.

This is a very personal trip
for me,

- and I cannot do it with you, man.
- Please.

- Like...
- I promise, I won't annoy you anymore, okay?

I won't be weird. I promise.

Let me prove to you
that I can do this.

Whatever... whatever brother
you want me to be,

that's the brother
I'm gonna be for you.


don't ditch me, man.


Okay, let's see what's
the next stop on the trip.

Yes! (laughs)

You're not gonna
regret this, man.

This doesn't mean
I like you now.

- Okay?
- No, no, I know.

Okay. Okay.

"Mr. B."

♪ ♪

What is this?
It's a claim ticket.

Yeah, for a pawnshop.

I cannot even look at you
like that.

- Oh. Sorry.
- Do not, okay?


Okay, it says:

"P.S. I put all my effort
into going home."

- Yes.
- "I made it okay."

(exhales sharply)

"I made it okay."
"I made it okay."

"I-I put all my effort
in-into going home.

I made it okay."


There are six
Mr. B's Pawnshops in America.

We're just gonna have to go
to every single one of them.

- That's your plan?
- Yes.


Uh, "I made it okay."

Maybe... maybe that's
an abbreviation.



Google pawnshops in Oklahoma.

- What?
- There's a Mr. B's Pawnshop

in Oklahoma City.

I knew it.

(over stereo):
♪ You are my everything ♪

♪ And you make my heart
wanna shout and zing ♪

- ♪ Zing! ♪
- (shuts off music)

So, who's this Emilio guy?

- (chuckles)
- Anger management therapist?

He's ten, okay?


He's my fiancée's son.



What? What's so funny?

You're gonna be a father?

Yeah. So?


- What?
- Oh, my God, man.

You're gonna be
the worst father.

You don't know me, okay?
Shut up.

I know that
you're kind of a dick

and you have zero empathy.

I have lots of empathy, okay?

All right, let's play a game.

No, I don't want to play
any games.

Yeah, we're gonna play a game.
Come on.

I'm Emilio,
and I'm having trouble

with the kids at school.

Dad, they keep picking on me
and calling me names.

What do I do?

This is very...
I'm not playing this.

- This is stupid.
- ♪ Show me what you got... ♪

I prefer your horrible music
to this.

(upbeat dance music plays)

♪ Show me what you got... ♪

- (shuts off music)
- Okay, okay. Whatever. Ah.

Listen, Emilio. If you don't
want people to pick on you,

then just don't give them
a reason to make fun of you.

There you go.

- Wow. Goose bumps.
- Yeah.

Goose bumps from the compassion.

- Whatever.
- That was loving, man.

- You have no idea.
- That was...

Wha-What do you know?
What do you know

about parenthood, man?
You have no idea.

- I'm gonna bring out the big guns.
- Yeah, whatever.

What the hell is that?
Why do you have a puppet?

- You don't?
- No, I don't.

I'm not seven, okay?

Okay, well, you should get one.

It really helps
externalize emotions.

Oh, yeah? Who told you that?

Rebecca, my online therapist.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.

Is it working for you?

Well, just listen, okay?

This is Emilio, all right?

(high-pitched, with accent):

Math is super hard.
I never get the answers right,

and the kids call me estúpido.

So, what, my-my kid
is Russian now?

(normal voice):
Come on. Take care of him.

Okay, listen, Emilio.

- No, no, to the puppet.
- Okay, listen, Emilio.

The only reason
kids are making fun of you

is because you let them, okay?

And math is all about practice.

You just need to buckle up
and do the work. That's it.

(high-pitched): But will you
help me do the work, Papá?

No! No, you-you need to learn
to do everything by yourself

because no one's gonna help you.

No one is gonna help you ever.

(normal voice):
Hey, stop. No.

¡Papá!! Ay, no!

(truck horn droning)

(normal voice): Wow. Your
stepson was just hit by a semi.

I don't care.

You excited to meet our sister?

Shut up.

(entry bell jingles)

(country music playing quietly
over speakers)

Are you Eloise?

Uh, hi.

Uh, Flavio Murguia sent us.

Mm, great.

He doesn't like you, either.

Excuse me. Sir?

Your dad's had me hold on
to this for a while now.

Said one day
somebody would come for it.

This is my father's
wedding ring.

I'm here to see
that he pawned it off?

- (drops ring on counter)
- No.

You're here to understand how
it got here in the first place.

- Did you know our dad?
- I did.

He was an easy man to like.

We've stayed in touch
over the years.

Oh. I'm glad to see
that he kept in touch with you.

Listen, it's been a long ride,

and I really need
some answers, so...

Maybe you ought to learn
to shut your mouth

and listen to the story.

Ooh-wee, I like this guy.

Must've been
at least 20 years ago now.

One day, that front door opens,

and this man comes stumbling in
all beat to hell.

Hey, hey.

You looking for trouble,
you've come to the wrong place.

You understand?

No, no, no. I'm sorry, sir.

I-I'm not here to rob you.

I just need enough
for a bus ticket, please.

I-I'll sell you
everything I have.

Okay? Just take it.

I can't sell any of this.
No, no, no, don't. I...

- Take it.
- No, I-I can't sell any of this.


Take it all.

The ring.
I can sell the ring.

So, what happened to him?

What you need to know

is that all your father
cared about

was getting back
to his family in Mexico.

So, with the little money
he had,

he bought a bus ticket to
the border in El Paso, Texas.

Bus leaves in 15 minutes.

MR. B: That bus stopped
here in Oklahoma City.

(grunting and groaning)

(high-pitched ringing)

(audio muffles)


Get the money.

- Get the money.
- (coughs)

Here, go.

(can clangs on floor)

(panting weakly)

Where you going?


MR. B:
But then they took the thing

that he cared about the most.

His only way home.

(entry bell jingles)

The ring.
I can sell the ring.

No. No, no, no.


(speaks Spanish)

I beg you.

Okay, look.

I'll make a deal with you,
all right?

I will personally buy
the ring from you.

Just me.

And I will hold on to it
for you for 90 days.

I promise I won't sell it.

No one.


You come back
and bring me the money...

the-the same price
as the ring, okay?

And it's yours.

MR. B: And once he finally got
all the way to El Paso,

it was just a long walk home
to the border.

(crickets chirping)

(man speaking Spanish over P.A.)

MAN (over P.A.):
You're about to enter Mexico.

(siren whooping)

police radio transmission)

Hold it right there, sir.
Don't move.

Hands in the air.
Hands in the air, sir.


I-I'm just trying to get back
to my family.

- Why is there blood on you?
- Whose blood is that?

Please, I-I just want
to see my son.

I said keep your hands up.

(handcuffs clicking)

- (door bangs shut)
- (angry chatter, shouting)

I'm coming for you, boy!

What you looking at?

(man yells)

MR. B: They put your dad
in general population.

- (man wolf-whistles)
- (indistinct chatter, shouting)

(buzzer blaring)

Your father was stuck there.

No one was coming for him,

because no one even knew
he was there.

And he was in there a long time.

And that's when he got sick.

Real sick.

- (high-pitched ringing)
- (voices muted)

Dump him. Dump him.

(Flavio grunts quietly)

MR. B:
This is the second time

I've had to hold on
to this ring.

It belongs to you now.

But... but what happened
after that?

Why didn't he come back?

I'm done with this.


Yo, what are you doing, man?

I'm going home.
I'm done with this.

Dude, you can't leave now.

- Eloise.
- Oh, wow.

Don't you want to know
how the story ends?

Oh, I know how it ends.
I know how it ends.

He doesn't come back.

He cheats on me and my mom
with some American woman,

has you and starts
a whole new life here.

- That's it.
- No, that can't be the whole story.

Come on, don't you want
the real answer?

I got the answer, okay?!

He forgot about me.

That's it. He didn't die.

Everything we're hearing about
was 25 years ago.

What was he doing since then?

Because he-he certainly wasn't
thinking about me.

That whole story was
about him trying

- to get back to you. He didn't...
- Oh, whatever.

- He didn't forget about you.
- Excuses, excuses, man.

I don't care, okay?
I-I have a life to go back to.

I-I have a family.

What's that supposed to mean?

That means that
you're not my family.

Okay? You're not my brother.
You mean nothing to me.

(vehicle approaches, honks horn)

Move, please. Move!

- Hey, don't bully him. He's...
- (bleating)

Move, Asher! Jesus.

Hey, I meant what I said.

You're gonna be
a terrible father.

And you know what else?
You're a terrible son.

Yeah, have a nice life.

So, where you from?

Hi. I'm gonna take
the first flight to Mexico City

or whatever gets me the hell
out of this goddamn country.


You're gonna have to
try that again.

Is that how you speak
to your mother?

I'm getting married
tomorrow, okay?

And you better watch your tone
when you're talking to me.


Now apologize.

(laughs) Fuck. What?

(laughs) Apologize.

(both laughing)


I... I apologize.

I apologize. I apologize.

- Now, passport, please.
- Yes.

Whatever you need, ma'am.
Whatever you need.


I... I left it in the car.

- (laughing)
- But I-I have a photo

of my passport in my phone here.

I would really love
to help you, but, honey,

you ain't flying nowhere
without a passport.

I need to get into that flight.

Please, please
help me out here. Please.


All right.
Here's what you do.

- Yeah.
- Take out your phone.

- Okay.
- Dial this number.

- 1-800...
- Yeah?

I don't give a shit!

Find someone who cares.

- Next customer.
- Shit!


(sighs) I can't, I can't,
I... (groans)

(cell phone ringing)

Assholes Anonymous.
How may I help you?


You're very funny.
That was very funny.

Sometimes you're very funny.

Listen, uh, I have
a small problem here, and, um,


I really need your...
I really need your help.

You're gonna have to speak up.

I can't...
No, I can't hear you.

I said I...
I really need your help.

- Can you hear him? I can't hear him.
- (bleating)

I really need your help, man.

♪ Oh, it's so nice
to be with you ♪

♪ I love all the things
you say and do ♪

- (Asher clears throat)
- ♪ And it's so nice ♪

♪ To hear you say
you're gonna... ♪

- Okay, uh, I'm sorry.
- (lowers music volume)

Okay? I-I...
I owe you an apology.

The things I said back there,
I didn't mean it, okay?

I'm sorry, and...

I'm actually surprised
you-you come to pick me up.

What are you talking about?

What I'm...
what I'm talking about?


Well, why did you come
pick me up?

'Cause, man,

we're brothers.

And don't you worry, bro.

We're gonna get you to El Paso,

and we're gonna re-sneak you
across that border.

You'll be back for your wedding
in no time.

Ain't that right, Renatito?

- (bleats)
- (Asher chuckles)

♪ Aw, darling,
I just gotta say ♪

♪ Oh, it's so nice
to be with you ♪

♪ I love all the things
you say and do... ♪

(song fades)

You want something?

Seaweed crisps.

- Come on. Come on.
- (bleating)

Come on.

Hey. (chuckles)

- (bleating)
- Hi.

- MAN: Look at this freak show.
- (men chuckling)

Hey. That your dog,
or is you just playing with it?

- (laughter)
- It's okay. Don't worry.

- Don't worry.
- Hey, you deaf, boy? Hey.

MAN 2:
They got the same calves.

- You deaf?
- What you doing with that goat?

Oh, that's love right there.

- Aw, aren't they cute?
- (smacking lips)

Run, boy, run.

- Looks like he's gonna cry.
- Hey. Hey.

- MAN: Hey!
- (men laughing)


Oh! (laughs)

(car door closes, engine starts)

What happened back there?

What were those guys
saying to you?

It was nothing, man.

Didn't look like nothing.

You shouldn't let people
treat you like that, you know?

- It doesn't bother me.
- Oh, really?

- No.
- Okay.

People always make fun
of other people

because they think
they're different.

But they're not.

I'm not different.

Well, being different is not
a bad thing, you know?

Nah, I know.

All right.


You didn't open this.

We always open 'em together.

- Can I?
- Yeah.

Huh. Saint Mary's Convent.

- Look at this.
- Whoa.

Dude, do you think
our sister's a nun?

(chuckles) Hey, wait.
What does that make us?

Um, nothing.


El Paso, Texas.

El Paso?

Come on, dude. Come on.

Let's see if you can
take us there in time.

- (scoffs) Watch this.
- (engine revs)

("Get That Feeling"
by Royal Deluxe playing)

- ♪ Oh, I get that feeling ♪
- ♪ Get that feeling ♪

♪ Yeah, you give it to me ♪

- ♪ Get that feeling ♪
- (Asher laughing)

- ♪ I get that feeling ♪
- ♪ Get that feeling ♪

♪ And you know
what that means... ♪

- (engine cranking, sputtering)
- (music fades)

What's that? What's happening?

What's happening?

We're out of gas.

- Are you kidding me right now?
- Hmm-mm.

We are in the mid...
That was your only

- responsibility, dude.
- (laughing)

Why are you laughing?
Are you stupid?

I love watching you
freak out, man.

This is why I keep extra fuel
in the back.

I'm pretty responsible, man.

Oh, Renatito, no.

Renatito, no.

- That is a naughty boy.
- Ah!

- Oh, my God, I knew it!
- Hold on.

- Hold on.
- Hold on?!

I'm gonna kill that thing
when you're not looking, okay?!

Don't bully him, man.

I'm not joking!
I'm gonna kill that thing!

We eat those things in Mexico.
They're very tasty!

- Hey, he can hear you, asshole.
- You stupid...

(grunting and groaning)

Okay, okay.

You're stronger.
You're stronger.

♪ ♪

I'm sorry I punched you, okay?

Ah, it's all right.
Brothers fight, man.

- That's how we show love.
- Don't start with that, please.

Hey, look.

Oh, my God. Oh...

Please have a phone.


(chimes tinkling)

(door creaking)

♪ ♪


Oh, shit. It's death.

"It's death"?

I mean...

it's dead.
I mean it's-it's not working.

Ooh, well, what do we have here?

What are these things?

- (sniffs, groans)
- I don't know.

It smells like Grandma.

It's moonshine.

It's-it's pure alcohol.

Oh, keep it away from me.

One sip of pinot,
and whoo-wee, I'm out.

That's it.

We can make ethanol out of this.

All we got to do is purify it,

and then we can use that
to fuel your car.

See? You are
a great engineer, man.

Stop doubting yourself.

(gas humming)

Okay. That's it.

- Okay. Okay, here we go.
- (clapping)

Why are you sweating so much?

I'm a little nervous.

Okay, give me that.

Where'd you...
where'd you find these, anyway?

In the creepy drawer
next to the animal teeth.

Okay. Listen.

We need to be very fast
with this, okay?

None of the ethanol vapors
can get out.

- You got it? You got it?
- I got it.

- The ethanol. The vapors.
- Yes.

It's gonna be very strong, okay?

It's pure alcohol,
so please don't inhale it.

(inhales deeply)

You don't need
to hold your breath.

- (exhales) No, I know.
- Okay.

- Are you ready for this?
- Yeah, yes. Yes.

- Okay.
- Don't be nervous.

- I'm not. No, I'm...
- Just concentrate, okay?

- Yeah, I'm excited.
- Okay.

- And go.
- Yes. Yes.

Tie it off. Tie it off.

- (gas hissing)
- (balloon pops)

Dude, what are you doing?!

- Jesus! Tie it off! Tie it off!
- Dude, that is...

- Hey, that is strong, man.
- Yes, it's-it's strong

- because it's pure alcohol!
- Oh, my God. Are you hot?

What are you doing?!

- I'm super hot.
- What are you doing?!

What are you doing?!
Tie it off!

- Tie it off, you idiot!
- Oh, man.

Oh, shit.

What are you doing?

- Control yourself! Jesus!
- I'll get the next one.

- (balloon pops)
- Oh, shit!

(both coughing, gasping)

Oh, my God, look at it.

- (laughing)
- ASHER: Whoa. Very big.

- It's very big.
- (balloon pops)

(both laughing hysterically)

You got us both
completely wasted.

(balloon pops)

(both laughing)

- Hey. Focus.
- (smacks)

- Don't... don't hit me.
- Okay, let me do it. I got it.

- I got it.
- Don't... (laughs)

- (pops)
- (gasps)

♪ Shame on you ♪

- ♪ If you can't dance, too. ♪
- (thud)


So, how we doing, man?

We get enough balloons or what?

Yeah, I think so.

Yeah, now we just got to
wait for the ethanol

to cool itself, but I-I think
it-it should work. Yeah.

Look at us, man.

- The Murguia brothers.
- (chuckling)

Kicking ass.

(both laughing)

Can I ask you something?

- Yeah.
- What did you mean

when you said
Dad gave up on you?

- That was nothing, man.
- No, no, no.

I'm, uh... I'm intrigued.

It looked to me like
you guys were very close.

I don't know.
Dad and I never really clicked.

You know?

And then, when I was 12...

I guess he realized I wasn't
the son he really wanted.

♪ ♪

And then, when I dropped out
of college and...

messed up with all those jobs,

Dad was like,

"That's it. I'm done with you."

Then he asked me if I wanted
to go on a road trip,

and I was like,

"Yeah, I love road trips.
Of course."

Then he took me to this...

...mm, place.

These guys,
they put me in a room.

But I could hear Dad arguing
with the doctor.

He kept saying,

"No, there's something wrong
with him.

There has to be
something wrong with him."

I don't know.

Maybe there is. (chuckles)

There's nothing wrong with you.

No, I know.

You know. It's just...

It's-it's kind of like

what you've been feeling,
though, you know?

♪ ♪

Like he ditched us.


Yeah, I thought...

I thought, if I came here,
I could just

look him in the eye
and ask him...


Why didn't he come back
to us, hmm?

That's why we got to see Eloise.


She's gonna give you
that answer.

I would love to, man,
but I can't.

I'm getting married tomorrow,
you know, so I have no time.

Maybe if I hadn't lost
my passport.

Yeah, I shouldn't
have trashed it.


I shouldn't have trashed it
back at the motel.

You're kidding me right now.


You're not kidding me right now?

I promised Dad I'd get you
all the way to Eloise.

- You stupid... Who...
- You threatened to go home.

- I...
- Who do you think you are?

You stupid man.

You're messing with my life now.

(speaks Spanish)

You're-you're sitting here

why everyone gives up on you.

This is why, asshole.

You are a fuckup!

(footsteps departing)

(liquid drizzling)

Hey. Um...

look, you are totally right
to be sore at me, man.

You know, I-I-I just got
so caught up

in us doing this thing together,

I-I didn't think about
your side of it, and...

I'm really sorry, man.

- I mean that.
- It's fine.

- I'm over it.
- Are you sure?

- Yeah.
- Because that-that wasn't cool.

Yeah. I just want to go home.

All right, well, let me...

let me just use the bathroom,
all right?

Yeah. Please just
hurry up, okay?

Yeah, yeah.

("Sing, Sing, Sing"
by Lighthouse playing)

- Don't judge me.
- (bleating)

- ♪ I don't think I'm crazy ♪
- (Renato giggling)

♪ I don't think
I'm out of my mind... ♪

Hey, man, is it just me,

or is the door stuck?

I need help, dude. Dude?

♪ Blues on the run, yeah ♪

- ♪ Sing, sing it loud ♪
- (laughing hysterically)

- ♪ Sing it out, children ♪
- (whooping)

♪ Sing it out
so everyone hears... ♪



♪ ♪

(song fades)

That's weird.


Yo, where'd he go, bro?

- (bleating)
- (wind whistling)

(vehicle approaching)

There you are.
I was worried you...

♪ ♪

(man laughing)

(growls quietly)

(men laughing)

- (sighs)
- (siren wailing)


police radio transmission)

Good evening. How are you?

I-I'm just try...
I'm just trying

to-to get back to my friend.

License and registration.

Yes. Uh...

listen, Officer, this is gonna
sound completely crazy to you,

but I lost my passport.

- I'm just trying to go back...
- What's that smell?

Oh, that, um...

It's... it...
it-it's not what you think.

- That's ethanol.
- Step out of the car, sir.

You can give me a Breathalyzer.

I'm not a cop.
I'm border patrol.

Now, step out of the car.


Listen, I've seen
a lot of TV shows,

and when the Mexican steps out
of the vehicle, it...

Get out of the car now!

Okay, yes. I'm not resisting.
I'm not resisting!

Please, okay, this is a mistake.

- Is there anyone I can talk to?
- That would be the judge.

Well, then just deport me.

Don't you people love
doing that?

(person coughing)

(baby crying)

(keys jangle, lock clicks)

♪ ♪

(Flavio whistling)



(keys jangling)

(lock clicks, door opens)


You're free to go.

Let's go.

♪ ♪

- (lock buzzes)
- (beeping)

Dear Renato,

You were right.

I guess I do screw up
everyone's lives.

And I'm sorry
I screwed up yours.

The cops called me,

told me a Mexican guy
with huge ears stole my car,

but I cleared everything up
for you.

I really hope it gets you back
home in time for your wedding.

Your little brother, Asher.


(entry bell jingles)


How'd you find me?

What-what happened to your face?

Who did that to you?

Yeah. (chuckles)

It was kind of crazy.

It turns out
that cabin actually belonged

to those guys
from the rest stop.

You're talking about those...

those rednecks
from the gas station?

Yeah. They-they remembered
me, too. (chuckles)

Oh, man, we need to get
some ice for your face.

- No, I'm fine.
- No, we need to get some ice.

I'm fine.


Where's Renatito?


I got out of there
by the skin of my teeth.

I couldn't save him.

What do you mean, you...

He's still there?

- With those guys?
- Hey, look.

Señor Renatito was
a good man, you know,

and he really did
care about you.

And I think what he'd want
more than anything

is for you to get
to your wedding in time.

- (pounds table)
- Bullshit.

I didn't pay for the doughnuts.

Dude, you're never gonna
make it to your wedding.

I don't get it. You always said
he was just a dumb goat.

Hey. He's not a dumb goat.

♪ ♪

(men laughing)

(men chattering indistinctly)

- Now you're talking!
- (laughter)

MAN 2:
Goat sliced up. Tasty.

Yeah, I like it! Yes, sir!

(laughter and chatter continue)

(goat bleats)

MAN: Gonna have some nice
goat stew, too.

- (man laughs)
- MAN 2: Whoa!

- (gasps)
- Shh.

- ("Without You" by Il Divo playing in Spanish)
- (bleats)

What the...?

(audio distorts)

(distorted groan)

Ethanol, baby.

(gas hissing)

- (music swells)
- (distorted groaning)

♪ ♪

(both laughing)


- ♪ Here it comes ♪
- ♪ And here it comes ♪

♪ Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey ♪

- ♪ Said here it comes ♪
- ♪ And here it comes ♪

♪ Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey ♪

- ♪ And here it comes ♪
- ♪ Here it comes ♪

♪ Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey ♪

- ♪ Said here it comes. ♪
- (song fades)

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

All right.

Are you ready to meet Eloise?


ASHER: Maybe our sister's
married to Jesus.

RENATO: Well, at least someone
made it to their wedding.

Can I help you?

Uh, yes.
Uh, we're here to see Eloise.

Well, there goes that trip.

(door opening)

♪ ♪

Wait here.

- All right.
- (door opens)

(door creaks shut)

Oh, God.

She even has Dad's nose.


(laughs, sighs)

How I prayed for a sister.

Eloise, it's so great
to finally hold you.

I'm not Eloise.

I'm Sister Marisa.

Oh. Well, where's Eloise?

If you want to see Eloise,

you need to give me
the combination.

- What-what do you mean?
- What combination?

♪ ♪

(cabinet door rattles, creaks)

We have specific instructions.

Anyone asking about Eloise
must have the code to the safe.

Goddamn it!

Dad with his goddamn riddles!

Jesus Christ!

ASHER (laughing):
What he means is

he's really excited.

(Renato shouts in frustration)

(Renato exhaling sharply)

Did Dad ever say something
to you about a combination?


(both sigh)

There's-there's got to be
something, you know?

Some-some clue,
something we're not seeing.

Oh. I got it.

- Duh.
- What?

It's my birthday.

("Does That Sound Like a Deal"
by Andrew Kingslow playing)

(song stops)

Then it's my birthday.

♪ ♪

- (song stops)
- (grunts in frustration)

Jesus, all of this for nothing!

All right, all right,
all right, all right.

- All these days, all these...
- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

Hold on. Hold on.

We can figure this out.

♪ ♪

"Jesus said to them,
'Did you never read

in the Scriptures, the s...'"
I don't know how to...

Wait. No, no, no, no, no.

Give me my... give me
my passport. Give me...

♪ You can't refuse... ♪

Oh, God! That's...
Stop it! Stop it!

(Asher sighs)

- I-I... I can't do this anymore.
- (song fades)

- I need to go.
- What?

- Yeah.
- Come on, man. We're so close.

- (sighs)
- We are so close.

I-I'll never make it home
in-in time.

I need to go. I'm sorry.

I totally understand if-if
you want to stay, but I can't.

I'm sorry, man.

Ah, at least we saw life
through Dad's eyes.

- Yeah.
- As he used to say,

"It's always good
to look at things

from a different perspective."


What does this say?

- Eloise.
- Mm.

And from a different


Son of a bitch.

♪ ♪


I hope this is recording
and I'm not just sitting here

talking to myself like an idiot.

- (Asher laughs)
- (Flavio chuckles, coughs)

If you've made it this far,
you're near the end.

I hope it's been
a fun trip for you both.

(Renato scoffs)

I apologize
for the long journey.

And now that you've heard
a lot of things,

I want you to hear
the rest from me.

The first thing
you should know is...

...I've not been a good man.

I feel like all I've ever done
all my life is

hurt the ones I love the most.

Now, I'm not asking
for your forgiveness...

...but you deserve to know
the truth about everything.

That night, outside the prison,

I knew I was about to die.

But then, I swear...

...I saw angels above me.

The sisters said
I was barely conscious.

I was so sick,

they took care of me for months.

I owe my life to them.

(birds chirping)

And then, finally,

I could go home.

I made it all the way
to the border.

I was so close to home,

but then, at that moment,

I got this feeling.

Uh, something inside me

just couldn't let me
cross over for good

until I apologized to her.

I had no idea how my life
was about to change.

- (indistinct chatter)
- (panting)


This baby was in danger.

I could never blame her
for not accepting my apology.

But I already went through the
pain of leaving one son behind.

I couldn't do it to another.

(door closes)


♪ ♪

This was all my fault,

not hers.

You have to realize

your mother was just trying
to protect you.

And I thought it would be
easier for you

if you just slowly...

...forgot about me.

I should have done more.

I should have just found a way
to come see you.

Ay, Renato, mijo.

I want you to know
how special you were to me.

You were the love of my life.


And I have to live
with this guilt every day.

But you,

you are the one
who has suffered the most.

In some kind of way, I...
I tried to make up for it

by putting all my energy
into you, Asher.

I wanted to be
such a good father to you,

but I failed you, too, didn't I?

In my small, simple mind,

I tried to recapture with you
what I had with Renato.

But, Asher, you were so...


♪ ♪

And I didn't know
how to connect with you.

So, instead, I pulled away...

for far too long.


my sweet, beautiful boy,

I am so sorry it took me so long

to see there was never
anything wrong with you.

I want you to know

I never gave up on you.


Asher, you have
such a caring heart.

This world needs you so much.

You're going to do so much good
with everybody you touch.


I made both of you feel

like you were not
the son I wanted,

but in truth...

...I was not the father
you deserved.

And I know there's nothing
I can do to make up for it...


...but I still felt
I had to try.

So, when life decided to
throw me one last curveball...

...I decided to put
this whole trip together.

To put my two boys together.

Because my hope is

that even though
it might seem like I'm gone,

we could still do this together.

My biggest regret
is not being able

to share this final journey
with you.

And even though
I'm no longer here,

please know I am always with you

and I am always
watching over you both.


What-what last journey?

What is he talking about?

With Eloise.

- What?
- What? S...

So, there is an Eloise?

Would you like to see her?

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

What are you thinking about?

The way I left him
in the hospital.

I didn't even
say goodbye to him.

I didn't... I didn't even...

- tell him...
- He knew.

He knew.


("Time" by Angelo De Augustine

♪ Time keeps on learning ♪

♪ About you and me ♪

Well... (clears throat)
you got a wedding to catch.

- Yeah. Yes, I do.
- Yeah. Yeah. (grunts)

♪ I'll keep on loving ♪

♪ Someday she'll love me ♪

(Renato grunts)

♪ Now your heart
has been broken ♪

Thanks, Asher.

For everything.

♪ And you can't find
the right words to say ♪

♪ Once uphill you'll be fine ♪

♪ But your love's lost
down the line ♪

♪ Hate to say I was wrong ♪

♪ Came into this life
on my own ♪

♪ And I'll try ♪

- Fly safe, amigo.
- ♪ Yes, I'll try ♪

♪ Hope for love,
turn out the light ♪

♪ And I gave my own life,
my own life, my own life ♪

♪ He'll treat you unkindly ♪

♪ If that's what you want ♪

♪ Now you can't find ♪

- ♪ The right words to say ♪
- (bleating)

♪ Once uphill you'll be fine ♪

♪ But your love's lost
down the line ♪

♪ And I'll try, yes, I'll try ♪

♪ Hope for love, turn out
the light, and I gave... ♪

- (bleating)
- I know.

- (chuckles softly)
- (keys jingling)

- RENATO: Hey!
- (running footsteps)

What's wrong?
What's going on?

Uh... (panting)

We need to get you a suit.

I can't get married
without my brothers.

♪ ♪

(engine whirring)

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

(Flavio whistling)


♪ ♪

If you were to ask me now

if a father and son
should be best friends,

I would say...

of course they should.

(airplane motor buzzing)

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

- (motor stops, clattering)
- Ooh.


("Deleter" by Grouplove

♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ All this time,
I thought you were a leader ♪

♪ It turns out
you're only a deleter ♪

♪ Tell your friends
that you're okay ♪

♪ You're never gonna
see them anyway ♪

♪ All this time,
I thought you were a leader ♪

♪ It turns out
you're only a deleter ♪

♪ No, no, no, no ♪

♪ Na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na,
na-na-na-na, na-na-na-no ♪

♪ No, no ♪

♪ No, no ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ It's the future,
and I'm brain-dead ♪

♪ Yeah, I'm destitute ♪

♪ Yeah, I feel
no roots anymore ♪

♪ Anymore ♪

- ♪ Take another picture ♪
- ♪ Picture ♪

♪ Show 'em
what you're doing... ♪

(song fades)

♪ ♪

Subtitles by explosiveskull

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

(music fades)