Hale County This Morning, This Evening (2018) - full transcript

A kaleidoscopic and humanistic view of the Black community in Hale County, Alabama.

[Faint music building]

[Music playing on radio]

I'll make him ruler over much.

If you're not faithful
over a little,

you're not gonna be
faithful over much.

It's the little things
that we do that determine...

All: ♪ said I'll never
forsake thee ♪

♪ Promise divine

♪ that never can fail

♪ heavenly sunlight

♪ heavenly sunlight

♪ flooding my soul with

♪ glory divine

♪ hallelujah

♪ I am rejoicing

♪ singing his praises

♪ Jesus is mine

♪ shadows around me

♪ shadows above me

♪ never conceal my

♪ savior and...

[Faint indistinct conversations]

[Indistinct conversation]

We got a championship team.

They better watch out...

[Indistinct overlapping voices]

I called your mama...

[Indistinct overlapping voices]

[Tranquil acoustic music]

[Men talking and laughing

[Baby crying loudly]

[Indistinct voices,
crying continues]

♪ Cluckloo, cluckloo

♪ cluckloo, cluckloo, kloo

♪ kloo, kloo, kloo, kloo, kloo ♪

♪ Kloo, kloo, kloo, kloo, kloo ♪

♪ Cluckloo, cluckloo, kloo

you sleepy?


Hey, what kind of baby this?

Come on, granny baby.

[Rhythmically] Grandmama gonna
make some sweet potato pies...

[Baby coos] And some cakes.

And some cupcakes.



I said "how."
You don't remember that?

- Oh! I thought he said.
- Oh, okay.

I thought it was like,
please or...


[Indistinct conversation]


[Indistinct shouting,
shoes squeaking]

There you go.

[Ball bouncing rapidly]


It's raining
chick-a-Bob out here.

[Distorted radio chatter]

[Thunder rumbles]

Frowning up,
and the needle through.


The worst part over while
you trying to hold that tear.

I believe that what you're doing

'cause you... everybody
gets that tear or a frown.

Okay, the tear
goin' to come out.

You know what I mean?

That's it.


There you go... oh! [Laughter]

- He's crying.
- I'm gonna wipe my nose.

Oh, you got...
Hold your face up, man.

[Ball thwacking floor]

You know, my main thing is,
you know, don't give up.

I'm not gonna give up
on nothing.

I don't have a backup plan.
I have goals

that I want to reach, you know,
meet them, you know,

before I leave this earth.

I want to do... you know,

fulfill all my goals
and my dreams

and everything... music,
football, or basketball...

Either one of
the sports, though.

Then, you know,
get my education finished

and then up that,

'cause I'll make
my parents real proud.

I need to help my son.
I want my son...

I don't want my son to know
that I didn't graduate.

I'd tell him 'cause
I don't want the same thing

to happen to him,
so I want him to... you know,

I just want to make life better
for him.

That's my main goal.

[Baby cries loudly]

- Mm.
- [Fusses]

- Hey.
- [Fusses, cries]

Pick the bottle up
with the ring around it.

You got a chance. You got
to do it just like this.

If it hit the ground,
the game over,

so it got to stay on the table.

All you want to do is put
the ring on the neck

of the bottle just like this.

You lift the bottle straight up,

and the ring will fall
right on the bottle.

It got to look just like this
to win the game.

If the bottle
don't look like that,

the game is not won, okay?
So you got to keep it on

the table
with the ring around it.

They want to steal my stuff!

[Woodwind music]

[Indistinct voices]


but don't do it too loud.

- [Laughs]
- [Singing]

- You grown?
- Nah, I'm half-grown.

16, think you're grown?


All: Whoo!

[Rhythmic stomping]


[Rhythmic stomping]


[Rhythmic stomping]


Look how he act.

Don't yell at me.

God, you make me get this way.

So how I act?

He really didn't want to move.

I would have ran him
over so hard.

and indistinct chatter]

That nigga got to be
the worst dancer.

He ain't acting right.

- Referee on your ass, charge!
- He's making

an ass out of himself, isn't it?


This is the longest ever...

and indistinct chatter]

For the last, like, six seconds.

Like, you would too.

You can do about
six videos, man.

Cut, cut! It's over.

Kill the music. Kill the music.

My first step I got to do,

I got to get in school though.

I got to get into... I got
to figure out what I can do.

I got to get in school.

Once I get in school,

then I'll take my steps
from there.

If I can get into a good school

that I know that they'll want me

and they'll respect me,
I'll be all right

'cause the schools
I've been at, I mean,

they good schools,
but they ain't schools, like...

That really,
like, just respect...

like, respect, like...
You could just be like,

"all right," like, "I can
really play with this coach

"for, like, ten more years.

"Like, I just got four,
I can do another

four more years
with this coach."

You feel what I'm saying?

[Soft resonant music]

Hey. Hey, hey, hey,
hey, man. Whoa, man.


Hey, hold on, ramell, hold on.

Look, hey, man, look.
Hey, this guy right over there.

I guarantee you, man, Roy
Jones, Roy Jones, Roy Jones Jr.

Hey, hey, Monday Mayweather.
Hey, hey, come...

hey, come and get him, man. Hey!

[Conversation fades]

[Excited chatter]

[Whistle blows]

Come on, man. [Indistinct]

All: Whoo! [Rhythmic stomping]

Whoo! [Rhythmic stomping]


[Rhythmic stomping]


[Rhythmic stomping]


Uh, 6-0-9, 7-17.

All: Whoo!

6-0-9, 7-17.

[Excited chatter]

6-0-9, 7-17.

[Excited chatter]

Come claim your prize.



[Indistinct voices]

[Chatter and rhythmic stomping]

I got some more tickets...

Check your coaches and your
player for more tickets

so that I can go to...

[Indistinct chatter]



All: Whoo!


Come on. [Indistinct]

[Voice fades]

Man, what you... [Scoffs]

Man, I'm terrible, man.

I can fit in the closet, man.

I fit in the closet.



How many times you got
to push it for it to come on?


I got TV.

I got to make this team, bro.

I know... I know
I'm gonna make it.

- [Inaudible]
- I have to.




One, barely. Barely got it up.

Barely got it up that time.

That's good. Two.


That's good.

Straight ahead, oh, yeah.


Don't look down.

Keep your head up.

Oh, oh.


Shoot harder. All right.

Too hard.


Oh, yeah. Uh-huh.




Uh-huh. Three.

Straight in.


Okay, Katie,
I'm your big cousin.

- I'm Quincy.
- Excuse me.

Let it go off.

Y'all did this yet?

[Music playing on stereo]

Y'all did this in science yet?

- You made that?
- Y'all gonna do, um, this.

Mm. Y'all gonna... y'all gonna
burn that.

You see where
the light is right here?

- You know what I mean?
- Yeah.

- [Buzzing]
- Ah! [Laughs]

One time, I used to be
so scared of my daddy.

My daddy'd say, "don't move
unless I tell you,"

'cause I would say,
"I want a toy."

He'd say, "don't move
unless I tell you."

Dad left out of the store,
and there I still was standing

where the toys at. [Laughs]

I was so scared to leave.

He said, "oh, I knew
I forgot something."

White man told my daddy,
"don't... don't whup him."

He said, "I'll whup whoever
the hell I want."

"I'll whup you." [Laughs]

"Don't tell me not to whup
my kid."

[Music playing on TV]

How cool is it that new
digiorno designer pizza kit

lets us create our own pizza?

And use delicious digiorno
toppings like pepperoni,

sausage, and peppers?

And we made it look
just like Billy?

I don't see it.

New digiorno designer pizza kit

lets you create
the pizza you want.

Thankfully, it's not delivery.
It's digiorno.

[Insects chirping]

[Bluesy electric guitar music]

[Playing bluesy music]

[Man laughs]

[Man shouts, laughs]

[Man shouts indistinctly]

[Man laughs]

The blues brothers.

I just try to do my best and
just take it one day at a time.

I can't be worrying
about what going on,

what happened yesterday,
what gonna happen tomorrow

'cause I already have
my troubles for today,

so I can't worry
about tomorrow, so...

I got to only take it one day
at a time and just try.

I wanted to walk to the bridge
for Martin Luther King day,

but we had practice.
I was too tired,

and I just...

They had a big ceremony,
like, gigantic.

Like, I think Oprah
was down here.

Oprah, common...

Like, some more people
was at the bridge,

you know, and... and I didn't go.
I just...

I'm just trying to focus on

how can I make it
from this small school.

Like, I know it's possible.

Anything is possible.
Like, I probably can get

to the league from this school.

You never know
what might happen.

I just got to...

I just got to believe
and just keep faith

and get closer to god.

When I was... when Daniel
was little...

I had a job. I was taking
care of him pretty good.

So then I started working
at the fish plant,

and I met this guy,

and so I wanted
to bring him with us,

but my grandma wouldn't
let me bring him with us

'cause she said
she didn't feel he was safe

'cause he had a attitude
problem to get mad,

want to fight and stuff,
so she said,

"I'll tell you what.
When you get your own place

"and you and him break up
or whatever,

you can get your child back."

So Daniel stayed down there
with my grandma for about...

Till he was about 11 or 12,
and I got him back,

and he's still holding that
against me to this day.

"You didn't want me.
You ain't never loved me,"

but I tried to get him
all the time.

She wouldn't let me get him.

She even had called
the police on me one time

'cause I tried to get him.

Saying "that man she got gonna
beat him up,"

and all of this and that,
so I said,

"okay, mama, I'll just
let you keep him t... "...

they're being too loud.

Y'all come in
'cause we got neighbors,

and they trying to sleep.
Come on in.

Hey, I got this rap
if you want to hear it.

Oh, no. [Laughter]

- I got this rap.
- All right, chill, bruh.

- Hey, y'all know that "mm."
- Yeah, yeah.

Hey, I'ma say my [bleep].

Go. Mm. [Snapping fingers]


...just stuff like that.
Like... like...

[indistinct], you know.

Ah! What doing?

What doing? What doing?


[Panting] Go.

I was looking to be there
kind of early.

- No pages or nothing?
- Uh-uh, like...

Like... oh, like, um, different

[Indistinct conversation]

Go. [Panting]

...and then they got little
banners where you put on the...

Saying happy birthday to,
you know, whoever,

and then... or this one.


[Indistinct conversation,
pages turning]

Oh, my god. [Inaudible]

- [Babbles]
- You being sarcastic.

No, I'm not.

Right here.

[Indistinct conversation]

I thought it was a baby book
until I actually

had a look at it, and it's, like, for birthday parties.



[Indistinct conversation]

What doing?

Little [inaudible]...
Dogs and stuff like that.

[Indistinct conversation]

For real, you can't take it
serious, man. [Inaudible].

- [Indistinct]
- You gotta start

doing stuff like that
for our kid.

Now, look, that one can squirt.

I go. [Pants]

Yeah! [Roars, laughs]

[Gentle music]

His third birthday.

[Indistinct conversation]

All right. Day seven.

Hey, yo, what gives?

[All talking at once]

[Resonant music]

I'm good like the year '64.

Let's... hold it up.

[Indistinct chatter
and laughter]

[Distorted ambient music]

[Distorted vocalization]

[Buzzer sounds]

[Distorted vocalization]

- Good night.
- "Good night" what?

You gonna go to sleep, baby?
You need to.

Mm, mm.

I don't want to love this hard.

Man, your breath stink.


What's up now? What's up now?

What's going on?


[Both grunt]

- [Imitates whooshing]
- [Laughs]

[Struggles playfully]

- Hey, daddy.
- [Inaudible]

Hey, daddy.

How you doing?

I look like my daddy.
I look like my daddy.

[Laughs] Shut the [bleep].

Don't fight!
[Indistinct chatter]

I'm gonna go out there.

What up, coz? My bad.

I didn't mean to curse.

You been filming
the football games, brother?

- Mm-hmm.
- Semi-pro?

Mm-hmm. How you know?
You see me out there?

I want to play. I play Madden.

You should come out.
They got practice tomorrow.

I want to be quarterback.

- [Laughs]
- I ain't got no ride

to uniontown.

- [Inaudible].
- Dang.

I don't wanna take
nobody's position.

[Laughs] That's nice.

You gonna come?

- Ooh, oh.
- Put that down.

Put that down. Come get home.

Put that down.

What, the chair?
The chair ain't going nowhere.

That's just a chair.

She needs to be sitting in here.


Turn it sideways. Yeah.

I think I got some
whatchacallit at the house.

- For what?
- To tighten these things up.


Yo! [Laughter]

[Squeals and laughter]


[Otherworldly woodwind music]

[Faint distorted music]


Get my Polo hat, now.
- [Laughs]

[Insects chirping]

- Let me ask you a question.
- What's up, man?

- What you doing?
- Just recording that fire,

man. Look at that thing.

Making it look like
the house is on fire?

Nah, but it's like,
when the... when

the smoke goes up
and the light comes through it,

you see... like,
how often do you see that,

when the smoke gets the sun
right, like, right behind it?

- Oh, okay.
- You see, like, the daggers

- that are coming in?
- Uh-huh.

That what I was wondering.
I said...

I'm trying to figure out what
the hell is he out there doing?

So you just take pictures?

Yeah, I just... yeah,
and I shoot video and stuff.

It's just really beautiful.

Oh, okay. I did wonder.

I got to tell my wife
because I think my grandson,

he just got a full scholarship
in photography.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.

That's great. That's great.
Where's he going to shoot?

Or where's his spot?
I really don't know yet.

He lives in tuscaloosa.
I need to talk to him.

I think he just got
the scholarship, like, $1,000?

See, we need more black folks
making photos in the area

and taking pictures
and stuff, you know?

Okay. Well, like I said,

next time I might see you down
through this way.

- Yeah.
- 'Cause I was wondering

what the hell you were doing.


Figured it out for myself.

- Take it easy, man.
- All right.

[Somber acoustic music]

Go! Set, go!

You got that?

- Move, huh?
- Whoo!

- Let's go, boy.

- Foul bowl.
- I'll get that.

- That's nice.
- Whoo! Hey, we got

one more over here.
Let's do it again.

We got some more over here.

- Whoo!
- Set, go!

[Indistinct conversation]

9, 10, 11, 12, 13.

- 14.
- 14.

Four, five, six, seven.

- Try to stop.
- [Laughs]

- Go put your name in the book.
- All right.

[Inaudible], man.

Am I gonna be a star for this?

Maybe. [Laughter]

They might want me to get in
a movie

and do this [bleep], man.

Nigga can't do this
everywhere you go, man.

Whoa, now.

[Engines humming]

You can say you straight,
but [inaudible].

[Overlapping conversations]

I thought this was gonna drown them.

The water ain't deep enough.

This is... this'll be
a good movie

if we can get enough folks.

Called "the world without guns."

That'd be a bad movie, right?

"The world"... the world
without what?

Without guns. It gonna be, like,

a funny movie too.
Let me show you something.

You a police, right?
You the police.

You know, we ain't got no guns.
It's just a world without guns.

We going back in the day
with Spears,

and police are like, "put your
hands on the car, man."

"Put your..." [laughs]
You know what I'm saying?

You got a spear,
and then you like,

"oh, he going to run."
[Imitates squelching]

- Right in the head.

[Imitates static]
"We got him, sir. He down."

And then... and you live,
you know what I'm saying?

You live to fight
another day, man,

or you live to run another day,
you know what I'm saying?

Only way you would die
is if you get hit in the heart.

Is that more comfortable
on your feet?

Yeah, they're a size 11...

- So you gonna meet me halfway?
- I'll meet you all the way.

How can I meet you halfway
if you done turned your back?

I won't. [Indistinct]

- Hey, how you doing?
- Good. Hey, how y'all?

- I'm all right.
- All right.

I got my bodyguard now.
I got my bodyguard.

- Ma'am. Ma'am.
- Got my bodyguard for you, ma.

- What kind of bodyguard...
- Right here.

How in the world you gonna be
a bodyguard running?

- You running? Don't you run.
- Walk.

He say he walked.

Well, he gonna be
walking mighty fast.

He's gonna have to.

Are you scared now?

If you're scared,
say you're scared.



- What's that he said?
- Nothing.

She coming back round
the table, man. [Laughs]

Come on, ease right back around
the table. [Laughs]

What'd you say?

"You got your raise?"
Smiling like, "what raise?"

"You know they supposed
to take our raise up 5¢?"

I'm like, "ooh, a nickel."

I can find 5¢ on the floor.

It ain't no increase.

It ain't nothing to make you
be happy about. 5¢.

- Yeah.
- It go up $5,

it'd be... you know,
it'd be pleasant.

That's why I feel
like... I been feeling like

I don't want to go there
'cause I feel like the work

they have us do...

Or I feel like I'm working...

I'm making enough money
just to go back to work.

[Woodwind music]

[insects chirping]

Man, my foots be froze...
And hands.

When I get off work, I be glad
to get in the car and unthaw

or go in the break room,

'cause they had the heat
on in there.

Or either get in the sun.

Like, when we get out... we
used to take a break at 6:00.

Everybody used to go outside
and sit in the sun, unthaw.

We had, like, 15- or 30-minute

then go back in,

and then have
another lunch break,

then unthaw again, go back in.

Then next time,
you're coming home.


She like that. Look at her,

looking up in that thing.

[Laughs] Look at her.

Tell him your name.
What your name is?

Wait a minute here.
You fixing to be three.

What's your name?

You don't know your name?
What's your name?

[Mumbles] Two.

Uh-uh. What's your name?


You don't know your name?

She said, "uh-uh."

How old you is?


You fixing to go to head start,

and you don't know none of that?

What's your name?

What's your address?

What's your phone number?

Who your mama is?

What's your mama name?

Uh-oh, she ain't gonna
make it, huh?

They'll have to put you
in special ed.

You ain't gonna make it in
head start.

Of course we know that there
are impoverished areas

in the in the city and urban
communities, of course,

but there are a lot
of impoverished areas

in rural communities
across America.

But see, my problem is
with the stereotype,

and I'm gonna tell you why.

Because as a city kid,

every year I came down here,

it was a joy to take my shoes

- Mm-hmm.
- And run on the red Clay.

And it was a joy to go hunting.

It was a joy when I was taught
how to wring a chicken's neck

or how to do... when
I got sick with strep throat,

how my grandmother
took the bark of a tree

and split it
and boiled it with tar

and put it on my...
And then the next day,

I was running around
like I was crazy.

You know, it was a joy
to pick pecans.

It was a joy... you know,

and to me it's the emphasis,
you know what I mean?

Like, it's...
- that's put on...

Right, like, what is
really poor and impoverished?

[Machines beeping quietly]

[Indistinct conversation]

- There's the boy.
- [Squeaks]

Okay, I'm gonna take him
over here a sec.

I'm gonna need a moist towel.

All right here, comes...

- that's my boo-boo.
- I guess I should've waited

to eat after surgery like you.

My boo-boo.

[Baby crying]
- Wow.

- 55.
- Oh, my god.

[Twins crying]

- And there's your baby girl.
- All right.

[Indistinct conversation]

Here's the little girl.

I'll bring her back
in just a minute, okay?

- Okay.
- I'll let y'all walk

over there in just a minute.

I was doing it so she would
know it's the first one.

Oh, my god.

[Indistinct conversation]

I'm ready to hold them.

- What are their names?
- Korbyn and karmyn.


[Baby crying]

It's gonna be, like,
2:00 or 3:00 in the morning.

We did it.


Give me five.

[Baby crying faintly]

[Baby cooing]

[Characters grunting in video game]

[Clears throat]

[Distant conversation]

- You're under that shade.
- Yes, ma'am. Thank you.

- She's so pretty.
- Say, "thank you."

[Indistinct conversation]

My biggest fear...

my biggest fear was me choking.

Out of everything in the world,
me drowning or choking,

that's my biggest fear,
of dying or getting hurt.

And it happened to my baby.

And it hurt me so bad.

It's the craziest thing.

It was my biggest fear,
me getting hurt,

and it happened to my baby.

[Indistinct chatter on TV]

Kyrie, can you move
out of the way,

like, just a little bit?


[Indistinct conversation]

That... is that yours?
[Indistinct conversation]

[Indistinct voices]

[Thunder rumbles]

A'ight, come on back at it.

- You ain't [inaudible].
- Okay.

Something told me... - Go ahead.


- Something told me.
- Yeah.

♪ Something told me - yeah.

All: ♪ it was over

yeah, yeah, yeah.

♪ When I saw you
and her talking ♪

[Laughs excitedly]

♪ Something deep in my soul

♪ said cry, girl

♪ cry girl

all: ♪ when I saw you
with that girl ♪

♪ Talking

I don't know if it's
walking or talking.

You done grow... you done
got grown,

so you need to get on your own.

I am out on my own.
What is you saying?

- Every weekend you be here.
- No, I don't.

You were here last weekend,
weekend 'fore that.

- I came here a day and left.
- I know. I like my peace.

It's a day and leave every time.

- Can I have my peace?
- You do got your peace.

Okay, peace mean I want my
house to myself. Y'all grown.

You do got the house
to yourself.

Oh, you gonna
be... stay with Nate?

Nah, bruh. I'll stay outside
till tomorrow night.

You ain't gonna stay outside.
Ramell ain't gonna let you.

Oh, man, no, he got stuff.

He not gonna be here
the whole time.

He got to do... stuff
he got to do.

Me too.

I'm tired. I need my space.

I'm tired.

All my kids grown
except for her.

I need my space. I don't like
to deal with grown-ups.

Your hand's swelling up too.

Come on here.

Put your hand up there.

[Laughter] [Sings indistinctly]

I even hit you, bro.

[Indistinct conversation]

Come on, now.

I would've kicked your ass.
[Overlapping voices]

You think about that now.

How you want it? Yeah, do it.
Do it.

Do it. I got you.

Got you. I got you all day.
Oh, yeah.

- I did, I did.
- Okay. A'ight.

- It's okay.
- Now tell me you didn't

- do it then.
- Come on here.

Put these things up here.
Put your hands up there.

- [Mockingly] Ow!
- Ow!

Come on, put your hands
up there, now.

Put your hands up here!

- Why didn't I think of that?
- [Mockingly] Ow!

- Your hand's bleeding.
- Ow!

[Overlapping voices]

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

[Team shouting]

[Cheering and shouting]

[Echoing thudding and squeaking]

[Shouting in slow motion]

[In slow motion]
Oh, my god! Oh, my god!

Man, I don't think if you
were white he would have

did all that.

There he go.

[Crowd shouts]
[In slow motion] Oh, my god!

Oh, my god!

Whose child is this, man?

[Can hissing]

- You ready?
- Get my face back.

I went like this.
[Echoing shouting]

Dawg, I seen you tried
to catch it.

Then you let it go.
Nah, I went just

like this, man. He thought you-

[distorted ringing and ticking]

[In slow motion]
Whose child is this, man?

I got a... I got
a pretty good wingspan.

Look at this.

[Indistinct conversation]

[Eerie ambient music]

Oh, Jesus! Thank you!

Thank you, Jesus!

All right.
[Indistinct conversation]

[Thunder rumbling distortedly]

[Distorted] Whose child is this, man?

[Whistle blows distortedly]

Whose child is this, man?

Know what I'm saying?
I raise my hand to god.

Whatever it take, god,
I'm gonna do it.

Whatever it take, I'ma do it...

To protect our children
out here in this community.

If they don't like me,
god, oh, well.

I ain't out here
for to be liked.

I'm out here to do
what god tell me to do.

God put me here
in magnolia village

for a reason and a season,

and I'ma do
what he tell me to do.

We will not have another child
losing they life over mess...

Over situation and circumstance.

I refuse to let it happen.

If I have to stay up all
night, I will do it.

[Quick flute music]

[Playing flute]

Everything that you do,
it revolves around your game,

helping other people
or being beneficial to you

staying on the floor,

but if you coming off
and you hesitating

because I done told you
to shoot or somebody else done

told you not to shoot it,

you not gonna be a help...

no help to your teammates
or to me.


Like I told you all before,

everybody that I done went
out here and recruited,

even with the old guys,

if they don't make it,
they just don't make it.

It's nothing against them
because y'all know

I'll help y'all to the end,
but this is a business.

[Flame whooshing]


Hey, you see that?

- ♪ Oh, my lord.
- You got to fight through it!

He done made the promise.

If you don't fight through it,
you won't get it.

[Hymn playing]

Tears don't mean
you fighting through it!

Come on, y'all!

You in a war, baby.

♪ Oh, my lord, you lift me ♪

We didn't come to play
with the devil.

We didn't come to play
with the devil!

I said, we didn't come
to play with him!

♪ Give myself away

we came to get
what god got for us!

We came to get what heaven has!

- ♪ Give myself away.
- Hallelujah!

Get rid of yourself!

Give yourself away. Oh!

♪ Give myself away

[clapping and talking]

Y'all are some emotional
people over here.

- Hallelujah!
- Hallelujah!

♪ This is my yes

♪ this is my yes, lord

♪ have your way

♪ have your way in me

[slow piano music]

- Thank you.
- ♪ my soul says yes

♪ my souls says yes, god

hallelujah, god.
I can feel it...

♪ Hallelujah, god!

God, my soul says yes,
lord, hallelujah!


God, my soul says yes, lord! Oh!

God bless you.

- Yeah!
- Oh, god, my soul says yes,


[Crying] God, my soul says yes.


[Indistinct chatter]

...is an ungrateful person.

A covetous person
is an ungrateful person.

When you are filled
with Thanksgiving,

when you are filled
with thanks-living,

you are too busy to covet
somebody else's stuff.

James said, "when you ask"

"and you don't receive, why?

Because you ask"...

[Horn honks]

[Baby crying,
indistinct conversation]

[Engine roars,
baby continues crying]












[Indistinct conversation]


Whoa, whoa, whoa.
They calling us racist now?

[Indistinct conversation]

[Kyrie grunts]

You wanna watch
one of these two.

[Indistinct conversation]

- Eclipse.
- [Indistinct]

This here is badass.

- A fry, a chick-fil-a.
- A chick-fil-a fry.

How you gonna see it?
With a fry.

- A chick-fil-a...
- Fry?

- A chick-fil-a fry.
- [Giggles]

You're looking at the moon
crossing the sun, tanisha.

Stop acting slow.


And they said we can't see
it in this state.

That's a lie.

No, you just... you just can't
look up and just see it.

You got to have something.

It's moving slow, though, right?

It's rotating in the same spot.

- Hmm.
- No, like, some people

were saying you can't see it
in these states,

lower down here.

Kendra, you probably have to,

like, have
some special equipment

to look through it.

They say all the white folks

are outside at the plant
with their glasses on.

Here goes the eclipse.

See, they ain't gonna
believe this.

They ain't got no choice but to believe.

Let's go get us some towels.

'Cause they got...
They got some on sale.

You want something, ramell?

- I'm okay. Thank you.
- Okay.

Give me five.

Give me five.

- High five.
- What you want?

Thank you so much for
making Wendy's your choice.

This is Victoria.
Would you like to try our

junior bacon cheeseburger?
No, thank you.

First I'd like that four
for four meal,

Coca-Cola drink.
Might as well get two.

Two four for four meals,
two Coca-Cola drinks.

Stop talking like that, man.

- That's the way I talk.
- So you want to have

- a total of three?
- Hmm?

- You want a total of three?
- Total of three what?

- Four for four meals.
- No, just two.

- Okay.
- Didn't you say that?

You got coke on both of them.

What flavor sauce?
She said three.

- Coke.
- Um...

She said sauce, damn it.
Sweet and sour.

And can I add a frosty
to your order today?

I just love that picture.
Oh, my god.

- No, thank you.
- Okay.

Your total's gonna be $8.72.
Thank you.

- All right.
- Stop.

I can't stop looking at it.

- Looking at what?
- That picture.

- What picture?
- Korbyn

with his lip all...
Lip all poked out.

Really cranky.

[Laughing] He was cranky.

He was looking dead in my face.
I think he wanted me

to pick him up.
I had karmyn in my arms,

and he wanted me to get him.

You know he was a mama's boy.


Then when I laid her down,
that's when he stopped.

I just love that picture.

[Shoes thudding,
treadmill humming]

[Shoes thudding,
treadmill humming]

[Nostalgic acoustic music]

♪ Soothe the pain

[Phone rings]


Hi! Hi!

Here we go, here we go.

Here we go, here we go,
here we go.

Watch, watch!

- Oh! Oh!
- Oh!

Oh! Oh!

[All squeal and laugh]
Oh, my god!

[Indistinct chatter]

[Jump rope whooshing]

[Pop music playing]

Come here. Kyrie.

I got it.




[Indistinct conversation]


Run through it. Run through it.

Running through it.

Running through it.

You good, you good.

You're supposed to mess up...

if you're doing it fast.

- Ah!
- You owe me one too.

You owe me one.
- [Panting]

You owe me one. One more.

Thank you. Thank you.

Double between the legs.

- Oh, my god.
- You good?


Oh, my god. He's killing me.

Come on. Come on, come on.


- It's overdue.
- That's it.

I respect that.

I know that. Come on.

Run into it. Run into it.

It's passing and dribbling.

It's passing and dribbling.

Both hands.

[Smooth jazz]

♪ We lived our little drama ♪

♪ We kissed in
a field of white ♪

♪ And stars fell on Alabama

♪ last night

♪ I can't forget the glamour

♪ your eyes held
a tender light ♪

♪ And stars fell on Alabama

♪ last night