Hailey Dean Mystery: 2 + 2 = Murder (2018) - full transcript

Hailey's niece tells her that her music teacher, the main force behind collecting funds for school repairs, wanted to talk to her as an ex prosecutor. As she's missing, Hailey investigates and finds blood. Police interviews all teachers.

I understand but you're not
listening to me.

I can't keep it a secret.

I won't.

We'll talk about it
after the show.

I have to go.

[muffled screaming]

Come on, Parker.
We're gonna be late.


I have to wait for grandpa.

Well who's idea was it to sit
in the back seat?

Mine, grandpa.

Come on.

Uh, dad, where's the camera?

Don't you have your phone?

No, the camera takes
better video.

Sam's really upset he has to be
out of town for work this week.

Never mind Sam.

mom called half the city
trying to get someone

to cover for her
at the church bazaar.

And I'll never hear
the end of it

if I don't capture
every second on film.

Maybe we should use a phone
and the camera just in case.


Sorry gang, but you can't
park here.

Anywhere behind the yellow line
would be great.

Oh sure, sorry.

Hailey, can you bring
Parker inside?

It would be my honour.
Come on.

Let's go.

So how're you feeling, kiddo?

About what?

It's not my first concert.

But it is your first solo.

I'm not scared.

Why do adults always think
that kids are scared?

Kids have it totally together,
adults not so much.

I gotta go backstage.

Ok, break a leg.

But not really.

Don't really...
break the leg.

If the students were
as conscientious as you

I'd be out of a job.

Well, I guess for your sake
I'm glad they aren't.

You're not staying?

No. School can't afford
to pay me overtime.

But I shall still be here
in the morning.

It's for a good cause.

Every penny Miss Sacks raises,
keeps a roof over our heads.

So when will the construction
be finished?

Ah, this roof needs
a lot of work.

I mean, I guess when
they finish paying for it.


Excuse me.

You ok?


I guess there's no accounting
for some people.

Well, have a good night.

Yes, you enjoy.

Thank you.

They're running a little late,
aren't they?

The concert should have started
15 minutes ago.

Tell you what,

I'll go find out
what's going on.

Dad, you're off duty.


Norman. Good to see you.
How've you been?

I'm ok.

I can't thank you enough for
coming to my wife's funeral.

And I know Naomi
really appreciated it, too.

Oh, you're Miss Sacks's father.

She's my niece's
favourite teacher.

I think she's everyone's
favourite these days.

If it wasn't for her

the school board would have sold
this place long ago.

And it's not like there's
a shortage of buyers.

I can't imagine splitting up
Parker's friends

never mind having to drive
an extra half hour

to a different school.

Naomi says the same thing.

And once she gets an idea
into her head

there's no stopping her.

I can relate.

[everyone laughs]


Oh, see you later.


Uh, nice meeting you.

You too.

Good evening everyone,
and welcome

to Howell Elementary's
Spring fundraising concert.


We have a great program planned
for you this evening.

But first, we're all aware
of the ongoing repairs

here at the school
and we are very grateful

for your generous support
and donations.

What you may not know is the
person behind the donation drive

and the fight to save
Howell Elementary

is also directing the first
musical group on our program.

So let's give a big round of
applause in appreciation

for our choral music teacher,

the hero of Howell Elementary,
and as of today,

our new vice principal,
Miss Naomi Sacks.





What do you think's going on?

I have no idea.

Uh, I'm sorry ladies
and gentlemen,

it seems that Miss Sacks
is not here yet

so without further ado

Miss Janine Harwick
will lead off our program.

On with the show!


I can't imagine
what could keep

Miss Sacks from being here.

I hope she's alright.

Nice work today.

Now you have Parker's solo
stuck in my head, too.

She was so good.

You wanna catch
a movie tonight?

I'm meeting Jonas.

Don't you have plans
with Wade?

Not tonight.

You know, I've been thinking

this office needs a little
sprucing up.

Sabrina, the last time you felt
the urge to re-decorate

your high school boyfriend
had just gotten married.

What's going on?

Nothing's going on,
just bills.

More bills.

Ooh, a shiny pretty envelope
just for you.

Aren't you gonna open it?

I know what it is.

It's an invitation to Will's
college baseball team reunion.

Isn't that next weekend?

That's cutting it close.

Well, they didn't have
my address

until one of the wives tracked
me down last week.

Oh, and you said
that you might have

a conference in New York,
I recall.

I'm not proud of it.

I panicked.

So you didn't RSVP?

I haven't decided
if I'm going.

Avoidance isn't a healthy

Are you saying that
as my friend, my colleague,

or sometimes shrink?

All of the above.



That's my next patient,

but we're not done talking
about this yet.

Aren't we?

Thank you for dinner, Hailey.

What a treat.

Wasn't it, Parker?

A well-deserved celebration of
Parker's triumph at her concert.

That was two days ago,
Aunty Hailey.

And I still can't get your song
out of my head.

She was good,
wasn't she?

A star in the making.

So how was the rest of your week
at school?

Alright, I guess.

I mean, Miss Harwick isn't
as much fun as Miss Sacks.

Miss Sacks, is she the one who
didn't show up for the concert?

Is she sick?

No one really knows.

Apparently Miss Sacks sent
Principal Barker an email

saying she was
taking some time off.

And the worst part is she never
got to meet Aunt Hailey.

Parker, I'm sure she has
other things to worry about.


Miss Sacks asked me if you
were going to be at the concert.

She wanted to meet you

because you used to work
for the District Attorney.

Parker, why don't you go on
in the kitchen

and cut yourself a piece of
chocolate cake for dessert?

Can I, mom?

Well, we are celebrating,
after all.

Go on.

So Miss Sacks quits a school
she's dedicated to saving

right before a benefit concert
she spent weeks preparing?

It doesn't sit right with me,

Should we be worried?

I don't know.

Oh jeez.


That is the biggest piece of
chocolate cake I've ever seen.

Big enough for all of us
to share?

I'd like to share it.

I think I need a forklift

Ah, ah, ooh.


Knock, knock.

Come in.

Are you ready for the movie?

I have not been to
a matinee in forever.

Yeah, just give me a minute.

Social media.

You are the last person
I think would be on there.

You're right.

It's my sister's account.

Your sister's name
isn't Naomi Sacks.

Unless you have another sister.

No, I'm sorry.

It's my niece Parker's
music teacher.

And you're checking
her out because...?

Well, she didn't show up
for Parker's concert

and she hasn't been back
at work since.

So... no movie?

Let's go for a walk instead.

Come on.

So this feels slightly longer
than a short walk

because I didn't bring
my walking shoes.

This is such a nice street.

What are you up to,
Hailey Dean?


Nothing. But this might be
the street

where Parker's teacher lives.

Which house is hers?

I think it's this one.

I recognize it from the social
media accounts.


If she's home
she's not answering.

There's no car in the driveway.

Dirty dishes in the sink.

And a laundry hamper of unfolded
clothes on the table.

It doesn't seem like the house
of someone

who was planning on leaving
for a while.

Maybe she had to leave quickly.

She was running from something?

Or didn't plan on leaving
at all.

But you said she sent an email
to the principal,

so whether she planned it or not
she must have had her reasons.

She might not wanna be found.


But I just have a bad feeling
about this.

Well, feelings or no,

there isn't much you can do
in this case, Hailey.

Well, this is a nice surprise.

It's not every day
I get to have coffee

with one of my two
favourite daughters.

I had some time
between patients.

Dad have you seen Naomi Sacks's
father recently?

Normal called me yesterday.

How did you know?

If I disappeared you'd be
calling everyone

who'd ever met me.

Poor Norman.

He's really worried,
and I was no help.

Has he been to the police?

He filed a missing persons
report but nothing so far.

What do you think's going on?

I didn't know Naomi outside of
her fundraising efforts.

She's really been

keeping the school open.

The school board can only pay
so much per school

for maintenance and, well,

Howell Elementary
is so much more.

What happens if they can't
fix it?

Well, the land will be sold

and the children will be sent to
other schools in the district.



Hey, Miss Dean.

You here to pick up your niece?

It's Hailey, please.
I am. I'm a little early.

Maybe I should wait
in the office?

Yeah, it's just around
the corner here.


Watch your step.


Who's going to officially
take over Naomi's duties?

I haven't decided.

There's nothing to decide.

We've already discussed this.

Principal Becker?


I'm sorry, but no one's allowed
to wait in the school

until the final bell has rung.

Oh, I'm just here to pick up
my niece, Parker.

I'm Hailey Dean.

Sorry to be so brusque.

We've had a rash of thefts
lately and um,

the construction's been
very disruptive.

It's quiet now,
no construction?

It's been halted
for a couple of weeks.


Well, I imagine it'll start
again soon.

I'm not sure.

I noticed that you were having a
conversation with that teacher-

Oh, yes.

Uh, Miss Harwick.

It was nothing, I assure you.

She feels very strongly about
her place here in the school.

But if you would like to wait
for the final bell,

please be comfortable.

Oh, I did want to ask you
about Miss Sacks.

The music teacher?

Parker said that she was hoping
to meet with me

the night of the concert
and I just was wondering why.

Well, I can't say for sure
but Parker does speak

about you a great deal

so perhaps she just wanted
to put a face to the name.

You're probably right.

But I'm wondering if there was
maybe something

bothering her lately?

She may have been a little
preoccupied, not quite herself,

but I don't pry
into the personal lives

of my teachers.

Of course not.

[bell rings]

Oh, well, duty calls.

Or, in this case, rings.

Uh, please make yourself

It was nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you, too.

Naomi's father reported
her missing

two days after the concert.

He didn't believe this email,
her quitting her job.

This is the email that Naomi
Sacks sent to Principal Becker?

At 7:16pm on Wednesday.

From where?

According to the IP address
from the school.

So she was inside the school
before the concert started?

Something must have happened
that forced her to leave.

Unless she didn't leave at all.

The security tape isn't going
to help us with that.

It tapes over itself
every 72 hours

and we just missed the loop.

We've only got up until 6:00pm.

It's better than nothing.

According to the notes
in the file,

Naomi left the school
at 4:00pm.

(Hailey): Wait, I know
that guy.

I saw him at the concert.

He bumped into me
as he was leaving.

He seemed really nervous,
even scared.

Like he had just done
something wrong?

Maybe. Who is he?

We don't know. We have yet
to identify him.

So that's it?

Not quite.

Naomi went back
just before 6:00pm.

That's odd.

Not if she was going
to a concert.

So she was at the school
at 6:00.

That explains the email.

But not why she would resign
out of nowhere

and on the night
of her big concert.

When did she leave?

We don't know.

Was her car there the next day?


What about after the concert?

No one remembers.

Principal Becker said that
he locked the school doors

at 9:00 pm but there were
apparently still

a number of families getting
themselves organized.

So no one knows who was
the last to leave

and in the commotion
no one remembers

if Naomi's car was there or not.

Are there phone records?

She received a phone call
at 6:30pm

from an unregistered number.

A burner phone.

Not much of a lead but
we'll see where it takes us.

Let's put an APB
out on her car.

Naomi's probably fine but I
think we'd all like to be sure.


I thought you said we were going
to eat?

You know the DA's office only
gives me an hour for lunch.

You're one of
their investigators.

You say you're on schedule.

Yes, and right now my schedule
is saying it's time to check out

that new food truck I was
telling you about.

You know, they say it's the best
burritos in the city?

You say that about
every new food truck.

Yes, but this time
it's actually true.

Now I get to try one
for myself.

We won't be here long,

I just need you to buy me
some privacy.

Woah, what're you gonna do?

I'm just gonna have
a peek around.

What? Hailey?

Hey, Fincher, Naomi Sacks was
here the night of the concert

and I have a feeling
she didn't leave by choice.

What do you expect to find in
a school that's used every day?

It's not being used,
not all of it.

Fincher, if you were missing,

wouldn't you want me
to come look for you?


Ok. Five minutes.

Ok. Burritos on me.


That's Principal Becker.

Go distract him.

Becker? Did you say Becker?



Principal Becker.

How're you doin'?

Fincher Garland, investigator
for the DA's office.


Could I talk to you
for a second?

Of course.

No one could survive
that much blood loss.

You were right, Hailey.

I would give anything
to be wrong.

I'm gonna go tell the DA
what's happening here.

Are you gonna be ok?

Yeah. Thanks.


Is... is that, uh...


It's Miss Sacks, isn't it?

You're the janitor?

Yeah, Rob.

Do you usually clean
this area up?

Uh, no.

No, construction zones
are off limits.

Does anyone have access
to your supplies?

Yeah, everybody.

The lock on my cupboard's
been broken for weeks.

Go with the janitor

and collect all his cleaning
supplies for testing.

Hey Danny, I found this earring.

I'll see if Naomi's father
can identify this

in case the blood is too
degraded for a DNA test.

Do you want me to be there?

Yes. Thanks.


So this is now a homicide

Attempted homicide,
at least.

Were the doors locked
when you arrived

the morning after the concert?

Yes, I was the first one here
at 7:00 am.

But all the teachers have keys.

I'd like to address the staff
if possible.

Of course.

I have them gathering
in my office.

We have reason to believe
Naomi Sacks was the victim

of an attack on the night of
the fundraising concert.

Do you know where she is?

Not yet.

But rest assured we're doing
everything we can to find her.

Is she dead?

We don't know.

We'll be conducting interviews
with all the staff.

You're accusing one of us?

Janine, think about someone
else for once.

Don't tell me what to do.

Don't be such a bully,

Coming to Mary's rescue,
are we?

Of course we will all do
what we can

and we will make ourselves
available to the police

whenever they need us.

And then I saw the blood
and then I called you guys.

What about the night
of the concert?

There were so many people there.

Um, the concert was supposed
to start at 7:00

but Principal Becker
didn't do his introduction

until I think after 7:15.

Waiting for Naomi to arrive.

I guess.

And then Miss Harwick came up
to him and told him,

with a very satisfied look
on her face,

that Naomi wasn't there.

And then I saw two teachers
leave the auditorium

right as the concert
was starting.

Janine Harwick.

She didn't seem too upset
today, either.


And the two teachers
that called her out

were the two teachers
that left the auditorium.

I think um... one was
Miss Lewis.

And the male teacher
I don't know.

Uh, Nicholas Demaschuk,
teaches computers.

[message alert]

It's Jonas. He's got something.

Ok, I will stay here and finish
Hailey's statement.

It should be ready to sign
in about half an hour or so.

And I might as well tag along.

As if you need an excuse.

The blood you found at
the school was very degraded.

The nuclei were mostly destroyed
from the cleaning solvent

but I am working on the small
sample that wasn't touched,

trying to isolate
some viable DNA.

In the meantime I can tell you
the blood type is AB positive.

The second rarest blood type.

And what about Naomi Sacks?

According to her school records
she's also AB positive.

Now, it isn't definitive,
but I think you can operate

under the assumption the blood
belongs to Naomi.

What are the odds
she's still alive?

Slim at best.

That was a sizeable blood pool.

She would have been lying there
for some time.

I guess you can't tell us
what caused it?

Not until you find her.

Thanks Jonas.

Thanks Jonas.


Thanks for your statement,

Of course. So what now?

The most important thing
is trying to find Naomi.

The trace on Naomi's phone
came up with nothing.

It must be dead.

Can you trace the last time
her phone was on?

We're working on it.

What about Naomi's car?

Nothing so far.

And the search of her house
didn't help, either.

No sign of distress,
no sign of travel.

And if she had a computer
it isn't there now.

So I know that we already have
her school email

but did she have
a personal account?

Without Naomi's computer
or her phone

we can't find an email address
other than her school account.

Assuming she used
another account,

which she might not have.

She sent plenty of personal
emails from her school address,

none of which have been helpful.

Other than that last email
to Principal Becker,

which we know was sent
from the school.

But Naomi might not have been
the one that sent it.

She could have been forced
to write it under duress.

Either way, our suspect
was in the school

the night of the concert.

What about the guy Naomi was
arguing with in the parking lot?

He's number one on our list.

We're still trying
to identify him.

I might know who to ask.

Naomi's mother,
God rest her soul,

gave her these earrings the day
she got her first teaching job.

I know this is very difficult

but do you think you can manage
watching some security footage?

Yeah, whatever it takes. Yes.

Do you know the man
Naomi's talking to?


And I'll bet he's behind
all of this.

It's Jeff Adkins.

Naomi's no good ex-boyfriend.

No good how?

Well, he was never good enough
for her.

And when Naomi broke up with him
last month

he just wouldn't get over it.

What do you mean by that?

He showed up everywhere
she went.

He hung around the school.

He made her nervous.

I told her to take out a
restraining order against him

but she was too nice,
too forgiving.

Admirable qualities.


You are going to find her,
aren't you?

We're doing everything we can.

I only pray it isn't too late.

Just up ahead, not much further.

Do you even know where we are?

Yeah, yeah.
It's just up here.

Why don't you just give me
the address

so I know where I'm going?

It's more fun this way.

You always wait until the last
possible moment

to tell me which way to turn

and then inevitably I am
in the wrong lane.

Yeah, like I said, more fun.


This better be a good burrito.

Good? Nah.

This burrito is sublime.

It is superlative.

It is trans-


Supercalifragilisticexpialidocio us.

Yeah, that too.
Times 1,000.

Ooh, turn right here.

(Fincher): Ok.

(Hailey): Is it an invisible

I'm so confused.

Look, it says right here.

"Go to west parking lot
noon to 4:00pm on the 27th."

Oh Fincher, yesterday
was the 27th.

Today is the 28th.





I'm sorry.

We'll find it another day, ok?

I- I better call Danny and
tell him to get his own lunch.

[phone vibrating]

Sorry Hailey, can't talk.

Naomi's house alarm
was just tripped.

It's being broken into.

Woah, Woah, Woah.

I wanna live to see
tomorrow's burrito.

(Fincher): Ok, I'm gonna go
around back.

You wait here
until Danny arrives.

You promise, Hailey?

I promise.

Ok, I'm gonna go look around.




Right here.

[door opens]


Can we just-

I said drive.

Hey! Hey!


Where are we going?

Just keep driving.

It's Jeff, isn't it?

How did you know that?

I'm Hailey. I can help you.

No, you can't.

The police just wanna talk
to you.

They won't listen to me.

I'll listen.

Turn- turn right.
Right here.

Naomi wanted to meet me
the day she disappeared.

Do you know why?

She said there'd
be consequences.

What consequences?

I have to fix this.

Let me help you fix it.

Jeff, Naomi wanted my help.

She would want me
to help you, too.

Stop! Pull the car over
right here.

Stop the car! Right here!


Pull over!

But Jeff, I can help you,

Stop the car.

I will help you.

Get out.

I said get out!


Now back away.

Back away.


Hailey, you promised.

And I kept my promise.

I stayed in the car and look
what happened.

There's no time for jokes.

I'm ok, Fincher.

Well I'm not.

You're my best friend,
Hailey Dean.

What am I gonna do without you?

You're my best friend too,
Fincher Garland.

You got carjacked.

Did I really?


Is that what that's called?

Yeah. Let's go get him.

He just kept saying
he needed to fix it.

Fix what?

I don't know but whatever it is
he needed to fix

was probably in the envelope
he was holding.

It must be why he wanted to go
to Naomi's house.

I don't see an envelope listed
from the original search.

Well, it was nondescript.

There was nothing written on it.

Your police officers wouldn't
have looked twice at it.

What else can you tell me?

He was desperate.

But I never felt like he was
going to pull the trigger.

All I felt was this tremendous
sadness from him.

He was grieving.

For killing Naomi.

Then why do it?

Some killers are conflicted.

They can't help the compulsion
or they feel this perceived

moral obligation but they love
their victims.

And Jeff Adkins clearly
loved Naomi.

We found your car, Hailey.

Safe and sound.

It was abandoned a couple blocks
from where Adkins left you.

And what about Adkins?

He's in the wind.

There's an APB out with your
detailed description of him.

It's only a matter of time
before we find him.


You have a minute?

Is it to talk about
carpet colours?

Because then no.

I value your opinion, Hailey.

My opinion is that you are
avoiding dealing

with whatever it is that's
bothering you

by coming up with an unnecessary

Just like you're avoiding making
a decision about the reunion?

Don't change the subject.

What's going on, Sabrina?

Why this sudden need
for drastic change?

Now who's changing the subject?


Do you have another patient
this evening?

I don't think so.

Well, I'll leave you to it.

Tomorrow we can talk
about paint colours.

Excuse me.


Clyde Bennett.

It's been a long time.

And now we learned traces of
her blood found in the school...

Listen, I hope I wasn't

Oh, I was done for the day.

...we can now confirm
of the missing teacher,

Atlanta homicide
has been called in...

We can confirm that.

That lady loves crime.

It's a horrible, horrible story.


Naomi Sacks is not missing.

She's dead.

You- you look amazing.

You look exactly the same.

You haven't changed, either.

Will always said you could charm
a statue into smiling.


You know, I- I've tried to reach
you at the DA's office

dozens of times over the years.

I know, I'm sorry
I never called back.

It's taken me a long time to
deal with what happened to Will.


You happy?

I am happy.

How about you?

You still in the family


Um, we've moved more into
uh, real estate development.

We just opened
an office on Ellis.

You should come by sometime.

On Ellis? You're doing well.

Listen, I gotta ask you.

Did you get the invitation
to the reunion?

I did.

Ok. But you haven't RSVP'd.

I know. I'm sorry.

It's- it's not that I wouldn't
like to see all of you.

I- I get it.

It probably is
bringing up ghosts

you're trying to leave behind.

Will will always be with me.

But it's just, you know,

all those memories of that time
with the team and what happened.

Yeah, I- I think about how
I would have reacted

if I had been there
when Will was sh- shot.

I can't imagine what
it's been like for you.

I hope you never have to.


If you choose to come to the
reunion we will all be thrilled.

But if you don't,

I would really like to stay
in touch with you this time.

I'd like that, too.


To what do I owe this honour?

A mid-afternoon visit
with coffee?

Are you here to bribe me
for information about the case?

Because you already
know everything.


I actually wanted to talk to you
about something.



It's nothing like that.

I've uh, I've been invited
to a reunion.


It's Wills varsity
baseball team.

Ah. And you don't know
if you wanna go.

I haven't seen most of these
people since Will's funeral.

They all wanted to keep
in touch.

I wasn't ready for that.

Not then and maybe not now.

But this isn't about them,
is it?

It's about Will.



I know how painful
some of your memories are.

But those guys on Will's team
loved him, too.

They want to honour him and
they wanna share that with you.

I know.

You might find some of those
shared memories comforting.

You're right.



And hey, it's one night.
What have you got to lose?

Maybe you'll even surprise
yourself and have a good time.

I'll think about it.


Guess you still haven't found
Jeff Adkins.

Not yet.

That was a phone trace
on Naomi's cell.

It hasn't given out a signal
since Wednesday.

Since she went missing.

And the last cell tower
it pinged off of at 9:53pm

was just outside the city.

Right here.

There's nothing around
there but undeveloped land.

It'd be a good place to dump
a cell phone.

Or a body.

Who would wanna live out here?

With the way the city's growing,
a lot of people.

Or if you ever wanted to hide
something you didn't want found.

Come on.



Danny, it's a cell phone.

Naomi's car was just called in.

It's about 15 minutes away
at the bus depot.

So the killer dropped the body

and made for the next bus
out of town?

It's possible, though it's more
likely the killer's trying

to send us on a wild
goose chase.

We know Jeff Adkins
didn't leave town.

Given the state he was in in my
car I doubt he had the presence

of mind to set up
that kind of deflection.

We'll see if we can get security
footage from the bus station

but it'll be a long shot
at best.

I can understand why the killer
would leave her here.

By the time constructions

the body would be well
on its way to decomposing

and the killer long gone.

Speaking of construction I have
the enviable task of informing

the property owner that
his recent purchase

is now a crime scene.

So Wolverine Developments
is Clyde Bennett.

I haven't heard that name
in years.

What's he doing at
the Peach Plaza Hotel

instead of at work on a weekday?

Planning a reunion.

A reunion?

How many years have
you guys been-

You don't need to say
the number, thanks Danny.


Wow, this is bringing me back.

And I didn't even go
to Atlanta State.



I did not expect
to see you here.

Hey Clyde, good
to see you again.


Danny Morgan?

Wow, it's great to see you.

The room looks amazing.

Oh, thanks. This is nothing.

Wait 'til you see
when it's done.

This is all so surreal.

I feel like I'm back
in Will's dorm room.

Yes, minus the smell of sweaty
socks and three-day-old pizza.

Listen, give me a second.

I gotta just check
on the slide show, ok?

Oh wow.


You ok?


It just surprised me.

I don't think I've seen
that one before.

[deep sigh]


I think that's probably
my favourite photo of Will.

You remember that day, Hailey?

It was taken just after practise
on the day he proposed to you.

I remember.

Listen, Clyde, do you have
a minute to talk?


Um, come here.

You guys want some coffee
or something?



That is terrible.

She- she was a teacher?

My niece's teacher, in fact.


How- how did she end up
on my land?

That's what we're trying
to find out.

Do you have any security
in place?

No, I mean I just closed
on that lot a month ago.

Normally I don't start security
until I've got

all my building permits
and it's gonna be a while

before that happens.

We'll need access to it.

Sure. Listen, whatever you need.

Thanks, Clyde.

It really is great to see you.

You too.

Little Danny Morgan.
Homicide detective.


If only your brother could see
you now.

He'd be very proud.


So am I gonna see you
this weekend, Hailey?

I'll let you know.


And Danny, listen.

You are- you are more
than welcome to join.

It's as much about Will
as it is all of us.

Well thanks, I'll be in touch.


[message alert]


Autopsy results are in.

Naomi Sacks was hit
in the head consistent

with the amount of blood residue
found at the school.

But that's not what killed her.

Then how did she die?


She was strangled.


How did that work?

If I had to guess I'd say
she fell backwards,

hitting her head.

The fall would have knocked
the fight out of her,

which explains why I didn't find
any defensive wounds

and the killer would have been
able to strangle her

without much resistance.

What about time of death?

Hard to pinpoint the exact time,

but I can say
with some certainty

she died last Wednesday.

Lividity suggests the body
was moved before rigour set in,

so within four hours
of her death.

So she was killed sometime
between 6:00pm and 7:00am

the next morning?

Mmmhmm. And moved
the same night.

And the email was
sent at 7:15pm,

which was either before
or just after she died.

Given the cause of death
I would say after.

Why do you say that?

The killer lured her
to a construction site

hoping to scare her and when she
wouldn't do what they wanted

the killer flew at her in a rage
and strangled her.

It has all the hallmarks
of a crime of passion.

It fits with Adkins.

He wanted her back,
she refused.

But what did Adkins wanna fix?

Naomi was already dead
when he carjacked me,

and what was in that envelope?

We won't know until we find him.

[phone ringing]

Oh, excuse me.

It's Clyde.

Hi, Clyde. Can I call you later?

Uh, yeah.

I'm actually here with Danny.

We'll be right there.

There's another body
on Clyde's land.

Given what happened

I was thinking of setting up
security here

so I stopped by to find out
exactly what I'd need

and I found this.

Jeff Adkins.

You know who he is?

We've been looking for him.

This is not how I hoped
we'd find him.

This feels too familiar, Danny.

On purpose, maybe.

Adkins has a gun shot wound
to the head and the gun was

beside his body.

Murder-suicide case?

That's my working theory.

I mean, why else would
he come back

to where Naomi's body was found?

And how would he have known her
body was left here

if he didn't do it?

Excuse me.

I don't know how you stay
so calm.

Not my first crime scene.

You know, the police have never
caught Will's killer

and I'm guessing
all these years later

they probably just
stopped looking.

Well, it's listed on their books
as a cold case

if that's what you're asking,

but according to Danny
it's officially inactive.

That's why he joined
the police department, isn't it?

I mean, he's never said it,
but we both know it's true.

He doesn't get much time
to work on it, though.

Did the police know anything?

I mean, do they think
it was random?

It wasn't random.

But why would somebody
wanna murder Will?

No, Will wasn't the target.
I was.

Why on earth would anyone
wanna kill you?

Believe me, Clyde,
I wish I knew.

Strange, isn't it?

Two bodies on your land.

Why, I wonder?

I'm asking myself the exact
same thing.

You didn't know either of
the victims?


It just feels like they
were both here for a reason.

Well, maybe because
it's an overgrown,

abandoned piece of land?


What, do you think something
else is going on here?

It's certainly possible.

Do I need to get a lawyer?

I'm sorry.

Too many years
in the DA's office.

Listen, I'm- I'm really sorry
that I wasn't there for you

after Will died.

I should have been.

It was hard on all of us.

I never blamed you, Clyde.

Yeah, but still, I'm just sorry
that we drifted apart.

Me too.

(Fincher): Very nice of you to
come by and visit me, you know,

and bring me hot chocolate,
but shouldn't you be sleeping?

And miss this?

What is it exactly you're doing?




Yeah, you remember
the actual job

that pays me to investigate
cases for the District Attorney?

We're on a stake-out.

No, we are not on a stake-out.

I am on a stake-out.

And before you even ask I cannot
tell you who I'm following,

but I've been following this
dude for like three nights

and all he does is sleep
in his car.

That sounds like a bust.

Yeah, I knew it would be,
but you know.

Due diligence.

I remember it well.

So... what's bugging you?

Who says something's bugging me?

You did when you came to visit
me in the middle of the night.

I don't know, I guess I'm just
feeling a little responsible.

For what?

Jeff Adkins.


That guy kidnapped you.

He probably killed
his girlfriend.

He had a bunch of
serious problems. Come on.

I could have done more.


That guy was gonna do
whatever he was gonna do.

You know, I didn't get that
vibe from him, Fincher.

What did I miss?


Just like there was nothing
you could have done

to change things.

You know that.


Knowing and feeling are
two different things.

Hailey Dean, let me tell
you something.

You always put everybody
before yourself.

Too much so in my humble

I don't.

No, no, no, no, no.

You're always putting yourself

in these crazy
dangerous situations,

trying to help anybody
you can.

If you even think that you
can do more for someone,

think again.

Thank you, Fincher.

Don't thank me.

You know I got your back.

I know you do.


Now you feel better?

I feel... hungry.


Now that's a feeling
I can get behind.

Hang on, I got
my stake-out stash.


There you go.

Oh, I'm sorry.

An apple?

Who are you and what have you
done with my friend Fincher?

Uh, it's burritos by day,
apples by night.

That's not a thing.

Oh yes, it's a thing.
For real.

How can I argue with that logic?


You don't wanna be in a car
with me and burritos-

I know that, I know that.

You gotta have something else.

No, I got nothin'.

I got nothin'.

I don't know what you're
talking about.

Except uh, what's that?
Oh. Oh, chips.

No, I don't want this apple.

I want- give me your chips.


I have- no.



Thank you.

Her body has just been found
discarded at an abandoned lot

on the county line but at
this hour a shock twist.

Naomi Sacks's estranged

also found dead

by a gun shot wound to the head
according to our sources.

Is this gorgeous young teacher

the victim of a break-up
gone wrong?

Naomi's family, devastated.


Oh, great.

Thanks Hailey.

Did you talk to Norman Sacks?

This morning.

I wanted him to hear it from me
and not the news.

I'm sure he appreciated that.

I had a long conversation
with Clyde.

Do you think he's in on this?

He did get a bit defensive
when I brought it up.

It could just be a coincidence.

Though it does seem like this
land was chosen for a reason.

Like Adkins was trying to tell
us something?

Did you find the envelope
he took from Naomi's house?

Not yet.

So Jeff Adkins kills Naomi
in a fit of passion,

dumps her body in a vacant lot,

breaks into her house
to steal an envelope,

contents unknown,

runs from the police
only to go back to the same lot

and shoot himself.

You of all people know that
murder isn't always rational.

And if I hadn't met him
I'd think

there was some kind of poetic
justice in all of this but...


Jeff Adkins had a purpose.

Whatever it is he needed to fix
was in that envelope

and he was willing to risk
anything to do it.

Then why kill himself?

Hi. What do you think?

It's different.

Better, right?

Different is not always better,
just... different.

Yeah. Well, it's a start.

At least until we pick out
new furniture.

Sabrina, I care about you.

Something is obviously
bothering you

so why don't you just save us

both the bruises and tell me
what's going on?


My next patient.

I checked the date.

I checked the time.

I quadruple checked, ok?

The food truck is
at the lot right now.

I'm not getting my hopes up.

Oh ye of little faith.

What's this?

Oh, it's an invitation to
Will's baseball team reunion.

Oh. You're going, right?

Et tu, Fincher?

We can talk about this
over the burrito.

Well, we are best friends.

I am not embarrassed
about that, ok?

I'm a grown man that's
comfortable expressing

the way he feels about people
he cares about.

Some people in your profession
might say that's healthy.

Well, as your best friend
I feel as though

I should break the news
to you.


What's that?

There's no food truck.


Very funny.



Is the food truck even real?

Of course!

You wouldn't lie to your
best friend would you, Fincher?

I can't believe this
is happening.

Come on, Fincher.

I mean, all I'm saying is if you
wanna spend time with me

you don't have to make up a
phantom food truck to do so.

I'm so hungry right now.

Well luckily I came prepared.

You brought along emergency
food rations?

[message alert]

I don't know whether to be
offended or be grateful.

Well, decide later.

Adkins's autopsy results are in.

Jonas and his good timing.

We'll be alright.

I've got your sandwich
right here, ok?

Don't eat it.

I'm not gonna eat it.

Gun shot to the right
temporal lobe.

The bullet matches the gun
found at the crime scene.

So it was suicide?

The gun shot was
not the cause of death.

It was inflicted post-mortem.

Let me guess. He was strangled.

Yes. Just like Naomi Sacks.

Double homicide.

What's the connection?

We know that Naomi had
some information

and we know that Jeff Adkins
had the same information.

So the killer agrees to meet up
with Adkins and then kills him

for whatever was
in that envelope.

Time of death?

Around 6:00pm yesterday.

But that is not all
I have for you.

This was found clutched
in Adkins's hand.

What is it?


Forensics has the slip of paper.

So far no idea what it is
or where it came from.

Did it belong to Adkins or
the person he was meeting?

Maybe it's what was
in the envelope.

Let's hope they can
figure out what it is.

They also found a burner phone
in the field

with Adkins's prints on it.

It's the same number that called
Naomi the night that she died.

Maybe that's why Adkins
broke into Naomi's house.

She told him that
she had found something.

Then why not just tell us?

He didn't think the police
would believe him.

He didn't trust that he could
finish what she had started.

That's not all.

The phone also called the school
at 4:00pm

the day that he was killed.

So Adkins was setting up
a meeting

with someone at the school?

Right back to where we started,

which means re-interviewing
the teachers.

All 22 of them.

Do you have the original
interviews on tape?

Of course.

There might be a better way.

How well do you know
Naomi Sacks?

As well as I know anyone
around here.

Anything unusual happen around
the time she went missing?

Just that she was promoted
to vice principal.

No one knows
how that happened.

I mean, Naomi's great
but Janine has seniority.



She's not very happy about it.



She's not very happy about it.

Tell me where you were
the night of the concert.

I was outside
organizing parking.

So you saw Naomi's car
in her spot?

I didn't notice
but I suppose so.

And after the concert you were
back in the parking lot?

I... I really don't remember.

And then where did you go?

Home to my husband.

And then where did you go?

Home to my husband.

That's a lie.

So have you found anything?

I don't know. I can't
tell anymore.

Well if you can't find anything
there's nothing to be found.

I'm not superhuman, Fincher.

Mmm, you kinda are.

You can always tell
when someone's lying

or not telling the truth.

Well, it's just body language,

gestures, involuntary
facial movements.

But it doesn't work on everyone
and it's easy to misread.

Can you tell when I'm lying?

Do you lie to me?


Well then I don't know.

Ok. I'm gonna tell you
two things and you tell me

which one is a lie.

It's not a party trick, Fincher.

Just indulge me, ok?

I'm just trying to make a point.

Alright, fine.

Go ahead.

Lie to me.

But make sure it's real.


I feel like a disappointment
to my father,

and I don't wanna have kids.

Which one's the lie?

You're going to make
a great dad someday.

How did you know?

You tilted your head
to the left.

I did not.

Not on purpose.


You do know what you're doing.

And you're right, I'm gonna make
an amazing father someday.

I mean, that's obvious.

Ok, calm down.


Now get back to
those interviews.

And call your dad.

He's beyond proud of you.

He told you that?

It's written all over his face.

Hailey Dean.

So I checked out the alibis
for the night Naomi died

for all the five teachers
you thought

were hiding something
in their interviews.


I can confirm all of them
were at the concert

but only three of them have
questionable alibis

for once the concert ended.

Which ones?

Uh, Mary Lewis, Nicholas
Demaschuk and Janine Harwick.

I guess we know
who we talk to next.

I don't know how
I can help you.

I don't know anything about
what happened to Naomi.

Here's the thing, Miss Lewis.

You said you went home to
your husband after the concert

but I haven't been able
to find a husband.

You're not married.

Well, yes. I meant-

What did you mean?


I swear, I wasn't alone.

Then who were you with?

I can't tell you.

Why don't you think about
that answer

while I grab a cup of coffee?

Why is Miss Lewis here?

She's got nothing to do with
what happened to Naomi Sacks.

Don't worry about her.

Just answer the question.

I told you last time.

I left the concert
around 8:00pm.

I didn't notice who else was
still there

and I went out to eat
with my brother.

What restaurant?

Lincoln's Diner.

Lincoln's Diner.



That's not what you said
last time.

Then I was wrong.

You pay with a credit card?


And if I got the security tapes
from Lincoln's Diner

will you and your brother
be on them?

So both Mary Lewis and Nicholas
Demaschuk are lying

about where they were
the night Naomi died.

Put them together.

I have a theory.


I remember now.

I saw them leave
the auditorium together

right as the concert
was starting.

We never considered two killers.

They're not killers, Danny.

They're in love.

You can tell that?

Well, see how
they're connecting?

They keep coming back
to each other,

they're whispering,
keep looking at each other.

That's a level of intimacy
you don't have

with your average colleague.

And they were together
that night?

They're- they're lying
for each other?


I'm sure the school has a rule
against staff dating.

They don't wanna lose each other
or their jobs.


Ok, I'll go verify it
and then I'll let them go.

With a promise of discretion,
of course.

Wow, Monty, I didn't know
you were such a romantic.

And that just leaves
Janine Harwick.

Where is she?

Good question.

I was expecting her
two hours ago.

Detective Morgan, Miss Dean.

What can I help you with?

We're looking
for Janine Harwick.

She was supposed to come to the
police station for questioning.

Ah, well I'm afraid
that's probably my fault.

I've saddled her with just
a ton of paperwork

that's been piling up recently.

Well, we need to speak
with her now.

Sure. She's probably in
the vice principal's office.

She was just promoted.


Miss Harwick?

The police would like
to have a...

I'm sorry, I don't know
where she is.

So you think this Janine Harwick
killed two people

over a lost promotion?

You don't run if
you aren't guilty.

Monty makes a good point.

Naomi must have had something
on Janine.

Something secret.

Everyone knew she was mad
about the promotion.


Yeah, Danny.

Remember that APB you had out
on Janine Harwick?

Yeah, have you seen her?

Yeah, I'm looking at her
right now.

I think she's ready to come in
and talk.

Yeah, she's not happy.


See you soon.

He's got Janine.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

You wanted the promotion.

Naomi got it instead of you.

I didn't want the promotion.

I deserved it.

But you didn't.

Naomi knew why.

What're you talking about?

You didn't kill Naomi
over the promotion.

You killed her because
she discovered your secret.

That's crazy.

Then Jeff Adkins called you
saying he knew what you did,

you met him and you killed him,

Prove it.

Can you account for your
whereabouts after the concert?

And again two nights ago?

I want a lawyer.

She doesn't trust you.

She's not going to talk.

You wanna try?

She's just so angry,
it's masking everything else.

I think she needs some time
to let this all sink in first.

We can hold her for another
18 hours.

That's the best I can do.

So you think Janine
is the killer?

She could be.

Hmm. But you're not convinced.

Everything just seems sideways
right now, Jonas.

I mean, Sabrina's got the office
turned upside down,

Fincher can't find
his burrito truck.


And then there's all this stuff
with the reunion.

Just... it seems
to soon somehow.

Hey, listen to me.

Will is a part of your life.

My wife is a part of mine
and I miss her every day.

Those parts are ours to cherish.

I mean, no one knows
how you feel

or what you need.

Whatever you decide,

trust that as
the right decision.


Wow, good?

[doorbell rings]

Wow, good.

Pizza, finally.

Oh, you must be Jonas.

I'm Hailey's dad.

Nice to finally meet you.

You too, Mr. Dean.

Look, call me Lucas.

I intercepted the pizza-


Hi Hailey.

Um, I just thought I'd drop by
and see how you were doing.

It didn't occur to me that you
might have company.

I'll come back.

No. You're staying.

And you better get in here
before that pizza gets cold.


A biology teacher.


I had no idea.

Yeah. Yeah, I loved it.

I miss it, but being a school

has its own challenges.

How did you decide to become
a medical examiner?

Well, I was planning on
a surgical residency

after med school but then I did
a pathology rotation

at the New York City ME's office

and I just thought it was,
well, fascinating.


The rest is history.

Let me clear this.

No, dad, I got it.

You sit.

I'll help.

It's not exactly how I thought
you two would meet

but I'm glad you're
hitting it off.

He's great.

And I thought I was gonna
get the third degree.

Wait 'til you meet my mother.

Hey kids, I should
be getting home.

I've got an early meeting

to sign some final
sale documents.

Final sale?


I don't know how I'm gonna
break this to Parker

but Howell Elementary's
been sold.

That's a shame.

But why?

There's no more money.

The fundraising account is empty
and the school board,

they can't afford to cover the
overages and construction costs.

Overages? How is that possible?

I don't know. I haven't seen
the books.

All I know is I have the dubious
honour of having

to fight for parking on
Ellis Street at 8:00am to sign

on behalf of the school board.

Ellis Street.

Dad, who's the buyer?

Wolverine Enterprises.

Wolverine Enterprises?

Are you saying Clyde Bennett
bought the school?


Hailey, let me do the talking.

No promises.


Danny, Clyde was
Will's best friend.

I think I have the right
to feel a little angry

that he wasn't exactly
forthcoming with me.

Of course, you're allowed
to feel whatever you want,

which is why you should let me,
the detective,

do the talking.

Just this once.


Thank you.

Hi guys.

Uh, listen, I'm more than happy
to help,

I've just got a lot going
on today

so if we can make this quick-

You bought the school.

Yeah. Howell Elementary.

You know about that?

Yeah, my father is
the superintendent.

Oh, right. Of course.

Lucas Dean.

I met him this morning.

Nice guy.

So your plan finally worked.

My plan?

After all, Naomi Sacks
was the only thing

standing in your way.

What're you talking about?

You have to admit, Clyde,
this doesn't look great.

You're trying to buy the school

and not sharing that
information with us.

Then the body of the woman
who single-handedly

was keeping the school open
was found on your land.

Wait. I had nothing
to do with that.

Then the body of her boyfriend
was found by you

on the same land
only a few days later.

Where's the envelope, Clyde?

What envelope?

We know Naomi
had some information

she was about to expose.

This will go a whole lot better
for you

if you tell us what she knew.

Wait, I don't know-

I have nothing to hide.

I have been completely upfront
about my interest in purchasing

that land since they started
talking about selling it.


What's so special
about this land?

Because it's zoned residential,
it's quiet,

it's proximity to shopping.

Hey, you know,
another part of the deal

involves building
a school at cost.

Why would a business man like
you take that much of a loss?

Because this is my town,
too, ok?

And I'm not about
to cheat someone,

or let alone kill them,
over a few bucks.

Ok? And any loss that I incur
becomes a tax deduction.

The city gets a brand new school
at a fraction of the cost.

Everyone wins.

That's extremely generous
of you.

Thank you.



Now, are we done?

We'll need to verify your alibis
for the nights of Naomi Sacks's

and Jeff Adkins's deaths.

So I'll need you to stick around
for a while.


Can I at least call my office?


You can use the phone
at my desk.


What happened to you?

You know exactly
what happened to me.

But that has nothing
to do with today.

But you honestly think
that I could kill someone?

Especially after what happened
to Will?

I don't wanna believe it

but I also don't believe
in coincidences.

Well, things don't always
happen for a reason.

Sometimes they're just random.

Not in my experience.

Keep up the good work.

I'll see you next week.

I thought you weren't in today.

I didn't wanna cancel my 10:00,

he's at a critical points
in his treatments.

Just like I am at a critical
point in my decorating.

Yeah, about that-

Yes, something is bothering me
and yes I'm avoiding it

by turning this office
upside down, but-

You don't wanna talk about it.


But just because I'm avoiding
my problems

doesn't mean that you should.

I'm not going to the reunion but
not for the reason you think.

Why then?

Clyde Bennett.

He bought Parker's school
and he's closing it down.

And he might have killed
two people to do it.

Do you believe that?

I don't know what I believe.

Well, it's not like you to let
your personal feelings

cloud your professional

So we're back to Janine Harwick
but she still isn't talking.

And we haven't found out what
Naomi could have found out

about her that would make
her worth killing over.

And we need more evidence
tying her to the murders.

What if you follow the money?

What money?

The fundraised money.

There should be tens
of thousands of dollars

but it's gone, my dad said.

Construction is expensive.

But what about the concert?

That was just last week.

And construction on the school
hasn't resumed.

When I called the construction
company after Naomi disappeared

they never said why construction
had halted.

Let me give them another call.

So uh, I think I'm gonna go
to the reunion.

I'm guessing after that last
conversation with Clyde

you're probably not?

I don't think so.

I get it.

Clyde's not the guy
you remember.

But we're all different now.

They might have some stories
about Will

I've never heard before.

Danny, you don't have to
justify it.

I'm glad you're going.

Ok, that was a bit strange.

The construction company said
they were donating their labour.

The school was only paying
for the materials.

And the money Naomi fundraised
wasn't enough?

That's the thing.

They worked for six months,
never got paid a single cent.

How is that possible?

That must be what
Naomi discovered.

The money was being stolen
from the school.

That's why she wanted
to talk to me

and that's what Jeff Adkins
had to fix.

And that's what got them
both killed.

Anything yet?

We're subpoenaing the school's
bank records

as well as the separate
fundraising account,

the construction company's,
and Janine Harwick's.

Wow. I don't envy who has to go
through all that paperwork.

Why would Janine steal
the money?

It would only put her
out of a job

and it seems the only thing
she cares about is her career.

Because without the money
the school would be sold

which would put Naomi
out of a job, too.

If Janine couldn't be
vice principal no one could.


And consistent
with her behaviour.

Let me know if you
find anything.

Will do.

You don't have to do this,

Spend your break
with a broken old man.

You are not old and broken.

You're grieving
and you need friends.


You remind me of Naomi.

That same determination.

She'd get a bee in her bonnet
and never let go.

Like saving the school.

She'd be so upset to hear
what's happening.

I know.

She tried her best.

Everyone admired her for it.


And thanks for indulging me,

but I think you really need
to get back to work.

I'm alright.

No, I'm gonna meet your father
here in a little bit anyway,

so go on.

Alright. But here.

What's this?

It's my card, so you can call me
anytime or,

if you feel more comfortable,
my email's on there.

Naomi made me
get an email address

but she was the only one
who ever sent me anything.

I could never even remember
to check it.

I don't know.

Call me old fashioned but
I'd rather talk to somebody

face to face instead of
by computer.

Naomi sent you emails
you haven't read?

Oh yeah.

She used to complain about that
almost every day.

Mr. Sacks, your daughter's
left you a gift.

There are new conversations
you have yet to have with her.

I never thought about it
that way.

Don't rush.

Just read them when you're
ready to hear her voice again.

Thank you.

Take care.

Yeah, you too.

What're you doing here?

Your chariot awaits.

I already ate.

Oh wow.

You know what?

I've given up on
that food truck.

I think you're right.

It doesn't exist.

Fincher don't ever give up
on your dreams.

Anyways, we have more important
things to do at the school.

The school?

Yeah. I found out that
the janitor has a record.

He's been convicted twice before
for theft.

And you think he took
the fundraised money?

That's terrible.

A leopard never changes
his spots.

Why aren't we taking this
to Danny?

I figured this one could use
a friendly touch.

You know, especially given
his history with the law.

And I remember you said the
janitor has a soft spot for you.

I mean, I pick up my trash.

It's only common decency.

Don't even get me started
about people's bad manners.

Like telling people there's
a food truck some place with-

with delicious burritos and-

Yeah, that's just a lie.

You know?

It's ridiculous.

The nerve of people.

Bad manners.

Hailey Dean,
what a nice surprise.

What brings you to my dungeon?

Can I talk to you for a minute?

Yeah, sure.

How long have we known
each other?

Oh, I don't know.

Two years?

And I've always thought of you
as a good man.

You're kind to the kids, you
have the patience of a saint.

Well, we were all kids once.

So I'm gonna be straight
with you.

The police know that you used
to steal things.

I see.

So this isn't a... a warning
so I can make a quick getaway?

Well, the thing is the money
that Naomi Sacks raised

to save the school
is missing.


So you can understand
why the police

would be turning their attention
to you.

You don't believe that.

I don't want to.

I never stole any money.

I would never do that.

I mean, I- I stole some things

that I thought nobody
would miss.

I mean, a janitor's salary
is not much and, you know,

ever since the cut-backs
I've been working

the jobs of three people.

I- I don't- I don't have time
for another job.

That's a lame excuse.

I never took the money,

but there has been
some other stuff.

What am I supposed to do?

Well, you can start by giving
the police a full confession

and then give back all
the things you've taken.

I'll lose my job.

I could go to jail.

You'll accept the consequences
of your actions

because at heart
you are a decent man.

Maybe once I was.

Rob, we all do things out
of anger and desperation.

It's not too late
to start again.

I don't know if I have that much
faith in myself anymore.

I have faith in you.

You should have this.

Is that-

Miss Sacks's laptop.

I stole it.

I was gonna sell it.

I already erased the hard drive,
I'm sorry.

Maybe- maybe
you know somebody

who can get it back.

Yeah, maybe I can.

Thank you.

Thanks for the heads up.

The janitor gave us
a full confession

and his alibi checks out
for the night Adkins died.

He's not the killer but he did
say he had Naomi Sacks's laptop

only he wouldn't say
where it is now.

Don't ask.

Hailey, that's evidence.

Evidence that's been corrupted

and I'm working on getting it
back to you much faster

than your techs could.

Did you call- you know what?

I don't wanna know.

In fact, we never had
this conversation.

As far as I'm concerned,
Naomi's laptop is still missing.

Wait for it to show up sometime
tomorrow morning.


I guess you didn't say hi
to my cousin Danny for me.

Yeah, not this time.

Are you sure your clients are ok
with me being here?

Yeah, it's fine.


I'm still setting up
their systems.

They just moved in.

So how's it going?

Getting there.

Most of the files are corrupted
but I think I can salvage them.

I just need a few more minutes.

Need anything?


That can be arranged.

Speaking of which, how hard
is it to track a food truck?

Uh, not hard as long as there's
an onboard GPS

but one miracle at a time.

I got something.


Yeah, bank records.

Transfer of funds.


That's a lot of funds.

To an unnamed account.

No- no, not unnamed.

It was transferred
to an email address.


Yeah, it's one of those
web-based emails

you can check from anywhere,

you can use any name
to sign up with.

And that email is attached
to a bank account?

But you can't open
a bank account

without your real name
and a social security number.

No, but you can open an online
gambling account.

See? All the funds were

Online gambling.

Well that explains
how thousands of dollars

disappeared so quickly.

Can you hack into their system
and get a name?

Of course.

Of course.

But I don't need to.

Naomi already did.

Can you print this out for me?

Uh, I'll just forward
you and Danny the email.

All of this was in an attachment
in a sent message.

Who did she send it to?

Danny, Norman isn't answering
his landline.

He's not home.

And my dad said that he told him

he had something to take care of
at the school.

Wait for me outside, Hailey.

Promise me.

I promise I'll be careful.

[creeky door]

(Becker): Just hold on
a minute... please!

You need to think about
what you're doing here?


It's Hailey Dean.

I need to talk to you.

Miss Dean?

You need to help me.

Put the wrench down
and we can talk.

I'm not putting it down
until he does.

Not until he's paid
for what he's done.

He's lost his mind.

You need to call the police.

The police are on their way.

Mr. Sacks, put the gun down.

I'm sorry you had to see this,

But I've gotta do what's right.

Why don't you tell me
what you think you know?

It was all in the email
that Naomi sent me.

This man stole
the school's money

and then he stole
my daughter's life!

He's crazy.
He's snapped!

No! You snapped when you
put your fingers

around my daughter's neck and
squeezed her last breath out!

No! No, no!

Look, I- I admit
I'm a gambler, ok?

Yes, it's a sickness.

I'm sick.

But I'm not a killer.

Gambling is a sickness.

It's no excuse!


And Naomi left us more
than enough proof

to put her killer in prison.

Yeah, for stealing.

Not for murder.

Yes, for murder.

Two murders.

Naomi's and Jeff Adkins.

He killed Jeff, too?


Adkins took an envelope
from Naomi's house.

What was in the envelope,

I don't know what
you're talking about.

What was in the envelope?


Betting slips from the track.

Naomi found them
in my office

and when the construction

she put two and two together.

She found my online account,
she found everything.

And you realized
after you killed her

that your betting slips

were no longer at the school.

Then Jeff Adkins called and
said he wanted to meet with you.

When he showed me
the betting slips

I knew that he was gonna figure
it out the same way Naomi did.

I'm sorry...

I had no choice.

I'm sorry, Hailey.

But he's gotta pay
for what he's done.

And he will.

I- I need justice!

Norman, just think about
what you're doing, ok?

You're not a killer.

You're not like Becker.

Naomi wouldn't want you to turn
yourself into something ugly.

She wouldn't want you
to go to prison.

That's not the life
she wants for you.

My wife and daughter
are both gone!

And the way to honour
their memory

is to live the best life
you can.

That is what they would
want for you.

I've gotta do something!

And you will.

You will testify at the trial,

you will stand tall when the
guilty verdict is handed down,

and you will keep Naomi alive
in your memory.


[sirens approaching]

So Janine Harwick has a warrant
for her arrest in Texas?


She terrorized a teacher
at her old school

to the point of physical attack.


Yeah. That's why she ran.

You know, you'll be happy
to hear that the DA decided

not to press charges
against Norman Sacks.



Your psychological assessment
of him went a long way

towards convincing him.

That makes me happy.

And I'm about to return
the favour.

This ain't the way to Chesley's.

We're not going to Chesley's.

Oh no, Hailey,
please don't tell me

you have a new problem to solve?

It's an old problem, actually.

I love helping people as much as
you do but right now I'm hungry.

That's the problem.


You found it.

You found it!

There was a bug
in their website.

It kept defaulting
to an old calendar

which is why you kept going
to the wrong place.

How did you find it?

Oh, technically I didn't.

Ethan might have hacked
their GPS-

Ah, I don't want to know.

Hi, how are you?

Um, I'm gonna need six

of the best burritos in Atlanta,

That seems like a lot
of burritos.

I'm gonna have five,
you can have one.

And then, uh, I need
extra sauce on everything.

And cheese. Extra cheese.

And cheese.

Wade dumped me.

Last week.

He wasn't ready to be
in a relationship,

it had nothing to do with me.

But that's not how it feels.

I thought if I changed
my surroundings

it would help change me.

What do you think needs
to change?

I'm stuck in a rut.

Work is my life.

Every time I think I've met
my soulmate I'm wrong.

Maybe it's not that
you're wrong,

maybe you just are focused
on the wrong things.

I don't follow.

Sabrina, you need to live
the life you wanna live.

Be your amazing self.

Get out of your comfort zone

and salsa.

Salsa lessons?


Doing things that make us
uncomfortable make us better.


I don't wanna be the only one
making a fool

of my uncoordinated self
on the dance floor.

You'd do this with me?

What are office mates for?

For taking out the trash?

Yes they are.


And... salsa.

As I take out the trash.



Fine. I'm in,

only to save you
from yourself.

Don't tell anyone I did this ok?

Sorry I'm late.

Oh, that's ok.

I ordered your wine.

Guess what?


Howell Elementary isn't closing.


And I think it has something
to do with you.

What do you mean?

Clyde Bennett is leasing the
school back to the school board

and he's funding
all the repairs.

Why would he do that?

He said he was reminded

of what someone would have
wanted him to do.

Have I told you how amazing
you look?

You clean up pretty well


You sure you're ready for this?

No, but I don't want to regret
not going.

And I owe Clyde an apology.

He turned out to be the guy
I always thought he was.

We're gonna have fun.

You think?

Even surrounded by all of Will's
old friends?

It might be kind
of overwhelming.

Oh, that's what I'm here for.

To keep the whelming
under control.

I have your back,
you know that.

Thank you.


Hailey, you made it.



I owe you an apology.

No, you don't owe me anything.

Except maybe a dance later.

You got it.

Um, I don't think we've met.

Oh, where are my manners?

I'm sorry, this is-
this is Clyde,

an old friend from school,
and uh,

Clyde, this is Jonas,
my- my boyfriend.


Well, it's uh, it's great
to meet you.


Listen, the party's not
happening in this hallway.

There are gonna be a lot of
people really happy to see you.

Come on.

Hey, wait.



What was that for?

Boyfriend's prerogative.

Let's go ahead and have fun.