Hailey Dean Mysteries: Death on Duty (2019) - full transcript

Hailey Dean was a DA prosecutor, now a therapist. Her investigator friend Finch's old marine buddy gets murdered and the MP investigating calls it a random mugging. Hailey helps Finch investigate.

I swear I won't say anything!!!

Please, you don't
have to do this!

So, the pest control guys
have my office building

completely sealed off.

I'm gonna have to work
from home the next week.

Woah, you seeing patients
in your house?

Only in case of emergency.

I'm pretty much on standby.

I'll just use the time
to catch up

on the latest
psychiatric journals.


You ever consider taking
a holiday?

Actually, Sabrina just booked
a beach vacation,

but I just get so bored laying
around all the time.

You? No.

Woah, Kurt.

It's so great to see you.

You too.

What are you doing in Atlanta?

Oh, I transferred
to the base in Albany.

I'm in logistics, and
my wife Kayla's here now.

Oh, so sorry, uh, Kurt,
this is my friend Hailey.

Kurt and I served together
in the Marine Corps,

and Hailey and I served together
at the DA's office.

- Nice to meet you.
- Likewise.

Oh, uh, excuse me.


Everything okay?

Uh, not the call I was
hoping for.

Uh, how long you
in town for?

You here for the day?
What's going on?

I'm here half the week.

On base the other half.

I'm in charge of the contractors
out of Atlanta,

so I'm doing inspection,
arranging transpo,

that kind of thing.

Not exactly like patrolling
a stretch of desert

littered with IEDs,
now, is it?

Not exactly, but uh, just...
just as dangerous.

You know, we're all going out
to dinner tomorrow night,

you and your wife should come
along with us.

Oh. Yeah, Kayla would
really like that.

Yeah, she could use some
friends in this city.

Well, great, you can tell me
all about Fincher the Marine.

Only if you tell me all about
Fincher the investigator.

Do I get to join
this conversation?

We'll see.

It was great to see you, man.

- My man, all right.
- Bye.

Nice meeting you.

So, one night we were
out on patrol,

and I found a dead
camel spider.

And I don't know if you've
ever seen them,

but they're pretty big.

Pretty big? Just
as big as my hand.

So when he went to sleep,
I slipped one in his boot.


I got woken up to
the loudest scream

I have ever heard
in my entire life.

That is just like med school.

Tell 'em why.

Turns out, the spider
wasn't dead.


Now I know why
you're afraid of spiders.

Yes, I'm scarred
to this day.

Put it away.

You don't need to check your
phone every three seconds.

Sorry. I'm just expecting
a call.

Uh, you're always expecting
a call.

So, Kurt.

How is it that you've been
based in Atlanta?

Are you a recruiter?

Uh, no. I'm posted to the base
in Albany,

but my job is to liaise
with the civilian contractors

based here in Atlanta.

So I'm here half the week,
and on base the other half.

Kaylie gets to live in
a regular city again

like a normal civilian,

and I get to spend
a lot of time with her.

And there's no camel
spiders here, so...

- Yes.
- None.

Where's the ladies' room?

Oh, it's in the back.

Thank you.

Kurt, I have the same
fitness tracker,

and I love it.

Oh, uh, Kayla bought it
for me.

Honestly, I don't even know how
to work the thing.

I wear it for her, but really,
I just use it for a watch.

I noticed a huge difference
in my workouts.

I can show you how to use it
if you'd like.

I might take you up
on that some time.

Excuse me, I... I need
to make a call.


Maybe you should go
check up on him.


Oh. You may not know this,
but I was recently made chair

of the fundraising committee
at Atlanta Memorial.

Congratulations, Megan.

Thank you.

I'm very excited.

So, I've put together a calendar
featuring men at the hospital.

That's a great idea.

I thought so.

But, I've hit a bit of a snag.

So, it's sitting
at the printers,

about to be assembled
and shipped off.

But one of my models had
a change of heart

and he won't sign the release,
so I'm without a Mr. November,

and unless I find one,
the whole project is sunk.

Are you asking me to do it?

I know you work
for the city coroner,

which means you
don't technically work
for the hospital,

but you... you work with
us all the time.

And I'm desperate, Jonas.

I can't find anyone.

And, if things fall apart, I
will have blown our budget

for the year with
nothing to show for it.

I, I
don't, I don't know...

Just think about it.

But get back to me
by tomorrow, okay?

Oh, okay.

No pressure.

I think I need another drink.

What's going on with you
and Kayla?

We're just trying
to adjust to all this,

and I've been a bit
preoccupied lately.


You get in touch with whoever's
got you so worried?

I'm not so good with
the subterfuge, am I?

Mm-mm. You never were.

You wanna talk about it?

Uh... It's not the right time.


There's no expiration date
on my offer.

Thanks, I, uh, might take
you up on that.

Just... not yet.

Here you are.

What happened?

I, I just have a headache.

I'm going home.

Um, you can stay if you want.

No, no. Let's go.

Um, give my excuses
to everyone, will ya?

Of course.

It's nice to see you, Fincher.

You too.

Call me, okay?
I mean it.

I will.

You're quiet.

Am I going too fast for you?

Oh. No, I've just been thinking
about what Megan

was asking me last night.

Oh, the calendar.

Yeah, I mean, I know how
expensive it is

for hospitals to stay current
and fundraising is essential.


But I just don't think
I'm the kind of person

who likes to be the Centre
of attention.

You're the Centre
of my attention.

My favourite place to be.

What do you think?

I think you should do it.

It's good for the hospital
and it's good for you

to do something you
don't normally do.

Besides, I wouldn't mind
dating a model.

A medical examiner doesn't
do it for ya?

Why can't I have both?

I guess at the very least I can
guarantee them one sale.

Two. I'll need
one for my office.

All right then,
I'll do it.


We're gonna have to pick up
the pace.

You're gonna need to be in shape
if you're gonna be all famous.

I'm hardly going to be famous,
it's just a hospital calendar.

Oh, stop making excuses
because you're slow.


Okay, it's on.

I'll race you to
the last lamppost.


Winner buys breakfast.

Of course.

I got you.

Hey, Kurt. What's going on?


I think I need to take you up
on your offer.

To help.

Yeah, yeah, what's up?

Not over the phone.

Um, okay, well I'm... I'm on
a stakeout right now,

but... I can swing by
your place in about an hour?

I have to head to base,

but I'll be back
in Atlanta on Sunday.

Okay, man. Um, Sunday.

Sunday's fine, we can meet up.

You... Kurt, you sure
you're okay?

Yeah, um...

Maybe not.

We'll talk on Sunday.

Okay. All right, man.

Good job on the Brody case.

I think we might get
a conviction

with that corroborating
evidence you found.

Oh, my pleasure,
Ms. District Attorney.

You do not have
to call me that, Fincher.

Paulina will be fine.

I know. I just love that you won
the election, that's all.

Yeah, more than a year ago.

Hey, by the way, have you
seen Hailey?

Yeah, I see Hailey all the time.

How's she doing?

Getting in trouble,
as per usual.

I've been meaning
to give her a call.

You should, she would love
to hear from you.

I will do.
See you later.

- All right.
- Mr. Garland.

- Yes.
- Sergeant Nesbit.

How may I be of service?

We're looking for Staff Sergeant
Kurt Cullen.

Have you been in contact
with him?

We spoke yesterday, but
you already know that.

What did you talk about?

Uh, we made plans to get
together on Sunday.

Do you know his current

I assumed he was on base.

Please call me immediately
if you do hear from him.

I will when you tell me exactly
what this is all about.

Staff Sergeant Cullen

is in violation of his
terms of service.

How so?

He failed to report for duty
this morning,

and is currently absent
without leave.

He's AWOL? No way.

If you do hear from him,
please tell me.

I can still keep him from
getting into too much trouble,

but not for much longer.

Thanks, Sergeant.

Thank you.

All right.

Hey, Hailey are you free?

Yeah, I think I need your help
with somethin'.

I just can't believe he would
do this to me,

especially since I told him

I'm not comfortable in this
house sometimes.

Are you having trouble being
alone when he's on base?

Kurt's been overseas
for most of our marriage.

I'm not afraid to be alone,

the past few days, I've just...
I've just had this feeling.

What feeling?

I swear someone's
been watching this house.

Well, have you seen anybody?


I'm sure it's just my mind
playing tricks on me.

I've been angry with Kurt,
and... and I've just been
on edge.

What's been troubling you?


Something to do with Kurt?

You have an idea
of what's happening,

and I can see that you find
it deeply hurtful.

We're here to support you.

I just want to find Kurt
before the MPs do,

and help him with
whatever trouble he's in.

Well, I don't know
what's going on.

I don't know anything
for sure.

What do you suspect?

I think Kurt's left me
for another woman.


Why would you think that?

He keeps secrets.

He pretends like he's in Atlanta
to spend time with me, but...

when he's here,
I barely see him.

How long has he been like this?

A few weeks, maybe.

We've only been here
four months.

Kurt told me the whole reason
he took a transfer was for you.

Yeah, maybe it was... then,
but things have changed.

I know it's hard, but try not
to jump to conclusions.

There may be another

We'll find him, Kayla.

I promise.

I just can't believe that Kurt
would run off on Kayla,

even if they were
having problems.

I mean, he wouldn't do
something like that.

We all sensed the tension
between them the other night.

Yeah, but the man
I served with,

he wasn't a deserter
or a cheater.

Well, people change.

Fincher, you haven't known
him for a while.

Yeah, but you just don't get it,

You can't.

Serving in the military is like
having another family.

You don't like everyone, you
don't get along with everyone,

but you're brothers
all the same.

And you know them
like no-one else,

not like their parents,
not like their wives.

And I'm telling you,
I know Kurt Cullen.

He's not that kind of guy.

Sorry to ask for your help,

I know with Danny being
away in Florida

for his parents' anniversary,
you must be swamped.

That's not it, Fincher.

You know I would love
to help you out,

but it's not our jurisdiction,

and the military MPs have
not asked for our help.

Is there really nothing
you can do?

Look, I am sure the MPs are
doing everything

that we would in this situation.

I'm really sorry.
My hands are tied.

I understand.

So now what?

Well, he left his phone at home,

so even if we could get
in to it,

it won't tell us
where he is now.

What about his fitness

It's the same one I had,
it has GPS.

Well, how do we access it?

We just log in.

Let's hope he didn't change
his password.

Well, Kayla bought Kurt
the fitness tracker,

and he said he didn't know
how to use it,

so my guess is he never
even logged in to his account,

much less changed
the default password...


I'm in.

What can you see?

Well, the fitness tracker
is not currently active,

but that could just mean
that he took it off.

Uh... Can you see the last time
it was active?

9:00 PM last night, but after
that it goes dark, nothing else.

Where was he at 9:00 PM?

Still in Atlanta.

That's odd.

Should've been halfway back
to Albany by that time.

Does it say exactly where?

It does.

The wooded area
of Piercedale Park.

This is it.

Let's go see what
we can find.

Are we in the right spot?

Well, the coordinates
on the fitness tracker

show it to be
basically right here.

If there's something to find,
it's pretty close.

There it is!

Couldn't find anything on him.

Anything in the surrounding

Wallet? Keys?

Nothing. No ID on him at all.

Could've been a robbery.

But, why leave
the fitness tracker?


Oh, it looks like Sergeant
Cullen's car

is across the street.

We found a small amount of
blood evidence in the back seat.

So, he was killed
somewhere else?

More likely injured.

We're canvassing the area
for a security camera,

but it's a bit of a dead zone.

I guess you had to call them.

You know I had to.

Crimes involving active
duty personnel

fall under the
military jurisdiction.

Looks like we're about to be
kicked off this investigation.

I'm afraid so.

Mr. Garland.

I'm sorry we have to meet again
like this.


I know Staff Sergeant Cullen
was your friend,

and I want you to know
that we'll do everything

that we can to find
out what happened.

Thank you, I appreciate it.

It's the least I can do.

Shall we?

So the Marines are taking over?

Yeah, I didn't think they would
get here so fast.

I don't suppose you, uh,
saw anything?

Not much, but the cause
of death was fairly clear.

Gunshot wound to the temple.

Rigor supports
the time of death,

it was close to when his fitness
tracker stopped reporting.

I also saw bruising on his neck

that could've been from
a necklace being torn off.

Yeah, his dog tags are missing.

His hands were a
bit scruffed up,

his fingernails torn.

He was a Marine,
he fought back.

Bruising around his wrists
may mean he was restrained,

but there is also a lump
on his head that indicates

some kind of trauma
was inflicted pre-mortem.

Yeah, so that explains the small
amount of blood

in the backseat of his car.

So he fought back, and then
he was hit over the head,

which probably incapacitated

His wrists were bound and
he was thrown into his car.

And brought here
to be executed.

It's all speculation until a
proper autopsy is performed,

but unfortunately... I
won't be the one to do it.

I'm sorry, Fincher.

I'll do my best to liaise
with the military police,

but in my experience,
they do not like to share.

No, they do not.

Thanks for everything.

Whatever I can do, Fincher.

You okay?

You already know the answer
to that.

Fincher, I am so sorry.

Just trying to wrap my mind
around it.

This is Kurt.

A US Marine.

He didn't deserve
to die like that.

No, he didn't.

I don't like it, Hailey.

I don't like it one little bit.

Are you gonna investigate?

I have to find out
who did this to him.

He would do the same for me.

Lieutenant Chris Young,
this is my husband's friend

Fincher Garland, and his friend
Hailey Dean.

Lieutenant Young is... was...
Kurt's commanding officer.

Fincher Garland.
You served in Iraq with Kurt.

That's right.

I remember him mentioning you.

I'm sorry for your loss.

Thank you.

Lieutenant Young was
just paying his respects.

But I should be heading back.

It's... a long drive to Albany.

If you need anything at all,
you call me.

Thank you.

I'll walk you out.

Kurt wanted to talk to me
about something.

I thought he might be
in some kind of trouble.

Did he say what?


We were supposed
to meet next weekend.

He didn't say anything to you,
about anything unusual at work,

or anything else, maybe?

Not that I recall.

And even if I did,

you know I wouldn't be able to
tell you as a civilian.

No. I know.

It's hard to accept the death
of our brothers anytime.

Even less when it's a random
mugging like this.

The MPs are calling this
a random attack?

Well, that's the current theory.

Gunshot to the head is
more like an execution.

Look. I can only tell you what
they're telling me.

Did Kurt have any trouble
with anybody on the base?

I know you want answers.

But you know this wasn't
a military issue.

It happened in a park
here in the city.

Sometimes tragedies
don't make sense.

We spend enough time overseas
to know that.

I'm glad to know Mrs. Cullen has
a former Marine here in Atlanta

to look out for her.

I just feel so guilty.

I was so angry,

I don't even remember
what I said to him

the last time we talked.

Why were you angry?

Because he cancelled
our dinner plans, again.

Were you here when Kurt
left home?

No, I was picking up takeout

so that we could have a quick
dinner before he left for base.

And by the time I got back,
he was gone.

Did he leave a note
or any explanation?

No. I knew something was going
on, but he wouldn't tell me.

That's why I thought he was
seeing someone else.

Well, he insisted he wasn't,
but... I didn't believe him.

I didn't know I'd never
see him again.

And I don't know
why he was in that park

when he should've been home.


This wasn't your fault.

What if it was?

An affair? I just don't buy it.

No matter how well
you know someone,

you can never know
their inner turmoil.

The jealous lover?

Ah, that's very unlikely to me.

Unlikely doesn't
mean impossible.

And we cannot discount
the idea that there was

someone stalking Kurt and
Kayla's house.

Yeah, but by that theory,

the... the jealous lover and the
stalker are the same person.

Something to keep in mind.

You know, I don't know anything

about Kurt's life here in
Atlanta, or on base in Albany.

But you know there's a whole
bunch of reasons

why this coulda happened.

And I don't believe what that
Lieutenant Young was saying

about how this could
be a random mugging in the park.

Is that what he told you?


He wasn't very receptive when
I asked if Kurt had any issues

with anybody here
or on the base.

Doesn't seem like the open,
sharing kinda guy.

Fincher, I'm sorry.

I know all this uncertainty
is painful.

You know, I gotta know
the truth, Hailey.

Because the military
has jurisdiction on this,

that means I can't officially

from the DA's office,

and Atlanta PD won't be anywhere
near this case.

Well, it's a good thing
we're not Atlanta PD.

We can start by retracing
his steps.


Well, the fitness tracker
has 48 hours

of Kurt's movement recorded.

That's a start.


So, this is the last place
Kurt went

after he left his house
the day he died.

Greystone Foods Inc.

Yeah, it was probably
one of his inspections.

Looks like a distribution

Distributing what?

The Marines,

they contract civilian
companies for supplies.

This could be anything
from toilet paper

to computer hardware
to uniforms.

And Kurt had to make sure
the suppliers

were fulfilling their
contracts properly.

I mean, I guess Marines
overseas have bigger things

to worry about than running
out of toilet paper.

Yeah, it's been known to happen.

And Kurt had a big

to keep the supply chain moving.

I'm sorry, this area is
employees only.

It's a safety issue.

Uh, we're looking
for someone in charge.

That's me, Alisa Greystone.

This is my company.

We were hoping to ask you
about Kurt Cullen.

Well, I've already spoken to the
military police, are you...

Just following up
on a few things.

Whatever I can do
to help.

Of course.

What do you supply here?

We supply the MREs.

That's uh, Meals Ready to Eat.

It's the prepackaged food
the military would issue to us

while we were on patrol
or otherwise off base.

A lot of guys love it.

I was not one of them.

Well, we do our best, but
they're designed to nourish

and never go bad, so taste
is not the highest priority.

Would you like to try?

Just add water to the line
on the heater package,

then put in the food package
and it self-heats in minutes.

That's amazing.

Did you notice anything unusual
about the way Sergeant Cullen

was acting the last time
you saw him?

He did seem a bit preoccupied,
but I didn't know him that well.

He'd only been doing the
inspections for a few weeks.

Sergeant Cullen
was very by-the-book.

Must've made those
first few inspections

pretty nerve-wracking.

Well, I wanted everything
to go well, for sure.

Oh, and did it?

I don't know what
you're talking about,

and I don't appreciate
the insinuation.

If you can just answer
the question?

I don't think I will.

And I'm not sure that I have
to talk to you at all.

You can see yourselves out.


So, where to next?

Across town.

Address belongs to Houston

Another inspection.

Yeah, most likely.

Hey, it's just the one
skid today, okay?

Hi, can I help you?

Yeah, I'm a friend
of Kurt Cullen's.

So sorry. I heard
about what happened.

- Such a shock.
- You were friends?

Uh, yeah, we went out
for beers a couple of times.

He's a nice guy.

Very dedicated to his work.

Yeah, he uh, ever talk to you
about anything personal?

No, not really.

But you sensed something
was wrong.

I got the feeling there were
problems at home,

but I never asked.

Any, uh, problems
with your inspections?

Uh, no, never.

I've had the contract
for five years, so...

I pretty much
know the drill.


What do you, uh, supply here?

Uh, kitchen supplies.

Pots, cutlery,
that sort of thing.

Last time you saw Kurt?

When he showed up here,
did an inspection,

a little faster than usual
I'd say, but that was it.

I'm sorry for your loss,

but uh, I don't think I can be
much more help to you than that.

Still, if you need
anything else,

here's my card.

Thanks for your time.


So, Kurt left his house
in the morning as usual,

and he went to his two
scheduled inspections.


Both check out.

Looks like Tom also deals
in commercial kitchens,

has a good reputation.

Honest businessman.

What about
Elisa Greystone?

Uh, relatively newly

No civilian clients,
she's a failed chef,

apparently her last kitchen
was shut down

for repeated
safety violations.

So it's possible that Kurt
discovered something

that wasn't up to marine

and maybe her contract
was in jeopardy.

It's not anything
we can confirm, but I...

I'll keep digging.

Okay, so then... after
his two inspections,

he went home at 6:00 PM.

Right, when he spoke to me
and told me he was going

to the base later that night.

Only, he didn't go to the base,
he stayed home for an hour,

then he went to the park
at 7:00 PM, his last stop.


You probably weren't the
last person he spoke to.


And we know in that time he
had an argument with Kayla,

we just don't know if it was
before or after

he spoke with me.

And then his fitness tracker
went dark at 9:00 PM.

Fincher, we don't have
to do this right now.

Hailey, you know I'm not going
to stop till I get to the truth.

What did he do in the park
for two hours?

Why didn't he take his phone
with him?

Was he meeting somebody?

This whole case doesn't make
any sense.

Fincher Garland.

Of course.

I'll come to you.

That was Sergeant Nesbit.

MP in charge of
the investigation.

Turns out I was the last person
that Kurt spoke to.

So you're a suspect.

Person of interest.

Oh, I'd better get home.
I gotta clear my schedule.

Hailey, you don't have
to come with me.

It's adorable that
you think that.

They won't even let you
in the room.

I am still a member of the bar,
and last time I checked,

you are a civilian
in need of a lawyer.


It's very sweet of you to bring
me breakfast, Jonas.

So, the calendar photo
shoot is tonight.

That's so exciting.

You say exciting,
I say terrifying.

Well, you don't need to worry.

We've got a couple of minutes.

Why don't you, uh, show me
what you've got.

Go on, pose.

Okay. I'm terrible.

You're just overthinking it.

Just relax your body,
be natural.


Okay, great.

And now, um, just act like you
just heard something.

Like, "oh!"

Put your hand on your hip.


No, not too, too, too much.

Okay, and now look
at me and smile.

Now that's a million-dollar

I only smile like this at you.

Well then, I guess I'll have
to go to your photoshoot

so you can smile
like this at me.

I would love that.

I would love it too.


No thanks.

When was the last time
you ate?

I'm just not very hungry
right now.

You wanna talk about it?

- Can I say no?
- Nope.

What you thinkin'?

One night in Iraq, we were
on a standard patrol.

I saw this light flashing
in the distance,

so I stepped away from
the patrol to investigate.

I found myself pinned down
behind a rock under sniper fire.

With a twisted ankle.

I was stuck and alone.


I really thought I was a goner.

But Kurt found me.

And he dragged me outta there,
dodging bullets the whole time.

It's a miracle you weren't hit.

Yeah, I wasn't.

Kurt took one in the chest.

Luckily his vest kept the damage
down to a couple broken ribs.

I had no idea.

That's just what we did
for each other.

Brothers for life.

Thing is, Hailey, I knew
something was wrong.

Which is why you offered
to help,

and he called you to take you up
on that offer.

I didn't get to help when
it mattered most.

It still matters, Fincher.

The truth always matters.

Fincher Garland to see
Sergeant Nesbit.

Let him through.

Thanks Sergeant.

I haven't been on a base
in a long time.

Good memories?


My days in the Marine Corps

were some of the best days
of my life.

Why did you decide to leave?

Oh, it was my time.

I don't regret the way my life
has gone since,

but you know, civilian
life suits me much better.

The food alone.

Oh, I thought military
food was good.

I have a very discerning

And by discerning palate
you mean "add bacon."

I love bacon.

Private Cheryl Park.

Mr. Garland.

Thanks for coming.

Happy to help.

You been to Albany before?

Ah, I did all my training
in Camp Bojurn.

Ahh. I haven't been
there since basic.

Seems like a lifetime ago.

Another missing Marine.

I hope you find her.

We always do.

Um, Ma'am, unfortunately,

I'm gonna have to ask you
to wait in the lobby.

We don't allow friends
in the interview.

Oh. Well, she's not my friend.

She's my lawyer.

Oh. Well, in that case,
right this way, please.

Let the record show that
my client, Fincher Garland,

has come here of
his own volition.

He made the four-hour drive
from Atlanta to assist you

in your investigation
in any way he can.

So, noted.

We don't need to be so formal.

Mr. Garland here is a former
US Marine,

which means he's amongst family.

Call me Fincher.

All right, Fincher.

Ah... you were the last person
to have a phone conversation

with Staff Sergeant Cullen.

You previously stated
it was to make plans

for the following week.

Was that all you guys
talked about?

Pretty much.

Well, this is just
a formality, but,

uh, what were you doing
Monday night?

I was home, alone.

Do you own a gun?


A Colt 45.

Staff Sergeant Cullen was
not shot with a 45-caliber gun,

but it was a handgun.

I guess your "city"
medical examiner

could tell you that much?

Of course. It wasn't a 38,
that would be too small.

Was it a 9 millimetre?

Um... uh, you know, I can't
reveal details

of an active investigation.

Excuse me, I'll be right back.

His body language could
not have been more obvious.

He believes Kurt was
shot with a 9 millimetre.

You know, I knew I brought
you along for a good reason.

Rattling off calibers
to see his reaction?

That was genius.

Hailey! What?

It's not my fault he left
sensitive information

in the room.

He should know better.

Okay, so these are Kurt's
phone records.

It looks like you were
his last call, in or out.

And then they've marked
Kayla and the base,

and then there's some
unidentified number

that he called several times,
but no answer.

I'm gonna text it to Monty, see
if she can put a trace on it.

They already would've
done that here.

Probably, but do you think
they'd share that with us? No.

Sorry for the interruption.

You know, like I said outside,

I'm happy to help
in any way I can.

I bet I could be of more
assistance to you

if you just tell me
what you know.

I wish I could.

Now, why don't you tell me
more about your time

in the service with Staff
Sergeant Cullen?

Mr. Garland, Ms. Dean.

I heard you were on base today.

I'm sorry you had to go through
an interrogation

on top of everything.

Well, I work in law enforcement
I know the drill.

Well then, you also know that
our police are in control

of the investigation,
and highly capable.

Yeah, I do know that.

Then, let's just leave them
to it.

Happy to.

I'm glad we understand
each other.

Okay then.

So, so how are you feeling?

I'm relieved that I'm not really
a suspect anymore.

It's the last thing I want
to deal with.

I'm relieved, too.

Uh, I'm glad we got a little
bit of information,

but I'm, I'm frustrated
we're so stuck.


I know you want me
to say that I'm sad,

but I don't have time for sad.
Not... not yet.

I get it.

And when the sadness comes,
I will be there.

I know.

Oh. It's Monty.

She says that unidentified phone
number from Kurt's cell record

belongs to a burner phone.

She can leave an open
trace on it,

but if they get a hit, then they
have to tell the MPs right away.

Yeah, we'll take it.

Oh, that reminds me of something
I saw in the file.

Kurt's cell phone was reset
to factory settings.

He wiped his phone.

But why?

To delete whatever was on it,
I guess.

But what was he trying
to get rid of?

A secret email account?

A video?

A photo?

Yeah, but there wasn't anything

at all in the cloud
under his account.

Well, if he was trying to hide

it's going to be hard for us
to find it

without the actual phone.


I wouldn't have asked you
to do this

if I didn't think you'd
be great at it.

If only I had your confidence.

Why don't you give Hailey
a call?

See if she's close.

I can put everyone off
a bit longer.

Yeah, thanks Megan.

No problem.

Oh, it's Jonas.

I thought we'd be back by now.
His photo shoot.

Hey, Jonas.
I am so sorry.

We're driving back from Albany.

I don't think we're going
to make it.

I feel terrible.


Fincher's more important
than my nerves.

I'll be fine.

Just remember what
we practiced, okay?

Relax, and think about something
that makes you smile.

I know exactly what
to think about.

I gotta go.
I'll talk to you later.

Break a leg.

Mm. He gonna be okay?

I hope so.

They aren't coming?

Nope. Still on the road.

You ready to go?

As ready as I'll ever be.

All right then.

Let's get this party started.

Wardrobe, get him dressed.

It's Kayla.

At this hour?

Kayla, is everything okay?

I'm sorry to bother you so late,
but that feeling I had

that someone was watching
the house...

Woah, is someone there?

I don't know, I just heard
noises outside.

I... I'm too scared to check.

'Kay, listen. Call the police.

We're on our way.

You okay?


Yeah, he was gone by the time
I got around to the front.

Yeah, she says
she's okay.

Okay. Thanks.

Monty's gonna send a car over
to watch the house.

Hailey, you sure
you're okay?

Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just
a little shaken up.

I'm so sorry.

I should have never put you
in danger like that.

Kayla, you didn't know.

I sort of did.

What do you mean?

This was in the mail today.

It's addressed to Kurt.

Whoever sent this knows
where we live.

So, why would someone send Kurt
a threat days after his death?

They didn't.

It was postmarked
two weeks ago.

Did it get held up?

Well, if you look closely,
the house number's wrong.

I sent a uniform out to canvas,

and it seems it was
mis-delivered to the neighbour

who was out of town.

He only just got back yesterday.

Self-sealing envelope,
so no DNA.

Fingerprints on the note?

Three sets.

Kayla's, Fincher's,
and a mystery print.

No match in AFIS.

- So it was a warning.
- Yeah.

And the killer followed through.

It's a theory, but the threat
doesn't give us any indication

as to what Kurt did.

Clearly it was meant for more
than one person.

But do you think Kayla's
in danger?

We don't know.

So the car will stay out there
for the time being.

And we're circulating the sketch
of the man that you saw.

What about the threat itself?

Standard paper, standard ink.

Done on a common laser printer,
not much to go on.

Where's Fincher?

With Kayla.

Okay, I better get in there.

Thanks for coming in, Kayla.

So, have you ever seen
this man before?

Is this who was outside
my house?

Has anyone ever threatened Kurt?

Not that I know of.

Anyone ever come by
the house looking for him.

Uh, just after we moved in,
a woman came to the door

with a housewarming cake,

and she said she wanted to
apologize for her husband.

Apologize for what, exactly?

She said now that Kurt took
the job her husband wanted,

he was retiring.

And she was happy about it.

I guess they had some kind
of argument at work.

She was embarrassed, and I
didn't want to make her feel

any worse, so... I didn't ask.

But you asked Kurt about it.

I told him, and he just said...
I didn't need to worry.

It was taken care of.

But you asked Kurt about it.

I told him, and he just said...
I didn't need to worry.

It was taken care of.

Do you remember
this woman's name?

Um... Jean Piscek.

I just got off the phone
with Jean Piscek,

she and her husband Martin
are separated,

and she's living in Arizona now.

She can't account for
Martin's whereabouts

the night of the murder.

Did she tell you what happened
between Martin and Kurt?


Apparently, when Kurt arrived
on his first day,

Martin attacked him,

saying that he had been waiting
years for that cushy post,

and that Kurt was ruining
Martin's marriage.

The MPs had to come
and restrain him.

It was a pretty bad scene.

Sounds like a motive to me.

The only address listed
for Martin is the house

where he and his wife lived,
but it's been rented out,

I spoke with the tenants,
they only ever deal with Jean.

I'll try and get some
phone records.

I'll check his financials.

Oh, that's Megan. I have
to get down to the hospital.

I missed the photoshoot,

but there's no way I'm missing
the big reveal.

Tell 'em I say hi.

Ah, thanks.


Hailey, you made it.

I wouldn't miss it.

Oh, before I get all caught
up in this,

Fincher isn't really talking
to me about what happened,

and I didn't want to push him.

Fincher doesn't usually talk
about himself

unless it's food related.

I know.

I'm glad he has you to help him
through all this.

I'm glad he has you, too.

All right, everyone.

It is the moment of truth.

Gather round, come on over.

Don't be shy.

All right.

Oh, Jonas should be
here for this.

I just talked to him, uh...
he should be here any... minute.

There he is.



All right, ready?

"Dashing Doctors."




Am I right?


Jonas, our cover boy.

Do you love it?


Uh, would you excuse
us a minute, Megan?

I swear, I had
no idea

they were putting me
on the cover.

Hailey, what am I gonna do?

What do you mean?

Everybody's staring, grabbing.

Look... you clean up
very nicely.

You think it's okay?

I think I'm a lucky girl.

Woah ho, ho. Is that Jonas?


Looks like a movie star.

This is my calendar,
and you have to buy your own.

Oh, yes, you mean one for me
and everyone I've ever met

in my entire life, or I'll never
hear the end of it?


I'm assume you are
picking me up for a reason

other than guilting me
out of my calendar?


I managed to find the address
of Martin Piscek.



Mmhmm, Mmhmm.


His neighbour said
he's not home,

but he usually gets in
around this time.

This is not the guy I saw
outside of Kayla's.

You sure?


Could've been the guy
who sent the threat.

There he goes right now.

Right on cue.


Martin Piscek?

I'm a friend of Kurt Cullen's.

Then you're no friend of mine.

Can we ask you a few questions?


Yeah, maybe we'll go down
to the police station?

Yeah. Sure.

You okay?

Yeah. Go.

Now, you pushed her down.

Why don't you try
pushing me down?


You all right?

Yeah. I'm fine,
I'm just annoyed.


Why do I keep getting
pushed lately?

You do have a knack
for getting in between

bad guys and their getaway.

I kind of do.

Thanks for catching me.

You catch them, I catch you.
It's our thing.

It is, isn't it?

Get in the car.

Mind your head.

You admit that you attacked
Kurt Cullen.

No point in lying about it.

Half the base was there.

Kurt Cullen was killed
last Monday night.

I heard.

I'm only sorry I wasn't
there to help.

Then you admit that
you wanted him dead.


I said as much to his face.

Where were you last
Monday night?

I didn't kill him.

If I had, I'd be bragging
about it all over town.

Well, his anger is sincere.

So is his arrogance.

You don't think he did it?

I believe him when he says
he'd be bragging about it.

Yeah, but the MPs would
have picked him up already.


Martin Piscek's fingerprints
are not a match

to the threat sent to Kurt.

I wish it was better news,
but it looks like we're back

searching for the man that you
saw outside the Cullen house.

Any luck canvassing?


No one recognizes the man
in Hailey's sketch,

and no one remembers seeing
Kurt leave the night

that he was killed, never mind
someone else showing up.

I don't suppose the Marines had
any luck with the fingerprints?

I called the MP in charge
of Kurt's case,

a Sergeant Nesbit,

and he told me that they don't
have a match

in their system, either.

Oh, but that was probably
just a brush off, Monty.

So, we're not looking for
someone in the military,

but Kurt's whole life was
related to the Marines.

I mean, the only thing he did
off base was his inspections.

I don't suppose that we can
get the fingerprints

of the two suppliers that he
visited the day he was killed?

What if I already have them?


Now just give me a second now,

I may have them.

Hailey, what'd you do?

It's a nice colour.

Oh, oh!

Tom Houston's business card.


And... a little gift
from Greystone.

Okay, that was incredible.

I still cannot believe you
got us into Mario's.

Ah, I just figured it was
worth a try.

How exactly did you get us in?

I just knew that you wanted
to eat here,

and I thought I'd give them
a call and see

if they had space
for a local model.

You didn't.

I mean, this seems to be
my 15 minutes of fame,

I might as well take advantage.

You know what's funny?

I'm still a bit embarrassed.

You're proud,
and you should be.

The calendar's a hit,
it's great for the hospital,

and besides, I kind of like
dating a celebrity model.

It has perks that I wasn't

Oh, well then hold on, because
I plan on skipping the lineup

at the coffee shop tomorrow.

Oh! Oooh!

Uh... you know, when you said
you were bringing breakfast,

I thought you meant bacon.

This is leftover lasagna
from Mario's,

and trust me, it is better
than bacon.


Megan has been trying
to get a reservation

at this place for weeks.




That is food truck good.

Megan's gonna be so jealous.

What can I say? My
boyfriend's famous.

You know what, Hailey?

I'm so glad you have Jonas.

Makes me worry about you
a lot less.

Worry about me?

I can't sleep for worrying
about you.

I know.

I'm sorry.

No, no, you don't have
to be sorry.

I will take all the sleepless
nights to have you in my life.

See now, when you
talk like that,

Hailey Dean, you're gonna
make me cry,

and I'm not going to be able
to stop crying.

You old softie.

I have to go.

I'm having coffee with Paulina
and I can't be late.

So how's life as a therapist?

I love it.

- My life is so much calmer now.
- Calm?

I don't even think that word's
in my vocabulary.

Okay, level with me,

Something's up.

You always were perceptive.

Do you remember
Clayton Morrel?

My first time second
chairing for you,

and my first murder trial.

It's not one I will soon forget.

Me neither, but for
different reasons.

You took the plea,
it was the right call.

For murder one
and a life sentence,

to manslaughter plus 20 years,
eligible for parole in 10.

And this is the 10th year
of his sentence.

It'll hit the papers soon.

I wanted you to hear it
from me first.

Have you talked to the families?

His is happy, of course.

But Tamara's sister,
she hung up on me.

Not that I blame her.

Clayton murdered her sister
in cold blood in her own home,

and now he's up for parole.

She'll forgive you
when she's ready.

I don't think she'll ever
forgive me.

I kept a key witness
off the stand.

The neighbour.
He was drunk at the time.

You wanted me to use him anyway.

I should've listened to you
and not played it so safe.

No way.

You made the right call,
you got the conviction.

You don't know that he'll be
granted parole.

It's really what I wanted
to talk to you about.

His parole hearing has been
set for next month.

Will you testify against him?

Of course.

I'll have the case file
sent over.

I really appreciate this,

I may not work for you anymore,

but I will always feel a
responsibility to my old cases.

Even if I was only second chair.

You were a rising star,
even then,

and I chose you because I
knew you would make me better.

I learned from the best.

Well, I've got to get going,

because the guilty do not
prosecute themselves.

Paulina, call me anytime.

I mean it.

You know, this therapist thing?

I get it.

But I'm not convinced
it's really you.


So I did some more digging
into the two suppliers.

Turns out there was a complaint
against Greystone Foods Inc.

from one of its workers, stating
unsafe working conditions.

- How so?
- I don't know.

But the employee not only
rescinded the complaint,

but refused to tell me why,

saying that it was "all a big

But get this.

He doesn't work there anymore.

Do you think he was paid off
to withdraw his complaint?

You know, he did mention
a nondisclosure agreement.

Well, then he's legally
prevented from saying anything,

otherwise he could
be held liable

for some huge amount
of money.

Right, which all points
to a cover up.

Do you think Kurt found out?

Or, the unsafe conditions
still exist.

Only Elisa Greystone wouldn't
be able to pay off a Marine

like Kurt to keep quiet.


And we know that the Marines
are her only contract.

Losing it would bankrupt
Greystone Foods.

You again.

I'm just on my way out.

Did you fail your
last inspection?

Listen, I have to go.

Miss Greystone,
you can understand

how important it is that we know

all the details surrounding

Staff Sergeant
Cullen's final days.

I'm sure the two of you were
able to discuss things.

He didn't care how complicated
this business is.

I know the type.

You want to explain
your side of the story,

but he probably didn't
let you do that.


He actually wrote me up.


I'm sure that wasn't necessary.

It wasn't.

I had a small glitch
in my manufacturing.

I caught it, I fixed it, it
really wasn't a big deal.

But because the affected
shipment made it to the base

before I could recall it,

he said I was "non-compliant
with Marine regulations."

He refused to listen
to me.

That's awful.

You must've been afraid
you'd lose the contract.

Well, as you can see, it
didn't affect my business.

I was able to handle it.

I'm sorry, I really
do have to go.

Hailey, there's a Marines
sticker on that license plate.

So, she's dating someone
in the base.

That would explain how she
managed to handle Kurt's report.

She had someone disappear
it for her.

But if she had an ally
on the base,

then why did she need
Kurt dead?

Unless her ally buried
Kurt's report

because it was about to cause
him trouble, too.

Hey, Monty.
I was just about to call you.

Can you run a license plate?

it'll have to wait.

Where are you?

You know that burner phone
we've been tracing?

The one Kurt's been calling?

You found it?

On the body of a woman
who was shot in the park.

We got a hit on the cell phone

when it powered up
for a few minutes,

and we traced it to a teenager
who said he found it

about a hundred yards from here.

Since it was the same park
where we found Kurt's body,

we got the dogs out,
and within an hour,

we found this Jane Doe.

No identification on the body,
nothing in her clothing,

no keys, no money, no jewelry.

Just like Kurt.

You think it's the same killer?

It's too early to say.

And without Kurt's
full autopsy report,

we can only speculate, but I
am leaning in that direction.

Do you have to tell the Marines?

No, without an identity,
she's a civilian Jane Doe.

She was found in
our jurisdiction,

so that makes it Atlanta
PD's investigation.

- For now.
- Fincher.

I know you're not gonna
want to hear this, but...

I think that we need
to look at Kayla first.


She was convinced that Kurt
was seeing another woman.

We found a woman communicating
with him in the same park.

We have to at least ask her
the question.

Do you have a gun?


Kurt does... he did.

Um, uh, a Glock, I think.

his service weapon was,

he bought the same one
to keep at home.

A 9 millimetre?

If you say so.

Where is it now?

It was in our lock box,
but the Marine MPs took it.

You know this woman?

This is her, isn't it?

"Her" who?

The woman my husband was seeing
behind my back.

You met her?

You're showing me the photo
of a young woman.

Who else would it be?

So you've never seen her before?


So you've never seen
her before?


She looked to the side.

A sign that she was trying
to access a memory.

Yeah, but that doesn't mean
that Kayla killed her.


We don't know
who she is, either.

Then why are you associating
her with my husband?

We found her cell phone with
your husband's number on it.

And we found her body in the
same park as your husband.

We believe that they were killed
by the same person.

And you think I did it.

And you think I did it.

Did you?

Does it matter what I say?

Kayla can't be guilty.

I just don't believe that she
would kill her own husband.

Kayla didn't hide her anger
that she feels toward

our Jane Doe.

Fincher, jealousy
can be very powerful.

I know, I know, I have seen it
just as many times as you have.

Look, what about the man you
ran into outside Kayla's house?

Or the threatening note?

Kayla didn't send it to herself.

You're right, and there are
a lot of questions

that she doesn't
have the answers to.

But if the MPs can match
ballistics to the gun found

in Kayla's house, they would
have arrested her already.

No, we can't assume that,

Uh, it's true that we can't
tie Kayla to our Jane Doe.

She has motive but so far,
no opportunity.

We have to let her go.

But Fincher?

She's still a suspect.

You recognize her,

Uh, yeah I may have seen
her before.

Can you remember where
you saw her?

Well, I spend most
of my time here,

but she doesn't work for me.

Uh, I'll think about it.

So, the Marines,
they're letting you assist

on their investigation?

We're, uh, working
a different case.

So, the Staff Sergeant
Cullen case, is it closed?

Far from it.

Any closer to finding
the killer?

It's kind of you to ask,

but we can't talk about
an ongoing investigation.

Oh, of course not.
My apologies.

It's quieter here than it
was the other day.

Yeah, you know,
it comes in waves.

Big shipment comes in,
it's hectic,

then we just kinda wait
for the next one.


You supply kitchens all over.

Well, it's a living.

Thank you.

Thanks a lot.

I'm not sure what this has
to do with me.

Why are you here again?

Take a look at this photograph.

Do you know this woman?


You don't sound certain.

Maybe I've seen her before,
but I couldn't say where or why.

Do you know her name?

I don't think so.

Next time you have a question
for me,

call my lawyer.


Good timing.

Jonas is on his way in to give
a full autopsy report

on our Jane Doe.

Still no identifying her,

Well, both contractors
recognized our Jane Doe,

but neither knew her name.

You think Kurt ever brought her
along on any of his inspections?

Mm. That'd be against protocol.

Kurt was a stickler.

Neither of the fingerprints

matched the threatening note,

so that's a dead end.

What about the license plate
of the car that Elisa got into?

Ahh, yes.

The car belonged to a Lieutenant
Chris Young,

US Marine Corps.

So Elisa is dating
Lieutenant Young?

Exactly the right man to get rid
of a negative inspection report.

What if Kurt found out that
Lieutenant Young tampered with

the report and was giving
preferential treatment

to a substandard supplier?

Well, that's definitely
something that Young

would want to keep secret.


Hey, Monty.
Will you sign this please?

Um, yeah, okay.

Her name's Beverly.

Oh, uh, that's the lab.

I'll be right back, you get
started without me,

and Jonas, thank you.

My mom will be the talk
of bingo night.

So, um, autopsy?

Yes, Jane Doe.

Uh, she was killed around
12 days ago.

The recent cold snap kept her
body well preserved,

but I'm confident on the timing.

So, she was killed three days
before Kurt.

So Kurt hadn't heard
from her for a while.

That's why he kept
checking his phone.

He was worried about her.

The bullet was 9 millimetre.

She was shot at close range
in the right temple.

Just like Kurt.

Yes, similarities between
victims are definitely there.

Well, we might have something.

The lab finished restoring the
cell phone from our Jane Doe,

the only number it ever called
was Kurt's,

and the only message on it was
an email addressed

It's a web-based email server.

We're getting
the account records.

"Semper fi."

It's the Marines' motto,
it means "always loyal."

Kurt's private secret account.

And the subject line of
the email said "the proof."

The proof of what?

And that is our Jane Doe.

She sent Kurt a photo
of herself.

She's a Marine.

Private First Class,
from the looks of it.

Name's Park.

As in... Private Cheryl Park?

Why does that name
sound familiar?

That flyer we saw on
the base...

Sergeant Nesbit told us
she's AWOL.

He said the same
thing about Kurt.

Private Park's only living
relative is her dad, Sam Park.

Hey, you.

You know each other?

Yeah, this is the guy
who knocked me down

at Kayla's house.

This is the man we're
looking for.


Has Mr. Park said anything?

Did he explain what
he was doing?

No. Not yet.

I'm waiting for the
fingerprint results

from the threatening note.

It's a match.

I better get in there.

I'm very sorry to have
to tell you this Mr. Park,

but we found your daughter's
body in Piercedale Park.

I knew she was dead.

How'd you know?

Where'd you get this photo?

Does it have a special
significance to you?

No. I've never seen it before.

I'm sorry, Mr. Park.

I know this is a lot to process.

But we need to ask you
some questions.

Did you know Staff
Sergeant Cullen?

No, not personally.

What were you doing outside
his house last week?

Have you ever seen this before?

Uh, no.

So you weren't trying
to get it back?


Mr. Park, we found
your fingerprints on it.

Okay, I sent him the letter.

But then I heard on the news
that he was found dead.

I knew what that was gonna
look like.

So, but hey, I didn't kill him.

I just wanted some justice
for my daughter.

And you think Kurt Cullen
was responsible

for what happened to her?

I don't know.

Three weeks ago she calls me.

She's scared, she's nervous.

She said she'd found something
that she shouldn't have found.

She kept going on about buying
a prepaid phone,

so it couldn't be traced
back to her.

I told her to go to your
superior officer,

Staff Sergeant Cullen.

What did she find?

Whatever she found
got her killed.

He's having a lot of feelings
right now, understandably.

I believed his explanations.

Me too.

I don't know where
to go from here.

We have no evidence linking
Sam Park to Kurt's murder,

and I can't see him killing
his own daughter.

And now, I have to turn Cheryl
Park's body over to the MPs.

The case is no longer ours
to pursue.

Monty, you've gotta stall 'em?

If something is going on over
at that base,

and we have to find out what

before they sweep it
all under the rug.

Okay, let's go over this again.

So we have a private who
works at a distribution Centre.

She tells her father she found
something she shouldn't have.

Yeah, she trusted Kurt enough
to send him a photo.

Which somehow is the proof
of what she found.

It just looks like a photo
she took at work.

I will have forensics do a full
work up on the photo.

Maybe there's more to it
than meets the eye.

Jonas, thanks for cancelling
the restaurant,

I just wasn't in the mood for
something fancy tonight.

No, I know you're
worried about Fincher.

There's just not
much I can do for him.

Hailey, you're doing a lot
just by being there for him.

Sorry about that.

I do have some good news.

The hospital has raised...

$25,000 from the calendar.

And that is just so far.

That's incredible.

So, I wanted to thank you
for convincing me to do it.

Well, the hospital getting
the support it needs

is thanks enough.

I'm sorry, I'll just
turn this off.

You can't turn it off.

What if work needs you?

Oh, right.

What's going on?

It's nothing, I just... I keep
getting calls

from the local news
asking for an interview.

Because of the calendar?

I keep telling them
to interview Megan,

but they won't stop calling.

Hi, um, could I take a photo
with you?

Oh, I don't...

We're kind of having
a private dinner.

No, no, of course,
it'll only take a second.

I'm Jonas. Hi.

There you go.

Thank you!


It's incredible, she interrupts
our dinner

and doesn't even apologize.


I am so sorry.

Let's just eat.


So, we got lucky.

The burner had GPS

and the location services
weren't turned off.

We have a record of everywhere
that Cheryl went

on the day that she died.

- We're ready.
- Right.

She started in Albany,
on base I presume,

and then she drove all the way
here to Atlanta,

arriving around 5:00 PM.

So, she drove straight through.

Yeah, it looks that way.

Then she hung out in a coffee
shop for a while.

She called Kurt several times

but he never answered
any of them.

I wonder why.

Then, at 8:00 PM,
she went to the park.

Where she was killed.

Did you find the car?

No, but if the killer wanted her
to disappear,

I wouldn't be surprised if it
was sold to a chop shop

and its parts spread all over
the country by now.

So, what now?

Probably nothing.

The brass upstairs made me call
the Marines this morning.

The MPs are coming by later
today to pick up the body

and the files.

So soon?

I don't know how much further
we could've gotten

without access to Kurt's files,

I'm really sorry, you guys.


You need to eat.

Everything looks better on
a full stomach.

Sounds like a plan.

Oh, we'd like to place an order.

You two can read, correct?

See, "sorry, we're
on a break."

Uh, did George sell the truck?

He's having his tonsils removed,
I'm filling in...

right after my break.

Well, could you do one order
really, really fast?


You're not gonna give up,
are you?

Okay, what do you want?
What'll it be?

What do you recommend?

Okay, read off the menu. I
recommend you order from there.

You know what?

Let me make it
easy for you two.

How about pulled pork, right?

A plain pig.

It's meat on a bun.

People love it.

Uh, yeah, you know, I'm gonna
go with the bacon burger.

Out of bacon.

Uh... Chilli cheese dog?

Out of chilli, out of cheese.

Out of dog?


You know what?
We'll just take two

of whatever
you want to give us.

Two plain pigs. You'll love it.

Here you go.

Thank you. I'll keep the tip.

Here you go.


Looks edible.

That's not exactly a ringing

Hot sauce for your thoughts?

I don't know, Hailey.

Just as we start getting close,

the Marines show up and take
everything away again.

You're not giving up, are you?

No, no, no.

I just don't know where
to go from here.

Okay, let's look at what
we might be missing.

So, is there any way to connect
Cheryl to Elisa Greystone.

We already know she had
something to hide.

Maybe it's bigger than
we expected.

She's dating Lieutenant Young.

He can influence who gets
contracts and bury reports

if he wants to.

Do you think he would kill
two people

to keep his girlfriend's
business afloat?

People have killed
for a lot less.

Sergeant Nesbit?

Miss Dean.

Here to take over the Cheryl
Park case I assume?

No, actually, I'm here to work
on it together.

And for the record,
if it were up to me,

I would've been working
with you all along.

I appreciate that.

When Detective Montgomery called
me to fill me in

about Private Park,

I remembered
an incident that happened

the day she went AWOL.

You mean when she was murdered.


Here's Cheryl leaving the base
at 1:00 PM on Thursday the 11th.

That's nothing unusual,

she could've been going
off base for lunch.

But then...

It's Kayla.

That does not look like
a pleasant conversation.

Kayla hasn't been
honest with us.

What else is she hiding?

But she doesn't
fit the evidence.

She has motive, Fincher.

Strong motive.

We have video footage of you
confronting Cheryl

at the Marine base.

So you do know her.

No, no, I don't.

Why did you suspect that she was
seeing your husband?

I followed him a couple
of weeks ago.

He went to a hotel, and I
saw him meet that woman

in the lobby.

And you assumed the worst.

Wouldn't you?

Did you say anything to anyone
about what you suspected?

I asked Kurt.

I told him I saw him
with another woman.

All he said was "it was better
for me not to know."

I mean, what kinda
answer was that?

All he said was "it was better
for me not to know."

What kinda answer was that?

So you thought that you would
go to Private Park

and get your answers.

Walk me through what happened
that day.

You went to base...

I waited at the gate.

For hours.

And I was about to give up...
when I saw her.

You confronted her.

Did she confirm your suspicions?

She kept telling me to mind
my own business

if I knew what was best for me.

And that made you angry.

Of course it made me angry.

So angry that you followed her

all the way back to Atlanta
that same day.


And then maybe you heard
her calling Kurt.

Or maybe you were at home

arguing with him
when she called.

You confronted her again.

You hit her, then you dragged
her to the park,

- and you shot her.
- No!

And then maybe Kurt found out

that she didn't
show up for work.

Maybe someone on the base told
him that you were there.

You got into an argument
and you hit him, too.

Enough to make him weak,

and then maybe you told him you
were taking him to the hospital.

But instead, you took him
to the park.

No, no, I could never hurt him.

Even though he hurt you?

I'd like to call a lawyer.

Monty's gonna take that
as a confession.

Well, she feels guilt,
that much is obvious,

but she also feels backed
into a corner.

Do you think she did it?

I don't know, Fincher.

It's for the best,
Detective Montgomery.

But now he has confirmation
that his daughter was murdered.

His threats might
not be so idle.

It's nice to see you here.

Am I interrupting?

No, I'm pretty much done.

I don't want to press charges
on Mr. Park

for the threatening note.

And I'm worried
that he may escalate.

What do you think, Hailey?

With only a threatening note
to prosecute,

a grieving military father could
capture public sentiment,

and you'd lose the case.

As usual, your intuition
is spot on.

It's a trait I wish I could
inject into all my ADAs.

Just like old times, Hailey.

So, where's Fincher?

With Megan, under strict orders
to eat and sleep.

It is hard to lose a friend
to needless violence.

Oh, Hailey, I'm sorry.

I didn't mean...

Oh, it's okay Monty. Really.

I just feel like we're
missing something.

Forensics didn't find
anything unusual.

It hadn't been doctored, so
no idea where it was taken.

And there was no geographic tag?

It only said Albany.

We already figured
it was taken on base,

so not much help.

Can I keep this?

Yes, we have plenty.

Thank you.

When you said you'd send
over Clayton Morrel's case file,

I didn't expect you
to do it in person.

Well, you know I'm a fan
of the personal touch.

Ugh, I'm actually, I'm really
glad you called,

I was driving myself crazy
trying to find the hidden

meaning in those photos, so...

Any distraction is welcome.

Can I get you some tea?

Yes, but I can't stay long.

Your house is so lovely.

It suits you perfectly.


And then there was the guy
who used to dress like a lion.

I hope he got the help
he needed.

What he needed was a lawyer
who wouldn't let him

wear his lion mask into court.

Oh my gosh.

We've had some crazy cases
over the years.

Oh, and they're still going on.

And the sad ones, too.

I am not looking forward
to Clayton Morrel's

parole hearing next month.

But knowing that you're going
to testify too is a big relief.

Whatever I can do to help.

You know Hailey,

I have given my entire career
to the DA's office.

I could've gone private
or corporate.

I had the offers.

Why didn't you?

Because I felt like I'd be
letting down the innocents

who needed people like us to get
them the justice they deserve.

But now I'm starting to feel
like none of it mattered.

Paulina, you know
that's not true.

One man coming up for parole

does not erase
your entire career.

I know.

I should really get going,
because I have a mountain

of paperwork to get
through tonight.

That is one thing I do not miss.

The paperwork.

Hmm, so there are things
you do miss.

You are one of those things.


Thanks for the girl time.

Let me know when you have
a chance to get through

this case file.

Will do.

Oh, oh, that's a pretty girl.

It's another victim
who needs your help?

Sadly, yes.

Well, if there's anyone
who can help her, it's you.

I'm gonna let myself out.


- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.

Hey, you've reached Fincher.
Leave a message.

Hey, Finch. It's Hailey.

I'm looking at this picture
of Private Park,

and I swear I've seen that
crate before.

Call me back.

Hey. Hey, Hailey.

Sorry I didn't listen
to your voicemail.

Hey, I was thinking about
the crates

in the background of that photo.

Yeah, I think it's the proof
Private Park was talking about.

I'm looking at them right now.

I'm at Houston Industries.

Wait, what?

You're at Houston's
warehouse right now?

Hailey, do you know
what's in those crates?

I'm about to find out.

It says "to be destroyed."

Hailey. The only thing
the military sends home

to be destroyed are guns.

That's what must be
in those crates.

Private Park must've
figured out that the shipment

didn't go where it
was supposed to.

Okay, so two weeks ago,
she sent him the photo

and he must've recognized the
crates on his last inspection.

That means that Houston
has someone on the inside.

Someone who could
forge documents

and make those guns
officially disappear.

How long have they
been doing this?

Long enough that they probably
have alarm systems and cameras.

Hailey, you need to get out
of there right now.

Hang it up.

It's too late.



What have you done?

Why did you have to stick
your nose in this?

Too many people
are dead already.

Kurt and Cheryl Park.

That stupid photo.

Tom, I can see this is
weighing on you.

You... you were stealing guns,
you didn't want to use them.

You didn't want anyone to die,
not by your hand anyway.

Kurt confronted you that last
day, didn't he?


But I knew that he knew,

so I went to his house to talk
to him privately.

I tried to pay him off
but he was too moral.

I mean, who's like that anymore?

So you hit him over the head,
incapacitating him,

and then you put him in his
car and took him to the park.

Is that what happened to Cheryl?

- No.
- She had that photograph.

No, I never touched her.

And Cheryl didn't deserve
to die.

We could've figured out
another way.

You didn't kill either of them,
did you?

You had a partner in
all of this.

They took it to this level,
you wanted it to stop.

Stop talking.

I'm trying to think.

Tom, talk to me, please.
I can help you.

You can stop this.

I don't want to do this anymore.

Thank goodness
you're all right, Miss Dean.

How did you know I was here?

Mr. Garland called me.

He told me everything.

About the murders,
the gun running,

the whole thing.

What... you were
just very close?

Why aren't you on base?

I had some business
in the city.

Look, uh, I'm gonna need
to get a statement,

so why don't we go into
the office and then back,

and I'll write it up?

We can go to the police station,
I'll give em a call right now.

Why can't you cooperate?

I'm trying to avoid making
a mess.

A mess.

Okay, let's just drop
this charade, shall we?

I mean, we both know
that I'm gonna kill ya.

I mean this whole side business
I have going on here

is far too lucrative to give up
over a silly little picture.

And was it worth killing
two people?


Yes, it was.
It wasn't easy.

I mean, I had to hunt down
Cheryl in Atlanta,

then drive four hours
into town to shoot Kurt,

because this useless coward
couldn't do it.

Weak people do
desperate things.

You have no idea
what weakness is.


There's a way out of this.

Not for you there is.

Drop it!

You're not gonna
pull that trigger.

You killed a young Marine
at the start of her career.

You murdered a good man.

Semper Fi, remember?

It's sad. I agree.

But they got in the way
of my retirement fund.

You killed my friend over money?

Every life has its price.

On your knees.


Drop the gun.


Jail's not enough.

You don't believe that.

This is for my friend.

For Kurt.

This isn't going to bring
Kurt back.

Hailey, get out of here.

I don't want you
to see me do this.

Fincher, I'm not going anywhere.

- Hailey, please!
- Fincher.

You couldn't control
what happened to Kurt.

You can control this.

I gotta do something.

You did.



You found his killer.

It's over.

I have a feeling the gun
that killed Kurt and Cheryl

will be in one of those crates.

Lieutenant Young has already
asked if Atlanta PD

would take over
the investigation.

Tie up loose ends.

Tom Houston is singin'
like a canary.

All that killing was really
getting to him.

He was desperate to stop.

Yeah, he was trafficking
illegal guns

that kill innocent
people every day.

Paulina, what are you
doing here?

You don't usually come
to crime scenes.

When I heard what happened,

I had to come see
for myself.

I couldn't lose my
best investigator

and my best ADA in one night.

I don't work for you anymore.

What if you did?

What if you came back?

Things are different
at the DA's office now.

I could use your support.

And your talent.

Is there something else going on
other than Clayton Morrel

coming up for parole?

That intuition again.

The offer stands, Hailey.


Don't answer me now.

Think about it.

You okay?

Thanks, Hailey.

I mean it.

I don't know what would've
happened if you weren't here.

I never doubted you
for a second.

I just, I feel so bad.

Kurt was alone in all this.

He knew there was a conspiracy
that went to the core,

and he didn't know
who he could trust.

Well, he trusted you.

You did him proud, Fincher.

What do you Marines say?


Uh. No, no, no. No.

The men's department
of the navy, the Marines?

No, we say "Oorah."

Oorah then.

Uh, more emphasis
on the "ooh."

First syllable.

Ooh... Rah. No, no, no.

Not a dance move.

- Oorah.
- Ooh ooh ooh.

- Oorah.
- I'm, I'm done.

You do it.

Just, you say it.
You're the Marine.

Are you all right?

I ran out of the lab as soon
as you called.

Yeah, I'm, I'm fine.

Something's wrong?

No, nothing's wrong.
Nothing important.

Nothing important?

Is this about the calendar?

Well, I am not worried about
you running off

with the first woman who asks
for your autograph,

if that's what you mean.

You're jealous.

Yes, I am.

I admit it.

I am really, really,
really jealous.

This whole calendar thing and
you looking like a movie star,

and women everywhere.

At first it was fine,
and then it wasn't.

I don't like it, I just,
I don't...

I don't like the way
it makes me feel.

That's perfectly normal, Hailey.

Not for me it's not.

I don't want other women
staring at you

or being interested in you.

I don't want them anywhere
near you, okay?

I don't want to have
to share you, Jonas.

Because I love you.

I'm in love with you.

So that's the truth,

and I didn't mean to just
blurt it out like that,

or put you on the spot.

That's why I called you,
that's what I wanted to say.

And you don't have
to say it back.

Really, you don't.

I have loved you since
the first moment I met you.

I have just been waiting
for you to be ready to hear it.

I love you, Hailey Dean.