Hail Hazana (1978) - full transcript

Several inconformities begin to develop at a catholic boys school in the transitional Spain of the seventies. After three students are expelled, a new director arrives with new liberal ideas, but things remain the same way.

?Hurray Haza?a!

Based on the novel "Hell and breeze" by
Jos? Mar?a Vaz de Sotos

# Beloved school, second home #

# wishful for heaven and fighting down evil. #

# Pedagogical arrow leading to human or divine #

# destinations of infinite glory and immortality. #

# Our simple-hearted youth, its sword, #

# eagerly walks towards a star #

# to harden its cutting edge. #

# Life is a fight rather than looking
for an easy consolation prize, #

# it highlights the illusion of the desire to succeed. #

Everybody sings. The older ones at the end as well.
# May it never lack clean waters in its fountains, #

# and may countless children come to drink of their flow, #

# and march full of love deep in their soul, #

# so to be God's and Spain's blood
and stars in their bloom. #

# Beloved school, second home. #

The school is full of this crap.

This morning in a higher class this crap appeared.

Also they want to conceal and deceive,
hoping they'll get something this way.

Before evil spreads too much, it's
better to nip it in the bud.

Do you know who Aza?a was?

And you, do you know who Aza?a was?

With or without H, brother?

You tell me, Bedmar.

A politician.

A politician. A politician, yes maybe.

But what kind of politician?

I'll tell you: an atheist politician,

a Mason and anticlerical atheist...

whose main obsession was persecuting
the Church and the Brothers.

You didn't know this, right?
Who told you about Aza?a?

At home. I heard it from my father.

What he probably didn't tell you is
that Aza?a, like many others...

like Voltaire, Luther, at the time of his death,

seeing his eternal damnation near, asked for confession.

But it was too late.

Ah, eternal damnation! Eternity!

Do you know what eternity is?

Imagine a mass of iron or steel as big as this school.

What do I say, like this school? Like ten of these schools.

Solid, massive, enormous.

Imagine that a small sparrow brushed each million years...

Did I say 1 million? 1 trillion years,
brushed that immense body with it's wing.

It would be a small, almost nonexistent erosion.

There'll come a time when the mass of steel has disappeared.

Can you figure how many years would've passed?

Well, eternity wouldn't even have started.

Can I see those notes?

This is disgusting, nasty.

Leave class immediately.

Out. I don't want to see you ever again.


The extremes to which we are coming are intolerable.

We'll see how all of this ends.

Evil never comes alone.

Crap has always brought more crap.



How old is your father?
- About forty.

- Farmer.

Do your parents attend mass?
- Yes.

Which side did your father fight for in the war?

War? I have no idea.

How often a week you have communion?

Brother Director, if you don't need me...
- No, brother Antonio, you can go.

You rather have a real cigarette?

I read the letter you wrote in class.

You fancy that girl.

I'll read a few paragraphs so you know what you wrote.

Or better you read it to me.

I'm waiting.

Dear Aurora, I just read your letter and
I'm very pleased that you remember me,

and for everything you say.

Go on.

All I want in life is to be with you,

and especially to be with you
the way we were this afternoon...

in the dunes at the beach, when no one
could see us and we were so close.


I didn't write more, brother.

But you wanted to. What else were
you going to write in this letter?

Where you touched her? Yes, you touched her.
- I tell you I didn't, brother.

Her breasts?
- But she's just a friend!

A friend whom you say you stripped.
- I didn't say that!

And in addition, a liar.

You know that undressing a girl is a mortal sin?

When I did, I didn't know it was a sin.

Did you discharge?

How did you expect to send that letter to your girlfriend?

Nothing will happen to you, but some non-boarding pupil
could get in trouble for acting as a go-between.

I don't have the habit of accusing anyone.

You take me for a cop, huh?

This is a reply to a letter delivered
to you this morning standing in line.

Nobody gave me anything.
- Lamberto, God is everywhere.

The one who's everywhere is you, with those binoculars.

You insolent! You think you're brave, huh?
Come with me. Come with me. Come on.

You'll see when inside you'll feel more humble.

If Lamberto took the boat he'd
already be on his way to his folks.

I don't think so, He would've told me.

The only sure thing is that he's not here
and that this guy is turning purple.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit...

Hey, baker-faced guy. Didn't you have
time to finish eating? What's your name?

F?lix Guti?rrez.
- "F?lix Guti?rrez".

We're waiting for you to finish your custard.

We're waiting.

Such smut should be kept at home.
Take over the prayer from me, Mor?n.

Go wash now and forget about recreation.
Let's go. You'll learn to behave.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
We thank you, Father Almighty...

Cut that, "Navy Balls"! Moron!
- The last one is a faggot!

In the name of the Father, the Son,
and the Holy Spirit, amen.

Come Jos? Luis, the WC is for smoking, not for wanking.

As for me, if they don't cut off
my hands I'll keep jacking off.

No way buddy, you should see some nice tits...

You're a pair of repressed assholes.

Doesn't it piss you off? What about you?

The only dignified thing left to you
in this dump is be an anarchist.

Come on, you're always pissing about.

An anarchist by farting in class from time to time?

By way of protest.
- Protest against the guy sitting next to you.

Sure, you must stink a little to wake them up.

There he is.
- Fuck buddy, you'll break your dick!

Jacking off is the only thing they can't ban.
- It's something we can take in our own hands.

Yeah. Okay, I'm going to take a leak.
- Fuck, a leak!

Wait, Spanish pricks don't piss alone.
- Come on, line up.

Who's there?
- It's me, Lamberto S?ez.

Why are you locked up?
- I don't know, alert brother Julio.

I can't Lamberto, I just got punished
in the dining room. Why the smoke?

There's a fire. If you don't hurry I'll burn.

How awful! What is smoking?
- There's a fire. I'm choking.

How come, a fire?
- I fell asleep.

Asleep? When did you fall asleep?
- Last night.

Last night? That's awful!

And the key? Who has the key?

I asked who took the key!

It is locked.

Answer. Are you okay?

Come on, come on!

Hit it hard!

You'll destroy the whole school, brother!

Should I bring another ax? If you want, I'll help you.

Come on, everybody to class.

Blessed Virgin!

What are you doing?

What's going on here?

The broom closet caught fire...

and this boy was locked up there since last night.

Last night? Then I spent the morning dreaming.

Someone locked him in, someone who has the key.

If you insinuate it was me, you're wrong.

I don't hang around doing these terrible things.

I suffered enough in war,
locked up in worse places than this,

so I wouldn't lock up anyone myself.

What happened?

Something weird. Brother Julio opened this door with an ax...

because he says there was a fire.

Come on, everybody goes to class.

Go with them.
Let's go boys.

What happened? Where am I?

Take this child to the dormitory and have him rest.

Careful, brother, you'll blow up the school!
- Nothing will happen.

When will we make dynamite?
- You're always so funny, Fern?ndez.

Brother, is it true that farts...

human gases, when holding a match explode?

The things you say! But yes, you're right:

if you put a flame near them, of course they explode.

You see?
- What is bromide for, brother?

Bromide is used in many medicines and
has various industrial uses.

And why do you give it to the cook?

Brother, what do you think of Darwin's theory?

This guy said we descend from the monkey.
And the monkey must be him!

Well Cevallos, you who shows such interest,

tell us the law of Boyle and Mariotte.

I know it, brother.
- Say it, Hev?s.

Boyle was born in a French village...

I see you have quite a nerve, you rascal.

What was weird is the fire:

apparently only a cassock was burned.

I'm concerned by your lie.

Why did you say you spent the night there?

I felt really bad brother, I hadn't eaten since breakfast.

Have you told anyone it was me who locked you up?

No brother, no one.

Good. Now try to rest.

And eat all the food they bring you.

And think no more of letters or lock-ups or punishments.

Don't think of anything that might worry you.

The school isn't as bad as you think. Trust me, Lamberto.

We brothers don't like to punish.

Why are you always picking on me, brother?

Always remember the golden rules:
be saintly, healthy and wise.

That's the way us brothers want you to be.

See that ball?
- Which one, fatty's one?

Yes, the baseball. Take aim and smash the window.

Fatty, let me have the ball.

Come on, keep on playing! And be careful not to get cut.

Hern?ndez, let's see what your father says...

when he gets to pay the bill for the window.

How's the former captive?
- I'm fine, brother.

I hope one day the mystery will get solved.

Mor?n, take that to the kitchen.

Hey, is it true that they've beat you?

We've been told that they almost burned you.

He's the kid who escaped during recess.

What the fuck, they always get caught.

Our Father who art in heaven,
hallowed be Thy name, Thy kingdom comes,

Thy will be done on earth as is in heaven.

I'm up to my balls in this prison,

I'm fed up with withstanding the mother-fuckers, amen.

If brother Ram?n hears you, you'll get it.
- Each one says what he sees fit.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners...

now and at the hour of our death, amen.

Ave Maria immaculate.
- Conceived without sin.

Good night. Sleep well.

Are you hungry Pio? Poor Pio!


Who screamed?

Juanito Mor?n.
- It was Juanito Mor?n, brother.

I want to sleep!
- We want to sleep, man.

Here you can never relax.

It's nothing at all.

Mongess, go and bring the brother nurse.

Get dressed. Get dressed all of you.

You lie down. brother nurse will come and make you better.

Line up.

You'll be standing during study for being the last one.

And you'll stand until further notice.

March. To study duty. Silence.

Do you suspect anyone?

No brother, besides, the innocents
always pay for the sinners.

We are all sinners.

You'd better take an aspirin.
- But brother, you always give aspirin for everything!

Nothing like aspirin and best if chewed.
They'll be more effective.


Kneel. Until further notice you'll kneel during study.

But what have I done, brother?
- Kneel!

In the proper pose, you insolent boy!

You know I sleep little.

I'd certainly feel better here reading, than in my room.

I'm in no rush.

I'll wait for the culprit to show up.

We will all wait.

Goodnight, brother.
- How's the boy?

It could've been worse. He'll be better
in a few days. If he doesn't play football.

They're savages. And how is Lamberto?

- Lamberto, the other sick one.

Oh yes, the other one. Should already be better...

because the prefect took him downstairs
to study with the others.

It's not smart to punish them all. Good night, Father.

Bring paper!

You bastard! Line: 4a, 4b and 4c.

Touched, sunk, and water. Fuck, touched! 7a...

Fermoso, come here to keep him company.
- Me? Why?

Also copy 20 times "Don't answer back to your superiors".

It's not fair.

What did you say?
- Nothing.

If you act brave again I'll smash your face.

You won't hit me! You won't hit me!

Neither you nor anyone else!

Lamberto, go to your seat.

You know brother, I don't like to interfere with your job,

but I think you should lift the punishment.

At that age sleep is sacred and you know it.

An unfair measure can cause trauma to the child's spirit.

Unfair ?
- Unfair for almost all of them.

Only he who placed the glass deserves punishment.

The others are paying for sins of someone else.

I rather have some innocents pay
than leave the guilty unpunished.

If you know a way of finding that punk, try it.

I'll try tonight.

You never believed much in psychology,
did you brother Ram?n?

I still believe in discipline
and the principle of authority.

Please clearly write your name at the top left.

I'll dictate a series of words...

and you'll write the words that first come up.

Is that clear?
- Yes.

- Yes, brother.











Collect them.

Good. You can go sleep tonight.

Freeze. Nobody move.

You'll stay here at study duty until
12 o'clock like the last days.

Well, what I'd suggest...
- I know what you'd suggest,

but here in the study I command.

If you want to tell me something, tell me in your office.

I don't even want to hear a fly.

I want absolute silence.

Shit, shit, shit! Ass, pussy, fart. Pis.

The principal's balls are dripping sweat.

His psychology is bullshit.

It was Herv?s.

Jose Luis Herv?s, you are responsible for
your mates being here, instead of in bed.

Tell me why brother.

This is your last chance to confess your sins.

Know that one of your mates accused you.

Tell me who this mate is and I'll show he's lying.

It was you Jos? Luis Herv?s,
who put the glass in Juan Mor?n's bed.

Since you so seriously accuse me, I assume you
have irrefutable proof. Is that so, brother?

Confess that you did it.

You're no longer a child.

It could've been in a moment of anger.

I promise there'll be no expulsion
or anything quite like that.

I promise in front of the whole class.

I'll be satisfied with your sincerity.

I don't think he did it.

You don't think so but I'm sure and I intend to prove it.

For now, as soon as I leave here, you can take them to bed.

This thing you're doing doesn't lead anywhere.

I promise to bring you the guilty convicted and confessing.

Meanwhile no more study at bedtime.

You understood?


Silence. Nobody move.

12 o'clock. You can go to the dormitory.

# Pure Host, holy Host, #

# immaculate Host, #

# ye blessed and praised forever. #

# Ye blessed and praised forever. #

What lack of respect, falling asleep in
church and not having communion!

Wake up. What lack of respect!

I might consider what you did as a rebellious act,

but this time I think you're telling the truth.

It's true brother, we all fell asleep.

One rotten apple spoils the whole barrel.

Keep watch for bad apples.

Dismissed. Lamberto, you stay.

I understand that at the fatal afternoon of the glass...

you were in the dormitory all the time.

Could you tell us if you saw someone there that evening?

Well, brother Antonio, brother nurse and you.

I hope you don't imply that any of the brothers
put the coil in the bed of that poor boy?

No, brother! How could I say that?

I was also too sick to be aware of anything.
As you well know.

Leave, leave.

The lie spreads like an epidemic. What can we do?

You know exactly what my attitude is: a hard hand.
Firmness and a hard hand.

And tact, brother Ram?n, plenty of tact.

Go to the dormitory.
- Okay!

Brother, brother!

Whoever did this is a jerk.
- An agitator.

God gave it to you, God took it away.

Get dressed. Go study.

Tonight I demonstrated you my compromise.

I've been more considerate for the innocent
majority than for the guilty ones...

but can no longer tolerate the cruelty of these killers.

Get dressed.

It's not possible.
- What a vile thing to say!

You called him Pius XII, right?

You who are always so timely,
will you accompany them to study?

Come on, let's go study.

You go study too. I don't even trust my own shadow anymore.

Here it is, this is the fruit
of your tact, of your weakness.

I ask all of you to write some hints that
may help us to discover the culprit.

I can assure you that it will be treated confidentially.

First: If you knew the culprit, would you denounce him?

A: Privately.

B: Publicly.

Second: what did the perpetrator have in mind?

Third: what grade you think he's from?

Fourth: at what time did he act?

Well, not the exact time of course,

but say recess, meals, classes, etcetera.

When you finish I ask you to all sign the note.

That's not what we agreed on brother.
- Shut up, Herv?s. Don't speak about agreements.

I just tell you, that while the culprits are not discovered,
we'll do three hours of study every night without interruption.


Come in, brother.

I've sent for you because I have a surprise for you.

It wasn't necessary.

I allowed myself to buy this bird because I know how
much you like animals and the company they provide.

Some birdseed.


But this doesn't revive the other one...

or change my ideas and my methods.

Go to the dormitory.
- Go study, come on! Let's study!

I said go upstairs to the dormitory!
Come on, to the dormitory!

The first one who escapes will have all of us pay.

Come back here. Go study. Let's go.

Sit down.

Don't move from your seats.

We should've escaped as these five did. We are assholes.

When I realized, everything had already happened.

Pals, pals, listen.

This is a decisive moment in our lives.

It's not the time to complain. It's time to take action.

And now we have it easy,

Corncob has gone to get the others
or to fight with the director.

Our duty is to show solidarity with
those who have escaped. right?

Comrades, we're holding all the trumps.

We must take sides:

either with the tyrant, or with our comrades and ourselves.

You're going too far Jos? Luis, too far buddy!
- Silence!

And what's that about a tyrant? Don't dramatize, mate.

We already have one on their side.

I'm on nobody's side.

If you want to make a mess, do it on your own,
don't involve the others.

We can't count on him. We know your name.

Hey, slow down, nobody takes my name nor accuses me.

No need: your name is Clemente Rico and you're with them.

What are you talking man? Come on!

Enough, fuck it! Cut the dramatics!

Thumbs down to Corncob!
- Death to the tyrant! - Long live Herv?s!

Silence! If I've contempt for someone right now
it's for those who see everything as a joke.

You can be with them or with us and I'm not joking.

Cut it now, man!
- Shut up! - He's right!

Who is our executioner? The prefect.
- The Corncob!

And who is as well, although he conceals it? The Principal.

The principal!
- A lie, that's a lie!

Listen to me. We spent more than a week without sleep...

and we'll go on this way unless we do something.

Five comrades stand up to the tyranny now.

Sit or you'll get caught.
- Shut up!

Don't rejoice so soon and stop worrying about me.

I'm not afraid, for instance because
when they return we won't be here.

But Corncob locked the door!
- That door is never locked.

Do like he said, fuck!
- Come. Who's coming with me?

Freeze, don't move from your seats.

Stop the nonsense, Herv?s.
- We know you're a coward.

Are there any more cowards in this section?

Come on, let's go.
- Stay still everybody, don't be assholes.

Never knew so many are scared shitless.

Your father may be scared shitless.
And now you'll take it back.

I take it back.

Get out that door, you're already one of us.

Come on, fast!

Come on, let's leave!

The first revolutionary day. Solidarity, comrades!

Stand up.

You can sit down.

I only want someone to tell me what
happened last night in study time.

Nothing, brother, we understood that our obligation
was to obey you rather than the Prefect.

Some of your mates accused you Herv?s,
of having urged them to leave the study.

I have nothing to hide, brother.

All I could say in my favor has already
been said by comrade Julian Cevallos.

What's this "comrade" thing?
- Well, mate.

What I want to say, not as a superior but as family rather,

is that what happened here is unheard of in life at school.

I don't blame anybody, anyone.

I'll forget everything.

From tonight on all of you will go to sleep.

Good, we won!

All of you will go to sleep, but...

to make the principle of discipline clear...

and put all the dots on all the i's,

I as the school principal and interim Prefect,

forgive the expression, I'll take you to the study room.

The bastard!

Calm down.

It'll be a symbolic study.

It won't even last for 10 minutes.

This is humiliating. Comrades:
Say no to the tyrant's repression!

What's up? What is this? Who was the criminal?

Careful, careful there!

Don't rush, calm down!

Hurray for Spain!

Enter here.

- It was a joke, no need to get excited over a joke.

Nothing tragic happened.


Sit down.

I will not describe the conduct of those
who have led to these incidents.

It is said that one black sheep...
can drag down a herd of white sheep.

I could very easily start an inquiry and find the culprits.

What is happening here is serious, very serious.

I won't deny it, but I also know
that the majority is innocent...

and that all of you will cooperate with me,

so that the machinations of that
subversive anarchist minority,

not to call it otherwise,

will crash into a wall of indifference and revulsion.

I myself will lead by example.

I'll give in one more time.

I said we would go to bed and we
all will go to sleep right now.

And that's all, dear boys.

Brother Manuel will from today, while brother
Ram?n is still sick, be your prefect.

Respect him as your principal...

and don't confuse kindness with weakness,

kindness with lack of character.

Brother, brother Principal!

This has gone too far. This is a sacrilege.

Don't touch it! Don't you see what this lunatic did?

We must tell the chaplain.

That pervert! That maniac!

Because only a maniac can commit sacrilege.

Nobody touch.

You Mor?n sleep on the floor.

Brother, I think the hosts are made of cardboard.

It's true, it's paper.

I don't know which is worse:
sacrilege or sacrilegious mockery.

Brother, it's Coke.

But what's that lunatic up to?

What does he want from us?

From us, who devote our souls and lives to teaching...

so that tomorrow you grow into proper Christian men,

so that you learn to be useful to humanity and your country.

We don't deserve this.

We are not perfect.

Men, institutions, human beings, all have shortcomings.

But we recognize them and are open to dialog,

to change certain routines,

to amend certain errors, surely there are some.

- What?

Sorry if this isn't the right time, but the other day some
of us talked about that daily Mass shouldn't be mandatory.

Since you said we could make some suggestions, then I...


Okay, this is certainly not the right time.


I said I will consider all suggestions,
and I will also consider yours.

Other than that I wouldn't say the Mass is compulsory.

It's compulsory to get up at 7 o'clock,
it's not the same thing.

So it isn't compulsory to attend Mass?

We'll talk. Tomorrow if you want.

I have said: in principle mass isn't mandatory.
It shouldn't be mandatory.

Well brother, we also discussed the
time to get up, especially in winter.

Many of us think it's too early.

But by God, man, don't say that!

In normal times you sleep nine hours.

Do you know how long we brothers sleep?

But we are not brothers nor did we make religious vows.

What you could do is have a survey on this topic.

I already said that when you want,
I'll talk with you about this and other topics.

But from tomorrow on, if someone doesn't
want to attend Mass, which I hope doesn't happen,

he can go to study. A brother will be there.

And that's all for tonight.

You Mor?n, turn the mattress and sleep without sheets.

And don't think even for a moment...

that if some reforms are undertaken, it has something
to do with those who made terrorism their motto.

Well, I see that Mor?n has already arranged his bed
and that all of you are eager to get some sleep.

And check between the sheets before getting in bed.

Goodnight everyone.

In the name of the Father, the Son,
and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

Silence. And lie down.

# Take, Pure Virgin, our hearts. #

# Never ever leave us. #

# Never ever leave us. #

# 1000 beautiful cherubs decorate your canopy. #

# I want to be with them, Virgin, take me #

# with you in heaven. Once fulfilled my desire, #

# how happy I'll be. #

# Take, Pure Virgin... #

This happens to me for getting
in trouble for no reason at all.

And I deserve it. Who told me to become prefect?

A few days ago this was as calm as a millpond.

And the fault lies with brother Ram?n,
he still thinks he's a sergeant in the army.

Or with brother Principal, for being too obliging.

Do we know who did it? Then out with him.

We can't stand so many spoiled rich kids while
so many poor boys are wishing to study.

Isn't it clear? Then it's time to resist,
instead of bluffing and playing Sherlock Holmes.

Look at how red this book is.
- Leave it, it should be poetry.

We're here to find gunpowder or firecrackers.

Even if we find another book of Aza?a
we should turn a blind eye.

I don't take sides but I don't think
we should start a Soviet program...

and make the innocent pay for the sinners.

Whose is this bag?

Must be Juan Mor?n's.

What a disgrace! I'm gonna get this shit burnt immediately.

It won't open.

Let me see if I can.

- Shoot!

Tell me.

I repeat that there must be an error, this is a school.

I assure you I don't know what you're talking about.

You're talking to a priest. I beg you not to call
again or I'll have to notify the police.

Come in.

Sorry to come so late, brother,

but I urgently need to talk to you.

Sit down.
- No, thanks.

I'm here on a duty of loyalty.

I want you to know my decision before anyone else.

I will ask the provincial brother for my transfer.

What? But you can't do that to us, the school needs you.

There's no place for me in this chaos.

I've known similar ones and I know how they end.

My decision is irrevocable.

Calm down brother Antonio, calm down.

We'll find those fools and
everything will go back to normal.

I know you suffered greatly in the war,
but times have changed.

It seemed that they had changed,

but these guys are thoughtless and
know nothing about that disaster.

You expel four or five, or this school will be ruined.

That's easy to say, but who should be expelled?

No, no, this is not a massage parlor!

These kids surely put up an ad with my phone number.

It hasn't stopped ringing all day.

You see brother: they attack on all fronts.

No one can stop this.

Now, massage.

Come on, get up, it's time to get up.

Quinto, get up, throw off the blanket.

Fuck buddy, there's not a day that
I don't get up with a hard-on!

One moment, attention, everybody listen.

I have to say some words in name of the principal...

and as a spokesman for the teacher's council.

The principal told you that Mass was not mandatory.

Well. The principal in agreement with all brothers...

instructs me to tell you that Mass is mandatory for today.

That's not what we agreed, he doesn't keep his word!

- Corncob is still in command.

It will be mandatory just for today.

Starting tomorrow it will be voluntary...

and non-attendance must be justified by
the parent's or guardian's consent.

Silence. Silence!

Now you can go tidy yourself up and get dressed.

Go to the bathroom.
- Shut up! Let's go to the bathroom.

We can't step back.We can't give up a conquest.

I suggest a general strike for Mass.

Man, you can't do this. If anyone wants
to go you have to respect his freedom.

Let's be serious, there's no time for discussions.

I propose to organize a committee
to go and talk to Brother Manuel...

so the principal comes to explain his change of position.

I object. I object because this strike will divide us...

because there are many who want to go to church.

Furthermore, who's going to talk with brother Manuel?

He's wrong, everyone will follow us.

And the committee should be chaired
by someone who isn't tainted.

You are talking crap, damn.

I'm going to Mass, but with a firecracker that
will explode in the offertory in the tabernacle.

You'll see how the priest will run.

You're such a brute Fernando!

Well, if someone comes with me,
I can go and talk to Brother Manuel.

I go with you.
- Me too.

It's for the best. You Jos? Luis have done enough.

Good, don't worry, we'll be with you.

You Cevallos, and you Martin, watch the door.
- Okay.

Shoot! Who was the idiot?

It wasn't us, maybe someone out of control.

Maybe the little ones.
- Shut that door.

Come, let's go, finish dressing.

And line up.

I didn't come to speak for myself, brother.

It was my turn to represent the majority.

Come on, line up, we'll be late for Mass.

And cut the crap about majorities, no one authorized
you to stand as representative of anyone.

The rest of us have authorized him.

I accepted this representation to avoid greater evils.

What greater evils are those?

I speak for all, brother.
What I think is the least important.

You don't speak for anyone and
watch what you say, I warn you.

I just want to say one thing.
For the record: I intend to attend Mass.

But my comrades believe that
attending Mass shouldn't be mandatory.

And who are you to decide on such a serious matter?

First, a Christian.
- What do you mean?

Just as Brother Principal told us the other night:

that for a Catholic, attending Mass
should be a free and voluntary act.

That may be so, but you all go down to Mass now.

Come on. Line up. Come on. Line up. I said line up!

No brother, under coercion I'm
the first to not go downstairs.

In any case, the comrades have agreed...

that as long as the director doesn't
come in person to tell us otherwise,

we'll stick to what he said the other night.

Not even if the director comes, under
coercion no one of us will go downstairs.

Before I was the first to go,
but now I'm the first to refuse.

You say you won't go?

No brother, I don't want to go and I will not.

You see that he's speaking for his own?

He speaks for all of us.

You are going to remember this day.

Come on, hurry, the door.

Each one takes his place.

Let's make the barricade. Come on.

Not even God comes in through here.

Up above the bed.

We should've done this some time ago.
- Nobody comes through here.

Silence. Silence, listen, listen.

Enough, he's getting us into trouble!

Most important is we choose representatives...

and since time is short I suggest we take a vote by hand.

That's not fair, voting must be secret.

I propose we take votes with ballots.

We now have another principal with ballots and all.

It's not the time for jokes, damn,
the principal is about to arrive.

Open the door immediately.

Stop this nonsense.

Open the door and everybody goes down to the chapel.

Not so fast, brother.

We won't leave here until you promise us,
swearing on the patron saint of the school,

that there will be no reprisals and the mass will be free.

I'm always willing to discuss calmly,

but first you have to lay down your attitude.

Thanks to that attitude we are calmly talking here.

Open the door and let's speak face to face.

When you accept our conditions:
voluntary Mass, no reprisals.

Open up! I speak to those who now are silent.

Don't be carried away by some
thugs who just want your ruin.

Don't be fooled, don't listen to them.

The brothers want us this way: saints, healthy and wise.

# If the priests and monks knew
the beating they will take #

# they'd march to the town singing:
Freedom, freedom, freedom! #

# If the priests and monks knew... #

Go and tell him on my behalf to come. We need him.

# The principal, the principal is a cuckold... #

Mor?n. Mor?n!

I apologize on behalf of him
who put that stuff in your bed.

It wasn't me and that's a fact.

Hurray, Haza?a!
- Hey, in what school year is Haza?a?

I don't know, maybe one of the non boarding ones, he must
be a nice guy, on account of how much the priests hate him..

Drop the bed! Drop the bed from the top!

We must choose delegates. I propose a vote by hand.

I think Martin and Cevallos
should be part of the group. Agreed?

Those who agree raise your hands.

Majority, Jos? Luis.

What does the man say?

He wants you to be the one who...
who will lay out the situation to him.

These are our delegates.

Now we have to focus our attention on three specific points:

First: mass should be entirely voluntary for
all boarders, even for the little ones.

Just a moment. Are the little ones educated
enough, as to grant them that freedom?

Silence, silence. Silence!

Silence, this is not the time for disagreement.

Our comrade's proposal will be considered later.

I go on with the specific requests.

Second: Acceptance of delegates elected by the majority.

And third: No retaliation for what happened. Agreed?

Let's vote by hand. Let's see.

Brother, we need you.

Let's now sing the true school anthem.


The school is indeed beautiful... as seen from an airplane.

How beautiful it would look after dropping
a bomb and flatten it all out.

Go to the courtyard and maintain order at all cost.
Have the non boarding boys enter class.

It's necessary that this childish prank doesn't get out.

I think the leader is Herv?s.

Unfortunate timely action wasn't taken.
The evil is already widespread.

Partners, listen, dammit.

We don't have to settle just
for not going to Mass or smoking.

We should be able to do everything we feel like.

Listen: if we want to sleep naked or go
naked in the bedroom, we should be able to.

Good one, your grace!

We should be able to everything without anyone
imposing their criteria on us, priests nor anyone else.

Bravo, Jes?s, improve the food!
- That's it, give us sex education!

And let us bring girls to the school.
- Naked girls.

And we have to participate in composing the exams.

In the school board,

i.e. not anyone should impose anything on us.

Watch it, the principal!
- Shut up, the principal!

Jes?s, get dressed.
- The delegates to their posts.

Take this. The others each to their post.

Open the door!

Open the door! This prank already lasted long enough!

If you don't open soon, I won't be responsible
for the methods we have to use.

I'm Barambones, brother. I speak for all the boarders.

We held a meeting and I've been appointed
delegate with four comrades.

Can I know the names of these illustrious delegates?

No names are given until points
second and third are accepted.

They leave you alone to face
the danger, comrade Barambones.

Cowards aren't mentioned in history books.

I'm Juli?n Cevallos and I represent my comrades.

I am Juan Choperena.

I am Garc?a de la Vega.

And I am Juli?n Martin.

Long live the delegates!

Death to tyranny!

We know who is behind this.

Say something. Entertain them with anything.

Brother principal, we aren't here
on a whim. This is not a binge.

This is the end of a road full of humiliation
that we are not willing to keep bearing.

That's why we have chosen representatives,
because we are not little children...

and because we are not willing to keep
bearing to have our asses flogged.

Come out or else I'll send for a locksmith.

You won't achieve anything with that brother.
With force you'll only achieve to get us more united.

In addition you won't solve the problems
we have, they'll go on as before or worse.

It seems incredible that it's you,
Barambones, who speaks this way.

You don't know what you're doing, boys.

Only a madman can think of negotiating this way at a school.

Even if I agree to accept some things...

I refuse to grant anything until you come out.

If you come out now, the consequences will
only reach those who are really guilty.

Those with a scholarship: don't
forget your situation at school.

If you come out right now there may be some kindness.

I won't make more promises.

All us brothers seethe with indignation.

Anyway, those who have been passive
elements have nothing to fear.

And the others?
- The others will have to face the consequences.

First you have to catch us.

And less boasting. To expel someone
you first have to get us out of here...

and then crush the solidarity that your and
the prefect's injustices have given rise to.


# Shitty school, the first jail #

# with acute desire to fuck our life
and fuck us all the way. #

# Have your aggressors ready at hand. #

# They touch your ass, and if you
don't let them they'll suspend you. #

# The principal blatantly shows his desire for us, #

# you do surveys and we say the truth. #

# Ram?n was a sergeant and he still is, #

# the other brothers are pigs in solemnity. #

Line up.

Someone has betrayed us.

Line up.

What the fuck.
- And that's not it. You'll find out at home, what the fuck.

Well write to us, you know the address.
- Yes, oh yes.

I don't know... Maybe after all of this
we'll never see each other again.

If you ever go to Santander you know where I live.


Open up for me, vampire, I'll fly away.

I'd have you expelled a long time ago.

Look at this guy. Everything is contagious, right?
- Birds! March, hit the road.

Okay Choperena, have a nice trip.
- Goodbye.


You're happy with what you've done, right?

Your father didn't want to come so
he wouldn't have to smash your face,

that's what I should've done with you and your cousin.

We'll talk at home.

Well, before we leave you apologize to the Brother.

It's the least you can do.

Do it. Come on!

I for my part, I've already forgiven them.

I hope this serves as a lesson.

And don't forget that school has been your second home.

But we don't forgive you. Neither you,
or the Prefect, or anyone.

Besides, expelling us won't fix anything.

You'd have to expel the entire school.

Expel, expel or surrender!

Burning Troy!

You son of a bitch. We have proof that
it was you who let the prefect in.

That's a lie, I didn't.

It was your fault they expelled three
comrades. Do you realize, asshole?

I know nothing, I don't want to get
into trouble, I have a scholarship.

I have a scholarship too and I'm no snitch.
I saw you leave here just before Corncob came in.

This time you'll get off easy, but next
time we'll cut off your dick. Undress.

Leave me alone!

A carrot.
- No, better a firecracker.

The principal was fired.
- Over there is a priest without a cassock.

No way, asshole! The provincial commands here.
- The provincial... No way he commands!

Shut up.


First I want to tell you that I don't think your
behavior regarding Pablo Monge was gentlemanly.

You got his father to come fetch him because the
poor guy could not bear the school environment anymore.

It's not right. Not right, because you're not even
sure that it was him who opened the famous door.

I know very well the causes of all this.

From now on the disorder and sit-ins will end.

I say that they are going to end
because they're not necessary anymore.

Your former director knows what I'm thinking.

I agree with you:

mass can not be obligatory.

Although I hope for your abundant attendance
by your own choice, of course.

Do you have any questions?


Why were Cevallos, Mart?n and Choperena expelled?

I've expected that question.

I sincerely believe this is a thing
from the past, it can't be changed.

Even if the measure was unfair, which I neither
affirm nor deny, they don't even want to return.

Anyway I promise I'll write their parents
proposing they come back for their exams.

And now I'd like to get to know your representatives.

Come on, stand up. Don't be afraid.

Sounds good.

For the time being you will remain in your positions

until you chose a delegate for each
course and for each section.

Through the delegate you can make all kinds of suggestions,

from agreeing on the date of the examinations
up to organize a basketball tournament.

Anyway, anything.

You can you ask for whatever you want,
except for the exams questions of course.

It was a victory of yours, Jos? Luis.
- We'll see, for now things are far from clear.

Well, the important thing is that they grant something.

So far we've got three of the claims from the sit-in.

I don't care why they do it.

That's nothing. You say that because
you are a conformist, buddy.

Those expelled are still on the street.

Either these guys return, or we don't accept
any of their proposals and go to hell.

Of course, and if not,
another sit-in, what the fuck!

Attention, please.

I have a surprise for you all.


You see, we have elections.

I'm also glad your comrade returned.
Welcome, Choperena.

Well, let's proceed with the election of delegates.

There'll be one for each section and grade.

On each ballot you'll write two names.

The first corresponds to the section and
the second to the grade. Is that clear?

Yes, brother.
- Distribute the ballots, please.

I guess after the election campaign,
you know the candidates well.

Would you please stand up?

When you want you can vote.

Deposit the ballot folded up.

And may the best win.

Vote for Lamberto, he's the future.

To vote = to get tamed. Refrain.


This is all. 39 votes, 1 abstention. No null votes.

Now brother Angel will tell you the results.

Well, for the seniors section, delegate
Jos? Luis Herv?s has been elected with 30 votes.

In pre-college Barambones with eight votes.

For sixth grade Choperena,
recently added, with 10 votes.

For fifth grade Garc?a Vega with seven votes.

And for fourth grade Lamberto S?ez with nine votes.

Long live the new director!

Good, you have your delegates.

I want to be the first to congratulate the elected ones...

reminding them that through them
you can make all the suggestions...

with due respect to us brothers.

Good luck and happy management.

Hurray for the elections!
- Hurray!

Hurray for democracy!
- Hurray!

You can tell your peers that in
general I agree with your requests.

You can get up forty-five minutes later in the morning...

and go to bed half an hour later at night.

So in the new playroom, you can watch TV for
a while or play ping pong, play checkers...

Those who wish may go out on Sunday.

As long as they have no study left to do, of course.

The leave will be from 3 to 7 PM.

I wish everyone could smoke but I don't think it's
advisable for the health of the littlest ones,

so those from sixth grade and
pre-college may smoke during break.

Brother Principal, either everybody smokes or none.
- What do you mean, Herv?s?

I think we should stand up for equality,
that's what we agreed upon.

Also before talking about any problems, we have
to deal with the re-admission of the expelled.

Well, I have told you that I've spoken with their families.

Yes, but you have not informed us.
The fact that we are here is no concession.

Before talking about any particular
point you're so interested in...

we want the re-admission of the missing
expelled guys. This is the opinion of the majority.

Not true, brother, that's not the opinion of the majority.

What do you say?

He just has an opinion contrary to yours.

Anyway this is not a matter that can
only be discussed by the delegates.

I propose it should be treated
in assembly by all the boarders.

He's right.

Very well, if it suits you,
we'll meet tomorrow in the new playroom.

We are gathered because we are in
debt with comrades who are not with us,

thanks to whom some of you now will be able
to smoke during breaks and watch the news.

I believe that their return is prior to the other problems...

and we should say so publicly.

Are you done, Herv?s?
- Yes.

Barambones has the floor.

While I mostly agree with our comrade
I want to remind you of some things.

First, that school life should go on.


Besides, a single problem can
not set aside the many others.

We must also have support from the expelled ones.

Here I have a letter from Cevallos' father
and he says his son is working in an office...

and doesn't want to return to school.

That's a lie.
- Fine by me, let him stay.

Can we know who gave you this letter?

It's no secret, brother principal
gave it to me to read it here.

No way.
- Traitor.

I see the conspiracy is growing.

The only answer is still solidarity.

Listen. I propose we go on hunger
strike until our comrades return.

I ask for a vote.

Bravo, Herv?s!
- Sit down.

If the other delegates agree we'll proceed
with the vote the way Herv?s likes.

Show hands.
- Agreed, show hands.

Those who wish a hunger strike before resolving
the other problems of the school, raise your hands.

No one else votes for Herv?s' proposal?

But Jos? Luis, now we can do what you wanted!

Fuck you all.

So you wanted us to starve, huh?

You're an asshole, right kid?

# How nice are the brothers of the school. #

# How nice they are, they take us on a tour. #

Before closing the meeting, I
want to introduce the new Prefect.

He's an old friend of yours: brother Julio. Brother, please.

If the Brother Principal thinks it's fitting...

I propose we wrap up this act by singing the school anthem.

Go on brother.

One, two, three.

# Beloved school, second home #

# full of wishing for heaven and fighting down the evil. #

# Pedagogical arrow leading to human or divine fates #

# of infinite glory and immortality. #

# Our simple-hearted youth, its sword, #

# eagerly walks towards a star #

# to harden its cutting edge. #

# Life is fight rather than
looking for easy consolation prize, #

# it highlights the illusion of the desire to succeed. #

# May it never lack clean waters in its fountains, #

# and may countless children come to drink of their flow, #

# and march full of love deep in their soul, #

# so to be God's and Spain's
blood and stars in their bloom. #

# Beloved school, second home. #