Haikyuu!! The Movie 2: The Winner and the Loser (2015) - full transcript

You know, this will be our last...

Don't talk.


You were going to say something sentimental, weren't you?

"This will be our last Inter-High," or something, right?

Don't talk like we're about to die.

What? That's not what I'm saying.

Shimizu's surprise raised our morale 120%.

Well... yeah... but...


I didn't know we had that.



Do your best.

We'll definitely win!


Winners and losers


We'll win!

All black...

The one guy doesn't look like a high schooler.

The banner was quite effective.

Do you think so?

It worked a lot better than that poem I wrote.


Go say hi. I dare you.

Stop that.


...Smacked us.

That little guy...

Isn't he Nishinoya from Chidoriyama?

That's not all.

That guy over there...

They say he's a genius setter.

That's Kitagawa Daiichi's King of the Court.

Then what about that guy there?

That little guy.

Is he awesome, too?

No... I don't think so.

This gym is huge!

It smells like Air Salonpas...

What you are talking about?

This is the smell of tournaments.

I know, right?

It's them.

H-he's huge!


It's Date Kogyo.

You got a problem?

Hey, hey, hey. Stop that.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.


Hey, Futakuchi, help me out.

Sure. Sorry about that.

This guy targets our opponent's ace, whenever he sees them.


You better be ready.

You guys are too rude.

Why must you always do that?

This was a little jarring.


I'm amazed that you stared back at him...

Th-that was nerve racking...

Why are you such a wimp off the court?

Next up is no-eyebrows guy's Iron Wall school.

It's Date Kogyo.

I know that.

Dateko defeated us in March.

That match made Azumane-san want to quit.


Don't mind!

They blocked all of Asahi-san's spikes...

Hinata, Kageyama.

Got a minute?


It's time to go.

I counting on you.

Date Kogyo is a powerful opponent.

Their blocking devastated us three months ago.

But this time, we have best decoy ever.

You brought out the best in Hinata.


Our ace needs you to do the same!

Go! Go! Let's go! Let's go, Dateko!

Go! Go! Let's go! Let's go, Dateko!

Iron Wall of Date

Dateko... fight!


Starting running!

You're getting intimidated again.


All the best.

Go! Go! Let's go! Let's go, Dateko!

Iron Wall of Date

I don't know to say it...

But it's like Dateko has taken over the court.

We're receiving first, from this side of the court.


Get ready to receive!


Here goes. Keep it in play.


It's only three months since Dateko defeated us.

Though our team has made definite progress,

Our second and third-years might still be feeling the sting of defeat.

We have to fix that somehow. We can't be intimidated by Dateko.




All right! There's nothing to worry about.

Guys, keep your eyes forward.

Because you have me guarding your back.



Iron Wall of Date

Line up.

Let's play!

Do your best.

Bring it on!

Let's do do this.

Kamasaki, nice serve.

Nice serve.


Nice receive.

All right. Nice spike, Hinata

Too bad...

I thought that blocker was one step behind.

Is that way you call read blocking?

When they jump as soon as the see the toss?


All of our opponents so far

only used commit blocks. They jumped after they knew who would get the toss.

But Dateko has perfected the read block.

They jump as soon as the toss goes up.

In other words...

They're not easy to trick with decoys.

Karasuno Dateko

Kageyama, nice serve.

Nice serve, let's score!

I hit it to the libero!

Ryu, sorry. Cover.

All right.




Don't worry about it. Don't worry. Switch it up.

Asahi-san, sorry! I'll save the next one.

Yeah. I'm counting on you, but I'll score next time.

Hey, what was that? He's supposed to get dejected.

Quit being mean-spirited, Futakuchi.


Karasuno Dateko


All right!

Net violation...

Don't worry about it.

Nice receive.




Was that out?

Was that our point?

Nice, Azumane.

Nice one touch, Hinata.

For real?

Chance ball.

When they think they're about to score,

we score instead.

That breaks their spirit, and boosts our morale.

It's the ultimate defense, the fastest offense.

That's what you call


Iron Wall of Date

Nice, Aone.

Damn it.

Don't worry about it. On to the next.


Karasuno's fastest attacker is probably that #10.

He knows his quicks are up against our wall,

so why doesn't he appear nervous?

When we faced Nekoma,

Our freak quicks got blocked. Why is that?

It's because Nekoma's middle blocker got accustomed to Hinata's moves.

That's right. He got used to it.

But I also think it's because Nekoma had a really smart player.

Your quick attacks are powerful weapons, but they aren't invincible.

What matters is...

...how we use them.

Karasuno Dateko


All right.

I don't care how fast your reflexes are...

Your read block won't be fast enough.

What was that just now?

All right!


He made a random toss to thwart Aone by brute force.

But the spiker was there to hit the ball.

He must've spiked it by sheer luck.

That #10...

Do you know who he is?

No. I never saw him in junior high tournaments, either.

Was it luck or by design?

Tsukishima, we're counting on you.


King. Toss a little away from the net.

I do not want to get blocked.


"Okay," I say!

You didn't say it clearly.

You don't want to take orders from peasants. Is that it?


You guys, stop it. Don't you ever learn?

Karasuno Dateko

Aone, nice serve.

All right.

That one was an ordinary toss.

Was the last one just luck?

Or is #10 the only one who can do it?

Good job.

Nice, Tsukishima! One more.

Tsukki, nice!

Karasuno 6 - 4 Dateko

Karasuno 6 - 5 Dateko

Karasuno 7 - 5 Dateko

There he is, #10...

Kageyama hasn't done that super-fast toss since.

I just remembered. He was in the Kitagawa Daiichi Junior High.

I saw him do a similar toss, but it was too fast for the spikers.

That toss makes me think he's reverted to a bad junior high habit.


That #10 spiked it.

He spiked it effortlessly.


Karasuno Dateko

Nice, Futakuchi.

You can't keep Dateko down forever.

As soon as Kasaruno's #10 rotated to vanguard,

Dateko made that awesome #7 blocker the vanguard.

It's the iron wall versus the super-quick!

We used the freak quick only once. They must think we just got lucky.

Let's do another one.


Net in! Forward, Forward!

He saved it.

But a quick would be impossible.

Who can he toss to...

All right!

Nice, Hinata, Kageyama!

That toss again.

It wasn't luck?

I've never seen a quick like that, ever.

I wonder if #10 is the only guy who can do it?

If that wasn't by luck, then he's a monster.

Sure, those quicks were jaw-dropping,

But their ordinary quicks are nothing to sneeze at.

Anyway, all we have to do is top #10.

You're taking the matter too lightly.

Better than being serious. That's never popular with girls.

What did you say?

Stop them, Aone.

You bastard.

Stop that #10, no matter what.


We must stop #10...

That #10...

That #10...

That #10...

We're late! What if we missed the match?

Who knew it would be so packed?

Hurry, hurry.


Oh good. The boys' second match is still on.

Awesome! They're beating Dateko.

Bring it on!

Dam, that was fast.

Tough break, huh, Aone?

Eh? What was that?

A quick?

Wasn't that little boy's jump amazing?

What are you smirking about?

Good job, Hinata.


Way to go. Give us another one

Nice serve, one more!

Sugawara is on the bench...



Send me the toss!

A two-way attack.

Who's gonna spike?

He's gonna jump.

He didn't jump?

That was an ordinary quick.

They can change the speed of their tosses?


Damn, what's with that #10?

Hey, hey, hey.

Don't get overwhelmed.

Our attacks are scoring, too.

Sure, that #10's a shocker.

but you've ground all kinds of spikers into the dust!

Even Karasuno's ace!

You can stop them again.


Iron Wall of Date

He jumped twice!

He's so tall, he can reach above the net with just a slight jump.

but that's not all.

He stays calm and avoid tunnel vision.

He has the will to block no matter what.

He has it all. That's why he blocks so well.

Hey, that block was bad news.

Blocks like that can change a match's momentum.

Let's stop them again.


Karasuno Dateko

Futakuchi, don't hold back!

Sorry! Cover!


All right.




All right!




Three Karasuno vanguards...

Who will it be?

Bring it!


Clearing the path...

...for the ace.


This is the view.

All right!

That was...

That was the pipe Nekoma used.



You guys... are awesome.

Thank you.

What are you talking about? You're the one who scored, Asahi-san!

Nice, Asahi-san.

Be proud of it. Come on.


What's the matter?

It wasn't me that scored.

I didn't even spike the ball, but...



...felt incredible.

Being the best decoy ever is as cool as being the ace.

"The best decoy ever."

Well, all our secret weapons are out in the open.

The moment of truth is near.

All right!

Nice kill.

Nice kill.

Karasuno Dateko

Tsukishima, one more. Nice serve!

If this give-and-take continues,

Nice receive.

#7's coming.


Karasuno could win the first set.

But to totally get ahead...

That's it!

Nice one-touch!


Chance ball.

C quick!

Don't underestimate us!

Karasuno Dateko


It's our set point against Dateko.

Give me a toss!

All right!

Karasuno Dateko

Wow. Karasuno won it, for real.

That tall #7 and lastly that #6

managed to touch Hinata-kun's quick.

Yeah. Amazing.

The cornerstone of our offense is that freak quick.

We can't let them start blocking it, like Nekoma did.

Tanaka Kageyama Tsukishima
Hinata Sawamura Azumane

So, we're going to start the second set with our second rotation.

The first rotation

directly matched up Hinata and no-eyebrows #7,

so we'll shift that over two places to start.

I see. That means Hinata-kun

Won't get marked by #7 like he was in the first set.

But we can't completely avoid that.

All we're doing is shifting players around.

While Hinata won't get marked,

of course, other players will get marked instead.

We can't let Hinata shoulder all of our burden.

When Hinata's at his best, we're at our best.

I'll do my part as the ace.

Asahi-san, you're awesome!

You've grown, Asahi.

What are you, my relative?

Go! Go! Let's go! Let's go, Dateko!

Iron Wall of Date

Go! Go! Let's go! Let's go, Dateko!

The second set is about to start.


All right.

He was lured in for a moment by Hinata's move,

but he's already on the left...

Dateko Karasuno

Nice, Tanaka.

Nice receive.


Here comes #3.

The long-haired guy had the target area covered on that one.

Nice, Aone.

Okay, let's block the next one, too

Nice, Sawamura.

Dateko Karasuno

All right!

Karasuno's #10 is vanguard now.

Bring it.

It's up, nice.

Kageyama, cover.

Bring it here.

He's so damned fast when he's in front.

Nice, Hinata, Kageyama.

What a monster.

Dateko Karasuno

Sorry. Kageyama, cover.



So what if it's an iron wall...

I'll blast through it.

Iron Wall of Date

All right!

Whoa, he's up. Karasuno's #10.

All right.

Only six more points to go.

Get 'em while you can, shrimpy.

#12, #12!

It's up. Kageyama, cover.


Bring it!

He's awesome.

Usually they'd let the left handle that one, but he used a quick instead.

Take that!

We're going to stall them.

Nice, Kamachi!

Iron Wall of Date

Dateko Karasuno

We just can't seem to pull ahead.

Persevere. Go at it carefully.

Nice, Asahi-san.

Chance ball.

Give me a toss!


All right!

Nice kept.

One more!

One more to match point. Go! One more point!

Kamasaki-san, you're hiding in Aone's shadow.

Are you intimidated or something?


Cut the crap. All of us are...

The iron wall!

All right!

Damn it.

We'll score the next one.


And now it's #7's turns as vanguard...

We're counting on you.

Don't worry.

The freak quick will still work.


Nice receive.

Bring it.

All right.

That was too close for comfort! It barely got sucked in.

But at least it's match point now.

Dateko Karasuno

All right!

You can block the next one. I know it!

We've only just begun.

It's Karasuno's match point,

But #10's in the rear guard now.

And Dateko's strongest blockers are up front...

Next one, next one. Don't mind.

Dateko's #7 is amazing.

Yea. I thought he had me blocked that last time.

But at least we have Asahi-san playing vanguard.

Bring it, one point!

The ace is there. We'll be okay.


Cover, cover!


All right.

What kind of ace am I, if I can't score this last point?

We defeated this spiker once already.

We're no Iron Wall if we can't do it again!!

Moniwa-san, nice block.

Crap, the rear is wide open.

He saved it!

Cover for me!

Spike it. Keep spiking as long as tosses keep coming.

Left! One more!


That toss is too close to the net.

A joust.

Get 'em, long-haired guy!

It's too Far.

His foot!?


He's incredible.

Kageyama, cover.


One more!

One more!

I won't stop 'til I score.

Asahi spikes best when he's slightly away from the net.

...and has a high toss.

Oh? Kageyama-kun's tossing to him again?

It's fine.


This was the best thing he could've done, Sensei.

Go, Asahi!

Blast through, Asahi!




Dateko Karasuno

All right!

We did it!

All right!

They did it! They did it!

Thank you very much!


You did it, Asahi-san.

I'm the ace but

you guys are heroes.


I like that.

You did great against their freakish quicks.

In the following...

Spring tournament!

That's right, Moniwa-san.

We'll get our revenge in the spring tournament preliminaries.

The preliminaries are in September.

We'll go back and start strategizing right away.

We'll beat Karasuno, if we play them in the spring preliminaries!

The third-years will be gone by the spring tournament.

Why? Because they can't be bothered with us?

Huh? What are you are talking about?

I've told you this over and over.

The third-years' season ends after the Inter-High.


You guys are strong.

Iron Wall of Date

They say we're a powerhouse.

But they've also said our third-years are duds.

They said we're a bad crop.

We were able to maintain our reputation as the Iron Wall because of you guys.

That's why, by the time you guys are third-years,

you have to make it to the spring tournament.

You'll have a new team and a new strategy.

We lost in the preliminaries this year, but next year...

Aoba Johsai, Shiratorizawa, and Karasuno...

You'll conquer them all and go on to nationals!




We can't hear you, Futakuchi.


I must admit, Dateko's blocking was downright scary.


I wonder how they decided when it was appropriate to use

the first-year duo's crazy quicks.

Come to think of it, they didn't use any signals during the rally.

They didn't notice our signals, huh?

Yeah. They should be effective for a while.

Your brain are made of muscles, so I'm amazed you thought them up.

I-It wasn't us that thought them up.

Oh, no wonder. Who did the thinking for you?


We did it. We got our revenge.


But then again...

I do wish my tosses could've played a part in the victory.

Sorry about that. Please don't repeat that.

I'm glad.

I'm glad you still want to fight.

I'm glad.

Tomorrow's another match. We'll win again.



Aoba Johsai


It's Aoba Johsai's

...first match.

Who will devour the king and the dark horse?

Aoba Johsai

Who will devour them all and go to the nationals?

We will.

Aone, do you know where the third-years went?

Damn it

I wanted to play more...

I don't want to retire.

For now, we've done all we can.

But next year's...

Next year's Iron Wall

will absolutely not break!

Rule the Court
Aoba Johsai High School Volleyball Club

What? Again?

That's his fourth aced serve in a row.

Aoba Johsai Omisaki

His power goes without saying, but that control is pretty nasty, too.

But if they can do something about that serve...

It's true that his serves are scary,

but Oikawa, as a setter, is completely unknown to us.

One more! Nice serve!


Chance ball!

All right!


You know, setters...

are like orchestra conductors.

Even if you have the same song and same orchestra,

if the conductor is different,

the sound is different.

All right. Make sure you're not late tomorrow.


Please show me how to do a serve toss.

What? You want to hear my motto?

That's not it. I want you to show me a serve toss...

"If you're going to attack, then do it until they break."

Is that so?

Could you do a jump serve...

Don't wanna!

Why do I, with my own hands, have to help someone who'll be a threat in the future?

You're an idiot, idiot!

Oikawa! Don't pick fights with the first-years!

"If you're going to attack, then do it until they break."

Kageyama seems more irritated than usual.

Oh, there he goes.

Hey, Kageyama!

You're going to end up with

permanent forehead wrinkles even though you're just a teen!


Tomorrow, we're going to defeat the Great King....

Defeat... Oikawa-san...

...and end up on TV, so you should practice looking good for that!

Mind your own business!

We'll win that match. If we don't, we can't advance.

All right!

Go, go, go! Go, go, Seijoh!

Go, go, go! Go, go, Seijoh!

Push it, push it, push it!
Push it, push it, Seijoh!

Push it, push it, push it!
Push it, push it, Seijoh!

Let's play.

Let's play.


Looks like Karasuno made it safely through to day two.

I ended up using another paid day off.

I'm not gonna be able to take another day off for a while.

Same here.

Rule the Court

Date Tech had quite the crowd cheering for them, too,

But these guys...

Oikawa-kun! Do your best!

They've got that.

Ain't no way I'm gonna lose! Let's go!


Come on, louder! It's like Seijoh's the only team on the court!

We're going to be serving first.









Next, we'll do serves!

They sure are pumped up.


By the way, did your student get better at serves?

What do you mean, "student"?

Will you teach me how to do a jump float serve?

It's only been a week since then.

Here I go!

He may be able to get some lucky hits in,

but he can't really control it yet.

Aoba Johsai Karasuno

Line up!

Best Setter Award
Oikawa Toru

Certain victory
Kitagawa Daiichi Junior High School Volleyball Club

I'm going up against him in an official match for the first time.

Let's play!

Yo, Tobio-chan.

I came here excited to take down the genius setter,

so do your best, and hold on.

We will win...

We won't lose!

Don't butt in when I'm talking, Hinata, you jackass!

Go, go, go! Go, go, Seijoh!

Rule the Court
Aoba Johsai High School Volleyball Club

Go, go, go! Go, go, Seijoh!

Push it, push it, push it!
Push it, push it, Seijoh!

All right. Let's do this.

Now then, as usual...

I believe in all of you.

Tsukishima, nice serve!



Nice receive!

All right.

It's been a while since I've seen Oikawa's set up so close.

It was a setter dump!

Damn it!

Well, well...

That was a rather bold dump...

Come on. I'll be doing the same thing again.

Don't stand there so out of it. Pay attention.

Nice serve, Matsukawa!

All right!

Daichi-san, nice receive!


Come to me!

It's dead-on!

Hey, is the Seijoh setter going to try a dump again?

He's being even more obvious this time!

Don't underestimate me!

He went from a spike formation straight into

a set?

Rule the Court
Aoba Johsai High School Volleyball Club

Damn it...

Hey, hey, hey...

You knew that Oikawa was amazing to begin with.

Our setter is just as skilled, and his attacks

Are just as flashy.




Bring it!

Number 5?!


He got them back with a dump!

He sure hates losing, doesn't he?

Do it again!


...be doing the same thing again. Pay attention!


...stupid little brat

Aoba Johsai Karasuno

Kageyama, nice serve!


Out! Out!

He sure blew that one out of the park.

What an amazing homerun.

Damn it!

Don't mind! Don't mind!

I am sorry.

Well, then.

I guess I'll just have to show you how it's done.

Eh? He was aiming for Nishinoya?!

It's coming head-on... no, it's curving!

He was able to receive Oikawa's serve!

Karasuno's libber's awesome!

Aw, man... He really is amazing.

Whadya mean, "show you how it's done"?

He received it without a problem!

Bring it!

#10, #10!


All right!

You just saw the guy on the right, didn't you?


Nekoma's setter tried to trick people using his eyes, didn't he?

Tanaka, nice serve!

Nice serve!


Got it!

Nice receive!



Rule the Court
Aoba Johsai High School Volleyball Club

Aoba Johsai Karasuno

Iwa-chan, nice serve!

Sorry! Cover!


Toss to me!


Sensei! Sensei!

Aoba Johsai Karasuno

I'm pretty sure I'm right about this.

It's "bring it" and "to me".

When they used that god-like quick attack,

it appears they're using "bring it," like "bring it here"

Or "bring it to me".

And with a normal one...

...they're using "to me".


But that shrimp's role is to be the decoy.

They want us to focus our attention on him.

So let's just set up a simple rule.

When we hear "bring it," let's just have one person mark the shrimp.

When we hear "to me," let's see where the toss goes before we jump.



Nice one touch!

Chance ball!

Bring it!

All right!

We knew they'd be coming, but that was fast.

Hey! You're not gonna say, "I can't toss like him," are you?

Like Tobio? But I really can't.

I can't pinpoint like that.

Don't get mad!

Tanaka, nice serve!

Even if I'm no match for his talent,

I have confidence that I can set the best tosses for everyone.

That's why I won't lose as a setter.

Another one from above the block...

Kindaichi, excellent!

Aoba Johsai Karasuno

Front! Front!

A seven-point lead...

Nice receive!

We have to lesson it somehow.

Bring it!

That seemed to be sharper than usual.

Damn it. Two blockers. They keep following.

Sorry, I was a little late.

So close! Don't mind! You'll get the next one.

Hanamaki, nice kill!



Use the signal we talked about. We're changing plans.

Could it be the new one?


Matsukawa, nice block!

All right!

One more! One more!

Hey. Are Karasuno's attacks getting faster?

Tobio, you're a genius.

You have the power, the talent, and the desire to win

more than anyone else.

This is your strength.

And... this is your weakness.

You always crave to do everything alone, Tobio...

Aoba Johsai Karasuno

It's no use. The gap's not getting any smaller.

Something... I have to do something.

I'm not going to lose! I'm not going to lose!

I'm going to win and remain on the court!

It's coming back!

Asahi-san, nice follow through!

Chance ball!

Aoba Johsai Karasuno

Don't get depressed.

We're just changing up the rhythm for a bit.

I'm sorry.

I'm worried about him, but...

I said I'd be the one that defeats you!

Hinata, you're gonna get in trouble-

So don't lose to anyone before that!

The match isn't over yet,

so I haven't lost.

You're going to get in trouble!

Guess I don't have anything to worry about after all.

Kageyama, make sure you take stock of things from outside the court,

and use that time to calm down.

Watch how your senpai play.






It'll be fine. Let's break their streak.

All right!


Jeez, your face is scary.

I was born with this face!

You were all irritated, and stopped talking as much...

I could tell you were thinking, and stuff,

but if you don't say it out loud, I don't know what you're thinking.

Wasn't I saying it out loud?

Nope. You were quieter than in any other match.

For crying out loud...

Damn it. I was so overwhelmed I end up heaving to hear about this from him?

I don't know just how good Mr. Refreshing over there is,

but seeing him up close, the words "serious" and "polite" seem to fit him well.

Iwa-chan, the defensive block will be low straight forward where #2-kun is standing,

so it's be a good place to aim.


Nice receive!



I've got to aim...

straight forward where the block is low.


I guess they figured out they'd be aiming straight forward.

Right? Well done.

The blockers switched places right before the opponent's spike.


Don't mind!

Sorry, Iwa-chan.

Aoba Johsai Karasuno


Tsukishima, nice serve!


Nice receive, Kunimi-chan!


Hinata, great job!

It's just like you said, Sugawara-san!

Next time their receive goes directly to the setter,

the center will probably do a quick set.

Don't panic, though. Just jump a little higher than usual.

Aoba Johsai Karasuno

Tsukishima, one more nice serve!

Let's break their serve streak!

Let's see, the next attack...


Let's go!

Nice serve!

I don't have the ability to do pinpoint tosses like Kageyama,

so I want to signal what kind of attack we'll do next.

They're not saying "bring it" or "to me"!

He's not Tobio, so there won't be any god-like quicks!


All right!

I'm definitely inferior to Kageyama

when it comes to technique and physical ability,

but I've spent quite a while watching our team.

If it were just me against Aoba Johsai, I wouldn't stand a chance,

but my teammates are plenty strong.

Aoba Johsai Karasuno

Aoba Johsai Karasuno

All right!

Don't mind, Hinata.


Nice serve!

One point!

Damn it. Now...

it's Oikawa-san's serve...

Bring it!


I got it!


#10 followed by #5 from the right...

No, it's a back attack!

Hanamaki, nice receive!

Hinata, it's coming directly to you!

This is the first time it's come directly to me.

You suck!

Oh, shut up, already!


The timing of Seijoh's quicks seems to be a bit slower than ours.


Build up just a bit more than usual, then.


Back! Go back!

It's out?!

Aoba Johsai Karasuno

We're switching sides. Let's go!


So close, Hinata. We'll stop them next time!


Damn it, that was close! They totally got our timing.

Since #2 came in,

even the shrimp, who was just moving purely on instinct,

is now thinking before he moves.

Rule the Court
Aoba Johsai High School Volleyball Club



We'll go as-is with our second set.




The points we get when I'm on the court,

and the points we get when you're on the court...

All together, they're points for Karasuno.

I'll fight my best, and you'll fight your best...

That's how we're going to defeat Seijoh!


Kageyama-kun, are you feeling a bit depressed?

No, I'm not!

What the heck?!

I was just feeling sorry for you since you were pulled out!

Just worry about yourself!

What was up with that sucky direct attack?

Sh-shut up! That was my first time!

As soon as I'm back in,

I'll have you hitting one after another, so you'd better be prepared!

Karasuno Aoba Johsai


Looks like Karasuno changed up their rotation a bit for the second set,

and Seijoh kept it the same as the first set.

I wonder why they changed it, though.

All right!

Nice, Tsukishima!

Oh, thanks.

Sugawara-san give you nice compliments when you get one in!

I see...

It's not like being overly buddy-buddy,

but I think he says what he does,

based on the spikers' expressions and how they're doing that day.

"Why do I have to match

what I do with how others are feeling, especially Tsukishima, that jerk?"

That's what written on your face.

Th-That's not what I...

But Kageyama,

if Hinata seems to have a hard time hitting the ball, you switch things up, right?

Yes, because he misses easily.

I might sound biased, but...

I think our spikers are pretty skilled.

If they were all able to hit the ball with 100% of their ability,

don't you think they'd be able to break through a block?

One point!

It's the Great King's turn to serve!


There're only two in position to receive the serve.

...Oikawa's serves,

we'll be changing up our defense to maximize efficiency with few players.

When Oikawa does his super-fast serves,

even the slightest hesitation or faltering it deadly.

So, we'll use Nishinoya and Sawamura, the few who received his serves, to counter.




Nice receive!




They broke the serve streak!

Well done, Captain.

All right! One point!

I thought that getting benched proved

that you weren't needed anymore.

Back then, I'm pretty sure that was accurate.


Now you've got my back.

I feel really confident.

The things that Sugawara-san and I can do are different,

but I think our goal is the same.

Left! Left!

All right!

Nice receive!

All right!

Kindaichi, nice block!

Sorry, Hinata. I think that quick might have been too slow.

Oh, it's okay.

Ah, Karasuno's #9's been called.

Looks like they're switching setters again.

I think I've probably only got one more play.


Give me the next one. I'll definitely make it.

Got it!

Nice serve!


It's a bit frustrating,

but Hinata's face when he hits your toss isn't the same as when he hits your toss.

I think you know this, but...

all of our guys are really strong.


All right. Let's-

Go win this

Let's win this thing!


Kageyama, nice serve!

Nice! One point!


Service ace!

He even got it from the libero!

Karasuno Aoba Johsai

And now they're tired.



He's asking for a high five, you idiot!



Kageyama just gave someone a high five.


Sorry! Cover!


They broke it! It's coming back!

Chance ball!

"Bring it"...

...or "to me"?

Which will it be?

They didn't say anything?!

All right! Now Karasuno's turning things around!

Karasuno Aoba Johsai

Sugawara-san compliments me a lot if I make it!

Hey, Hinata.

Well done...

Are you my boss?


Kageyama told Hinata that if he's around, Hinata would be the best...

But even with you...

You, with Hinata's attacks...

You're the best.

All right!

A feint!

Yeah! He got over the block!

He totally did it!

How annoying!

Nice! Tsukishima's lively after getting through the opponent's guard.

Chance ball!

Another feint!

Nice, Watari

All right!

Karasuno Aoba Johsai

Again? All right! This time I'll get it!

Nice receive, Watari!


#11 again!

No! Don't go out too far!


Kn-Knife... Nuff... Nice.

Don't mess up that line, Kageyama!

Wow. Kageyama complimented Tsukishima.

Kageyama is definitely changing, as well.

How much do you suck at compliments?

Karasuno Aoba Johsai

Karasuno's at set point.


Just one more point!

One more point!

We won't let you have it!

Go, go, go, Hajime!

Karasuno Aoba Johsai

Push it, push it, push it, Hajime! One more

It's be fine!

One point!

If we can get this one point, like we usually do, this set will be ours!

Now it's Oikawa-kun's serve...



It went up!

Yeah! But it's going to go right back to Seijoh's side.

Chance ball!

The receive went perfectly back to the setter.

The highest probability is that they'll use a quick attack from the center.

It probably is. I know that's what I'd do...

But in this stage where they're being pushed into a corner, Oikawa-san...

will set it to Iwaizumi-san!

All right!

Karasuno Aoba Johsai


Karasuno got the set back.

Damn it! I'm sorry!

Don't mind!

Why are you laughing?! I'll punch you!

Stop saying you'll hit me all the time, Iwa-chan.

Right, doing a quick attack from the center would have been the cliché move.


But apparently Tobio was able to read that I'd send to the left.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Do you understand what this means?

It means it's come down to not only methodical thinking,

but, in the end, our effort, as well.

My perfect trust with you, Iwa-chan.

Thar just means they were making rather comprehensive decisions.

What did Mr. Refrshing

tell Tobio?

The dictator king is somehow trying to become a decent king.

What is this?

I'm really pissed off, and yet...

Hurry! Let's hurry up and finish

the final set!

Nice receive!


We can't get the shot that will end this.

This rally is going on forever.

Overall, Seijoh's better at everything, but...

A feint!

...their libero has far better defensive skills.

All right!


The setter received?!

Now he can't toss!

He'll have to attack now.



Karasuno Aoba Johsai

All right!

What's with the lack of holes in Seijoh's attacks?

No matter what situation they're put in,

they're able to counter with powerful attacks, like it's nothing.

All right!

Daichi-san, nice receive!


The ball's going back!

Chance ball!

Broad cross!

Nice shot, Hinata!

Nice kill!


We can't let those two stay on the court too long,

after they've gotten fired up.

Makki, nice!

All right!

Bring it around, bring it around!

Hurry and bring the rotation around.

Bring the shrimp

one step closer to the back line!

All right!


"The sides of the court

as much as possible".

Aoba Johsai Karasuno

All right!

Nishinoya, nice cover!

Bring it!

Like hell

am I going to let you spike freely!

And then...

Pipe penetration!

Nice point!


Damn it!

Sorry. I totally got lured out.

I knew that this would be the perfect timing for a pipe,

and yet... just now...

I was about to toss to Hinata.

I was about to have my toss taken.

Nice determination, Hinata!


The ultimate... decoy.

Aoba Johsai Karasuno

What are we going to do about #10's broad cross?

Let's get rid

of that broad cross.

Aoba Johsai Karasuno

Tanaka, nice point!

All right!

In the next rotation, Hinata will be on the back line.

Hey! Are you all right?

I-I'm fine...

Make sure you cash in all you've got before moving into the back line.

I know that!

Kunimi, Nice receive!


#12! 12!

Nishinoya, nice receive!


Is he going to do another broad... or wait... Huh?

No mark?

Did they give up on the block?

All right! Go free, Hinata!

I can see really well.

Nice receive!

Was there no mark on purpose?!

In this short amount of time...

Just how fast at switching gears are they?

Now a dump?!

We can't even bring Seijoh down with that!

Damn. Right when we don't want them to get ahead,

his turn to serve comes up.

We'll end this in one!


Rule the Court
Aoba Johsai High School Volleyball Club

Net in! All right! Lucky!

There's nothing you could have done about that. Move on.

Damn it. We're two points behind again.

Stay calm.

Sorry! Cover!

All right!

All right!


Asahi, last!

That was close!

Calm! Don't close your cool!


I'm not going to let you have it... the point, or our momentum!

It connected!

But who'll get the last hit?


Shoyo, we're counting on you!

Break through!

Stop him!

All right!

Seijoh touched net. Thank goodness!

I'm sorry.

Don't mind.


The shrimp's on the back line!

We're counting on you.


If they miss here, Seijoh will have the advantage of 20 points.

Hinata, relax.


If they take the momentum, we won't be able to catch up.

Hey, Shimada, look at that.

T-Tadashi the pinch server?!

Yamaguchi, nice serve!

But I'm not gonna lose!

He doesn't want to be pulled out, even for a moment.


Go and change the momentum.


This line...

Everything beyond this line is a different world.

It feels like the temperature on this side... is different.

Anyone would be scared at this timing.

This is his first serve at his first high school match!

Is the coach a super sadist?!

I'm nervous, too. Crap, Yamaguchi will feel that.

Stay calm...

I think the back of my head is a little safer than if Hinata was serving.

What is Keishin thinking?! Is he a fool?

I told him the serve is just pure luck!

I think he wants to try even so.

You do not know how it can change the momentum of the game.

I'm scared... but...

Show them...

That you can fight, too!

Jump floater?!

Go in!

Rule the Court
Aoba Johsai High School Volleyball Club

Aoba Johsai Karasuno

Go, go, Seijoh!
Push it, push it, Seijoh! One more point!

All right. Lucky!

I-I'm sorry...

Don't mind!

D-Don't worry about it.

Don't mind!



Make sure you make it next time.


All right!

Karasuno's mood changed?

The captain's amazing. I'm still no match for him.

Aoba Johsai Karasuno

Aoba Johsai Karasuno

Aoba Johsai Karasuno

Aoba Johsai Karasuno

Aoba Johsai Karasuno

Aoba Johsai Karasuno

Aoba Johsai Karasuno

Rule the Court
Aoba Johsai High School Volleyball Club

Aoba Johsai Karasuno

Damn it! Sorry!

I'm glad you were even able to put that serve up!

The opposite side?!

A feint?!

Aoba Johsai Karasuno

Seijoh pulled ahead!

Sorry, Kageyama!

I'll make sure I get the ball back to you next time.

Kageyama! Stop hesitating!

Everyone on our team is...

...strong, as they should be.

Aoba Johsai Karasuno

Go, go, go! Go, go, Seijoh!


Talking about annoying.



It went up!

But it's messed up! They won't be able to use a quick!

In this tense situation, he still managed to find the smallest gap

and pulled off a feint.

His calm focus on victory is terrifying.




Asahi, go!

Connect! Connect!


It went u- Ah!

Do it, Kindaichi!

It went up!

All right!

Kindaichi, Kunimi!



Now! In this position, with this timing,

this angle...

Dead on!


I might actually lose to you,

considering how quickly you evolve.


That won't be today!

All right!

Let's go.

Hinata, Kageyama, we need to line up.

Captain, I'm sor-

That wasn't a mistake.

It wasn't a mistake, so don't apologize.

Thank you very much!

Line up!

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much!

Great work!

That was a great match!

Round up!

When we lost...

I hated being told we had a great match.

It was like, "but we lost."

However, being on the side to say that now,

I guess I don't know what else to say.

Um, that last block...

We need to clear out immediately.

The next team's warm-up is starting.

We'll start our cool down upstairs or outside.

"Even if one person is good, you can't win. Don't mind".

Isn't that what you were going to tell them?

The end of that second set...

When he was able to read my toss to you,

I could tell that Tobio was trying to go

from being a dictator to a decent king.

Even if Tobio had stayed a dictator,

he might have still tossed to the shrimp in the end.

I only thought it was a possibility,

and there was no guarantee he was going to do it.

He was reading my attacks, but this time,

he ended up having his attack read by me.

So Kageyama has finally started trusting other people...


Nothing could be more troublesome.

The meeting's starting.


They totally read me in the end.

Don't apologize!

Don't... Don't make it would like tossing to me was a mistake!

The meeting's about to start.

Today both of you were amazing.

But we lost...

Indeed, we lost.

But it was a worthwhile match, wasn't it?

Does losing prove that you're weak?

Isn't losing difficult for all of you?

All challenge where, after ending up on your hands and knees,

you must see if you can stand up again?

If you stay on your hands and knees,

that proves that you are weak.

Shinkokyuu wo nikai shite kokoro wo chakuchi saseteiku

I take two deep breaths, bringing my heart down to the ground,

Hidariashi no ippo kara chinmoku tokihanate

And with a single step of my left foot, I break the silence.

Tadoritsuita kono butai jinwari nijimidaseru ase

I've reached this stage, with the sweat dripping from me;

Ishiki ga hachikiresou tsuyoku mabuta wo tojita

My consciousness feels about to disconnect as I close my eyes tightly.

Kinchou wo nademawashite nantoka shuuchuuryoku wo kainarase

I brush my nervousness away and try to tame the slightest bit of concentration,

Hoeru no wa uchi ni hisomu mamono wo harau tame da

All for the purpose of dispelling the demon that roars deep in my heart.

Umei to guuzen toikaketa to kotae ga majiwatte aizu ga naru

Fate and happenstance; the answers I'm seeking begin to blend together... and a sign is given.

Ah yeah! Sekai ga hiraiteku kugurinuketa doa no mukou

Ah yeah! The world begins to open up! And as I pass through the door,

Itchokusen ni mae dake muite nigeru sentakushi sutero

I only look straight ahead, forfeiting the option to run away.

Ah yeah! Kono tenohira de tsukamitoritai mono

Ah yeah! There are so many things I want to grasp in these hands,

Souzou shiteiru yori mo zutto hikatteireba ii ya

But I really just want to see them shine brighter than I ever imagined.

Kirameitekurereba ii ya

It's enough just to see their light!

Tsuiyashita hibi to namida wa uso wo tsukanai shi uso wa nai

The days and tears we've spent can't lie; there's no lie to be told...

Sou shite umareta kiseki ga ashita wo tsukutteiku

The traces they leave behind build a new tomorrow.

Iyoiyo saigo datte toki moraeru kunshou ga aru to shite

But when we finally come to the end, if there's any medal to be awarded,

Boku no mune ni wa sore ga kakatteru darou ka

I wonder if I'll have one pinned to my chest.

Kensou to seijaku genjitsu to risou ga majiwatte

Chaos and stillness, reality and idealism,

Netsuryou wo ageru

all intermingle and take the temperature higher.

Ah yeah! Yakudou shiteku bodi hotobashiru shinapusu de

Ah yeah! My body gets lively, my synapses surging,

Michi no ryouiki to kankaku da subete ga suroo ni mieru

As I face unknown domains and feelings, all appearing in slow motion.

Ah yeah! Kono yubisaki ga fureta kyokugen no akashi

Ah yeah! As the symbol of the limits these fingertips have touched,

Mirai to te wo tsunageta naraba donna ni ka ii ya

How great would it be join hands with the future?

Kasoku shiteike misutaa winaa

Accelerating forth as the winner.

Ah yeah! Nandomo nandomo ikitaesou ni natte mo

Ah yeah! Again and again, no matter if my breath threatens to give out,

Ochite wa mata haiagatte itadaki ni te wo nobasu

Each time I fall, I'll crawl my way back up, reaching for the top.

Ah yeah! Kono tenohira wo gutto mune ni oshiateru

Ah yeah! As I press my fist to my chest,

Tashika ni kanjitorerunda "boku ga iru" tte shouko

I can certainly feel it; this is the proof that, "I'm here".

Dare no mune ni mo hitotsu uchinarase, shinzou no oto

Everyone out there, let the sound of your heart ring aloud!

We lost in a match that decided our superiority or inferiority.

Seijoh was strong and we fell to them.

This is our reality right now.

As for today's finals for the Inter-High...

The winner was...


Shiratorizawa Aoba Johsai



There are teams stronger than Seijoh even in our prefecture.

That just means we have to get stronger.

I'm pretty sure you know what our next goal, but...

It's the spring tournament.

For the third-years who will be participating, will be their last battle.

The spring tournament!

The stage on which the Little Giant stood.

Well, then, let's have the captain pump us all up.

It's the stage that Karasuno has been to just once in the past...


The Orange Court.

We're going to go there one more time!

All right!

A tall, tall wall looms in front of me.

Let's begin spiking practice!


Here we go!

Beyond that

is something

that I'd never be able to see on my own...

Next, Hinata!


Bring it!


The view from the top!