Haikyû!: Owari to hajimari (2015) - full transcript

A recap of the first season of the popular anime series "Haikyuu!!".

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All right!

Congratulations Karasuno High School

Yukigaoka Electric


The "Little Giant" lives up to his name.

That's five points in a row.

Here we are at the National High School Volleyball Championship,

spring season, where Karasuno High School's Little Giant

has been springing up and down among players 190 cm tall.


30-minute bike ride over the mountain.

Starting today, Miyagi Prefectural Karasuno High School.

I'm here, I'm here at Karasuno!

I'm going to train a lot.

And then, against that "King"...

I'll get my revenge!

Wh-why are you here?!

You're not even physically ready. Don't talk big.

I came here to win. Nothing else.

You make it sound so easy.

The first game, second game ...

We'll win and keep winning.

Yukigaoka Kitagawa Daiichi

What are you doing here, anyway?

You make it sound so easy.

I'll be the last one standing.

What were you doing for the last three years?

No, no. There's no mistake.

This guy is Kageyama Tobio!

I met you last year... But I don't know your name.

M-my name is Hinata Shoyo.

You probably don't remember the team you beat in the first match!

I remember you very well.

Your well-developed physical agility and reflexes...

But he doesn't put any of it to good use.

What? You wanna fights?

You were lousy!

D-Don't make fun of me.

Sure, we got slaughtered by you guys.

Next time I won't lose!

That's what I pledged to myself, so what are you doing here?

How can I defeat you if we're on the same team?

Shouldn't you be at some other school with strong players?

Why didn't you go there?

The strongest school in the prefecture...

rejected me.


Even though you're the King of the Court?


call me that!

The first setter of Kitagawa is on our team?

But the guy's totally cocky.


Hey, hey, hey. Who said you guys could...

You're Kageyama?


Glad you're here.

You're quite tall.

He needs an initiation, Suga-san!

Let's give him a reason to be intimidated by us third-years!

Tanaka, stop with that face.

Kageyama is slightly taller.

But high-schoolers are kinda big...

That's right. I'm at Karasuno now.




Oh! You!

Shorty #1!

So the other applicant here, Hinata, is...


I'm a little surprised...

I see.

So both of you are here at Karasuno.


We saw your match last year.

You're way short and sucked bad, but you've got guts.


Your jumps were awesome, too.

But you haven't grown much since.

I may be little, but I can jump!

I'll be Karasuno's ace!

If you want to be ace, I hope that you've improve.

If you goof around, you'll waste another three years.

What did you said?


You know, you're not enemies anymore.

Volleyball is about teamwork-

I'll challenge you!

Hey! Daichi-san is still talking!

Challenge me to what?

Volleyball, what else?

What's the commotion, volleyball club?

Yikes. The vice principal!



You'd better not be fighting.

Of course not. Just a friendly rivalry. Right?

This vice principal likes to make trouble, so keep it down.

Serve! I'll return them all.


I was only able to get one of your serves last year.

Right in the face...

But I trained with all kinds of people.

I'm not the same person as last year.

Not the same as last year, huh?

I'm not the same as last year, either.

Now, now, guys.

Let's not get carried away.

Is he a first-year student?

Relax. Don't be intimidated.

Remember, you've trained at this with the old ladies!

Here goes.

A jump serve?

Last year he didn't-

I'm not sure I could've returned that one!

None of the girl volleyball players or old ladies served like that!

How's that different from last year?

One more.

Hey. Enough is enough.

They don't listen to their captain.

This could be a problem.

He has quick reflexes!

He's right in front-

If this keeps happen-

You're not wanted!

Until you realize that you're both teammates,

you won't be participating in this club!


Tanaka, block and follow properly.


The court and ball are in front of my eyes.

And it sucks that I'm not allowed in...

Dammit! I have no time to waste time like this.

I'm gonna make them take me.

You realize we're teammates now?

I am a force to be reckoned with.

That's reason enough for me to be on the team.

Just what I'd expect from the King-

Anyway, what are you going to do?

I'll challenge them

to a two-on-two match.

If we win, they have to take us.

Is this guy for real?

Does he really mean what he says?

You just need to do your best you can...

to not get in my way.

If I can play volleyball...

I can endure anything, for a little while!

No matter how obnoxious you are,

I'll do my best to keep from seeing you!

That's my line, you idiot!


Can you let me through?

Kiyoko-san, good to see you. I'll get that for you.

Not necessary. I'll hold it myself.

Kiyoko-san, you're beautiful as ever today!

It turns me on when she ignores me!


Let us challenge you to a match!

The two of us against you senpais.

Are these guys for real?


We will prove that we can cooperate as a team!

Then now's the time.

There are two other first-year applicants besides you guys.

It'll be a three-three match against them.

Tanaka, I want you to be on Hinata's side.

What? Me?

That doesn't mean I want to play with them.

I see. I thought you'd be the only one here

who could discipline these troublemakers.

Oh, well! I guess it can't be helped!

I'll do it.

Aren't you glad?

And if you lose the match, as long as we third-years are here,

Kageyama will never play setter.

I'm a setter!

Then win.

You're here because you think you can win by yourself, right?

I... I'm here, too!

The game will be Saturday morning.

I... I'm here, too!

Listen up! Tanaka-senpai's gonna teach you a lesson.


Are we being a little too hard on those guys?

That's true. You're stricter than usual, Daichi-san.

Do you have some special reason in mind?

You guys saw their match last year.

Kageyama had outstanding ability as a junior high student,

but his ability hasn't yielded any results.

Plus, he's self-centered, which means

he'll repeat the same mistakes as in junior high.

He'll get in the way of the team for sure.

But what's different from junior high...

is that Hinata is on the same team now with Kageyama.

He has rare speed and reflexes, and his jump...

He didn't get the chance to play with a setter in junior high.

And Kageyama is seeking a fast spiker who can hit his tosses.

Those guys are imperfect on their own.

But put their abilities together...

If we can utilize that combination

Karasuno will evolve explosively.

Hey! Concentrate more!


One more!

Here goes.



The back.

Got it.

Are you the first-years that stirred up trouble on the first day?

T-shirts? Chilly.

H-Huge ...

Give it back.

You're the other first-years joining the club?

You're Kageyama from Kitagawa Daiichi, aren't you?

What's an elite like you doing in Karasuno?


I watched the prefecture preliminary tournament.

That was some egocentric tossing.

I can't believe your teammates tolerated it, because I just couldn't.


I guess what happened was because they couldn't tolerate it any more, either.


What's going on?

but why is he holding back on this creepy guy?

Tell him off like you usually would. Say something back at him.

Let's go.

Um... hey.

Running away?

I guess the King isn't what he's cracked up to be.

Maybe I will win against the King on Saturday, too.

Shut up with the "King" crap

I'm here, too.

I'll spike the ball over your head at the match.


W-what? Hey.

You wanna fight, bastard?

Let's not get so intense.

Let's do this cheerfully, for fun.

It's only a club activity, after all.

See you later.

Hey, you! Stop!

Who are you guys?

First-year class-4, Tsukishima Kei.

I'm Yamaguchi Tadashi.

We're your teammates starting today.

But enemies for now.

Looking forward to seeing the King's tosses.

See ya.

Man, those guys totally give me the creeps.

We'll pummel them to the ground.

I don't need you to tell me that

Hey, where are you going?


We're not done yet.

Good morning.

The beautiful girl. The beautiful girl is here.

Hey, hey. Is she the manager?

All right. Let's get started.

I'll be on Tsukishima's team.

What? You, Captain?

Don't worry. Tanaka's a better attacker than me.

Though I won't go easy on you, either.

Um... that little one and Tanaka-san, which one shall I crush-

I mean- block first?

Oh, yes, yes. I'd like to see at the King lose, too.

He blew that big first-year out of the water.

Tanaka, shut up!


Don't take your shirt off!

Maybe you shouldn't have razzed Tanaka.

Forward, forward!


Me, too... Me, too...


I get a toss, too...

This is my first high school match and my first spike.

I'll score.

And yet again, even here...

There's a high, high wall.

You surprised me the other day, too.

You sure can jump.

If only you were 30 centimeters taller, you could've become a superstar.

Hey, King.

Maybe you should start getting serious.

Huh? What's your problem?

You haven't stopped getting in our faces since the other day.

What's this "King's toss"?

Don't you know why they call him "King"?

He's called that because he's so good

that guys at other schools are intimidated by him, isn't that it?

I'm sure there are others who think that's why.

However, his nickname of "King of the Court"

was given to him by the guys of Kitagawa Daiichi.

By the teammates of the King.

What it means is...

He's the egocentric King.

The oppressive dictator.

Kita-ichi. Kita-ichi. Kita-ichi. Kita-ichi.

{\ fad ( 1000.0) \ an7 \ fs33.75 \ fscx104.065 \ blur1.125 \ c & H454847 & \ b1 \ pos (348.02,601.425)} Kosen Academy Kitagawa Daiichi

All right.

Damn... They block high.

We have to get past them somehow.

We need a much faster attack...

So fast it's unblockable.

Don't mind. Don't mind.



Nice serve!


Are you kidding? Your tosses are reckless.

What's the point if we can't spike them?

But we can't win if we don't get past their blocks.

Does it end here?

Is this where I lose?

No! I'm going to nationals.

Move faster! Jump higher!

More... More... More!

But that was back in junior high, right?

You toss to me just fine.

It makes no difference to me.

We'll win against Tsukishima, become official club members,

and you will bravely play setter.

And you'll toss to me.

What else is there?

You can't make up for height by psyching yourself up.

If you believe effort alone will win out...

You're dead wrong.

I got it.


Toss it to me!

Who do I toss to?

Hinata can't beat Tsukishima one-on-one...



I'm here.

That was close. I almost missed it.

It's out, though.

What was that for?

But the ball came to me.

Forget about junior high.

I'll take any toss I can get. Gratefully.

I'll jump anywhere.

I'll hit any ball.


Toss it to me!

To break the wall in front of the spiker...

That's the setter's job.

Nice serve! One point!

Amazing concentration.

Watch. Watch.

Where are the blockers?

Where's the ball?

Where's the spiker?

How will they move?

Where will they jump?

How high can this guy jump?

I'll avoid!

If I can't be as tall as the other players,

then even by one centimeter, one millimeter,

or even one second faster,

I'll reach the summit.

Then, in that very moment...

I'll be at the highest place.


The view from the summit.

All right!

Looks good on you.

Yes, looks good. Looks good.

We're the Karasuno Volleyball Club from here on out...

Ready, and...

Good to have you with us.



Good job, everyone.

Good job.

Sakanoshita Shop

Chinese buns?

We have Karasuno High School Hallway slippers

The soccer club bought up the last of it.

We're not making any more.

I'm starving!

What a lazy clerk!

Shut up. Go home and eat a proper meal!

You won't get muscles if you don't.



Eat a proper meal.


Yes, yes.

Hello, Sakanoshita Shop

You again?

It'll hit!

Hey, do not get in the way, dumbass Hinata!

That could've hit!

Did I get it? Did I?

You didn't get it, dumbass. You hit a home run.

I'll go get it.


I got it this time.

Match for a thousand

That was a perfect receive.

Could this person be...?

Y-You're shorter than me!

Huh? Hey, what did you just say?

I-I'm sorry!

Hey! Noya-san.

Hey, Ryu.



Let me introduce you.

This is Nishinoya, a second year.


Hey! You guys are first-year, huh?

You, the guy that was serving.

The tall guy with the nasty glare.

What junior high are you from?

Kitagawa Daiichi.


That's a power school. No wonder you serve like that.

What junior high were youat, Nishinoya-san?


That's a [pwer school.

Why did you come to Karasuno?

Because you heard coach Ukai was coming back?

No... I came to Karasuno because...

Because I like the girls' uniform.


And the girls have lived up to my expectations.

And above all...

because of the boy's uniform. In black!

I wore a blazer in junior high, so I admired this uniform.

It's not brown or gray, but black!

I know what you mean.

Karasuno has black uniforms, and the girl's uniform is cute.

The school's close to home. It was a no-brainer.

Kiyoko-san! I've come to see you!

He's like a hurricane, as usual.

A guerrilla downpour...

Quite the noisemaker, isn't he?

Yet when he plays, he's surprisingly...




Nice receive.

That's just an ordinary rolling receive.

Why did he yell that out?

What was that?

Kageyama. Tsukishima. Yamaguchi.

I'm going to lecture you all.

Crouch down. I mean, sit down!

Get lower than my line of vision.

Teach me! Teach me the Rolling Thunder!

Good job, everyone.

I want you all to listen up.

We're doing it again this year, aren't we?

Golden Week training camp!

Training camp?

Yes. We still need a lot of practice.

One more thing. For the last day of Golden Week...

I've arranged a practice match!

Awesome! Very impressive, Take-chan.

Who's our opponent?

A venerated school in Tokyo, Nakoma High School.

They call themselves...



We've heard a lot about them.

Our former coach and theirs were rivals.

We played each other a lot.


That's right.

Those famous matches were called: "Cat vs Crow: Battle at the Garbage Dump."

You sure those matches were famous?

They've refused us for a while. Why now?

Yeah, I'll tell you the details later.

But after I heard about that rival school,

I had to arrange for a rematch of destiny.

I think when he hears who our opponent is...

Sakanoshita Shop

He'll want to take action.

One more! Give me another!

Shut up! I know that. Here goes.

Woo! That feels great!

All right.

We'll use our quick attack against Neko!


A match against Nekoma?

It'll be a practice match on the last day of Golden Week.


What do you mean "yikes"? Hey, don't run away!

But you're scary when you get mad!

I'm not mad right now.

"Cat vs Crow: Battle at the Garbage Dump."

We've heard stories about Neko.

It'll be our first match with them in years.

It does pique your interest, doesn't it?

But I've lost face with Suga and Nishinoya.

Don't mind.

One more.

{\ fs47.25 \ b1 \ fscx104.065 \ be1 \ c & H3B3A3A & \ pos ( 635.2,633.7)}Date Tech Karasuno

It's a feint. In front!

Nice, Noya-san.


Iron Wall of Date
Date Technical High School Volleyball Club Supporters Association


He missed, but still, that libero is amazing.

I'm sorry. I'll get the next one.

Yeah. His skills are amazingly high-level.

But the offense is weak...

Blocked again...

I've lost count of how many they've blocked.

I'm scared to call for a toss.



Suga, to the right.


{\ fs47.25 \ b1 \ fscx104.065 \ be1 \ c & H3B3A3A & \ pos ( 635.2,633.7)}Date Tech Karasuno

You're too much.

Don't worry. Both Suga and Nishinoya are fine.

You ditched us for a whole month, you complained about your anxiety...

but those things don't matter to me.

If you still like volleyball,

that's reason enough to come back.

Oh, yeah.

We've got a guy who hopes to become the ace.


Good job, everyone.

Huddle up!

Let me introduce you.

This is Ukai-kun, who will be our coach starting today.


Is this true?

Only 'til the match against Nekoma.


But this is the guy from Sakanoshita Shop.

He's really a coach?

He's a senpai to all of you.

He's the grandson of Coach Ukai.


But that's not the name on your store.

The store's named after my mother's side of the family.

We got no time to waste. Let's get started.

I want to see what you are made of.

The game will start at 6:30 PM.

The opponents have already been invited.

If you still like volleyball,

that's reason enough to come back.


Thank you very much.




Brings back memories.


Team Neighborhood Association...

...is here!

All right!

Let's get started!


It's a match!

Hey, you. What's the matter?

Oh, I'm sorry. He's sort of...

What? He has a problem? Is he injured?

No, it's not that kind of thing...

Whatever the case, I need you on the neighborhood team.

Their libero has to work, so he couldn't make it.

Well, then...

We just need two more.

Where should we do?

You guys still have more guys, right?

Hey, it's Asahi-san!


I... I... um...


What? You're late! Who do you think you are?

What's your position?

Wing spiker...

We're short on players. Hurry and warm up!

Chop, shop!

{\ fscx109.846 \ an8 \ blur0.619 \ fs22.5 \ c & HEDEDE6 & \ b1 \ pos ( 662.517,355.025)} Karasuno Neighborhood Association

Let's play.

Nice serve!

I couldn't follow on any of the blocks.

Dashing Full Force

Why? Why aren't you blaming me?

We lost because of me.

No matter how much you followed,

if I cannot spike and score, it's all for nothing!


What do you mean "it's all for nothing"?

Then why didn't you call for a toss at the end?

Hey, stop it, Nishinoya.

I was only bringing the ball to Asahi. He must've been tired.

Toss to me all you want.

I'll never score.

You don't know that 'til you spike.

I kept the ball in the air.

It's not your place to give up.

Hinata, nice serve!

Net in!


Sorry! Cover for me.

Long-haired guy, you do last!

He saved it.

Even if the ball bounces off the wall...

I'll keep it in play.

So... So ask for a toss again,


All right.

Shimada-san ...


One more time!

I had forgotten such simple and obvious things...

To strike past all obstacles...

That's the ace.


What a sound! Like, kaboom.

Nice. Nice, Asahi.

You, too, Nishinoya.

You guys, too. Nice toss, Suga. Nice receive, Nishinoya.

So that.. That's an ace.


The ace is awesome, right?

He smashes past it all. Blocker or no blocker, it makes no difference to him.

What's the matter?


{\ fs42.75 \ fax-0.14 \ b1 \ fscx104.065 \ be1 \ c & HDEDFD7 & \ frz7.452 \ frx0 \ fry0 \ pos ( 673.223,240.8)}Karasuno Neighborhood Association

Nice serve.



Overall, their receiving needs a lot of work.

Sorry. Kageyama, cover for me.


He discerns the dropping point quickly and without hesitation.

All right!

{\ fscx109.846 \ an8 \ blur0.619 \ fs22.5 \ c & HEDEDE6 & \ b1 \ pos ( 620.488,347.15)} Neighborhood Association Karasuno

All right!

All right.

We have you now!


Hello, long time no see!

Nice, Nishinoya.



Damn! Even in his first game in a month, his timing's perfect!

Tanaka, you're way too happy.

If only I had his height and power.

It's coming from the left, cover the side.

Hinata, go back a little more.

No, no, the Little Giant was short, but he was awesome, too.


It must be nice...



Oh, he's alive.

Are you all right?

Are you all right?

It's his fault, no matter how you look at it, for being an airhead.


Relax, Sensei.

I'm fine, sorry about that.

Why were you distracted in the middle of the match?

Right now...

You can jump well, and you're fast, but you're lousy overall.

You'll never be an ace, the pillar of the team.


While I'm here, you're invincible.


Azumane-san's spike has awesome power. He can slam past three blockers.

So how about you, then?

Whenever I toss to you,

do you ever get blocked?

Nice serve.

All right.

Nice receive.

The blockers are huge...

Dodge them!

What else can you do, airhead?

If I can't break past them ...

then dodge!

I do not want to be blocked.

I do not want to be stopped.

If there are blockers in front of me, there's no way I can win.

I don't have fighting power like the ace.


As long as I'm here,

you're invincible.

That last slam was amazing.

Thank you very much.

Thank you!


Receive. We're nothing if we can't receive.

Starting tomorrow you've got rigorous training ahead.


All right. Let's huddle up and finish practice.




Equipment room

All that's left is to screw it in.

Yup, like that.

What are you guys doing?

We're fixing the mop that broke during the fight from a while ago.

Ah, the one I stepped on...

It was my fault that it broke.

What's wrong, Nishinoya?

No... it's just harder than I thought...

Noya-san, you really don't have a lot of power, huh?

What was that?

Nishinoya, let me have it.

It's fine, Asahi-san.

I'll take care of it.

I fell, so I should be the one to fix it, right?

Equipment room

Senpai! We're closing the gym!

All right, we're going now.

What were you all doing?

Hm? Well, it isn't anything to worry about.

Eh? What's with that strange way of answering?

Hey now, hurry up and leave if you're done.

We're going outside.


Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

Training camp

VS Nekoma

All right.

I'm off.

Have a nice time.

Four more days 'til the practice match against Nekoma.

In our matches from here on out...

That spike...

That receive...

They're going to be on our side!

It's kind of amazing.

All right. It's training camp time!

Front, front.

Hey, how many does it take for you to get it right?


One more.

Here goes.

Nice, Yamaguchi.

Nice receive.

That's five successful receives. Next up.


I'm ready.

Good job.

Okay, let's get going.


Wow! Will we stay here?

You need to calm down.

But this is my first time in a training camp.

I have to hang all day with this slovenly bunch.

What's so fun about that?

Tsukishima, you bastard...

Kiyoko-san's within a 500 meter radius of us!

How can that be slovenly?

How pitiful that you can't understand how refreshing this space is!

It's like this wellspring in the Ou Mountains.

Shimizu's house is not far, so she's not staying here.

What are you guys doing?


We can't... go on...

Thank you for the food.

Seconds, anyone?

Yes, please.


Next it's the first-years' turn to bathe.

What's up, Hinata?


There's a stranger among us.

There shouldn't be.

We're the only ones staying here.


...a child.

It can't be.

You must've seen your reflection in the window or something.


I must've made a mistake.

Of course...

It was a mistake.

It was a mistake.

Why are you yelling?

Daichi-san will get mad.

It was just Noya.

Noya-san? B-but...

Noya-san grew shorter!

That's true. Your hair adds to your height!

Ryu, you bastard!

It's not funny!

Don't make so much noise...

Daichi will get mad...

It's me. It's Asahi!

You guys shut up!


Don't yell unnecessarily. It'll sap your strength.

Hey, where are you going?

Nobody's coming.

Did I get lost?

A bright red jersey.

You don't see those around here.

What are you doing?


I'm lost.

You're from out of town?


Is that thing fun?

Not really.

I'm just passing time.


Are you a volleyball player?


Those are volleyball shoes.

Oh. Yeah.

I'm in a volleyball club, too. I'm Hinata Shoyo.


Kozume? That's your name?



So you're Kenma. Are you in high school?


What year? I'm a first-year.

Second year.

Crap. You're older than me. Pardon me.

Don't worry.

I don't really like that kind of status stuff in athletics.

Oh, is that so?

Um... do you like volleyball?

Not particularly. I kind of just do it.

I don't dislike it, but I don't like getting tired.

But my friends play, and they probably can't do without me.

I think it'll be more fun if you get to like it.

I don't care.

It's only while I'm in high school.

What position do you play?


Really? You're a little different from our setter.

Our setter is a little more... intense.

I'm middle blocker.


Do you think it's kind of weird?

It's a position for tall guys.

I guess... but I don't think that.

I get told stuff a lot when I go to matches.

They say: "The setter position is for the most talented player, so why him?"

Because I'm not very athletic to begin with.

Oh... Is your team good?

Well, I heard we were good a long time ago.

But we fell into decline.

Recently, though...

I think we're pretty good.

What's your school?


Oh, Kuro.


See you soon, Shoyo.

Don't go wandering off by yourself.


We're strangers to this place. You have to be careful.

See you... soon?


All set?


Washed, folded, and all set.

Uchisawa cleaning

It's the uniforms.



It's the one I saw on TV.



But only Noya-san's is orange. You stand out.

Thank you very much.

Of course. After all, I have the leading role.

Leading role?

The libero goes on and off the court frequently during a match.

He's the only one that needs to be noticeable. Idiot.

I know. I totally know that.

Kageyama is one notch higher than me...

I knew he was going to say that.

Just be grateful we first-years get to wear a uniform at all.

I know that.

Yeah, I guess you don't remember that number,

because you saw it only once on TV, right?


The Little Giant wore #10 when he went to nationals.

By the way,

The Little Giant that Hinata admires played on the best team Karasuno's ever had.

But even then, Karasuno never defeated Nekoma. Not even once.

There was one loss after another.

I want you to turn the tables on them.


So, let's start practice.


Nekoma must be very strong.

What's their team like?

I don't know about now, but in the past,

the team has had very solid receivers.

It's not that they had outstanding players.

They just had no holes. They were the opposite of our team.

They lived up to their "Neko" name...

They were flexible.

What the heck?

We spike and spike, yet the ball never drops on their court!

Nekoma Shirato

All right.

It's not like there's a genius player among them, in offense or defense...

Why are they so good?

Hey, Hinata.

They said it's our turn to bathe.

Hey. Don't get all worked up again and barf.

I won't barf!

I know it goes without saying...

I'm only allowed to play because of your tosses.

It's frustrating, but I wouldn't be allowed on my own merit.

I'm taking a bath and going to sleep right away.

Damn you, bastard... That was a false start!

Why must they compete to see who can bathe the fastest?

They're morons.

I get tired just watching them.

Hey! Who's running?

Karasuno High School Volleyball club



Hey, you're with Nekoma?

Oh, yeah.

Why didn't you tell me?

Because you didn't ask...

But you said, "see you soon."

You must've known something.

Your t-shirt said "Karasuno High School".

Hey, hey, hey.

What business might you have with our setter?

It's fine.


You, too...

What business might you have with our first-year?

Is there a problem?

Wanna fight, city boy?

We're going to "fight." That's why we're here to play the match.

And stop the "city boy" thing. It's embarrassing.

Yamamoto, you're always quick to pick a fight. Stop it.

It makes you look stupid.

I'm sorry about that. He's an embarrassment.

I'm sorry, too. I'm embarrassed.

A lady... manager... beauty...

How come you know that guy?

I met him by coincidence during a town run.

He said he's Nekoma's setter.


We're looking forward to our match today.

We looking forward to it, as well.

Wow, the ceiling's so high!

This is normal.

This guy is the crafty type.

It's been eight years. What's up with the hair, Ukai?

Shut up, Naoi. You haven't changed at all.

Yo, Keishin.

It has been a long time, Nekomata-sensei.

You look just like your geezer of a granddad.

I'm Takeda. We spoke on the phone.

Thank you very much for engaging us today.

You barraged me with calls until I had no choice.

I-I'm sorry.

I'm just kidding. Just kidding.

We had good practice matches these last three days.

We're looking forward to today's match.

Yes. We are as well.

Even though my opponent isn't that geezer Ukai,

I'll show no mercy.

Let me be frank.

We've all just met.

We are awkward and fragmented.

But regardless, we're facing our first match.

We know nothing about Nekoma's team, nor the kind of walls we'll hit.

But when we find a wall,

that's our chance to jump over it.

We are like the blood in our veins.

We must flow without stopping.

Keep the oxygen moving

and your mind working.

Let's do this!


Kuro, can you stop giving those speeches?

They're embarrassing.

Who cares? They help set the mood.

They're supposed to be thought-provoking.

And that's that.

We made it in time.

It's been so long...

since the last Battle at the Garbage Dump.

We now begin the practice match of

Nekoma High School versus Karasuno High School.

Let's play!

You're not nervous today, right?




D-Don't underestimate me!

I'm not underestimating you at all.



Underestimate him at least a little, you bastard.


I told you I thought we're a strong team,

but it's not me that's strong.

It's everyone together.

Kenma, nice serve.


All right.

Sorry, a little short.

That's what you get for ditching a month, Asahi-san.

I'm sorry.

Kageyama, cover.


Amazing speed. What the...

A fast attack from a place like that?

What the heck was that?

He wasn't watching the toss.

That was amazing.

I'm shocked.

Nice, Shoyo.


Here goes.


All right.

Nice receive.

Another fast attack.

That one was inevitable.

Next is me.

This is ridiculous.

Forced to time out.

Their libero and spikers are good.

The most ridiculous of all is that setter.

He's a monster.

He tosses with incredible speed to the highest spiking point.

His control is as if he's threading a needle.

So he's a genius. We can't help that.

But, a genius in their midst doesn't guarantee their victory.

If Shoyo is the heart of their offense...

all we need to do is stop Shoyo.


That speedy #10.

That #9 and #10 are, in a manner of speaking...

Note: Kanabo is a samurai weapon in the form of a metal club with spikes.

an oni and his kanabo.

For starters, we steal the oni's kanabo.

Nekoma Karasuno

Amazing. We're doing well.

I'm getting the creeps.


Like we're being watched, and analyzed...

Damn it.

Nekoma Karasuno

Don't mind, don't mind.

That was close.


Their #7... he's following Hinata.

Nekoma moved the blockers to the side.


A dedicate shift.

We can't let Shoyo move around so much.

I think anyone will be shocked the first time they saw that attack.

But even if we can't clear the first round of the game,

As they keep repeating the same move...

We'll get used to it.

Chase #10. Chase #10.

Touched again.

Fast attack's coming.


Don't mind. Don't mind.

That was a two-attack.

Hey, don't get too overt.

They can detect even the tiniest faults.

In front!

Sorry, Noya-san! Cover for me.

I got this.


What? Kageyama called for a toss?

Kageyama. Last.

Hey, that's called a straight. It goes straight along the sideline.

Learn to discriminate with your spikes.

This guy's so good, it's irritating...


Nekoma Karasuno

Nice one, Tsukishima.

This guy is intelligent.

He observes and thinks carefully.

The exact opposite of Shoyo.

Nice serve.


All right.

Nice receive.

Who should I toss to?

To the right?

To the left.

I knew it. He's watching me.

He also responds quickly...

All right.

His glance just then... was a feint.

He's not good with people,

so he's concerned about what others think.

Hence he's good at observing people.

He comes up with good theories.

Theories like, "I bet this guy moves like this."

But that alone is not the strength of our team.

One touch!

Nice cover, Yaku-san.

We have no superhuman ace. But all we have to do...

is modestly, carefully, keep scoring one point at a time.

Nekoma Karasuno

All right!

Kageyama. I'll slam next one. Give me a toss.

It's their set point. If you miss, we'll lose the set.

I know. I'll score.

Nice receive.

But even if we can't clear the first round of the game,

As they keep repeating the same move...

We'll get used to it.

Nekoma Karasuno

I got you, at last.

All right!

Hey, we can't afford to get discouraged.

We will take back the next set.

There is no such thing as an unstoppable striker.

Do not think otherwise.

You will score next time, Hinata.



Yikes, again...

All right.

Nice block, Inuoka!

It's not dumb luck.

Their #7's getting used to Hinata's moves.

Karasuno Nekoma

Daichi-san, nice cover.



You're wondering why I don't switch Hinata out, aren't you?

Not really.

If this were an official tournament, I might.

But this is my chance to find a solution.

But if Hinata starts to lose his will to fight,

it might be better to let him sit one out.



It didn't work.

All right!

The "human wall" that breaks the will.

The more you run into it, the more you discouraged you feel.

He's smiling.


Something's different.

Different from the time when I couldn't see the "other side" because of blockers.

I was at complete loss for what to do.

But now it's different.

I can tell they're matching me by the skin of their teeth.

I used to be afraid of blocks. I hated them.

But when that guy's in front of me, I feel excitement.

With your toss, and some kind of strategy,

I'm sure we can break through this wall.

Therefore, once again...

Send me a toss.

That goes without saying.

Karasuno Nekoma

Nice serve.

That toss, did Hinata just...

He saw it.

He trusted Kageyama with the ball all this time!

All he ever did was give it a full swing...


It's not that I didn't trust your toss, umm...

I wonder.

What are you panicking about?


Give Hinata a softer toss than usual.

Not the usual direct delivery.

An indirect delivery?

Why are you changing the toss?

To give Hinata an advantage in the air.

I saw Hinata trying to thwart the block while in mid-air.

He just failed miserably.

I've been spiking without thinking all this time...

Now that I have to coordinate with the ball on my own, I don't know how.

Again, all he can do is hit returns.

What can we do to help him improve?

It's only natural he can't do a play he's never done before.

Bring it on.

But everything you learn, you learn by doing.

Remember Karasuno's Little Giant?

The ace Hinata-kun idolizes?

He lived up to his name. He was only 170 cm tall.

In the beginning, he was constantly blocked.

But in the latter half of his second year,

he was peerless when it came to battling mid-air.

Because people don't have wings...

We look for ways to fly.

Shucks, that was out!

That was awesome.

That was awesome, Shoyo.

One more.

One more time...

At the very moment Hinata is at the highest point of his jump,

to set the ball at the optimum spiking level...

Then I will take aim...

...and swing!

The toss was a little too high.


It's in

Front, front.

Nice, Inuoka.

Bring it.


One, two...

All right!


One more!

Even if I'm only average on offense,

I 'm still Nekoma's ace!

All right.


Taketora-san is more fired up than usual.

Karasuno's team has a similar kind of guy. Maybe that's why.

Or maybe he got inspired by the battle between Inuoka and #10.

Hinata-kun and Kageyama-kun's quick sets haven't been syncing...

That's because they're trying to do the normal quick sets,

instead of the freak quick sets

when Kageyama matches Hinata perfectly.

But Hinata needs to develop his skills.

You are still straining. Your timing's slower than usual.

His body has to learn,

and the only way is through repetition.

He'll have to keep training, but once he has a unique set of skills...

...that duo will cease to being an oni and his kanabo.

They'll become a pair of oni.

Karasuno Nekoma

Nice serve.

Over or under? Which way should I receive?

Cover, cover.


All right! Asahi-san is not the only one

who can score in a pinch.


He blew away the block.

Yes! Yes! Yes!


The guy with a thick crewcut dashed forward...

And now #7, from behind #2?

Nice one touch.

Chance ball.


Nekoma's #7 reacts fast, too.

They influence each other in a tight battle.

At times, they pushing each other's abilities to new heights.

They are indeed rivals.

He got it through.

It landed in.

All right.

Still a little too high...

All right!


Karasuno Nekoma

We can't let them reach 20 points before we do.

Inuoka, serve.


The lanky guy rotates to rear guard,

and comb-head becomes vanguard...

It's fun playing against Lanky, but...

This guy is scary.

Inuoka is 20 cm taller than you, and yet you played an even match.

That's amazing, shrimpy.

You can call me a shrimp, but you're the real shrimp.


What are you doing?

Let's do our usual quick set this time.

The zoom one, not the floaty one?

That's right.

But I was starting to get the hang of the floaty one.

Not this time.

Not while that guy is vanguard.

Inuoka, nice serve.

All right.

That always feels so good.

I think it was a good decision.


Sorry, sorry. I didn't react at all.

I think the freak quick set is more effective

against that third year middle blocker.

Kuro-san, don't worry.

Okay, it's my serve next.

That sure was amazing.

Get it over the net, okay?

Those guys are what you call superhuman.

I know that.

Okay, then...

Let's get that point back.

Hinata, nice serve.

Nice receive.

Oh, they got jumbled ...

Who's getting this one?

It's gotta be that strong-looking guy...


Back row attack...

The three in front were decoys!

Our block's been completely thwarted.

Chance ball.

Who's next?

An A quick.


In a split second.

That was quite a solid quick.

Maybe it's because he's keeping a close eye on our unpredictable Hinata.

All right, my serve.

Karasuno Nekoma

Yamamoto, nice serve.


Sorry, cover!



Who's attacking next?

Another A quick?

He didn't jump!

What was that attack just now?

One guy changes the timing.

But he took the initiative immediately after that perfect A quick.

Nice toss.

That was impressive.

Nice kill, Kuro-san.

In terms of defense and offense, we're no match for them.

At least for now.

In which case...

We have not choice but to fight.

Pound them with your power and speed!

We will make up for our lousy quicks and receives with sheer brute force.

You guys are rough around the edges and awkward,

so use that as your weapon!

Wield your weapons with all your might.



and keep on attacking!

Yes! Nice block, Tsukishima.

Tsukki, nice.

Karasuno Nekoma

Don't mind, Inuoka.


Karasuno's reached 20 points.

Karasuno's totally gone on the offensive.

Don't rush things. Understood?



Keep your connections solid.


Karasuno Nekoma

Okay, one more point and we're even.

D-D-Do your best.

Calm down. We'll stop this one.


Just when we thought we were out of danger,

Karasuno Nekoma

it's Nekoma's match point.

One more point to go.



Damn! He's smirking at me!

Don't worry.

Everyone is still fired up.

All right...

We'll even the score.

You won't get past me.

Karasuno Nekoma

That #3 is vanguard now.

We can fake out their blockers' cornerstone, the middle blocker.

Tanaka, nice serve.

On top of that, Hinata is capable of thwarting him and scoring.

And then there's Azumane, who is our most powerful attacker.

Now that those two are vanguard,

Karasuno has its best chance of turning the tables.

One more point and it's deuce.

Yes. If we can reach a deuce,

we'll have a chance to turn the tables on them.

This is the moment of truth!

Nice receive.

Hinata's quick is too uncertain right now.


He saved it


It's coming back. It's our chance ball.

Damn it. I'm sorry.

Azumane, direct spike!


Slam it, Asahi!

Saved again!

Chance ball!

Hinata's aura...

It's what I felt the first time I played against him.

His overwhelming presence at the most crucial moment...

As if he's saying, "I'm here. Give me the ball."

He's calling me!

We did it!

The team with strong spike does not win...

The team that drops the ball loses.


that's what it means to "connect."

Karasuno Nekoma

All right!

We didn't make many mistakes.

Our best weapons were working as they should.

Yet, we still couldn't win.

Kenma, nice.

They are a real team, not a group of individuals.

They totally defeated us.

Once more.

Once more.

Let's do it.

Yeah, I'd like that.

That's what a practice match is for, so we can do it "once more."

Nice course.

Nice serve.

Once more.

May 6 / Good weather
8:50 Karasuno assembles at the sports park for practice match
9:10 warmups
10:00 practice match

Karasuno Nekoma

We've been defeated fair and square.



Once more.

Hey! You've been moving around like crazy.

Is your stamina limitless?

Hey now, we can't.

We have to catch the bullet train.


Frankly, your abilities exceeded my expectations.

Especially #9 and #10's quicks on offense.

You guys are pretty much unstoppable.

And you two on the left, you're both powerful weapons.

Practice maintaining connection.


As a team, you're rough-hewn and lack training,

but you have overwhelming potential.

The more you train, the stronger you'll become.

You guys make me happy.

We finally have a good rival again.

Let's meet again at the nationals.

In front of a huge audience, in an arena swirling with emotions,

in that shining, glistening, enormous gym.

The Battle at the Garbage Dump.

Let's have the best match ever.


All right. Let's start cleaning up.


You piece of crap.

You turd.

Equipment room

Come on, let's hurry up.



What's up? Still wanna fight?

City boy. Come on.

Um... well... your...

L-Lady... ma...

What is your manager's name?


You plan on bothering our precious manager?

I'm gonna rub your fuzzy head so hard...


I do not have the courage to speak to her.

Fukunaga, mop over there for me.


Yaku, get me that mop.


She's Shimizu Kiyoko-san.


She's the very embodiment of that name.

Indeed, indeed.

It took me a long time before I could speak to her,

so I know how you feel.


When you talk to her and she ignores you,

it's still pretty good.

That hurdle's too high for me.

You're a pretty good guy.

You, too.

I'm Yamamoto Taketara.

I'm Tanaka Ryunosuke.

How long have you been playing volleyball?

Who taught you?

How long have you been a setter?

How do you train?

Do you get along well with your team members?

Have you ever hit a wall?

Our setter is a little more... intense.

He was talking about him.

You were amazing, Shoyo.

You're like... Zoom! Bam! Oh, I'm Inuoka, a first-year.

Yo,u too. You're big, but you're like... Wham! Kaboom!

I especially like how you "argh!"

And I like how you "boom!"

And your smack hit me like "bang!"

It's not quite "bang!" It's more like...

What the heck are they talking about?

They don't sound like that they're in high school.

But you on the other hand, maybe you

should loosen up more, like a real high schooler.

I'm not good at that sort of thing.

Ah, youth.

I'm sorry I'm so slow.

Oh, no. I'm sorry.

No, I was wrong. Please forgive me.

Stubbley over there is scaring that first-year half to death.

They look like a kid and his dad.

He looks more like a kidnapper to me.

Um... That guy's really staring at me.

I'm sorry. You'll be fine if you don't look back at him.

#3, your receives were amazing.

I've never seen anyone able to receive so many of our ace's spikes.

Your entire team is high-caliber, and you're their libero.

I think you have amazing talent.

I'm going to do my best, too.


Hey, don't just say that and leave.

I'm sorry about that.

He's kinda dangerous.


He's a high-caliber libero, too, but he's not arrogant about it, at all.

On the contrary, he only seeks to improve.

That's scary.


Thank you for coming all this way for the match.

No, no, thank you.

Since you have no connections,

it must be hard for you to get games together.

All those calls you made to me...

You even threatened to come see me personally.

I'm sorry.

However, your enthusiasm stoked my enthusiasm.

Even if you're awkward, your students will follow you just the same.

Do your best.

Thank you very much.

Do your best too, Keishin.

We played three matches and you didn't win a single one.

I'll win them all the next time. Just you wait and see.

Let's hope you're not all talk.

Sensei, you're too confrontational.

It's his fault. He looks too much like that geezer.

That's an immature remark.


What you were saying about coaching only until the match with Nekoma...

Did you hear what he said to me? I can't bow out now!

I'll have my revenge for sure, and on a huge stage.

'Til we meet again, my friend.

What's with them?

Dunno. It's quite unusual.

We won't lose the next time.

We won't lose the next time, either.

Terrifying! They're terrifying!

The next time around, things won't go your way like they did today.

Fine. Otherwise, it wouldn't be good practice.

And them, too!

They're so immature.



When we talked on the road the other day,

you said you didn't particularly like volleyball.

Oh. Yeah.

How did it feel to win today?

Sort of... normal.

The next time,

we'll make you guys desperate.

We'll win, and...

...we'll make you say, "I'm mad," or "That was fun,"

instead of just, "Sort of."


I look forward to it.


what was that just now?

A "personal time difference attack".

I saw done during yesterday's TV match!

You act like you're going to jump like this,

hold it for a second, and then attack when the blockers are faked out!

What? I didn't get any of that.

Stop picking up new techniques from watching TV matches already...

What are you saying?

We're gonna practice a lot now.

That way, we'll become the best at things that other guys can't do!

Right now, it's an offensive technique we can't use

So if we practice it a lot from now on...

By the time we're in high school, I'm sure...

That it'll be one of our most magnificent special moves!

Yureru kagerou suberi dasu ase

The heat-haze sways, the sweat starts slipping

Hibiki au koe tataki au kata

the voices echo as shoulders hit each other

Aketa mado kara sora ni tazuneta

from an open window I asked the sky

Oretachi kono natsu dounandai nee, Mr. Future?

what challenge will we face this summer, Mr. Future?

Oh come on, come on, come on

Oh come on, come on, come on

Wazukate mo Chance

even if it's just little, it's still a chance

oh come on, come on, come on

oh come on, come on, come on


connect it



Itsudatte daredatte soko ni tachitakutte

No matter when, no matter who, wanting to stand there

Machigatte iradatte mogaki tsudzukete

even if it's wrong, even if it's frustrating, keep on struggling

Never give up kono mama owaritaku wa nai

Never give up, I don't want to end like this

Kono Imagination wo kakaete ore wa iku yo

carrying this imagination, I'll go

Oh, oh!

Oh, oh!

Kyoukasyo ni aru kotae yori motto

Rather than an answer in a text book

Buttonda kandou wo hoshigatteita

I wanted an unexpected excitement

Komi agete kuru guwaatte nani ka ga

something that filled my heart like "Gwaah"

Ano koro, shinjireru subete datta Mr. Future

at that time, it was all I could believe, Mr. Future

Oh Hello Hello Hello

Oh Hello Hello Hello


are you hearing it?

Oh Hello Hello Hello

Oh Hello Hello Hello





Butsukatte korogatte tsuyoku naritakute

Bumping, tumbling, wanting to be stronger

Ijihatte tachiagatte kurikaesu kedo

being stubborn, standing up, and I repeat that again, but

Never give up kono mama hashirasete kureyo

Never give up, let me keep running like this

Kono Imagination no saki e to ore wa ikuyo

to the end of this imagination, I'll go

Oh, oh!

Oh, oh!

Maketa toki kara tsugi wa hajimattenda

Since the time I lost, the next has begun

Ima wa nigaku shibui aji demo Baby

even if the taste is bitter and acerbic now, Baby

Itsuka kitto

someday, surely

Itsudatte daredatte soko ni tachitakutte

No matter when, no matter who, wanting to stand there

Machigatte iratatte mogaki tsudzukete

even if it's wrong, even if it's frustrating, keep on struggling

Never give up kono mama owari taku wa nai

Never give up, I don't want to end like this

Kono Imagination wo kakaete

carrying this imagination

ore wa ikuyo

I'll go

Oh, oh!

Oh, oh!

Ah ore wa ikuyo

Ah, I'll go

Oh, oh!

Oh, oh!

If today's was an official match...

It would have been all over after we lost the first match.

All over.

Boy's Volleyball Prefectural Tournament
Kitagawa Daiichi
Loses by a Hair

Yukigaoka Kitagawa Daiichi

I know.

I'm glad you know.

And the official matches

the Inter-High preliminaries are right around the corner.

When we get back

We'll think about and analyze today's practice match.

Then we'll train.