Haifa Street (2019) - full transcript

2006, Baghdad is ravaged by sectarian violence. Haifa Street is the epicenter of the conflict. Ahmed gets dropped off there by a taxi on his way to his beloved Suad's home to ask for her hand for marriage, he gets shot by Salam, a sniper who's living his own personal hell on a rooftop above.

This is my first day in Baghdad...

The place I left 20 years ago

It was a big prison then...

Now it's a big mess.

Everything's changed in this

the smell of blood is everywhere....

But your place in my heart

All I have is this camera, Suad.

It's been with me for years.

It's like my destiny.

These cassettes,

they summarize 20 years
of my life.

The tears, the joy...

The sadness.

The weariness...

My affection for you,
my love for you.


Time is a merciless killer.

And this is the only way I know
how to stop it.

... Reuters broadcasted last Sunday
images showing

Iraqi militiamen poised on rooftops
firing from their automatic rifles.

The scene begs serious questions about
the sectarian divide in the country.

Iraqi politicians, Sunni and Shiite,
responded with a statement

about the violence during the
Imam Kadem pilgrimage...

Please don't come out here...

Be careful Suad...


Don't come near me Suad...


Mom please comeback here...

Telll me you're ok...

Why did this happen Dalal?

I told you he was coming to marry my
mother, why did he shoot him?

How should I know which one...

I did what all the neighbors do,

what happened this time?

I'll call you later Dalal.

Mom please calm down...

Let's figure this out together.

What does she want calling you?

This isn't the time,
we're in trouble.

Here drink some water.

Shut your mouth!

What are we going to do?

Let me call the police, we have
nothing to lose.

They're useless.

All of Baghdad is trying
to call them...

I'll handle it.

Haifa 2... Haifa 2...

Haifa 2... Haifa 2...

Three people coming

with a coffin - check them.

Young man... Please
move me to the corner.

I beg you...

- Please move me...
- Nobody move!

Just move me to the corner...

[Salam Mohammed Saleh. Born in 1986.
Went missing in 2003]

Why did you put it out?

Where do you think you're going?

Dalal's house.

Her brother Abo Muthana can
fix this.

You're not going.

These people are trash,
and without honor

What honor?

Baghdad is drowning in shit and
we're at the bottom.

Even Ahmed, our last hope...

There he is thrown in the

I was waiting for him to come marry you
so we could leave for America.

Now what?

It's all over.

You're not going!

I'm not going to lose you like
I lost your brother.

My brother's dead,
just forget about him!

Get him out of your head.

He's nothing but another corpse
in the trash like many others.

For God's sake let me help you...

[I need to get medicine for my
mother please let me pass]

I want to take him off
the street now.

It's out of my hands.

I tried with him but no luck.

What else do you want with him?

I'll do what you asked for.


Are you messing around with him?

I told you someone was coming
for my mother

and I did what all the
neighbors do.

This is your brother's turf.

I'll try.

But this will cost you.

Just work with me.

Your whole life will change.

I'm right here Dalal.

Any son of a bitch you want me
to sleep with

American, Jihadi, army general
just choose.

This is the Nadia I want.

Just don't raise your voice.

What happened?

What did Dalal say?

I'm talking to you, answer!

She wants me to fuck her brother
and all of Alqaeda!


I'll cut your tongue off if you
bring her up again.

Enough I'm tired!

Do you know how tired I am?

Did you forget what you did
with Ahmed?

In the end he left you and your
son for the US!

Why didn't you answer
Abu Muthana?

Don't get us involved in
your problems.

I have enough.

And I'm real bitter.

You piece of shit!

We were told not to fire.

Why did you shoot him?

He's a relative of Nadia's

which means we're fucked.

If she complains to him,
we're done for.

You're trying to be a man by
challenging them?

These people are like concrete walls, only idiots
like you would bang their heads on them.

And get Nadia out of your head.

He wants her all to himself.


... how the US administration's

to finance sectarian militias

which ignited a civil war and
tore Iraq apart.

This is also the story of a man
sent by the US military ...

What's wrong?


Say something...

Are you going to keep staring
at him?

That's it you killed him.

Let them take him off the

I won't let them until he dies
like the dog that he is.

I don't care what anyone says.

This is for Suad...

Take it to her.

Don't forget...

Take it to Suad.

What happened can happen to
any man...

I know my love...

Let them take him off the

I've got business with Nadia
and her mother.

This is none of your business.

Sometimes you forget who you're
dealing with.

You'd better watch yourself,
especially with Nadia.

Eat shit!

You eat shit and know your

You're nothing but our employee.

Shut the fuck up!

You're mine and I can do
whatever I want with you...

I'm not in the mood for you
right now.

Get out of here.

Get out!

I hired him for your sake.

He's a stranger to me
to be honest.

But because you sent him,

I've treated him like
a brother so far.

But Hajji he can't disobey

That's it Hajji, whatever
you need.

At your service...


So what have you done with your
dear husband?


This is temporary he can rip up
the contract whenever he likes..

Rip up the contract?

This is a marriage sanctioned
under God and the prophet!

And I'm the one who
permitted it!

I'm no pimp!

What you're saying is wrong.

What did you do about Nadia?

Her mother's messing with
her head.

She won't allow it.

You need to show them
who's boss.

You're the Emir here.

You have the right to anything
you want.

A lot of people in your circle
have their eye on her.

If you don't make a move

everything you've built will
come crashing down.

I'm Abu Muthana.

Whoever tries to cross me

his days are numbered.

Even a fly that zips through
Haifa Street

I know where it came from and
where it's going...

Don't worry.

Your hands are clean.

Raheem brought this from
near Ahmed.

My name is Ahmed Jabbar.

Iraqi with an American passport.

I escaped from Iraq

because of a death warrant.

I returned with the Americans and agreed
to help in Abu Ghraib prison.

I didn't want what happened to me

to happen to others.

But I was witness to everything.

Everything that happened in
Abu Ghraib.

I saw how they tortured prisoners
with humiliation...

No human being could tolerate it.

Even the innocent was turned
into a monster.

I tried to stop them many times

but I couldn't.

They started to threaten me.

When the scandal broke,
they blamed me and others.

And they kicked us out.

A few days ago,

one of the translators I worked with

was found dead.

I knew my life was in danger.

This is why I'm making this tape.

At the end of it, there is footage
of torture in Abu Ghraib

that no one has seen yet.

These images

must reach the whole world.

Everyone must know what happened
in Abu Ghraib.

Who's that guy on the street?

And who said you could kill him?

Listen you:
Don't forget who you are.

You came out of prison like a rat,

you didn't even have enough
to buy a cigarette!

Now you want to mess with me?

This time I'll let it go
for the hajji...

Next time I'll crush your skull
on the pavement.

Get Nadia out of your head.

Got it?


Salam, answer me.

Hold your fire Salam.

Salam... Hold your fire.

Salam... Hold your fire.

Do you copy? Just man up

Be a man Salam.

Abu Abdallah...

Get Salam out of here.

Relocate him to the side by the river.

Replace him with one of the Arabs.

That's it make it happen.

Here they are what do we do with them?

Get rid of them.

They're useless.

And the translators?

We have nothing to do with them.

If that's the case then why
did he shoot him in the street?

... on the other hand, a curfew
has been encforced in Baghdad

due to other sectarian attacks
and explosions

after the bombing of the two
Askari imams in Samarra.

The US and Iraqi government
condemned the attacks

with US military General Kevin Bergner
stating that the bombing of the-

Get up!


Send me two guys now!

That son of a bitch has me
cornered in the building.


I'm going up to him now.

I'll go up to Suad's and get Nadia.

Let's see what he does then!

Let's go.

Step away I'll get it.

This is just a warning.

Next time I'll bring this house down
on your heads!

Your actions became unbearable

I’m the one protecting you,
if not for me...

The Americans would drag you

and press your head with their shoes

Who do you think you are?

You were a low level fighter.

Crime is what brought you here!

Get out!

Shut up you disrespect able bitch!

Save the hooker talk for your sister
not me!

Don't you dare mention Dalal!

Dalal has more honor than
your whole tribe!

Let go of my mother!

- Watch me take her!
- Let go of me!

I'll throw you back to the streets!

Let go of me!

Go up and shoot him from the roof!

Make one move and I'll kill you,
got it?

Get out of here. Leave!


Come down quickly.

Come down and follow me to
Salam's building.

Move fast!

You son of a whore!
You attack my people.

Son of a bitch!


- Shut the fuck up you piece of shit!
- Asaad help me!

Shut up and you come up here!


Are you crazy? I’m with you.

Come here!

Go there you son of a bitch!

Asaad shoot him!

Shut the fuck up you piece of shit!

Shut the fuck up!

You shut your mouth!

You shut your mouth!

Come here!

Drag him!!

Drag him up like a dog!

Bring him here...

Not a word from you asshole!

I treated you well Salam!

Bring him!

- Salam I treated you well Salam!
- Shut the fuck up!

Take his clothes off...

Take his clothes off!

Son of a whore!

Where is your honor!

Shut up you!

Shut the fuck up!

Why are you doing this?

threatening women? asshole!

Take your clothes off!

Take it off! rascal!

- Take your clothes off now!

Take your clothes off you asshole!

You shut the fuck up!

You're all pieces of shit!

Take it off asshole!

Take your clothes off now asshole!

Shut up you son of a whore!

Tie him up like a dog and
shut the fuck up.

Tie him up and get on top of him.

You pieces of shit!

You wanna fuck my sister
you son of a whore?

Shut the fuck up you dog!

Get on top of him fast!

- Get on top of him now!
- Why are you doing this?

Shut your mouth...

Nadia has more honor than your tribe!!

Put your clothes on and follow me...

Don't just stand there, be a man.

Where are you going with this?

What you've done is bigger than us...

I don't understand...

What are we going to do with
Abo Muthana?

Leave his body in the street too?

Tell her to come take him.


Come back!

Announce it to all the mujahideen:

Salam is now the Emir.

Today was a nightmare.

He killed him like a dog...

and we might be next.

This guy's stubborn...

But the higher ups won't let this go.

It's going to be a blood bath here.

Kill or be killed.

There's no place for us here.

I'm leaving today

Why don't you come with me?

Why don't you answer?

Son of a bitch.


There was this moment
I can't forget...

It's become a recurring nightmare,

with me wherever I go.

There was this young man

constantly in tears...

They forced me to film him naked

as they raped him.

When our eyes met

I felt responsible for everything
that was happening to him.


I don't know why.

It was as if he was
my son.