Haiducii (1966) - full transcript

Give me the money
you've stolen from the people

or I'll make you
creack in your shoes, boyar!

For more than a century,
between 1716 and 1821,

Wallachia was ruled
by foreigners known as Phanariots.

As the throne was bought
for huge sums of money,

their aim was to get rich
in a short amount of time,

collecting money from the people
in the country, quite poor at that time,

who were forced this way
to become outlaws

in order to take revenge
for such a wicked faith.


- Hello, cherubs!
- Hello, captain!

- Have you changed the guards, defrockey?
- Yes, indeed, captain!

Give it to the people in Luncani
and Mereni, because it belongs to them.

For... nothing?

Madam Marghiolita's jewels.

Sell them at the fair
and divide the money evenly.

- You'll leave at dawn with Sarbu.
- I'll leave now, if you say so, captain.

Don't be on the high horse, brother,

I know you're eager to drink
a pipkin full of wine.

If you put it that way, I kind of am.

- Anita, have you prepared the bed?
- With that look, you could just kill me.

- Shut up or I'll tear your mouth apart!
- If only you could...

People like you, all you know
is brag about your power.

Beloved ones, I can only advise you to
stay away from the lusts of the flesh,

that struggle against our souls.

Dance until you drop, Anita!

Long live everybody,
and may we never die!

Oh, mama!

Lock it really well, Amza,
or somebody will steal it from you!

Do I look like
I have a rooster in my yard?!

Faster, you bunch of good for nothing!
Dance, pretty eyes!

- I'm going. The dawn is breaking.
- Relax, the posse ain't coming.

The daylight
isn't an outlaw's best friend.

I don't like your blood brother.
He's ladylike and an alcoholic.

You may have drank each other's blood,
but his blood is impure.

The man stood by my side
for better and for worse.

When you're gone, he looks at me
like at a bowl of honey.

Your imagination, woman!

Brothers, someone betrayed us!

Quick! Run in the basement!

He'll run through the window.

Catch him alive!

You've betrayed him, goddamn you!

I've been waiting for this moment
for a long time, savage woman!

You'll stay with me,
you'll be loyal and docile!

Because my Worship has been announced

that Amza the bandit dared
with no constraints and fear of mastery

to horrify the honorable boyars, hijacking
them and setting their houses on fire,

hurting good sorted people
and tax collectors.

And, as my Worship couldn't stand any more
this audacity,

and for everybody to know that...

It's a good thing
you won't hang him, Sire!

This is a good way
to acquit the country from bandits.

The people loves him, my lady.

...my Worship decided that, firstly,
he shall be infamized through the bargain,

and then whipped 500 times...

If we would have killed him, he would say
a thing. Is that right, treasurer Dudescu?

The lord's mercy is heavy
in the rabble's endurance, Sire.

He was a sylvan robber. He sold
Amza and now he's serving Voda.

He's handsome, and he looks bold.

She's treasurer Dudescu's daughter!

Well, her father drinks his money
from a bucket.

...and I also declare that Amza

should be punished
for as long as he shall live, with prison.


In three years, you'll be blind and deaf.

God shall forgive all your sins,
as you shall live in the dark.

In this cage you'll rot!

If you'll kick the bucket
we'll take you up here again.

Is there a soul that can hear me?


Voda is resting!

Sire is waiting for you.

His Serene Highness, Ahmed!

Should an enemy's head fall?

Or maybe suppression over a patrimony...

Indulging the tribute
to the Sublime Porte?

Not paying your throne is a high cost,
my friend!

A very high cost...

I know,
but this country is like a fountain

with lots of springs, Your Highness.

If one dries out, you shall dig deeper
and find other ten.

Haven't you found them all, yet?!

Only now, after three years of dominance,
Your Serene Highness, I know where to dig.

Your Istanbul rival has offered
the Great Padisah, a million gold money.

1.100.000, 1.200.000, 1.300.000
gold money.

I shall be here on Whit Sunday,
but be aware, this cuts both ways:

either the reign insignia, or...

I shall have the money, Your Highness.

Don't be afraid, my friend,
it is not for you.

You know I'm heading towards lasi.

Now, the head of Moldavia's lord
shall fall.

He also craved for.. too much.

I've almost forgotten! Doesn't your enemy
from Istanbul, have relatives here...

...in Wallachia?

Money, money!

Get knotted!

He is more avid than a beast.

He doubled the initial price.

And I don't know where to get
that amount of money, until Whit Sunday.


But I shall not move an inch
until I raise all the money!


Afterwards, I'll take Vienna's path,
the path of freedom...

Greed has never been equivalent
with happiness.

Stuff, madam!

Vail your pride
and behave yourself gently!


If I only knew the name of the bastard
that betrays me...

In two years, since he married her,
he consumed madam Dudescu's heritage.

He's crazy,
he sets the rates of interest to 30%.

Loan sharks are watching him like hawks.

I hear that Voda keeps him close
because he knows how to do dirty work.


Can you redeem for me his acts?

First, you've asked me to ruin him.
Now what?

For what amount of money
can you thrust him in the debtors' cage?

Make 100.000 worth debts
and you have him in your pocket.

When you ran out of money, ask for more!

Bring me the bills!

Arhonda, take a seat and deal the cards!

I shall do my job
and leave you penniless.

Diligence is the mother of good luck.

- The jewel arrived.
- Take good care of it!

- Bring it in my chamber!
- Sure.

Don't you move a muscle, or else I shall
smoke you with chili.

Your wish is my command, boyar.

Boyar, the horses need something to eat,
they look like donkeys...

Ah, a pickpocket never changes!

Treat her gently,
she's very hot-tempered.

- You tell me?
- Of course. I know how you, men, are.

As soon as you see a nice woman,
you try to seduce her.

Shut up, you devil, I have business to do
with her!..

Beware, madam Marghiolita can't find
out about this, or she'll skin you alive

as heartsick as she is!

Aren't we there yet?
Shut your mouth already!


I'll give you another bag
if everything goes right.


- Come in, Belivaca boyar!
- It took me a lot to get here!

The stairway to Heaven
isn't close, either.

- Fair and sinful. Did you bring it?
- Of course!

Does anyone else know about this?

Who should know?!
Voda would skin me alive.

- Give it to me!
- Is that how we agreed?

Don't worry, what's yours is set aside.

Give me a drink to get a little warm!

- So, Parpanghel, is she coming?
- With bag and baggage.

In a moment. What have you done,
dear Fira,

the madman is going to kill me!?

He's gonna beat you!
He's gonna cover you in tar!

But if you love me, you won't be sorry.

I care for you, Fira.

That's how you meet the devil's father.
You're him, in person!

Is that how you call me, little devil?!

Oh God, don't give me that look,
I feel shivers on my spine.

Here's the plan.

When Voda obtained Telega from
grandfather, he forgot to ask for it.

Is this Telega, you're not lying to me?

This is it, may I never be with you if it
isn't! Oh, God, you're so beautiful!

I'm burning,
come on and extinguish the fire!

Come on, boyar, what are you waiting for!
Unclothe yourself!

Oh, how you've lit obscure fire inside me.

Oh, my rude passion!

I can feel it!

I can feel it!!!

I can feel it!

Forgive me, God!

I'll show him what it means
to cheat on me.

Come, family, help me stop this Lovelace,

He's punishing me and leaves me to dry off
as Jerusalem's olive-tree.

Quick, boyar,
madam Marghiolita is going to catch us!


I've had enough of him
looking after other women and craving.

Your courage determines me to try
and heal you of this devilish habit.

Without this plan,
nobody gets out of there.

Whatever it is that you've done,
for this, God forgives you.

I don't need forgiveness.

If God helps us, we'll have a cup of wine
on Easter, with him.

When you reach to the point when you
gamble your wedding ring,

the devil takes over.

I'll find my luck one day
I'll keep it forever.

Tonight, I still have a shot.
I shall bring you the money! Wait for me!

Anita, lend me some money!

You won't receive a penny
from me.

Ask your father in law,
he still has seven more properties!

Don't let the loan sharks get me.

The power you had over me
is gone.

People are talking that I still love you,
and that's why I'm staying here.

And I'll be damn if I wouldn't
spend the night with you!

This is what I've always loved about you,
your manly personality.

- Get out! Out!!!
- Maybe you will need me, someday.

The garrote shall need you.
Come on, move!

Come with me, fellows,
I'll give you gold!

Not this one!

Good evening, father in law!
You can't sleep, either?

My daughter is not a bargainer child,
so you can ridicule her.

The men's sins, dear father in law.
The wine, the horse and women...

Why shall we put ourselves in frills?

You shall speak
like that with your companions!

I'm so sorry I let my daughter
marry you.

You would have waited a long time
for a son-in-law, as Maria desired.

Notable men have proposed to her,
not a scallywag like you.

You know me so well, treasurer.
I didn't force you to give her to me.

You scamp!
I'll kill you with my bare hands.

You've consumed my daughter's dower,
and now you want her soul, as well.

Leave us alone, father!

He should tell you who he loves
who he shares sheets with.

Leave us alone!

Don't leave, father in law!
I have something to say to both of you:

This is a letter from your cousin
in Istanbul, thanking you for the money

that you gave him, so he can buy
Vallachia's throne.

You bastard are going through my drawers!


The Sire would pay good money
only to find out who loans

a million golden money
to his rival in Istanbul.

- Leave, scam, off!
- Get a grip, lady!

One word of mine,
and you both rot.

- I hate you, you worm!
- Your hate keeps me warm and full.


I need money!...

I gave you my daughter's dower,
you bastard and you dissolved it.

I shall not give you a thing!

Sell Ostroveni and Smereni's lands,
with their souls and belongings,

and you shall give me the money!

So that I know I haven't spend my nights
with your slacky daughter.

This is what you deserve!
You have the man that you've wished for.

I hate you, you worm, you maggot!
I don't even know why I'm not leaving you.

For fulfilling our needs,
I am taking the decision

that from today until Whit Sunday,
every simple man from this country

should pay the second tribute.

Our treasurer should respect
this demand.

I'm sorry to interrupt

but the people shall be mad
and our lands shall remain deserted.

The main beneficiaries
should collect the tributes as they can,

if not, their properties shall be sold
for the fulfillment of the royal demand.

All right, Sire,
we shall act as you wish.

I know that your Highness thinks that
I'm good only at evil doing,

but my soul is more pure than Holy Water.
- You have more secrets than you tell.

I shall serve you, Sire, until death!

This place smells like betrayal.

I know that you, Sire, have the blues
since the arrival of Ahmed.

- Are you eavesdropping?
- How could I?!

But, if you put your life in my hands,
let me penetrate your soul and your mind.

Somebody is lending a million golden money
to your rival in Istanbul.

Speak and you shall have
my trust for life.

It isn't easy for me...

If you said so, willingly or unwillingly,
you shall tell me everything!

It's my father in law, treasurer Dudescu.

In order to punish him
I need some evidence, Sarbu.

- You shall have them, Sire.
- Until then, exiled!

- Are we approaching Telega pit?
- In about three hours, Holiness.

Holiness, treasurer Dudescu,
is sent here in exile.

At Sire's command.

Welcome, in the house of God!


We have to stop a few moments, Sire!

Hello, Your Holiness!

Bless my food, please,
tomorrow is Easter.

And after fasting and praying
we deserve to eat something delicious.

Don't tempt me, please!

Humbleness' angel, don't leave me
now, at the end of the great fast!

I don't know his sins, Father.
We have to stop for a few moments.

When you feel weak
it is only then, you're strong.

These are St. Atonie the Great's
wise words.

That was St. Antoine.
Don't you besmirch now!

You shall not see Heaven.
- I still have a choice left, Father.

Do not profane,
or you shall be damned.

Jesus said to his apprentices:

"It is impossible not to have the occasion
to sin."

"If your brother shall become your
enemy, blame him,"

"but if he shall atone, forgive him!"


- I have 20 liters of ruby fresh wine!
- Tax collector, you're tempting me.

Come closer, little one.
I can't do anything for fun!

Little one, come closer to us.
I shall not make a big fuss.

God bless you!

What in the world is that coachman doing?

He will call us when he's done.

Have another sip, Father!

You have such a little mouth,
Give me drinks, I'm drying out.

You made me sin.

You're so little my dear flower,
but your kiss shall give me power.

- Oh, dear!
- Ouch!

Please, God, forgive our brother, Ghedeon,
as he failed fighting with the devil!

Forgive his sins committed willingly
or unwillingly!


Come for the light!

Christ is risen from the dead....

Trampling over death by death,

and to those trapped in graves
gives them life again.

God bless!

- What is your name, son?
- John.

Bless John, dear God
and forgive all his sins.

Defend, guard and bless us!


- Culai.
- Toader.


Your servants Petre, Ghervase,
Culai, Toader, Dumitru,

defend, defend, guard, guard
bless, bless...


- What is your name, son?
- Amza.

Defend him, dear God,
guard his soul,

bless him and make him
stay away from sins...

Help him, God, defend his soul..

When you arrive at the vault,
you jump into the water,

and the river shall bring you to light.

Hold him tight!


Stay calm
if you ever want to see daylight!

- Where are you taking me, my brothers?
- To fatten up a little bit.

And have strength.

Only revenge shall feed me

- What about my brother?
- The merchant made it big.

- Drink and have fun.
- I shall drink his blood.

- What about the others?
- They were chased away

and now live like a drunken hen.

I have waited for this moment so long,
my children!

Let's walk again on foot paths
scrambling on into the world.

And when the vines shall mellow,
we shall drink a sandy wine

and hear a rotten song.

Come on, Roibu!

Please, God, receive the oblation,
of this boyars

although they are not very generous
with our offertory box!

May the pray rise
as the holy incense before You.

I'm sorry, Your Serene Highness,
outlaw Amza ran away from the pit.

We must poke and pry.


Bow yourselves before the Holy Relics!

On your knees, sinners!

They heal you for everything: deafness,
sins, madness, diseases...

On your knees, you bastard!
For candles of your souls!

Relax, Barabbas, Jesus said, commanders
of Pontius Pilate are watching us!

Hell take us.
The mercenaries soldiers are approaching.

- How many are they?
- About ten.

Receive this one, Lord,
in the Kingdom of Heaven!

It Is Amza, he came out of prison.

- Forgiveness...
- Forgiveness!

- Forgiveness?
- Yes.

- But you do take tributes, right?
- We do!

- Did you imprison slaves?
- We did.

- Did you abuse young girls?
- Oh yes, a long time ago, aha...


Who are you and what do you want?

I have an agreement with someone
dear to you.

- How can I not think you're a spy?
- Whose spy?

The man who sold his sworn brother?

Who betrayed his father in law to Voda,
so he can steal from him?

Are you Sarbu's wife?

Is he so mean now to betray his wife too?

He married my dowry, not me.

He only loved one woman, Anita
he used to spend nights with her.

Shut up, it is not true!

Why were you silent, you bastards?

Why did not you tell me?
What did you expect?

The wounds of the soul
are bigger than the body ones.

Kill him and you'll heal your pain!

I am a woman,
I will give you whatever you want:

money, jewels, take them,
I want to see him dead!

No, the outlaw does not kill for money.

The enemy is evil on earth, lady.

For Sarbu's life
I'm gonna take another payment.

You were faithful to me.

Instead of hiding
the betrayal of this woman,

you should have placed
a rope around the neck.

It's a sin, Amza!
The bastard took her by force.

What were you waiting for?

He came with his soldiers,
filling the streets.

He should have been
strangled in his sleep,

if he slept with his head on her pillow!
- She tried to persuade him,

but he had the power on his side.

She sold the inn
and went to the café in Bucharest,

to catch the betrayer, and get revenge.

She got the prison plan, else
you would not have seen daylight.

Who will buy this soul of mine
to tame it? I have nothing left.

If the woman I fell in love with went
with another guy... What else can I do?

What are you waiting for?

Why don't you go in the country
to gather more people again?

Is there anybody left to avenge this
nation from extortion and oppression?

I will set them all on fire!
Including the foreigners and the boyars.

They need to learn
I did not sit doing nothing.


Let him leave, if he wants to!
It's better this way.

You should all come
to Muierii Cave in a week's time.

- C'mon, go!
- Hey, Zdrelea!

Wait, Zdrelea!
Wait a minute!

- Let's plough up the grounds!
- You went nuts, Zdrelea...

When you were an outlaw,
you were free as a bird.

I would love that, defrockey,
but I can't. I really can't!

The woman did not let me.

Good woman you have,
if she convinced you so easily!

Therefore Zdrelea,
you started to poke at home, right?

We'll go and tell Amza
how a fit and powerful guy,

who used to crumble rocks to pieces, is
now at home, following his wife's orders.

This is where you save
yourself in the name of God? C'mon!

Almighty Lord, you have saved humanity
from the devil's claws,

save your subject,
Zdrelea, from the claws of his wife.

You bastard, adventurer! Are you not
fed up with wandering in the woods?

- Peace to you, woman!
- What peace?!

You're the one to ruin my husband?
The one who left us alone and poor, huh?

Where is your priest soul?
I will not let you ruin my home!

Run, defrockey, that's bad!
I will reflect and see.

Zdrelea, your woman is devilish!
Did she do you charms?

Pay attention to what I told you.
You know where to find us.

I will show you!!
You, Devils, you want to ruin my house!

You just arrived, and now you leave?

I will break your legs
if I see you again!!

Mischievous devil,
the Outlaws of Christ!

Boooo! May the raven eat your eyes out...

May the wind sway you by the waistband...

It's time, Sarbu. During the night
you go in the counties across the Olt.

Collect and bring over the tributes,

We will get into problems, Sire....

I hear Amza is trying
to gather the band again.

- Roads are dangerous. I know him!
- I don't want to know anything.

The Whit Sunday is very close
and Ahmed is quite serious about it.

If he takes over my throne,
you will hang, Sarbu!

But if you bring me the money in time,
I will cover you in gold. Choose!

It's not hard to choose, Sire.

And mind you:
one succeeds with wisdom, not power.

I got a plan, Sire.

I'm waiting for you tonight in my alcove.

Come to the birdman!!!

We give away more than we sell.
The Birdman comes from overseas!

I get out of my state, again!
Can't take it anymore.

Stop blabbering! You'd better command
the Guards to be ready.

- Why the rush?
- The road is difficult.

The devil will take us If we do not take
the gold to Voda before the Whit Sunday!

Sarbu's job. He's with the benefits,
he should also be with the consequences.

- When are you leaving?
- Maybe tonight.

Stupid job!!!


- Check that merchant!
- Yes, Lady.

Where are you from, foreigner?
I have not seen you here before.

- I am a bird merchant, girl.
- And do you gain something?

If I don't gain, it falls from above.

One liter of wine.
But make sure it is old, not watery.

Is a Greek who sells birds.

- Won't you sell me some birds?
- Of course I can, you, merciful!

- How about a jar of wine?
- I will give you one.

Today I want the world to be happy.

Generous merchant!
You live out of losses.

As the poor man, left by friends
and looking for others all over the world.

Where did I see
these beautiful eyes, before?

In the other world,
where all is righteous and good.

Take me with you, fos mu (gr. - My Light)
because I come from afar, from Fanar.

And I heard that here women
do not ask too many questions.

Light of my eyes!
Tell me I live, tell me I can see you.

A Curse upon whomever you prayed to!

Goddamn it, you've come to be
the procuress of these bastards.

- Do not hurt me with your words!
- I'll accept your confession

and eat your soul, as you punished me
with your lack of belief.

Kill me!
Cause man only forgives in heaven.

I would have given my soul to the Devil,
only to lay my hands on Telega's plan!

You cannot tell me that my freedom
was bought with your pleasure!

Shut up, do not ask!
I've been humiliated enough by everyone.

And I will pay back to Sarbu
in blood and shame.

Look at that,
he will end up in the prison!

Female bullshit! They buy
these papers with a threat.

What moneylender
is not running away from prison?

- They will die by my hand.
- Wrong, he has the power on his side.

The soldiers
stay by his side even at night.

- What are you going to do with me?
- Wait for me, I'll send word to you.

That's the real man. You spend
all your efforts to make him stay at home

and when you thank God
he leaves you again.

Anita, as far as you are concerned,
I cannot forgive you.

- A..., aza, a...!
- What is it, dumb man?

- Amza?
- Yes!

What Amza?

He left.

- Fira, wake up!
- What is it mistress? Fire??

I need your Parpanghel to come with me.

- Where are you going?
- This is not your problem.

Bring him here quickly!
Come on, wake up!

Half of the people ran away.

It's hard to collect the tribute,
they ran away.

Collect everything from whoever
is left here and catch me up!

I will hang you all
if I'm late in Bucharest!

You cursed ones! Bastards!
How shall I take care of my children?

Do not hit my mother!


The scouts say the outlaws of Amza
are very near. Are you not afraid?

Not afraid? Of course I am,
but how can one better master the fear

than by means of his power?

This woman does not want to pay,
she did not even pay the first tribute.

She has a hidden bull.

Do I need to teach you how to do your job?
But what am I? You bastards!

I will you teach you myself,
you bloody woman!

Why did you not hit them?

There were many of them
and we had empty hands.

- Where did they go?
- To the market to sell our cattle.

Follow me!

- The ghosts!
- Oh my God!

The outlaws!


We seem to know each other.

You have gained a lot of weight
from the loss of this nation

and it does not do you good.

Easy or it will sting you!

Leave that one to me, Captain! I want
to hang him by the trees for the crows!

Too bad, Zdrelea! You cannot taint
the forest with the carcass of a servant!

Scarlat, Cioaba, a rope!

- Tie him well by the tail of the horse!
- Mercy!

Let the cattle
get back to the people in the village!

Do not kill me!

Have mercy!

Go back!

- I can no longer see him alive, Captain.
- But why can I?

I hope he will burst out, the worm!
May he not live tomorrow!

- All in their own time!
- I would drink his blood too.

But, first, we need to prevent the gold
from getting

in the treasury of his Majesty.

Sarbu knows our tricks.

We are only a hand of people.

Unless we are clever enough
and he will fall in our trap.

- How do we cross the Olt River?
- On a old floating bridge.

Night is a good counselor.

I hope God has enlightened
you during all this time.

What do you, say father-in-law,
do we have a deal?

Go away, Satan!

Do not defile the altar
with your poisoning breath!

If you gave me your lands,
your head would still be where it is now.

You want to make me a poor guy,
so I can come begging at your door.

And so the Lord wants to take
your estates, for betrayal.

Do you not understand this is the only
way to keep the wealth in the family?

You write down that you leave the villages
to the groom as you are getting old.

What father in law would not do that
for his daughter's sake?

I hate you! You don't have a soul.
People like you finish hanged.


And the letter?

Prepare the document and I give it to you.

I will give my groom all these estates...


with all the souls living on them.

- Du-des-cu.
- Oh...

You are so weak, not a man at all!
You do not know how to keep your wealth.

What are we gonna do, now?
We are poorer than the monks here.

At least they still hope
for the afterlife salvation.

You should have cut your hands
than sign the document.

- Look, he gave me the letter.
- A piece of paper.

A piece of paper that beheads someone!
I had no choice.

But you did.
Good choice!...

I'll take the document back.

I will not close my eyes
until I light a candle by his head.

Be ready!

Whom do I have to thank for seeing you?
I thought you no longer wanted to see me.

A lot can change within the man's soul!

Take me to Bucharest,
I'm tired of solitude.

If you do not want grow old by yourself...

Go ahead!

I know all our thoughts!
You never cared about me.

But I've loved you deeply.
- I do not believe it. You cannot love.

You are only pretending.
You're as cold as ice.

My dad never wanted it,
but I've always loved you.

Let's go!

Prepare your weapons!

I asked you to prepare your weapons.
Keep your eyes open!


Get Back!

- Why? We'll destroy them.
- The bait must be swallowed, asshole!

- We go back?
- Going back is much better.

The gold is not here, it's a trap.
Let's follow the water!

Sarbu is not stupid. He left his
people on the shore to catch us.

They shoot in vain now,
he cannot touch us.

You bastard!
Why do you laugh, you stupid?

We will meet again, my brother!


God dammit!

- We leave immediately.
- I understand.

We were about to die. He learnt
these tricks while being an outlaw.

But where do you think
the gold lies, Hancu?

How should I know I? Where else but in
the big coffer on top of his carriage?

The fox never takes its loot
on the wolf's path.

We will find him for sure!

- Defrockey!
- Yes.

Keep close to Sarbu but do not strike him.

You're sorry I did not die.

- Me?
- Do not dream in vain, lady!

Death does not want me.

And those in hell fear me.

Once we get to the plain,
the thieves will no longer dare touch me.

God, lady,
you'd better ordered carry him in pieces!

The innkeeper...
He did well here.

- Make sure he is guarded well!
- Do not be afraid!

I will give him to the gypsy baron
to take him all over the country.

After all that dust I poured in his wine,
you can cut wood on him now.

- Come back soon!
- Stay healthy, lady!

Lady, I'd kiss you your eyes,
say a good word to Fira for me!

She must stop saying I would ran away
scared whenever I see a goose.

- Okay, go!
- Kiss your hands, lady!

Come on, pretty boy,
I've been taking you everywhere!

Move, you, Parpanghel's horses,
you carry great packages!

Move, open the road!
Come on, faster!

Take away the dead horse and the cart!

What businesses drive you
around here, stranger?

I am painting churches, Your Highness.

I painted the shrine
of the Subcoatele Monastery.

And now they need me at the Holy Grand
Church to paint the porch.

You look young,
although you have white hair.

From fright, Your Highness. The Rusanesti
church burnt down. It was made of wood.

I was in the tower, painting
the image of the Lord, our God.

And then you fell?

I fell off the scaffolds,
through the flames.

It's a miracle I am not crippled now.

But the wounds of the soul are worse
than the flesh.

- What's your name, stranger?
- Dusa from Vasilase (hi is hissing).

Kiss your hand, lady!

Do you remember me? I have painted
your face in the Blessed Virgin.

You gave me money and jewels back then.

I did not accept it, though,
as I was paid otherwise for that.

Have not you painted our church
from Mereni 5 years ago?

The boyar, your father,
paid me really well then.

One meets true people when less expected.

Small world, Your Highness!

Go upstairs!
Go ahead!

- Here we go!
- Let's go!

- Are you sick?
- I think I am sick from such a long trip.



Tie the chest well, it needs not fall!

What agreement does Sarbu
have with that rider?

I do not know! What are you waiting for?
Kill him, or he will kill you.

We are alike,
we are both defending our estate.

I will kill him, but first I have
to settle something with him.

Do you have any idea where
is the gold that leads to His Majesty?

No, he is more cunning than a fox.

What kind of people did you
see around here, you bastard?

How should I know, I spend all day long
in the stables with dogs and piglets.

You lie, crow!
Are you one of them?

One of whom?
I belong to me and me alone.

Where is your master, moron?

I am a moron, right.
You know people so well.

- Where's your master?
- How would I know, nobleman?

- Then what the hell do you know?
- Do not hit me, nobleman!

I know how to dance and fiddle, nobleman.

Shut up, you bastard!

- Tell me where is your master!
- Nobleman, don't hit me, I will tell you.

Please don't tell him that you now from me
or he will hit me with his nailed strap.

He went to one of his concubines
in Valari, to get rid of his waist fat.

Who ordered people to drink?

They have a dried throat
from such a long trip.

Double the watch and built
more reinforcements! Send the spies!

- Captain!
- What are you looking at?

Why should we guard that loser anymore?

Do you think the looser
cannot be the outlaws' spies?

- Do you think they could?
- Why not?

You're crazy. You want to ruin everything
with your female folly?

What are you doing here?

The dumb guy looked for you
but you were gone.

He was taking a peak and he learnt

the entire Sarbu's convoy
is nothing but a bait.

The Gold is hidden in the barrels
of the guys he met here.

He could not have let you know.
Therefore I thought of avenging myself

of the abominations made by this bastard.

You bastard!

You thought I was so stupid as
to give the real letter to your father?

It was one devised by a scribe.
You take it, bitch!

The Lord will confiscate your wealth.

If you do not give it to me it will
all will be lost

and so will your father's head. If you
were living with me you could still

have nibbled something.
- May the moment I met you be cursed!

Is this the way you thank me
for trying to protect your wealth?

Instead of kissing my feet
and thank me you want to see me dead?

You think I did not know
who hid the guns in Olt?

Did it not cross your mind that without me
you will be a beggar?

A Beggar on the bridge of the poor. You
will be crawling on your knees for money.

You learn this: if I die, the letter will
be taken to His Majesty by a man of mine.

You will be left without a father
and without wealth.

The man posing as painter
is actually Amza!

And why are you silent, procuress?

- He escaped through the window.
- Search for him everywhere!

Keep close to me!

Jump all, they stole horses!

Follow me!

- Wait for me at the abandoned hermitage.
- I will not leave you alone.

I will not order you twice!

Take that way!



Don't kill her! She's a woman!


This woman was walking on her own

on the path that leads
to the abandoned hermitage.

- Turn your head!
- Anita!

To whom do I owe the pleasure of finding
each other here, where you sense death?

- I felt the need for green grass.
- Did you see my chum?

- So far, no, but there's still time...
- And how come we see you around here?

- I was looking for you.
- Wait!

Why did the outlaw send you, procuress?

It will be hard to make her talk!
Unlocked her!

Take ten men
and go to the abandoned hermitage!

Yes sir!

If you bring Amza to me,
you will get really lucky.

About the captain Sarbu: no news, my lord.

You have lies in your mouth, you bastard
servants! Why are you laughing?

You do not answer?
You're as false as all the others.

You fear my soldiers, my power,
or else you would poison me

or stab me in the back with a dagger.


Ahmed Pasha and 10,000 janissaries
are getting to Bucharest, my lord.


So bad for your beauty, Anita!
Will this silence serve you well?

What were you looking for last night?
Gold? Here it is.

Till tonight it will be
in His Majesty's treasury.

My chum worked for nothing, really.

You bastard!

Well, Anita, the only one to talk to you
from now is the executioner.


- What's new?
- They are not here yet.

- And if he does not arrive...
- No way, it's time.

He should be here any moment.
Let us celebrate!

Was it not better for you in my bed
than in this stinking dungeon?

Gold awaits you, Your Highness.

Dismissed and exiled!

Where's the gold?
Tell me or I'll burn your eyes out!

My curses reached you.

Open the gates, you bastards!

Don't you see I caught Amza
and his outlaws?

- Who is the chief of the Guard?
- I am.

- Did Sarbu arrive?
- Yes.

Screw you!

Tie him!
Lock his mouth!

I'll shave my beard
if we manage to get out of here.

You will shave it!

It's useless, you won't escape
the revenge of the outlaws.

No matter were you will hide...

The time for revenge is here,
you traitor!

Fair fight, my brother!

Even if I have to die
you do not intervene.

- Amza!
- Leave!

I said fair fight, my brother!

Defrockey, ask the boys to go to the inn
and take the gold out of the cellar...

So proud you are!
You act like you swallowed a broomstick.

Or His Majesty cut your tongue
like the dumb one?

Look at me,
I am not made of stone!

You must know I did not forgive you.

Anita do not match my words!

And stop travelling so much or you'll
break your neck in these valleys!

You are so damned and so manly!

It is an outlaws fate:

once he made a mistake,
he makes it even bigger the second time..

Oh my God,
where do you want me to go?

Let's become outlaws!

Woman, did you not sleep well?
I will not get rid of my comfort for that.

Why be stupid?
It rains and snows in the forest.

I would find a roof to hide under,
in the village...

Look whom I fell in love with!
You're as weak as cheese, so I'm gone!

Fira, wait a minute,
woman, and I will be there!

Come on, you old donkey!
Don't embarrass me!

People are looking at us!

Go, Bucefal, go with daddy!

Fira, wait a minute, woman!
Look, here I am!