Hai Da Yu (2020) - full transcript

There is a rumor that there is a
deity in the north sea called Hai Ruo

1000 years ago, fish demons appeared in the
mortal world, bringing calamity in their wake.

Hai Ruo bravely fought the fish demons & transformed
into a mountain range to ward of the demons.

In order to repay this debt,
every century after this event,

the people would choose a
mortal girl to marry Hai Ruo

who were called the bride of the sea.

All brides that were chosen, would
disappear into the horizon of the sea.

Liu Si!

Liu Si! It's raining too heavily!

Hurry and pull back the net! If you don't
we won't be able to get back!

Alright! Let's go back
after we pull back the net!

Hurry and look! What is that?

It's an enormous fish! The sea
god is here to collect it's bride!

The sea god is here to collect it's bride!

-=Enormous Legendary Fish=-

Adapted from the Novel
"Strange Tales of Liao Zhai"

(Qiyu♪ territory: Raining for days on end,
the people were plunged into despair)

Dear God Hai Ruo, I,
Ah-Li have one wish I hope you can fulfill.

I hope Master Wen Yu can get good marks
in the civil exam and return home sooner.

And mar...

And marry me.

Please God Hai Ruo, you must help me.

Sister Ah-Li!

- Xiao Douzi, why do you not have a parasol?
- Sister Ah-Li!

Sister Ah-Li! He got it!

You are saying Wen Yu he...

That's right. Brother Wen Yu passed it!

And he's been appointed as
the Governor of Qiyu district!

He's probably by the village now.

Great! He passed!

He passed!

Xiao Douzi! am I pretty?

Sister Ah-Li! you're pretty,
you look pretty in anything.

Village leader, Uncle He.

Why are you here?

She is Ah-Li?


Were you born in the year of Jia Sheng(monkey), on the Kuiwei
month (8th month of the year), on the Xinsi day at midnight?

How did you know?

Village leader, it's her.

She's coming.

- Sister Ah-Li!
- Xiao Douzi! Let go of me!

Let go! Let go of me!

Hurry let me go!

My Lord!

Move it! Who are you?

My Lord, please save me!
Please uphold justice for me!


Brother Wen Yu...

Hand her over! Hand her over!

Hand her over!

- What are you doing? Move back!
- Hand her over!

What the sea god is here to get a bride,

Ah-Li, don't worry, I'm here,
I won't let them harm you.

But what shall we do? If I
don't leave they won't stop.

I will think of a way.

But the custom of the sea god
bride has existed for many years.

As you're the Governor of the Qiyu district,
you can't make an enemy out of the people here.

My Lord!

My Lord,
the wardens are struggling to keep them in.

Hand her over! Hand her over!

Brother Wen Yu, why don't we leave?


Let's go somewhere no-one
recognizes us and start a new life there.

That's a good idea however...

Hand her over!

My Lord!

Hand her over! Let us in!

Alright, I'll negotiate with them.

You escape through the backdoor, and tonight at
midnight, I'll knock 3 times on the door of the sea god.

Wait for me.


I brought this from the market in the city.

I hope you will like it.

I like everything you give me.

Come in.

My Lord.

Take her away through the back door, hurry!

Yes! This way.

- Brother Wen Yu.
- Hurry and go.

Quiet! Everyone please quieten down!

Hurry move back! Let the villagers in.

Uncle He, Uncle Wang

we've known each other for a long time, why can't we negotiate?
Why do you have to make things hard for an orphaned girl?

It's not that we want to
make things hard for her.

But the sea god is here to collect his
bride, and Ah-Li is his chosen bride.

That's right, if we don't hand her over
the entire village will be in trouble!

Am I right?

Right! Right!

Please quieten down?

You say she is the bride of the sea god,
what proof do you have?

Is it because she's an orphan, so you are
using the fact she has no-one to protect her?

That is untrue!

When the mountain in the sea appears, is
when the bride must be prepared for marriage.

The one born on the Jia Sheng year, Kuiwei
month, Jiasi day on the midnight hour

is the bride of the sea god.

I fear Your Lordship has just
returned so you do not know

but you can ask the ones around you

when the rain at Qiyu have begun?

My Lord it's been 3 months.

Has it stopped?

It rains day and night,
it has never stopped.

This is...

3 months ago, 6 fishermen went out to sea,

5 disappeared.

Only he survived.

Lao Wu, tell everyone,
what did you see that day out at sea?

A big fish!

That big fish was not a
creature but a fish shaped island.

As the mountains in the sea have appeared and
as just a century since the last event occurred.

It means the sea god is here to marry her!

Yes! The sea god is
here to collect it's bride!

- Everyone clam down! Calm down!
- Hand her over!

- Hand her over!
- Calm down!

Stop! Stop!

Why is it you? Where's Brother Wen Yu?

He won't come,
he was the one who told us you were here.

Capture her!


Let go of me!

Sister Ah-Li! Sister Ah-Li!

Let go of me!

Sister Ah-Li!

It's the auspicious hour!




Ah-Li! Ah-Li!

Wen Yu...

Is this the underworld?

We have been waiting
for you for a long time.

You're finally here.

You do not need to fear.


I'm Hai Fu Rong, your personal attendant.

They are also attendants too,
you can order them as you wish.


Then... where is this place?

You're the bride of the sea god, so
of course is the palace of Hai Ruo.

It is the place you will
spend the rest of your life.

Hai Ruo palace?

[Hai Ruo palace]

This is the pavilion we prepared for you.

The first ray of sunlight of
everyday will shine on here.

That is the tea parlor room,
that is the library,

you can entertain yourself there.

Wait for me!

Wait for me!

This is the bedchamber,
is it to your liking?

I... I...

Is it not to your liking?

No, no,
I mean I'm not the bride of the sea god.

I'm just a fishergirl from Qiyu.

I spent my childhood kowtowing
to the statue of the sea god.

That's why I'm not the
bride of the sea god.

If there's nothing else,
this servant bids her leave.

Tonight is the wedding, Zi Yun,
Lin Xian go dress Miss up.


Miss, let us help you with our makeup.

- Let's go miss.
- Wait! Move it!

- Miss! Miss! Miss!
- Open up!

- Open up!
- Miss!

Your Majesty, the bride is ready.

Where is she?

I-I don't know,
we've been guarding the door but...

This wood should be the
only exit to the outside world.

But why can't I leave?

The Dubhe star!

With the Dubhe star I'll
be able to find my bearings.

That should be north,
and it should be south there.

Strange..why would the Dubhe star move?

Who are you?

Why are you laughing?

Not bad. you're the first one who didn't scream
and was able to ask me a coherent question

You understand what I'm saying?

Who are you?

You're my bride, yet you ask me who I am?


My name is Yan.

I'm your husband.


You bandaged my wounds?

Y-You helped me put on t-these cl-othes?


It's nothing.

Shouldn't you say thank you?

T-Thank you?

Just that?

I'll be frank with you,
I am very grateful that you saved my life

but you misunderstand that I'm your bride.

I'm a villager from Qiyu village,
I was sent here as a sacrifice.

I never wanted to come here.

This was not my intention,
I don't want to marry you.


What are you doing?

You're my wife, and tonight is our wedding
night, what do you think I'm planning to do?

No! Let me go! I don't know you!

Very well,
we'll become familiar quicker in this way.

I'm telling you, don't come closer.

What are you laughing about?

I'm laughing at myself,
what sea god Hai Ruo.

Do you know that I grew
up kowtowing to your statue?

My parents died when I was young,
and when I had no-one

I told you all my wishes.

When I am at my lowest

I wanted to rely on you.

I never expected that
you're this kind of sea god!

I'm telling you don't move!

Tell me, who ordered you to do this?

It's the fire clan.

They must have followed the bride in when the fog
barrier was lifted and the sea passage opened.

I was neglectful.

You're dismissed.

Black feather arrow?

Your Majesty! Your Majesty!

It's a black feather arrow.

Get out.

I'll help you.

The arrow tip ...is poisoned!

I-I just wanted to
remove the flesh around it.

Then I'll continue...

If it hurts, just say it.

It's not embarrassing to yell under the
pain of having our flesh scraped out.

The wound is poisoned,
so it'll be hard to heal.

So remember...

What are you doing?

You can go anywhere
you like to go on the island

but do not visit the woods again.

I'm tired now.

What's going on?

Why can't I see that girl?

I fear His Majesty has
set up a barrier on her.

Damn it!

Consort calm down,
this may not be a bad thing.

Don't you find that this girl
is different from the others?

You mean...

If one path does not work,
why don't we take another?

Morning miss.

Morning miss.

Spring is the only season on this island. Few
outsiders and mortals step foot on the island usually.

The tallest building is
the sea god's palace.

The palace has 9x9, 81 rooms.

As you're here, it's now your home.

You can go anywhere in the palace, except the
most westerly room at the top level of the palace.

Miss do not go in.

The most westerly room? Why?

That is His Majesty's rule,
we don't know the reason either.

You only need to remember.

Brother Wen Yu.

Ah-Li! Ah-Li!

Ah-Li don't go! Ah-Li!

One mistake and you become hated for a millennium,
and when you turn back, death has alread arrived.

Who is it?

Governor you are in so much pain here, is
it because of yourself or the one you love?

What do you mean?

Still don't understand?
Then I'll make it clearer.

May I ask the well educated Governor Wen, do
you actually believe in the sea god bride myth

or because you couldn't let go of your
career, caved under the pressure

so even though you know the sea god bride is
complete nonsense, yet you sent the woman you love

on the wedding boat that will never return.

If it's the latter, then your pain is not because
of you worry about the welfare of your lover

rather you cannot face the fact
you betrayed her in your cowardice.

Shut up!

You think I wanted to do
that? You think I wanted to!?

Do you know...

from the moment I saw
her boat leave the harbor,

how much I regretted it?

If I am given another chance...

another chance... I am
willing to give up anything.

Including my life!

You're willing to give up
anything to bring her back?

I am! I am willing to give up everything!

You have a way?


What do you mean perhaps?

Want to know? Then find a
boat and go out to sea with me.

You mean... Ah-Li is not dead?

I can't guarantee that she is still alive.

That there is something suspicious about
the fact that the marriage with the sea god.

That monster called Yan has
not apeared in the past few days.

I must find a chance to escape.

A gold fish?

It's injured.

I only have this fish tank,
please do your best to adapt.

As I saved you, I'm your mistress.

So before you recover, stay here and
keep me company for a few days.

My name is Ah-Li.

What shall I call you?

As you're small,
then... I'll call you Da Yu. (big fish)

As you're from the sea, I'll call you
Hai Da Yu. (Big fish from the sea)

I hope you will be like your
name and grow into a big fish.

Just like that enermous fish!

Hai Da Yu! Hai Da Yu!

As I can't find the way out,
I'll let you keep me company.

Do you know that Wen
Yu and I grew up together.

I would pray for him everyday
in front of the god's statue.

I have a stack of joss sticks
from it that was this big!

Your eyes can change color?

This island is so big. I'm glad I
have you to keep me comany.

Wen Yu only brought
me the pain of betrayal.

I didn't expect the thing that would heal
me would be the company of a fish.

Have you settled in?

It's alright when you're not here.

Do you want to return to the mortal realm?

I can't leave unless you let
me go so I decided to stay.

But... I have a condition.

You want to negotiate with me?

The marriage to the sea
god is a myth and a trade.

As it's a trade,
why can't I make a condition?

Then speak.

Before in the Qiyu village there was constant rainfall,
and the water levels rose so the farmers struggled.

And the fishermen would
often be killed at sea.

So I want you to stop the rain at Qiyu and that
they can have a safe journey whilst on the sea.

They offered you as a sacrifice yet
you're begging me to spare them?

Do you know that by being
too kind is to be pedantic?

I've been sent here, surely my
sacrifice should be meaningful right?

Alright, I'll agree to it, anything else?


I want us to keep a
distance from each other.

What you mean is...

I can't accept being your bride right now.


But you're already my wife.

But you're not in my heart.

Who is in your heart?
That man called Wen Yu?

How do you know?

You like him that much?

Nothing to do with you.

Fine, I agree to it,
but you must agree to one of my terms.

Agree to be the female owner of this place.

Starting from today,
this palace belongs to me and you.

You can go anywhere in this place.

Including the room at the end of
the west corridor at the top level?

How do you know about
it? Who told you that?

It's nothing...

I promise you.

Da Yu, I'm back!

The fish is gone?

Da Yu.

Da Yu! Da Yu!

Da Yu! Da Yu! Hai Da Yu!

Da Yu!

Da Yu! Where did you
go? You have to be well!

Da Yu!

Remember to be a gid,
enormous fish in the sea!

Are you sure this is the way
to the god of sea's island?

What else?

There really is an
island of the god of sea?

You didn't have that many questions when
you sent your lover onto that boat.

Don't worry, it's in that direction.

But there should be nothing
ahead of us according to this map.

As it's the island of the god of sea,
naturally an ordinary person cannot see it.

My Master spent his entire life
in order to draw this map for us.

It's ahead of us, beyond a wall of fog.

However beyond that wall of fog, I don't know if we
should call it a god of sea island or a sea demon island.

Sea demon?

I don't know that girl either.

I've only seen her in my dreams.

But that dream keeps coming back and
get clearer and clearer each time.

This wardrobe is exactly like in my dream.

Sister Fu Rong, look!

Not right, it was there before.

Why isn't it there now?

Miss Ah-Li.

We were searching everywhere
for you? Why are you here?

I was... just taking a walk around.

Why are you looking for me?

A good thing, follow us.

Let's go.

We have not been working here for very long
so we don't know what's in that room either.

Besides His Majesty has a rule, without
him permission no-one can enter.

Your hair is so nice.

It will get softer after we add
this osmanthus flower oil to it.

No wonder His Majesty likes it.


Indeed, you're the first one who has eaten
on the same table as His Majesty

- the first one who made him smile.
- And the first one he left the key to the care of.

What... about the girls before?

Them? The are afraid
when the see His Majesty.

They either scream or flee in fear.

Compared to His Majesty they prefer
the company of gold, silver and jade.

That's why I said he likes you a lot.

So stay here and keep him company.

What are you saying?

Miss, we have many affairs to attend to, if
there is nothing else, we bid our leave.

Let's go.

But I feel that is so
different from the other girls.

So what? It's not like you
don't know the outcome.


What are you doing?

Let go of me! Let go!

You're Ah-Li. You're
the bride of the sea god.

You come from Qi Yu,
and the one you love is called Wen Yu.

And you once prayed to
the God of Sea every day

and the stack of joss sticks
you got from it was this big.

Hai Da Yu?

You're Hai Da Yu, you...

You can take the human form?

Were you born here?

Yes, it's been 600 ears.

Then you must have man siblings right?

You're an only child?

Then your mother must dote on you a lot.

I've never met my mother.

My Mother passed away
shortly after my birth.

My Mother would often hum the tune you
play when she was pregnant with me.

It's the only memory I have of her.

The tune I played is a folk song of Qiyu.

Have you ever been to Qiyu before?

I've never left here.

Qiyu has fog all year around, and a mountain full
of flowers, it has rain, has wind and thunder.

And many beautiful myths.

In the mortal realm, if you have a girl
you love and you cannot express it

you can pick some
flowers and give it to her!

Da Yu, take it.

Take it!

Just like that, you can express your love.

yes. Da Yu have you ever seen rain before?

The sort that cool and refreshing,
that can patter on your face.

When I was little I would often
watch the rain in Grandma's arms.

But it has never rained
ever since I got on the island.

I do feel quite lonely.

You can control the weather?

When we want to cry, it will rain.

Then are you sad right now?

No, I'm very happy right now.

Happiness can make one cry too.

Thank you.

Why thank me?

Thank you for keeping me company in the
darkest time in my life when I first arrived.

Leave this place.

- But I promised...
- The snakes who attacked you...

do not normally attack anyone.

What you mean is that is an accident?

Someone wants to harm you.

Harm me?

This island

there's more than meets the eye.

And the owner of that palace
is not some legendary god.

All the secrets are hidden

within the most westerly room
in the top level of that palace.

What is that secret you're talking about?

It has to do with you.

Do with me?

Let go of me!

Hai Da Yu?


I was trying to recuperate
from my injuries in the sea

that was why I took a small fish form.

I've lived for over 600 years, so I can
change the size of my form as I wish.

You saw right?

Are the the brides that the
mortals sent here as sacrifices?

That's their fate.

But I don't understand, why?

There is no God of Sea here.

The owner of that palace,
the God of sea, Hai Ruo you speak about

is a large ugly monster.

He's a half human, half beast sea demon.

This is sealed off by magic.

And surrounded by a thick fog.

The islanders can't leave,
and the passing boats can't enter.


They don't need to kill those brides.

They wanted to kill me today too.

Leave this place.

But I don't know how to leave.

I'll take you out.


That forest is the only
exit out of the island.

I have a way to make the
enormous snakes sleep for a moment.

Try and escape through the woods.

The wedding boat you
came in is parked by the side.

Today the wind direction is
east and slightly southerly.

Take the boat and go out to sea and
soon you will reach the fog barrier.

You'll be saved when a boat passes by.

What about you?

Let's leave together alright?

I can't leave this place.

But it's very lonely to
stay in this place alone.

You don't need to worry about me,
I'm used to it.

Hurry and leave.

- But I...
- Go.

Wen Yu is waitting for you.

I will never forget

those days when I first arrived on the
island when you kept me company.

We've been drifting in
the fog for 7-8 days now.

How much longer?

It lit up! It lit up!

That's thunder.

Don't underestimate this lamp,
my Master left it for me.

If a demon approaches,
even if it's a very dark night

it will produce the brightest light.

We must be getting close
to the sea demon island.

That red thing...

It's the wedding boat!


It's Ah-Li!

Ah-Li! Ah-Li!



- Ah Li!
- Ah-Yu!


Ah-Li, is it you?


Brother Wen Yu!

Hurry and help her! Hurry!

Come, Hurry, come.

- Ah-Li, it really is you?
- Brother Wen Yu.

Brother Wen Yu, why are you here?

Here to find you! Didn't
expect that it really is you.

How are you? Are you alright?

I'm fine.

I'm sorry. it's my fault.

Why is it raining so suddenly?

Ah-Li, Hurry and shelter from the rain.

Let's go.

What's wrong Ah-Li? Let's go.

You can control the weather?

When we want to cry, it will rain.

Brother Wen Yu, I'm sorry.

I can't leave with you,
thank you for coming to find me, take care.


Ah-Li, Hurry and come back!

Ah-Li, Hurry and come back!

Ah-Li! Ah-Li!

Come back! Ah-Li, come back!



Come back Ah-Li!

What are you waiting for?
It's a hard to come by chance.

Hurry and follow.

Please everyone Hurry follow her!


Don't leave!


Da Yu!

Da Yu?

Da Yu! Da Yu!

♪The turn of her/his eye,
is the place where I wish to be

Da Yu! Da Yu!

♪Tugging on the heartstrings

Da Yu don't leave me!

♪It's a drop in the ocean,
falling into the web of love you weaved

Da Yu! Da Yu!

Da Yu!

♪The Long conversations that we have had

♪Every moment was unforgettable

♪This faith in love

♪Hold it close to your
heart so I can measure it

♪You and I gazed at
each other in the deep sea

♪Walking on the waves together

♪In the deepest point of the whirlpool you
shelter me from the bitterly cold ice and wind

♪Please give me a 1000 years of your life

♪Do not drift around anymore

♪Stay by my side

♪The turn of her/his eye,
is the place where I wish to be

♪Tugging on the heartstrings

♪It's a drop in the ocean,
falling into the web of love you weaved

♪The Long conversations that we have had

♪Every moment was unforgettable

♪This faith in love

♪Hold it close to your
heart so I can measure it

♪You and I gazed at
each other in the deep sea

♪Walking on the waves together

♪In the deepest point of the whirlpool you
shelter me from the bitterly cold ice and wind

♪Please give me a 1000 years of your life

♪Do not drift around anymore

♪Stay by my side

♪On one such encounter
where we gazed at each other

♪Hope you have been well
in the time of our separation

♪In the deepest point of the whirlpool, this
time I will go against the current for you

♪During the time of
the 1000 year old legend

♪Each moment is unforgettable

♪Where you stayed by my side

♪On one such encounter
where we gazed at each other

♪Hope you have been well
in the time of our separation

♪In the deepest point of the whirlpool, this
time I will go against the current for you

♪During the time of
the 1000 year old legend

♪Each moment is unforgettable

♪Just let me stay by your side

This is for not reporting what you know!

This is for doing things
without our permission!


Those men don't understand.

But I understand.

Because I've been through
everything you are going through now.

It's because I've been through
it that's why I have to advise you

to put the grand scheme
before everything else.

This is for our clan and for yourself.


This child understands.

Go, let Yan finish his duty.

And don't forget our own mission.


Everything was as expected.

As they say the heart and feelings
of the heart cannot be forced.

It's better to use it.

As the saw borrow power from the situation.

Now we only need to wait for it.

Have you passed on the news?

Don't worry Consort, when the
elders heard of it they were furious.

Very good.

I've been to that room.

You're not the god of the sea,
you're a sea demon.


What why?

They are just normal civilian girls,
they were only sent here

because they come from poor families
and have no-one to protect them.

They're pitiful confined here.

Why did you kill them?

So what you mean is,
you think I killed them?

It's not what I mean,
it's what I saw for myself.

Why did you try to kill me on that cliff?

Follow me.

Why are you keeping me here?

Let me out!


Why did you lock me up here for?

Open up!

We finally left the fog and
now we're trapped in this forest.

How many days has it been? If we can't find
a way out, then we'll run out of food.

It's a giant snake. The
also call it a small dragon.

I fear this place is covered with snakes.


Master, I fear that I will be
able to find them this time.

But... I don't understand
why this didn't light up.

Everyone run!


Let's go!

Save me!

Save me!

Hurry and go!

What did you say?

I do not dare to hide it from Your
Majesty but Miss Ah-Li is pregnant.


Congratulations Your Majesty.

What are you doing?

- Let me go! I'm begging you!
- This...

You know what His Majesty is like,
I can't make the decision.

But if I stay here I'll die.

Help me! help me!

Alright, I agree I'll help you.

Let me think.

Thank you Sister Fu Rong.

I heard the attendants say,
that you've used a lot of energy recently.

I specially made some sedating soup,
which will help you sleep.

Put it there.

Anything else?

It's Miss Ah-Li, don't you think
you're treating her a little too harshly?

She broke the rules of the
game. So she should be punished.

But she's pregnant.

I will take care of her day to day needs.

You don't need to worry.

If you can lift her imprisonment,
I am sure she will be a lot happier.

I said before that without my permission,
no-one can enter that room

in the top level.

I have to tell everyone the
importance of abiding to the rules.

I hope Your Majesty can remember the rules too
and not forget about your mission and identity.

No, I must think of a way to escape.

Someone open up!


Drink it.

What is that?

Drink it, it's good for you and the child.

I refuse!

- Drink it.
- I refuse!

Ah-Li, Listen to me,

although you may find it hard to believe it


This is an old injury.

You hate me so much?

Your Majesty!


Your Majesty!

Don't mind me, find her.


Miss Ah-Li!

Miss Ah-Li! Don't run! Miss Ah-Li!

Miss Ah-Li!

Wait Miss Ah-Li! Miss Ah-Li, don't run!

Miss Ah-Li! Miss Ah-Li!

Come back!

Miss Ah-Li!

Miss Ah-Li!

Miss Ah-Li! Miss Ah-Li!

Miss Ah-Li! Miss Ah-Li!

Sister Fu Rong?


Come with me.


Hurry listen to me!

Sister Fu Ron, where are we going?

In these woods, there are many...

Sister Fu Rong...

Let's go.

Sister Fu Rong,
why are these snakes afraid of you?

Where are we going?

To the place you should go.

You can go anywhere on the island

But remember you must not
pass through those woods again.

Sister Fu Rong.

Sister Fu Rong, I can't walk any further.

I treated you well.

But why did you do this to me?!

What are you saying? I don't understand.

The consort is here so soon?

Greetings Consort.


We finally meet little girl.

You are...

I am Yan's mother in other
words the queen of the Kun clan.

Queen consort?

Let's start.


Sister Fu Rong!

Sister Fu Rong! Sister Fu
Rong! what are you doing?

What are you doing?

What am I doing? Of course it's so you can
give birth to the prin(c)e of the Kunclan.


Sister Fu Rong!

This is Yan's legitimate wife.

During this time she had to attend to you,
you've worked hard.

It is worthwhile to assist the birth
of a descendant of the Kun clan.

What are you saying? I don't understand.

It looks like you don't
understand anything.

Alright, I will explain it to you slowly.

Pure Land Rebirth Mantra.

There is a fish in the north sea,
their name is Kun.

The Kun are large can
be several km in length.

It's a shame that they are
unable to bear offspring.

The only ones who can bear
offspring for them are mortal girls.

Hence the ancestors of
the Kun created a story.

They used the greed of people to make you
mortals willingly offer us a mortal bride.

And the mortal female once she
is pregnant after a mere 49 days

they will give birth to a child.

However a weak body like you mortals

cannot bear the children
of the Kun within your body.

Hence when the Kun
child is about to be born,

the mother will be torn into
pieces until they disappear into dust.

Hence, when the child is born,
the mortal mother will die.

But... this child isn't Yan's.

What did you say?

I said this child is not Yan's.

You just said this child is not Yan's.

What are you doing?



Let go!


Let go!

If you want to kill someone, kill me!

If you want to kill my child,
kill me first!


Ah-Li, it's me.

D-Did you not realize?

Da Yu...

Da Yu...


A soul trapping spell.

All demons,
either take their original form,

or take the human form.

His primordial spirit was
probably sealed from birth

that was why he takes a half human, half
beast yet not quite half mortal half beast.

Why didn't you tell me earlier?

I don't know how long I
will take the human form for.

Nor can I control the
time I take the human for.

I was worried you'll be
disappointed once you know.

He was determined to send you away.

On your first day here,
he casted a barrier on you

so I cannot observe your
whereabouts from afar.

Afterwards he handed
you the key of the palace,

so that you will discover the
secret of that room yourself

so that you'll be scared and leave.

As for confining you there,
that was to protect you.

So that no-one can
approach you and hurt you.

In these several centuries,
there have been countless brides

yet he only fell in love with you alone.

It's a rare event.

But why did you kill our child?
Why did you kill our child?

How could I harm our child?


If I don't break the barrier,
the child will be in danger.



As the child is born our duty is done now.

Our child... call him Xiao
Xiao Jin. (little, little goldie)


I do not regret this.

Ah-Li! Ah-Li!

Ah-Li! Ah-Li!

Ah-Li! Ah-Li!


Yan's spiritual essence?

It's true love!

As a half beast,

his mortal ferm will replace
the beast part of him.

And he'll take the human form.


You even ave her your spiritual essence?!

You made the decision long ago?

I've lived for 600 years yet
I felt as if I've never lived.

But because I met you,
I finally felt alive.

With me here,

I will not let anyone touch you!

Ridiculous! Looks like the
previous rumor was true!

Don't do anything stupid.

Who is the one doing the stupid thing here?

Sister Fu Rong... your arm?

That's right.

I disguised myself as Yan in order to ambush
you that night. Not only on that night...

also in the hot spring.

I told Hai Yun and the rest to
put that osmanthus oil on your hair,

because that's the sea
serpents favorite scent.


Because I am his wife!

Do you know how it feels to see the man you
love marry different women time after time?

Do you know how it feels to wait from
dawn until dusk, day after day?

It's been 600 years.

I've waited for him for 600
years! You don't know anything!

On what right do you have to get all his
love by appearing out of nowhere?

Tonight you must die!

You should know that even if there
is only a fragment of my sould left,

you're no match for me.

Da Yu!

As a prince of the Kun clan, how could you
injure our legitimate wife for a mortal woman?

You even gave her your essence.

I was wary before because
you were our only prince.

But as the new princes is born

you're no longer irreplaceable, arrest him!

Did you not hear?

His Majesty has betrayed the Kun clan,
arrest him!

Da Yu!

Da Yu!

- Da Yu!
- Ah-Li! Ah-Li!


Da Yu!


Hurry and go!

No! Da Yu!

Da Yu!

Wen Yu...

Wen Yu!

Wen Yu!

Wen Yu! Wen Yu!

Wen Yu! Wen Yu! Wen Yu!

Wen Yu! Wen Yu!

Wen Yu! Wen Yu!

Yan colluded with the
mortals to kill the future Queen!

Do not let any of them leave alive! Kill!

Please make the orders
Queen to execute the traitors.

Take a last look.

That child's fate will
be a repeat of your fate.

Kill him!

Da Yu! Da Yu!

Da Yu!

Da Yu...

Da Yu...

Da Yu...

I almost forgot, you mortals do not deserve
to carry the essence of the Kun!

Master, why didn't this lamp light up?

Da Yu...


That is the true power of the Kun prince.

Did the Queen deceive us?

Set the formation.

Da Yu...

This was left by the fire clan
on the night of my wedding.

You set it up.

Ridiculous! Why would
I do that? I raised you.

But I'm not your biological son.

Since I was little you
sealed off my primordial spirit.

Because you were afraid my
primordial spirit will awaken one day

and truly control the Kun clan.

Over these years, on the surface you seem
to go with the wishes of the 6 elders,

by assisting me in bearing a prince.

But in truth, you've been secretly trying to assassinate
the mortal brides that stepped foot on the island

because you're afraid
once a prince is born,

the situation of the Kun
clan will completely change.

Ridiculous! If it was not me who told Hai Ru
Rong to deliver medicine and read her pulse

if I didn't tell them to take her to the
hot spring to help her get pregnant

how could she bear you a prince so soon?

My loyalty to the Kun clan is
witnessed by Heaven and Earth!

That's because I protected Ah-Li well

and you could not find a chance.

Besides you discovered
I fell in love with Ah-Li,

and the primordial
spirit is about to awaken

so you assisted me in bearing a prince.

And then use the crime of
falling in love with my mortal bride

to get rid of me.

What proof do you have?

Although the black feather
arrow belongs to the fire clan,

but the water celery poison on the arrow
can only be found in our quarters.

Want me to continue?

No wonder that over these years you never
discuss with us about the new prince.

We were foolish, please punish us.

We were foolish, please punish me.

I never expected that

we, mother and son will end up.

Shut up!

My mother died because of me.

That is a crime a child
can never escape from.

I will net allow my child to bear this.

Although you're not my biological
mother but you raised me.

If you cause more trouble in
the future I will not let you off!

And our child...

Thank you for not giving us up, we are
willing to swear loyalty to you forever!

Take her away and guard her properly.

These were the mortal brides
that were sent here before.

I've never touched them and
wanted to send them back.

But Mother tried to kill them.

In order to protect them,
I put them in these ice coffins.

In order te protect them,
I put them in these ice coffins.

I was thinking in the future when the
time was right I will send them back.

This... this is the person
I've been looking for.

Do you have a way to save them?

I need to borrow our magical artifact.

The demon catching lamp?

It is an ancient artifact,
it cannot capture any demons

but can break the spells cast by demons.

If you wish to initiate it,
the blood of the demon catcher is required.

Mother sealed off my primordial spirit,

although in these 600 years I
was able to take the fish form

but not take my true form.

It was that who managed to
lift the spell Mother cast on me.

As it was able ta lift the
spell Mather cast on me,

I am sure it can lift the spell I cast.

Where is this place?

Why am I here? What happened?


My Master's master gave this to my
Master and my Master gave to me.

If I ever find you,
I must give this to you.

He never broke his promise to you. He
searched for you for the rest of his life.

Take care!

[Elder brother Wen Yu's grave]

Ah-Li, listen to me...

I... I've read the books of the wise since young
and use honor to govern the way I live my life.

I dare to say I have never made a mistake.

T-The only mistake I made was
to send you onto the wedding boat.

When the boat left,

I regretted it.

It was then that I experienced

a pain I've never experienced before.

I want to return to our childhood

and capture some frogs with you

and see the moon with you once more.

You said before that mortals like
to use flowers to express their love.

Not only can it express love
it can also express sorrow.

Where's Xiao Xiao Jin?

He's asleep.

Then where are we going now?

I'll take you to wherever you want.

Do you miss the mortal realm now?

In the future,

no matter when or where you
want to go in the mortal realm

I can take you there anytime.

Translated by Productive Procrastinator Official
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