Hahaha (2010) - full transcript

Filmmaker Jo Moon Kyeong is going to leave Seoul to live in Canada. Days before his departure, he meets his close friend and film critic Bang Joong Sik on a nearby mountain. They both drink makgeolli, a traditional Korean alcoholic beverage. After a few rounds, they find out that coincidentally they have both been recently at the same small seaside town of Tongyeong. They decide to reveal their accounts of the trip while drinking, under the condition that they only stick to pleasant memories. Not realizing that they were in the same place, at the same time, and with the same people, the two men's reminiscence of a hot summer unfolds like a journal of memories.

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I began packing to leave Korea,
to live at my aunt's in Canada.

So I met my good friend
at Mt. Cheonggye.

We'd both been to
Tongyeong recently,

so we shared our stories
over a drink.


Sticking to the pleasant parts,
a sip for a memory.

Mom runs a globefish
restaurant there.

I went since
I hadn't gone for years.

Just to visit before I left.

Are those gray hairs?


What's taking so long?


- Try this on.
- What's this?

Put it on.

Looks good on you.
Want it?

Do I need this?

Looks good.

- Maybe when it's sunny.
- Right.

He's gotten so big,
I wonder if he's really mine.

You must be so proud of him.

- Great-looking son.
- Thank you.

I was so hungry
and it was really good.

Hot food is great
for awkward moments.

I have to admit,
my mom's a great cook.

That was your
pleasant experience?


I got to see Mom
and had great food.

- I had globefish soup, too.
- Really? Cheers.


I don't eat globefish,
but a friend took me.

He's a well-known poet in Seoul
but lives there now.

He said the restaurant
was famous.

What are we having?

Globefish or mallow soup.

Why haven't I seen you
around these days?

I haven't been drinking lately.

- She's the owner.
- Hello.

I told you to call me "Mom".

I thought poets
were open-minded.

Okay, I will.

My son was here
and criticized my revealing top.

Can you believe it?

- It's not revealing at all.
- Right?

But it's a bit revealing
on the inside.

He's just so ungrateful.

your poet is here.


Tell her what you want.

Say "Mom".


Call me that from now.

She's not a waitress.
She's like a daughter to me.


A secretary
at a foreign shipyard.

I hear her boss keeps
proposing to her.

But you know she likes you.

So be a man and
make up your mind.

She's so distressed.



- Hi.
- How are you?

Have a seat.

Nice to meet you.

Can we get some soup?

- The most expensive one.
- Sure.

Coming right up.

Thank you.

She's pretty.

Makes a lot of money, too.

- Really?
- She works at a foreign company.

She's very pretty.

It's my treat today,
so enjoy.


- Thanks.
- Don't mention it.

That pretty, huh?


The penniless kid bought me
an expensive dish.

I was really touched.

The soup was tasty.
And she had such a great figure.

Sounds great.

Women's bodies
can be so powerful.

And the soup was good.

- Right. Cheers.
- Cheers.

That day, Mom's friend
dragged me to his museum.

Said he built the place
by himself.

He was so proud of it.

He seemed to like Mom,
so I felt awkward.

You know the musician,
Yoon Isang.

And the poet, Kim Chunsu.

And Kim Sangok,
an important Korean Sijo poet.

- You know him, right?
- Sure.

You know Park Kyungri,
of course.


It's impressive.

They're all from
this small town.

This is the one.

It may be a bit folksy,

but I prefer this
to his official portrait.

Seems to really
capture his spirit.

I see.

You resemble him.

I do?

Yes, you really do.


Excuse me.

Have some respect!

This isn't a pub.

It was great
how he shut them up.

The drunks
couldn't do a thing.


- It's huge.
- It is.

Is it a guided tour?

She's our
culture tour guide.

Sounds interesting.

She had nice legs.

You know the saying,

"you only see as much as you know".

You now know more

about this place.

What do you see

in this 400-year-old building?

I can imagine the people
who lived here.

People. That's right.

Not just an old building anymore.

- Anyone else?
- We see them, too.

Then you've experienced
something new today.

All because you now know more.

Thank you and

I hope you'll come back.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

Thank you.

Let's get going.

- Was it fun?
- Yes.

- Hello.
- Well done.

- Hi.
- Hello.

This is Wang Seongok.

He's a professor from Seoul
and a film director.

What was your name?

- I'm Jo Munkyung.
- Nice to meet you.

- Did you listen to me talk?
- Yes, but...

I actually think...

The less you know,
the more you see.

Sorry, but do you see
what I mean?

No, I don't see it at all.

I should go.

See you tomorrow.

Nice meeting you.

An average face,
but a very nice figure.

It caught my eye.

I see. Cheers.


What's that for?


I'm starting
hypnosis treatment in Seoul.


- It's that bad?
- Over six months now.

I can't stand being at home.

What's the matter?

Problems with your wife?


She's a good person...

Look at that.

Can't see a thing!

Now that's much better.

They blocked the whole view.

It's better now.

Don't be depressed.

Everyone's down these days.

I saw some great legs, too.

On the way
to Hansan Island.

You work at the shipyard?

Yes, for now.

Where did you work before?

- At the National Intelligence Service.
- Really?

For a few years,
but I got bored and quit.


Working in China was fun, though.

In China?

What did you do there?

I was a spy.

Really? A spy?

You were a spy?

Hard to believe,
I know.

- Everyone thinks that.
- I didn't mean...

I feel like drinking.

Buy me a drink tonight.

I have to work.

Not again.

Writing poems isn't work.

It is for me.

He goes home to write
in the middle of drinking.

I see.

What do you know
about poetry?

Fine. I'm ignorant.

You work that hard?

I just write a bit every day.

I have to.

Even tonight?
When I'm here?

Yeah, at night.

How about a drink with me?


She really wanted to drink.


Anyway, the boat ride
was beautiful.

I know. Cheers.

They're all traitors!

They can never
justify their actions.


Those fucking traitors!


The old people were
so passionate.

You're crying?
How cute.

Have some more.

They're filthy!

You understand, don't you?

Of course I do.

Don't talk about
your friends like that.

They're no friends of mine!

I was in student movement
when I was young.

Two good things came from that.

I think I drank less.

And it kept me from
chasing girls around.

I guess you were
a real womanizer.

That's not what I meant to say...

Thank you.

You could be an actress.

- Even better than an actress.
- Yes, she's pretty.

- Thanks for cooking.
- My pleasure.

Mr. Director.

I'm so curious about your films.

I kept wondering in the kitchen.

Thank you.

- You must like films.
- Who doesn't?

That's true.

Films really are something.

- What do you want to know?
- Depends on the film.

But I'm still curious.

Thank you.
Maybe I can...

Let me pour you one.

I'm going to throw up.

- What was that for?
- Are you staying on?

I had something to say,
but I was cut off.

I don't want to stay.

Would you buy me a drink?

Sure, once we're finished here.


- Let's go now.
- Right now?


Yes, now.

Let's go.

The thing is,

you're pretty drunk.

- Are you okay?
- I'm okay.

Are you?

I'm just a bit worried.

I'm sorry.


Where are you?
Who the hell are you with?

Just out for a walk.

With who?

Get back, now!

I'm sorry.
I'll come right back.

I have to go back.
See you another time.

Wow, really?

You're incredible.

It's good it didn't happen.


I asked a friend to come down.

Arranged it to fit with
her vacation.

She'd always wanted to
see Tongyeong.

What's that?

What is it?

A gift.

Is it a paperweight?

To think of me when you read.

I will.

But I don't read much.

You don't?

You silly.

Should we get married?


So you were with your girlfriend.

It's been six months.

What does she do?

- A flight attendant.
- I see. Cheers.

You're amazing.


Admiral Y's headquarters

was on Hansan Island

To find out more about him,
make sure you visit.

It's only 30 minutes by boat,
and the fare is cheap.

- I have a question.
- Yes.

Did he really save the country?


History is full of fabrications,

and we tend to mystify
historical figures.


But we don't just call him a hero.

We call him a holy hero, right?

Records show that even

his enemies respected him.

He never lost a single battle.

Japan even gave orders to

avoid the admiral.

We didn't win
because of China's help.

We won because he had

complete control of the seas.

To be honest,

we're so selfish.

Dying for the greater good

is a joke now.

But he really did it.

A life sacrificed
in the spirit of justice.

An almost divine sense of purpose,

and a superb ability
to realize his goals.

A true blessing to our people.

You can try to undermine him

with such words.

Yes, that's what you just did.

But if you were to
meet him in person,

he'd be too brilliant
for you to even look at.

I'm not putting you down.

We'd all be the same.

I didn't mean to undermine him.

When we say heroes don't exist,

there's self-hatred
in what we say.

Isn't there?

That's why I'm so angry
about our lives.

I believe in him, I do!

In the fact that he was

a beautiful human being.

I'm sorry.
I'll stop now.

Oh, dear.



I really enjoyed your speech.

It was great.

No, I said too much.

I want to give you this.

What is it?

A gift.

Thank you for that speech.

It's pretty.

Gave her the beads
I had on me.

Glad I had them.

- You wanted to give her something?
- Yes.

I loved how she talked.

- Drink up.
- Cheers.

Looks like the outdoor
poetry reading is canceled.

Should I not go?
But what would I do?

I'm thinking...

Should I just tell him?

I'll be here at the hotel.

You have fun.

Why do you want to go?
You're not a poet.

I'll go to the beach.

It's dangerous by yourself.

Jeongho has something
to give me.

He's a poet, so he wouldn't care.

He'd understand
since he's an artist.

Introduce me to a friend, for once.

What would I say?

Why do you love me?

You're the prettiest
in the world.

The cutest...

And the most clever.

I mean it.


I'm not that pretty.

I'm just plain,
and I'm not that clever.

- Am I clever?
- Yeah.

There's nothing vain about you.

You know what you want.

That's clever.

Thank you for loving me.


You're the best.

Others don't even compare.

- Really?
- Really.

It felt incredible
being with her that morning.

Gave me the chills.

I walked in the rain, too.

My senses were reborn.

That's what she does to me.

- Let's drink!
- Cheers!


- Oh, my.
- Did I startle you?

Did you follow me?

- How creepy!
- I'm sorry.

I was just happy to see you.

But why follow me?
It's scary.

I didn't know what to say.

You're so strange.

Are you really a professor?

Actually, I was fired.

I haven't made films yet
and I don't have much money.

Stop joking around.

Do you have something to say?

I didn't know
when I first saw you,

but it was so nice

watching you walk today.

You're very cute.

It's raining and windy, so...

You should go.

I have things to do.

We'll talk later?

Good seeing you,
and I'm sorry.

You're Jo Munkyung, right?


The name, Wang Seongok...

It's very cute!

- We both have good memory.
- We do.

- Well, bye.
- Bye.


- It's me.
- Coming.

Come on in.

So windy today.

He had the same hat as mine.

A boyfriend?

- I guess so.
- Never saw her again?

You first.
Let's take turns.

Sure. Why not?

- Bottoms up.
- Cheers.

"The ginkgo tree was absorbed
in abandoning itself"...

"Rain fell and winds blew"...

My friend brought
another woman.

Oh, right.

I forgot to bring
what I meant to give you.

It's fine.

- Your girlfriend?
- Yeah.

I'm not sure yet,
but she's a good person.

A man has to
make up his mind.

But it's hard.

Sleeping with someone
is a real decision.

But there's no desire.

- You?
- Yes, me.

As if I forgot how to do it.

Have you been
drinking too much?

- No.
- You haven't done it yet?

- Once, sort of.
- Be nice.

Seems to really like you.

She's so chic.

Thanks, but don't tell anyone.

Word spreads like wild fire.

I won't.

You two were talking
the whole time.

I'm sorry.

- She's right.
- Bad manners.

Recite some poetry for us,

I don't know any by heart,
but I can play piano.


An impromptu piece.

Great guy, except for
the delusion that he can play.

It's beautiful.

A great piece came out that day.

Wish I could remember it.

You had a great time.

I can't forget my time
in Tongyeong.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

That was good.

It's famous globefish soup.

It was great.
You're a good cook, Mom.

The cook made it, not me.

Where do you go during the day?

The Sebyeong annex, mostly.

It's nice.
I used to go there often.



How do you feel about Dad now?


Do you remember
anything nice about him?



Not even one little thing?

No, nothing.

Everyone has
at least one good point.

Tell me one thing.

He wasn't good at much,
except chasing after women.

He chased anything
wearing a skirt.

There's one.

Do you wear the hat I gave you?

- The hat?
- Do you wear it?

I can't wear that.
It's for kids.

Give it back, then.
I love that hat.

Take it, then.

Where is it?
I need it for the rain.

At home, maybe.

Get a new one.

It makes you look like a bum.

- I'll buy you one.
- Is it at home?

- Probably.
- All right.

"As moonlight shines
on Hansan Island,"

"alone I sit in deep agony
with a sword at my side."

"The distant melody of a flute
makes my heart ache."

Admiral Yi!

I love you, sir!

- Have a seat.
- I couldn't!

I wish you were still with us!

It's okay,
so have a seat.

- You're Jo Munkyung, right?
- Yes.

Be my strength, Admiral.

I'm so lost, sir.

They always lie
and they're so stupid.

I have no strength.

Endure it.

You just have to keep going.

How can I,
when it's so hard?

You have eyes, right?

Yes, sir.

See with your eyes
and you'll get the strength.

Don't see with
the thoughts of others.

Believe your own eyes.

See this?

- Yes, they're leaves.
- No, they're not.

What are they?

If they're not leaves...

Without a name,
it draws a blank.

Other things come to mind.

You're clever.

But your cowardice
blinds your eyes.

I see new things now,

but I'm not sure what.

That's how it is.

Just feel things differently
and be grateful.

For practice, try writing

a pretty poem every day.

Then will I see things
as they truly are?

No, there's no such thing.

Think about it.

Yes, I see...

What do you see, Admiral?

What do you see
from these leaves?

I only see good

and beautiful things.

Only good things...

- Only the good in people, too.
- Only the good...

Don't just do what I say.

Use your own eyes.

I see.


I was wondering how
my dad is doing up there.

Don't waste time on such things.

Okay, sir.

You're wonderful.

Do you have
any more advice, sir?

The worst things
dwell in sadness and darkness.

I see.

Have a nice day, Admiral.

Go see that place.
Tongyeong is nice, right?

The best thing was meeting you!

Sweet boy.

I wanted to remember
what he told me,

but I could only remember...

"I only see the good in things."

- An interesting dream.
- Yeah.


What are you doing here?

- When did you come?
- Just now.

I was just about to call you.

Who else would you call here?

But it's such a coincidence.

- You see me every day.
- But still.

Where's your girlfriend?

She wants to sleep in.

Here, this is something...

I wrote it last night.

- Your poem?
- Don't read it now.

It's okay.

Want to read it?

- This is it.
- I see.

- About what I read earlier...
- Yes.

Do you like what you wrote?

It's the best of my recent work.

- Why is it so dark?
- It's dark?

I guess that's how I feel.

- You're into existentialism.
- I just wrote what I felt.

No, you're completely
into existentialism.

It's influenced you.

What is it, anyway?

I told you,
I just write what I feel.

But I know you,
and this isn't you.

You're just exaggerating.

Fancying up your adolescent feelings

with existentialism.

Anyone can see
right through that.

Overcome it on your own.

Just let it go.

I don't have to listen to this.

I'm not the same person
when I write poetry.

Why should I be?

Then live like
there's no tomorrow.

Or be honest with yourself.

Pick one or the other,
but this isn't you.

And you know all about me?

God, you're hilarious.

I have my own way.

I might be childish,

but let me grow my way.

Don't say such things

All right.
You still have time.

We should go in and eat.

- You hungry?
- Time for breakfast.



I'm coming!

Beautiful day, isn't it?

- Why's it so hot?
- Is it?

Isn't it pretty?

Why do you keep
giving me gifts?

Should I stop?

Yeah, it's a little too much.

Give it back, then.

Is this supposed to
make me happy?

Let me ask you,
what are they?


No, what are they?

Then what?
Do you want the name?

No, that's what others call them.

So you don't want the name.


They've got nice
colors and shapes.

I can see them
fighting to survive.

But I can't see
what they're feeling.

- I just love flowers.
- It doesn't feel strange?

You name and love them,

not knowing what they are?

Give them as gifts,
thinking they'll be appreciated.

Can't you see
how awkward it is?

What's gotten into you?

You hated my gifts that much?

- I guess I spoiled you.
- Just stop it!

Why try so hard
when you have no idea?

You don't even know
what they are.

And yet you
give flowers as gifts?

You called them flowers, too!

Don't take them, then!

You're too sensitive
about everything.

I'm going to work.

Make a living, you know?

Felt good giving him
a piece of my mind.


He'll know in time.



- I'm speechless.
- Why?

- A bit awkward, huh?
- No, it's not...

Nice to see you.

What brings you here today?

I know you work here,
so that's why I came.


- It's a poem I wrote.
- You write poems?

I wrote it this morning.

I'm going to write every day.

Glad to give you
my first poem.

Thank you.

- I'll read it later.
- Sure.

Lovely weather.

- So fresh after the rain.
- Yes, it's glorious.

- Have you had breakfast?
- Not yet.

Then can I buy you breakfast?

All right.
I have to eat anyway.


- Then should we eat together?
- Yes, let's.

Let's go.

You don't mind if I drink more?

Not at all. Cheers.

I used to be married.

I see.

A gangster who started
importing lighting equipment.

Proposed for five years.

But we were married
for only six months.

Did you see a man
outside my house?


I saw him.

That's the guy I'm dating now.

I see.

Very good-looking.

He was a marine.

- They're both tough guys.
- He was just like you.

He chased me around
after seeing me work.

Moved here from Seoul
to be close to me.

That's great.

It's not an easy decision.

You're not bad yourself.

Thank you.

I actually served in
airborne troops.


- You're serious?
- I'm serious.

This is crazy!

Why do I always
attract tough guys?

- Were you really?
- But I don't usually tell people.

My ex was an army scout,

next a marine,
and now an airborne.

What's wrong with me?

But I write poetry.

I have a delicate side.

Everyone writes poems.
I do, and so does he.

I see.

Let's read your poem.

"I Saw".

"I saw you."

"Saw you in
my dreams last night."

"I saw you."

"I don't know you,
but I kept you by my side."

So good to have her close to me.

"As you smiled at me,
warming my heart."

"I saw you."

"You understood me wholly,
just as I am."

"I want to see you
this morning."

"Dreaming of you
loving me with your heart."

It's good.

- It's well-written.
- No.

What do you see in life?


I only see good things.

I only see
the good in people, too.


Let's say goodbye here.

I want to go in with you,

but we're too drunk.

Don't want to be an animal,
when we're not in love?

That's right.

How do you know so well?

What else can you
tell about me?

Oh, I don't know...

Your love is pure,

but the men don't deserve it.

They never see beyond
your strong surface.

You don't open your heart easily.

You hate being misunderstood,

but you don't run from conflict.

Working hard
comes easy to you,

but you're never satisfied.

You always need a man,

but like me...

They're never worthy.

- I must be rambling.
- You're right, somewhat.

I am?

- You're really going?
- Yes.

I'm going.

I did him wrong today.

- You got it?
- Oh, no.

It's not like that.


We were so drunk,

I was glad it didn't happen.

Things could get
very complicated.

It wasn't like that.


Have a piece.
It's your birthday.

- Thanks.
- Seongok.

You two are so similar.

- Really?
- We are?

You have the
same kind of energy.

Don't you agree?

Now that you mention it.

Both very strong.

That's what I mean.

It's uncanny

I don't see it.

I'm sorry.

Pass me the water.

I need my medicine.

- What's that?
- It's for depression.

It's very severe.

But you're always laughing.

Jeongho seems more depressed.

- I'm not depressed.
- You are.

Did you drink last night?

You're all red.


from the stress
you gave me yesterday.



She's the woman I'm dating.

- I was wondering who she was.
- She's a good person.

That's what you think.
I'll have to see.

Looks diligent.

Do you like him?

Picking him
was a hard decision.

Dear me.

- Try to be a better man.
- Nothing's wrong with me.

Can't you try harder?

He's not bad.

How do we live
with such pathetic men?

That's why I live alone.

I see.
Good for you.

- You're a sweet girl.
- Thank you.

Be my daughter from now on.

Then I'll call you
"Mom" from now on.

I'll pour you one.

It's so funny.

Then your son and daughter

can't be together, right?

If you're depressed,

then we must be crazy.

But I'm very depressed.

Severely so.

Thanks to me,
she got a daughter.

- Sure has many children.
- Glad she didn't want me.


I called her again the next day.

The museum gave me
her number.

It was her day off.

I waited over an hour.

You're late.

I was at a friend's birthday.

- I have to go back.
- All right.

You seem upset.

Why can't you leave it as it is?

Why did you call?

What's wrong?

Aren't you ashamed?

Aren't you embarrassed?

Must be a misunderstanding.

Don't be angry.

I just wanted to see you.

Then why did you
call me to a hotel?

You've got it all wrong.

We parted here yesterday.
That's why.

- Liar.
- It's not a lie.

I thought it'd be cooler inside.

I'm supposed to
believe that?

Let's go upstairs, then.

Have sex
and get it over with.

- What?
- Let's go up.

You liar!

You're a bad person.

I thought you were
a good man!

- I'm not a good person.
- I know!

I never want to see you again.

Don't ever call me!

She was so cute.

Throwing grass was

her strongest expression of anger.

So cute.

Picturing her picking
grass on the street.

You crazy man.
You're killing me.

You're a woman,
and I am a man!

Dear me,
I need some fresh air.


Why won't you come inside?

Come here, Mom.


What the hell are you wearing?

So shameful
in front of those men!

- Shameful?
- You're a disgrace.

How dare you say that to me!

You ungrateful brat!

Stay right here.

- Where are you going?
- Let go!

Pull up your pants!

- Right now!
- What for?

- I don't want to.
- Pull them up!

You little brat.

You deserve a beating!

But Mom...

I did nothing wrong,
I just saw you...

Pull them up,
you ungrateful brat!

Right now!
Move your hands!

Mom! Please!

That was interesting.

- Your mom is amazing.
- Yeah.

It was kind of nice.

I felt loved.

- Watch the knife!
- Okay.

Be careful.

- Where'd you get it?
- On my walk yesterday.

It was so cheap.

- Real cheap.
- It's huge.

Must have been heavy.

My head hurts.

- Jungshik.
- Yeah?

Will you keep staying out late?

I just got drunk last night

and passed out at the table.

Just let me go home.

Then you can have fun.

God, my head is killing me.

- Just stop it!
- Stop what?

You're bored with me,
so let me go.

Do you know
how hard it is for me?

I've got it ten times
worse than you!

- Are you happy I'm here?
- Do you have to ask?

- Want your medicine?
- Huh?

Yeah, I should.



I'll have this one.

- I'll cut it for you.
- No, I like this.

She even got a knife
from the front desk.

I've never seen such a
big watermelon.

- Watermelons are good.
- It was good!

- Cheers!
- Cheers!

With nowhere to go,
I went to the hotel again.

Saw something interesting.


My friend.

- Who?
- From last night.

- Was it really them?
- Yes, they went in.

- You're here every day?
- Huh?

Anyway, thanks.

There they are.

- How did you find out?
- He told me.

Who's he?

Jo Munkyung.
He's been after me lately.

I want a word.

- I'll give you a piggyback.
- What?

Come on.

Why are you doing this?

I just want to
give you a piggyback ride.

Come on. It's okay.

No, I don't want to.

Let's do this and

I'll go without a fuss.

- Here.
- This is crazy.

I'm heavy, you know.

- Whatever.
- I can do it!

Are you okay?

I told you not to!

- You okay? I'm sorry.
- It's all right.

I'm off now.

Take care
and have a nice life.

Because I will.

No, wait.



Sorry you had to see that.

It wasn't too bad.

How unusual.


I loved what she did.

- She's cute. Cheers!
- Yeah, cheers!

My friend got drunk

and we went to his girlfriend's.

- Is someone in?
- Yeah, she's there.


Seongok, open up!

It's me.
We need to talk!

I'm going over the wall.

You are?

I'll go in first.

- Wait here for a bit.
- Be careful.

You okay?


What were you doing?

Leave me alone.
I need to sleep.


Don't laugh.
I need to sleep!

Close the door.
It's windy!

Come on, let's talk.

Give me one minute.

I'm sorry.
I need to talk to her.

Can you wait for me there?


Let's meet tomorrow, then.

I'm really sorry!



What a fool.


We can't win with women.

I came down the hill alone.

It was so windy,
but refreshing.

Sure is windy down there.

Then we had a fight
about my being late.

And in the morning,

she was gone for 3 hours.

Didn't answer her phone.
I was so worried.

Turns out the blanket shop owner

knows her mom.

So she dropped by to chat.

It was so good

to find her at last.

I was in agony.

Women will do that.

She said only an hour passed.

They always say that

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

- See you.
- Okay.

Almost forgot.

Take these.

Go over to the Youngseng complex
and see apartment 506.

Whose is it?

Mine, so stay there
if you like.


It'd be close and convenient.

It's empty, though.

That's fine.

If I like it,
I could be near you.

It's yours if you behave.


- I'm off.
- All right.

It's called Youngseng?



Having those keys suddenly
made me want to visit her.

It's nice.

Is it nice living here?

Is Mommy good to you?

Tell me.

My mom must've been joking.

I can't live in a cave like that.

- It was that bad?
- Yeah.

Torn wallpaper everywhere
and unfit for living.

She'd give it to you,
so fix it up.

I can't be sure of that.

I'd have to live near her.

Can't do that for an apartment.

Don't like it?

- Should we go?
- No, you're almost done.

Eat up.

- Am I the prettiest?
- Yeah.

When I feel normal,
%95 of what you do is lovely.


- What's so pretty about me?
- Everything.

Everything you do.

Even the shoes
on your feet are lovely.

I find others pretty sometimes,

but you're lovely
all the time.

Even your eyes
when you're watching TV.

But you don't like me
eating this.

Only because
I don't like it, silly.

You're so selfish.

You weren't loved, maybe.

Stop being silly.
Just eat.

You really think I'm pretty?

It's so hard to believe.


You really are pretty.

Then why don't you
live with me?

If I'm that pretty...

You should live
with the person you love.


You tell me you love me,
but you don't.

- I'm a liar?
- Or a coward!

You're living with someone else

when you love me!

I've been with her for so long.

- And the baby...
- Still!

You only live once.
Live with who you love!

You're a coward!

- Are you done eating?
- Not yet.

Is it good?

- Looks good.
- You don't even like it.

- Should I try it?
- Really?

It looks good.

- You don't like pig's intestines?
- I hate the smell.

- You have a weak stomach.
- You're right.


I wanted some real coffee
after that cave.

I asked around
and finally found a café.

My goodness!

You startled me!

It's a small town.

- Sit down.
- Sure.

- You're like a snake.
- A snake?

Sneaking around
and following people.

A fat snake.

- You're crazy.
- You're worse.

What animal am I?


- A chubby rabbit?
- I look chubby?

No, it's just the right amount.

A cute, chubby rabbit.

No, I've gained so much weight.

If I were a snake,
I'd eat you up!

You're insane!

- Still think badly of me?
- What?

Oh, for calling me to the hotel?

Who knows?
You're a man after all.


What happened with that guy?

I was coming to see you.

Don't ask.

He's just a kid.

He needs to grow up,
that stupid loser.

What do you know about him?

How rude.

It's just an opinion.
You still like him?

Yes, he's so cute.

And handsome.

What was
the piggyback for?

Don't know.

But I should end it.

Because everything
is about making decisions.

I saw enough.

Everything's clear now,
thanks to you.

But he's so handsome...

Maybe I'm not
over my first boyfriend.

They look very alike.

It's uncanny.

So did you make up your mind?

I told you I saw enough.

He's dark.

And too quiet.

We never talked
when we were together.

It was so hard.

The worst things
are in sad and dark things.

Yeah, I agree.

But he's handsome.

Stop dwelling on
adolescent things.

It's strange how
you seem to know me.

Tell me,
what else do you see?

I told you before.

I can't remember,
but tell me again.

You might like dogs.

Small dogs like a Maltese.

You can tell?

- I have a Maltese!
- You do?

You like flowers.

But what woman doesn't?

I absolutely adore them.
How'd you know?

-You can tell from my face?
- No.

It's because...

My heart has opened up to you.

Even when you do
something strange,

I can understand it all.

And I find it endearing...

You don't know me.

I know what I see,
as much as I see.

You're beautiful.

- Okay if I smoke?
- Sure.


I love you.
Trust me.


I don't normally do this
when I'm drunk.

Why not?

It wasn't that great.

Thank you.

That was so good.


Others don't compare.

You're so good.

It's never felt this good.

- Better than him?
- Incomparable!

You're amazing.

Feels good to hear that.

I love you.


You love me?

Yes, I do.

Whatever happens,
I love you right now.


I love you too.

Most women usually

can't have sex without love.

You're right.

That's why women are
better people.

Thanks to you...

I'm completely over him.

Do you love me?

It'd be nice to live with you.

Would you like to
come with me to Canada?

- Canada?
- Yes.

I'm going to move there

My aunt runs
instant photo stores.

She's opening one more
and I might run it.

I'd make a decent living.

- So we'd get married?
- Yes. Sure.

You're crazy.

I'll make your life fun.

I can become a good person
if I live with you.

- I'll think about it.
- Really? You will?

I'll really think about it.

You know I mean it, right?

I know.

You know I'm sincere, right?

It'd be good to live with you,
seeing only good things.

Let's see only good things.
I know we can!

I was surprisingly
good at sex that night.

It was good that
I asked her to marry me.

But it was great to hear
she'd consider it.

A meaningful night.

You really proposed?

- Yeah, I did.
- That's amazing.

Let's take turns.

Next day,

the four of us
gathered at a café.

You're traveling together?

No, she's just visiting.

- You're not together?
- Of course not.

- I thought you were.
- We're not.

What an unusual-looking oyster!

I told her everything.

Told her what?

That you're together.
It's all right.

Oh, really? I'm sorry.

Women want to be

No woman forgives a guy

who doesn't.

Don't start that.

Love should be honest.

You should try it.

- You know what honesty is?
- Honesty is honesty.

You're right.

- See that beggar?
- Yeah.

What do you see?

- You see a beggar, right?
- Yeah.

That's really a beggar?

Really? Look harder.

Take off the filthy clothes,

the dirt, and that blank look.

You still see just a beggar?

Forget it.
It's too hard for you.

I know he's a person,
just like us.

I'm not talking about
some cheap "human equality" crap.

Do you really see
that actual person?

That mysterious being is
just a "beggar" to you.

You live your life
only seeing what others tell you

How can you
talk about honesty?

When nothing is your own!

Such fancy words.

I disagree.

We're just cowards.

Can you take off his clothes?

Or give him a bath?
You wouldn't dare.

That's not the point.

Look past his cover
and see his true being.

That's not a cover.

He is what he is,

and no one can change him

His life is for him to live.

You're being
too sensitive on purpose.

Making things awkward.

To find an excuse for yourself.

That's exaggerating.
It's fake.

You're a just snob.

Being too insensitive
on purpose.

There's nothing new.

You repeat yourself
all the time.

The same feelings,
the same desires.

- I'm sick of it.
- That's enough.

You'll make me sick.

You'll see in time.

What will I see, huh?

You little...

Men and their fancy words.

Just useless talk. Cheers.


It's all right.

He's coming.

Oh my god!

Filthy bitch.

You filthy bitch!

- How funny.
- That's not funny.

It was crazy.

Now let's use one glass
and pass it back and forth.

Strengthen our bond
through a glass.

Drink up
and pass me the glass.

Go on.

It was great.

- Did you enjoy it?
- I loved it.

This is Jo Munkyung,
a film director from Seoul.

- Hello.
- Hi.

The drinking scene was so real.

- It was water.
- But so realistic...

- Why are you following her?
- Excuse me?

She doesn't like you,
so stop it.

- I want a word.
- Who are you?

Want to get beaten
in front of her?

Come over here.

Don't start, little man.


Let's do this.

Come on,
you little shit.

That's it?
Was that your best shot?

Mother fucker!

Is that it?
You fuck!

Stop it!

That's it?

This is nothing.

- You little shit.
- Fuck off, you loser.

Get up and fight.


Fuck off, you little shit.

- So fucking precious, huh?
- I never said that!

- Are you okay?
- You're amazing.

How can you be so composed?

He's so mean.

What a sight, huh?

Does it hurt?

It's nothing.

Were you really in
airborne troops?

We didn't do fist fights.


Poor thing,
you got beaten so bad.

All this, after seeing
such a nice show.

But you did good.

You're the best!

Good thing I didn't lose my cool.

People looked at me in awe.

Crazy bastard.

Just a little loser.

- Cheers.
- What a hassle.

What are you doing?

Waiting for someone.

- That guy?
- Yes.

You should go.

- Sorry about yesterday.
- Me too.

- I got an apartment.
- What apartment?

The restaurant lady owns it

and I can stay as long as I want.

- Where is it?
- Right here.

506 at Youngseng apartment.

She must be rich.

Don't think she
worries about money.

I'm glad things are
getting better for you.

Why don't you like me now?

All that alcohol has
erased your memory.

- See this?
- Is this from that day?

Giving you
the piggyback ride.

I'm really sorry.

Take care, and
I'm glad you got a place.

You were so good to me.

I'll never forget you.


Take care of yourself.

I don't think I'll see you again.

If you want...

I'll try to stop loving you.


What's the point
in saying that now?

You really don't want to
see me now?

Don't call me again.

It's only hard for both of us.

Sorry for hurting you.


- Aren't you coming?
- Yeah...

Want to go first?

- I'll leave in a bit.
- Really?

- What for?
- I just like it here.

You go ahead.

All right, then.

- We're off.
- Okay.


- Bye.
- Bye.


- Hi.
- Hello.

Are you leaving?

- Hi.
- Hello.

- He asked me to come.
- It's over at the end.


- I'll see you later.
- Bye.


- Take care.
- You too.

- Have a safe trip.
- Thanks.

- They look good together.
- A perfect match.

She brought cleaning supplies.

Had dirty thoughts
about what they'd be doing.

Got punished for it,
right away.

I don't ask anything of you.

I know.

- Were you hurt badly?
- Just pulled a muscle.

The place fit him perfectly.

But I couldn't
wait to leave.

Bad energies, I guess.

Right. Cheers.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

- So good.
- Is it?

- Want more?
- No, I'm full.

- What happened to your face?
- Oh, this?

It's nothing.
I got drunk and tripped.

- Let me see. Looks bad.
- I'm all right.

- Here, take this.
- What's this?

6,800 dollars.
Spend it wisely.

It's a lot of money.
It's really for me?

Count it later.

It's all the cash
I could get right now.

Thanks, Mom.

Thanks so much.

I'll spend it wisely.

I'd give you more,
but everything else is tied up.

Dear me...

I feel sad that you're leaving.

Thank you.
I'll spend it wisely.

My poor baby...


Take care, and
I'll be back soon, okay?

I'm still here, Mom.

Oh, my poor baby.

I'm sorry, Mom.

It's my fault.

No, it's all my fault.

Sorry I'm late.
It was my Mom.

Your eyes are swollen.
Did you cry?

Yes, my mom was
sad to see me go.

I see.

- Did you cry a lot?
- A little.

She must be so sad.

- She gave me some money.
- Really?

Must've scraped up
every last penny.

- Right.
- You keep it.

That's so inappropriate.

I'm sorry, I just
wanted you to have it.

No, don't be sorry.

- But it's your money.
- I know.

- Your mother sounds great.
- Yes.

- That must hurt.
- It's nothing.

Nothing an airborne trooper
can't handle.

What I proposed before...

- Did you give it some thought?
- Yes, I really have.

- I'm really thinking it over.
- I see.

Should we get some coffee, then?


- Shall we?
- Let's go.

It was great having nice weather
and a pocket full of money,

but even better that
she was serious about me.

-A great day.
- Must have been nice.

- Let's drink.
- Cheers.

I got acupuncture
for the injury.


I was so sleepy.

- No, just relaxed.
- That's good.

You'll feel better.
This is perfect for it.

I love you.

I'll treat you
to something good.

I love you too.

Always stay with me.

I'm not going anywhere.

So don't you worry.

Lying there, I started
seeing things differently.

Really different.

- Bye.
- I'll pick you up tomorrow.

I realized I was
doing her wrong.

I began to see everything
through her eyes.

I felt terrible.

- The food's great here.
- It's delicious.


Are you on the way?

Yes, sir.
I'll be there soon.

All right. Hurry.

Yes, sir.

- Who was that?
- My uncle.

- You're going to see him?
- Since I'm here.

You're going, too.

- I am?
- Let's go see him.

Can I really come?

I'm going because
I want him to meet you.

- You mean it?
- I want him to see you.

All right.

- Don't drink any more.
- Okay.

Just one more?

Should we?


Let's drink.

- Is that you?
- Yes, sir.

Come in.

- Come on in.
- Hello.

She's the woman I love.

What are you saying?

- You have a family.
- I know.

You're like my father.

If you help me,
it'll work out.

I can't live without her.

She helps me truly live.

If I'm with her,
I can be big.

What do you mean, "big"?

Things will get better.

I've never tried hard in life.

But if I can be with her,
I can succeed.

She's the one
I've been looking for.

Your wife is
a good person, too!

Help me!
What can I do, then?

Leave the woman I love?

I can't do that.


Because even you
wouldn't do that, either.

I'm like a lost puppy.

No home. Nothing.

Poor puppy.

Did he drink a lot?

Yes, I'm sorry.

- It's not your fault, Miss.
- Yes, sir.

I don't know.

I don't know anymore.

It felt good letting it out.

I think she liked it, too.

You were drunk.

Couldn't have done it otherwise.

- It's still hard.
-Just drink.


- That's Mr. Jang.
- It is.

- Is this it?
- Yes.

The owner's your mom?

Yes. Why?


- Hold on.
- Something wrong?

I just need to think for a minute.

About what?

I can't meet her now.

I know her.

- Really?
- Yes.

Let's just go.
I'll meet her later.

- Really?
- Yes, I will.


Here you are.


- Don't worry about my mom.
- Right.

- Should I leave you alone?
- Yes.

- Why don't you go smoke?
- Okay.

I know my mom.

She doesn't have any principles.

Having no principles
is her only principle.

- Really?
- She won't care.

It'll be nothing after a while.

Sorry, but...

Can you go somewhere?

Must have gone there often
with the marine.

Embarrassed, I guess.

There are some things
we just can't help.

I'm sleepy and hungry.

What should we do?

You go ahead.

I have to drop by the office here.

You have things to do?

I should do it since I'm here.

- Go on the boat first.
- Okay.

Everything annoys me right now.

Watching the waves,
I got sick of Canada.

And Seoul, too.

No hope for
a good life anywhere.

How did things
get so complicated?

Because Tongyeong is
a small town.

I really liked her.


- Two for Yeosu, please.
- 25 thousand won.

We left Tongyeong
with a hangover.

With two more days off,
we headed west.


Aren't you coming back to Seoul?

I'll stay here.

Work on my enlightenment.

Will you?
You weirdo.

This new apartment is
changing my luck.

I'll see where it takes me.

How was Tongyeong?

I guess I'll see
where she takes me.

- Have to find a way.
- Is there a way?

Not yet.

But I love her...

- You're prone to love.
- Idiot.

Don't you love those women?

I've got nothing to offer.

It's a mystery
why they're with you.

- You're that handsome?
- I don't make them stay.

And I've never
told them I love them.

You call yourself a poet?

It's beyond me.

Why do you write poems?

- I think you're the snob.
- I don't know.

My phone.

Hi, it's me.
What's up?

I'm taking a day off
because of the rain.

I see.

What are you doing?

Nothing at all.

Should I go see you?

I shouldn't have called.

Feels weird talking,
as if nothing happened.


I'm not calling about

anything important, really.

I called because
I saw your hat at my place.

You believe me?

Of course I do.

I'll go over.

I don't have it with me.

Are you home?

No, I'm nearby.

Just 1 5 minutes away.
Where are you?

I've wanted to see your place.

Could I?
I'm very curious.

Please come.

The Youngseng,
apartment 506.

The rain makes me
want to drink.

How about it?

I'm always up for a drink.

I'll pick some up.

No, I will.
I suggested it.

Then see you soon.



- The rain is helping.
- The rain?

Yeah, it's a big help.



I think my luck is
getting better.

Give me a cigarette.

That'd be good.


It was good to leave
the poor kid laughing.

Wish him the best.

Nice leaving on a rainy day.

- Feels weird, doesn't it?
- It felt good.

- What are you drawing?
- A landscape.

Want to hear
a poem I wrote?


"A journey to an unknown place
awakens me."

"And the love for a woman
keeps me true."

- What do you think?
- It's great.

- I love it.
- This is how I feel.

I'm not scared of anything now.

I'm just grateful to be with you.

I'm sure of your love.

I won't pressure you anymore.

I want you to be happy.

- Really?
- Yes.

You don't deserve that.
You're so good.

You only deserve my love.

We'll be all right,
as long as I'm not greedy.

I won't be greedy.

You're such an angel.

- My little angel.
- You're a good man.

- No, I'm not.
- I know you are.

At your uncle's,

I saw stars shining in the garden.

And do you know
what they said?


You were always mine,
so I have to be good to you.

That no one else in the world

will love me like you.

All we need to know in life
is that we love each other.

- Right, Yeonju?
- Right.

We'll be fine
with this love we have.

And I don't know much anyway.


I love you, Jungshik.

Remember that rainy day?

That's great.

- It's your summer harvest.
- It was.

Thanks for a good story.

I enjoyed yours, too.

- Let's drink.
- Sure.

- This really is the last one.
- Okay.

- Cheers!
- Cheers!

Jo Munkyung... Kim Sangkyung
Bang Jungshik... Yu Junsang

Wang Seongok... Moon Sori
An Yeonju... Ye Jiwon

Kang Jeongho... Kim Kangwoo
No Jeonghwa... Kim Gyuri

Munkyung's Mom... Youn Yuhjung
Mr. Jang... Kee Joobong

Admiral Yi... Kim Youngho

Cinematography... Park Hongyeol
Lighting... Yi Yuiheang

Editing... Hahm Sungwon
Music... Jeong Yongjin

Recording... Song Yeajin
Sound Kim Mir

Translation... Kim Nemo
& Hong Stefanie Y.

Producer... Kim Kyunghee

Written & Directed by
Hong Sangsoo

Produced by

World sales by