Haha to kuraseba (2015) - full transcript

Set in post-World War II Japan, midwife Nobuko is resolved to move on as she stands at the grave of her son Koji who died, alongside thousands of others, when the Americans dropped an atomic bomb on the civilians in the southern city of Nagasaki. However, upon returning home she is visited by an apparition. which continues to return in order to commiserate and reminisce with the woman about the past, family, affection and war.



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Translation by: shuyingggz
Timing & typesetting: amno-s
Raw: LoA

9 August 1945, 9:50 am

A plutonium bomb was loaded onto a B29 plane

It reached the first target, Kokura, but the pilots could not get a clear view, so they changed their direction and flew towards the second target, Nagasaki, instead

The commander ordered them not to use the radar for aiming, in dropping the atomic bomb, but by the using their vision, otherwise the operation would be canceled

Mother? Mother?


What are you doing, Mother?

Yes yes



What is it?

Have you taken your medicine this morning? For your low blood pressure

Ahhhh I forgot

This won’t do; Dr. Yoshida will get angry

Okay okay

Then, I’m going off, Mom

Have a safe trip!

Auntie, I’m going off

Have a safe trip!


Signboard; Midwife: Fukuhara Nobuko

He’s no longer a kid, but he’s still as rowdy as one

Ko-chan’s going to be a doctor soon right?

I’m envious~

Don’t be, he’ll be a quack doctor anyway

How could you say that!

Hey! Please wait for me!

Hey, Fukuhara

Ah, good morning

At that time, the skies of Nagasaki were 70% covered in clouds

Just when the commander decided to change his order to a radar bombing instead,

the sky suddenly cleared and the streets of Nagasaki were distinctly in sight

Don’t take it to heart

No, it’s not, don’t mess around

He’s here, he’s here! Sit properly!

It’s a hot day today too

Hey, this is the book I mentioned before

Generally speaking, the size of a person’s heart is about the size of their own fist

Its shape is similar to that of a peach

The heart of an adult is about 300 grams

Its weight is proportional to the weight of the person in question, as well as the amount of muscle the person has

And also...

9 August 1945

11: 0 2 a.m.

I died

Nagasaki Medical School was near the core of the atomic bomb explosion

About 900 people died, including the teaching staff and subsidiary hospital personnel

I was one of them

From then on, 3 years have already passed

Good morning, it’s Machiko


When I left the house, I took a peek at the hen’s nest and discovered that she’d laid 2 eggs

It’s still warm, you see!

Wow, I’m glad!

Although, is it okay to give them to me?

Cracking an egg and placing the tender yellow yolk onto white rice that’s just been cooked

Then pouring soya sauce over it

Ahhhh, I’m close to drooling!

The three of you eat it in peace okay? Please don’t fight over it

Let’s go

How about the flowers?

It’s so hot~

Are you going to visit the grave now?


It’s that day again eh?

That’s right

Stay safe!


The Fukuhara grave

Auntie, the straps of your clogs are breaking, take them off

Alright, thank you

Machiko-san? Isn’t it time to give up?

What do you mean?

I’m referring to Koji

A lot of the students who were studying in the same classroom of the medical school together with Koji died,

so it’s impossible that only Koji survived

It’s just that if he’s really gone, I would have liked Koji’s ashes to be buried together with his father’s for me to pay my respects to

But without any proof that that child is dead, I couldn't bring myself to accept his death

If I could find something of his, like his father’s Elgin watch,

TN: The Elgin National Watch Company was a major US watch maker from 1864 to 1968

or the Onoto pen he so cherished,

TN: Onoto was a brand of fountain pen manufactured from 1905 until 1958. People who owned this pen, incl. Natsume Soseki, the foremost Japanese novelist of the Meiji Era

or a fragment of his skull or even a shred of the pants he was wearing,

I can convince myself to give up any hope

I’d thought that way all this while, but I cannot continue thinking like this anymore

Instead, I’d like to think that that child has already moved on to another place

Even if it’s just his soul, I really wish that he could come visit me

But I’ve already given up


Everyone, it’s going to be 11:02 a.m. soon...

I can see it in the skies over there

The mushroom cloud…

It’s such a heinous and despicable act

Koji, it’s your favourite, tamago-yaki. Machiko brought it for you

To be honest, I plan for this to be the last night that I make any offering meals to you...

Which also means that I’ve given up all hope that you might be alive

I wanted to see the evidence of your death; before I did, I didn’t want to believe that you died

I refused to do any funeral rites for you

Your uncle even kicked up a fuss after I’d made my stance clear on this matter

But standing before your grave, I told Machiko that I’d already given up

She also agreed to give up hopes of your survival, and cried

If you were still alive, you and Machiko would be husband and wife…

Perhaps she’d even be pregnant now, and I’d have helped to deliver my grandson

Ah, I’m saying these kinds of things again and again, repeating the same things over and over

Your mother is such a fool

May the Lord bless us, it is the Lord’s generosity for giving us such food, Amen

Is someone there?

It’s me


Are you Ko-chan?

Mom, it’s really hard for you to give up huh…

Constantly refusing to believe that I died

It made me unable to come out and see you

I can finally appear to you like this!

I see...

Mom, did you look for me?

Of course I did!

From the second day when the atomic bomb was dropped, both Machiko and I went onto the streets of Nagasaki...

The streets of Nagasaki…

Was basically… Hell...

You don’t have to continue… I can roughly imagine how it must have been

You went around everywhere; did you manage to find me?

I kept thinking that you were still alive, hidden in some place… Kotahira-gu, Mitsuyama, the shrine...

Yes, we thought of places where survivors could have gone and went there to look for you

For many days...

But we could not find you anywhere…

What happened to you, Koji?

I already told you

I waited for 3 years for you to give up any hope of my survival

Is that so?

Well, you have finally come back to me then

Mom, have you been well?

When you were missing, I was in such despair…

There were many times where I thought of dying in order to see you again, if that was the only way

But now, it all doesn’t matter anymore… I managed to live somehow

Have you been well?


There’s no way I could have been fine!

I have already died you know

Mom, you’re asking silly questions as usual, asking me whether I’ve been well, when I'm already dead

You finally laughed eh?

There’s plenty of things to be sad about; it’s good to be able to face them with a smile

That’s right… Since you were small, you always laughed heartily

Father died from tuberculosis… Well, that was unavoidable

Brother, who was in university at that time, also died while fighting the war in Myanmar…

Now, I’m dead too...

Mom, eventually you still ended up all alone…

Well, there’s nothing I can do about it. Being able to live is already something to be thankful about

After all, the number of families who died in the atomic bomb blast was uncountable...

but I was one of the fortunate survivors

The house that Father built was also unaffected

Mom, you don’t look well. Has Dr. Yoshida been measuring your blood pressure regularly?

Dr. Yoshida also died in the atomic bomb blast…

But, your father’s friend, Dr. Murai has been taking good care of me so everything worked out...

Also, just last month, two families moved in together, and it’s really lively here now

Masako’s family, as well as Mr. and Mrs. Fuji had their houses burned down by the blast and thus became homeless…

Even though it’s finally quietened down, but the houses and buildings are still severely ruined

Fuji-san was also there?


How about everyone else?

Are you referring to our neighbour, the auntie next door? She’s doing well

Everyone staying at that side were safe

And the Shanghai uncle carried a backpack and retreated from the war in Shanghai

I see…

But his son died in the blast so for a while he was depressed

But since last year, he suddenly found the energy to live again

Because he’s always had good business acumen,

the middlemen found his words pleasing to the ears, but plainly put, he’s illegally selling items from the black market…

He has helped me a lot in the days after the war

I don’t really care about that uncle…! I really just want to know about other people…

About who?

It should be obvious…

Do you mean Machiko-san?

Are you teasing me?

That girl is well; she’s become a primary school teacher

Eh? Machiko?

She’s a really adorable teacher you know

Machiko is a primary school teacher, you say?

Ahhh, her students must be really happy! Her presence brightens the entire classroom!

All the kids in her class are surely excited to study and motivated to work hard!

There are lines marked on the pillar to measure one’s height... That was created on the 5th of May last year…

While busily eating dumplings, what remained unforgettable was the figure of Brother helping me to measure my height…

When I took my height again yesterday I was surprised, I was finally the same height as the belt on Brother’s coat

Do you remember my homeroom teacher when I was in first grade, Waniguchi-sensei?

She was a 50-year old lady who wore spectacles and resembled much like a crab, and she always hit me!

“Koji! Why don’t you listen to sensei?”

Koji! Why don’t you listen to sensei?

Ouch, that hurt!

Idiot! Stop running!

Stop running!


Run run run!

What are you looking at?!

It was really painful! I even bled... Look, you can still see the scar left behind!

This child is talkative as always

You mean me?

That’s right

Auntie, good evening!

Ah, Takeshi-kun, what’s the matter?

My mother… My mother’s complaining that her stomach hurts…

That means that she’s already having labour pains, alright, I’ll go over right now

Thank you for waiting

I want a younger brother

Ah, is that so? You don’t like girls?

I can see my reflection in Koji-san’s eyes

Is the gramophone spoilt?


Auntie! Is there anything that happened so early in the morning?

A child was born at 5 a.m. this morning, in Kosuge

Was he healthy?

He weighed nearly 4kg!

That means you didn’t sleep at all last night… You must be tired

This child was crying because he didn’t have an umbrella and would have been unable to come to school

I had no choice but to fetch him from his house

Aren’t you lucky to have your teacher shield you from the rain with an umbrella

Ah! He’s wearing his father’s shoes as well

It'd be problematic if an undernourished child were to catch a cold, which was why I told them not to go to school on rainy days…

but the children wanted to go to school no matter what

These children are so cute!

Sensei, hurry let’s go

Auntie, please rest well!

Sensei, good morning!

Good morning


Where’s your manners!

Mom, are you okay?

You’re fragile, and yet you’re always doing so many things…

Mom, you’re no longer as healthy as before, you need to take care of your health

I wanted to become a capable doctor so that it would be easier on you

I remember it now

When I entered the university, we went to our old house to give our greetings together

and the scary uncle was in an unusually good mood

He asked me to study hard, get good grades and become a professor, continue researching,

and become a Nobel Prize award-winning doctor

That’s what he told me

But I have no interest in winning a Nobel Prize

Rather than research, I wanted to be a clinical doctor

Nagasaki has the most number of islands in Japan, yet there are no clinical doctors

who could take charge of the patients in these islands

It was my dream to give my all in order to help the poor and unfortunate

When I told the uncle that, he said

“Dreams will not feed you. I didn’t pay for your medical school fees in order for you to help the poor!”

I got angry when I heard that, and I told him, “I don’t need you to pay my school fees, I’ll work on my own and pay for it!”

It ended up being a huge quarrel, and you had to constantly apologise to others on my behalf

“Sorry, it’s my fault for not teaching him well, that’s why he’s grown up to be so selfish.”

Mom… Even at that time, you regretted saying those things right?

When we came home, you sat on this chair, and you kept staring at father’s photo saying,

“It was because you died early, that’s why he spoke to us in that manner.

Ahhhh, how frustrating! That ojisan is a silly old man!”

TN: Did not translate "ojisan" because she intentionally wanted to refer to him in a rude manner

I was shocked then! When did you learn those nasty words to describe him?


Who is that?

It’s me, the Shanghai uncle

Please come in

This door needs to be fixed

You're right

I got some miso, it’s wheat miso from Shimabara. There’s also soap; I bought it from the troops stationed there

Ahhhh, it’s really fragrant!

It’s stupid to be fighting a war with a country who can produce such good things!

Oh yes, you also said you wanted gauze right? You need it for your job

I haven’t been able to find it, but I finally managed to find a way to get it, please wait for a little while longer

You're a saviour, uncle

Even though the police have been taking stricter measures, but I don’t have a choice because we need to eat

If the black market is illegal, then they should put the country in order so that we don’t have to rely on resources from it to fill our stomachs

Are they kidding us...

How much should I pay you today?

No need for that, I have other means of earning money

I can't possibly do that; at least let me pay a fixed amount!

Even though fixed prices are of no use because prices are always rising…

Well then.. I’ll just take this amount

The soap is a present to you. Please help me pass a bar to the young lady as well -- the cute Machiko-chan

Thank you. I’m sure she’ll be happy

I’ve always wanted to ask you; she will eventually get married right?

If you intend for her to be tied to Koji for the rest of her life, it'd be such a waste!

No, there’s no such thing... If she finds someone else suitable for her, she can always marry them anytime

Then, let me tell you about someone who may be suitable for her

He’s a nice guy, but he’s never been to university

That said, it is no longer the era where educational qualifications and social status are factors in deciding marriageability

Nobuko-san, 3 million youths died in the war. Currently, there is a severe lack of men...

It is an opportunity for her not be missed. What do you think?

I appreciate your concern, but I don’t think Machiko would want to matchmake

Why is that so? It’s just meeting them, if she doesn’t like any of them she can just turn them down

But from this point onwards, it is an era of democracy. That child should be able to decide her own future

Eh, is that what democracy means?

That’s right, two people have to be agreeable with each other in order to get married. I wish that she has that right as well

While you’re preaching about high morals, she may already be taken in by bad men harbouring evil intentions

“Bad men harbouring evil intentions” Do you mean men like yourself?

What?! Ahhh, I’ve been defeated; I’ve been defeated!

Nobuko-san is really forthright…

I’ll come by again. If there’s anything you need, please let me know anytime

Thank you

But I was really surprised that I’m a “bad man harbouring evil intentions”



Ah, it’s embarrassing to be called “sensei”

It doesn't seem that long ago when you just a student yourself

Ah, ah

Well, the rain has finally stopped!

The rain was really strong! Autumn is really the season for long periods of rain

Auntie, I came to return the record

How was the concert?

It was really good! There were over 20 music teachers in the music classroom, sitting in a circle around the gramophone

The head teacher belongs to a family of farmers, so he brought steamed sweet potatoes for everyone, saying,

“Everyone, please eat the sweet potatoes while appreciating art, but please don’t fart! It’ll affect everyone’s mood to appreciate art.”

Everyone laughed really hard

It sounds like it was an enjoyable time

It’s been a long time since I listened to Mendelssohn. I’m glad to have heard his music again

TN: Felix Mendelssohn, was a German composer, pianist, organist and conductor. Notable works incl. Violin Concerto, Wedding March, Songs Without Words

That song was one that Koji liked right?

Oh, there was something else, Auntie. A short while after the song was played, a teacher suddenly started weeping

A female teacher?

No, it was a male teacher who came back from the war

Later, when we asked him why he cried, he said that on the day he left for the war, he listened to this song in his room

He thought that it'd be that last time he would ever hear that song in his life

On the battlefield in the south, almost all of his fellow soldiers died

He, too, suffered severe injuries, but he was at least still alive, and somehow managed to make it home

For someone who didn’t think he would have the chance to listen to Mendelsohnn ever again,

hearing the song again made him emotional...

After hearing Kuro-chan’s story, everyone cried...

Kuro-chan is...?

It’s that teacher's nickname

Because his name is Kuroda, so the kids all call him “Kuro-chan Kuro-chan”. Eventually, we all called him Kuro-chan as well

Kuro-chan held on to his dear life, and came back from the battlefield…

What about his family?

His mother and younger sister died in the atomic bomb explosion

Then... He is living alone?

That’s right. This... I’ll go put it back

Machiko is really strong!

You’re losing again!

Not yet!

Will you be able to win in the end?

As expected, a guy is stronger!


Does Machiko have a person she likes?

Yes I do

Who is it?

We’re only left with this amount of sugar from what the uncle bought from the black market, let’s drink some black tea

Ahhh, that’s great! Black tea is much more compatible to have while listening to Chopard and Mendelsohnn as compared to sweet potatoes

That's true

Auntie, you must have been sitting in this room, all by yourself, for a long time

Was it last year or the year before last, I wonder...?

Whenever I felt lonely, I’d come to this room, thinking that I could finally see that child...

When I was in the kitchen in your house in the evening, I called out “Auntie” but there was no reply

I wondered if anything had happened, so I walked into this room. I saw you sitting on the sofa, just like how you are now, in silence

Isn’t there a phrase “in the shadows, in solitude”? You seemed just like a shadow, as though you would disappear into the wall when touched

I shouted “Auntie!” and you stood up… I thought to myself, “It’s great, she’s still alive!”

Such incidents happened a few times…

When they did, you always stayed here because you were worried... Even laying on the futon by my side

But I always fell asleep before you did, and snored as well

Thank you

The fact that I am still able to live till today is all thanks to you

No, don't say that, Auntie!

I couldn’t possibly let anything happen to the mother of the man I love deeply

Because I thought that way, so I was always worried about you and visited you often

It was also because of that that I managed to keep on living

Koji’s already dead… If Auntie were to follow him and die as well, I’d definitely be unable to live

That’s why you’re the reason why I’m able to live on too

It makes me happy to hear that coming from you

But Machiko-san, like I mentioned the other day in front of his gravestone, 3 years have already passed

It’s okay for you to give up on that boy now

By giving up, do you mean to forget him completely?

I can’t… I can’t do that!

Didn’t I say this before, Auntie? I want to keep him in my heart, and lead a quiet life for as long as I live

But what would Koji think if he hears that? Do you think he'd be happy?

He'd surely be happy!

Afterall, the two of us… We promised that no matter what, we’d love each other, even in the afterlife

Auntie, asking me to give up… How could you say such a thing in Koji-san’s room?

Sorry… I’m sorry… Don’t cry…

Ma'am... Are you there?


They distributed plenty of sardine fish, they seem to have caught a lot. Take your pot and come quickly to the union office!

Yes, I’m coming!

Auntie, I’ll go instead

Ah, okay. Let’s have dinner together tonight, okay? We can have grilled salted sardines


The notice came so suddenly



Jesus, Mary, Joseph. Bless me to have a peaceful sleep. In the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit, Amen

You’re here!

Ahhhh, there’s Mom’s smell

No matter how old you are, you will always be a child who still wants to sleep with your mother eh?

You even kicked up a big fuss in grade 4, because you’d wet your bed

Why was it that I always wet my bed regardless of my age, I wonder?

It always rains in Nagasaki so the futon refused to dry… It gave me a headache

But, you didn’t get mad right, Mom? Even when I wet the bed

Was that the case?

You don’t know how much that saved me back then...

It was so embarrassing, I couldn’t bear it

If you had still scolded me back then, I think I would have wanted to die

That’s why I told Machiko that no matter how much our kids wet the bed, we’d never scold them

The two of you even talked about such things?

Yes we did. We even talked about where we wanted our wedding ceremony to be held

Really? And…?

The ceremony would be held in Urakami Cathedral. Kawakami-sensei from pathology would be the matchmaker

We had an issue with what to wear, though...

As we were still in the midst of war, I compromised to wearing an old-fashioned khaki hat and clothes

But no matter what, I wanted Machiko to wear a wedding dress, just like the kind that always appears in movies; those with pure white lace

For music, it will be Mendelssohn, of course

TN: Koji is humming the Wedding March, one of Mendelssohn's famous works

How is Machiko doing now?

You can see me, and yet you’re not able to see Machiko?

I don’t see her on purpose. If I do, it'd be very painful... She must be really pretty, as always

It’s all thanks to her that I’m still alive, because during the most difficult period, when my head hurt until it felt like it would explode,

and when my body was fatigued such that when I climbed up the slope, I have to stop and rest for a few times;

neither did I have any appetite, nor was I able to sleep at night…

That child came to our house everyday, helping me to cook, and even helping me to clean and do the laundry

Back then, I was just an empty shell...

She took my place to hand in your death certificate to the government…

The certificate of evidence, insurance and even contacting the university…

She helped to do all those things

Mom, it’s okay to rely on her completely. After all, she is my wife

You mean, she would have been your wife… right?

Koji… Recently, I’ve been thinking that things can’t keep going on like this

What if… What if there’s someone that Machiko likes?

A guy she likes? Who is that guy?

It’s just a hypothetical situation

When that time comes, both you and I have to give that girl up

No… That kind of thing…

I absolutely do not want that

Koji, please calm down and think about it rationally. It’s already been three years since the atomic bomb

In that time, that girl has grown into a fine lady

Then, does that mean that there’s someone else she likes?

I’m not sure if there’s really such a thing but she’s such a gentle girl; it isn’t surprising for a young man to want to marry her

If there’s really such a person, then she must have been fooled by him!

Machiko may be smart, but she doesn’t know the ways of the world. She must have been taken in by a man with a glib tongue!

Koji, that girl is strong and independent. If it’s someone she chooses, he will definitely be someone of a fine character

That person is me!

The one that Machiko has chosen; that will only be me!

Mom… Are you on my side?

Or are you actually on the side of some cheap unknown man?

I’m the only one for Machiko…

Yes… That may be the case…

But, Koji… you no longer belong to this world... You have to consider that…

No, I don’t want that… I'm not dead yet! I am not dead yet!


Please don’t push us…

I have no choice

Sorry… Are you okay?


Text: 64th company of the Myanmar force; Matsumoto Shoichi

Text: Please donate clothes to returning soldiers. Wives and children are in very difficult circumstances


Kazami-san, you’re next

I am from Tenjin Primary School in Nagasaki, my name is Sata Machiko

This student of mine is a child of a soldier and she wishes to know what has become of her father who was dispatched,

and that is why we have come here today

Tami-chan, your grandfather has told you what to ask?

I am a grade 2 student. My father was deployed to war; his name is Kazama Shigeru

I have a grandfather, but he’s taken ill and is bedridden, so he told me to bring this letter here,

and ask about what has happened to my father

That is why I have come here with my teacher


Where? The Philippines, right?

Your father… Your father…

Was deployed to a place called Baguio in the Philippines… He was killed in battle

Grandfather told me that if my father had died in the war, I had to ask for where he died and the circum...?

The circumstances?

Yes... I was told to ask you to write about the circumstances


This is the location and the relevant details… I’ve written them down for you. Please pass this to your grandfather

Thank you very much

Kumiko-chan, you poor thing…

Sensei, my grandfather told me…

What is it?

That no matter what happens, I cannot cry

Is that so...

I have two younger sisters. Mother is already dead… which is why, I must be strong

I must not cry

Did the child really not cry at all?

I wish she could cry out loudly, because it was just me crying non-stop

Why did I accompany her? As a teacher, I was of no help to her. What was my value in being there? I felt really pathetic...

Isn’t that good? You accompanied that girl to the veterans office, and cried because of her unfortunate circumstances

She must have been glad that you were there

Although they were a gift from someone else, I still have some dried flying fish slices. Do you want to have them for dinner tonight?

Thank you, but there is a union gathering tonight

Koji’s favourite, bellflowers. I saw it for sale, please take it

TN: The bellflower is the symbol of unchanging love, honesty, and obedience

Bye then!

Are you going back now?


Koji, how have you been? Since the other day when you left with that sad look on your face, I’ve been worried about you

Shall we listen to your favourite record together?

Mendelssohn… You listened to it often. The record is almost worn out

Menuhin's violin is really wonderful

TN: Yehudi Menuhin, was an American-born violinist and conductor. He is widely considered one of the greatest violinists of the 20th century

I wanted to become a musician; a conductor

Oh? Not a movie director? Was it Itami-san or Ozu-san that you sent anonymous letters to?

TN: Both Juzo Itami and Yasujirō Ozu were influential screenwriters and film directors of that time

Ah, such things also happened

Come to think of it, you also said you wanted to be a novelist; you even fought with your older brother about it

Ah, yes yes

When he said that being a novelist was a profession of the poor, I got angry

And yet, you could never win against him in a fight

He’s a Judo second belt; he even has such broad shoulders! His frame resembled Father’s

When your older brother came to see me for the last time, he became this thin

He came to see you?

On the year you entered university, on 9th of April, which was also the day that he was killed in the war

Ahhhh, the night when you said he appeared in your dream?

Mom, what’s wrong?

Your older brother was here… He was right there...


His beard was this long… That child… He must have died in battle! He must have...

Oh, it turns out that Brother came back to see Mom… It must have been because he missed you so much

He came to say farewell to me from Myanmar, which is a few thousand miles away;

travelling across mountains and rivers, just to say goodbye

But why did you never come to see me? Even though you were close by

About that… Brother spent countless days in the jungle thinking about you; thinking “I want to see Mom, I want to see Mom.”

That was the only thing he thought about

But for me, there was no time given for me to say goodbye. I became ashes and smoke in an instant...

Even I didn’t even know what had happened myself

That’s right, you disappeared suddenly... Sorry for saying strange things...

Before he left, Brother looked at me and said

“Koji, don’t study the arts, but the sciences, then become a doctor and protect our mother.”

His expression scared me, saying it as though it was his last words

I had no choice. I listened to him, and applied to Nagasaki Medical School

If you entered Medical School, you could postpone your conscription…

After you graduate, even if you were called for duty, you would be an army doctor so you wouldn’t die on the battlefield

That’s what I thought, so I was relieved...

In the end, the outcome was still the same...

That’s right…

I have no choice…

This is my destiny


If it were something completely unavoidable like an earthquake or a tsunami, it is considered to be one’s destiny…

But this was stoppable. It was a tragedy among the plans that humans seek to execute. It isn’t destiny…

Don’t you think so?

Koji? What’s wrong?

Oh, you will disappear whenever you are sad…


Tomatoes in sweet sauce; they were your favourite… It was given by the neighbour

Koji? Koji?

May God bless us; thank You for Your graces, thank You for blessing us with food. Amen

Ah, you’re here?

What are you doing? Lighting a candle while offering a prayer... Are you creating an atmosphere?

You are such a silly child. There is a power outage because of insufficient electricity. There will be electricity in a while

The food is really a plain and simple fare… The duties of a midwife require a lot of physical labour, is it enough to merely have these?

Don’t worry, everytime I go over to a patient’s house, they will offer me a meal... Do you want to eat?

I can’t eat... Mom, you should be the one eating instead


I miss eating the onigiri you make, Mom... Those that had thin pieces of seaweed sprinkled on them

You miss eating such food?

When we had our lunch break during the sports meet, everyone opened their bento and started eating,

but Mom’s onigiri was the prettiest!

It was shaped like a triangle, and each vertex was shaped perfectly. It was especially delicious…

I practiced how to make onigiri even before I got married

I added sesame seeds and salt to the freshly cooked rice, and pinched them just like this

The rice was so hot that my hands became red

Your grandmother kept scolding me, saying “See, you dropped grains of rice again!”

When I was finally able to shape it into a neat little triangle, I felt that I had finally become a woman

Grandmother was harsh with her words, wasn’t she?

In Nagasaki, we didn’t have to fret about the basics like food and clothes

This city allows room for luxuries

We even ate champon in Chinatown; that was really delicious...

TN: Champon is a noodle dish that is a regional cuisine of Nagasaki. It incl. fried pork, seafood and vegetables, a soup made with chicken and pig bones and ramen noodles

When was that?

You know… that time when I was caught by the military police because they suspected that I was a spy

Auntie, when my Mum reaches home, please help me to tell her that the military police office asked me to go over for a while

What happened?

I don’t know either, but they suspect that I am a spy

Ko-chan is a spy?

Don’t say unnecessary things. Hurry and walk!

How scary!

“You traitor!” After being violently beaten up, they threw me into a small dark room

I didn’t know what would happen to me… But Mom, you came to save me...

I was so angry to hear that you were accused of being a spy

I went to the military police and asked them, “What exactly did my son do?”

They said that the base in which anti-aircraft guns were held was captured in the photos that you took at the sports meet

They discovered the photos when it was developing in the photo gallery

I asked them to show me the photos. I took a firm attitude, and insisted that they let me take a look at it

I discovered that in the 16 photos you took, only 1 had captured the base that they were talking about

I couldn’t accept their accusation, and thinking that I'd never be able to get through to these lower-ranked soldiers,

I demanded to speak to their commander

With that, I pressed my way into the commander’s office

Mom, you’re amazing!

I did all that to save you

Just like that, I insisted on meeting the commander, and told him:

“It was only in a corner of one of the photos he took that captured a blurry image of the anti-aircraft gun base

How can you use such unclear evidence to determine that he is a spy?

If he were truly a spy, he would have taken countless photos of the base. My son is definitely not some spy!

In fact, he studies very hard in order to give back to the country; he is a subject loyal to the emperor.”

After listening to what I had to say, the commander laughed and said “I understand. For your sake, we will release your son."

That’s what happened

They pulled me out from a room that resembled a prison and brought me into the commander’s office

I was shocked to see you there in his office! The commander, who was wearing a golden badge, told me,

“If it wasn’t for your mother, you would have become a criminal who leaked his country’s most important secrets...

You have a really good mother.”

On our way home, we cried as we ate champon, don’t you remember?

Ah, such a thing happened too...

It made me really angry...

Mom, that’s disgusting. You’re drinking your snot as it drips into the soup!

What's with your teasing?! For whose sake do you think I went through so much trouble for?

Snot-filled champon...

If you don’t want to then you don’t have to eat it

Ahhhh, delicious

Mom, even though you will usually fail at things, and often misunderstand what is happening, which always makes me laugh

But in the most crucial moments, I know that as long as I listen to you, I will never go wrong


That’s why… About Machiko… After you talked to me about it, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking

What have you been thinking about?

Well… If Machiko were to be my wife and take care of you all her life, you would live in bliss and I would be happy too...

Even though that may be the case, but asking her to do such a thing would be wrong. Like you said, I no longer belong to this world

Machiko should just forget about me, and find someone suitable, and if possible, find a person who’s even better than me…

Even though I think that there isn't such a person… There’s definitely not!

But if… If there really is… No, I don’t think there is, but if there is…

Then she should marry him

Both you and I will endure the loneliness; that is our way of expressing our love towards Machiko

I am not the only one who wants Machiko to obtain happiness,

it is also the wish of the tens of thousands of people who died along with me in the atomic bombing

Machiko should be happy on our behalf. Isn’t that right, Mom?

I didn’t expect you to have considered everything so thoroughly. That’s really admirable. As expected from my son...

The lights are back

Nobuko-san? It’s me, the Shanghai uncle!


It’s open!

Good evening

It’s frustrating to have power outage. It’s dark out on the slopes; it feels like ghosts will suddenly appear

The radio has been fixed, two of the vacuum tubes needed to be changed

Ah, is that so?

Oh, there’s sound!

I’ve got some good stuff - peanut butter from the garrison troops

Look at this - flour, canned pineapple. Applying peanut butter onto steamed cake will be so delicious…

I’m drooling just thinking about it

Thank you very much. Please accept this money

Ah, you can pay me when you have enough

No, it’s best if I paid now. How much is it?

300 yen should be fine

Then, 500 yen

Did you give that cute teacher the soap I gave you previously from the garrison troops?

Yes, she was very happy about it and asked me to pass along her thanks

Regarding the marriage proposal that I mentioned previously… I have already rejected it. It was made by a rather good family...

I’m really sorry about that. Will you have a cup of tea before you go?

No, it’s okay. I have to leave for another job now

I may have turned down a proposal for that child, but how about yourself, Nobuko-san?

Have you… Have you considered remarrying?



What are you saying... Please don’t crack such jokes with me

I’m serious about it! You’re all alone; you have to find a reliable man who can protect you

Then, do you have a person in mind?

Yes, I do!

Really? Is he a rich man?

Well… Although he’s not very wealthy, but he’ll definitely let you live comfortably

What kind of person is he? Do I know him?

Yes… You’re familiar with this person...

Who is it?

Well, to put it simply… It’s me

Uncle, you’re very good at making jokes

That’s right, that’s right! I’ll come by again next time

“It’s me”?!?

I’m an idiot...

Mom, aren’t you going to sprinkle salt to remove unclean spirits?

Ahhh, you saw everything?

Yes, I saw everything!

What was that ojisan trying to do? He doesn’t know his place

TN: I kept his usage of "ojisan" because he intentionally meant to refer to him in a rude manner

Mom, you too, going along with that thick-skinned ojisan and his low class jokes, and laughing so heartily

Don’t let that fellow enter our house!

Actually, I knew that he liked me...


It was only because of his feelings for me that I was able to buy black market goods like sugar and flour at cheap prices

That’s so sly of you! It’s not like you to do such a thing…

You’re right… Indeed, it is unfair

From now on, I will stop buying these goods from the black market

But, you know Koji, that uncle is not a bad person...

That kind of thinking is naïve! You’re too kind!

No, I’m also not some kind of saint

In the past 3 years, I have been through a lot of suffering and hardship...

I’ve been cheated; the money that I lent to relatives was unreturned, and I was even betrayed by a good friend

Even though he is an uncultured man, but in order to continue living in such a chaotic era,

sometimes one needs to act impulsively on gut feeling, just like he does

If someone really ends up in trouble, he would always tell them, “Let me help you!”

But if you are angry about it, then I will stop buying things from him in the future

I met with many awful events... But the best quality about that uncle is that he would never betray anyone

I understand. But if I see Father, I will report to him that someone proposed to you,

and you even laughed heartily, as though you were very happy about it. I’m not going to help you if he gets angry

No, how could you do that!

I’ll tell him, I‘ll definitely tell him!

Stop it!

I’ll tell him!

Hey, you!


It’s alright, it’s alright. A mother’s intuition is very strong;

The desire to raise children will definitely allow breast milk to flow successfully

Of course, ensuring that you take in sufficient protein is important, but there's no need to worry unnecessarily over lack of breast milk


When you gave birth to Sumire-chan, your milk was as white and silky as a pearl. Isn’t that right, Sumire-chan?

But after all, meat was distributed to us at that time...

Indeed, times were so much better back then than it is now... But it’s alright, you don’t have to worry


Have you decided on the child’s name?

Yes, we’ve decided on Machiko. The “machi” in Kagomachi

It’s the same name as my teacher: Machiko-sensei

Ahhh, is that so Sumire-chan? Are you from Tenjin Primary School?

Yes, I am!

I know Machiko-sensei very well. How is she? Is she a good teacher?

She’s a young and pretty teacher, right?

Why are you saying such things again?

What is it?

I’m telling you, Kuro-chan likes Machiko-sensei!

Silly child… This child doesn’t know how to respect her teacher!

What kind of a teacher is Kuro-chan?

He is tall, and has a pleasant voice

Is he good at singing?

Nope! Even though he has a nice voice, he always sings out of tune


I’m sorry, she has really bad manners

Machiko, don’t become like your sister

Mom. I’m right here

Say, your dressing makes me feel nostalgic! Even though it was your older brother’s old clothes, it seems to suit you better

Yamaguchi High School’s school song, Song of the South

1, 2, 3 Here we go!

Willows flying everywhere; the spring scenery looks embroidered

Sore! Facing the river, leaves and branches behind me, I entrust my magnificent aspirations to the clouds

Mom, do you remember?

You took the steam train with Machiko, who was only a student back then, to visit Yamaguchi High School’s cultural festival

What's so funny?

At that time, there were many programmes in the hall. The program that seemed the most ridiculous was the Nanyang dance

Oh, that…

They rubbed black ink all over their body and wore grass skirts, saying “My Lover”

As I watched the group dance and shake their hips, I spotted you among them! It was so hilarious because it was such a stupid dance!

Do you still remember what happened after that?

What happened?

I ran to the field to play, with my whole body still covered in black ink

The weather was really good that day, and the sun was burning down fiercely

Because I have sensitive skin, my entire body was sunburnt

“Auntie, quick, come here!” your friend called me over, and so I followed

You were beside the well, vigorously trying to wash off the ink on your body. Your skin was sunburnt, and it swelled with redness

You were shouting, “It’s painful, it’s painful!”

Pour it slowly, pour it slowly!

Did anyone bring any burn cream?

“Ah! I’ll go take it!”

It was really painful! I was severely sunburnt…

Everyone came forward to help you apply the burn cream as I held it, putting thick layers of it on your body

You were really angry, and had a scary expression on your face

Machiko, who was still a student then, was standing not far away from me and laughed till her face was red!

I was only wearing a fundoshi then, and was shouting “It’s painful, it’s painful”;

TN: A fundoshi is the traditional Japanese undergarment for adult males. Before World War II, the fundoshi was the main form of underwear for Japanese adult males

I felt like crying! I thought I was doomed, and that Machiko would dump me. I had no hope of keeping her beside me

I just kept sleeping; I didn’t eat, and I even skipped school

But you weren’t dumped, right?

Not long after, I received a package. It contained a cooling balm. There was also a letter in it...

“Have your sunburns gotten better? Hopefully you’ll be able to recover qiuckly after using this medicine...

And by the next time we meet, I hope you'll regain the smooth and white skin you originally had, okay?”

That was what she wrote in the letter

Isn’t that great?

I was overjoyed. I was really happy

I felt hungry all of a sudden, and I ate to my heart’s content. I was even teased by my friends for it

Ko-chan… Don’t cry. Whenever you’re sad, you disappear… Stay and accompany me for a while longer...

The nights during autumn are too long

Have you talked to Machiko about it?

About what?

About… About forgetting me

Not yet...

It must be tough for you to bring it up too…

But it’s something that I’ll eventually have to mention…

Good evening!


Did you have a guest?


I thought I heard you talking to someone

I often talk out loud to myself, like I always do

Don’t get a shock, but look! I managed to buy some beans

Ah, beans are extremely rare! It's amazing that you were able to get them!

I still need to buy sugar… Let’s ask the Shanghai uncle for help to get them


Rice cake with red bean soup… If I were able to eat it to my heart’s content, I’d die with no regrets

Don’t say such inauspicious things

It doesn’t seem like anything good will happen in the future even if I were to continue living

Please don’t say such things; it’s unlike you

Well, both my sons are dead… I don’t have any other kin as well

You still have me, remember?

Oh yes, Machiko-san, there’s something I have to tell you...


You don’t have to feel obligated to Koji and I, you know? Someday, you'll find a nice man and build a new family together

Auntie, like I said other day… I don’t intend to get married

Why is that? Why don’t you want to get married?

There’s something that I’ll tell only you, Auntie

On the evening of the 8th of August, the day before the atomic bomb explosion,

we were on our way home from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ factory in Morimachi, our workplace

My good friends Chikako, Tateishi and I parted our ways at Takaracho crossroads like we always do,

when for some reason, Chikako’s expression became serious

She said, “We don’t know when we might die, so let’s have a proper farewell every now and then.”

Hence, we told each other, “Goodbye, see you again tomorrow. Farewell.” After taking deep bows, the atmosphere lightened

It was the morning the next day, right? When you had a stomachache and took leave from work

On the 9th of August, the roof of the factory collapsed onto Chikako and Tateishi, trapping their movements

They cried for help, but they were eventually burned to death by the fire that broke out

I previously borrowed a watch from Chikako; it was a wonderful watch made in Switzerland...

I wanted to return the watch to her, but I was never able to gather the courage to do so

After a few months, I was determined to return the watch and decided to visit Chikako’s house

I told her mother that Chikako had lent me the watch, after which she hugged me tightly and told me, “You are safe and sound.”

The truth that I had a stomachache that day and took leave slipped... And her mother pushed me away...

What happened after that?

She kept glaring at me and said, “If only Chikako had a stomachache that day and skived off by taking leave.”

Well… I’m sure her mother only made that comment out of extreme grief

No, I feel sorry for having lived...

Don’t ever say that! No matter what, you shouldn't say such things...!

It’s alright, I am Koji’s wife. It’s fine even if I say it

No! That absolutely cannot be said...!

Koji would definitely be unhappy if he heard you say that...

He would have wished that you get married and live a blissful life... That’s why you should find someone suitable for you...

There is no such person. Please don’t say weird things anymore...!

Please don’t be angry… Remember, didn’t you mention it before too?

Your colleague from the primary school, the one who cried while listening to Mendelsohnn…

He seems like a nice person

Why are you even bringing him up...? Indeed, he's a nice person, but that's all there is to it

Sorry, but what if…

What if someone you like appears in front of you one day; would you marry him and give birth to many children...?

Auntie, please don’t talk about it anymore!

Anyway, if you really meet such a person, then you should forget about Koji, and think about yourself more

I’m sure Koji would want that as well

No, if I betray him, Koji will be angry...

He won’t get angry, he definitely won’t. I’m his mother; I know him the best

So, please do that, okay...?

Machiko-san, are you upset?

I need to think about it carefully on my own... Goodbye

Mom? Have you told her everything?

I did, just like you told me to

If someone suitable appears, she should give up on me and be together with that person… You said that, didn’t you?

What did she say?

She said she’ll think about it, and went home crying...

How pitiful…

Is that so… She cried…?

Koji… Don’t cry!

Don’t worry, I won’t cry

I can’t bear to let her go too… It feels as though I’m forcibly driving away my own daughter...

Mom, get a hold of yourself! You’re… You’re acting like you’ve just had your heart broken

You’re right, I shouldn’t dwell on sad things

That’s right

Afterall, I had to say all those things for her own sake

This is Kawakami-sensei. How nostalgic! He really loved to drink alcohol

He came to our house before, didn’t he? We even served him alcohol that was distributed in meager amounts, right?

The next day, he called me to his research lab. After I went in, he suddenly told me in a loud voice,

“Fukuhara-kun, your mother is a real beauty!”

That night, we drank and got drunk together. That teacher would always sing whenever he was drunk

Is that so?

The school song of his alma mater:

The green grass of Takeo, the sweet fragrance of the flowers…

Eh? I was there… Attending Kawakami-sensei’s lesson…

That’s right…

Your life ended on 9th of August, during that teacher’s lesson

Is that so… How is he...? What happened to him?

Even though he was miraculously saved from under all the rubble, his entire body was pierced by glass fragments,

just like a magnet attracts magnetic objects. He was covered in blood, and everyone carried him to the shrine

Despite the nurses taking care of him to the best of their abilities, he seemed to have foreseen the

inevitability of his death and asked if there was any alcohol, so the nurses gave him all the alcohol they had for disinfecting

After he drank it, he suffered a painful fit...

It turned out that he suffered from lockjaw and masticatory muscle spasm as well...

TN: Lockjaw refers to reduced opening of the jaws caused by spasm of the muscles of mastication, or may generally refer to all causes of limited mouth opening

That was really excruciating...

TN: Lockjaw may interfere with eating, speech, and oral hygiene. It also limits/prevents medical examination/treatments requiring access to the oral cavity

Following that, he requested once again for a tube to be stuck down his throat in order to drink alcohol

The nurses acceded to his request, crying as they did so. Unexpectedly, it triggered his muscle spasms yet again

Kawakami-sensei said with a sad smile, “This still can’t work.”

After a while, he passed on...

That was the day that we lost the war; 15th of August

Koji, do you still remember Yoshioka-san, the nurse?

She was the one who relayed that information to me when she came to visit...

Yoshioka-san also passed away last spring due to atomic poisoning. She was Christian and a very beautiful girl...

Hymn: Heavenly gates, brilliant rays of light...

Are you alright?

Nobuko-san, what’s wrong?

I’m sorry… I should be fine after some rest

You’ve been losing a lot of weight recently... Have you been eating regularly?

Hymn: Ave, ave, ave Maria...

Ma’am, it’s really cold today!

You look like you’re wearing pretty warm clothes… Were they left behind by the garrison troops?

Yes, look it's "PW". The Americans may be cruel, but they provide their prisoners of war with such good clothing

It’s no wonder that Japan lost the war...


Mother, I want to have some snacks...

Keep quiet!

Hello! It’s me!

Oh, it’s you

It’s been a long time

Are you cleaning the house by yourself today?

Usually Machiko will come by to help, but she must be so busy that she hasn’t had the time

That seems like a tough job… If I had known, I would have came to help you

Let me do it, let me do it. Although a few days ago, I was captured by the police and locked in a cage...

By “cage”, are you referring to the police station?

Yes, yes. I was betrayed by a lousy friend… What bad luck I have!

Are you alright?

Don't worry, I’m alright

I won’t be fazed by such a trivial thing!

I brought some black beans for you, it’s an essential item for dinner on New Year’s right? There’s fishcake as well

Well, regarding that… I really appreciate your kind intentions, but…

But I’ve decided that I will no longer consume these resources from the black market...

Isn’t there a government official who was determined not to buy goods from the black market and who starved to death?

There’s someone who was actually so serious about it...

I, too, should no longer enjoy such luxuries... Afterall, being a Japanese…

Don’t say it as though it’s something inflexible…

There are people in this country whose characters are worse than mine. So many more…

Please, take these back with you. Even my son has reprimanded me harshly for it

He doesn’t approve of me buying these from you...

Your son? You mean Koji?


He… Isn’t he already dead?

He came to me in a dream and told me not to buy resources from the black market...

So please, sell these to someone else...

If he were still alive, he would say that...

But he’s no longer around… Surely, there isn’t a need for you to listen to what he says?

I’m really sorry; I cannot accept your kind intentions...

I did it to make you happy; I even panted while climbing up the steep slope…

I apologise...

Oh, yes. I almost forgot a very important matter

Koji had a lot of records, right? Do you still have them now?

Yes, I do

Recently, I’ve been thinking of opening a coffee shop in the neighbourhood, near Shiam Bridge…

A music cafe. Beethoven. Apparently, it’s the current craze in Tokyo

Can you sell his records to me? I’ll give you a good price

There’s no way I can do that. If I sold them, Koji would be angry

Angry? You mean the vision in your dream will get angry?

Yes, that's right. I greatly appreciate your consideration but I definitely cannot sell the records...

I’ll donate them to the university after I die. I’m sure Koji would definitely consent to me doing so

Nobuko-san, have you been feeling unwell recently?

Why do you ask?

It’s best if you went to see a doctor...

If you’re worried about the money, I will help you to pay for it

Thank you. Koji was always worried about me too

Please don’t mention Koji anymore. For now, please take good care of your health

Thank you very much

I’ll come by again when the New Year opens

Koji, I will not buy black market goods anymore…



Nobuko-san from the Fukuhara house… Has she been behaving strangely recently?

I think so too… She’s been rather restless

Uncle, what have you brought with you? Is it something for the New Year?

If you're looking for black beans, I have some

Ah, that’s great! Come, come in and talk!

Hello! It’s Machiko


Auntie, I’m so sorry for not coming to help you with the chores… How are the preparations for the New Year coming along?

It’s nothing too lavish; I only did some tidying, and prepared 2 to 3 dishes

I’ve made some glutinuous rice… I was making rice cakes at home yesterday

It's not much, but please accept it. You can cook them for meals, or use them as offerings

Ah, thank you very much

It finally feels like the New Year

I’m really sorry for not coming for a very long time...

At least you finally came. You didn't drop by, so I thought you were angry with me...

Is that right?

No, I wasn’t angry

Machiko-san, would you mind closing the door for me? The wind is too strong…

Well… You may be angry at this, but I still decided to bring him here

Bring who?

Are you willing to meet him?

This is a fellow teacher in my school, Kuroda Masakumi-san

It’s a pleasure to meet you

Auntie… The truth is, the both of us…

Are you engaged already?


I see… Congratulations to you both

Thank you very much

Did you specially make a trip here just to inform me?

Yes, because he said that he wanted to pay you a visit...

Do you know about Koji?

Yes, Machiko told me everything

Then… Are you willing to meet Koji?

Of course

Thank you

This child is Koji. He was a student at Nagasaki Medical University

On the 9th of August…

You already know what happened that day, right?

Koji, this gentleman is… Machiko-san’s...

Ma’am, I’ll chat more with you after the New Year. I bid my farewell for today

You are Kuroda-san right?


Returning to your hometown after having survived the war, your eyes filled with tears upon hearing Mendelsohnn… That’s you, right?


That's good... Kuroda-san, please take good care of Machiko

Please help me relay this to Koji-san: "I will treasure her with everything I’ve got for the rest of my life."

Thank you very much. I’m sure he will be very happy to hear that. No… I’m sure he’s happy now

We’ll get going then, Auntie. Happy New Year; have a good year ahead

The same goes for you

I’m sorry…

I don’t know how I will ever be able to explain this to Koji…

It’s okay, it’s okay...

Things are fine this way too...

Please be happy. Okay?

Koji… I’ll keep this photo in the drawer

Ah, I’m tired

You came!

Mom, I watched a movie today


I can enter any movie theatre freely, as I wish

Ah, that’s great!

English movies are amazing! The images in “Henry the Fifth” have colour!

TN: Henry V is a 1944 British Technicolor film adaptation of William Shakespeare's play of the same name

I think it’s called colour motion technology. Soon, we'll enter an era where movies will no longer be in black and white but in colour

Mom, what movies have you watched recently?

“Rhapsody in Blue”

TN: Rhapsody in Blue is a 1945 fictionalized screen biography of the American composer and musician George Gershwin

Nagasaki Main Theatre was packed! I finished watching the film while sitting on the sidewalk

That movie was good! Gershwin’s composition of “Rhapsody in Blue” was so wonderful

TN: George Gershwin was an American composer and pianist

I was engrossed in the music

America is really a strange country - on one hand, they’re able to produce such great movies,

but on the other hand, they’re able to create atomic bombs as well...

Mom, what’s the matter?

You don’t look too well

To be honest, when you were watching movies, Machiko came to the house…

She brought someone else with her...

There were two people?

You should understand… She came with a man

He and Machiko are engaged, so they came to seek my blessing

Really... Engaged?

She already has a partner for marriage…?

Yes, she does

What kind of person is he?

He suffered injuries from the war, and only has one leg left

Even though he has a disability and requires a crutch when he walks, but he is of good character

Of good character? In what way?

I just know it. I sincerely think that he is a good person. He is a reliable person

Since Mom says so, then everything should be fine

Machiko will be definitely be happy, won’t she?

Definitely… Apparently, he is a primary school teacher and is really popular among the children

Then is he an interesting person?

Just the opposite; he’s a very serious person, stable and of few words. Unlike you, always talking non-stop…

I don’t have to worry if Machiko marries him

Am I really that talkative?

Yes, you certainly are

Whenever you are home, you would be calling “Mom, mom” non-stop for the whole day

You will continue calling “Mom, mom” until I reply

It felt as though you’d used up your entire life’s quota for calling “Mom”

What are you saying, you idiot?

What’s wrong? Is it too upsetting?

But it’s something you have to learn to endure, because you are a man

You thought that I was going to cry again, didn’t you? Don’t worry; I won’t cry

I was just thinking, as long as Machiko obtains happiness, I will be happy too

I trust your judgement

It’s good that you think of it that way. Koji, you are really an good child

Don’t worry, that child will surely be happy

She is smart and kind; she’ll definitely be a good mother in the future. She will give birth to many adorable children…

Why are you crying?

She will have a happy and blissful marriage life and one day… She will eventually forget about you, am I right?

If that’s the case, then it's good

She has to forget about me

But… why is it that she is the only who can be happy? If only both of you could swap your roles…

Mom! Don’t be like this! Don’t say that. It’s not like you to say such things...

Sorry… I’m sorry. I was wrong… Mum is an evil person…

An extremely evil person. I am actually jealous of her...

Koji? I’m really tired… I’m going to rest now

Is that so? Yes, it’s better for you to rest earlier...

I feel so giddy...

Mom? You don’t look too well… Are you okay?

I’m fine


Please come by again tomorrow, okay?

Dear God, I entrust my spirit into Your hands, Amen

Goodnight then


Hey, mom?

You’re still here?

I’ll probably never come again in the future

Why? Why is that? That won’t do…

Machiko won’t be coming to our house anymore, like she did before, so you can come everyday

Ever since you died, nothing could make me happy anymore...

I’m begging you… Please don’t say things like you’ll never come again

It’ll be fine, Mom

Why will it be fine...

Even if I don’t ever come back to this house again, we’ll still be together

From now on, we'll always be together

What? Why will we always be together?


Listen, Mom...

Because you’re already in the world that I’m in

Then… From now onwards, I can be with you forever?

That’s right

I’m glad! I’m really glad...

Come, grab onto my hand tightly

Ready? Then, let’s go

Nobuko-san? Good evening

It’s me, Shanghai uncle; I’ve come again. I’m opening the door!

Oh, she’s already sleeping...

I’m sorry… but someone brought rice cakes for the New Year, so I thought of sharing some with you

This uncle says that you haven’t been well recently and was really worried about your health

I bought some braised pork and champon from Chinatown; we have to eat better food for the New Year


Are you feeling unwell? Please excuse me, I’m coming in…



Uncle… It seems like… There’s something wrong…

Doctor! I'll go get a doctor!

Doctor! Doctor!


Did you die here all alone? All by yourself…

How pitiful… It’s really pitiful…. It’s too pitiful…

Hymn: Kyrie, eleison. Kyrie, eleison. Kyrie, eleison. Christe...

Let’s go

Hymn: Kyrie, eleison. Kyrie, eleison. Kyrie, eleison. Christe...


Let’s go

I have to endure. Endure a breath. Endure countless breaths

Oh, breath. Oh, breath. Pass through me. Pass through me, who has lost a place where I belong

Sumire-chan? Is the baby well?


Pass through me, who has been released into another world

Finale song: The sun will still rise tomorrow morning

Translation by: shuyingggz
Timing & typesetting: amno-s

Fresh flowers will bloom over all the earth; the birds of tomorrow will definitely sing happy songs tomorrow

Oh, the earth, the earth. I wish you beauty and feelings of passion forever

I’ll be filled with gratitude tomorrow, and pass through that place