Haganai: I Don't Have Many Friends (2014) - full transcript

Second year high school student Kodaka Hasegawa has transferred to his new school about a month ago, but he still hasn't made any friends. Kodaka Hasegawa was born from a Japanese father and a British mother. Because of his appearance, people think Kodaka Hasegawa is a troubled kid. One day, Kodaka Hasegawa sees classmate Yozora Mikazuki pleasantly talking to herself. Kodaka Hasegawa talks with her about how to make friends. To make friends, Yozora Mikazuki decides to form the Neighbor's Club and forces Kodaka to enroll in the club. Soon other students begin to enroll in the Neighbor's Club.

Can you hear it?

Can you hear my voice?

My name is...

Someone said this before...

There's 7 billion
people in this world,

whoever you can meet is destined.

And among these people,
those who become your friend...

...are a great miracle.

As the chances are one of 7 billion.

Indeed, it looks like a miracle.

However, though a lot of
people live in this world,

it's fairly insignificant.

As long as you live
like a normal person,

it's very easy to make friends.

As long as you live
like a normal person.

It's easy say, but I wonder...

...why I still don't
have many friends.

So, you're Hasegawa Kodaka?

You really like to
act cocky, don't you?


I don't care who you are,

but there's a rule here.

Oh my.

Why must I imagine this?

You look cocky, but
you're really just a coward.

Anyway, just run!

Don't let him get away!
- Stop there!


Be careful!

Stop right there!
- Don't let him get away!



Hasegawa Kodaka, from Class
2-5, St. Chronica's Academy.

My father is Japanese,
and mother was English.

Therefore, my blond hair shows
that I'm different than others.

We've lived many places since
I was young,

we moved here to Touya
City just 3 months ago.

Only my weird younger sister
and I are staying together.

My servant, have you readied
the sacrifice for tonight?

And I only communicate with
my sister, Kobato, everyday.

I'm an introvert and terrible
in social situations.

Basically, I'm scared of
strangers and get nervous easily.

Also, my hair and
my eyes look vicious.

So, since I was younger...

From now on, Hasegawa Kodaka
is going to be your friend.

So, Kodaka, please
introduce yourself.


Are you alright?

What a miserable life.

Something also happened
on the day we moved here.

Hey, that hurt, !

Hey, you!

Damn it!


Are you alright?

Ever since that incident,

there's been rumors about a
violent person who moved...

...into the neighbourhood and
it's been spread around rapidly.

So, that is what's causing everything.

You really like to
act cocky, don't you?

Honestly, I'm quite good in sport.

But I never fight with others.

So, what I do... is run away.

Make way!

Since then, rumors
about me being a

gangster have been spread out, too.

Because of my introversion, this
is how others see me in school.

Well, it's very hard
to live like this.

Get ready, Kodaka.


This will happen later..

And I'll be involved in it.

Anyway, that was my
short introduction of myself.

That day when we went to theme park,

someone was talking
with you, right, Tomo-chan?

Yeah. You're just too adorable, Tomo-chan.

Huh, who's that?

Mikazuki Yozora.
- Oh yeah, you told me before.

What're you doing?

I forgot my cell phone.

You... saw it?


I'm asking you, did you see it?


I see.

So, can you see ghosts?
- She's Tomo-chan!


I'm chatting with my
air friend, Tomo-chan.

So dense...

Have you heard an air guitar
before? This is a friend version.

Does that mean... you imagine
there's a friend?

This is not imagination!

Tomo-chan is really here!

See, here! See?

I think she's crazy.

I'm so happy to chat with Tomo-chan...

And I always lose track of the time.

It's so nice to have a friend.

Beside Tomo-chan, do you
have other friends?

If I had any, then I wouldn't need

You're right.

Well, aren't you the
lonely transfer student?

Transfer student?

Please don't say it like
that, it was 3 months ago.

Alright, Hasegawa Kodaka.


I always standby for
chances to talk with others,

so I have all our
classmates' names in my head.

However, no one talks to me
and I don't know why.

That's so sad.

The forever-alone Kodaka
has no right to criticize me.

So, now she calls me by my
first name directly?

Kodaka, were you alone
in your previous school, too?

Not only that school,

I've never have friends before.



Since small?


I see...

What's wrong?


Buy Why?

As you see, my appearance.

Plus I get nervous when talking to

others, so everyone
gets afraid of me.

Poor boy.

You have no right to say that,
you know.

Don't compare yourself with me!

Actually, I'm not really
looking to make friends.

What do you mean by that?

I don't mind if have no friends,

but I hate that they treat
me like some kind

of pittiful girl because
I don't have friends.

Or look down at me.

I see.

Are you the same?

I hope someday I can
have a true friend.

Foolish boy.

Just mind your own business.

Well, do you have any good ideas?

To make a real friend?

Maybe you can join a club?

No way!


It's too embarrassing!


Just think of it.

Everyone in the club already
built up their relationships,

and then you suddenly
join in, it's too awkward.

You're right.

No, wait a minute.

I see.

A club...

See you.

What's wrong with her?


You feel shy when
talking to others, right?

But now you can communicate
just like a normal person.

This is how we met
for the first time.

I'm back.

Finally, you're back, my servant.

I'm sorry, but she's
my younger sister.

I'll forgive you for now.

Come, offer your sacrifice to me!

Kobato, I'm sorry for coming
back late. Are you hungry now?

Kobato is just a fake name of mine.

My true name is Reists
V. Felicity Sumeragi.

A great ancient vampire!

I'm sorry, but she's
my younger sister.

Hasegawa Kobato, age 13.

A junior high student at
St. Chronica's Academy.

Due to the influence
of Iron Necromancer,

she's always wearing
such strange clothes.

Of course, she has no friends either.

And I can communicate with
her without any problems.

So I wonder why I get nervous
while communicating with others.

Maybe I feel nervous because
they're making judgements on me.

Are you listening?

I have no interest
in your boring topic.

Fill up the Virgin Blood for me.

It just a tomato juice.

Hey, eat your onion.

I hate onion.

Finish it, if not I'll
never cook dinner for you.

An-chan, you're a
bad guy! I hate onion!

Only gangsters dye their hair.

My hair isn't dyed.

Well, what is it if it's not.

This is nothing that concerns you.

But this really bothers me.

Stop bullying others!

Welcome to the city
shopping district,

I hope you can enjoy
your shopping here.

Hey, Kobato, this is dangerous.

Class stand.


Thank you.

Hey, hey! Let's go to the snack counter!

So you're here.

Eating bento alone on the roof.

I can see how lonely you are.

Just mind your own business.

Come with me now.

I'm having my meal...

Hey, oh my. This is weird.

What're you looking at?
- See?

Oh my, isn't that Hasegawa?
- Oh gosh.

This is the place.

What's this?

Our club room.

All the procedures are done.

Welcome to the Neighbour's Club.

Neighbour's Club?

Yes, with the spirit
of Christianity,

we'll become our school
mates' friendly neighbour.

And strengthen our friendships.

This is a club where we can learn from
each other earnestly and sincerely.

This is very suspicious.

So, what's function of this club?

It's to make friends, of course.

I never thought of that before.

So, right now...

...we can avoid those who
judge us for being alone.

While we're making friends,

I believe that we can find our
true friends as you'd said, right?

What's this? Why are
you so confident?


Go for it!

Why do you act like this has nothing

to do with you?
You're one of the members!


I completed your application.
Come on, appreciate it.

Buy Why?

Come, let's put up
these posters together.

I believe we can make this work.

What's this?

You can't read? This is the
poster for member recruitment.

But there's no activity
briefing written on it!

You're too foolish, Kodaka.

Read it diagonally.

I see.

Recruiting friends.

Yes. If someone really
wants to make friends,

then he should notice
this hidden message.

And how about the drawing below it?

Have you heard that
song that goes:

When you get 100 friends,
we'll eat onigiri at Mount Fuji.

So I drew that scenario.

But, your onigiri have legs!

I see, you only believe
in your own feelings.

Kodaka, it's hard to believe that
you're one of the main stream.

That has nothing to do with this!

Well, there's something that
really bothers me...


You always call me "you", it's
annoying and I dislike it.

I'm sorry.

So, Mikazuki-san...

Yozora. Call me my first name


What's with that
creepy smile? Disgusting.

Do you have nickname? I feel awkward
calling you by your first name...

I do have...

No, I did have.

But I wouldn't tell you.


Because nicknames are only
to be used by friends.

So, put these up
during recess.

But I haven't agreed...
- Thank you, Kodaka-san.

Sometimes I feel lonely.

Like I should give up.

If I could let it be
like this forever...

Sometimes I'll think like that too.

I should give up.

Hasegawa Kodaka.

Seems you had an argument with
some other school students, right?

It's no big deal.

What kind of gratitude and
grudges you have with others...

...is nothing I should care about.

But, when this happen in
school, it's another story.

As a student council president, I have
the duty to keep our school at peace.

From now on, please report to me
if you intend to do something big.

Don't be afraid!

That's all I can say.

But you been there before, right?

Come on, you're free, aren't you?

Yeah, I'm free but...

You're late, Kodaka.


So, this is our club activity?

Just wait. Our priority
mission is to recruit members.

I think I should give up.


Is this real?

Is this Neighbour's Club?

I want to join...
- No it's not!


Keep recruiting.

Wait, she's a person who
wants to join our club, isn't she?

What the crap are you talking about?

Tomo-chan, what a weirdo he is, right?


She's really crazy.

Hey, why'd you close the door?

I'm here to join the club!

Go die!

Wait, why'd you close the door?

Open up.

Do you know that girl?

Nope, but I recognize her
face and know her name.

Kashiwazaki Sena from Class 2-3.

The wealthy daughter of
a city council member.

Every guy loves her very much.

But she's just a
spoiled little girl.


She's pretty with a nice body,
good in sport as well as study.

Always gets first place
in academic rankings.

Damn that bitch, I hope she dies now!

Tomo-chan, you agree
with that too, right?

She's totally insane.

Why do you treat me so badly?

I said I want to join the club!

If you're here to sneer
at us, please go away!

I'm not!

I'm here because of that
friend recruitment poster!


I want to make friends too!

Look at me, I'm perfect
in every way, right?

I'm smart and good at sports.

As you see now, I'm
a pretty young lady.

I shall bestow you the right to complain
about this kind of injustice, my plebeians.

You're just a cheap milk cow.

What? What'd you say, flat-chest?


Kashiwazaki, you said you
want to make friends, right?


But you're always surrounded by boys.

They're merely my servants.

What I want is same-sex friends.

For example, when we've been
assigned to form a group...

...for group study or field trips,

they're the friends who will form a
group with me without second thought.

I see, as I know, normally popular girls
will always get supplant by other girls.

You look like gangster
but know quite a bit.

Let me step on you, bow now!

Or you want to lick my shoes?


Normally boys in my class
will do it if I say so.

I see.

Are you intend to play
in more erotic way?

You're a gangster indeed.

I'll not agree to tie you up
with long stockings! You pervert!

I guess this is what I
can expect from the person

who can read the hidden
message of that poster.

Anyway, this is great.

As both of you can be friends.


What're you talking about?

I see, my bad, your
classes are different.

So you two can't be together
during practical class.

That's not what I mean!

Why I must be friends
with this milk cow girl?

What're you saying, evil witch?

Get lost now.


Go die now.

Why must you make it tough
the first time you two meet?

As this bitch has terrible attitude.

Yet it's still better than
someone who has a brain problem.

Excuse me, I'm always
the #1 in school rankings.

Yeah, well done for
a little milk cow.

Damn you, I'm going to tell
my Papa and make him expel you!


How old are you now? Still calling Papa
and Mama, don't you feel embarrassed?

That's why you're a milk cow.

Nope, milk cow is too easy for you.

From now on, you're Meat.

Hey, Meat.

You really have terrible attitude.

Hey Yozora.

Gangster boy!


Please call me Sena.

I allow you to call me that.


You can call this woman by her first
name, but call my last name instead.

That shows that I'm lower than her.

Meat's thinking is
really unreasonable.

Hurry up!


That was so close.


I see, it's my servant.

Are you enjoying school?

Such a thing is not
something that's enjoyable.

I see.

You didn't join any clubs, right?

Of course not.

I'd join one.

Although someone
forced me to join it.

Things like this always
happen in this world.

If you're free after school, you
can come and have fun with us.

If you feel lonely...


Be careful! Be careful!

That day, I had a dream.

Yozora and Sena were playing
around like normal friends.

Although I know that
it's impossible...

...for this to happen to both of them.


Are you alright?

Open the window.

Are you hurt? I have to
take you to Nurse's Office.

I'm fine. Just let me lie
down here, and it'll be okay.

Are you sure?


Thank you.

Then, I should go now.

What're you saying?

You're always lying!

But you never resist!

How dare you!

Annoying! Shut up!

You always abuse
me like I'm a idiot!

Mind your words!

But you already agreed
to lend this room to us!

You're a liar!

This is the place for me
to have an afternoon nap!

Shut up!

Get out if you want to quarrel!

Keep your mouth shut, Meat!

This is my room!



Who's this girl?

Takayama Maria.

She's a school nun, also
our club's staff adviser.


This little girl?

I'm not little!

I'm your teacher, indeed!

How old are you?

10 years old!

I can see that.

Because I'm smart and clever, I
became a teacher at such a young age.

Compared with you all, my standard
is not on the same level as yours!

Bow to me, brats!

Shut up!

What happened?

This woman suddenly came to my place
and forced me to lend this room to her.

I disagreed, and then she
slapped on my right cheek!


Later, she forced me to advise
this club organization!

I apologized.

Let's have some potato
chips and change your mood.

Potato chips? Is it salty flavour?

Yes, it's salty flavour.

Hooray! Everything is
okay! I have a nice mood.


Up high!

Is she a child?


I want to join this club.

Okay, start with a self introduction
and the purpose you join our club.

You're a girl, but why are
you wearing guy's uniform?

Special hobby?


I'm truly a guy-

You're a guy?


I'm Kusunoki Yukimura
from Class 1-1.

So, why do you want to join our club?

I want to be
Kodaka-senpa's underling.


What an interesting discovery.

Why would you choose this gangster?

Actually, I always
get bullied by others.


Therefore, I want to be
Kodaka-senpa's underling.

To learn how to become a masculine
and cool guy like Kodaka-senpai.

Masculine and cool?

He's just a gangster, you know?

He's always alone.

The romantic and cool way
he's living like the wind.

This is the ideal
look of a Japanese guy!

What? He just doesn't have any friends.

So annoying.

In another words, you want to
become a tough and strong guy...

...so that others
will not bully you?

That's it.

Just like Kodaka?


Yozora, I...

Kusunoki Yukimura-san.

The way you face the difficulty
bravely with your strength,

is just splendid!

From now on, you're
going to stay along

with Kodaka and learn
the way to be a man!

What? How can you decide
this without asking him?

- Shut up, milk cow meat!

Hey, milk cow meat.

Yozora, you're an idiot!

That's all.

Thank you.

I'll work for this seriously.

What's your plan actually?

It's our loss if we
don't recruit this

interesting idiot,
so I want him to stay.

What a nasty girl you are.

I'm rescuing him.

Could you pretend nothing'd
happened if he got bullied?


Well... Kodaka-senpai.


Can I call you big brother?

Do as you wish.

Just let me take it for myself.

No way.

This is an underling's work.

Good morning.

Good morning.



You're the girl from yesterday...

Thanks for yesterday.

I'm Shiguma Rika from Class 1-3.

Senpai, you're Rika's savior.

So Rika has to pay you back somehow.

So, was that deadly drug?

It was just a quick-effect sleeping
pill, it has no harm on human body.

In that case, I
shouldn't be a savior.

Indeed, that drug
brings no harm to Rika,

but if you didn't pass by there,

Rika might've fallen asleep inside
the science lab forever.

That might be true.

And then, if some
wild guy came passing by,

and found out that
Rika was falling asleep,

he might do something bad
while Rika lost consciousness.

Something bad?

Rika might get raped!



This is how the story goes
in Rika's favourite novels,

Guys are carnivore and
they will rape Rika non-stop,

put her through the wringer...

Okay, okay.

Rika has a weird feeling
after imagining it.

Anyway, thanks for
protecting Rika's chastity.

Rika's thinking to surrender
her chastity to you.

No, thanks.

You should take it.

During our first encounter,

it's Rika's first time bing
interested in a mammal.

Oh, Rika's coming!

Okay, I get it but no thanks.

See you.

How do I put this...
She's totally a weirdo.

Just like the rumor says.

You know her?

A genius inventor girl.
She's really talented.

Since primary school period,

she'd already invented many
drugs and computer programs.

Currently she's a technical
assistant in a company.

I see.


Yukimura, why're you
dressed up like a maid?

As Yozora-neesan says,

a true man can show his
manliness no matter how he dresses.


Am I right, Tomo-chan?

Shiguma Rika!

Kodaka-senpai, so you really are here!

What's the matter?

Rika heard that senpai joined the
Neighbour's Club, so she wants to join too.

You too?!

This is Rika's application.

So, you're Shiguma Rika?


This club is formed
for a noble reason.

So, there's a condition
to join our club.

The reason is to make friend, right?

How do you know it?

Rika saw a poster while
on the way here.

You can understand that poster?

Not because Rika's a prude, but
she also don't have many friends.

Besides, Rika's classmates jeer
at her that she's a pervert.

Seems like you fulfill the condition.

Okay, I approve your application.

That's great!

So, we can always be together!

Let's do everything together!

Hey, you're too close!

Yukimura, help me!

The relationship among the members of
the Neighbour's Club is very interesting.

We'll not say hi if we run across
each other in the corridors.

But after school, our relationship
changes into another form.

We gather in a same
space, but do nothing.

And that's when I realized...

It seems we're avoiding something,
thus we're gathering together.

This is crazy.

For the moment we have friends,

let's create a relay novel today!

Hasegawa Kodaka.

I heard that you'd
joined the Neighbour Club.

Seems there's some interesting
people gathered there.

When you and those isolated
people gather together,

will you comfort each other?


I believe that place is your
only oasis in this world.

What're you trying to say?

Nothing, I just feel
pity for all of you.

So, see you.


How's life in school?

Are you happy?


Good, as long as you're happy.


I put a high hopes on you.

You just need to do
what you should do.

I'm sorry.

Thanks for the meal.

Okay, our classes end here.

Class stand.


Thank you.

Thanks for the meal.

What's this?

What're you looking at?

Boys over there!
Clean all this stuff!

This looks delicious!

Thanks for the meal!

What's wrong, Takeshi?

What're you looking at?


Don't stare at me
if it's nothing.


Hey, Sena.


Why did you jointhe Neighbour's Club?

I said I want to
make friends, didn't I?

You don't have any friends?

No way.

Friends... What
should they actually be?

If I really knew, then I
wouldn't feel pain now.

I understand.

Oh yeah, about the nickname.




That fool named me
a terrible nickname.

But you accepted it eventually, right?

That's because this is first time
someone gave me a nickname.


You.. You can't tell Yozora!

Okay, roger that.

Everyone, we're going to
start our activity now.

Here? No, if someone see it...

Never mind, I'd locked the door.

Can you listen to me a while?

Those people will go
for karaoke after school.



What's karaoke?

At first, I planned to
go for karaoke alone.

But I feel this is weird.

Normally, they'll go there together.





What's that?

Yozora-senpai, as you see now,

we nearly have nothing in common.

This is one of the reasons that
we're not part of those people.


Therefore, do you still
want to go for karaoke?

Yes, let's go for karaoke together.

Let's go for karaoke! Come on!



I don't want to go!

Come on, you're
happy to come, right?


Summer Break is Coming Soon!

Dismiss us?!

Yes, please empty this
room within a week.

What's this mean?

Well, you din't even do a
proper procedure for this.

So, you still want to
continue your club activity?

Have you gotten permission
from Sister Maria?

Sister Maria doesn't
have such right in hand.

According to our rules, the Neighbour's
Club cannot be an official school club.

Right now, you're illegally
occupying this room.

Wait, what're you saying?

What's wrong?

Hasegawa Kodaka.

Finally, the love of a
gangster and president,

the fujoshi's
favourite play is here!

Please kill each
other with your love!

What's the matter with her?

Rika can feel something
strange when she imagines it.


So, we still can use this room
until end of this week, right?

Don't mind any of this.

Where else can I play this game?

You can play it at your home.

Sena really likes to play games.

This is not a game.

It's Galgame. Galgame, you know?

I wish I could get into the game.

No, no. I'm just kidding.

I still can differentiate between
reality and the virtual world.

Actually you can get into the game.


With this!

What's this?

This is a video game software...

...developed by between a company and Rika.

Romantic Saga Ver.1.34!

I think I've heard of it before.

Saga? Why is it Saga?

HARD is produced in the
Saga prefecture!

So, what's with this game?

In short, this is a machine which
lets you play any Galgame in real form.

The electric current and
the nerve gas from it's

main processor will make
our brain feel excitement.

And then you can get
into the virtual world.


First, let's install the data of this
school and city inside this processor.

So our school will
be the main stage,

and we can feel the
excitement of making friends.

So you're not merely a pervert.

At first, Rika invented this
to experience the real sex.

So you're totally a pervert.

Pervert is Rika's profession,
inventing things is just her hobby.

Put on the helmet and mask.

It's once in a blue moon,
so let's play it together.

Is this safe?

No problem!

As we're just testing it,

so Rika will set it into the easy mode.

How easy is it?

You can do anything you want.

This and that!

Anything in your mind, can be real!

That's awesome!

You act like this is normal.

What's this?

Please be patient.

Get ready.

You'll feel sleepy.

Relax your body.

Today is 17th July.

Next, Rika's going to take you
to 17th July of virtual world.

So we're now in the game?

This is so great!

Everything's just like
in the real world.

Hello... can you hear Rika?


Seems you guys are safely logged in.

Every pain you feel in this world...

...will effect on your real body.

So, please be careful
and don't get hurt.


So, this is true.

What're you doing?

So, please go to your
classroom as usual.

Class is going to start soon.

Due to the development
in countries like France,

the Catholic Church's
power is becoming stronger.

Before the 3rd century,
churches had been built

all over the Roman Empire
and become stronger.

Rome, Constantinople,
Antioch, Jerusalem...

So our class ends here.

Class stand.


Thank you, teacher.



Kodaka, have you done the
homework for next period?

No... not yet.

Oh gosh, I planned to copy
your homework at first.


It's okay.


Are you free after school today?


Kayako found a really
nice cake shop!

It's a great place but not
everyone knows the place.

Let's go after school!

Let me think about it.

Bye bye!

For me, a high standard person,

this thing can be easily solved.

It's a piece of cake.


Thank you very much.

This game is really dangerous.

People will approach
you automatically.

Although I made
friends this way,

I still feel like
I'm losing to myself.

I can't feel the excitement.

I'm so annoyed!

Kodaka, do you want to go for
karaoke with the girls from Class 2?

I'm kind of busy...

I see.

Okay, maybe next time.


Kodaka, do you want to go for
karaoke with the girls from Class 2?

Kodaka !?!

What's wrong?

There's an error, Rika
needs to stop this urgently.

My head's in so much pain.

What's going on?

Rika thinks the system is incomplete.

I won't play this any longer!

Why? Don't you think it's fun?

That's why you're Meat.

It's dangerous to
let this error happen.

Rika has to repair this system.

How long will it take?

Maybe Rika can finish
it before she graduates.

Before graduation?

5, 6, 7, 8!

1 ,2 ,3 ,4!

It's rare seeing you here.


This is not your special seat.


They'd dismissed our Neighbour's
Club, so you, too, feel lonely.

Don't talk nonsense.

Nobody will feel sad
for that club...

Hey, you're the founder,
don't talk bad about your club.

Okay, fine.


I'm the one who formed this club.

It's bull if I don't feel sad.


Hey, Kodaka.

What're you always looking at here?

Nothing, just the sky.

I see, you never change.


See you.

Few days later that.

The Neighbour's Club
has been dismissed.

Just like what Saionji said.

But for us,

that place was like a meeting room.

We've gone back to our daily lives.

Since then, we never
talked to each other.

Building up the bravery to step out,

but none of us have such a thing.

The thing that we wanted
but we still can't get it.

It's still shining like always.


Come here.

Big brother.


Long time no see.

Let's have the sex that
we've longing for!

Since when have we had sex before?

Rika always wears her
sexy panties for you.

This is harsh!

Take back all of your private stuff.

Hey, Kodaka.

Have you seen Meat today.


I heard that she's been sick for days.

Although all of her stuff is good,

but she still hasn't paid her club fees.

Is she really sick?

Could it be... The game processor
in the science lab is gone...

Could Sena...

It's possible for Meat to do that.

Let's visit her later.

Alright, we'll pay her a visit.

But this is to claim
back the club fees.


She stays in this bungalow.

Damn, she's nothing but a meat.

I'm the butler, Stella.

What's wrong.

This scenario looks familiar.

Actually we want to meet Sena.

Thanks for coming here from afar,

but Miss Sena is resting.


We have an urgent meeting with her.


Please follow me.

This is her room.

There it is!

She used it until she became like this!

This fellow's brain has
nothing but meat!

It'll be very dangerous
if we let it be.

What'll happen to her.

She will never get out
from the game world.

In another words, she'll
be paralyzed forever.

I think it's fine to let her be.

We can just pull off the switch.


If you pull off like this,

it'll bring the system
to reboot forcibly.

It's more safe to reset
it inside the game world.

Why do I have to do this for her?

What's there to do?

Do you want to go?

Welcome to Touya City
shopping district.

Hoping you have a pleasant
day here and happy shopping.

This is so amazing no
matter when we come in here.

As it's exactly same as Touya City.

Big brother, do you heard something?

Is she an idiot?

What're you doing here?

We're here to take you back.


I refuse to go back.

Are you a fool?

Do you feel happy in
this virtual world?

I do!

Because this is my world.

I don't think we'll
stop here, Meat.

Just go back!

I'll not let you in my way.

Ready to run, Kodaka.

That president is very dangerous.

You must come back now.

I don't care her anymore.

But we can't.

Why we have to
suffer because of her?

We're just here to
claim back club fees.

Well, let's go back now.

We'll think of another way later.

Hey, you dropped this.



Come with me now.

What's going on?

Everything was recovered.

Even things inside the refrigerator!

I already took this back home.

Kodaka, is it you?

Not me!

Could it be... no way...

Long time no see.


Are you okay?


Romancing Saga.

That's just a game.

I already got bored of it.

An-chan, today is so scary.


Kodaka, this is very strange.

What's wrong?

The shop lady who always
ignores me talked to me just now.


Maybe she's happy to talk to you.

You just so unreliable!


Big brother, I have something
to discuss with you.


I went back home just like usual
after the Neighbour Club's activity.

I saw a stranger was staying
in my house once I stepped in.

Who was it?

I'm not mature enough,
I can't understand this.

So I thought, maybe Big brother
will know a way to solve this.

I don't know, either.

I'm sorry.

Are you sure that it's your house?

That's the place where I grew up,
yet my parents were not there, either.

I don't even know that Sato
family who staying in my house!

Could your family is
in some sort of trouble?

I don't know.

I tried to figure it out,

it's not kidnapping either,

so I tried to seek help from police, but
the officer said that's Sato's house.

So I'm here to discuss it with Big brother.

Oh yeah, how do you know my house?

As I'd stalked you many times.

You'll just stay in my place for tonight.

Thank you very much.


Are your parents sick?

Please protect my peaceful heart.

I'm your god, your master.

I'm not specific.

You can't create God's image.

I'm your god, your master.

When you make an offer to your master,

please offer in the way I allow.

The meat that you offered,

don't eat it on that
day or the next day.

Burn it until the 3rd day.

Boys and girls, good day.

Now we're going announce the result
for student council president election.

Please gather in the main hall.

The result is...

Our new student council president
is our top student, Kashiwazaki Sena!

As a student council
president, I'll do my very best!


What's going on here?

Something serious
is going to happen.

How serious could it be?

The imagination is starting
to erode our daily life.

How could this happen?

Sena's reality and virtual
world have been mixed together.

No way!


Okay, that's enough.

Let's go back to the original world.

How can we end this absurd thing?

Destroy the software and
reboot it forcibly.

It should be able to bring
us back to normal world.

I see.

So, this is one big bet.

What's this?

What's this?

Oh gosh.

We have to find the software now.

The police can't do anything about this.

We'll go there together tomorrow.

Alright, thanks.

I said this is my house!

I said this is my house!

It's mine!

Enough, get out!

No way!

Enough, get out!

This old man is talking nonsense!

Who're you? Do you know this girl?

Say something!

This girl is too funny.

You're talking nonsense, old man!

What're you doing in my house?

I told you this has always
been my house!


I'm calling the police.

And I'm not an old man!


So, you're also facing
the same problem.

Some strangers are staying there.

Same here.

While on the way home, I saw
Maria was wandering at main gate.

So I took her in.

The other sisters are gone.

What's going on here?

Kodaka! Kodaka, wake up!


We have problem.

Finally, the moment where we have no
room to advance or to retreat is here.

It's so quiet out there.

This is the end.

She's the one who imagined this game.

What a terrible mine she has.

That came from our school!

I'm Red Team captain.

White Team, go for it!

Red Team is very fast, very fast.

White Team, don't lose!

So Meat is here?

If she is here,
what're you going to do?

Punch her.

And then end this ridiculous world.

Miss Sena wants to
stay in this world.

Please go back.

Let go of me, Kodaka!

We're out-numbered.

The Neighbour's Club
members were here.

And they want to take you back.

What's wrong with that sight?

What're you looking at?

I have high hope on you.

You just need to do
what you should do.

No! No! No!

I refuse to go back!

I want to be here!

I don't want to go back
to the original world!

Our school is here,

but our club room is here.

What's happening?

Senpai, look.

We got lots of
food from the store.

That's enough for us for now.


I will not stay here forever.

What's situation on the
east side of the town?

Nobody at all.

That Meat is doing something bad.

What should we do, if
this doesn't improve?

This is impossible.

But we at least
need a back-up plan.

What're you talking about?

You don't want to leave this world?

I don't mean that.

Then, please mind your words.

Don't make me angry.

Kobato and Maria are still asleep?

Yeah, they're still sleeping.

Pittiful girls. I think
they must be too tired.

We have to think of a way out.

Can't sleep?

Yozora hasn't come back.

I see.

This is something very serious.


Do you want to go back?

Of course!

But you'll get bullied.

This has nothing to do with that.

I had seen you get
bullied many times.

I see.

Why don't you fight back?

Because I'm still immature.

One day I will have revenge.

I see.

Big brother, will you fight back?

I don't know.

I see.

Sorry, I'm not only immature,
but also pessimistic.


Big brother, when you see I
get bullied by others,

you'll not come and save me, right?


What're you doing?



What're you thinking,

after coming to this world?

What will we do if this world
continues becoming like this?

Who knows.

Actually you already
have the answer.

I don't think this is too bad.

That's it.


You really haven't changed at all.

Tomorrow I'm going
to invade the school.

No matter what you think, I'm going
to end this boring world anyway.


Long time no see.

I see.

Seems nobody is here.


I was chucked out.


They say they don't need me anymore.

What's going on here?

Where's Yozora-senpai?

This world... This world...

I have been waiting for you.

You can stay in this world with
everything you have now.

You're clumsy but kind,

that's why you can't
survive in reality.

So, this is your world, Yozora.

Yozora's world.


Why isn't it mine?

He'd forgotten
everything. It's his bad.

You helped him a lot.

Is it?

Then, just stay here forever.

So that you won't get hurt.

Big brother, I'm so sleepy.


What'll happen to us?

If this is Yozora-senpai's world,

and her wish is getting
stronger, we'll be trapped here.

What's that?

Which means, we'll be trapped
inside this world forever.

We'll fall asleep like Yukimura and
the others until our life ends.

Are you kidding me?

Why're we inside Yozora's world?

Maybe that's the software is over there.

Rika's going up to the roof.

Senpai, please go and
find Yozora-senpai.


Anything I can help you with?

I want to take Yozora back.

Are you serious?

Without Yozora, this
world will be ended too.

Don't force yourself, just
stay in this world, okay?

I'll not let you interfere with us!

This is the world
which Yozora desires.

I wonder how many floors to go?

Hey, it's a waste
to call you milk cow.

From now on, you're Meat.

Hey, Meat.

Stupid Yozora.

So boring?

Why you don't fight back?

Don't want to hurt others?

No, I don't think so.

You just don't want
to hurt yourself.

They're living
according to their heart,

with no lies and no camouflage.

How about you?

Blaming everything on others!

You never did anything wrong!

What's wrong is your
glare and your appearance!

I'm the person so misunderstood!

I'm so angry!

Wake up now!

Only you know!?

How well do you know this?

Of course I do, as
I'm part of this world.

Come on!

Come! And hit me!

Not even able to save your
friend, are you even a man?

Sorry! Sorry!

Are you okay?



My name is Kodaka,
you can call me Taka.

My name is...

Yozora and I...

You can't change anything!

You can't protect anyone, Taka!


It's useless, she'll never wake.

She chose to stay in this world...

...instead of facing the reality
that made her disappointed.


What're you looking at?


Just looking at the sky.

I imagine there's something
there, and I feel happy.

I'll never forget you even when
I transfer to another school.

Next time when we meet,
I'll become stronger.

Next time I'll protect you.

Don't force yourself, Taka.

No, if I'm not able to protect
my friend, then I'm not a man.

We'll be friends forever.


I'm Hasegawa Kodaka.


Let's go back. Back
to our original world.

It's okay, I'll stay here.


I don't want to feel
disappointed again.

Now I remember.

I remember it, Yozora.

It's useless, when
thing becomes like this.

It's my...

It's my fault!

I'm sorry, I didn't
keep our promise.

You really didn't change at all.

Whether it's 10 years ago or
right now, you can't protect anyone.

It's my fault!

But you remember everything.


It's too late!

Can you hear it?

I'm Kashiwazaki Sena. I
have words for stupid Yozora.

How long are you're going to sleep?

Wake up now, stupid!

This world is not
mine! I hardly approve!

I'll forgive you due
to our relationship.

But it's another story,
if you're not here.

If you're not here, who
else will call me Meat?

Come back now!

Please call me Meat again!

As this is the first time
someone gave me a nickname.

Honestly, I hate you the most!

You have a bad personality
and hanging eyes!

You have a flat chest and you're
bad at singing!

Anyway, I hate you!

I won't be defeated by you!

The song that you sang during karaoke,
I can sing that better than you.

Listen now!

So wake up now! Stupid Yozora!

I'm your friend.

I'm Kodaka. Please call me Taka.

My name is Sora.

I'll protect you, Sora.

Taka, do you know?

There's 7 billion
people in this world,

and whoever you can meet is destined.

And among these people,
those who become your friend...

...are a great miracle.

As the chances are one of 7 billion.

Can we create that miracle?

Of course.

What's going on?

You're out of time.

This world is going to end.

Let's go, Yozora.


Can you hear it?

Can you hear my voice?


Mikazuki Yozora.

Guys! Guys! Wake up!

What a relief!

What's going on here?

Are we coming back safely?


Of course you're safe now.

Since Rika couldn't reset it, she
used this to smash the software.

Where's Kobato?

Maria is not here, either.

What're you talking about?
Neither of them took part in this.

Big brother, look...

What's happening here?

Rika, how many times have
we played this game today?

Of course today is the first time.

Which means, we were playing that game...

Even after it ended the first time.

But Kobato and Maria were there too.

That's because...

...your memory created their
personality in the virtual world.

I see.

In another words, that world
is someone's dream world.

I wonder whose.

Maybe it's Sena's.

Run now!

Someone said this before...

There's 7 billion
people in this world,

and whoever you can meet is destined.

And among these people,
those who can be your friend...

...are a great miracle.

I thought I had dismissed your club!

Please leave here now!

Make... Friends...

As the chances are one of 7 billion.

With... Taka...?


For me,

Make friends with Taka?

I don't have many friends.