Hadashi no Gen (2007) - full transcript

The trials and travails of the Nakaoka family as they endure the horrific atom bomb of Hiroshima.

Gen, you're slacking again

The wheat is near harvest,
I want to see bread

I want to eat Udon

Japan can no longer fight

The traitors cannot be forgiven

Your dad is our country's shame

Don't talk bad about my father

I want to join the army

I raise you

not because I want
you to go to war

Daddy's a coward

Don't die
must come back alive

We'll wait for you to
come back, brother

Nakaoka Kouji

Long live


Mulnutrition, exhaustion

The child is coming out soon

Pity both of us

Today's performance
was really hard work

Don't perform anymore

I understand your
good intentions

The days of drinking soup
will stop today

Sit down and have your meal


Dad, mom



I'm really scared

Bring Gen and leave

I don't want
continue to live on


Susumu Tsugi

Be strong

You're energetic Gen

Madam, its no use
don't die together

Susumu Tsugi

Show a year twenty August sixth
dawn eight fifteen a.m.

Explosion in Hiroshima

The temperature produced
burn fourty million houses

The ashes produced
from the burnings

cast a grey shadow
above Hiroshima

A few millions civilians
injured from the burning

is moaning for help in the ruins

I want to drink water

Thirsty? Wait for a while

Come, water

Cannot drink water

Victims of burning
water is their last hope

Drinking water is equals
to sending them to hell

I want to drink water

Don't feed them, understand'?


Sorry, everyone

Sorry, uncle

Is it raining'?

Gen, move quickly

The radioactive caused
by the explosion

and the ashes are in the air

Within the ozone
radioactive rain began to fall

Hiroshima became a ruin

Mom, how did you escaped'?

During the explosion

I was just about to
keep the blankets

Was impacted immediately

The roof blocked the
radioactive waves

I was beside the
school's wall coincidentally


Why'? Stomach ache?

The baby's coming out

Coming out'?
But how there's no nurse?

Help me

Help me

No, I don't know how

Listen to mummy

Go into the nearby house

find some blanket
pails and cloths


Fill the pail with water
find a pair of scissors as well

What's the scissors for

To cut the cord, Gen go quickly

Alright, wait for me

mom's needs it for emergency

Water's here

Work hard

Its out, Mom

It's a girl

Cut the cord quick if
not the baby will be hurt

Cut the cord
if not the baby will be hurt

Its cut, mom

Carefully support
the baby's head

wash her clean

Wash her clean

Mom, sister is very energetic

I help you to deliver
must listen to me OK


Dad, sis, Shinji


The sister is born

Very healthy

And very energetic

Shinji, little sister
she's born

Nicely put, Gen

I am brother

"Barefoot Gen"

Hiroshima who suffered
from the attack


The city's became
ruins in an instant

Commander, excuse me

Asshole, who asked
you to stop practicing'?

Stand till


Dad, mom

You dreamt

What did you dream about'?

Father, sister, Shinji


Everyone is alive

Maybe there are saved
and are walking towards here now

Mom thought

If your dream is real
then its really good

It must be real

Really want to see Shinji faster

Gen although this is
hard to accept

do try not to think too much

You watched them die

Nonsense, father, sister, Shinji
they're still alive

Stupid mom, you only
know how to say death

Sorry, I'm wrong
dad and the rest are still alive


Why didn't you want to drink?

There's no milk
because I didn't eat

I see

If its dragged on
I'm afraid that

Cannot let her go hungry

mom we need to
think of something

Porridge can replace milk

If we have rice
then we'll be saved?

Alright, leave it on me

I will find rice,
cannot let sister go hungry

Cannot die OK

brother is going to
find rice now

Listen good

Very clever
my sister indeed

Gen is really going to find'?

I'll go and find
let's go, Shinji

Its not here

Wait for me to come home, mom

can you give me some rice'?

No, I don't have any

Where to find rice'?


Feel like vomitting, why?


Shinji, you're still alive

Who're you?

Indeed you're
still alive, Shinji

I'm not Shinji


Wait, Shinji

Gather up the bodies

There, there's another one here

Its no difference with
being alive, so pitiful

Was burn because of petrol

Name Amfiabha

So hot

Still alive
I thought you're dead

Simply burn people up

If apologies work why
do we still need police

Don't move, I'll help
you put out the fire

Its burn

Never mind, minor injuries

No, I'll bring you
to bandage it up

The body is as handsome as me?


I give you sweet
forgive me

Alright, forgive you

Uncle Soldier where
can I find rice'?

I have to go back
and feed my sister

Every grain in the city was burn

There's got to be some

Opposite Tan Zhisan
looks like its not affected

Because its blocked
by the mountain

so its not affected
by the radio waves

Opposite the mountain'?
alright, I'll have to toughen up

Really miss it

I have a son
almost the same age as you

He always sing this song

Now life and death
is so uncertain

Uncle Soldier don't be sad

we'll sing a song
to cheer you up


Can you give my child some milk?


Uncle Soldider, its too soft

What's wrong?

The body suddenly felt weak

I already hide away from
the radioactive waves

Maybe its because
of the toxic rain


Why is it like this'?

Uncle became bald

Very cold

Its hot, you mistaken it

Very cold

What happen to my body?

Is it really cold?

Its so hot, how
can you feel cold?

Stay strong, uncle

Brother, save me

Uncle Soldier

Who can give me some milk?


Who can give me some milk?


So noisy

Sorry, little kids

Such a young child
its better to die earlier


Give me
what're you trying to do'?

Strangle you

Drink more

Drink as much as you can

I just fed my child

Where's your child?

Burn to death

Seeing your child

I'm very envious
feel like having her as mine

I'll feed her, don't worry

Thank you

Thank you


Its you, the doctor
from yesterday

Save this uncle

Help him to lie down

Stay strong, Uncle Soldier

The hair's falling

Did he feel cold?


Its just like other patients

Everyone is having
the same symptoms


The pickup ton

The new bomb yesterday

Uncle Soldier

Sing for me


Uncle Soldier sing together

sing and stay strong,
isn't it this way

Open your eyes, don't die

Why everyone's dying'?


Me too...

Is it like uncle

I will die too'?

Don't want, I don't want to die

I don't want

I don't want
save my mom

Atom bomb
not only did it destroy the city

The radioactive waves is
being spread through the air

The radioactive waves
went into the body

destroy the healthy cells


Have you forgotten?
you're the energetic Gen

Strong Gen


I will not bend

I will not admit defeat

I promise father

I'm energetic Gen

Uncle is correct

This place is not affected

There's rice

Get lost, such important rice
how can I give it to you

A bit is good enough

My sister doesn't
have anything to eat

Get lost

Its not even enough
for ourselves

Stingy old woman

Please forgive me

Cut open the stomach

Who's there

What do you want?

Do you guys want to
see the real thing'?


Do you want to see'?

I'll perform the act
using the sickle to end my life


All of you have to
exchange with rice

those without rice cannot watch

The rice is here
cut it open

What're you guys anxious about'?

What're you doing

Perform quick

I'm going to cut,
watch carefully

Its too near, the
blood will gush onto you

go back a bit

Is this OK?

Not enough, further some more

Is this enough?


You can't catch me
if you're this far

What'? He cheated us
catch him

Stand right there

Stand right there

Give us back the rice

Stand right there

Save me

I dropped into a man hole

who ask you to cheat people

Its my fault
please pull me up

Don't let me see you again


Leave the rice

So stinky

Brother's so slow

Smells nice

Father, brother ate my potato

You're the big brother
don't steal

You want to eat all by yourself

Fighting for a potato, fool

Can you hear'?

Who's hiding there?

Its you

Good night

Father, its him
who stole the rice

I didn't steal?
Put it in such a way

You want to steal rice again'?

No, I won't steal
other people's things

I want to feed my family
performing around here

What do you perform?

Do all of you like
to hear naniwabushi'?

Don't mind

I perform naniwabushi
you guys give me some rice

Do you want to see'?

Husband its pretty interesting

Alright, since I
have nothing to do

But if you didn't perform well
there won't be any rice

Dad don't give him first
this guy will run away

Will give you after
you sing finish

Thank you

The performance starts

Today mom can eat fish again

Dad's really lucky

To have all of you as kids

All of you performed really well

That's it for today

Next time come here
and perform again

Give him some rice



Its you again'?

You're Shinji

You're still alive, brilliant

We have a sister

follow me and accompany
mom to have meals

you see

Shinji, wait for me

Shinji, I really miss you

So happy

Takashi, who is he?

Don't know
I have food, rice

Don't take my rice

You're Shinji

Don't worry mom
follow me go back

He's not Shinji

I am Kintou Takashi
I don't have a brother like you!

Lies, you're Shinji

Don't bug me

We're all orphans
we live on the streets

Don't disturb us


Clearly he's Shinji


I got some rice
but it got taken away

I only have this, sorry, mom

You tried your best
its alright, thank you

Gen, why is your head like this

Don't know

Do you feel unwell anywhere


Gen don't like to mom

Really don't have

You cannot die

If you die, then what will I do'?

I'm really good
I'm energetic Gen

ls sister OK

There's a kind aunty who fed her

Really? This is good

Gen give sister a name

OK, what should we call her'?

You decide


I hope she can have
a lot of friends

let's call her Tomoko

Alright Tomoko it is

From today onwards
your name is Nakaoka Tomoko

You like it'?

Tomoko, grow up quickly

Very hungry

Let you have it
what about mom'?

I'm alright, you have it



Gen, let's leave this place

To where'?

Last time mummy have
a friend in Kou Nami

Maybe she can help us

There's no food here
how to keep Tomoko'?

Moving away from home'?

But father and Shinji

Gen, forget it


I understand

Before we leave

I want to go back home once more

Go home

To make the last confirmation

Have bread and udon for dinner


Sit down and have your meals

Bread, udon

Don't worry

Shinji, Eiko, you have
dad by your side

What're you doing'?

If we don't dig them out,
its really pitiful

Gen, don't

What're you afraid of'?

Continue to live on, Gen

Father really died

for not being able to save daddy

Don't leave

Shinji, its really hot right

We have to be together forever

Mr. Bo


This is given by your dad

The wheats' seeds

Bring it with you

Don't think it can
be used here anymore

The effects of the bomb

Hiroshima in seventy years time

I'm afraid that not
even a grass will grow

You lied, impossible

The wheats are strong

that's what father
told me all the time

This piece of wheat farm

Went through winter
and the tests of frost and snow

Unafraid of hardships
finally it grew healthily

Then the fruit will bear

Daddy never lie

This is dad's seed

This is sister's seed

And plus Shinji's

Work hard

Work hard OK


Thief, stand right there

Stand right there

Wait for me to come home mom

Wait for me, mom

Stand right there

Stop it

It hurts

The finger is chewed off

Chase quick

Stand right there

Where did he go'? Stupid fellow

Let's go

Its you again, so irritating

Why do you want to steal?

To survive

I don't have other choice too

The adults are busy with war

Where's your accomplice'?

All are arrested into
the police station

Left you alone

Why did you save me?

You look really alike with
my brother who died

Help me?

You have trouble

how can I just stand
there and watch

Even if its wrong,
I will still save you

Because you're my brother!

Thank you



So happy, bro

Say it again


Its been very long since
someone call me brother

Really look like Shinji

Mom can we bring Takashi along?


His parents died
in the explosion

friends are lost too

Take him as a family? I beg you

Let's go together

Can'? Mom

I will look after
him like Shinji

Aunty, thank you very much

This is brilliant, Takashi

Yes, brother

Just like Shinji


Someone calls you a brother,
very happy right

You can listen to as many times
as you want, brother

ls brother at home'?

Lost yourself

Why did you hit me

In order to banish the evil

I'm doing the job on
behalf of heaven

Shut up
let's fight, left hit

You have one more brother

Mom, she smiled


Kimie, you're Nakaoka Kimie

luckily you're alright

I'm very worried

heard that a lot of people
injured and died at your place

How bout home'?

No more

Husband? The rest'?

Sorry to trouble you

For coming to find you
suddenly, really sorry

Can you let us
stay here for a while?

You're too polite,
don't mind here

we have to help each
other during this time

Is it convenient'?

I know you're really suffering
you have to work hard yourself

Thank you

Gen, Takashi,
come here and say hello

Aunty, hello


So irritating

From today onwards
this place will be our new home

What home'? its just a store room

Don't complain

its really good to
have a place to stay

Everyone be together forever

Only ran half of
ten thousand metres

How to become
a navy if its like this

Come, everyone don't be so picky

White rice

Let's eat

Gen, Takashi, let's eat


I want to let Shinji eat

Mom, today's rice is very little
me too

Everyone's the same
everyone hold on a bit

No, I want to have more

There's not enough food
you should know

Its all because of them
give me back the rice

Shou Rou

Eat quickly

I'm full
give me back my rice

Know when to stop

Sayako, take my rice
and give it to the children

No, sorry they're still young

Its our bad
coming here without invitation

we're not hotels

I don't like here

Hang on for a while
its us who're troubling people

Its correct

Have to hold on no matter what

Promise me

Yes, mom

OK'? Takashi

Yes, bro

Sorry, Tomoko
mom doesn't have any milk

On August ninth

the second atom bomb
exploded in Nagasaki

Nagasaki which has twenty
seven million populations

seven million died
because of the explosion

You're not allowed
to sing this song


I don't like bald sami

Because brother is a baldy

Good that you know

Really want to eat potato

We can eat brother

If we steal


If dad is still alive
he'll hit you like this


Who's crying?

Idiot, fool

Stop, why're you bullying her

My sister wants to
steal potato and eat

I'm teaching her
this is not correct

So it seems
so pitiful

Give you guys a bit

Don't hit her anymore

Thank you uncle, let's go

Sorry, Tomoko does it hurt'?

Its alright
I can stand it

Only by doing this we
can have things to eat


Its not painful,
its all for mother

So you're acting

You can get something to eat
by doing this, impressive

Don't get envious of others
we should act too

You said cannot use lies

Its not lies, its
reward from hard work

Takashi, starting soon

Wait for a while

What's wrong

Brother, you should know

This is acting you
cannot really hit me

Lighter a bit

I know


What is it this time?

Hold on, its all for sister

I know

You fools

What're you doing'?

Brother wants to
steal and eat potato

I'm teaching him
cannot steal others food and eat

You should be beaten

No qualified to be a brother

Where the potato?


So painful


What's wrong?

My brother wants
to steal and eat potato

I'm teaching him

not to steal
others' food and eat

Is that so? Teach him properly

Where's the potato?

Failed again

Brother, quick
Tomoko's crying again

Alright, come immediately

Sayako, too troublesome

During the time of war

where do we get extra
food for outsiders

Grandma is correct
they're sharing our food

What's wrong

Have to say what's the matter
all of you are slaves

Why are you wearing
a hat in front of me?

Take it down!

See, it's a baldy

Its really bald

Its because of the
radioactive waves

A baldy gave birth
to a little baldy

ugly baldies

Hold on... brother
I know

Such ugly doll

Don't touch, its none
of your business

The baldy's angry, no more hair

Like an egg

Hold on brother

What's this'? Human head

Don't touch,
this is father, Shinji

Throw it away

What're you trying to do'?

The head of the dead's not clean

What're you talking about'?

I can't take it


Very sorry

Kneel down and apologize

Don't want, they're at fault

Our home don't keep
stray kids, get lost

Gen, apologise

Don't want

Why do I need to apologize?

Fool, apologize

Mom said before that
we've to hold on

Please forgive my son

Sorry, its my fault
please forgive me

What's wrong? Kimie

Sayako get rid of them

That child is not hers

We can't take care of outsiders

Don't say it this way

I always look at
Takashi as my own

Don't separate us, I beg you

What has the explosion
got to do with me?

Its like a beggar
chasing away the sarnies

What's wrong? Kimie

Nothing, its our fault

Sorry for troubling you

I know its not your fault

We're staying under
someone's roof

Takashi let's eat quickly

Aunty, Sorry

I'm not Nakaoka's kid

Let me go


I'm alright
from the start I'm alone

Without aunty's help
I can survive all the same

Don't say something
big as a child

Its nothing

Good bye, brother


Good bye, aunty

Call my mom

You're my child

We're one family

Can I really call you mother

Of course

Takashi, a boy
shouldn't run away

What're you doing'?

I have nothing to give in return

My father who passed away always
compliment my massage skills

Is it comfortable'?


Thank you

I will not let you leave


Have you been well?

Is the navy training strict?

A lot of people died in
the explosion of Hiroshima

The survivors are facing
even a tougher battle


I have to tell you a bad news




Daddy didn't do anything wrong

Eiko, Shinji, they never
did anything wrong


The emperor announced
surrender without condition

The Japan Emperor's era

Show a twentieth august fifteenth

Japan surrendered
without condition

brought the end of this war

What're you talking about

I don't understand

Mom, what did the radio said?

The war ended

Did we win or lost

There's not even food how to win

Dad's is right

Its better for the
war to end earlier

Then Hiroshima and Nagasaki
will not experience this

Then dad won't die

Plus Eiko and Shinji

The war is nonsense
what did it bring us'?

To let us suffer this much

I'm angry

I want to be together
with everyone

What's wrong? Tomoko


Tomoko won't die right?
she's going to be OK right? Mom

You have work?

Is there anything we can do'?

So em bar as sing, brother

We can only help Tomoko

Need us to work?

Work until dark only have 80 yen
so difficult

As long as there's
job then its good

Good, not noisy at all

She doesn't even have
the energy to cry

So pitiful, to have
born in this time

Helping the sick sister

The performance starts

Its your turn

What should I say'?

You have to say

The performance starts

You have to say

Don't say
You have to say

I don't know naniwabushi

Forget it, I'll do it alone

The people here are very stingy

you can do anything right?


I'll give you job, come with me

Rich family

Work for a week
I'll give you one hundred bucks

One hundred'?
one week one hundred'?

What kind of job'?

So smelly

What place is this'?

All of you work here


both of them will
take care of you

Please heko my brother
to change the medicine


Brother, accompany me

Don't leave me alone

I still have other jobs


Brother, don't leave

One week one hundred

Start work, Takashi

Yes, brother

What's wrong
open up the windows


The bandage got to be changed,
have to put medicine

Don't touch me

Why did you bully me, brother

Shut up, the condor who
earns the deeds money

Who aare you calling a condor?

For one hundred dollars
you're willing to serve me


What're you saying?

Forget it, Takashi

Painful, little condor

Hold on for a bit

Lighter a bit, little condor

Stupid, bully people

What're you doing'? Little condor

I'm not little condor
I'm Gen

I'm Takashi

I want to drink water,
little condor

I'm not little condor,

Take water here

Support niely, Takashi


Both of you...

If you kill him

I'll give you
two hundred dollars


Yes, help me kill him


The atom explosion

Matsurigoto is also a victim
of the atom explosion

He's my husband's brother
[ Rizun Subtitle Work Team ]

Wanted to become an artist

That day he went to
Hiroshima to buy materials

When he's back he
was burn all over

the bleeding couldn't stop

Since it's a family
why did you leave him'?

Do you know what did the
neighbour say about us'?

Yoshida wine factory
has a monster

Nobody wants to buy our wine

If we continue on like this the
wine factory will be bankrupt

Please take a look at our child
she's malnutritioned, very weak

Do you have rice or money'?

I will return you the
money soon, please

The medicine are all taken
to treat the inuredd

Left a bit of herbs
no money, no choice

Not taking care of the poor?

Japan lost
no one can be trusted

Money and food
is the key to survival

Pity the poor
who will I live'?

What're you doing'?

Condor, pour water

Condor, pick it up

Take it carefully


I can't take it anymore

Asking too much,
don't underestimate me

Asshole, suit yourself
I won't take care of you anymore

One hundred dollars

brother just hold on
for one more week

We don't want his money
go back home, Takashi

Wait, Gen

Nakaoko Gen, Takashi

Finally you called our name


Did I use too much force'?

I'm so happy

Only you guys take me as a human
dare to let go your anger on me

Even my biological brother
don't dare to get near me

I became like this
my families stay away from me

Am I not a human'?

When I thought about this

I feel really lonely,
very frustrated

I see


Atom explosion is
equivalent to living hell

Brother, there's still six days

Don't act cool, that you don't
want to accept the money

I know

Can only let her have rice soup

Stay strong, Tomoko

If you die we're going to cry

Bring Tomoko to the doctor, mom

They don't want to look

The baby is sick
to this extent...

The poor can only wait to die

What're you talking about'?

Forget it

Rather than surviving like this
its better to die in the war

Mom, cheer up

Leave it to us

Six more days
we'll have one hundred dollars

We'll work seriously

Tomoko, wait for us


What're you doing'?

Matsurigoto, stop it

The drawing drew by myself

no matter how
I look its not nice

I don't want to draw anymore

Both of my hands are gone

The explosion took my dream away

I'm finished

Waiting to die here

I don't want to
just live like this

Kill me

Gen, please kill me


You haven't die
you're living well

|won't let you die

Do you really want
to die this way?

I never thought of dying

I want to think of
a way to live on


We'll be by your side
until you recover

Smile healthily

You don't want to laugh,
let us help you

Let it out, Takashi

Yes, brother

Yes, laugh it out

Its ticklish, stop it

If you don't cheer up
we won't stop

Just let me go

Promise me you'll recover

I promise that
I'll recover, stop it

How is it'? Feels not bad right


There's five more days brother

Stop right there


there's weird noises
from the room

When I'm alive

I want to draw
Hiroshima's tragedy

Draw the tragedy of Hiroshima

You cheered up

That's correct,
work hard, Matsurigoto

Thanks to both of you
I'm able to live again

That's good

There's no need for both of you
to take care of me anymore


I can live alone

Thank you

There's one hundred dollars here
I'm giving it to you

Can we keep it'?

Don't be shy


We said before we'll
work for one week

Don't be so stubborn


We'll be your models
as a payback

Draw both of us

Models? Sound reasonable


Take the clothes off

Naked human forms are the
most perfect and beautiful

Both of you
escaped the explosion

I want to record
both of you down

Naked forms

Matsurigoto asked
us to take it off

I don't want

Small kid, what're
you afraid of'?

Don't be shy

Brother has to take it off too

Alright, I'll take it off

Pose properly, Takashi

Yes, brother

Can this work?

What about this'?



Sister can see a doctor soon

Tomoko, we have
one hundred dollars

Takashi, quick

Mom, Tomoko, we got
one hundred dollars

Bring sister to see a doctor
buy some rice

Quick, mom why're
you spacing out



Its too late

Too late'? What does it mean



You lied



Why is it like this'?

Say something

Tomoko, cry

Before she died she was
crying with all her might

At the last second
she cried even lourder

Mom, is useless

At first wanted to
take care of you properly

Give you good things to eat

Sorry, Tomoko

Death is hell
living is also hell

We go back Hiroshima

We go back home and
start all over again

Alright? Mom

Alright, we have to
go back eventually

For the relatives
that passed away

we have to continue
to live on determinely

Cannot drop a tear


Did dad see this'?

No matter what happen
we'll continue to live on


Thank you for taking care of us

About Tomoko, sorry

Grandma and the kids
was impolite to you

To be able to survive,
its all thanks to Sayako

All of you can
come back and stay

if Hiroshima...

We want to start all over again

Start all over again'?

Gen encourages me
we should start all over again

Kouji, going back home soon

Is that so? Can't help it

Good bye, Sayako

Good bye, aunty

Good bye

Hold on for a while

Kimie, take these




Very good, you
guys are still alive

You fool

This place had become ruins

Did all of you died'?

Really want to drink with father

Help Eiko with the homework

Play with Shinji

Its already too late

Koji, from today onwards

you have to be strong
in the place of father

I can't cheer up

I only have strength

What're you talking about'?
toughen up

The dead cannot be alive again

Mom, you're so cold

Dad died
aren't you sad?

Its not time to cry

Food will decide everything

But... Mom

To face all these bones
you can't eat it as rice

What're you doing'?
those are daddy's bone

Shut up, go wash your face

Gen, Takashi too
toughen up

Don't be depress


Go out, quick

Does it hurt'? Hubby, sorry


Shinji, Tomoko, sorry

I have to encourage Koji

From today onwards
we have to live on strong

Hold on

This is our home

Its sprouting

Brother, Takashi,
the seed is sprouting

The seed I planted

Mr. Bo told me Hiroshima
won't have anything

grow out of it for seventy years

See, these are father's seeds

Plus sisters

Shinji grew up well too

Very good, brother

Suddenly I feel the energy
flowed through my body

Mom, the wheats are sprouting

Very good, Gen

I want to eat bread

I want to eat udon

You too like udon

My favourite

You're really Shinji's afterlife

All of you...

All of you have to
listen to father

After the test of
frost and snows

and grow into strong wheats

Unafraid of anything,
grow up strongly

Don't forget what father said

Mom, sorry
I will work hard

Depending on you

Gen too

I'm energetic Gen
I'll handle it mom

You too, Takashi

Yes, brother

Alright, its decided
we will rebuild our home

Our home'?

Correct, rebuild our home

We'll live here

Solve all difficulties

Can you hear'? Hubby

Brother, coming

Follow me