Hadí jed (1981) - full transcript

A young woman travels to a remote mining settlement to deliver a final message from her dead mother to a mysterious alcoholic man who is employed there.

Serpent's Poison

Marenka, come help me.


Once again.

Once again, twenty five.

Soon you'll be a grandpa like me.

Come here.

How clumsy I am.

C'mon, Anicka, not like this.

When Martin was
this high

I always took him
on my lap

and he peed on me.

He was one year old.

Here, the photograph, see?

That's terrible.

Hold on, Martin,
it won't last long.

Come, we'd better dance.

...small shoes...

My children!

- What is it, grandma?
- I'm too old for night life.

But I wanted to give
something to you

to both of you

Now you're 25.

It'll come handy
for the mountain trip.

- You see, Vladenka?
- Thank you.

Grandma, thanks.

- You're so lucky.
- Martin, come help me.

What did you say?


Only that you're so lucky.

What about you Vladenka?

What about your studies?

Well... good.

I'll be having my final
high school exams this year.


At least let the child
eat up.

She'd like to know
what you plan with our Martinek.

What gossips we are.

Our little orphan.

It's exactly the opposite
of what you said.

Sorry, I can't read maps.

Do you know how many kilometres
we've driven...

- in addition?
- I'll give you the money for petrol.

Don't be afraid

That's really not what I meant.

What do you mean then?

Look, Vladenka...

I know what you're thinking about.

- 14 days of winter holiday...
- Nobody has said how long it will be.

You have to read
the newspapers for that.

I don't know what you expect.

Such nonsense.


It's not nonsense for me.

You don't even know
how disappointed you could be.

So many years.

You never saw each other.

You never wanted to.

It's not like you need it.

You know very well
how my family likes you.

It's you who don't need it.

So many people around you,
but what about me?

Our little orphan.


Look, Martin.

I think we're here.


Listen to me,
I won't leave you here alone.

Martinek, now you listen to me

and admit that it'll be better
if I go there alone.

How would he feel
in front of a stranger?

Who's a stranger here?

Don't be angry

and listen to me.

Go back and I promise

that as soon as things
get bad or weird

I'll come back too.

But I have to handle this
on my own.

Don't you trust me?

I do

but I don't like it.



Get out, Capak,
what do you want here?

- Matches. - Matches, sure,
so you can burn something.

Just go.

Mad man.

He only knows about ten words.

Excuse me...

can you let me know me, furtively

as soon as the people are here?

I have a message for one of them

from Prague.

I don't know what he looks like.

Which is it supposed to be?

The grandpa or the engineer?

Vesely Jan.

The engineer then.

You see, and I thought it'd be Peta,

he's into girls.

Will you give me a signal,
when they're here?

Oh course I will.

And I'd like to give a signal to you,
Mr. Barta, that you've had a fifth beer.

You know grandma
doesn't like seeing you like this.

- What would you like, Lojzik?
- Chewing gum.

You don't say.


Good bye.

Hello Lojzik, man,

going into pubs now?

One beer.

what food do you have?

Hey, what's for dinner?

Burgers and goulash.

I think there's still some soup too.


Miss, here they are.

- Are you sick?
- No, I'm fine.

- Aren't you hungry?
- What have you cooked for us today, Anca?

- What do you want.
- What do you think I want?

You don't care, both of you.

I'll let it go.

- There's no wood either.
- Look, some girl is looking at us.

Girl... I tell you there's no wood
and we can't have a fire.

Miss, here they are.

Did you hear that?

There's no wood.

What do you want
to heat with?

Pardon me, do you work here
at the drill holes?

Sure, miss,
at the drill holes.

So you've finally met.

Miss has waited for you
for such a long time.


Is one of you...

Jan Vesely?

That would be me.

So what?

Mrs. Macova, such news,
isn't it?

- You have to be in the picture.
- All you know is to be rude.

I've looked for you
for a long time.

May I sit down?

You're an engineer?

This one?

This one is a big shit.

With PhD. at the end.

What a joke!

What do you want?


I promised to deliver
a message to you.

From Prague.

From someone called Neckar.

You know him,
don't you?

I don't.

Mrs. Macova

Give us four big ones.

Are you from Prague?

I am.

We're on holiday right now.

Winter ones.

When I said to my acquaintances
I was coming here

Pepa gave me this address.

And told me to say hello.

But he didn't talk about an engineer.

Maybe it's not you.

It doesn't matter, miss.

I'm no engineer.

Neither am I the one

who's supposed to be said hello to.

But the barmaid told me that...

So what'll it be?

Shall we?

Are you sleeping?

The barmaid sent you
some blankets.

Thank you.

- Do you need
something else? -No.

Get out and
go look after your friends.



Does the man still drink so much?

The engineer?

He does everything properly.

He's an engineer?

Oh no,

He was studying something

but he didn't finish it.

Whenever he's drunk

he remembers he could've been
an engineer, so we call him that.

What's he like, otherwise?

How, otherwise?

I see...

You should have told me,
I'd have sent him here.

Stop that obscenity!

You could have found out
right away.

Screw your engineer!

Screw you too.


How could I be so dumb?


You're here?

What are you doing here?

You said hello,
so is there anything else?

Lie down.

Get in.

I told you something
completely different.


But why?

Neckar doesn't say hello.

When will the men come
with the wood?

Mrs. Novotna says hello.


How come that you're
supposed to say hello

from Vladka

I mean... from Mrs. Novotna?


You know her?

I do.

I'm her daughter.



really her daughter?

I am.

So, you're really

the daughter

of Vladka Novotna.

The one who lives
on Pankrac?


Does your mother
know that you

came here?

I guess so,

since she says hello.

She doesn't.

Mom died,
it'll be a year now.

So what do you want?


I only wanted to see you.

I got the money from you.

And when mom died,
it was weird to take it.

Since I didn't even know
who sends it.

I mean, I knew who...

I didn't know
what you look like.


So I told myself
I'd come to see you.

In order to see you.

But I couldn't find you.

And I wanted to say to you
that after finishing my exams

I'll find a job.

So you don't have to send
anything anymore.

Are you crazy?

Now, you'll need
money even more.

What was wrong with mom?

She had the worst sickness.

The worst at all.

That's such a bad thing.

What I'll only come into...

You know what?

Make some coffee,
or tea

there's a gas cylinder and a lighter,
can you handle it?

I'll get it.

Can I put the fire on?


So I have a daughter.

That's not possible.

What do you say?

I've been waiting for you
for five days.

Too much work.

- Why are you lying?
- Wait...

When will you come?

I don't know,
I'm really worried now, you know.

I can see that.

What the...

I didn't know
you ran a buffet here.

I wish.

I only know that

you're drinking coffee here...

I'm allowed to.

And if you don't mind
I put the fire on.

What a way to behave.

- How did you sleep?
- Fine.

Do you know
you're not allowed in this area?

No strangers are
allowed here.

And how do you know
I'm a stranger?

All the time
he's drinking something

Wild goings on then.

It's interesting,
that when you touch his things

he goes mad.

Do you know you have my cup?

- Am I supposed to pour it out?
- Oh no, I've taken his.

You'll probably tell me

that it's not my business

but do you think there's some hope?

What do you mean?

You and the engineer.

At the start he looked
like he would...

- for his whole life...
- Let it be.

But... after a while
he's done with women.

Stop it,
he could be my dad.

What are you doing here?

There's a lot of work outside.


You know,
I'm entertaining miss here.

So she won't be sad.

Get out.


What's your name anyway?


After mom.

But I'm called Vladka.

And will you stay here


We have the winter holiday.

So far only 14 days
but maybe we'll get longer.

You know what?

I'll finish it today

and we'll have lunch somewhere.

What an idea, eh?

We'll see after that.

Why are you staring?


I'm thinking

What should I call you?

It doesn't matter.

Call me what you want to.

Mrs. Macova

make something special for us.

From your own larder.
I'll pay you later.

If someone sees
that I gave you alcohol so early

there will be trouble.

You should wait until evening.

Especially after yesterday.

Don't tell me
you've never had a drink.

Just a little.

When I was 18.

Me and Martin bought two bottles
of French wine.

Who's Martin?

My boyfriend.

He studies at a college.


So you have a boyfriend.

What do you actually...

do now?


But only a high school.

I'm not good enough
to go to college.

If you have a talent

it would be a waste.


Whatever I am

I'd give you money.

After all

I never missed.

You studied too.

Why didn't you finish?

There are rolls, is that OK?

The old man will scold me.

- Mrs. Macova?
- What's up?


Do you have french wine?

What? What for?

Who would drink it here?

I see, that's true.

You know what?

Go to the shop

and buy two bottles
of french wine

and one for you.

So you'll have a gourmet session
and I'm opening in a while

and I don't have any food
for people.

Why didn't you finish school?

That's hard.

When I learnt you were born

mom didn't show you to me.

Not at all.

I wasn't allowed to see you.

So I left school

and went to work.

But you can't understand that.

God, don't make a fuss about it.

So you told her
to give it away.

Even women say that.

My mom kept me after all.
So what?

See, we've got wine.

And here's the second one,
let me cook now.

And don't get drunk.

People will be here any moment.

Get to work.

A toast to what?

What do you think?

A toast to that
we'll be frank with each other.

And that we'll ask everything
of each other.

And that we won't
make a fuss of it.

Don't make a fuss
out of it.

It's because I enjoy
you being here.

The main thing is
that you enjoy it.

But why do you
drink so much?

Don't be afraid,
it'll be alright.

I see you're engaged.

You fool.

She's my daughter.

She looks like you.


What do you do with him
when he's like this?

We lay him on the bed.
Wait here.



Go away.

It's not his fault.

I understand him,
he's too many troubles.

No one else
would last.

I only had one glass.

But he's been drinking it
like water.

He can't last too
long like this.

I'll put the fire on
and bring another blanket.

You won't freeze here.
And tomorrow you'll sleep with dad.

Me and Peta will sleep here.

If he doesn't stay at the village
with some girl

- Will he wake up now?
- Careful!

Not today.


Slippy, isn't it?

- What about the boy?
- As I said, he's not coming back.

He went to take photos
and he'll stay in the village, I guess.

And the dog'll stay sitting there
until morning?

If his master won't get up
he won't move.

Hi, old man.

Oh, yes.

Hi, Vladka.


Come and wash.

I put some water on to boil.

- Won't he bite me?
- No.

He bites only
if I tell him.


Yesterday, I overdid it.

I won't be able to fit my clothes.

It's over now.

Or just sensibly.


I bought it for you yesterday.

I'll have to throw it away.

I guess I was sleeping on it.

It's good enough.

Youre nice.

Look Vladka, I...
sometimes drink.

But I don't get drunk.

I put all the money here.

I didn't even know what for.

But I said to myself maybe
it'll come in handy.

And now it does.

You know what?

Take it

And tomorrow go to the city
and buy something.

It doesn't matter what.


For me in order to know
it makes some sense.


You'll cheer me up.

Fine, then.


A visitor.


Take it for a moment.

Good day.

Where's Honza?

I don't know.

He was here a while ago.

What do you want from him?

I'm not telling you
what I want from him.

I did it too
for him.

And before me,
another woman did it.

There'll be another woman
doing his laundry after you.

There's probably a misunderstanding.

You did Mr. Vesely's laundry?

Not only that.

You know,
I'm doing the laundry for my dad.

You're not so mistaken.

Look at yourself.

He really could be
your father.

What a bother, eh?

Did she say something?

Not really.

She just was a little bit weird.

There'll be the old man's
foil speciality today.

They dated?

With the woman?

I'm not spreading rumours.

You can tell me.

I don't care, he's an adult.

Ask him yourself.

Can't you take off your old boots?

Can't you see she's cleaned in here?
You treat everywhere like a pig sty.

I didn't notice.

Just go.

Men, it'll be done.

Slice the bread, meanwhile.

What a smell!


Here take it.

Is there a milk bottle?

Sure, there's plenty
of bottles here.

But not from milk.


It's nicer here, isn't it?

It is.

It's completely different.

It'll blossom
by Christmas.

You'll see.

Will someone help me, or not?

I'm coming.

What a girl!

You fool.

Do you believe
I could be faithful to such a girl?


Totally faithful.

Let's get things straight.

I know you, Peta.

If you think...

of trying something
with the girl...

Then what?

I'll beat you up.

Do you understand?

Here it is.

What a great meal.

It's like on a trip here.

Something's missing, right?


how cold it is...

Do you have one more?

Honza, don't play the fool.

One beer won't kill me.

Will it, Ladka.

Well, I'll have one myself.

Two, then.

This is for both of you,
this one is for the old man.

That's alright,
I'll have what remains.

Just play.

You can't sleep in this.

I only took it
because of the cold.

Here, this one is clean.

The trousers will flap a little

but it will do.

Shall I sleep here?



The old man sleeps down here
and Peta up top.

I sleep there.

This blanket is completely new.


Won't it bother them
to sleep elsewhere?

Oh, no.

It's a change for them.

Peta sleeps there always
when they have a visitor.

The old man has slept there too.

He sometimes snores terribly.

Play something for me.

And sit down here,
will you?

Who does your laundry?

It varies.

There are laundry rooms, right?

What should I play?

What's your favourite?

When you're travelling around

stop by.

I'll give you a flower

of amaranth.

A flower,

a green one,

if you're so honest

come to me.

A flower,

a green one,

if you're so honest

come to me.

Mom loved this.

Good night, Vladka.

I don't feel
like sleeping.

We don't have to sleep.

A woman was searching
for you here today.

Blanka, I guess.

She was sad
because you weren't here.

Don't be mad,

it's none of my business,
I just

It's just for you to know
she was here.

I'm not a man who
should be with a woman.

She would be sadder
if I were with her.

Even if she looks for me.

How come?

Everyone needs someone,

D'you want to stay alone

I don't know.

It's weird anyway.

You're young.


I won't be young forever.

Nor healthy.

And there's money
only ocasionally.

That's not so important.

You could have lived somewhere
in the city.

To have your flat you know.

What's in the city?

I always ran away from it.

Here I am free.

I'll do my job

and nobody watches
over me.

But a man needs some hapiness.

At least a little.

That's right.

You're here.

That's enough for me.

But I'll have to leave some time.


What can one do.

Good night.

I'll be right back.

I'll get some cigarettes.

He's full of shit,
he's going to have a drink.

I was just trying it.

That's alright.

I didn't want to come in
with these boots on.

Be so kind,
my cigarettes are in the closet.

In the other one.

At the top.

But there's nothing here.

What a mess.

- The old man doesn't have any neither.
- I'll get you some then.

- Would you be so kind?
- Sure.

Can he go with me?

Get up, you're going
for a walk with miss.


- You forgot to tell me which ones?
- Laikas, I guess.

Or whatever they have.

That's it.


Number one.

- Now, sit down.
- Wait.

Like this.

Leave the coat like that.

Yes, yes.



It's stuck.

It's good,
let's go.

With my dad, too.

Maybe it would be fine
for you to come live with me in Prague.

I've told you I don't like the city.

You don't even know if we'd get along.

- I do,
maybe you'd finish school too.


How did you figure it out?

Just so,
I think it could be wonderful.


you two were alone
all the time?

When I was little,
we were.

I envied every girl
having a dad.

Mom told me
you were far away

and that you earn money there.

Sometimes she bought me a toy
and told me it's from you.

Then an uncle moved in with us.

And mom told me you'd died.

I always bothered her
with dad...

Daddy, daddy...

What else was she supposed
to say to me?

The uncle, his name was Prokop,

He was alright.

But when mom got sick

he got rather nervous,
worried how he'd ended up.

And when mom returned from the hospital

dear uncle had disappeared.

Mom was devastated,

she cried terribly.

And then she told me...

That you were alive.

I came to life, right?

Now, pay attention.

Is it allowed?

What do you think?
Is it allowed?

Clever rascal.

What's his name?

He has no name.

That's impossible.

It is.

He's a foundling.

He was tied to a tree.
So I untied him.

Since then he hasn't left me.

I take him everywhere with me.

Poor thing.

We got used to each other.

And you, when you'd figure out
we get along

would you go with me then?

We could take him
with us.

Martin would train him.
He's good with wolfhounds.

You see, you have Martin.

You'll get married
and what about me?

What do you say?
What a size, eh?


Hold this.

Is it really allowed?

Not really.



It's like office hours for you,
Mr. Vesely.

- One?
- Yes.

Bad luck.

Nice one,
around 1 kg.

I really understand you.

But you have to pardon me.

My daughter has arrived.

- The only one.
- Daughter, right?

Really, unexpectedly.

I wouldn't have had
anything for dinner.

I'm thinking, Vesely.

Wouldn't it be cheaper
in the restaurant?

Can you prepare a carp?

Sure I can.
Who else would cook at my place?

You know what?
Go ahead, prepare the carp

and I'll take care of something.

- Can't I go with you?
- No, just go.


Come then.

- That's great.
- It's just...

Where have
you left your dad?

He said he needed
to take care of something.

We'll have fish.

Dad caught it for a hundred.

Wait, I don't know
what kind of preparation do you like.

Lojza, get up,
do you hear?

Get up.

We can cover for you at work,
but it's something else here.

Imagine what a nice girl I have.

I have a girl so nice
she wants me to live with her in Prague.

She's simply a golden girl.

You've celebrated it quite enough.
So let's go.

Wait, don't shout at me.

Mrs. Macova

Give me and my pals

four big ones.

- Let's go.
- A moment.

Leave it here and come.

Let's go.

Do whatever you want to me,
you fools.


We're home now.

My little girl.



I had a little drink,
and why not.

You don't have to behave like that
because of it.

Are you mad?

I drink my own money.

Did you give me money
for it?

Have I done anything to her?

Wait, tell me,

have I done anything to you?

Go away.

Why did he drink so much?

He said he'd come right away.

Can someone get drunk
in such a short time?

I don't understand it.

To ruin your life this way.

I know.

He's unhappy.

So these are the fairy tales
he's been telling you?

If every unhappy man
drank like him

there would be drunkards

But he's not a drunkard.

You can't tell the difference, then.

But something can be done, right?

You can do
just one reasonable thing.

Pack your things and go home.

Because you can't
do anything for him.

- He doesn't want to.
- I'm not going anywhere.

I don't believe he wouldn't stop
because of me.

I won't be there with him.

Why won't you go
to the cinema?

I'm not in the mood.

Don't be mad.

It wasn't that terrible.

Dad, you're so nice.

You can stop it, right?

Do you know how I feel
when I see you

how those two drag you

He didn't have to.

You couldn't even crawl in here.

Look, Vladka,
you don't understand.

I have to drink sometimes
and nobody should interfere.

Do you even know
how I've lived?

Do you know why I drink?

I was in a similar situation,
to yours.

But whenever I drank

I forgot all my problems.


you're still too young
to understand.

You've gone
through too little.

That's what you think.

I don't like it when someone
organizes my life.

But dad, I don't want you
to organize anything.

I only pity that
you can't be without it.

I know
it's none of my business.

But I can't let it go
because you're my dad.

You're fine otherwise.

I know you can blame
mom or your life.

I could have started
drinking too.

But I don't.

You're still a silly girl.

I've had a completely different
life to you.

Look, you had your mom

and the only thing
you missed was dad.

You had people around you.

You would have people
around you too, if you didn't drink.

And if I'm silly because

I'm telling you to stop it

then I'm silly.

I just can't let it go.

You can try.

I've tried already.

It was useless.

I've tried it many times.

I've always lasted for a fortnight.

And then it begins again.

Who hasn't lived through it
can't understand it.

Try it once again dad.

Because of me.


I'll try.

I knew you were great.

I had to know
how to repair everything on my own.

Mom was very thrifty.

My deceased wife made it.

Twelve years ago.

- Do you have someone?
- A daughter. And a grand-daughter.

My daughter is divorced.

As soon as I earn something here

I'll move in with them.

I mustn't to go
there empty handed.

That's really important
to have a place to go when you're old.

They'll be pretty excited

when you plant yourself there.


My daughter is pulling me
in there right now.

- I bet she does.
- She writes it in every letter.

Because they can smell the money.

You're an idiot.

You've known my dad
for a long time, haven't you?

Well, for a long time...

Do you think he'll stop?

He promised it.

We'll see.

You've seen it already,
haven't you?

Or are you blind?

I don't know
if I love him more

or if I pity him more.

What do you think he'll do
if I leave?

He'd be sad, I guess.


You'd give him a great reason
for drinking.

At least I'd like to know
if he loves me.

I start to be afraid of him.

On the other hand
I'm glad I have him.

Thank you.

I think he loves you.

But that it hasn't
got through to him yet.

He's still surprised.

From your unexpected

What should I do.

That's hard to say.

At least wait for a while.

And when something happens,
go away.

With or without pity,
go away, and leave him to it.

Old man!

Nice doggy.

You're sure nice.


- Where are you going?
- To take some photos.

Good night.

He's so into it,
isn't he?

Him? He's only into
one old rabbit.

Fuck off,

What's up?

What I suspected.

I told you.

Did I tell you or not?

You're a chatter-box,
don't tell Vladka.

Am I an idiot?

Well then,

engineer, was it there?

Mind your own business.

What it'll be?


Do you like it?

It's awkward for me.

I'd like for you
not to be disappointed.

Daddy's not doing so good.

The old man caught him
drinking again.

And why are you,
telling me this?

When the old man saw him?

Old man.

Have you seen dad drinking?

Peta told me.

What an idiot.

Where is he now?

Where do you think?

Good evening.

Hello, Vladenka.

Sit down.

No, thank you.

- We'll go, shall we?
- Yes.

Just sit down.

Have something.

Miss, what will you have?
It's on me.

A moment

One moment, gentlemen

It's none of your business.

She's my daughter, right?

Come, dad, please.

Wait, shift yourself.

Come here
and have something.

It's on me.

You're such a bastard.

- Why? - I haven't seen such
a bastard in my whole life.

You know what it cost him
and you say such rubbish.

So what,
it's true.

If he gets drunk in a cottage or
a restaurant, it doesn't matter, does it?

But you're talking
him into it.

You simply can't see anyone around you
who does something for others.

And not only because of themselves.


To stop drinking
because of someone.

- To quit because of someone.
- Everyone does it for themselves.

Me too.

- You envy the others.
- Envy what?

That we do things
because of other people.

Old man, you're a philosopher,
I didn't know that.

You promised me you'd stop.

It's hardly a week.

C'mon, Vladka.
Last shot

And off we go.

You know what?
I'll wait outside.

But only for a moment.

You've gone mad.

That's why you told the girl.

I'll arrange it.

Be sensible.

Do you want to catch a cold?

Go back and get warm.
I'll bring him.

Thank you.

Don't cry.
Every drop is in vain here.

I'm mad at myself
for being so dumb.

You're so nice.

And look what he is.

I don't know why I'm still here.

Tomorrow I'm out of here
and he can rot in a ditch.

Open up.

Do you hear me?

Open up!


Open up.

For God's sake

open up.


- Tell her, please.
- Come lie down.

Tell her I love her.

Stop it and go to sleep.
You'll tell her in the morning.

- In the morning.
- Right now. Right now I'll tell her.

- What am I supposed to do with him?
- I love you Vladka.

I love you.

Can you hear me?

Open up.

Open up!

Open up,
or I'll destroy the bloody chalet.

What friends you are.

What friends you are.

You're cowards.


Come out to see
I'm perfectly alright.



- Who told her?
- What?

Who told her I'd gone
to the restaurant?

Don't be mad, hands off,
I'm sensitive about this.

- Come to sleep.
- I'm not in the mood for sleeping.

I'll be sitting here.

For the whole night.

I'll be sitting
and begging here.

I'll be begging her.



your father is begging you.

Can you hear me?



You wanted it.

Humiliate me.

Tread on me.

Step on me.

I'll be kneeling here.

I don't want to see
you anymore, dad.

Let me be.

Let me be.

- Do you hear? Let me be.
- Vladenka...

You don't like anyone.

- Where are you running, Vladka?
- You only think about yourself.


Get out!

- I tell you, get out of the car.
- Let me be!

What are you doing?

Fuck off, you!

What do you w... you bastard.

I'll kill you.

Don't be mad.

Let him be.

I'm telling you simply.

Be sensible.

I don't know about you
but I'm done here.

Go away, go.

We can't leave
him here like this.

Drunken pig.

Let's go pack up.

Fuck you.


The only thing left
is for you to run away.

Subtitles by kostej (2012)